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W. IK, No 22.
Ferguson, fl. C, JULY 10, 1903.
Former Le Roi Manager
Thinks Canadian Gov-,
ernment Should Form
a Prospecting Party.
Bernard MacDonald, former man*
ager of the Le Bol mine at Bossland,
���believes he has bit on a scheme by
which the whole of the Canadian
Booky mountains may be thoroughly
exploited. Be believes tbat somewhere
in these fastnesses are concealed
Homestakes,Golcondas and Comstocks,
merely awaiting the hand of the miner.
He believes that tbe Canadian govern
meet, or some large corporation, should
grubstake small parties of miners, and
send them into every unexplored see-
-tion of this big range. Be asserts tbat
the Bock; mountains beyond the Canadian border are consistently the same
geological range that has yielded suoh
fabulous profits in tbe United States.
"Tbe United States, with 1,300 lineal
miles of the Bookies," he says, "has
produced 14,600,000,000 in gold and silver ln 33 years, or an average of about
13,500,000 per lineal mile. Mexico,
which bas been working with primitive conditions for three centuries, has
produced (4,500,000,000, or a trifle more
than 13, ��00,000 per lineal mile. When
it comes to the Canadian Bookies,
which bave been only slightly worked,
tbe total produotion of gold and sliver
up to date is only $166,000,000, or $100,*
000 per lineal mile.
"Within   Canadian   territory  tbe	
Bookies have an approximate length of j knovrn ltyle; mi after \ -..deupthe
tion of a department of mines and mining. To finance tbe matter an appropriation of 15,000,000 should be made.
The money thus secured would constitute tbe funds available for the minister of mines to carry on the work of
his department, and would permit of
the election of ��� government mint
building, a building to be known as the
department of mines and geological
survey, and the appointment of a mining commission who should act as assistant secretaries to the minister of
The benefits, declares Mr. MacDonald, would be incalculable in opening
up new mining districts and In adding
to tbe stock of money ln the Dominion.
^,_Day-�� Oallog.
On July 1st an Eagle representative
took advantage of the holiday for a
ride up the South Fork road. At the
Nettle L. fork a bunk house and boarding bouse bave been erected and tim*
bers are being laid for a new saw mill
preparatory to erecting the concentrator to treat Nettie L. and Silver Cup
ores. The right of way for trams are
also being cleared, when trams will be
built from the Nettie L to this point
and also from the company's present
Cup lower terminal. AU along the J
road great activity was noticed, pros*
peetors camped here and there, also.|
woodcutters, etc. In a short time the
writer arrived at A. Htltman's hotel at
Ten Mile. Mr. Hillman had just arrived a few days previous from his
ranch at Calgary and was busy getting
bit hotel in shape for the summer. Mr.
Hillman predicts a good summer at
Ten Mile as a great number of mines
will be worked in that violnity this
On this day Daney's pack train took
the first lot of supplies to tbe White
Warrior on Badshot mountain. The
Triune miners also started work at the
Triune on tbat day.
The writer had a splendid dinner at
Triune hotel, In Mr.  Hlllman's well
Hon. Charles Wilson,
K. C, and Hon. R. F.
Green Have Gone to
1,600 miles by an average breadth of
from SOp to 700 miles, and possess the
same general structural features as
tbey do in tbe southerly extension Into
American and Mexioan territory. For
this reason it is fair to assume tbat tbe
CanadlakBookies will yield a quantity
of precious metals equal to that produced by them in American or Mejclcan
territory���mile for mile of thelr^sngth
when equally developed."
In order to bring out these resources,
whioh he believes need only exploration, Mr. MacDonald suggests.ilrst of
all tbe formation of a corporation to
carry on a five years' prospecting campaign with a working force "of, say 60
nen. ���
"Such a force," he says, "should be
under tl>o general supervision and direction of a field manager, whip should
be geologist In chief of the pasty. The
working party should be divined Into
posts of six men eaoh, who should be
encamped ln tbe mountains, say from
six to ten miles distant from each othor,
moving camp from timo to time, as tbe
possibilities of discovering paying mineral in one location became exhausted.
Each post should consist of three prospeotors, one assayer, one cook, and one
geologist or praotlcal miner. When
discoveries of pay mineral aro made by
any post, all the land on which such
discoveries aft made should be located
for the benefit of tbe corporation,
"Operating ln this way, tho advance
of tbe party would cover a Hoe of 90
miles in length, and large areas of the
Bocky mountains would be prospected
during the life of tbe campaign." It is
scarcely possible that a campaign of
tbis klftfl would fall to discover one or
more *.*.'�����* of paying mineral."
Hot/ever, private capital Is not likely
to engage In this work, says Mr. Mac-
Don*_W, and be bas come to the opinion
that .ysteraatlo exploration by the Government along sueh lines is necessary,
if prosperity li to be restored to the
province. Henoehesug-feitstheoree**
Triune trail and as far as Gainer ereek
to the east, returned to town,
If Fergusonites would like a delightful trip through splendid scenery and
myriads ot flowers and ferns, we would
recommend a ride or drive to Ten Mile
and vicinity.
Pope Leo XIII MM-typi Death,
Time and again has tbe news been
sent to all quarters of the earth tbat
Pope Leo XIII was on his deathbed,
but so often bas tbe wonderful Rental*
ity of tbe man conquered the frtiltles
of tbe body that now little attention Is
paid even ln Borne to renewal of the
rumors. Becent events have shown,
however, that tbe end is not fa/off. In
many little ways the pope hlrnself bas
gently expressed the belief that he
would not survive the fall. He bas
faded away to a mere shadow. Tbe
Catholic organ at Brussels, Le Vlngtl-
eme Steele, has received tbe following
telegram from Home:
"Tbe death agony of type Leo has
commenced. His demlSA' may be expected at any moment. Tbe last sacraments have been administered,"
A HoaStyon Lead.
The Dominion government bave
placed a bounty of 115 per ton on smelted lead ore, not tbe refined article. Tbe
bounty tbat heretofore went to the refiners has been done away with. The
bounty is now fixed in the right place,
where It will do the most good to the
Industry. It will now benefit the producers, the mine owners. Jt Is thdight
that a number of properttba that have
been lying idle will resume1 operations.
Bar of Oold lu a ibavpet,
San Francisco, Cal., June SO.���Tbe
carpets of tbe adjusting rooms of the
United States mint have been taken up
and treated to a process for removing
tbe gold dust. A bar of gold valued at
19,000 Is tbe result. Tbe carpets were
I laid six years ago.
On Thursday last, says a dispatch
from Victoria, as a result of an executive meeting, Charles Wilson, K. C,
president of the council, and B. Green,
minister of mines, left for Ottawa,
where they will lay before the Dominion
government some matters affecting tihe
province. The new government Is apparently not to Ve behind the fashion
set by other mlnia'trios of the province.
The delegation will have among the
principal features of its business the
Immigration question. Fearing that
the Dominion may have ln view the
disallowance of acts passed at the last
sitting of the legislature dealing with
the subject of Oriental Immigration,
the ministers will press upon tbe government at Ottawa the necessity for
strlot laws dealing with this question.
The delegates, It is said, will urge
upon tho ^Dominion government that
the Japanese government Is apparently
not carrying out Its agreement to restrict the immigration of Japanese to
Canada, jyblch was used as argument
against allowing legislation aimed at
Japanese-Immigrants. The delegates,
lt is said, are armed witb Information
on this point and will make a vigorous
protest against any proposed disallowance.
The Westminster bridge matter will,
as usual, be a question for conferring
together about, and the silver-lead
question also will be brought up.
The speolal mission of the minister of
mines is undoubtedly In' connection
with tbis Industry. Bill'sixteen will
also be dealt witb, and an effort made
by tbe delegates to insure tbe bill being allowed and the action of the
bouse in connection with sections 4503
and 4594 endorsed by the Dominion
government, so that these tracts may
be kept out of the hands of the C. P. B.
The town of Gainsville, Texas, Is under five feet of water owing to a flood.
The general elections for tbe Manitoba legislature will be held July 20th.
Becent rains In the North West Territories have greatly Improved the
In China a man who killed his father!
was executed, and along with him bis
schoolmaster, for not having taught
him better. h
The Anaconda smelter, the largest
In the world, was closed down on June
29th, thro wing 1,500 men out of employment. The smelter is owned by tbe
Amalgamated Copper Co. Tbe company has announced that the shut down
Is for the purpose of making repairs,
but the men claim It is to forestall a
strike that was expected on July 1st.
The mines of Butte, from which most
of the ore comes, bave been closed,
throwing 2,000 men out of employment.
Bev, Donald Boss of Kingston, Ont.,
who with Mrs. Boss we're guests of Mr.
and Mrs. G. A. Gllnes, at Oakdale
camp, Armstrong's point, describes
the scenic beauty of the Canadian Pa<
ciflc railway across the Bockles and
Sierras; as far surpassing anything he
has seen in his travels, either over the
Alps or in Switzerland. Mr. Boss is
returning from a holiday trip through
Utah, California and British Columbia,
where he attended the General Assembly at Vancouver. Mr. and Mrs. Boss
were muoh impressed with Winnipeg
and its fine wide streets and avenues,
and especially with the beautiful situation of Armstrong's Point as a fine
residential part of the city, and as so
many others bave done before him,
predicted a great future for Winnipeg.
Free Press.
And Working Properties
That With Development Should -Become
Shipping Mines.
Melliodlit.   '
Service will bo hold In Eagle ball
every Sunday commencing at 3 p. m.,
and alternate Sundays at 8 p. m. All
are Invited to attend.
Next Sunday's service will be held
in tbe evening,
Sunday School every Sunday at 2
p. m. Bey. Sharp, Pastor.
Divine service will be held every
alternate Sunday in Eagla hall at 3 In
the afternoon.
An Invitation to attend Is, extended to
everybody.     H. A. Solly,' Curate.'
Edna HopperVe-jlt.
Seattle, July 4,-Edna Wallace Hopper arrived here last.nigh* with tier
solioltor, E. P. Coyne $ New York.
They are on their way''to Victoria,
B. C,where Miss Hopper's suit against
Mr. James Dunsmuir wjll be heard on
Tuesday. She Is bringing action to
have the will of ber stepfather, Alexander Dunsmuir, set aside. He Is said
to have left a fortune of over $3,000,
000. Mrs. Dunsmuir, Miss Hopper's
mother, was given 1100,000, and Itts
said afterward agreed to accept an annuity from Alexander Dunsmuir estate.
She Is now dead.	
Grew heat prerails la New York.
The Cranbrook lacrosse team was defeated at Fernie on Dominion Day by
one point.
The New Westminster lacrosse team
(champions of tbe world), played tbe
lacrosse team at Nelson on July 2nd,
which resulted ln a victory forthe
A lacrosse match was played between Bevelstoke and Kainloops at the
latter place on July 1st for ,the Fulton
cup, which resulted In a walkover for
Bevelstoke of 5 to 1.
About 8,000' people witnessed the
struggle for (he Minto cup at Montreal
on July 1st' Between Motreal Sham-
rucks and a Brantford lacrosse team. It
was won by tbe Shamrocks by a score
of 6 to 5. Some brilliant play was indulged in.
"Fleeing from tbe Flames."
In view of the terrible havoc which
has been wrought recently in tbe United
States, particularly in Maine, and the
province of Quebec, Canada, by forest
fires, the picture whioh the Free Press
presents for tk6 month of June to the
readers of the weekly Is particularly
It is entitled "Fleeing from the
Flames" .to,-} vividly depicts a stampede of te**-*,pprstrlckcn horses from a
burning slf bio* In their blind gallop
Into the lirkness they have crashed
Into a barrier and are plunging and
struggling in confusion, some entangled in the splintered wood while others crowd upon them. It is a scene
which gave the artist abundant opportunity for dramatic effect and vigorous
aotion. He has also displayed his ability as a oolorist
The Servians tyeaeed.
The King ot Englen$ has replied In
courteous terms to King Peter's notification of bis accession to the throne of
Servia, wlshihgjbima prosperous reign
and hoping he'will bring peace, order
and justice to &e" country. King Edward's reply bas owned great satlsfac*
tion In Servia.
The above claims are owned by Robert Burns of, Ferguson, and are situated in the famous free gold belt th-.:
extends from the Gyster-Criteriou on
Fish creek, southward through the
Lardeau. The property adjoins thi;
Ajax on Camp creek, and lies about
four miles further up Pool creek than
tbe Oyster, and bas the same character of quartz. Mr. Burns had three
men assisting him with the assessments
and just finished at tbe beginning of
this weok. Tbe ledge Is 40 feet wide
and colors can be found all the way
across the lead by use of the mortar
and gold pan. The quartz gives an uv
erage assay value ln the surface workings of 19 per ton. So lt wl|I oo seec
that a big proposition is in store In-
whatever company is fortunate in gutting possession of it.
Most conveniently situated, only two
miles above Ferguson on Great Northern mountain, a group of ten olaims
were staked off last fall by ten of Ferguson's business and mining men.
These men are about to form a developing syndicate and group the claims tu
prosecute development in a systematic
manner. A lead about ten feat.wide
runs through the ground covered by
tbe locations, and lots of very go,tl ore
Ib in aigbton the surface, carrying fait*
values in silver, lead and gold. The
claims will be grouped under the name
of Gold Creek Group.
| James Comerford was tbe fortunate
discoverer of the lead and he has the
highest confidence in his discovery.
The property will be examined for a
subsequent Issue of the Eagle, when
we will give fuller particulars.
' A new grpupof claims on which development wn.t, started this week, is thc
Clyde, situated on Silver Cup mountain, and owned by Napoleon Emo of
Ferguson. Another group owned by
the same party and situated close by, is
tho Red Deer group. The oro on these
properties is a carbonate carrying high
values in gold and a very fair sized
ledge. Assays run from $1,'*0 up to $ti4(j
per ton. There Is plenty of this ore in
sight on the surface and development
should make it another Lardeau shipper.        	
A stabla has been added to tho outbuildings at the hospital.
The hospital report for the month of
June shows 44 days actual treatment.
Mr. Geo. Parker, who for the past
four weeks has been undergoing treatment for a fractured jaw, is now suit'-
oiently recovered to resume his customary occupation.
On Wednesday, while at work at the
Silver Cup mine, Mr. Hollaud Mooro
met with a painful accident whereby
his left leg was fractured- He was
brought down in the afternoon to the
Lardeau Miners' Union hospital for
It Is expected tbat the painting,
building of verandah and fencing will   *
be oomraoncoti next week, the appropriation of 12,000 by  the..l.. C. epv.ern*.
tpent being now* available. .The con--   ..
pfetiop of $e lawn will be a.factor. In
adding to the looks of the hospital, .
Lardeau Bagle
'ubllshed   every  Friday at Ferguson,, B. C
"whom all corrosfrowlonco should he mailed.
subscription Ratosi 12.00 per annum, to
my address in Amerloal 11.23 Ior six mouths;
t-'.'Ou year to foreign addresses.   No pay, no
Advertising Rates! Display adfl.,tl.00 per
single column (nob per month. I.egnl ads.,12
���.���outs per (nouparlel) line fer ilrst Insertion; .*
������������ills por line for eaeh ftdditionnl insertion.
Keftding notices lu cents per line each Issue,
Ninety day legal notices, |1_.: sixty days, 17.50;
thirty days, fo. No ads. accepted at less than
theso rates. No room lor quack ads.
Fuur weekly Insertions constitutes one
"���       month's advertising.
FRIDAY, JULY 10,1003.
Glowing reports of the recent
rich strikes ot free gold beanrig
juartz on Poplar creek in the Lardeau, have been published and circulated profusely by the newspapers
of Canada and likewise across the
boundary line. These reports have
been corroborated over and over
ijjain by reliable men who have
���isited the scene of the reported
discoveries, so it is quite certain
hat gold has been found in large
and lasting quantity. Many mining men in Ferguson have known
lor years that ledges existed on the
; ributary creeks of the lower Lardeau river that contained gold in
paying quantity, but unt|l tHis
-pring comparatively little work had
heen dons and no rock of fabulous
richness had been reported. However, early this spring gold bearing
quartz was brought into Ferguson
by A. J. Gordon, Jack Nesbitt and
Gl Monroe which had beads of the
yellow metal sticking out all over it.
This was from Rapid creek and
was the result of development work
c.irried on this spring. A few weeks
later the rich stuff was found six
miles farther down the Lardeau on
Poplar creek, and the reportsthat
have reached us affirm that the gold
Is well disseminated throughout the
lead matter.
The reports sent out may have
been enlarged upon, but from what
we can learn we believe this is not
the case.
So far only one knocker has been
hoard from, and the warning note
hits been sounded, as reported in
the Vancouver Province of the 2nd
instant, by a Mr. George Macdonald of Vancouver. If Mr. Macdonald was correctly reported by
the Province he certainly showed
t hat he was very ignorant ofthe
l.ardeau and its mining properties
���Alien he said:
"Ol course some of the big
mines like the Silver Cup and others having their own stamp mills.
are doing exceedingly well." Mr.
Macdonald's inquiries, though, were
confined to the alleged placer and
recent almost all-gold discoveries,
Concerning these he is very skeptical.
The Silver Cup ore carries good
value in gold but we were not aware
of it being a stamp mill proposition.
The Lardeau district is certainly
a place of great activity at the present time. From the town of Lardo
on Kootenay lake, around to Beaton
on Arrow lake, people are flocking
In by the hundreds. Travellers
who h*_ve been all over the Kootenays, say that this naturally favored
district has more life, and things
generally are better than in any
other part  of the B. C. interior.
This is due to the richness and staying qualities of our mineral deposit*; and also to the perseverance and
confidence of some of our mine
managers in pushing development
along before we have transportation facilities that will justify large
shipments being made. Perguson
is particularly active as tar as work
and numbers of men are concerned,
and people are coming every day.
The mines are increasing their
working forces and new properties
are being opened up and things look
very hopeful.
Road Superintendent Hugh McPherson is having the roads and
bridges in the Lardeau repaired and
put into condition for traffic. The
road to Ten Mile has two gangs at
work, and before "thiy finish, the
bridge across the"Nrirth fork of the
Lardeau will be replanked. The
road from Beaton to Camborne is
being corduroyed in places.
County Court has been postponed
once more, this time from the 9th
to the 16th day of July. This is
getting monotonous! and people
having important cases to be dis*
posed of are beginning to think the
court a farce. They would like a
definite date in the future.
[Adopted at Revelstoke, September 13th, iao_.l
1. That this convention rcuillrms .the policy
of thc party In matters bf provincial roads and
trails; the ownership and control of railways
and the development of the agricultural resources of thc province as laid down In tbe
platform adopted In October, 1MI9, which ia as
"To actively aid in the construction of trails
throughout the undeveloped portions of the
province and the building of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
"To adopt the principles of government ownership of railwavs in so fares the circumstances of the province will admit, and the
adoption of the principle that no bonus should
be granted to any railway company which
does not give the government of the province
control of rates over lines bOllUBed, together
wiin the option of purchase.
������To actively assist by state aid in the deveb
opuicnt of the agricultural resources of the
2. That fn the meantime and until thc railway policy above set forth can be accomplished, a general railway act be passed, giving
freedom to construct railways under certain
approved rcguhttions, analogous to lhe system
that has resulted in such extensive railway
construction in thc t'nited States, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
S. That to encourage thc mining industry,
thc taxation ofjuytallifcrous mines should be
ou a basis of.a'pctccutageon the net'prorlts.
4. That the government ownershii, of telephone systems'should be brought about as a
Ilrst step in thc acquisition of public utilities.
.',. That a portion of every coal area hereafter to be disposed of should bo reserved from
sale or lease, so that state owued mines may be
easily accessible, it their operation becomes
nocessary or advisable.
ii. That iu thc pulp land leases provision
should be made for reforesting and that steps
sliould be taken for tho general preservation of
forests by guarding against thc wasteful de*
struetlon of timber.
7. That the legislature and government of
thc province should persevere in the efforts to
secure tlie exclusion of Asiatic labor.
5. Tbat the matter of better terms in the
way-of subsidy and appropriations for. the
province should he vigorously pressed noon
the Dominion government.
'.I. Thut the silver-lead Industries of the
province* be fostered and encouraged by the
Imposition of increased customs duties on lead
and lead products Imported Into Canada, and
that thc Conservative members of the Dominion House he urged to support any motion introduced for sucli 0 purpose.
10. That as Industrial disputes almost invariably result ln great loss and injury both to
lhe parties directly concerned and 10 Ihe public, legislation should be passed to provide
means for an amicable adjust 111,111 of such disputes between employers and employees.
11. That It Is advisable to foster the manufacture of the raw products ot the province
within'tho provhice ns far ns practicable by
means of taxation on thc said raw products,
subject to rebate of tho same In whole or part
when mmii'fi'.cturcd In hrilish Columbia.
At h mooting of tbo oxodtittvodf tho Provincial Conservative -ivM-dmi'm, held ni Vancouver, tho provmco wm divided into Ave division!] fornrcfliitzatioii purpose*. Tho'Ivooti--
nAy<Boundary division is ma-ii* up of the following provincial election districts: Hovel-
Moke, Columbia, Ferule, cranbrook, Ymir,
Kaslo, Hloean, Grand forks, (ireomvood, the
City of Ito.sHlaud, ftnd the ('Ity of Nelson. At
the same meeting tliu following resolutions
were adopted;
1. Tlmt convention's for nominating candidates for members of tlie legislative assembly
lw mado up of delegates chosen ns follow*.:
(a) In city electoral districts one delegate
for every fifty and fraction of fifty votes polled
at the provincial election held iu woo, and if
the city is divided into wards, tlie proportion
of delegates for each ward shall he based on
tho votu polled in each ward at the lust municipal election,
(h) In other electoral districts, one delegate
for every lifty or fraction of fifty votes polled
at the provincial election held In 1000, the delegates to he apportioned to polling places, or
as near thereto as will be fair to the voters of
tlie different neighborhoods.
2. The election of delegates shall boat public incctings, held at a designated central place
iu each polling division, or in each ward in
city electoral districts, if the city is divided
into wards. At such public meetings only
those who pledge themselves to vote for the
candidate or candidates selected at tho nominating convention shall ho entitled to vote for
a. Two weeks notice shall be given ofthe
public meetings at which delegates are to be
elected, and nominating conventions shall be
lield In city electoral dlHtriets two days after
the day,on whieh delegates are elected, and in
other electoral districts seven days after. All
nominations* throughout the provinco to be
mado at a designated central placo in each
electoral district, and on tho same day.
4. AU notices ot the date oi public meeting"
How's your Printing? Do you know that the
EAGLE Job Department has one of the best
equipped plants in North Kootenay and that it is
unnecessary to send out of the Lardeau for work?
tor .that order you aie sending away out of the
district to save a few shillings. Don't be fooled.
The EAGLE can give you satisfaction. "VVe
carry only the first quality in office stationery, etc.
Receive Our Strict Attention.
THE EAGLE,   Ferguson, BlC
for thc election of delegates to nominating conventions, tbe apportionment of <lelenntes, and
the plaec nnd datcof nominating conventions
in tneseveral electoral districts shall he prc-
Sared by the members of the executive of the
ivision in whieh thc electoral districts are
situate, aud issued over the name!, of the president and secretary of the Provincial Conservative association. .-
A meeting of tlie provincial executive will
he lield at Vancouver within a month, and the
date for holding district nominating conventions will be then Axed.     John HOUSTON,
President of the Provincial
conservative Association.
Kelson, .lime 8th, 1903.
Drugs nm Stationery
Prescriptions Carefully and
..Accurately Compounded..
Trout Lake.
Go To
SulwH'lfee for the 1-fti'deau E_.au...
-t-Tfie Townsite of-
The Pay-Roll  Centre of the
Rich   Lardeau   District.
Buy Lots Now And Get
in on the Ground Floor
The Lardeau is the richest
known mining district in British
Columbia and the mines, particularly those about Ferguson,
contain large quan titles ol ore
being big as well as rich. Several
new properties will ship
ore during the coming year and
ihe town is sure to double
in size Bay a few lots now
before the effect of this year's
progress sends them up, may-
hap beyond your reach.
Business Lois $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further,,' Information* Apply to
Henry  Floyd
General Agent,
-Revelstoke, B. C.
mm United Hate of North America
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When you are buy*
ing a FUR HAT,
either soft or stiff,
I see to it that the
(genuine union
Label is sewed in it.
lt a retailer has
loose labels in his
-^'session and of-
I?, s to put one In a
hat for you, do not
patronize him. Ho
has notanyrigntTonave tuose labels. Loose
labels in retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on the four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits ara sometimes perforated on three of the edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for,the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John B. Stetson
Co.,of Philadelphia, Pa., is non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N. J,
U Wfl-verly Place. Room 15, New York City.
Sfchools, SCBAproN'
Gives Instruction hy mail in the following subjects. Mechanical engineering,
mechanical drawing, Electrical engineer-
ing.iclegraphy, telephony, sanitary plumbing, heating and ventilation, civil engineering, architecture, architectural draw*
ing, sheet metal pattern drafting, lettering
and sign painting, ornamental designs,
bpokVecpfng. stenography, milling, smelting, metallurgy, hydrometallurgy, electro-
therapeutics, French, Uerman, Spanish.
Send for free catalogue.
10 per cent discount by cutting out this
adv and enrolling before end of month.
TV. H. McDOUUAIX, Local Agent.
Nelson, B. 0.
Smith & Co.
45 Bleary St,
����� Montreal
Will be represented in
Ferguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention,
and we
Our representative
S. A. Scott is
practical tailor and
will make clothes
fit, Hold your
orders for him.
Wants Your Washing.
Mangling and
' Workmanship
gqaranteed to be
First Class.
Victoria  Avenue.
 * ii-t_	
IRON BEDS a Specialty J
$5 and up. t
To the Public.
Having to go cast for a few months I beg to
say that I will return by fall and re-engage in
my taxidermist business.
Taxidermist, Revelstoke, 13. 0.
Iu Liquidation.
List of Properties to De Sold hy Private
Tender, Pursuunt to tbe Directions
of the Liquidators.
front Lake Alining Division., ���-.
ALPHA GROUP (better known as "Broadview Group"), comprising 9 Crown-grunted
ininera 1 claims, or fractional claims, situated
on Great Northern mountain, ai^ve Fergo*on,
B. C. together witli two blocks of land, namely: Lot 1144, situated iust west, of Ferguson
townsite, and lot 2449, situated about 2 miles
north easterly from Ferguson on the XOrth
Fork of Lardeau river, at tho foot of Great
Northern mountain.
LANDS situated oa Galena Pay, Upper Arrow
Lake. Three blocks of land comprising, in all,
about 650 acres.
Kossland Camp,
STAR" mineral  claims, together with  the
buildings and equipment thereon.
Boundary District.
The "NETA" mineral claim, Crown-granted,
situated in what is known as "Brown's Camp,"
and tiie -QUEEN OF SPADES" mineral claim,
Crown-granted, situated In what is known us
"Central Camp."
Iileeillewaet Mining Division.
The LANARK GROUP, comprising 15 Crown-
granted mineral claims, or Fractional olaims,
situated on the main line of tho Canadian Pari tie railway, near Iileeillewaet, B. C.
Further particulars nnd conditions of sale
and forms of tender (which are to be sent in
uot later than the l'>th August, 1903,) mav be
obtained gratis of the Liquidators, College Hill
Chambers, College Hill, London, E. C��� and
J.V. Armstrong, Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Datcl J.jth June, WW. July ill.
The Ophir-Lade Milling Syndicate,
Notice is hereby given that thc annual general meeting of the shareholders of the above
named syndicate will be held at their :fllee in
Ferguson, B. C, on Monday,, the ftthdnyof
July, 1003, at .1 o'clock p. m., for the election of
directors and the transaction of the general
business of the syndicate. The transfer books
of thc syndicate will he cloned from tha 1st
until the oth day of July, 1003, both inclusive,
BOB?. HODG-Ei Secretary.
.Tune 25, IMS.
P. S.���The meeting above referred to has
been postponed until tbe 14th of July, 1903.
Notice to Delinquent Co-Owners,
To 7.. Gordon Goldberg or I. Goldburg, or to
any person or persons to whom they may
have transferred their interests ln the Little
Robert and Little Robert No. 2 miner claims
situate at thc head of the north fork of Lardeau crock, aud adjoining the Black Warrior
group on the southenfit, in the Trout Lake
.Mining Division of West Koot-enay District.
,  Vou are hereby not!tied that I hKvc expended
tWfl hundred and live dollars and twenty-five
I'cnts (9_.u-5._-ti)- jnlalmraud Improvements on
the above mentioned mineral claims for the
current year   iu order to hold said mineral
claims under the provisions of thc mineral
Act, and if within ninety days from tho date
of this notice you fall or refuse touontribute
your proportion of such expenditures together
with all cost of advertising, your interest In
said claims will becomo .the property of thc
subscriber, under section��of an Act entitled
An Act to Amend the Mineral Act, 1000.
Dated at Ferguson this loth day of .fitly, 1003.
tyutliui Ut Delinquent Co-Owner.
���To 8. T. MnOo|(, or wliqmio-avor ho may havo
transferred his interest in 'the Triune Fraction No. :i minoral claim, .situated on Brown
creek, in the Tr-a.it Lake Mining Division,
West Kootenay District of B. C.
You arc hereby'notltlcd that I have expended 1100 In labor and improvements upon the
above mentioned fractional mineral claim
since July 1st, J002, under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refune to contribute vour proportion of the above mentioned
Cum, which is now due' together with all
nasi Of advertising, your interest In thu said
jjuim wUL Ueopio the property of tho undersigned under wcotioit 4 of. tlio "Minoral Act
Amendment Aet 1900.
Dated ut.- Ferguson, B.C., this 8th day or
April, 1903,
C. O. Woodrow.
4 Miles Bolow Ferguson on tbe Ferguson Beaton Road.
N6 bell boys or etcetras but
a good wholesome meal served at any hour. Lots of fresh
milk and eggs.
Saddle and pack horses for hire.
WM. GLENN, Proprietor.
Headquarters for Aw.i'yers, Mining
A Mill Supplier. Ho'e agents In 1!.
C. for Morgan Crucible Co., Ilattersea,
Kngland; P. W. Braun _* Co.'s J'atent
CaryFnrnaoes, Burners, etc.; Win. A ins.
worth ii Co.'s I**ine Balances, etc., etc.
Goods can be furnished to any part of Lardeau on very shorf. iiotic*.
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelscn.
No Charge for packing *<^-��*>-��*��-��-����<��>.��.-.����-.t��-��>-��-*^*i*^*-<.-����-��-^��-��-v.
Funeral Directors and  .
The three claims owned by the company aro the "Lardeau
Queen," the "Lardeau King" and the "Lardeau Prince," all abutting
ond to end, through which three leads pass the entire length, situated at the head of Lexington creek, in the Lardeau mining division
of West Kootenav, British Columbia.
These three claims are located on the western slope of Goat Mountain, the lines being north-westerly and south-easterly, and form one
complete portion of Mineral land of about 156 acres. They Ito east
less than four miles up from Fish river.
The group lies in the "Sitting Bull" and -'Wild West" belts,
two of the strongest and best known leads in that district, and work
already done on apjacent extentions has giron noost satisfactory
results as to extent of ore bodies and Increased values with depth.
The formation is slate and Ischist, lying in an immense lime
dyke, and the cropplngs of the leads are generally topped with heavy
ifon capping and quartz, which gives assays from $8 up on tho
surface.    _, .
Exploitation consists of two onen cuts along tbe surfaco for a
distance of twenty feet, which exposed a body of argentiferous
galena over 8 inches in width. The value of this ore body was $2ij,ii0
on the surface, but at a depth of less than three feet it has increased
to $40.60. To tap this oro showing and the massive iron capped
ledge close to which it lies the present tunnel was commenced und
is now in a distance of 82 feet. Another .2u feet of crosscutting
should reach this ledge at a depth of about 125 feet. When 61 feet
had been driven, an almost'solid body of Iron ore throe foet thick
was encountered in the tunnel lying against a wall of slate. A
sample at this point assayed $77.60 in gold, silver, copper and lead.
At a distance of 1*1 feet from this lead a line body of ore has been
encountered which, when crossed, proved to be seven and a half feet
wide, carrying the finest looking mineral yet found on tbe property.
A third ledge which contains the rlohest ore and widest surfaco
showing, will be reached about July 1st, This ledge wben
encountered, will be from 12 to 15 feet wide and great results are
The property has an excellent surfaco showing. Tho average
assays are most encouraging, considering the great width and con-
tlnuaney of the leads across the country with such great width and
prominence of the surface judging from other properties in the near
vicinity, some of which are on the same lead and have developed
very rich ore bodies.
In conclusion I would say that tho Lardeau Mines are as good as
any, If not the best, in tho vicinity, and I verily believe with a
nominal expenditure, they should be made dividond paying in a
short time, and I would strongly recommend extensive development
toward that end.
H. O. McClymont, M. E.
For Further information, price of stock, etc., address
B. Norbert Oulmotte,  Manager.
Bank of Montreal Bldg., KOSSLAND, B. C.
"Ut ti- OOLD DUST twin* do yourwork."1
No Soap, Borax, Soda or Ammonia is needed with
With little water and less effort you can olean
anything about the house better, easier and
Cheaper than with Soap or any other cleanser.
)noe try it, you'll always buy it.
Made only by THE N. K. FAIRB AtflC COMPANY,
Oldie.    Now York   Bonn.   SI Unit, * Montreal. '
[Graduate ot Myers co]leg__of Embalming)     I
Can attend case at Ferguson at ten     .
��� ���' hours notice if advised by wire.   . t
D. J.  Robertson & Co-
nelson, B. C.
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite the Postoffice.
Capital Authorized, $4,000,000
Capital (paid up) - 2,923,S__
Kest 2,485,288
Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Northwest Territories. Provinces rof British Columbia,  Manitoba, Ontario and Quobec.
T. ... MEKF-ITT, President. O. 11. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Con. Man.
E. HAY,' Assistant Con, Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief inspector.
Ferguson,   B.   C.   Branch���A   General   Banking   Business   Transacted.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Oralis SoM available in All narts of Canarta
nilec! States and Europe.
Speolal  attention given to colleolIoM nnd
Mining lituids.
Everybody    QUP  Special
s mokes
Tlie Union
Tliey aro nil Union made nnd of tlio
best Havana Tobacco monoy cnn
buy. Try one ami satisfy yourself
as lo tli.-i i ������ mi! ity.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
B k o w n, Prop.
r*J- 4*r*^_-__*.
We try to give satisfac*  I
tion to our   i?uests.
Laughton  Bros-
&## ^$&&&%%^i^m*m%^^$M:
Prospectors* Exchange
W ARDERSON & VV}M$R< Proprietors.-.
���S *,     THOMSONS LANDINO, B. C. !
TABLES sri'l'l.]*.*!. WITH THK
���TIIK 0HOICR9T OK \yiNE3��0-!
*��� i.iQror.a -,nd ii'. .'.ii.-"**
jw^ ^rt^f^trM *n-r*r*r w$? k Local���and-General.
E. L. Kinman was in Ferguson Sat*
.   Mr. and Mrs. J. Parisian are visiting
at Trout Lake..   .
W. MacDonald paid a visit to Trout
Lake on Saturday.   .
J. V. Reeves and Wm. Shannon were
out claim staking on Tuesday.
The Odd Fellows installod their officers at Trout Lako Tuesday night.
A numbor of the boys wore down
from the Nettie L. on Saturday.
Hugh McPherson has been appointed Inspector of roads for this district.
. A child was born to Mr. and Mrs. J.
Smythe on Monday last at Trout Lake.
. Chas. Woodrow has gone on a prospecting tour of tbe Poplar creek camp.
Hugh McPherson, townsite agent of
Trout Lako, was ln Ferguson Tuesday
R. Hodge, solicitor, and W. E. Newcombe, M. D.,visited Trout Lake Tuesday,
Mrs. Jowett of the Trout Lake City
hotel, was a visitor to Ferguson, Tuesday.
T. Henderson, manager of the Trout
Lake Lumber Co., was in town Mon*
A large number of Fergusonites attended a danco at Trout Lake Monday
night. ' ,;*
Mr, McGregor of Kaslo was in town
Tuesday looking over the. political situation.
S. Sutherland drove his new oar*
rlage through to Beaton and back on
Lardeau is experiencing its rainy
season. It makes one's heart glad to
get a look at the sun. -
Jas. Black, manager of the Hotel
Ferguson, has gone to Halcyon springs
for the benefit of his health.
���Ed Bailey of Kossland, has come Into
the Lardeau Iio spend the summer, this
time accompanied by his wife.
" A. E. Phff>ps, Manager of Revelstoke branch of the Imperial bank,
spent Thursday night In Ferguson.
The annual meeting of the Ophir-
Lade Mining Syndicate was adjourned
on Monday last until Tuesday, the 14th
Reports from travelers all Indicate
that Mrs. Anderson Is making a success of the Prospectors' Exchange at
J. N. Greer, manager of the Mountain Lion Mining Co., accompanied by
his son, arrived Friday night from Minneapolis.
Mrs. W, Glenn of the Park hotel,
was in town Tuesday, it looks as
though country life agrees with the
landlady of the Park.
Registered at tbe Hotel Ferguson on
Wednesday were the following: Miss
Katberine Boyden, Miss Beatrioe King,
Spokane; Mrs. D, L, Smith.
W. Macdonald and A. K. Phipps of
Revelstoke, visited Camborne on Friday last and were delighted witb the
unexpected growth of the town.
The following residents of Trout
Lake were in town this week: Dan
McLennan, J. Griffith, B. C. Murray,
F. C. Elliott and Frank Abbey.
H. H, Johnstone of Rossland, arrived
in Ferguson Tuesday to start development on the Silver belt mining property at tbe head of Brown oreek.
Geo. Attwood, M. E., and Geo. S.
MeCarter came to Fergueon Tuesday
ovening to attend the annual general
meeting of the Great Western Mines,
Steve Slinger returned Tuesday from
Nelson. He says tbe celebration there
on Dominion Day was a good one and
attracted crowds of people from all
over the Kootenays.
Mr. Hugh Ross of Mount Lehman,
B. C, is busy developing his mining
property on Silver Cup mountain. He
was down to Ferguson Monday and
gave the Eaole a friendly call.
German Socialist Platform,. ).:):
The following is the platform' oq)
whioh the German Social-Democratic
party went to the polls ln the recent
election and which resulted so satisfactorily for them:
One vote for every man and woman;
a holiday on election day; payment of
members of parliament.
Responsibility of the government to
parliament; local self-government and
the referendum.
Substitution of militia system for
great standing army,
Freedom of speech and the press.
Legal equality of the sexes.
Disestablishment of the churches.
Free non-sectarian schools, with compulsory attendance.
Gratuitous legal proceedings.
Free medical attendance and burials.
Progressive Income and Inheritance
taxes.     ________________
Conservative Meeting.
There will be a meeting oi the Liberal Conservatives of Ferguson in
Eagle hall tomorrow, Saturday night,
at 8:30 p. m. The question of organizing an association will be dlscussod
among other subjects, and a large attendance is desired.
By order,
The Provisional Committee.
Local! With a Payatreak.
It pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the phone. Office ln Cummins & Co.'s
Orders for furniture will be filled as
quickly and with better results'at the
wholesale and retail store of D. J.
Robinson & Co.', Nelson, than'anywhere else in the' province.    '
* Smokers: If you want the genuine "Union"'and "Our Special"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke. B. C.
FOR SALE���A four roomed dwelling house and two lots on one of the
best corners In the residence part of
Ferguson for sale' on easy lorms.
Apply to Eagle office,
Order a ping-pong set, framed or
unframed pictures,' picture frames,
drawing requisites, books, magazines
or anything in this line of goods from
the Canada Drug & Book Co., Revel]
stoke, B. C. Mall orders attended to
A. M. Craig still conducts the feed,
livery and freighting stables at Beaton, and bas saddle horses and light
and heavy conveyances for hire at all
times. His daily stage for Goldflelds
and Camborne meets the steamboat on
its arrival and departure.
food should be given a child before It
Is one year old," says Dr. Holt. What
substitute, then? Borden's Eagle
Brand Condensed Milk is absolutely
tbe safest and best Infant food obtain*
able. Avoid unknown brands. Send
for "Baby's Diary."
Old papers for sale at Eagle office.
R. Hodge, who returned from Camborne on Saturday, reports that while
he waB tbere on Friday the sills of the
stamp mill for the Oyster-Criterion
mines were plaoed in position and the
architect in charge states that the mill
will be ready for operation by September first, If no unfortunate delays oo-
FANCY _'    "'
A_L_L_-_____J_ U__ _AAAA
~���*^^*���*������**������ ��� ���*���  ��� ~ *~~  9 W
v-,��      fj;  p.ffrs. .{*.
Ferguson and Trdift'La-Jfe.'
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Office:     -     -   * .Trou} Lake:
_ Tonsorial,  * ��
% Shaving.     Shamj^otog,.,
Hairdreaslng,     fitog-^Kj^J
�� Dyeing,     Baths, hot ant_,|y
��       oold^ater.
jj    I have the beit appointed shop In tbe C
H Lardeau. Open from ��� a. m. to I p. m. W
. Proprietor. &���
Surveys of Mine), Mineral Olaims and
Crown Landa. Crown Grant, Obtained and Anesimenti Managed
for Absentee!.
Offlcei:  Camborne and Vancouver
Solicitor for
The Imperial Bank
^Ferguson, B. C. ','.
OFFICE-In tho Ophir Lade bloek.
Barribters, Solicitors, etc.
Offlces: BOTelitoke,Golden,andFergu-  "
ion. Solicitor, lor Imperial Bank
of Canada
Geo. B. McCarter.        ,    J. A. Harvey.
. A. M. Pinkham.
Barrister, Notary Public etc.
A   A   A.   a   a    aa    a    *    *    *    AiaAA
���������_��� ��� W W ���-F~~~~ TV ��� ��� �� ��� V ���'
Having purchased the
Ferguson Meat Market we
are prepared to supply our
customers with all kinds of
Fresh and cured meats. A
good supply of Beef, Pork,
Mutton, Sausages, Hams
aud Bacon always on hand.
Spring Clothing
Suits, Overcoats, Rain Coats', Trousers.
Also complete stock of Men's Furnishings,
.*. i
p   ;
We have a good supply of Borden's
Eagle   Brand   Condensed Milk.
McKinnon <�� Sutherland
Tl$e Post OfMce Stqig
TT A ri-io Hew lot of Ladlei' and Chtdren'i Hati and a variety of Hat
IIAID Trlmmlngi. .      ���*,.  ..*"i*.������
CJTTIJTC G��o*- auortment of Gentlemen's sterotyed and Negligeo
T}<r\-fYPU A new line of serviceable Proipecton' Boot, and a f till atuortv
DLH/lD ment of Youthi'Shoei,
0.  B. Batho tf Co.
Watches, Clock-sand
Ihave high grade
Waltham, Vanguard,
Crescent, Street,
C. P. R. Special,
Elgin, father Time,
Veritas and B. W.
I bave Eight-Day, Gon
Strike and NIckle Clocks.
Jeweler and Optician,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium . . .
Bltuated*;mldit scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. The aunt eomptele health
reiort on the continent of North America.
It! bath! oure all Nervou! end Mui- .*-
ruler dlnaiei,. IU ���rateri heal all i
Kidney, Liver and Utomach ailment!,
They are a never falling remedy for *.
all metallic polioni, completely purify- *,.*
In| thf syitem.
' Well lighted and heated by hot
air furnace. Tajjjl.es supplied
with the best the, jnarket affords.
Rates ���*_/__? Per Day,
JAS.  CUMMINGS,   Prop., Ferguson, fi.   C.
!    . .   !     *    -     a
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens. Good accommodation
..Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.   -7
Paokin^andfflrg4SOn Pvking
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Inty for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in toe district.
Good, prompt service,.end.(_ny work undertaken f,uaran-  .
teed.  Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson
a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.    S. Daney, Prop.
Perguson Hotel
Proprtttsffit   .
rURGVSOH, B. C.   ���


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