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Lardeau Eagle 1904-06-10

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 . ���P-'ovineialtibrary tebio4
^aaaa in     i        ��� ���  in__w.^i^_
Now York Market.
Sn-YBB���Bar    $561
LEAfa^-lOOlbs       4.40
Copper     12.874
f_F*I   W
A  m
Vol.  V. No 8.
Ferguson, B. C, JUNE 10, 1904.
$2 a Year
Production of Metals.
The I'ro.iiich'.l Mine nil ok I it. Reports for
190.1, uilll UlfieloscH Interesting
1'lictt Kela.tl.ij-; to Output.
A close perusal of the report of the
minister of mines for 1003, as prepared
by W. F. Robertson, the provincial
mineralogist, discloses some interst-
ing facts. Tho total valuo of the goid
produced for the year was $5,878,036, of
which live-sixths was from tho lode
mines and one-sixth from placer properties. The latter gold came principally from tho Atlin and Casslar gold
Holds. The output of gold showed a
decrease from the previous year of
$84,873, nf which 875,903 was In lodo
gold. The falling off Is chiefly duo to
tbo decreased output of the Rossland
Silver showed tho heaviest falling
off. The output of this metal was
2,996,204 ounces, or 931,713 ounces less
than in 1002. Lead also foil oil largely.
There was produced in the year
18,'089,283 pounds, or 4,447,098 pounds
less than in 1902. The outlook is for
a largely increased output of silver
and lead during tbe current yenr. Tho
effect of the bounty on lead is just
commencing to be shown, and thisl
combined with tho fact that the government will allow the bounty to be
extended to load oro exported aftor the
Canadian smelters have been supplied
with'-all that they can treat, should
more than double tho output of both
metals, during tho current year.
Copper Is the only metal that has
shown an increaso of importance. The
output during tho year wns 34,359,821
pounds, which is an increase of 4,723,80*1
pounds ovor 1902. The guins were
principally in tho Boundary aud in
thu mines of Vancouver Island and the
const. The Boundary output Is certain
to show an increase of betweon 25 and
and 35 per cent this year, and the
coast and Vancouver Island mines will
show considerable of an augmentation.
The tcudeucy in the Boundary is in
the direction of merging several groups
of low-grade gold-copper properties
into one company. Besides the Granby
Consolidated thero are two large combinations which are now in the course
of formation, which will result in a
very largo increase in the Boundary
output, as soon as the companies now
engaged In foiming morget'3 got earnestly at work. In the Rossland dis
trlct throe of tho larger companies
have un amalgamation in contemplation, which, if it i3 completed, should
result in un increased tonnage and a
larger production of gold and copper.
In both these cauips it has been found
that tho surest road to profit lies in
operating on a large sealo, as it Is found
to bo the most economical and profitable. We may, therefore, look for a
largely increased output of oro in the
Boundary and Kossland sections during tho latter quarter of the present
year, and also In 1905.
The produotion of coal during tho
year was 1,108,194 tons, or 229,200 tons
less than In the preceding your. This
was principally due to the fulling off
In the demand from California, whore
crude oil had supplanted coal ln many
instances aB fuel, The coke produotion
wus 105,543 tons, an inereaso of 37,528
ton's ovor the preceding year. Tbe
gain is due lo the increased demand
from the Hinelters, whicli will show an
augmentation during tho present year,
otvittg to the faot that more gold-copper
and silver-lead ores will be produced
and reduced this year than last.���Dally
Geologists to Visit The Lardeau.
Financial Statement of The Building Committee.
a. Subscriptions of 8100: McKinnon
and Sutherland,  W. B. Pool.
>b. Subscriptions of $50: Great Western Mines; Silver Cup Mine.
c. Craig & Hillman, $32.
d. Subscriptions of ,25: McDonald
& Edson, Jno. Laughton, A. Ferguson,
Imperial Bank, Lebeau & Smith.
e. Sam. McCoIl, .22.
f. Alex. Brown, $20.
g. Subscriptions of $15 : Cummins &
Co., Batho & Co., S. Daney.
h, Wm. F. Cochrane, $14.85.
i. Jas. Livingstone, $13.
j. il. M. Carter, $12,
k. Miner's Union, $11.40.
1. Subscriptions of $10: A. J. Gordon, Mrs. S. O'Connor, S. Shannon,
Jas. Lade, V. Lade, Jno. Kennedy, Dr.
Newcombe, Theo. Bariboau, K. Holten,
Erland Hadow, Gordon McLennan, Jus.
Snell, Ei G. Woodward, Wm. Macdonald, B. Crilly, Ed. Ward, J. A. Piper.
A. Heudrickson, Chas. Short, J. B,
Manross, Marshall Darragh, Napoleon
Emo, Sig. Davis, J. Atkinson, Jos.
Hatam, P. Cameron, Jas. Mesley.
m. Jos. Kirkpatrick, $9.
n. A. Ol Hall, $0.50.
o. Ernest Stuart, 80
n! Subscriptions of .5 : Nels. Amlcr-
sod, J( Ji. Tweodale, D. G. Forbes,
Geo. Attwood, N. C. Wood, Jno. Sutherland, Alf. Macpherson, Wm. Keu-
nedy, Hugh Ross, P. Crilly, W.Mc.
Intyro, Chas. Ilasley, C. S. Ahrams,
Henry Covington, Dr. M. V. B. Knox,
Al. Chisholm, A. II. Holdich, Chas.
Coleman, D. G, Eaton, E. Moscrop, A.
P. Garrett, W. H. Shannon, M. Matheson, Frank Felt, J. E. Anderson, R.
Gunn, E. A. Graham, Jas. Hilley,
Dan. Lastron, L, Wisoner, Walter Edwards, J. Melntyre, W. A. Skinner,
Jas. Graham, Thos. Russell, Norman
q. Subscriptions of $4: Alex. Laing,
F. J. Bossloy.
r. l-ubfccrlptlon of .3.50: Ed. Smith.
s. Subscriptions of .3: Jno. Marshall, Miles Custer, Jas. V. Reeves,
Chas. Klinkert,' J. A. Johnston, Ed.
t. Subscriptions of $2.50: JFonnig,
Thos. Goad, Thos. Miller, Harry Kom-
pllng, Goo. McCartney, M. McCuaig,
Geo. Proulx, Jno. Laing, Jos. Pattison,
Frank Landriau, Jasf. Hill, Otto Billic,
O. Erikson, I). A. Mcl'hail, Jos. P.
Cooney', W. D. Eddy, Robert Bates, J.
I). Champaign, Wilson, T. J. Francis,
,f. Mc. Halo, Geo. Groschon, E, J. Buzzard.
u. Subscriptions ol $2: P. Mcl'hail,
Jas. Paton, Leon Marsaw, C. Johnson,
Pat. Delaney, J. W. Chism, Fortuua
'aron, J. J. O'Donnoll, Allan Calder,
Otto Bloyvm! M, J. Morgan, 11. E.
Lnuyon, Sam. Cavanugh, W. Williams,
Donald Burgess, G, J. Wright, Alec.
MoCormlck, .Ino. Olson.
v. Subscriptions of $1: Ed. Williams,
O. T. Nelson, Ceo. Spinas, Fred. Dion,
Tom, Johnson, H, Smith, H. E. Rogers,
A. L. Hill, Wm, Beaton, D. Sketohley.
Total   -      -      -   $1,199.75
a. Subscription of $25: Beatrice
Mines Ltd.
b. Subscriptions of $10: W.J.Butler, Jno. Ennest, Cory Menhintiiek
e. Subscriptions of $5: Arthur
Evans, Isaac Bates, B. E, Drew, A. E.
Drew, Arthur Gunn, Harry Nelics,
Thos. Butler.
d. Subscriptions of $3: J. E. Lluds-
loy, Duncan McCallum, M. S. Tears,
Pete Anderson.
e. Subscriptions of $2 : G. Sumner,
Anonymous, S. Sampson, C. L. Copp,
B. Rodenborg,  N. Trevllcock,   Wm,
Moyle, D. C. Simpson, Davo Orr, J. H.
Diamond.   Henry Norman, i'red. Kennedy, Frank Morrison, Dan. Leahy,
���j i, Geo. H. Young, $1.50.
g. C. R. Scott, SI.25.
b. Subscriptions of $1: J. W. Thornp
sou, ii. M. Harding, Jos. Decebles,
Owen Rowland, J. N. Rear, J. F. Fanner, Henry Wright, Hugh Johnston,
Malcolm Boaton, O. R. Clark, J. B.
Rhynes, A. F. Benard, Jno. Gillis, II.
Mcintosh, Fred. Porter, Henry Anderson.
Total   -      -     -    S148.75
a. Subscriptions of $10: Taylor &
George, T. Kilpatrlcl;.
.b. Subscriptions of $5: Geo. S. McCarter, J. M. Kelly, J. Abrahamson,
H. Floyd, J. A. Stone, G. M. Sprout,
W. Do V. Le Maisti'o, A. 10. Kincaid,
W. M. Brown, Robt. Gordon, J. B.
Cressman, Mr. Day, Mr. Fleischman.
c. City Hotel, $4,
d. Subscriptions of $2: A. Johnston,
Canada Drug and Book Co., C. Johnston, A, E. Smith, W. E. Furrell, Wm.
Lawrence, H. N. Coursier, E. Corning,
D. S. Crowle.
e. Subscriptions of $1: I>. F. Cayman,
R. E. McLean, O. W. Mitchell, Thos.
Downey, W. Hows, Coo. ICnapp, E. .1.
Bourne, II. Creelman, R. S. Wilson, J.
M. Doyle, li. (1. Trueman, Jno. Cayloy,
Clarence McDowell, R. McCullough,
F. McCarty, E. -M. All urn.
Total   -      -      -    8123.00
n. I' Burns * Co.. JSIOO.
b. Subscriptions of $25: Inland Cigar
Co., W E Sandford Co., Hamilton Powder Co.
c. Weiler Bros., $20.
d. G O Buchanan, $15.
e. Subscriptions of $10: Kelly &
Douglas, II Byers, Revelstoko Wine
and Spirit Co., McClary Manufacturing
Co., Riesterer& Co., Henderson Bros.,
Qreonshields & Co., A. Macdonald &
Co., H P Eokardt & Co., Wm. Braid _.*
Co., Giant Powder Co., Calgary Brow-'
ing and .Malting Co.
f. Subscriptions of 85 : A McAllister,
J Coui'tenay, Jno. Coleman, (loo. L
Allen Co., Turner, Beeton i'i Co.,
Thorpe & Co., A E Wolch.
Tolul     -      -      -      $305.00
Ladies' At Homo  $ 100.00
Sheet and Pillow Case Ball      95.00
Hospital Opening      03.00
Pauline Johnson Concert       50.00
Quadrille CI ib      20.00
B. C. Government..'... ....... i.Ooif.tiO
V. Total  t:
IV.    ������    	
III.     "    	
11.    "    	
i.     "    	
Oouuty Court iu the Lardeau,
Judge t'uriii   UDlds Soaalou at Troul
Lake, tuul Disposes ot Several
Minor Cases.
His Honor Judge I'ariu held County
Court at Trout Lake on the 31st May.
The lis!, of contested cases was not very
formidable. The following eases were
disposed of:
In Hume vs. Davey. Hodgo examined the defendant us a judgment
debtor, and as tho defendant has shown
no disposition to pay, the judge made
an order for payment by instalments.
Clink v. Pool, Judgment was given
for the plaintiff, on the ground that the
defendant did not appear foi' examination. Elliott for plaintiff ; Hodge for
Saunders v. Nesbitt. An action for
commission on the sale of a mineral
eiaim at Poplar, A conditional judgment was given for tho plaintiff.
Elliot for plaintiff; Scott for defendant.
Young v. Orr. One action was foe
wage;', and another for tiie recovery of
goods. Both actions were dismissed.
Elliot for plaintiff ; Scott for defendant.
Norgron v. C.P.R Co., Nelson v
C.P.R. Co., aud Johnson v. C.P.K. Co.
These were three actions fur Uie recovery of wages. Thoy were all dis
missed, Elliott for plaintiffs; Mudgu
for defendants,
Abey v. Vipond. Au action for
damages iu connection with a livery
stable. Tho piaiuLiif was awarded $5.
Ellioit for plaintiff; .McKay for defendants.
MoDonell & Black vs. Clark. An ac-
tlon on an account, Judgment lor
plulntllTs for Slas.,5 and costs. Uudgi
for plaintiff.
The session lasted throughout the
day, ami was attended by most of the
citizens of Trout Lake. The next court
will bo heid oa 1Mb October next.
Grand Total $4,166,10
Ordinary Labor	
Lumber, including wiudows.
Hardware, including plumbing	
Plastering and chimney	
Incidentals, Including insurance and Interest	
Radios' Auxiliary	
i  734.011
Metal Mining in Indo-Cliina.
Cash on hand.
[Audited and found correct���Cash on
hand, $18k.;isj
W. MACDONALD       I .    ,.,
Will Test the Sohist.
Tbe Prospector.
Arrangements havo been mado to
have the schist of tho Poplar camp
tested by the llendryx process at
Spokane. Tho schist carries gold and
arsenical Iron. Dr. Wilbci-A. llendryx
Is at present at New York, but on his
return ho Intends to vieit tho Poplar
camp for the purpose of making a
study of tnetnllforous schists thero with
a view to ascertaining if they can bo
mined and milled at a profit. The determination of this question Is.of thol
greatest moment to the Poplar Creek]
section, as there are said to be vast deposits of the rock that carry gold
values there!
Several members of the Geological
Survey, we learn, are on their way
from Ottawa to British Columbia,
Messrs, Brock and Boyd Will tour the
Lardeau district, while Mr. Dowllng
will glvo his attention to the Crow's
Nest lection.
Lead Bounty Extended.  '
A despatch from Ottawa, dated Juno
2nd lays: "The bill to amend the lead
bounty Act, so as to meet the wishes of
the Associated Lead Mines and the
boards of trades of southern British
Columbia, passed through Committee
and was read a third time this afternoon. Under tbe amended act provision is made for the payment of a certain proportion of the b6unty upon surplus lead ores exported from Canada
tor treatment.'"'
Yes'. laugh as he stumbles past you,
His clothes all tailored and turn,
With heard unkempt and shaggy bead,
His shoes run over and worn.
A roll of dirty red blankets
By a rope slung over Ids back,
With a frying pan, dirty tin.) grimy,
Aud bacon and bonus In a sack.
Yes! laugh and scolT at the piotiiro. ;w
Make fun of Lhe man utyour will.
While you are enjoying ymir laughter
He Is tramping o'er mountain and
Is seeking and searching and delving  ���
'Mid the peaks, the crags and Lhe
pine, . ,;   ���
Till his long lifo of labor's rewarded)
Ho has at last discovered a mine.
Yos 1    laugh,   but   remember  while
laughing, *
Tho West owes all to si:eh men���
Our country, our history, our grandeur
Is made by them now and then.
So givo them a good word while pass
Please don't consider them scamps,
And dont for a moment consider
That all prospectors are tramps.
They Got to Business.
!The reduction plant ol the Great
Western Mines startod operation^ last
.. eek on ore from the Nettie L mine,
Buchanan's Company Visit Ua.
The company brought, to town by Sir
11. Buchanan which appeared at Hie
Oper**, House on Monday and Tuesday
last put on Lwo very good shows. Strolling Theaplads striking camp nre more
or less questionable " artistes," but
thejitro-gocrs wel'^racompensed for the
'tr'nilgo through the slush on Monday
nltJiii .i'iOi* the opening raiser "An
tiySvti Hubby " filled the bill, and the
play produced was a perfectly clean,
Inn-making remedy. Mr. It. Buchanan
aS the henpecked " Charles " wns most
original in tlie role, und as a violinist
ho certainly ranks iu tip-top class. His
seleotlon from II Trovatore was a delightful effort, which elicited an encore. On Tuesday night " East Lynu "
was served up, and the evergreen story
was closely followed by an appreciative
audience. This well-known play is
a recognized tear-producer, and it was
quite in ordor that pocket handkerchiefs were in great demand among the
fair sex. A froe danco was'oxtended
tho pat' ns of Tuesday's ^performance,
and many devotees of tho light fantastic availed themselves of the invitation
to tho spirited hop,
A recent ofllelal report on Lho mine
of Lho French colony of Indb-Chinu
says Lhat iron ore is mined at Thain-
guyen, manganese ore at Pbti-liun, unci
antimony ore at t_uangyen. Concessions lor motal mining, reooutly granted, include 20 for gold, cbielly iu the
proviuee uf Hoablnh, four for copper
at Vanh'.i, Thainguyon ami Sfeubay i
two for iron ore iu Quungyen, ami
si(i\oi] for other minerals. Nickel ore
is reported to exist in the province ul
Arrowhead Man in Trouble,
The long arm of the law roacbed
George McLood at Arrowhead. B.C.,
recently. lie was accused uf mulling a
letter of an Immoral nature to a young
girl in Everett, Wash. The matter
was referred tu the authorities al
Washington, who comtnunicutod with
the federal authorities at Ottawa, w ii i
in turn directed lhe attention uf lhe
B.C, Government io the case, and thc
unsuspecting letter-writer wns luld b;
the heels and haulo'd before stipendiary
magistrate Crease to uuBwer tc ihe
charge. Tlie ''Iter was produce*! as
evidence, and the prisoner was committed for trial. .
Ftro Fiend Calls ut Camborne.
A destructive lire broke out at the
Oyster Criterion mine, the property of
tin. Great Northern Mines, Ltd., on
Monday last at 2 a.m. Tbe outbreak
occurring at such au hour, the llnmes
had made considerable head way before
nn alarm was given. The cook-house,
bunk-house and bath-rooms wero completely demolished, and Lho estimated
damage is iu advance of $2,000. Several
of the men lost their entire outfit, but
fortunaloly uo lossoflifeorserious personal injury are reported, the only exception in thia respect being tbe demise
of two dogs aud live cats. Tho origin of
the lire is unknown. Lardeau Bagle
I'rinti'il   nnd   Published   erery   FRIDAY   at
Ferguson, B. (;.. by
J.  J.  ATHERTON,   Prop.
to whom all correspondence Klionld be mulled.
Subscription ltatcR: 12.00 per milium, to
nny addressin America111.35 for six months;
t2.o_n ye��r to forelyn ftaafesses, No pay, uo
Advcrtislne Rate.: Pfsplny nils., .1.00 per
ilngts column Inoli per mouth. Legal ii,ts..ij
.outs per (nonparfel) Mile lor first insertion; 8
I'fiits per Hue for each additional Insertion,
Reading notices lo cents per line eaoh Issue,
Ninety day legal notices, flu.; sixty days, *7.,,li;
'nlny days.f.i. No nds.aeeopted atlessthan
tUese rates.  No room lor quack ads.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
FRIDAY.  JUNE  10,   1904.
To Subscribers and Advertisers.
As will be seen by the notice
appearing at the head of this column, a change of proprietorship
has been made. In taking hold of
the reins and making my initial
bow to subscribers and advertisers,
I embrace the opportunity for outlining the policy of the Eagle under
a new regime.
In politics the Eagle will remain
unchanged, believing that our Provincial Government is in harmony
with the condition and spirit of the
times, and that the country would
be better with the Conservative
party at the head ot Dominion
affairs. In Town and Local matters the screech of the Eagle will
always be heard in favor of any
project for the advancement of the
district. Mining and the lumber
industry will receive their full quota
of attention. Fair, impartial re*
ports may always be relied upon, it
being my intention to throw open
these columns for any and everything of interest.
I bring to the Eagle 21 years
practical experience of the newspaper and printing trade, and advertisers may rest assured -of care<
ful attention being devoted to their
respective needs. Job printing will
receive prompt attention, and as
facility and ingenuity will here be
found in harmony, good results
may be expected by patrons of the
Job department.
I respectfully solicit a continu-
of the support and patronage bestowed upon The Lardeau Eagle
hitherto, and with the assurance oi
an earnest endeavour that such
support shall be well-merited, I am,
obediently yours,
Jno. J. Atherton.
and its news items are largely
quoted. For the present I bid fare*
well as a publisher, and thank sub*
scribers and advertisers for the en
couragement given me in my effort
to present the truths of the Lardeau,
and in keeping the Eagle soaring
high aud in good company.
Very sincerely yours,
E. G. Woodward.
With tho St. Louis Fait* attracting
the attention ol the world, local enterprise is our only reason (or asking the
oft-repeated question, " What is the
Lardeau doing by way of an exhibit?"
Up to the present there h.13 been an
apathy by the powors-tbat-be towards
such a project, but in some quarters a
semblance of interest and activity is
manifest. That the exhibition should
prove aa excellent opportunity for the
the Lardeau district, goes without say
Ing, and as all the world and his wife
will pay a visit to the great exhibition
it is a litting and opportune occasion Ior
this district to contribute a quota towards a representative exhibit of our
free gold-bearing oros. Tho Lardeau
is ln a position to make such brave
showing lhat the tongue of every
visitor to the exhibition would be set
wagging to the advantage of tbis
country. We have heard it suggested
that "most of the mine managers in
B. C. would rather spend 23 hours a
day in criticising tho Mineral Act than
one in helping to advertise tho resources of the province," but bo thnt
ae it may, It is certainly up to those
most concerned to flaunt bufure un enquiring public tho vast resources and
wonderful ore productions of the
wealthy Lardeau.
With this issue the Lardeau
Eagle continues the journalistic
race under new auspices, the undersigned having sold the paper to Mr
J. J. Atherton, who comes well re
commended as a printer and journalist. I have no doubt my successor will give you a good local paper,
but he will need all the encouragement and support that the people of
Ferguson can give; but I feel assured this will be readily given.
Since I bought the Eagle two years
since, I have had no complaint.
Every male resident of the town
and camp subscribed for the paper
without a single exception, and the
business people stood well by the
paper in advertising and job printing
patronage. The town is small, and
the paper needs all the support that
can be given. The paper continnei
to enjoy g wide circle ot readers,
It's just as well these day to keep the
weather eye skinned, as somo enter-
prlBlng get-rloh-qulck gentry have put
a large quantity of counterfeit Dominion of Canada one-dollar bills into circulation. Those at present detected
are Issue A, bearing tlio logging seme
vignette, and a second issue, series B,
bears the Imprint " For Minister cf
Many thanks to all those townspeople
who bave so kindly expressed their
good wishes to me personally for the
prosperity of the Eaglo I Are you a
subscriber ?   If not, why not '!
MR. HAKPER, one of the I. C. S,
Representatives foi' this district, will
be .fl Ferguson in a few days. Any
body wishing1 an interview re any ot
tho following courses, will find him at
tho Ferguson Hotel:
' Mocliftuicnl EnRineer,
Miu'lilni' Designer.
Muchanii.'Hl Draftsman,
Foreman Mnchlnist.
Forcm-Hii Tooimaker.
Foreman Patternmaker,
Foreman iilaekamith.
Forcmiiii Mohler.
Gas rci)i_!n_>er.
Kcfrfgeration Engineer.
Traction Engineer.
Kleetrlcfi] ICintincer.
Kleclrii. Machine Designer.
Electrlo-LIgliting Supt.
Electric-Hail way Supt.
Telephone Engineer.
Telegraph Engineer.
WI reman.
Dynamo Tender.
Steam Engineer.
Engine Kuimcr.
Marine Engineer.
.Civil Engineer.
Hydraulic Engineer.
Municipal Engineer.
Bridge Engineer.
BailroHd Engineer.
Mining Engineer.
Mine Purveyor.
Mino Foreman.
C'otion-.Mll Bunt.
Woollen-Mill Hup.,
Texlllo Denigner.
Contractor and Builder.
Architect 11 nil Draftsman.
Sign Fainter.
Show-card Writer.
Sheet-Metal Draftsman.
Ornamental Designer.
Pempootlve Draftsman.
Ad Writer.
Commercial Law.
Taught with Phonograph.
French.       German.       Spanish.
Start now on the road to success over
which 600,000 students havo travelled
a-od are travelling. Whatiit has done
for others it will do for ydij'.
S. H, KRUGEfc, Rep.,
Box 415, Nolfloo.
This will be the Great Northern
Railway's busy year in B. C. The
company is building from Morrissey to
Fernie, and also the Granby Spur, the
Grand Forks Phoenix Branch, and a
line from Curlew, Wash., to Midway.
Pat Welch will construct the Phoenix
branch, and will engage 1,500 men.
A delegation of B. O. lumbermen
reached Ottawa this week. It ts their
intention to place before the Government the claims of B. C. manufacturers
in reapect to a duty on U.S. lumber.
On thc properties bonded by C. C.
Porter, thc find is said to bo very rich.
SEALED TENDERS will he received by the
undersigned up to noon of Wednesday the
20th Juno, liKM, from any person who may desire to obtain a lease, under tlie provisions of
section-12 of the "Land Act," for the purpose
of cutting timher therefrom, of a timber limit
sitiiHled on Upper Dnucan River, known M
Lots (1,479, C.480, fi.-Wl, 6,482, (1,483, 8,485 and r>,4S6,
West Kootenay Districr, containing In the
aggregate 2,096 acres.
The competitor offering the highest cash
bonus will he entitled to a l��ase of the limits
for thc term of 21 years.
Eacli tender must ho accompanied by a certified cheque, made pavablc to the undersigned, to cover the amount of the first year's
rental (1409-40), nnd the amount of bonus tendered, and also a certified cheque for |3,aoo.00*
being the cost of cruising aim surveying the
limits. The cholines will be at ouce returned
to unsuccessful competitors.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. tf., 2nd June, 1904.
IX lhe matter of an application for a dupli
cite of a certificate of title to Lot 4, Hloek 1,
Lots 5 and 12, Hloek 2 j Lots 7 and H, Hloek 6,
and Lot 10, Block 29, all in the Town of Ferguion���Haps C71 aud 671 A.
NOTICE Is hereby given that it Is my inten
tion to Issue at lhe expiration of one month
from the first publication bcreora duplicate
of the Certificate of Title to tho above men*
tioned lots in the name of Alexander Laflerty,
which certillcate is dated the 25th day of
March, 1901, and numbered 101A.
Dlatrlot Registrar,
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.C.
llth May, 1904.
Go To
TrOut Lake.
Holds regular dances every 2nd and 4th Thursday
nf each month, In Alexander hall. Excellent muslo
and good floor management provided.
Tickets may beobtalned
from any ot the committee
as follows:
S**jfe ���*.���*.������*������__��___& t(t.*rfuf_u{M_>Cf sffcjM
4 Tonsorial   * f
4 Shaving.     Shampooing,
���jl       Hairdresslng,     Singeing.
jj Dyeing,     Baths, hot and
J       oold water,
J     I have the best Appointed shop tn th.  C
V'  ..Hrilaiu,   Open trom ti a. m. to s p. m.  &
4 s.
5 Schnell & Hooker,    j,
L Ferguson and Trout Lake,       &
Pn-fl/    �� rk-fc      in   Ferguson, the Pay-Roil
Lilly    LsUlS      Centre of the Rich Lardeau.
Is the HUB
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenominally rich
camps   of   Poplar   and
Rapid creck.5, and
NORTH of Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
#   _=^==________
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
..... ...*-***
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
, ���
Is Out-
Por The
I Handle
Only The
Best Quality
Of Goods.
Send Orders To"
F0R Jewelry. Silver
Ware, Watches &c
Note the Address
li our business, We
have the facilities and
ingenuity necessary to
execute artistic work.
Anything In our Lint Turned out Promptly.
.j   Legal, Survey and Mineral Claim   ��j
M5   Blanks always in stoclc... '���
us one
The Lardeau Bagle
. Ferguson, fl. C. .
mW Eagle
Certificate cf III corporation.
I HEREBY CERTIFY, that "The Great
Northern Minos, Limited." bas this day been
Incorporated tinder the " Companies Act, 18it7,"
aa a Limited Company, with a capital of one
million live luiudrod thousand dollars, divided
Into one million five hundred thousand shares
of flue dollar (��1) each.
Tii** time of the existence of the Company Is
il fty years.
Given under my hand and seal of oflice at Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 7th
day of November, one thousand nine hundred
and three.
[L.s.] s. y, woonoKi
Registrar of Joint Stoca Companies.
The following are the objects for which thc
Company hns been incorporated :���
1, To purchase the property of "The Ophir
Lade Mining Hyndloatci Limited ;" and to pur-
i'luisi! lho hil.iH.iitfj iniiifni] clalmsi via., thc
"Strathciuni," "Triune Fraction," ���'Lucky
.rack," " Lucky Three." " Little I'hil," " Lucky
Jack Fraction," "Goldsmith," and "Gold Kill,"
all situated iu tho Trout Lake Mining Division
of West Kootenay District; and also to purchase, lease, bond, locate or otherwise acquire
any mineral claims, mineral lands, mines, properties and any real estate In tlie Province of
Hritish Columbia or elsewhere, and to pay for
tho same cither in money or in fully paUl-np
(���.'infos of the Company, or nartiy in money aim
partly in s.icb shares, and to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of thc same or any of them or any
interest therein :
2. To dig for, raise, crush, wash, smelt, assay,
analyse, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise
treat gold, silver, copper, lead ores or deposits
and other minerals ami metallic substances
and compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, and to render the
same merchantable, and to buy, sell and deal
In the same, or any of them :
8, To carry on tlie business of a mining,
Fuu-liiiur, milling and refilling company in all
of any of its branches !
4. To acquire by purchase, lease, hire, exchange or otherwise s uch timber lands or leases,
timber claims, licenses tocut timber, surface
rights and rights of way, water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces for smelting
and treating ores nnd refilling metals, buildings, machinery, plant, or otherwise real or
personal property as may be necessary for or
conducive lo thc proper carrying out of any of
the objects of thc Company :
0. To construct, maintain, alter, make, work
aud operate ot. the property of the Company,
any canals, trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges mid reservoirs, dams, il nines, race and other
v. ays, watercourses,lU'tjucducts, wells, wharves,
piers, furnaces, saw-mills, crushing works,
BrgeUtng works, concentrating works, hydraulic works, electric works nud appliances, ware*
]i6uscs, buildings, machinery, plant, storen,and
other works ami conveniences which may seem
conducive to any of the objects ofthe Company, and with the consent of thc shareholders
in gem-Tiil meeting, to contribute to, subsidise,
or otncnvfse aid or take part in any such uiier-
atlons, though constructed and maintafget' by
any other company or persons outside pi thc
Smith c�� Co.
45 Bleury St,
* Montreal
property of the Company, and to buy, sell
lanufacturo and deal In all kinds of goods
ores,  implements, {provisions, chattel
ffects required by the Company or Its
icn and servants : -,
(I. To take, acquire, own and hold as the eon-
t of goods,
artels and
��� its work
federation for ores, motnls or minerals sold or
other wise disposed of, or for goods -supplied or
for work done by contract or otherwise, shares,
debentures, bonds or other securities of or In
any other company, ihe objeeta of which nro
similar to those of tliis Comuany, and to sell or
otherwise dbmosenf the Kanje-:..
7. 'i'o enter into any arrangejnent for slianmr
prollt.4. union nf interests, or reoperation with
Any other porson or company., carrying on, or
about to carry on, nny business or transaction
similar to that which' this eoftftiany is authorised to carry on :
��. To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any of the Assoti. business, property, privileges, cut.tracts, rigHta, obligation
nnd liabilities of anv peiwn or company cam*
Will be represented in
Forguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders (or clothing will
receive closo -attention
and we
Our representative
S. A. Scott Is a
practical tailor and
will make clothes
Ht. Hold your
orders for him.
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Roa-
ton and Con'-aplix, commencing October 14th, 1933, will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twit.o daily���10k and Ok.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, tv/ico daily��� 7:15k and
12;45k. Making closo connections
with all C. P. it. Steamers and trains.
The owners
change times
reserve  tho
of   sailings
right  to
Th9 Fred Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   ���
Situated.midBt scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. Tlio most complete health
resort ou the continent of North America.
Its baths euro all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
Kidney, LI ver and -Stomach tUlments,
They are a never falling remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying the system.
TKRMS-f IS to (lis per week, according lo residence in Hotel or Villas.
 ,������ jarrv
businoss which ttooiup
lngonauv part of tin. - ��� ..i.iu.i ���*. vumpii-
uy -specially limited under said section Is
authorised to carry on, pr possessed of property
sititablu forthe purpose? thereof:
it. To borrow or raise money, f_Jr the purpose
nf the Company, but so that lhft auuniiitsu borrowed or raised shall not. without the sanction
of a general meet!ng of the Company, exceed
one-quurtar of the amount of Uie paid-up capital for the time boing. and for tlie purpose of
securing such money and interest, or for any
other purpose, to mortgageorchergo the undertaking or all or any part ofthe property of the
Company, present or after acquired, mid io
create- issue, make, draw.accept and negotiate
Eerpctual or redeemable debentures or de*
ciitun. stock, promissory notes, bills of ex-
i lian no. hills of lad lug, warrants, obligations
and other negotiable and transferable instruments :
10. To distribute any of the property of the
Company among tlie members in specie :
11. To sell, Improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage dispose of, turn to account, or otherwise dual with the undertaking,
or the whole or any part of the property and
rights of the Company, with power to accept as
the consideration any shares, stocks, or obligations of any .company the objects of which are
restricted as aforesaid or otherwise :
12. To do all such other things as aro incidental or conducive to tho attainment ol the foregoing objects.
Dec. 18.
United Batters of North America
the United Hatters
Of North America.
When you are buv-
������3 a Flflt HAT,
��� her soft or stiff,
JO to it that.the
genuine UNION
Label Is sawed in it.
If a retailer has
loose labels in his
"csscsslon aud otters to put one in a
hat for you, do not
patronize him. He
has not any ng-ntro nave loose labels. Loose
labels in retailstores are counterfeits. Do nol
listen to any explanation as to why tho hat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on tho four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits aru sometimes perforated on three of thu edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them In order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John 11. Stetson
Co. of Philadelphia, I'a., is non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOPPITT, President.
Orange, N.J.
11 Wavorly Place, Room 15, Now York City
80   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
quickly ascertain our opinion free whet Iter an
Invention is probably patentable. Communication!! at rictly coullUcutlal. Handbook on Puteutf
tptcUilnotice, withoutcliarse, Inthe
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.nrccst cir-
cnlntlon of any ddent Ifie Journal, 'n-rms, |3 a
year; four months, fl. Sold by all nQirailealem.
MUNN & Co.8618"-*""- New York
Brad* 00c (H5 If St, Wiublii_l.il, D. C.
Including the Fish Creek camp
and Upper Dnncnii Uiver section, compiled by A. P, Cummins, P. L. 8., and 8
Shannon. II. A., is now on sale at this
olllco.   The ready sale of the map is
�� roving all we have said for It. The
rout Lake division is lithographed In
black, the Lar lean in red, and tlie Ainsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copy of this map aud find any
elaim recorded in tho llireo divisions.
The mountain!!-, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim tu the
district is shown-
Next   to   Vlsltlns   thc   Country   tn
Person  This Map  Takes First Place.
In fact every geographical
feature is so well defined that ono oan
and tlie trend of tho claim locations
gives an Intelligible Idea of the mineral
belts running through tlie camp,
it Is
Tbe   Best   Worth   For   One  Dollar
ever offered Inthe map line of a mining
camp. It iu the first complete map oi
tho district and is selling well. It is just
what you are looking ior. WE ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a oue dollar bill, Ino
cheques, orders, ete.j to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will be supplied at 50 cents each.
Certificate of Improvements.
Gold Hill and Goldsmith Mineral Claims, sit*
uatc ln the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where located���on Poplar Creek about one
mile from tho railway.
Take Notice that I Robert Hodge, acting as
ngent for W. B, Pool, Free .Miner's Certificate
No. fi- 71717, Intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take uoilco that action, undor
section :i", must he eommenced before tho issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated [histith day oi January, A.D. 11)04.
Notice tu Delinquent (Jo-Owners.
To %, Gordon Goldberg or L, Goldberg, or to
any person er persons to whom they may
have transferred their interests in the Little
Robert and Little Robert No.2 mineral claims
situate at the head ofthe north fork of Lardeau creek, aud adjoining the Black Warrior
group on the southeast, In thu Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified that I have expended
two hundred and five dollars and twenty-five
i' nls (fSQAiS-SJi in labor and Improvements ou
the above mentioned mineral claims for the
current year, iu order to hold said mineral
claims under thc provisions of the mineral
Aet. and If within ninety days from the date of
this notice you fail or refuse to contribute vour
proportion of sucli expenditures, together with
all cost of advertising, your interest In said
claims will becomo the property of the subscrl-
*)sr, under section 4 of an Act entitled An Act
to Amend the Mineral Act, 1900.
Dated at Ferguson this 19th day of February.
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There is only ono best mining Journal,
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Mines and Minerals.
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Is a mining paper for mining men. Subscription-price ;-_3{p�� per year. Send for freo samplir
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44........ ��.....���.�����������������-.�����>���.���..
IRON BEDS a Specialty      \
$S and up. t
Goods can   be furnished to any part ol Lardeau on ve
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nels
No Charge for packing ������-**-���-������������������*���<������.
����� 4 ... 44-4*44-4 4-4*4 4*4-4-444-44-444-
Funeral Directors and   _
Embalmers. I
[Graduate of Myer'S College, of Embalming]     ���
��� ���������#���_>��������������������*������><
Can attend case at Ferguson at ten     ���
hour9 notice if advised by wire. *
*-���-��� �� ��������������������������� M 4* ��������������������>�����+ ��� ��������������������>
D. Ji Robertson &
Capital Authorized, $4,000,000
Capital (paid up) - 2,08(1,2(10
Rest 2,650,000
Branches in tho Northwest Territories,
loba, Ontario unci Quobei
T. B. J.ERRITT, President. D. It. WILKIE.
loronto, Ontario-
Provinces of British Columbia!
E. HAY, Assistant Con, Manager.
, Vice-Pres. and C.V.   Man.
MOFFAT, Chief Iu_,. ictor,
Ferguson,   B.   C.   Branch-
Savings Department*
Drafts Sold available in Al! parts of Canad..,
United str.tos and Europe.
Special attention given to collection*, and
Mfiifntt HondH.
A   General   Bunking   Business   Tr::t::::c::
Deposits received und interest allowed.
Are You
A Union
.  Man .
aggmgx.��aas!aifBnttia^^ a
.Munuiiietures only Union goods, und bo-
sides, tliey are t'ie heft on tl,e market,
Tliey are made uf the bast Uavtiuu tobacco,
und their excellence Is undisputed. tnrM.-t,
on getiing
11. A, BROWN     *>     Proprietor
Tijilei'.-t l��iu- Factor)*, REVELSTOKB, B.C.
���'}' rf> sj. *k -'.w
:-��;��}. .;*.***J*C.;*.
���*���" A/- ������/- '.-
-sft ".-
We try to
tion to our
give satisfac-
Laughton Bros.
, .�� .\. .*
r_ji-_}t* *���
Plain Tales From The Hills.
With The Latest War News,
$2.75=F =$2-75
The Lardeau Eagle will give you the latest reliable information on Mining and Lumbering.
The Winnipeg Free Press is one of Western
Canada's greatest family newspapers.
From Vancouver comes a story of a
bear, two cubs, and a cyclist.   Tho latter was coasting down a steep grade
near the city when thb playful cubs,
who occupied the wrpng Bide of the
eoad, became ontanglcd  In the spokes
of the wheel.    Tbe oj'filist embraced
Mother Earth, and tho dismal howls of
the bruised bruins brought the female
parent on the scene.    The cyclist at
thlH juncture was engaged in removing
an encumbrance uf fur and real estato
Irom his mouth, when the old gri.aly,
cautiously   drawing' near  tho  fallen
wheelman,  gave  that  worthy  a  rebounding smack on his thinking apparatus, and  then���with  Its cubs stole
nway into the bush, leaving the cyclist
to his own reflections.   Beforo regaining the city the cyclist had heaps of
time wherein to cogitate on the ways
of wheels and bears, and there is no
doubt he bas strong personal opinions
of each���beirs ln particular.
Mr. Hooley, who is held for fraud in
England, has promoted many companies
which turned out bubbles. During his
examination It transpired that after
being "presented" with $185,000.00 by
a Mr. Paine, the glib Hooley in turn
"presented" Mr. Paine with a handsome lump of quartz. Tho transaction
reminds mo of a good story, once told I
believe, at a meeting of financiers;
"'Pray send specimen of quartz," tbe
chairman of a gold-mining company
i wired to the mines manager, Tho
quartz was exhibited to i!,e share-
i holders, and general lv admired, " Proceed with tbe crushings," wired the
chairman, when tho resolutions had
been adopted. '* Will crush at once,"
was tlio reply of tho manager, " kindly
return the quartz."
I.i,oil. Will, H I'll', -ureal,.
Ii, pays to uso the telephone. A trip
can often he saved to Trout Lako, Ben
. ton, Arrowhead ur Comaplix byuslog
tbo 'phono. Olfloe ln Cummins & Co.'s
D. .1. Robertson, the Nelson furnitno
dealers nre funeral directors and embalmers.
The Canada Drug ���>.* Book Co., Ltd..
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rubber goods und mountain and mining
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* Smokers: If you want tho OENt;-
INE "b'uion" and. "Our Special"
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is stamped In gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke.
Two Bargains.
For price, terms, etc., apply Io .). Edward
Hlra, barrister. Vancouver, or to E.G. Woodward, Ferguson.
r-pHAT comfortable littlo DwolHng House o*
X curded by c. M. Nosbltt-, and two well cultivated lots, nicely feneud, situated in the best
residence part of Ferguson. For .sale cheap.
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riiUE Ent-.lt: Woek. occupied by the Lard-eat*
I Englc newspaper and tlu1 Meihodivi
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I *
1 Local ami General.  .
Trot out your Job Printing
I!. 1J. Hsittey, manager of thc Triune
mine, arrived in lown on Wednesday.
Mr. V. i1'* Lado, loreman nt the
Oyster Criterion was in town on Tues*
Miss Kato l.dwards wont out to
Alberta on the -nd Inst, to spend tlio
E, ti. Woodward spent threo clays at
Wovolstoke lust woek on ",Eft*jle"
ChttB. Hillman has returned to camp
nnd has rented his Ten-Milo hotel for
the season.
The Goldon Lake group, undor the
supervision ol Jack Ready, is showing
good results.
According to rumor, Jack Chism
lately struck a very rich lead of free
gold on 1 !apid Creek.
M, P. Kirby, of Golden, who is about
to locate in this district, paid tho Eagle
a visit on Monday last.
S. Daney and a gang of men are busy
grading Main Street, and a long felt
want is iu courso of operation.
Jack Laughton returned on Saturday
to his home in Revelstoke from Scotland accompanied by his bride.
Graytliorn Smith, tbo young son of
S, K. Smith of Trout, Lako, died at the
New Westminster Orphanage on tho
1st inst.
,1. A. Wctinore is relieving Accountant Baker at tho Imperial Bank,
Revelstoke, Mr. Baker is taking his
Telephone communication has been
somewhat disorganized this weok,
owing to tho spoil of bad weather of
the past few days.
A. P. Rankine is out visiting in the
Okanagan Valley. Mr. Williams ia
managing tho drug store during Mr,
Kankinu's absence.
A rich strike of ore is reported at tbe
Sliakespere gold mine, uear Webb
wood, Algoma, whieh was mado while
sinking a shaft.
Thos. Taylor paid a visit to the
Lardeau this weok. He thinks this
Is .our growing time by the evidences of
prosperity all about.
$80,000 is thc estimated damage by
lire to the mine buildings of the West-
arn Fuel Company of Nanaimo, B.C.,
on Sunday May 28th.
Tho businoss men ot Greenwood have
agreed to put the clock back one hour,
Kootenay Landing timo will be substituted for Vancouver time.
A. K. ICincaid left on Monday last to
attend tho I.O.O.F. Grand Lodge
gathering at Rossland, as representative of Selkirk Lodge, Rovelstoke.
Fred. Little, a brother of Mr. Chas.
Little of tbe Ferguson meat market,
has arrived from tho Territories to
spend the summer in Ferguson. Ho
hopes the change will benefit his
His worship Mayor Brown, of Revelstoke, together with tho other members
of tho Dominion Day committeo, ure
working hard for to secure a good programme of sports and games for tho 1st
July celebration.
 Made in
James Hayward.
S. M. Ahlgreen bus been staying Rt
Nelson for a few days.
The Great Nor thorn Mines bave
shipped another lai'ge gold brick to
the U.S. mint at Helena, Mont,, thia
The English Derby wus run atKnsom
last weok, L, do Rothschild's St. Araant
Beourod the blue riband of tho turf.
Pretty Polly woo tho Oaks.
Store Slinger spout tho past woek at
Revolstoko. lie is preparing to make
extensive Improvements to his hotel,
the iialmoral, Including a nuw front to
tlio building. Ho will open thc popular
hostelry on July 1st.
A strike of importance was made on
tho Oyster Criterion property lant
week. The vein was tapped at a depth
of over 400 feet, and shows a o-foot
lodge of nico mineral freely epoekod
with gold.
W. B. Pool, manager of the Groat
Northern Mines, Ltd., accompanied by
Jno. J, Young, havo been visiting town
this week in tho intorest of thc company. They left on Wednesday morning for Poplar, and after a short stay
thero they aro heading for Nelson.
Harry E. Macdonnell roturned to
Nelaon last week after an extended
tour through the Lardeau in tho intorest of tho C.P.R. freight department. 'The, Lardeau, generally, he
says, is lively, and the outlook for a
good season's business is promising.
Tho littlo -steamboat thut has been
plying on the waters of Trout Lake
between Trout Lake and Gerrard has
been sold, aud will be transported by
wagon to Beaton. Tho boat will make
regular trips between Beaton and
Arrowhead, and will also he open for
charier for pleasure parties.
J. H. Benson, teller at the Imperial
Bank, Trout Lake, has gone east to
Winnipeg to spend his vacation. When
ho returns wo believe it will be evident
that ho made good use of his time while
at tho Manitoba capita!. Mr. nod
Mrs. Benson will occupy a splendid
little house recently erected in the
Abrahamson annex, Trout Lake.
Nelson is now a distributing point in
tbo full sense of the term. Tho C.P.R.
have granted a concession In her favor
of 25 per cent., a reduction which will
ho gladly hailed in a large aroa. The
wholesale houses uro now in a position
to conduct business to greater advantage to themselves and tho con-
sue mr.
Manager Thompson, of the Union
-lack property on the south fork of the
Lardo reports having struck tho second
lead. Mr Thompson is very much
elated ovor thc showing. Tne reduction works at Five-Mile will bo of
great benefit to the properly, as tho
cost of handling the ore to that point
will be vory light.
J. W. Westfall, of Trout Lake, has
returned from his eastern trip and is
in excellent spirits. His mission to
the money centres ot thc naatcrn states
proved highly satisfactory, and he returns .with the confidence that this
assures. Mr. Wost fall Iloated his mining proposition, and he will have men
on thc property soon as possiblo to
open it up.
Another remiudor.���I'm hore to print
1+4++++++++4-* ��������������-��� ������*-���������-���-���-���-���
* i
j |        CARDS.
. f~\   B- N. WILKIE, j
: v->p��       p, l. s.     ;
The Kootenai
Steam Laundry
Does AU Kinds Of Work In
Way Of
Either Maohlne or Hand Work.
We Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any complaints may,be lodged
with our Agent,
Trout Like.
| Provincial
t Land
j Ferguson and Trout Lake.
J Surveys mado and Crown Grants
4 Ohtaincd.
t Ollico:      -      -      Trout Lake.
B. C.
Surveys of Mines, Minora] Claims a .1
Crown tunas. Otown Grants Obtained anil Assessments Managou
for Absentees.
Olllees:  Camborno and Vancouver
���yyn. e. devereux,
F.   L.   S.,
Olllco,     -     -     -     ��� ' Beaton, B.C
Solicitor for
The Impcriul Bank
Of Canada
And ,.,
The Great Northern Mines,
Barristers, Soliciters, etc.
Offices; Revolstoko, Holden, andVergu-
son. Solicitors lor Imporial Baui
uco, B. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
B. M. Allum.
Mail Order BubIiicib Receiver
I'roini.t Attention.
Novelties and Jewelry in great
:���=���= Note the Ad.Iresi~-~��� -
Headquarters for Assayeri, Mining
J. Mill Supplies. Sole agents in B.
C. for Morgan Crucible Co., llattersea,
England; F. \V. Braun A.Co.'s Patent
Cary Furnaces.Burners,etc.; Wm. Ains-
worth _��� Co.'s Fine- BalaMMytto., etc.
��� 9
3�� ��S**^l*^t^*^4*^U!^ 1&* i��J��J<*k J^:
\ ALEX. CRAWFORD, Propr.         Z
I'A Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
.& Where he keeps light and heavy vehicles, single nnil
H double drivors, saddle and pack horses (or hire.
.�� Also proprietor of the stage route  running between
M the above poiuts, making three trips weekly.
The Best Placo To Put Up At When iu Ferguson ia
���The King's Hotel
Heated by hot air and Lighted by electricity.   Tables are provided with tho best that monoy can buy.
The rooms are well ventilated aud always clean.
Rate by the Day
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Qtieens.Good accommodation
..Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars. .Kire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
uson Packing
Transfer Outfit.
Packing and Fe^
Contracts entered Into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in the district.
Good, prompt sorvice, and any work undortnkon guaranteed satisfactory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney,Prop.
perguson Hotel
Proprietors. **


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