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The lardeau eaqle
VOL. Ijl. NO. 17.
!��2.00 A YEAR.
A Mid
in tlie Eisli Creek Camp
All Hands and the Cook Seeking
for the Yellow Metal
Comaplix, B. C.j June 1.���The sold
oxcitement hore is just as keen as
ever, and a lot of men are out in the
mountains staking: claims In tbe gold
belt, which is now known to strike
across Fish creek, taking in Seven
Mile, Nine Mile, and Menheniok
creeks, going through Sable creek and
thence on to Isaac creek. ^
Seeing the amount of good gold properties on the west side of Fish creek,
It was only a matter of time before It
was found on the east side, and al
though it excited, it did not surprise
anyone whon the strike was reported.
The manner in which the present
strike was made is rather interesting
reading, and I gife it as given to me
by one of the original four. It seems
that on the 11th day of May W. J
Butler, Dan Cameron, Owen Rowland,
and Johnny Deroco were travelling up
Menhenick creek with the view of
staking some extensions on the Sunset
mineral claim, and when a mile and a
half up tho ereok one of them ploked
up a piece of quartz which was studded
all over with gold. The trail here runs
along at the toot of a ridge or hog-
baok, which they found was caused by
a quartz, vein, which being harder
than the adjacent formations, natural
ly stood higher. They proceeded to
prospect the ledge and stake claims,
and succeeded in staking one for each
member of tho party; but as there was
considerable snow on the ground, thoy
agreed to keep, the mutter quiet for
two weeks, whon tho snow being gone
they would bo able to mako a bettor
choice of location. Alas for poor,
weak human nature! One of tho original four, whilo in the hotel at Camborne that night, filled up with liquid
joy and let tho cat out of the bag. He
displayed to the assembled prospectors
and miners chunks of gold quartz
which dazzled their eyes and made
their mouths water. Thoy picked out
all tho information necessary from tlie
joyful one, and then went to their bed
rooms ostensibly to sleep, but In real'
ity getting out of the hotel as quickly
as posalblo and heading for tbe gold
strike Somo were so anxious to got
out without tho others knowing that
thoy lot themselves out of their bed
room windows nnd tlolng the bed
shoots together lot themselves down to
tho ground. Next morning tho cook
prepared breakfast for 15 men only to
find they woro all gono, oven the proprietor,
Whon tlio nows readied Comaplix
and Thomson's Landing, theso towns
promptly emptied themselves of all
their male inhabitants, and now some
of tho locators are beginning to como
in. Thero were recorded forty locations today at the government office at
Tho following are the names of the
pupils in the various classes, arranged
according to inorit:
ClasB III���Ray H.Wilson, 841; Robert
A. Kirkpatrick, 83Dj Louisa M, Batho,
884; Peroy M. Wilson, 83i; Ethel M.
Ualho, 780; Blanche E. Davis, 786.
lst/Roader���Mary L. Wilson, 337.
IT Prlm'nr^Sarry G. W. Batho, 245.
I Primer���Albert Mclntyre, 185.
Tin.' following wero neither absont
nor lalo: Harry 0. W. Batho, Mary
Wilson, Ethel M. Batho, Percy M.
Wilson, Louisa M. Batho, Robert A.
Kirkpatrick, Ray H. Wilson,
The Oft Predicted Boom is Nothing
to Write Home About, but a Great
Change Has Come About During the
Past  Year -- This   Year   May  Yet
Eclipse All Previous Records in the
Matter of Investment, Development
and Ore Shipment���An Account of
the Advancement of   the   District
Within the Past Year.
March of
��                              ii    -... i	
The Grading, Bridge and Track-
Laying Crews are at Work
To those In this district who were
figuring on a "boom" this season before the railway actually reached the
foot of the lake the present comparative inactivity is somewhat of a disappointment. But to the more conserva-'
ttve business men and raining property
owners there is no occasion for becoming discouraged.
Tho Railway Udder Construction
It is quite true that few investors
are wending this way at present, but
how can it be otherwise in tho face of
a backward season a'nd a series of pood
and bad reports concerning railway
The fact that some two hundred men
are now at work on the grading, and
that this number will be increased to
seven hundred before two weeks is reassuring. The advent of the railway
will revolutionize things in general.
Plenty of Scope for Prospectors
There Is still an unlimited area in
this district which will well repay
prospectors, while the course of recent
events goes to prove that probably the
best finds are being walked over daily,
This fact 1b brought forcibly home to
old-timers who were so well acquainted with the ground in the Fish creek
camp where such remarkable free-
milling gold discoveries wero made
during the last week, not to mention
the high assays obtained from a property within the townsite limits of
The Past Year Was a Banner Ono
Never a year passed over tho camp
whon so much development work took
place. In fact we havo made moro
actual progress during the past year
than all previous years combined.
Rcnmrknhly Rich FindH Wero Made
Besides tho thousands of dollars
spent in development work last soason,
thoro wero a few remarkable discoveries inado which In themselves
would eventually make this. camp.
Pome of theso were the Triuno and
adjoining claims, Lucky Jim, Crom-
woll and Metropolitan groups. Not
only wero they discovered, but from
tho Triuno 120 tons of $300 ore wns
shipped, while a (1-ton test shipment of
Cromwell oro woll repaid the ownors
for their trouble.
Lots of New Capital linn Ileen Interested
Then, too, must bo takon into consideration tlio amount of capital which
bocamo Interested In hero last fall,
which to the investor means only an
Initiatory expense, for only this season
Is tho benefit felt, since tho now owners aro now employing men, buying
supplies, hiring puck horses, etc. To
be nddod to this Is tho probability of
two or threo more shipping mino9 for
tho camp this winter, thus employing
mon hereafter tlio year round.
ltenewed   Energy   Amongtt Old-Tlmcrs
And whilo the Eaole is centering
its mind upon tho new companies, new
capital, new discoveries, and Increased
employment of men, the old timers,
the backbono of tlio camp, must not for
one minute bo overlooked.
Progress of tho Silver Cup Mine
The Silver Cup people are now
working a force of 15 mon on purely
development work, and it is development work too, as tho roport of thc
rich now strike at a depth of well nigh
400 ft. inst week indicatos. Whilo not
officially aware of tho fact, the Eaqle
learns that it the railway builds up
hero this fall, tlio Cup has a compressor plant ordered, subject to cancellation, which thoy will thon Install
And evon if this Is not done, tho usual
annual shipments for tlie purpose of
paying going expenses will be made
tbis winter, Last winter 200 torn were
sent out, the gross returns being $196
to the ton. An Important factor in
this shipment was the increase in gold
values, they being almost sufficient to
pay all expenses of handling the ore.
As soon as the snow goes sufficiently to
allow pack horses to reach the Cup,
additional supplies will be packed in
and possibly more men put on.
Ferguson's Le Roi
The marked progress of the Nettle
L. mine since this time last year ean
scarcely be realized by us who are so
near at hand. Not only was the 800
tons of ore which the company shipped
last winter undisoovered a year ago,
but sufficient development and prospecting work has been done to demonstrate beyond a doubt that the Nettio
L. is a mine in every sense of tho
word. Last year at this time 20 men
could scarcely Hud room to work.
Two months from now the company
could employ with easo 200 men. And
every man could bo stoping ore. This
one mine will naturally aid in making
Ferguson a Rossland.
A New North Fork Shipper
On the Metropolitan group, which
was sold to Chas. W. McCrossan of
Minneapolis last fall, a force of mon
are now at work, and arrangements
will be made in a*,fe,w, weeks to continue work the year round, If present
indications aro anything like materialized. Several test shipments from this
ore prove this group to be very high
grado, and this summer a fow tons will
bo shipped to the smelter, so that an
accurate idea of its average value will
be available. Tho new company have
plenty of money to carry out any program which they may undertake.
The Old Oold Camp
As announced in tlie EAGLE'S last
Issue, tho companies operating in the
Old Gold camp aro already making a
movo, though the lateness of tho season Is retarding their progress somewhat. However, a few weeks morn
will see all theso companies -the Old
Gold, Primrose and Guinea Gold���
with forces of men at work, the supplies already being on the ground. A
carload or two of nre will be packed
out on horses down the new Duncan
trail, though it can soarcely be expected at a profit. Tt may, however,
have a stimulating effect with the railway people, and the shareholders will
have a bettor idea of what Is in store
for them whon railway transportation
is prnvidod. Supt. Westfall informs
US tbat about $15,000 was expended in
this camp last season, and probably as
muoh more will bo spent this year.
By die North Fork
On tho Sunset group, owned by the
Golden Link Mining company (also
Americans), a tunnol is new being
driven, and tills season will to somo
extfjut demonstrate the value of the
property. Tho surfaco indications are
very good, and tho mineralized ledcro
matter now being encountered in tho
tunnel is most encouraging.
The Famous Triune
The backward spring, combined
with the unusually inaocessablo location of this property, makes the season
very short for actual work; but tho
owners, tho Ferguson brothers, will bo
equal to the occasion. A cabin was
built last fall and somo of the suppllos
are now on the ground. At any rate
there Is some 20 tons of sacked ore in
tho tunnel, mined by the lessees,
Messrs. Lado brothers, Gunn brothers
and .lames Otto, last season, awaiting
shipment, so that supplies can bo
taken in and oro brought down on
pack horses���rather expensivo, but
the ore will stand for It all. Everything Is in readiness for the time when
the snow dooB migrate to Trout lake,
As many men as can be worked to advantage will bo employed. And the
results will more than justify anything
whieh the Eagle might predict in the
way of an eye-opener to tho outside
world in point of outside returns.
Up tbe South Fork
S. Shannon, B. A., will havo charge
of ivork on the White Warrior group,
particulars of which were given some
weeks ago, and upon his return from
the east, about the 15th Inst,, a force
of men will he engaged. Mr. Shannon
will also expend considereble money
on other properties owned by himself
and  companies whieh  he  represents
The Umpire Group
Thore was probably somo $10,000
spent in development work upon this
group last season, but until Supt. R.
Leckie-Ewing returns from Scotland,
aboutJulylst.no definite knowledge
ofthe company's intention is at hand.
Supplies aro already on the ground,
i and it is more than probable that a few
thousand dollars more will be available for the continuation of tho work
commenced last season.
Mimv Other Properties Will he Worked
Besides tho above mentioned there
will be moro or less work done on the
Maybe by the Double Eagle company,
tho Lucky,Jim, Cromwell, Lono Star,
Rob Roy, Molly Mack, Towser, Froe
Coinage, Union Jack, Little Robert,
Minto, Brow, Idle Hour and others,
while the number of representations
to bo made on the many prospects
staked throughout the district will
reach woll Into the hundreds,
(lovernment Will Expend 811,000
Then, too, it must bo remembered, is
an item nf $14,001), which will be expended this season by the provincial
government on road and trail work,
nearly all of which is represented in
Ferguson will Continue to crow
This will also bo further supplemented by local building and Improving, all of which goes to make up a
town. "Look after tho development
Of the district; the towns will take
caro of themselves," said a prominent,
mining man to the EAGLE last week.
And after all this is very true, especially so of Ferguson. Its citizens being
perfectly aware thai the place where
the mines are Is tho placo where the
towns are. And as an evidence of
good faith we find that over $12,000
worth ol new buildings have been
erected here since last fall, with many
more ou the way, including the enlargement and Improvement of three
stores to an appreciable exlont, tlio
erection of a good sized block by the
Nettle L. and Double Eagle companies
for their offices, and several now dwellings, not to speak of what might occur
If that long-sought-for railway were to
hove in sight.
Porhnps Too Much Wns 'Expected
Taking all these tilings into consideration, the citizens of this district
havo no particular kick coming, Wo
aro making great strides, socially,
commercially and Otherwise,; and if we
woro not looking for the realization of
what wc had expected, rather than of
a reasonable growth, much more in
keeping with local and foreign conditions, tho present progress would bo
more appreciated.
Onr Last Resolve
Tho Lardeau district Is strictly all
right, disappointed boomstors to tho
contrary notwithstanding. The sheriff
may bo on the way, ever timid capital
may bo ahsorbed by tho trusts, tho
Hood may be averted and tho sleighing
bal; but wo havo the minoral and the
peoplo who will tako it out ill due
time. If not we'll die game any way.
We're here to stay,
The Long-Looked-For Railway to
At last Lardeaultes havo railway
news of their own, and we are no
longer dependent upon the Nelson
papers for Lardeau's railway information.
Goo. Hayes, who  left   here  over a
week ago, has  just  returned from a
trip over the  proposed  route, having
visited Lardo, the southern   terminal
point of tho road at tho head of Kootenay lake.   He reports  that  some 200
men,  with   horses,  scrapers, shovels,
picks, wheelbarrows, blasting powder,
etc , are now hard at work some seven |
miles out of Lardo.   Mr. Porter, with
his crew, started on tho bridge   work |
last Monday morning, while engineer
Sullivan will  commence track-laying I
this week;  all ot whioh will increase |
the demand for men.
It is reported that  the  wages are I
only  $2 por day, S days a woek, ami
$5.50 a week for board;  and as a consequence  all  kinds  of  foreign labor I
Tho straw-bosses working on the job I
expect that the steel will be laid tol
the foot of Trout lako by Sept. 1st.I
And from the way things are shaping!
it looks as though construction would!
be continued right through to Arrow-|
head, a course which is entirely neces
sary if thc company intend to comply!
with the conditions of their recent ex-|
W. Goo. Roger and .1. C. Winter o|
Sandon arrived in the metropolis
tho Lardeau on Sunday last. Tho>i
will commence assessment work al
once on the Imperial and Tashmool
claims, up tho north fork, which the*
slaked last sea-on. Just as soon as thtf
Goat creek trail is completed, full
which nn appropriation of $650 is nov|
available, they will also do somo WOl'V
on the Lo Hunter, a promising clain
up Goat creek.
Tho Lardoau Miners' Union, Nol
110, W. F. ol M., will give the lira!
ball under their auspices on WednesT
day next, Juno 12th, In the Minors]
Union hall, Ferguson. The commute!
consists nf J. I). Mclnnls, Kandnlpl
Higginson, Peter Ferguson, Henrf
Neilis and A. .1. Gordon, a sutlleieij
guarantee that the evening's prograiB
will be a merry one. Refroshmentj
will be providod. Two hundrod invitil
tlons are out. aud the affair promise]
to bo a successful one.
Concerning the railway work, Ml
Carlson says that it is not yet opens]
out sufficiently for the employment I
a largo number of men, but be has 11
on tlio pay roll, and inside of the weef
will have at least as many more. Wh|
the work is opened out thero will 1
employment for something like 7|
mon.���Nelsou Tribune.
J. Parisian and A. W. Edgo woro I
town on Friday last securing stipplil
.-ind making ready to re-commenT
work on the Molly Mack, up Gain!
ereok. They loft tlio same cvcnil
with two pack horses. This propeif
is owned by Fred, C. Campbell and
Paul of Regina, Asm, Advertising [(atoa: Display mis., Jl.00 per
COlutnn inch "uifinth. l.i'j-ul hi1h.1i! conta
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notices, Iio-, sixty days, |7.60j thirty days, 15.
\n ada. accepted at less tiim. full rates.
Subscription i'.h'(*>- i By mall or carrier, $9.00
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Address ail communications to
THURSDAY,   JUNE   0,   1901.
When the people voted subsidies
to build railroads, the sum they
gave was counted as capital invested, and they have been paying
an interest on the money they gave!
And they will always have to pay
an interest on it until the public
owns and operates the roads.
Think of people paying an interest
on their donations!
Does mining in B. C. pay?
In a summary ot lhe dividend
paying mines in the Kootenays
the Rossland World concludes :
"Other dividend payers this vear
are the North Star, $39,000, with
another payment of a like sum declared and due June 15, making in
all $195,000 to date ; the St.
Eugene, $210,000 ; Arlington,
$20,000; Bosun, $12,500; Ymir
mines, $96,000, making $144,000
in all; the Centre Star, $105,000;
and the Canadian Gold Fields syndicate, $36,000. During the first
five months ol the current year
$635,500 has been paid out' in
mining dividends from-southeastern
British Columbia."''
��� For the benefit of the Nelson
Miner editor, the Eaole might
mention that in this district, where
there are no Chinamen, we manage
to secure all the help needed. The
only difference is that instead of
there being a dozen Chinese in
town, there is that many fine looking and healthy women, who keep
their money in our own country.
While some of the brokers and
stock manipulators are doing all
they can to injure good mining,
there are certain operators who are
working awaj through the instrumentality of close corporations.
Indeed, it now looks somewhat as
though the all round stock selling
business was not what it used to
be. Some of the transient brokers
are going out of business, and
mot* will eventually do so. Let
them go. Let all those brokers
who will advise clients to buy
stocks they know to be worthless
pull down their signs and get into
other lines of business. There is a
legitimate field for the stock broker,
but when a man sells stock without
regard for his clients interests it is
time he learned some otW calling.
-Northwest Mining News.
While the cost of smelting has
been . reduced, transportation
charges are less, modern machinery
is now in use, and the ore shipments
are much larger than heretofore,
the Le Roi and War Eagle mines
at Rossland are not paying dividends. Under the old (A merican)
management, before the capitalization of the Le Roi'{was raised to
the tune of five 'million, this prop,
erty paid $1,305,000 in dividends,
and the conditions if anything were
less favorable than at present. . The
War Eagle, too, is clouded in mystery. Between stock manipulation
ind extravagant management, and
:fte scarecrow cry of "labor
roubles" these properties have been
nuch reduced in value so far as the
itock exchange goes. Mining
operators who stoop to such tactics
this in order to vindicate their
lersonal spite upon the men who
roduce the wealth and enrich them-
elves by the properties changing
unds are more lo be feared than
'agitators." The country1 would
e well rid of the whole pack of
lem. And to think that that these
ubl.ic ,.fleecers have the 'gall to
lise* a" "blue ruin"   howl,   which
Ijures the whole province, is add-
According to the contention of a
recent editorial note in the Nelson
Tribune an opinion, be it good, bad
or indifferent, is of no value because
of its emanation from a jerk-water
weekly in a one-horse town. It's
not so long ago that the Tribune
was in this class. Were Mr. Houston's opinions of any less value at
that time? The Eagle thinks not.
Just because a good move or idea
is mooted by an unfortunate country editor, who in the shadow of
the sheriff stays by a camp and
sometimes becomes director of the
destinies of a daily paper in a big
city, is no good reason why that
move or idea should be discredited,
more especially by a newspaper like
the Tribune, which has grown
from the hand press up. For
instance, if the present "new"
editor and manager of the Rossland
Miner was running the Trout Lake
Topic or the Chilliwack Progress,
he wouldn't be receiving the solicited bouquets now so predominant in
the Miner. In fact, few would
have a knowledge of his existence.
Mining is business, and the
sooner the people who wish to invest in mining learn it the better,
says the Northwest Mining News.
Could you induce a farmer to de<
posit his savings in a bank whose
officials had no idea of the banking
business? Of course not. And
why should you place your money
in the hands ot men for investment
in mining enterprises when they
know nothing about mining. It is
a thousand chances to one that
money so invested will never be returned. There are now hundreds
of properties in the Northwest
which have been partially developed by persons who cannot tell
galena from zinc, and the reason
that they cannot go ahead is be'
cause they do not know what to
do. There are many properties
having the best indications ot
mines, with mills working at a loss.
When mining companies learn to
give the same attention to the de
velopment work that they do to the
stock there will be less worthless
stock floating around in the hands
ot the public.
A Court of Revision  and Appeal under lhe
"Assessment Art, ISSs," mnl amendments, will
be lield nt tlie Court  House, iteretstoke, on
Thursday, the until ihu-ol June, 1901, at tlio
hour of 11 o'eloek hi Iho forenoon.
\V. .1. DICKEY,
.lodge of the I'otirl of Revision and Appeal.
Revelstoko, .111:10 ht, 1901.
The Duncan River company has ordered Its engineer to make a full
examination of Its property known as
the Minto claims. This will be done
as soon ns possible, and the work of
development will be vigorously taken
In hand. Jacob Schmidt has orders
from Dr. Spencer to assist the engineer and make suitable provision for
the work.
Having purchased everything ln
sight over the border Piarpopt Morgan
ia now looking Into British Columbia
mining matters and h,��' is the latest
purchaser of the Le Roi and allied
properties, according to current gossip,
says the Evening World. He'll buy up
Canada next.
Grefjj ��� Macintosh. ��� In Toronto,
May 21, at the residence of the
bride's sister,: by Rev. Mr. Murray
of Krsklno PrhBbyterian church,
Rev. S. J. Green of Trout Lake City
Methodist cbureh to Miss Juliette
Macintosh of Toronto.
(1.) This is to certify that the "Lardoau
Light and Power Company, Limited," a specially incorporated Company within the mean-
lug of Part IV. of the " Water Clauses Consolidation Aet, 18H7," registered on the third day
of April, 1001, has submitted its undertaking to
thc Lieutenant-Governor in Council for approval, and that the ssid undertaking as shewn
by thc documents and plan filed, has boon
approved, aud that the same is as follows:
To eonstruct a dam across the south Fork of
the Lardeau "River ,West Kootenay District, at
a point nine hundred feet above the junction
of thc North and South Forks of the said river,
to acquire land as a site for a power station
and as a right ot way along the line of thc
intended Hume, to convey the water by means
of the said flume to thc power house, at whieh
place the water is to be used for thc develop,
mentof power. That for the purpose of generating power the Company have obtained a
record of three hundred inches of water from
the said South Fork.
Tho purpose to which tho power is proposed
to be devoted is to construct and maintain a
system of electric lighting, to supply any form
of power, and to furnish electric lighting and
electric power to thc Towns of Ferguson nnd
Trout Lako.
(2.) And this is further to ccrtlfv that the
amount of capital of the company which shall
be actually subscribed for tho purpose of power
works within six months from the date of this
Certificate is hereby fixed at the sum of
(3.) And this Is further to certify that the
time within which the said undertaking and
works shall be commenced is fixed at nine
months from the date of this Certificate, and
tho date when the power works shall be com-
fdoted is Axed at one year nnd six months from
he date hereof.
Clerk, Executive Council.
Dated this 3rd day of May, 1901.
Office: No. 10 First Ave.
;   :   :   p: O. Box 37, ;   :   :
:   :  V. & N. Phone 233  : ;
Established at Rossland,
Promoting of Mining Deals and
Stock Companies a Specialty
We have connections with
mining men and capitalists
in the United States and
Eastern Canada, and can
find the necessary money
to work and develop meritorious silver-lead properties. If you have claims
with fine surface showing,
carrying good values,
please write to us at once
and we will find the right
party to take hold.
Yours respectfully,
Rossland, B.C.
Lot s Block 55
upon which is located the old
bakery shop, is now offered for
sale by the owner for
$500 Cash.
For particulars apply to
15-18 Ferguson, B. C.
When you reach
Trout Lake City
register at the
Abrahamson Bros., Prop'rs
Good accommodation, best service, choice wines, liquors and
cigars, fire proof safe, rates
The Lardeau District
as a profitable field for tlie judicious advertiser is unexcelled In this province. THE
LARDEAU EAGLE Is the only medium
actually covering the distriot. An (id. If: the
EAGLE will reach more people in Ferguson,
Trout Lake City, Thomson's Lauding, Comaplix, Camborno, Arrowhead, Tun Mile, Circle
City and every solitary mine In tho district,
than any other paper published. No othor
district ln Canada offers tmcu Bptendld opportunities for good, widc-Hwubf iidvcrtlsers.
Do you want more business? Then write at
once for our advertising rates und plftOO your
patronapc In the only medium thai actually
covers the flold-THE LAUDKAC BAQLR,
Job Printing
The EAGLE Is the only printing office In
North Kootenay which can furnish tbe
Typographical Union Label upon yonr
printed matter. This alone is a guarantee of
fair wage conditions and best workmanship,
Mall orders filled promptly. Lot the EAOLK
print your printing; always neat, clean and
Map ofthe ,
Lardeau Distriot
This Important map has been the subject of unceasinjr toil for the
past few months by Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P. L. S., and S. Shannon, B. A., and is now in the hands of the lithographers. By June
30th the Eagle will be prepared to fill orders already received,
and any new orders at $1 each postpaid. This map Is the only up-
to-date and complete map of this district ever issued. Don't delay,
but enclose one dollar and send your order ln at once to
The Lardeau Eagle, Ferguson, B.C.
^���^*^^***'k.*^^*^,K*^^***W.^*^^'K ^���^***^^s^^^H*^^*^^.^,^*^s^^^^>��^^^^^*^^^����^,^^^>^*^
I am prepared to fill orders for w
any description or quantity  of r*
Lumber  on the shortest notice.
I am agent foi-, 1	
Sash and Doors
R. Davis, Prop.
Ferguson Saw Mill
 Sawyer Bros.'
 Sash and��Dobr-
and will be pleased to fill orders.
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANOE.  FREE
MILLING   GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern investors.
Parties-having mining property For Sale are requested to send samples
of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
All samples should be sent by express   prepaid
solicited. Address all communication to
P.'O.BoxJOO,     NELSON, B.C.
Hotel Perguspn
The bar is supplied with the best brands 0/
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Rates 83,00 a day and upwards,
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
The King's Hotel
Three  Storeys' High
 ~~, ^-,���e���
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigars in the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
Newly Built     i
Newly Furnished
Victoria Avenue, East,
Ferguson, B. C.
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
Ferguson! 1
The pay roll centre and the place writ re Lardeau's shipping:
mine's a're located, is situatoiorf milesso atheist of Revelstoko.
From Revelstoke to Arrowhead by rail, 2"    """'"   *	
  -  ���.._.., 28miles; from Arrowhead to Thomson's Landing by boat, 13 m lies; Irom the Landing
to FERGUSON, by horse or stage, 10 miles. Come straight to
Ferguson, Investigation courted. U)
Perseverance is a Rood quality in a
promoter when it is supplemented
with sound judgment as to possibilities.
T.A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. R. C. P. & 8.   [Queon's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
The mining districts that excuse
lack of development by the absence of
outside cipltal are not as inviting to
outside capital as tbe districts in
which tho mines themselves are capital. 	
No millionaires, no paupers! Thisjs
the awful condition of New Zealand.
The result was produced by the people
of that country taking matters In their
own hands and enacting legislation in
the interest of the toiler.
The subject of socialism is not one to
bo ignored nor to be sneered out of discussion by the beneficiaries of the oligarchy of wealth. It is receiving the
best thoughts of the best minds of the
most enlightened nations of the'earth.
���Editorial in Seattle Dailv Times.
For the convenience of Lardeaultes
the Eagle bas placed in printed form
a letter to be addressed to creditors,
making a touching appeal for an ex-
_ tension of time, not for the railway,
but in which to pay, a declaration of
honesty, a genuine hai'd-iuok story,
and only requiring signature. They
are selling fast. ,
If you deposit money with bankers
and the bankers loan the money to
trades people, and the trades people
count tbe interest as a part of the ex'
pense ot doing business, and add profit
to cover their expenses, and you buy
goods of the trades people, do you not
pay the Interest on your own money?
If not, who does?
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C,
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
Unit tlie producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the laijel.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
barristers, solicitors, etc.
offices :   revelstoke and golden.
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
BARRISTER, solicitor, etc.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Lardeau Miners' Union Ao.
119, W. F. ofM.
Meets every Saturday evening 'at 8 o'clonk,
In tbe Eagle hall, Ferguson. B. C. Visiting
members cordially invited.
President.       Recording Secretary,
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service -a Eagle hall every
Sunday at 8 p.m   Sunday scboolatt! p.m.
Trout Lake Citv . Services In Forrester's
hall every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at 2:30 p.m,
REV. 8. J. GREEN, PaBtor.
tho United Hatters
of North America.
When you aro bur-
I Ing   a FUR   HAT,
I cither sort or stiff,
1 sou tn  it  Hun   tim
(genuine   UN i on
Label I* wwed lu It.
](   a   retailer   lias
loose labels In his
possession and  offers to put one iu a
hat for you, do not
Jiatronize him. He
oose labels. Loose
labels in retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to' why the hat
has no label. The (ienuine Union Label is
perforated on the four edge* exactly the same
ns a postage stamp. Counterfeits are sometimes perforated on three ol the edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. 1'iiprinclpled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John H. Stetson
(,'o. and Henry H. lloolofs & Co., both of Philadelphia, Pa-, are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N. J.
14 797 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y,
Is the race to become extinct while
our women hunt for work higher than
that which God gave them? It is in-
finitely lower work. What woman's
club or woman's column can match
,s the homo which the wife and mother
makes beautiful and sacred for her
husband and sons? What are a thousand canvases to a live child with its
fair dimpled body and living soul.���
June Ladles' Home Journal.
i'cu hoar It everywhere ���on the
street cars, In stores and saloons���
������' people are talking strike. Learned
professional men and staid merchants,
who a month ago gavo no thought to
the industrial situation, are today earnestly discussing social conditions.
They have discovered that not only
has labor certain inherent rights, but
that it has the intelligence to logically
State them aud the hardihood to make
organized capital recognize them, If
the present strike epidemic has no
other result, it will have been beneficial In thus making the general public
think upon momentous questions
which Is has heretofore Ignored.
We outer the world, and when we
are colicky are fed trust-made soothing
syrup. If we are awful sick perhaps
we get a teaspoonful of brandy made
by the whiskey trust. As we grow we
eat bread made from .flour sold by the
flour trust and beef from the Pat
Burns trust, Our clothes are made of
fabrios manufactured by the woolen
trust. If we learn vice in a Small way
we chew or smoke tobacco handled by
the tobacco trust. We ride on wheels,
over rails held by spikes made by the
steel trust. When we die what Is left
of ua Is placed In a casket furnished by
the coffin trust, and the nails whieh
are driven Into our coffin are supplied
by a trust. From tbo cradle to tbe
grave we pay tribute to the almighty
The Eagle Hall
now ready for parties desiring to secure
���it for public purposes. For prices, etc.,
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the blue label.
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying fair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
See that this Label is on all Clothing you buy.
Price $60.00
Visible Writing From Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, Franoe', Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving entire satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Packing and  Jerguf"riPajkin*?and
~l���- . C-J I ransfet" Outfit.
h reighting
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies, etc, to any
point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, and any  work undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. "-^jf S. Daney, Proprietor.
Reduced  Rates East,
 May 31, June 8	
Pan-American Excur
sions to
June 4, 18, July 2, 16,
 Aug. 6, 20	
Imperial   Limited, June
For time tables, rates and full information apply to local agents,
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
D. P. A., Nolson,      A/l.I'.A., Vancouver.
Wholesale Dealer   in
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
The Heat Goods Only.
Stock Large mud Complete,
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
J. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke Station, B. C.
In the Lardoau
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters   of   Legitimate   Mining
, Take notice that I, tho undersigned co-owner
With you of the Ukary mineral claim, situated
at the headquarters of Lake creek and Haley
creek, ln the Trout Lake Mining Division,of
West Kootenay, ln tho province of British
Columbia, havo "performed and recorded
the assessment work and made the expenditure required to be done and recorded on thc
abovo mineral claim for the year 1800, under
section 24 of the Mineral Act, and the year for
which work was done and expenditure made
having oxplred, I hereby give yon notico pursuant to seetion 4 of tho Mineral Act Amendment Act, to contribute your proportion pf
such expenditure for thu year 191X1 within
ninety dayH from the first publication' Aereqf.
Dated at Ferguson this 11th day of March,
Wr Agent, Kobt. Foran,
The Silver Cup, Triune, Cromwell, Lucky Jim, Nettie L.,
Maybe, Metropolitan, Old
Gold camp, and Great
Northern hill, along with
scores of properties in the
prospect stage, will make
Ferguson the biggest and
best mining town in this
Ferguson is so located at the
base of the Great Northern
hill to the north, the Nettie
L. to the east, and the
Triune-Silver Cup hill to
the south, that it at once
becomes the natural supply and pay roll centre.
The C. P. R. Lardeau branch
is now on the way, and
must soon come after Lardeau's ore. When it
reaches the ore it will
reach Ferguson.
Investigation is courted from
the many who will soon
take up their abode in the
now famous Lardeau district ��� the land of high
grade ores.
A new and complete townsite
map now being prepared
by A. P. Cummins, C. E.,
P. L. S.
No town in the district lias
made such rapid local progress as Ferguson.
Mining men engage their crews
af Ferguson, and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Ferguson receives the pay roll
benefit from all the shipping mines.
The place where the mines are
is the place where the
towns are.,;     >.
Supply Point
for Mines,
Miners and
For prices of Lots, etc., apply to Henry
Ployd, Sole Agent, Revelstoke, B. C. On the Wing
Miners' union ball, Wcdnosday uext,
June 12th.
All kinds of strangers struck town
during tho past threo days.
Tho wagon road to the Nettie L.
mine may be lot by contract.
Miss Lilllo Davis returned from
Ilovplstoko nn Friday evening last.
The Cariboo mine, Camp MoKinnoy,
has paid $4"8,087 in dividends to date.
S. F, W. Gainer is in town and will
reopen his watch repairing shop at
J. V. Armstrong of the Silver Cup
offices, Revelstoke, was in town on
Tho social event of the season���the
miners' union ball next Wednesday
"I like the Eagle���I mean the eagle
on the silver dollar;"���J. J. Foley, Arrowhead.
Sig. Davis and T. Russell, employees
at the Cup, spent Sunday in town, between shifts.
The Arlington mine, Slocan, is about
to distribute $20,000 in profits to the
shareholders, says the Slocan Drill.
* A One lot of fresh chemicals and
photo supplies just opened up at tbe
Canada Drug & Co's, Rovelstoke, B. C.
,Tas. Mesley has purchased lots 20
and 21 in block 30, and after clearing
them will erect a five-roomed residence.
F. Abey of Trout Lake spent a few
hours amid the exhilarating scenes of
the place where the mines are on Sunday last.
A. C. Stewart of Vancouver, has been
appointed inspector of schools for east
and west Kootenay, with residence in
J. Fallis, representing H. G. Parson,
wholesale dealer tn wines, liquors and
cigars, Rovelstoke, was In town on
Owing to the recent freshet in the
creekB throughout the district, a
bridge across Gainer creek has been
swept away.
The s. s. Idler is now making regular daily trips between Trout Lake
City and Selkirk, at the foot of the
lake, a distance of 18 miles.
Rev. S. .T. Green, who returned with
hlo bride from Toronto last week, conducted religious services as usual in
Ferguson last Sabbath afternoon.
Ed. Porry will move into his now
house ut the east end this week.
* Consult A. F. Rankine, druggist,
for drugs, stationery, und sundries.
R. Hamilton, representing Cholditch
& Co., wholesalers, Nelson, is in town.
Don't overlook the date of the
miners' union ball, Wednesday next,
June 12th.
Cummins & Co. aro about to make
extensive improvements to their store
here. .las. Mesley has the work in
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. P.osetiberger'B advt. in this
issuo. No stock to sell; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
Dominion day, which falls on a Monday, will be celebrated in Trout Lake
City this season. A committee has
been appointed to arrange for a good
Considerable activity in assessment
and development work on properties
bordering along Trout lake is reported
by the Topic. Trout Lake City is the
supply point for this promising portion
of the country.
E. G. Wilson, of the firm of T. Gallon
& Co., Nelson, Is in town. The firm
have purchased lots 2 in block 7, and
lot 7 In block 4, and will ereot a store
building on the former lot, just west of
the Windsor hotel.
The Payne mine in the Slocan, formerly operated by Americans, but now
under Canadian control, heads the list
of dividend payers in this province.
Up to date it has paid $1,438,000, and
this year it has paid 3 per cent, on its
issued capital of $2,000,000, or $78,000.
Henry Floyd, general agent for the
Forguson townsite, informs the Eagle
that never before was there so many
lots being quietly bought up. It Is
more than likely that the increasing
demand for residential property will
necessitate the survey of an additional
block or two north of the present plot.
Spring Tonics
are now in order. I have just
received a Itit'jje assortment ot
the best preparations.
Chloride of Lime
The best disinfectant known.
Prevents diseaso and promotes
cleanliness. '        ,���   '
A flue lino of school books,
scribblers, writing tablets, envelopes, etc.
Tooth brushes, tooth powders
and lotions, shaving accessories,
toilet soaps, bath brushes, preparations for chafed hands, etc,
in large variety.
The, purest drugs obtainable and
dispensed with accuracy, night
or day.
A. F. Rankine,
Eagle Building.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
AGENCY ttttt
WANTED.-I.otB on  Victoria Avenue, in
blocks 1,2, n,4,5, f, or 7.    Send price,
terms, and particulars at once,
I can Ret it done Ior yon at from fJO to
?M. It improves your lots anl the town, Hiul
Increase, their Belling value. If you own lots
here tt will pay you to clear them. Drop me a
line, gtying number of lot and block, and I'll
send you estimates.
$-2(\f\ WILL BUY Lota, In Monk 1. Part
KJ\J\J ra.h; balance beforo August 1st.
This lot is on Victoria Avenue, almost cleared,
and ln the business centre of thc town. A
good buy at the price.
(CrtCA WILL BUY Lot 12, in Block 8, a
kP4tj\J corner lot. located on Victoria Ave.
west.   Part cash, balance by August 1st.
The department of mines lias issued
a 32-page pamphlet, descriptive of the
mineral resources of the province, for
distribution at the Glasgow exhibition.
Chas. Short and Jos. and Fred. Dis-
jardlno have purchased lots 17,18 and
19 in block 30, and are now clearins
them off. Thoy will build a small
house later on.
Seven Ferguson lots were sold to
local buyers on Friday last. This
speaks well for the confidence evidenced by men who are in touch with
local conditions.
Sir Thomas Lipton once remarked:
"Trying to do business without advertising Is like winking at a girl in the
dark. You know what you are doing,
but no one olso doos."
Supt. D. G, McNoll of the Silver
Cup mine was in town on Monday.
Tho snow up that way Is going slowly,
but pack horses may be aide to get up
with supplies about July 1st, much
later than usual.
No dividend has been declared on the
five million capitalization ot the Le
Roi since November, 1890, whon $50,-
000 wns paid. The War Eagle has
paid $545,250, the last payment being
made in February, 1900.���Rossland
Evoning World.
Tho new C. P. R. time table, which
goes into effect on Monday noxt, will
bo particularly acceptable to Lardeaultes. It will mean tho mall stage
arriving in Ferguson early in the
afternoon, remaining as usual overnight, and plenty of time to make connections with the night train at
Arrowhead. It will be possible to
loavo Revelstoke at 5:20 o'clock In the
morning, make a brief visit in Ferguson nnd Yeturn the same evening,
reaching Ravolstoko at 9:15 p.m., providing the boat, on the arm changes Its
schedule to make closo connections,
whicli is altogether likely. This will
do nicely until tho railway reaches
bere tUi fall.
yt'lllli WILL III'Y Lot!, In block l.oppo.
u"tJWI sue S. Shannon's assay ntllce on
Vloorta. Avenuo. Hull cssh. balance in sixtv
days. Tills offer only holds good till June 1st.
A snap ior a business location.
Clflfl Wlu' m'Y mmer Lot 1 or 4, in
qJXUU MocksO. INSIDE LOTS in tho same
blook for sale at 176 oaoh. Terms: Udown,^
lu S months, balance in 6 months.
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, etc. Mail Orders
promptly   attended   to.
Imperial Bank
n���     of Canada.
. tl ,725,000.00.
General lianhi it] Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
a. eTphhts,
R. S. Wilson-
<��inn WILT BUY mrnrr Lots 11 or 14 hi
���PiVU block SK. These lots nre 80x10ft.
[NStDE LOTS in name blook for Bale at 173
oaoh. Terms: % casta .-balance In it ami n
months. 10 por cent, off for cash, TnoBe lots
arc admirable residential nronerty, Immlv to
the proposed school, Fltm sintill ereok nea'rbv.
Several residences already erected in adjoining
UMOO wiu' Bt:Y corner Lots ll orU.in
kjuuu 4C. p5 will buy inside lots 8, 9, 10,
12 or in hi thc Bame blook, Usual terms, This
property is locally known as Knob hill a
bench overlooking tho town. Splendid residential property.  Selling readily.
WILL BUY Lot 1, in block Mhuatc
��� -��-.., w on Victoria Avenue, just west of tbe
Windsor hotel. Terms: >i down, balance in
;. and (i months, or 10 per cent, off for cash.
Ol rCfk WILL BI'Y nnonc of Lots M,4,6,
*IMf)U '������ 1 or *,in block H.nltiiHte on Victoria avenue, north side; the only lots on the
intilii street at thoso prices.   Usual terms,
���iL'QAA wnx ,itJY -**"1" 9< ���**- U-and 12, in
���JpQUU block 81. on Walker Avenue, just
back of tbo Windsor hoteli lot 12 befna a corner.  This offer not good nf ter ,1 uno IGtli.
For further particulars apply to
H. Edwards^
Door Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^.Revelstoke
T. Gallon & Co.
Ore Baas
01 Laundry
/^ Corner Vickers Street
1     ^*--and Queen Avenue
Laundry work of every description done
cleanly and promptly.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   h
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Hinting, iisbing
and excursions. Resident physician ami
ntt'Sfl. In telegraphic communication with
nil parts of the world. Two mails arrive nnd
depart every day. Its hatha cure all nervous
and muscular diseases, us waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
bjlthl and waters aro ft sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS: fir- to
118 per week, according to residence In hotel
or villas,
P. O. Box 217, Nelson, B, C.
Rubber Stamps
Having secured the Larilean agency Ior
a Kossland Arm ol rubber stamp manufacturers, wc are now prepared to take
orders Ior anything in this line.
California Wine Co.,
Limited, Nelson, B. C.
Wines and
Agents for Calgary Beer.
Leading Store
We are now preparing for the
season's trade.
In addition to the immense stock
of staple goods which we have on
hand, a carload of assorted Groceries
and a carload of Ogilvie's famous
Hungarian Flour are now this side
of Arrowhead, portions of which
are arriving by every freight team.
We are the miners' complete outfitters���no order too large for us.
And our prices correspond with the
silver market.
Try one of our new Stetson Hats.
Just in���all shapes and colors.
McKinnon &
The Post Office ��tore
Summer Freight now
arriving. Watch for
announcement next
issue of the Eagle.
Greo. B. Batho & Co.
Pioneer Store
Cummins &Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
Ask for our ��� ���
Popular Brands:
Fenton'e Choice
U and I ��� ��� ���
Nation's Pride ���
Canada's Own ���
Moss Rose ��� ���
Silver Spray   ���
Manufactured by tho Consumers1 Tobacco company, Limited,
successors to Wagner-Feu ton Tobacco Co., Leamington, Ont.
STAKKKY & Cn.,Nel*on, 11.0., A(-onta for the Kooteuay*
Sold by QUO. H. BATHO St CO., Ferffiuou, B.C.
C11 mi da
C. B. Hume & Co. f
 Wholesale and Retail  |
General Merchants |
The largest Importers In North Kootenay. f
; Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City, B. C. $
��� v
.S^m^^ii:^"!'?".' ��� ������������������; ������m<m^>^<!>��*$4*$^^M'<fcm��>M't>
Everybody    OUT  Special
s mokes     AND	
The Union
They are all Union made and of the
best Iliivnim Tobacco money can
buy. Try ono and satisfy yourself.
as to their quality.
Co., Revelstoke.
Citizens of the Lardeau District
When you come to Revelstoko to do your shopping, rcmembor that
Bourne Bros.
have tho largest and best assorted  stock  in  North Kootenay.
Compare our prices and see our goods before purchasing elsewhere;
Mail Orders Promptly Pilled
��� J


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