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Lardeau Eagle 1901-03-15

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 VOL. III. NO. 5,
$2.00 A YEAR
lis Proximity to Lardeau's Big
1 Hake it so
News of tlie Mines for tlie Past
Week Host Encouraging
At no time lias Ferguson had such
brilliant prospeote ns at the present,
and tit no time Tias there ever been
such a feelitijrof confidence in tho future ns prevails now. Tlie people of
Ferguson have over been workers for
their own pood, and for the good of the
town as a whole. Tlieir policy has
been to do all in their power for Ferguson and tho Lardeau, with malice
lor no other town in the district, and
this policy lias been a winner. It has
won friends in all the towns throughout tho district. It bus caused people
in other communities to speak favorably of Forguson energy and Ferguson
liberality. It has prevented any bitter
antaj.iuii.-ru on the part of other poople
unless it be with thoiie who might be
narrow and prejudiced in thoir views.
It has, altogether, hud a most boneli
eial effect, and the results are apparent
to even tim most, casual observer.
Last year, v. itli no great corporation
to Invest thoustiuus, with no industry
to swell tlit: total, Ferguson broke her
rdcord i:i the amount of money expended in Improvement And the
present year, if one ra,ay . permitted
to judge by the present ilioations,
Ferguson is going to e>:'.. ionce hoi'
greatest growth.
In fact, a review of the s 'uiion will
convince any ore that tho season of
11)01 is going to bo tlio most prosperous
the district of Lardeau und Trout Lake
has ever , xperlenccd. There will he
more work in tbe mines; there will lie
more development of now properties;
there will bo work on the railroad
since construction bus begun; thore
will ho trains running. And all of this
energy, this Increase of mon, this Investment of money, will contribute to
a greater or lesser degree to the prosperity nnil growth of Ferguson, the
natural, logical and business centre of
these operations.
Ferguson Is a winner.
on Monday morning to commence work
on the Cheyenne group, a short way
up tlie south fork of the Lnrilciiu. Considerable work lias already been done
on those chums, und work will lie con
tlnued Indefinitely .from this date. The
Eagle is Informed that Mr. Davey bus
u miniiigniiin in sight wlio will come
in to examine tlio property with a view
to purchase. Mr. Davey says we can
rest assured that tho railway will be
completed as far ns the foot of tlie lake
this season, and possibly on through to
A rrowhetul, too extension of time being asked in which to complete tht
road notwithstanding. Ho also believes tlie Lardeau has a very bright
season before it. Mining men in Nelson and elsewhere in tlie lower country
aro all turning their attention this
Alex. Bigger, who with A. W. Edge
and II. McPherson aro at work on the
St. Elmo, on Great Northern hill, just
buck of Ferguson, wns in town on Saturday. Mr. Bigger says they are still
drifting and encountering some galena
here und there, but tho indications are
growing belter all the time. Ho returned to the mino on Sunday. The
three of thein will bo down in about a
J. T. Lauthers Will Push Development Work This Season
J. T. Lautheis, of Trout Lake, was
In town on Saturday arranging to
leave for Lapeer, Mich., whero Mrs.
Lauthers Is 111. Mr. Lauthers will return in lhe course of six weeks, and if
possible .Mis. Lumbers will return in
about three months' time. Mr. Lan-
thors will, upon his return, eommeneo
work on tlie Golden gate group up the
north fork, 'i'iiis group Is located on
Pass creeic and consists of live olaims,
the Golden (Jute No. 1 and No. -. iron
Sparr, Lookout Mountain No. 1 und
No. -. Lost season Mr. Lauthers drove
a 70 fl. crosscut tunnel, tupping the
Icdeo al, tlie fit) ft. point. Mere seme
galena and copper ore was encountered, but tlie oro on other properties
on tho same load olsowherc was found
on the hanging wall, nnd it will likely
bo tlio sumo in the cuse of tho Golden
Gate. At this rate Mr. Lnittbors will
not have much more work to do before
tho worth of the property is demonstrated. Like all tho proporty owners
up the north fork, Mr. Lauthers will
secure his supplies here, and have
them packed in as soon as, possible.
Thero are some good properties on this
Hunter and Trapper lend, anil the
Goldnp Gate gives promise of being no
exception to the rule.
Oapt. T. R. Davey, who hns just returned from u prolonged visit to Nelson.
and Frank Treanor, of Fergusou, left
Values Continue to Inoreaso With
Depth, and There is Lots
of Ore in Sight
An EAGLE representative took a run
ill) to the Nettie L. ou Sunday last, and
found nil hard at work as usual. There
is over 600 sacks of high grade ore in
the ore house at tile mine, iu fact tiie
output exceeds the capacity of tbe
present rawhide force. In all three
levels, driven from the southeast
winze, tlie body of 'ore is increasing in
width, and in tho lowest one some exceedingly rich grey copper ore has
been found. Some thirty men are now
working in tlio mine. Thero is over
300 tons of ore at deepwater landing
awaiting transportation to tlie Trail
smeltor. and if Craig & Hillman can
gut tlio present output down this
month, another 300 tons will bo added
to this nmotiut. As lhe iii-iu is likely
to be broken up at tiny time now, regular shipments inny he expected soon.
Manager Pool will return to Ferguson
to supervise the construction of their
oiliees here next, month. An extensive
program of development is being arranged for the coining summer, and it
is moro than likely that machinery
will be installed. Tlie Nettio L. will
do its share at supplying tho railway
with tonnage.
A Fow Timely Hints to Men Seeking Legitimate Investment
.Mining is a legitimate business, and
properly conducted it pays rich dividends. It also affords dishonest men a
grand opportunity to rob tiioso who
are always eager to'hite at, a bright
hook, without knowing whether tlie
bait is gilt or gold. During tlio Ross-
luud boom many wilil-etit, companies
became alive, nnd Hooded the east with
fancy stock eertiliiati's. Thousands
wlio could not tell ti winze from a hole
In the roof boughtu few yards of paper
with the expeeliitlnn of milking easy
money out of tlieir neighbors, or by
dividends whoa the mine turned out
its millions. Most of these people had
never lonrned that gamblers prey
upon the cupidity of the human race
and win thoir money by dexterity.
Tlieir desire for gold iod them to part
with their wealth, and tho sharks
grew fat. Neither of these classes are
a hetiefit to auy mining eamp. One is
a thief and tho other a fool. One produces nothing out of the ground and
the othor condemns al] mining ventures becauso of the bite that smarts.
Mismanagement often ruins minos,
as well as stock jobbing thieves. Now
abd again we hear of properties clos-
lug do,vn because thoy cannot pay
their debts, and many a good property
gets a black name in this way. There
is no eceasion for anything but legitimate mining in Kootenay. We have
billions of wealtlrawaiting the light of
day for those who bave the money and
energy to dig for it.
Tlie Lardeau Branch Will Soon Be
Hcadinff This Way
The Big Six Has Awakened Premier
Laurier Most Suddenly
The work upon the Lardo wharf and
slip is progressing favorably. D. McArthur, who had the contract for pile
driving, has about completed the work,
and the caps, ties and rails will be put
into placo at once. The lirst shipment
of timbers nnd rails has been made
from Nelson. The work is being pushed
rapidly so as to complete the lower
part of the structure during low water.
The transfer slip will bo similar to
that which has just been constructed
at Procter.
The above naturally leads to tho
conclusion that the C. P. U. will go
right ahead with construction. There
seems to bo no doubt in tho world but
tbat. the road will reach the foot of the
lako this season. Under present conditions we must be thankful for small
favors, and pat ourselves upon the
back-that the mighty trusts permit us
to breathe the fresh mountain air.
A Victoria despatch In tho Nplson
Tribune says: The scheme to sell one
million acres of landau.1 use the proceeds in building railways and public
works is receiving attention, and the
government may substitute it for the
scheme of subsidizing ktiilways out of
au empty treasury.
Bt op gorge, and having lost his balance went over headlong, falling some
40 feet. When Mr, Peterson found him
in   iiis  perilous  position, Mi'. Murray
was unconscious und badly bi uli and
cut aboul thc le ad, iii- rlghl i 'ml i rid
arm alao being badly lacerated, Mi'.
Peterson dually landed him at tho
Adams Bros, ranch, where the wounds
woro temporarily dressed. Mr. Murray
came to Ferguson the next day to have
Dr. "Wilson attend to his injurle
Happily they were of such a nature
that Mr. Murray felt safe hi returning
to thu trap line yesterday. The desperate chances that some of these
trappers take leads one to wonder how
it is thore are not moro serious accidents happening much oftener,
Both these men own BOme good properties in tho camp aud chouse trapping during the winter months as a
means of raising funds to work upon
their holdings in tho summer season.
If ever thero wasa class of men which
should be rewarded for their labor, it
is the pioneer who works 365 days a
year amid all tlie difficulties to be encountered in a mountainous mining
camp. The coming suasun promises to
reward quite a few of them for their
bull-dog tenacity and unceasing toil.
And woll they deserve it.
A   special    despatch   from t
i  Ottawa snys :     The   govern- I
I  ment   will,   in    view   of  the  1
J  threats  ol  American  control,   J
take steps to operate the C. P.
R.  and Grand Trunk   under
direct  government  ownership
or control. t
I !
-* *������>���-���-���������-��� ���������������* ��������������-��������������>������'��������>
Railroad Construction Startod and
the Camp Opening Up
Tho pile driver landed at Lardo, at
tho head of Kootenay lake, last week,
to commence work ou tho dock. Tho
piles aro being cut al Putnam's ranch
up the grado a short distance from the
Peto McVeigh, of Poupure & Mc
Voigh, has landed six teams and a
string of single horses with an outfit of
scrapers. Tho Ralph hotel has been
turned into a construction camp aud
preparations are under way to commence work Immediately.
Carlson has 20 men working on a tic
contract at HowBer lake. Murphy, the
rancher at Lardo, Is completing a contract ho had last year with tho C. P.
K. for several thousand ties. Alroady
contracts have been let for sufficient
ties to carry the road to Selkirk, at tho
foot of Trout lake.
Thirty men are employed at tlie
Lardo lime quarry getting out Mux for
the Trail smelter.
Organizer Wilks to be Here First
Week In April
Tiie Eaglo is in receipt, of a letter
from James Wilks, provincial organizer of tho A. P. M., Nelson, B. C,
slating that he will pay the Lardeau
an ollieial visit the first week in April,
the exact date to be named later. Mr,
Wilks will organize a miners' union at
Fergusou. The miners are apparently
ready for such a movement, many of
them being already memb \^ at other
B. ('. points, and the new union promises to become a most Influential
organization. The Lardeau scalo is
among the highest In the province,
93.50 a day of eight hours foi- miners,
and $3 foi- muckers ami ore sorters.
The organization of a miners' union is
not for tin' purpose of antagonizing
mil!'; owners, but simply for protective
purposes, and possibly to place themselves in a better condition for united
political action.
Joe Murray Falls Headlong Over a
40-ft. Preoipioe
What might have been a fatal accid-
3nt occurred tip Staubert creek on
Thursday last. Messrs. Olo Peterson
and Joe Murray have a lineof traps up
that way, and while returning on that
day Mr. Murray, with a heavy pack
on bis back, came abruptly upon a
Ex-Governor Chas. If. Mcintosh,
whilo at the Hotel Revelstoke recently, made thin assertion: "While in the
old country recently I found no diffloulty in raising $:*().0U0 for investment
lo mines in tho western States, but I
could not raise a dollar for investment
in British Columbia."
J. C. Prcwry said iu Nolson a feu-
days ago: "Action must betaken to
encourage the mining industry if the
future of thu Kootenays If- to lie worthy
of the mineral resources which the
country undoubtedly pu;sesses. Mining interests in the Kootenays will not
worry me. for we do not propose to go
ahead with tho production of oro as
long as existing conditions prevail."
rati utitiM
Every (nterested Lardeauite Wi
A Definite ODdcrstantling
But While the C. P. R. Prevails We
lust Humbly Bow
Three things to love���courage, gentleness and affection.
Threo things tu light for���honor,
country aral home.
Threo tilings to govern -temper,
tongue and conduct.
Threo things to bate-cruelty, arrogance and Ingratitude.
Three things to delight in���frankness, freedom and beauty.
Three things to avoid-���idleness, loquacity and flippant jesting.
Three things to wish for���health,
friends and a cheerful spirit.
Three things to admire���intellectual
power, dignity and gracefulness.
Three things to think about���life,
death and eternity.
Manager "W. B. Pool is up at the
Nottie L. for a few days.
Provincial rovenuo tax will bo increased from $it to $5 in four cities-
Victoria, Vancouver, New Westminster
and Nanaimo.
Correspondence from lv. Thompson1
of Kamloops, dealing with the injustice
of raising the poll tax to $5, and a report of the opening bail, is held over
until next issue.
The Eac:le, along with every citizen
of Ferguson and vicinity, can heartily
co-operate with and endorse the action
of tho Trout Lake trades eominiUce
and the Topic in their efforts to extract a definite answer from the C. P.
R. as to their immediate intentions
with regard to railway construction at
the lower end of ihe proposud line, before allowing, without a vigorous kick,
an extension of time in which to complete construction to Arrowhead.
The only difficulty tho EAGLE see*, is
that. If the extension is not granted
and the C. P. It. choose tu quit work,
wlb\the government come to our rescue by building a lino itself? It is
quite true that wo have two reliable
firms prepared tu put in an electric
tramway from the mines to deepwater
landing, if assured that no railway will
be built, but the present uncertainty
places us all in somewhatof adilemma.
Thos. Taylor, our present member,
was elected upon a platform containing
a "government ownership of railways"
plank; but. If reported correctly, has
already east one vote diametrically opposite to this principle. So there is
no telling what attitude he will assume
in the matter.
If tho government simply prevents
private ontcrpiise from building u
railway [it certainly cannot force them
to build), and then does nothing itself,
what is thero left for us to do'f And tu
not grant the extension might mean a
shut-oil' on tho part of tho monster C.
P. It., which holds us in Its grasp as
an octopus. '
The only thing thc government can
do is to say to the C. P. R.: "Here, if
you do not build this or that railway
we will.'' Ami this evolves tho great
question, which will never grow smaller, of the, government assuming entire
control of all Canadian railways. The
provincial government can, if it will,
urge the Dominion authorities to take
tho matter up. This railway question
must be settled and at an early date.
It will soon bo that either the government will own the railways, or the
railways will own tlie people. There
is only one choice, anil let that be
made without delay.
But in the meantime the Lardeau
wants a railway, and we must know
what the C. P. It purpose doing with
us. Thon we can. if nooesflary, make
other arrangements.
Mining In the Slocan is certainly In
Its infancy. If it were nut so all these
little trials that, annually allllct the
district, would be thrown off with
scarcely a passing notice. But, being
young and untried, every adverse wind
that hits the camp seems to tako the
breath out of things. At tho lirst sign
of trouble (9G per cent, of which never
comes) capital is so timid It withdraws
to await better times. Not so with thc
sturdy prospector. Every adversity it-
met with a deeper determination to
"bit it harder," and with every stroke
the hole goes deeper. The prospector
is not only tho father of the camp, but
he is also the developer of H.���Ledge.
The concert in Trout Lake announced for to-morrow evoning in last issue
has been postponed until next Monday
evening the 18th inst. A good program is being arranged. Tho proceed*;
arc in aid of the parsonage fund. Quite
a number from Ferguson will go down. Lardeau Eagle.
Published every Friday morning at tlif offloo
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kind*- of printing at bonost prices.
flF*No oboquos accepted.
Address nil eDmiiiuuteations to Ibe
in the west, but may also be The Topic need have no fear of
accounted for by the comparative the mighty trust; the trust is all
scarcity of young women and the right for those who are in on it.
greater deference shown them on And as soon as the trusts consolt-
tliat account. The wages paid to .date the public will simply be forced
girls in the west are, as might he [to acquire that trust ; then all will
expected, much  higher than in  the I be shareholders.     We have to deal
FRIDAY,   MARCH 15,   1001.
That the    Lardeau   district  has
unbounded   mineral   resources
well informed person will deny.
With cheap transportation next
season, when Lardeau's low and
medium grade ores can be treated
pro6tably the possibilities are
The large ore shipments being
made this winter in spite lhe fact
that transportation and treatment
costs S35 to S50 per ton, indicates
the high grade nature of our   ores.
The attention of outside investors
has already been arrested and hundreds are now making arrangements to operate in this district���
in fact some of them are here now,
securing bonds, looking for and
finding ground-floor propositions.
"There is a tide in the affairs of
men,which, taken at tho Hood leads
on lo fortune." It may not be your
lot to make a fortune, hut if ever
there was an opportunity in a mining camp, the Lardeau offers it
to-day. Don't wait until the railway comes; for then the prospector
is not in the same need of money to
hang on.
east. In private houses, in central
British Columbia for instance, $15
to $25 a month is paid, and in
hotels the figures run from $20 to
$30. The remuneration in other
lines is pretty much in proportion.
Let the eastern girls then, come
along. There is room for thousands
of them. Let them come for pleasure, let them come for profit, let
them come for the greater independence to be secured, let them come
for matrimonial reasons. What
ever the object, let them come.
with conditions as they arise, how
ever distasteful, and the trust problem will solve itself, though many
will suffer from its effects in the
meantime. Hut all's well that ends
woll. ,
If the postal deparment had arranged for the Lardeau mail carrier
to come in one day and go out the
next, instead ol as at present, it
would mean much to the convenience of all. The mail which leaves
Arrowhead on Monday morning
arrives here on .Tuesday, and the
following outgoing mail does nol
leave until Friday ; practically one
mail a week. But the summer service will soon be in vogue, and if
there isn't provision made lor a well
paid prompt service the wires will
be kept warm with "collect" telegrams, which will cost the department more than would pay the
extra fees asked by a reliable mail
Ferguson is not only becoming
thc pay roll centre, but as evidenced
by the construction of three additional modern residences and a
few more in contemplation, it is
also to beccne a favorite residential
town. Its unique position, surrounded by the mines and amid the
most beautiful mountain scenery,
entitles it to this distinction. Many
prominent mining will make this
place their home as well as their
place of business. The place where
the mines are is the place where the
towns are.
Lumber I   Lumber!
The Lardeau Saw Mill carries constant!.!/ a large
quantity of Seasoned Lumber, and is now running
nigltt and day to keep ahead of ihe coming rush. Yards
in Ferguson and in Trout Lake. January, 1901.
D. L. Clink,
The Lardeau district is entering
upon a new era, brought about by
wonderful developments, finds and
strikes already made; along with
the fact that the construction of a
railway by the C. P. R. is absolutely certain for early next season, in
fact the company are now building
the wharf at the head of Kootenay
lake, and the contract for 80,000
ties has been let.
No district in Canada to-day
offers better inducements for the
investor than this on:. The mining
industry is no monopoly. The poor
���in: hns even chances,at least more
so than in othor lines. When he
lind:, a "Triune" lie doesn't need to
sell. What other occupation in
iile can a man follow where his
chances with a wealthy competitor
are loss diminished than in prospecting and mining?
Why i- il thai more girls do not
come from the east? This is a
uialter that has puzzled many a
westerner who has at one lime lived
in Ontario or in lhe eastern States.
The conditions with which the
female worker there has to deal
are far from encouraging. The
labor market has long been overstocked with the inevitable result.
Wages are low, in some cases barely sufficient to procure the necessaries of life, poverty and destitution
are far too prevalent, and both male
and female worker have olten to
depend   upon   the manufacturer for
While Mr. Mclnnes' labor bill is
introduced by an opposition member, the EAGLE sees no reason why
it should not receive consideration
at the hands of the government.
The people are supposed lo be their
own law makers and if such is the
case, can not the "disallowance"
feature be overcome by going about
it in the right way. The people in
this province want lo get rid of
Chinese and Japanese, and such
being the case can they not make
���tws to accomplish their object. |,
Laws were made by men and can
be re-made by men. li is not the
people who are at fault ; il is our
legislators. They need a good deal
of fixing before they will learn that
they are public servants and not the
rulers of our destiny.
If you have money to invest now
is the lime to investigate. Come
straight to Ferguson ; you will find
men here who have properties to
sell; in fact Ferguson is the home,
the meeting place for prospectors
and investors. The owners, as a
rule, will be found most reasonable
and always ready to give you information, cheerfully escort you to
their properties, and otherwise
interest you in their interests. We
have the mineral resources and no
money lo develop them. Will you
come in and help us and thus help
yourself ?
Price $60.00
Visible Writing From Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, France, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving entire  satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
American   And
European Plan.
Andy    Cummings,
The Balmoral Hotel will be found
always prepared to accommodate
guests in an up-to-date style. The
bar is stocked with the choicest wines,
liquors and cigars, and our cuisine
service receives special attention and
is unsurpassed in North Kootenay.
The capacity has recently been
increased by an extensive addition
and furnished and refitted throughout.
Postoffice Inspector Dorman was
in Comaplix recently, presumably
in connection with the summer contract of carrying the Lardeau mail.
In lhe interests of the camp the
Eagle hopes that thc department
will not stick for a few paltry dollars in awarding the contract lo
some good reliable person. The
people here have tired of thc present
two-bil service and deem il time for
a change. It is now up to the postal department and unless they
secure a quick and thorough service
for this summer there will he all
kinds of trouble caused. Now is
the time to prevent a poor service,
not after the contract has been
awarded to some cheap-John layout.
From close observation it is quite
evident that lhe Imperial Hank of
Canada is wailing for the Molsons
or some other bank to make a move
before they establish a branch here.
The Imperial bank does nearly all
the Lardeau business at present,
and it would be nothing but fair it
every solitary mining company and
business man would at once transfer their or his account to the first
bank opened here. What a bank
does when forced to by competition
is not to be appreciated.    It is what
Stillanother newspaper converted!
The Canterbury Outcrop (East Kootenay) ol last issue says: The
important subject of the nationalization of railways was brought up
in lhe dominion house by W. F.
McLean, wlio pointed to the growing aggression of railway corporations, and urged the government |
to take sleps to acquire the ownership of lhe Canadian Pacific railway. John Charlton thought Mr.
McLean quite justified in calling the
attention of the house to the matter
of nationalization of railroads, whicli
was now becoming a serious one.
Premier Laurier strongly deprecated
the practice ot precipitating important discussion without proper
notice being given. The time is
near at hand when the government
must own the railways. The people
of the Dominion are beginning to
recognize that state ownership of alt
public in iii tics is nol only necessary
but will prove a great beneficiary to
the treasury department.
the right to live.      In  the west the'they  will  do to serve the  district,
case is entirely  different.     Here  a j;ind their own interests, while there
girl enjoys much greater freedom
than is vouchsafed her in the east.
Her social standing  is much higher
is no opposition. The Eagle predicts that the first bank to open its
door in Ferguson will find the busi-
placcs her on an equality with I neSs men patriotic enough to stay
by it. If neither act, at once, then
another will be found very shortly
which will, It's action we want,
not procrastination,
Ihose who in the east would be
reckoned immeasurably her superior. This is partly due to the
'almost entire absence of snobbery
John Houston is a far seeing individual, one who has profiled by
experience,, and thus readily recognizes the futility of competition in
railways. He, with many other of
Canada's public men, has observed
Ihe changes wrought by the monster
trusts ol the day, and allows that if
ihe people of Canada want pro-
leclion from a cinch game they
must obtain that cinch themselves;
and this being the only ultimate
thing to do, why allow any other
trust to obtain a hold ? Competition in railways has all but ceased
and the sooner Canada comes in out
of the wet the better for all the
people. The situation will never
grow less troublesome, and allowing the Big Six to enter the arena
would only tend to further complicate matters. Let the people of
Canada assume control of the Canadian railways and the Big Six will
at once see that the jig is up. In
these days of modern commercialism
"competition" is the death of trade;
while "co-operation" is proving a
Hotel Ferguson       f
m   The bar is supplied with the best brands of |
"-**ib (Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
W Headquarters for Mining and Commercial f
'7 Men.   Tender feet comforted,
ituif-H .-yi.'Nrn iiuy itiid upwards,
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors. I
^5?H��H��HS*--$ 5}H^^^^^^^}H^i}H=K^-?iv^
,1,    FINELY KltC'li'IMCI) BAR.
P.?1)?. .'.r��.�� A.".': )'. .'(n.u.���
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
;J.    WELL LIGHTED AND HEATED ROOMS.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
WlMilrmil''   I) filler    111
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
Tho l����i*t Gpodl Only.
Stock Liii'iii* and Ooinploto* j]
*  **- FERGUSON    I
Is tlie... ���
Many of the metropolitan dailies
have lately devoted considerable attention to sodaliora,
The place where J^ {
the Mines are/ F #
1 >y
In Natal tlio government owns all
the railroads,
Iri Egypt out of  1,160  miles ot railroad the government owns all but 72.
In Denmark  the  {government owns
1,108 miles und the corporations 400.
T.J, Wilson, M.I)., CM.
1.. a. c. p. ,t s.   [Queen's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Ete.
Ferguson, B. 0.
The state operates 2,000 miles ol
railroad In Belgium and corporations
Carnegie says he iB afraid that ho
will not dlo poor. There is no such
cause for worry on the part of the
In every colony of Australia tho
government owns all or most of the
railroads. In Now South Wa'es it
owns the street car lines as woll.
In India only 3,000 miles out ot
22,401 belong to private companies,
although thoy oporate nearly 12,000
belonging to tho government or native
What a feeling of alter, disgust and
surprise pervados the mind of some
sorehead who has stopped his local
paper, and discovers that tho following
issuo comes out on time.
The services of some pooplo in a par
ticularlinoof business are deservini
of good wages, while others are not
worth two bits a month. The latter
should change their occupation. They
are on tho wrong track.
Purchasers of lots are
hereby notified that all
payments from this date
must be made to the undersigned, whose receipt only is
Final Payments may be
sent to the Imperial Bank
of Canada, Kevelstoke, P.C.,
to be held till delivery of
Henry Floyd,
Sole Agent Ferguson Townsite.
January 5th, moo.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors for imporial Rank of Canada,
Geo. s. MeOartcr. J. A. Harvey.
A. JI. Pinkham.
A rubberneck is a person, mule or
female, whoso life is dedicated to other
people's business. They make no
chargo for services and aro delighted
beyond measure to help attend to
everything except what concerns
If tho eamp was rid of tho gonial
plaim-bolder who has never put in a
single shot, has rock that would run
well���down a hill, and still asks $53,000
or more for his holding, it, would bo
bettor for all concerned. Fortunately
they aro few and far between.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   ,   .
Tlie most complete resort on tho contiuonl
of Norlli America, situated midst M'ciicry
unrivalled for grandeur. itoathii;, iisliiu,
and excursions. Resident physician i:iii
nurse, lu tolographtc communication will
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive am
depart every day. Its baths cure all norvoiii
and muscular diseases Its waters heal all
kidney, liver anil stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sure remedy anions!
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS ; SI j to
SIS per week, CCCOtdlng to residence ill hotel
or villas.
One half of of tho wives of prominent
business men in every vocation in the
west were what somo pooplo are
pleased to term "servant girls" before
they wero married. And thoy generally make the best wives too, if endowed with tlie usual quantity of common
In IS80 42 companies operated 7f).4
percent, of the trunk lino mileage of
Russia; Tn 1890 thoro were only nine
companies operating 40 per cent.,
whilo tho government operated 110 per
cent, or 10,414 milos. Tho Russian
state railroads, formerly run at a loss,
now bring iu a profit, notwithstanding
tho fact that tho govornmont has built
so many linos for military purposes,
without I'ogard to commercial considerations. Prussia has H0,2(!3 miles
of government railroads and 2,408 that
belong to private owners. It is tho
policy of tlio govornmont to acquire
the few remaining linos as rapidly as
If there woro moro young women in
tho interior of this provinco willing to
tako positions in tlio homes of others,
thoro would ho no excuse loft for so- j
called aristocrats hiring Chinese. Still,
in somo cases, cvon a Chinaman is too
good to work for sumo fool women,
who, having married above their previous social plane, arc. sniVerltig from
tho elteets uf a swelled head.
Such a woman should havo to do her
own work. It would probably bring
hor back to hoi' right, sonsos. It, is tbe
poor woman, who Is roaring a largo
family, and knows how to use a girl,
that needs help, nt present almost un
obtainable ia this province.
Showing tho position of the
streams, mountains and passes,
waterways, ovory claim in the
Trout lako mining district, tho
trails and wagon roads, locution
of surveyed railways, and everything whicli will assist an outsider to acquaint himself with
our distriot. The production
of this map bus been taken hold
of by two of tlio best fitted men
for tlio purpose in tho province,
Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P.L.S.,
and S. Shannon, B. A., both having personal and practical.knowledge of the district.
The map is to bo beautifully
lithographed in live colors anil
entirely free from advertising
matter of any kind.
The urgent necessity for such
a complete map, probably 40 x 4u
has long been roll by nil persons
interested in this district; audit
is a pleasure to note that two
such able mon have decided to fill
tho bill. The Price, tho same
to all, has been placed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You   Want ono  or   Moro
Send your address at
once to
The Lardeau Eagle
The writer foels sorry for poor
Andrew Carnegie. It seoms as if fate
conspired to keep that old man wealthy
in tho faco of 'tho fact thut ho wants to
die poor, and feols that if he (Hob rich
ho will loavo tho earth dlsgracod. And
this sorrow is genuine it is real, and
whon we feel that somo timo brother
Carncgio will die and go to the great
unknown and loavo that bundle behind
him without placing it. In tho care of
tho writer, thero is genuine grief that
shows itaolf ln groat gulps of sorrow
that are marked by the Adam's apple
as it moves up and down in cadence
with the gulps. Wo aro ready, nay
anxious, to help brothor Andrew dlo
honorably and In poverty. Any day
tbat le; chooses to send ovor a fow
tons of wealth wo will lay off and tako
care of it. Wo need tho money and
Andrew noeds to be saved from disgrace. Hore Is an opportunity for
mutual helpfulness, We are ready, etc,
Ferguson Packing
and Transfer Outfit.
Contracts ontcrod Into for packing of
Mining Supplies, etc., to any point
in tho district.
Good, prompt service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed,
Freighting from Thomson's Landing
to Fi rguson a specialty.
S. DANEY, Proprietor.
J.M. Scott, B.A���L.LB.
Revelstoke, B. C.
/I.E. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service0 iu BOliool bouse overy
Sunday ut:; p.m    Junday Bohoolat2 p.m.
Trout Lake City . Pervious in Forrester's
ball every Sunday at 7;:so p.m. Sunday
sehool at2:80p.m,
KICV. S. J. GREEN, l'nstor.
The Eagle Hall
now ready for parties desiring to secure
it for public purposes. lTor prices, etc.,
nitod Bate of North Americi
Till* [S THK
���*--���;..-,'r^, J his i'" nil';
���""Vl i*. 0    ;v I'NION LABEL
/'A)>;-;:7-.-v/A,?\      ofthe United Hat-
/^>1^- ''"'������   tors of North Am-
/   / AHr^i-^'-A V''\ erieit,     When   you
jt-jf .Av>-,:'-'v'j y>\ are laying n Kilt
t ��� !;; st-V .... o m it tniii
fV''--. ���   * * -,'  .' /"��� ' tliegi'DuIne I'NION
���' * \       ������'���'       ���' V ���/, / LAHKL is sewed in
\ A - -V '-" * r'.y    /  "���   If" retailor lias
\>*>C'*'' ":. .'v.'^V.f/   loos,' lnbels In his
V*/9/jr-v;rrffV.V\y/      possession and off*
?V<:'<' n JVt-V-'-';/      era toputonoiu a
"frtioirropO *l��t for vou do nol
��<o l c.iw patronize bim.   lie
has not any right to havo fooso labels. Loose
labols in retail stores nre counterfeits, Do not
listou in any explanation aa to why the bat hns
unlabel. TheGenuineUnion Label is perforated on tbe four odgosoxactly thosame as a
postage stamp. Coutorfeits uro Bometlmen
perforated on three of the edges, and sometimes
only on two. ICoop a sharp lookout lor the
counterfeits, Unprincipled manufacturers arc
using them in order to set rid of thoir soob-
tnadehats. The John B, Stetson Co. awl Henry
ll. Roelofs, both of Philadelphia, Ph., are nonunion concerns.
JOHN A. moffitt, President; Orange, N. J.
JOHN PHILLIPS, Secretary,477 Park Ave.,
Brooklyn, N. V.
Smoke Cigars
And at> nil times insist on the
box bearing thk bltje label.
It helps raatiufucturei'a to see the fovco
of paying fair and honest wages.
The Label Committer C. M. I. V.
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarauteo
that tho producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for iis production,
Insist ont having the label.
Bee that Ibis Label is on all clothing you buy.
'i Eatific
First Class Sleepers
On nil trains from KovolBtou and
Kootenay Landing.
pass Dunmoro Junotlon for
St. Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays unci Fridays. Toronto on Mondays
and Wednesdays. Montreal and Boston on Saturdays. Same cars pass Kov-
olstoke one day earlier.
For time tablets nnd lull information oall on
or address nearest loenl ngeut.
.1. MoCUEKUY, Auont Arrowhead,
J. S.  CARTER, T. P. A.,  Nelson.
��. 3 COYLE, Aut. Pass.Alt., Vancouver, 1). C.
Real Estate
in Ferguson
Is probably thc safest investment in the country
as can be readily seen from the actual records
of assessment, certificates of improvements,
development, new strikes in various mining
properties surrounding Ferguson and the fact
that a railway will reach here this year. The
demand for Ferguson Real Estate will be too
brisk by spring to secure the' same values as
now. Choice lots already disposed o( are
changing hands among private owners at
double and more than our prices. And it is
quite reasonable to suppose that thc townsite
prices will be advanced as the demand for lots
increases. In anticipation of what is in store
for the near future, several large buildings are
being erected, a public school building is to be
provided, two banking institutions will establish
branches here, and taken altogether the citizens
are evincing their faith in the town by
something   more   than   talk.
Ferguson is the
The Place Where
the  Mines Are
Ferguson is recognised by all to be thc best
located and laid out townsite in the Lardeanj
district. Its unique position at the br.se and
gateway to the Great Northern, Nettie L. and
Silver Cup hills, entitles it to the well known
local name���the Pay Roll centre. Ferguson is
thc headquarters and Outfitting point for all the
mining men now operating in this district.
Accept a pointer, make enquiries, come in and
see for yourself and you will agree with us
that Ferguson Real Estate is the best thi i |
now offered as a safe investment in this country. The large number of sales among
private owners of lots, the steady upbuilding
of ihe town, and the confidence displayed
by men who arc already on he ground should
be sufficient evidence for the average investor
that like all othar mining camps, the leading
towns are located where the mines are. And
Ferguson will be no exception to the rule.
Henry Floyd,
Sole Agent,
Revelsteke, B. C.
$.<WQQW��Q4^$��W<&M>��$M>QW QWfyHWQQQWQQQWQMtm < On
Sloi ��� . I   incorporating.
n-   BnG   la going down rapidly.
timo Dally Herald is the
i  iiu'iul   vunturu  us u daily
i ..
<������..       :, the insinuation nf u cnm-
i- worka Bystem in Ferguson
, be commenced on May 1st.
R, Davis, tlie local Bttff mill proprietor, has enough ordors on hand and in
sifvht to keep him running at fullest
"Jesus Christ tho truo socialist," was
Ki.v. S.J.Thompson's subject in the
Methodist church at Revelstoke last
Sunday evening.
Pish are plentiful in the streams oi'
the district. H. Brirly of Trout Lako,
caught 24 Ush in a*j hour thc othor
day ou Trout ereek.
dead In :
810..000 i
' not an ei
Vol. !. No. i of thu B. 0. Trade Budget is to hand, making the third now
provincial publication which has
reached bere this week.
The Revelstoke Herald is urging tho
city council in buy and operate their
water and light system, at present
ivned bv a private company.
* By all moans send to Field &
Bows, druggists und stationers.. Revel-
stoke,  for  anything you want in thoir
* If you have a lob in Ferguson you
desire to sell, write, giving full particulars, to this office, A buyer guar
antecd, if tho locution is suitable.
* For office supplies of ovory description at lowost prices send to tho
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke, B, C. Mail orders promptly
* When you roach Trout Lako City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson 1 IroB'i proprietors. Hood
accomodation ; host service ; choice
wines, liquors and oigarBj fireproof
safe; rates reasonable.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Miss Shepard,
ftovrlstoko, will In' in
PorBUsoti the noeond
wool   iii April willi   ii
lllll   lilld  Uf   	
Trimmed and Vnt rimmed Goods,
Fancy Combs, litis, etc.
i Lightbali was recently fotiud
Washington hotel holding a
in'ui.e in his hand.   Ho was
Lt. ti*.���Ledge.
Ed, V.
nd pub!
Chambers, the new editor
sher nf tbo Golden Era, ia
wonderful revolution in tbe
���i'  ul    that old established
Day after tomorrow is St,. Patrick's
day. If St. f atrlck wero in the Lardeau b.: would find considerable dilli-
oulty in removing tlie snake? from the
whiskey censumed hero.
The thanks of the  Herald  arc due
R. Tapping', who laid a dozen fine fresh
eggs on tbe editor's table yesterday.���
itoko  Herald.    Ferguson  liens
:'. ���   (i look to thoir laurels,
. " le, witb a force of men,
< v i i*ed erecting a handsome
lie ��� in Knob hill. It will bo
and plastered and fitted up with
n appliances. Dan, Dnnliar Is
will bi
Tho twenty-ninth annual report of
.li. pul lie schools of thy province of
British Columbia. W-I90O, by the
lupei ' end tof' tlujatlii i, is to hand,
and iirrb ���: good coal ,�� u* f-->t ln-
:'.:". .-. ;��� :i     thos i Interested,
Thene ;rt'.ei'ownod.byMe*iheniol!
Bros, oi Cm i n tie, tor traffic on Trout
lake, arrived at the lake on. Sunday
last. [i win be a speedy cmft, about
IS miles an hour being its estimated
rate. 1 i .'"l feel long and bus an 8 ft.
i Walker* K.O. of London,
as been speeding the past
vr, hi connection with the
lv Mining fo Development
ulght for China and Japan,
i   that   way,���-Revelstoko
If You
a lot in Ferguson
you wish to sell,
send particulars to
the Eagle office.
Sale guaranteed, if
the location and
price   is  right.
All Work
(iuuviintocU <
Doub ������
I V'.. le
t!'"i i
.S. Daney has the lumber on the
ground for"hls new resilience and J. A.
II ray is already putting up the frame
woil;. It will lie one of lhe finest
residences in town. Fotir men are ogn-
ployod. D. L. Clink furnished the
The !'',.v:r>K lias positive assurance
tim; a Nelson wholesale liquor firm
will establish n branoh in Ferguson
noxi month. Tbe manager will be
here in a few days to arrange for a
building, 'ir le may bu,)' a lot and build
it ,wnri hn;i ". etc. As wo have men-
tinned before, Ferguson Is tho wholesale centre, the dlstril lilting point, the
placo ��l rr" the mine;, are.
The Northwest Mining News, published at .Spokane, ist, ho latest addition
to our exchange list, ft notes tlie important position tho Lardoau will
occupy in the mining arena from now
on. Several Spokai io men are interested in this camp, a number of which
visit hore overy sumi net". Tho chances
aro tbat somo of thorn will become
residunts hero with, tho afvent of the
The work of enlu rging tho Trail and
Northport smelter! j is now in progress,
and tlio increased capacity will relieve
tho situation, but 3ven then the capacities of the tw t> plants will not he
sufficient, to hand |e tho rapiSly increasing output of tbe mines. Thesituation
is, in short, that more smelters must be
built, and tho i jooner this is done the
better it will b j for the welfare of the
mining industr; / in the interior.
IS. R W. Gainer,!
& Vi'ntelmililicr unci .lewilcr, J'
��     Victoria Avenue, Ferguson, B:C.    I
If you want to
advertise out
a co-owner
tu your i   -iorn: rial .1, ben ; 'Jil to
Lllia o''lc  . in ���;������:'���
I'lpjitti'i, ii lid , ��� ... ; fur 1 ;.. ��� 1 '..I'
dcllnqu��ni to*"' ner hns fallotl (o
i!d lils Rt-.-��"*'ir. 1; worlt.and wo. will
do the rest,Including filing Mt tim
recording (lffloo as booh m iho
ninety days hag expired. We ulll
U'rito the notice and do nl! tho work
I'urrt'i'tly, !-.> tlmt j'tn: nil] have no
further bother,  Address!
'niic laUoeau eagle,
Ferguson, B; 0.
The Lardeau
Has unexcelled facilities
for doing ull kinds of  . .
All orders given careful,
tasty und intelligent at'
Lardeau Eagle Job Department
Victoria Avenue,
Ferguson, B. C.
In the Lardenti
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters    of    Legitimate    Miuing
Take notice that I, tho undersigned co-owner
with ydu of the I'k'irv mineral elaim, Bitnnted
nt thc headquarters ot Uko creek nml lltiloy
creak,In tim Trout Uko Mining Division <ii
Wesl Kootenay, in tlie provinco of British
Columbia, have iKsrfonned nnd roeorded
the asBeaflmont work nnd mada the expenditure required to be done nini recorded mi tho
above minoral claim lor thc year ,wo, under
section -U cf the Mineral Act, und the yenr for
which work.was done and expenditure made
bavins expired, 1 horoby give yon notice put*,
suanl to section 1 of iii,- Mineral Anl Amond-
ineiii Ad, to contribute vour proportion 01'
sni'ii expenditure tor tlio year 1000 within
ninety days front thetlrsl publication horeof.
Dated at Forguson this nth day of Murrh,
A, D. 1001.
Per Agont, itoht. Poran,
Take notice thai Tlio Double Eaglo Mining
mid Development Company!' Imltetl Mablllty,
co owner with you ol tin "May Bee" mineral
claim, situated nn the Nettle I. mountain near
Ferguson, In tho Trout Lake mining division
ol West Kootonay, Uriii.-h Columbia, have
performed him recorded tlie assessment
work nml made iiie expenditure required
to be done nml recorded on the abovo
inontJonod claim for the yearlooo under soo-
tion -JI of tho Mineral Aot and tho year for
whioh work was dono and axpendlturo made
having expired, we hereby give you notico
pursuant to Bectlon four of the Mineral Act
Amendment Aot 1900, to contribute your proportion of such expenditure for Hi'* year lWO,
within OOrtays nf the first publication  hereof.
Dated this 18th day of January, A. D, nwi.
Per A. II. UoldJoh, Beorotary,
Imperial Bank
*asaa��~-of Canada.
CAPITAL $?.,M)O,O00.O0.
REST - - - ��1,725,000.00.
General banking UusinesslPrflHsactct!
[uterest allowed ou deposits in Savings
Departmenl at ourrentral.es.
A. R. bThEARN,
Deer l-kids, Bii'df, Etc.
Mmuited. Fins Cleiioed
ami repaired.
Third Street  ^rJ&JLRevelstoke
R. S. Wilson���
and iiKN'T.-i' l'nixisiiEii.
We always lead
with lowest
Twenty cases of
bpring Goods
just arrived.
It is with
pleasure wc
answer questions and furnish, quotations.
Mail or
Carrier Orders
receive special,
prompt and
Our constant
aim is to give
onr customers
better value
than can be
got anywhere
Before Going Up
the Hill
to work on your properties, drop in nnd
see us about your supplies, etc:. Miners
outfitted complete.
Pioneer Store
Cummins & Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
"Our Special"
Rcvclstohfc Cigar Mfg. Co,
��<H>**�� *>**<M**<J>0**��*��s>*^>*<
m   Druggists
11   Chemists      (>>
'%    Stationers
C. B. Hume & Co.,
'VVliolesale and Retail
Tako niilli'i! lhat wo Mm r.wk'i'HlKiieil eo-
bwnorn with you nf tlio Liitlo llooort and
Little Kiilmrt So.H, minoral claims sltnnlod al
tlio oxtromo liiinil of tin' norlli fork of Urdoan
orook in tlio Trout Luke nttoing division of
West Kiiotimay In tl.c iirnvlnro of
iiritisii ciiiuiiiLia, have pertormod ami recorded tlioawsfHioiiont ivnrk un-. niaili' Ih,1 ��X|ioiiiI!-
ture required to ht; done und recorded mi tile
abovo mentioned claims fur tlio your ltmo,
nilili:rsi:i'ti(iu'j4 of Hie .Minora] Ant and tlio
year for whioh work win performed and ex-
pondtture mado liavliiR expired wo do
lioroliy (,'lvfi yon notion pnrMiiuitto sootion4of
tho Minoral Aot Amondmonl Ad 1900, to contribute your proportion of suoh expenditure
fur tim yi'ar herotnboforo montlonod within 00
days of the lirsi pi.tlilleatlon hereof.
Da'jil ut Trout Lake this 28th day of January,
A.il. ltNII.
OEO.T. LUNDY,   .1. (l.KMtk-l'ATKlUK,
co-owners. ,
Carpets, Lincoleum,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Ayent Pianos, Sewing  Machines,   etc.
Mull orders promptly attended to.
R. HOWSON, Furniture Dealer
and Undertaker, REVELSTOKE.
General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
JFShffl*. Revelstoke.
:.ii. t ;c. \,'. i'. BLOtlK. NELSDN, li, ���'.
Cold. SHVM-I.niil and Oonpei1 Mine" milted nt the EXI'llAXtin. I'm
MILLING GOLD nro|iflrtics wauled at ome for Baatern investors,
'parties Iiuv'hik niinim, property For Hale are requested to send samples
of thoir ore to liio BXtiuANQKIoroxhihlflon. .    ���
.ill enmplo, shnulilbo sent hy expross prepaid. Correspondence
Bollcliod.  Address all comuiuulcatlon in
I'. O I!o.i7e0,      NELSON, II, C.
Before buying Hardware for building I'lirposos
drop it 1 iiie for quotations to ... .
IM BROS., iWsie, IC.
More  than  freight saved   by    buying   your
I'SqiilreiDents   'ran   tbe Departmental  Store.
in any quanta
now  ready for  local  builders.     Special  orders
promptly attended to.    Moderate prices.
Agent for  Sawyer  Bros.' Sash  and  Door  Factory.
I^erguson Saw 'Mill        f\
R. Davis, Proprietor.


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