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Lardeau Eagle 1902-08-29

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MKT.-ti. QtiurtrntM-i.
SiLVtB���Har -..,
LRAD..  ��11, I2.��, (M.
Copper. ..Uiic.han.ed at .11.37.
VOI,III. No. 29
Tha Three Biggest Mine* of the
Mu.oh Saving of Time and Expense
W1U Be Effected - A
Wise Move.
The management of the three big
���hipping mines of tho Ferguson camp,
namely th" Nettle Ii, Triune and Silver Cup, have joined   lucres ami aro
having a telephone system instil lied in
Ferguson for the convenience of the
mines.    Thero will bo an Instrument
at the officii of Mm Metropolitan cum-
pany, ono in the Great 'Vctern office,
��ne at the Nettle I.., one itt the Triune,
�� u.e st E'glit Mile mid "n�� at the Silver
Cup, and one of course at the terminal.
This will greatly facilitate  tho hand-
lit.g of business between the olllecs and
mine*;  of   the  companies  interested.
The wire arrived in Ferguson Thursday week   from   Vancouver,  and the
work of install,iir the plant was proceeded  with  *it   (hum.    Tho   wire  is
already -lining to Ten Mile and from
then- to the Teijine and Mr. M**Cro_sen
the manager call stand in his oflice la
Ferguson and talk ui thu people at the
Htlrio.   Connections will be completed
Inn few days with  the Nettle L and
' Silver Cup    The line was put In undor
���-the supervision of .1.  A.  MrCrossen,
manager of the .Metropolitan Co,, who
Is an expert electrician.
Itre.lah Clrambiana.
I fairy Hritlsh Columbians will be
brought to the front In the early autumn.   Thin  Is  a   rich   mining   field
w ich offers boundless possibilities to
the capable and honest financier who
will Invest his money after careful Investigation  of  the   propositions  submitted to him.   An experienced mining
engineer, who s|*ent several months In
British Columbia inspect ing the principal mines, assures me that there It
plenty of senpo for enterprise In thnse
regions.   Whltukor Wright dealt Brli-
lsl> Columbia a heavy blow from wblcb
the province is only slowly recovering.
���London Empire.
Acoirfetat at Mtunbornt.
Jas, Haley, one of the employes of
the Oyster-Criterion mine met with a
most painful accident on VVednosday
last, which almost resulted in the loss
of one of his hands.   He and a companion were felling timber to bo used
in the constructional the'new hoarding house which thu company II building.   While bis mate was chopping,
. Hairy  slipped   and  to save  himself
(rasped at the tree, his hand falling
Into the chopped notch just as tht axe
(ell.   The blade penetrated from the
back lu the paint severing a portion of
the luno of the middle finger.   Vincent
Lade made a record trip to town, and
Dr. Lazier was soon on tbe ground, and
had the wound sewn up and bandaged
beforo much blood was lost ���Miner,
Pro*, rms August picture.
We havo recelvod from the Weekly
Free Press a picture ln colors' of King
Edward Vll��� this being the supplement which they are issuing to their'
readers fur August in connection with
tbeir plan of monthly distribution of
pictures. The picture wblcb Is IU by
101 locoes, is printed In four colors,
and shows His Majesty In the striking
uBlfora*. of ��� field ninbil,
The people of  Rossland  did  some
ve|-y P'*.-�� speaking at the  banquet
tendered to the Hon. Colonel   E. G,
Prior, minister of mines and  acting
premier of British Columbia. Speeches
were made by leading citizens, mino
managers and mine owners.   It was
stated among other things that British
Columbian leading industry, namely;
tbat of mining Is dying on account of
tbe oppressive mining law.   of the
province and the lack of encouragement given by the government to tho
mining industry.   It was figured out by-
one of the speakers tbat one-fifth of
the total prodiici.luii of the minus of the
province is seized by the government
in taxes. This certainly is a very shortsighted pulley for the government of
tbe province to pursue und it is retarding progress over the whole province
aud Is hurting Indirectly other industries as well as mining.   Thn following
is part of what llieKo.eliin.i Miner had,
on the subject: I
"The two per cent mineral tux is'
inlquilious. lt throttles thu development of the Kossland aud other eauips
possessing resource** of a similar nature. Further and permanent prosperity can u.ily Uo attained upon the abolition ul the tax. The Kossland eamp
will tbuu forge ahead ou a scale hitherto without precedent. Facts and figures are lorthcuuiiut; to support these
be   foregoing   deductions    were
placed before Hon. E. 0. Prior, minister uf mines for the province of British Columbia, at a complimentary ban- '
quel tendered the cltv.* distinguished
visitor on Saturday night ut the hotel
Allan.   Rossland's leading mining men
combined lu thu effort to place  the
Honorable the  minister of mines in
possession of thu real lads of the local
si mat ion, and their arguments attach
I with equal force to the situation in
' other camps where great deposits of
comparatively  low   grade ore  exist,
such as tbe Boundary.   In a sense the
function was tbe most remarkable ever
witnessed  in the Golden City.   It Is
probably   wlthuut   parallel  that tbe
principal speakers at a banquet in tbis
city should have cuinblned to Impress a
member of the administration with the
unuesirable features of a certain condition uf affairs, the remedy (or which
lies within the powers of the minister
whom  tbey addressed, and, knowing
the desire of the minister to become
acquainted with real couditlunsand in
view vl tbe overwhelming flood of facts
and figures placed boiore him thus publicly, it ia generally accepted as almost
certain  that Some alleviation of the
grlevious burden may bo looked for at
no lato date.
"Covers being removed, the toast list
was taken up. The opening toast, "His
Gracious Majesty King Edward VII,"
was received with the enthusiasm which
the national toast cover falls to elicit
in tho royal city of Rossland, enhanced
bythe (act that ln Westminster Abbey
across the Atlantic His Mtjustybad
been vested with the crown aud ceptro
that day.
-Following was the toast to the guest
of the evening, and this was honored
with a cordiality that brought a smile
of pleasure to tbe lips of Colonel Prior.
The minister of mines mado a bright
and effective address in response, say
'���Mr. Chairman,   Vlee-Chalrman  and
"In looking at tho Rossland Miner
this morning I noticed a very nice and
kind little article in regard to myself,
and one item staled that as soon as I
camo to Rossland. I should find thu
latch string huuging on the outside.
Well, Mr. Mayor, I havo found that to
be the fact' for at nono of tho plaeos 1
bave visited since I wont into public
life, bus there been kinder treatment
or more general  comradeship shown
mo than I have experienced since land
inginRossls.*:d this time. (Hoar, hear )
I know this town li  framed for its
splendid hunquela (hear, hear,) and  i
know   (hut the accounts of these bat*
quels hate   been telegraphed tn th*
ends of the world.    I sin only glad thai
it is my good fortune to be present at
one of them to-night.
"The paper also said It wanted me to
be frank nod cordial, not diplomatic.
I don't mink that 1 can assume or live
up to the role of a diplomat, but, I
think anybody who knows me. and
those who do not know inn will kindly
look at my physiognomy, will say that
I am preity friink as a rule.
"I came here, not to make any prom
ises that 1 cannot (dim ort, at my.'i.l-
leagues cannot fulfil, but come to t���-
perfectly (rank with you.   If you will
. alio*, ihe to sH\ ro, 1 believe, nut '.lilt
'from *.hat 1 think myself, but what I
have heard from men who are Compel
! tent to judge, that, there is a splendid I
future for this beautiful mountain city
of vouiv; a splendid future.   Nut only
have .lull mountains filled to over Ho* -
Ing   with   precious metals, but I am
proud to say that I see here tn-nlglit
around   this  festive board, men who
have made this tbolr home, and whose
ability, energy, knowledge and determination I am sure will place this city
lu the proud position of being, if not
tbe largest, at least one of the largest
cities in the province of British Columbia.    I say thut from my heart, gentlemen, because I (Irmly believe It.
"Now, goiitleincii, Mils is my H>t
visit lo Kossland since Ji.jlai.n__r the position of minister of mines, a position, I
can assure you, whatever you may
think, I am very proud of. 1 saw noted
in the Victoria "Times', newsosper, a
paper which sees III in oppose me politically, that tne minister nf mines
was coming up to tho Kootenay district, aud that men there had prepared
a pretty hot time for him.
"Now, I am of the opinion, Mr. Mayor, that It Is my duly as a minister of
tho crown, to travel the length and
breadth  of  the province of which I
have partly tu take charge,   I don't
think anyone will  begrudge the few
hundreds of dollars It requires fur a
minister tu travel around the country
and sue what are the needs of thu p.*, ���
pie and thu dlstriuts in which the pei ���
pie live, and I hope, if I am allowed lo
bold the position I now do, or other
public positions, that tins will not be
by many times my last visit to yourj
Golden City.   I can assure you, Mr. |
Mayor and gentlemen, that tho members of the government are most anxious to do what is butt for tbe welfare
of thu province, and I am sure I can
speak specially for my own department.
They are all very anxious tu.see tbe
mining industry put on a proper and
paying basis.   Wo havo to havo reven-1
tie, you will admit that, but the mem-1
bets of tho government wish to seo
that that   revenue is collected In a
manner that will press in the lights*!
and best putiible way tin tke stn wbo
have put tbeir capital in this country.
"There Is no doubt that the mining
industry is the principle Industry; they
may say what tbey like about the fishing Industry and Ihe millions nf cases
of salmon they get, the lumber industry, or any other Industry, but when
you come to compare them with the
raining Industry, it overshadows overy
other industry In the province.   It is
to the success of onr Uritish Cnlttuinlii
nines that wu owe tho ultimate wol-
'are of this beautiful province of ours.
If I am not tedious���(no, no, go on,) I
���rill go on lo say that I have come to
ills banquet for the purpose of titlklin.'
mslness, talking shop as It were, he*
��� ���ause It lies  with you, gentlemen, tonight, to seo that I go away  from this
city, filled up to the brim wlt.n truthful
facta with regard to this industry.
"I havo heard some pessimists say
lhat the mining industry is about dene
aud that (here is no hope for it.   (Nn,
no.)   But when we Snow f lie yield attributable to It ive see that  it   is  lur
from dead. (Hear, hour.)   The production of the uitnerals in  -lie yenr Mill
aniouiuud tn the  very   largo  sum   nl
$_X.0t'6,U00,  quite il respectable sum
I'he.t talk about thu Klondike, but ��i
see Irom tin, lili:** huoks that it only
gave $18,000,000,    Have wn not a rea
Klondike in Bi-ni- , Columbia?   Not..
tlie increase fur Itkll ovor 1000 was tie
e,.pei*uble sum of nearly 34.000.0uo, oi
Ian increase of So pet* cent.     1 dun'i
think anybody cau say that this is n
suiali increase in the mineral output ol
lirit sh Columbia; thutonnaseincrea**
W per cent.   In Itl.!) the value uf tin
output wus (3.220,000; in 1000 it wa
_-J..M,000; in 1001, I am glad lo say,  t
wits (4,1121,000 ffuin this district.   Th'
gold in British Columbia as a whole increased 26 per cent; silver increased 26
per cent; the output of copper increusrd
i""> percent.    Lead, ns you all know,
has been suffering under great disadvantages, and wu did not expect it to
Increase,   The decrease was  25. per
cent, a state of affairs for which I hope
the Dominion government  will  lind ��
radical euro by giving increased pro
I was down today at the Trail smelt
er, and Mr.Aldridge kindly allowed me
lo be shown over that plant. I wa
astonished to lind It was of such magnitude. I was also L-rutllled, as I knot*
you all are, to lind tbe new electric
process for refining lead has turned oui
to be such a success. No doubt large
additions to tills plant will be n*>adu in
tbe near future, and thi* will tenn
very greatly to remedy the depressed
condition of nflairs so far en lead min
Ing is concerned,
I can assure yuu It will givo my colleagues and myself tbe greatest pleasure to endorse any resolutions join
boards of trade muy see lit to forward
tu the Dominion government asking
for the necessary tariff changes as
I regards tills lead question.
I might sav, gentlemen, thai I am
'sureyou agree with me ihst It is s
I matter of great congratulation thut thr
coal strike at Fernie bas been brought
to aa end, because that strike was far
| reaching in Its effects, not oply lo thn |
coal miners and those mines, but to
every mino and smelter in British Columbia.
Tbo government of which I am a
member is not either Libera! or Conservative, but, as you know, has both
Liberals and Conservatives in it. I
tberelore d > nut appeal to you at a Con-
Ore Ie Now Being Peeked Down te
IT TO M wm
Party of Directors Visit their Several Lardeau Mining
A party eoasistin*** of Chas. A.Cooper
of St. Cloud, .Minn., Judge J. M.Miller,
>f Trout, Luke. (,*. E Shepherd, of Min-
loapolfs, Minn., Goo. E. Maxwell, of '
Minneapolis,  Minn.,  and Rev.  H, P.
Heed, of Creiiton,Wls , came down Saturday from  a   visit of   inspection to
'.lie Old (fold and Guinea Gold proper-
tins beyond   Cirele   City,    An   Eiglt'
representative met the party on their*
return and asked  a few questions resecting  the    properties   visited    uot.
their general Impression of the  Lardeau.   Of course .fudge Miller,  lining
manager of th�� t**tmn..'i,r and redding
in tfiu district, sir! vUft-tiig the proper-
t,>< weekly, ia familiar with what is to
ue Seen; Out some of the other gentle
men were not familiar with mining or
villi mountains,   and  the  experience
���*.:n-*d in tliis trip proved  prutltsblc,
from the standpoint of a monied Imer-
is well as representing other stoek-
hol 'ers east.    The trip through the
...tidcaii, where nil  the properties uf
lie Old Gold, Primrose, Guluea Golci
and Maria Marilla companies are local
id also proved highly  interesting anil
is Mr. Cooper, in particular, said, thc
fi* dat s spent, in tne dlstilct opened
their eyes to the richness au I possibilities of the mineral  resource., of thlt*
great country.
All tho above companies aro under
Judge Miller's management, and tbl*
properties of each aru being develored
with good results. Work on some ��<
the ciaims will he discontinued lor thr
winter as soon as tho soow interfere*.
with getting up supplies, but thc
Guinea Gold, al all events, will br
worked continuously throughout thr '
winter. ���
The Guinea Gold will ship consider
abl* ore this full, in fact the parkin*,-
oi tbe ore down has already commenced.
On Thursday, 24th inst., 14 loaded pari
animals brought down 2,000 pounds ot
ore and deposited it ut Ferguson te
awuit further lots before being shipper
to the smeller.
Two tunnels are being driven en th,
above property, the longest cf which It
now in J10 feet and everything look*
Fire a, Raaalsnri.
A big fire occurred in Rossland ot
Monday, loss estimated at 175,009.
When tbe fire started at 3 o'clock p.m.
the wator was turned off in thc city, *
a gang of men were repairing the
nines In a short timo it was tumor)
on again and the lire brigade, assisted
by the brigades from tba big mines
and from Trail, did everything la their
power to keep the lire from spreading.
Tho Trail brigade made the trip br
spcclal train to thu scene ofthe Ore it
30 minutes. The lire started in }'.
Burns' shop and about 25 saloons an*.
aotels were burned and. 20 residences,
including Mr. Rugh's residence to the ,
ourlb tad all tbe buildings le brewerj
1 Ifev
Lardeau Eagle
_.*<>0<*-�� >0COCXOGOC
l-.-SUst-e'l CTiiry
Vrld..** st Fei. ���������">,
The kelson Tribune which ha*
resumed publication has the follow*
ng lo say about itsell: "The Tribune has had a layoff for six
months during which lime it�� own-
E  G   WQQDWARiQi crs  sllVel*   three thousand dollars,
lowhom si! 5or'���ii,����ds��siheul\ be uiaiisd.' That ai.-iount will now he expended
 �� i   : in making-  the Tribune one of the
Suineriution Rnwt:   woo p��r mmim, to best paper* in British Columbia." ���
��o�� ntUrrailB Aiuerieuttl.'ii tur lis month".;
tfsis a yew to (urotgn iwMrettoa.   No pay, ou i ���
"**"' ' I    The corporation   ot  Edinburgh,
J.it, l-rlntlnit:   The'Eaglejnb.lopavtment SCOtlHtld,   gave  a banquet  to  thr
I the keat eqnlpl'oJ iilUe--. mm tin only emtio "u"1"1���1   **. n
/���him nm fiirniaii tlui tywwrsphlosl ��into* c0|onia_ premiers at   the   Balmoral
IM1 in North Koolopayt aVu'anteo in itsell *-u���j...... p.*-.."*
,4 gani work nml . roniptlic.**.
Advertising Rnto��:   DlS|i
L**K*,1 tids. . Ul
  r      rat InscrtioB
���9rita r|,cr liiie ior each addlti.mnl Insert!* as,
hotel.  About MS ladies and gentle*
.lay KrtM., tt.oo per men were present.    The   lord pro-
On   bis.   riyht sal
���iaiila column ilirh per iniinth.     "pi a��>. . t _.-��*.! J.,,1
Sffitspet(noupsrlcll lino for.flraUnwrtloa i_�� *0-.t  presulea.
IVJ.ijI.K notlres lo renin per line well last ie. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Mrs. Steel,wile
tftnoty flay legal notlco*. ����ii;slxtt,*iy��,W.t*i . . . . ���_,,������_, \���,\ uh,iui ��
thirty days, K.   No ,ul��. acroptod nt ten th,*.n j ot  the  lord  provost, ana  annul  *
-lie-*** riitea.   Ne room for quiuilt ada.
Pour weekly Insertions coastltates ant
month's advertising.
Ferguson received a visit Saturday front Hon. Colonel E. U. Prior,
minister ol mines ami ading premier, ol lirilislt Columbia, who is
making a tour of the interior
of the province and calling at
.he principal milling camps. The
. trip was undertaken principally for
the purpose of getting acquainted
With the people and acquiring a
Knowledge of the conditions surrounding the mining industry and
to learn from the men who operate
the mines and the business men
what legislation would best conduce
to lhe interests ol litis, the lending
-industry of the province.
The minister was accompanied
ind introduced in Perguson by
Thos. Taj lor, M U, of Trout
L.ike. Thc two lcgis.la.iors were
shown through the smelter, and over
the town and before leaving,, in a
chat wilh the editor of llic Eagle
the minister said he thought 'he
townsite of Ferguson * a good one
ami lhut the town should for."
ahead by leaps and hounds from
flow on.
On being questioned on matters
(((.ruining to Ihe government of the
province the hon. minister was
quite reticent and unlike Hon. Jo-.
Martin,seemed disinclined to hazard
A torecast or opinion as lo Ihe prolv
able legislation that may he iniro
Juced, or wli.it patching up ol
factions or following* may take
place; or when a general election
may be looked for. In reply to the
la ter question Col. Prior said he
knew of no reason why the govern*
ment should appeal to the people as
everything wis working in harmony
���nd satisfactorily.
H: was asked if any further ep-
propriaiion might be expected lor
p ihlic works in this oistilct this
season, and it waa pointed out to
him that repairs were very needful
on the Ten Mile wagon road, as the
road is in bad condition and a large
amount of ore must be hauled over
this road before winter and n lot of
heavy machinery has to he hauled
up for the Triune and Silver Cup.
The minister replied that it waa too
late tor anything to he hoped lor
- this year. Wo take the liberty ot
thinking differently, however, and
believe if the government did fairly
by this district; gave us our right
propo.tion in respect to the taxes
paid by thc district, the Lardeau
would receive a much greater appropriation for public works.
Col. Prior has had a chance of
learning what is keeping back the
development of the mining industry,
In almost every camp.visited it has
been very pointedly brought to his
. notice that the two per cent, tax is
. on unjust tax, and it hampers the
-struggling mine owners,     lt  now.
ismains to be seen if the honorable'
isiinistcr will act on thc information
_j._aii._d ,|'v his trip and if justice is to
tie meted out in future to the most
important industry of the province,
dozen other noted ladies and genile-
men. Premier Laurier replied in
an able manner lo lhe solicitor-
general's toast "The British Dominions Beyuud the Sea."
Representatives Irom sixteen en
.the leading newspapers of Grunt Britain arrived in Ottawa last week;
They are on a tour through Western Canada, under the auspices ol
llic Dominion government, for tht
purpose of procuring all the infor-
tiiation passible regarding the wealth
vear ago a butcher shop Was count-
���d one of the pressing requirements
it' the town but  the  town was too
-mall   for  one ���  to   be   profitably
on    and   no   one     wished      to
Hazard   a    try.     However     one
was   started   and    is    still     he-
ng   run   wilh   success  but  with
oitle profit, the expense necessan
in   conducting a   shop being   too
great for the volume of trade.    Foi
the past fortnight it has been rumor-
ed aheut town that another shop
was to be  started by local peoplt
and on  Friday   last  F.   McCarty,
manager tor P. Burns & Co., cum.
to Ferguson to make arrangements
lor building a large block including
\ butcher shop, as soon  as lunibei
can be got.   An Eagle reporter saw
Mr. Johnson, butcher lor P  Bums
it Trout Lake, Tuesday and askeo
Dim if it were true that  Bu' ns  was
going lo put in a shop.     Mr. John-
���lOii said, "Yes.  1 have instructions
from Mr. M.Curly  to put  men  ai
���vork clearing   their lots near lb,
Pool building tor a block 60 fee
���quart, that will be erected at oner,
Tne ground floor will contain a good
,ixed butcher shop and  refrigeratoi
on one side and the other side will
ne fitted up for rent aa a store.   The
second floor will be fitted into rooms
lor office purposes or else it will he
ajnd resources of the Canadian West.
About September,,th the party will be j ""'*" "uu ** r"hllc hi<"'
in Revelstoke and if they could be j ~
induced to pay a visit to the mines in j.*,. >...��<^_.��^��.^t-+.t. ...^ _......_.,��.
the  Ferguson  district, they  would
inde-ed open their eyes at the rich-1 J
ness of thia coontry, and it would, \
be an exrelHent means of advertising; j
mir mineral wealth in England. The!
Lnrdeati is lo-day, without doubt, \
the most promising district in British Columbia in regard to mining,
11 is one ol the highest grade camps
ind iis mining claims prove up well
on investigation. There is more attention being given to thitj district
bv monied men .than lo any other; '.
district in B. C.
The butcher business seems to
hold out great inducements at this
nnrttruliir   time in   Ferguson.     A
James V. Reeves,
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite the Postoffice.
REST "���I'tsij.K SERVIt'K.   %
I   Hotel Lardeau    I
"?_. J. Laughton, Proprietor. Z
j| FKRGUSON, B. C. . '       ��.
W NEATLY rimNlSHED,                                                                   CONVENIENTLY VV
^E i%-?SHSH& ����-5jJ-li? -Jfe -litHliHiMt. 5��-f<Hi�� ffi 5jJ W>W!rW '*_>W
���Windsor Hotel
When cumin? Into Fersruson the first hotel to
seo la tho. Windsor.. If one la lurking for the
best accoinnriurtatlnn, I. e. Clean, well tended
rooms, a woll furnished tabic anil chtilcn liquors and cigars, then the Windsor is the best
place to stun* Hearting rooms and parlors
cicely furnished.   Everything quiet.
A Golden
For a safe, profitable investment there
is nothing in the Kootenays to ieijUal lot's
in the town of
And trains are now running
to the foot of Trout lake.
Is being pushed as never
before and the outlook for
the season is most promising.
Buy a few lots before the
rush sets in for they are
bound to be valuable before
D SO��
Is the most promising town in
the Lardeau
Business Lots   Q"1 C/)   and
held at V iOU   upwards.
Residential Lots  JE /)/_.   and
are held at   * O.UU   ..��__.
Write or call on "
General Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, 6. C.
<���>-., '    Tn Stir I***! ��:nnaenr*MI����a at B. O.
AU arrawtf��nt��nts h.ive now been
numpleted fur thu turn* through British
Columbia nf Mr. II. 1* Urn-don, K. 0.,
M. P.. the leader of the l-iBeral-Oon. j
surrative party. He Is uecompanled
by Mr. F. 1). Monk, K. C M P., E. r'.
CUfK, M. P.. U. A. Powell. K. 0., A. j
C. Bell, M P., and other prominent
spenkers from the east, The pariy
will arrive In Vancouver mi Sunday
Septum her 7. nml eoitit over to Victoria
the same day. A big meet I UK will be
buhl in Victoria on Monday evening
Sta-jlu tier 8. ut whlrh Mr. llorduf* ��'lll
for tho Oivt, time he introduced to a
British Columbia audience. He will
speak nt Vtinriiuvor on Tuesday night
and*at New Westminster on Wednesday. After that he trill return as far
as Kevelstoke, whore the Liberal-Con-
servMtive convention will be In sessiun
during tho l.i li and Kith. Nelson and
Hussluuil wljl lie taknn In un the way
east, and iiieelii.*-* will he held In these
centres, This visit is to he made the
nci'11-.lon nf a .-rent Lilier.il-C'unservn-
five revival In British Columbia. Alroady there is a a_il'_lng.ii{ dry hones,
and preparaliiuis are being mado by
the l.ilienil-Coiisei'vai,lve nSsiiclatiiiiis
throughout, thu 'nrovlnce to elect delegates t,i iho Kevelstoke, convention.
Tne convention will he couinnsed ul
on�� delegate foi* every twenty members
in each Ui.<i.iil-C()i'**crvii*'ive assneiu-
tion. A meeting uf the Liberal-Con-
aorvnlivo tts>iie)hlii>ii in Victoria w'll
shortlv huualied. in view of the visit, of
Mr. Itortlen and tn ele,-t delegates to
the cunvotitiuii. A jtroimtient local
Conservative interviewed by theCt.1-
enlst Uuon receipt nf the news ofthe
convention being CHI led, said that the
chii'f Mihjects of diseussinn would undoubtedly be the Introduction uf party
line** ietu local iHilttlcM, tne adequate
l��rof.*etion of provincial industry, par-
tirnlarly lead milling, whose need is
imperative, and Ihu iinnrovament of
relaiici'.x between tlie province and the
Dominion. "I hope," he ��aid, Mr. Bordnn will clearly define his position on
thu application nf the Liberal-Con-
servaiive principles nf protection ami
development, to Western Canada. II
he dues, tlier.* is nu qu***ait**i about thi
result.,I the noxt feeernl election west
at the Ureal [.'He-'."���t'-ulunlst,
Happy Marriage. -*���	
.1. Mesley, a t*ar|ientor o.' this place,
was married at ReveMok** on \V**dn,*��-
dat to Lydia Kendatltitlsunr r'er^usun.
The bride wasattli*.*d iuadove euliired
dress ti'iinnietl with pink silk and luce
and wore the cueiomitry veil snd
orange bluiMiiiir. The happy cotiplo
will receive a hearty welcome In true
mining style on their an-irsl home this
evening, Mr. Mesley i*ni'���nlly purchased Al I'elkey's residence which
has been Utted up and re-furnished fur
the reception uf his bride.
Concluded from pago one.
servai Ive, and certainly nut as a Liber-
el, I am here on a visit to le_.rn sum.
thine; I am here to find uut from yuu
gentlemen who are present here tonight, and whu are perfectly able I'
tench me, what you think Is the best,
thine fur the j-uvenoneiH tn do and
what action tlim should fnke tu put th��
Mining Industry on a firm and payluf
brisis. 1 doitt ktitiw whether a y
lion f any unverninent can do tbat,
ljut there is one thing we can do, WE
CAN THY. 1 ask you tins and all, I
ask you gentlemen tu speak and kinttl*.
five me what information yuu pu.ioii.ly
ean which will be uf service tu inch
order that I may lay the facts uf the
case bef u'e my colleagues and see
whether, wilh the little ability I bsve
1b me, 1 can iniikn out a case for you si
tbat before loin;you will be abletu sh .
"Well. Prior's visit did sutue goon,
anyway." Whatever is dune will have
to be fur the greatest benefit of the
mining industry as a whole,
I thank you stain. Mr, Maynr and
gentlemen, fur ynur great kindness tn
me ill offering me this banquet and lu
giving your time bure tonight 1 cau
assure you all it will make a great im*
presslon on my memory, and I only
hope yuu will have the same good in ���
pressiun of mo that I have of you to
night.   (Ceeers.)
Mrs.R. Foran went to Ten Mile Tues*
day to spend a week "tenting on the
old camp ground." This will be her
tlrst experience uf camping. Mr. Foran is helping with tbe Triune tramway,
Service will bo hold in Eagle hall
every Sunday commencing at _ p. m,
aea alternate Sundays at e p. m.   All
are invited to attend.
8. J. Grkbn, Pastor,
Divine ar.rvlca will be kelii every
Sunday In Eaglo ball at 1 la the afternoon and 8 in the evening alternately.
As invitation tu attend is extended to
everybody. S. A, SOLLY,
-N.'.,ie��< *o l����ll..q'l-nt t*q-(*_*-n<*-*a,
T��� 7,   Unnlfin t,olilb��rg er L. tJoltltitirg, or tu
anv i��rr,.��D or itpraoita to whom thev may
have tiatnlerr,**! ilirlr lnt>*r��*aia In the Link*
Koliert rtiidi.iilie I'.oberl No. _mliit,r��.l claims
-inialertl the h**a*l nl thc north fork of l.*r-
de-iu cre**k. and a Joining* ihu llUck Warrl-ir
_rro���|,,,,, the aoltlneaat, 111  ihe Trout  I_.be
���lining Plvlaliw of Wi!-*t ��ootenaj Ill.trlit.
Vou aia hereby notified that I liave expctiti"!
two hundred nnd Ave dollar* and Ueiit---fl,c
eeina (���an.*,.,') in labor Slid tm,,r>ivcm<>nla nn
the ������hurt* ineiulonel mineral claim*, for ihe
current vear in order to hold a.Id mineral
eUlma under 'he proVtlintia of ilm mineral
Act, anl if within ninoty day. from'he dree
of thi-- notice von fall or refuse to contribute
your praiuirtion.il aueh cxi,endlt���re-. to_ei.ier
aitli   nil  roal ot   Hdverll-liu.    vour inter,*,1
In B'tld elaluia will beco;*"* the i,.oi���>rty n. 'he
Mib-cnta*.. under auction 4 of an Art entitled
An Aet to Amend the Mineral Aet. woo.
Hated at Fercnaon Mils llth day ol July. I*''.
will 3la JOSEl'II ���:. KIRKI'A ritlOK.
Iloor Ufnerala Vlall the King.
On Aug. 17th Bui.lm, Do Wet and
Delary paid a flying visit to the King,
who on Saturday hnd intimated a desire tu sec them. The ueneruls, accompanied by Advocate Ferritin), left London ulraust unnoticed Sunday morn-
Ing. They arrived at Southampton
just before noun, und weru received on
board tbe gunboat Wildfiru by Lord
Huberts and Lord Kitchener, When
they stepped un the deck uf thu Hnyal
yacht at Crewes the King cunio forward and- h,t\uol( hands with each ol
them. The talk was quite informal,
and nn political callers weru die-
cussed. The famuits liners wee* t'.tn
pre.-eiiled tu thu Queen and Princess
Victuriit, who expressed . pleaeui'H nt
receiving them. Tliey lunched with
Lord Kitchener on the Wildlire and
Lord Huberts returned with them to
Londun In the evening. Hrebner.
liutha's secretary, nays the geueruls
were quite delighted wit', their reception and r,mid outspeak too highly oi
its cordiality.
Tbe miners aud business men nf
Ferguson have united to erect a hospital here. This Is an absolute neces-
*tty as there Is nu place In which we
can properly earn fur a sick man who
dont happen to have a home of his own.
There bas been ahuiit$l.S00 subscribed
towards the hiispiml locally nnd the:
Ragle has been requested to receive'
-uhscriptions from outsido points which
.ill Im acknowledged through thu
���olumn-1 of tho hiagle euch week.
I'bere is something like Sl,f>UO mure to
���alan snd <vu hope that those who have
uade money In this camp will reiueni*
ier thuse whu work away from the
���oniloi ts of older communities and senn
.lung a liberal sum to help in the good
vork. The hiispital will he owned und
���iterated hy tbe tnetnlwrii nf Lardeau
.liners' Uuinn.   Address, all subserlp
ions to tiie Ragle,   '       **
Notice tn Dalixinamt Co-Ownei-a.
TnC. J. Smith nail r.W. Mined, le or lo any
peraon or i-eranna to whom tl.cy may have
traie-ferred their Interests In the following
mineral t'lalma, the "Mollie t" and "Costior
K,tv" lornted at Short ereok, annlh ot rasa
,-reelt lu thu Trout Lake minln. dlviainn of
Went kootenay.
Taku iiotiee that we the nndrraluned huve
|*e formed the work and leeorded the aaaesh.
ment on the above named |>ro*>ei tiee for lhe
veara lueu-lstll and tn order lo hold your
lutere-t in aaid claims under Secllon'.I o) lhe
Mineral Alitl Slid If within tkl dnyalil the Sr.t
pitbllratlnn hereof you fail or refuse to con*
tribute-,your portion of audi ex|Mjndltnre
tUKilther with the post ol adverllains* year
iulereat in tlie aaid i-lalma will become tbe
propertv.if the aulwerlUera under ,e< tlen 4 af
the Mineral net of IWO.
Hated at Fersu-aili, U. C. thia 1th day of June
_.,������__,   IHKNKYBANN.
Inner, sisne.1   j���K M0|tETT.
Canadian <\
1?aci-fic Ky.
United H\m ol' Knrlb kwm
" Scenic Routt.
Drags aaa Stationery
Presrrlptloim rarufnlly unit
..Afcuraiely i.'oinimtiiiflt-*...
On July 2nd a silver Rusk between
front Lake nnd Kergusun. Finder will
���onfer a favur by ieavli.gsiime at Eagl-
Tht B.C. ASSAY *CH��Ml-
CAL SUri'LY MQi u*.
Vancouver, b. c.
H��dqu��rlrrn for A***j��r*. Mining
���ft Mill ��iiippllrg. S-.l-s HKeuti hi IT.
(', for MnrRrin * TUclble To., Rftttemet,
Eriglnnd; V. W. Britun A Co.'t Patent
!.:��.) KuniHrt.c, BUnicrn.otc; Wm. Ainsworth AV.o.'nKluc Hftlftiict)*j.��tK..uu*.
All kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
in stock.
We have engaged a
first class mechanic
and are prepared to
take contracts for anything in the building
line.   Workmanship
Any tine cheek lamed at the Croat Wcatern
Vinea, Ltd., or Sliver Cup Mlnea, muat bo vie-
���.ented tar payment at '.he above eiun[,anlea
offices by the man for <vtiom it ia laaued.
D0NA1 11 (I. POKHHS. Manager.
Including tbe Flah Creek ramp
and tipper tMinc n lliver weellnn, rout.
piled hyA. I'. Cmtimlna. P. L. g.,and S
shannon. H. A., la now on eale at thia
tplier l.atao  Hteamera
I I   Leive fort William Kiinday,
Tuesday. Frldity vlaSoo l.iue,
H.  Paul.  Ihllllth,. Ithwagn.
r���url��l -il.ep.r Servlro
Lv. Hnnnnre Jet. dalle for
HI. l'��lll.  K.HJt).  Lc|_. tne��.,
feat, far Toronto and all ea��-
e.n polnta.
Lv.. Revelatoke dally for Seal
,  tie Vancouver oad Coast oil-,
.   ���*������
Through  tltkeia to Euroia.
via. all Atlantic Hum.
I"rai*.ild   tlcketa    Irum   all
point.*, at loae.t ratea.
For full laformatloa apply io local agcots
,1. S. CAlCrat,   E. J. OOYLE,
D. P. A., A. 0. P. A,
Nelson, Vutiotiuvur.
,1. DONOVAN, Agent,'Arrowhead.
D. R. Wilkie, Roneral Munager.
ewod In li
thu t'nlted Ilattera
���of  North  Amerlea,
'       When yon are bur-
'    ��� nit   a  Fl'R    HAT.
Idler roll or atlff.
' let  to  It  Hint  tht
{enuiue    tJ T'   " ""
aibet la aewo
If   a   retaili-r   haa
,. lo,*sc lalails ln h��
f, *        i-oaeeaalou  and  of-
* j ten* lu put oue In a
liat for you, do am
i alroniac bim. Tie
haa not any ritfin .r, tia.e Iookc labeia. 1/w-c
labolsin retail atail-aare eotltlterfsfts. t o not
listen ta*'any erplaliation an to why the li(U
haa no label. Th. o.nulne onion Label la
l*erfnraraid on the l.inr odgus oxautly ttwaaaie
aa a piattaRe alan. p. Counterfeit-1 uro .nme*
tunc*, perforated ��>n thn-o ol Ihu isliioa, aud
nielli-"****!only oi. two.   Keep a aharplookoBl
for tiie eiiuntrrfcili*.   t'npriiitdided ittaiinf.io-
;        ���-    -      ���* -id ill
Co. and Henry 11. ftonlofsA Co., both of 11,1(1,
turara a.re ualtu: then in order lo *."; rid ,
tnelr aeab-uiAdo hale.    The .,ihn H  Hu-ln*
delpbia. Tu., anj noia-nnion eonrerii.*,
Oralitfo, N- *.
JOHN Pl',IUJPS.U.i*r��tarv.
H ' ��l Budford Aw.. BMokl) n. N.V
Capital tPuld-up) f 2,500,000
Rest  '   ������(< ���-��� $2,139,000
llranchM In Ontario, QjitalMKl, Mnnitnba, N W.
T. siut British Columbia.
Ureal flritain���I.lnyda Hank, Limited
United Statsa-New Vork. Hank oi Montreal.
"    -Cbleaxa, Pint National Hank.
'���    -San r-raiieiaen, Weila Fio*r���
������    -*t. Punl, second Nat'l liunk.
"        i    ���Mlnnrai-nlla Flr��t Kal'l llank
"        ���'    -Seattle, SeatlloNatlunaJ Hank
Kevelainke, ���
Nel.r.n,  -   -
.���olden,  ���  ���
-  -   A, Jukea, Manaavr.
* A. E. Philips,
���   J. W. Uv        "
-   J K   (ilbli,
VI. Mardnnald,
Intere.t alliitvedat **nrrent rates.
Aitenoral banklnn biialuesa iranaa-jiod.
1 International
* Correspondence
j Schools. w,*apa'50N'
rilcte blowpipe nnfit and rpferenre
library fr.*t- Lo th-uoe taking a rtmr-*.
io MeUl Mininff. tMsu<i for fr��.
circular.    AddreM Re>irwoitutlTtt
Nfr|H��n. II. C.
Tlie \iuUii- are h(ln>by tio_J*..pi1 (hat
no m-i'iiiiDUi  will-h��|.iii i   inrguo.lf-
Kupt>li��-I ��r tli*V,irt con Into t��--l tt|| hn-
Imii offftliprtlio Mfltrqjwlituii Goltl
���tailver Xiuliin<*��. ��l R C,,!.t(l,.or
to ih*^ Lartlean SneltlBic & mtinine
Co. oi tt. c , I.iti., (mif.M KUthoiizcfj
in writing by ihu<md*T��l|ti]i---J., No
wie else hns inithoT-ty tttpurvlmscor
onlorKnpplie!. or KOiWHof any kind.
Pergtwou, Juac St', J��r_>.
J. W. M0CKOiB.\N, MtfP.
Vw-ufe iftr-atttaJftLafc rlftt -afutfi iW_r.i sStsK
i perguson Qarber   I
'] When yon want a h
j       GOOD SHAVE      f
4 CallonE.L. FULMER. -.
?.     Hoi or Cold Hutiis In conn'Miloh.     ['
H '.
J W P #aap��n��ri��ffih0p win fK>w ao r.
{���   *^ ��� a.*tF& Suudajh at )*���._.'( Hum,        i?
���S      Please %tt in before noon,      '}'���
*^rt*}r-i^r-_^3rx5r_ij_r3s-i if/nv ������   ������- -jjs--***
Unlcyon Hot Spring
Sanitarium   .   .
Tbe mow complota rttwft ��!��� ttftj-_'oj_tin-*r.t
*M Nortb Aiitfrim. f*ltvuit��-t miiUt H'-fiit*tv
uiirlvHlM for ..rifedftur. "iiuing, !}.-liirg
and eirurhinui. Ke��nior.t ^livyician atdl
nu'K. In tilenniphlc i'.otBniiiuii-��tion with
all |��ria of thu world.' T**,*�� ruaila arrlro nnd
depart every day.   Itl hatht tnto hII ncrvoua
aad nmcufurulDtatci .�� wator�� I.mhJ oil
kidney, lifer nml ���tonmi h aiime-iita. Ill
bathf aHd watern arr a ��uni ruquxly mmIom
all arfjfntiUMdUF pui-soctH. TKKMH: fu to
llSperwei'fc.ai-ru'rdlni to rMld��n��e In hotol
or Fijian
office.    The ready tale of the map U
 Itfjc all we have Mtd for It.   The
t Lakedlvhlon t* lltbofrauhod in
Trout Iji
blark, th�� Urdcitii In red.and the Ainf
worth in hia*. Kven a tenderfoot rould
take a copy of ihin map and tind any
dlalm reconled In the throe divinioni.
The mountnins, lakei, crock���. wapiti
roadx, trmli; nur-,'eye<l railwny ronttt-i,
and the locution and name (hy a u��1quc
Index) of every uilueral claim In the
district ts tii own.
Vm*   fo   Visiting   tht   Country   In
Person This Mnp Taken first Ptnee.
tn fact every geographical
feature Id mo well define that one can
Bee at a glance the nature of our coun try
and ihe trend rf the claim location*
given nu Intelligible Idea of the mineral
belt* running through the camp, lt le
nt   Sest   Wort*   r\r   Ont  Dollar
ever offered In Ibe map line of a niulnu
catnn. It Ih thu flrnt complete niapo)
the district aud is telling well. It Is just
what you are looking Tor. tt'K ALtfO
���LAMT inilt YE.MW.
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a one dellar hUl, luo
choqu*.'-*, oiJurs. _*t(t,| to
Mining oommuiiIm or others ordcHttif
lou of 20 or more, oiapd will bo nop
filttxi at 60 roiita ourh.
Ferguson, B.C.
TWrr. ia only uuo beat mining Jnutnal.
That la
Mines nnd Minerals.
It haa a larget ri initiation than any twa oltwr
American minins Jouraala t> tauao lt la thc
but. It li tho largest, bnt iUuMratt-. ami
handaomeat mining journal In tht wo* Id. .It
la a mining patatr for mlalng men. 8ubMrli>.
tlaa prl��e Jim per year. Sand for free aanplr
eopy A-ldr-auMlNEl-tNOMlMitaiLs.seniii*
ton, Pa.. 0. g. A. Denrer _���_-��, nana Bid*.,
-O.NDMNl-W MA^��01!SIK1��T--
prospectors* Exchange
ARTHUR EVANS, Pnptletor.
When ypu reach Truui Lnk. Cit.v put
up the Queen*. .Good afcu'imioJiiiioii
..Best ol aervi.f .. Choicet.1 wines,
l'_|unis and ci|f*ar��. .Fire proof safe.,
Abrahamson Bhoturrs, Proi-histors.
Our Special
The Union
Ttwy arc all Cm.,. ma,lo and of the*
beet Havana Tota-ta... money cau
buy. Try one aad aalitfy yourrwlf
���a w their-juallt**.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
B r o vv N, Prop.
If you  are   building  or contempliito building v.*c will be
pleased to quote you estimates on anything made in our
Sash anil Door Factory
and we feel confident that we can give you satisfaction iti
every particular.    Write; Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C, LOCAL F1ULU
f.s.*��f Daj. Hi��tfi.y Hept. tat,
Calico ball Monday ndirbl, Sept. Ut.
D. ifbrbt'a vi-*itwi RBVtulatoke thia
��e-k. ' ���
Mr. 8trw��t, uf tyxiland.ii a visitor
In tone today.
Seattle  In oontfltnplatlnc  building
ferre smelter.
Mra. N.iedhjmof Beaton was v-sltle***
In FYrgtiMin this vicelc.
Tho enke ovens of Michael are teaming out 300 tons a day.
W. B. Pool and Jas. Lade earn* up
Irom Camborne Saturday.'
Over 60,000 tons of coal waaahlpped
ln July from Vancourcr Island.
W. H. 8her_er, of Franklin, Ohio,
wae a Tltltnr In Ferifaaon Friday.
William A. Bauer, provincial surrey-
or of (/'ambiirnc, wan iu town tlila
Tho C. P. R. Intend to continuo their
Trout Lako toloi;raph Hue thruajU to
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was well received
in Paris.
CI-mb jnaann fur pheasants will be
over on October 1st.
Thn wreck of the Inlander han been
found in 1(10 feet of wat.*r.
Ch'irlaa ''Baekins and Jtialah L��bb
were drowned last week in the Joale
mine at Hieieiand.
W. .1. Twlse, general aifent for B.C.,
of tbo Mutual Aaauiance Co. ot Canada,
In la Ferjraaoe today.
Moesra.Geo.F.MeCarter, Revelstoke,
aad Andy Ferguson, Victoria, came la
today by (pedal stage.
An English dealer baa placed an
order with a single Canadian houae for
a million barrel* of applet.
The weather haa been cool fnr sev-
eral daya and aome mow fell Wednes
day up hiirh on tbe mountains.
Judge Miller, of Trout Lake, aad W.
F. Nahle, of Richmond, Indiana, were
visitors In Ferguson Tueedat.
W. Macdonald, manager of thn Im
petial Bank, and Mra, Maednnald paid
a viait tn Trout Lake Saturday.
The St, Eugene mine at Moyea haa
been cloaed down owlntfto the bad outlook for the lead market ln B. C.
Al Pelkey left tliis morning for Van-
nouver to visit with hia family for a
couple uf Wonka.
\V. H. Sboriyr of Franklin, Ohio,
waa a vlaitor to Ferguson thia week
coming in lust Friday.
D. Spencer who haa been visiting
Ferguson and vicinity, lolt forblahome
iu Victoria Monday niuiiiiug.
Messrs. Gun. McCroaaan anil B. T.
Williams viaitcd the Triune Monday lu
company at Uh Supt. Ii. Gender.
Repnrta come from Rullaa, Dakota
that four dc*atbc occurred eight wiles
ea-t of there, a* the n-ult of a tor-
Menra. Miller and Magwull have a
ft'tvc* of .fuiir men at work on. tbeCrom-
veil group, near the u��ad of Brown's
Miller & Laintr have rented the dining ttii'm o'i tbe t-alnoi-al botol, and
|re running s goal aliort-titder rt**��
Mo rant.
Vince- Lmle is In town from Flab
Oreek enju.lug a tolluay. He ��aj a tbt
lead baa la-vu encountered in tbe tun-
Bel uu tbe Criterion.
Miee Vivian Sartorls. grand daughter of the lata Ui S. Oram,-waa mar.
nod to Fiodi-riok Roosevelt at Cotiur.,
Ontario, uu AU-jU-t 15th.
J. C. Kirkpatrick has gone to Ian c
Week un a pruapeeting trip.* He la not,
a 'er (ire milling ledges, howevectliaa
*at..ie reported to be plentiful ou tbat
Rev. S. I.Green waa unable to preach
on Sunday through Illness. Mr. II. T.
Wllliamaof Peoria, Illlnota. and Mc
P. 8p-ncer ol Vlctnrin, kindly took
charge of the service fur Mr. Gieeu.
Quite a little colony of people are
living up at the Kettle L. among whom
ire Mr, and Mrs. Kil. Perry, Mr.
aad Mia. J. Parisian. Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Peteraon, Mr. and Mrs Hy Dun-
dell and Mrs. Greterman.
A ration ball will he given In Ragle
ball Monday night Sept. let. Refresh
menta will he served at midnight, and
a gnnd time ia anticipated, /ft fii-at
elaaa violinist, will assist witb thn music.   Everybody come.   Tickets II.
Mra. J. Smith and children left nn
Tueaday'a atago tn apend the winter In
Ontario. Thia la tho flr*t vlett Mra.
Smith has mado to her old home for
nine years. They will also apend a
few weeks visiting in tho States en
The little Inland ot Torlshlma was
overwhelmed hy a vulcanic eruption
between August 13th and 15th. All
the Inhabitants numbering 150 pet-anna,
undoubtedly are killed. Torlshlma ianne
of a chain of Islands extending.between
the Benin Islands and Hondo, the biggest Island of Japan.
Geo. K. MeCroeean, who hat beon
speadlog hia holidays In Vancouver
and Victoria, came into Ferguson Monday on a visit to his brother and sister-
in-law, 3. A. McCrbasan, manager of
the smelter, and Mrs McCrossan. Mr.
G. McCrossan will spend several days
hore beforo resuming bis law studlea
MVm&!i,-'*tfoe laet ������/*��> he ive*
ceeded in eapturlng the silver modal
. fefthifk ite.D_.loi lo hit olM��,
Locale Will, a rayatreak.
Saddle horaes fur ante, We havo all
kinds and at* all pricea. We can suit
vim.   Craig k Hillman, Beaton.
New line of Children's Hata, Dreaaes
,nd Pinafore's at G. B. Batho & Co.
All the latest books, magazines and
iiHriudlcala for holiday reading in stock
at the Canada Drug & Book Co.'s atore,
Itevt'latoke, B.C. Prompt attention to
mall orders.
Fine line of Ladle*' White Underwear at G. B. Batho & Co.
1. pays In use the telephone. A trip
can often he saved to Troul Lake, Beaton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the phone. Office tn Cummins _k Co.'a
Call and aee our Prints. Ginghams
and Dreaa Goods. New stock at G. B.
Batho 4 Co
* Smokers: If you want the genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
CIOAII aee that "Union Cigar Factory"
ia stamped in gilt letters nn every box.
-H. A. Rrown. Revelatoke. B. C.
If yon want a Sailor Hat go to G. B.
Batho & Co.
* To get acquainted with thia district
vou should havo a copy of the new and
only map. Send a one dollar bill to
the EaolC and wcure one at once,
Bargains In Black, Whlteand Colors
In Ladies Sblrt Waiata at G. B. Batho
_c Co.
I    Jaa. V. Reeves ia enjoying a macli
! increased trade In the watch and jewelry Una slnoe tbe middle of August.
Cooper production in Australia dui*.
ing tlie year 1001 was 25.200 tons, or
4,R00 tons greater than in the yoar 1000.
Paul Kruger will send free copies nf
hia honk to tho rulers, statesmen and
e|."ct��d representatives of all the civil-
iled countries of the world.
Ed, Roll took a pack train to tbe
Black Wsrrlor Wednesday with aim-
plies. Re says four inohea of snow fell
at tbe Warrior Wednesday night.
��� Andrea Johnson, of Moyle, 1) ln
I town to attend to tbe assessment, duties
on hia claims st tbe bead nf McDonald
creek. This ia hie first vlett since ISf*.
The engagemont ia announced nf
Mlsa Anna Rouleau, eldest daughter of
the late Mr.* Justice Roul'su of Ca'.
gsrv, to Mr. Harry D. Alexander of
Vancouver, B C.
Hynollta Rontln. aired 72 veara, was
married on August 20th at. Athaha>ka*
v;llo. Quebec, to Miss Adeline De��.
charnala, aged 76 Thrlr friends tried
tn ril*-u><de them from taking tbe step,
but they threatened to elope.
New Denver Ledge���Four years ��\'n
Gnat Lannefnrd was a somewhat, famil
lar character about Sandon. He and,
denly paased out. of existence und haa
���.ever been heard of since Nodoult
tl n remains found at Eight Mile were
of 'his man.
The first harvesters' excursion to
Manitoba and the North West Territories started on Aug. 20th when 2.024
left, for the west and 1,000 left on Aiw.
Slat as compared with 2.80,5 in the onr-
responding day last year. The C. P,
R. will grant a second excursion on
August 30 and September 1 and 2.
About, 40 shareholders In tho Northwestern Development* company propose
coming hy special train from Hancock,
Mich., to visit tbe Cambourn grolip of
mines whioh the company la operating
In the Lardeau on Fish creek.
A slight accident occurred at tie
Triune on Saturday last. A big rock
rolled down the mountain side and Jack
Sproat, who waa sorting ore.was struck
In the back, He waa picked up In an
unconscious state and parried to tl e
cabin. , H. W. Gcn.lej*, ��bpt, ofthe
mine, made a record trip tu town and
Dr. Newcombe left at onco for the
mine. The man in the mean lime
having regained consciousness. The
doctor Informs ua be was not n-rioualj
hurt aud will sonn be able to resume
���Vufe .-_> r.i A-1-i.t ,*-}_. Kt-rtH_xS_j6�� &-3%l
jl -p^r ww *>r����s Af w tvnp a��ra U
J**..     CARDS.        J |
J r_jvt*A.rtr.tS>u*;t-r aeiJtviJfff-tvr j__.fi f
3 O   B. N. WILKIE. I
i V_^�� p. l. s. r
* Provincial I
5 Land
;' Surveyor
���j    Ferguson and Trout Lake.
i Surveys made und Crown Grants
_! Obtained.
:iai_KiV*l KK.mtfX*Ufo -WJ-W^ Sr-^J*����^lT_<S *��Ti.a*i
1 | McKinnon~& Sutherland j
Of Ladies Dress Ooods, White
Qoods, Trimmings, etc., etc., is
The new Stetson Hats for men received August ist are being sold rapidly.
We have added to our stock of Ready-
to-Wear Suits. We can fit and please
almost any fancy or any figure.
We have also a most complete stock of
Workingmen's Clothes and Boots.
McKinnon & Sutherland
.^j **?���������-%>g&
.   OBIcc!
Trout Lake.
Hurveya of Mlnea, Mineral clalina an,l
lliifD Landa. Crean Uranta lib.
talnc'l anil Aaasaamants ilana.eil
for Abaentraa.
Offleeai   i amlMirne and Vanrourer
it u     SHANNON, R, A,
I CHt.jtlr.Ta
'1 M' * dqaartera far lataratatlaa RegarSlas
tJ Lardran rrasertlea.
-1 M.lte fee laleriaatlaa*
���J Call a���� aee SamfHa*
���1 OrKlCKt    V10TUWA AVK.,
Solicitor For
The Imperial Hank
Perguson, B. C.
bmcE-Over the Impefial Rank.
Harrlsters, Sollclters, etc.
The Post Office Store f
. The most complete stock in Ferguson. far
\f Union-Made Hats and Shoes, 4y
S Full line of Ladies' and Children's goods. g[
w Make a specialty of filling mine orders in groceries
/|     and hardware.
Try a Pair ot Our HattfrMadt Prospectors' Saoes.
O. B. Batho tf Co.
���J*_&$fe$^&S^^ i
fj^^mmm* tj#J
liitormatlna Wantert.
Anybody knowln-t the whereaboutaof
Joe Churchill, a ralm-r, will confer a
groat favor by corresponding with tbe
Mrs. i. R. E. CnnRCBtLL,
Waiattia, Oahn,
Hawaiian Islands,
If you wint to keep posted
- on the .Lardeau District,
subscribe for, the Eagle.
\ omeca: Reielatokt. Onldea, anrl rerjii-
S sou.  MlrllciH for l��i|>erlal Rank
J of llaasds.
i Geo. 8. MeCarter.             1. A. Harvey.
* A. M. I'lnkham.
,*��� I* ���*
3 '  1
* Barrister,  Notary Public etc. 'Z
Ferguson. B. C. i
f W   d�� V.leMAHH-RK-lJ.M.SCOTT [|
f VV.    .             _____ W
3 Barrister, Sollclter, etc. i,
li i.
i. 1. H. SCOTT, A. R. L. L. R. -J
v W. ds V. le Melatro, M. A. t
Send the Eagle
to your friends
in the East.
Packing and p^^'-ck'in8��
*t( ITrei-glitiiig     Bansfcr 0utfit- %
!��� Contracts entered Into for paekinff* of Mlnin-_r Supiel'ce, If
t etc., to any point in the distriot. e tt
Gt-od, prompt service, and any work undertaken irttaran- W
teed.   Frelithtln-r from Thomson's I.itndinj; to lorirtiaon K
a e|ieclalty. f
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop. K
RaS. Wilson,
Everv garment turned out in this shot)
will hear thia lahel, a guarantee in it-
st If ol first class workmanship.
Drop in and see our stock and tnmplee.
-  -   -   FERGUSON B. C.
^LJ^^nKail^^iniaW^^^aO*^^a\JP^*S\aW'^^^^^*^^f*^m^^^&m^t*^S*^^ ' Jr%
Perguson Hotel


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