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deau eagle.
vol. III. NO. i.
S2.00 A YEAR.
Tie Season of 1001 Promises to
Some North Fork Properties Which
The season of 1901 has reached a
period whore extensive preparations
are already being made for the re
commencement of development work
on many properties in the camp.
The Old Gold Camp,
with its four companies operating
thero, will increase Its force this year,
and hopes to not again discontinue
work except possibly It be to await
the advent of a railway up the Duncan
river, but this is unlikely.
On the
Sonnet Group,
a few miles up the north fork from
Ferguson, work has alroady begun
and will ho vigorously pushed ahead
both winter and summer from now on,
by tbe Goldou Link Mining company.
Word is expected daily from Chns.
W. McCrossan, of Minneapolis, managing director of the Metropolitan
instructing men to at once proceed
with work on the
Melrouolitiin Group,
which will result in another Immediate
shipper of high grado ore, as thoro is
plenty in Bight whicli will bo removed
for the present only as development
work necessitates.
Messrs. H. M. Carter and Lew
Thompson will return from Washington and England respectively about
April 1st, and will at onco commence
tissessinent ami development work on
their many holdings up the north fork,
notable among which is tho
Hie; Five Group.
A big deal, too, is pending or probably completed by this time, by which
the Scottish-Canadian Mining company
will be provided with ample funds to
continue, on a large scale, work on the
Koh Boy Group.
This will bo anxiously leoketi lorward
to by old time Lardeaultes, who have
unlimited faith In tho well known
Horn load, but so far no one has had
enough money to mako the necessary
test. Tito Rob Roy possesses the key
to the wiiole lead, and if the now company succeed in finding the ore body
certainly existent somewhere in there,
a great many claim holders for miles
along this prominent lead will be benefitted in as much as It proves their
property to have oqual chances with
tho Rob Roy. Tbo surface showings
are good, but to locate tho permanent
ore chuto has heretofore been tho difficulty. In the work anticipated tho
RAGLE bespeaks success to A. E.
Welch, tlio enterprising managing
Tlie Canadian-Lardeau people, operating the
Spokimo Group,
also of the north fork, havo declared
thoir intention of continuing work this
spring; in fact they had intended
working till winter, but for some reason or oilier did not. Their work so
far has been largely of a prospecting
nature, ami though somo good ore was
mot, with, it, will tuko another season's
work to detonnino its future value.
Then, too, the Comstock company
will be operating up tho north fork
very soon now, just aB soon aa local
men in town believe tho trip to It, between hero and tho property, is safo
from tho proverbial snowsllde whioh
kllleth without due notice
On the
Jiurprlne Group,
Messrs. D. Morgan and Fred Disjardlne have been working nil winter,
and the last word received f-tmi them
Indicated Hint the 120 feet crosscut
tunnel to tap their ore body would be
completed by the , time they camo
down, so tbat we may look out for news
of a good strike being made on this
promising property, owned aB yet by
individual holders.
[Since writing the above in regard
to the Surprise group Messrs. Morgan
and Disjardine have come down the
hill for a day or two to obtain supplies.
Thoy will return today. They expect
to tap the ore body in another 15 ft. of
tunnol work. They are enthusiastic
over two small stringers of ore which
tbey havo cut through, it not having
appeared on ithe surface. The oro
carries copper values, much to thoir
The llliiek Warrior Group,
Upon tbis well known group the
owner, Tom Horn, at present In Revelstoke, will re-contlnue work as soon as
possible. The Black Warrior has one
of the biggest shewings in the country,
and it might be said tbat ore frequently "lifted" from its dump has aided
materially to Bluff a good many claims
in that part of the district in the same
belt of country, theoretically and
otherwise. The owner has stayed by
this early location for many yearB, and
each season put in a few months' work,
so tbat now ho has enough work done
to warrant him in asking his price,
and enough ore in sight to command it
bofore this year is out.
Besides the properties mentioned
there are others upon which the usual
assessment work will bo dune, and
whore results warrant it further development will bo continued.
Tho absolute certainty of there
being a ready sale for partially developed mining properties this season,
brought about by the actual railway
construction work now in progress, is
having a stimulating effect, an effect
whioh seems to have awakened property owners to the fact that proved or
partially developed claims will sell tho
most readily. Tho thought toe of almost immediate reward for tlieir labor
is having a (leal to do witb tho general
interest prevalent, among claim holders, who have never wearied of staying
by the best new mining camp in Canada through thick and thin.
A Few Particulars ConcerningTheir
The Metropolitan One of Lardeau's
High Grade Ore Producers
Rev. Charles. W. McCrossan, of
Minneapolis, Minn., wlio while in Foi
guson early last fall purchased the
Metropolitan group, located a few
miles, up the north fork, has bad a
small-shipment of ore taken from tho
various veins and sent to him, samples
of which he has had thoroughly tested
by well known authorities. Some of
the results are as follows:
II. B. Green, chemist, of Two liar
bors, Minnesota, made two tests:
Copper, (1.70 por cent; lead, 4!).2i
percent.; silver, 1118 ounces: gold, $S;
total, *(107.fif) to tho ton.
Copper, 19.00 per cent.; lead, 2S.89
percent.: silver, 2120 ounces; gold,
$1(1; total value, $1478.291 por ton.'
Then Messrs. Pantou and Whito,
the leading business firm of the city of
Dulutb, Minn., sont some of this oro to
R. H. Ofllcer & Co., of Salt Lake City,
and had It assayed.   Result:
Gold, "0 OU'joes; silvor, 909.4 ounces;
lend, 00.0 per cent.; coppor, 7.2 per
cent.; total valtio per ton. $084.73.
Tho Metropolitan will bo one of our
best shippers very likely Inside of ono
The following aro tho natiiea of the
pupils in the various classes of the
Ferguson public school, arranged according to merit;
Sen. Ill-Kay H. Wilson.
Jr. Ill-Louisa M. llatho. Robert
A. Kirkpatrick, Peroy M. Wilson,
Ethel M. Bfttho.
I Reader���Mary L. Wilson.
II Primer���Ray Thomson, Harry G,
I Primer���Clarke W. Pettiplece.
Tho following were neither absent
nor late: Ray H. Wilson, Louisa
Batho, Percy M. Wilson, Mary Wilson
and Harry Batho.
Revelstoke Herald: Mr. and Mrs.
A. M. Craig camo up from the Landing on Wednesday "ti route for a visit
to Mr. Craig's home in Truro, N. 9.
The White Warrior Gold Mining
company, of British Columbia, Limited, with its head oflice in Forguson, B.
C, and executive offico in Lapeer,
Mich., is a new company which will be
operating in the Lardeau this season
upon properties they acquired last fall.
And thus the pay roll Increases. J. H.
Bidwelt, Lapeer, Mich., is tho president of tho company: W. B. Clarke,
Dotroit, vice-president; Paul A. Cow-
gill, Lapeer, secretary ; and S. A.
Lockwood, of Lapeer, the treasurer.
The directors and advisory board consists of some most prominent persons,
indicating that tho company will have
plenty of money to proceed with dov
opment work on their recently i
quired properties, which consists of
three full-sized minerul claims, the
Horse Shoe, White Warrior and Snow-
flake, situated in series along tlie same
location line, and covering possibly
150 acres.
Tho claims are situated on tho divide
between Gainer creek and the little
west fork of Duncan river. Along
their southwest line is situated the
famous Lado group, a very rich gold
property, whilo a short distnneo from
their northeast line lies the Bad Shot
group, a high grade .silver-load proposition.
The properties are reached from
Ferguson by going up the south fork of
Lardeau creek, six miles over a good
wagon road, thence up Gainer creek
ovor a pack trail to tho divide, some
sovon miles.
Hero is an area of highly stratified
nietamorphic rocks, consisting of
schists, slate and limestone, tho latter
occurring in strata varying in thickness from 10 to 400 feet. From the
maniior in whieh it projects abovo the
surrounding country tho thickest of
these strata is known as the "Great
Lime Dyke," and the area is called
tho Lime Dyko bolt. All along this
belt rich linds of argentiferous galena
havo been tuade, so that it is all staked
for miles. Hero are situated such well
known claims as the Wagner, Abbott,
Hannockburn and Black Prince, the
Bad Shot and Black Diamond, as well
as the numerous claims belonging to
the Primrose and Old Gold Mining
companies, tn all there properties the
ore is found in the contact between
schist and lime. Two strata of lime,
ono about 40 foot in width and the
other SO feet, traverse tile Whito Warrior group. Theso strata wo shall call
No. 1 and No. 2 respectively, No. 1 being tho lower antl that nearest the
north east side line of tho claims. Tho
Btrata in this area stand almost, vertically, and trend northwest and southeast, tho dip boing toward the southwest. In tho contact on tho upper side
of No. 1 stratum there is an excellent
surfaco showing of galena on tho
Whito Warrior claim, whilo in tlie
contact on tho lower aldo of No. 2
stratum thore ato fair showings of copper pyritos on both tlie Horse-shoe nnd
the White Warrior claims, and on the
upper side of this stratum thore is n
small quartz ledge, woll mineralized
with galona where it outcrops on both
the Whito Warrior and Snowflako
The Whito Warrior group affords
an excollont tunnelling proposition,
and from the position of tho surface
showings, comparatively littlo dead
work is required in order to gain considerable depth. A 150-foot tunnel
driven along the ledge will reach a
point 100 feet below tho best surface
showing, viz., that along No, 1 stratum
on tho White Warrior claim; while
crosscut tunnels, varying in length
from 150 to 4U0 feet, will gain con'es-l
ponding depth on reaching the same
point, and if extended through the
intervening 70 or 80 feot of schist will
crosscut No. 2 stratum at a dopth of 50
or 00 feet further from the surface
than No. 1. Practically tho same conditions aro to be obtained in developing the other showings on theso
clnims, bo that it may be readily seen
that the property can be thoroughly
proved at a very moderate cost. There
is on the property an ample supply of
suitable mining timber, whilo water Is
also abundant.
Since very little development work
has been dono as yet, the aBsays are
from the surface, and aro much lower
in value than would bo obtained with
depth, if the results from developed
properties along the same belt have
any significance. Assays taken from
the surface of these ledges run as high
as $92.70 to the ton, in all values. They
are in detail as follows: Ledge I���
value of gold at $20.00 per oz., $8;
value of coppor at $.10} per lb., $50.25;
value of oro per ton, $58.25. Ledge II
��� gold, a good trace; silver at $.60 per
oz., $7.80; copper, $811.75; value of ore
per ton, $91.55. Lodge III���silver,
$112.70; lead, $00.00; valuo of oro per
ton, $92.70. Without doubt there will
be a very considerable Increase in
values when with depth tho more solid
formation shall have been reached.
The work will be pushed as rapidly
as possible. Every effort will be put
forth to make it a shipper at an early
dato. Since it is a tunneling proposition, the expense of bringing the
property to a shipping basis will bo
small, as there will be no need for expensive machinery.
The Place Where the Mines Are is the
Place Where the Towns Are
Our  Member's   Views   on   Some
Important Questions
Mr. Taylor, in referring gracefully
to the Queen and the advent oE the
new sovereign, touched upon the services of the Canadian volunteers
Africa, and commended the government foi' inviting them to the opening
of the house. If the government could
in any appropriate way honor them he
was sure that no voice would be raised
against it.
The province had certainly readied
a stage when it was necessary to do
something to amend tho Education act.
Tt. required an expenditure somewhere
in the neighborhood of ������?���'>,000 annually,
and the outlay was constantly increasing, so much so that ways and moans
must now be devised to carry out the
educational system.
Ho fully recognized the importance
of the railways suggested in the
Speech, but hoped that in bonusing
any of theso rouds, proper safeguards
would be affected against thoso evils
from whieh the country often suffered
in that connection. He did not think
the government should bo expected to
undertake such a gigantic operation as
tho construction of these railways.
The cost would he many millions of
dollars, beyond the capacity of the
countr '. He did think that government
ownership of all railways was a matter-
that tho federal government would be
obliged to take into consideration before many years.
In any amendments which might bo
made to tl.o mining laws he hoped that
tho wisest caution would he observed
to avoid any disturbing legislation
that might retard or cripple that vast
industry. He hoped the government
would consider the possibility of ameliorating the tax on lead mining so that
the tax would afloat only the net proceeds of the ore. He alluded to the
diflleulty being experienced owing to
the action of the American smelters,
whieh practically prohibited Canadian
ores altogether. They wero practically held up by a foreign corporation. It
was imperative that the government
should tako some action, either to
build and operate smelters of its own,
assist in building a smelter, or consider whether a bonus should be given
to the load produced in this province.
Paying his respects to what ho called
Mcfnnesisin, tho idea that appointments of a certain political stripe were
made by tho government, he said that
in his riding out of six appointments
made since he was member, four were
Liberals and two Conservatives.
Cool-Headed Business Men Buying
Realty In This Town
the an-
��������� if the
It will not be out of place for the
Eagle to mention that the supply
point for all the mining properties and
prospects up the south fork of Lardeau
creek, up the north fork, in the Old
Gold camp, the whole of the Nettie L.
and Great Northern Hills, and at present all the northern portion of the
Lardo-Duncan country over the sum-
rait, is Ferguson. During tho summer
months almost every day witnesses
pack trains loading at Ferguson's
stores and then lighting out for the
mines, making the roue i ' l:�� in the
one day.
In wilt be something noi
nals of mining camp exper
town which has the mine*"
it does not lead in common
ance. It was the case with llossland,
though Trail had thc water and
sinoltcr: it was the same with Sanlon,
the Slocan centre, though New Denver
was a beautiful littlo'residential scene
by the shores of Slocan lake. And it
certainly will be the same thing with
regard to Ferguson. There is no use
of jesting: tbe place where tho mines
are is the place where tho towns are.
The mines cannot bo moved but towns
can. With the products of the Great
Northern, Nettie L, and Silver Cup
pouring down to their base���Ferguson
���the future of tbis place Is assured.
And the best evidence of this is that
outside men arc soberly putting their
cold plunks into Perguson realty. The
men from tho mines reach Ferguson
first when they get their cheques;
that's ono reason why tho banks have
decided to locato here. Thc other Is
because the mining companies interested in tho camp do their business
here, have their oi'ioes hero, and want
thc banksdiore. Where the mines are
the money is, and where tho money is
you find tho people and the town,
Puople do not come to or live in this
rugged country for thoir health.
London   Shareholders   Conferring
With the Directors
Messrs. J. Douglas Walker, K. C,
O. A. Kirby, solicitor, both of London.
England, W. P. Cochrane, of Maoleod, *
and .1. J. Young, of Calgary, have
boon in town for tho lust fow days discussing plans for tho future operations
of Lite Double Eagle Mining and Development Co., in which tho two former
have become large shareholders, and
tho two latter occupy tho positions of
president and vice-president respectively. Theso gentlemen, says the
Revelstoke Herald, have beon conferring witli Manager Pool during thc
last, three days, und also closing an important deal by which tho Double
Eagle Co. become the owners of no less
than 10 additional claims in the Lardeau, Fish Crock and Big Bend districts.
Messrs. Pool, Kirby, Walker, Cochrane and Young oxpect to bo occupied
for tho next day or two perfecting
their plans for this season's work on
thoir numerous properties which are
likely to be conducted on a large scale
and will moan much for tho various
districts concerned.
There is no truth whatever in the
report that the Nettie L. has been sold
or that the Great Western Mines have
sold Messrs. Kirby & Co. a large block
of treasury shares. The visit of these
gentlemen is purely and simply in connection with tho Double Eagb Co.,
and the result of their deliberations
i will be announced tn due course. Lardeau Eagle.
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AddreHH nil communications to thu
l,,\ltIH;Al!  KA41I.K,
FRIDAY,   MARCH   8,   1901.
There is just one place in the
world where compulsory arbitration
is a pronounced and complete success. In New Zealand there has
not been a strike or a lockout in
over five years, every labor dispute
which has arisen in that time having been settled by the state tribunal.
The law of New Zealand, whicli
is only now receivingthe recognition
to which it is entitled, was the outcome of the most serious and disastrous strike which has ever been
witnessed in any English-speaking
country. Ten years ago the maritime strike, as it was called, devastated the whole of Australia.
Henry Lloyd, in his
"A Country Without Strikes," says
of this strike : "lt was a war between classes, the only two classes
practically which remain to be amalgamated in modern society. It
spread from the shipping world, in
which it began, into a great circle
of related interests. Merchants and
clerks drove druys and loaded and
unloaded merchandise ; ship owners
and Iheir sons and friends tool; lhe
place of sailors and sinkers ; the
country went to the verge of civil
The compulsory arbitration law
was the result ol a conviction that
the public had some rights in the
premises, whicli .should not con
Stantly be jeoparded as the result of
disputes between employers and
employes. This law and its various
amendments, made from time to
time, as the system worked itself
out, provide lor an arbitration tribunal, before whicli labor disputes
must be sol tied on demand of either
parly, by a process akin to ordinary
actions at law.    Its main points are:
i. It applies only to industries
in which there are trades unions.
2. It does not prevent private
conciliation or arbitration.
3. Coni.iliiil.ion is exhausted by
the state before it resorts to arbitration.
4. If conciliation is unsuccessful
the disputants must arbitrate.
5. Disobedience ol the award
may lie punished oi not at the discretion ol the court.
The theoretical objections lo a
system of compulsory arbitration
are that it is impossible to make
men work whether they want to or
not ;   that it is impossible to  fix
ployes presented their cases before
the board ol conciliation. The
decision was in favor of the men ;
and an appeal was taken to the
board of arbitration, which is always
presided over by one of the judges
of the supreme court.
The whole proceedings lasted six
months. Instead of thousands of
workingmen lying idle, as under a
strike, only a dozen men were taken
from their counting rooms and work
benches, the others remaining at
work under '-he same conditions as
before the men made their complaint. The whole condition of the
trade was examinedinto with painstaking thoroughness, and thc decision was substantially in favor ot
the men. At two diffenent times
since, in the same trade, disputes
have arisen, which have been settled in the same manner ; with this
difference, that in the latter cases
both sides waived any preliminary
proceedings before the board of
conciliation, the award of which is
simply advisory, but insisted on going directly before the board of
arbitration, the decision of which is
final and compulsoryonbolh parties.
Six years' trial of the law in New
Zealand has shown its efficacy. Al
the worst it is, from Ihe standpoint
of the public at large, a vast improvement over strikes and lockouts. It is certainly worthy of trial
in Canada, and more particularly in
British Columbia, where strikes
have caused such enormous loss.
Catholic faith. That French Roman
Catholic domination over Canada
has led to this there is no doubt.
Slowly and slyly does the Premier
bring about conditions which may
yet cause more bloodshed for relig-
ous fight and freedom. That the
resolution was voted for by Conservatives loo, shows the folly of expecting better from either party, as
Mr. Borden only wanted the petition
made milder. In the interests of
peace and religous freedom and the
deliverance once and for all time
Irom the mighty grasp of the church
of Rome, let us all hope that His
Majesty will meet the petition with
well-deserved rebuke. Let good
enough alone once and for all. If
the church of Rome is granted an
inch it will take a mile. May kind
heaven deliver us from introducing
religion into our politics.
Hon. N. Clarke Wallace, M. P.
for East York, Ontario, for years,
is perfectly alive to the future interests of the Dominion. In Mr.
Wallace the Conservative party
have a man who will at all times
push government ownership of
railways, etc., to the front. All the
politicians holding these progressive views, on both sides of the
house, should unite as, say, the
National party. If an appeal to
the .people then came, they would
win in a wall;. Public sentiment
has rapidly drifted into unity upon
lhe importance of nationalizing all
industries which are trusts in nature. The only way to get even
with a trust is to buy it and be in
on it. All the people then must
become shareholders.
Those who scoff at the declaration made by those who favor
public ownership of railroads that
under that system, a passenger
could ride from New York to Chicago for $2, or across the continent
for $5, should know that in Switzerland, where ths railroads are
owned by the government, one may
ride night and day for 15 ^lays for
$6. To those who cannot believe
until convinced by a practical demonstration, what more proof do
you want 3 If the government
owned the railroads of the United
States, working men of Now York
or other northern cities would visit
the beauties of California every
winter,   those   of   torrid   southern
Hands off lhe coronation oath.
If you see it in the Eagle, It's so.
Tho under
the yelping,
dog generally  doe9 all
Thc way of tho knocker is hard and
leauetli Into many difficulties.'
Wind and personal abuse are cheap,
but it takes money to buy paper.
Waiting   too  often   depends    upon
which side has to do tlio waiting.
Spiritualism is not the only brand of
Insanity evidenced in a nearby community.
Always desiring to moot tho requirements of its readers, the Topio is now
issued on wrapping paper,
A gigantic United States railway
trust throatons to absorb Canada's
loading railroads. Tlio remedy is in
tho hands of tlie  poople.   Buy them
Govornmont ownership of railways
and oilier public conveniences will
emancipate Canada from tlio slavery
entailed upon it by the greed of capitalists.
Pei'gu: onl You've hoard tlio name
before. If you haven't its your fault,
for it is synonymous with the good
name the Lardeau mining camp now
Thc coronation declaration as it
stands w:ts a blood-bought measure.
Leave it alone. The government have
no business to meddle with these religious matters.
cities could lake a week off and
prices by law ; and that wages and ! visit the cool retreats ol the Adiron-
conditions of labor cannot be settled dacks   or   of   the   Rockies    every
by laws  ot  the legislature, instead
of the laws of supply and demand.
The New Zealand act simply
rises above these objections. It
does not attempt to make men
work by laws, neither does it fix
wages by law. It confines itself to
saying that if men work they must
do so without strikes or lockouts ;
and that if they cannot agree with
their employers as to  prices,  the
summer, and those of both north
and south could revel in seasonable
ftuits and vegetables the year
round. Are these not reasons
enough why working men should
work for the system of public ownership? There are other reasons,
scores of them, but are not these
enough?���Labor World.
Thoro aro indications that thoro will
bo considerable mining activity in the
Lardeau and Trout Lake district this
season. Nearly all tlio properties that
have beon worked during the past
summer have shown up 'well under
development, and thero is a feeling of
renewed eottfideneo in tlie resources of
tlio district.
Tho government handles the criminal law business in Canada.and should
handle all civil law cases. It would
give tho poor moro justice, the rich
less power, and would make lawyors
less grasping. We havo too much law
framed with a vlow to making tho
legal profession fat at tho expense of
the musses.���Ledge.
Sandon    Paystreak:     Prospeotors
holding property in tlio Lardeau country uro jubilant ovor llio prospects for
tho coming season. Tho railroad will
mako a boom camp of that section, and
many prospeotors who havo spent
several years waiting for transporta<
tion will now havo an opportunity to
realize on thoir properties.
There aro just as smart and tntelli
gent girls among the poor class of
people on this oarth as among the
rich. Because a girl is poor and is
compelled to work for her living is no
The expected has happened at reason that she must be classed as she
decision shall be left to some im- last���scarcely before our dear old!'s by some folks as a "proletarian." In
partial person and not fought out.     Queen is cold in death.     Premier I ���"u;e''lnf' ��'etm^ _��a,,'th.,vve_.h1^6
An example of the working of the
new system is given by Lloyd, in
the work just quoted. Prior to the
passage of the act there had been
almost unremittent warfare in the
shoe trade. A crisis in the trade
came soon after the new law went
into effect.     Employers  and en��
,      . ���     ���       . ,    ���      1 found that out of 100 girls of wealthy
Laurier, or an ally  Hon. John Cos-1 .     ,    ,   .,       ...   ���>���_���
' �� ! parents, who play lovely on the piano,
tigan, has had a resolution passed | thore was only one girl who could
and adopted in the house of com-1 cook a roast fit for a man to eat, while
mons, petitioning His Majesty for out of 100 poor girls thore were only
such alteration   of   the coronation!livo who couia P'W "Annie Laurle"
,,   ,���. .. ... ..       .,    I after a fashion on the organ, but the
declaration as will remove from the   ..     ���-      ,,     .       ��  4i����i�� n...
other 05 could get up a  dinner that
oath all expressions offensive to the woU]d mttko amttn Bay:  "Well, she
King's  subjects   of   the    Roman [cooks just like my mother."
Lumber I   Lumber!
The Lardeau Saw Mill carries constantly a large
quantity of Seasoned Lumber, and is now running
night and day to keep ahead of thc coming rush. Yards
in Ferguson and in Trout Lake. January, 1901.
D. L. Clink,
Price $60.00
Visible Writing From Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, Franoe, Italy, United States,
Mexioo, etc, giving entire satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Andy    Cummings,
����-���������� ���������
American   And
European Plan.
The Balmoral Hotel will be found
always prepared to accommodate
guests in an up-to-date style. The
bar is stocked with the choicest wines,
liquors and cigars, and our cuisine
service receives special attention and
is unsurpassed in North Kootenay.
The. capacity has recently been
increased by an extensive addition
and furnished and refitted throughout.
I Hotel Perguson
��    ���   The bar is supplied with the best brands of f
AfAb (Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
^F   W Headquarters for Mining and Commercial ��
p    *** Men.   Tender feet comforted.
Itntes SS.OO'u day ami upwards.
Ferguson Bros,, Proprietors. I
�����   "	
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
sit,   WELL LIGHTED AND HEATED ROOMS. .,..������ ,*��� ���.,   , ,���.......     ���,
Wholesale  Denier   In
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
The Kent Uomlft Only.
Stuck Large and Complete.
-LS "CO.�� ��� ��� ��� ���
Tlie place where
tlie Mines are.
9       f
1 Ferguson
T.A. Wilson, M.D.. CM.
].. R. 0. I'. A s.   [Queen's University,]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
Should read and inwardly
digest the following-:
That the Lardeau district has
unbounded mineral resources no
well informed person will deny.
The Lardeau district is entering
upon a new era, brought about by
wonderful developments, finds and
strikes already made; along with
the fact that the construction of a
railway by the C. P. R. is absolutely certain for early next season, in
fact the company are now building
the wharf at the head of Kootenay
lake, and the contract for 80,000
ties has been let.
The large ore shipments being
made this winter in spite the fact
that transportation and treatment
costs $35 to $50 per ton, indicates
the high grade nature of our ores.
With cheap transportation next
season, when Lardeau's tow and
medium grade ores can be treated
profitably the possibilities are
The attention of outside investors
has already been arrested and hundreds are now making arrangements to operate in this district���
in fact some of them are here now,
securing bonds, looking for and
finding ground-floor propositions.
No district in Canada to-day
offers better inducements for the
investor than this one. The mining
industry is no monopoly. The poor
man has even chances,at least more
so than in other lines. When he
finds a "Triune" he doesn't need to
sell. What other occupation in
lite can a man follow where his
chances with a wealthy competitor
are less diminished than in prospecting and mining?
"There is a tide in the affairs of
men,which, taken at the flood leads
on to fortune." It may not be your
lot to make a fortune, but if ever
there was an opportunity in a mining camp, the Lardeau offers it
to-day. Don't wait until the railway comes; for then the prospector
is not in the same need of money to
hang on.
If you have money to invest now
is the time to investigate. Come
straight to Ferguson ; you will find
men here who have properties to
sell; in fact Ferguson is the home,
the meeting place for prospectors
and investors. The owners, as a
rule, will be lound most reasonable
and always ready to give you information, cheerfully escort you to
their properties, and otherwise
interest you in their interests. We
have the mineral resources and no
money to develop them. Will you
come in and help us and thus help
yourself ?
Purchasers of lots are
hereby notified that all
payments from this date
must be made to the undersigned, whose receipt only is
Final Payments may be
sent to the Imperial Bank
of Canada, Revelstoke, P.C.,
to be held till delivery of
�� j
Henry Floyd,
Sole Agent Ferguson Townsite.
January 5tli, 1900.
\Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter c)! Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Banll ol Canada.
Geo. S.MoCartor.                 J. A. Harvey.
A.M. l'inkliam.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
/ Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service1" in school lioufic every
Sunday at 3 p.m    jimday ni'hool at 2 p.m.
Trout Lake City . Services in Forrester's
hull every ^..ndnyat 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at -ii'lOp.m.
REV. H. J. GREEN, Pastor.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   ,
The most cmnpleU' resort on the continent
of North AinericiL Situated midst scenery
unrivalled fur grandeur. Boating, flf-lilng
and excursion.-*. Kesklenl physician and
mrse. In telegraphic communication with
nil parts of the world. Two mail*; arrive nnd
depart every day. Its.batna euro all imrvous
and muscular diseases Its wators lien! all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
hatha and waters are a aure remedy agiiinnt
all Hrueijliferoiis poisons, TERMS: $15 to
$18 per week, according to residence in hotel
or villas.
The Eagle Ball
now ready for parties desiring to aoonrt
ii for public purposo*. For prtcos, etc.
All Work
<;u;,riilil��','.l <
|S. F. W. Gainer J
Watchmaker anil Jowolor,
Victoria Avenuo, Ferguabni B. <'.
Tike rtotloo Hint The Double Eagle Mining
and Development Company, Limited Liability,
co-owner with von ot tho "May Bee" minoral
claim, lltuatod on llu' Nettio I., moiiiilmn neat
I'crguion, ln the Trout Lako mining division
o! West Kootenay, nntish Columbia, have
performed an I recorded tbo assessment
work and ninclo the expenditure roqulrod
to bo dono and recorded on I lie above
mentioned claim lor the year won under section 21 of thc Mineral Aot and the yenr for
which work was done nnd expenditure made
bavlntt expired, wo hereby give you notice
pursuant to section lour of the Mineral Act
Amendment Act 1500, to contribute your proportion of such expenditure for the year woo,
within 90 (lavs of thc tlrst publication hereof.
' Hated this mill day of January, A. D. 1001.
Per A. II. Holdich, Secretary.
Showing tlio position of tho
streams, mountains! und passes,
waterways, ovory claim in the
Trout lake mining district, tho
trails and wagon roads, location
of surveyed railways, and everything whicli will assist nn outsider to acquaint himself with
our district. Tlie production
of this map has lioon taken hold
of by two of the best Btted men
for tho purposo in tlio province,
Messrs. A. I1. Cummins, P.L.S.,
and S. .Shannon, B. A., both having personal and practical knowledge of tlio district.
Tho map is to bo beautifully
lithographed in five colors and
entirely free from advertising
matter of any kind.
Tho urgent necessity for such
a complete map, probably iO x 4(1
has long boon felt by nil persons
interested in this district; and it
is a pleasure to noto that two
such nblo men have decided to (ill
the bill. The Price, the same
to all, has been placed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You   Want  ono  or   Moro
Send your address at
* once to
The Lardeau Eagle
Ferguson, B. O.
Halters of North America
-.  ���:,    - THTH la-TIIE
>*-*Vn:.r'     >. UN ON I.AHE1.
���V-    '7'i7.""--//^r\     nfthu 1'nitcil Ilm-
���0'*'~ '".-���.  >\   tor.** oi Vorth  Am-
,���'   \ , ,". '---���\ orlea.    Wlion yon
.     '     ,        v.i \ ���'���   uri   i. ivfug ii FPU
v    *   ,  HAT, cither H>fi or
j.".     Blilt, -lOP   Ul   it   tllft'.
:. ,���'-" .   '��� '   tliCfiouuftu' UNION
'- '     '- / LAHKI. MHeffal in
:   .   "    / It.   If ti r.'tiiller.his
* .  .     __:'.- ���   ���'V'.'1'*'.'/     lOOStl   lilbuh   ill  hid
s%-'r'::'��f.x-i���''i *.'r.*X       pnsw.ssimi  ui'il off-
V X''7 r/Ai'^-'u*      era to put one in a
v.'.^pr~T**X.*',>*       Urn for yon do nol
'"-���,���. i patronise Mm.   Ho
notuny right to nova loose labels, l-oose
ImIiuU'.'i rotaliatoresarooounterfollB. Po not
lUifii in anv explanation ns to��iiv ilic i>m tint*-
nolabol. The Genuine Union Label in perforated on tho four edges exactly the same ana
postage stamp. Coutcrfeits ��iv sometimes
in'ffoi'*ii',(t on tliroi-of ihocdgeB.andsomotimos
onlv on two. Keep a sharp lookoutlorthe
counterfeits. Unprihoiplert manufacturers aro
using them i" order io cl-i rldof thotrscab*
madobats. The John B. a tot eon Co anclHenry
ii. Roelofs, both of Philadelphia, Pa., art; nonunion concerns,
JOHN A. MOPP1TT, President,Orange,N. J.
JOHN PHILLIPS, Beoretary, 477 Park Ave,
Brooklyn, N. V.
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing tiie blue LABEL.
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying fair and honOBt wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
The Union Label
On everything yon buy la. n guarantee
that tiie producers thereof racoive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.
ice that this Label is on all Clothing yen buy,
Canadian Pacific
Take notion that wc tho undersigned oo.
ownors with you of the Little Robert nnd
Little Robert No. 2, mineral olaims Bltuated at
tho extreme head of tho north fork of Lardeau
creek ln the Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootonay ln tho province of
British Columbia, have performed nml recorded tile assessment work and made tho expenditure required to bo dono and reoordeil on the
above niontloned claims for the yenr 1900.
under scot lon 114 of the Minoral Act and tlio
year for which work was performed and ex-
pcmllturo made having expired we do
-lierobv give you notice pursuant to section 4 of
ihe Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900, to con-
tribute your proportion of such expelulilurc
for tlie war hereinbefore mentioned within 90
daysof the tlrst publication hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake thil28th dayof January,
A. I). 1901.
Ferguson Packing
and Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entorod into for packing of
Mining Supplius, ote., to any point
in tho district.
Good, prompt service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing
to F�� rguson a spooialty.
First Class Sleepers
On nil trains from Revelatoke and
Kootenay Landing,
pass Dunmoi'o Junction for
St. Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Toronto on Mondays
and Wednesdays. Montreal and Boston on Saturdays. Samo ears pass Revelstoke one day   earlier.
Kor lime tables and full Information call on
or address nearest local agent. '
J. M6GREERY, Agcut Arrowhead.
.1. 8,   CARTER. T, P. A.,  Nelson.
S.   DANEY,    Proprietor. 11.j U0YLIi,A)it. Pau.A|t.,V��nooat)er, a C.
Real Estate
in Ferguson
Is probably thc safest investment in the country
as can be readily seen from  the  actual  records
of  assessment,   certificates   of   improvements,
development,   new strikes  in   various  mining
properties surrounding Ferguson  and  the  fact
that a railway will reach  here this year.     The
demand  for  Ferguson   Real Estate will be too
brisk by spring to secure  the  same  values   as
now.     Choice lots   already   disposed   of  are
changing   hands   among   private    owners   at
double   and   more   than our prices.    And it is
quite   reasonable  to  suppose that the townsite
prices  will  be advanced as the demand for lots
increases.     In  anticipation   of what is in store
for  the  near future, several large buildings are
being erected, a public school building is  to   be
provided, two banking institutions will establish
branches here, and taken altogether the citizens
are   evincing   their faith   in    the     town     by
. something   more   than   talk.
Ferguson is ti
Coming Town
The Place Where
the Mines Are
Ferguson is recognised by all to be the best
located and laid out townsite in the Lardeau
district. Its unique position at the base and
gateway to the Great Northern, Nettie L. and
Silver Cup hills, entitles it to the well known
local name--the Pay Roll centre Ferguson is
the headquaners and outfitting point for all the
mining men now operating in '.his district.
Accept a pointer, make enquiries, come in and
see for yourself and you will agree with us
that Ferguson Real Estate is the best tiling
now offered as a safe investment in this country. The large number of sales among
private owners of lots, the steady upbuilding
o( the town, and ihe confidence displayed
by men who are already on he ground should
be sufficient evidence for the average investor
that like all othor mining camps,   the  leading
towns are located where the  mines  are.
Ferguson will be no exception to the rale.
Henry Floyd,
Sole Agent, Revelsteke, B. C.
��MtOMt����O��0����3����*-3��M^>��3><S> -a. yt -������; ^���v>^��<tM>����*^MMM>*H mwmmmms
Don't overlook the opening ball in
Ferguson next Thursday evening.
... meat canning factory is likely to
..ii established in Calgary, Alberta's
stoclc centra.
D. L. Clink has filled all his Ferguson orders for lumber. The Ferguson
mill is running at lull capacity.
The East Kootonay valley is being
provided with a telegraph line, a much
needod and beneficial public service
"I want you to send me the EAGLE
for anothor year. Seattle is a hot
town at present."���!'. V. Downing,
Seattlo, Wash.
Thore is a police row on in Nelson
and also in Vancouver. More trouble,
apparently, to koop tho police iu line
than the civilians.
Premier Dunsmuir has rocoivod a
hot roast (rom Lionel Terry over tho
manner in which he has treated the
white miners in the coast coal mines.
Nearly all the principal buildings
for the Pan-American exposition aro
oompleted, and the finishing touches
are being applied throughout the
,1. Smith, of Trout Lake, one of the
most popular floor managers in tbe
district, has been engaged by tho committee for the opening ball in the new
hall on Thursday evening, March 14th.
An unconfirmed report from Ottawa
credits the government with having
acquired the Great North Western
Telegraph system as preliminary to
nationalizing all the telegraph linos in
In consequence of the soft weather,
which is running away with the snow
very rapidly and has spoiled the roads
through the woods, logging operations
for the Baw mill have had to be suspended.���Trout Lake Topic.
Sir William Van Home, with othor
Canadian and American capitalists, is
applying for a charter for the incorporation of the Cananian Salt company,
with a capita! of $800,000 and its chiof
place of buBinoss in Montreal.
This world is not bo large alter all.
Last mail postmaster Geo. B. Batho
received at this office a letter from
London, England, addressed simply
and only "The Nettle L. mine." The
Lardeau and the Nettie L. are synono-
mous terms.
An exchange thinks tbat courting a
girl is like starting a newspaper. It
starts out weekly, -then becomes a triweekly, then omerges into a daily, und,
if it has any enterprise and stlck-l.o-it-
iveness about, it comes out with an
extra about once a year.
The first report of the Bureau of
Labor of the provinco of Ontario for
the year ending Deeembor 31st, 1000,
is to hand. It contains volumes of
useful information and statistical facts
and figures. The causo of labor is
moving ahead in Ontario in leaps and
According to the government report
just issued thero aro 115 railways in
Canada controlled by 80 companies.
The Dominion lines netted last year
94,774,161.87, or an increase of J820,-
344.47. The gross working expenses
amounted to $4,065,228.00, an increase
of 8758,615.75.
Trout Lake Topic: Fred Kettleson
arrived on Monday last from Calgary
to take a case in the office of the Ferguson Eagle. Fred is well known in
Trout Lake, having worked in the
Topic office for sovoral months during
the close of 'OH, and is one of the most
reliable printers we have ever run
Nelson Miner: A. F. RoBonborgor, of
the Prospectors' Exchange, is on a
trip of Inspection to the properties
owned by the Imperial Development
syndicate of this city, owned by Lexington mountain, In the Fish creek
camp. He is acting for A. H. Gracey,
who is recovering from a recent illness.
Still another unfortunate victim has
been instantly killed in tho Le Roi
mine, Rossland, by an explosion.
These accidents appear to be happening rather regularly in the banner
mine. It Is just possible that the
inspector should call around and size
up the conditions under which the men
are working.
A concert will be given on the 16th
of Maroh by several of the young people of Trout Lake who are practicing
for the occasion under the direction of
Mrs. A. E, Jowett. The principal
feature of the entertainment will be a
musical sketch lasting somewhere in
the neighborhood of an hour. The
best musical talent of the locality will
take part. The proceeds are to be devoted to clearing off the debt on the
The Government Said to Believe
That Publio Opinion is Veering
That Way,.
An Ottawa correspondent, who is in
a position to know, says the following
aocurately represents the opinion of
tho government: "There can be but
littlo question that tho proposal for
state ownership of all great public
franchises is rapidly gaining strength.
In a conntry that has had so much cx-
porience in political crookedness as
Canada has, it is to be expected that
the people will hesitate before placing
so muck power and patronage in the
hands of the politicians as would accrue ti them if the railways, telegraph, telephones and other great
public franchises wero owned by tho
country und operated by tho govornmont. At tho same time it is recognized that the present condition of
affairs is fust becoming unbearable;
the big corporations are yearly getting
moro autocratic and intolerant, and
the startling manner in which a handful of multi-millionaire^ are securing
absolute control of all the great interests and industries in the States is
waking publio opinion up in a hurry
in this country. Moreover, the fact is
being more appreciated that the tone
of political morality in Canada is improving, the'public sentiment in fuvor
ot clean men aud clean methods is
growitig rapidly, and the boodllng
operations of the past are hardly likely
to be repeated."
Assayer and Analytical
General Blacksmithing
and Repair Work���
Promptly attended to at moderate rates.
Horse shoeing a specialty.
Imperial Bank
tii ii     nf Canada.
I1K8T - - -
. 12,600,000.00.
��� fl,72.1,000.110.
(ii::;uu. "inking ttusincvssTransacted
Interest allowed on dopoHitB In Savings
Popartincnt at current rates.
H. Edwards!*-*,
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs Cleaned
and repaired.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
Mrs. E. Knowlton returned toFergu
son from a visit to Orangeville, Ont.,
Vincent Lade, S. Shannon, S. P. W.
Gainer and S. Daney will commence
work on thoir buildings this month.
Andrew Ferguson, David Ferguson,
and S. F. W. Gainer left for Revelstoke, for a few daj's, on Wednesday
John Laughton, of tlie Hotel Lardeau, is having considerable improvement made to his house Tho third
floor, reached hy an additional stairway from the second flat, has been
turned into bedrooms, which are hoing
furnished by R. Howson, of Rovel-
stoke.   Alex. Gray is doing tiie work.
Several loads of shingle brills have
been delivered at D. L. Clink's saw
mill, Trout Lako, whore Messrs. Woods
& Godsoe's shingle mill will he temporarily set up, as soon as it arrives from
Arrowhoad. The owners ot the mill
however, will ultimately move the
plant to their recently acquired timber
limit, up the lake a short way.
Nature, in the Halcyon Hot Springs,
has supplied a remedy for many of the
Ills that curse the lifo of man. Sufferers will do well to remember this, and
purge their anatomy by drinking
plenty of the water and bathing in its
warm embrace. It niaketh the old
young again, and the young ns tho'
they had been born again. Nothing
equals health, and thore is plonty of
health awaiting customers nt Halcyon.
* For oflice supplies of every description at lowest prices send to tho
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke, B. C. Mail ordors promptly
* When you reach Trout Lake City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson Bros., proprietors, Good
accomodation ; best service; choico
wines, liquors and cigars; fire proof
safe; rates reasonable.
R. S. Wilson-
"Our Special"
Kevelstoke Cigar Mfg. Co.
M   Druggists
0   Chemists
W"   Slat/oners
Carpets, Lineoleum,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Agent Pianos, Sewing Machines,   etc.
Mall orders promptly attended to.
If. HOWSON, Furniture Dealer
and Undertaker. REVELSTOKE.
In the Lardoau
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters    of    Legitiinato   Mining
The Lardeau
Has unexcelled facilities
for doing all kinds of . .
All orders given careful,
tasty and intelligent at
Lardeau Eagle Job Department
Victoria Avenue,
Ferguion, 0,0,
We beg to inform the Lardeau building public that
in a few days wc will
have a complete stock  of
on hand at the Ferguson
Saw Mill. Mr. Davis,
our Lardeau Agent, will
be pleased to quote you
prices, show you the
stock and deliver it.
Sawyer Bros.,
-��� When buying a suit of clothes,
ft**        <i hut or anything in the line of
T wearing apparrel, one naturally
    looks for quality and style. Our
first aim is to see that every article is substantial and durable. Next we see that it is
thoroughly artistic in design. Our experience
enables us to do this. Our stock of Miners
clothing is the best in the Lardeau and we
carry the most complete line of boots and shoes
in North Kootenay. No matter what your
taste may be in thes dines we can satisy it
McKinnon k Sutherland.
Before Going Up
the Hill
to work on your properties, drop in and
see us about your supplies, etc. Miners
outfitted complete.
Pioneer Store
CumminscSc Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
Before buying Hardware for building Purposes
drop a line for quotations to ....
More  than  freight  saved   by    buying   your
requirements   from   tlie Departmental  Store.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
��:��    General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Branch at
Trout Lake City.
In the New Hall, Ferguson,
Thursday. March 14th.
Mr. Qrltttth, Violinist.
Miss Edwards, Pianist.
Norman miller, Cornet.
J. Smith, Floor Manager.
Committee: Vincent Lade, Dr. T. A. Wilson,
Arthur Brans, S. Shannon, Miss Jr.
JSaVarts, '. C, KirkptUkk,
NO. I K. W. 0. BLOCK, Nlil.SON, 11. (J,
Uold, Silver-Load and Connor Mines wanted al lhe EXCHANGE, I'ltKli
Mil.I.INC   OOI.I)  proportion   wanted  at once  for   Kaatcrn   InveiitorH.
rartlc* havlne niluiua property Kor Sale arc requested In scud k,iiii[i1ci,
oftuelr ore to tnoBXalfAMlft for exhibition.
All samples ahould he Honl hy express prepaid. Correspondence!
solicited,  address all communication to
P.O. Box TOO,     NELSON, li. O,
Don't    Hesitate    About   Building*
Because you fear you will have to wait for Lumber.    I   have  my  mill  running daily and can fill     I
all orders, large  and small,   with  despatch,   and
furnish the best of lumber at reasonable prices.
R.   Davis,
Ferguson,  B.  C.


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