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VOL. III. !���?(). 34.
$2.00 A YEAR.
judge Miller Speaks Glowingly of
This Distrlots's Progress
The Old.Oold and Primrose Are
Shewing 'Up Well, and Will
be Worked All Winter
Judge Miller, who has returned to
Rossland, alter spending .nearly two
months in tbis camp, in speaking to a
.Rossland daily is certainly most
sanguine as to the future of the
Lardeau, predicting that in a lew years
it will outstrip tbe Slocan as an ore
producer. He states that the district
is livelier today tban it has ever been,
much nf the extra life being owing to
the railroad work in progress and the
Activity Among Mining Men
who see in tbe construction of the road
the   promise   of , tbe transportation
facilities for which the country has
been waiting.      t
In tbe mining eamp where his interests lie, Judge Miller states that matters are progressing most satisfactorily.
Day and nightsh'ifts are being worked,
a crew of fifteen'men being employed,
On the Old Gold between 500 and 600
feet of work bas been done. There is
a promising showing on the surface,
and one tunnel tapped tbe ore body at
a perpendicular depth of 100 feet at a
point 160 leet from tbe portal. At this
point the vein carries
Two Feet of Clean Ore
running $125 per ton and three feet of
concentrates. Another tunnel Is now
under way to tap tbe oro body at an
additional depth of 100 feet, and the
workings on this level are in 150 feet.
Progress is being made at the rate of
throe feet per day, and the vein should
be encountered at an additional distance of 60 feet. It is regarded as certain ln view ol the experience gained
at other points that the ore body will
be found to carry additional values at
this depth. A small shipment of Old
Gold ore has been made to test tbe
value.   This
Consignment le Now at Ferguson,
and will probably be forwarded to the
Everett, Wash., plant for treatment.
It is not the company's Intention to
ship during tbe winter because of the
heavy charges for transportation. It
is believed in this connection tbat true
economy lies In permitting tho ore to
remain undisturbed until such time In
tiie near future as the excessive transportation charges aro substantially
reduced.  The mine
Could Rhlp n Lnrgo (luuntltv of Or.'
during the coming season lf it were
deemed wise, particularly as ono of the
problems of transportation has been
solved by the construction of a trail
from the ramp down the west fork or
the Duncan for a distance ot four miles
to tbo landing where the Steamers call.
The government bus constructed the
trail up the Duncan to a point within
three-quarters of a mile, and has
authorized tbe Old Gold company to
complete the work. This gives the
camp a continuous down haul to thc
waterside, the natural and most
economical outlet for its ore. It is
To Continue Work All Winter,
the mine buildings being in excellent
condition for the winior.
"On tha, Primrose work is being
prosecuted'on either end of the proporty with a couple of shifts each during
the 24 hours. On the west end No. 2
tunnel is being continued and Is now in
00 feet, aud the ore is beginning to
come in very nlc&ly," said Mr. Miller.
"I have to report ,
A Very Important strlko
on the east end in No. 2 tunnol which
Is now In about 30 foet. Here tbe ore
body on the footwall Is 15 inches in
width, ha.ylng widened out to this from
about six inches, and when 1 left was
���till on the Increase. The character of
the ore is a bit of a surprise, for from
several assays we received gold values
ranging from
���5.50 to ���180.80 to the Ton,
Copper values ranging from 5 per cent.
to 20 per cent, per ton. The silver
teste bave not yet been made, but are
expected to run high. The following
are eoples of tbe results of some of the
tests made for gold and copper: Sample
1, whieh was tested for gold alone,
went $180.80; sample 2, which was also
tested for gold alone, went $31.20;
sample 3, which was of material taken
clear across the lead, gave a gold value
of $15.20; sample 4, wall matter, gave
a gold value of $6.40; sample 5, of zinc,
tested for gold, went $5.00. In the
several tests made as above the lead
percentage was not high, running
about 7 per cent, per ton. In a recent
test made of this ore for silver, returns
of 140 ounces per ton were obtained.
"In connection with the values in
gold and copper, silver and lead, lt may
be said that tbe former values are confined exclusively to,.the foot wall,
where the
Paystreak li Fifteen Inches Wide
at present, while tbe latter are confined
to the hanging wall. At the present
stage of development it is not possible
to state just how wide the streak of
silver-lead is. The meeting with such
high values ln gold and copper was
totally unexpected, but the stiver and
lead values have always been exceptionally good. Development will be
pushed through the winter on No. 1
tunnel at the east end and should catch
tbe ore ohute within the next sixty
feet, Tbe tunnel site is a grand one,
being located ln the timber and near to
tbe creek and trail. The depth gained
will be fully loot for foot."
The Seoond Shipment This Season
Contained 9665.42 in
Oold Values.
Andrew Ferguson returned from tho
Trail smelter on Tuesday, witb the
returns from the second Triune shipment made this season. The gross
returns were $5,502.58, $0115.42 of which
wns gold vulues. Another 20-ton lot
will be ready for shipment this week,
and the third and last shipment this
season will follow in a couple of weeks.
if the present fine weather continues,
however, the output will be further
Life in Ferguson bas its own peculiar
drawbacks. A large number of minors
came down the bill on pay day���last
Saturday���and the resident who bas
had an undisturbed night's rest since
tbat date did not live nearer than the:
Horne-Payne camp. Even Billy Pool
complained of having to get up in the
night, at the demand of miners in his
employ, and sign cheques for time
sheets while still dressed In his night
wardrobe. One hundred dollar bets,
witb sixteen to draw to, were only
ordinary Incidences; while on every
corner might be seen men declaring
their fighting proclivities or undying
friendship for each other. Champagne
was drutk from beer glasses, while
plain belly-wash flowed like water.
Talk about your Sarcee sun dance,
Blaokfoot pow-wow or Cluch potlach,
but the past week In tbe pay roll centre
was simply a continual round of pleasure.   But ob I what an awakening.
The Matohed Contest at Spokane
Puts Past Records to Sleep.
Before a crowd of 2000 people in the
big tent used'by the Elks'carnival
shows, at Spokane, the Butte drilling
team, Bradshaw and Freethy, defeated
Ross and McLeod, representing Sandon. It was only by a close margin
that Butte carried off the money, for
an inch or more by the Sandon 'team
would have turned tho tables. The
Butte team drove the drills down 52
inches, while the Sandon team had 51
1-4 inches to its credit when time was
called. Both teams were unfortunate
in selecting the spot to start the drills.
The granite must have been obstinate
when the drills began to penetrate to
a depth, for drills stuck for both teams
and there was considerable time and
distance lost because of that fact. Ross
swung the hammer like a demon and
McLeod came down on the steel with
tremendous force,  but the luck was
Recent development on the Mountain
Boy group of olaims on the south side
of Pool creek has resulted In some discoveries 6* very rich free-milling gold
ore. The group Is situated in the same
belt as the Eva and Oyster groups in
the Lardeau district and belongs to I.
McGee and W. Gerard. The property
was located nearly lour years ago as a
galena proposition and assessment
work has been done each year. The
ledge was a large one but the ore was
of such a low grade that littlo hope
was entertained of, the property proving to be of any great value. The
recent discoveries on the Eva and other
adjoining properties having shown
that the claims comprised in the group
were in the free gold district the ledge
was thoroughly prospected and stripped
for a considerable distance. This resulted in a chute of extremely rich
gold ore being found in the ledge that
had before been worked only for sliver.
The owners are naturally much elated
oyer tbe discovery.
The working force on the Ophir-Lade
group has been laid of! for tbe winter.
Tbe snow coming so early, the non-
completion of the Bunker hill trail,
and not being prepared, are among tbe
reasons assigned. The property was
looking better with every shot, and it
seems a pity to have its development
retarded, but It takes lots of time In
such cases, as has always been the
drawback with every camp newly
beginning. However, there is good
reason to believe that tho $100,(KW bond
will be taken up as it matures, since
tbe development already dons proves
it to be well wortb risking that much
money. And with tho expenditure of
another $2,000 or $3,000 next season the
Ophir-Lade need abut down no more,
for there seems every ovldenoe, from
tho free milling gold quartz brought
down by.ths Hen, tbat the pinohing-
out feature will not come in our time.
Capt. Gore a<)d W. Downio went
down the lake '.to Twin Falls on Tuesday, to size up tho. railwaj' situation in
that locality. They, report that at least
600 more men will be at work within a
week. They woro anxiously enquiring
into the likely tonnage available and it
may reasonably be supposed that upon
their report rests the decision as to
whether tho company will put a boat
on the lake nnd operate the branch
this winter,
Mining men engage their
crews at Ferguson, and
pay them off in Ferguson.
The place where the mines
are is the place where the
towns are	
Ferguson receives the pay
roll benefit from all the
shipping mines ,	
against the men from British Columbia.
It seemed to be an even thing to the
betting fraternity, and Butte money
found ready takers at evens. Ross and
McLeod were the last to drill of four
teams in the tournament, and the excitement was at fever height during
the last moments. When tho judges
announced that Butte had carried oil
the $1000 purse there was a groan of
disappointment from a large contingent
who fancied the Scotchmen from tbe
Slocan. Davey and Stephens of Marys-
ville, Montana, drilled 63 7-8 Inches
against 40 3-8 inches by Patterson and
Stephens, a picked team, Theso teams
had better luck with their rock than
the other two. \
Good tidings continue to como from
the Slocan and tho dry ore bourn is
dally growing in strength. Tbo tide
is flooding there and much better times
than for years past are plainly ln
Freight is now being accepted by
tho C. P. R. for transmission over the
Lardo line and is carried about eight
miles up Irom tho lake by rail. The
steel is being laid as fas: as possible
and by December 1st the line le ex
pected to be through to Trout lake.���
Nelson Miner, This looks good to
The Lardeau branch of the C. V, R.
is being pushed through with all
possible speed. Contractor Carlson is
away endeavoring to Secure harvest
bands in Manitoba, There Is still a
great deal of Work to do, but the contractors hopo to roach JVln Falls, at
tho foot of the lake, by tbe middle of
December. A good many people are
coming in by that route already.
Jamos Rutherford, manager of the
Lardo Valleys Mines, Limited, passed
through Nelson last week, says tbe
Tribune, on his way to tbe companies
properties on Tenderfoot creek in tho
Trout Lake section. Mr. Rutherford
will continue development on the prop
erty all winter, and took threo or four
miners in with him to supplement the
orsw already at work. Some exceptionally rich ore has been taken from
the claims held by this company on
Tenderfoot creek, the gold returns
being surprisingly high, but sufficient
work has not yet been done to remove
any of tho claims out of tho prospect
K. M. Morgan was in town on Tuesday settling up Cromwell supply
accounts, tho proporty having shut
down for the winter. Thoy havo six
tons out, which was to bo shipped from
the Landing yesterday to the Trail
smelter. A snow-slide last week, cov-
oring up the tunnol, intimated that iI
wns time to move���and they did. The
property was looking her best when
tbey wero compelled to quit for tho
season. The results of tho oro shipment will be awaited with interest.
Tho addition to Ed. Perry's residence Is nearing completion.
Cutler T. Porter of Spokane, interested in the Wagner group, is in town.
One of the finest bars ever placed in
a hotel in the Lardeau is now possessed
by the Hotel Ferguson.
It begins to look as though the C. P.
R, would do some wharf building, during low water, on Trout lake yet this
* If you want to find where you aro
at buy a copy of tho now map of the
Lardeau. The EAGLE has thc sole
agency for Ferguson.
Tho foundation has beon laid for
Robert Gunu's two-story building on
Victoria evenue, oast, and Contractor
Dunbar and men are making good uso
of the line weather prevailing.
Tbe miners' union hall has been in
the hands of tbe carpontors for a week,
Tho local quadrille club will now have
tbo best dancing floor in tho district
for their assemblies this winter.
Henry Floyd of Revelstoke, goneral
agent for the Ferguson townsite, Mrs.
Floyd and family are in town this week
renewing their old acquaintances. Mr.
Floyd Is much pleased with the progress Ferguson is making.
The "farmers" at the Le Roi aro
having a perfect picnic, says the
Rossland World. The dally accidents
are like wedding presents "numerous
and costly" and the casualty list is
assuming alarming proportions,
The government appropriation for
the trunk trail up Coat cireeta.is ex>
hausted, and tbe trail Is unfinished to
tbe Beatrice, tbe mine which it is
intended to assist. Another $200 at
least is required, but likoly Mr.
Fullmer will likely havo to put up for
it himself.
t     P
Record   of   Progress During tho
Past Week.
Some Properties Are Closing Down
for the  Winter, But Others
Make  Ready >to   Ship.
. A 58 It. crosscut tunnel has just been
completed on the Triune Fraction, tho
ledgo having boen tapped. No solui
body of oro was found, but there will
havo to Be some drifting dono before tho
lead's value Is ascertained.
The Canyon creek section, near
Twin Falls, at the foot of Trout lake,
seems to be making a good shewing
under development. Some excellent
samples of grey-copper oro have been
shown In Ferguson.
J. V. Armstrong, accompanied by r.
successor to D. G, McNeil as superintendent of the Silver Cup mine, arrived
in town on Tuesday. Work will likely
be pushed ahead on the Cup from this
Had tho big new strike on tho Ajax,
in thc Nettio L. group, beon made a
month earlier the ore shipments this
winter by tho Groat Western Co. might
easily have boen doubled.
The Metropolitan and Sunsot, north
fork properties, bave closed down for
tho winter. The Metropolitan ore
shipment, over live tons, Is now being
teamed to the Landing.
Tho Eaolk'is informed that work
has beon resumed on tho American,
recently bondeci by the Mountain Lion
Mining Co.
There is seven tons of ore sacked an 1
ready for shipment at the Blauk Warrior, a McDonald creek basin ore
Supplies for tho winter aro bein���-
packed from Ferguson to the Silver
Cup mino. The force is being gradually
A chute of clean high-grade galona
oro threo foet in width has been encountered in the upper workings of tie
Chas. W. McCrossan has decided not
to accept tbe bond on the Black
Warrior group, and the con are down.
Maiden shipments from tho Ruffled
Grouse and Horseshoe will likoly bo
made during tho noxt eouplo of week-.
Tho Free Coinage leaoecs havo
broken into a little ore, and work may
be continued throughout the winter.
Five men aro engaged on tho Tona-
wutida, a north fork property only a
short distance from Ferguson.
Tl. M. Carter and a couple of mon arc
still driving tho crosscut on tho Baltimore and Brooklyn.
Work Is likely to be re-commence-l
on thu Comstock group up tho north!
Winter supplies havo boen packed
over to tho Old Gold eamp,
Tho pross has been blamed for many
things, particularly in lolation to the
trotiblos leading up to thc stagnation
in mining matters in this camp, but
tho men who condemn the pross of the
mining camps of B. C. for theso
troubles are either fools, knaves or
idiots. The press has dono more to
bring capital into the country, to build
it up and advertise its resources to the
world, than all the othor industries Iu
it, mining included. The country is
hore, tho press Is bore; anyone who
don't like them can move out. Tho
country can't be beat, the pross���well,
if it isn't quite "proper" it is fair and
free and honest,���New Denver Lodge.
Tho new map of this district ia finding a ready sale. Send in a dollar to
tho Kaole for ono without dolay. Rffftn
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ob ['riming: The Eagle Jobdopartinontla
iitelmsl equipped ..111.:.- In Nortli Kootonay,
mi'l ��� impaled tuexeeule all kllldsof printing
J-! noncsl prices.
'.'! ires* ail communications to
THURSDAY,   OCTOBKS   ti,  1901.
Willi parly lines drawn, and tlu
Labor party taking sirictly independent action Ihe electors of British
Columbia may soon be blessed wilh
a sound business-like government.
This is a refreshing outlook.
Why should any citlswn, who be- The Royal party struck Revel-
lieves in government, be afraid to stoke according to schedule, but
trust    his    government   with   the  the  Duke  decided  not  to lay  the
ownership and management of the
railroads or any other monopoly ?
Is it because he has no faith in
government ? Or because he believes the men he helps elect are too
corrupt, dishonest or incompetent
to operate an industry :in the interests of ihe public?
Chit.i|I 1). Wright says-thai from
1S90 to 1899 wages increased .}.,",
percent. Dun's Review for September says that since July, 1897,
"the cost ol living has risen 33.7
per cent." In other words while
wages are slowly crawling up at
the rale of less than 1 per cent, per
y-ar, the cost of living has been
jumping ahead at the rate of eight
per cent. '-���'.'
The Slocan camp is shipping at
Ilia rate of 63 tons a day, of which
this section is supplying 25 tons.���
Slocan Drill. The Lardeau could,
even now, knock that record into a
cocked hat, were the railway com
The Lardeau district is everywhere attracting the attention oi
the mining world. Our high-grade
ore shipments arc factors which
cannot be overlooked. Ferguson,
the supply point and commercial
centre, is feeling the good effects of
the growing pay roll.
Thc won lerlul progress in all
other mining districts, except
I'.ossland, where bull-headed mine
managers refuse to pay the going
wage, must make thc old country
shareholders in Rossland's big mines
feel as though the miners are not to
blame for their misfortune.
When will government officials
iearn that they are sure to meet a
cinch game when they attempt to
apply public monies to their own
use. The only way lo rob the
people is by gelling In on a private
trust. This method of stealing is
lawful;   and    so   much   easier.
, The Vancouver Indcpenden
oilers Mr. Dunsmuir this advice :
Let him continue in power until a
meeting of the legislature can be
held. Then let him bring down a
lair redistribution bill and put it
through before any business is undertaken. In this we believe a large
number of the members will support
him. Then let evenis take their
course.     This is the patriotic way.
i Mr. Taylor to the contrary, the
Uagle unhesitatingly avows lhat
there is no political feeling of any
kind in this portion of his riding.
Lttrdeniiitea feel assured lhat thing-
nre now shaping I heir own ends for
good, and their attention is wholly
Liken up in mining pursuits. It
would lake a good deal Io create a
11 political sensation in this camp,
after the past two or ihree years'
The mining business, particularly
in its infancy, is largely made up of
hope and the man who is not of a
sanguine disposition should ��� not
follow either the business of mining
or of running a newspaper in a mining country, because he is out of
his element and cannot bear with
philosophy the ups and downs
incident to a life in a mining section.���Nelson Miner. Right you
are, Col. Egan.
The best method to pursue to get
out of our present trouble is to
divide into Conservatives, Liberals
and Labor supporters and work
along those lines to obtain 11 stable
government, says the Herald ol
Revelstoke. We shall get quite as
bfood and business-like a conduct of
our affairs ill this way as we have
ever enjoyed under the old "happy
family" plan. And by and by the
Labor party will give our politics a
ilefinite aim and object, besides adding very considerably to their
corner stone ot lhe hospital, and in
factdid not leave his car. Lady Minto
performed the comer stone ceremony in his stead. Strange to say
the Duke and Duchess are just a
plain man and woman, not unlike
the rest of the human race; and
there is no particular reason why
they and; their huge party of servants and attendants should be
paraded through lhe,,country on the
circus plan. Candians ure loyal
and true to the mother conntry, but
the average Canuck'dislikes this
bowing and knuckling idolatry of
men jt'nd women who have mis-
taken ignornace lor patriotism. By
all means acquaint the Royal party
with our resources and people, but
why allow a few touch-the-hem-of-
his-garment "money bloods" to give
a wrong impression of true
The Labor party al present is
only at the beginning of its career,
it has nothing in its gift except hard
work. lis chance of attaining lo
actual power is only in the dim
Inline. The politician looks longingly at all the good votes belonging to it, but he cannot make up his
mind to jump the fence to go after
I hem. From sheer forco of habit
he murmurs the dear old gag about
bring in full sympathy-with labor
and turns sadly away to hatch up a
Athene for soaking the Labor can*
.didate pood and hard in the neck
when the time comes, very' truth-
Ifully says the  Kevelstoke Herald,
The Nelson Miner suggests that
the B, C. Gazette be abolished as
an advertising medium, and that
the patronage be given to local
newspapers in their 'respective
divisions. With this the Eagle
cannot concur. The whole people
receive the profits from the Gazette,
which is lair. The Eagi.f, would
suggest rather that the government
ilso go into the newspaper business,
1 bus help to advertise our resources
ind give out perfectly reliable and
unbiased news of the province. The
Gazette doesn't go far enough. It
sliould be a newspaper in every
sense of the word.
A movement has recently been
made in Revelstoke to organize a
Labor parly in this riding. The
idea is an excellent one; but the
Eaole is not sure whether it has
been gone about rightly or not. This
is the day of the grafter, and any
nuw popular organization is cerluin
10 have these hangers-on join their
forces, simply and solely for what
there is in it lor them. These old
party grannies and disappointed
illicc seekers, whose "sympathies
are wilh labor"must be put through
their facings. The Eagle believes
th il the members ol labor organizations alone should constitute the
Labor party. Let them as labor
unions, co-operate, and draft a
policy, select their leaders from
their own ranks and allow the
people to make their choice when
polling day comes, Hy this means
the grafter element would be practically eliminated, since members of
the unions are usually honest, hardworking men in tlieir respective
callings, and have to be accepted as
such; by secret ballot, before the)
can become members. Were this
course pursued the many tin-horn
politicians in this riding would wonder what struck llieui. Labor-
unions in ilritish Columbia general!)
should no longer allow themselves
to be Betrayed,'li'iit net within anci
from their own tanks.
Buying and selling mining stock
is conducted pretty much on the
assumption that there is another
sucker in the world.. Promoters
too often pay more attention to
stuffing stock than to actual .development of their properties. But
the people arc buying their experience, as may be noted from the
following. Wm. MacAdams of
the Sandon Paystreak is in Toronto
and ihis is what he says : "Some
of these Toronto people are pretty
sore on B. C. mining stock. George
Gooderham, Tom Blackstock and
other promoters threw it into their
Toronto friends cold-blooded on the
Rossland propositions and now you
ought to hear the lambs roar. The
poor suckers bought the stock
calculating that it would go up
and they would unload on
other poor suckers who didn't
know any better. But George
and Tom arranged all that. They
did the unloading act." While
tbere are a few legitimate stock
companies operating in this pro
vince, a close investigation will
show that the individual or syndicate miners are the people who lay
up wealth. Stock companies are
all right in principle, but they are
subjected to too much.manipulation,
find there is a wide sphere for
crooked work, ������ rake-offs, etc.
Syndicate mining or close corporations must needs be the successful
mining operators of the future.
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^California Wine Co., Limited.
Nelson, B.C.
+��������+-���������� Agents for Calgary Boer. -��-���-��������������������������
Ii you want all the mining- news
of the Lardeau you must become a
paid-up reader ofthe Eagle,
(Form F.)
CANADIAN GIRL  minora! claim, situ a to In
the Trout Ul;e Mining Division of Wc*.t
Kootonay Dialrlct.   \VIioro located!   On
tin' i-a-L side m iIn* north  fork of Lni'deiin
river iimlbi'lim 11 south easterly extension
of tl)0 Iron Horse,
TAKE NOTIOB thai M>. D- N, WtUttq, acting
iisajicnt for It, W. Nortbev, V. M. C. Iiuutn, !���'.
Mi-C'iriv.N. M.f. litTlMJ, Andrew Craig, t'.M.c.
nsuoiOi intend* sixty days frqrn Uiortamnoro-
of, io apply Lo the Mining Rucordoi? for a certi-
lll!HtU  of  improvement.1*, for  tho   pQrpOflO  of
obtaining n Crown if ������mil nf the abovo claim,
Ami further tako notice Ufat action., uftdi
section   B7. ntiiM   In-  minim need   baton    tl
Iwiiaiico of snell certificate ol Improvement!,,
l)iiii��l this rath day oIAuguit, imjl
nugWUm fl. li. N. wiUviK.
(Form P.)
nOESESflC-E mineral olalm, Blluato In the
Trout Lako Mining Division 0( West KoolO
nay District.   Where located;    Ou Trout
TAKE NOTICE thut I, Kdtvln Uilhnan, Free
Miner's Cerll|ieine'N6 Il.Wltifl, intend, j-lxtv
days from the dale hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate or Improvements, for the purpose oi' obtaining ,a Crown
Grant of the abovo claim.
Ami further tako notico that action, undor
section u\ must ho Commenced before Hie
[romance or such Certificate of Improvements.
Haled this Hrd day Of September, A. I). 1901,
NO. 4 K. W. C. BLOCK, NELSl Ks'. IJ. C.
���Gold, Ktiver-l.en.'l ami Copper Aline*] wanted at the EX H
MILMNa   hold nroportios  wanted at onne tor  Easi
Parties having mining property Por Sale are reiiuoaiud I
of their ore to tno EXCHANGE for exhibition.
i. a pies
All samples should be sent by oxpross   propaid.     Gorre*ponrtonuo      \i'
solicited. Address all communication to
H. O llox 700,      NELSON, II, C.
map of the  Has Arrived \
ami nil orders will t)Q lillcil iitoucu,
If 1.00 Z^EACHJ~tl.OO^f:EACH";;:~
��� ��������������� ���>-*-��� ���-���-���>���*>*��-��� ������-���-���>"���.���--<*-���-#������ ���������������������*)**��-���>�����
I Hotel Ferguson
The Mr is supplied with the best brands o/
/fines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfect comforted.
ltutus 911,00 ii riiiy mul iipwiu-iln.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
ToC. .1, .Smith nnd P, W. Hinsdale, or to any
person or persons to whom they may have
transferred their interests.
TAKE NOTICE that we, the undersigned co*
owners with yon In the Copper Key 'mineral
nroup,situated on Short ereek, soutli of Pass
reek, in the Trout Luke mining division of
West  Kooienny, In tho Province of liritlsh
olumbla, havo expended eight hundred (*hou)
lollars in labor and Improvement upon the
above mentioned mineral group In ordor to
hold said group under Section im ofthe Mineral
Act. and 17 Within ninety days from the first
��� iiibllcaLion hereof, vou tall or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, to-
��)thor will, the cost of advertising, for llHKi and
1001 respectively! your Interests In tho said
(roup will become the property of the sub-
��� cribers, under Section 4 of the Mineral Act,
Dated at
I-'andon, I). C, Ihls/ith day of August,
/ui.t-.-u   HENRY BANK-
(bignea)  JOE MORETT.
The King's Hotel
r Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Three   Sloreys   Hi^li
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Clgarsln the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
Victoria Avenue, East,
Ferguson, B. C.
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
The  man  who   puvs   compliment!
Sometimes doesn't pay anything else.
A fids j iieuusiitiou always aud
eternally reacts against the accusers.
Many a young' girl who objects to
being thc wife of a wealthy old man
will not object to boing his widow,
The Union Label
On everything you bur is a guarantee
that the producers thereof reef ive uf-tir
rate ol wages for its production.
Fred C. Elliott,
United Hattere of North Ameri
The first, thing tho average mining
expert does, after climbing a I.iirdeiiu
hill ia to take off his hat���and punts.
, We do not idolize roynly over hero ;
oh, no. Still, tho time is ripe for a law
that will deny ns tho privilege of making fools of ourselves whon the opportunity offers.���Ledge.
.Socialists aim at industrial self-
government through tho media of
education and .. tlio ballot, whereas
anarchists are the avowed enemies of
government in any form.
If importance of geographical post
Hon, wealth of resources and commercial progress stand for anything,
British Columbia should have been
represented in tho cabinet long ago.���
Seattle P.-I.
A trust manager wanted. The Nelson Economist says: "If tho people of
British Columbia would lot out the job
nf running this Province to somo sound
business man, tho country would he
the gainer by tho transaction."
Wo may now look for another rise in
tho price nf fresh moat. Pat. Burns,
Iho entile king who holds a lead-pipe
eineb on the meat business in B. C,
married Miss Eileen Ellis of Ponticton,
13, C, In London. Eng. on Sept. 4th.
Competition is rapidly being supplanted by on-nperation. Now comes
thc news that all vessel property owned
hy the large lumber shippers on the
great hikes. It Is said, will be merged
into ono large combination dui'lDg the
coming winter.
Nothing happens without a cause,
and It, would redound more to the
intelligence of editors, ministers and
others supposed to be moulders of publio opinion, if they would seek the
cause instead nf wasting their breath
.!amnlng results.���Ex.
The best definition of tbe difference
between the Liberai-Consorvativo
party and the Consorvative-Llberal
party that, we havo noticed, says tho
Winnipeg Tribune, is that from Mr.
Langford of Yorkton as follows : The
Conservative party has boen true to
false principles, tho Liberal party bas
boon false to true principles..
When government ownership of railways comes into effect tho people will
have some idea whero tho government
is. Hitherto it has boen doubtful
whether tho C. P. R. or tbo authorities
at Ottawa ��� havo had control of the
altalrs nf Canada. The general opinion
is Hint the 0. P. R. has boon boss.���
Mail.   .
Husband and wife aro equal: the one
not inferior to the other: tho v. life not
a slave: not a housekeeper���but ah
equal: a companion. And just so far
as a young man starts out witb that
idea li.vd firmly In his mind���to make
a companion, a comrade, it chum of his
wife���just so far does he start out
right.���October Ladies' Homo Journal.
Combination is the only weapon witb
which to tight a combination, until
such times as all tho Industries are
nationalised. Tho benetits of the
trust���to those J:\vbo own tliein���uro
now recognizod oven in Spain. The
three great Iron producing companies
of Bllboa, Spain, have agreed to amalgamate on the lines of the United
States Steel Corporation, with a capital
of 75,000,000 pesctns and an annual output of half a million tons. This will be
far the biggest thing of the kind In
Spain. The folly of Industrial competition is dawning upon tho world's great
leadora of industry.
S. F. W. Gainer
the United Hattora
of Nnrih America.
When vim ure buying a FUR HAT,
either soft or stitf,
.see to  it  tbat   the
genuine U N I 0 N
label is sewed in it.
If a retailer has
loose labels in liis
nos.--es.-Uni and offers to put one In a
lint for yon, do not
patronize him. He
loose lahclH.   Loose
has not any ngut lo havo	
labola In retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The (ienuino Union Label Is
perforated on the four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits im> some-
times perforated on three of the ediros, ami
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. 1'nprlnciplod manufacturers are using tbem iu order to get rid of
their scab-made hats, Tho .John It stetson
Co. nnd Henry II. Roelofs t_ Co., both of Philadelphia) I'a., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFiTT, President.
Orange. N, J.
14 797 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn. IN.Y.
Ferguson, B, 0,
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Batik of Canada.
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A, m. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
lardeau Miners'' Union Ao,
119, IP. F. ofM.
Meets every Saturday evening "at S o'clock,
in tbe Eagle hall, Ferguson. U. C. Visiting
members cordially invited.
President.       Recording Secretary.
\ ���
I m>: prepared to fill orcluts for  Jf
any  description or quantity   of
Lumber   on the shortest notice.
I am agent for	
 Sawyer Bros.'	
 Sash and Door	
Factory V
and will be pleased to till orders.  K
J-w *f^ *f"w *?*& *r^r w ^wk
James Anderson
/i Ferguson Saw Mill
I      I       I       I      I
i    I    I    I    i
Scenic Line
ofthe World
Kootenay Lake Serviee.
Loaves. Arrives
Tiics.,Tluir.,Snt��� T .,���)- Tues.,Tliur..SiU.
22.00 L.arao ,,,.,,
Arrowhead Service.
Leaves Arrives
Dniiy o.i,i  Arrowhead  was oniiy
Connects  Revel-    ��/��3St
stoke jvjth      777T
Imperial Limited     WCSl
Steamship Borvlco from Vancouver, China,
Japan, Australia ;iu<l Alaska.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLl),
D. P. A., Nelson.'    A.d.I'.A.. Vancouvor
(ieo. W. Ilorcy. H. Lyman, .Ir.. U.S., E.M.,
Mining Engineer. MomlVA. I. M. E.
Corey 6} Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Limloati properties managed,
??p��te,adu?Sn1.  Ferguson, B. C.
T. R. Davey,
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service*' in Eagle hall everv
Sunday at Jt p.m   Sunday school at, p.m.
Trout Lake Cit'*. Services in Forrester's
ball everv Sunday at 7:1W p.m. Sunday
school at _:;.0 p.m.
REV, H. J. GREEN, Pastor.
S, Shannon,
Assayer anil Analytical
Packing and
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into lor packine; of .\linin12: Supplies, etc., to any
point iu the district.
Good,  prompt  service, and  any  work  undertaken  guaranteed.
Freijjhtinsr  from  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. v*��J*"f S. Daney, Proprietor.
B. C
The Lardeau District
as a profitable Hold for the judicious advertiser is unexcelled In this province. THE
LARDEAU BAULK Is tbo only medium
actually covering the district, An ad, i'i tho
EAOLE will roaeb'more people In Forguson,
Trout Lake Cit j*. Thomson'-! Landing, Comaplix, Camborne, Arrowhead, Tun Mile, Circle
City and overy solitary mine in tho district,
than any other paper published. .No oilier
district in Canada offer-: such splendid opportunities for good, wide-awake advertisers,
Do you want more business? Then write at
once for our advertising rales and place your
patronage in the only inodium that actually
covers thc field���THE LABDEAU EAGLE.
Job Printing
Tho EAGLE is the only printing office in
North Kootenay which can furnish the
Typographical union Label upon yonr
primed matter. Tills alone Is a guarantee of
fair wage conditions ami best workmanship.
Mail orders filled promptly. Lot the EAGLE
print your printing; always noal:, clean and
Seo that this Label \s on all Cloihing you buy.
The pay roll centru nnd tho place win re Lardeau's shipping
mines aro located, is sif.uated oB miles southeast of Kevelstoke.
From Rovelstoke 10 Arrowhead by rail, 28 miles; from Arrow
Iu'h.i to Thomson's Lauding by boat, VI miles; irom t.*.e Lundin:,'
to FERGUSON, by horse or stage, lti miles. Como straight to
Ferguson.  Investigation courted.
Is the Coming Solid Town of the
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the Nettie L. Double
Eagle, Ophir-Lade, Silver Cup,
Triune, Metropolitan, Sunset,
Lone Star, Comstock and other
properties will operate the year-
round hereafter, and this winter
will see probably 400 men at
\work, over 200 oi which will be
engaged on the properties of
the first three named.'
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. hill, between the two creek forks; on
the Great Northern hill just
norih of thc town itself; and on
the south fork and its tributaries)
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
oft in Ferguson,
Because the offices of many of
the companies operating in the
CJjmp arc located here.
Because Ferguson receives the
pa\ roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is the point" where
mining men coming into ('.ihe district make their headquarters; as
they can walk or ride and return
from most of the properties in
one day or less.
Because every pound of ore fi 'om
these mines coming ilown the
hill lands first in Fergusc 'n.
From here ii will be teamed to
transportation on the lake, ;i
distance of four miles.
Because when ihe railway reaches
the place where thc mines arc il
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natural advantage for the building up of a
Steal mining' center.
But, why give other reasons: We have the mines, thc pay roll, the natural geo��
graphical location, unlimited water power, etc.., and the right kind of people to make
a town. The ore shipments, increasing business, and money and enterprise will do thc
rest.   Come and see for yourself.
From $150 up
From $75 up
Henry Floyd
1 LOn the "Wing
Tho Doer treasury has pinched out.
* Hello central.! Have you invested a
one spot in tho new map '���' It's a daisy
The Now Westminster and Victoria
imbibitions are on this weok.
A first shipment ol over a ton ol mica
has been pocked out Irom claims
tooated north ot Golden.
John -Peeblerj of Toronto, who has
been in tho camp all summer, returned
home On Tuesday morning..
Miss K. Edwards, of the firm of
Batho & Co., is paying a month's visit
to her homo in Alberta.
The s. s. Islander inquiry is by no
means at an end, as much sensational
evidence is now being procured.
Next to visiting the camp personally
the new map just out fills the bill
Bend your order to the Eagle, with a
one spot.
Tbe Silvertonlan plant was shipped
to Frank, Alberta, last week. The
Prank Sentinel will make its appearance io about two weeks.
A large deposit of iron ore has been
discovered 24 miles north of Sault Ste
Marie. Development work is to be
done on a large scale at once.
In the drilling contest at Spokane
Bradshaw struck S88 times in tbe fifteen minutes and Freethy 440���a total
of 1028 blows to drive 55 inches.
Czolgasz, the assassin of the late
President McKinley, has been sentenced to be electrocuted during the
week commencing Monday, October
Circulars have been posted in town
at the Instance of the Rossland miners'
union asking workingmen to keep away
from that city, as tbe strike there is
still unsettled.
Latest intelligence of Mrs. Davis'
condition, who is seriously ill in a
Calgary hospital, gives little hope of
her recovery. Mrs. Davis is a widowed
sister of Mrs. 6. B. Batho.
Thanksgiving day is to be held on
the last Thursday in November, not
the last Thursday of October, as stated.
It will therefore take place this year
on Thursday, November 28.
E. S. Carey, a Presbyterian missionary who spent the summer in tho Fish
creek camp, leaves today for Toronto
tq resume fcis college course. Mr.
Carey has ni��Je many friends in this
The Cariboo Hydi-aulie company sent
fOld of equal value to Vancouver and
Kuw Vork assay offices. It is claimed
that the Vancouver office shrinkage by
treatment was nearly 8300 less than at
the New York office.
Anyone knowing tho whereabouts of
Jacob Haehn, last heard of In Sandon
four years ago, will confer a favor by
writing his anxl.ous sister, the enquirer.
Address: Miss Emma Haehn, Stone
Quarry, Windmill Point, Ontario.
"Doc" Johnstone, well known in this
camp In connection with the Silver
Belt group, is scabbing as shift boss in
Rossland. Ho bus thus acquired an
eiirmarkyhlch will follow him to the
grave so/Tar us this camp is concerned.
Thi'[granby smelter, Grand Forks,
during the week ending Saturday
treated 4,785 tons of ore. Tbe total
tonnage treated to date is 219,519. The
smelter will be in a position to treat
1,800 tons daily on or about November 1.
If the Lardeau pans out undor the
thump of steel half aB well as lt does in
the newspapers the bump of hard ti mos
will soon be off in that section and
everyone will have to hump themselves
in order to got in line at the banks.���
The oro samples collected In Forguson by W. B. Pool and sent to Revelttoke to be included in the Royal party
���rcb at Vancouver, should do this
camp much good as an advertisement,
especially when they are afterwards
placed in the government ore cabinet
at Victoria. They were beauties, but
there's lots more here.
Kootenay Mail: Mr. Didisheim,
manager for the Sunshine Limited,
informs us that when at Ferguson the
other day he saw a lino sample of ore
which had just been brought in from
the I. X. L. The ore is some of the
best found in the district. Messrs.
Shannon and .Pettipioce havo bonded
the property on behalf of eastern
parties for 130,000.
* Don't wait; but telephone at once.
Always in order now. Ferguson office
at Cummins & Co.'s store.
* Weekly shipments of fresh ranoh
eggs and creamery butter now being
received by G. B. Batho & Co.
* Now ready, the "Union" and "Our
Special" cigars, at the Union Cigar
Factory, Revelstoke. Stock and workmanship guaranteed.
* Speclul attention is directed to
Andrew F. Uosenbergor's advt. ln this
Issue. No stock to soil; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
* When you want a new book, a
magazine or reading matter of any
description, order it from the Canada
Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
* Send in your orders for the
"Union" and "Our Special" cigars to
the Union Cigar Factory, Revelstoke.
Stock and workmanship guaranteed.
Imperial Bank
-im      "f Canada.
REST - - .
��� ��� t2,50U,M��.00.
. . tl ,860,000.110.
General Bankiig Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits In Savings
Department at current rates.
A. E7i*HIIT8,
Verily the troubles of u country
editor are many and varied. The
following gem of literature has been
handed us for publication by a gentleman wbo is something of a poet in
embryo, but we are afraid his delicate
constitution will not permit of his
living long enough to develop into a
serious rival of Shakespeare, particularly after this effort; but apparently
the writer's sentiments are in favor of
the pay roll centre.
Trout Lake City
Taku our hum.
And load us in Thy
llustful ���VHVB,
Serene aud aatiufied!
Along Thy meadowy streets,
Where lowing herds
Wind slowly o'er the lea.
Guide us at ease
And set our tired feet
Where tbey mav softly fall
On peaceful paths,
Far from the maddining crowd's
Ignoble strife.
Dear Goddess,
Guiltless of thc greed
That guts the glory
Of the world,
liestovr on us
That great content
Which crowns vou
Queen of Quietness
And Empress of the End
Of Effort.
At lofty Glacier's foot
You sit with folded hands,
Your work complete,
While we, who hurry by,
Look on your beauty then*,
Your peace
And sweet do-nothhigncHS,
And sigh that wo
Are not ns you !
Most truly blest arc they
Who. as yon do,
Stop where the roses bloom,
The green grass waves,
The bees hum lazily,
The trees stretch out
Thoir limbs
Upon the lonely air ;
The waters sleep
Beside the swnmpy shore,
And let the great world
Hurry on
To destiny and doom.
How beautiful you are,
Amid your peaceful
Circling hills,
^et like a signet
In tho ring of rest.
What though
The scurrying feet
Of thousands nulling by
To wealth and greatness
Jar your walls
And shake the gossamers
That swing In drapercd filaments
Between the arches
Of your trees ;
You give no heed to them,
Nor let their restless
DMurb the spell
That makes your life
A dear delicious dream,
And leaves you languorous
In a lotui land.
In your robe of slumber draped
Sleeping Beauty of the Lake,
Rip Van Winkle's prototype,
Here's looking at you
Hut please don't
Snore so.
���Profuse appologies to W, J. L,
high cuss
 �� _
H. EdwardsJ*C
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third street ^Revelstoke
When You Are
...   'i' ' ***
The barest Complete
Stock in the Lardeau
New Fall Goods
Adams-Peters.���At Revelstoke, on
Sunday morning, September 22nd,
Wm. Adams of Trout Lake, to Miss
Florenco Peters, ol Caterham, Surrey, England.
Partly furnished, two bed-room*, sitting
room, und kitchen. Water In house. Cellar.
Largo wood shud.
Also a four-roomed shnek,
Apply to:   R. LECKIE-EWING, Ferguson.
On Monday, Sept. 80th. between Trout Lake
and Ferguson, one plain gold wedding ring,
and ono small ring with a pearl ana ruby
setting land one stone missing].
Finder will be suitably rewarded aby leaving
same at the Eagle oflice.
'rhe question of clothes is one that
1 should interest any man. High-class
tailoring insures perfectly fitting garment*.;; It increases the life of tbe
elothES-'top. You will hear our work
highly commended by those who know
good clotving when they see it. Our
suits wlUadcjjs'c you.
Tweed Sults-$I6, $18, $20
Tweed Trouserings:
$4,00,   $4.SO,   $5.00.
T tfdiofi' high class custom tailoring.
** U'-dies' and Gentlemen's Rain Coats
made from the very best waterproofed
WOTHtods, tu.order. These coats serve
the double purposo of a ruin cnat as
well bs a spring or fall overrunt. Ladles' and gentlemen's fur-lined coats
and jackets, to order.
The Art Tailor,
Revelstoke, fl. C.
It makes no difference what size your order
is, nor what it calls tor, we can fill it, and
at  lower prices  than elsewhere  in this
district.    We buy in carload lots, and get
the cash discounts, thus placing us in a
position to  sell you the very newest and
best supplies at lowest prices.   Having just
enlarged our store, we are in a better position than ever to fill your order promptly.
Pack train orders is our specialty.   Come
in and see our stock, and get prices before outfitting.   We can save you money.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   .
The most complete resort on the continent
ol North Ajnerlca. Situate* midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. ��1atnV. Ilshlnir
and excursion!. Resident physician and
nu'se. In telegraphic communication with
all parts ol the world. Tsn> malls arrive and-
depart every day. Its baths cure all nervous)
and muscular diseases ..:�� waters heal! all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its'
baths and waters are a suro remedy strains;,
all argentiferous )>olsons. TERMS;; Sir. to
lis per week, ucordtng to residence in hotel
or villas.
Big Oft Shipments
And in anticipation of this encouraging feature
we are placing in our Enlarged  storeroom a
Splendid Winter Stock
of  Miners'   Supplies ��� Groceries,   Clothing,
Farm Produce, Canned Goods, Tobaccos, Etc.
���������-.-      "' ������
Geo. B. Batho &Cd.
Established 1896
General Merchants
I Have juat received a (Jholco Line of
A ri'.M
stock of Patent Medicines and
Staple Drugs.
Mrs. J. E. Laureate
Ba'moral Hotel.
Ferguson,   B.   C.
Smoke Cigars
And at all tlrr.es insist on the
box bearing - ae BLUE LABEL.
It helps raanufactu ers to see the force
of paying fair anil honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I..U.
A. F. RANKINE,SffiR1."
Store ln Eagle Block. FERCIUBON, R. C,
When you reach
Trout Late City
register at the
AhruhHinaon Broi., Prop'M
Good accommodation, best service, choice wines, liquors' and
cigars, ftro proof safe, rates
j C. B. Hume & Co. I
I  Wholesale and Retail ;
I General Merchants
The largest Importers ln North Kootenay.
.Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City, B. C.
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall J<^
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
Sewing Machines,
Etc. *VJr*J**tJ*V
Citizens ofthe Lardeau District
When you come to Revelstoko to do your shopping, remember that
Bourne Bros.
have the largest and  best assorted stock  In  North Kootenay.
Compare our prices and seo our goods Before purchasing elsewhere.
Orders Promptly Filled


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