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>g|stabVe ,
' I 190.
���>:rORiA,^-   -
M.  V, No 9.
Ferguson, B. C, JUNE 17, 1904.
$2 a Year
A Fruitful
Field for the
.*4**4*-*< 4***4*-4* ���������������*,������!
Aod toe District
****-.-. 44t..444 .****< . .4 4**** 4-4 4-4 44-4-4* 4 4 . . .**
Report of F. C. Campbell, Mining Recorder.
Mr. F. C. Campbell, mining recorder for the Trout Lake Mining
Division, in his annual report to the
Minister of Mines for tho year ending
31st Deeemhor, 1903, just issued, opens
his report with the following sanguinary statement:
"In thc past this Division has
been considered purely & silver-lead
camp, but I am pleased to say that
the development of the past year indicates that, within the near future
it'will prove to be a gold-producing
district of some Importance."
The following is the full text of the
report, dealing with the property in
tho district, and showing as it does the
resources and development of the division, it will prove very interesting
reading ;
Silver Cup and Nettio L.
On the Silvor Cup and Nettio L.,
which are being worked by different
companies under one management, ore
bodies of sufficient size have be��n encountered at a depth to warrant the installation of a combination concentrating and chloridislng plant, of a capacity of 30 tons per day, for the treatment of their low-grade base ores. In
addition, aerial tramways havo been
constructed, connecting tho mines with
the reduction plant. About 80 men
have been employed on these mines
during the summer.
The Silver Oup, which is owned by
the Silver Cup Mines, Ltd., is situated
on the South Fork of Lardeau Creek,
about eight miles from Ferguson. On
this property 1,800 feet of development
work has been done during the year,
consisting chiefly of a long tunnel from
the Sunshine claim, which will cut
the oro chute worked on the Silvor Cup
at a depth of 375 feet bolow tbo old
workings. Tbe output of smelting ore
for the year has been 070 tons, which
has given returns from the smelters of
$82,212.87. In addition to tliis a large
tonnage of second class oro has been
brokon down, which has been reserved
for future treatment. The average
number ot meu employed underground
has been 110, and above ground 10.
On tho Nettie L., owod by the Great
WeBtcrn Mines, Ltd., and situated on
a mountain bearing the same name,
2,000 feet of development-work had
boen done during tho year. The output of smelting oro has been about
1,040 tons, giving a net return of
;.57,078.54 A largo tonnage of lowor
grade ore bas also beeu broken down
op this property and reserved for future
treatment.. The average numbor. of
mon employed underground has been
25, and abovo ground 10 ���'
On the Union Jack, Bltuated near
"���Mile creek, and owned by J. C. Kirkpatrick et nl., tho cross-cut tunnol has
been continued 100 feet, cutting tho
lead at a depth of 250>feet. At this
point the vein consists of about eight
Ieet of concentrating ore, carrying $10
In gold and 30 ozs. silver per ton.
On the Triune, owing to the destruction of the tramway during the past
winler by Bnowslides, tho work performed has been very limited. Sufficient
sloping, however, has beon done to
enable the company to ship about
ioo tons of ore, of a value of about 250
ozs. silver and 33 per cent. lead. Eight
men wero employed during the summer. This proporty is Bltuated on
Triune mountain, and is operated by
the Metropolitan Gold and Silver Mining Co., Ltd.
The Black Prince, situated at tho
head of Gainer Creek, was acquired
lato last full by Mr. Anthony Becker
and associates, who Immediately proceeded to work of a prospecting uuturo,
uncovering   ��   ohule of high-grade
silver-lead ore, in which a tunnol of
about 40 feet was driven. Owing, however to the lateness of the season, they
were unable to equip the property for
winter work, but it is their intention
to resume operations in tho early
spring and thoroughly exploit their
Tbe Mohican, adjoining ths Black
Prince, has been purchased by tho
Cariboo Creek Development Syndicate,
whioh has driven about 400 foet of
tunnel during the yoar. In the work*
ings a large body of concentrating ore
has been encountered, and which can
be reduced to give value of about 200
ozs. silver per ton. Nine tons of sorted
ore wore ebipped, whioh gave values
of about 60 ozs. silver and 30 per cent,
lead. As soon as transportation facilities are afforded, it is the Intention of
the company to erect a concentrating
On the Luoky Boy, situatod on
Trout Creek, and owned bv C. D. Stan-
wood, et al., the main shaft has been
sunk to a depth of 110 feet. At the 50
foot level drifts have been extended to
the left for a distance of 110 feot, and to
tho right for a distance of 75 feot.
From the left drift a raise has been
made to tbe surface. Nearly all the
ore shipped haB been taken from the
right drift. A second level has been
started at a depth of 104 feet, and
driven for a distance of 100 feet to the
left and a raise made to connect with
the upper level. Another drift bas
been run to the right 30 feet. Numerous open cuts have been made, exposing the vein on tho surface for a distance of 000 feet, and ore Is now being
stoped out between the two levels. The
ore in the shaft continues for the whole
distance down and runs from three inches to one foot in clean ore. In the
second level both drifts are in ore, running in width about the same as in the
shaft. Tbe oro is a high-grade galena
and grey copper, and averages from
250 to 300 ozs. In Bllver, and from 20 to
35 per cent, lead per ton. Two hundred tons of ore have been shipped
during'tljp year; 17 mon are employed
on thin property.
On the Ethel which is situated on
Glacier creek and owned by tbo same
parties as the last mentioned property,
about 500 foet of development work has
been done during tho year. Twenty
tons of ore were shipped, which gave a
valuo of 200 oz. of silvor per ton.
The Oromwell is situatod about nine
miles north-east of Trout Lake. On
this property considerable surface
work has been done, exposing a lead of
an average width of about 4 feet for a
distanco of 1,500 feet. Assay values
are $80 in gold and 70 oz. silver por
ton. A cross-cut tunnel bas been
driven a distance of 200 feet; it is estimated that this tunnel continued 400
feet will cut the lead at a depth of 800
feet below the surface. The property
Is owned by S. J. Graham et al.
The I.X.L., situated about one and a
half miles south-east of the last-mentioned property, and owned by Dr.
Mllloy, of Kossland, has been under
lease during the year. The leaseholders have driven cbout 300 foet of
cross cut tunnel, cutting the lead at a
depth of 200 feet, at which point a good
body of concentrating ore was encountered. About 8 tons of sorted ore were
The No. 3, adjoining tbe last-mentioned property, has been purchased by
the Gold Belt Development Syndicate,
which bas driven about 75 feet of crosscut tunnel. Tbo surface showings on
this property give assay values of $00
in gold per ton.
On the Amerloan, owned by the
Mountain Lion Mining Co., and situated on Haskins creek, about 1,500 feot
of development work has been done
during the year, and 15 tons of ore wore
shipped1. Seven men woro employed
on this property.
The Handy is situated about one
and a half milos south of Gerrard, and
is owned by Col. Brayton and associates. On this property is a lead about
4 feet wide, carrying gold, silver and
copper values, and 150 feet of development work havo been dono during the
year. ���
On the Golunibia, situated near the
mouth of Tenderfoot creek, and owned
by P. F. Huffman et al., a cross-cut
tunnel has been driven for a distanco
of about 100 feot. Gold valuos are obtained from this property.
On the John L., owned by the Lardeau Valley Mines, Ltd., and situatod
near tho last-mentioned property, a
tunnel has been driven 100 feet on a
vein averaging from 3 to 12 feet in
width, and carrying excellent gold
About 110 feet of worlc was done on
the North Star, owned by Harry
Rogers, et al., and is situated on
Rapid creek. Thero is a quartz lead 4
feet wide on the claim, carrying free
The Luoky Jack, situated on Poplar
creek, was located on the 9th of July,
1903. Phenomenal surface showings of
free gold wore discovered, whieh resulted In the acquiring of the property
by the Groat Northern Mines, Ltd.,
whioh immediately . rooeeded with development work. About 300 feet of
tunneling have been done, as well as
considerable surface work.
On tho Swede Group, which is
also situated on Poplar oreek, and
owned by tho last-mentioned company,
a tunnel has been driven about 70 ft. as
well aseonsiderable work of a prospecting nature done. A tost shipment of
9 tons was also made from this property
to the company's mill, from which
good gold values were obtained.
The Gold Park Group consists of
throe claims, situated on Poplar creek
and owned by Messrs. Marquis & Gilbert. On this property thore aro a
number of lends carrying good gold
valuos. The work dono consists mostly
of stripping and open cuts. A small
shipment was made to the Trail smelter, from whieh very satisfactory ro-
sults were obtained.
The Broken Hill, a gold property on
Rapid crook has been acquired by Mr.
C. T. Porter, of Spokane, who will proceed with development (n the early
The Home Run, on Poplar oreek,
anothor gold property, has been purchased by Mr. J. L. Whitney, of Rossland, who has let contracts for considerable development work.
Tbe Spyglass, also on Poplar creek,
and wh'ioh has one of the best surface
showings ot high-grade ore In the division, has been bonded by Mr. R. G.
McLeod, of Nelson, who has mado a
substantial payment, and will proceed
with development in the oarly spring.
The Golden West nnd Crown King
have passed into the hands of Mr. W.
F. Teetzel, of Nelson, These are good
gold properties situated on Poplar
Work of a prospecting nature haa
been done, with good results, on a
great many of the claims located during the year, and the outlook for 1904
li very favorable.
omel.il Statlstlos���Troul Luke Milling
Froe miners' certificates -issued to
individuals  358
\-'i-Qo miners' certificates issued to
companios      4
Special freo miners' certificates is
sued to individuals      1
Mineral claims recorded  083
Placer claims recorded    24
Cnrtillca.es of work issued  550
Gush  paid  in   lieu  of assessment   .
work      1
Certificates of  improvements   recorded     26
Bills of sale, agreements, etc., recorded   170
Gold Commissioner's permissions
recorded      2
Water grants recorded      5
Aftor Throe Months' UullasRln-j; Energy
Tliey Buooeed in Limiting lho " Cup"
Main Vein on the Union Jack Claim.
There was a smile as extended as the
sidewalk on the respoctivo dials of Lou
Thompson and Will Waller when
thoy reached town on Wednesday
morning. For threo months they have
been away up at the Union Jack mine,
and the fact of their onee moro shaking
hands with civilization did not alone
account for that smile. Asked for an
explanation���said Lou ; " We've got
what we were after, aud it's ull there."
Pressed for moro lucid information it
transpired tbat Waller and Thompson
have succeeded in locating the rich
Silver Cup main voin, whieh as
events prove, they rightly conjectured
ran through the Union Jack property.
They struck tho blind vein some two
months ago, but raised up on it as the
water beat them out, but being on the
right lay they persevered and ran
through about 85 foet of hard rook, and
eventually ran into the vein. They
report having encountered au unlimited
supply of concentrating quartz, and did
not intend quitting their exertions until
thoy had reached the sacking ore, but
business of a personal nuturo and a
prolongod exilo Irom the haunts of men
and matters diverted their attention to
a temporary spell of relaxation.
This rich strike will enhance tho intrinsic value of the group to such an
extent that tho syndicate owning the
property can command their own
figures.. Looking too far forward is at
all titnes a risky and occasionally a
disappointing 'proceeding, but in conversation on the live topic with a prominent disinterested citizen on Wednesday night, ho remarked ho would
be guided by the opinion of Waller in
the matter, who as a miner and an expert had averred it was tho richest
thing he had seen, and prophesied that
Ferguson was in for a good time, as
ho llrmly bolleved this would prove
the largest ore-producing camp in the
Fire Insurance Rates Take a Jump
A big Increase ln firo Insurance ratos
in Vancouver has boon announced by
tho board ot Ore underwriters. The
new rates show increases us follows;
On all frame buildings and tbeir contents, 15 per cent; on ull brick buildings, 25 per cent; on nil stock in brick
buildings, 50 per cent.
Duty on Lumber
The British Columbia lumbermen
waited on the government last week
and asked for a customs duty of $2 on
rough lumber, which is now admitted
free, and 30 cents on shinglos. An
elaborate statement of the esse was
handed to the government. Messrs.
Scott, Hendry and Wells addressed tho
ministers on tho necessity of moro protection to tho industry on account of
competition from the United Statos.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said tho government would consider the representation.        	
The number of shipping mines In
B. C. In 1*903, was a hundred and twenty
Ure, employing 2,475 men, and producing 1,28-9,176 tons of ore,
Itttmnr   that   Tin,   I.tiLliti,   uud Pour
Japanese Battleships Iniva
Uocn Sunk.
��-".. I-tersburg. June 12. ��� Rumors
are iu circulation hore that n groat
naval battle has taken place oil Port
Arthur, iu which two Russian and four
Japanese battleships were sunk. No
confirmation uf the rumor can be obtained.
A iTiipuuese Kevorso.
llaieheng, Manchuria, June II (Delayed in transmission). ���A flanking
movement of the Japanese around tlie
Russian leftfrotn Fengwancheng, Juno
fl, was repulsed with tlie loss of two
whole battalions.
A largo Japanese force moved out
in the morning along' tho Fengwan-
cheng and Haicheng road. The Russians had a force strongly posted in a
ravine 30 milos southeast of llaieheng.
The Japanese were proceeded by two
battalions, who walked into tho Russian ambuscade. They received a murderous rllle and artillery lire at close
range, and were wiped out, only one or
two escaping. Tho main Japanese
force, which was greatly superior to
the Russian force, tried to outflank thc
Russians, who drew off without losing
a man. The Japanese, closing in,
found tho ravine vacant save for their
own dead.
As Others See Ue.
Fred. Fraser, Gold Commisloner for
North-West Kootenay district says *.
"The Lardean Division is fast coming
to the front, and is proving to lie rich in
mineral. Fish River Camp at the present time is emerging from the prospecting stage to that of a recognized
producer, The Calomet and B. C.
mines, tho Great Northern Minos, and
tlie Northwestern Development Syndi
cate have beun and aro still working
their properties with encouraging results to their shareholders; the first
two companies are running their stamp
mills steadily, and aro reported to I e
doing exceedingly woll."
Cripple Croek is Quieter.
Tho mineownsrs and employers o.'
labor are now considering tlieir position in regard to organized labor. A
despatch says order was restored on
the closing down of tho saloons. A
resolution was forwarded hy the miners
of the. district to President Roosevelt
on Juno 12, begging him to semi federal
troops, as tllGir lives were iu danger.
The miners wlio wero in the skirmish
at Dunvillo when ono man was killed,
deny the published reports that they
were first to firo. They deny having
lired a shot.
An Estimate from Australia.
The total gold produotion of Australia is very great, 'and has been estimated lo lie, up to the end of 1003,
(1,315,756,145, Of courso it is to bu
taken lor granted this is purely an estimate, and thc production may have
been   much   greater  or  considerably
A fakir with a brand new graft, is
working eastern Ontario. He strikes
a town aud locates tho host attended
church services, and as soon as tlie
pastor has pronounced benediction, ho
falls over in a fit. This enlists the
sympathies of thc peoplo. On tho in-
lide of his coat is pinned his uamo and
tho homo of his relatives, with the injunction that if ho should dlo iu ono of
the fits the pooplo should havo his
body sent home. He finally recovers
and pulls the leg of tho congregation
for enough money to get back homo.
It takes about thirty dollars. He
nearly always gets that much overy
Sunday. Then he pulls out to anothor
town to repeat the agonising contortion aot the next Sunday. Truly, this
Is an ago ot graft. Lardeau Eagle
i -. ited   aud   Published   evi rv   PIUDA^   al
Ferguson, i;. C, 1 y
,'.   J.   ATHERTON,   Prop.
towliotn all corrosponileii e sliynl.1 be mailed,
Bllbscrl plli i, listen: i. "i pi r nnnum, l"
,,*;������ H.Hr-r.i ���.merlon!*!.'*., for I'll monllis;
���* ��� ,. .ai- in toiotgu addresses. No pay, no
Advertising limes: lllsplii-,* ails.,tl.0Q por
rlnffle colnmn Inch por month. Legal ftds., l.'
corns per (nonfiarien tine ftif 'lim*1u*.eftlotii 8
i mts per line tor each additional Insortlon.
heading potloes 10 penis tier Hue each Issuo.
Ninety Say legal notices, J10.; sixty days, ?7.50;
iniriy ihuys, ,.,. .-.,, mis. accepted at fess than
those rues.   .So mum fi.i*,,tnick tills.
ronr v/eehly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
FRIDAY.   JUNB   17,   1904.
Social Temper of Mining Camps.
The history of mining camps from
the'date of discovery to the time of
maturity is an entertaining study
without reference to the prosaic industrial aspects of their growth.
The sociological side ot their development (urnishes food for reflection
from which certain generalization
can be derived not wholly without
value lo the hard-headed, single-
minded business man. The success
or failure ot inveslments in mines,
or at least their highest fruitfulness,
have too often been bound up wilh
the public temper of the mining
community rot to compel attention
lo these social phenomena, though
it is not the more serious aspects of
the mailer, as for example the restlessness of labor, politics or possible
ollieial insolence, to which reference
is here made.
Many a new mining camp has
become notorious at the outset for
lhe rough 'character of its population, taken at an average, and the
reckless forms of entertainment in
which it indulges. There is nothing surprising about this, for af
such a period the camp is in its adventuresome stage, and it encourages such a mental attitude on the
part of itirfirst citizens. Ultimately
the camp will settle down to a more
serious understanding of its mission
nml its relationship to the rest ot
thc world, the community will cry-
stalize and social order will steadily
Improve to lhe level of the standards prevailing in older settlements.
The development of such a camp
from the adventuresome period to
Ihe period of soberness, it may be
noted, is measured by the development ol flie mines from the stage of
iinc'ertuirily to that of certainly.
The feelings of suspense, the sud-
den'Surptisrs, and all the sensations
that, attend the discovery and early
development of a rich mineral belt
naturally contribute to a reckless
manner .if life. Alter a time these
conditions disappear, and there is a
Another symptom of the adventuresome spirit is louncl in the speculative excitement lhat usually
spreads beyond ths borders of the
camp into the oulside world. At
such a time practically all the properly in lhe camp is in its prospective stage, nnd speculation thrives
upon uncertainty. While the reckless home spirit is at its height, the
speculative spirit is rampant without, and although lhe two phenomena are not necessarily concomitant, they arc at least traceable to
similar causes. , It is remarkable
that when the camp is producing
little, investments 'move less conservatively than when it is produc
ing much. u the " height ot a
boom " * verythirig in the way of a
" flyer " is in order ; when the so-;
called boom has subsided, the'
springs ol investment freeze up.
Why is this so ?
Strange, but true, it is because
ihe uncertainty has disappeared.
The impression gels abroad that
iii, re ars i o morenelvopportunities
loll.    Tii: camp is no longer virgin.
And so the district enters upon
the lustrum of sedate activity. Its
works arc greater than ever, and
ils fruitfulness larger, but its age* is
against it in the minds ol many.
As there has bceii a change in
the predominating spirit of the mining camp, so there will come a
change in tlie predominating spirit
ofthe investment world. The solid
foundations of the well established
mining community will be found
more inviting, and a reaction in the
right direction will surely overtake
the mind ot the investor.���Rossland
There is one tiling the people of
this town should do, lirst, last and
all the time, and that is lo support
the school trustees in tlieir efforts to
run our school successfully. By
the irony ot late we are not in the
position to supply the average attendance which would warrant us
demanding ol the government their
full control of the education ol
our rising generation. With even
the present grant the trustees do
successfully pilot the school, but
there are limes .when the grave
danger exists of this grant being
deleted by reason of the average
attendance noi being up to standard. |
In a small town the population owe I
a duty lo each other, and by a com-
biped effort, the great danger of the
teacher's salary and grant being sus-i
bended, will cease to exist. There
is a small item due on the lumber!
for the erection of the building,
which should be cleared, and as the
annual meeting for the election ol
a school trustee takes place on Saturday, June cjth, the occasion is an
opportune one for any suggestions
to clear the debt.
We have heard it remarked llint if *'
newspaper u.an knew how mi .i_ knocks
ho ieceivottbehind his back, So would
adopt another calling. That found*
rough on tim scribbler. Tin: newspaper man wbo expects to go through
life wilh being misunderstood, misrepresented and unjustly censured Bhould
make arrangements to die young.
Read on���
That ovorduo subscription to tho
IU iglo 1 We take subs. In gold, nuggets,
quartz (providing thoro is not too much
rook mixed with il , .u* any old coin,
Good American silver i3 also a handy
article to have lying around.
rul.'I.lcii it.viiKHN will Im received by tlio
, i understood up i" noon nf Wednesday tlie
���jf.li Juno, I'.'iil. from uuy person who muy ilo-
sire in obtain u lease, undor tho provisions nf
section ���!���! nl tin* *' 1,'Ui'l Ant," fur the purpose.
of cutting tlmbor (herefrom, of n tlinbor limit
Luis u.lT'i, f'vtS'.; ti.tsl, i;.*i.m, ii.tsil,,;,!.'..", i-inl ii.'S'i.
West ICootellay District, containing in ihe
flggregiito2,r,9G acres.
ill,' competitor offering lln* highest Dash
bonus will be" entitled lu n lessen!' lln; limits
lln* tlie term of it! years.
Knell lender must be accompanied by a certified clienae, made paviiblo tn On* under*
slut,,'il. tn cover Uv: amount nt' lhe first year's
rental (HOS-IOi. ft] 'I tho amount ol iiinnis ten-
dorod, snd also u corlllleil cheijuo tor Rl,DUO.l)l),
being lln: t'nst ni cruising nml surveying tin'
limits. Tho cheques will boat onoe returned
in unsuccessful competitors,
V.'. K. G01US,
Deputy Commissioner nf Lands ,t Works.
Lands ittt'i works iiojinruiK'nt,
Victoria, II. C.,2wl June, HOI.
IX llicmnttorof an application fnra duplicate nf�� cortUloato at title le LoM, Illocli It
Lots J.and 12, Bloek 2 ; Lots7andS,Block0,
nml Lol in. Itlock -9, nil in lhe Town of l"ei-
guson��� Maps (171 nml 0.71 A.
NOTICK is hereby given thai it Is my intention m Issue ntiln* expiration ot ono month
Irom tin* tir.il publication hereor u duplicate
nf the Certillcate nf Title to the above mentioned tots in Uie innun uf Alexander La-forty,
whicli certificate is dated Hie 26th day nf
March, 11HJ., aud numbered 101A.
11. J*. MACLEOD,
y District Registrar,
Lnml Rcgleti*** Office, Kelson, B.C.
ml lie, 't't;i "M
Utl ;.f-.y. IBM.
MR, HARPF.R, ono of the I. C. S.
Representatives for this district, will
be in l-'ergUGon in a few days. Anybody wishing an Interview re tiny nf
thu fnllowing courses, will Und liim at
the Ferguson Hotel:
Mechanical Engineer,
Machine Designer.
Mechanical Draftsman.
Foreman Machinist.
Foreman Toolmaltor.
Foreman Patternmaker.
Foi unan blacksmith.
Fore i Mulder,
Hss Buglnoor.
Uofrlf-eratlou ISngtnoer.
Traction linginucr,
tlli'i'trii'iii Engineer,
Kluctrlc Machine Ooslgno-*,
Elootrlo-Llghtlng Supt,
Kki'liit'-ltnilwnv Supt,
T,*l 'i hone Engineer,
Telegraph Engineer.
llyniom, Ti'inli't'.
SU'iuii linglncor.
Engine Itiuinor.
Marine Engineer.
Civil Engineer,
Muululpal linglncor,
liridgo Knilneor,
li,.ilriiinl Englnoor.
Mining Englnoor.
Mine surveyor.
Mini; Fori',nan.
Woollon-Jlill Supt.
Textile Designer.
Contractor and Butfdor.
Architectural Draftsman.
Sign 1'iiinlcr.
Bhotf-Card IVrilei.
Wioot-Metal Draftsman;
Ornamental Designer.
ForSPOOtlvo Draftsman,
Ad Writer,
Commercial Law.
Taught witli Phonograph,
French.       German.       Spanish.
Start now on tiio road to success over
which (300,00(1 Students havo travelled
and arc travelling. What it has done
for others it will do for you.
Go To
Trout Lake.
S. H. KRUGER, Rep.,
Box 415,iNeisou,
Holds regular dunces evory Snd and 4th Thursday
of each month, in Alexander hall. Kxeullent music
and good door management provided.
Tickets may bcobtained
from tiny of tlie committee
as follows;
| Tonsorial   * &
I Parlors..
Shavinir. Shampooing,
Hali-dressiug,      Singeing.
Dyeing, Baths, hot and
cold water.
Jj Ihave (lie bust appointed shop In the
% Lardeau. Open from 8 a. m. to o p. in,
���J    Schnell & Hooker,
L Ferguson and Trout Lake.
3/jy   I ntQ    '" Fer��uson> the Pay-Roil
UJ    lUUlO     Centre of the Rich Lardeau.
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenominally rich
camps   of  Poplar   and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH ol Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
3^- - _
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
���> ii**->^*-> jx4>.*-.���-'*���:��� r.-i-f:-:; *&���
Ts Our
~\ Send Orders To���
For The
I Handle
Only The
Best Quality
Of Goods.
^Jewelry, Silver
Note the Address
<H4^<jx$yj .|\>.-!{^^M>^^��K^_>*.<S,*^.**s��^<*-H*<S^^
Is our business. We
have ths facilities and
ingenuity necessary to
execute artistic work. ,
Anything In our Line Turned out Promptly.
���,,_->   Legal, Survey and Minertl Claim   jj
W   Blanks always in stock... <"*
us one
The Lardeau Bagle
. Ferguson, B. C. . COMPANIES ACT, IB91.
'ipy, nm. "Tin.' aroAi
itU��l " bus tiiist day boen
noorpomteri undor il Companies Act, Mltf-"
U �� Limlii'd Company, wiili n capital of one
million (Ive ��� ;. " i il ousand dollars, divided
iiitu onu million flvfi hundred thouiiand Bharos
of ono dollar (Tl) each.
Tlio ilmo nf i.m exi tt'iu-t) of tiii; Company la
Given under ray linndand Re I of office nt Vn>
turin, Provlni f iirltlsh i   lumhla, this 7th
day of November, one ihouinnd nine liundrod
mu! Hirec.
B.     .  WOOWON,
'.if JdlUt I'iiii'K l.'ftliiiiiilih'S.
I llfiRKM
Northern Mln
Incorporated i
Tlio tollo-wlng 01   '
Company haa boe
1. To purchase tl
Lado .Minim. Hyndl   .
Ohflio tin' tolluwinc
������ Strathcona."   "Tr
��� . *m for which Ha'
iratcd :-
irty of "Tho Ophir
mitod ;" and to pur-
iral claims, viz., tlio
"     '���LllT
Mok,"" hanky Three,' "Littlo Phil," "Luck
Jack t'racttdn,' "QoldHini
��� ������>��������������-
-> ����������� ��<������-> +
Smith $ Co.
43 Blcury St,
*      Montreal
Will hu reprcsi :itod in
i''iji'n'us('ii three or four
days ciieh month, Any
orders for clothing will
receive clone attention
and wu
Time Tabic
th," Hiid'-iiold Mill.
Luko Mining Division
riot ; tin.! also to pur-
(cor otherwlso acquire
mineral lands, minos, pro*
t estate in tiio Province of
olsewhbrQi and to pny for
money or in fully pafd-uD
unly in monoy and
I B_.11   Inn on _-.,. _*>I..,.._
nil uliiuit"! iu t!i
of Wost Kootonay Di
chase,leaso, bond, loc
anv mincni'
nortlos aud
British Col
tin samo (
partly in such sharos, and to soil", lease oro'tln
wise dispii.-c nl tho same of nny of thorn or any
Interest therein :
���i. To die for, raise, orush. wash, smelt, assay,
analyse, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise
trout (,'old, silver, copper, ti ad ores or deposits
mid othor minerals and in. allfo Bubstnuees
and compounds of all kind.-, whether belonging to tho Company or aot, nnd to render tho
samo raorehttntable, and lo buy, sell and doal
in tiio samo, or any of Lh_.ui:
ii. To carry ort the business of a mining,
smoIthiK, milling and refining company in all
orany of Us brandies:
���L 'lo ucqulro by purchase, lease, hire, ox-
ohttngeorotherwiflOBuob timber landa or leases,
tlnibiT ciiiiins, Met uses in cut timber, surfaco
rights and rights of way. waii-r rights and privileges, mills, faotorles, furnaces for ..molting
and treating ores and refining motals, bulla*
ings, nmchinory, p|Hut, or othorwlso real or
personal property aa may bo necossary for or
conducive to tlio proper carrying outo'f any of
the objects ol the Company:
5. TooonBtruct, maintain,alter,make, work
and operate on the proporty of the Company,
any canals, trails, roads, ways, tramway-., i.rid.
tfos and reservoirs, dams, flumos. raooand otlior
Mtays.watorcourses.aequertucts, wells, wharves,
piers, furnaces, saw-mills, crushing works,
smeitim,' works, concentrating works, hydraulic work-i, electric works and appliascos, ware*
houses buildings, ma shiuofy, plant, storos.anfl
other works and uonvonlcncoswlilcn inaysoejd
conducive io any of iho objects of tiio Company-, and wild ihe consent of the shareholders
In general meoting, to contribute to.subaldiso
or otnerwlse aid or tako pun In any such operations, though constructed and maintained by
any other company or porsons outsido of tho
property of the Company, and to
manufacture and deal In all kinds ol "good's!
v stores, Implements, [provisions, chattels and
effects required by tno Company or its workmen und servants :
ti. To take, acquire, own and hold as lim consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold
otherwise disposed of, or for goods supplied
.pr work dono by contractor otherwise,shares,
debentures, bonds or othor socuriliosofor lu
��__,* other company, lho objects of which are
��� imilar to [note of this Comnany, and lo soil or
o.thenvisu dvp.isoof the samo :
7. To enter into any arrangement for Bhann-a
profits, unionofjntorosts,oroo-oneration with
nny-otimr person or company, carrving on; or
about to nan yon, anv business or transact iou
similar to tljat (vhjch ihis Company is author*
isud to carry on :
<s. To purchase or othorwlso acquiroaud undertake all or any of the assets, business, property, privileges, eoniraels, riglm, olnigatUms
and IJabllitiosof anv person or company carrving on any pari of i ha business which a company specially limited under said section Is
authorised to carry on, or possessed oi'pmneru-
suitalilo for,he purposenhorWf:
fl. To borrow or raise money for tlie purposo
of the ( omnaiiy, i.m so that the amount so borrowed or raised shall not, without the sanction
of a general meolhifl of tho Company, exceed
one quarter of the nmpttnt of tho paid-up capl<
tal for tho timi! being, and for the purpose of
Securing such money ami interest or for any
other purpose, to mortgaffooreharrjo the under-
talflngoraHorarij part oi'ihu property of .the
Company, present dr after aeoulrod, ami in
create, issue, make, draw, accept and nogotjatp
. perpetual or redeemable debentures or debenture stock, promissory notes, hills of exchange, bills of hiding, warrants, obligations
nnd other negotiable and transferable instruments :
10. To distribute any of tho property of the
Company among the members in specie :
11. To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, leave, mortgage dispose of, turn to account, or otherwise deal with the undertaking,
or the wholo or anypitrtof tlie property and
MgljUof thoCmnpiiny, with power to accept oa
the consideration anv shares, stocks, pr obligations of any company tho objects of which aro
restricted as aforesaid or otherwise :
iu, To do all such other-things aSaro Incident*
/ ul or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.
Dec. 18.
Our representative
S. A. Scott is
practical tailor timi
will make clothes
fib. Hold your
orders for him.
Running between Arrowhead, Bea-
tou and Comaplix, com mo no i up October Utta, I!J0-'{, will sail ns follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton und
Comaplix, twice daily���10k ami oi;.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twico dally��� 7:16k and
12;46k, Making closo connections
with all (J. 1\ K. Steamers and trains.
Tho owners rcservo tho right to
change times of sailings without
The Fred Robinson Lumber Co.Ltd
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,
Situated, midst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur,   The most complete health
resort on tho continontof North Americans baths cure till Norvousand Muscular   diseases.    Its  waters heal   all
Kidney, Liver and Stomach atlinonts,
They are tt never falling remedy fin-
all metallic poisons, completely purifying tlio system.
TERMS-MS to 118 per week, according to residence in Hotel or Villas.     '
United Hatters of North America
Including tho Fish Crcok{
Uio fulfill Ilntlors
t  Nortll  .AiiiitIi-ii.
,\ :i Nunh Amorl-M.
-A '���'��� hen you nt*o bllv-
���\ -..- a Fill: HAT,
'- . ber M>it or -,tirf.
f,'.    .. t.. it  ii...! ii...
Q/aTEaS ���
t'eititicnto of Improv-aiiiunls,
ifoW UIU ond Goldsmith Mineral Claims, sit*
imtein tim Troul Lake Mining Division of Wost
Kootenay District.
Where located���on Poplar (..reek about one
mile from die railway.
Take Notico that 1 Robert Hodgo, acting as
agent for w. n. pool, Free Minors Cortllleate
No. ��. 71717, intend, sixty days from the dato
hereof, to ��t|��� j>Iv to tiie MIiiIiik Keeorder for
Certificates of fin pro vein on ts, for the, purpose
���gf obtaining Urown Grants of the abovo claims,
A/id further tako iinliee tlmt iietlon. under
MOf|onay, mtisi bepommonood buforftlio issii-
iliieeof KiiVh I'tTlilleiilen of lni|iroV���iiieutf.
.fated I hi' 'dli day ni .lanuarv, A.D.IUDI.
ROUT. IIO 1X11!,
t���.....^y.  ,,^���y   i{} u>  u   (1(t)t  t||
/ lonulno    UN I ON
/   Label is sewed in it
If   a  retailer   J
loose label
Possession nud  of-
lers to put one in a
hut for yon. do not
patronize him.   lie
liaBiiotanyrjgntionHvo tooso labels,  Loose
labels in retail stores are cminterfeii.-:.   I'o not
lisieu to anyexplonation as io why the hat
be.s no ltibol. The Gfiinuino Union Label is
perforated on tlie four edges exactly lliosame
us a postage stamp. Counterfeits nro some-
limes perforated on three of the edire-., and
times on!v (Hi two. ICcop a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprlnoiplod manufacturers aro tislng them In order lo gel rid of
their scab-made hats. Tiie John Fl. stetson
of Philadelphia, Pa., In non-union concorn;
JOHN A. MOFKITT, President,
Orango, N.J.
II Wavorly Place, Room .'��. New Vork City,
50  YEARS'
piled by A. P. Cummins, P.L,S.,and S
Shannon.U.A., Is now on sale at this
olllco, The ready Bale of tho map is
proving 'ill wo have said for it. The
Trout Lake division is lithographed In
blaek, the Lardeau in red,and tho Alnsworth in blue. Kvonatondcrfool could
take a copv of ihis map and lind any
claim roeofdod in the tliree dlvisiona.
The mouutains, lakes, crooks, wagon
roiide, trails, surv ryed railway routes;
and thO location and mime (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim iniiie
district isshowiL
Next   to   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person  This Map  Takes First Place.
In fuet every geographical
feature la so well define '. that ono oan
see at a glance the nature of our country
and the trend of the elaim localloim
gives an iuti lliglblo idea of tne mineral
belts running throug-lith-icamp, His
The    liest    Worth    For   One   Dollar
evoroffored in tho map lino of a mining
camp.   It is the first Complete man ol
tbe ilisUlct audi:' yelling well. ItisJUBt
what vou are looking for. WK AUif)
Trade: Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
nnleltl7.iiaeortaln our oi'iiiion free ivlietlier an
hivi'i-UKn la pruhnbly naleiilahlc.   Com mini lea-
tion'iRtririlycf.iiii-ieailai. Iinndbookon Patents
eo!if fioo. 'U.loMt au-Mirj' ff.r eeuirlaj.- rm.-nii.
Patenth taken tlnouu'li Jlunii & Co. recolve
opeehtl notice, without elianro, iu tho
A handsomolj" llllistratod weekly. Lnrce.it cir-
cnlatlmi of any seieiuitle fotirnul. '1'eniM. ftl i\
j-riari four inontba,-M. hulO byall iimvsdenlern.
MM &Co.3Q,B���^. New York
Bruucli Oflice. 055 V St., WaihUUton. D. d
Address j*i
enolosuro of h oi
olieiiuos, ordorsi cfi*
ir 'irikT, 'vfth nn
:   il..I1...*   Illll,  Illll
Two Bargains.
yor nrloOi tfirnis. ofc, fipply lo J, Edward
JJinl, ImrriMIer, V'auoouver, Or lo E.Oj Wood*
warrfi Forguson.
riVIA'f t'liiiifiirfni'ic mtli' Diroltlng Houso o<-
1 t!i||iiod byO. it. Nfislilll. nml two wufl nil-
Mviit/jil lulu, niiTjv iViH'L'd. Hlfontoil iii tliu best
rosfdonuo imit of 1'Vrgu-iou. For .iiilu choaj*.
Tins is ft snup.
rjiIIK Kiiylo Hloek. oci'iipied by tho Lardeau'
JL Kn*;io newspaper find ilm Methodist
f.'Jiurcli. Tho building draws it good reutiil
'-.nd tliu sale price and lurnm ivlll mrprlse you,
..������p.tJfi With a I'lij-HtroiiK.
Ii pays to uso tlio tolophone. A trip
oan often bo saved to Trout Luke, Bea
too, Arrowhoad or Comaplix by using
the 'phone. Ollioo in Cummins & Co.'j
D. J. Uobertson, the Nelson furnltno
dealers ace funeral dirootors and c'm-
The Canada Drug & Book Co., Ltd.,
of Kevelstoke, carry an immense stock
of stationery, fancy goods, games of all
kinds, the latest books ahd magazines,
rubber goods and mountain and miuiug
vjews.   Give them a mail order.
* Smokers!   If you want tho genuine    "Union"   and    "Our   Special"
olGAB see that "Union Cigar Factory"
i stamped In gilt letters on ovory box.
���H .A, Brown, Revelstoie,
Aiid You Will Gel The
= Bagle =
With The Latest War News,
$2.75- f- -$2.75
The Lardeau Eagle will give you the latest reliable information on Mining and Lumbering.
The Winnipeg Free Press is one of Western
Canada's greatest family newspapers.
���  4 V   .   ���    <
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companios or others ordering
lotsof.-O.or more, maps will bo supplied lit f-0 cents each.
I      IR'OIS BEDS a Specialty      .
t $3 and up, ��
. ��
ft........... 944444*4444444444
Goods ran be furnished to any part ol Lardeau un very _!iou notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson..
No Charge for packing   ............... ,����-�����,�����<��.���>���� ��*>��������.'���
..................... 4444444444
I *'"
I Funeral Directors and   ;!
. Embalmers. \
IQraduato of BIyor'fl Gollogo of Embalming]     ���
Can attend caso at Ferguson at ten     ���
hours notico if advised bv wire. ���
D. J.  Robertson tf Co-
nelson, B. C
Capital Authorized) 84,000,001! head OFFICE:
Capital (paid un)    -    2.9SB.281 ��� .      _   .  ���.
Rest - - - - - - 2,66o!oo Toronto, Ontario-
Branches io tbu Northwest Territories. Provinces > of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. K. MKI.MUTT, President. D. U. WILKIE, Vioe-Pros. and i';t.   Mum.
!���:. HAY, Assistant Gon. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief [nb-^ .otdk*.
Ferguson,   tt.   C,  Branch���A   General  Hanking   Business   TrnnsacK't,
Savings Department���Deposits received andinterest allowed.
Drflfta Sold available In All parts of Canada,
United Stf.tea and Europe,
Special attention glvon to collections and
Mining Uonds,
Are You
A Union;
.  Man
Union Cigar Factory I
Manufactures only Union goods, anJ >:-
ssiili.-s. thoy are the best on tlie market.
They ara made of the best Havana tobaceo,
nnd their excellonco Is undisputed. Insi*.
on getting;
Proprietor I
��� :ig��r Fiii lory, RE VBLSTOKD. u.c.
f^^-^-^-^^-.-.^-'^jr.}*-.;.. *4.-4.*^r^ip--/*i .*-. .;- .'..I
We try to give satisfaction to our   "ticsls.
|f    Laughton Bros.
,;. -^ w;- -a
**;������ "*v*
A.  -f/u ..'V, fA, ^/.. . \, ,j\, . \., ,JV, ,A.  -jA- -,\t -A, rA- -A- -/w -J ���'���J,- ���-"���  *-' ��� t*M
ie mwi
SteanrLaunjlr\ i
NE_._JOIM - B.C.
Made in
aoies flajward.
THoro family out! best mining Journal.
That Is
Mines and Minerals.
it Iiiih ft larftoi ciroulation than auy ttfo other
Amerlcitn tn'nlng journals because it is the
be.it. It is the largest, best Illustrated and
handsomesl mining Journal lu*tho wnrKl. u
Is a wining paper for mining men, Subscription price ?_!.00 per year. Send fur hrv sample1
cupv.   Address MINKS AN I) MIN'KKAI-H-Hcrni)-
ton, Pa., u.s, a.   Denver offices, Dai'tb DIdg,,
JJenver, Colorado.
Does All Kinds Oi .Fork [n
Way Of
1'illnT Machine or IIiuul AVoilt.
We Guarantee Our Work
To Be First.Class
Any complaint!* may ho lodged
with our Ajjent,
Trout tulcci
Tho Brightest, Newsiest Papei
in the DlBtricti *��������-������������ ��������� ��������������������� ������ ������M'j> ������.������������� +
I Local aud General. |
_���*>-���.,��� mitt"iinn*nt*i,)^
Mr, Schnell paid a Hying visit to tho
burg last weok.
Ni. I'. Nicholls, of Nelson is visiting
Forgusqn this week.
W. 14. Preston, hailinf from Eastern
i Irojon, arrived in town this weok,
Mr. Battey, of the Triune mine, paid
a Hying visit to Kevelstoke last week
ond, and returned to town on Sunday.
Mr. Laughton Is erecting a nice
frame stable at the rear ol the Lardeau
Hotol.   Mr'. Skinner has charge of the
Wl I*    -
.��� 'ow barber, in the person of Art.
Desjordy came to town last weok to
take ovor tho control of the tonsorial
S. A. Sutherland paid a visit to the
Nettie L. mine on Wednesday last, and
was much impressed with the great
improvements and developments there.
C. II. Littlo has been busy this week
making tho cottage facing tho barber
shop tenable. Fred. Littlo reports his
health improving sinco his sojourn
Angus McDougall catno down from
the "Cup" on Wednesday. He reports tho effect of the heat of the past
few days has caused the suow to melt
and the water to run in great style.
A.,f. Ciordon leftitown on Monday to
proceed to Poplar, to give an eyo to his
interests there. He has just mado a
very satisfactory deal on two claims of
gold property, lor which a nice cash
paymont was received.
Up to tbo time ol going to press no
clue has been obtainod to lho party or
parties who dynamited the jewelry
store of W. Alexander at Golden on
tbe 6th inst. Groat indignation is felt
locally, as Mr. Alexander Is a greatly
respected and popular citizen.
R. Forin and a gang of men went up
to the Triune on Wednesday morning.
They will at once proceed to clear obstruction, repair the road, and erect
oahius .and commence o'.her necessary
preparations for the more serious part
of the project.
Its up to everybody to learn the art
of dodging trouble. Last week from
tlie East wo learned that one dollar
counterfeit bills were to bo found in
abundance, aud now from Vancouver
como roports that Ihey have " money
to burn " of tho wrong article iu the
silver dollar line. Use checks, and
Malcolm Beaton, fathor of the town
of Beaton, drove in to the burgh
on two occasions this wook to have his
injured hand dressed, Malcolm has
had a spell of six weeks in tho hospital,
and everybody is pleasod to see his
hale form abroad again. His injured
is progressing favorably. Good" for
you, Dr. Newcombe.
Jack Lundy, of Innisfail, Alta., wa
in town last week. Ho is interested
with J. C. Kirkpatrick in the Littlo
Robert group, head of North Fork.
He loft on Friday hy pack-train with
six men for tlio summit. They are
commencing development work, and
tho prospects aro they will make the
best part of tliu summer thoro.
Asa Hillman and a gang of men commenced operations on Monday morning
on the new bridge near tho old Honi-
I'ano headquarters. Numorous complaints have been made lu reference
to the old apology, and tho much-
needed bridge will bo greatly appreciated. Frank Lubeau secured tlie eon-
tract for the supply of lumber.
Tho Liconsing Board held a session
at Trout Lako on Wednesday last.
Applications for renewals were made
from the Windsor, Ferguson, Lardoau,
King's, nnd Balmoral hotels of this
town, aud-wore all granted. All the
applications from Trout wero successful, as also were the Poplar hotels.
Konneth Morrison was not successful
with his application for the Park View
One day last weok while proceeding
to the power house, Frank Leheau
stumbled ovor a typewriter ���not a
femlnlno gender of that ilk, but an up-
to-date portable Bllekonsdorf. An
owner laid claim, however, It being
ibe property of R. Buchanan, who wat
here with his company last week, it
having fallen from the stage In transit.
Wo wonder how many epistles Harry
Neodham typed to his best girl while
tbe machine waa awaiting a olaltnant,
G. Ballantinn, of Vancouver, is visi*
ing the town.
S. li. Oliver, Nelson, has been in the
town this week.
"Tho l.agle" job department can
now fill your orders.
Pat. Shown, of New Denver, is ono
01 our latest arrivals.
.lack Anderson, of St. Paul, has re*
gtstered at the Ferguson.
Mr. Marshall has returned after a
two woek's sojourn among tho hills.
It is rumored that Shorty McLeod Is
taking lessons in the art of blinking.
I. Goldbloom and M. Griffin, of Win
nipog, are registered at the Windsor.
Mrs. Jngo, wife of Harry Jago, coot
at tho Nettle L. mine, arrived from tho
east on Wednesday.
Jack Staiiber reports that he opened
up a nice vein on his elairas on Silver
Cup mountain last week.
,loe Kirkpatrick mado several.trips
to tho Court house, .at Trout Lake this
week, and there wero others.
R. Mnohln, of'Vnncouvor, representing several old country supply houses,
was in town on business yesterday.
Chineso laborers, in bond, are pass-
ng passing through Revelstoko by the
train load, en route for South Africa.
What a contrast between the roads
of tins and last week. Our thermometer touched the 00 spot on Wednesday.
Jack Madison, who has for a time been
presiding over the operating chair at
the barber shop, loft Saturday morning for Trout Lake.
Mr. Kelly, who has been an inmate
of the hospital with rheumatism for
somo time is now ablo to walk around
town and greet his friends.
Mr. Swinuey, manager ot the Great
Western Mines, paid a visit of inspection to the Silver Cup on Wednesday.
Th. work cf clearing the obstruction
will be pushed along, and the terminal
for No. 1 tramway is now in position.
A.young man at Lethbridgo had*an
open account with a local druggist for
over two years. The Ilrst item on It
was a box of chocolates, and tho last
was a nursing bottle. This ought to
to be a losson to young men not to let
accounts stand over too long.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. R.
Hodge wish them all kinds of success
on their taking their departure to
Nelson. They left town ou Wednesday
morning. Mr. Hodge will take over
tho control of the olllees of the Great
Northern Mines, Ltd., at Nelson.
0. J. Reid and Rob. Kirkpatrick
came in from the Little Robert mine
on Wednesday ..night, and report
highly satisfactory progress made.* A
week ago tbey scoured a lino wolverine,
a rather unique circumstance in connection with whicli was that the bullet ln
its course made four l*,olo3, as Is verified
by a close examination of the skin.
Much excitement, uot unmixed with
consternation has been excited in Provincial mining circles, by the report
that through faulty sampling and
assaying, recent shipmedts from Lo
Roi, at Kossland, havo beon grossly
over-valued, and that consequently the
mine has not earned thu largo piollls
whieh have been reported since the
beginning of the year.���Tho Hnglnear-
lng and Mining Journal.
A popular poet once remarked that
to havo ono's name spelled wrong in
tho newspapers meant fame. A gent
called on us this week whose appellation was somewhat distorted in the'
Hospital Roport which appeared in'
our last Issuo. He was perfectly docile,
and the editor lives to prod nee anothor
shoot. That his vanity was tickled la
evidenced by tho fact that he loft a
bundlo of job printing Orders for the
"staff" to expehd its latent gohiuS'
When you get a catalogue from'ono
of tho big eastern or wostern mailing
houses, and you are contemplating a
purchase, put the the air-brake on for
a moment and reflect. Then pay a
visit to your local tradesman, and its
dollars to doughnuts ho can do as well
for you with all your expenses totalled
up. Write to the mail order bouses,
enquiring what they will give towards
town improvements; what subscription
they will give towards tho Miners'
Hospital, the school, and a hundred
and one other things that a local
tradesman has to "dip " (or, Loyalty
must be a strong card with us If we
desire tbe town to thrive,
j ?        CARDS.
|   V-,�� P. L. S.
t Provincial
i Land
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Office:      -      -      Trout Lake.
.   Rf.ve
B. C.
Surveys of Mines, Mineral Claim; and
Crown Lands. Crown Grants Obtained and Assessments Managed
4        for Absentees.
t   omees:  Camborne and Vancouver
P.   L.   S.,
Beaton, B. C
Solicitor fur ,
The Imperial BanK
Of Canada
A"'' The Great Northern Mines,
Ferguson     -     n* C.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Ofllces: Revelstoko, Golden, and Perguson. Solicitors for Imperial Bank
of Canada
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
B. M. Allutn.
Mail Ordor Bust-net* Receives
I'rompt Attention.
Xoveltlos and .Jewelry In great
-���������Note the Address =
0 0
Headquarters for Anna.yon,, Alining
��� Mill Klippllea. Sole* agents ln H.
C. lor Morgan Crucible Co.. nattersea,
England; F. W. Braun ��fc Co.'s Patent
Caiy Furnaces, Burners, etc.; Wm. Aim-
worth & Co.'s Fine Balances, etc., etc.
' 'Tis not In Mortals to command
success! but we'll do more���
*   *   *   Dese. ye It. "���Shakespeare.
Mr. Miner.     For our Special Line
this week we are showing a splendid
array of
Men's Suits
Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
Where he keepB light and heavy vehicles, single and
double drivers, saddle and pack horses for hire.
Also proprietor ol the Btage route running between
the above points, making threo trips weekly.
The Best Place To Put Up At When in Ferguson is
The King's Hotel
Heated by hot air and Lighted by electricity.   Tables are provided with the best that money can buy.
The rooms are well ventilated and always cloan.
Rate by the Day
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
..Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors npd cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, PropriBtors.
Packing and *w��$*^
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc, to any point tn the district,
Good, prompt serviee, and any work undertaken guaranteed sa.isfaetory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney.Prop.
perguson Hotel


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