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Ferguson Eagle 1900-05-28

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VOL. II. NO. 15.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Labor Foroea Get Next to Joseph
Leading Labor Men Are Against
the Martin Combination.���Thos.
Taylor Baoked By the Organized
Labor Vote.���His Honest Stand
on Progressive Issues.
It is obvious that J. J. Langstaff, of
the Topic, le not a union man, nor
connected with any labor organization.
He says the union organizations are
solid for Jos. Martin and W. M. Law-
renoe. The editor of this rag belongs
to two labor organizations in Revelstoke, and at a meeting which he
recently attended there>at least 75 per
cent, of the members were in favor of
supporting Thos. Taylor. The railway
unions are almost unanimous In tbeir
choice���Thos. Taylor. A few others,
known as "ideal" socialists, have
absolutely refused to vote for either
party, thus disfranchising themselves
until a purely socialist candidate Is
placed in the field. Jos. Martin helped
his brother in Winnipeg to down,
(without avail) A. W. Puttee, one of
Canada's best labor advocates. John
Houston, a labor man and a socialist,
Is bitterly opposed to Jos. Martin.
Tom Foster and Ralph Smith, two
prominent and tried labor men, fre
opposing Jos; Martin. Bob Green, the
miner's stand-by, la Independent of
Joseph, The Eaole would have liked
to support Joseph Martin and his platform, but better posted labor advocates
say "Joe Martin is with us but not for
us." This being the case, and knowing Thos. Taylor as we do, tbe Eaole
is justified In helping to elect him.
Either of the party platform* are
"progressive" and it now remains to
choose the most sincere. A straw
show. Shioh way the wind blows, and
when we see the above contingent of
labor men bucking Joseph Martin, we
beartilv iota with (bent. The tt. is no
choice. W. M. Lawrenoe is a Martin
candidate. Thos. Taylor is not. Tom
has pledged himself to the Westminster platform and he certainly will
adhere to his word, regardless of party.
The Topic can ring in no "sandy" on
the electors here on this proposition.
D. LOlink Says the Toplo's Reputation Can Not be Lowered.
D. L. Clink of Trout Lake has the
following letter in the last Issue of the
To tbe editor of the Topio: Sir:
In your two last issues you stated that
the Taylor party was on its last legs.
The votes which will be polled on the
9th of June will prove your paper to
be one1 of the most unreliable sheets
ever published In British Columbia.
Unless a newspaper establishes a
reputation for veracity it is of very
little-use to any party .or to any community. Take Trout Lake, Thomson's
Landing and Ferguson and there is
not a man In British Columbia that
can poll tweuty-five per cent, of the
votes against Mr. Taylor.
D. L. Clink.
The Topic replies .thus: Mr. Clink
convicts the Topio of untruthfulness
before he knows the result of the
election. This is something like the
method in vogue years ago of banging
1 a man first and trying him afterward.
The above letter, though, is characteristic of Mr. Clink's peculiar bent of
D. L. Clink says the Topic's reply Is
very transparent. What it would like
is to have a free hand lu spreading its
false statements about Mr. Taylor, till
after the 9th of June, in the hope that
they will bave an effect in other districts of the riding. However overwhelming tbe proof against these
assertions may be on tbat date the
Toplo's reputation can not be perceptibly lowered In its own district.
Tom Taylor of Trout Lake, was.'at
Halcyon Hot Springs last Saturday on
electioneering business.
John McCartney of Trout Lake, has
considerably benefitted from bis stay at
the Hot Springs.
As shewing tbe earlinew of the
season hay-making has commenced at
Halcyon Hot Springs this week, a
magnflcent field of clover having been
laid under the sickle to make hay.
A beautiful specimen of the blaok
bear was killed at Halcyon Hot Springs
last Saturday. It was killed at the
entrance to the Lodope falls.
One of the angling parties at
Haloyon Hot Springs had a very
successful basket last Monday. One
magniflcient trout was caught by Miss
Mabel Husband which sealed 5i
pounds, while P. H. Large landed one
at 3 pounds.
A short descriptive article of
Halcyon Hot Springs will appear in
the next Issue of the Eaolk.
Speaking of the eight-hour law at
Revelstoke Chas. Wilson Bald that so
far as he was concerned the present
eight-hour enactment would stand
until all the parties Interested asked
either for its repeal or modification.
He and his party were prepared to
stand by tbe plank in their platform,
fairly, honestly and consistently.
The Liberals Disown Him, A Socialist He ia no t, and the Labor Leaders are Against Him.
The Victoria Times, Liberal, says:
The followers of the Premier are displeased with the Liberals who do not
see .all the statesmanlike virtues of
Hon. Joseph Martin that are so plainly
apparent to tbem. They have been
confronted with the statement of the
Premier himself that he endeavored to
form an alliance with Mr. Dunsmulr,
tbat he tried to Induce some prominent
Conservatives to enter his cabinet, and
that It was only as a last resort that
he turned round and deolded to form a
Liberal government. These are not
our statements, but the facts a*
narrated by Mr. Martin himself. It
was only after ill overtures had been
rejected from other quarters that. an
application was made for the summoning of a Liberal convention for the
purpose of pronouncing upon the question of selecting Mr. Martin as the
leader of a provincial Liberal party.
100 Ft. Tunnel on the Empire'Group.
R. Leckte-Ewlng Is calling for sealed
tenders up to June 1st for the driving
of a hundred ft. tunnel, 5J ft. high, 4 ft.
wide, on the Negnance, one of the
claims In the Empire group, situated
on Cariboo creek. Six men must be
employed on the contract. Supplies
are already up at the Empire osbln.
This valuable group was sold to the
present owners last year for 130,000
cash. The Leckle-Ewlng brothers are
now erecting a residence In town,
They will leave for tbe Empire any
time after the 1st of June.
Good Showing- on the Annie F.
Walter Phelan, N. E. Lay and R.
McCutcheon arrived home on Wednesday from Tenderfoot creek, where
tbey have been doing assessment work
on the Annie F., a claim owned by
Phelan and Lay, and report It looking
fine. They found a cross ledge about
5 ft. In width crossing the main lead.
The Annie F. Is an extension of the
John L., which Is bonded to an English syndicate for $35,000.
A Force of Men on the Silver Lenf ���
J. W. Westfall was in town on Thursday morning on his way to the Silver
Leaf. A force of men were hired in
Ferguson, with Alex. Brown as foreman. They all left the same day with
their packs to begin work. Additional
supplies will be sent up on pack horses
In a few days.
The Evidence of Liberals, Labor Men and Socialists Proves Martin's
Inslnoereity and Untrustworthinesa.
n trust
The BUeotors Are Dead Leary of a Leader Who Fights With His Face
But Goes Baok on Even a Written Agreement.���Joseph Martin
is Neither a Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, Labor Nor Any
Other Representative; Just "Joseph Martin."���A Damp Nuisance to Any Organization.���W. M. Lawrenoe Would Be Another
Tool- in Hia Hands.���But the Judge, the People, Will Lay Him Low.
More Men on the Rob Roy.
An additional force of men will be
put to work on the Rob Roy this week.
There are no miners left In town.
Supplies will go up next week, as the
road between here and tbe Rob Roy Is
now clear. Some Important development will take place in this property
before many weeks.
The Banff.
J. Atkinson came down from doing
assessment work on bis claim, the
Banff, on Wednesday. The Banff is
located about two miles up the mountain just back of Ferguson. Mr.
Atkinson reports the snow going very
Snlipllen for the Nettle h.
Pack Horses are now taking supplies
up to the Nettle L. More men will be
put on in a few days. The good work
goes merrily ou.
The Tonic, commenting on a letter
written by President Shaughnessy
says: "The only possible construction
which can be placed on this communication Is that the C. P. R. intend to
await the placing of a stable government at the head of affairs In British
Columbia, no matter whether It is
Liberal or Conservative, before continuing the work of construction."
The Eaole entirely agrees with this
portion of Its comment. But it cannot
agree with what follows as to Joseph
Martin being the leader of a stable
government. Should Mr. Martlu stand
at tbe head of affairs after the election
would Mr. Shaughnessy and other
capitalists have confidence in the
stability of the government of our
province ? Would Mr. Martin work In
harmony with his colleagues ?
Joseph Martin is now on bis trial.
The electors of British Columbia are
tbe jury. They will give tbeir verdict
on the 9th of June. The witnesses
testifying ire the Dominion oabinet j
tbe late Greenwsy government; thirty
seven out of the thirty eight members
of tbe B. C. Legislature.; the Hon. Mr.
Peters, late Liberal premier of P.E.I.,
but now of Victoria, B. G; Ralph
Smith, secretary of a miner's union
and president of the Trades and Labor
Congress of Canada, as well as many
other labor leaders. All testify that
Mr. Martin is a man that cannot be
trusted, and is not a fit and proper person to be a member of any cabinet,
muoh less tbe leader of it These witnesses all know Mr. Martin thoroughly.   They are not talking from heresay.
" Mr. Laurier cannot even now, and
at long range, countenance Mr. Martin
in any way, and what is more be says
that Mr. Martin very well knows the
reason why."
Mr. Greenway says: " He 1b a man
without heart or conscience."
J. M. Kellie, our present member,
while trying to force through important legislation for this distriot, was
burked in his endeavor by Mr. Martin.
Mr. Kellie asserts that Mr. Martin Is a
man who will not stand by a solemn
pledge; a man who will not abide by a
written agreement over his own signature.
The Hon. Mr. Peters denounces Mr.
Martin as an enemy of constitutional
government, one who has discouraged
capital and settlers, and as a rash Impetuous man.
Ralph Smith says: "I supported
the Semltn government because they
endeavored to bring in legislation
which in my opinion was favorable to
the masses, and I differed from Mr.
Martin because he opposed such legislation and made a contract with the
enemy to burst up such a government.
When I disagree with a man for such
good reasons I am not prepared to
allow tbe announcement of certain
theories to affeot me In his favor,
although I may agree with the theories
themselves, and, as I say, he joined
bands with the political enemy and
destroyed what we considered important."
Tbe editor of the Topic, two months
ago, was so disgusted with Mr. Martin's
career in the local house that he wished to get rid of him there and proposed
to give him the position of mule
puncher, but on second thought, as
"blood Is thicker than water" Mr.
Langstaff decided it would be an injustice to the mules, and forthwith abandoned tbe Idea. But it is only fair to
state that this witness has recently
been converted, though as yet he has
failed to enlighten the publlo as to tbe
oause of bis conversion.
Now there Is not a jury in tbe British
Dominions but would conclude, before
one third, of these witnesses were called, that Mr. Martin would be a failure
as a leafler of a government and therefore decide against him. In order to
do Mr. Martin full justice tbe Eagle
has only quoted from members of his
own party. All are Liberals. A party,
by the way, whioh he is doing more to
demoralise than any other man in
The Eaole would suggest (bat we,
electors, lay aside every personal
istton that   would  prejudice    our
minds, and give our verdiot according
the evldonce we have before us.
ny of us have never seen Mr, Mar-
i, some bave heard him on tbe platform once or twice, but none of the
ejectors oan know him as well as those
who are testifying against him. Can
it be possible that where the evidence
of so many agrees there can beany
rsistake ?
| Mr. Martin, unfortunately for himself, has a record, and It will take bim
sjsveral years to erase tt, and establish
a better [one, and we can't afford,
Under the present circumstances, to
J. A. Mara, former member for this
district in .the Dominion parliament,
was in London, England, at the time
our lieutenant-governor read his
celebrated speech so* empty benches,
He Is now In this country, and tells us
that the people there at first refused
to believe the report of it. Afterwards
when they were forced to believe it,
one could not talk to them about tbe
Investment of capital In B. C. They
would not listen to it.
Mr. Martin Bays he wants capital to
come to tbe country and yet during
the past twelves months, owing to the
disturbed state of affairs in B. C, over
four millions of dollars of Canadian
money that rightfully belonged to B.
0.,) has been Invested In Colorado,
Idaho, Washington, Oregon, beslded
Several millions of English money.
Not only Is this money lost to ub but
more is likely to follow, as capital,
when once diverted Into new channels,
Is very hard to turn book into the old.
Thanks to Mr. Martin and his
colleagues, British Columbia Is a by<
word and a reproach In every .financial
centre from London to San Francisco.
Over one thousand miners bave been
driven from the country for want of
employment, and their places filled by
a most undesirable class of foreigners.
Mr, Martin has hired Mr. Wilks, a
man who likewise goes back on his
friends, John Houston and labor's
interests, to assist Mr. Lawrence in
the campaign against Mr. Taylor, and
to instruct the people for whom they
should vote.   Comment 1b unnecessary.
Second .Rich Shewing on the Revenge.
L. Wisener and Arthur Evans
returned from Sable creek, a tributary
of Fish creek, on Sunday. They have
been doing work on the Revenge,
but snow prevented them from getting
to the Chamberlain. In the course of
their assessment and prospect work
the boys discovered a second rich lead,
containing at least a foot of high-grade
galena ore, about 250 feet further up
the hill than where they did work last
fall. Though the prospects were very
bright in the lower or old find the
owners will now prosecute work on the
new find, fine samples of which they
brought to town with them for assay.
These and other claim holders in that
vicinity feel tbe crying need for a trail
just now. They would be willing to
build one at half its worth, if the
government would only assist them.
The Double Eagle Mining Co., is also
interested In that locality, owning the
Trilby group, thought by many to be
one of the best prospects in the district.
There is ample evidence that a trail is
required and no time should be lost in
having one constructed.
A reliable visitor to Fire Valley and
elsewhere In the riding last week says
Tl,os. Taylor will have 19 majority
there, 23 tn Burton City, 17 In N&kusp,
32 in Comaplix, 30 In Arrowhead, 15 In
Thomson's Landing and at least 100
majority in Kevelstoke. Iu the Lardeau and Trout Lake precincts Taylor
will pole 75 per cent, of the vote. At
Illecillewaet, Albert Canyon and Big
Bend he will breakeven.
J. M. Kellie will not support Joseph
Martin or his candidate. F. C. Carter-
Cotton is opposed to Martin. F. J.
Dease Is up against bim, Will the
Cotton party adherents in this riding
support a Martin candidate? Well we
guess nit. Thos. Taylor's platform
embodies the right stand oa the "progressive" Issues of the day, and In the
abseuoe of a straight Labor candidate
Tom has a walk-over.
If local adherents and lovers of F. C.
Carter-Cotton's way of doing things
are sincere, they will still follow Mr.
Cotton, and oppose Joseph Martin, as
he Is-doing. If Mr. Cotton's judgment was good then it Is now. -
Organiser Wilks says that' when
John Houston jumps a man1 tbere are
good reasons therefor. John' Houston
has bucked Joseph Martin to a finish.
Will Mr. Wilks kindly explain himself?
An advertisement appears iu the
Topio; "marten skins wanted." After
June 9th they will sell at less than
half price.
The Vancouver World heads an
article: "Was he a fool to the last?'
That will be decided on June 9th.
Native Copper Discovered
Almost in Town.
Possibly one of the richest and most
important discoveries ever made in
this camp was staked on Sunday last
by Messrs. P. and A. Ferguson. The
location Is a little over a mile back of
Ferguson, on Goat creek, practically
In town. It has been walked over for
years and thought by trespassers to be
only float from some unknown but oft
sought for place up the hill. Only the
other day Gordon McLennan and John
McTaggart were up and put a shot Into
the stuff, but failed to find a lead and
of course did no staking. Not so with
tbe Ferguson brothers. They were
out for a Sunday stroll and just fell
onto It, secured samples containing 30
per cent, of pure native copper and
drove their stakes. When the news
of the find became known late Sunday
evening there was a whirl ot excitement. At 3 o'clock on Monday morning, perhaps before, the town of Ferguson 'n most part, were away to the
scene of native copper, which iB just
now a better find than a gold mine.
Tbe Eagle having gone to press a day
earlier than usual thia week, later
reports are not available. In fact we
may suspend publication for a week or
two and join in the rush for native
copper finds up Goat creek, If It pans
out all right Ferguson will jump to the
front more rapidly than ever. If not,
the excitement was exhilarating at
any rate.
A $10,000 Plant to be Installed at
the Silver Cup.
A Big Force of Men Being Put on
and Development on a Large
Scale Will Be Vigorously Prosecuted From This Date. Glad
Tidings For The Camp.���Pay RoH.
Superintendent D. G. McNeill of the
Silver Cup, returned from a business
trip to Revelstoke on Thursday. Mr.
McNeill Is puttfng on 15 more men at
the Cup at once, and* in the course of a
few weeks 20 more will be engaged.
It was also intimated to the EAQIde
that an air compressor plant, the first
In the Lardeau, would be installed
later on this season. The estimated
cost of this work Is $10,000, but the
results will justify the expenditu re.
A long tunnel, 1300 feet, will' then be
driven on the Sunshine to tap and
work the entire property to much
greater advantage. This is tho best
news Ferguson ever received.
Whether tbe railway reaches the foot
of the lake or not tbe Cup people Intend to prosecute development work
and continue blocking out ore as fn the
past. In this way the camp ean
almost force a railway in a short 'time.
If private companies will not build,
then tbe government must step in and
provide transportation for this' district
of unlimited mineral resources. With
tbese mines opening up and the pay
roll increasing daily Ferguson will be
a hummer. All the companies now
operating up the north and south .forks
of the Lardeau are buying their
supplies here. The wait has been a
long and patient one, but a big pay
roll has struck the camp at last.
A good machine has no useless parts.
It may be complicated; It may even
have parts that are seldom used; but
its maker has built the simplest
machine that would do the required
work, putting in to it nothing to clog
It or add to Its cost. In government,
however, we have no such aim. Our
system Is needlessly and wastefully
complex. New parts are added without any careful consideration of their
usefulness or of their effect on the rest
of the system; and when one of the
older organs comes into disfavor we
let it run on unchanged and Invent a
new organ to help It out tn its work.
As a result we have a system that is
exceedingly complex���whose real
absurdity we do not see only because
we are so used to existence and to the
wuy in which it  has  been   built   up.
After a good practice game on Sunday afternoon the following team was
picked to uphold the honor of the
"Lardeau Rovers" at Silverton on the
24th of May. There was also a challenge from Revelstoke, but the Silver-
ton challenge had been accepted
before the telegram was received, but
tbe boys hope to meet Revelstoke at
some future day and trust that they
will appreciate their position, Goal,
Bell; backs, Langstaff, Regan; half
backs, Higginson, Holten, Cummlnge;
forwards, Bailey, Evans, Livingston,
Peel, Cummins; referee, A, J. Gordan.
Aulay Morrison has just been informed by tbe acting minister of the
Interior that at last his efiorts on
behalf of British Columbia settlers on
Dominion lands have been successful.
In future, homesteads shall be free,
the charge of II an acre being dono
away with. Those homesteaders who
bave not paid will be exempt.
Wildcats Turned  Over to Mining;
Companies as Good Prospects.
The encouraging news published
elsewhere In this issue, of the Silver
Cup, will have a strong tendency to
attract more capital to this camp.
The trouble so far with most other
mining companies operating in this
district, is that they picked up "cheap"
prospects to begin with, when by paying a decent figure proved properties
could bave been purchased with a
certainty that machinery and development would make them shippers.
There are several good properties in
this camp owned by reliable men who
have not sufficient capital to thoroughly work tbem, but at the same time
they recognize their value and are
quite justified in holding for a fair
price. The promoter is too prone to
look for a mere prospect, regardless of
Its worth, which he turns in to a now
company at a big figure. This acts as
a boomerang in the lung run. How-
strange it Is ���hiu nen- mining companies so often throw away good
money on an absolutely worthless prospect. Sometimes they mny strike it,
but how much bettor it would be If a
partially developed property were
aoqulred and further developed. The
prospector, it is true, may only get a
prospect price, but it is the promoter
that works the mischief in stuffing
them oil to newly formed mining companies. Better investments would
inevitably give better results.
Delay in Construction ia Becoming
This district Is rapidly forging ahead
and gives promise of becoming one of
the largest producers of mineral in tbe
province. The Indications are that a
large amount of capital will be invested in the Lardeau and Trout Lake
district during the comlnc summer.
With transportation facilities, a largo
amount of ore will be shipped. Many
companies during the past year have
thoroughly exploited tbeir mines, and
have considerable shipping ore on tbe
dump, all of which bespeak a prosperous season for the year. Tbe Lardeau
district has promising minos and
shipping ore which has to be handled
many times before It reaches its
destination. It is plain to be seed that
railway transportation is needed. THE FERGUSON EAGLE, FERGUSON, B. C, MAY 23, 1900.
PttUUud every   Wwtaeaflay morning at the
.*>fikc of publication, Ferguson, B. Ciby
Advertising Bates: Display ads, *1.5o per
oolumn inch. Legal ads, uv par laonnariei) line
for Bret insertipn.ScforeacHadalnonaJ insertion.
Reading notices 10c per line each issue. Birth,
Marriage and Death notices free.
Subscription Rates: By mall or carrier, W.00
per annum; $1.00 for six mouths*. Stopped at
Job Department! Thk Kaulk Ji.li Department
la well equipped, and la prepared to execute all
kind!* nf printing at honest prices. Mail orders
promptly attended to. Give us a trial on your
next order.
Address all communications to���
Ferguson! B. C
WEDNESDAY,   MAY  28,    11100.
Silver may never again sell at *l oo
per ounce, but thu future ot this democratic metal is certainly (rood.
The tremendous and rapid Industrial
ami political changes just comtnenclng
in China, Japan and Asia generally will
cause it great demand tor silver. Gold,
as currency, for use of the teeniug
millions of the Orient, is altogether out
of the question. Asiatics reject paper
money with suspicion, unit love the big
silver dollar or rupee
The following is an indication ol the
coming (li'iii.-uul for silver.
fliiuit continues this year to take
large quantities of silver, Un- shipments
Showing, thus far, n heavy advance
over last year. The total silver shipments from London to the oasl for Ihe
two months ending February 28 are
reported us follows:���
1899. 1900        hie
72��   H8.7
China ��802,830
Brit. E   Indies  655,860
Total .... ��9
Some pari of tlie. inn-ens,' i
ments to China is due to activr.
and n larfco pari probably to e
ttu-es bv foreign nations no- i
and oilier work, tlie inninten
troops and similar expenses
papers have, heretofore referred
Russian expenditures,and theG
are paying- out a good deal <')
also, ou their niini'ig and i-ailroi
na may he looked
,- foi si 1 \ni- for j
ir, il i.ui al!  tin
i  the
i as a
world, all in the frantic search for gold.
Only its far back as 1887 the Rand
yielded but 8-100,000. Since then these
wealth-vomiting shafts have emptied
more than *.880,000,00u, and each year
the stream grows. But forthe war now
In progress the last year would have
seen almost incredible masses of gold
brought to tlie surface, and tlie dreams
of Raleigh would have been quite dis
counted. One may well shudder at the
report that every shaft and every drift
in the Rand has its charge, of dynamite
already laid, the very buildings undermined with the dreadful explosive,
while each cartridge of dynamite is
connected by a wire running to a central
station, situated in some unknown place
Molybdenite is of value in the Bast
in the manufacture of steel. Tlie pure
concentrated mineral 1ms a present
market value in Pittsburg of *200 per
Since July 1,'98, each placer mining
location is considered as a separate
claim in I'.s. patent proceedings,upon
which Is required $600 in work or Improvements.
A yard of pipe will hold about ns
many pounds of water as the square of
its diameter in Inches; thus a-l-im-h pipe
Would hold about If! pounds of witter In
each three feet of its length.
The specific gravity of pure iron is
7 Sit. Pure iron is rarely seen and is a
chemical curiosity: it is wiiite with a
brilliant luster. Ordinary merchantable iron has a specific gravity of nbout
Where the, mean pressure on tlie
piston of a steam engine is equal to
eight tons, and the velocity of the
piston is equal to 250 feet per minute,
the theoretical horse power of that
engine is 121.21.
It is a theory of some nietallograp-
hists that solid metals evaporate from
their surface, as camphor evaporates,
while remaining solid, so tbat were one
endowed with a finer sense of smell he
could smell metal at a distance.
The late Dr. Martineau insured his
life for ��1,000 as far back as the year
Monitor Mines
Co. of B.C., Uimited.    Non-assessable
BOARD OK  DBECTOBS. (for Canada.)
Presidont. l��t Vlec-l'rcaitleiit.
His Bonoi-Jufto Edward Billot. Lt.-Col. v. H. beys, M. P. P.
l'iiiI Vlec-Praaldeni ,i. (t. Minhlunlck,Esii.
Tit'iisurtx, Robt. Fox, Esq,
-]��� H I.us, be.Esq. s Muni,,. Kv,|.        Cniit.Thos. RoUson,M- P. P.
A  B Oox,E>tt. K. I'. Di-nla-. Ks'i.. M H. A. 15. Welc-ll, Kn|.
��� 11. 0. Bcchor, Esq,
(For England.)
Warwtob Wotil), E��]. London,Eng, Ry. Rlokson, Esq., London, Enjf.
T. II. Luaconuie, Esq.,Canada. Warwick Webb, Esq,(Kiiitluint.i
Tbe Canadian Bank of Gommereol (Oorresi ileuts tn Great Britain, the
Bank of Scotland.)
PROPERTIES Over loo ��cres~6fmiuaral lands in the LARDEAU (Kootenay,
u 0 I which are being* dovolomd bv twotunnels, both of which show up
ore,thelat'ger,orSo.l, havuigespecially good showing*
a-ssavs have gone 8188.0 and nsaao lo the ton.      These tvore mado here, tiy
RAILWAY!-are being built. The;Forga��on, u. Q. Eagle ol Aprll'l, speaks
ol "a railway for Lardeau bosllesa1' Ferguson, Uusl te-low por property)
In slated for tho Divisional Offies of the K. tt L. 1>.     Tim C. t\ R. Is
SMELTERS���A PiiUadDlbhle oabltatst Is today In tlie Lardeau ohooslng a
olte for a smeltor, whloh.wulii lu either at Ferguson or Trout Luke
City.   V?o ore Iu touch with foiirothers.
WATER I'nW'KH   Welinven |����i nt foot of [iroMrty OS powerful as tho
Thai t in Spring, and can run "in- mill by this means.   We havo a
���,,! |j,| tiilll -ii,- nn Im iik of rivr. close lo ru'ihvnv wtien eomiileted.
An is-.ne,,i KIlKKS'l-dCK buslieeu niiiile nt TF.N CENTS in-r allure.   This
is not subject to any future assessments or calls, uuil Lb offered us h safe, p'ropor
and thurougnlv good lnvoatmcnt. , ,   . .'
Mhos, siiliu-ri,ill on blapka nnd full*- Information cull lie ll'lii nt Compmiy's
,,ni,.��� a E. WELCH, Secretary, 807 Dunlins St., London, Ont.
t..aiatTvi.jr-''i... sri..-
, mxv^K.r'^f^vt^mv^.'i^i.A.^iVxa.aia.^xKm^.mm^xt.mun.:.*
part of tlie year, if not all thrnugl
The, large increase i.i shipments, to
India is due chiefly to tlie purchases uf
silver for coinage which were forced
upon the Indian government by the
heavy expenditures for famine relief.
Whether any more purchases of this
kind will be made depends very much
upon the extent of tbo famine payments
required, No purchases will lie, made
if the government can avoid it.
This largo eastern demand lias tended to keep the price of silver steady
this year, and it has shown only slight
variations. At current pricus, shipments tn the east this year represent
about 12,005,000 tine ounces of silver, of
which over 30 nor cent, came originally
from the United States In addition to
the London shipments, Chinn took during the two months $1,458,482 in silver
direct from San Francisco, making Hie
total sent to the east aboul 14,455,000
fine ounces of silver.
The fact that the fate of the greatest
aggregation of gold mine and gold mining machinery in the whole world is in
doubt, though perhaps not much spoken
of, staggers the English mind and confounds the capitalists of all nations who
have Interests at stake in the Trnns-
vaal. Kruger hns already intimated
what he would do if pushed lo the wall.
though English investors try to console
themselves with a reported interview in
which the lion of the Transvaal is said
to have stated that the mines were, perfectly safe. Butnobody Is certain that
the mines of the Kami are nol to-day
underlaid with explosive gelatine of the
most.powerful and destructive eliitrac-
tor, ready to be touched off at a moment's
notice in casu of u successful advance
upon Johannesburg ami Pretoria,
Perhaps fow fully realize that the
Rand mines extend for a stretch or ai
miles. Along these o-ront rows of mines
are seemingly endless mills, with their
thundering crushers and huge derricks.
The whole is flanked by great iron
buildings where thousands ot negro
workers live. All through the year,
day and night, tlie work never ceases.
A mile deep the earth is drilled witli
shafts, and here 00,000 human beings.
like busy ants, toil incessantly in the
bowels of the earth at the. living rock.
For miles away tho deuce smoke ami
the glitter of electric lights can be seen.'
Solomon in all his glory in search of
adornments for his temple, was a beggarly ptgmv compared with the giant
god of greed which animates this mighty
cavo where negro slavery exists m Ihe.
disguise of poorly paid labor.
Out of these vast caverns comes more
than one-quarter of all tho gold mined
on the planet. The gold production is
about ��9,000,000 a year more than all
America. They produce $11,000,000 a
year more than all the gilded strands
of Australia. They produee twice as
much as all the Russias. These mines
are on the very edge of Johannesburg.
Within a few years it Is believed that
the Rand will yield tho fabulous annuity
of $200,000,000. Here are gathered the
brawn, brains and enterprise of tha |
>ich, Safe,
Values   Exposed   Prove It
This property, already developed to the extent of 270
feet, and now fully recognized in this wonderfully rich
district,' as one, of the best, having large outcropping of
high grade concentrating ore and ample water power to
ratil it cheaply, and solid galena assaying *100 to $532
per ton, is about to be incorporated for ��250,000, in 25c
shares. Some promoters' shares are now offered for Syndicate's purposes at 10c, whieh will be taken up by Treasury shares alter incorporation, that are expected to sell at
par at least, as the capitalization is small. Investigation
requested, and can be quickly made, as the property is
loeally so well known: or further information will be
furnished on request.
GEO.  H.   riORTON,
One of the three Trustees holding title, Treasurer of
Syndicate, Private Banker, etc.
�����"��-����>���*���������������� �����"%'��ai. wm-swr.-OT.-uw.-��"*.-��i
Board, of Directors
,"| THK  "ROB   ROY"   MINES  (LARDEAU   DIS"'HICY   OF   B. C.) flfi
.1. M. Mlu.Kii. EBQ ,
Ro&Blaiid, H.O.
Jas. A. Li.wki,i���Ex-M.P., Oho. H. Wkbti.auk, ESQ.,
Niagara Kail*. LmuIoii.
Dll, K. Wnm.VKltTON.         RbV. A. II. BEBT,         O. M. K. Git.wmi, ESQ.,         im. (i. T. M<'KKOi;<U[. TlloH. l��. McCOKMlCK.Ksy,'
London.                     Spriiurrord.                       London.                        .   Chatham. London.-
solicitor: managing director:
T. H. LbscOMBB, Esq.. London. A. E. Wki.ch, Ksoj-i Loudon.
Thk Canadian Bank of'OoMAtaitCE (Corri'snondonts In Grout Hriuilu-TitE Hank op Scouano.)
is Incorporated under tliu ntoct HiHuir-
t'lit laws iS|>cciftlly Limited Liability i
of B. c, ami its charter waa BfrAnted
Jnly, I8f)ft.
owns somo 130 acres ol valuable mineral lands on the "Horm' Ledge" nt
the head of the Lardean Hlvor.
has three (3) distinct and well-de lined
Lodes, with nearly, a mile in length
of ore body.
has bulltWaown roads to Circle City,
mine bulldlnw, quartora for ft > tu sr��
men r blacksrnitn'B shop, forge, nowd^r
houses, etc.
lias surveyed Its "Rob Hoy" and
���'Highland Cnicf" whl h are now
ready forCruwn granting.
has a magnificent Water Power on
Galena Creek crossing its own property.
has some 230 feet of tunnel work done
with ore showings In three different
places through the workings, and
have lately run into the Gray Copper,
which is tlie mineral that carries Buch
Immense values In (diver.
has every prosneet of lieliiff able to
pnv blur .DIVIDENDS within a reasonable time, and hope to lie able to
quit soiling stock soon.
The natural question arises: ''Why, il there Is all this, do you have to offer stock for sale?" We answer that if you knew there
was a pot of Gold In.yourlgarden which you could ret by digging and you hadn't a shovel and no money to buy ono with, you'd have
to ralso money! That's where wo are! We have to get at the pot of Gold, and then���those who have stock will lw fortunate, and those
Who haven't will wish'theyhad !   Come, or send in and Investigate.
The Scottish-Canadian Mining & Dev. Go. of B.C.
(Non-assessable.) Phone 1090.        LIMITED
Addresijcommunications to A. E. Welch, Managing Director, 207 Dundaa Street, London, Canada.
1828. It is not often that a life policy
remains in force for se��enty-two years,
The total amount payable under the
policy with the bonus additions was
In parts of South America, where
mahogany is used for railroad ties and
other ordinary uses, the native business
men are said to prize the cheap hemlock
and pine boards which are Bent in the
form of boxes and crates from this
A paper bicycle has now invaded th��
Held. Paper fibre, similar to that
aometimes used in the manufacture of
railway carriage wheels, is employed
for tubing:, and is as strong: as any in
use. A factory is said to bo contend
plated for the production of bicycles of
this sort.
"It's no use," exclaimed Willie Wish
lngton, "1 never can loam to .say the
right thing at the right time. I told
Miss SlimminB that her eyes Bhone on
me like stars above." "That'B old, but
pretty,1' answered Miss Cayenne. "Yes.
But she is one of those remarkably tall
girlB who resent any reference to their
It is always n risky thing- to base a
general conclusion nn a particular in
stance. A man was bitten by a rattle
snake down smith, drank a bottle of
brandy and came through all right
Next day a man in Boston won a bet of
$5 by drinking a quart ol whiskey in
two mimiteB He died. In one case
the liquor saved a life and in the other
destroyed one.
Imperial Bank
���       of Canada
Onnltal authorize i (8^oo,ooc
Cniiilnl iiiiullll    2..-i!i|.��:i
RuM  l,.V.I,71n
General banking business transacted
Interest allowed oh deposits In Bavtnga Deport*
mon t nt current rates.
A. It. n. 1INARN. Milliliter Revelstoko Branch
Don't wait
for Lumber
We have on hand at tho
lowest prices in the country	
Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
Call oil ua or write for our
quotations. Special orders
promptly filled	
Kootenay Lumber Co., Ltd.
Comaplix, B. C.
Dally connections at Arrowhead
I'ns�� Revelntolii! Daily for ST. 1'AUD
���Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
fnrAf.li EASTURN points.
Por folilors, Pamphlets mid full Information
ni)|i!y In
,1. McOREERY, Airout Arrowhead
T. w. hraiisiiaw. Ani Revelstoke
P. .1. CO VLB, Aast. PasS.A|tt., Vnnoonvor.B Q,
Operating Kaslo & Slocan Railway,
I nii-rnut iniiii] Nil vitiation & Trading
Schedule of Time���Pacific Standard Time
Effective Feb. 1st, limn,
KiinIo & Slocan Railway
Passenger train for Sandon and Way Stallone
leaves Knslo at 8 a.m. dally; returning, leavon
Sandon at 1.15 p,m.. nrrivi- gat Kaslo at il.o.lp.m
International Navigation A Trading Co
Operating on Kootenay Lako and River.
88. International leaves Kaslo for Nelson
at ft a.m daily, except Sunday: raturning. loaves
N'clsim at 4,80 p.m.,calling at Balfour, Pilot Boy
Alnsworth and all way points.; nonneets with S.
F.&N. train toand from Kui-kan at Five Mile
Lardo-1)iincun Dlvlilon,
Steamer Alrerta.
Steamer Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lardo and
Argenta at fun p.m. Wednesdays.
Steamers call ot principal landiiigsln both directions, and at other points when signalled.
Tickets siilil ro all points In Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates nnd full information, address:
Manager. Kaslo, B.C
Letter Fads
A fine assortment of Letter
Pads now in Stock.
( Fergnaon, B, O.
House Painting
and Decorating
Paper hanging and Sign
Contracts taken, with or
without material.
Only one kind of work-^
the verv hest.
.1. BOOTH,
Hotel Lardeau.
to all points in the
District. Light
rips for quick trips
prcvidod. Saddle
horses at all stables.
The traveling public accommodated at
any time of the day
or night. For any
further particulars,
freighting rates, etc.
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City, ft
Ten Mile.
Craig & Hillman,
and House Furnisliings'from
our large and well-assorted
stock is already vory evident
In    tho   T.nv.1,,.,.1   .....I   TWnt
Lake District, which means
that we are successful competitors with all comers in
prico and quality. Before
you invest in our line drop us
a card for quotations. We
can savo you money.
R. Howson & Co.,
All work guaranteed.
and TRANSFER OUTFIT ; headquarters at
Ferguson, B. C. Contracts entered   into for
Etc., to any point in the
District. Good, prompt
service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty. v
Enterprise Beer
Made hy the Enterprise
Bre��ihgCo.,at Revelstoke
is keeping the camp cheerful. When you want the
beat insist on ENTER-
. PRISE. All the leading
Hotels handle it.
Enterprise Brewing Co.,
Revelstoke, B. C.  '
Sick People
If you want medicine supplied
from the purest of Drugs and
accurately dispensed send to the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited,
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
For Wedding
or Fancy Cakes
Drop a line to me, or if you
want Bread in any quantity
let me know, and I'll quote
prices low enough to Interest
you. Our Wedding Cake
artist il the beat in B. C.
Address: A. N. SMITH, Revelatofe*..
New Denver Ledge
Whales are not fish. The same
may be said of many kinds of suckers.
In an editorial the Minneapolis
Journal cries aloud for a square
Seal. Tlie editor of that paper
must have had a cold storage deck
served to him recently.
Fires still run in threes. P.
Burns & Co., the meat kings, have
been touched by the fire fiend three
times within a month. The firm
still has prime roasts for sale.
The amateur drama, conies high
occasionally. A local company put
on a play in Sandon last. Thursday
evening. Six hours later the city
quit loser over $200,000. It was 'a
Bitter Atonement.
���On the coast the little In-own
Japs seem to be cutting' most of the
wood for the canneries.. In a few
years the Jap will probably be
running for the legislature in this
province. If our stock of Imperial
reasons keep on increasing he may
even reach Ottawa.
left lie must have been muchly
elated at the joke of springing such
a joke and having it cabled across
the briny. Great is the appreciation of the titled, especially when
they are loaded with beer and plum
If the miners of the west would
band together and work mines upon their own account there would
be no occasion for strikes, and the
howl for capital would be reduced
to a. stage whisper. But then they
will not do it. Half of them would
rather have a. boss and hit the drill
for eight long hours in order that
they can keep the sheriff out of the
gin mills. The miner is selfish.
He wants to do all the work while
the fat capitalist and others who
live upon his labor arc suffering for
lack of exercise, This not right.
Divide u|i the work and let the
idlers fat change into sweat On their
A parson in the east prayed for
lightning to strike a brewery in his
town, and tlie event recently occurred. Years ago a parson in New
Denver prayed for rain, and it has
rained more or less ever since. We
have often prayed 'for our delinquent subscribers to dig up, and
many have never' dug. We wish
this parson who knocked out the
brewery would take tbem in band.
We would divide the results with
At a recent-meeting in  London
of barons, dukes and other fellows
Mark Twain rose up and said that
he was going back to the States and
run for the presidency because there
were not enough of candidates in
the field. The pot-bellied crowd
roared and thought I his iv nark was
wonderfully���elcvah. you know.
If Mark has any sense of humor
ffl The Calgary M
H Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd. H
M Calgary, Alberta fifl
ffl     Calgary Lager    V
\^J Al.l.   LEADING   HOTELS   BAMH.Ii   OUR   GOODS. gj
Beat Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Finely Equipped Bar
KeBtted and Refurnished
Best Cuisine Service
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
A correspondent, writing from the
mountains of Virginia, where he Im*
Intel) prospecting and mining during
the winter months, thus describes min
ing* conditions fn his vicinity: "If any
ono ever says mining1 in Virginia tn me
again, after I got out ot this cussed
hole, I will brain him on tint spot! Mud
and rain, and fog, and Arlosa coffee,
nnd sow holly, and soda biscuit, and
rotten apple brandy, and the most infernal liars on earth."
All water acts on copper. "Hard*!
water takes up little lead from lead
pipes; "soft" water and carbonated
water dissolves out considerable quantities
"And that is silver ore, ia it?" said
an old lady, as she examined a curious
looking1 bit of mineral.
"Ves," said her husband,
"And how do thoy get the silver
"They smelt it."
"Well, that's queer," she said, applying her nose to the ore. "I Binelt it,
too, but I didn't ffQt any silvor."
In prompt and safe delivery of
WATCHES entrusted to me is
my claim for the Lardeau trade.
Diamonds, Watches, ('locks, Silverware; lioldan I Silver Blectio
I'latinn and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of R.N.
Doyle, an expert in English,
Swiss and American watch repairing- All work guaranteed'
C.P.R. Watch Inspector,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Them is no state tax on the issue of
ertifleates of stock of California stock
nJi     When yon are in Trout Lake City put up at    KA
ri Abbahamson Bros,, Proprietors VI
Wf   Everything: new and up-to-date.    Fire proof safe.    Finest   jf 'W
���-���       wines, liquors and cigars.   Mining- men's headquarters.
Cheerful dining room.    Al service.
Leaves Comaplix for Thomson's Landing at 8 a. m. Leaves Thomson's Landing for Arrowhead at 8:JiO a. m.
Returning leaves Arrowhead for
Thomson's Landing at 2:30 p. m.
Leaves Thomson's Landing for Comaplix
at 4 p. m.
KootbnXv Lumber Company,
Comaplix, B.C.I
JPhOtO-   Supplies
s.'ini to tin
Janada Drug & Book Co.,
Thoy curry ovorytlilng required nn.1 till nil
null orders promptly.
The Union Label
On everything1 you buy is a
guarantee that the producers
thereof receive a fair rate of
wages for its production.
J. LAUGHTON, proprietor.
Headquarters for Miners and Mining Men.      Neatly furnished, well-lighted and
Heated Booms.    Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
All E
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the uluk label
It  helps manufucturer. to sec-  tlie
force or paying fttlr and honest wages
Nelson Cigar Makers' Union,
Fixed on
Don't Delay! LA
Hugh McPherson
Before you locate in this promising? district.     Wateh for his big announcement
mc. XkZM
N(!Xl Itlhtltll.
tfjwr ���mat  twigs***,
is under the same management.
'K2K3 K3 K2 K2 K2K2
The Double.
Capital, $1,000,000, in $1 shares.
4oo,ooo in the Treasury.
First Block of Treasury Shares now
on the market for a limited time
at 10 CENTS.
UnnngdrtlioOochrnnuRanoli, Limited, Unglood,
Managing Dlrnctor of Tlio llornld, Cnlpu-y
W. ti. 1*001., Prasldoitl Great Western Mines, Limited, Poi-guionand Rovulstoke.
J. I). OJIAHAM, r. W. riODSAl.,
CMd (loininisflloiier. Atlin. HO     Rancher, Plnehor Oreek
(iICO, S. McOAltTHH,
Solicitor, Revelstoko
W. M. BBOWN, Proprietor SI Leon Hot Springs, Reveletolco.
The Double Eagle Company h; s been formed lor tho.purpose, not only
of mining its present properties, but of acquiring promising claims and developing them to an extent that will justify their sale to English and other
companies at a profit. The company -ilready owns and has paid for in full,
theTrllby and Old Saul properties in the famous Fish River district, and a
three-quart* rs interest in the May Bee mine, in the Lardeau district one and
a half miles from Ferguson. Sufficient promoter's shares have been set aside
for tbe purchase of the remaining quarter.
The May Beetle the sister claim to the now famous Nettie L, which has
broken all records in'Brltish Columbia for large bodies of phenomenally
rich ore. The May Bee and Nettie L were located together in 1892 by
Mr. W. B. Pool (who has been appointed manager of the Double Eagle Co.)
Both claims carry identically the same rich ore on the surface and the same
remarkable ledge runs through both, carrying high values in gold, copper,
silver and lead. The promoters have already spent $4,000 in developing
the May Bee, withexcellent results, and in order to place the mine quickly
on a shipping basis the company now offers the public the opportunity of investing to a limited extent in fully paid and non-assessable treasury shares
(par value $1) at 10 cents each.
Shares will be sold in blocks of 100
and upwards.
The company reserves the right to withdraw the tale of shares from the market attany time
without notice.     Applications may be sent to the Secretary,
A. H. HOLDICH, Revelstoke.
��r to JNO. i. TOONO, Herald Block, Ciliary.
liosalnnd, Nelson, Sandon, Kevelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks
:. and Vanennvpr.
Rossland, Trail, Nelson,  Ymir,  Kaslo,  Sandon,  New Denver, Sllverton,
Cascade City, Grand Forks, (Jroonwood, Phcenix, Midway,
Camp McKlnney, Revelstoke, Forguson, Vancouver
Is the Natural and Commercial Centre���
Royal Seal.
KooteRay Belle,
Little Gepn Cigars
Over one hundred and fifty men now working in the
new mimes
Now being developed by .strong, practical companies.
-ps-By the-ss~-
Nelson, B. G.
See that the Blue Label is en eaeh box.
The  Bar is supplied with tho best brinds of Wines,  Liquors  and  Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FERGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
Are being located in  Ferguson.      Stores and Stocks arau*>
being enlarged,   Properties are changing bands.
Capitalists are appearing on the scene.
Smelter men are on the Ground.
Railway Construction has practically
begun, and the entire district is
coming rapidly to the front.
Come straight to
The Rossland-Nelsonofthe Lardeau
For further information, write or see���
General Agent,
Lo��l Aflnt.
Railway wanted!
Railway wanted! I
Railway wanted '.!!
Keep your eye on Ferguson.
Mining Recorder McRae was in town
on Friday.
Dr. T. A. Wilson was up at tho Cup
on Saturday.
J. C. Kirkpatrick has cleared, fenced
and put in a garden.
J. McKinnon has fenced in his residential property and sownd a pretty
The typographical union label
appears on Chas. Wilson's campaign
Tbe Lardeau football team will
likoly go to Sllverton for the 24th
cofi '-.-ation.
Wm. Noonan of Thomson's Landing,
was in town on Thursday renewing old
There,is Etill no word of the dally
mail sot-vice into the Lardeau and
Trout Lake district.
John P. Sutherland of the Enterprise Brewing company, Revelstoke,
was In town on Wednesday.
B. Godsoe has accepted a position
with C. B. Hume & Co., general
merchants, Trout Lake City.
J. A. Templeman of Calgary, struck
the camp on Thursday. He Intends to
put in the summer round and about
* H. L. Lovering will be in the Lardeau In a few weeks with a fine line of
wall paper. Watch for his announcement later.
A person can leave Ferguson now at
9 o'clock,in the morning and make
Revelstoke at 4:30 p. m. This 1b a big
Improvement In connections.
The Eagle will be In a position to
announce at least two mining deals In
its next issue, If nothing unforseen
happens.   Capital is coming this way.
Messrs. McKinnon & Sutherland have
just built a splendid fire-proof powder
magazine in the gulch at the east end
of Victoria avenue. The Lade
brothers did the work.
D. Ferguson has cleared, fenced and
planted a garden in three lots on
Walker avenue. He expects to raise
five tons of spuds alone. Gardening is
a profitable investment in Ferguson.
An unprecedented rush to the
Halcyon Hot Springs is taking place
this 'season. Guests from every portion of the globe are visiting and
partaking of its wonderful curative
There will be more representatives
of capital in Ferguson during the next
four months than ever before. Several
property owners are now waiting here
to meet and escort mining engineers
and "experts" to their claims.
The Dominion elections will be held
in October. Labor organizations all
over the province will unite and take
independent political action. The
start has been made and the good
work will continue until the government assumes control of all public
Comaplix and Ferguson need publlo
schools. Persons residing in both
places leave their families where
school accommodation is obtainable.
This is very unsatisfactory. If there
was more attention to business and
less to politics in this great and
glorious climate, the country would be
the winner.
On Monday evening next the ladies
of tbe Methodist churoh at Trout Lake,
will give a farewell social and enter-
Hl'nment to raise enough lucre to pay
back salary due their pastor, who
leaves for Chilliwack on the 20th. An
Interesting program will be rendered,
after which lemonade, lee-cream and
cake will be served.
* A mean looking letter-head has
lost many a dollar for business men.
If a mM'js judged by the coat lw
wears, he is also judged by the letterhead he uses. An artistic letter-head
may tie looked upon as a good Investment'. Sand your next job to the
Eaole job department. It will be
done right. The price will be right,
A duly signed petition for the
establishment of a school district here
was forwarded to Alexander Robinson,
superintendent of education, on
Saturday last. The question of grant-
ing Ferguson school facilities will be
considered by tbe educational department and an answer favorable or
otherwise forwarded to R. P.
Pettiplece in due time.
Directly the Eagle heard of the
Sandon lire, we dropped a line to Wm.
McAdams of the Paystreak, to see
where he got off at. A reply received
last mail says: "I am glad to be able
to say that the 'leading paper of the
famous Slocan Is still doing business
In the greatest white metal camp on
earth." Providence favored the
miners' friend in this Instance.
$2.50 a dayMs the government scale
of wages on public works at Revelstoke. Here it is the same, but here it
costs nearly 25 per oent. more to live.
$3.00 a day in this camp is little
enough, by the time the board bill Is
Admiral Dewey Is quietly aiding the
efforts of the Chinese minister to
secure the free admission of Chinamen
into the Phillipines. There- are
Deweys in this province and the sooner
they are pinched the betier. God save
our country from these vermin. Never
mind the Imperial reasons.
Canada should own the C. P. R.
All eyes are fixed oh the Lardeau.
"What is 'writer's cramp,' pa?"
"Bein-i cramped for money, my son.
Nearly oil writers have that trouble."
It | is sometimes said that money
talks. There is plenty of "two-to-one"
money in this camp, that Thos. Taylor
will be elected.
You have a great surprise In waiting
if you have never read a work on
socialism. It will open up a new
world to you of whicli you are now
The Eagle rustles seven days a
week for mining news and publishes
it. The Rossland Miner cribs it
weekly without a murmur. And forgets where It came from.
The Chinese and Japs still pour into
the province. White men will be
migrating in less than two years if
nothing is done to protect the country
from these red-light manufacturers
and home-wreckers.
The reason so many mining companies In British Columbia prove to
be white elephants is because the
promoters pick up "cheap" prospects
and turn them in to their companies at
a big enough figure to secure a controlling interest in the stock. This is
wrong. A oompany should investigate
before they buy and purchase no
property whioh will not stand investigation. ,
Twenty-two thousand newspapers
publishers are kicking on aecount of
the increase of nearly 100 per cent In
the price of print paper. The newspaper, it is fair to state, unlike most
forms of industry, selis at a fixed price,
and has no means of putting the
increased cost on the consumer. In
many Instances it means the complete
confiscation of profits, and in many
others creates an actual loss. Let
them kick strong enough to force the
government ownership of trusts.
Everyday sees more strangers
arriving in this camp. They report
the Lardeau to be tbe centre of
attraction for this season in outside
points. Rossland has the "Lardeau
fever." Everybody knows what Rosb-
land men can do, when they go out to
win. They have proved this in the
building up of their own camp. But
now that ground floor days are over
there, the Lardeau is to become their
base of operations. It is well for this
There is no use of denying the fact
that men who bave money to invest
will refuse to invest unless the conditions are favorable, and when money
is withheld from investment the
country aud all the people is bound to
suffer. This is the condition of affairs
in this province. The chaotic political situation is such that investors do
not care to invest and until a strong
capable goverment is in control of the
affairs of this province you will not be
able to Induce capital to Invest.���Fort
Steele Prospector.'
Editor Rice of tbe Union Record,
Seattle, in his salutory to the public a
few months ago Bald: "Anarchy Isn't
camped in this sanctum, nor are we on
speaking tc ms with riot or revolution.
We are n"t slngle-taxtcally crazy or
soolallstl'-'iily insane, democratically
mad or pupullstlcally demented. Our
editorials will not M,. written with a
stick of dynamite dipped in a bucket of
blood. We are acquainted (with
reason, and experience is one of our
friends. Therefore, we are going to
publish a labor paper.
Business is picking up\ and we can
expect a prosperous season. The mining Industry will be pushed forward as
much as possible all over the distriot,
and the Indications are*, that many of
the mines will become shipping and
producing mines at at early day.
Representatives of capital are here,
and a large number are now on their
way to Ferguson. With a large number of mines in active operation and
development progressing rapidly in
this vicinity, It will pay ywu "to keep
your eyes fixed upon the Lardeau."
1. Revision of our antiquated
federal institution, in order to remove
the obstacles to full and complete control of the government by all the
people, irrespective of sex.
2. The public ownership of all
industries controlled by monopolies,
trusts and companies.
3. The public ownership of all railroads, telegraphs, telephones, all
means of transportation, communication, waterworks, gas and electric
plants, and other public utilities.
4. The public ownership of all gold,
silver, copper, lead, iron, coal and all
other mines; also of all oil ani gas
5. Reduction of the hours of labor
in proportion to the incaeasing facilities for production.
6. The Inauguration of a system of
publio works and improvement for the
employment of a large number of the
unemployed, the public credit to be
utilized for that purpose.
7. All useful Inventions to be free
to all, the Inventer to be remunerated
by the public.
. 8. Labor legislations to be made
national, instead of local, and international where possible.
9. National' insurance of working
people against accident, lack of
employment, and want in old age.
10; Equal polltloal rights for men
and women, and the abolition of all
laws discriminating against women.
11. The adoption of the initiative
and referendum, and the right of
recall of representatives by the voters.
T.A. Wilson, M.J).
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred Cs Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors lor Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
McKinnon ��* Sutherland
Ferguson, The Mining Centre.
White, Gwillim tf Scott,
barristers, solicitors, etc.
offices: Mckenzie avknuk,
Kevelstoke, B. C.
A.E. HoMich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Fayette Buker,
Mining and Real Estate
Mining Properties Listed.
1. Proportional representation,
based on adult suffrage. No candidate's deposit to be required when
nomination Is endorsed by 100 electors.
2. Referendum on all questions that
10 per cent, of the members may
demand lo have submitted to the
3. Employment for unemployed at
living wages, and and an 8-hour work
day on all publio works. Union label
on all government supplies.
4. Public ownership of all monopolies.
5. School books to be supplied free,
or at first cost.
6. Exemption of improvements from
Imperial Bank
���ii      of Canada.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED, 82,500,000.00.
CAPITAL PAID UP . . ���2,891,*JS.a>.
REST 11,664,710.00.
General banking Business) Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
A. R. bThEARN,
As a Tailor
of the First Class
Who owns mining Interests in your camp,
and guarantees the best workmanship and
quality of gooods, with all the latest fashion
plates to choose from, I solicit your trade.
R. S. Wilson, Revelstoke,
A Refreshing Bath
Whenever you feel that way, try my
BATH ROOM. Hot or cold water.
Turkish towels, etc. One door east of
Lardeau hotel.
11. C. SMITH, Proprietor,
The Lardeau Laundry
Ferguson, B. C.
Laundry work of all kinds promptly
attended to on shortest notice at prices
consistent with the silver market and
only one kind of work���THE BEST.
Miners' work especially solicited.
Laundry 1 door east of Hotel Lardeau.
California Wine Co.
Wholesale Dcalors in
Cigars, Etc.
 Nelson, B. C,
The Liberal-Conservative Platform
1.  To revise the voters* lists.
3. To actively aid In the construction of
trails throughout the undeveloped portions of
the province, ind the building of provincial
trunk roads of nubile necessity.
8. To provide for the official Inspection of
elevators and hoisting fear.
4. To Improve the administration of Justice
and secure the speedy disposition of legal disputes.
6. To provide an effective system for the
settlement of disputes between capital and
6. To adopt the principle of government
ownership of railway!in so far as the clrcum
stances of tbe province will admit, and the
adoption of the principle thai no bonus should
be granted to any railway company whieh does
not give tbe government Ml the province the
control of rates over lines honused together
with the option of purchase.
7. To assume control and administration of
the fisheries within tbe boundaries of the province.
8. To actively assist by state aid In the dev*
elopment of tbe agricultural resources of the
9. To make the London agency of British
Columbia effective in proclaiming the natural
wealth of tbe province and as a place for profitable Investment of capital.
10. In the lntererest of labor the Liberal-
Conservative party sympathises with and endorses the principal of an eight-hour law.
11. To provide an Improved system of education. '
12. To recognise and reform the system of
provincial aid to medical men and hospitals tn
outlying parts of the province.
18. To actively support the advancement of
the mining Interests of British Columbia.
14. To aid In the Immigration of female
domestic servants.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Ferguson Shaving
Wm. Snell,
All branches of the tonsorlal art executed with
ambldexterlous dexterity.
Stationery is in our line
list received a Hi
ids.  Patronize
"The Eagle."
And we have just received a fine stock
of Letter Fads.  Patronize
of Lands and Works to purchase the following
described preemption, situate In the Trout
Lake mining division: Commencing at No. 1
Initial post, at a given point on the east side of
the north fork of .Lardeau creek, about seven
miles from Ferguson, marked " L. Thompson's
preemption post"; thence. 80 chains sonth;
thence40 chains east; thence 80 chains north;
thence 40 chains west to point of commencement, containing 820 acres more or lets.
Dated at Ferguson, B. c��� April 24,1900.
NOTICE IB HEREBY GIVEN that at the next
session of the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia application will
be made for an Act to Incorporate a company
with power to establish waterworks and
supply water for mining, domestic, manufacturing, fire and other purposes to the inhabi.
tants, corporations, mines, milts, manufactories and all other works of the towns of Trout
Lake City and Ferguson In the district of West
Kootenay and of the surrounding district
within a radius of ten miles from the present
post oflice at Ferguson, B. C, and to lay pipes
and erect flumes for the conveyance and supply of water to the said towns and radius; and
also to supply, transmit and distribute power,
light and neat by compressed air and electricity to the Inhabitants, corporations, mines,
mills, manufactories and all other works of the
said towns and radius; and also to construct
and maintain tramway and telephone systems
In the said radius and to extend the said systems to other districts contiguous thereto; and
alio to erect, lay, construct and maintain all
such works, bridges, trucks, roads, subways,
buildings, flumes, dams, raceways, poles*pipes,
wires, cables, structures and appliances as may
be necessary to fully and completely cany out
tbe purposes of the company; and also to nave
the right to enter and to expropriate lands for
sites for power houses, stations, tramway lines
aid other necessary works, and to appropriate,
ute and divert so much of the waters of Lardeau
creek at a point about one and a quarter miles
from the school house at Trout Lake City and
aiy other oreek, lake or stream which may be
frond most convenient and advantageous
within the said radius as may be necessary for
tie purposes of the company In order to supply
vater, heat, power and light to the inhabitants, corporations, mines, mills, manufactories and other works within the said radius,
���nd to do all such other things as are incidental ot conducive to tbe attainment of the above
���blecli or any of them.
Dated this 1st March, A. D. 1900.
6��� tf Solicitor for Applicants.
Post Office Store
Ferguson, B. C.
We have juBt placed in our ware room a large stock ot choice
fresh Groceries. Also a big addition to our well assorted stock?
of Boots and Shoes, 'Clothing, Crockery, Miners' Supplies, Etc.
Special quotations to cash purchasers. Goods carefully packed
for pack horse outfits.   Close cash prices.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau. >
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
TroutaLakeaCity. IxeVGlStOlZG.
Imperial Brewing Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Porter and all kinds of aerated Maters.
Satisfaction guaranteed. TJ   T   \X7   pa0reo
All orders by mall or -EV.   1 ���   VV .  jrearSC,
otherwise promptly attended to. manaoib. ;
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Farm Producer
Hay and Feed, Cured Meats, Fish, etc.
Write for quotations in any quantity.    Prompt shipment*.
Revelstoke, B*C.
Vancouver Bottling Works
Vancouver, B. C.
A Monthly Review <
of Social Akvance.
Idltor: N. O. FANNING.
Associate: John Kmery McLean,
rhls famous megeslne Is now published In
New York.
It Is an absolutely free and Independent
journal ol the first class, presenting both sides
ol the leading questions ol the day (mm the
pens of the best writers.
Progressive and vigorous, yet scholarly and
high toned, It should be read by every one
desirous ol obtaining up-to-date Information.
It Is Indispensable to every advanced mind.
S5 Centa * Copy, M.80 a Tear.
At all newstands,;or post-paid by the publishers
"Lite" llld|.,   NKW YORK, V. T.
PABST Milwakee
Brandies, Champagne, Domestic and
Foreign Wines, Kummel, Cordials?*-   *��
^  Is the....
Subscribe for the "Eagle"'
It Will Tell Yon the Rest. $


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