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VOL III. NO. 28.
Too Often Not Exercised
The Eaqle has repeatedly questioner]
the methods so often pursued by
"stock" mining companies, though
comparatively single-handed. But thi
following from the editorial columns ol
the Western Mining World, published
ln Butte, Montana, not only substan
tiates our statements, but throws some
new light on the subjeot. Let there be
light.   Tbo World says:
"Onoof thegreatevilsof mtnlng,and
especially Unit of stock companies form
ed to operate mining companies, is that
generally ingulged in by promoters in
incorporating a company on bonds and
leases. It is a very favorable pastime
for these promoters to secure a bond
and lease on a property for a stipulated
sum, extending for a year or so, then
incorporate a company. Usually the
number of shares are 1,000,000. They
put aside what they call treasury stock
amounting to say 400,000 shares, which
is offered for Bale todsvelop the property. But tho most interesting feature
of these proceedings Is the manner in
whieh tho promoter takes care of him.
self. Thc public Is asked to purchase
of tbo treasury stoclc, and develop the
property, while the,promoter issues to
himself tbo difference between thc
capitalization and what is placed In the
treasury, which, in all instances, is the
controlling interests. Usually tbe account stands: Total capitalization 1
000,000 shares, treasury stock 400,000,
promoters' stock 600,000 sharos. For
the trivial work performed by the promoter in securing an option to purchase
a property, he secures a controlling
Where the company owns outright or
has deeded to it tho ownership of a
good property, it would not be out of
reason to give tho controlling interest
to tho original owners. Everyone
would like to see a promoter eat three
meals a day, but when be keeps for
himself tho controlling Interests ln a
bonded property, and expects the publio to subscribe lunds for development
an-1 also to pay for tbo property, he is
going a little too far. Tho investing
public should not invest a cent in such
companies. Thoro aro a numbor of
thee companies uow before the publio
asking for monoy. Investigate thorn
and soe who is holding the lion's share
at the expouso of investors.
There Is uoothor feature in regard to
mining companies that ought to be
seriously considered by investors. That
Is thu makuup ol tho company, who
are tho promoters, directors and ollloers,
It is it common thing for oastorn com
pantos to carry tho names ol prominent,
woll to do poople, Western promoters
do not pay much attention to this, but
ot lato soveral new companies havo attached tho names of prominent men to
their prospectuses. Does it occur to
the average buyer of stocks that If tho
property possessed the real merit
claimed for it, that these same prominent men are as keen to make money as
the ordinary man of small means?
Would they lot you In on 6uch a good
thing when they had an abundance of
Idle capital to take it all themselves?
Thero is cortainlyascruw loose when
ten or a dozon well to do men form a
company to dovolop a medium sized
property and ask the public to como in
and help develop It.
On the other hand, thoro is somo reason in asking tho public to helu dovolop
a good prospect when the owners' have
not the means to carry on tho work. It
Is the purchase ot stock in suoh oom,-
panies where tbe investor stands a
show of getting dollar for dollar for
his investment,
If the ordinary investor used a little
common sense and investigated a mining stock tho same as he would any
other Investment, there would be fewer
companies formed and much better
profit made."
Thomson's Landing, Aug. 20.���We
have nothing of particular Interest to
tell Eaqle readers this week. Like
other places we are nearly blind Irom
smoke. A bush tire up Fish Creek
valley, burned out a trestle near
Hanel's ranch, and traffic was cut off
for a short while. Gold Commissioner
Fauquier put ten men at work to repair
it yesterday, so that everything will be
going smoothly again ln a few days.
No new gold strikes, the only kind we
nave, are reported from Camborne, but
development work goes merrily on.
The B. C, Co. have been granted a
week's extension In which to make
their first big payment on tho Eva
group, but everything points to Its going through, as work is being more
vigorously prosecuted than ever. Not
a tap has been done on the Fish Creek
wagon road, on this side, as yet. Engineer Buck of course bas made his report, and tenders aro called for, closing
on August 27th, but lt need surprise no
one if the work is then postponed on
some pretext or other. Alex. Gray
opened his new hotel ac Camborne on
the loth. The townsite owners there
are still slashing and clearing, and report real estate sales active. The telephone wire between here and there is
strung, and President Cowan expects
tho instruments here any day. A good
deal of work is going on and General
Merchant Fraser is doing a fairlv good
outfitting business. Our ranchers are
reaping all kinds of harvest in the
vegetable kingdom. In fact, quite a
few have become interested with our
favorable location, and intend availing
themselves of the free homes offered by
becoming residents.
"I never saw so much money as was
flashed around the pool boxes at the
Butte races," said James Ryan to the
Cranbrook Herald, the day he returned.
"When a raco was culled that excited
any Interest you could see men crowding around the the bookies with fifty
and hundred dollar bills in their hands,
anxious to back their opinion with big
money. Thousands woio put up on
every race, and men would lose a
hundred or five hundred and nover say
a word. There aro a great lot of sports
In that town, and monoy seems to be
easy. But, lf Cranbrook had a pay
roll of over $1,000,000 a month, It would
make a difference. Butte is a great
mining center, and mon handle monoy
there in a most rockless manner."
The Minors' Union hold a rousing
meeting last Saturday ovonlng, a number of the boys having como In to assist
in initiating about a dozen of their
fellow-workmen. Tho hundred goal
will soon be won. In addition to the
usual benefits granted by tho union a
subscription list has been circulated to
further assist thoir injured brother,
lohn MoTaggart, who Is now tn Rovelstoke under treatment as a result ot an
accident mot with at the Metropolitan
group. McTaggart has had bis knee
cap wired together successfully und Is
now getting on nicely under Dr. McLean's care.
D. B. Calbich, and his brother, and
H. M. Konnoy of Woodstock, Ont., arrived in town on Monday noon, and left
Immediately on a visit to the Nettie L.
mine, returning in the evening. On
Tuesday morning they left for tho Old
Gold camp, where thoy will spend a
weok. Tho former and latter gentlemen wero ln the camp last season,
when they acquired mining interests
hero. Thoy are enthusiastic as to the
Lardeau's tuturo and aro looking forward to some wonderful developments
during the noxt couple ot years,
Ground Vacant A Month Ago Is
To-Day A Grass-Root Shipper
Possibilities of This District Are
Only Now (ecomiog Evident
It is strikingly and forcibly evident
that tho Lardeau is as full uf possibill
ties from a prospeotor's point of view
as over. Two weeksago what is to-day
a grass-root shipper and a sister Triune
mine, was vacant ground on the south
slope of Triuno creek, opposite und a
little below tho Triune mino. Vincent
Lado, who has been foreman at the
Triuno, on tho supposition thut this
should bo good ground took pot luck
and placed stakes upon two claims,
named tho Golden Lode and Little Pine,
which are now owned by himself and
bis brother Jas, Lade, wbo were also
co-owners in the Ophir-Lade gold property recently bonded to the Ophir,
Lado syndicate at $100,000. Mr. Lado
had found a big iron capped ledgo at
tbo time he staked the property, but on
Tuesday last, in company with Andrew
Forguson, they decided to take a look
at what looked not unlike a second lead
at first sight. And to say that their
expectations wero moro than realized
would be whispering the result. They
uctunlly picked out two sacks of clean
oro and carbonates, identically tho
same stuff as the old Triune produces,
in a truo ledge from 0 inches to 2 feet
Mining; men engage their
crews at Ferguson, and
pay them off in Ferguson.
The place where the mines
are is the place where the
towns are	
Ferguson receives the pay
roll benefit from all the
shipping mines	
In width. And with a fow samples that
does one good to look at they loft for
town. Mr. Lade resigned his position
at the Triune at ouoe, and in a few
duys will start work on tho Golden
Lodo group. And thus the Lardeau is
possessed of anotlior high-grade shipper which on Monday last was litt'.o
dreamed of. This important strike Is
not only valuable in itself, for tho ledgo
runs right nn over tho summit just east
of tho Silvor Cup ground, and a claim
known ns tho Rambler, (and also an
unknown claim hctwoon It and tho
Goldon Lodo), owned -by S. A. Sutherland, will probably sprlug into prominence vory soon. As tho EAGLE has
said beforo, wo don't know what wo
really have got in minoral wealth in
this camp; tho ground has only boon
scratched comparatively speaking, for
at present only summit propositions
aro dealt with. But experience is
teaching us that thoso ledges cross tho
valleys, undor tho wash and timber,
and must only bo uncovered or followed
approximately to pioduco even moro
and richer shippers than heretofore
thought of. May tlio good work go on.
It does us all good to seo men mako a
fortuno in ono day. The oamp will
profit and somebody will get a slico.
Tbis district's futi-e is growing bigger,
better and brighter ovory day. We
have made slow but steady progress
for years, but soon wo must forgo
ahead at such a pace that outsido investors cannot overlook us, Every
season it adding now shippers to the
list and this year will certainly bo no
exception to thc rule.
Apparently building operations in
Ferguson aro to continue all summer.
No sooner is the Pool block completed,
McKinnon & Sutherland's store enlarged, Ferguson's hotel renovated,
Cummins & Co.'s new store put up,
Pelkey's residence finished, and a number of stables built, than others start
in. R, Leckie-Ewing has the lumber
on the ground for a handsome one-story
residence, with a bay window and
verandah, and also for sheds, fences,
etc. Whilo Robort Gunn will erect a
two-story building on Victoria avenue,
22x?8, near Laughton's hotel, which
will be partly occupied by Wm. Schnell
as a barber shop and bath room, while
the upper portion will be divided into
rooms, to let. Sheds will also be built
to the rear. Dan. Dunbar has tho contract for both jobs, and will rush them
to completion by October 1st. Fergu-
sonites have no lack of faith in the
placo where the mines are, Lardeau's
pay roll center.
A. F. Ro8oubcrger returned to Nel
son last Friday from the Lardeau, says
the Nelson Miner. He reports everything as being in a prosperous condition at the Camborne camp. A number
of now buildings are going up and
many propectoi-s are making the camp
their headquarters. F, C. Green, ofiNel-
son, is at present survoylng tho Oystor
group, on which the tunnel that is Hieing drivon is showing up woll. On , bt
Wide West group, nt the head of G il
creek, steol rails and ore cars are I -���
iug packed in, and preparations truile
for extensive development.
Am Ei
the First Shipment This Year
Despite the Low Market the Triune
Excels All Previous Records
Work on the Lone Star group, on
Nettle L. hill, is progressing favorably.
Tho men are engaged in prospecting
oue of the biggest iron cappings in this
or auy other camp, and if tlio results
are as expected, an extensive program
of work will follow.
Lato arrivals bring news of the s. s.
Islanders complcto wreck in tho const
wutcrs up north, with big loss of life.
No particulars aro at hand.
Frank Felt and partner went up to
do the assessment on tho Black Eagle
group yesterday. Thoy may got a contract for 200 ft. of work on the property if things turn out right.
The prophet says thore will bo a local
olection for the Provincial House in
Doccmbor. Ho further adds: "Don't
bo surprised if oneoi- more labor candidates aro in tho Hold."���Victoria Outlook.
Tho Forguson school trustees aro up
against it. Four applicants have been
accopted as teachers by letter and wire
and all so far havo -been engaged elsewhere. School will open as soon as a
teacher can be procured.
Verily, between tho two great parties, Canada In gonoral is between the
devil and the doop sea, and British
Columbia Is in tho soup, Thoqiiestion:
Will sho ever got out?���Victoria Outlook.
Forguson must have a resident phsi-
cian, and If a government grant of
$200 Is not enough it must ho raised.
At any rato tho present condition can
not bo tolerated much longor. It Is
almost suicidal to be without medical
skill in a camp whero men nro apt to
be broken up and injured at any time.
Tho minors' union might assist tho
right man.
Speaking of tho proposed meeting of
newspaper mon at Halcyon Hot Springs
to be C3lled by Manager Thos. Mc-
Naught for somo date in September,
tho Rossland Miner says: "Thero is
excellent reason for believing that a
Newspaperman's Association���or something ot that sort���embracing all those
who aro engaged in newspaper work In
Southern Brtish Columbia���would be
an oxcellent thing. Tho fraternal
spirit would be nurtured as a consequence of froquont conferences; and, altogether, tho interests ot western journalism advanced. Wc hopo the mooting may bo a success and thatas an outcome newspaper workers in this seetion
ot the provinco will take an added
interest is tbeir profeulon,"
The Eaglk is in a position to glv
somo exclusive information concerning
the lirst shipment of tho season from
the Triune mine, owned by Ferguson
brothers. And if oro values go for
anything the outsido world should soon
begin to realize that in this district we
havo a few h igh-grade shippers, as wel I
as the makings of lots moro. Of the
amount shipped this time about 21 ton.,
was this year's production, and thu.<
goes to the owner, while some 19 toi^
belonged to tho lessees of the property
last season, Messrs. Lado and Gunn
brothers, and Jas. Otto. Andrew Ferguson took in all this trip 385 sacks oi
ore and carbonates, tho gross weight of
whioh was 44,670 lbs. Tho deduction
, for moisture, 4,5 per cent., and the
weight of the sacks, (which will be
burned and the ashes smelted as was
done last season, netting over $100) 930.
loaves tho total not weight of oro ai
41,772 lbs., nearly 21 tons. The total
contents in gold amounted to 21.721
ounces, which at $20 per ounce, for
only Uu per cent, of the valuos, give.
$412.70. The total weight of silver
was 8,552.82 ounces, and at the very
low price of 584 cents per ounce, for
95 per cent, of tho value, $4,722.70 is
alotted. Had the owners received 04
cents per ounce for their silver us lasi
year tho results would havo startlou
tbe natives, but oven those figures will
do nicely. Then comes tho lead, 21,113*
pounds, for which the market is all shoi
to pieces; and because wo havo :t
government whieh is too infernal dead
to erect a refinery, oro producers musl
suffer. After tho smelter only paying
for 90 per cent, of It, it still yiolu-
$299.71 to tho ownors. The total grovel ues, therefore, nero $5,435.17. Thi
total charges, freight and treatment
from Thomson's Landing to trail at ?2l
per ton, were $438.01; leaving tho net
proceeds, for which tho owners Immediately receive it cheque, at $4,990.50, oi
a littlo less than $5,000 even money.
And when the returns for the burnt oiv
sacks arrive the figures will go over
$5,000. It costs tho ownors of tie
Triuno $25 por ton to get their on
from tho mino to Thomson's Landing,
which along with tho provincial 2 pei
cont. ore tax, will help to pull th
eroam off. Tho results, however, cai
not ho disputed. Wc are proving thai
wo have tho oro, and tho difference Ih ���
tweeu the gross and net values show-
clearly how badly we want better tram
portation facilities.
Tho results lor the 10-ton shipinor.'
went ovor $5,000, dotails of which wi;.
appear next Issue.
On Thursday last an old fire whic I
had been smouldering in thc brush o
tho northern portion of the townBit,
roceived a fresh start from a sllglv
breeze, and as everything is as dry.a-
tinder, it soon sprang into prominence.
On Friday a number of trees woro Ini
low, and Miss Davis' house was eaughi
by the end of a codar (which was Btanc ���
Ing on the road) and tho roof caved tn,
doing somo $20 or $3(1 worth of damage
Fortunately no ono was hurt, though
badly frightened.   Tho firecloaned Up
Knob hill as fur east as Ferguson avci
uo, but no furthor damage was done. A
littlo money spent by property owner-
on slashing down dangerous tress woul
bo a wise move.    And tho  townsir,,
ownors might bo asked to slash the
timbor on roads noar proporty already
sold.    The Eagle (eels certain they
would roipond, ��'A""'fW��ri����
i/y��,��u��o.ifi.c      .
Advertising Rntos i Display ads., 11.00 por
columnincb iiorraonth, Legal ads. 12 aunts
tier (nonparlcl) lino Ior tlrst insortlon) Stents
[or oaoh additional Insortlon. Reading notices
10 cents per lino each Issue, Niuoty day logp.1
notlrcs, 110; sixty days, *7.fi0j tlilrly days/?:,.
So nds;oei-optt'd at loss ihiiu lull rates.
Subscription llalca: Hy mail or carrier. 92.00
[vrannum ; *I.U0 li��t six mouths. To focolgn
Hildrcssus ?2.flo. Slopped ai oxplratlon.
Job Printing;:  'Pho ISaglo lobdopartmentli
Ihoboll equipped i,Dire ill North   Kuuk-lliiv,
���,i,.l is prepared tocxooUtoall kinds ol piiminn
i,'. honest prices.
Address nil communications to
THURSDAY,   AUGUST 22, 1001.
lf there was more ore visible by
candle light in this district there
would probably be more investors
in sight.
There is positively too many men
seeking wage work in this district
already, All the local crews are
filled. No one should be induced
lo come here seeking work by the
glowing reports published in coast
dailies. Like most parts of the
world the labor market is glutted.
If in the Coeur d'Alenes mining
district $io to $20 galena can be
concentrated, marketed and pay
such huge dividends to the property
owners, what is the matter with
this country? We have acres of
$50 galena and lots of high grade
silver-lead ores, but not a ripple of
interest can we create with the investing public.
There would be comparatively nn
risk for the provincial governtnenl
to assume were they to establish
smelters and a refinery. "The
smelting companies that do a strict Ij
custom business show absolutely
nnd unquestionably larger profits
than any other industries in
America. They take no risk,
simply buying Ihe raw material of
gold, silver, lend and copper at a
reduced price, extracting their cosl
ot treatment, and paying the miner
the residue."
It costs $35.20 to bring a car ol the only British colony where the
feed from Calgary to Arrowhead [government cannot be trusted with
over the C. P. R��� a distance of over; franchises  that  elsewhere  are  ad-
>i^ J-^^i^ ;��U^^ J^,��t J4* JOU*
300 miles in a mountainous section.
It costs $42 to bring that same car
of feed across lhe arm from Arrowhead to Thomson's Landing, by the
Fred. Robinson Co.'s steamer, a
distance of eleven miles. And thus
thc cinch goes merrily on.
Several Rosslanders have moved
to Grand Forks since the strike; a
number of assignments hnve been
made and others to follow; and over
one thousand miners have left the
camp, all because of two bull-
lieaded anarchists who want to run
things entirely their own way. May
kind providence help a city so situated that it is at the mercy of such
men. It is an expensive experience,
and it promises to become worse before it is better. Rossland is a gon-
ner. When Smith and Jones cannot agree over most anything else
they have the courts to appeal to for
arbitration, but not so with labor
disputes. But experience is a great
teacher and there is hope for Canada
yet.        ______
At no time in lhe history of
Kootenay lias there been better
opportunities for acquiring good
mining properties at reasonable
figures than the present, says the
Nelson Tribune. Old camps, like
Rossland, are having no attention
paid them ; but new camps, like
the Lardeau, are attracting attention, for they have merit. They
have been backward in coming to
the tront, because of the lack of
transportation facilities. But beforo the end of the year, fairly good
shipping   facilities   will  he
According to the argument of
the Nelson Tribune the government
is too corrupt to be allowed the
privilege of owning smellers or a
refinery. This is the same business
government John Houston and Tom
Taylor have supported. The same
argument might be applied to our
postal system, and yet no one would
care to see it owned by private
enterprise. Were it not lor the
robbery and extortion by privately-
owned railways Canada's postal
system would be paying huge dividends and a much better service
given. The labor unions will see
to it that no man is discharged
simply and solely because of his
political inclinations. The government could bring the "privateers
to their knitting if they would, but
so long as people elect men who
will not demand that we begin at
the root of the evil by acquiring
railways as well as other trusts
no one need look for any improvement in the industrial world. But
it is only a matter of time. When
the people go up against the inevitable cinch, they will awaken. Then
the people's trust will assume control.
ministered for lhe benefit of the
public. The Australian colonies
foundeverythingcomparatlvely plain
sailing because they started in right.
In Canada, however, all the corrupt
institutions would have to be destroyed before construction work
can be properly done and this renders Ihe work of reform doubly difficult." When the people elect business men rather than politicians who
will conduct the nation's uffairs on
the same principle as their own, or
the samo as the trusts do, then and
then only will a change he wrought.
It will take time, but press agitation will speed it on. The shareholders in trusts to-day simply own
their interests; they hire men to
manage and operate forthem. Could
not the government do the same?
Sash and Doors
R. Davis, Prop.
I an: prepared to fill orders for
any  description  or quantity   of
Lumber   on the shortest notice.   K
1 am agent for	
-Sawyer Bros.' v*
-Sash and Door f
-Factory ������
and will be pleased to fill orders.
Ferguson Saw Mill
The Nelson Miner goes a good
deal on the "vested rights" of pr-
vately-owned i.melters, etc., and
uses the slimsy argument that the
government should not enter into
competition with Ihem, all of which
is the biggest kind of rot. The
Miner does not deny that it would
be a paying concern for the shareholders���the people. But it is not
enough that these private owners
lake tlieir rank as shareholders the
same us the rest of us. They must
he allowed to act the hog. But put
lhe tinch the other way, and do you
think for a moment they would care
a whit for the "vested rights" of
the people? What we want is the
resurrection of the mining industry
in this province, and the only means
to that end is the establishment ot
smelters and a refinery by the government. The government can buy
and treat all the raw material in
sight, and are in a better position
to find or create a market than any
private concern could possibly be.
They could avail themselves of the
Dominion bonus of $5 per ton, and
we would all get the benefit. In
short it would revive world-wide
interest in our silver-lead mineral
wealth and create new life in this
particular section ol British Colum
bin. If it is a good proposition for
private owners it is good lor all the
people. There is really no argument in favor of private capital
undertaking the enterprise which
can not be equally applied with
more force in favor of the government laking hold of it, the private-
capitalistic press to the contrary
When a big legitimate company
is organized for the purpose of
carrying on any industry the shareholders do not divide themselves
into two or three parties under the
guise Liberal, Conservative or Independent, and the one assail the
other's misgivings. Personal differences are sunk. They simply put
up their money, meet, and after
electing a management, proceed to
business on business principles.
They meet annually or semi-annually to discuss ways and means
of increasing their business and
furthering the interests generally of
the shareholders. They have no
election day. They spend no money
for vote catching. They are there
to serve their own interests. Now,
if a few hundred people can conduct
a business on those principles could
not a few thousand, or the whole
people of Canada. An executive
committee of less proportion than
J. Pierpont Morgan's managing
staff could handle the entire business of Canada. See the tremendous saving thus affected. When
an important question comes up
submit it to the shareholders���the
people���by letter to be voted upon
and returned to headquarters by a
given date. Of what use is this
politics anyway ? It's a business
government only that the people of
Canada need. When the the
manager of a privately-owned trust
becomes unruly or misguided the
shareholders recall him, but not so
in the political way of doing business. In short, politics as we know
it, must be obliterated, and the
same principles adopted by all Ihe
people as are adopted by a few
who are to-day fleecing the life's
blood from the people remaining
outside their fold. Let's get in on
the people's trust.
The Calgary Herald admits that
relorm is necessary in Canada, and
that a business government is preferable to a political government;
but suggests no remedy for the so.
lution. The Herald says editorially
"In the Australian colonies the people are not afraid of trusting any,
thing to the government. The most
within  socialistic  conditions   obtain  there
To Contractors Fish  Creek
Wagon Road.
reach ot that section of West Kootenay lying between the head of
Kootenay lake and the east arm ot
upper Arrow jlake. The mines in
that section of the district that have
been opened uj) are most promising,
and no section of West Kootenay
has as many undeveloped promising
and the government put socialistic
laws in force with great success.
The chief argument used in Canada
against the nationalization of railways, banks, telegraphs, etc., is
that it would place too much political leverage".in the hands of tbe
government, and it is a standing reproach to the Dominion that it is
sr/\k'ii tonuors luiporsorlbod "Tondors for
fish rrcek Wagon I;,mil," will be rooolved by
r. ii, Fauquier, Bsq..jaovorniDont Agont,Rovol'
stoko, up 10 and Including
til 12 O'clock, for the construction* and cpmplo-
tloii, in i-miiu sections, of a wagon road from
1 Jit* junction of tlio Naraeaurofta, iitThoroeon'fl
Landing, to tlio boundary ol tbe Qamubrne
T0ttnnlfe,a distance of about live tnllci.200
Hans and specifications can bo noon nt tbe
Government Offices at Kevelstoke, Comaplix
amTTroiii Lake, and at tbe .store of Mr. Fraser
at Thomson's Landing/on and after tin- lilt!,
day of August, 1001.
Tenders will not bo considered unless mado
out upon tlio printed forniH supplied for the
purpose and nn agreement to execute tbe bond
appended to tho form of tender is duly Hgned
by tho contractor himself and two other responsible residenls of tlio 1'rovinec, In the
penal Mini oi |100.00 each for each mile of road
tendered for tlie faithful performance of tbe
Thc department is not bound to accept the
lowest or any tender.
(signed)   W. S. GORE,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works..
Lands and Works Department, Victoria, B.
C, l'Jth August, 1901.
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing thk jjlue label.
It helps manufacturers lo see the force
of paying full- and honest wages.
The Laiiel Committee, C, M, I. U.
Ask for our ��� ���
Popular Brands:
Fenton's Choice
U and I ��� ��� ���
Nation's Pride ���
Canada's Own ���
Moss Rose ��� ���
Silver Spray    ���
Manufactured by tlie Consumers' Tobacco Company, Limited,
successors to Wagncr-l'enton Tobacco Co,, Leamington, Ont.
STAItKLY & Co., NtdtMiii, It.C, AjrenlH for thu Kooteiiliys
Hold by GKO. II. BATHO & CO., Ferguson. K. C.
Cun mill
When you reach
Trout Lake City
rogistor at the
Abraliunifton Bros., l'rop'rs
Good accommodation, host sor-
vice, ohoico wines, liquors and
cigars, Are proof sate, rates
California Wine Co.,
Limited, Nelson,   b. C.
Wines and
Agents  for  Calgary Beer.
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE. FREE
MILLING   COLD  properties  wanted  at onee for   Eastern   investors.
Parties having mining property For Hale are requested to send samples
of tbeir ore to lhe EXCHANGE for exhibition.
All samples should bo sent by express prepaid. Correspondence
solicited,  Address all communication to
P.O. Box 700,     NELSON, B.C.
4*, ...... ��-�����
The "Copy" has heon ln tho hands of
tho lithographers fur three weeks now,
and tho maps aro expected hero daily.
Send in your order now.
Orders already -received will bo filled
promptly upon receipt of maps.
t........... ������������-��-���-����
uson Packing and
st'er Outfit.
Packing'and   ^
Contracts entered into for packing: of Mining Supplies, etc., to auy
point in the district,
Good,  prompt  service, and  any   work  undertaken  guaranteed.
Freighting  Irom  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. *^% S. Daney, Proprietor.
I Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with, the best brands o]
(Pines, liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
RatOfl &3.00 11 Uiiy mill upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
The King's Hotel
Three   Storeys   High
Best and Higgest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigursin the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
t Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Victoria Avenue, East,
Ferguson, B.C.
��? best wines. liquors and cigh.rs.
.% finely equipped j1ar.
Hotel Lardeau
J. laughton, Proprietor.
3Hfe4Hfc*-j$*^^ 8CBEAMLETS
1 'Publicity is tho greatest moral force
in the universe."
The Union Label
On everything you buy ni a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Tho high standard of labor to-day is rT ,,-j   n   ,. n    it   ji    i       ���
due to the printing press, which has |IJnitfifl  HlllliJI'S 01    NOIl AlM
defended it, intorraed and advised it,
more largely than to any ono other up
lifting force.���Grand Forks News.
"Let us concoivo thoontire oi-jrani/.a-
tion of lhe trust no longer ruled hy a
low multimillionaires, hut its prolits
equally divided among its hundreds of
thousandsot workingmen. anil wc have
a realization of tho dream of scientific
Hold on there, partner! "Tho depression In tho mining market, however prominent it may be, has no eltect
upon the activity in the Lardeau
country," says Dr. A. Milloy of Rossland to tho Vanoouvor Province, among
othor inaccuracies.
Few thorough business men will
sacrifice their business to go into politics. There's no money in politics unless by crookedness, and this thoy will
not do. Run the country on business
principles, and let the poople own the
trusts; then business men will fall in
Boston Herald: Wben every one
gets to traveling about the world in his
own privato airship, it may bo pretty
difficult Ior tho customs officers to keep
people from smuggling an occasional
diamond or two into our country. It
seems as if it will bo pretty easy for
aeronauts to get over tariff walls.
Fred C. EllioiU
Ferguson, B% C.
thu United Hatters
of North America.
When vou aro buv-
lug a PUR hat,
olthor soft or stiff,
BOO to  it   thut   ilir
gonuine UN I ON
Label iBEntfBd in it.
Ii' a retailer has
Iodbo labels In his
possession ami offers to put one in a
Inn. for you. do nol
pnlronize him.   He
has not any right to nave loose labels. Loose
lnbels in retail Btoro��aro counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the bin
lias no label, The Qjonulno Union Label Is
perforated on the four ed^es exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits ar-vsorae*
times perforated on three of the edges, and
sometimes only on two.   Keep 11 sharp lookout
for tbe counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using tbem In order to get rid of
their scab-made bats. Tbo John ft. Btotson
Co. and Henry If. Roolofs & Co., both of Philadelphia, Pa., are non-union concerns,
JOHN a. moffitt, President,
Orange, N. J.
14 707 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo, S. MeCarter, J. A. Harvey,
A. M. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Lardeau Miners' Union Ao.
119, W. F. ofM.
Meets every Saturday evening at 8 o'clock,
iu the Eagle hall, Ferguson, ft. 0.   Visiting
members cordially Invited.
President.       Recording Secretary,
I     I     I     I     I
canadian -)
^Pacific Ky.
Scenic Line
Somo people love to whlno about
their freedom, their right to individuality, and other such guff. How many of
you are sure of your job a week? How
many nf you are not paying tribute to
the great privately-ownorl trusts? isn't
it about, time you recognized tho fact
that you are a slavo to tho men who
control vour daily bread.
The Nelson Tribune announces that
'{nnlino has ever npneared in its editorial nr npws columns against tho
wishes nl ifi editors." That's dead
easv. But It does not explain who
fixpil the editors' wishes with regard to
the C P. R. maintenance mon, A little
trip, a little jolly, and a little long
green Is enough to make some editors
wish anything.
It is reported that, whon the dulre of
York irnes through Canada T. G.
Shnuchuessy, of tho O. P. Tl., will receive the honor nf Knighthood. Great
as this honor is ho would reoelve a
greater ono hy diirgjn ? un a little more
pay per day for the tmlinu trackmen of
the great railroad over whieh he holds
tho (lag.���New Denver Ledge.
According to interviews published in
the Vancouver Province, the Lardeau
Is fairly on fire with excitement. Outside of a minaturo bush tiro in our back
yard we are unable to discern any pul-
satinc activity. Local property owners
are working away and meeting with
much success, but, If anyone Imagines
there is a boom on, a few days sojourn
in tho camp will enlighten him.
"Tho publio school, onco tho threshold and bulwark of liberty and pro-
gross, is now throttled by the capitalist, hy the man who owns tbe nation.
Directors, superintendents, principals,
teachers, every part and person of tbo
system, aro owned and tyrannized over
by a single corporation���tho book trust.
The very history whicli your children
road and nro taught to believe is made,
written and enforced by a gang of
organized capitalists. No man or
woman in power in tlio public schools
to-day daros to rosost this Influenco
in tlio schools. Your children aro
being taught with or without
your consent, tho thftgs and
only tho things which amalgamated
monoy wishes them to know." That is
what George D. Herron, lately a pro-
fossor in Iowa College, Grlnnell, Iowa,
and formerly pastor of tbe Congregational church at Grinnel, said to 200
peoplo assembled at No. 120 South
Western avenue: 'Your priests,
preachers and religious teachers aro all
debauched by the same influence,' he
continued. 'There is hardly a pastor
left who dares to stand in his pulpit
and preach the word and spirit of God's
teachings. Why? Because in a pew
bofore him sits the man whoownBhis
bread. Bocauso in bis church, which
is owned by corrupt capital, sits the
man whom it is his business to please;
the man whoso word has become
greater and more potent than the very
word of God; tho man who owns tho
schools, the man who owns the legislators and tho whole onginoery of life���
the capitalist.'"
ofthe World
Kootenay Lake Serviee,
lues.,Thur.,Sat,, T *,~A^, Titos,.Thar,,Sat,
a-j.oo J-.ciruu 21^
Arrowhead Service.'
Leaves ~ Arrives
Daiiy o.45  Arrowhead  m.ss nniiy
Daily 19.15 ARROWHEAD BRANOH 0.15 Daily
Connects Revel-    B&St
stoke with
Imperial Limited    VkCS��
Steamship serviee from Vancouver, ciiii
Japan, Australia ami Alaska.
J. S. CA RTBR,      E. J. COYLK,
I). P. A., Nelson.     A.G.P.A., Vaneottvo
(leo. W. Oorey, R. Lyman, Jr., U.S., E.M.,
Mining Engineer. Kcmb. A. I. -M. E,
Corey �� Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lardeau properties managed,
%5&K��2.  Ferguson, B. C.
T. R. Davey,
roxsi'LTixa mining engineer
And notary pi'blic
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
r a
Wholes;.!--   Denim*   in
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
The Beat Goods Only.
Stock Lnvpo and Complete.
...  '
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
agent for the above
J. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke Station, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service' 'ii Eaglo hall every
Sunday at U p.m    jutulay school at2 p.m.
Trout Lake Cif . Services in Forrester's
hall every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at I! mo p.m.
REV. s. J. GISEEN. Pastor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
leo that this Label is ou all Clothing you buy
The Lardeau District
as a profitable field for the judicious advertiser is unexcelled In this province.  THE
LARDEAU   EAQLE   is   the onjy medium
actually covering the district.  An ad. iv tho
EAGLE will reScb moro people in Ferguson,
Trout Lake city, Thomson's Landing, Comaplix, Camborne, Arrowhead, Ten Mile, Circlo
City and every solitary mine In the district,
than any other paper published.   No other
district In Canada offers such splendid opportunities for good, wide-awake advertisers.
Do you want more business?  Tlien write at
onco for our advertising rates and place ynur
patronage in the only medium that actually
covers the fiold-THE LABDEAU EAOLE.
Job Printing
The EAGLE is the only printing oflice iu
North   Kootenay which can furnish   tho
Typographical   union   Label    upon   yonr
printed matter. Tbis alone Isa guarantee of
fair wage conditions and beat workmanship.
Mail orders filled promptly.   Letthe EAGLE
print your printing! always neat, clean nnd
t*% a The pay roll centre 1
I    *-\ 4*rv*--<\ r\ s\ *���* I miiu'Mire located, is si
HDrfTHCAil I From Uovelstoko to :
PI   I V/ 11 \| III I hood to Thomson's Ln.
1  \jl��*��lluull ��� to FKI'GUSON, by lioi
rite pay roll centre nnd tlie place wbore Lafrdcau's
*   ��� '- litunted hfl mites southeast of !{���'
Arrowhead by rail, 28 miles; iron
Landing by boat, Ml miles; from t��e
,  horse or stage, lfl miles.  Come st
Ferguson.   Investigation courted.
���aight to
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the Nettie L. Double
Eagle, Ophir-Lade, Silver Cup,
Triune, Metropolitan, Sunset,
Lone Star, Comstock and other
properties will operate the yea'r-
round hereafter, and this winter
will see probably 400 men at
work, over 200 of which will be
engaged on the properties of
the first three named.
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. hill, between the two creek forks; on
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
the south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Because the offices o( many of
the companies operating in the
camp are located here.
Because Ferguson receives the
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is the point where
mining men coming into the district make their headquarters; as
they can walk or ride and return
from most of the properties in
one day or less.
Because every pound or ore from
these mines coming down the
hill lands first in Ferg'uson.
From here ii will be learned to
transportation on the lalite, a
distance of four miles
Because when the railway reaches
the place where the mines an: it
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natural advantage for the building up of-a
Ureal mining' center.
But why give other reasons: We have the mines, the pay roil, the natural geographical location, unlimited water power, etc., and the right kind of people to make
a town. The ore shipments, increasing business, and money and enterprise will do thc
rest.   Come and see for yourself.
From $150 up
From $75 up
Henry Floyd
p8KB>iM8BM^^ �����,������������������ +*+**���+++���
On the "Wing
"^������J***^***"*^** V s? w *t?
' i. C. B. Iluiiio o!  lievolstokc, was in
town on Monday.
Rcvolstoko's new public school will
not Im built this Kouson after all,
Mrs. O'Connor Is having tho Windsor hotel painted. \Y. It. Kee is doing
the work.
' Doc. Young is doing the intorlor
work, paper hanging and painting, on
the Pool block.
Immense harvests aro roported ln
Manitoba and the northwest, and also
in the Palouse country.
* Weekly shipments of fresh ranch
eggs and creamery butter now being
received by G. B. Batho & Co.
Slg Davis was down from the Mountain Lion group on Monday for supplies.
He is getting on well with his contract.
According to the lfifll census returns
there is a population of 100,000 in
British Columbia as against 98,173 in
Dave Ferguson, for the townsite, is
having the trees on Eagle avenue
slashed just north of thc houses In that
* Over 200 pounds of union-made
���hewing tobacco is now on sale at G. B.
Batho & Go's. Union label on every
cut.   Give It a trial.
Bert Gainer went out to Revelstoke
on Tuesday to meet his father, whom
he has not seen in eight years, who is
low visiting with Bert's family.
Ed. Bell purchased ten of the bunch
of horses brought in here from the
Okanagon valley by Mathew Pettipiece, Si'., and Is nnw packing on his
own hook.
Alex. Brown was down from the
White Warrior group on Saturday
night. Work is E<>i"R "long smoothly,
but no Important developments have as
yet been made.
The Grand Forks News readily shows
an excuse for its existence In the capital city of the Boundary district. It is
a good mirror ol the community in
which it is published.
��� As an Indirect result of the trackmen's strike, a spread rail on the
prairie seetion, threw an excursion
train off and two were killed, while
several were Injured.
J. B. Cressman, the Mackenzie avenue art tailor of Revelstoke, will be in
Ferguson from September let to 4th.
See his ad. His cutter, F. M. Shoatts,
will also bo presont to take moasures.
Andrew Ferguson and .las. Lado have
returned from Trail. Rossland and Nel
son. They wero down to the smeltor
with a Triune oro shipment. Andy
paid tho Triune mine a visit on Tues.
* Ed. Perry, dancing Instructor, will
havo charge of the assembly on Friday
evening next in the Miners' Union hall.
Two musicians, violin and organ, will
be provided. Admission to gents roas-
onable,   You are invited.
A few more finger boards, where
trails branch off hore and there
through this district, would be of considerable aid to the tenderfoot sojourn
ing In the hills. The expense would be
trifling and the service beneficial.
Tho bush flreB over in tho Lardeau
valley, where railway construction Is
going on, and also up Canyon creek, as
well as on Nettie L. hill and around
town, combined with ovor a month of
'loudloM sky and sunshine, all goes to
mako up llfo tn a mining camp.
* Fashionable fall goods, properly
cut, properly tailored, properly priced.
Those things wc guarantee you. Don't
order your clothing until you have ex-
amlncd our samples. Will be In Ferguson from Sept. Ist to 4th. ,T. B. Cress-
man, tbe art tailor, Rovelstoke.
Dave Hope of Sandon, who has spent
tbo last month In tho place whore the
mines are, returned to "the Honest
white metal camp on earth" on Tuesday, where he holds mining interests,
Dave says bo may return to the Lardeau, and the Eagi.e hopes he will.
"Enclosed please lind two dollars to
renew my subscription for the Eagle.
If tho Lardeau und Ferguson do not
prosper it will not be the fault of the
Eaole. I read it carefully, and I'm
always glad to see evidences of development and prosperity in yourdistrlct. I
know it pretty well, and also know that
you do not misrepresent it In your most
flattering statements. Yours, Rov. Dr.
Battisby, Chatham, Ont,"
W. B. Pool and F. W. Godsal visited
the Nettie L. mine yesterday.
* Don't wait; but telephone at onee.
Always in order now. Ferguson office
at Cummins & Co.'s store.
* Now ready, the "Union" and "Our
Special" cigars, at the Union Cigar
Factory, Revelstoke. Stock and workmanship guaranteed.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. Rosenberger's advt. in this
issue. No Btook to sell; straight legitimate mining properties plaeed.
* Send in your ordors for thc
"Union" and "Our Speoial" cigars to
tho Union Cigar Factory, Revelstoko.
Stock and workmanship guaranteed,
R. ,7. Hamilton, NeUon; John G.
Dowar, Ymir; G. J. McCrossan, Victoria; Miss A. Brown, Miss Violet
Northey, Revelstoke; registered at the
Hotel Ferguson during the week.
* G. B. Batho & Co, have just received a fine shipment of gents' underwear, neckwear, etc., and also a well
assorted line of dress goods, hosiery,
Jno. J. Young and several old coun
try shareholders ln the Nettle L. and
Maybe, will arrive here to-night (Wednesday) to be present at the companies'
annual general meeting to-day.
* Get a camera and join the fiends.
There's amusement In it. Send to the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke,
B. C. Photographic supplies also supplied.
A man has been arrested for stealing
four bottleB of beer from the C. P. R.,
but no one dreams of making any ar-
rests when the C. P. R. steals four
times tbat many millions of dollars
from the country.���Telegram.
* You ought to see us about your fall
suit and ,overcoat. You ought to see
the new goods we are showing for la-
die's and gentlemen's suits. Suits $16
to $20, made to your measure. CRESS-
man, the art tailor, Revelstoke.
F. W. Godsal of Plncher creek, Alberta, arrived in town on Tuesday to be
present at the annual meeting of the
Great Western Mines, limited, and the
Double Eagle Mining Co., which takes
place in their offices here to-day.
H. H. Johnstone of the Silver Belt
'.'roup, L. Marks of Victoria, D. B.
Calbick, H. M. Kenney, F, H. Kenney
of Woodstock, Ont., W. F. Cochrane of
Macleod, Alta., J. V. Armstrong of the
Silvor Cup mine offloe, Revelstoke, and
F. W. Godsal of Plncher Creek, Alta.,
are among the guests at the Windsor
Imperial Bank
of Canada.
REST - - -
. ���,2.500,000.00.
��� (1,850,000.00.
General Bankiig business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits ln .Savings
Department at current rates.
a. eTFhipps*
The question of clothes In one that
ehouiU intercut any man. High-class
tailoring Insures perfectly fitting garments. Tt increases the life of the
clothes, too. Vou vill hear our work
highly commended by those who know
good clothing when they aee lt. Our
suits will please you.
Tweed Suits-$16, $18,
Tweed Trouserings:
$4.00,   $4.30,  $S.OO.
I artier.' high class custom tailoring.
**~* Ladles' ami Gentlemen's Rain Corfu
made from thc very hont waterproofed
worsteds, to order. These coats servo
the double purposo of a rain coat as
well as a spring or fall overcoat. Ladies' and gentlemen's fur-lined coats
and jackets, to order.
Will be In Fergueon from Sept. 1st up
till Kept. 4th. My cutter, Mr. F. w.
Bhoatts will be present to take measures,
The Art Tailor,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Smoke Union-Make Cigars.
For sale Oy Ferguson's Leading Hotels.
Ask tor them.
When You Are
For a prospecting trip or buying supplies
Ior your camp, remember that we carry
Furniture !
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum", Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, etc, Mailorders
promptly  attended  to.
The Largest Complete
Stock in the Lardeau
It makes no difference what size your order
is, nor what it calls for, we can fill it, and
at lower prices than elsewhere in this
district. We buy in carload lots, and get
the cash discounts, thus placing us in a
position to sell you the very newest and
best supplies at lowest prices. Having just
enlarged our store, we are in a better position than ever to fill your order promptly.
Pack train orders is our specialty. Come
in and see our stock, and get prices before outfitting.   We can save you money.
McKinnon t*
Our Goods
The Post Office store.
Fresh   fruits arriving.
Let us do your outfitting.
Liberal discounts for cash.
Q. B. Batho * Co.
H. EdwardsisV
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street  ^Revelstoke
To C.J, Smith and F. \V. Hinsdale, or to any
person or persons to whom they may have
transferred thoir interests.
TAKE NOTICE that wo, the undersigned, co-
ownors with you in thc Copper Key mineral
group, Ml Hated on Short ereek, south of Pass
creek,in the Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootenay, in the Province of British
Columbia, have exoonded eight hundred (|800)
dollars in labqr aud improvement upon the
above mentioned mineral group it) order to
hold said group under Section -24 of the Mineral
Act, and if within ninety days from the first
fnblication herooT, you fail or refuse to eon-
ributo your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of advertising, for 1900 nnd
1901 respectively, your interests in the said
group will become iho property ot tho sub-
cribers, under Section ���! of the Mineral Act,
Dated nt sandon, R. C��� this Mb day of August,
Store in Eagle Block.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated midst ffecnery
unrivalled for grandeur. Woating,, fishing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nu-w. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cure all nervous
and muscular disease* its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments, its
baths and waters are a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS;: fl& to
|18 per week, according to residence lu hotel
or villas.
S. W. F. Gainer
Established 1896
General Merchants
i C. B. Hume & Co.
��  Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The largest importers In North Kootenay,
I Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City, B. C. %
Our Special
The Union
They are all Union made and of the
best Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one and satinfy yourself
as to their quality.
Union Cioar
Co., Revelstoke,
| Citizens ofthe Lardeau District
When you come to Revelstolro to do your shopping, remember that
Bourne Bros.
thava the  largest and  host  assorted  stock  in  North   Kootenay.
Compare our prices and see our goods beloru purchasing elsewhere.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled |


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