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VOL. III. NO. 28.
82.00 A YEAR.
Chances Are Good for Camborne
Becoming A Lively Centre
peels for local additions nt Camborno
is a hotel which Alex Gray, well-known
hero, is getting ready to build, as soon
as lumber can be placed on the ground,
There in no local saw mill, and lumber
bas to be freighted from Couinplix over
an excuse for a wagon road at a cost of
(10 a thousand feet. There is no post-
office, but it is thought that this will be
forthcoming very soon. A. Johnson of
the Herald, Revelstoke, is thinking of
Installln g a newspaper in tho new town,
There seiems to be plenty of men to do
the available work, and enough business houses for the trade; though next
season the camp may be sufficiently
advanced and pi-oven to mako room for
various enterprises. The wholo camp
is new, and timo alone will toll its future, though thei prospects fur a good
camp and a good, town in duo time are
���very bright.
Work is Beginning in Earnest and
Men Arc Becoming Scarce
��� Leaving Ferguson on Thursday morn-
iiig last a representative of the Eaole
Aaid tho new Pish creek camp capital a
short visit. From Thomson's Landing
to Camborne is six miles, by taking
the trail on this side of Pool creek.
The trail needs repairing, and comparatively little money would make it
a splendid mountain wagon road.   The
grade would be light all the way; in
fnct it appears to be the natural location for a wagon road to tap the new
gold camp.   When tho Eagle says
gold camp, it must bo remembered that
there Is also scores of silver-lead properties, though not so high-grade as to
render  them  a ready selling article
whilo the lead market is so dull.   In
fact it. was only a fow months ago that,
the  discovery   of   fi-oe-milling gold
ledges were made, and this in territory
which has beon tramped over for years
by  silver-loud   socking   prospeotors.
There has been several promising locations made already, and probably a
hundred  prospectors are now roving
tlio hills tracing the gold bolt in both
directions from recent finds, with tho
result that some of tho prospectors are
now ou iho Lardoau creek side and
soutli us far as the famous Lade group,
which wns bonded last week to W. B.
Pool for $1011,1100.   Of course tbo ultimate values contained in this gold bolt
are yet In the prospect stage, but the
results so far obtained are highly satisfactory and may yet turn out to be tho
best boom tlie distriot over experienced.
At Camborne, the new town, located
at the mouth of Pool crook at tho base
of the surrounding mountains, in a sort
of saucer lint or valley, thero is somo
stir.   M. Buchanan has built a good
sized frame hotel und is doing a brisic
business ut times, according as men
come in or go out.   B. E. Drew has a
well provisioned gonoi-al store on the
ground, and throe or four cabins, used
as residences,  have boon  built.    A
party of surveyors are busy platting
out the townsite, and lots are alroady
changing hands at from 8125 up.   An
other gang of  men  nre  engaged  in
slushing tho heavy timber on a portion
of tho townsite, all of which goes to
transform the denso forest into a lively
up-to-date town.   No better example
of  tho   hardships of   pioneering Is
needed.   Anyone who Imagines that
early-day life In mining camps is a
continual round of plousuro has but to
try it to prove tho opposite. But some,
one has to do it, and this tlio townsite
owner.   Coroy   Menhlnlck,  with  tho
assistance of thoso now coming in, is
doing.   Thore aro twenty five men at
work, under tho now company which
recently bought the  Eva  group  for
9250,000, on this tho most developed
fi-oo-millinggold property in tho camp.
And if future operations prove as successful us in the past, this number will
be largely augmented.   On the Oyster
group, which is now under bond for
$80,000, there nro Ave men at work. On
tha Wide West and Black Bear properties, up Pool creek,  another half
dozoo are at. work under Supt. Darragh.
Besides  this .number there must be
fifty or more working on  their own
properties, trying hard to put them in
a saleable condition.   Investors to-day
must havo some, assurance of getting
value for their money beforo they will
loosen up,   Tho days of  shilling improved prospects for fabulous suras are
practically over, and It is much bettor
for tlio country in general that this is
the case.   Among the immediate pros-
Victoria avenue is boing transformed
into a half-mile race track this week,
and incidentally one of tho prettiest
streets in the Kootenays. S. P. W.
Gainer has the work in hand, and is
being liberally supported by the hotel
and business men. S. Danoy has very
liberally contributed two teams to haul
gravel for tho past week. Tho roots
and remain ing stumps are being blasted
out, aud th e entire street leveled and
graveled. In addition tothis an eight-
foot two-inch plank sidewalk will bo
built by th<3 townsite and townspeople,
in the codViio of a couple of woeks. A
preliminary meeting will bo held
shortly to appoint an executive committee to a rrange a program for tlio
sports on L abor Day. Whiloiri Kevelstoke the other day the EAQLE was assured of a big crowd boing here from
tbe railway center. An outsido horso
or two may also be expected and as the
local horses, are well thought of somebody will have to be sorry. Labor
Day will ba duly celebrated in Ferguson.
Tlie Prospects-For A Year-Round
Yesterday the town presented a
more metropolitan appearance. A
special stugo brought in a dozen or
more men who hold largo interests in
tho camp, and with thoir arrival work
on the various properties in this vicinity will begin in earnest. Somo of
them are looking for investment. They
all seem sanguine that this fall will seo
a lot of people here, und the railway to
the foot of tho lako will mean oi-o
shipments such as never before attempted in the camp. Tlio chances for
'a year-round cinnp in tlio future are
very good, and it is mure than likely
that there will be uo occasion for
miners going put to seel; work In other
camps during the wilder months.
running as high as $10,000 u ton, nml
the average ovor $1,000. Mr. Pool
considers this ono of the richest, if not
tho richest property, ovoi- discovered
in British Columbia.���Calgary Herald.
This new property, comprised of
three claims, was staked last summer
by E. J. Ward and Robert Gunn, utthe
head of Brown creek, on what they
feel sure to be the Triuno lead. They
have a good surface showing, and the
owners will leave hero on Friday to
prospect the property, and if their expectations aro fulfilled, another two
men will bo hired, and a test shipment
There is a. better feeling In tho Slocan camp this month than there has
boon for a long time, says thc Paystreak. Business has been vory slack
for sovoi-ii! months past, but it is picking up now. All tho merchants report
better order s for July. Tho payroll on
many of the.- big properties is us big us
it ever wus find on others It is steadily
increasing. Miners aro scarce. Many
small proper! ,ies are working und there
ure indications that many nioro will
bo opened tit I. Lead prices are not
what'operators' would like to seo them,
but lead has b<*en mined in this,camp
us cheap before and many believe that
silver will rise.' Added to this, there
is ail optimistic feeling that the depression hits pussed and thut bettor
times are at h and. Tlie indications
are that this sunnmei* and autumn will
be busy seasons in this eamp.
Ilill.lilM. NOTES.
S. Shannon,  II. A., is erecting
wood-shod addition to his residence.
The new two-wlory building on Victoria avenue, the- Pool block, Is Hearing completion.
Tho proprietor of the Lardeau hotel,
J. Laughton, has just linishod an addition to his kltchnn.
Cummins & Co., the pioneer merchants, havo their new store on Victoria avenuo nearly eoniploted.
Ferguson Bros, aro just winding up
extensive improvements on tkp Hotel
Ferguson, both inside and out.
McKinnon & Sutherland are progressing with tho 20x24 foot addition
to their general store on Victoria ave.
James Cummings is building a verandah in front of his tfireo-story hotol,
and lias just completed some Interior
improvements.        '..
Steye'Slingei- and Joo Brady came to
town Friday from the Silver Cup hill
wheife they have been doing assessment
work on tlie Oregon, Kentucky and
Black Jack claims. They made ally
ing trip to Trout Lako and returned to
the Oregon group Sunday, where they
will put in about a month at development work. Tlie Oregon group is a
promising property and the owners feel
confident of success.
Tills group of three claims is located
on tho south fork of tho soutu fork,
and wus stukod only last summer. Tho
owners, Joo Murray, J. A. Templeton,
Pete Culkeen and Thos. Evans, intend
to do their assessment work this month,
.J. O, Kirkpatrick camo down from
tho Littlo Robert group, up the north
fork, on Saturday. Ho reports the
property looking well, and will return
this week with enough oro sucks to
make a half-ton trial shipment.
(.'l.ll'l'   GROUP.
Bruce White, manager of the Slocan
Star mine in tho Slocan, with N. J.
Cavanagh, will be hero in a few weeks
to commence work nn tho Coppor Cliff
group, located on Silver Tip eroek, up
the north fork, sidelining tho Little
Robert group. Thoy intond to drive a
125 foot tunnel. There is a splendid
surface showing of high-grade silver-
lead oi-o.
Chas. W. McCrossan, managing director of tho Metropolitan group,
Minneapolis, accompanied by his
father, T. McCrossan of Winnipeg,
came in on Tuesday evening. Mr. McCrossan, Jr., will bo in tho camp for a
month or so looking after his companies' Interests.
Ed. Russell and Al. Turner returned
Saturday evening, after an absoncoof
two weeks. They havo boen doing
assessment work on tho Barber cl.tim
at Fivo mile. The boy�� brought some
fino specimens of oi-o home with them.
Andrew P. Rosenbergci- of Nelson, is
iu tlie Pish crook eamp, Ho may make
another big turn-over in that camp, if
a good property and "timid" capital
can agree.
W. G, Rogers and J. C. Winter returned from a p'oasant trip to Vancouver on Tuesday evening. ��Tbey will
ro-commcuce assessment work up Gout
John Morgan and Napoleon Emo,
owners of thc Towanda claim, up the
north fork, loft Sunday to do somo
assessment work.
L. N. Pilliare of Toledo, Ohio, is in
town. Ho is interested in tho Lono
Star group on Nettle L. hill, recently
Jno. J. Young or Calgary, and W. B.
Pool aro In town in connection witli the
Liulo group deal, which will be closed
this week.
Says the Butte Reveille of the situation tn Montana: "The sphere of the
labor trade is essentially quiet und
contented for tho present. There tiro
no disputes or frictions manifest between any employers or laborers In and
around Butte, All Is calm. Tlio employer is forging ahead und making
money and thc employe In every craft
is receiving his wage and on the aver-
ago is working le-s hours than a year
In Spite of-tin
anil Industrial Unrest
Record of.and Comment Upon the
Situation for tlie Past Week
IN Till! 11,11 CREEK CAMP,
A.  P. ltoseni gor of  Nelson,  has
bonded the "Oyster" group of Lexington mountain, adjoining tlio Eva mine.
Development wo i will be started at
once. Mr. Rosonboi-ger has also bonded the "Sir Wilfrid" group, tlio
"Noblo Four" group and the "Excelsior" claim on Pool oreek, for tho purpose of developing. Ho bus organized
a local syndicate.
THE   KOOTIXAV   llliiirp.
Two mon huvo been placed to work
on tho Kootenay group, about 2{ miles
up the south fork from Ferguson, by
Messrs. C'artor unci Thompson. .Thoy
intend driving a 00-foot cross-cut tunnel. S. Shannon and J. C. Kirkpatrick
hold a quarter interest each. If tho
splendid surface showing goes down,
four men will bo put to work later on
and work continued all winter.
W. B. Pool, manager of tho Nettie
L. and Double Eagle mines, is in tlio
oity. Mr. Pool has just returned from
an inspection of the Lado group of free
milling gold properties. Ho brought
down a considerable numberof samples
of ore from the properties, nil showing
froo gold, and in almost phenomenal
quantities; some samples of tho oro
The statr-tical year-book o( Canada
for 1000, Is to hand. No census returns
arc given. Tlio total revenue (or the
year ending June 30th was $51,020,004,
tho total expenditure $42,075,280, I.-
319,-032 acres of Dominion land havo
been "dealt tylth," and $204,004 was
realized, Tlio number of acres of land
now under cultivation is not given.
There aro 0,027 postofflcos, whicli handled 178,802,500 letters and 113,418,771
newspapers, circulars, etc., during tho
your. Tho imports for the year woro
8180,022,413 of whieh $180,804,310 was
for consumption. The total exports for
tho year amounted to $101, 004,72:1, of
which $108,972,300 was produced In
Canada, not including coin ot-bullion.
Tho gross public doht of Canada is
$.-110,200,080, with Supposed assets of
$80,713,173, leaving a net indebtedness
of $205,403,807. Tho government expenditure on railways for tho twelve
months was $4,068,348, and on canals
$:?,772,002, whilo for other public works
$1,089,548 wus expended by thc people.
There aro 17,057 miles of railway in
Canada, with working expenses amounting to $47,099,79S, whilo tho earnings
aro $70,740,270, leaving plenty of room
for a raiso in tho maintenance men's
salary. The chartered hanks of Canada
have a paid-up capital ot $04,735,14i
with $440,348,102 in assets, and liabilities amounting to $310,205,278. Thore
aro 847 postoffice savings banks and
150,987 depositors, who up to Juno 30th
had on deposit $37,507,160, Tlio population of Canada on April 4, 1801, was
4,833,239; 2,100,471 of which wci-o males
and 2,372,708 females.
Old-time local property owners arc
working hard to develop their various
properties, though many of thorn need
tho assistance of more money, or a
ready market for their raw product,
such as can only bo provided by tbo
government going into tho mining
Tlio local stores aud packers are doing a fair business, but nothing to what
it should bo. Very few new men aro
coming in as yet, and even if they ware
hero tho properties abovo timber-lino
arc only hoving iu sight.
Quito a number of prospectors ai-j
out, and many of them arc determined
to locate the gold bell and stake properties upon its ledges, though a good
deal of tho ground is already taken up
as silver-lead locations.
Tho Double Eaglo and Nettie L. annual meeting has been adjourned till
August, so that there will bo nothing
now on Nettio L. hill until after the:.-
Tho Triune forcehas been increased.
At tho Silver Cup thero la nothing
Work is being woll pushed along on
the many north fork properties, Including the Metropolitan, Sunset and Corn-
stock, while Messrs. Carter and Thompson will do somo work shortly on tho
well-known Big l-'ive group,
A. J. Gordon is doing assessment
workup Gainer oreek, and dozens of
men nro hero and thoro doing tho
Joseph Versoboyle has made quite an
Important discovery on tbe Efaley ereok
slope, having located tho divldond No.
1. and No, 2, on a lead which give ���
good promise, Ho has ft-omono to four
inches of clean galena, whioh at tho
end of 15 feet runs into a foot of oa ���
Donates, assays ot which are being submitted to Assayor Shannon.
Thoro has practically been no sale-.
and many of tho property owners aro
beginning to feci the pinoh.
Tho weather is much more fa-vorablo
than horelofo-e.
Willi that characteristic hope prevalent in all new mining camps tho
pioneers are holding down, awaiting
Ono thing is curtain, thflro will be .;
ohange nl govornmont as soon as possible, which may then lake atlimblo in
lime to save tho country from a reaction and stagnation whioh will require
years t olive down.
What can wo expect': Industrial
war Is waging on vvevy hand; private
monopolies aro holding us up right and
loft and dictating terms upon which
thoy will do business. The govornmont���tho wholo people���must go Into
tho mining business, and all its accessories before we can ever expect to soi
tho prosperity whicli is rightfully our.-.
The individual who has a dollar li
afraid to part with it for foar ho wil
novor seo another, and tho private trusl
which has tho cinch is playing it for al
there is in it,
if wo only bad a government, or i:
few mon, who would rise to tho occasion nnd lead us out of so confused p
condition, and conduct our mode o'
government tho sumo as any sane bus-'
ness man would. Tlidn, and not til
then, will thore be much progress, ex-
copt that, whicli is mado in the lace
of opposition, for tho purpose of keeping tho sheriff at bay, and body am
soul together. .Vtlvertisinp, Kates: Display ads., 11,00 per
column inch pi-r liiontli. Legal ads. 12 cents
l or (noiiparlul) line fur lirst insertion ; Scents
���r oaoh additional Insertion. Reading notices
10 cents per lino. oaoh issue. Ninety day legal
notices, 1101 sixty days, $7.00: tliirty iltiys, ?5.
mi ads. accepted at less than lull rates.
Subscription Rates: lly mull or currier. I'J.OO
per timuilii ; Sl.OO for slsmoutlis.   To lorelgn
addresses M.60.  Stopped at expiration.
Job Printing: Tlie Eagle job department Is
[lie lies! oouippod offlco In North Kootenay,
and is prepared toexccutciill kinds of printing
til holiest prices,
Address all communications to
THURSDAY,   JULY 18,   1901.
"With free trade, B. C. would be
tlie most prosperous mining country
on earth." ���Sandon Paystreak.
What would be the matter with the
whole people of Canada establishing the same industries on this side
of the line that the great private trusts are to-day operating in
Uncle Sam's domain?
The C. P. R. have yet to construct a few miles of snow sheds on
the main line, and the track must
be put in shape ior the winter.
Kverybody is kicking on the miserable train service, and the other
unions are taking a hand. This
means a settlement in favor of the
strikers���and that very soon.
The man who devotes his time,
his energy and talents to building
up a union of toilers, with which
they are enabled to better their
material and intellectual conditions,
does more real good for mankind
in general than he who endows a
college or donates a fortune to a
mission. The first teaches independence through justice, while the
second perpetuates injustice through
A German contemporary is responsible for the statement that the
Prussian government intends to purchase the right of controlling the
output of several important mines
in the Ruhr district, for which it is
proposed to pay the sum of 25,000,-
000 marks. The government wishes
to work their own railways with its
own coal. This is what will ultimately have to take place in Canada
before any degree of success in the
mining world can be looked for.
ed properties is manifested again,
let the rights of the investor be
scrupulously prolected. A mining
country is not developed by one
producing mine, however magnificent its yield, but by transforming
prospects into mines. It is infinitely better for the state [tor investors
to liberally share the ups and downs
of embryotic mines, and uncover
the hidden wealth of our great
mineral fields, rather than limit the
expenditure of capital to the production of wealth already in sight.
But capital is entitled to honest
treatment, and the man who seeks
to inviegle it into wild-oat propositions is an enemy to the commonwealth���a traitor to the interests
of his state.
Compulsory arbitration does not
make strikes illegal (nor {should it
have that effect), but it offers an
easier and less costly way of settling
labor troubles than by other means.
It creates no friction, and in these
circumstances it is reasonable to
think arbitration would avoid the
strikes of to-day in every direction.
To inconvenience the public arid
delay freight, express, mails, etc.,
is of no account with the C. P. R.
To endanger the lives of the travelling public is mere child-play to
them. The alien labor law is deliberately ignored ; from $5 to $10
a day is being offered to men in an
effort to disrupt the Trackmen's
union, an underpaid class of men ;
the railway officials lie with impunity ; their despatches are rot;
and the company is spending the
people's good money to buck the
interests of the people. But all to
no avail. The strikers have the
practical sympathy of the people
and will win out eventually, if they
stand pat. They haven't much to
loose anyway, but organized labor
will not see them lose.
The passenger rate of the Fred,
Robinson Lumber Co., on the Arm,
is ten cents per mile, though the
law authorizes a maximum tariff of
six cents per mile. The freight on
a carload of oats via the C. P. R.
from Calgary to Arrowhead, over a
mountainous road a distance over
300 miles, is $48. The same carload of oats from Arrowhead to the
Landing, a distance of ten miles, on
the Fred. Robison Lumber Co. boat,
is $63, according to figures furnished
by Craig & Hillman. This only
serves as an illustration of the difficulties under which we are laboring
in this district in the matter of
freight charges. Expensive feed,
expensive boat rates, etc., all have
to come indirectly from the consumer's pocket. The chances are
we would be served better bv even
the C. P. R. itself; and for this reason steps should at once be taken to
have them run a steamer from Arrowhead to the Landing. Instead
oi the Fred Robison Lumber Co.
bringing Lardeau's mails direct to
the Landing they have to call at
Comaplix which oft times means a
delay of an hour or more, and of
course the mails reach here that
much later. There is room for improvement, and the C. P. R. can
and will make that improvement, if
requested to do do. A one-horse
cinch concern is even more unreasonable and defiant than a huge corporation like the C. P. R.
As the season advances the outlook for the Lardeau brightens.
During-the last few days quite a
number of outside men, already
interested in the camp, have arrived,
and work for the season is opening
up. A few sales are on tbe tapis
and by next month the Eagle hopes
to see considerable new activity.
After all, the district is progressing
very favorably,'when other camps,
and conditions are considered.
The Kaslo people are making a
bid for the Old Gold camp supply
trade. Heretofore Ferguson has
done all this trade, but as navigation is utilized and trails opened up,,
up the Duncan river, a part of the
trade may drift to Kaslo this season;
but as soon as the Lardeau railway
reaches the foot ot the lake the
Kaslo people cannot begin to compete with Ferguson���that is until a
railway is built up the Duncan
BUSINESS   F /1TQ i150 upwards
RESIDENTIAL U\J 1 *3 $75 upwards
Address: Revelstoke, B. C.
��*il^^^**^^*^*^K��^^^**V^*^*^H ^*^^*^^^**^**V*^^W**W��#'***^^#^^^*^^^**^K*^^*'^^',��^^,��1^^
I am prepared to fill orders for V
any description or  quantity  pf t*
Lumber  on the shortest notice.
I am agent for	
*^^*^^^*��^K ^^^^k��aW^^^^\ t^^^^^J
Thos. Taylor recently informed
the Eagle that $2.50 a ten-hour
day on government trail and road
work was the highest scale paid in
the province. Now comes the following from the Nelson Tribune,
one of the editors being the representative for Nelson riding at: Victoria. He says: "The government
has adopted the principle of 'fair
wages,' both by statute and resolution, and there should be no trouble
over determining the rate of wages
for men working on roads and trails.
In Nelson riding $3.50 is the rate
of wages for a nine-hour day and
S3 for a day of 10 hours. If the
government has fixed these figures
as the rate that must be paid by
contractors wlio undertake to build
wagon roads and trails, there is no
good reason why a less rate should
be paid when like work is undertaken by the government." In the
face of the above it is now in order
for Thos. Taylor to do some more
explaining. It the men on trail and
road work in Nelson riding work
ten hours a day, they get $3 a day;
if only nine hours $2.50. There is
11 screw loose somewhere. Will
Mr. Taylor kindly explain?
The trend toward investors buying promising prospects and par
tially developed mines, rather than
to the purchase of great mining
properties, seems to be well initiated
and promise a future of unequalled
achievement in the mining industry,
says the Western fining World.
When capitalists fully realize lhat
the investment ot a few thousand
dollars in the development of mining
property that gives every geological and mineralogical evidence of
wealth when properly exploited, is
a safer system of procedure than to
expend millions for demonstrated
property that may perchance be in
the afternoon of its prosperity, the
mineral industry will receive a momentum from which it will never
recede. Time was when a tendency
in this direction was checked
through the brutal abuse of opportunity, wild cat schemes of the most
scandalous type being foisted upon
susceptible investors. Men with
bunco-steering abilities unloaded
worthless properties on eastern
capitalists who desired to identify
themselves with thc growth and
prosperity of the west. The losses
of money resulting from such work
not only deflected capital from mining properties not absolutely developed to the point of profitable production, but likewise diffused sentiments of prejudice against the political interests of the west, through
the mountain states have suffered
irreparable joss. Now that a
tendency to take hold of undevebp-
Quite a number of tourists from all
parts of the world are dropping off at
the Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium,
on Arrow lakes, and sojourning for a
day, a wee it or a month. In addition
to the healing powers of this natural
medicant, which enables persons afflicted with rheumatism, lead-poisoning, or even "that tired feeling" to go
away feeling like their old-time selves.
A number of new attractions have been
added by Manager Thos. McNaught
during the past year. Pretty walks up
the "Halcyon gorge" with rustio
bridges crossing the creek below the
beautiful waterfalls and seats at convenient and pretty resting spots is one
of tbe interesting features. A park, a
lawn-tennis ground, a young orchard,
a straw-berry patch, new milk, fresh
eggs and fresh lish caught In the lake
daily, are some of the enticing beauties
of spending a few days at this popular
reBort. Plunge baths, tub baths,
shower baths, steam room, hot-air room;
dressing room, all complete and well
attended to. In fact lt is both a pleasure and a beneficial visit for anyone,
and a trip that will long be remembered, and again sought for,
Sash and Doors
R. Davis, P'rop.
Ferguson Saw Mill
 Sawyer Bros.'	
 Sash and Door	
and will be pleased to fill orders.
rw-f^wr^ >r^r *f^* *f ^ w
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc, Cleaned and Dyed.
���J. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke Station, B. C.
Hotel Perguson
S. W. F; Gainer
Is /iow doing business at the
old stand���"Eagle" building.
0. K. Laundry
f*^��^ Corner VIokers Street
^**-and Queen Avenue
Laundry ivork of every description done
cleanly and promptly.
The bar is supplied with the best brands oj
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Itates ��!!.oo^�� day nnd upward!.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
The King's Hotel
Three   Storeys   High
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigarsin the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Victoria Avenue, East,
Ferguson, B. C.
���t $H$r-^M-J$H$H^#$-^^
 ���*nPED F' ���
Hotel Lardeau
,   /. Laughton, Proprietor.
It is more honorable to be a striker
(or principle than a scab for a job.
The Dominion Labor -: Gazette is
rather an expensive farce,.Considering
the services it renders.
, Vancouver-, B. 0., has a school teachers' union formed on exactly tho same
lines as a trades union.
The news we don't get about the
strike on the Canadian Pacific Railway Is far more serious than tho news
we do get.���Victoria Post.
When R. C. Clute, K. C, toured the
province in tho investigation over the
strike he took advantage of the "fair
wage clause" to collect $40 a day and
expenses for himself.���Silvertonlan.
Not a word has the Nelson Tribune
to say concerning the most important
strike ever waged in Canada���that of
the maintenance men on the C. P. R.
The Houston block is not for sale now.
Tho Appeal says: "Who says It
doesn't pay to advertise? A Spencer
man put a want ad in the local paper
for a girl, and tbat very next day his
wife had one."���Estherville, Minn.,
Organized labor never wishes for a
strike, never spoils for a fight, and
while fully understanding tbat In union
is strength, and that it is well to be
prepared to meet difficulties, it is on
tho whole decidedly In favor of arbitration.
Had man one-millionth part of the
purity at heart of woman this earth
w-0nid-.be a paradise; but this is pretty
well evened up by a like shortage on
jealousy, which if he possessed, would
soon result in the extermination of the
human race.���Journal of Labor.
American compositors have something to be thankful for. Herejis a
specimen of a real German word:
.'' Donsudampfchiffsfahrtsgesellscbafts-
oberdirectionsbureauvorsteher." In
English it means: "Manager of the
..chief director's office of the Danube
Steam Navigation Company." No
wonder there is trouble sometimes in
the printing trade in the Fatherland.���
Typographical Journal.
1'uet-e are a million men wishing to
paint their houses, but cannot on account cf the high price of white lead.
There aro ten thousand expert miners
who would like to mine lead, but cannot on account of the low price of lead
ore. There it an octopus in between
that dOBti-oys the concord of trade and
prevents labor from satisfying the
wants of the world when a fair reward
is offered by the user of the fruits of
honest industry.���Idaho State Tribune.
Cure:   Let tho people own the trusts.
Definition of a seal)���At a conspiracy
trial hold in England, tha prosecuting
counsel gave tho following definition
of a scab: "A scab Is to his trade
what a traitor is to his country, and
though both may be useful in troublesome timos.thoy are detested by all
whon peace roturnei so when help is
needed a scab is tbe last to contribute
assistance and tho first to grasp a bene-
.it he never labored to procure. He
cares only for himself, he sees not beyond the extent of a day, and for a
momentary approbation be would betray frionds, family and country; in
fact he is a traitor on a small scale,
who firt,t sells the journeyman, and is
himself afterward sold in his turn by
his employer, until at last ho is despised by both and desorted by all. He
Is an enemy to himself, to' tbo present
age, and to all prosperity."
The gardens at Thomson's Landing
are "a thing of beauty and a joy forever." Potatoes are in full bloom, and
in Mrs. Needbam's garden a number of
young apple trees will bear fruit this
yoar. Strawberry patches, red currants, rose bushes, flowers ln profusion, and pretty walks and designs all
��� help to cherish the "hope" within ono,
and encourages the beautifying of
home life by following suit. While
pioneering one is too apt to negleot the
home in their anxiety to devote all
their time to chasing after the al-
mighty dollar; but after all how muoh
bettor it would be were we to make use
of even the small opportunities afforded, and devote a part of our time
to adding to tho comforts and enjoyment ot home lite by surrounding it
witb all that nature hu provided.
"Wo Never Sleep."
Store ln Eagle Block.
A duly qualified teacher for Ferguson school
district.  Duties to commence August 11th.
Applications received up to August 1st hy the
secretary, s. SHANNON, ���
Ferguson, B. 0,
of the
at once
$1 flag $i
Ferguson, B. C.
WANTED.���Lots on  Victoria Avenue, in
blocks 1,2,3, 4, 5, ��or 7,   Semi prlco,
terms, and particulars at once.
WILL   BUY   Lot 17.    ill   block 2;
cleared, fenced and in garden,
WILL BUY Lot 18, in block 2.
ply at once.
���ftftKrft WILL BUY Lots H, �� and 10 ln
fUOv block 7, on Victoria ��venue, immediately west of tho Windsor hotel, Splendid
high and dry lots; an Al location. Worth
more, hut owner must have money. Offer void
after Aug. 1st.   Terms, cash.  Apply at onee.
oz'inn WHX BUY '*<���*fl* ���*��� b-oolt '��� I>Arl
qVOUU cash; balance before August 1st.
This lot is on Vietorla Avenue, alinoRt cleared,
and In the business centre of tlie town. A
good buy at the price.
<Clfi.fi WILL I1UY corner Lot l or 4, in
91UU block il9. INSIDE LOTH In the sumo
block for sale at |75 each. Terms: ' ,dowu,l3
ln it months, balance in 0 months.
�����1 I'm WILL BUY eorner Lots 11 or 14 in
���pl"U block 88, TheBe lots are 80x100.
INSIDE LOTS In same block for sale at *7ii
each. Terms: y^ cash ..balance in :i and 0
months. 10 per cent, off for cash. These lots
aro admirable residential property, handy to
tho proposed school. Fine small creek nearby.
Several residences already erected in adjoining
ClfTiH WILL BUY cornor Lots 11 or 14, in
ZplUftJ 40. 175 will buy inside lots 8, 9, io,
12 or 13 in the samo block. Usual terms. This
property is locally known as Knob hill a
bench' overlooking the town. Splendid rest*
dontlal property. Selling readily.
���i'l ��A WILL BUY anyone of Lots ;t, 4, 5,
WlDU fi. 7 or 8. io blocks, situate on Victoria avenue, north side; the only lots on tho
main street at these prices,  Usual terms.
<CQnn WILL BUY T-ot 7*in ulock 1' onT��-
q50 W site 8, Shannon's assay oflice on
Vicorla Avenue. Half cash, balance ln sixty
days, This offer only holds good till Aug. 1st.
A snap ior a business location.
For further particulars apply to
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, &
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors lor Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo. S. McCarter. J, A. Harvey.
A. St. Pinkham.
J.M. Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Lardeau Miners" Union Ao.
119, W. F. ofM.
l\fects evory Saturday evening Jat 8 o'clock,
in the- Eaglo hall, Ferguson, B. C.   Visiting
momhers cordially invited.
President.       ltecording Secretary.
(loo. W. Corey,
Mining Engineer.
R. Lyman, Jr.. B.S..E.M.
Corey $ Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lardeau properties managed.
3KK& Ferguson, B.C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service* In Eagle hall every
Sunday at8p.m   -Sunday schooUtli p.m.
Trout Lake Citv , Services in Forrester's
hall every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at 2:30 p.m.
REV. S. J. GREEN, Pastor,
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Sec that this Label is on all Clothing you buy
Smoke Cigars
And nt, all times insist on the
box beai-ini.' the blue label.
It helps tnaiiufitctiii-ers to see tho force
of paying fair ami iionest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label-.
United Batters of Nortli America
the I'nitcd Hatters
of North America.
When vou are buying a FOB HAT,
either soft or stiff,
see to it that the
genuine I1 N I ON
Label is sewed in it.
If a retailer hns
loose labels in his
{tosscHsion and of-
ers to put out! in n
hat for you, do nut
{latronine him. lie
oose labels. Loose
labels in reta.il stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the hai
has no label. The Genuine tnion Label is
perforated on the four edges exsctly the same
as a postnge stamp. Counterfeits ar�� sometimes perforated on three of the edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers nre using them lu order to get rid or
their scab-made hats. The John B, Stetson
To. and Henry II. Ruelofs A Co., both of Philadelphia, Pn., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOPPITT, President,
Orange, N. J.
14 797 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.V.
��� ���
July 2, 16.   Aug. 6, 20.
July 13, 14, 15.
Christian Endeavor Convention.
July 2, 3.
National Education Association.
.:         July 2. 3-
Foi- timo tables, rates and lull information apply to local agants,
B, P.A.,Nolion.    A,a,F.A��� Vancouver.
Packing and   !erg7nnPaefnsand
_^ . c5 Transfer Outfit.
freighting ���
Contracts entered into Ior packing of Mining Supplies, etc.. to any
point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, and  any  work  undortakon  guaranteed.
Freighting  from  Thomson's  Landing to Ferguson a specialty,
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ***5*"f S. Daney, Proprietor.
Every Lot Is  Worth More today than when Purchased....
Come In, Site Vp Its Advantages Before Buying Elsewhere
The M$ny Rich......
Mining Properties
On the Silver Cu*>Triune Hill; Cromwell-Lucky
Jim Hill; Nettie L.-Maybe Hill, Great Northern
Hill; Old Gold Camp; Metropolitan-Noble Five
Hill; North Fork of Lardeau Creek; South Fork
of Lardeau Creek, will some day make Ferguson the
Biggest and Best Mining
Town in this Province	
KJz-rfz s*7_tfz_sfc_xS7 -* riz .rfzjfe :rfi itt. rf7 tfz_jfe_rfe rf2-rff_rfzjrfr. rtz_>A>_rfz_rfz &u#Z
That Ferguson is the Supply Point-
Por Lardeau's Shipping Mines	
Just drop around at any time this season and see 'he
loaded pack horses leaving dally In every direction.
J^p-/^-z^7.^^7^^^iyrj^rqv-z^-2jlT{3r^ ��*^rzp-*��t-J{J7*rMrj}rz{iT^7��j
NO. 4 K. W. C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. ('.
Gold, Silver-Load and Copper Mines wanted at the EX0HAHQE FREP
MILI.INil   gold properties wanted nt onco for Eastern  inve��torV
Parties liavini,' minim; property For Sale un- reuui-sted to send samnliN
of their ore'.ui the EXCIIAN11K for exhibition. ����mpie,
prepaid.     Correspondence
All samples should be sent by oxpresl
solicited.  Address all communication to
P. O, IloxTOO,      NELSON, II. c,
Wholesale  Dealer   In
... Wines,. Liquors and Cigars...
The Best Goods Only.
Stork Large ami Complete,
w\ 1 Tlio pay roll oontrG snd tha place whore l.ardenii-s shipping
AM/v^rt aa I mines aro located, Is situated 06 miles southeast of Rovelsloku
\j iirlflll' /111 I I'""" Revoletolto to Arrowhead by rail, 98 miles; from Arrow
Pnl vil\llll I lieail to Thomson's Landing by boat, Hmllen from Ihe Landliu
1   l'l & 1101/11 t 10 litlim wiN.by  -so or singe, 10 wiles.  Come straight lo
*���  v��g"*wvu ��� Ferguson,  Investigation courted,
The Lardeau District
ns a profitable field for tlio judicious adver*
tlscr Ih unexcelled in thin provinco.  THK
LARDEAU   EAGLE   ia   tho only medium
actually covering tiie district.  An ad. in the
RAGLE will reach more people in Ferguson,
Trout Lake City, Thomson's Landing, Comaplix, Camborne. Arrowhead, Ten Mile, Ctrolo
City and every solitary mine iu the district,
than any other paper published.   N<> other
district in Canada offers such splendid opportunities for good, wide awake advotUsers.
Do you/want more business?, Then write at
onee fo�� onr advertising rates nnd place your,
patron&go in the only medium that actually
|     cover* the field-THE LABDEAU EAQLE,
Job Printing
,     The EAGLE is the only prlntlnp oflice in
North   Kootonay whioh cau furnish   the
Typographical   union   Label    upon   your
printed matter.   This alone is a guarantee nf
fair wage conditions and best workmanship.
Mail orders filled promptly.   Ut the BAULK
print your printing: always neat, clean and
B.C. >�������������>����� ��**-*��-���� �������������*>���������������� j
On the Wing
Thos. Russell went up to work nt the
Triune on Monday.
Ii. K. Willcle, P. L. S., of Rossland,
arrived in town Tuesday evening.
C. 11. Hume, the l'.evelstoke merchant, waa in town on Friday last.
* Weekly shipments of fresh ranch
oggs and creamery butter now being
roceivod by G. B, Batho & Co.
Mrs. Mahew, who went to Vancouver
last week, returned on Friday and
brought her little daughter with her.
The C. P. R. track between Arrowhead and Revelstoke looks like a goose
pasture, and it will be difficult soon to
keep the cows off.
* Over !i00 pounds of union-made
chewing tobacco is now on sale at G. B.
Batho & Co's. Union label on every
cut.   Give it a trial,
H. M. Carter returned from Walla
Walla, Wash., on-Saturday evening
last. He says they had a warm time
ovor there on the Fourth.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. Rosenberger's advt. in this
issue. No stock to sell; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
W, MacKay of Nelson, representing
tho Kootenay Supply Co., Ltd., wholesale merchants, paid the camp an initiatory business visit on Friday last.
* Got a camera and join tho fiends.
There's amusement in it. Send to the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke,
A. C. Photographic supplies also supplied.
The management of the Halcyon Hot
Springs Sanitarium are giving a tennis
social and summer hop at the sanitarium on Tuesday the 30th day of July,
There are 1,200 minors on strike at
Rossland; tho Fraser river trouble is
in full swing, and tbe C. P. R. maintenance mon are still out, with nothing
new in any of the three situations.
A dressmakers' union has been
organized in New York, and it is proposed to placo organizers in the field
and make the union a national ono.
Better pay and shorter hours is the object.
.fas. Mansom came down Saturday
from tho Triune trail where he has
been employed, lie states that eight
men arc now working on the trail, and
that thu. work will bo completed In a
fow days.
The Ferguson Dancing club held a
sociable hop Friday night last, with a
jolly good crowd in attendance, Tlie
club will hold a regular Friday night
dance hereafter, und extends a general
D. Brown loft town on Tuesday to
continue work on his farm, up the
south fork, at the mouth of Brown
ereok. Ho has a big crop of spuds nnil
vegetables, and considers ho has as
good a mine as any of the boys.
J. D. MoMaster, of Rochester, N. Y.,
president of the company operating
the Hartncy group in the Slocan, is
spending a couple nf weeks at the
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium, the
most popular rosort in the province.
The St. Eugenu mine at Moyle, B.C.,
produced more lead during tho year
1900 than any other single producer in
tho province, or nearly as much as the
combined output of the ontlro Slocan
district, says tho minister of mines.
A. F. Rossenhorgor of Nelson, who
has tho Oyster group under bond, is
having tlie claims surveyed. This
group is on Fish crook nnd adjoins the
Eva. F. C. Green, P. L. 3., Nelson,
with party, went out on Saturday to
make tho necessary surveys.
The railway service is badly disorganized notwithstanding "specials"
to the contrary. Happily Lardeau's
railway is not affected, and many of
the strikers bave found employment on
bridge and construction work. Other
strikers bave left tho country entirely.
H. A. Brown, of, Revelstoko, well
known in the Lardeau, bas purchased
an interest in the Rovelstoko Cljjar
Mfg. Co., whose faotory wns burned
some weeks ago. The company will
resume operations, and the popular
brands, " Revelstoke Special " and
"Union" will soon again be on sale at
all tbo leading hotels. They have alroady largo orders waiting to be filled,
yuite a number of cigar makers will
be employed. Mr. Brown will pay this
district a visit shortly In the interests
af tbe pioneer firm.
The local saw mill is still kept busy
supplying tho demand for lumber. ���
Thos. Taylor, M. ti. A., returned
from the coast on Tuesday evening.
Thomson's Landing will have an assisted public school after August 11th.
* G. 13. Batho & Co. will hereafter
receive twiee-a-weokshipments ol California and B. C. Irosh fruits.
Dr. T. A. Wilson left on Monday for
Port Kssington, five hundred miles up
the sea coast from Vancouver.
T. J. Beatty of Vancouver, who has
been in tbe camp for a couple of week,
left for home yesterday morning.
* Fresh fruits���strawberries, cher
rios, bananas, oranges, lemons, peaches
and apricots at G. B. Batho & Co.'s
A. Wallace of New Denvor, has the
contract for tho erection of M. Grady's
hotel at tho St. Leon hot springs, on
Arrow lakes.
Mrs. G. Batho, Miss Louise Batho
and Master Harry Batho are sojourn'
ing for a few days midst the ravishing
scenery of Thomson's Landing.
The Eagle regrets to learn that J. J,
Langstaff of the Topic is seriously ill
A telephone message received yesterday reports his recovery sufficient to be
around again,
* You are within hello distance of
anyone between here and Arrowhead
and a message can be received or sent
from hero to any part of the world.
Telephone in Cummins & Co.'s store.
Capt. Roman intends resurrecting
his big boat at Trout Lake, and says
ho will run it the remainder ol the season if there is any busiuess. The captain thinks it quite impossible to keep
tho lako open during a part of the
winter season.
H. L. Lovoring of Winnipeg, an ex-
Revelstoker, returned to Revelstoke on
Sunday last with a carload of Boston
scabs to take the place of C. P. R.
strikers. Ho looked like 110 cents and
may have been too ashamed of himself
to go to work after he did arrive. Time
will toll.
The Rossland Miners' Union have decided to make Manager Macdonald and
Kirby pay tho same rato of wages as
are paid elsewhere in tho interior, including many of Rossland's. mines.
LT pon.the result of this strike hangs
the future prosperity of Rossland.
The men must and will win.
Jas. Ferguson, who went east on a
visit to his homo in Purple Valley,
Ont.. Inst fall, returned to the camp on
.Sunday last, accompanied by his
youngest brother, Arthur, who will
also remain here. Both of them will
go to work at the Triune mine, Which
belongs to their brothers, Dare and
Imperial Bank
T8ssa***-oJi Canada.
REST ��� ��� -
. . jJ.r.liii.nniiJMi.
- . ��� ��1,860,000,00.
General Banlit ,ig Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
a. eTThiits,
E. L. Kinman, wlio lias charge of tho
telephone system between here and
Arrowhead, was in town on Monday
making further Improvements to tlio
line locally. Mr. Kinman informs the
Eaole that as the result of the recent
visit, to the camp of President Cowan,
the R. B. B. & T. L. T. Co., will ex-
tond their lino from Thomson's Landing to Camborne, Messrs. A. G. Fraser I
and Androw F. Kosonbergor having
heon instrumental in bringing about
its construction. This portion of the
system will be placed in oharge of Mr.
Fraser, wlio tho Eagle is ready to say,
will make it a complete success. This
will also place Camborne in hello touch
with Ferguson and other points on the
main lino. Tho company will also put
in netv Instruments at eaob station���
the very host that money can buy���and
the lino itself will bo put In lirst class
shape. Sweat boxes, such as nro used
on the best long distance telephones in
America, arc to bo a now feature, so
that absolute privacy will bo assured.
This will bo a strong factor in making
tho system a financial success in tho
long run. That the company are ranking nn effort to givotho country a good
service is apparent, and tho Eagle
hopes that all concerned,.will benefit by
their enterprise.
Kmoke Union-Make Cigars.
hot the
For salo by Ferguson's Leading Hotels.
Ask for them.
R. S. Wilson.
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, etc. Mail Orders
promptly  attendod  to.
H. Edwardsi*4��
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs nnd Skins
Tunned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
Do you like thc Eagle?    Do you
liko it $2 worth ?
T. Gallon & Co.
Ore Baas
Mining men engage their
crews at Ferguson, and
pay them off in Ferguson.
The place where the mines
are is the place where thc
towns are	
Ferguson receives the pay
roll benefit from all the
shipping mines	
P. O. Box 217, Nelson, B. C.
Rubber Stamps
Having Moi-nred tlie Lardoau AgGUOy lor
a Kossland firm of rubber stump manufacturers; we are now prepared to Hike
orders for anything In this line.
California Wink Co.,
/(Limited, Nelson, B.C.
Wines and
Agents for  Calgary ��eer.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Thc most complete resort on tlie continont
of Nortli Amorlca. Situate*! midst Heunery
unrivalled for Rrundour. Bniiting, flplitnj,-
mid excursions. HesWlcnt physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cure all nervous
and muscular diseases, its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailmcnto. Its
baths and waters aro ft mire remedy agnluat
all argentiferous potnous, TERMS : #16 to
?)�� per week, uncording to residence In hotel
or villas.
Leading Store
McKinnon &
Our Qoods
The Post Office store. Let us do your outfitting.
Fresh   fruits   arriving. Liberal discounts for cash.
G. B. Batho <�� Co.
Pioneer Store
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
Askfop-our*  ���
Popular Brands:
Fenton'e Choice-
U and I + ��� ���
Nation's Prido 4
Canada's Own i>
Moss Rose * ���
Silver Spray    ���
STAiSKKV A Od.,Nolson, K.O., Agouia tor fcU6 KooteimyB
Hold   by GEO. B. 1IATHO & CO., Fargnpon, ��. C.
r ruin
g row n
��>.f$x^&$P>$$$$$$$$$$$$< WQWW
C. B. flume & Co.1
 Who lesale and Retail -���~ I
Genen al Merchants ���
The largest ii   (porters in North Kootonay. ,1
I Stores at Revelstoke    and Trout  Lake City, B. C. |
Everybody    QllT     Special
s m o k c s    	
��� AND-
The- Union
The yaroal ;1 Union made nml of lhe
bus t Ilava no Tobacco money can
bu: t. Try   ono ami satisly yoursoll      r��� , Revelstoke.
as   to their qunlity. "*"���
Citizens c xf the* Lardeau District j j
When you come to  Revelstoke t �� <����� y��ur shopping, remember that ; ;
Bo>urni9 Bros.
have the  largest    and  best  assor, *d stock  in  North ^&W' J ',
Compare our price. sand see our good. ' be!m0 purchasing olbownti e.
Mail Orders Proi uptly Filled!


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