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Lardeau Eagle 1902-01-30

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VOL. III. NO. 51.
.00 A YEAR.
Thos. Taylor Meets His Ferguson
Constituents Tuesday Evening.
Important Disclosures Affecting the
Province Made by Mr. Taylor
in Els  Short Address.
nouncementof the policy of tlio Conservatives, and results!
After votes of thanks were passed to
Mr. Taylor, the secretary and the
chairman, tbe meeting adjourned.
Probably never before in Ferguson
was thero such a largely attended public meeting as that which greeted Thos.
Taylor, M. L. A., on Tuesday evening,
for the purpose of placing the requirements of this camp in the matter of
public works before our representative.
The chairman, R. P. Pettipiece, called
the meeting to order at 8:10 p. m., and
made known the work accomplished at
tho previous meeting lust week.   He
pointed out that it would be necessary
for us to ask tot* larger appropriations
than heretofore owing to the changed
conditions in tliis eamp as compared
with former years.   Tlio railway would
bo in operation to the foot of the lake
next spring, a smelter was now being
erected in Ferguson, und our mines had
reached, in many cases, a stage where
they wero ready to ship ore.   Roads
nnd trails must be built and repaired to
bear tho increased traffic, all of which
would repay tho government in revenue
for this year's and other appropriations.
The secretary, Josoph Ryan, then
read the resolutions as passed at tho
former public meeting, and each and
every request was cut down to the
actual amount of monoy required', along
with what Individual mine owners had
consented to put up, to perform the
necessary public works, a sum somewhat larger than last year's expenditure. ,
Following this, the last resolution
asking that tho scale of wages be
raised.to $3 a day. for laborers and 84 a
day for foreman, was brought to tho
notice of Mr. Taylor. And also for an
Increase in the salary of our resident
physician, as well as a small appropriation towards assisting the Miners
Union to build their 83,000 hospital in
Ferguson next spring.
Mr. Taylor took the floor, and with
tho introductory remark, "Mr. Chair*
man and gentlemen, I fear you havo
given me a large order to fill, but I can
assure you that I will, as In the past,
do my utmost to secure your requests,"
spoke for a few minutes to the requests
just made by Fergusonites, and with
reference to the wage, hospital and
resident physician resolutions.
Tho most Important feature of Mr.
Taylor's address, however, was the an-
noiuicoment that at the recent Westminister opposition convention, behind
closed doors, Richard Mellrldo as the
Conservative loador, had been assured
of sufficient support to overthrow the
Dunsmuir faith-breakers, at least flvo
days after tho house moets, and place
him at the head of affairs In this province. At any rnto, lt would olthor bo
this outcome or another appeal to the
people. This of courso had a bearing
on the roquests just inade by Fergusonites. Mr. Taylor conoluded by saying
tbat the policy of the Conservatives
would bo made known vory soon now,
-and he felt cortain If Mr, MoBrldo
were sustained wo could look for all
we had asked for, as.their policy would
be a progressive and a liberal one, an
announcement which received warm
applause, and indicated if anything
��� that Mi*. Taylor's political course waa
endorsed by most of those'presont. ���
Tho chairman thanked Mr. Taylor
for his presence, and expressed the
opinion that all tho meeting could do
under thoso circumstances was to hand
our requests to Mi*. Taylor aud Gold
- Commissioner Fraser, await the overthrow of the government, the an-
A Joyous Ball at tho Springs.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium, Jan. 27.���The management of the
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium enter-,
tained over ICO guests at their annual
ball on Thursday last, which proved to
be a most enjoyable event.   The excitement of the day began when the s.
s.  Kootenay   arrived   from   Robson
bringing the first contingent of invited
guests from Sandon, Nakusk aud other
points along the lake.   The gallant
littlo s.  s.  Archer from   Comaplix,
steamed in at half past seven with 111
visitors from Beaton  and  Comaplix.
At 9 o'clock tbo s. s. Kootenay, making
a special trip by the kind courtesy of
Captain Short, returned with guests
from Arrowhead and Revelstoke, and
half an hour later tho staunch little
tug Fawn came merrily tooting in with
a second party of guests from Nakusp.
Dancing commenced at nine o'clock in
the billiard saloon and was kept up
with spirit until mignight, when supper was announced and all adjourned
to the hotel, where an excellent cold
collation'awaited them.   Tables were
laid in the dining room and their tasteful arrangement and the smart attendance of the waiters callod for warm
praise.     After  graca   was  said,   tho
manager of tho hotel in a fow well
choson words welcomed the guests and
expressed his pleasure in greeting thorn
and  his desiro  for thoir  enjoyment,
After threo parties had sat down to
supper tho dancers trooped back to tho
ball room. Borne hundred .yards away.
Nothing daunted by a good old-fashioned western blizzard which was raging.   Wraps wore removed and dancing resumed with renewed energy until
a "Scotch reel" closed the program towards 5 o'clock in the morning.  Every
room in the hotel was occupied and
many guests  were  accommodated io
tho cottages.   Some of tho nnn-danc-
Ing baohelors of tho establishment on
attempting to retire at a reasonable
hour, found their quarters had been invaded   by infant  cherubs   who   wero
sleeping peacefully whilo their mothers
were enjoying the merry whirl.   Tho
favorite dances seemed to  be schot-
tisches. waltzes, two-steps, lancers and
quadrilles, with an occasional French
minuet and  bon  ton.    Many pretty
dresses wera worn by pretty girls who
appeared to be thoroughly  enjoying
overy moment as it flow.   At 6 o'clock
Captain Short blew his whistle for the
return  trip to  Arrowhead,  and tlie
other steamers followed suit, and there
was a merry rush for the pier.   By half
past eleven the s. s. Kootenay returned,
bound for Robson, and picked up such
guests for Nakusp and other points as
had not been carried off by the tugs,
and the annual ball was over, everyone
declaring that it was the jolliest one
they had ever attended.
Interesting Events Have Transpired
During the Last Few Days.
W. B. Pool Has Acquired Large
Free-Gold Mining Interests in
Southern Oregon.
The past week has been of moro than
passing interest to Lardeaultes. Cold
weather, hot public and socialist meetings, the sad ending of a respected
citizen, smelter construction, the completion of the Nettie L. raise, ore output, railway construction, etc., has
provided plenty of topics for discussion. 	
W. B. Poo! has returned from southern Oregon, his old stamping ground
fifteen years ago. While thero he
staked 20 free-gold claims, tu company
with two associates, on ground lie had
gone over in old days. Hu figures ho
litis the best proposition iio ever got
hold of, and an offer of 8250,000 for the
holdings has been turned down. Men
bave been put to vvork there, and a
Stamp mill will lie erected.
For this reason, and owing to the
low price of silver and lead���with the
government taking no action to effect
a remedy by establishing a refinery-
Mr. Pool is endeavoring to make arrangements witli the companies for
which lie is manager here, that will
not necessitato his ,viiolo timo being
spent hero. A .Mr. Hooper of Louden,
Eng., aud Jno. J. Young of Calgary,
largely interested* directors, will bo in
Ferguson to meet Mr. Pool on Monday
noxt for this purpose, and also to ar
range for the next payment on the
Ophir-Lade group bond, in which tiie
Messrs. Lado and Gunn brothers are
ment for $25,000 for a postolilce and
$100,000 for Columbia river Improvement. They should be able to elect
any old woman on that graft. Thought
there was something brewing. They
haven't smiled on the labor element
for two weeks.
The Methodists and Presbyterians
are having a week of prayer, which no
doubt accounts for the spell of weather
we are having.
Every person pleased to see Fred.
Fraser get the gold cotnmissionership.
It's coming to him.
Man said to mo last night: Who is
that big fellow talking to that little
man in such an overbearing manner?
I said, he is the provincial police.
Thought so. I have always noticed
the smaller the job the greater the arrogance. Under socialism all government officials will bo elected by the
people. Then they will not forget
thoy are public servants.
Dan. Anderson Meets an Untimely
Death Near Bight Mile.
HeLeftFerguson to Return to Work
at the Silver Cup About One
O'Clook Monday Morning.
Give tlio West a Chance.
British Columbia is paying a vast
sum annually into the federal revenue
over and above the expenditure of the
Dojminion government, much greater
than) that of the other provinces, says
tho Victoria Colonist.
Tho por capita distribution of the
peoplo of British Columbia to the
federal revenue is four times as great
as that on tho other provinces.
Tho province ought to bo opened by
lines of communication, in order tbat
its great natural wealth may be exploited and its progress and prosperity
may bo enhanced, but the Liberal ministry, although invited to co-operate in
works of development by the provincial govornmont has so far turned an
absolutely deaf oar to tbo request.
Tho Laurior ministry has done nothing nnd makes no promise of doing
anything towards the development of
tho commoreo of the Pacific Coast of
Canada.   .
Tho expenditure in this provinco for
publio works, mall subsidies, aud generally 1b far smaller comparatively
than in tbe eastern provinces, ln which
grants aro mado from the federal exchequer to establish services which
private enterprise or tho local legislature must provide hore if wo are to
have thorn at all.
Doings nt tin* Capital.
Victoria, Jan. 25.���Somebody forgot to attach a seal to the speaker's
warrant for the by-el.ction in Victoria
City, for the local house, so it is null
and void, of no avail, n. g.
Tho politicians here havo old-fashioned ideas. They think parsons are
sports as of yore. If not why should
Col. Prior choose Rov. E. S. ITowo as
stake holder and judge in a bet of $500
a side with the Liberal candidate, Goo.
Riley, about somo election protest
Haskins text on Monday night was:
"They daren't deny it and they'ro liars
if they do;" and his Mood Ley, the independent government candidato cut a
wide swath with Bodwell and McBride's
soiled linen as a text.
Rev. E, S. Rowe lectured at Spring
Rldgo Wednesday evening on "My
Ill-other and I." Infants usually found
out that they had a mouth as a first
discovory. Everything, even fists nnd
feet, wont into it, and anything else
that camo handy. Smno people novor
outgrow that phase of character. Noxt
the Infant found that tho othor younger
ones disputotl his right to all the toys,
and ho resisted. That wns tho stago of
acquiring property. Somo peoplo never
outgrow that. In turn tho child found
that everyono waited upon him. Romo
poople novorgot past that stage. Again
lie found a now use for his powers���to
serve his parents and frinnd3 and found
greater joy in that thin in selfishness.
Then followed a good dish of "roast
Thoy Must Go Into Politic!,
Trades-unions,   while  all   right  in
many respects, since they are possessed
of enuf intelligence to organize and
assist members in sickness, aro only
dealing with the "effects" of a wrong
economic  system,   rather   than   the
"cause" of tho evils thoy fight against.
Were the labor unions to turn their
organizations into   socialist   leagues
they would accomplish their wholo object and more in one election.   Speaking of tho inadequacy of trades-unions
to copo with present-day conditions tlie
Cleveland Citizen says:
The trusts are growing in power.
Machinery continues to encroach.
Nothing has been gained In lobbying.
Labor laws are either declared unconstitutional or are not enforced.
Strikers and their sympathizers are
fined aud thrown into prison.
The injunction meets us at every
The boycott is illegal and encourages
employers to start suits for damages.
The blacklist has boen legalized.
Bogus labels flood the market.
Union mop continue to vote against
each other and nullify ono another's
political power at the ballot box.
Trado unionism is being hemmed In
on all sides.
And those who uro paid to think nnd
lead occupy tlie same position to-day
that thoy were in twenty years ago.
As has been stated iu these columns
bofore, when tbe rank and file wake up
sufficiently to demand a chango they
will get it, and not before. Votes
Meanwhile, let tlio progressists stand
solid for new trade unionism���industrial organization and close federation,
high dues and transfer of funds,.political action based on the principles of
Pure and simpledom bas beep on
trial and found wanting.   Reorganize!
"We have found a man ncn.-ly frozen
to death on tbe sleigh road, about one
nnd a half milos this side of Eight
Mile," said Mr. Pender, one of Daney'.*.
ore-team drivers.as he hurriedly sought
Dr. Nowcombe last Monday morniug
shortly after S o'clock.
Immediately many Fergusonites
mado enquiries ono of another, and it
was learned tbat Dan. Anderson had
loft town about 1 o'clock that morniug
on his way from Trout Lako to th.
Silver Cup mine, whore he lind only
loft the dny before to make a hurried
business trip to the Lake.
And tlio Eaqle regrets to say the
surmise was only too true. Win. Glenn
placed his team at tbe services of tho
doctor, and Superintendent Warden
who had just returned from Kevelstoke,
and hastily they made for Eight Mile,
whore Wm, Schmook, another ore-
team driver, had taken him in the
meantime, not being able to turo the
teams on tlio road. They found tho
unfortunate man quite uncc-usoious, anil
badly frozen: but nothing daunted, they
did everything in tlio power of man to
resusltale life, all to no avail, the deceased passing quietly away in thc littlo cabin at Eight Mile at 5:ji) a. in., on
Tuesday morning, in tho presence o!
Dr. Newcombo and Ed. Bell.
Having just come oil shift on Sunday
morning, walked to Trout Lake, and
thus far on his return in the same day,
leaving Ferguson slightly under the influence of liquor, and the night being
extremely cold���21 below zero���with a
slight wind blowing down the sonth
fork, Mr. Anderson must have become
drowsy and stopped to tako-liis last long
ltosslnnil Minors' Union Official Statement
The executive of the Rossland Minors' Union has made the _ following
announcement: " Negotiations that
have boon going on for tho past
woek between John H. McKenzie, manager for the Lo Roi Mine Company
and the executivo board of tho Ross
land Miners' Union, were successfully
completed this afternoon.
"This only applios to the Le Roi
"Negotiations are being carried on
with the other mining companies of
the camp which have been affected by
the strike, but they are not yet completed.
"Workingmen in outside camps aro
advised to koop away from Rossland
for tho presont, as thoro are more
union men at tho present time than can
secure omploymeut, until a settlement
has been affected with tlie othor mining
Executive committee Rossland Miners' Union, No. 88, W. F. M.
An Oliji'Ct r.o4son to Non-Unionists.
Again this week we havo a striking
incidence of the benefits derived from
being tho member of a labor union.
With tho care and tenderness of a
mother each member endeavors to do
all in his power for a comrade who hits
mot with injuries which too often mean
death. Fow men In a mining camp dlo
from natural causes, so that tha need
of suoh brotherhoods is self-evident to
any reasonable being.
Itoitm Picked Up at Revelstoke.
Good times in Revelstoke this winter.
Met eleven insurance agents on way
home to dinner to-day; all said business
booming.       k
Everyono kicking on the fuel���the
wood is green and the coal is slate.
Mon in the wood business cannot cut
their wood in the summer as they must
have immediate returns to meet their
notes. Result green wood. Good idea
for the city council to start a municipal
wood yard. Cut the wood by steam
andftirnish tho citizens dry wood. But
come to think it over this would not
make half the work. What a blessing
work is to bo euro.
The Liberal Association have a new
graft.   They have asked tho govern-
Growth of Cannon's Mineral I'roiluetloii
The United States has Increased its
ontlro ore output from 1891 to 1901 by
1.11 per bead. Canada in the samo
period Increased by 8.14 per head,
mainly In gold, silvor, lead, nickel,
copper, zinc, pig Iron and coal. This
is nearly double the rnto of increase of
tho United States.
Canada's gold output is five-sevenths
of its entire metal production, against
one-seventh in the States. In pig iron
Mr. Johnson estimates in three years
Canada will equal this year's proportionate output of the States, namely,
$47 out of every $100 of the total metal
In nickel Canada outstrips the States
and all other 'countries. In coal and
othor fuels Canada's increase is 120 per
cent., against 75 per cent, in thc Statos,
The deceased was a member of the
Sandon Miners' Union, and had only a
few hours previous paid Secretary Gordon feos to bo forwarded for back dues
and a transfer of his card to the Lardoau Union hero. Though not constitutionally entitled to benefits the
union hero took the remains in charge
and gave him an honorable burial
yesterday afternoon at Trout Lake.
He was also an ardent socialist, and intended to become a member of tin
League here thc next time he cam-
down the hill. Very little Is known o
his lifo history, but ho is an old-time
Lardeau minor, trapper ami prospector.
30 years of age, a native of Sweden,
and one of tlie huskiest men whoevci
snow-shoed tho snows of the Selkirk?,
a man esteemed by everyone wlio knei--
Noah Abrahamson of Trout Lako bas
wired the sad news of Anderson's death
to a brother who is farming near Wo-
taskiwin, Alberta.
Mention must bo mado of the deceased's dog Rover, which was li'ckln-j
his face when found, and would not be
separated from his master until the remains were temporarily placed in thu
vacant office of the Eaolk building.
Ralph's Sins Have Found Him Out.
J. W. Hawthornthwaite, M. 1'. L..
has beon dismissed from his employ*
ment in the New Vancouver Coal Company, but at the samo moment bo hat
gono up ninety per cent, in tho esteem
of intelligent and thinking Nanaimo.
And it wns not "following in the footsteps of (that great man) Ralph Smith,
M. P.," that did it. but differing from
tho said Mr. Smith on a matter o.*
Altogether it is quite a revelation of I conscience. Yet some peoplo say
the wonderful development of Canada's Ralph Smith is losing his influence.-
hidden wealth. Ladysmith Leader. I'libllshrd  every   Thursday at Ferguson, B.C., by
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and the only office whleli can fulniah the typographical union lthg u\
North Kootenav. n guarantee In Itscll of good work and proinptnc*.,,
There is- scarcely a mail-day passes in Ferguson
but what letters from different parts of the United
States and Ontario are received by the editor of the
Eagle, asking for all kinds ol information concerning
this or that mining company or property. The subscribers apparently want cheap information for no
mention of remuneration is made. What the editor of
the Eagle has to say ot any company or mining property is published from, wce-k to week in the columns.
The subscription price of this paper is $2. per year.
The editor is not, nor does he pose as a mining expert,
hence were he to go into the cheapest business on
earth���that of giving gratis advice���he might make
grave errors and injure what might be a good speculation in the end. At any rate his "private" opinion,
as the enquirers put it, is not on the market.
-The Eagle may say this tho, that the time to en-
quirt of the value of a stock or property is not after
you have purchased it. There seems to be more
suckers drawn into the mining arena than any other
business we know af. The dupes may be good (?)
business men, and yet when it comes to buying mining
stock they fail to exercise the precaution of a school
boy. Now let the Eagle ask you a fair queston : As
a business man, would you really expect the editor of
this or any other paper to give you the information you
ask for, without money and without price ? No man
lias any right to give his opinion of a property unless
he has some knowledge of the conditions which go to
make up the probability of the existence of an ore body,
and he must certainly visit the property and go over it
thoroly before placing his opinion on record. This we
cannot do; it is out of our line oF business. But, il
you want a report on a property in this camp at any
time when the snow is off we will be pleased to forward you the card of some reliable mining man who
can be depended upon to tell you what he believes to
be the truth. And even this pointer is of more value
than you might think for. Now gentlemen, on the
square, what more can you reasonably expect us to do?
exploitation of the people's heritage, rather than men
who stand first for the collective ownership and management ot thc means ot production and distribution ?
Tlie large number cf Ferguson electors at last
Tuesday evening's public meeting were assured in no
uncertain terms by Thos. Taylor, M. L* A., that the
Conservative opposition, under the leadership of Hon,
Richard McBride, has every hope of being able to defeat the Dunsmuir government and command a suffici
ent following in the house to accept and carry on the
business of this province. Mr. Taylor also stated that
a policy was now being framed by a committee, and
when made public he felt sure it would be looked upon
with favor by his constituents and the electors of this
province generally. He gave several good reasons
to his hearers for having joined the Conservative opposition. He was elected as a Conservative; Premier
Dunsmuir had broken faith with his colleagues, and
formed a dastardly compact witli Joe Martin, a man
whom he (Taylor), had .always opposed tooth and nail.
And other events were transpiring which made it apparent that party lines were to be drawn hereafter.
All of which, the Eagle might suggest, looks good to
the Socialists ot this province, who wilt undoubtedly
show the old parties the sort of a platform wanted by
most B. C. electors. But of this anon. Let us wait
for the policy declaration of the Conservative opposition,
Miss Margaret Haile, a Canadian lady who has
resided in the United Ltates tor several years, and who
has taken a leading part in the United States Socialist
party, addressed the Socialist League in Forum hall,
Toronto, recently. Many people who aspire to a higher life, she said, endeavored to cultivate their literary
and artistic faculties, and consider they are reaching
their aim by closing their eyes to the lower life of
thousands around them. This is individualistic, but it
is as impossible for one person to live a higher life surrounded by degradation as it is for a sound apple to
remain sound in a barrel of rotten apples. The highest
type of individualism will be developed under socialism.
Under the present capitalistic and competitive system,
men are unable to live a higher life, because the masses
are preyed upon by the wealthy classes. No workman
would "scab" another man's job unless the wants of
himself and family forced him to do so. The remedy
is the abolition of class rule and the public ownership
of all the means of producing and distributing wealth.
Socialism will not abolish all the evils pf society, but
by making both men and women economically independent, it will remove the need for them to sell their
brains or bodies for food to live. We need a higher
life in the homes, in politics, in industry, etc., and as
the trusts are centralizing industry the socialists point
out that it would be just as easy for a Jboard of directors to control and operate these vast industries for the
people, as servants of the government, as for the capitalistic shareholders. Socialism will establish a system
in which brotherhood and liberty will be the fundamental principles. Under socialism all would have an
equal opportunity, and none would starve while their
brothers were living in luxury. To achieve these aims
socialists were nominating candidates for municipal,
- provincial and national offices, and had already polled
ever. 8,000,000 votes in various countries.���"Griff" in
^Typographical Journal.
Thc Eagle, unlike the Kootenay Mail, has no particular fault to find with the course pursued by Thos.
Taylor, M. L, A. It makes very little difference to the
electors'which side Mr. Taylor takes. The both parties stand for about the same methods of exploitation.
This province is over $8,000,000 in debt now, with
other ioans pending, and each set of incapables we
have 'elected in the past continue to borrow money to
run our affairs, and thus increase the enormous amount
of interest we must pay to sustain parasites in England,
not to mention the repayment of the principal at all.
We may well ask in all seriousness, where is this
policy going to land tis ? The Eagle, for one, will
not support any candidate on any ticket at any time
unless he stands for a system of government which
will put this province out of debt in short order, and
make it unprofitable for private trusts to exist in B. C,
or in other words tor an industrial government. Why
should we pay tribute to old country money-kings and
landlords ? Why should we give anybody the profits
of industry only made possible by us and the existence
of our natural resources ? Why should we send over
one million dollars a year out of this province alone for
insurance, when we can do it cheaper ourselves?
Why should we allow Chinese and Japs to work tor
private concerns when, if these industries were conducted by the government we would employ our own
citizens, the same as we already do with the institutions wg no,w own and operate? .Why,, but why
enumerate. WHi' don't we cease electing men who
support an economic system of capitalistic greed and
Poor old British Columbia is supposed to be as full
of socialists as hades is ot sky-pilots who gamble with
mining stocks, but it is left to the farmers of Ontario
to tackle the construction of the first provincial railway, tho of course the conditions are much different
than in this province. Of the proposed line the Nelson
Tribune says: Inside of two years the government of
Ontario will have constructed and in operation a purely
provincial railroad which it is proposed to build out of
.the enhanced value which its construction will give to
the crown lands opened up by it. This road is to be
.known as the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario, and
will run trom North Bay to a point on lake Temiskaming. With the. selection of the route tor the new
road the government will make a reservation ot 20,000
acres per mile otthe crown lands and trom the sale of
these lands it is confidently predicted that the entire
cost of construction will be met. The wildest socialist
in British Columbia never asked for a greater advance
in provincial railway legislation than this, but the
achievement in Ontario passes almost without notice.
Speaking of the suggestion that a Socialist-Labor
convention be held in this riding to select a candidate
for the next provincial election, a Revelstoke Socialist
writes : "I do not believe in fusion of any kind. I
don't care two raps for success at the ballot box unless
we elect a straight Socialist on a straight Socialist
platform. The Socialist party always champions the
cause of unionism and they of course expect union
support, but the party must remain in the hands of
Socialists. No fusion convention. The existence of
the party depends on this."
The editor of the Eagle is not an aspirant for any
political office, as the Trout Lake Topic suggests.
But this will not prevent the Eagle from placing its
views on record concerning future political campaigns.
The Eagle can assure the Topic of this much, however, that the Socialists of this riding will be heard
Irom at no distant date, and the names of two men
have been mooted as likely to go before a convention
when the time comes, one a Revelstoke school trustee,
the other a Ferguson miner.
If a man intended to jump across a creek naturally
he would first size up its width and his own jumping
capacity. But not so with the average eastern investor in mining stocks. He listens to.the glib tongue ot
stock-sellers, (oft times masked with religion, whose
business is to sluff shares in a two million company
with a two bit prospect at some 40 cents a share), buys
a bunch and later begins to enquire as to the value of
his holdings. Verily, with Puck we can say "what
fools these mortals be."
The Victoria Trades and Labor Council is making
a strong protest against Chinese children being allowed
to attend the city schools. They contend that where
the most Chinese attend public health is most jeopardized. Anyone being familiar with the stench and
filth of Chinatown at Victoria will readily admit the
contention of the Trades and Labor Council.
In the event of another provincial general election
Thos.'{Taylor will run as formerly on a Conservative
ticket. And of course there will be a Liberal candidate.   What a puddin' for thc Socialists I
The Eagle would like to know why this camp has
practically no ore exhibit in the mineral department of
the government buildings at Victoria, a place visited
by thousands of people ?
You eawn't see them, you know.
Why?   Because	
They are out of sight, unless you whack down the dust at
the Miners' Union Hall, Ferguson, Friday
Feb, 14th, 1902.T
Pyritic Jokes,   Vulcanised Kiddles.
"���������^-������"������"-Hlgli 'Grade  Loeallsms.
A Good Time! Great Doin'sl!
Refined Nippins!!!
To Conclude with a Grand Ball.
Prices;   Mltisti-Ql Show 50c.   The whole cheose (show and
ball) 11,60,  Commencing at 8 p. m. sharp,
If you    are   building   or contemplate building we will be
pleased to quote you estimates  on anything made in our
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel1 confident that we can ��rive you satisfaction in
every partici ilar.    Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, ,B. C.
-For tho next month I Intend to make-
Mail Order Watch Repairing
A Special Feature.
Having a first class meel lanic at the head of this department, Mr.
It. N. Doyle, Lt .rdeaultos need not hesitate in sending their watches
tome for repatr. AU work guaranteed at prices consistent with
1 the -.lead mark et. I ha.ve the finest stook of Jewelry, Watches,
Clocks, eto., ia North Kootenay. Call or write at onoe. Will
mall you a box to send watches to me tor repair upon application.
Jfiilv   .Rftfh^i* The Revelatoke Jeweler,
���    "-TV     ilJai U^M        Ktrelstoke, British Columbia.
s mokes
Our Special
The Union
They are all Union qinfle anji of the
best Hi-tvana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one and satisfy yourself
as to thoir quality,
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
Brown, Prop.
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkirk
Brands, manufactured by the Enterprise
Cigar Co., Revetetokc, are unequalled in
the provinee
For sale by Feistnon'i Leading Hotels.
arc for thorn.
Carpets. Floor Oils, Agents for Pianos,
Linoleum, Wall JO*   tSX+t   Sewiug   Machines,
Paper, Blinds, Etc. Etc. J^J^J^J^
tale Litjii
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Packing and
Contracts entered into for paoking of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point in the distriot.
Good, prompt service, and  any  work undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting trom Thomson's Landing to FerguBon a speolalty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ***5?jf S. Daney, Proprietor.
;| Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands 0/
(Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted,
Bates aii.o )> day and upward!.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens.. Good accommodation
..Best of service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars*.Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
MMMMMi The Socialist Movement fig
| in British Columbia \\
J Contributed by ���Members ,ot tht Socialist Tarty el B. c, I
The Man who will risk the Purchase of a Lot or two in the
-��*>-��-*)���� �� �� ��.. ,-'.. t4 >, > e e �����+ -,
unlelai List of II. c. Locals.
Executive Sec.:
Ernest Burns, ISO Powell St., Vancouver, B. C.
Vancouver John ,Dodd, Hoc.
Victoria 0, Lee Charlton, (11 John, St., Sec.
Nanaimo    (ieo. Kirby, Hoc.
Port Moody       John Walton, Sec.
Revelstoke 0. W. Mitchell, Sue.
Ferguson   lt. p. Pettipieee, Sec.
Slni-an H.J, Llpsctt, Sec.
sllverton  Walter Smith, sec.
New Denver..-.....-.;���.........Duncan Weil-, Sec.
tart-ton*...mm an James McDonald,See.
RMU Geo. T. Kane, Sec.
Nelson John Roberts, box 2;17, Sec.
Rossland       W. II. Baker, See.
Trail        Alfred Benkctt.Soo
Grand Forks J. A, McLeod, Sec.
���Greenwood     J. c. Helm, Hoc
���Phoenix           o. w, Rogers, Seo
>mlr      ,,,   R.Stewart Lyons,Joe*
The rich are growing richer and the
poor more foolish.
It is always wise to consider the
causes which lead te an effect!
Secretaries of all locals are requested
to Bend short accounts of their meet-
��� ings and doings, for publioation in this
A huge octopus has been captured on
the shores of New Jersey, but the
American lead trust with others are
still very much at large.
Ahy comrade in a community desiring to form a local branch of the
.-Socialist Party should apply at once to
the provincial secretary. ��� ����� t
Line up boys at the Socialist meeting
next Monday evening. Let Its objects
be made known to you, Then join the
crusade for Industrial government, if
you want to see it in our Hayi
The Victoria Independent Labor
Party has resolved: "That we immediately proceed to select a candidate,
and arrange plans in the party's interests for the next provincial election."
It matters little to capital what
wageB it pays, provided all competitors
pay according to the satne scale, for
the increased cost of labor is added to
the cost of production and the consumer foots the bill.
Our nltlmato aim Is:
Industrial-government: the collective ownership nnd management of the moans ol production and distribution,
our Immediate demands are:
1. Govornmont operation of coal lands, and
fisheries, and the Immediate construction and
operation of, a refinery, smelters, saw mills,
sugar refinery, butcher shops, etc., the profits
Mil' to be used In reducing taxtls of prlvillcly-
owned concerns.
2. Fair representation, and the right ot recall of representatives hy thoir constituents.
3. A minimum wago law, fixing wages at
not less than 12 per day of eight hours tor
4. Employment of unemployed labor on
useful productive work.
5. No more bonuslng private Individuals or
corporations, with land grants or easli subsidies.
fl. Abolition ot poll and personal property
7, The education of children under 14 years
of age to bo tree, secular, and compulsory.
S. Municipalization and public control of
the liquor traffic .    , ,.
P; Equal cH-li-aitl! plflltical rights lor men
and women, '
10. Extension of powers of municipalities.
11. Initiative ana referendum system of
12. Abolition of system of cash deposits for
candidates at provincial elections. A candidate to have requisition signed by at least 25
13. Land laws similar to those ot Now Zealand.
14. Government tire and life Insurance, and
banking system,
1.",. Government hospitals throughout tbe
province, and free medical attendance to all
needing such.
16. Extension and Improvement ol free
library system:
Letters were received and read from
several -Locals thruout tho province,
all of a most encouraging nature as to
the progress of the Socialist movement.
Ferguson Local should reach 50 strong
by March 1st.
"I have seen Liberals becomo Conservatives '( I have seen Conservatives
become Liberals; but 1 never saw a
Socialist change his convictions tis to
the justness and practicability of tlie
theories of Socialism."
Any contributions you wish to mako
to the organization and propaganda
fund, should be sent to the executive
socrctary, and will be acknowledged in
this column. Your orders for literature will also be promptly filled upon
Llebknecht says of socialists: "We
are not only different from all other
parties, but we are their deadly enemy.
We have sworn to demolish the bastile
of capitalism whose defenders all those
other parties are, even the Independent Labor party.
* To keep in touob with tbe socialist
movement of. B. C. you should be a
reader of the Eaole. Clubs of twenty
will be accepted at 50 cents a year, the
unexpired term, if any, to be completed
by the new socialist paper when established at the Coast.
J. M. Cameron, organizer of the
Socialist party, was in Calgary last
week, reports the Herald. Ho organized twenty-one looal lodges In British
Columbia and one at Gladys. Tho objects of these organizations is entirely
educative. A meeting will be held in
Calgary In tbe near future.
.Revelstoke Note nud Comment.
Revelstoke, B. C���Everyone outside1 the Ladles Aid says we have
elected a rattling good school board.
Not 'an illiterate man among them.
But then we bad the whole town to
choose from.
Different with the city council. Owing to the ward system and property
qualification, wo had no choice except
Bob Tapping. Case of monoy vs. brains
and of course as usual money won.
The Socialist League meets every
evening in tho band hall. Thoy are
looking for opponents. Tbey are looking foi- the men who say socialists are
dangerous men.
School Trustee J. W. Bennett advocates a night school in connection with
tho public school. What, crazy notions
some of those socialists have any way.
Ex-Mayor Brown said. If it hadn't
boen for the gentlemen of the Water,
Light & Power Co., wo would not bave
any water now. Wonder whore these
gentlemen got the water? Did they
make it? Funny how some people
gobble natural resources, and then
have the nerve to say: If we hadn't
gobbled this, you wouldn't have any
water How.
Great lover of labor, the Itootenay
Mall. Pats labor on the back and
winks at Premier Dunsmuir on the
side. Dunsmuir is the most brutal
enemy of organized labor in Canada
to-day. Most progressive government
afloat according to the Mail. Let us
The Liberal Association hare their
eyes ou a man whom they think will do
for a "Liberal-Labor" candidate. Great
windjammer. Can spiel for hours without saying anything. Would make an
excellent Liberal candidate, but too
illiterate to represent working men.
How many little jokers In Revelstoke
are pestering their mothers to death
for two bits to go to tho rink and how
many women are making over their
last year's bonnet becauso of their
tenderness of heart, in this respect?
How many boys never see tbo Inside of
tho rink? Most of our little folks spend
their lives in a vain longing for things
beyond their reach.' Socialism will
provide healthful amusement for the
children free.
Speaking of a public meetlug recently held at Naniamo, at wbieh Ralph
Smith was hissed by his hearers, the
Ladysmith Leader concludes a report
ln these words:
"The socialists and Mr. Hawthronth-
waite then tackled Smith and there
was a warm quarter of an hour for
Capitalism, as illustrated by the
trust, Is the beginning of the final
stage of capitalism before the establishment of tho co-operative commonwealth. Succeeding the sooialism of
the trust, will como the sooialism of
government ownership���to be followed
by the socialism of democratlo ownership and management���under whieh
the poople will own and manage every
industry in the land.
Forgt'aon goalallst league Meeting.
Ferguson, Jan. 28.���At a meeting of
Local No. 8 ot the Socialist Party of
B. C, on Monday evening last, officers
for t he onsu In g six months were elected;
A. C. Cummins, chairman, and R. P.
Pettipiece, secretary-treasurer. The
admission fto was fixed at 25 cents,
with monthly dues of 25 cents per
month, 10 cents for per capita and the
remaining 15 cents to go Into a propaganda fund. Twelve members enrolled.
It was decided to hold meetings every
Monday evening la Miners'Union hall,
to which the public will be invited. A
committee of three, A. J. Gordon, R.
Foran and R. P. Pettiplece, were appointed to arrange programs for the
meetings till March 1st. The following
platform was drafted and unanimously
accepted by the Ferguson looal, for
submission to tbe prorlnoUl exeautive
Internationalizing  Socialism.
From Liverpool comes the report
that J. Pierpont Morgan has under way
a deal of vast importance to tbe electrical wqrld involving a combined
capital of $50,000,000, says tbo London
correspondent of the Tribune. The
Westinghause Electric Manufacturing
Company, the Pittsburg and Manchester, and tbe General Electric Company,
In which Mr. Morgan Is the controlling
faotor, are, lt is stated, to be amalgamated and to be operated under a
community of Interest (socialistic) plan.
The companies' brunch in France and
Germany will, according to report,
also pass into the hands of one central
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon. tho
Ohlof Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following tract of
land, consisting of 120 acres more or less, lu
the Trout Lake mining division of West
Kootenay district, and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted about 400 feet
north from tho wagon road along the south
fork of Lardeau creek, approximately half way
between Eight-mile creek and Ten-mile creek ;
thence CO chains east; thence 20 chains south :
thence so chains west; thence 20 chains north
to point of commencement.
Dated at Ferguson, 11. C, this 27th day of
November, 1901.
There Is only one best mining journal.
That is
Mines and Minerals.
It has a larger circulation than any two other
American raining journals because it Is the
beat.   II is the largest, best Illustrated and
handsomest mining journal In the world. It
Is a mining paper for mining men. Subscription price 12.00 per vear. Send for free sample
copy. Address MINES AND:MINERALS, Scion,
ton, Pa��� U. S, A, Denver offices, Berth Bldg.,
Now has inanvrgood chances of making
Cirele City is the future terminus of tbe proposed railway, already surveyed
via the Lardeau creek north fork to that point.
Cirele City is beautifully located at the base of the Lardeau Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks.
Clrole City is absolutely Burroundod by mining properties now under development.
Cirele oity affords splendid water power which will be utilized next season for
concentrating purposes.
Clrole City will present business openings this spring* Send for the new map
just out (free), and full particulars, to G. B. Batho, general agt., Ferguson.
Two hundred lots on sale now���Present prices: Corner, lots, $125. Inside lots
8100.   Terms:   i oash, balance three und six months,
G. B. BATHO, General Agent, Ferguson, B. C.
The railway is being pushed to completion and
soon the C. P. R. will accept through freight
for Trout Lake. Trains are now being operated on the new road as far as the sfeel is laid.
The McCrossan smelter is now under construction
right on the townsite of Ferguson.
If ever there was a time in
the history of the town of
to buy lots that time is now
Many mining properties surrounding Ferguson
are rapidly reaching the shipping stage, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only is
Ferguson the commercial, banking, smelting
and pay roll center, but here is where the most
prominent Lardeau mining men have their
interests and headquarters. The best lot locations are being picked up by shrewd investors.
~-ss����    There Is Big Money in
If Secured at Present Prices
Write or call on the General Agent,
Henry Floyd.
Revelstoke, B. C. fl
On the Wing
The telegraph wire to Dawson City
is till out of whack.
Andrew Ferguson Is away on a combined business and pleasure trip.
The cold weather is over for this
time. It commenced snowing again
Your subscription to the Eagle Is
paid to the date on your wrapper. If
you haven't paid for It, someone else
Tho EAGLE having broadened Its
field, and consequently Its views, has
this week broadened its editorial columns.
The Winnipeg Victorias, hockoyists,
are still the heros of the hour, having
did the Wellingtons of Toronto up to
the tune of 5 to 3,
' C. Wontworth Sarel's valedictory appears in last issue of tho Kamloops
Standard. P. E. Young and W. W.
Clarke are his successors.
W. .1. Landon of Winona, Minn.,
writes that he has resigned his position
as a director ol the Metropolitan Gold
anil Silver Mining Co., and objects to
the further use of his name as such.
.Tits. Caldwell has a contract from
tiie smelter people for 1000 bushels of
Charcoal, and is now, along with R. J.
MuCutcheon and Wm. Pulsifer, busily
engaged in burning it, up tho north
A telephone message from Beatbn
yesterday afternoon says that tho boat.
on the Arm is still making regular
trips, and every hope is expressed of it
being able to keep the channel thru
the ice open all winter.
W. li. Pool has returned from the
place where oranges grow to make tii is
the pay roll center once more. But
the "J-can't-get-myrOhebk-cashed" feature is over, us Imperial Bank Manager Macdonald has all kinds of change.
The weather for tlio past week has
been rather severe for this district.
On Saturday morning tit 7 o'clock tlie
EAGLE'S thermometer registered 12
below zero: Monday at 7:30 a. ra., 21
below; Tuesday at 7:l.r. a. ni., 12 below;
and yesterday morning at 7 a. in.,
A letter has be?n received by ono of
tho Nettie L. miners advising him to
make it known in this camp that the
new Horsefly diggings exist mainly-in
tho vivid imagination of bout-asters.
The best average so lar is S3 a pan���or
a day's work for ono man. not as much
as any man cau make elsewhere in B. C.
The local literary society will spend
a "Scotoh evening" at their meeting
to-morrow (Friday) night. The program committee for next month consists of Mrs. Shannon, .Mrs. Pettipiece
ami Dr. Kewcombe. Tbe debate for
next week wlil probably be: "Which
wields the greater influence in the
world, writers or speakers?"
James Hilley, a Nettie L. miner,
met with rather a painful accident on
Saturday last. While making ladder
rungs his axe slipped and cut a nasty
gush in his left hand, back of tho
thumb, which necessitated Dr. New-
combe ' putting in six stitches. Mr.
Hilley is getting along nicely, and
Will return to work in a day or two.
Tho Kootenay Lumber Co. aro to be
commended for the manner in which
they havo kopt tbo s. s. Archer plying
on the Ann, in the faco of such keen
frosty weather as has been experienced. Tho EAGLE hopes they may be
successful in carrying out tlieir plans
to keep a channel broken in the Arm
all winter. Tho mail set-vino so far is
the same as during tho summer season,
highly satisfactory.
Thc following is a list of Lardeau ore producers, amount shipped and the gross returns,
reports of which have to bo furnished monthly
by mine owners to the provincial government:
Kaino. founds.       Gross Val.
Silver t:un 2,-j��,ooo .... rfiso.030.oo
Nettie L.  1,760,000 .... C3.SB0.OO
Tri line  649,776 .... 82,870.87
Beatrice  ��*..<M> .... 82,239,89
Great Northern  06,000 .... 1,844,00
Broadview  MW> .... I .HM.OO
Ethel  34,000.... 1,696.00
Cromwell  23,289...'. 1.296.79
�� Ophlr-Lado  '2.000 .... 1,320.00
Metropolitan  11,374.... 726.00
St. Elmo  12,001).... 510.00
Ruttlcd (irnuse  11,770 .... 507,19
Llnson View  868.... 03.17
Old Gold	
Black Warrior........ ... .
, Returns and corrections asked for,
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter cjf Pinkham
Offices:   ^Revelstoke, Golden, and Ferguson.
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo. S. McCarter. J* A. Harvey.
A, M. Pinkham.
At Eight Milo, B. C , on Tuesday Jan
28th, 1002, at 5:30a. m., Daniel Anderson, aged 30 years*
Funeral took place from the Queen's
Hotel, Trout   Lake   City, at 2 p. ra.
yesterday, undor the auspices of the
Lardeau Miners' Union.
The Oregon Group.
J. C. Laing and Henry Jacobson
camo down from tho Oregon group on
Monday, where thoy have been working for some time past, Thoy now
havo tho tunnel in 12.J ft., and a crosscut of 15 ft. driven thru ledge matter,
It ft. of which Is a ��talc carrying small
nilvor valuos. The boyB have every
conlidenco that they will locato the
oro body with a littlo more work, but
will not roturn until the weather mod-
crates, as they have had considerable
dilllculty with ice forming in the tunnel,
* For anything in tho book or stationery line send to the Canada Drug &
Book Co,, Revelstoke, B. C. Mail
orders receive prompt attention.
* To get acquainted with this district
you should have a copy of the new and
only map. Send a one dollar bill to
tho EAGLE and secure one at onco.
* Tho Revel-stoke, Trout Lake &
Rig Bend Telephone Co., limited, has
offices at Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thomson, Camborne, Trout Lake and Ferguson.   Reliable service.
* The Ferguson quadrille club gives
a dance every Thursday evening in
Minors' Union hall.1 Secure a membership ticket from tho secretary, B. U.
Smith.    82 a month.
* Smokers; If you want tho genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt letters on every box.
���Hi A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
Thirty days from date I, Charles W. McCrossan, Free Miner's Certificate No. B. 81882;
an owner of laud, Intend to anply to the Gold
Commissioner for the right to divert hy dam,
flume, ditch, pipe or otherwise fifty miner's
inches of water from Walker creek, lying to
the west of the North Fork of thc Lardeau
river, in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
British Columbia.
The point of diversion of said water will ho
about 1,500 feet from where satd creek falls into
the North Foik of the Lardeau river, and said
water will tie returned into tho Lardeau river
about 1,000 feet from the mouth of imid Walker
The difference in altitude between the point
of diversion and exit will be 826 feet or thereabouts.
The purposes for which said water Is required
are general, mechanical ana industrial purposes, sneh us smelting, (and all putjroses incidental thereto), refining, crushing and treating
ores of ({old, silver, lead, copper and other
minerals nt the smelter premises now being
erected at or in thc town or townsite of Ferguson, D, C., and on the site and lands therewith
connected, and for tho operation of a sufficient
fire protection equipment for said plant, premises ami works, and for domestic and sanitary
Dated at Ferguson, B. C, 8th day of January,
To ',',. Gordon Goldberg or L, Gohlbei'K.or to
any person or persons to whom they may
hnv;*  fram.ft.rred  tlieir   Interests  in  the
Little Rbliert and Little Robert No. 2 mineral el.iims situate atthe head nf the North
fork of Lardeau creek, and adjoining the
Bla'cltWt\rriorgroup on the northwest, in
tlie Trent Lako Mining Division of West
Kooto,nay PUtroct.
You'arc bereby notified that I have e?:j*end-
ed twp hundred and live dollars and twenty*
five cents (f205,2-.i} in labor and Improvements
on  the -above mentioned  mineral claims in
order to hold said mineral claims under ihe
provisions of tlie Mineral Ael, and if within
ninety days from tiie date of ibis notice vou
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditures together with all cost of
advertising, your inu-iesi in said claims will
become ttio proporty of Hie subscriber, under
section 4 of an Act entitled An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, 1900.
Dated lit Ferguson this *ilh dav of December,
To Mike Dwyor and Patrick Nleholjton, or to
any person or persons to whom they may
have transferred theli Interests.
TAKE NOTICE that I, thu undersigned, co-
owner with you in the .1.-.'. mineral group,
consisting of 'lie :->mt:;.-gler, Lone Star,.!.(', anil
Bushwhacker claims, situated on the ht-ad of
Lake creek, iu the Trent Lake mining division
of West Kootenay, in the province of British
Columbia, have expended four hundred i-JWOl
dollars in labor and improvement upon the
tbove mentioned mineral group In order to
hoid saidgroun under Section 24 ofthe Mineral
Aet. and if within ninety days from the tlrst
publication hereof, you fail or refuse to contribute vour portion of such expenditure, together with tlie cost of advertising, for 1901,
your interests in the said group will become
the propertvof thc subscribers, under Section 4
of the .Mineral Act 1900.
Dated at Ferguson, II. C, this 29th day of
October, 1901.
octSl J. \V. CHISM.
(Form P.)
NETTIE L. and AJAX mineral claims, situate
iu the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.     Where located:  On
Nettie L. Mountain, between the North and
foulh forks of Lardeau creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, A. P. Cummins, as
agent for The Great Western Mines, Limited,
nf f'eiguson. B. C��� Free Miner's Certificate No.
r.is.i), intend,sixty days from the date hereof,
to npplv to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements,  for   thc   purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And farther take notice that action, under
section :i7. must be commenced  before the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this twenty seventh day of November,
A. D. 1901.
dcc5-~2m A. P. CUMMINS, P. L. S.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
S, Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Imperial Bank
nm      nf Canada.
CAPITAL ��2,50O,000.(K).
REST ��1,850,000.00.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on dopOBlt. in Savings
Department at curront rates.
B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co.
' Headquartc'rs for Aasuyers, Mining A Mill
Supplies. Solo agents in U. C. for Morgan
Crucible Co., Rattersea, England; F. \V, Uraun
& Co.'s Patent Caty Furnaces, Burners, etc.;
Wm. Ainswortli & Co.'s Fine Balances, etc., etc.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   ,
The most complete resort on tho continent
of North America. Situate! midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. P.iuting, fishing
and oxo-uisions; Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of tin: world. Two mails arrive and
depart every-.hy. Its biuh.i eiue all nervous
and muscular diseases, its waters heal all
kiducv, liver and Btomach ailments. Ita
baths nnd Winers area sure remedy against
all tirgcntifeimis poluons, TKttMB; ?I2 to
��1,1 per week, aanprdlng to residence in hotel
or villas.
H. Edwards.^****
Door Heads,   EirJs,
Mounted.   Fui-a unci Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
Died Balk of North America
4^"��0^/X    -S-*"��-
United Huttcr.
K*!af2*2NV*N   "���"  North  America.
'X-i^ <&V**\ When yon nrobuv-
���'���*-.'';-,  \'f  \f\\  ng   a  FUK    HAT,
'*'""' . '.Mi   'tlier fl��It or stiff,
-'.'.* i..! gcc to it  that the
"/-���/ genuine    U N I ON
TV-.':,"   ���;���-���:���>'.'.'".'/; / Label is sewed in it.
^���^v'WJ"-*^\)*.:���������'���/   /   If   a   retailer   has
w^i/ l01
has not any risotto na*,c loose label
labels In retail stores aro counterfeits.
loose labels in his
possession and offers to put one In a
hat for you, do not
patronize hlin. He
Do not
listen to anv explanation as to why tho hat
has no label. The Cemiine Union Label Is
perforated on tbe four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits am sometimes perforated on three of the edges/ and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. Tlio John II. Stetson
Co. and Henry H. Roelofs & Co., both of Philadelphia, Pa., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFF1TT, President,
Orange, N, J.
14 797 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
I Form F.j
SILVER CROWN mineral claim, situate in the
Lardeau Mining Division of West Kootenay
District,   Whore located :   On Kldd creek,
a tributary oi Boyd crock.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Hector Polror, F.M.C.
RiMTH, acting as agent for myself and lieoigu
Johnifon, F.M.('.IMa7S!��, intend, sixty days from
tbo date hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbo
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced beforo the
Issuance of such certificate uf improvements,
Dated this 7th day of November, 1901.
Nov 7 3m,
Copyrights Ac.
Anrone sending a sketch and description may
quick)? Ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention 1b probatly patentable. Communion*
tfonsstrietlrconUdentlal. Handbook on PatenU
oont froe. Oldest agency for securlngpatents.
Pi-stouts taken through Munn & Co. rocolve
-special notice, without churgo, ln tbo
Scientific American.
A hnndnomoty Illustrated wcofcly. J-nrgost nlr-
ciilaf-liiri nt any ncientlllc .lonnml. Terms, ?3 a
year; four months, |L aoldbynll ncvrsdeulers.
p 3818-oiufoay, ^Qyy
^ mPacific Ky.
at this time of ye ar, und never "were
we better prepared to HU orders for
tho miners than jutst now. Our stock of
Men's Clothing and Furnishings
la such that ****�� can BUit tho requirements of everyone. We have the
largest and beat stoclc of Footwear,
Underwear, Mackinaw Clothing, Overalls, etc, ever placed on sale in Ferguson. As is already well Known by our
increasing   number   of    customers.
"Everything for the Miner"
New York
San Frauclsro
St. 1'nul, Chicago and all 0,8.
East���Leave KevelHtoko Wed.,
Frl. and Stm. Leave Dnnimore
Junction Mon., Thur. and Hat.
Leave Kootenay Lanillni* Friday,
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal, lion*
West���Leave RovolBtoko Mon..
Wed. and Frl. Vancouver, Seattle, Coast Steamship service.
From Vancouver to Alaska Hawaii, China, Japan, Australia.
Through Bookings to Europe
via. all Atlantic Lines.
Prepaid Tickets from all Points at
Lowest Rates.	
J. S. CARTER,      E, J. COYLE,
D. P. A., Nelson. A.O.P.A.. Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Agent, Arrowhead.
* Until March 1st the EAOLE will bo
ra .tiled to clubs of twenty subscribers
at 50c a year. This should double tlio
presont circulation in one month. Help
the Eagle to help yourself by rustling
a club of twenty.
Our Grocery Department Is a leading
feature of this Btore. -.'fuming over
our Btook, as we do, so regularly, onr
Stock of Groceries are always  fresh.
Right Qoods, Prices astd Treatment
McKinnon * Sutherland
Lardeau's Leading Store.
We have now in stock a good line of
Mackinaws,  Rubbers,   German Sox,
....Overalls, Clothing, Hand Wear....
Also Canned Goods of all kinds, Fresh Apples, Choice Fancy and
Slaplc Groceries, Confectionery. Try our Union* Made U. & I.
Chewing Tobacco.    The best on the market.
���'"���" ~   i  i
Established 1896
1     1
General Merchants
Ferguson Meat Market
������*-��-���������������-->-������-���>-�����, ...** ��������� -��
Fine slock of the t FRRSH BEEP,  PORK, MUT- I
 best Alberta t TON,    1'01'LTRY,   Etc.,  Etc. 1
n .. I ���* p,u,B Mioe orders a specialty, Prnmnt Ddlvprv
Pair Prices    shop one door east of Hotel Lardeau.     noilipt UCIiten
Drugs and Stationery
Prescription.--! Carefully and Accurately Compounded.
1C. B. Hume & Co. |
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The largest Importers tn North Kootenay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake City, B. C. f
You Can Always Depend
Upon getting the Best Workmanship and the Best Materials for your money, when you buy your clothes from
D   C   Wifcntl   MERCHANT TAILOR,
M\. *J��    VViiSUMMf    .,--,       REVELSTOKE. B. ;
��� O. K.M
All branches of the Tonsorial Art !i
exooutod with ambidextrous do>--erity. -j
'Wm. Schnell, Prop. I
H Tlie pay roll centre nnd tho placo where Lftvderin'a slilj��piu(-
��� fctiuw are located, Is Bituatod Mi miles southeast o( Rovelntolto.
I From Kevelstoke to Arrowhead by vail, 2h miles; from Arrow
I hend f�� Thomson's Landing hy boat, 12 miles; from the Landing
- to FEKUl'SON, by horse or aUge, Iii miles. Come straiglH to
Ferguson.   Investigation uourted,


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