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vol. i. no. v in.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Smelters and Railways Are Coming
Our Way.
Never Before Was There So Much
Activity in the Camp.���A Great
Season Before Us.-Capital Will
Be Free and Prospeotors Ready
to Meet Them Half Way.
Silver Belt Oroup.
This group consists of three full
kind mineral claims, viz.; Silver
Belt, Agnes and Whistler. They are
owned jointly and proportionately as
follows: H. H. Johnstone i interest,
O. K. Morton f interest, M. H. Dobie
t interest. The property is situated
on Brown creek up the south fork of
the Lardeau, about ten miles from
Ferguson, over a fairly good road and
trail. The Agnes and Silver Belt
lie on the south bank and the Whistler
immediately opposite the Agnes on
the north bank. There is a good
supply of timber for all purposes.
Two. distinct veins exist on these
claims, one of which varies from 3 to
S feet in width and carries high grade
galena ore with a little gold and
Copper values, and runs through the
Silver Belt. The other crosses the
Agnes and Whistler claims, and is
��� quarts ledge 8 feet wide, yielding
Mly gold values on the surface. The
matrix ((decomposed limestone, with
(���leu soottered through it, lies
between a hanging wall of slate and
limestone footwall, dipping northeast
���t a heavy angle. About 160 feet
from the north end of the Silver Belt
��� stringer of ore 18 inches in width
mos Into the main vein, and also dips
toward it on the east side, then 100
feet further north on the vein a
stringer four lnohes wide enters on
the west side,  while 30 feet further
has generously supplied with water,
and water-power, also a boundless
supply of fine timber. With trails
and development, this section of
country will be one of the largest
producers of precious metal In Canada.
The Silver Oroup.
The properties of the Standard Oold
Mines of B. C, limited, consists of six
claims, tho May field, Brandon, West
York, Renound, and No.Sand 6 known
as the Silver group. The first three
named are located west of the Arrow
lakes In the vicinity of Brooklyn, and
the Renound on Kootenay river, about
half way between Robson and Slocan
river. Nos. 5 and 6, the Silver group,
are located on the Duncan slope be'
'tween Hall and Cariboo creeks and
only a short distance from the surveyed
route of the proposed K. & L. D. rail
way. Surface assays taken from the
Silver group run $41.84 In gold, silver
and lead, and a later one went gold
$3.20, copper $1.80, silver $34.76, lead
���44.64, total $84.30. The company have
built a trail six miles in length from
the government trail at the mouth of
Hall oreek up to the property, assisted
by the Imperial Cold Mines of B. C,
who also hold promising interests on
the now famous Duncan slope. Buildings necessary for use in the development ot the property .have been erected. It might be mentioned that both
the claims in the Silver group are the
regulation size. The Twork already
done consists of two .shafts and two or
three crosscuts, the results of which
has proved very satisfactory to the
owners. Not being able to get supplies
in last fall before the snow came work
had to be suspended forthe winter, but
under the shrewd direction of J. W.
Westfall a force will be put to work as
soon as possible this spring.
J.. W. Westfall Sizes Up the Outlook
For This Season.
The Hob Boy Minos.
J. W. Westfall, superintendent of
the   Scottish-Canadian   Mining    &
Development Co. limited, sent a sack
of ore taken from the last crosscut in
_ his     property,    to   the    managing
Mth ���' rtrtag��r"of ore"sTx 7��o��;|��Jlr��0<���.A- E\Welch "'London. Out..
wM.eir��..rsthevelnon **-wt "'    i�� eouple of weeks sgo, and tests mado
,    ,i_  .j. i     ,.- in'ivoo fnifc   it-omit*'*�����*��..  * "; ')y-w-lW'j
which gives it a striking similarity to
the Nettle L. and Silver Cup ores.
There is now 233 feet of completed
tunnel work on this property, shewing
up ore in three places underground,
the largest and riohest strike having
been made in the last drift where the
men, who have completed their
contract, encountered ore within nine
feet of where they started drifting in
from the main tunnel. Work will be
continued by the company this spring
and with a few months' more development, the advent of transportation
and thoroughly practical management,
such as has been evinced In the past,
the Rob Roy mines will be a second
Nettie L. This company's B. C.
office,, as well as the others which Mr.
Westfall is superintending, will be
established in Ferguson this season,
and as in the past their supplies will
be furnished from this point
It Is quite reasonable to
te good body of shipping ore.
Only surface work has been done to
'data in opening up the several
stringers or vein feeders, and a drift
fees bean started, whioh will be pushed
forward this season, on the main vein
to Intersect the junotion with the No. 1
stringer at ��� depth of about 70 feet.
Considerable open cutting has been
done here and the drift at present is
not in more than 16 feet, but an
exosedligly good shewing of ledge
matter with oarbouates, smalt galena
Stringers and fine galena disseminated through it, has been exposed. This
drift will require to be driven another
tO feet to cat tbe No. 1 stringer, but
before that point is reached, galena
will be found in a more combined
Mate and shipping ore obtained. The
stringers above will pay to work them
whan depth is obtained by this tunnel,
and tbe various stringers along with
the matter In the vein will be combined in one when another 180 feet
has been driven, whioh will possibly
take place this season.
Horn Ledge.
This lodge is situated at the head-
of the north fork of the
l river, and there are upwards
���f twenty claims staked on it Of the
following good claims very little is
read onheard, viz., The Boss, Jenny
Lind, Ski, Rob Roy, Highland Chief,
Centre Star, Yankee Girl, Iron Horse,
Canadian Girl, Celtic and others.
The trend of this vein is northwest and
southeast, and dips 65 degrees to the
east The vein shews a big Iron
napping carrying galena, and whenever any work bas been done and the
oapplng removed, large bodies of ore
are exposed. Assays of ore made from
different claims give from 60 to 130
ounces silver, upwards of 60 per cent,
lead, and $4 gold. The vein varies
from two to five feet in width. It
appears on the slope of the Little
Duncan, and a group of three claims
staked on It are known as the Holy
Moses group. Thenoe across Gainer
oreek, the head of the south fork of
Lardeau oreek, then over the summit
and across tbe headwaters of Haley
ereek, and down the west side of Lake
Oreek, in all a distance of about twenty
miles, What Is needed to bring the
above mentioned claims Into the front
rank as producers Is the Investment
of capital In the construction of
"works" to treat the ore, at the mouth
of either Gainer oreek, Surprise creek,
Pass creek, or at Ferguson. That
portion    of     this    district    nature
The Oliver Qaem.
Ifsnyone thinks for a moment that
the Great Northern hill has not the
wherewithal for becoming one of the
greatest producers in this camp a visit
to the Silver Queen will convince the
most sceptical to the contrary. The
development of this property has been
progressing steadily all winter. A
crosscut tunnel has been driven which
taps the lead at a depth of from 160 to
200 feet. The load at this point is in
the neighborhood of four feet in width.
A drift on the lead Is now In over 100
feet with from 3 to 4 feet of ore continuous the whole length of tbo drift
Of this about one foot is practically
olean ore and the balance of a concentrating nature. The natural facilities
present for handling this ore and the
acoessablllty of tbe property makes
this one of the most desirable propositions in the camp, The Ragle
understands that it is the intention of
the company to ereot reduction works
as soon as sufficient development work
Is done to keep a gang of men stopelng.
If a smelter were erected at> Ferguson
all the ore on the Great Northern bill
could be landed at this placo for less
than a dollar a ton.
Transportation Will Be Provided.
{Our Immense Water Power Will
Be Utilized, Ore Will Be Got Out
and Treated in the District, and
There's No Wildoat Companies.
.|T, W. Westfall, in company with M.
L. Moyer the smelter man, was up
from the Lake on Saturday looking
over tbe townsite and 'sizing up our
available water power so contiguous
to the town. In conversation with Mr,
Westfall he Bald he was in a position
to state, from an official source, that
railroad construction would be active
this year, by the C. P. R, up the Lardeau and the K. & L. D. up the Duncan. Transportation will be furnished
to the different parts of the district
now coming into prominence as fast as
needed, and as to the treatment of our
ores, says Mr. Westfall, there need be
no uneasiness on that score, as there
Is now different parties maturing plans
for Immediate action. Our water
power, which is unlimited, will soon
be harnessed and> turnjng powerful
machinery necessary to cheapen devel
opment and prepare our produots for
smelting and refining. Mr. Westfall
states that he is in correspondence
with capitalists in different eastern
cities, who Intend visiting this section
of the country with a view to investment. It is his opinion that there will
be any amount of capital forthcoming
this season to develop tbe many promising prospects in this district. And
another feature he mentioned, with
which the Eagle heartily agrees, is
tho fact that there is no wlldcatting.
The companies operating have come in
and made their selections with care
and deliberation and in most oases
nrvet." Uux ' In a (systematic dev-
."..'i^. -. in ��--,- ,*>operilns. msov of
whiotf are now* shipping, and others
will be in the near future. And not
one failure is there to record to date,
in Mir. Westfall's opinion we are on
the very threshold of great prosperity
in this entire district. Asked as to the
further development of the Scottish-
Canadian's properties, a few miles east
of Ferguson, the Eagle was Informed
that work would certainly be continued
and on a much larger scale. But there
will only be a small force kept at work
until the roads and trails are open.
The property is developing excellently
and gives great promise of becoming a
wonderful mine. Supt Westfall has
advised the directorate to push devel-
ment work thoroughly while awaiting
transportation facilities.
Particulars Can Not Yet Be Mado
Public, But She's a Go.
Small Transfers Taking Place Even
Now.-Several Large [Deals Are
Pending.���Progress .on the Nottie
L., and Other Promising Claims
In the Ferguson Distriot.
The Nettle t.
Tho Netie L. force is bolnglncroanod
almost daily and four men are now
kept busy sacking ore. Tho oro
houses, both at the mine and Ferguson,
are nearly filled, awaiting transportation. Manager Pool is putting on
miners as quickly as there is a place
to work them to advantage. Development 1b being pushed in all the
workings, and only the ore directly
encountered is put out, the balance
being left In place uutil transportation
or smelter facilities are provided. If
a few more properties were worked on
this plan, the long wait for connection
with the outside world would not be
far distant. The lower tunnel has so
drained the upper workings that a
discontinuance of work will not be
necessary this spring, as last. The
Nettie L, will employ over a hundred
men a year hence at the present rate,
$3.50 per eight-hour shift. It might
just be noted that Manager Pool had.
the eight-bour law In vogue before
there was any legislation of this kind
In the province. Practical managers,
good miners, and unlimited ore bodies
make a profitable combination, and
in the Nettie L. this Is tbe happy state
of affairs.
$11,01)0. payable In one year In four
orjual instalments' of three months
The group consists of tlio Siesta,
Manila, Louisa and Zlugarl. Develop
rannt work will bo commenced by the
now owners at once.
Union Jack Group.
H. Carter was down from the Union
Jack for supplies on Sunday. He and
L. Thompson are continuing tbe crosscut tunnel. The Union Jack is only
3} miles up the north fork from
Ferguson, and the Silver Cup wagon
road goes right over It, thus making
It very easy to get In supplies at any
time. The owners intend to make a
test shipment this season.
aUnlas> Man Coming To Look Over The
Dlitrlet.-Kallwer Baee For Tho
Transportation Boilneu.
Several well known mining men
from Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, New York, Brentford, Toronto,
Winnipeg, Rossland and other
commercial centres have already
made known their Intention of
coming in to look over this district as
soon as (boy Ret word that the hills
are clear of snow. Their object in
visiting the country li to see what it
has to offer In the way of mineral
wealth development. They Intend, If
the conditions are favorable, to make
the Lardeau their field of operation
in this .province. Copies of the
Eagle have been sent to many of
of them, and In writing they have
expressed surprise at the large amount
of development work being done with
good results, In this camp. The
resource* of this dtstrlot will He
dormant'no longer. With the deter-
minatlo��on the part of miners and
prospeotors to develop their own
properties Into young mines, and the
aid of printer's Ink, the attention of
legitimate investors will soon be
dlreoted'this way.
While in Kaslo recently a business
man from Ferguson was assured by
one of the Great Northern officials
that their toad would be commenced
as soon aa the snow would permit.
"In fact," said he,  "we would have
{mshed onr line through last year had
6 not been for the unsettled state of
affairs In the mining and labor
spheres." The application for an
extension of time in which to complete
the C. P. R., making connection
between Revelstoke on the main line
and Nelson on the Crow's Nest, has
been withdrawn, and President
Shaughnessy has assured us that
their line will be built, so that taking
it all In all, we have good reasons for
feeling that a bright and prosperous
season Is now before us.
St. Elmo Group.
One of the promising properties in
this camp is the St. Elmo. This claim
together with the Yankee makes up
'.he St. Elmo group, which adjoins the
Greet, wurtnein to tho northwest. During the greater part ot tno winter two
men were engaged doing development
work and taking out ore. They made
a shipment a year ago of five tons and
the returns gave the satisfactory result
of 113 ounces silver, $3.80 gold and
$17.09 lead, making a total value per
ton of $85.18. The work done on this
property up to the present consists of
a tunnel on the vein 70 feet in length
and an open cut of 40 feet. At the end
of this open cut anotber tunnel has
been commenced to crosscut the vein
at a depth of 125 feet, and It is expected
when this is completed avery fine body
of ore will be available for shipping.
The width of the ore body from which
the five-ton shipment was made is
about 18 Inches and as far as present
indications go, gives promise of increasing In bulk as the work progresses.
Rugh McPherson of Trout Lake City,
and others, are the owners.
Iron ]>olInr uiul Kvu.
O. A. Cole, manager of the iron
Dollur and Eva, gold properties situated on Klsh Creek, belonging to
Montana syndicate ut Helena, 1b spending a few days at the Halcyon Hot
Springs. 200 foot of tunnelling has
been done on this property and the
surface showings Indicate groat richness, some assays going us high as
S.iOO to tho ton. The tunnel Is being
driven right on tlio ledge*
Speaking at Victoria a fow nights
ago in his opening campaign addross
Hon. Joseph Martin, in reference to
tho delayed elections for tho purpose
oflrovlsing thoivoters' list, said: "It
had been alleged that this delay
would necessitate carrying on government by special warrant. This was
not the case. Ou account of the failure of tho'Seralin govornmont to carry
out business no supplies had been
voted. But oven if thoy had they
would not have been available
until the 1st of July. AH supplies for
this year had been voted last year and
wero available up to the last of June.
This was pointed out In the prorogation speech, which he believed no
one listened to excepting himself.
(Laughter.) It was necessary to have
another session before the close of the
fiscal year to vote money to carry on
the government. As the government
paid its bills at the end of the month
no money was actually required un'H
August 1st. The House would meet
about the end of Juno or the beginning
of July. There was plenty of money,
the departments were running along
smoothly and there was no occasion
for any concern on thatscore."
A Strong Philadelphia Syndicate.
At tho Back of it.
The Lade Group.
The Lade group Is situated on the-
little west fork of the Duncan, one-half
mile west of the Badshot. It was the
first discovery of free gold made in this
distriot. It was located In August, '97,.
by the Lade brothers. It comprises
four claims, the Olive Mabel, Little
Fred, Foundation and Goldonvllle. On
the Olive Mabel a good deal of work
has 'been done, and Messrs. V. and J.
Lade are now outfitting here to recommence work for the season. It was
from this claim that the shipment
whioh netted the owners $220 to the
ton was made. The tunnel to tap the
lead at a depth will be completed very
soon now,
The Towier,
D. Ferguson and J. Knowles intend
to resume work on the Towser this
season If The Towser Mining Co. do
not, oven yet, accept their terms and
continue development. Telegrams are
passing freely between here and
Chicago, and a deal may be put
through any day now. So far as the
owners are concerned they do not care
particularly whether the property
changes hands or not, as they have
unbounded faith in its possibilities.
With the advent of a smelter in
Ferguson, the Towser will be among
the first shippers.
The Manila Group.
The Manila group on Cariboo creek,
In the vicinity of the Badshot and
Empire properties, owned by Jas. R.
Versohoyle of Trout Lako, and F.
Holten of Ferguson, has been bonded
toC. C.  Bennett of  Vancouver,  for
Thos. Taylor has returned from tho
coast nnd 1b now in tho southern por-
������-��..*�� ��Cvh��v l.Hnrf. a/inulrlnv a furl her
knowledges! the constituency ho will
soon represent at Victoria. Dozens of
names are beng added and transferred
to the voter's list, and 'everything will
soon be in readiness for the campaign.
The Liberals of Revelstoke are hopelessly divided. Mr. Kellie, through
his penny-organ, has addressed a long
tale of woe "to the 'Liberals' of Revel-
M. L. Moyer is Now Looking for a
Location and Sizing Up the Local
Conditions In Company With
Woll Posted Minim,' Mon. Small
Capacity to Begin With.
M. L. Moyer, representing a strong
Philadelphia syndicate, was in town on
Friday, accompanied by J. W. West-
fall. Mr. Moyer is a mining and smelting man, nnd having hoard so much of
Lardeau nnd Trout Lake districts his
syndicate havo decided to thoroughly
investigate tho apparently good opening for smelting and. reduction works
here. Mr. Moyer has already visited
tho Nettio L., which was a revelation
to him, also the Silver Cup and other
properties in the camp. Messrs. H.
McPherson, J. W. Westfall, W. B.
Pool, J. C. Kirkpatrick and other
prominent local mining men are assisting him in every way thoy can to see
the district. Mr. Moyer intends to
spend the season in the camp looking
round, sizing up difficulties they will
havo to encounter, the supply of fluxing
material, the transportation problem,
the amount of ore likely to be
supplied for treatment, and all
the various phases which confront an enterprise of this nature.
But the Eagle reporter was led to bo-
: levo that works on a small scalo at
east would be established at some
I entral point in the district in the
course of three or four months, as a
leeler, and if found satisfactory his
! yndicate would locate and build what-
( ver tho requirements of the camp
i emanded. Mr. Moyer feels satisfied
that we will have railway transpor-
t ation provided at an early date.   Ha
Ok* uo��<"    Mt*��>��-J^t,   ,; f    (WAonnr    in    ifisf
out  his syndicate's   Intentions;   bat
BBured the Eagle that they meant
iuslness from  the drop of the hat
Ir.  Moyer    himself    will    possibly
ecome locally interested in tho camp
by acquiring one or two promising
properties.   Mr. Westfalr will spend a
few days with  him On the Duncan
stoke" beseeching of them to pull to- slope and give him the benefit of bis
practical  knowledgo  of   the    entire
gether and buck Joe Martin, (a something they will not do), which must
mean that Mr. Kellie is now an anti-
Joe Martin Liberal candidate. Tbe
Martin Liberals will have a man in
the field, and we venture to say that
Joe Martin has more friends in this
district than J. M. Kellie. Mr. Taylor's
supporters are a unit and are only
waiting for an opportunity to pile up
his majority. If a Martin candidate
stands Kellie would certainly lose his
Companies Now Opening Dp The Mineral
Resources of This Distriot.���Owners
Pushing- Work.
Among the mining companies now
operating in this district may be
mentioned the Lillooet, Fraser River &
Cariboo Goldflelds Co., limited, the Old
Gold Quartz and Placer Mining Co.,
the Primrose Gold Mining Co., the
Great Western Mines limited, the
Double Eagle Mining & Development
Co., the Silver Belt Mines, the
Imperial Gold Mines of B. C, tho
Duncan Rlvor Co-operative Mining
and Development Co., tho
Duncan Gold, Silver and Coppor
Mining Co., the Scottish-Canadian
Mining and Development Co., the
Guinea Gold   Mines of  B.   (.'.,    the
This news is but a forerunner of
what is in store for tho Lardeau district. Everything is coming our way,
capitalists are turning their attention
to this portion of the province, there
is no labor trouble, or any particular
drawback other than lack of transportation to keep us back. And this
we hope, will soon be a thing of the
past. The season is opening up
earlier than usual, the war Is drawing
to a close, and everybody is getting
down to business. The mineral Is in
the camp to back up the activity
which will inevitably predominate
here this season, and soon the Lardeau
will rank among the foremost mining
camps in Canada, a position it should
long ago have enjoyed had it not been
hoodooed with the Klondike rush of
'97 and lack of transportation facilities,
which aro so soon to be provided.
Anil All Other Works For   The   Hosn*
Treatment of Our Orel Wanted.
Tbe provinco of British  Columbia
Lardoau- should not allow Ontario to lead in tho
establishment of works, by tho
govornmont, for the homo treatment
of its oros. Tho following from tho
Nelson Tribune is a timely bint to the
Castlo Mining Co. and several minor people of this province: Thero aro
companies. This by no moans includes othor issues of far more importance
tho dozens of men that aro working to tho public, as a whole than the
Independently on, In many cases,' repeal of the eight-hour law. One ot
their own properties. There are also
several Vancouver and Spokane mining companies holding interests hore
whioh will receivo more or loss
attention this season. In many oases
they  are  holding bonds, (something
tho issues should be a policy that
would induce people to make their
hnmes in British Columbia. The
poopleof British Columbia should be
i mde self-supporting. Every natural
esourco of tbo province   should   be
they    will    never     havo     anothor, made bring to her peoplo the maxi-
opportunity to get In this camp), which mum of benofit, not   the   minimum,
expire this summer, so that the
properties will no longer bo tied up.
The  Silver  Queen  i6   now under
8�� at present. The raw material of
our mines and forests should be made
into    manufactured     products;    the
working bond,   which  from   present products of the farm, the orchard, and
indications will readily be taken up
when due. Other properties are
being held for closer inspection by tho
companies' representatives when tho
snow goes off,   Tho mining outlook is
tho range should tako the place of like
products from foreign countries. Is
there one man Beeking oflice in the
province to-day sufficiently broad-
minded to make such  an   issue?   If
growing brighter every day.
bus come.
The timo thore is, lot him load, and the
i will do tho rest.
Published every   Wednesday morning at the
office of publication, Ferguson, B. C, by
n. p. PBrrriPinoBi.
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nch when inserted on
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To Correspondents: Thk Eaglk invites correspondence on any subjeot of interest to the
general public,and desires a reliable regular cot-
respondent In every locality surrounding Ferguson. The bona fide name of the writer must accompany manuscript.
Address all communications to���
Ferguson, B. C!
WEDNESDAY,    APRIL, 4,    1900.
The Coming Nation
Is a UK-column weekly family UOWlpsnor, poll.
liiinltiL'thv follnwiiiL'<lc(��rtiiit'iilH: Weekly New.
Record, Editorial.wonun'S Delmrtinput [bv the
Women of Ituskln), Industrial llrotherhoud,
Children's rieiiirtiiicnt, Contributed Articles hy
the brkrhtCHt reformer* In the U.ShiiiI last but
not least���The Colony Notes. This paper Is
printed by tlie people who own It - the famous
Ruskin Colony, of Ruskin, Ware Co., Oa.  The
town nf liusklu, its factories, Immense priutill|
oflice, store, school, library, dwelling., hotel,
farm, garden. steam laundry. etc., are nil owned
collectively by the people who built, operate,
cleared and occupy them. Usually lalsirliiK men
produce these things and the other fellow owns
them. Do you want to read the paper they have
been printing for the last six years? If so,here'
your chance.   We will send
The Coining Nation one vear,price 50
The Eim.K, one year, price        i 00
Total       M.M
BOTH   FOR  $225.
Cash in advance.   Address, Eagi.k, Ferguson.
There is scarlet on hii forehead,
There are scars across his face,
Tis the bloody dew of bnttle dripping
down', dripping' down;
But the war heart of the Lion
Turns to iron in its place,
When he halts to face disaster, when he
turns tu meet disgrace,
Strong and keen and mettled with the
life-blood of his own,
Let the hunters 'ware who flout him,
When he calls his whelps about him.
When he sets the goal before him and
he settles to tne pace.
Tricked and wounded! Are we beaten
Though they hold our strength at play?
We have faced these things aforetime,
long ago, long ago.
From sunlit Sydney Harbor
And ten thousand miles away,
From the far Canadian forests to the
sounds of Milford Bay,
They  have answered, they  hare answered, and we know the answer
From the Britains such as these,
Strewn across tbe world-wide seas,
Come tho rally and the bugle note that
makes us one today.
Beaten! Let them come against us,
^W.fM Ate'wbPfT SforetLc not
in vain, not in vain,
Twice ten thousand hoarts we widowed,
Twice ten thousand hearts mav fall,
But a million voices answer: "We are
ready for the call,
And the sword we draw lor J ustice shall
not see its sheath again,,'
Nor our cannon cease to thunder
Till we break their strength asunder
And the Lion's whelps are 'round him i
and the Old Flag over all.
���Queensland News. |
D. Memsies, collector of customs at
Atlin, arrived in the city this morning,
says the Vancouver Province. Mr.
Menzies says he is down for a two
months holiday, having taken advan
tage of the fact that his staff was not
overworked at this season of the year.
He is the first to bring the news of a big-
strike on the south fork of the Big Salmon river. Such a strike has been
vaguely mentioned, but the location
kept dark. The reports from those who
located the claims are that the gravel is
very rich and that he knew for a fact
that pans from these claims went as
high as 88.
Mr. Menzies also brings the first news
to British Columbia of an organized at
tempt among the Americans at Nome
to run every Canadian out of that camp.
The information was secured in Seattle
that tho Canadians now at Nome were
spotted and that spotters were on the
track of those Canadians booking for
Nome. At the American placer camp
a committee has been organized to warn
all Canadians arriving and those already
there to leave and avoid trouble. A
most extraordinary feeling has been
worked up in Seattle against the Britishers.
In speaking of the prospects, Mr.
Menzies said quartz mining which
would be carried ou this season in that
section would astonish the world. Two
big English companies were already
establishing large hydraulic plants in
Atlin, while owners of placer claims on
all the creeks but I'ine.which is worked
out, are pooling their claims, owing to
the fact that the limits of each claim are
so narrow that it is difficult to work
them singly and by combining they can
hydraulic all the claims at once. Claims
of great richness will be developed on
this plan.	
Says the Toronto Telegram: No danger to the British Columbia treasury is
involved in the Martin Government's
proposal to build a government railway
from the coast to the Kootenay.
British Columbia should be the first
province in the Dominion to show that
it costs no more lo build a road with the
public resources for the people themselves than to build a road with the
public resources for Mackenzie & Mann.
There is an old saying to the effect
that a man with 150 and the public aid
could have built every transcontinental
line in the United States. The 150
would have paid the "capitalist's" hotel
bill while he was waiting for the subsi
dies which were the foundations of the
scheme for financing every transcontinental railway.
British Columbia's new government
proposes to take the subsidies in land
and monev.which have been demanded
by private promoters of the railway
from the coast to the Kootenay,and put
these resources into railway work in
stead of into the pockets of subsidy
grabbers. The result will be, if the
province is not stampeded by the clam
our, that British Columbia will lead the
way in asserting the righteous principle
that the public should own every railway which is built at the public expense.
future of Canadian Coal Mining.
The output of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.'s mines at Ferine at present is
700 tons daily. Of this about 4,000 tons
per month go to the enke ovens. The
company has also started to open up
two more mines on Michel creek,one at
Sparwood, 24 miles east of Fernie, mid
one at Ericson, 27 miles east of Fernie,
both close to the railway track. The
seam at Sparwood is reported to be 12
feet thick, and the one at Erickson 15
feet thick. Coal is shipped from both
places. The company completed 152
coke ovens in 189H and laid the foundation for 38 more It has also let contracts for the building of 300 more.
The Financial Chronicle of Montreal
remarks editorially: "The unprecedented use of coal has caused such an
exceedingly active demand that the
world's coal market is in a most unusual situation. Companies are stated to
be in receipt of requests for quotations
for shipping coal to almost all parts of
the world. While this condition of
things is doubtless traceable to Great
Britain's war requirements, and the
stocking of her various coaling stations
to their full capacity as a precautionery
measure in case of eomplications with
others than President Kruger, it is also
doubtless due in part to the almost universal boom in commercial activity.
The Canadian coal fields are increasing
in value year by year, and all the ener
gies of our people out to be devoted to
mining the 'dusky diamonds' known to
exist in Cape Breton, British Columbia,
and many districts yet untouched by
the miner's pick.
"If the world is threatened, as some
w/Mllil  hn.tr. ���o U cllo-'o, with 4 COUl f��ln
ine, greater efforts must bo made to in
crease the output of every mine in the
Dominion of Canada. Let us make the
most of our golden opportunities. It is
estimated that the British Government
has, since the South African war began,
shipped between 200,000 and 300,000
tons of coal."
Treating Disease With Light.
Dr. Finsen, of Denmark, has caught
tbe attention of the entire medical world
in bis new method of treating certain
diseases by means of rays of concentrated light. His investigations are supported by state and municipal aid, and
are endorsed by the leading physicians
and professors of Copenhagen. The arc
lights used in the treatment are 40,000
candle power, about twenty times as
strong as the ordinary arc light. Already 360 cases of skin diseases have
been successfully treated by Dr. Finsen.
This is the first instance in medicine
where light has been successfully employed aa a curative agency. After a
series of experiments, Dr. Finsen has
discovered that the blue, violet and ultra-violet rays, when concentrated, become a powerful therapeutic agent, killing bacteria in the skin of a patient in a
very short time. In order not to burn
the skin when operating on a patient, it
is necessary to cool the light; this is
done by a lens that excludes much of
the yellow, red and ultra rays that are
heating but have no bactericidal qualities, In treating skin diseases, sunlight
is employed aa often as possible, otherwise the medium ia an electric arc light.
Dr. Finsen's method is considered aa
successful for scarlet fever and smallpox
as iu skin dissasss.
chen, and the cook'll give you something
���you black"���
But just there tlie old man fell on his
knees, exclaiming:
"Thank de Lawil, I foun' my' own
white folks at last! Thank de Lawd, I
foun' 'em���1 clone foun' 'em!"
NO  THICKS   rent   HKII.
Some time ago an elderly married couple, who had spent the* great part of
their lives in a villaj��eJiii;.,Derbyshire,
made up their minds to take a journey
to London.
They received plenty of advice from
their neighbors about how they were to
take care of themselves, and especially
to beware of the Loudon sharper. To
save expense, they decided to go by one
of the cheap trips thai, started from n
neighboring town.
They got safely off, and all went woll
till the train reached Heilforil, at which
place it stopped a few minutes.
The old man, thinking he had plenty
of time, went to the refreshment bar lo
get a glass of beer, and he waa 80 flustered by the crowd that lie did the very
thing he was afraid of���got left behind,
An express train being due, however, in
a few minutes, the station master kindly
allowed him to go by it, and he was thus
enabled to reach London twenty minutes
before his wife,
He was eagerly on the lookout when
the trippers arrived, and seeing his wife
he rushed up to her shouting:
"Hi, Betty, I'm glad to seeyeageuu.
1 thought we wor parted forever.''
Betty looked at him indignantly, and
remembering the advice of her country
friends, said:
"Away wi' ye, man. Don't be comin'
yer Lunnon tricks wi' me. I left my owcl
man at t'other station. If yer don't be
off at once, I'll call a bobby and hae ye
locked up."
Nelson is filled with polite people.
Up to date no lady has had to complain about standing up while riding
on the street car.
person having a legislature of this
kind on hand can tind a ready market by applying to the people of this
glorious province, so much favored by
nature, and so much damned by incompetent images of men commonly
called M. P. Ps. In most cases these
initials stand for Mighty Poor Politician. .
It is months since the British commenced to cross-cut the Boer formation, and Canada is outside the soup.
We have been bombarded by war
poetry, shelled by arm chair critics,
Inundated with Pay, Pay, Pay concerts, and had the Union Jack
wrapped around us so tight that it iB
a wonder we have not blown to pieces
with patriotism. The severe strain
we have passed through is positive
proof that the Canadians are the people, and after the cruel war is defunct they should have a say in Im
periiil politics, and a brand new mint
in Kootenay.
All work guaranteed.
and TRANSFER OUTFIT; headquarters at
EerguBon, B. C. Contracts entered   into for
Bradstreet's commercial agency
gives British Columbia mining towns
a hard deal in one of its recent circulars. The report is uncalled fbr. If
some of tbe business men in Kootenay
are a little short they seem to be able
to keep out of the road to bankruptcy.
Made to Feel at Home.
One of the old time southern negroes
went to Boston to make hia fortune.
After a week of walking up and down he
found himself pennilesa, and no work in
aight. Then he went from houae to
house: "Ef you please, suh," he began,
when hia ring at the front door waa answered. "Can't i you give a po'oullud
man work ter do, or aomepin' ter eat?"
And the polite anawsr invariably waa,
No, Mister���very sorry, but have nothing for you."
Every one who answered his ring addressed him as "Mr.," but shut their
doors and hearta sgainat hfm.
Finally be rang the door of a brown
stone front. A gentleman appeared and
the old man began: "Boss, I isstarvin'.
Can't you give me vittles?"
'You darned, black, kinky-headed
raacal I" exclaimed the gentleman. "How
dare you ring the bell at my front door?
Go round the backyard way to tbe kit-j
People in Sandon are a careless
lot. They just let the scenery slide
while they keep right on looking at
their hole card, oblivious to the fact
that the fate of Pompeii, somewhat
cooled, may overtake them when
their hands are ��tr��r,c.ri��rl out to tako
in the pot.	
British Columbia is in need of a
legislature that will foster the industries of the country and work lor the
benefit of the masses instead of its
members and  their friends.    Any
unci House Furnishings from
our largo and well-assorted
stuck is already very evident
in the Lardeau and Trout
Lake District, which means
that we are successful competitors with all comers in
price and quality. Before
you invest in our line drop us
a card for quotations. We
can save you money.
R. Howson & Co.,
Enterprise Seer
Made by the Enterprise
BrewingCo.,at Revelstoke
is keeping the camp cheerful. When you want the
best insist on ENTERPRISE. All the leading
Hotels handle it.
Enterprise Brewing Co.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Sick People
If you want medicine supplied
from the purest of Drugs and
accurately dispensed send to the
Canada'Drug & Book C".. Limited,
Revelstoke, B. C.
.Mail orders promptly attended to.
For Wodding      ' *
or Fancy Cakes
Drop a line to me, or if you
want Bread in any quantity
let me know, and I'll quote
prices low enough to interest
you. Our Wedding Cake
artist iB the best in B. C.
Address: A. N. SMITH, Revelstoke.
The Double E
Capital, $1,000,000, in $1 shares.
4oo,ooo in the Treasury.
First Block of Treasury Shares now
on the market for a limited time
at 10 GENTS.
Manager the Cochrane Ranoli, Limited, Mucleoil.
MnniiirlUK Director of The Humid, Calgary
W. B. FOOL, I'realdont Brett Western Milieu, Limited. Foriniion and ReTclMoke.
���I. D. OKAHAM,
Gold Commissioner, Atlin, lie
K. W. fiODSAI.,
ItiuH'h.r, I'lni'lier Greek
GEO, 8. Mrt'ARTKH,
Solicitor, Revelstoke
Etc., to any point in the
Diatrict. Good, prompt
aervice, and any work
undertaken guaranteed
Freighting from Thorn
aon's Landing to Fergu
son a specialty.
Don't wait
for Lumber
We have on hand at the
loweat prices in the country	
Bough and Dressed
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
Call on us or writs for our
quotations. Special orders
promptly filled	
Kootenay Lumber Oo., Ltd.
Comaplix, B. C.
Letter Pads
A fine assortment of Letter
Pads now in Stock.
Ferguson, B.C.
The only direct roots from
Ifltlay Country
to all points Bast
First-class Sleepers on all trains from
Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing-.
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoke Daily
for St. Paul; Tuesdays and Saturdays for Toronto; Thursdays for
Montreal and Boston. Same ears
pass Hedleine Hat one day later.
Daily train to Arrowhead from Revelstoke on main line. Daily steamer connecting for all Kootenay
points and Crows Nest branch.
For Boundary conntry via Robson,
leave Arrowhead dally except
For rates and rail information address nearest local agent or���
JOE HtiCREEBT.       T. W. B��A PSHAW,
Act Arrowhead. Aft Umktok.. '
W. F. And.r.on, E. J. OOTLE,
T. P. A., Nebon.      A 0>. r. Alt, Vueoivar
W. SI. BROWN, Proprietor St Leon Hot Siirlnm, rto.el.toke.
The Double Eagle Company ln.s been formed (or the purpose, not only
of mining its present properties, but of acquiring promising claims and developing them to an extent that will justify their sale to English and other
companies at a profit. The company 'ilready owns and has paid for in full,
the Trilby and Old Saul properties in the famous Fish River district, and a
three-quarti rs interest in the May Bee mine, ii the Lardeau district one and
a half miles from Ferguson. Sufficient promoter's shares have been set aside
for the purchase of the remaining quarter.
The May Bee is the sister claim to the now famous Nettie L, which has
broken all records in British Columbia for large bodies of phenomenally
rich ore. The May Bee and Nettie L were located together in 1892 by
Mr. W. B. Fool (who has been appointed manager of the Double Eagle Co.)
Both claims carry identically the same rich ore on the surface and tbe same
remarkable ledge runs through both, carrying high values in gold, copper,
silver and lead. The promoters have already spent $4,000 in developing
the May Bee, withexcellent results, and in order to place the mine quickly
on a shipping basis the company now offers the public the opportunity of investing to a limited extent in fully paid and non-assessable treasury shares
(par value $1) at 10 cents each.
Shares will be sold in blocks of 100
and upwards.
Thn compmiy reserves the right to withdraw the sale of shares from the market at any time
without notice.      Application* may be sct|t to tho Secretary,
A. H. HOLDICH, Revelstoke.
Or to JNO, J, YOUNG, Herald Block, Calgary.
iiuti Company,
Operating Kaslo t'Slocan Hallway.
International Navigation It Trading
lehediileofTime��� Paolfto Standard Time
Effective Feb. Ut, lflou,
Kaslo * Aloiian Railway
Passenger trail) tor Sandon end Way stations
leave* Kaalo at 8 a.m. dally; returning, leave*
Sandon at 1.15 n,m.. arriving/ at Kaalo at 8.86 p.m
Reasons why
The Eagle is in
the District
International Navigation * Trading Co
Operating on Kootenay Lake and River.
88. iHTMHUTioifAL* leaves Railo for Neltton
at (l a.m daily, except Sunday; returning, leaven
Nclnn at 4.80 n.m., calling at Balfour, Pilot Bay
Alnnworth aud all way points; connects with S.
F. It N. train to and from 8p .kan<> nt Five Mile
Lardo-Duncan Division.
Steamer Alberta leavee Kaslo for Lardo and
Argent* at 8.80 p.m. Wednesdays.
Steamers call tt principal land ngsin both directions, and at other points when signalled.
Tickets sold ro all points in Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates nnd full information, address:
Manager, Kaslo, B.C
Leavea Comaplix for Thomson'a Landing at 8 a. m. Leaves Thomaon'u Landing for Arrowhead at 8:30 a. m.
Returning leavea Arrowhead for
Thomson'a Landing at 2:30 p. m.
Leavea Thomaon'a Landing for Comaplix
at 4 p. m.
Kootenay Lumber Company,
Comaplix, B.C.
Ferguson (its nest) is
not a "'boom" town, or
lioomerang; but a steady
iinwing mining eamp
since the aeason of W.
Its unique geographical
position,ia by sheer fore*
making it the commercial and aocial centre of
Golden Lardeau,
It is situated at tha
point where the waters
of the north and south
forknof the Upper Lardeau River meet, is
beautifully located on a
spacious flat pn the side
of a mountain, which
affords the,only possible
location for a town sit*
for many miles In any
direction. Planted as 6
is at the forks of tha
river, it commands tha
traffic of the mining
camps oh both the north
and south branches of
the river.
At least 20 mines am
ready to ship ore as soon
as the railway furniahes
transportation in tha
vicinity. The railway
experts have been quick
to perceive the natural
advantages which Its
geographical ' position
has conferral upon Ferguson.
Both the ���. P. R.
and Kaslo, Lardeau
& Duncan Ry have
roads surveyed Into
Thus making the place
a! competing point and '
insuring its future as an
important railway and
distributing centre.
Taking this fact into
consideration and remembering that as soon
as ever the.cars reach
Ferguson there will be.
on a conservative eati'
mate, 25. or 80 mines'
commencing ft ship ore
land of high-grade silver
ore, there is no reason
for doubt as to Ferarn-
son's future  prospects.
The pay-roll of th*
mines tributary to Ferguson will,within a very
short while of the advent
of the iron horse, begin
to run away up into the
At present the following concerns rare doing
business in Ferguson:
A saw-miil, three general stores, (which supply even the mining
companies operating la
the district,which speaks
volumes for their lost
prices), four first-class
hotels, (and two more to
follow), two livery, feed
and sate stables (good
outfits for all purposes),
an assay office, a blacksmith shop, a newspaper,
a private school, (a public school to be established at once), a money
order office, ore and supply houses, i
All three. ..store Anns
purpose enlarging their
space and stock in the
A town hall, Ore hall
and several residences
are to be erected asaoon
.   as lumbar is available.
Several owners of partially developed properties adjacent to the
town intend moving
their families to Ferguson in. the spring, aid -
will {then devote their
whole"time to opening
up their properties.
Three mining companies, now working full
forces on. high-grade
propositions, which are
shipping ore right along,
will make their head-
Quarters and offices at
erguson at once.
Ferguson will   be a
smelting   and  railway
How to reach*
this promising "camp.
Ferguson ilea about 84 miles south-
east of Revelstoke and the main
line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It is approached at present
by taking the Arrowhead branch
at Revelatoke to Arrowhead, 2S
miles, thence by steamboat up tbe
northeast arm of Arrow Lake to
Thomson's Landing, 10 miles, and
from the Landing to Ferguson, a
distance of 16 miles, over the government wagon road by stage,
team or horseback.
Soon, however, these conditions
of travel will be changed very mueh
for the better.
Railroad surveys hold out a promise of being able to reach Ferguson
either from the south or north comfortably in Pullman cars.
The districv is well worth i
and will stand investigation. THE FERGUSON EAGLE, FERGUSON, ft C, APRIL 4, 1900.
f >
There's a worthy Volunteer
Known as Smith,
He's a patriot, it's clear,
Noble Smith!
Yes, a quiet little man,
Bnt an enemy he'd tan;
Deride him if you can,
f lucky Smith!
He is thin upon the crown,
Father Smith!
And bis chest is slipping down,
Podgy Smith!
His moustache is rather grey,
But you wouldn't like to say
That the old dog's had his day,
Would you, Smith?
Three cheers for Volunteers
Like little Smith!
For our country we have no fears
When she has Smith.
We can cultivate our crops,
We can bargain in our shops,
We can eat our mutton chops,
Thanka to Smith!
,tf he'a short, he's firmly sot,
Solid Smith!
And his calves are growing yet,
Springy Smith!
For at exercise and drill,
He's enthusiastic still.
Going at tt with a will,
Puffing Smith!
Though he likes to march to church
Sabbath Smith!
He'll not leave us in the lurch,
Proper Smith!
No! it isnt all parade,
'With accoutrements displayed;
For of real grit he's made,
Sterling Smith!
For a moment we'll suppose
(Listen Smith!)
Were invaded by our foes
(Mark me, Smith!)
To your home you'll bid goodbye,
With a moisture in your eye,
lad youll drive 'em out, or die!
. Wont you, Smith!
U your cartridges gave out,
Grimy Smith!
.You'd give one defiant shout,
Baffled Smith!
'Then your teeth you'd firmly set,
And you'd fix the bayonet,
And you'd send it home, you bet!
Tiger Smith!
The following appeared in the March
number of the Typographical Journal,
written bv J. M. V. Grabner, of Buffalo,
In his annual report to the Knights of
Labor, General Master Workman Par
sons, speaking of tha issues on which
the workingman should take a stand
Perhaps the most important of these
issues will be the trust, for who has not
observed the progress of its making,
and who will contend that it carries any
charm to the wage earner. Tbe con
castration nf wealth as employed in the
la Snail In. of ��u* aountry, has mads
many strikes during the past few years
whioh have resulted to their detriment
wherever such combinations have been
affected. It remains for us to uphold
the stand taken by the founders of our
order,who,through theii foresight,have
seen the approach of the condition that
is fast coming on. How to meet it is a
question that should be given your earnest consideration, as the Knights of
Labor above all other organizations
will be expected to speak on this important subject.
Thus it will be seen that trusts, instead of benefitting labor, as their apol
ogists would have us believe, are productive of strikes. But this is only one
phase of the evil anda comparatively
unimportant one. A greater evil which
In time will be brought about hykbe
domination of trusts in practical industrial slavery. The trusts, by controlling production and eliminating competition, can also control the labor market. Once in power the trusts will have
things all their own way. No attention
will be paid to tbe grievances of the
wage worker, and strikes, usually the
last resort and most powerful weapon
at the command o( the workingman,
will bo of no avail.  The trusts are here
to stay; we must look the situation in
the face and endeavor to remedy existing evils. To accomplish this the three
points enumerated below will not only
remedy trust evils, but also effectually
crush them.   The points are:
First���Perfect organization. This
means that every wage worker must he
a member of a trades union.
Second���The adoption of a univei sal
union label, said label to appear on
every article emanating from a union
Third���A strict adherence to the laws
of unionism.
The workingman must fight his own
battles. The despotic power which the
aggregation of wealth can yield, and by
which courts areinfluonced,legislatures
controlled and privileges purchased,
ought to teach the wage worker a lesson not to look for justico or support
from any of the above mentioned sour-
cos. The outlook for organized labor
was never brighter than it is today.
Stand by your guns, gentlemen! Agitate, educate and boom the union label.
Experience,   of  an   Irl.h   Emigrant  In
Laden with human freight the great
ship steamed into the harbor. Slowly it
moved towards ite dock, its huge sides
quivering and palpitating, like a thing of
life, with each pulsation of its ponderous
engines. A alight sound, a grating noise
as of two mountains in mortal combat,
followed by the clanking of monstrous
chains, conveyed the intelligence that
the gang plank had been lowered, and
crew and passengers were once more
safely anchored within tbe sheltering
bosom of mother earth.
'Hoorah for Ameriky!" exclaimed a
modestly clad man, of decidedly Cork
dialect, one among the first to gain the
dock. "Me trials an' sufferins are over
at last. If oonly Oi'd got here before Oi
came, me cup uv joy'd be overflowin'."
"Papers! papers! Morning papers I All
about tlie terrible strike!" shouted a
newsboy, rushing up to the landing.
"Who struck 'im 7" inquired the stranger. "Show me tbe mon that, would
sthrike 'is fellow mon in a Hissed coon-
try lolke this!"
"Paper, sir, paper?���full account of
the strike," repeated the newsboy, approaching the newcomer.
"Give me a douzen uv thim," said the
stranger; "the more Oi git uv this blia-
sed coontry in me poseahion the bitter
off Oi'll be."
"Howly Mootber!" he exclaimed, half
an hour later, runninghiseyes down the
long column of want ads. "If me ounly
father knew how rich Oi've sthnickit!
��� Folve hundred men wanted on one
job?' 'Shtable men'���'hod carriers
'gardeners'���'Toie makers.' Get out
with auch jobs as those. 'Lady's coach
man���good sallery���Hoorah?���Oi'm a
lady's mon, meeelf. 'Clerks, stenographers, and bookkeepers'���Moother of
Jasus���how can 01 contain me joy! Oi'll
have a good toime while me mooney
lasts and thin take u position as cashier
In a bank I"
The eleet beat furiously in the faces of
the frenzied pedestrians and the fierce
gusts of wind, twirling around the angles
of the huge buildings, fairly lifted them
off their feet. Muttered curses and fierce
ejaculations, interspersed now and then
with an earnest petition of, "I beg your
pardon, air," completed tbe category of
the subject under discussion.
Presently a clear voice rang out above
tbe roaring of the tempest,repeat ing that
ever familiar cry, "Papers 1 papers!
Morning papers! All about the new
American possessions, and the rapid formation of trusts I"
"Divel a trust!" returned a gruff voice
from the throng. "Oi wouldn't trust a
mon tbia aide uv Ould Oireland. Dora
Ameriky I���Ol don't know whether Oi'm
i n Ameriky or hell! If Oi had the manes
to pay me sthreet car fare.Oi'd conthract
to foind the hedquarthers of the divel in
tin minutes. Dom a coontry where 'u
pay one mon fur a job an' put oup a far-
fit for good behavier, and get turned
down by 'is soilent partner and loose the
fee, farfit, job an' all the very next day.
Howly Moother!���If Oi'd ounly come
and got back to Ould Oireland before Oi
arrived here Oi'd^-"
"You're my prisoner," broke in the
gruff voice of a burly policeman, "come
with me!"
'On me honor? or do you want a far-
fit?" enquired the prisoner���"Oi'm on
me uppers and couldn't put up inything
for good behavier."
'If you'll promise to behave yourself
I'll let you off this time," replied the
officer, after some hesitation.
'Dom a coontry thot won't arrist a
mon and give 'im a place to shleep unless there's boodle iu it!" retorted the
disgusted prisoner. "It's the ounly
place that ever Oi was in where they
wanted a mon to pay for bein' robbed.
If it wasn't for the little ossos thot the
socialist has made in it' Oi'd unhesitatingly pronounce it hell. Howly Virgin,
Oi'd rither take me chances in Lady-
amith than Amirky!" Kelpie.
The despatches say that Col. Jack
Cliinn was with Gov. Goebel of Kentucky when he was shot and that, disdaining tbe stream of bullets which
continued to come from the mysterious
window in the state house, he leaned
over and ministered as best he could to
the wants of his friend. Colonel China
is known all over the United States as
one of the best race starters in the country and as a man of unquestioned personal courage.
"Colonel Jack Chinn's knife," a murderous looking blade, is also pretty well
known. It is said that Chinn never
permits this weapon to leave his possession.
Several years ago Col. Chinn visited
Texas. He brought with him a negro
valet, Sam. The negro had been a
slave in the Chinn family before the war
between tbe States, and idolized his
young master. One night while in
Houston the darkey came to Chinn and
'Masaah Jack, I'segoin' out in cullnd
society heah tonight, an' I'd like to borrow dat ivory-handled sixshooter of
yours to take along."
'Why, you black rascal," returned
the colonel, "some of these Houston
coons will take the gun from you and
break it over your head."
The darkey straightened up. Like
his master, he was a man of unquestioned nerve, and there was a peculiar
glitter in his eye as he said:
"Massah Jack, you let me hab dat
gun, an' if I don't show up here wid hit
in de mawnin' you can go down to de
morgue an' throw down de sheet an'
say: 'Lawd! don't he look nacherl.'"
Colonel Chinn's body servant was that
night armed in a manner that entitled
him to move in the best circlea of Afro-
American society in Houston.
lngeraoll and Douglas.
Late one Saturday night, in the midst
of a terrible blizzard, Frederick Douglas
arrived in Peoria, III. He waa to give a
lecture there the following evening, but
no preparations had been made to receive him.   Going to the hotel, the pro-
In prompt and aafe delivery of
WATCHES entrusted to me ia
my claim for the Lardeau trade.
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Silverware; Goldand Silver Electio
Plating and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of R.N,
Doyle, an expert in English,
Swiss and American watch repairing. All work guaranteed.
C.P.R. Watch Inspector,
Kevelatoke, B. C.
Mail Order
We especially cater to
Postal Orders.
Chemists, Druggiata and Stationers,
Royal Seal,
ReetcRay Belle,
Little Gem Cigars
~5�����By the����sc7-
Nelson, B. G.
See that the Blue Label is en each box.
prietor refused to take lum in, and be
was obliged to seek lodgings elsewhere.
After walking till exhausted, seeking a
place where be could lay his bead, half
frozen and sick at heart from the discourtesy shown him, Mr. Douglas stopped a stranger who was hastening in his
direction. Stating his predicament, he
inquired if he could tell him of one man
in that town who would give him shelter. "Well, I don't know," said the
other, "but there is one man, and he's
Bob lngeraoll, and his house is down
this street.' Thanking him, Mr. Douglass went to find Mr. Ingersoll. It was
not difficult, and at Mr. Ingersoll's home
he was warmly welcomed and hospitably
entertained. "If I had been a prince,"
said this negro, who was one of nature's
noblemen, "I could not have received
more courteous, and shall I say it, more
Christian treatment."
"Be mine," pleaded the poetic lover,
'and.your path in life will be strewn with
roses."   "Humph 1 and have me getting
puncture on the thorns. Not much!"
retorted Miaa Sprockett, who was no
novice in cycling.
And at all times Insist on the
box bearing the blue label
It  helps manufacturer, to see  the
force of paying fair and honest wagei
Nelson Tioab Makers' Union,
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Mile.
to all points in the
District. Light
rigs for quick trips
Erovided. Saddle
orsea at>ll stables.
The traveling public accommodated at
anytime of the day
or night. For any
further particulars,
freighting rates, etc.
Craig & Hillman,
Best Winea, Liquora and Cigars
Finely Equipped Bar
Refitted and Refurnished
Best Cuisine Service
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
J. LAUGHTON, proprietor.
Headquarters for Miners and Mining Men.     Neatly furnished, well-lighted and
Heated Rooms.    Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
MRS. S. O'CONNOR, Proprietress.
Fencjlisoi?, B. 0.
Every convenience for the comfort of Guests.      The best equipped hotel in
the Lardeau District.      Rates from 12.00 to IS.50 per day.
The Bar is supplied with the best brands of Wines, Liquors  and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FERGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
The Centre of the LARDEAU JUNES g
The Sandon of the Lardeau. The destination of both the Canadian Pacific and Kaslo A 'Lardo-Duncan Railways, which will provide the long-looked-for
transportation for ore to places of treatment. High Grade Ores, silver, lead and gold, now being shipped, even under present conditions, at a handsome profit
by a few companies operating. Conveniently situated on an ideal bench at the forks of the North and South Lardeau. All tbe roads from the many developing
claims and working mines lead to Ferguson. Plenty of timber and abundant water power.        Capitalists come straight through to Ferguson, put up at the com
fortable hotels and from there walk to personally inspect prospective purchases.      The miners come down the hill into Ferguson to get their supplies.
Over 100 men now working underground and many more will be in a short time. The highest wages paid to miners in the Lardeau or Trout Lake Mining
Divisions.    Blest with practical men, bonafide mining companies.     Plenty of room for legitimate investment.
Lots in Ferguson are going steadily through the quietest time of year. Ferguson is the natural and commercial centre of the Lardeau and will be the
headquarters for wholesale houses, corporations and banking institutions.        The mines' direct supply point.
The starting point for all mining operations on the North and South Forks of the Lardeau River.      Ferguson is well represented with business houses, hotels, ete
and many have purchased lots with a view to establishing businesses of various kinds as soon as the coming season properly opens up.        An Al location for market
gardening.      Special inducements offered and a splendid field and opportunity for manufacturers.
For further information, apply to���
W. N. Brayton.
Henry Floyd,
General Agent.
Local Agent. THE FEKGU��ON EAGLE, FERGUSON, B...C, APRIL 4, 1900.
Wm. Glenn went out to Revelstoke on
Thursday last.
Kuskonook has been completely
destroyed by fire.
L. Wlsener went up to work in the
Nettio L. last week.
B. Oilly, foreman of the Nettie L.,
was down on Monday night.
* Burdock and Sarsaparilla Com'
pound, the best spring medicine, "oots.
a bottle at A bey's.
M. P. JaneB of the Silver Cup is iu
town.   He   wlj.1   go  to work  on the
Nettie L. in a Tew days.
A. E. Kincaide returned from
Revelstoke on Friday and is once more
sacking precious metal at tho Nettle
* When you need letter pads drop
In and see the Eagle's stock, and get
prices. A good assortment just
re celved.
John Kennedy and Alfred McPherson of the Nettie L. are out at the
Halcyon Hot Springs boiling out tho
twangs of rheumatism.
Freight for local merchants is
arriving dully. The early opening of
the season has created a demand for
supplies much before the usual time
this season.
M. Crilly returned from the Halcyon
Hot Springs on Monday, feeling much
better after a two weeks' sojourn
there. He went up to the Nettle L.
again the aame afternoon.
C. R. Scott has the foundation laid
for a two-storey house, 18x26, on Lome
avenue, and is now getting the lumber
on the ground, a portion of whioh is
being brought from Comaplix.
The provincial elections take place
on June 15th. Is your name on the
voters' list? Only a few more days.
Shuffle your dry bones into this office
and we'll fix you up in two minutes.
Service will be conducted as usual
In Laughton's hall next Sunday by J.
E. Plemlng. Mr. Pleming leaves here
In May to attend college. Aa older,
hand at the business will succeed
S. A. Sutherland of the firm of
McKinnon & Sutherland,, general
merchants here, returned from a six
weeks' outing at the coast, on Friday
last. He looks as though he had
benefitted by the well earned holiday.
The crying need .of lumber in
Ferguson will soon be over. A. C.
Clarke, Nelson, will be here on the
15th, and the mill will be set In full
swing, possibly night and day.
Additional machinery, Including a new
boiler, le to be Installed.
B. R. Atkins'graft still holds good.
He is now collector of customs and
Inland revenue at Revelstoke. Presumably he will sling mud on the
Mall, shovel addresses into Kellie and
direct the destinies of the electorate
on the aide. Mr. Atkins is aa smooth
as he looks wise.
All eyes are fixed on the Lardeau.
"It is better to vote for what you
want and not get It than to vote for
what you do not want and get It."
Among the things which tbe people,
by the very magnitude of the transaction, are entitled to know are the
details of the methods by which the
Standard Oil company has just been
able to declare a dividend of 20 per
cent, on a capital of $1,000,000,000.
English poBtal authorities are making experiments with a penny-ln-the
slot machine for stamping letters,
The stamp Is also cancelod, with time
and hour of day, all at one operation.
It can be used in postoftlces or street
corners, and does away with postage
White newspaper is now quoted at
4 i contB a pound. This is the highest
figure ever roaoned by that commodity
in the history of the country. Every
thing advances ih price as the trusts
strenghteh their hold. A government
trust, private profit left out, would
sell at cost.
Miss M. L. Fihon of .Montreal,'
arrived In town on Friday to take a
position at the Windsor hotel. Mrs.
O'Connor is renovating the interior of
this first class and popular hostelry,
preparatory to the influx into the
district, which will commence at least
six weeks earlier than last year, the
snow being nearly all gone on the
benches and in the valleys.
Messrs. R. Forln and A. Chisholm
will soon have Walker avenue slashed
from the east end of the townsite to the
wagon road approaching the town on
the west, so that In all probability
traffic will be directed that way in
future. Lots have been pretty well
bought up on this avenue and It promises to become the main thoroughfare.
The new mall service went into effect
yesterday. The mall will now be brought
straight through by Messrs. Craig &
Hillman on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays. The outgoing mail leaves
four hours after arrival here, on the
same days, or possibly the following
mornings. This Improvement is much
appreciated by all in tho district. A
daily mail soi-vico should bo forthcoming this summer.
Calgary Herald: In view of the
probability of a general election
In British Columbia In the near future,
candidates are being selected throughout the province. The choice of the
people In tbe Lardeau and Trout Lake
district in the Revelstoke constituency
appears to be Mr. Tom Taylor, who
for many years has well filled the
post of mining recorder in the district. Mr. Taylor is an able man,
young, popular, wide-awake and
energetic. He well deserves tbe
confidence his fellowcitizens have
placed in him and his election for the
constituency of Revelstoke would
mean that the distriot would for tbe
first time In many years have a repre-
senativewho would represent and in
whom the people oould feel some
The next revision of the voters'
Hat will take place on the 7th of May.
Those who do do not get their names
on the list before that time will not
have a vote. Drop into this office and
we will do the matter up for you.
Don't let any political persuasions
interfere with your arrival.
Tbe Cleveland Citizen states that
when Debs was released from Woodstock jail the American Railway
Union, was not only bankrupt but
$30,000 in debt. Though the organization was dead, Debs assumed the
immense indebtedness, whioh he is
now 'endeavoring to pay from the
prooeeds of his lectures. Debs has
said to personal friends on more than
one occasion that when he is clear of
dept, and is once again a free man, his
services will be at the disposal of the
movement gratis.
Preachers are discovering that the
churches are behind the people in tbe
new order of things Instead of leading
the way, and some preachers are
hastening to put themselves at the
front of the procession. In this age of
the printing press the great mass of
the people will nevor deviate far'
from the truth when once it Is found
���and they are finding out what Christ
meant. The only way to enslave a
people and keep them so is to keep
them In ignorance.���Galesbury News.
Reoentlythe premier of Manitoba,
Hon. Hugh John Macdonald, expressed
hinself in this way on the subject: "I
think that the province should have
exclusive right of controlling the
charters of any new roads within the
boundaries of the province.. Of coujise,
roads extending beyond tne proving!*
must be under the control of the
federal government, and if powers are
asked to extend beyond the province
at some future date, federal authority
must also prevail. However, government ownership, so far as practicable,
Is tbe true remedy for all railway
Vancouver World: In declaring
himself as favorable to government
ownership of railways and other
franchises, Horn Joseph Martin ia In
line with what the Liberals as well as
the Conservatives In this province
demand, and whioh writers and
thinkers on political economy believe
to be the correct theory. The government of Great Britain owns and controls the postal and telegraph systems
throughout the United Kingdom. The
service given the public Is known to
be an admirable one In every respect.
The city of Glasgow is a model
municipality. Its citizens owns the
gat,, electric, water and street car
service and the saving to tbe corporation and tho people Is simply enormous. Other cities as well as
countries are emulating Glasgow in
that respect.
W. A. Campbell, Vancouver.; There
is not a railway of any importance in
Canada to-day which was not built by
the people, either directly or
indirectly. Those who write and
speak In hostility to the proposition of
government ownership of railways
should give us facts and data bearing
on the subject. Then people would be
able to judge for themselves as to
whather or not they were familiar, or
at all conversant with the question.
The public on this Important question
demand foots, and not only the empty
babblings of men who know absolutely
nothing as to the desire which is
prevailing in every country for the
state ownership of railways, telegraph
and telephone lines, as well as the
postal systems, and In cities and large
towns, as well as rural municipalities,
for civic ownership and control.
Who has for kissing Just the face.
Holds you In a warm embrace,
And say. Oh do not leave this place,
���TheThomson's Landing girl.
Who is It heaves a heavy sigh,
Says go It my darling boy,
Declares for you she would die,
���The Arrowhead girl.
Who says rou are an awful tease,
Just kiss me ouco If you please,
Haa a breath like' liinuurger cheese,
���The Sandon girl.
Who la tt has a mouthful of gum,
Takes thing* Just as they come,
When you hit her lips says yum.yum,
���The Revelstoke giri.
Who li it has a mouth so nice,
But look, as cold as a piece of ice.
You couldn't win her with loaded dice,
���The'Ferguson girl.
But who is the darling miss,
That fills you with exquisite bliss,
And ia the sweetest girl to kiss,
���Tho Trout Lake girl.
T. J. Wilson, M. D.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors for rmperlal Bank of Canada.
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. tt. I'inkham.
Premier Martin writing to a friend
in Winnipeg says: "I very much
appreciate the fettling of interest with
which my course in this province Is
watohed by my old Winnipeg friends,
and you can assure them all that I
feel certain of success in the election
which will take place shortly."
Lionel H, Buck, civil engineer of
Revelstoke, was in town with A.
Craig on Monday lit the instance of F.
C. Gamble, who 1b getting an accurate
report of really needed improvements
on the wagon road between here and
the Landing. This,means no less than
that Hon. Joseph Martin Intends to do
the right thisg by this riding, In
granting It Its just duns. Men will
likely be put on in the course of a
week, and long-looked-for freight will
soon be forthcoming. Already the
distriot is getting the benefit of J. M.
Kellie's retirement. "The king is
dead: long live the king."
White, Gwillim tf Scott,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke, B. C.
We Can Outfit You
With Everything
required in this district.     Prospector, miner, capitalist, expert,
laborer, It matters not, we can supply you, tt
we already do nearly all the local supplying
laborer, It matters not, we can supply you, in any quantity, and sit
we already do nearly all the local supplying, it evidences the foot
that our goods, prices and treatment is right.     We successfully
compete with large outside firms; we buy direct from the manu*
facturers in large lots at close cosh prices, and can sell you s>
complete outfit, carefully packed, and ready tor pack-horse trans*
Sortation to any part of the district.    When you reach Ferguson
on't overiook these facts.
McKinnon & Sutherland,
Fayette Buker,
Mining and Real Mstate
.  Broker.
Milling Properties Listed.
Lessees of
The Revelstoke, Trout Lake
and Big Bend Telephone
Company, Limited.
The Eaole recently remarked, from
information given it by a prominent
ratepayer in Revelstoke, that their fire
alarm system was a failure. The
contractor, H. C. Dler, with whom the
Eaole has no fault whatever to find,
says: The fire alarm system Is not yet
completed, nor Is It likely to be for
two weeks yet, and I think it rather
previous to condemn the system before
it Is put into working order. The
lower town portion of the syBtem was
fitted up temporarily and worked for a
while with the best of satisfaction,
until the pole line began to give way,
letting the fire alarm wires oome in
oontact with live electric light wires,
which of course, caused a false alarm
as would be expected from any fire
alarm system under the sun. Thla, I
am sorry to say, happened two or three
times, but the apparatus was not at
fault as the article referred to Intimates.
I had nothing to do with'the building of
the pole line, it being put up by tho
olty, and very poorly" done. The
system which I am Installing here is
in use In many eastern towns and gives
good satisfaction. I installed the
same system in Kamloops about four
years ago and they speak very highly
of it there. Never.yet has it been
known to fall and It) is tested1 every
day, and haa not yet sent In a false
alarm, for tlie simple reason that they
have a good pole line."
MORE patriotic fund money.
The closing series of concerts at
Trout Lake City in aid of the above
fund, was held on Friday evening lost
with unusual suocess, the total amount
now being well onto $150, which will
be duly forwarded by the secretary, J,
H. Currle. A representative crowd
from Ferguson were In attendance.
One of the visitors says: Two or
three of the Items were exceptionally
good, the club swinging by Misses
Nellie O'Brien, Edith Jowett and
Alma Thomas, and the Columbia
drill. Little Waltor Clink brought
down the house with his masterly
recitation "Only a small piece of bunting," a part In the drill. Other
numbers were good and received
hearty encores. United States' yellow
journalism as dealt with by S. Shannon
In a recitation, "Bro. Johnathan to
Uncle Sam," written by Ben Gough
some weeks ago, caused a deal of good
natured banter. The farce "Who Is
who? or all in a fog," was very
enjoyable, each participant in the play
taking their parts Very naturally and
becoming more than more amateurs.
The caste was as follows:
Cicely Rrambleton........ .Miss Anna O'Brien.
Matilda Lane ......... Miss Evelyn Jowett.
Mr. Broomfleld Brambloton 6. Hancock.
Lawrence Lavender.,��� ������������ A. Morrison.
Hlmonides Swanhopper J. J. Langstaff.
A pleasant social hop , was enjoyed
by quite a number a't the close,
feature of the program which is always
so pleasant in Trout Lake.
Keep your eye on Ferguson.
* Bill of sale forms for sale at the
Eaole office.
Every step toward a general public
ownership of public utilities means
that a few more corporations have
been taken out of the bribery business.���Chicago Journal.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
The Pioneer Store
Cummins & Co.
Ferguson Shaving
Km. Snell,
All branches of the tonsorial art executed with
ambldcxtertous dexterity.
Stationery is in our line
And we haye Just received a tine stock
ol Letter Pad..  Patronise
"The Eagle."
Imperial Bank
^a      of Canada.
CAPITAL PAID UP . . (2,391,863.00.
REST ��1,5M,710.00.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits In Savings
Department at current rates.
A. R. B. HBARN,     ,
X To mail
y   Orders
Has Increased Our Postal Business
Dress Qoods
Ladies* Qoods
Bourne Bros.,
A Perfect Tit and
Prompt Service
is one of our features and has helped
build up our large tailoring trade
and form the reputation we have
made. You don't have any vexatious
waits when you order from ub,
R. S. Wilson, Revelstoke.
The Post Office Store
Wo aim to give full value (or your money In
Groceries, Provisions, Dry Goods,
Tools. Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Crockery, Steel, Powder; all kinds1
of Miners' Supplies
Call and see our stock and get quotation.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau.
������IllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIH.IIll.lllIII HHNIIHIIIIIIIHHIHHI
Rossland,     Nelson,     Sandon,    Revelstoke,    Greenwood,
Grand Forka,    and    Vancouver.
Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson,    Ymir,    Kaslo,    Sandon,    New Denver,
Silverton,    Cascade City,    Grand Forka,
Greenwood,     Phoenix,    Midway,     Camp McKlnney,     Revelatolto,
Ferguson,   and  Vancouver.
Wm. Schmock, Manager Ferguson Branch.
A large stock of assorted Wall
Papers, embossed and ingrain,
with border and ceilings to
match, now Belling at a very
low figure.'
House Painting
and Decorating
HOTEL LARDEAD      J ,   JjOOtill.
NOTICE IS HEREBY aiVKN thatan application will bo mado to the Legislative Assembly
ol tho Provinco ol Hrlllsh Columbia at It. next
session tor au Act to Incorporate a company
with rower to construct, ei|iilp. maintain ana
operate telephone and telegraph linos wlihln
and throughout all the cities, towns, municipalities and districts ot tho mainland ol the
Province Ol British Colnmbla and to construct,
erect, and maintain such and so many polo,
and other work, and device, as tho company
deem necessary lor making, completing, supporting, using, working, oporatlng and maintaining the svstera ol communication by telephone and telegranh, and to open or break up
any part or parts of tho said highways or
streets as often a. the said company, Its agents,
officers or workmen think proper and for the
purposo of tho undertaking to purchase, ac-
uire, Ichso, expropriate, hold and sell and
IspoBC of lands, buildings, or tenements with-
in tho   limits   aforesaid, and   to purchase
or lease, for any term of years, any tele*
phone or telograph line established or to be
established in British Columbia connected, or
to be connected with the line which the company may construct, and to amalgamate with
or lease Its line or lines, or any portion or por-
tions thereof, to any company possessing as
proprietor, any line of telephone or telegraph
communication connecting or to be connected
with the said company's line or lines, and to
borrow money for the purpose oMho company,
and to pledge or mortgage any of the com*
pany'B assets lor that purpose, and to receive
bonuses, or privileges from any person or body
corporate, and with all other usual, necessary
or incidental rights, powers or privileges aa
may be necessary or incidental to the attainment of the above objects, or any of them.
Dated this 1st day of March, 1000.
IS���tf Solicitors for the Applicants.
NOTICE IH HEREBY GIVEN that at theneit
session of tho legislative Assembly of the.
Province of British Columbia application will.
be made for an Act to Incorporate a com pan r.
with powor to establish waterworks and<
supply water for mining, domestic, manufacturing, lire and other purposes to the Inhabl-
tuiii.-, corporations, mines, mills, nunufact*
orles nnd all other works of the towns of Trout
Lake City and Ferguson In the district of Weal
Kootenay and of the surrounding district
within a radius of tcu milei from the present
post office at Ferguson, B. C, and to lay pipes)
and erect flumes for the conveyance and sup-'
ply of water to the said towns and radius; and
ulso to supply, transmit and distribute power.
light ana neat by compressed air and electricity to the inhabitants, corporations, mines,
mills, manufactories and all other works of the
said towns and radius; and also to construct
and maintain tramway and telephone systems
in the said radius and to extend the said systems to other districts contiguous thereto: and
also to erect, lay, construct and maintain all
such works, bridges, tracks, roads, subways,
buildings, flumes,dams, raceways.polei, pipes,
wires, cables, structures and appliances as may
be necessary to fully and completely carry ont
the purposes of the company ;��� and also to here
the right to enter and to expropriate lands lor
sites for power houses, stations, tramway Hues)
and other necessary works, end tp appropriate,
use and divert so much of the wawrsof Lardeau
creek at a point about one and a'quarWr mile*
from the school house at Trout Lake City ana
any other creek, lake Or stream which may oo
found most convenient and advantageous
within the said radius as may be necessary for
the purposes of the company In order to supply
water, beat, power and fight to the inhabitants, corporations, mines, mills, manufactory
ics and other works within the said radios,.
and to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above
objects or any of them.
Dated this 1st March, A. D. 1900.
5���tf Solicitor for Applicants.


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