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Lardeau Eagle 1904-08-12

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Hew Tort mM.
6K.VBB���Bar     158)
LEAD-lOOlbs       4.35
Coppeb      12.50
Vol.  V, NO 17.
Ferguson, B. C, AUGUST 12, 1904.
$2 a Year In advance
fie Mining Industry
The Triune.
Some interesting figures and facts
may be gleaned  from  the   recent
publication issued by the provincial
department of mines for the half-
aear ending June  30th.    It proves
that we are advancing rapidly, as
the increase ot tonnage in silver and
lead is  greatly in evidence.    If we
take the tonnage of output for the
first six months of  1904 we shall
find it 697,213  tons, and that for
the whole of  1903  was   1,286,176
tons.    If the output continues at
the same  rate for   the remaining
half of the  present year the total
would be 1,394,426 tons, or 108,250
more than  in   1903.   There  is no
doubt  ot the tonnage equalling the
first half year, rather should it show
a great increase.
a ne output ot  silver for the first
halt    of   the    present   year   was
2,037,061 ozs,, as against 2,996,204
for the whole of 1903, thus we see
that our output for the remaining
six   months has only to be 896,143
ozs. in order to equal the  whole of
1903.   It appears absolutely certain
that the output will be considerably
larger.    The  figures  for the  lead
output show us 16,500,000 against
18,089,285 pounds for the whole of
The production ofthe gold-copper
mines will be much heavier than
hitherto. The large concentrating
and chloridising plant of the Silver
Cup tyines, Ltd., the Triune and
several other local shippers will appreciably swell the grand total ot
the_min.ng output for 1904.
A marvellous change has taken
place in silver-lead mining of late.
A few months as?o this important
section of the mining industry was
languishing, and the production
had fallen very low. The bounty
on lead mined and smelted in
. Canada granted by th: Dominion
Government in order to increase
the lead production, so that mnntt
factories of the products of lead
might be started and put on their
feet in this country, is responsible
for this. The output of silver-lead
was never been larger than it is at
present. ,
The activity which now prevails
in mining circles will gather impetus
with each suceeding month until it
is placed on a sound footing. New
capital is coming in, more will fol-
* low,r~and as mining has been re-
" duced to more of a science than it
was during the wild-ratting days
there will be more profit for the investor, and where there is profit
jnany investors will always be found.
IXL and IXL Fraction.
Dr. Miiloy, who has been making
.,'. a survey of these properties, has
��� made application fur a crown grant.
Average smelter returns st.ow$8o
gold and 70 ozs.- silver. These
properties will recommend themselves to investors looking, for a
The Eagle man made the nine
mile trip to the Triune early this
week. Leaving Ferguson at 8 a.m.
and calling at several properties en
route, the new Triune wagon road
near the 10-Mile Hotel was struck
at 11 a.m., and here were sacks of
ore brought down by teamster Anderson. The lower terminal cabins
were shortly reached, and there the
"bird" had to relate the news of
the'world before being allowed to
proceed further. After a very hard
climb up the Triune mountain, the
cabin and bunk-house were sighted,
and an hour later a voracious bird
was playing sad havoc among the
good things provided by cook Edwards. Supt. Dodds acted as guide,
mentor and friend throughout the
remainder of the visit, and as we
threaded our way up this rugged
peak, with the aid of a rope, the
writer looked neither up nor i.nm��j
l_. -i:~i,oh rto.^ily on and hugged
the rope, with many doubts as to
the next appearance of the brightest,
newsiest local paper. , Arrived at
a safer point for observation, while
regaining breath, the writer had a
grand panoramic view of the wild
mountainous country. Proceeding
to the mouth of the first tunnel we
were handed glims, and in a few
minutes had reached well into the
interior. An examination of the
walls satisfied us that the mountain
was literally metal. At this point
ore is being received in sacks at
the end of a chute of some 140 feet
long, from where it is removed to
the small tram outside. Ascending
the up-raise of 140 feet we came to
the spot from where the $200 ore is
being taken. It certainly is a wonderful ledge, and almost all ot it is
clean ore. Men are at work at all
points on development work, carpentering, ore-sorting, mining, laying rails for the bucket trams, etc.,
and strict attention is being devoted
to economy and safety. In another
tunnel we were shown the profuse
amount of rich soft carbonates
which are assaying away up in gold
values. We were also taken to
No. 3 tunnel, whick is a recent development, and which Mr. Dodds
informed us bore every indication
of further enhancing the fame of
the Triune.
After regaining the glorious sunshine the "bird" presented a very
bedraggled appearance, and a descent was made with the heart of the
Eagle beating and smashing all
previous records. " Put your feet
firmly down and hold tight to the
rope," was the good advice ten
dered, and the ordeal was safely
passed���less one or two attacks in
the rear. Whilst waiting for the
supper bell, we had lots of time to
cogitate on the respective advantages of mining and printing, and
after partaking of a bounteous
spread, leave-taking was the order,
with many thanks from our representative for the hospitality shown
and "an opportunity of inspection
We learned that another carlrjad
of or. was ready for shipnwm.
Oyster-Criterion Mill.
Mr. Barney'Crilley, who was at
the Windsoroh Tuesday night, informs us that an 18-lb. gold brick
was shipped l> the mint at Helena,
Mont., last Saturday as the result
of the semi-monthly clean-up of the
Great Northern Mines, Ltd., at the
Stamp-Mill at Camborne.
The Trail Smelter.
The total lead contents of the ore
smelted at the Trail, 13. C. smelter
for the year ended lune 30th, 1904,
were 10,483,425 pounds, an increase of 2,085,871 over the preceding year.
Experts Visit Us.
Mr. R, K. Floeter, and Professor
Crowle, of Franklin, Intl., are visit*
ing the Lardeau. The Silver Dollar b-roop io at present receiving
their attention. The latter gentleman is a professor of geology and
The Nelson Smelter.
A Visitor to the Lardeau
Returns from the Nelson Smelter
forthe year ending June 30, 1904,
show that 51 mines produced
14,042,688 pounds of lead during
that period. At the present time the
most important lead producing
mine in the Kootenays is the Highland at Ainsworth, which has earned
$37,057 of the lead bounty.
Ferguson is the busiest spot in the
Jim Reveler Is joining the forces at
the Era Mine as blacksmith.
M. S. Carr, Nelson, B. C, Is on tbe
ground in connection with further developing the Triune tram. He arrived
on last night's stage, and represents
the Riblet Company.
The King's Hotel, Ferguson, was
taken 0V6r' by Jim Cummings last
night. A house-warming was the
opening feature.
Frank Treanor and 0, J. Reid came
1 down from tho Laliu and 44 last pigltt*
Assessment duties for t'he your on thcBe
claims are concluded.
Placer mining near tho South Kork
bridge Is in full swing, and wages are
Tin, next best thing to a trip to St.
Louis will be a visit to thc Nelson
Fair on September 23tii and 20th, The
programme submitted 1�� a vory pretentious one, and the prize list Is very
heavy. Prizes for cattlemen, for horsemen, for poultry fanciers! lor vegetable
growers, for horticulturists, for artists,
in fact for everything, and the children
are not forgotten. The entries closo
Saturday Sept. 24, nnd a post card to
J. E. Amiable, secretary, will bring
you a prize list and othor particulars.
No arrests have yet boon mado in
connection with the recent burglary at
Camborne, although a clue Is being
worked on and a haul Is expected.
Mr. John W. Cook, hailing from
Ontario, paid the Eagle, a visit on
Tuesday last. The purport of his
visit to this part ot the continent
was to put through, if possible, a
big lumber deal at Nelson, B.C.,
negotiations tor which were satisfactorily arranged last week.
Mr. Cook laughingly told our
representative that much advice has
been gratuitously given him by his
well-wishers for his guidance during
his sojourn in the Lardeau. But
he was original enough to desire a
better acquaintance with a country
which was steadfastly boosted on
the one hand and sadly deprecated
on the other. Mr. Cook had a
fund of interesting knowledge to
impart ot the feeling of Easterners
towards certain companies whose
dealings have left us in very had
odor. These people are our Jonahs,
and the sooner they cut adrift from
us, the sooner will capital of honesi
men lean this way. At present
their tactics are suspicious, and we
trust the warning screech of the
Eagle will be heeded by Eastern
readers. It is not in our province
to make specific mention of names,
but when enquirers through the post
seek information of wild-cats, it is
time for the weapon to be placed in
the enquirers hands. We are
pleased to note, and it is very gratifying to Lardeauites to mark, thai
the mist is lifting, but a cloud, a
tiny black cloud is still hovering
above our heads. A well directed
shot will break that cloud, and with
it the last of the wild-catter, whose
tactics are nauseous, levants.
Mr. Cook was greatly astonished
at the vast wealth of the country,
and we are pleased to be in a position to give the lie direct to vandals
who declare the Lardeau has no
value at depth. Our representative
proudly pointed to the Triune
which has now been mined for foot
years, and the famous ore-producer
is growing richer every day ; to the
Nettie L., originally a concern rate
proposition, but now a shipper of
rich clean ore ; to the Silver Cup,
which although temporarily crippled
by the recent disastrous snowslide,
has achieved a great name ns a
producer of high values at depth.
On Monday Mr. Cook paid
visit to the Mill at Five-Mile, to
the Winslow group, the scene of
the recent gold excitement, and to
several other properties. On Wednesday he reached Camborne, where
Mr. B. Crilley piloted him through
the   mill   where   gold   bricks   are
BALED* TENDERS will be ro-
oelvod by the undersigned until
tbe 15th day of August, 11)04,
for driving a tunnel 200 feet long, 0 feet
high and ii wide on the " Goodenough
Group," situate! about thre* miles
above Circle City, Lardeau, B C. The
lowest or uny tender not necessarily
Agent for the owners,
BMtOD, B, C.| Aug. 8,1904.
Not many years ago Prof. Wnlton, of
London, than whom there Is no fairer
man to the prospector and mine owner,
wns shown a piece of yellow porphyry
containing visible specks of native
gold. " Ah I" said the professor,
" gold in yellow porphyry I" " Is
that a (avertible Indication ?" asked
tho simple man. "Indication, my boy,
nevermind the Indication; when you
(ini a rock carrying gold you just go
ahead and dig on It as long as it lasts."
Thus'laying down a rule that can be
profitably followed by prospector* and
A 84,000 Gold Brick.
A gold-brick reported to be worth*
about $4,000, says the Camborne
Miner, the result ol the past so'
days' run of the Goldfinch mill, wns
taken out on Saturday by -\. F,
Rosenberger. This is the first
brick turned out by this mill sinco
last January, ftom which time until the 13th of July the mill was out
of commission. Development work
has been in progress on the Goldfinch properly for some months
past, and it is said lhat rich ore has
been encountered. Considering
that the bulk of lhe ore treated wns
taken from open surface cuts, the
amount of gold obtained at the cleanup gives one an idea of the value of
the property.
The Mammoth.
The contract to cut and grade
the three-mile trail from the wagon
road to the Mammoth group has
been awarded to J. J. McKinnon of
Poplar. The wprk is to be com-
pleted by the end of September;
when ore shipments will be made.
An order for 1,500 ore sticks has
been filled.
Hecla and Hecla Frac.
These claims, which are located
on Rapid creek were bonded this
week by Messrs. Chism and Hen- \
drix to E. C. Desante, John Ellet-
sich and Cap. Race of Spokane.
The terms of the bond are $1,000
in 60 days, 81,500 in 90 days, and
the balance in 120 days.
The Brow.
This property, which is situated
on the Nettie L. hill, with proper
management, should prove a good
investment. The claim is held by
Geo. Lembke, Revelstoke, and
others. About $-5000 worth of development work has been done thus
far. 'There is a lead of oxidized
iron which looks very promising for
some 300 feet, and a quartz lead of
50 feet carrying gold values. With
capital at'the buck of a property of
this desctiption we do not hesitate
to aver that good returns to Ihe
coffers ol the investors would accrue.
May Queen.
This property on Silver Cup hill
is likely to be a shipper before many
weeks are passed. Ed. Hillman
has a number of men stripping the
ledge for 17 feet, nnd some good
concentrating ore has been encountered.
The Rambler.
James Livingstone has here a property which we hold in very high
esteem. Our representative paid n
visit to the embryonic mine this
week, and the tunnel which Livingstone is driving through the hard
rock is being progressed with. It
is expected that the main body of
clean ore will be reached at the end
of August. Lardeau Eagle
Hrlnted  Mid  fublliht,   ...tf  raiDAY   >l
F��r|Uton, B. C, by
tnwhom ill corrtipondinct ibould b�� mrtlltd
Sabictlptlon R��tei: 13.00 per -tnntim, to
ih ���ddrenln Amerl��;.1.2S (or ���iimonthi;
ItM > ?.�� to foreign >dd��H��i. Xo p��r, no
���ydriittildi RaMir IrttpHT odi., 11.00 por
. jjl��colmn��Io<!h permonth. Ltg��l ��di.,l.
mnu Mr (WMtMl.lt MM Ikr (till Inier tion; I
Mott por Hat lot Ml oddttloBtl lm��rllon
ludlDt noMnt It rtMi por lino ooch limo,
���Unity Sir loni MUotti ire.: ilitr in: 17.00;
tttlrtr do,., at. So odoi oocoptoa ot Im tbon
Iboto rotei.  Mo room lor (Wort odi,
r.wr weekly l.atrmms CMAHHMm
maata't Hrirtlsltg.
TB& NEW CO_��.__FrK>_-T OP
' Btrsnnss,
Fih'ance may be defined as the
art of doing business with other
people's money. A moment's reflection will show Aow far this is
true. The great bulk of the commerce of the world is carried with
borrowed money.- The business
house whose capital is large enough
to enable' it to conduct its trade
without borrowing is rare indeed.
Banks would not exist if this were
not (rUe. Bankers are brokers in
credits, Middlemen between lenders
and borrowers. The proportion of
borrowed money to capital in any
line of business greatly varies. The
speculator, as a rule, puts in lo per
cent of the capital required in the
transaction and borrows 90 per
cent. The merchant, as a rule in"
vests a larger percentage of his own
capital. All great enterprises, such
as railroads and big industrial corporations, are possible only by reason of the investments by a targe
number of different persons in the
stocks and bonds of the corpora*
tions. A few men conduct and control these operations; many contribute to them. They are, in fact,
'enterprises carried on with other
people's money. The financier is
the man who obtains the capital for
these big enterprises, secures the
money of countless investors for
It is important to keep this fundamental truth constantly in mind,
for when it is fully grasped it
changes the whole aspect of business. When the conscientious man
of affairs comprehends fully the immense significance of the fact that
he is conducting his business with
the money of other people, his point
of view must inevitably change.
He is no longer engaged in a merely selfish pursuit. He is indeed
working for himself, but working
for other people. Business, therefore has become a trust in the best
meaning of the word. The business man is a trustee of other
people's wealth. He is a confidential agent for the public. His responsibilities may .be regarded as
almost sacred, for they involve the
well-being, physical, moral and
spiritual of many other people.
This, then, gives a higher signi*
ficance to the business_life. For
tnerly, when commerce was conducted on a more nnrrow scale, and
when the capital required was small,
the business man missed that moral
elevation which now comes *6 him
when he remembers that he is
the trustee for multitudes of his fellow men, that in employing their
money he is ministering to them.
If he fails in his trust they suffer.
It he succeeds they share in his
If a man if worjiihg with hit
own and for his own only, he may
perhaps be pardoned if he risks all,
even himself, in his venture. But
when a man discovers tbat he is
working with the money of others,
and for their interests as well as
his own, he should be sobered by
the responsibility. He should find
that he is bound by higher ethical
standards. The growth of modern
business in the direction of a larger
trusteeship of wealth, therefore, demands of those in control, a finer
sense of their responsibilities to
others as being far more important
than any mere selfish interests.���
Rossland Miner.
NOTICE io konbr ilnn tbot tho METRO-
COMI'ANY OF LAKDEAU B.C., LIMITED, Intends to opply to tbe AHloUnt CommUnloner
ol Landi ond Works, undor prorliloni ol
Cboptor 113. known as tbo Land Aot, lor per-
mluion to purcboie tbe following deicrlbtd
unrewrved, uniurveycd ond unoccupied Crown
('ommencinf tt 0 twit on Silver Cup Mountain iltuoted about 400 loot trom Triune Creek,
���nd near Ihe lower terminal ol tbe Hallldlo
Tramline built to the Triune Mine In 190.
thenco eon 9640 (eet cioMiiif Triune Crook on
t<> Triuno Mountain, thenco north M00 loot
along tne weitcru elope o( Triuno Mountain,
thence woit 2640 Ieet, thonco aouth 6600 Ieet
10 thu point ol commencement, the lame containing about 400 acres.
The Metropolitan Oold and Silver
Mining Companv ol Lardeau,
n.c. Limited.
President and Managing Director,
Ferguion, B.C..
July 22,1-Wt.
A Shipper ot
rlirh-Orade Oold and Silver Ore.
TIEADERS of the " Lardeau Eagle " note the
*f\ following concerning one of our Leading Producing'Mines near Ferguson, B.C., and which has had a
g<Kat name from its discovery five years ago. Situated 9
miles S.E. of Ferguson at tthft h,ead of the great mining basin
at the source of Triune creek is the property known as The
Triune, consisting of 200 acres npw owned and nearly
paid for by the Metropolitan Gold ar\d Silver Mining Co.,
Ltd., whose head office is at Minneapolis, Minn., and
mining office at Ferguson, B. C. The Company already
had 400 acres 9 miles north of Ferguson on the North Fork
of the Lardeau, also a good mining property, when it
seagirt and purchased The Triune in 1902, the same year
mining and selling over $9,000 worth high-grade gold and
silver ore from The Triune. In the 90 days' summer
working in 1903 we mined .and sold to the Canadian Smelting Works, Trail, B.C., $i6,ooo"wor.h of o�� frum Th��
Triune, running $9.50 per ton in gold, $10.50 in lead, and
$123.00 silver, making an average value of $143.00 per ton
in 20-tort car load lots for the entire season. We are now
operating The Triune with 20 men mining and delivering
ore to Trout Lake City, where we load on the Canadian
Pacific Railroad's boats and send to the smelter at Trail,
B. C. We now keep two-thirds of our men on new development work : extending tunnel No. 1, and on new tunnel
No. 3, while we also mine and ship a little over 7 tpj>s of
this high-grade ore per week.
We shipped from Trout Lake one car load of 20 tons
July 30, and will ship another car of same size about Aug.
10. We have let the contract and have partially constructed
a new Double Wire Standard Tramway at The Triune,
costing us $2o;ooo, to enable us to handle larger amounts
of ore per day, -as the mine demands larger output facilities,
and we want the tram done this year to enable us to ship
from 5 to 10 tons per day right through the year.
We need more money than present ore-shipments furnish during this month. Hence the Directors have now
put upon the market a limited amount of treasury stock at
below par. Par value $1.00 per share. We now have over
1,400 stockholders.
Shares of our Treasury Stock in amounts of from
50 Shares up will be sold if bought and paid for
during August for SOc. per share until such funds
sufficient to pay the unpaid Tramway payments are in
hand, when the sale will be stopped, and Funds or
Orders coming too late will be promptly returned to the
References :
McKinnon tf Sutherland, Merchants, Ferguson, B. C.
McDermid <# McHardy, Mine Brokers, kelson, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada, Trout Lake City, B.C.
J. R. Ashdown&Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
J. H. Morris <f Co., Pitsburg, Pa.
Panton $ White, Duluth, Minn.
First National bank, Marshall, Minn,
Germania Bank, Minneapolis, Minn., Etc., Etc.
Send orders for Stock with Remittances payable to the
Metropolitan Gold aad Silver Mining Co., Ltd., to
Ferguson, B. C,  or 702 Sykes Block, Minneapolis, Minn.,
addressed to the Company.
PnsMtM ait Mnagitig MrrcMr.
Ferguson, B. C,
August i, 1904.
FERGOgOJ., b. c.
Groceries, Provisions, etc.
Fresh Fruits la Season.
Smokers' supplies.
Canned good*.
RttV   I SitQ     !? Fer&uson. the Pay-Roll
MJUjr    I_vi_#l-_5     Centre of the Rich Lardeau.
Is the HUB
SOUTH oi Ferguson lie the
phenominally rich
camps  of Poplar  and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH ol Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where fret mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up,
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information Apply to
Oeneral Agent,
���Revelstoke, B. C.
Geo. #. Batho.
Agent (or
      Giant Powder
������ " " ��� Fuse and Caps
Manager Alexandria Hall, P.O. Block, Ferguson
Second Annual Exhibition of the
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Exhibition.
September 28 <* 29
Write for Prize list,   E. J. Amiable,
Sec, Nelson, B.C.
E. M. Allum.
Mail Oriler Builneu Receive!
l'rompt Attention.
Novf Hit's an*l Jewelry In great
- Note the Add rem ��� ;
And Read
Trout Lake City Hotel
When yon
are at the
_^^_^^__ Lake, eall
en Jack Simpson. A smiling (ace and
good liquors, wines, etc. nre found behind the bar.   The Eagle Is taken here
Certlflcata of Improvement*.
Oold Hill snd Ooldrail th Mineral Clalmi. lit.
unto ln tbe Trout Lake Mining Division o( Weil
Kootenay luatrict.
Where located���on Poplar Creek about ono
alle from the railway,
o. fl. 71717, Intend, mtv dayi Irom the date
hereof, to appljMo thoj-tlnln**; Recorder lor
Tike Notice that I Robert Hodile, acting ae
 R. Pool, Free Mlner'i Certificate
CtrllScatM of Improvement!, for Ihe purpoH
of obtaining Crown Grants of tbe above clalmi.
ind further take notice that action, under
paction 17, mud be commenced belore the Ibiu-
ssee of eoch Certificate! ot Improvement!.
Dated IhltSth day ol January, A.D. IM4.
Two Bargains.
For price, terme, etc.,  apply to J. Edward
Bird, berrliter, Vancouver, or lo I. (1. Woodward, Fergueon.
rf WAT comfortable little Dwelling llouie oo-
1 espied by C. M. Neibllt, and two well cultivated tola, nicely fenced, eltiiaied lu the belt
reelden-o part ol Ferguion. For nle cheap.
Thia le a map.
rilHI Kagle Block, occupied by the I-ardeeu
JL Eagle newipaper and tbe Mefbndlit
Church. The building drawi a good I'ental
Mi the uie price and ler-ai will nfprln yon,
Moalo With ��� Pajitreak.
It pays to use the telephone, A (rip
oan often be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead Ar Comaplix by using
the 'phone. Office in Cummins & co.'s
D. J. Robertson, the Nelson furnltne
dealers are funeral directors and em-
The Canada Drag * Book Co., Ltd..
of Revelttoke, carry an immense stock
of stationery, fancy goods, games of all
kinds, the latest books ahd magazines.
rubber goods and mountain and mining
tiews.   Give them a mail order
��� Smokers.-  If you want the   _
m   "Onion"  and   "Our  Special
cioab gee that "Union Cigar Facto -
s stamped tn gilt letters on evert"
-a. A. Brown, Berelstokt,     '
Smith tf Co.
45 Bleary St,
4 Montreal
Will be represented In
Ferguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and we
Our representative
B. A. Scott is a
practical tailor and
will make clothes
lit. Hold your
orders for him.
Halcyon Hot Springy
Sanitarium  ...
Sltuetedjmldit acenery unrivalled for
grandeur. The moat complete health
retort on the continent oINorth America,
Ita bathe cure all Nervoue and Mui*
cular dlaeaeee. Ill watere heal all
Kidney, liver and Stomach allmenti.
They are a never falling remedy for
all metallic polaont, completely purifying the lyitem.
TKRliS-llStolUper week, accord.
Ing lb reildence fn Hotel or villas.
ONION   LAB?t"ol
II* United Hatieri
of North America.
"hen you are bur*
il   ��� FOB 'HAT,
���her eoft or itlS.
e to tl that the
lenslne   ONION
If  a retailer ' hai
looie label! Is hie
Exf tor you, do not
patronise him. He
hu nol any right to nave loose labeli. Loom
labela In retail itoree are counterfeit!. Do not
llitento any explanation ai to why tho hat
bee no label. The Genuine Onion Label le
perforated on the four odgei erectly the came
ae a poitage Hemp. Counterlelle era tome-
tlmei perforated on three ol the edgei, and
lometlmei only on two. Keep a iharp lookout
for Ihe counterfeit!. Unprincipled maunlac-
tnrere are uiing them In order to gel rid ol
thtir icafemade hate. Tbe John B. Button
Co. ol PJ-tMelpbla, Pa., li non-union concern,
JOHN A. HOFFITT.Preeldent,
Orange, N. J.
II Waverlr Place. Room IS. Now York City.
_^^____      Copv niOHTs *|e.i
Aayeoo eeadlBg a iketeh and deeertptlqn may
ally aeeertala oar optaloo free whether *ea
��������)��.I4 P?!*W.H����te��leL_Com ��*JJj��jj
Time Table.
a a abohhr ob aa labdh-iu
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October 14th, 1903, will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily���10k and 8k.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice daily ��� 7:15k and
12;4fik. Making close connections
with all C. P. K. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve the right to
change times of sailings wlthnul
The Umpire Lumbar Company., Ltd
Inoludlsi the Fleh Creek camp
aad Upper Duneen River eectlon. com-
Riled by A. P. Cummlni, P. L. 8., end 8
bennen. B. A., il now on aale el tale
olilce. The ready eale of the man le
proving all we have laid lor It. The
Trout Lake dlvlilon It lithographed la
blaek, the Lardeau In red,end the Aim-
worth In bine. Even a tenderfoot coold
take a copy of thlt slap and and ny
claim recorded In the three diritlont.
Tbo mountain!, laktt, ereeki, wagon
roadi, traili, lurveyed railway routee,
and the location and name (by a unique
Index) of every mineral claim In the
dletriol le ehown.
���veir   .��   r/��..<����   .����   C.aatrr   fa
Ptraaa TUt Map Ttkti Ilm Plat*.
In tact every geographical
feature la to well defined that one can
tee at a glance the nature ol our country
and the trend of the claim location!
elvei an Intelligible idea ol tbe mineral
belte running through tbe camp. Hit
Tat   Btai   Want   far   Oaa Dollar
ever offered ln tbe map line ol amlnlng
camp, lt li the flrit complete map of
the dlelrlct and li telling well. Ititlutt
what yon are.looking for. WE ALSO
Add/ett yonr order, with an
eneloivrt of a one dollar bill, Ino
chequei, orderi, etc.) to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will be supplied at SO cents each.
For Sale
A Snap ! Get after, it quick.
This incubator Is iff first-class
condition. Here Is a chance to
make a (ortune for
A 12 ox. Duck
12x8 TENT.
With 3 ft. Wall. Nearly new.
Owner has no further use for
it.   For quick sule, will accept
R*eal Estate
I have somo of the finest blocks
and lots lo Ferguion on my books.
Bdy at once before tbe crowd gets
This week's speoial: _>
A Lot on Vlcto .'a Av.
100x33 feet.   	
.     adjoining the  Poet-Offlce ln
��    Blook 1.        y  _*���*, .���- .*
I $imf
*L ���
This Is the finest location la town
and will be worth treble shortly.
Do yeu wish to' buy or sell anything ? Drop me a line and I'll
worry you.
Apply to
Lardeau Eagle, Perguson, B.C.
Triune, Silver Chltl, Enterprise, Kamloopt
and Kamlmipe Fractional mineral clalmi,
iltuate in the Trout Lake Mining Dlvllion ol
Watt Kootenay DlttrlcL
Where located :-0n Triune Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Ueorge 8. McCarter,
acting ae agent for Andrew Kerguaon, Free
Mlneri' Certificate, No. IUISSJ, Intend, mty
dayi (rom the date hereof, to amply to tbe
Mining Recorder lor a Certificate of Improve*
menu, lor tlie purpoie ol obtaining a Crown
Oram of the above claim!.
Awl lurtber take notice that action, under
lection 37, mint be commenced before the la*
luance ol tuch certificate of improvementi.
Dated thia llth day ol June, A.D. 1901.
Gold or Silver II..10
Gold and Silver 13.00
Silver and Lead KM
Copper 11.00
Zinc 11.30
S.   SHANNON,   B.A.
im mm iii i ii museum 11
lt you earn a PREK
DRINK by paying
your   subscription *
Thorpe &Co
Read lie Eagle.
Traat Lake Branch���A   antral   Balking  Baalataa   Traaaactai,
Capital'Authorised, 14,000,000                   BBADOfflCB'
Capital (paid up)   ���    3,000,000 _ __,   ___._���._.
r,__ ."_ . r. . 2;86o,ooo loronto, Ontario!
Branches In tbe Northwest Territories. Provinces <of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario aud Quebec.
T. R. MERRITT, President. D. R. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Gsa Man.
E. BAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief let*** ictor.
Savings Department���Deposits received and Interest allowed-
Drtltl Sold available In All parti ol Canada,
UnitedBt��teiand Europe. _.,���������
Special attention given to oollectloni aad c' "��� QOVLTBCC
Mining Bondt. "      Maaagtr
Are YouM"' Union Cigar Factory
A Union
. Man
Manufactures only Union goods, and besides, tbey are the best on tbe market.
Tbey are made of the best Havana tobacco,
and their excellence is undisputed. Insist
on getting
H. A. BROWN,     -     Profiieto
Union Cigar Factory, SEVEISIOIB, B.C.
When Visiting
The best place
to stay *fs the
Laughton Bros.
We try to give satisfep;
tion to our  guests.
House and Lot For Sale.
Without a doubt the finest
Residence ln tbe Lardeau.
Situate in Ferguson, the
property contains fl rooms,
newly plastered throughout. Verandah ln front.
Water laid on. This very
desirable property would
make a llrst-class boarding
down an1*' ">s res'0D rery
��� "" easy terms.
Apply Jno. J. Atherton, ' Eagle' Office
The Kootenay
Headqilailere (pr Aceayere, Mining
"*"���" ^^-|lae- Sole egenti In B.
, Crjcible Co., Battenea,
C. (or Mot-aaH vruuiwia v.***. u-.i.ci._��,
ingland; K. ��'��� Miaun & co.'t Patent
Ctryr->rneoei,Miirnert,etc.| Wm. Aim-
worth A Co.'t Fine Balance! etc., etc.
Tha Brightea.; Neweieet Paper
ln tbo Dtatriot.   .   .... ,
t   .. 'TT ���*- ���
Tbere li only one boil mining Journal.
That la      f'  ''
Mines and Minerals.
(I bee a larger circulation than any two other
American mining Journal! beceuie It ii tbe
bait. It It the Targeti, belt mutinied and
bandiomiit mining Journal In lbs world. II
lea mining paper lor mining men. Subecrlp-
llon price I3.IB per year. Send hr free eample
aopy. AddreetfilNIBANDMINBIIAU.Scran.
Sen, Pa., U. I. A. Denver oBeee, Bsrtn Bldg.,
Penrer, Colerado,
Does All Kinds Ol Work In
Way Of
Either Machine or Band Work,
We Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any .omplaloti may be lodged
with our -Agent,
Traat Late, ��� ���
t Local and General. :
���4 ��� �����-���-��� e- ��� ���-��� ��-���--*-��� ���-������-*-��� ���-���*��� ������*������-��� 4-
We Bolloit vour subscription.
John -lobnspn, Nelson, was it visitor
on Saturday. ���'    '���
.1. W, Cox Is doing somo, assessment
-.voi'lt on StltJfct. Cup Mountain.
.Itio lhiraont lias quit malting love,
he's going in for breeding rabbits.
Tim Snell, who Is interested in the
taven with A. J. Cordon, was in towA'
this week.
H. N, Coursier, Revelstoke, v:as In
in town yesterday hunting up lir.'in'-i
itirance business.
President Battey went to Nelson last
Saturday on Triune business. He returned Wednesday.
Mr. A. J. G. Swinney, general manager of the Silver Cup Mines, Ltd., returned to Ferguson ou Monday night.
H. C. Hawkins, a London, Eng.
tourist has been prospecting the Lar-
ileau river Ior fish with great success.
It speaks volumes Ior tho Lardeau
whon requests to exchango with the
I'agle are received, from Nova Scotis,
San Francisco and a London financial
Rob. Hargraves, of the Silver Cup
Mines, Limited, went to Revelstoke oo
Saturda/ to meet Mr. Leslie Swinney,
who has arrived to join the stall.
A.J. Gordon, J. Reveler and R.
3urns journeyed to the Black Prince
on Gaiuer Creek on Thursday and were
greatly edified at tho rich showings ot
Mils steady shipper.
There ore enough berries to be ob-
. tained 'free-gratis-and for nothing at
-.ho present time around Ferguson to
wan-trot ua dropping tbe.bullion boost
j to turn our attention to a jam proposition.' -
Joseph Morton, representing tbe
Vancouver World, was rustling up new
subscribers and killing dinks in the
pay-roll centre on Tuesday. He reports Ferguson as being the most live
town in tho Lardeau.
Jin*. Reveler, Burton. City, Columbia
���/iver'ls spending a few days in town.
.Ub Informed our representative that
"���some of the properties there were
really high-grade shippers, but that
'.hat point was a great sufferer from
ihe ���aftermath of the wildcatter.
Solomon In all bis glory was not as
. *adlant as Sam Sutherland, king ol
..he Pay-roll centre, universal -pro-
.���ider, philanthropist and mascot, last
Mondty morning. Mr. Sutherland Is
up to times, and before he returns he
������111 visit the St. Louis Fair and any
other old thing worth looking at.
II you recommend tho Kaglo you are
earning the gratitude ol the Lardeau.
Tho F.agle is a widely read journal. If
you would do your camp a service, subscribe for tho Fugle and have It sent to
a library back East, whero thousands
will read and learn that tho Lardeau
is the richest spot in Canada. By
doing this you will holp along the good
work the Eagle Is aiming at.1
The deepest sympathy ol everyone
will bo oxtended to Mr. John Bull, of
Arrowhead. Mr. Bull's family are residents ol Slocan City, und Mr. Bull
haB lately opened up a store at Arrowhead. It appears that his children
were bathing on the sandy bench in
front of the station at Slocan City, and
a young child, May, got out ol her
depth alongside a barge, und her sister
Nettle went to hor assistance. The
younger child reached the shore in
safety, but wo sadly relate that her
heroic sister perished. Tbe body was
recovered an hour later.
Onbe when returning from court of
session * a famous Canadian judge
noticed an old Irish (arm help who was
about to take a third-class ticket to tbe
next tewn. He paid his lare and took
him into his sleeper, The conversation soon turned upon thp relative
merits of Canada and Ireland. As the
train rolled onthrough a sea of waving
grain the judge said, "Well, Mike,
you are evidently admiring' the country. Far away above old Ireland this,
isn't it?" The old man shook his
head. "Come, come, now," said tho
judge--" sursly this a finer country in
every way 1 For instance, yo'u would
be a long -time in Ireland before you
would enjoy tbe honor ol riding In
tbe company of a judge." " yes," replied Mike. " and you'd be a long time
in Oireland afore they'd* make yo a
judge I"
Judge Miller says the Old Gold lal   A dance, which proved a very sue
'looking line." cessful  function,  took place  in  the
Alexandria Hall, Ferguson, last Friday |
evening. About 15 couples graced the
Hoot*, which was In first-class condition for devotees of the mazy wait?.,
tlianks to the efforts of Mr. Ceo. B.
Batho," tho lessee. Mr. C. H, Little
as master of ceremonies filled that
position' creditably. The orchestra
was conducted ln a pleasing manner by
Miss Kate Edwards. Dancing was
kept up until it lato hour, and while
the last strains of " Tho Blue Danube "
were dyi'rtg a'wfcy, the other fellow
klB6ed the other fellow's girl, tiny
hands were squeezed, and all wore as
happy as diclt'y birds. One and all
left with the conviction that it was
quite tho jolHeBt event of the year.
A* local kid of Borne five summers,
to wit, Boyd Lauder, must have his.ad*
ventursome spirit curbed, or he'll become a bold b,ad buccaneer. Hero is a
story in two chapters.
Scone : Cra�� lord's stable. Someone
has joshed tho morsel of humanity
intobeliovingho was privileged to take
a horse'out when he choose. Exit Boyd,
libtor Billy Davey, who desires to get
to Trout Lake quicker than lightning.
A fiery untamed is saddled, and an adjournment is made to tho nearest hos-.
telry for a lubricator. On returning to
stable for tho horse, the noble creature-
is non est.   Boyd has been there.
Chapter 2. Scono: The outskirts of
Trout Lake City. Tho clatter of hoofs*
is heard. Strong men turn pale, and
hysterical women scream aB with bulging eyes and dilated nostrils a horse
approaches at a tremendous bat, and
our young hero is thrown almost at the
feet of the Eagle man. The youngster
loll heavily among some timber, and it
seems almost a miracle that no Injuries
aro to be recorded. Nothing daunted
by his experience, the tot almost be-
seeched the Eagle man to let him go
catch tho bronc, which, ere this, had
concluded its mad career alone. With
his hand firmly cinched in the claw ol
the Eagle our local Dick Turpln was
almost dragged the intervening lour
miles to the Pay-roll Centre���a sadder
and wiser kid.
i    reci
Joe Brady says he's Bick of seeing bo
much galena on the Otegon.
Sam Sutherland says persistent advertising pays for his trip to St. Louis.
Policeman Kli-itpa.fioi. =���*�������� that the
law-breakers in Ferguson are not
practising these days.
Sandy Laughton saya the Camborne
burglars will find a hoodoo in the cash
register when they strip tho Lardeau
Dave Morgan says nothing.
A local young swell
Whose name rhymes with L
Was lately much mashed on a lady.
A ride to the Lako
Should prove no mistake
If tbe rival would quit acting Bhady.
It's all very well
To ride down tho dell
With a hoi'Be tor tho lady, believe rae,
You're likely to swear
When the girl Is not there
And the rival is neither, concolve me.
Overheard at the dance ������ " What If I
have loved another, dear ? Don't you
know It has only spared me for the
greater, higher love I bave for you ?"
"That's all right; but how ami to
know that tho love you now have for
me isn't preparing you for a greater
higher lovq tor somo other lellow.
School Trustees for tlie town
Fergus6n are prepared to
receive   applications   for   the
position of Teacher at the Ferguson School.
Applicants (Male or Female) must
be prepared to commence duties on
Monday, August 8th, next.
Address -. Secretary,
School Board,
Ferguson, B.C.
sfeiftLrii^i^'rfijfrtu-rt-r-'* ���rfuS?
Shaving.     bnumpOOiun,
Hairdrossing,     Singeing.
Dyeing,     Baths, hot and
oold water.
1 huvo the bost appointed shop in the
I.tirileau.  Open from 8 a. iii. to.8 p. m.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.       ij,
r ������-���*> ������������������e^-w ���
CARDS.        I
P. L. S.
The firstman has turned up who has
a kick 'because war news Is not pub
lished in the Eagle. Fancy a man in
the Lardeau worrying over the war
when the local mines are revelling In
the lead bounty I However, we cabled
to our special correspondent at the
front to till the bill, and the following
despatches have been received :
TwocofyaandaBpIt, Aug. 10.���General
Kiinipkiln is always to be found nt the
head ot the Russian army���when in
TroutLakesltte, Aug. 10.���A large
party ol raspberry pickers, unmounted,
wero surprised in ambuscade near the
Horn-Pane encampment to-day. The
brigade were taking winter supplies
to the Rusbln' array at St. Fergusburg.
Lylngtung, Aug. 11,���Port Arthur
has (alien.
Cumbornoskl, Aug. 11.- Gen. Mac
Lennovitcb took a Hen on tho bridge
Flvmiloskl, Aug. 10.~Duke Cha'm-
panakoff has taken tbe smelter in Fergusburg, which will be converted Into
a huckleberry orueher. The local
Jonah was captured and shot wi'-hput
compunction tbis morning.
Are you an advertiser ? Does jour
advertisement appear in the Fagle?
Do yoi* fcnpw that by withholding your
patronage you a"e starving out the
G,NLY means you have of lettlng.lhe
world know of your existence. Think
over it and act quickly. Local support
must be forthcoming, or the outside
world will think us a deserted huralet.
Rera_mber, Ferguson la not on the
map, and the Eagle is your ONLY
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys mado and prown Grants
Obtained;.; '    '
-, ...Tfout kake.
Surveys ol Mlnei, Mineral OUms and
Brown I.nnitn. Crown droits Obtained nnil A��8��uu�����-�� Managed
lor Absentee!.
Oltlcoi:  Cam norpe and Vancouver
P.   L.   S.,
Beaton, B. C
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Offices: RcveMolte, Golden, and Ferguson, sollcltore lor Imperial Bank
of Canada
Geo. 8, McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
4 Free Trip to
The World's
Would prove a great draw.    Rut valuo
for money is a groater.    Our prices are
McKinnon k Sutherland
Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
Where he keeps light and heavy vehicles, single and
double drivers, Baddle and pack horses for hire.
Also proprietor of the stage route running between
tbe above points, making three trips weekly.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens. Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars. .Fire'proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing andFergu7ndPacking
.Fl'GirSjllt/iliQ!! Transfer Outfit.
Contracts  entered Into tor packing ot Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point In the district,
Good, prompt service, and any work undertakon guaranteed satisfactory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney,Prop.
Is our business. We
have thc facilities and
ingenuity necessary to
execute artistic work.
Anything In our Line Turned oat Promptly.
jj   Legal, Survey and Mineral Claim   ^
r*T   Blanks always in stock... �������
. ��� ------ *
ill rrrMf
us one
Trial.  .
-..^J*.. ;._���_.
The,Lardeau Eagle
_4       , Ferguson, 0, c. ������ .�� ... .


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