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 i 3
The l
deau eagle.
VOL.II. NO.'it.v)
$2.00 A YEAR.
Laurier Will Soon Have To Answer
To The People.
Canada No Longer Enjoys Representative Government.���No Pretence Made Whatever To Carry
Out Their Platform.���Conservatives Will Also Have To Change.
The Salmon Arm Liberal association
have taken the initiative in the calling
of a convention of delegates of this
constituency to nominate a candidate
for the forthcoming Dominion elec-
ttons, in the interests of the Liberal
party. Revelstoke.is suggested as the
meeting place and Sept. 15th the date.
All the Liberal associations in the riding have been asked to call a meeting
and advise the Salmon Arm association
as soon as possible.
Apparently the Salmon Arm Liberals do not intend to wait for a general
redistribution measure, after tho
census, and Hewitt Bostock possibly
wishes to find out where he is at. The
Eaole can safely say that ho doesn't
figure ace high in thiscamp. However
thlS8hould prime the other political
..parties and set the ball a rolling.   If
. the Independent Labor party purpose
placing a candidate in the field, now is
their time to say so.
It matters not whether the elections
. -are held now or in the new year, Sir
Wilfrid Laurier must be shown in no
uncertain tone that when the people of
Western Canada elect him on certain
conditions and promises they must be
carried out. Sir Wilfrid advocated
certain principles, and on the Btrength
of these was elected, but since he has
made no  pretence whatever to carry
, out those principles he should be
turned down. Representative govern-
���mpSJjt is no longer representative when
ljaurler was elected to do one thing
and he does precisely the opposite. . T
"Put mo in power'' s*id Sir WUIrlo
laurier "and 1 will  legislate to have
. C. P. R. lands under taxation," To
make a promiBo Is ono thing, to keep
it is another; to get into power is one
thing, to remain there is another.
8Ir Wilfrid's unkept pledges wero the
means of his election as they will be of
his defeat. Our country is tied hand
and foot by thiB monopoly and our
eloquent, plausible, little premier is
doing all in his power to make the
knot tighter.
If the Conservatives would go to the
country pledged to buy and control the
C P. R., so far as Western Canada is
copcerned, they would win hands down.
And unless the Conservatives produce
a more progressive platform than tho
Liberals, and otherwise meet the
requirements of this modern age, the
only course open is to secure Independent Labor candidates and elect them;
The people are growing tired of being
fllmflamtred by both the old old-time
John Houston of the Nelson Tribune,
who seems to have received a private
tip, in speaking of tho above convention says: "The nominee of that
convention will bo a Nelson man, and
he will carry the  constituency  hands
. down." The chancos are the Tribune
means that John Houston is the dark
LAltDKAlI'S l-Arit(>I.I.  CENTRK.
Ferguson is tho supply point for tlie
Old Gold camp, ull proportion up tho
north and south forks of tho Lardoau,
the Nettie L, hill, Great Northorn hill.
In one year from the time a railway
atrlkes Trout lake, Ferguson will be
���urrounded by nt least one hundred
���hipping mines. Thero will be a
dozen this winter under the present
adverse circumstances.
already discovered, and which would
cause attention from outsiders. But
what would be still 1 jtter, however,
would bo the i. ���'������ : of from $20,-
000,000 to $60,6ou,l meritorious
mining properties whl re a -lady
boon staked.
The outlook now is that British
Columbia is fast coming into favor in
London, whore they havo tho millions
to invest, and wo will probably not
have to wait a groat whilo for this
money to bo sont hero to opou up tlio
mining ground that has already been
Managing Director Welch Pays tho
Camp a Visit.
Development Going  On In  Every
Freighters   Asked    By    Manager
Didisheim To Bid on  Carriage.
The Eaole is informed on good
authority that Manager Didisheim of
the Silver Cup has asked Messrs.
Craig & Hillman and others to bid
on the cost of tho carriage of a concentrator plant from Thomson's
Landing to Ferguson. This seems to
indicate that at last the Cup havo
decided to push thoir interests In this
camp to the front. If the concentrator
is located at what is known as the
Home Payne camp, about 500 yards
west of the townsite limits, thoy will
have unlimited water power and
tho company will also be able
to mill the thousands of tons of low
grade oro in sight on the Broadview,
just back of Ferguson. The local saw
mill is located conveniently and there
will be no trouble in procuring lumber.
If the work is pushed to completion
before tho snow llys it will necessitate
the employment of at least two
hundred men in all. Then after its
completion a much larger force will
be required at the Cup, and also on
the Broadview. The Eaole is unable
to learn the exact location of tho mill
or in fact any particulars; but it will
all come out one of these fine days.
1'neir Immense Saw Mill Plant
May be Concentrated at Revelstoke.
A lumber combine has just been
formed in North Kootenay, which
includes tho Columbia River Lumber
Co., Genelle & Co., and the Fred.
Robinson Lumber Co., ail bigooncerns.
It is just possible that tbe new monopoly will concentrate their works at
Revelstoko, as all tbeir best and
largest timber limits are located on
the Columbia river above that point.
If this is done tbe company will
require a railroad into the Big Bend at
once, as it would take at least three
train loads a day to keep tho immense
institution going. If truo, this will
mean tho salvation of Revelstoko, as
transportation will then bo provided
for other purposes as well. And Rov-
elstoko's payroll will bo increased by
many thousands of dollars a month.
Tho desks for Forguson's public
school have beon ordered by tho
truBtoes from one of tho best manufacturers In tho oast. Thoy will be hero
In timo to bo ready for the school opening on August Kith. The other
necessaries ure being provided locally.
A toucher has boon engaged as
toachor. No effort will bo spared to
mako tho school worthy of bends of
families residing in tho district bringing in thoir families. This will moan
tho erection of two or moro residences
in town.
Prospeotors Are Waiting for Capitalists to Make a Move.
There,, are vory fow prospeotors in
the Lardoau district this season.
Property owners tire striving to
develop their claims sufficient to
attract investors. Wbilo there is still
plenty of vacant ground in tho Lardeau, what we most need Is capital to
develop tho hundreds of really promising prospects that havo alroady boon
staked, and which are known to be
meritorious. Capital is, therefore to
the Eagle's notion, more needed than
is the discovery of now mining ground.
It would, of course, bo a good thing to
find more now  loads,  equal  to those
"It's sickening to hear tho whoop
now for Tommy Atkins; bo's a hero, a
little tin god. But In the piping timo
of poaco no respectable Englishman
would bo soon in his company. Tlio
finger of every loafor Is pointed at him
as tho fellow too lazy to work. In his:
own country, puba oponly refuse to
servo him, and won't ullow him about
the place lest ho, being an infected
animal, should drive away trade Eating houses ditto. Certain parts of the
theatro are barred him. No respectable girl, if she wishes to koop her
place, dare be soon with him; If sho
marry him sho is disgraced���far hotter
to have married a swoop. His pay
baroly keeps him, and if ho lias the
chook to marry, his wife must work
(wash or char) to koop herself. And
wben this war is over ho will again be
the pariah and moral loper ho was
aftor every other war. Tlie thin red
lino is a fino thing in poetry, but in
real llfo whon no war is on, tho average
Englishman wouldn't touch it with a
long pole."
! S. Shannon is J. W. Wostfall's Successor as Local Superintendent.���
A New Tunnel Will Be Started
and the Base Crosscut Continued.
���Mr. Welch's Opinion.
A. E. Welch of London, Out., managing director of the Scottish-Canadian
and Monitor Minos companies, opera-
ing up tho north fork of tlie Lardoau,
the former tlio well known Kob Roy,
just above ^Circle City townsite, tho
latter tho Monitor and Mogul, this side
of Circle City; arriv ' 'n the camp last
week and immediatei., proceeded to
the properties just spoken of.
At the Rob Roy Mr. Welch found
that the baso tunnel was now driven
280 It., having crosscut the No. 1 and
2 loads, and within about 20 ft. of
tapping the No. 3 lead, the objective
point. In the short drifts on No. 1
and 2, the lodgo is sprinkled hero and
thero with galena, but ns local superintendent Westfall wns bending for
the No. 3, not enough work was done
to form an accurate idea of what values
there may bo deposited further in.
Thursday of last week Messrs. Welch
and Westfall spent tho day prospecting
and laying plans for future development. They went up abovo to the
Burface shewings, and with a pick
secured some fine specimens of galena.
Some 500 ft. abovo the present tunnel
tho wholo lodgo (locally knowi as the
Great Horn lend) is heavily -ireg-
nated with ore; in fact there is "sorting" ore right on the surface.
After duo consideration tho management decided to let a contract for tho
continuation of Mr. Wostfall's program
in tho baso tunnel and thoy will also
commence a new tunnol just below the
big surface showing and crosscut it at
ou or GO ft. dopth, and thus bo enablod
to tako out a good deal of ore and find
out exactly the lay of tho ore body. If
this pans out satisfactorily they will
drive another crosscut about half way
between this and tho lower workings,
thereby following tlio oro all tho way
down. Tho baso tunnel gives them
about 500 or 550 ft. depth, and once the
upper and lower workings are connected they can take out as much oro
as there is iu tbo property at a
minimum cost. Tbe contracts wore
awarded to Alex. Bigger, and tho
stipulations uall for night and day
shifts on both tunnels.
The Eaole might sny here that J.
W. Westfall, who Ib local superintendent for throo othor companies
operating just over on tho Duncan
slope, found It necessary to place his
resignation in the hands of Mr. Welch,
as ho could not devote enough time to
tho Rob Roy at this critical stage of
Its development. Though Mr. Wolch
regretted tho change very much, ho
has been extremely fortunate in
securing another good practical man,
In the person of S. Shannon, Forguson's popular assayor.
In speaking of the outlook generally
Mr. Welch expressed hlmsolf in
sanguino terms. "Tho cout'Bo of
development at tho Rob Roy is all that
could bo desired. "Tho results tiro
ovou hotter than I oxpocted at this
stage, and with a full forco now at
work night and day wo will soon havo
Boino good news for our shareholders.
I havo visited tbo Nettio L., Canadian-
Lardoau, Sunset, ' Monitor, Mogul,
Jewel, Big Five and other properties',
and havo secured somo good photos.
Unfortunately I have a dangerous cold,
else I would have wont over tlio summit to soe tho Old Cold, i'rimrose anil
othor promising properties over there.
I have more faith in the Lardoau than
over. 1 shall make another clay
miniature model of tho district when
I return and placo it on exhibition at
the Toronto industrial fair; but I
Bhould have a number of samples from
your various mines. Thore is not
another mining distriot In this province
which can produce such oro samples
as I have seen during tho last week,
11 had my first experience at sliding
| down a glacier tho othor day, returning from the Big Five group with
j Messrs. Carter and Thompson, and it
is an experience I will long remember.
Those yawning crevices are onough to
frighten ono. But these prospeotors
j don't seem to mind it, do thoy? I
I should like to have remained longer
I In the camp, but I must bo in London
For our annual moot ing ou tho 23rd, so
| you see I havo no time to spare. It Is
I just possible, though, that I will como
' out again late this fall, just before tho
snow comes."
Whistler, Goppor .Musk mid InUox.
A. -T. Gordon returned from field
gulch, up Gainer creek,- on Thursday
to secure additional supplies. He lias
finished assessment work on the
Whistler and Copper Mask and will
now represent the Index. Mr. Gordon
snys there is a good deal of activity up
that way in the way of assessment
Deal Ponding on the Surprise.���Tho
Triuno's First Shipment.���Black
Diamond, Silver Bolt, Hunter and
Trappor, Whistler, Coppor Mask,
Index, Cup, Wagner, Spokane.
Tin, Surprise Oroup,
Jas. MeMahon, who with I). Morgan,
W. Foote aud A. Macintosh, owns the
Surprise group at tho head of Surprise
creek, up tho north fork of tho Lardoau, was in town on Saturday evening
and returned on Monday morning with
supplies. Mr. McMuhon and Mr.
Morgan have completed the trail up
the creek to their property, and aro
now busy sinking a shaft on the lead,
as woll as malting ready to build a
shaft house and cabin, so that work
can be continued all winter. The
ownors have a deal pending for a fair
gure, but if it fails to go through
they purpose sinking and taking out
oro all winter. A shipment of $75 ore
could bo made at any timo, but with
doptli the value of the oro is increasing
so that it will be moro profitable to
wait until about mid-winter. Tho
group consists of throe claims, tho
Surprise, Welsh and a fraction. Mr.
MeMahon is very much interested in
the development of the Surprise for he
focis certain that it is a winning proposition, one that even a poor man can
handle. And if tho company now
negotiating for the property fails to
como up, he and his partners will
prove this contention to be true. If
tho deal does matcrali/.o they will
re-invest the money received in other
properties thoy hold in that locality.
riir silver Cup.
D. G. McNeill, local superintendent
at the Silver Cup, and tho three mining experts who have been up at the
property for a woek or moro, left for
Revelstoke on Sunday evening. A
favorable report by these gentlemen
may mean the early construction of a
mill and tho installation of au air compressor plant.
Wagner Group.
Cutler T. Porter of Spokane is
expected in the camp in a few days to
recommonco work on the famous
Wagner group, upon which a great
deai of work has boon done, exposing
a large body of rich ore. The group
will also be surveyed this season.
Spokane Group.
Foreman Sharp of tho Canadian-Lardeau (Spokane group) was in town on
Saturday. He-reports things going
ahead nieoly in that direction. Both
outside and inside work is being done,
preparatory to the winter season.
Thos. Taylor Successful in Securing-
More Money.
Additional Force on the   Triune.
Sam. MeColl, Ed. Ward, Harry
Nollis and Dave Forguson loft on Monday morning, with twelve loaded pack
horses, for tho Triuno mine���for a
mine it i3. This will Increase tho
force to ton men, who will continuo
work night and day from this date.
The horses will be loaded with oro on
their return trip its far as Ten-Mile.
Supplies for the fall and winter will
now be laid in and tho horses kept
busy packing down ore all the time.
A 20-ton shipment will be made in tho
course of a week and enough ore will
be Btaeked up at Ten-Mile to keep tho
teams going between here and the ]
Landing. Tbe Triuno is a wonderful |
property, considering tho amount of
development dono. It was a poor
man's proposition. Another graSB-root
shipper has been added to tho Lardeau's long list of mineral producers.
A   London,   Eng.,   Mining Broker
Wants To Secure Samples and
A. J. Gordon of this place, has received instructions from G. H.
Hickingson of Sheffield, Eng., to
furnish him with all the mineral
samples ho can obtain, with any other
particulars of the property, at as early
a date as possiblo. Mr. Hickingson is
now in Vancouver, but leaves for London in a few woeks to open up a mining
broker's oflice His object in securing
Lardeau and Trout Lako samples will
bo to place tbem on exhibition in his
London ollice, and thus bring our mining properties to their attention. This
offers an exceedingly good opportunity
for prospeotors. The samples (about a
lb. if possible) may be left at the
Eagle office and the terms, etc., entrusted to Mr. Gordon, who will
immediately forward them, without
charge to Mr. Hickingson. Samples
brought iu at once will roach Vancouver in time for Mr. Hickinson to
take them to London with him. As a
means of placing our resources moro
prominently before tlie investing public this scheme is unequalled. Owners
of properties should certainly take
advantage of the opportunity.
Move Work oil the Itluc-k  Diamond.
Charles Porter, brother of Cutlor T.
Porter, and John Kennedy, interested
in tho Wagner group, both Spokane
mining men, have arrived in tho -camp
and gone up to continuo tho 100 ft.
tunnel boing driven on the load on tho
Black Diamond, located at tho head of
Silvor Tip crook up the north fork,
ownod.by tho Silvor Tip Mining Co.,
of which such well known Spokano
men us P. W. Henley, Frank Watson
and A. W. Selgel aro directors. They
expect to roach tho oro body proper
with loss than 50 ft. moro work.
Assays from tho Black Diamond givo
small values In gold and as high as 820
ozs. In silver to tbo ton. .1. P. liurn-
yeat, M. E,, I'. L. S., of Vernon, will
survey the property tills wook.
sill,',- 11,11  Group.
Tho full assessment work has now
boon recorded U|ion tho Silvor Belt
group on Brown creek, up the south
fork, ownod by tbo Silver licit
syndicate, nf which Goo. K. Morton,
St. Thomas, Out., is a trustoo. Surveying and crown granting will bo
proceeded with immediately. Arrangements aro being made for
systematic development on a largo
scale, under the direction nf a qualified
Reorganization of the C. M. M. t II. Co.
Tho Hunter and Trapper claims on
Pool creok, owned by tho Canada
Mutual M. & D. Co., Ltd., Toronto, aro
now having ussessmont work completed
by contract, with tlie intention of surveying and crown granting as early as
possiblo. Tbe company intend floating a strong subsidiary corporation to
develop and work these claims, giving
thoir own shareholders -tlie f st issue
of shares at a ground lloor price.
Edward Adair is in  the Camp in
the Interests of His Company.
Ed. Aduirof Revelstoke, manager of
the Adair Prospecting, Mining and
Development Co., with headquarters
in Winnipeg, arrived in town on
Saturday afternoon. His company is
now operating on the Adair group on
Laforme creek in the Big Bend with
promising results, but as there seems
to bo no likelihood of transportation
facilities being provided in that
direction, Mr. Adair has been Instructed by his oom puny to como in nnd
examine a few Lardoau properties
with a view to purchasing or obtaining
a working bond. After spending Sunday In town Mr. Adair wont up the
north fork on Monday to sec tbo Surprise group and other properties in
that locality.
Mr. Adair is an old-timor in the
Lardeau. His esteem for tbe camp
is just as high as over. With the
knowledge ho has of our resources and
tho certainty of i1 railway by the timo
thoy could develop a property to a
shipping stago, it'is not improbablo
that tho A. P. M. and D. Co. will
shortly bocome interested in this district. The U.IGLE can only hope that
such will bo tho case, for that is just
exactly what we aro all kicking for,
Once wo can show the C. P. R. tho
tonnage on the dump, wboro a blind
man can nstumbie over it, this great
corporation may condescend to como
our way���providing the government
pay thoir construction expenses.
The Advantage of Having A Live
Member is Alroady Evident���We
Have A Rich District, But It Must
Be Opened Up Before Government Revenue Will Accrue.
Itoad repairing work on the road
between here and tho Landing, and up
the north and south forks of the Lardeau, has ceased for the timo being at
any rato. Thos. Taylor, M. P. P., left
for Victoria a couple of weeks ago to
try and get $10,000 advanced to continuo the good work, and also open up
a couple of much needed uew trails.
But ho apparently will have to wait
until the house meets before he can
accomplish anything. Demands on
the public treasury aro going to tho
capital thick and fast from all parts of
the province, hut the Lardeau seems
to be especially entitled to aid, now
that we are likely, by the appearance
of things, to have to wait still another
year for tho railway. There ie a lot
of ore to be shipped from this district,
but unless tho wagon roads are made
passable and the trunk trails repaired
the task will be almost impossible.
The property owners in this section
have enough to bear up under without
the burden being increased for the
lack of oven trunk trails and a decent
wagon road.
Since tbe above was in type the
Eagle is pleased to learn from Mr.
Taylor, who made a hurried trip home
previous to leaving yesterday morning
for Victoria, that he has been successful in obtaining a goodly sum of money
for the most urgent needs of the distriot.
A special appropriation of $.'l,00d has
been made for the wagon road between
j Ton-Mile, six mil.es abovo Uleiwuson t"��
j tho south fork, a.,,: Thomson's Landing.     This  amount   will   hardly   be
j sufficient, as between  here and  Ten-
Mile thore is some heavy work to ba
done, but it will keep the   road  gang
busy until  the house   meets,    when
another  thousand  or  two     may , be
granted.   The    work   already   done, ,
under  tho  supervision  of    Engineer
Lionel H. Buck, is all   that  could   be
desired,  but at the   time Mr.   Buolc
made his report there  was   too much
snow to definitely  estimate   tho  total
cost of such   an undertaking,  so that
many bad places in the   road are still
Forthe trails above Ten-Mile $500
has been secured. $400 has been
alloted to tlie north fork to repair and
clear out timber from here to tho summit.
Besides this Mi-. Taylor secured $700
for Fish creek eamp trails, etc., and
$800 to put the Big Bend trail into
shape, the recent high water in the
Columbia river having somewhat
demolished it. The settlers south oi
Revelstoke in the valley have also
been remembered, $700 having been
granted to fix up their trunk wngon
road to town.
It does seem a change for this riding
to possess a live representative at
Victoria. Notwithstanding that Joe
Martin dug up about $S,000 just bofore
tho elections. Mr. Taylor, after a hard
light, has got $(i,100 moro. And all
tills, wo understand, is a special
There will of course bo the usual
grant of (15,000 for next year in the
July estimates, but if .Mr. Taylor has
bis way tho usual amount will bo
doubled, for it must bo remembered
that this riding is plenty big enough
for two electoral districts. If our now
member Mils his othor promises as
quickly as this one. the electors will
indeed have reason for thanking themselves that they elected him. And the
Eagle believes Mr. Taylor will.
Mr. Taylor will confer with R. F.
Green, the Slocan member, next week
as to the trunk trail from ^liere to the
Duncan slope.
The matter of raising tlie wages on
public works to the local scale will
also bo brought before tho government
for Immediate consideration.
Fred. C. Campbell, of Trout Lake,
Esquire, to be mining recorder for and
within tlio Trout Lake mining division,
and a provincial polico constable, vice
Alexander MoRae, Esquire, resigned.
British Columbia Gazette,
Although tho officers of the company
refuse to discuss the matter we have
every hopo that as soon as the subsidy
passes the house the Kaslo & Lardo-
Duncan railway will continuo its work
in the upper conntry. And if it starts
than the C. P. R, is likely to follow
suit.���Kaslo Kontcnaiau. THE LARDEAU EAGLE, FERGUSON, B. a, JULY 18, 190a
Published everv   Wednesday morning at the
oflice of publication, Ferguson, B. C., by
Advertising Rates; Display ads, sl,fio per
column Inch. I,e,ral ads, 12c per [aonparlel) line
for tirst tnaertton; 8c for each additional insertion.
Reading notices 15c per line each issue.
Subscription Rates: By mail or oarrier, 62.00
por milium; 81.00 for Six months. Stopt>edat
Jol, Department: True EAOXK Jol, Department
is well equipped, and Is prepared to execute all
kinds of printing at tamest prices.
Address nil communications to���
Ferguson, 1J. C
WEDNESDAY,   JULY  18, 110).
THK   TIIOI iii.i:     IS    CHINA.
Tlie editor nf the New Denver
Ledge says: "There is trouble in
China, and it is surprising that it
bus been delayed so long. For
centuries the Chinese have boon
conservative, and bowed down or
up to Confucius and other competing gods. They believe in praying
to the evil spirit to let thi'in alone,
and often shoot oft' firecrackers to
keep him out of their houses, but
seldom offer up a prayer to the
good gods, believing that a good
spirit will do them no harm. In
doing this they show more sense
than Christians, who are always
imploring- the good spirit to keep
the devil away from them, with
never a direct request to Old Nick
to keep off their trail. The mudsills of the Christian religion are
similar to those of all the prominent religions in the world, but the
superstructure is entirely different.
The followers of Jesus believe that
all the world should follow in their
footsteps, and in pushing their
creeds to the front they have given
many a- country a red bath of
blood, and made hell visible in
many lands.
Take China for instance. A
missionary comes to that land of
no waste and tolls the natives that
they are, and all their forefathers,
regular chumps for worshiping old
Confucius. If they want to keep
out of purgatory they must dig up
for him and come to Jesus, lie
tells them that while lie cannot
marry, they can do so by following
the rules of his church, They
must sprinkle themselves with
water, and never eat meat on Friday. There is not much fear of
John breaking the meat part of
the creed. Another sky pilot tells
. them in a solemn voice thai infants
not baptised in his faith will he
eternally damned, even if they are
only fifteen minutes old when the
breath of earthly life deserts them.
Then another rounds up a band of
them and says that the only sure
way to keep out of hell is to never
dance, play cards or go to the
theatre. Tlys religion of course
would be easy for John as most of
him is kept busy rustling for rats
and rice, and has no time or price
for those diversions. Still another
parson exhorts them not to play
ball on Sunday, while if a rabbi
drops into the theological game he
will tell them that the only way to
reach the sunshine of Jehovah's
throne is by crossing the divide
without eating pork or working on
With all kinds of outside creeds
and inside ancient gods to contend
witli the yellow race of China are
up against a hard game. The wiser
ones having probably noticed that
in other parts of the world the
drummers for Jesus have been
followed by rum and the sword,
have become alarmed and commenced an era of war and rapine
that before it is ended may shake
the world to its outer fringe, and
overstock history with ruin, desolation and fallen empires. The
killing of foreigners in Pekin will
call secular governments to avenge
the murder of their representatives,
and hell's main circus will do business in the Flowery Kingdom until
further orders.
Similar trouble from the same
cause seems to be brewing in India,
and a repetition of the Sepoy rebellion may occur at any time.
The Christian population expect it
any day and are making preparations by laying in supplies of arms
and powder, and working overtime
praying to their Lord that the
rebels will be defeated. The
heathen   who  do   not   want  our
Christ ure beseeching their gotls to j would not cut- their gizzards. We
demolish outside competition and are too civilized. We might starve
leave them alone. In the mean- them to death, but we are too retime, readers, stay away from China; lined to dabble our hands in their
and India until tlie air is free from \ blood. ' They would cause no war
bibles and bullets, jn America, and if our missionaries
Sitting here in New Denver, far had received the same treatment
removed from the shadow of theo- China would be as peaceful to-day
logical colleges and  the haunts of Us my conscience.
white-sliirtcd creed manufacturers,! ===
I wonder what wo would do in      ooRnorriOH in  nkw vork.
America    if   drummers   for   the 	
thousand religions on earth were to >    Here's, what S. Schurr says about
come into our midst and  open  up municipal rottenness in Gotham:
their line of old gotls,  deified by'    "Theyseilat retail and whole-
millions, but to our minds nothing Me poliflcal pull and  police pro-
,   .       .      . , ...    ,,     tectum   to  every  one  engaged  or
but a pipe dream, heavy with the | ftbout toc.nga,g.(,jn illegitimatebusi-
cobwebs of a fabled past, and musty | ness.   All owners of pool rooms.
houses, concert halls,
houses of ill-fame, policy shops.and
all other dives masquerading as
"Raines hotels," "clubs," "cafes"
or saloons, pay tribute to the combine, not only for their own political
pull and protection, but also forthe
with centuries of contact from  the'gambling
rock of ages?    Would  we desert
our Jesus, and embrace their story
of future glory nnd sweetness? Not
for a moment.    We would simply
give them the  frosted heart,    We
protection of their friends; that is,
their managers,sub-managers,game
keepers, bartenders, pullers-in, solicitors, "brokers," and nil steady
frequenters of their resorts; aud
every criminal or semi-criminal
establishes his headquarters there-\
fore in some resort of the above
"Every house owner who lets his
premises, either wholly or in part,
for immoral purposes buys from tlie
"combine" political pull and protection. Every fallen woman who
is forced to solicit upon our streets
is compelled to buy police protection, if she is not to be frequently
arrested and fall into the hands of
professional "bondsmen" for whom
the police act as agents. Even
boys of fourteen or fifteen years of
age, Induced by bawdy-house keepers to seduce the young girls of
their acquaintance to deeds of
shame, arc also under police protection. Jn short, everything that
is bad, unmoral, vicious and criminal is aided and abetted by a firmly
established political gang of bood-
lers, crooks and plunderers, who
ruin our youth and pollute the very
air we breathe."
"He.who despises women despises
his mother.''
"Who is cursed by woman is
cursed by God."
"There is no crime more odious
than to persecute women."
' 'The tears of a woman call down
the fire of heaven on those who
make them flow.''
"Evil to him who laughs at
woman's sufferings; God shall
laugh at his prayers."
"It was at the prayer of a woman
that the Creator pardoned man;
cursed be he who forgets it."
"When women are honored the
divinities are content; but when
they are not honored all undertakings fail,
of his mother at his birth shall be
reborn in the body of an owl dm -
ing three successive transmigrations. ''
An Essay on Boys.
"Who shall forget the sufferings Phillips
At a recent school examination tor
girls, was handed in by a girl of 12s
"The boy is not an animal, yet he
can be heard a considerable distance.
When a boy hollers he opens his big
mouth like a frog; but girls hold their
tongue till they aro spoken to, and
then they answer respectable and
tell just how it was. A boy thinks
himself clever because he can wade
where the water is deep. When the
boy grows up be is called a husband,
and then he stops wading and stays
out nights, but the grown up girl is a
widow and keeps house."
The agitator muat stand outside ef
organization, with no bread to earn, no
candidate to elect, no party to save, no
object but truth���to tear a question
open nnd riddle it with light���Wendell
The movement of silver for the five
months ending May 31st has some
features which it Is ol interest to consider in connection with the present
appreciation in the price of the metal.
The United States exports for this
period amounted to a total value of
^25,184,866, whereof $4,151,571 went
from San Francisco directly to China,
most ofrthe balance going out through
New York to Great Britain. The import! were valued at ��18,793,852,leaving
the net exports at $11,891,014. In
quantity, therefore, we imported approximately 28,128,000 ounces���almost
all in the form of base bullion���and ox
ported 42,227,000 ounces, of 19,099,000
ounces more than we received. Both
importB and exports show increases,
and the gain In value of the net exports
was ���655,687, or 6.1 por cent.
If we turn to the London market,
which still gives us the most important
record of silver movement, we litul that
the Board of Trade returns givu tho
following- statement of Imports of silver
Into Great Britain for the five months:
1RI0 11KK1
From:                    Values. Values.
United States il,TMiM> 6 l,��rw
Mexico aiidS. America....   MUTi 21MSH
Australasia      ��-�� $UfW8
European countries  1,810,000 .'����i,7!Kl
Other countries     00088 811,188
Totals ��0,108,868      88,178,041
There was a decrease of 18 por cent.
In the total imports,, by far the larger
part of the loss being in the receipts
from European countries. Of those it
may be said that the trade iB an exchange movement, which varies considerably from year to year, but on an
average of several years will nearly
balance, the imports and exports equaling each other. In this atateinent.how-
ever.we omit Russia, the trade in silver
with that country being on a different
basis altogether. The marked point
this year was the large increase in imports from the United States. This
amounted to 17.7 per cent.: while tho
proportion of the total silver reaching
London from or through this country
rose from 62.2 to 86.8 per cent. The
falling off in receipts from Mexico and
South America may be, and probably in,
due to the larger proportion of the ��il ver
product sent here to be refined.
The exports of silver from Great
Britain for the five months were us
18911 11101)
To: Values.     Values.
China     e 1108,117s     ei.2Sii.Vi
India  1,004,150       2,6M.*��i
Tntnl to the East... .��8,081,831 t3.8lil.TI8
Africa      mall! 368,081
Australasia      51.S76 1II),7V>
European countries  3.83.1*11 015,081
Other countries      lga 281,171
T-ltCfe 46,477,76)      85,681,7*1
Here we find a decrease in the total
of ��916,028, or 14.1 per cent., in spite of
a large increase in exports to the East.
Tho falling- off was in the European
trade, which showed a reduction of 28.2
percent. The greater part of this was
in exports to Kttssiii, whicli fell from
��2,179,878 111 1899 to ��403,287 this year,
a decrease of 81.5 per cent. This does
not mean that Russia has stopped buy
ing silver, but the requirements of that
country for coinage were tilled that
year, and the silver bought for use ill
tlie East was shipped directly from
Aside from the change just noted,
the prominent feature in this statement
is the largo increase���46.2 per cent.���in
shipments to thu East. More than half
of this was in the exports to India,which
wore larger this year by 32 per cent,
than last. This was due almost entirely
to tlie fact that the exigencies of the
famine have forced the Indian government to resume the coinage ol rupees
and to buy large quantities of silver for
that purpoBo. Thia buying; has ceased
for thu present, but it is quite probable
that it will be resumed before long.
The gain in exports to China, while
less in actual amount than that to India,
was larger in proportion, reaching 88
per cent. A considerable part of the
shipments this year have been on
Russian account If we add to the
silver in the table above the shipments
from San Francisco, we lind that China
has receive 1 this year about 17,927,000
milieus of silver,of whicli we have record
above. In addition to this a large part
nf the output nf thu Broken Hill mines
Nn New South Wales goes directly to
China, the proportion this year being
high, as is shown by tlio small Austral-
Ian receipts 111 London, Estimating
these shipments we must conclude that
China absorbed during the live mouths
from 27,000,000 to 28,000,000 ounces of
silver. If, as now seems probable,
European armies are to operate In that
country on a large scale, there will be a
���till larger demand for the silver in
which their expenses will have to be at
least partly paid.
This prospect and the Indian demand
have combined to cauae the present i iae
in the price ol silver, which has alao
been helped by some London speculation In futures. A still further rise is
quite possible, and we may see ailvnr at
a higher point than it haa reached for
several years past. On the other hand
aupplies are abundant and there are
���till reserves in existence which a high
price may bring upon the market at any
time.���The E A M. Journal.
In his annual report Minister of Mines
Robertson says:���
"In reviewing the progress that has
been made in the mining industry of
the province during the past year, in
A V ��
order to fully realize the advance that
has been made it is necessary to look at
the question from several standpoints.
"The first, and probably the most important tn the investing public, is the
increase that has been made in the
actual output of the mines.
"This is shown in the preceding
tables, and is conclusive evidence of our
actual growth being in a certain sense
a measure of the same.
"These figuies speak for themselves,
and they speak the truth as far as they
go, but on certain points they are silent.
What they leave unsaid requires to be
said for them, and possibly they need
some interpretation and explanation.
They say nothing of the preparations
for shipment, of the development work
done, nor of the shutting down of many
of thoBO mines���for no cause inherent to
themselves���which iu previous years
have been our largest producers.
"Tlie total mineral output of the province for the year 1899 amounts to ?12.-
898.181, as against $10,905,881 for the
previous year, an increase of 81,48(1.270,
equivalent to an increase of 18$ per
cent, over last year.
"This is in itself a very creditable
showing, but is much more en when it
is taken into consideration that it is
made in spite nf the fact that the temporary shutting down of certain of the
mines caused a deficit of $910,844 in
silver and lead values alone Thore is
every reason to believe that but fortius
shutting down we would have had from
these same mines an increase of $500,01)0
in place of thu present deficit, which
would have brought our year's increase
tn |2,868,1B9, or about 27 per cent, over
last year."
���ttch mb Offering-, Except From the Poor.
Ii an Iiittult to Ood.
"The Important part which the penny
plays In the avewgo church offering is
known to every one who has ovor been Interested in ohurch finances," writes Edward W. Bok in The LuiHee' Homo Journal. "And that it is a part entirely out
oi proportion to the necessities 1b lult and
realized by many a church treasurer.
Scores of people who could afford to drop
a nickel or a dime into the church offering content themselves by giving a penny.
The feeling Is either that tho smallest
offering 'will do,' ur thu matter of church
finances is not given any thought. There
Is a failure to realize that a church is the
same as any other business institution,
and ft must havo money tor Its maintenance.
"There li such a thing as too literal an
Interpretation of tho phrase that 'religion
Is free.' Of course it is free, ami Ictus
hopo that it will always ba so in this country- But to make religion free costs
money���and this isn't an Irish bull, either. There aro those to whom more than
'tho widow's mite* given to the ohurob
would mean doing without snino absolute
necessity of life. Thu penny of such a one
Is tho most welcome gilt to any ulmrch,
the most noble offering which any one can
make. But from those who can give moro
than a penny, and Who aro giving only tho
penny, such un offering is an insult tu
Gnu and to his church, and thu sooner people see the matter In this hard, true light
the butter. I am almost tempted lo Bay
that the great majority of churches could
with perfect justice, rule out the penny
from their offerings, Were this done the
nickel would bo tho prevailing offering,
and to how few persons, when ono htops to
consider tlio question, would such an offer
Ing be a hardship or an Impossibility I1 A
yearly offering of $U.60, calculating that
one attended church once each Snndoy or
twice with one offering of 6 cents, would
galvunize theoburcii linaucus of this cuun
Couldn't Be Done.
"Boys," begun tho Sunday schuoi superintendent hnpi'unsl-.vly, "1 hope noneof
you will ovor gut iiuu thu reproboualble
hubit of untitling t<> your father as 'tbo old
mull.' When yuu grow up, no n,utter how
big or old you niny bo, yuu should ulnars
look up to mid respect the silver hairs of
yourfntlier, who bus grown bent and gruy
Working for you In your helpless lnfanuy.
Now, nil of you who think you can do
this, pleaee ruii-u ynur right hands."
Up went every hand oxeept one.
Sternly eying the delinquent, the su-
peiaitendent .solemnly observed:
"Why, young mull, I aui horrified���absolutely horrified���ns well us astonished ut
ynur behavior. Don't you wish to rnise
your bund nnd put yourself on record as
being willing to respect tho gruy hulrs of
your father when you grow up to be .
"No. Nousetryln; can't dolt nohew,'
uulilushlngly responded tho lad
"Why not sonny?"
"'Cause be ain't liable to have no gray
hair Dud's luilii, " chirped the youtluill
philosopher triumphantly, and an Id a
general titter thu discomfited suprrh.Mid
ent gave It up and pushed un to something
���Iae.���Strand alugiminu
Furniture Meuiler's 8iga.
Within two doors of an up town church,
one block from a publlusuhool, nnd on thu
corner of two much tiuveled thoroughfares, a furniture mender bus a shop lie
bos bis shure of patronogo ton. Dully his
wagon brings to bis door pieces of old furniture to be done ovur Una of the signs
at tbe shop door reads: " Antlo Furniture
In no other of tbe signs ia then a nils-
spelled word. Perhaps the furniture mender It right after all. Much of the broken
furniture that oonies to his shop fat renovation shows signs of antloa aa wall of d
antlaultjr.���New York Sun.
Hot Entirely Wonting.
. "The chief drawback to your occupation," remarked the Intimate friend, "Is
Its humdrum character���Its utter luck of
excitement." ,
"Its lock of excitement!" said the bookkeeper, firing up. " Vou ought to see me
when I'm adding up the lust column of
figures In my trial balance for the year!
Nothing to nothing In 11 Innings, with
two men out and Casey at tho bat, isn i
anything to Itl"���Chicago Tribune.
Hyde park, the most distinctive of Lou
ton parka, covers <00 acres. Tho Hois de
Boulogne, the most distinctive ol  Pnrli
Kit, coven l.iOO acres.   Central park
���oat distinctly, of Now York narks
Erroneous zeal will make you do evil
with double violence.���K. Baxter.
I know no great men but those who
bave rendered great services to humanity���Voltaire
Keep your word with your child the
same as you would with your banker.���
Natural religion to-day means what
the most enlightened reason reads in
nature.���E. P. Powell.
No truth is so sublime but it may be
trivial to-morrow in the lifrht of new
though is.���Emersou.
There are two times iu a man's life
when he should not speculate���when be
can't afford it. nnd when he can.���Mark
Hate not each ol her because you differ
in opinion���rather love each other; for
it is impossible that in such a variety of
sentiments there should not he some
fixed point on which all men ought to
But if there he in glory Blight of good,
It may by means far different he attained
Without ambition, war, or violence;
By deeds of peace, by wisdom eminent,
By patience, temperance.
���John Milton.
Our lives are universally shortened
All work guaranteed.
and TRANSFER OUTFIT ; headquarters at
Ferguson, B. C. Contracts entered   into for
by our ignorance. In attaining complete knowledge of our own natures und
of the natures of surrounding things���
iu ascertaining the conditions of existence to whicli we must conform, and in
discovering the means of conforming to
them under all variations of seasons
and circumstances���we have abundant
scope for intellectual progress ���Herbert
Business may be done without advertising, so will grain grow without fertilizers    But what will the harvest be?
to all points in the
District. Light
rigs for quick trips
provided. Saddle
horses at all stables.
The traveling pub
lie accommodated at
any time of the day
or night. For any
further particulars,
freighting rates, etc.
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Finely Equipped Bar
Refitted and Refurnished
Best Cuisine Service
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
J. LAUGHTON, proprietor.
Headquarters lor Mlnera and Mining .Mon.      Neatly furnished, well-lighted and
Heated Kooms.     Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Mile.
Etc., to any point in the
Distriot. Good, prompt
service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Craig & Hillman,
United Hatters
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced JUNE
I0TH. The "Imperial
Limited "takes you across
the Continent in four
days without change.
It is a solid vestibuled
train, luxuriously equipped with every possible
essential for the comfort
and convenience of passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
J. atOORBBBT, Agont Arrowhead
T. W. BRADSHAW", Art ftevelstcpko
F. .f. OOriiB, A-nt. Pass. Airt., Vancouver, n.C
UNION label
of North America BH
ca. When von arc
bUVllWn KtfR HAT
either soft or stiff,
see to it that the
Genuine UN I ox
LRiiei is sewed in it
If a retailer has
loose label* In his
possession nnd offers
to put one in a hat
for you, do nol p it
romze him. lie hiu
not any rl^Iil to
hiivu loose labels
Loose label:. In retail stores am counterfeits Do not listen to anv explanation ns to
why the hut lias no label. Tlie Genuine Dnloi
Lafiel i- iierforateil on the four edges exactly the
same as n postage stamp.  Counterfeits are so. j
times perforated on three of tbe edges, and sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookoul for
[he counterfeits. "..principled manufacturers
are using them In order to get rid uf tlieir ncab-
inailfihiitx. The .Mm U, Stet��on Co, ami FToury
H. Boelofs & Co., both of Philadelphia, Pa., are
JOHN A, UOFFITT, President, Orange, N J.
JOHN PHILLIPS, Secretary, 477 Park Ave.,
Brooklyn, X. V.
KK2K2 K2 S3 K2 K2K2K5
M     When you are in Trout Lake City put up at     M
u TUPniirrinn noTri    u
PI Abrahamson Bros., Proprietors ri
kj Everything new and up-to-date. Fire proof safe. Finest [J
_-y wines, liquors and cigars. Mining men's headquarters. ��^��
R^ Cheerful dining room     Al service. II
���Ji is under tlie same management. JTTt
i$K2K2 K2 K2 CS CSK2&
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a
guarantee that the producer
thereof receive a fair rate of
wages for its production,
I *iV;5 i ;:-���.<���.'.-.���:   ���-<.
Wis**.. .. *aV��\
XH.   =Vi
Sen that this label Ison all Clothing you Btirohn
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the blue label
It  helps manufacturer; to see  the
force of paying fair and honest wages
Nelson Cigar Makers' Union,
M The Calgary ffl
n Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd. H
JO Calgary, Alberta it]
ffl     Calgary Lager     V
W^J AM,   LEADING   Illinois   HANDLE   OCR   (lOOI)H. \fj
The  Bar is supplied with the best brands of Wines,   Liquors  and  Cigars
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FEHGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
All Eyes are
Fixed oo
Is the Natural and Commercial Centre���
Over one hundred and fifty men now working in the
mew mimes
Now being developed by strong, practical companies.
Mam Ing" Companies'
Are being located in Ferguson.     Stores and Stocks tire
being enlarged.   Properties are changing hands.
Capitalists are appearing on the scene.
Smelter men are on the Ground.
Railway Construction has practically
begun, and the entire district is
coming rapidly to the front.
Come straight to
The Rossland-Nelsonofthe Lardeau
For further information, write or see���
General Agent.
Ed. Adair returned to Revelstoke
yesterday morning.
Jas. Cummings was down at the
tandins on Monday.
The Nettio L. minors received tlioir
cheques on Saturday.
Manager W. B. Pool of tho Nottie
lu, will be in town to-morrow.
Mrs. Jas. MeMahon aud family of
Itovelstoke, will pay the camp a visit
shortly, for a week or two.
Thos. Taylor, M. P. P., loft for
Victoria yestorilay morning to attend
the sossion which opens to-morrow.
S. Daney is drawing Triune ore from
Ten-Milo to Thomson's Landing, and
bringing in supplies on tho return trip.
* No need to send your watch out of
town for repair. Guaranteed work
dono by S. F. W. Gainer, Eagle bldg.
Superintendents Westfall and Shannon went up the north fork on Monday,
to the Old Gold and Rob Roy camps,
Miss May Quinton of Nelson, arrived
in Ferguson on Friday evoning to
accept a 'position at Mrs. O'Connor's
hotel, tho Windsor.
The reason why a married man is
called a benedict is that ho 1b supposed
to give up the booze to which he has
beu-edieted.   (Uproar.)
Jas. MeMahon shot a monBtcr lynx
which refused to play the "two kind
goats" act with him on the trail last
week. Its skin seasured 5* ft. in
The Alberta Sun, Strathcona,
Alberta, has reappeared as a home
print production, with R. C. Edwards
still at its helm. Fred. B. Cummer is
the new manager.
Nearly seventy-five loaded pack
horses have loft McKinnon & Sutherland's store since July 1st. Batho &
Co. and A. C. Cummins & Co. are also
sending out a^good many.
Messrs. Craig & Hillman, tlie
pioneer freighters of the Lardeau and
Trout Lake district, with headquarters
mt Thomson's Landing, are advertising
their whole outfit for sale.
Wm. Snell, Ferguson's tonsorlal
���rtist, went up the north fork this
morning, in company with Export
Walter Edwards, a well known capitalist, to examine the Puritan  claim.
A. C. Hillman of Thomson's Landing
and George M. Yulll of the Idaho
mine, have been at the Halcyon Hot
Springs [sanitarium, enjoying tho
baths and drinking the- health-giving
Mrs. T. A. Wilson and family of
three, arrived in Ferguson on Sunday
evening to- join Dr. Wilson. Thoy
will take up their residence for the
present in H. Floyd's building on
Victoria avenue.
The Eagle would be pleased to receive a list of addresses of persons
whom they know to be Interested,
likely to be, in this district, from anyone. Sample copies and circulars will
be forwards! to all names furnished.
Vol. 1 No. 1 of the International
Socialist Review, an up-to-date magazine published in Chicago, edited by
A. M. Simons, Is to band. It clearly
demonstrates the great strides towards
���oolalism being made the  world over.
S. J. Green, a graduate of Victoria
s��llege, Toronto, is the now gospel
expounder for the ensuing year in the
Interests of the people and the Methodist church in this district. Services
will be held every Sunday in Ferguson
from this date, for tho presont at 3 p.
m. In the school building.
Messrs. T. Hancock and A. Cummings have taken over the Lake View
hotel at Trout Lake City, vice Nathan
Lay. The Interior Is being ontlroly
renovated and tho bar made attractive.
A short-order restaurant is ono of tho
conveniences now afforded to the
peoplo of Trout Lake City.
Hugh McPhorson has charge of the
road work to be commenced to-morrow
or Friday. J. Atkinson will loavo for
tho south fork with a force of men nn
Friday to repair tho Abbott trail he-
tweon Ten-Mile and Haley creek.
Another gang will also be desnatched
up tho north fork, while 'the work on
the wagon road will also be begun at
J, Beathan has opened up Asa Hill-
man's hotel at Ten-Mile. A. C.
Cummins has also taken up supplies to
his store at that point. Quite a number of men are now working in that
neighborhood. Mr. Hillman intends
to have his townsite surveyed and a
new name given it. Ten-Milo is six
miles up the south fork of the Lardeau
from Ferguson.
The matched race between Ed. Hill-
man's "Queenie" and A. C. Cummins'
"Maud" for $100 a side will come off,
rain or shine, on Saturday next In
Trout Lake City, so far as Mr. Cummins Is concerned. He says he will
run "Maud" over any old track for any
Old distance. There's easy money in
��tirbt. And the Eagle's horBo editor
���rill be tbere.
Canada Bhould own the C. P. It.
Tho socialists of Washington are in
the lield with a full statu ticket.
Bradstroet's says that the cost of
living has increased from 25 to 33 per
cent., whilo wages havo advanced only
12 to 15 por cunt. Bradstreet'9 is an
authority on matters of this kind.
Tho Lardeau does not court a boom.
It does not want to see a rush. A
natural growth is tho best by far It
tho end. But the dire need of tho district is a railway���only a common
everyday railway.
How About That
Sick Watch ?
Bring it to mo at once and I'll
guarantee its repair. My shop
is in tho EAOLK ollicc.
S. F. W. Gainer.
A newspaper all tho time talking
"good times and prosperity unprecedented," and plastered over with
tnnrgages, unpaid rent bills, and its
editor on the ragged edge, is not a fit
subjoet for ridicule
The Topic reports a good deal of
mining activity down and around
Trout lake points. Onco the railway
comes thero iB a groat future before
that section of this district. There is
room and to spare for us all.
No change has beon made in tho
gold oommlsslonership at Revelstoke
as yet; hut the Eagle has very good
reason to believe that tho "seniority"
system, tho proper ono, will obtain in
tho civil service before many moons.
Tho Eagle wants mining news from
every camp in the district. Send us
frequently the main points of interest
in your locality and we will do the
rest. Be brief and pointed. Help tho
Eagle to help the district, thus helping yourself.
Tho Dominion elections are in sight
and tho manufacturing of party platforms will Boon bo a live industry.
Tlie candidate who stands for government-owned smeltors, refineries and
mints, with proper regulation of railway rates, will carry the Kootenay.���
Sandon Paystreak.
You will invariably notice that tho
mugwump who Is always giving advice
to a publisher (behind his back) and
kicking about its conduct generally, is
tho excuse for a man who never con
tributes ono single cent to help the
publisher, and bring tho camp to the
notice of the outsido world. These
Bamc mon might make good nowspapor
publishers, having plenty of wind; but
they might do well to first succeed at
their own occupation before expounding and backcapplng any publisher.
With tho installation of an air com
pressor plant at the Silver Cup and
the construction of a concentrator at
Forguson the dawn of a new ora is
upon us. The payroll will jump up
several thousands of dollars a month
and the new confidence Inspired into
everyone in the camp will be noticeable. It will also mean that Silver
Cup shareholders will reap larger
dividends, with proper management,
than any othor company operating in
British Columbia. The bogining is at
hand and tho end is not yet.
With tbe introduction of mining
machinery In tho Lardeau tho railway
magnatoB will soon cast their oaglo
eyes this way. Competition will thon
begin in oarnost. Prices will tumble
down to a comparative wage rate. The
old woman country store will disappear. Substantial buildings will predominate. Tho townsite will bo
cleared. Backcapplng will bo at an
end, for there will bo no timo to conspire witli tlie devil, and Ferguson will
becomo the Nelson-Uossland of the
golden Lardoau, with all the modern
accompaniments. This may Bound
"Bellamy," hut the cold facts bear out
tho prediction.
Six years ago tho prospects for Rossland wore not one-half as bright as
Ferguson's are to-day. But in spite of
evory difficulty a network of railway
now predominates at that point. The
tenacity of tho pioneers and the enterprise of progressive citizens, assisted
by printer's ink, made Rossland. Tho
same can bo done in Forguson, in less
time, if all hands would mako up their
minds to placo tho Eagle In the hands
of the Joutsido investing publio. The
truth concerning tho rich and wonderful mineral resources of this district is
only dawning upon capitalists. -The
Eagle may not bo ablo to give you a
direct return for any financial aid
rendered now, but tho time will soon
come when local property owners will
be pleased with tho results tho Eagle
has helped to bring about. Publicity
1b all this district lacks, and we aro
hero to fill the hill.
Leckik-Ewing���At Ferguson, B. C,
on Tuesday July 17th, l'm", to Mr.
and Mrs. G. E. Lockio-Ewing, a
Everything is now in
shape for us to supply
Don't  delay  hit get
your order in at once.
.Davis & Foote.
When you want n Cool
Refreshing Drink
"Enterprise Beer."
All Lardeau'a leading hotels handle It,
Manutaoturod by the
Kiitm-iiriNC llr.-ivhiK Co.,
Ilevelstoke, B. 0.
T.J. Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. R. O. P. & S.   IQucon'B University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Ceo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. I'inkliam.
Get Your Next Suit
Made to Order
And made by us. We guarantee (It, finish
and quality. The prion will bo very little
more than for a hand-me-down. And the
money iB kept In the camp.   "Square" shop.
R. S. Wilson, Revelstoke.
> 11 specialty.
White, Gwillim $ Scott,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
If you need anything in
Send to tho
Leave Your Watch
With A. O. Cummins, Ferguson, and ho
will guarantee prompt and safe delivery
of your WATCH tome.   Repair department is in eharga <>f H. N. Doyle, an
expert In English, Swiss and American
watch repairing.   All work guaranteed,
A line  line  of   Diamonds,   WutHios,
Clocks, Silverware] cold and Silver
Electro Plating and Engraving.
J. Guy Barber,
C. P. R. Watch Inspector,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A. N. Smith.
Grocer ami
���Special quotations to Lardeau Consuin-
Imperial Bank
of Canada.
CAI'I��,U. AUTHORIZED, *2,5O0,00O.0O.
CAPITAL PAID UF . . 12,468,003.00.
REST      ��],"00,000.00..;;,:
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowod on doposits in Savings
Department al current rates.
A. R, bThEARN,
|        SMOKE        J
s   UNION MADE   ,
California Wine Co.
Wholesale Dealers lu
H    Liquors
Cigars, Etc.
 Nelson, B. C,
We havo a large stock on
hand, at lowest prices	
Rough and Dressed
Lumber; Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Mouldings,
All Building Requisites.
Call on us, or write for our
quotations. Special ordors
promptly fllloi'l	
by the
Kootenay Cigar M'f'g Co.,
����-Sco that the BLUE   LABEL is on
each box.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
sTaVAH kinds of Photographic work dono.
Mining properties ti specialty. Local views for
sale.   Call at oflice to sec samples.
The largeBt and most
complete stock in North
Kootenay. We can outfit your home or hotel as
complete- and cheap as
eastern or coast firms.
Prompt attention to mall
ordors; shipments made
on shortest notice. Ask
(or quotations.
R. Howson & Co.
Ferguson Shaving
Win. Snell,
All branches of the tonsorlal art executed with
ambldexterlouK dexterity.
Wholesale Markets..
Fred. Robinson Lumber Co., Ltd.
Rossland, Nelson, Sandon, Grand
Forks, Revelstoke, Greonwood
and Vancouver.
Retail Markets :	
Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Yralr,
Kaslo, Sandon, New Denver,
Silverton, Cascade City, Grand
Porks, Greenwood, Phoenix,
Midway, Camp MoKinney, Revelstoke, Vancouver, Ferguson.
Manager Ferguson Branch.
|iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii[iiiiiiiniiiiii ilium iiiininiiitiiniiiiimntiHi
If you were
For an
| you would try to get
I thebestwouldn'tyou?
| Whyshouldn'tyou
| do the same with your
1 clothes.
| Get the best, and you will feel the best and look
| the best.
| We know the clothing business thoroughly, and
| we know that there is nothing to equal
I   Shorey Ready Tailored Clothing.
|     It pleases our patrons aud it brings us the most
| customers.
| i Not made to order but to fit���and a guarantee with
| every garment.
We would be glad toshowyouthespringsuweltles.
For Sale by	
Lardeau's Lee ding Miners' Outfitters.
ce Store
Ferguson, B. C.
T | Miners' Supplies
We have just placed in our ware room a large stock of ehoiee
fresh Groceries. Also a big addll ion to our well assorted stock
of Boots and Shoes, 'Clothing, Crockery, Miners' Supplies, Etc.
Special quotations to cash purchasers. Goods carefully packed
for pack horse outfits.    Close cash prices.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau.
i a
Great Departmental Store
More Than Freight Saved By Buying Miners' Supplies From Ds.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
��,@    General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
TrcTiL%. Revelstoke.
Imperial Brev^ing Co., Limited.
KAM 001'S, B.C.
Manufacturers of Lager Beer I'ortcr and all kinds of aerated waters.
Satisfaction guaranteed. TJ tV>   \KT    "Porn-oo
All orders by mall or XV. X .   VV .  X edrSC,
otherwise promptly attendod to. MANAGE!
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Farm Produce,
Hay and Feed, Cured Meats, Fish, etc.
Write for quotations In any quantity.    Prompt shipments ���
Revelstoko, B.C.
Is tlie....


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