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 I P
VOL in. NO. 1.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Not la Legitimate Mlnin* But by
Gambling in Stook*.
Smith Cnrtis Defines the Differenoe
Between Aotual Mining and
Stook Gambling Curse.
ii   Smith Curti. hu been telling the
people of Eastern Canada a few home
truth, regarding mining .peculation in
British Columbia,  .ay. the Herald
Down there th.y ar. laboring under
f aome kind of a pipn dream that ttejr
��� Jjave lost Several million, of dollar, in
mining    In   Kootenay.    The   exact
amount I. variously ettlmated but they
are dead sure tbey bave lust the whole
of it anyhow.   The member for Boss-
land bas directed their attention to tht
fact that whatever tbey may bave lost.
wa. not lost in mining, but in speculating in mining shares, which is k
very different thing.   There wa. no
doubt a large amount of money changed
bands in Ontario in '86 and '87 over
wildcat mining companies supposed to
be operating properties in Kootenai
But It changed from tbe band of tin-
Ontutlo sucker into tbe hand of tin
Ontario shyster.   The Kootenay miiie-
were no   more   responsible tbno ar*
the farmers of manltoba for a .lump In
tbe Chicago wheat pit or B'ram Walk
er* Co., for the. money dropped in h
gauie of black jack In tbe back room
of u saloon. People who bought bought.
. as hundred, of people In Ontario did
buy, mining shure*' at ten cents wltl.
the sole and single idea of disposing ol
them to somebody else   wben  thej
touched 25, havo only their own greeii
and folly to thunk, if tbey lost on tin
transaction.     They   did   not   know
whether their shares were invested in
property likely to turn out a mine oi
not, they did nt* want to know.   All
they knew or thought they knew win*
tbat it wus represented on tbe map a*
belng near some property ll'ie the Le
Roi, whore share, bud gone up big am:
that In consequence they felt It ln theli
bone, that theirs ought to do the same,
Kootonay is not to blame because the*.
lost on the gamble.   Very little of tin*
money dropped came this way.   This
country on the contrary bas suffered
severely In reputatlonthroughtheaftoi
effects of the enisty folly of the Onturli
���peculators during tbe boom.   It is In
Montreal and Toronto tbat these sufferers must go tu look for ibalr millions,
not in Kootenay.
tbe whole year.
Mr. Vernon, the company's metallurgist, has staked one aUlin for the great
quantities of lime on it, and is Intending to stake other claims soon so a. tn
secure plentyauf iron capping, etc., for
Abnut four hundred of our shareholders have already subscribed for .the
"Bulletin," and we hone the other
three thousand or more Interested on.es
will speedily follow suit.
Since the advent of our little inoffensive smelter into British Columbia, the
old time smelters (which have alwsiy.
hud thing, tbeir own way) bare made
a cut of IT a ton on the treatment of
silver-lead ore. Does that look as
though tlie little "Vulcan" was not. to
he feared? I tell yon my ft lends tbat
though the old time smelters were to
offer to treat the ore. nf the Lardeau
we rould save the mine owners 120.00 ��
ton, by giving them ALL VALUES
even tho we were to charge them HO a
ton to treat their ore.
Be sure and read Mr. McOrossrin's
book''Love and Life." Ten thousand
copies of this bonk have already been
Mold and it is only commencing to be
advertised. Of the book, the world
lamed evangelist, Rev. ii!. P. Flam-
tnnnd, says: "Any minister, in tbis
production, could find material for a
'initnn sermons. Skepticism is dealt
with lovingly, yet masterfully. Util-
versallsm Is also fearlessly met and
-ivercnme." Cloth bound, smaller type,
nnt illustrated, 35c, Cloth bound,
illustrated, large type, with portrait of
the author, 11.00.
A Great Deal of Development on
Numberless Olaims.
The More Prominent  Properties
Whioh May Ship Ore Extensively Next Season.
Correspendenee. j
Winona. Minn., Jan. 29.*��� Editor ef
the Lardeau Eaolk, Perruson, B. C.
In a Minneapolis monthly bulletin,
oubllshed in the interest of mining by
O, W. McCrossan, 25M Aldrich Ave!,,
my name has appeared, very muoh
against my wishes, as a director of tbe
Metropolitan Cold anil Sliver Mining
Co,, In connection with a statement
that stock Is worth 40 cents a share.
Vot wishing tn aiipnur in a false lijht
I tnke this means nf dfselnlming any
responsibility lor this statement. It is
true I was made a director at the flrst
nnd only mertlnuof the company nearly
-i year tin, but having never since
iieen nulled to act in that capacity 1
really have no connection with it ex-
ept as a deluded stock holder.
My resignation, to take immediate
"ffect, was presented some time since,
hut Mr. McCrossan, the managing director, Insists that mv na-ne (hall appear on the hnard until he see. lit to
nave my resignation acted upon. In
1900 I was Induced tn buy a block of
shares at 10 cents a share, which I
would he glad to sell atrnst with Interest tn any one who may have faith in
'he printed reports of this enterprise.
It must, however, be understood that
since carefully investigating thn property, I consider It of very little value
a�� a mine. Yours respectfully,
W. J. Landon.
Mr. M.Orussan Bxptalns.
Concerning Mr. Landon Mr. McCrossan writes the Eagle: "Mr.
Landon cot his shares at 10 cents, and
I offered three times to buy him out
ut tlie pi-Ice and he refused tn sell.
Tlie agent who sold tn him bought the
shares from ME at Scents."
The following announcement also
appear, in MeCrnssan's Own :
" W J. Landon, one of the directors
of the Metropolitan Cum puny, has sent
in his resignation which will be acted
upon at the next board of directors
meeting." ,
By A. H. HoWlcli, B. 8. H., etc,, la Ths Mining
Id this district the past 12 month, bas
seen an enormous amount of development on the numberless claims, and
many of them will undoubtedly prove
extremely valuable in the near future.
Still, tbe number of them that can bo
designated hy iho name of mines is
very limited, even the Triune which
ha. produced .Ach rich ore can hardly
be considered more than a very well
developed prospect, tho by this time
next year It is quite likely tbat it may
fairly be called a mine. Ths only other
���ufflclently developed properties are
the Silver Cup and the Nettle L*. both
of which bave been frequently referred
to In these pages, and wblch are both
In a position to ship regularly. The
Silver Cup ha. not had It. full complement of miners all thru the year, and
there have heen'snme change. In the
management, bnt just nnw It has
a force of some HO inen and Is
preparing to increase the staff, having
contracted to produce 1,00(1 tons nf ore
this winter. The Nettio L. also had a
very .mall fo-ce during the summer,
biit is increasing the number now. The
long lower tunnel is completed, at.d ore
was .track In the far end; the uprals*
tn connect tbe lower and upper workings i. now being made and Is expected
to be completed by the end of January,
till which time there will be no great
quantity of ore shipped.
The Ophir-Lade group had a lot of
work done upon it durine* the past sea-
ion, und has proved to be wonderfully
rl,.h in gold; wblch appears to exist
ps.rtly free und partly as a tellurldo.
This, with most other of the smaller
properties, is closed down for the winter, tho active operations will be re-
Isumed next season. Small us these beginnings are, tbere has been more ore
hipped In small lots from the various
Intellectual perverts to flutter him beyond bounds. But the majority of people never stop to think that he Is only
tbo mouthpiece of the public and the
laugh Is really on them.
Wben a newspaper man has a chance
to smash a snide graft Into smithereens
and wallow around in tbe remains there
is always sure to be some buvine-eyed
peace maker turn up who suppresses
the tumult of his feelings with tbe
liland and hoary expletive "pro bono
Reeently Chas. W. McCrossan sent
the Topic the return, of tbe shipment
made from the Metropolitan last year
with a request to have 'them entered
on our list of nre shipments, Tbe val
ues totalled $711.84. Metropolitan stock
bus taken a jump to 40 cents a share
which is entirely unwarranted by the
results of development so far wtieu it
is considered thut the property bas a
capitalization of 2,000,000.
It Is very evident the Mountain Linn
people have very great faith In the
American's future for n recent circular
Issued by them states that the com
pany's shares which were held at 40
cents have been put up to $1.00 and all
stock taken off the market and this on
a capital izutlon of $2,000,000. Whether
tbe future justifies what appears nnw
to he an over sanguine view of the
possibilities of the mint it is hard to
say und we leave it for the publio and
investors to judge. At present the
Mountain Lion people have a prospect
of great promise and if they secure In
tbe lower workings as large a body of
ore as they have in tbe upper, future
operations are likely to vindicate their
faith in the property.
Liberal Convention Make Him tb��
Unanimous Choice.
Platform Contains Some Sooiallstii
Planks, Tho Vague Enuf to
Leave a Loop-Hole.
Proui Mcllrossan's Own.
Tho following items, clipped from
Vol. I, No, 2 of our contemporary, Editor McCrossan's "Bulletin," may be nl
I me rest to our local readers, who wil
Indeed II ml much of lt news to them
Read them over slowly:
We are delighted to toll our reader.*
that the smelter is now erected ui
Ferguson, and wo expectto.be gotnc
full blast by the timo this paper reaches
Its reader*-,,
Besides the building for the smeltor
proper, several other buildings for
offices, oro bins, boiler, etc., bave been
We are also glad to tell our roaders
that the second smelter plant which we
Intend to place somewhere near, lf not
at, Trout Lake, 1. being rapidly finished, and will be delivered before tbe
con <-act time, which I. tbe first day of
),.,*. Fred Hart .srii's,of "Love and
Lifo:" "The. W, C: T. U* and 'other
temperance organization ought to be
able to use tho boon to good advantage. The description of the conversion of that saloon-keeper is ono of the
boat things lever read."
If you want to keep thoroughly posted
as t ��� tho news of tho smelter and tbe
mines, send In your subscription at
once Surely this ono paper is worth
i'S cents to you without counting thu
other copies that will follow it during
Still AimOur Miners' Union.
James Wilks returned from Frank,
Alberta,yesterday, where he was successful In organizing a local brunch of
the Western Federation of Miners.
The Frank union starts off with a charter memliership nf 56, but within a
month It is expected that the membership will he Increased to at least 100
Thorn Is In the neighborhood nf 130
men employed st the mines in Frank
and tlio besf.Of feeling prevails between
the men and the management, General
Malinger (John and Ass'lntant Manager
Henrietta being especially popular.
Tha officers nf the Frank union are:
James Graham, president; S, H. Lalte,
vice-president: S. Sutherland, corresponding' anit financial secretary; David
Thomas, conductor; Richard Robinson,
treasurer, and A, M. Campbell, war*
don.���Nelson Tribune.
Arm Will He Open Again on Monday.
ARROWHEAD, B.C., Feb.13.���(by telephone)���The .. si Archer crew have
succeeded in breaking the ice between
here and Wbisky Point, and are now
making repairs hero preparatory to
com. enclng the regular run on Monday next. The ice scow is all ready,
aud tbo hole In the boat nearly fixed.
All Lardeau mail will go in to-morrow witbuutjjdelay, and the ''navigation
open" servlco may be resumed noxt
weok. .   .
No outside new. worth mentioning.
claim.; than ever before, and tho return, .have always been satisfactory
and occasionally highly so. Among
the smj.il shippers we may notice the
Ophlr-hade, Ruffled Grouse, Horseshoe, and the Llnson View, as being
exceed Ingly satisfactory to their own
ers; while many more will follow the
example next year, when It Is hoped
the |<)ng promised railroad will reach
the northwest end of Trout lake and
greatly reduce transportation charges.
,Jn a-ldltlon wo aro guaranteed a
sjtiall smelting plant at once, (now being, initslled) and that, If successful,
will be. an Immense benefit to small
shippers. But If, on the other hand, It
should turn out unsuitable for our oros,
It is to be feared that more harm than
good may be the result by discouraging
Intending Investors. However, It will
be. time enough to growl after It lias
failed, which we hopo it won't, and
great things are said of It in places
where it has been tried. Altogether
the,o��tWiok for Ferguson (which town
has d'-iubled in size during tho past
year) and for tho district surrounding
it I. extremely favorable, not only from
a mining view but on account of other
ndustrias to be established.
Notes from Melton.
Nklson, Feb. 8--R. C. Campbell-
Johnston, in a recent paper on "Dry
Ores of the Slocan," prepared for the
Canadian Mining Institute, has much
to say concerning railway and smelter
vampires which suck the life (profits)
out of this branch of mining industry,
und voices the -fond hope" of the own
ers that "in some dim future the vampires will lower charges to allow this
second grade ore to tie shipped," foi
lowing up this e.-ipi-essinn of bop. hv
the dubious query "But will they?"
Not on your life, Mr. Campbell-Johnston, will thoy. Not until tbe i-overn-
ment owns the mines and the smelters
and the railways, and the people own
the government, will tl esu vampires
let up their life sucking clutch.
There is some picking in certain
circles over the recent appointment of
A. J. Murks as a police commissioner.
Thero are a few people in Nelson so
old fashioned that they believe a mar,
ought to gild over his own moral. Ins-
fore he sets up as aeensorof the momls
of thn public. But so long us the good
people aro afraid of the contamination
of public life so long will the bud ones,
and tbe hustlers, control municipal
A certain prisoner ln the Nftlton jail
refuses to leave ut the expiration of
his term. It appears he trot tbe usual
rebate on his term for good behavior,
and was discharged, but bo insists on
serving out the entire period of his
sentence. "Nice time of year to send
a man out in the world," be says. Who
can blame him. for don't we take
better cure of our criminals than we
do of our honest unfortunates.
Nelson Socialists are looking forward to the visit of comrade Spargn,
the Socialist Spirit having announced
that Mr. Spat-go will leave for a tour
through B. C. about the mlddlo of
Local 40 Is a mighty strong organization If big meetings are any Indication.
The Miners' Union hall is crowded
every Sunday afternoon. Tho speakers
are usually antls, from the professional
men of the city, and "the boys" delight
In teaching them the errors of their
ways. Principal (Mark of the high
school wus the speaker for thc lust Sunday In January and he proved so strong
an opponent that It took two Sundays
lodo him up.
Tbe great Liberal convention a:
Vancouver is now a matter of history
There wa. all kinds of bolting, etc
buttb. mainland Liberals stood pat.
and a. a result they have declared fo
party line., and selected the onl,<
leader wbo could possibly lead tbem to
victory. Tbat man, of course, wa-
loseph Martin, the much abused politi
clan of thi. province. Tbe platfnrii-
adopted contains enuf socialism to
make it vote-catching, and enuf vagueness to leave plenty of loop-hole..
At the conclusion of an address, ir
reply to his election a. leader, Mr. Mar
tin alluded to advice conveyed to hli.
that he wa. unpopular in parts of the
upper country, and thai he should du
some missionary work in that sectioi
This he promised to do, and wouL
take the earliest opportunity of temping tbe fickle gndnuss of politics It)
that part of the country.   (Cheers).
Then speeches followed from Hug!.
Ollmirun ���*>'. w. is. Mulnnns, aunt
Olive r,.1. C. Brown, and James Stabler-..
eulo;lslng M'* Martin's political an--'
per* tonal characteristics.
7'heconvention prorogued with cheat u
for Mr. Martin
It was agreed that the next convert*
'tion ahould be held at Revelstoke.
frost Lako Topic Beflootlous.
/The following Items are culled from
thSlast issue of our worthy contemporary:
At)editor wben he sees crookeduoss
stalking around nude is supposed to go
to it like a pup to a root, but he must
bo careful in prancing around sparring
for,an opo.ing not to tread on tho local
To toll an editor to his face that he
1. a gifted liar la In the opinion of some
Blank Warrior Looking Woll.
Ed. Graham made a flying trip from
the Warrior yesterday land returned
this morning. He says things are
looking strictly all right over there.
He figures that thoy have 300 tons of
ore In sight.
On his way down yesterday Mr.
Graham captured a live**mountaln goat
on the big slides between here and
Circle City, It having boen thrown Into thc deep snow by a slide. To say
that he had a heavy puck Into town
would be putting it mildly. Unfortunately be placed Miss Nanny In Craig
& Hill-nan's stable last night, and one
of tho horse, tramped on it breaking a
log, which necessitated killing It tbis
morning. A pair of live goat, are
worth 11,000.
Mr. Graham saya nearly all the big
slide, are down.
Socialists at I'hoenU, H. C.
PHOtMX, B, C, Feb. 3.-Phoenh
Local, No. 60. wui> organised on the
13th of December last, with a member
ship of tiftoen. with the following oil
c,ir��: C. H. Towns, organizer; W. U.
Bnmhury, recording secretary; Web
ster Rogers, corresponding secretary-
Leo McMullen, financial secretary and
treasurer, and W. H. Bainhury, librarian. The time of meeting is ever,*.
Sunday at 2:30 p. m��� at the Miners
At first the movement teemed to Ian
gulsh. but I am happy to state that wc
are gaining steadily, and the cluli hid1
fair to become a musing factor In local
und political affairs.
We have now u membership o
twenty-five, and expect to huvo th*
strongest organization, as to* number.
in Phoenix in a fsw month..
Our finances are our weakest point a'
present, as our Income Is less than on-
jxpendititre, but wo hope to rectif*
tbat, matter soon.
On tho 20th nf Dec. last, thu plot
form und constitution was voted on.
cliiuse hy clause, and adopted In Its en
tli-ety. i..-
The above will glvo you definite In*
formation as to our position as a cooperative unit with thc rest of tht
party In Canada, and B. C. especially.
Wc expect to haf** an especlall,*,
good meeting* on the ]6t.h hint,., as special Invitations have been extended l"
two of tlie legal luminaries of the
town, (one of whom Is a hitter opponent, and thn other un ardent Socialist,
tho not it-member of our Local), toglvf
their view, on thc subject that interest*
us tho most. The same bus also boen
extended to the Greenwood Soclalls'
Club who have promised to attend, and
to tho public generally.
Will Not Market Ors ot Frssant Fried.
Neither the Nettle L. or Silver Cup
mines will sell any oro at present
market prices, preferring to wait fo-
tho raise as soon as certain local conditions are met and overcome by either
the provincial government or some big
private company not under tho domination of the American Lead Trust.
"There', one good thing about the
Eagle editor, he never wroag. a
"No; ha hasn't any,"
Hatal gestations.
LONDON, February 7.���Lead, ��11, 8s,
New YORK, February 7,���Bar silver.
36*: Mexican dollars, 43}; copper, weak.
$12,024 and $14,00, Lead, firm, $4.10
and 14.16. Published etery Thursday at Ferguson, B.C., by
to whom all coriVatsincl-
cure ihoul 1 be additised.
Atlverltalng Rates:, HI**
play ada., 11.00 *.er sinele
column iuch per month.
Legal ads., 12 Mull per
monparlell line tor Arst insertion; I cents per line tor each additional
. nit-riioa. Reading notices 10 cents per line each laiue. Stnoty <IaT
-..*<alnntlee>.tlo.: sixty davs.l7.S0: thirty days.W.     No adi. accepted
st leas than there rates.     No room for quark ada. 	
Subscription Rntcs:    12.00 per annum, to any addrsas In abiwm,
��;.00 lor all months; .2.50 > year lo Inrclftn aiUrewea    No pay, nn paper.
Job Prlntinc:   The Eagle Job department la the beat equippedI oBoe
��4d the only oBce which can fiirnlah tho typratraphlcal union label In
-s'orth Kootenay: aiuaranteela itseltot good work and prompincu.
Urf.it Clrcalatl.n
ia North Kootonay.
of the country fell, as one undertaking after another
showed external evidweeiol," --W [WWpredestined
fronrits inception.. Iiv RddUioi*' ����� *h,s feature, no new
country has been opened ��p. iJcrewe have the true
explanation of the complaints whi <���>��� h**-v*�� had frequent
expressions * during the lust two yea*""; '*��� maj> be
pointed out, '.Owevcr, that these cot "plaints, so lai; as
they have beert directed against what i.iay be called the
intensive development of the territory already openeil,
are without reasonable foundatian."
If  you   are   building  or contemplate building we will be
pleased to quote you estimates oh anything made in our
Sash and Door Factory
Shd werfeel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.    Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C,
The reason* good many men do not succeed in
business themselves is because they are too busy look
ing after other people's business. Such men are more
to be pitied than despised.
With this issue the Eagle enters upon the third
year of its existence. We will leave the bouquet feature to the other fellow, il there's any coming; it not
we're not asking for your sympathy. '        '���
Experienced business men or mining men need no
advice or warning from individuals or newspapers, but
the poor suckers, where a competitive system has driven
them to try and get something for nothing, do need
urotcction from imposters.
It is wrong ior the people of Eastern Canada to
charge the mines of Kootenays and Yale for their losses
which should rather be set down to reckless stock
-.peculation and is not in any way due to the mines, but
rather to over capitalization, to the devious ways ol
promoters. The experience of the War Eagle is a replica of many others on which stock losses have been
experienced by those who speculated in their shares.���
Nelson Miner.
The provincial government of Nova Scotia has voted
$15,000 for a hospital lor curable consumptives at
kcntville and has been looking for the most suitabh
and healthy place lor its location. The site has alread*
been chosen and a property on the, outer limits oi
Kentville town selected, and the deed given and the
price ol the land. $1,000, is paid. Next spring thr
government will expend $13,000 in suitable buildings
lor the above hospital. The location is an ideal one.
This is a pointer for our British Columbia legislators.
The Eagle most .strenuously objects to the editor of
the BritUh Columbia Monthly Mining Bulletin, published at Minneapolis, crediting two articles which appeared in our issue of Jan. 16th to this paper. These
articles were not the Eagle's, but written by Joseph
. Ryan, the company's solicitor, (and published free ol
charge), and A. J. Gordon, who was then acting editor
(.luring our absence at lhe Coast. Editor McCrossan
Itnows this to be the case, because the writers of both
articles were mentioned at the head of the column
each case. 1
Last week the first edition of this threat moral weekly
was withdrawn at the request of a public meeting,
composed of business men und others who felt that the
publicity of its contents, tho perhaps true enuf, might
injure the camp in. the opinion of outsiders.. Several of
those present complained ol the contents as being directed against a well-known mining; promoter. Now,
speaking ol being personal in a newspaper, how do the
following items, from the second epistle of the British
Columbia Monthly Mining Bulletin, (published at two-
bits a year in the interests of Chas. W. McCrossan and
the heavenly kingdom), by Rev. Chas. W. McCrossan,
strike you? ���
"One ol the agents of the Metropolitan Company,
who secured his stock when the company was first
started, and consequently got it very cheap, has been
cutting prices somewhat during the past month and has
scared quite a number ot the shareholders into the belief that the stock was depreciating in value. All' we can
say is that the stock is worth all that has ever been
asked for it and more, and any person selling at less
than the market price will be sorry for it as soon as we
have a chance to demonstrate what the value of the
mine is."
"A party who claims to be an expert, but whom we
were forced to "fire" on account of his entire lack o|
ability, is now* making faces at us through the papers
under an assumed name. You need not be frightened
if you hear oti uncomplimentary reports."
After giving a list of four reverends, a doctor and a
merchant, as reference to others, they having visited
the Metropolitan, Editor McCrossan says:
"There are quite a- number of others but this list
will be sufficient for any person I should think. I have
nserted these gentlemen's names without their knowledge even that I was intending to do so.
"I have given you here a list of honorable Christian
gentlemen, because there have been at least two per*
sons who have returned with schemes of their own to
Boat and these have made the mistake-ol thinking they
���ould best build themselves up by running others down.
These gentlemen whose names I have given you are
men who will give you their candid- opinions I am sure
without prejudice or favor one way or the other."
'ur tbe next month I Intend to nut he������
1 -
Mail Order Watch Repairing
A Special Feature.
Ravine a first olass mechanic at the head ot this department, Mr.
R. N. Doylo, Lardeauite. need not hesitate In .ending their watches
to me for repair. All work guaranteed at prices consistent with
-. ��� the lead market. I have the Boost .took of Jewelry, Watches,
Clock., etc., In North Kootenay. Oall or write at one. Will
1  mall you a box to send watches to me for repair upon application.
JOtlV   Rarhf*r The Rtvelstoke Jeweler,
.   \SUjr     UttrVGl       uereuro*.. Brills* CeflwAM.
Mr. McCrossan, manager ot the Metropolitan, says
in his "Bulletin," regarding the development ol that
properly: "Tlie money played out earjy.in Ihe season
and the work would have had 10 stop had not the
secretary put his hand into his own pocket and put up
.���.3,000 in hard cash to keep it going." According to
Mr. McCrossan's own letter to the Eagle 200,000shares
have been sold at not over 20 cents a share, which at
:o cents would amount to $40,000. Or we will say
the shares were sold at an average ol 10 cents. This
gives $20,000, which should be in the treasury. But
here is the rub. The shares. which were sold and resold were not treasury shares, the proceeds of which
\v9uld come 10 the Lardeau for development purposes,
hut personal stock. There is a big difference between
selling treasury, stock and capital stock. Usually well
intentioned mining companies pool their capital: stock.
In a letter to the Eaole Mr. McCrossan says, concerning the sale of Metropolitan stock: "You do not
know that only 200,000 shares have ever been sold
tnd they at never more than to cents. We raised the
price to 40 cents to stop the sale of slock."
Usually when a mining company wants to stop the
-.ale of stock they withdraw it from the market, but
then this may be the revised means of doing so. In
Mr. McCrossan's "Bulletin"���which did not reach this
office thru exchange courtesies���we find the following
offers to corroborate Mr. McCrossan's statement above.
Read them:
"We are desirous of securing first class agents in
every locality to sail the -stocks of the various companies. Would WJU make a good agent? or do you
know of some one who would?"
"If you would like to get a map combination offer
of stocks in many of the Lsrdeau mines, write to the
editor and see what he can do for you. It is a good
ids* not to carry all your eggs in one basket. For a
few hundred dollars you can secure a good fair holding
of stock, all non-assessable, in front five to ten different
companies, all with good prospects."
No fair man can very welt say that H. Mortimer
Lamb, managing editor of The Mining Record published monthly at Victoria, would say anything which
he felt would hurt this province. Speaking of one of
the causes of depression ki the province just now, and
of the capital which flowed into the Kootenays three
and four years ago, as the result oi mineral discoveries, and "stock" companies, Mr. Lamb says: "Unfortunately, at it always the case, a large percentage of
the capital so introduced was wasted, his only just
to our own province to say that this wat far more due
to the entire lack of discrimination on the part of out-
.sder.s wfio sought sudden enrichment, than to either
want ol profitable openings in the province itself, or to
wilful deception on the part of our people. But as only
philosophers blame themselves, a reaction set in against
(Iritish Columbia as ��� fitld tor enterprise and thi credit
The Eagle has always contended that mining
stock" companies provided too many openings for
promoters who are unprincipled enuf to take advantage
of the unsuspecting investing public. Actual mining,
hy legitimate companies, syndicates or individuals is a
profitable business. And so are the "slock" companies'���tqr ihe promoters and brokers. Where the per.
ional or capital stock is pooled, and the company
modeiatcly capitalized, with, practical mining men at
the head of it, success is possible. But rarely otherwise.
The Eagle contends, too, that it is more injurious
to a camp, especially where we have such bountiful
mineral resources as exist in this district, to sit by-and
allow promoters to (knowingly or otherwise) pursue
methods of flotation which can only end in collapse
than to put a check to such methods as soon as the
mark of reasonableness has been overstepped. It is
better to place the blame where it belongs���on the
promoters���while we can. Alter the collapse comes
the camp will be. blackeyed by the thousands who will
foolishly think they lost their, money in mining in the
Lardeau, tvhich is not the case.
The Eagle is pleased to see such an eminent authority as the Pacific Coast Miner.agree with this view, lt
said last week: "California has been more free from
wild-cat mining swindles than most other western
states, merely because its mine* have seldom been exploited through stock markets.: but it has provided a
tew moumental, ones now being operated in the east and
in Europe. Properties legitimately worth a few thousand dollars are capitalized tor a million dollars or so
and the stocks are sold at a few cents per shire but at
prices that represent a great many times the worth ol
the property. The operators have just enough basis ol
legitimate value to keep themselves out of the penitentiary, but their schemes are the most dangerous ot
mining swindles. State -Mineralogist Auhury has announced that inquiries about such enterprises will be
truthfully answered, and if the State Mining Bureau
can do anything to rtpress conscienceless promoters
and protect the reputation of California as a field of
mining investment it will accomplish a splendid service."
In the absence of a State Mineralogist in British
Columbia, whose duty is to answer enquiries truthfully,
the Eaole, lor one newspaper, intends to take the responsibility of such a duty, believing it in the best
interests of all concerned���except a few grafters.
If a man sees a fellow comrade led or lured into a
fight, and then not given a square deal, at the risk of
receiving bodily harm, he will-vjump to his-wronged
brother's aid. Should a newspaper which cap see and
produce proof that three or four thousand innocents
are getting the worst of it, clese up like a clam?
The law protects nearly every other kind of it sucker
from the impositions of gamblers and tin-horns; but
not the investor wlio is mislead ihto buying mining
stock, not necessarily treasury stOck either. He re*
ceives no warning nor has he apparently any recourse,
Hence the need of newspapers Which will do what the
law. ought to be doing. ���
Our Special
The Union
Ths** ars all Unlit-, made*-and ol the
heat Havana Tobacco ���pons- can
bay. Try one and satisfy yaura.lt
aa lo tbalr quality.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A,
Brown, Prop,
W '-���*^F*T*T*-^lt|v**1|w**W *^**T**H r^T
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
��� ..n masse
Enterpirlse and Selkirk
HMn<in, manufactured by the enterprise
������� ��������> Clear Go,, Rav-aUltme, are unequalled ia ���+����������� ���������������� �����>������������
t the '.rovhu't!
Foi sale by Fenrason'* Leading Hoteli.
Auk for them.
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, WallltV.
Hafter, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
Sewing Machines,
Etc. J4J4J4J4.
ATTEMDBD   t-***-*=
Wholesale Liquor Oealersi^Manufactiirersof Aerated Water
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Packing and
Ferguson Packing aria
Transfer Outfit.
Contract, entered Into lor picking ot Mining Suppl'.os, etc., to so**
point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, and  any  work undertaken  guaranteed.
Freighting Iron Thomson'. Landing to Ferguson a specialty,
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. "*^jf S. Daney, Proprietor.
I Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands oj ;
/fines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tender feet comforted.
Bates es.ee a ear ul npwer.e.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors, j
mail senvice.
PROPOSALS eddrauad to Ik. undsralg ns. fill U reoei-rad until Ike
Mod Haunt, lor th. conteyance oi mslls thn. flats par week during
sets*, ol usvli.tlon between
The malls to be taken from th. m .11 steamer .1 Thomson's Landing
on Mondays, Wedneada-rs and Frldaya, tha courier to proceed to Fergu-
aon, arriving than the sane night and to lean Ferguson on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays in time 10 connect with the steamer leaving
Thomson's Landing lor Arrowhead, calling at Thomson's Loading and
Trout Lake both ways to exchange malls.    .    ,
PROPOSALS toatate lhe rate per round trip at Which the serf ice
wilt be performed. The contractor will bo reoulred lo furnish bonds In
th. sum Ot WM lw the faithful performance of the aerslot. 	
rwtoac. u��p��.i��-s .-too, v^��^ jji,-*^' ���}�����, b*5JK��|*J5i,m
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queen.. .Good accommodation
..Beet ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquore and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Airahamsoh Brothers, Proprietors.
���......���_ ....      --"-ipyn �����**.*��
finely equipped ia*.
umff-gm*!^ *
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
o, w*iIluohtedSa*d'iiiatid rooms.       utoatid on i
I VICTORIA AVI,   ji The Socialist Movement
in British Columbia
Contributed by Members ot the Socialist Party oi B. C.
omcl.il List or It. C. Locale.
r    Eseeuttv'e Sec: .
a.f-ucat Burns, IM Pue.il St., V.hcouver, B, C,
Vancouver ,,'.  .John <Dodd, Rcc.
Victoria O.Lce Charlton,��l John St.. Sec.
-.-.UHimo       ,. ...Geo. Kirby,Sen.
Port Moodr     John Walton, Seo.
KeveUtolte c. W. Mitchell, Sec.
rerguaon    R. P. Pettiplece, Ber
Slocan H.J. Llpaett, Sec.
SIlTerton Walter Smith, Sec.
New Denver Duncan Weir.Seo.
Sandon        Jamea McDonald, Her.
Kaalo Oeo. T. Kane, Sec.
N'elion John Roberts, boa 237, Sue.
Koailand       W. B. Baker, Sec.
Trail       Alfred Benkett, See.
(.-.rand Forks J. A. McLeod, Sec.
(-.Kenwood  ...,,.   I.e. Helm,See
Phoenix           a. W. Rostra, See.
ymir    R. Stewart Lyons, ��c.
-���nlgary, Alberta 1, McCorkey, Sen.
-Maple Creek, Alta. M. Elliott, Sec.
Notice to Segkrtarus : Kindly
read the contents nf theae column, at
the nest regular meeting of jour Local.
Secretaries nf all local, are requested
to sent] short amounts of tlieir moot-
' Ing. am) doing., for publication ln this
"Suitor" the children to come onto nf.
and forbid thorn nnt, for they bring
profit unto mo."���Mammon.
"Buffer tlit? ciiild|*eh to come unto m*
Ami forbid them not, (or such t. the
kingdom nf Heaven."���Christ.
In Now Zealand there li absolutely
no distress but ireneral prosperity. Industries nre flourishing, and the number of factory hand, has doubled In
five years.       _____
The regular.'meeting of the Socialistic Leni'iie* will be held Iii Miners'
Uni'm hall tomorrow afternritili, Cum*
tnenclng at 3 p. m The BUliject ftirdls
atlasltiti * III lib ''Socialism���what It Is."
Thufe will lie no- leader for the discussion, but. the meeting will'be free (or
all.���Nelson Tribune,
Principal Walter Hunter of Nansl-
mo ssvs:
: "I would as soon have a chimpanzee
teaoh-me the principles of mathematics as have some nf thoso self-styled
aeri'ttnts nl the Lord," (the clergy)
"tesoh me the principles of Christian
Is this not rnther rough nn onr beloved relative, the chlmpunxee?���Lady-
smith Leader.
A Socialist, oft times comes across,
man who says: "Why don't you people practice what you preach?" A
ltevelsioker's answer to one of these
wax "You are sick. The sulphur
apt tnga would cure your. malady, but
you are unable to ro because nf flnan-
cial diffi.'iiliie. Nor we know the
body politic Is out of order add we
wish toT give It an allopathic dote of
the sulphur springs of Socialism; hut
iu the meantime we are compelled to
drink the waters that come out of the
tap representative of tbe competitive
.y.tem."       ____.
The power of human eelli.hnes.man*
Ifestlng itself In niamnionlsm and oner,
atinir through the Industrial and commercial systems, 1. thus opposing the
Divine purpose. Instead nf making
human good the aim and working fur
that alone, It seeks a. an end the Increase of material possessions, and men
are subjected to conditions necessary
to that end. Social and political Institutions are judged by tlieir success
in aiding the accumulation of wealth
rather than In the cultivation of men.
Tbe higher Interest, of humanity���th*
development of intellect and the cultl-
-ration of the spiritual nature���are considered only so far a. auoh may be
thought necessary to material prosperity and tbe safety of society.
Minute, ol the Kiecutlva Meetlag.
Vancouver. B. C, Feb. 4.���The
���seoutlve committee met on Monday
evening, Feb, 4th. Present: J. Dndd,
T. Mathews and E. Burns. Proceeded
to canvass results of vote on proposed
provincial platform aqd constitution.
Replies had only been received from a
minority of the Locals in the province,
and In many case, it wa. forgotten to
state the number of member, voting.
The constitution seemed to meet with
general approval and was passed with
trifling amendment., and clau.e fixing
repre.entation of looal. at annual con*
ventlon, proposed by Victoria.
Regarding tbe platform, there were
a large number of amendment*, alterations, and substitutes proposed by various locals, Speaking generally the
-platform wa. endoraed by Local.. Vancouver, Victoria, Slocan, Revelatoke
and Ferguson and rejected by lo.aU,
Nelson and Nanaimo. Tbe Ontario
Socialist League, through their secretary, were alMde.irou.of u. adopting
their platform, and adding to it our
provincial demand, as additional matter. Tbe executive decided, lo view of
these d I Serena.., to adopt a oompoalte
platform wblch would represent the
average Idea* of th* membership. Th*
first partof this platform, the preamble,
ie taken from U. S. Socialist platform
aal wa. adopted at our convention
October last In Vancouver. Th* see-
���od part: "General demand.," includes
all the plank, advocated by the Ontario
platform of a national oharaeter. Tbe
third part: "Provincial" demand., in*
elude, ail local reform, and matter*
under the Jurisdiction of the provlo-
eial authorities. '
The executive desire, to point oat to
local., wbote pet Ideas may Mt be
foand la the adopted platform, tbat el
the annual convention tone held this
summer, there will be plenty of opportunity for revision and more representative and Intelligent discussion nf
this question
A. there was .till a large amount nf
unfinished business, the executive decided tn adjourn for a few day., and at
next meeting deal with remaining matter..��� E. Burn., Secretary.
[The platform spoken of above will
appear In the Eaqle next week, In
full, and will alio be furnished to the
executive iu pamphlet form for distribution among the locals a week later.���
Adjonrnod Moating ���* Ktecatlve.
Vancouver, Feb. 8. ��� Present: tJ.
Dodd, T. Mathews and E. Burn.. Constitution wa. passed as tubmitted to
Locals with addition of a section
governing calling of annual convention.
Corre.pondence wa. received front
Phoenix, accenting platform and constitution as tubmitted. From J. Cameron, stating he was sdvi.lng the Socialist League, he was organizing on the
prairies to affiliate with B. 0. executive. From i. MCCorkev- Calgary and
M. Elliott, Maplo Creek, stating thut
Locals hitve beon formed In ltn?li- re-
spec Ive town, and wishing to affiliate.
From Nelson, asking information re
removal of .headquarters to their city.
Tlie executive, aftor careful consider-
utloh, decided to take Locals in Northwestern Territories Under their wine
until such time a. these Local, wished
to make other arrangements,
Tbe secretary wa. instructed to make
suitable replies to other communications.
A financial statement of incomo and
expenditure of executive from organization till end of January, 19C2, was
pnsseri and ordered printed In official
organ, the Lardrau Eaole.
Executive adjourned subject to call
of secretary.
The Man who will risk the Purchase of a Lot or f>0 in the
Socialist Forty Financial Statement.
Statement of Income and expenditure from organization to January 31st
Ontario Social 1st league $150 00
South Wellington Local  1 80
Victoria                    "      1 05
Kevelstoke               "     4 2,1
Ferguson                   "     1 IH'
Sllverton                 "     3 25
Sandon                    "    ... 2 25
Kaslo                        "     2 00
Nelson                    "     5 00
Rossland                  "       8(15
Grand Forks           "     125
Phoenix                   "     9 80
Greenwood               "     8 40
Ymir                       "       0 75
Nanaimo                 "     9 00
Vancouver               "       12 50
High River             "  1 To
Glsdv.                    "     2 00
Northport SoolallBt Society.... 5 50
Nelson Local (loan to Cameron). 10 OU
Slocan Local  8 30
Total 1255 85
Organiser���traveling and hotel
expenses 1188 40
Printing and hire nf hall    12 00
Salary for three months    67 25
Total 1255 05
Dec. 18���Donation Vancouver
Local ��  200
Jan. 11���Donation Vancouver
Looal        15
Total ���  2 75
Jan 1-Staraps, etc *  1 25
Jan 24���Telegram, and draft, to
organizer     1 85
Total ��  3 10
Organization fund 1255 85
General "        2 15
Advanced secretary         85
Grand total 8258 15
Organisation expenses |255 85
Office expenses      3 10
Grand total 1258 16
Slaaan City Seal-allot Movataiont.
Slocan City, B. C, February 3.���
W* had a very Interesting meeting
yesterday. Th* R*v. J. B. Whit* of
Nelion, gave u. au address on "Development," and 1 think Mt nae of
the comrade, thinking along Un*. heretofore little considered. It 1. gratifying to note that quit* a number were
firolent who never attended our meet-
ng. before, end we hope to interest
them id our oauie to the extent tbat ln
the near future���a. tbey moro folly
understand our alma and affect*���they
may .ubserlbe to our constitution, and
that aid In increaalngour membership.
And wben tbe proper time come, be in
a position to strike a telling blow ln
favor of tbo emancipation of their fel-
lowmen from the bondage of wage
slavery.  We feel sure that if we can
only get tbe people to attond our meetings, it will only be a little while until they will begin to tako an active
Rart, and once they do this there I* no
itr of the result.
The United State. Steel Company,
capitalized for $1,500,000,000 employ.
3110,000 mon and a total of about 2,000,-
(100 person* ere dependent upon tbt*
company ter a UvelilMod.
Now has many good cha nces of making
Clrcle'City Is the future terminus of the proposed rtillway, already surveyed
via the Lardeau creek north fork to that point,
Clrole City is beautifully located ut the ban of the Uardeau Pas., Galena and
Surprise creek..
Circle City is absolutely surrounded by mining pi-opertles now under development.
Circle city affords splendid water power which will be utilized next aoason for
concentrating purposes.
Circle City will presont business opening, tht. aprinrf. Send for tbe new map
just out (free), and full particulars, to G B. B.ittio, general agt., Ferguson.
Two hundred lots on sale uow���Present prices: Connor lots, $125. Inside lot.
$100.   Terms:   i cash, balance throe and six months.
G* B. BATHO, General Agent, Ferguson, B. C.
*J��T***g*>t/KaMi^>------*���/' *:��'--:
// ever there was a time in
the history of the town of
to buy lots that time is now
The railway is being pushed to completion and
soon the C. P. R. will accept through freight
for Trout Lake. Trains are now being operated on the new road as far as the steel is laid.
The McCrossan smelter is now under construction
right on the townsite of Ferguson.
Many mining properties surrounding Ferguson
are rapidly reaching the shipping stage, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only is
Ferguson the commercial, banking, smelting
and pay roll center, but here is where the most
prominent Lardeau mining men have their
interests and headquarters. The best lot locations are being picked up by shrewd investors.
// Sesured at Present Prices
Business Lots are
still on the market
at $150 upwards,
Residential Lots
at $75 upwards,
Write or call on the General Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B, C ���  V
j. ���-.   _._.���  *  -.-._���-*���-*, ��� ���  -._*.  a.  _*���-._*. ���_ _**_. A _-L���k-���-JL
*F-�� -P'-�� V ^l**-eJpe^*V *^*^*^^P*V*^-W*^V^^^ * ~ ~ * ,T
On the Wing j
"SS:* Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
"Dundy Mia.trel." to-morrow night.
"I expect to be out there to see the
furnace 'blown In'."���C. McCrossan.
Alex. Brown of Ferguson, registered
at tho Commercial hotel, Vancouver,
last Saturday.
Ed. Perry bas .old hi. interest In the
local saw mill to Messrs. J. K. Smith
and Frank Lebeaa.
Mr. Taylor ha. given it out cold tbat
he will certainly ant be a candidate In
tbe next provincial election.
W. H. Vlckors, a former well-known
resident of Revelstoke and the Lardoau,
i. nnw owner ot the California hotel,
"Don't You Hear Dem Bell.." Tomorrow night.
Premier Dunsmuir ha. accept.-, the
invitation tn attend the coronation
ceremonies. He'll have to hustle lf he
goe. m a premier.
Wm. Thompson of London, England.
Is in the province, arranging fnr the
con.triit'tlnn nf a smelter at Tyee copper mine, near Victoria.
To pay 40 oents for a sh are In a company capitalized at two millions, with
all the stock on the market, is to
assume that its holding, aro worth
[Fred C.Elliott,   .
The follow! ns ia a list of Lardeau ore pro*        BARRISTER, NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.,
diti-era, amount ehippod and thu gross returns, TROUT LAKE CITY B. C, AND
reports of whieh have to be furnished monthly j t?firm,enn    7?   P
by mine owners to the provincial government: j rCriJllM/ll, D.I..
Name. Pounds.      Gtoaa Vat.
Silver Cup 2,����1,0U0
Nettle L  . 1,760,000
Northern tc.ixxi
Cromwell      28,'2S0
t Ophir-Lade      lv.���
Metropolitan      i:.17l ....
R'. Elmo . .      li.eoo ....
Ruffled Qronse      11,770....
I.lti-on View  Sils ....
(Old Ould	
I Horseshoe  	
( Black Warrior	
i Returns and tsorreetfona assed foe.
1 "144110 ' 	
l'.vn.m  Offices:    Revelatoke, Golden, and Ferguion.
1 .Ms in >,      solicitors fur Iiuintrlal Bank of Canada.
1 ,1171) 'HP   i
1 -fflO.7.
l,*...ii.M Geo. S. McCarter.
7-r, no
A. M. Pinkham.
J. A. Harvey.
Literary Society vs. Soolatlst League.
A debate between the above .oclelles
1. being arranged for next Friday
week, Feb. 21sl, The subject will be
"Resolved that our present competitive
euotiomiu system ia responsible for so
many unmarried men and women,"
The f-ii.clalist. will take the affirmative.
An interesting evening may be looked
forward to. F. C. Elliott of Trout
Lake, will be asked to preside as judge.
J. M. Scott, B.A..L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Grand dance after the minstrel .how,
tomorrow night. i1*i
The amount of nre smelted at ths
British Columbia smelter at Green
woo., since it commenced operation.
last February, aggregated 117,565 tons,
aMally average' for ten month, of
384 ton..
Some people are anxiously enquiring
If Alexander McRae, the Liberal delegate from Revelstoke, is the same
Alexander MoRae tbat now enjoys the
billet of postmaster, at $2,500 a year, in
the railway center.
"I o.n not. pnncelve why vou men
.wear. There is not a particle of use
In It."
"My dear, there are some things
wblch appeal tn one's esthetic sensibilities for inherent qualities entirely
separate and a.lde from their useful
neis."���Indianapolis News.
The advertiser likes to know wnether
he get. returns for hi. money spent in
advertising. If you mention this paper
When writing to him, it put. him In a
good humor. It Is little trouble and
renders the Intercourse pleasanter to
all concerned.
David and Andrew Ferguson have
gone tn th. Coast, to look after their
mining interests on the west, onset of
���sneouver island. Frank Helton, .T,
Watson and Peter Ferguson aro sis"
Interested in the property, and now
working nn It.
"Mr., Knox and I are thinking of
Visiting the Lardeau again next summer. The mines, and srunerv, and
people, and tramping, nnd trout, and
gl.cler._,��nd.. mountain*, and vou, are
very attractive to os."-M.V. B.
EKOX. Wahpeton, N. D.
"M-J-ffnnev That I Love So Well."
To-tnorrow night.
As thp pnstofflee Is a government-
owned concern the Eaglb has gfven
publicity to a notice calling for tenders
for a mall courier hetween here and
the Linding. The conditions nf the
contrnet, certain!- nil the bill, anil
shonld trutrantee a rwttlnuahce nf the
past season's good service.
The American analysis! ��ays the human bidyof average weight contains
three pounds and thirteen ounces of
calcium. Cnlclum. at present market
rates, is worth $300 an ounce, so thai
the amount of it contained in one human bndv has a money value of $18,300
Few of our fellow citizen, realize thut.
they are worth so much Intrinsically.
If you miss It you will rue It. Dandy
Minstrels to-morrow night;
G. W. Miller, M. E , writes in the
Butte Miner that "the prospector wh",
for want of srlentifli- knowledge, is unable to avail himself of thp advantages
gained In helng his own expert, should
lose no time In acquiring such a knowledge. It is manifestly; true that the
prospector who, thru neglected education, Is not compelled! to employ someone to pass opinion nn his discoveries,
determine his mln-srals, assay and test
bis ores, possesses marked advantages
over those who are deficient In this
Locals frith a I-sj.trcak.
' For anything tn tho book or sis-
tlnnery line send to tho Canada Drug &
Aaswere to Enqlrera.
Tbe large number ot enquiries which the
EAGLE recelvea trom correspondence haa
prompted us to take this means of anawerlng
them, rather Iban by letter which lakea up too
much time.
Ida McK., box 144, White Horse, Y.
T.���The Eagle will tell you all about
Ferguion nnd it. mln.s. Nn, thero is
no room for another hotel here at present. Your eorner lot here I. good
8. S. F., Litchfield, Minn.-Have
mailed you a map, and copies of the
Eaoi-i, which will give you tbe de.lred
Kev. J. IT. D. H., Seville, Ohlo.-lf
th* mine you .peak has 1,000 tons of
clean ore stripped. Lardeaultes know
nothing nf it, tho It I. considered a
good prospect, and may prove to he a
mine when sufficiently developed Will
allow you 60 cents commission of each
subscription secur��d. What has a man's
"Integrity" a. a preacher got. to do
with th* value of the milling 'ktock he
i. selling?
Wm.' T., Toronto.���You must not ex*
pect theisms amount nf mining news
nf the Lardeau in winter a. summer.
There is Ave feet of snow in the valleys
tnd much mere on the hills, so that very
little development is going on. The
Silver Cup, Nettle L, Double Eagle,
Black Warrior, Beatrice, Kathleen,
Horseshoe, Tonawanda and perhaps a
few Individual prospects are the only
ones being worked, an that there really
isn't much local mining news to record.
.1. Z. H, Vant:tiii"er.���Have placed
the name sent on old country list as re-
H. P. W., Elwnnd. Iowa,���The clip*
ilng In the circular you send is genuine. It. appeared In the EAGLE, but the
�����nse of the article is disarranged ow-
ng to what follows having been left
H.G.C.,Clarerannt, New Hampshire.
-Ye. the EAGLE Is a weekly, $2 n
vear Remit any old way. You should
not buy the shares first and make your
'���nqiilries afterward. What did you
pay 40 cents a sharo for���treasury or
"apitnl stock!1
Dr. A. C. E., M&rysville, Kansas,���
Yon are mistaken. We have a resident
"hysit'lan here. No, the population of
F-Tguson is no|, 1,000, Half of that
would he nearer il.
R. H��� Revelstoko.���Ynur account re-
-elved and Bled. We will endeavor to
pay It when our delinquent, deliver the
,/oods. ��� ���'*
E. C C, Revelstoke. -Will b. glad
to see him when he come.. We need
the money.
A. G- F., Betifin, B. C.-Nn. can't do
it, partner. Copies of that issue,.-like
mining stocks, have raised to par, $1
Trout Luke Topic, (hy te'lephone).*'-
Mo, the usual diet of an eagle i. not
i-row.   Hut .
O. L. C, Victoria���We only have a
twice-a-weck mail service bere now,
hence the delay. *
Imperial Bank
-*������     of Canada
. ...Mie.ooo.oo.
General talking business Transacted
latereat allowed on deposits In Savings
Department ai currant rates.
a. bTIFhii'ps,
B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co.
Headquarters for Anmynn. Mlnlag * Mill
4uppU��i. Sole agents lo* B. G. for Morgan
Crucible Co., Batteri.ua, England: K. W. Braun
A Co.'s f'atent Caiy Furnace*. Burners, etc.;
Wm. Alnsworth & Co.'�� Fine Balances, etc., etc.
���l<*^*^*^-**-i.^^*^K s^****^-*** -^*""�� <_^-****-*^k -_^*^*-P\ T ^**^**-*% t^^*-**W ���^���.^*^**W'.*-*'**P,^**V-^-^^l*Sk^-^^-*'W^'J��
at this time of year, and never were
we better prepared to 111! orders lor
the miner.'than just now. Our stock of
Men's. Clothing and Furnishings
Is such that we can suit the requirement, of everyone, We have the
largest and best stock of Footwear,
Underwear, Mackinaw Clothing.Overalls, etc., ever placed on salo in Ferguion. A. is alroady well known by our*
increasing   number   of   customer..     ������
"Everything for the Miner"
Our Grocery Department I. a leading
feature of tbl. .tore. Turning nver
our stock, as we do, .0 regularly, our
Stock of Groceries are always fresh.
Right Qoods, Prices and Treatment.
McKinnon & Sutherland
���jI Lardeau's Leading Store.     ���"*.'���'
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .
The most complete resort op tbe continent
of North America.   Rltuat^l midst leeuery
unrivaried for grandeur. Stating, fishing
and excursions. ' Kesider.t physician an>
mi-Be. In telegraphic communication witli
all parts of the world, T���t malls arrlre and
depart every day. Its bath* cine all iierTnu**
anrttnuscuUruli.cat.es i.s waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. It��
baihc and waters are a sure remedy arainst
all argentiferous poisons, TERM8 : $12 to
lift per week, anotirdiag to residence In hotel
or rillas.
H. Edwards!*,
Doer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Fur. and Skin.
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street  ^Revelstoke
We have now in stoclc a good line of
Mackinaws,  Rubbers,   German Sox:,
....Overalls, Clothing, Hand Wear....
Also Canned Goods of all kinds, Fresh Apples, Choice Fancy and
Staple Groceries, Confectionery. Try our Union-Made U. & I.
Chewing Tobacco.   The best on the market.
O. ft BATHO tf CO.
United Hatters of North America
i^ff^tt^        THIS   IS  Til ���
.���vVftL)   xK       UNION   LABKL  o-
^tt-V^ai^OwA    'he United Hetier>
/ / A_*BW'AV\ When you are buv
ng a FUR HAT
iflier -soft or ntlfl
fee to it thut th.
genuine U N I O:
Label is s^wed In ft
If h retailer Iih-
loose labels in hi*
fiosaesHlou and  01-
___ ers to put one In f
'r^Ciior " t:^" hat for you, do not
patronise him. II*
has not any rtgnt.in nave lwu.se labels. Loom
labels in retail stores tne counterfeits. Do not
Ih*ten to any explanation as to why the ha
has no label. The Genuine Union Ljbef l>
i>erforated on the four edges exui'tly the1 saint
an a imstHge stamp, Counterfeit ar** noihe-
times perforated on three of tlie edires, aliri
���mraetimHa only nn two. Keep a f-harp lookout
for tbe counterfeits, Unprliiidpled raanufat.*
turers are urine them In order to pet rid ol
their scab-made hats. The John B stetson
Co. and Henry H. Itoelofs & Co., both of Philadelphia) Ph.. are non-union concerns,
JOHN /. MOKFITT, President.
Orange, N.J.
14 797 liedford Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y,
Established 1896
General Merchants
Ferguson Meat Market
*- iaa*taaAia|aaiaaiAiaiaiaa||i||||ai|iftai*tA
Fine sioik of the I PKKSH HBCP,  l*0KK, HllT-
 hest AlhertaJ TON,    TOI'LTKY,   Etc.,  Etc.
'**^^-v f f ��� t*.***^**^T*-^-**e*'*e*'**F--*F
Pair Prices
Mine orders aspeelultv.
Shttp one dour ea-tt nl Hotel Lardeau.
Prompt Delivery
Book       .    	
orders receive prompt .attention.
* To get acquainted witb this dl.tr'lot
you shotil d have a copy of tho new and
only mart. Send a one dollar bHtto
tbe Eag le and secure one at onto.
* Tli-s Rovelstoke. Trout Lake &
Bid B end Telephone Co., limited, has
oOoe. at Arrowhead, ComaplIxT Thomson, ('nm borne. Trout Lake and Ferguson.    Reliable service.
* 'The Ferguson quadrille club gives
a '.lance every Thursday evening In
Miners' Union ball. Secure a membership ticket from tbe seorstary, B. U.
Smith     $2 a month.
* Smnkei'9: If you want the genu
���pm "Union" ,��nd ''Our, SpKcial"
CIGAR see that "Union Cigar Factory"
i. stamped In gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke, B, C.
' * Until March let tbe Eaole will be
mailed to club, of twenty subscribers
at 60o a year. Tbl. should double tha
-present circulation in tihe month. Help
the Eaole to help yourself by rustling
a club of twenty.
To Z. Gordon Goldberg or I,, Goldberg.or to
any person or perion* to whom tliejr mnv
navo trstinferi-od Iheir   Interests In tlie
Little Unhurt and Little Robert No.. mineral cltilius altllste at the head of ths North
fork of Lardeau eroek, and sdjolnlns the
Blaek Warrior group on the northwest, In
Ihe Tiout  Lake Milling Division uf Weal
Koolenny Di-treci,
You'are hereby notified thai I hare expend.
oil two hundred snd Ave dollars and twentv*
Sv. rents <bn.1._.Fi) In labor end Improvement,
on  tho above mentioned  mineral olalm* In
irdertohold said mineral claims under the
t line Settd 10 tOO C.nad. Drug* ��   ""������"  ��nuw,��a iinera, i-iaims uuner me
Co      n...wX     5    n unJf.n I'Provisions of tne Mineral Aet. and If within
"'" , Kevelstoke,    B.   C.     Mall' ninety day, from the dale of this notlre you
mU or refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expendlturoa-together with ail coat of
advertising, your Inteieat In asld claim* will
become the property of tho aubacrlher. under
acctlou 4 of an Act entitled An Act to AmOnd
th. -'Ineral Act, 1900.
Dated at Fergsson thia 4th day of December,
Canadian *y
* Pacific Ky.
Change of Service.
yutll further sdviaed the ateamor "KnksnM"
for Kaalo and "Moyle" fur Koulunay Lauding
will leave from l-roctor, connection from Net
aou being aa follow,:
7:16 a. in.
G:l.'i p. m.
4 p. m.
i    Arrive
i 10:15 a.m.
Address your order, with an
enclosure ol a one dollar bill, Ino
otMluss, orders, otc.j to
Ferguson, B.C.
For Kootctuiy Uk�� points, I'rorlor to Kolca-
nee Creek counrctfoit from Nelson will be 7.16
a. m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, return-
ing the fauio evening ut 6:15 o. m.
For berths, time tables, rntei and (ull io-
formation, apply to
D. P. A., Nt lsoril.
E, J. COYLE, A. G. P. A., Vtncouter.
J. DONOVAN,Agent, Arrowhead
Drugs and Stationery
Proacriptlons Carsfnlly and Accurately Compounded.
C. B. Hume & Co.
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The l-trgost Importers In North Kootenay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake City, B. C.
You Can Always Depend
There IS only one hest mining Journal.
TSMIs   ,,.,'
Mines and Minerals.
It has a larger circulation than any two othor
American mining joumala hrcauae It is the
beat. It Is the largest, beat Illustrated -ind
handsomest mining Journal In the wo Id. . It
ia a mining paper for mining men. tiubaertp.
tlon price 12.00 per year. Send for free sample
cony. Addresa MINES AMD MINERALS, Straw
ton, Pa., V. S, A. Denver offices, llsrtb Bids,,
Upon pelting the Best WurUmanship ant) the Best Mater-    ,
ials for your money, wht A you buy your clothes I'toni
/?   S   WHs/itl  MERCHANT TAILOR,
All brartches of the Tonsorial Art
executed with fcmbfdextruusdexcrky.
'' Wm. Schnell, Prop.
I The pay roll centre anil the placo where Lavduau'a ahlppln-c
��� mines uro leei.turi, Is situated t ��� miles aoutbesat of Kovolatoke.
From Itevui/at-iko to Arrowhc ad by rail, 2. miles; from Arrow
head to Tli��j��ii*ii'a I^iuUlug by - boat, U mites; from t;,e Lamlin,
, lo FEROUION, by horse or a late, U miles, Cm. straight tu
Ver(u��B,  iBvcilgatlon court ei,


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