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Ferguson Eagle 1900-04-11

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*oo-t> -   %ju��Jt
VOL. I. NO. 9.
$2.00 A YEAR.
A Great Silver-Lead and Popper-
Gold damp.
All the Way From' $150 to
43,000 Per Ton.���Surface Values
Increase \Witb Depth.���Brilliant
Future PrOBpeote of the Camp
With P��M>er Transportation.
Written by O. K. (Irogan, Bevelstokc.
The Lardeau district, in miners' par-
HMce, takes In the whole country
drained by, the lower Fish river, by
the UpperjiPuncan and Lardoau and
around Trout like. It has no relation
'40 any official district and indeed is
���tade up out of three of the government
���recording, districts. It is a section
which for its extraordinary Indications
��f mineral wealth is surpassed by none
in British Columbia. And in every
���can, in w*ich development has been
.prosecuted,:the results have more than
warue out the promise of the surface
Paybtbsjaks have increased
not only In size but in value, and ore
. bodies have beon found, tbe existence
of which was previously unsuspected.
In fact the extent to which the country
is mineralized is only beginning to be
suspected , from the extraordinary
results given by the. development of
the few properties on which work has
been done,.to amount to anything.
The Nettle L., a mine located about a
���lie and a-half from Ferguson and
owned and operated by the Great
Westers Mining Company is an
iastanoein point. The paystreak in
the Nettle L. ia enelosed
at iron ore, to which no attention
am paid at all, until A. B. Holdich,
t��je well-known Kootenay assayer and
r expert, visited the mine and
) of thta<in i  ore for assay,
. i It was found to run on an aver-
mw��ut 16 Id tula. U|> u. LLm. .uuo
sons of this rook had been thrown
��w tbe dump, but it is now regarded
tt a valuable product of the mine. On
(he same property tbe lower tunnel
san lor several hundred feet through a
Mask talco-achist, the miners' "graphite," which constitutes the formation
at that point. It waa supposed to be
���Merry valueless, but a more rigid
examination has disclosed the fact
that ths "graphite" contains seams of
black sulphuret of silver, running high
ia value, but to sasual observation
hardly tone
bom the "graphite" itself. The
Management of the Nettle L. are
almost afraid, to throw anything away
at all, which comes out of their work-
Jogs at present. Another instance to
the same effect Is the great Increase of
at the gold values in the Silver Cup
oro with depth. These have increased
from U at thetturface to (80 per ton at
400 feet.
district consists of shales, schists and
dates for the most part, and the leads
as a rule are. contact veins between
the country rock and the marbleised
limestone which occurs in dykes and
rise in places to a considerabe height
above the surface, notably up at the
head waters of Haley oreek, in tho
southeast corner of the district. Tho
leads have a regular n. w. and s. e.
atrikeandcan.be traced clear across
from Haley oreek 'to Fish river.
This continuity Js
ia the ease of tbe great Glengarry
lead, which starts on Boyd creek, a
tributary to Fiah river, and is easily
traceable across the whole district to
the headwaters of the Haley. The
ledges are well denned and In places
..above tbe.tlmber are as dearly marked
. on.tho surface as a paved road. The
..most usual ores of the district are
.galena, grey copper (tetrahedrlte) and
yellow copper . (chalcopyrite), but
silver Is found in other forms than
as an associate of lead, and in one
arellknown case, tbo Lade (Troup, gold
occurs as a tellurlde.
The natural formation
of this district is rugged and uioun-
. tainous, and the whole country up to
the timber line is densely forested,
while numerous creeks, and streams
afford ample and
never-failing watet power
tor all purposes and have afforded to
the pioneers of tho district,.tho first
means of gaining an approach to tho
hidden treasures, stored la the.interior
of tbe giant peaks, whioh havo so lone
fuarded the secret of the wealth of the
Lardeau   from   human   knowledge.
This is the hindrance, which has
hitherto kept the Lurdeuu back from
progress and development���its inaccessibility. Tt is only the extraordinary values contained in its ore
which have enabled tho pioneers of the
district to defy the enormous cost of
gotting supplies up to their properties
and getting tho ore out. But even so,
It has
PAID TO ship ore
and every winter for somo time past
moro or less has been rawhided and
packed out from the mines, sometimes
near a score of miles to tho only wagon
road which traverses the district and
then transported 111 miles from Ferguson to water at Thomson's Landing on sleighs. Even under those
conditions it has paid, as has heon
said, to ship the Lardeau ores, owing
to thoir wonderful richness, but
naturally not much shipping has been
dono. The oro will keep and both
raining companies and private owners
have preferred to put in the period
���a long period, too, it has seemed to
many���In doing development work,
leaving the ore, where nature put it,
until the time came when it could be
more profitably transported to the
smelter. That time is now very close
at hand.
Two railway companies,
the C. P. It. and the Kaslo, Lardeau-
Duncan, are pushing their way rapidly
into the district and heading to tap
the ore exports of its rich mines. The
C. P. R. is surveyed to run up the west
bank of the lower Lardeau river and
Trout lake to Trout Lake City, with a
spur into Ferguson. The Kaslo,
Lardeau-Duncan railway is located
to strike the Lardeau district on the
southeast along the east side of the
lower Lardeau and following the east
shore of Trout lako to a point about a
mile and a-half from Trout Lalio City,
when tt branches off and heads for
Ferguson through an easy pass. At
Ferguson the line will branch up both
the north and south forks of the Upper
Lardeau, so as
in tho distriot and open up the section
.JUiVUKWiJ.     duuu Mito OLliClilU, lUliich
is boing pushed forward vigorously,
materializes, a great tranformation
scene will come over the Lardeau. At
least 25 or 30 properties
from the start off, a number, which
will be indefinitely increased with the
rapid development of other promising
claims, the influx of capital'and the
notoriety which will be given to 'the
camp consequent on the arrival of the
cars. Properties now almost inaccessible will thon be placed in close
proximity to
shipping returns will come rolling in,
big deals and big dividends will be
chronicled in the press, big fortunes
will be made by the old timers who
have bad the pluck and perseverance
to stay with their properties during all
these many years of hope referred, and
by those shrewd investors who have
the sense to get in on the ground floor,
while the days of small beginnings
last, which now as the Lardeau Is
concorned are so rapidly drawing to a
close. And tho centre of all this life
and bustle, money making and money
spending, keen speculation and
businoss activity
the coming liossland und   Nelson In
one of North Kootenay and tbe future
metropolis of a greater mining district
than either of them.
ill.'IS. TAIL!
Tho   People's   Candidate   in  This
On Two  Well Known Properties
in This Camp.
No Opponent Yet Announced By
Tho Liberals���The Campaign Will
Be Opened in Earnest by May 1st.
���The Best Interests of the Riding
Will Be His Foremost Duty.
Thos. Taylor, tbe people's candidato
for this riding, was in town on Friday,
aftor having spent three weeks out of
tho camp, at tho coast and elsewhere.
Mr. Taylor is well satisfied with the
situation up to this date, and is quite
prepared to meet any or all candidates
who may be placed in the field against
him. Kellie is recognized by all to be
a back number. W. M. Lawrence,
hardware man at Revelstoke, recently
of Winnipeg, and an ardent
admirer of Joseph Martin, is spoken
of, but there is no one definitely
picked out by what few opponents Mr.
Taylor has in the constituency. Mr.
Taylor, as the Eagle has said before,
is not only an oigbt-hour law udhorent,
but, he will strivo to make it applicable
to all classes of manual labor, both in
and out of the government service.
The Now Westminster platform which
the Conservatives built last fall, will
be bis program, with the first interests
of his district to be his duty first, last
and always. Mr. Taylor says that
an equitable adjustment of redistribution will be ono of the first duties of
the Conservative party, if elected to
power on June loth. His address to
the electors will appear in tho public
press just as soon as tho campaign is
opened by the Liberals. Mr. Taylor
left for Naknsp, Burton City,
Fire (Kelly) Valley and other southern
points on Sunday last. He will be iu
this camp to address the people on the
issues of the day in about three weeks'
timo. Tbere is not a candidate in
British Columbia ���hat can defeat
Thos. Taylor in this riding.
Development on Many Claims in
the Gamy Now Progressing With
Remunerative Results.���Ore Shipment Continue.���The District is
Constantly Forging Ahead.
The Eagle ia in possession of positive, knowledge of two big mining
deals which are now pending on well
known properties in this camp, but an
injury might be done both parties to
givo tho particulars at this juncture.
Both, when oomploted, will mean tho
commencement of development work
on a large scale at once. Particulars
will be made public in a few days,
after all the necessary papers are
i 1 A I u good man. Now, what would be the
' matter with removing Ihe profit. If
tho government made whisky, the
same us they do butter in Alberta, the
article would bo good, and bear the
government guarantee slump. Nu ono
could possibly compete. Whiskey
would be sold at the actual cost of pro.
duction, on the same principle wo will
suppose as postage stamps. What inducement would there be left for men
to sell whisky, since all could obtain it
at the same price. No ono cures to
sell postage stamps; there's no money
iu it. No ono would sell whisky from
choice, and if there were no huge profits, none but druggists would bo likely
to handle It. And if u man really did
desire a drink of boozoreeno he could
rest assured that he would not be loading up with rot-gut, red-eye, fire-water,
etc. Jt would abolish the systomjof
"come und have something." "name
your poison, "and soon, it would, as in
New Zealand, solve tho liquor question.
Govornmont manufacture und control
of mora than whisky is equally applicable.
Rob Roy and Highland Chief.
Supt. J. W. Westfall intends to hire
a force of miners this week to take up
to the Rob Roy and Highland Chief,
owned by the Scottish-Canadian Mining Co., and located just over tho
divide at Circle City, somo seven miles
up the north fork of tho Lardeau from
Forguson. Work will be pushed
vigorously ahead as soon as more
provisions can be got up the trails,
which are neither one thing nor tho
other at present. The Rob Roy is tho
makings of another big shipper as soon
as transportation is provided. An
Eagle representative will visit this
promising property next month, when
a more detailed account of tho work
airoady done and future operations
will bo given our readers.
Kellie  Haa  Quit Cotton,  and   Flopped
Into the Liberal Arena.���The Topic
and Kellie Will Now Live on the
Favored Nation Plan.
Our contemporary, the Trout Lake
Topic is In a sad predicament. It
bucked J. M. Kellie last election. It
has said Thos. Taylor Is a fit and
proper person to represent this riding,
and now its editor, 3. J. Langstaff, is
one of tbe straight Liberal delegates
to the Vancouver convention, along
with Mr. Kellie whom it so much
opposed up to this date. Mr. Kellie,
though he had a hard timo of it, has
convinced some of the Liberals that
Manager Pool went up to the Nettie
L. on Friday last, accompanied by P.
Cummins, civil engineer, who will
make a survey and report on the inner
workings of the mine, to be laid before
the annual meeting of directors in
June. The work for this season will
be blocked out and shipping possibly
continued right along. A. E. Kincaide
went down to the Landing on Saturday to ship the 50 tous now there to
the Trail smelter.
A number of the Nettie L. miners
are down for a few days. The upper
workings are getting wet in the shaft.
The main lead in the long lower tunnel
is being tapped now, and crosscutting
and raising will begin to-day, thus
employing more men than heretofore,
As little as J. M. Kellie has over
done for this portion of the riding in
bygone days the Eagle still hold u
higher opinion of him than the Liberals of Revelstoke. At their meeting
held a few days ago, for tho purpose of
sending delegates to tbe Vancouver
convention, Kollie'snurae was not even
suggested until nine out of the ten had
been chosen. Then Windy Ike Thompson and Steamboat Kellie wore ballot-
ted for resulting in first a tie and finally Kellie winning out by one solitary
vote. This turn-down caused Windy.
Kellie's fondest hope and adviser) to
assert before the audience that Mil.
Kellie was not a Liberal and therefore
not entitled to go. Mr. Kellie imrac1-
diately desserted his admiration for
Carter-Cotton and declared himself to
be a straight Liberal until further
notice. The meeting took him at his
word and solocted him. Poor Windyj,
who recently went to the coast and leji
the newspaper reporters to believe
that he held the political key���in fact
the whole works, is wroth. He wi
sure go clear over the dump the nexj
time ho attempts suicide. But thi
cold thought trickling down Kellio's
trousers of the esteem in which ho is
held by even Liberals must be awfuli
A local poet sings thusly:
Take a tumble and give us a rest, oil dot
Tlie people are tired to death of you.
You're not what you profess
Either iu er out of the press.
So you big jtiy
(Jo and stay
In n pot-hole for n century or two.
He Could Choose a Following That
Would Win Confidence.
Four yours ago tbe farmers in
Alberta wore in a plight as to what to
do with thoir butter, at any price
Tho government, aftor a hard fight,
was induced to tako over and put Into
shape what creameries tliero were,
which wore a lizzie under private
ownership, und build more and butter
ones. Tho results have been vory
gratifying. Tbere is an oven and
bettor quality of butter manufactured,
a raise of seven cents a pound to the
farmers and an unlimited markot in
China and at home, even in tho face
of keen American and Holland com'
petition. This company of farmers
are gradually buying back the
creameries from��� the government,
which is a mistake. Now if tho
govornmont can make such a success
as this out of the dairy businoss, why
not ba still moro successful in operating our minos, smelters, railways and
other pursuits. Tho smelting and
entire treatment of our ores would
then be done in Canada,���in British
Columbia- The immense dividends
uow going to make a few millionaires,
would be coming back to its rightful
owners, the whale people.
White Warrior Group.
At the head of Gainer creek, adjoining the well known Lade group on the
northwest, is a group of claims, three
he too is a Liberal aud no longer a 11" number, namely the White Warrior,
Cotton follower. Mr. Langstaff, tho jtUu Horee sho�� and Snowilake, owned
Eagle presumes, was present when |by Messrs. Ed. Bell and J. Morgan of
the Liberals assembled ut Revelstoke | Ferguson. This group Is right in the
passed the following resolution: I i">wi <)f�� famous mineral belt, boing
"That in- view of the action of the!nott1'tho Badshot nnd other well known
Consorvative party in nominating t properties. There are three well de-
straight party candidates in a majority; fined leads on the propenv, one of
of the electoral districts to contest the U,hlch ,vaa onlv discovered "last fall
forthcoming general   provincial   elec-1   , .    , .   .   ,
tions, aud particularly in tho Revel-1,lft01' " wtta t0�� lllte t0 ���� "���">' wn|,|c on j
stoke riding, this, the Liberal | It. The owners Intend to to do consid-|
association of Revolstoko, is of tho opin-'erable work on the group this season,!
ion that it is ini tho best interests of the und , (ndioatiuaa the property is
Liberal party in British Columbia and!,,,   , .     ,, , ,
more particularly in this riding, that ]llcal.V'�� P��>vo itself second to none in
aa Liberals w�� accept the ohallaoge." I the camp. '.
A t last the Eagle is awuro of tho; 	
Topic's long oblivious  stand   on   this! , The Ethel.
question,   it is  truo,  tho  Topic  has'    _       .   ���.        , .,        .    ,
?        ,   ��� , .      Recent returns from a shipment 'if
jumped   Hon.   Joseph    Martin    and ��� .    ....,,   ���,,  . , .
'    '    ., ' , .      oro made by the Ethel,   a promising
declared in no uncertain terms against , ,    , ,���     .  T   ,     ,,,,
.   ,,        .   . .,       ,,       ,       .      , i property   west of   front  Luke  City,
party linos; but the editor has  found | ,. ,.   .        , ,  ,
,  ,       owned by 9'syndicate and managed bv
an opening for which he has   so  Ions: I  .....        ...
been sparring.   The Eaglk will await
with  interest tlie  acrobatic  foat of
seoing   the   Topic   uwallow   J.    M.
Kellie,  wbo now declares  he  is   a
straight  Liberal.   As  soon  as    Mr.
Kellie saw that Cotton was out of it, I
it   didn't take him  long  to  tumble! Silver Ono,
into tbe Liberal fold.   The Topic is in I    D. G.   Eatou is now away to Trail
a bad moss. ' with tho last shipment for tho season,
"Gold is wherever you find it, at
least that is what old prospectors say,
and they ought to know for some of
them have spent a lifetime hunting
for it. That there must be a pecular
fascination in the search for the
elusive glittering yellow metal everyone knows who has tried it. We all
like gold, and never seem to get too
much of it���especially newspaper mon.
There is a certain amount of pleasure
in looking at it even if wo do not
possess it. ' We like to think of how
we could pay up all our back debts,
look tho whole world in the face, never
have to dodge a creditor, and run our
paper without tho sheriff's assistance."
IH. McPherson, went 278osss, in silv.r,
I ($1(18.80), 25 per cent. lead, and 1 per
;cent. copper, a handsome shewing
I indeed. The oro wuu treated at the
I Trail smelter.
First it was tho individual ownership, thon partnership, then companies,
I then  corporations,   then   syndicates,
I then trusts,   all  aiming   at  economic
j concentration.   Everybody is  talking
j about trusts, and almost everybody is
��� opposed to them.   Thoy  fail   to  soo
: that trusts arc a natural growth of the
i industrial    system    that    has    beon
I controlling the world since  it  bad   a
history, just as   kings  controlled   it
until later centuries.   People do  not
understand   what a   trust   is.   They
notice it whon it gets very largo and
powerful, but  fail  to see  tho  same
principle operating in oven the small-
I est business.   But it iB thero just the
jor until snow or the Iron horso provide
j transportation facilities.
Alexander MoRae, an old-time
prospector in this camp, and recently
provincial chief polico at Revelstoke,
has been gay.ettod as mining recorder
and polico at Trout Lako City. Jlr.
McBae is tlio right man in the right
There is a newspaper in Northern
Alberta known as the Alberta Phtin-
deulei'. Tho Plaindeuler "devotes a
great deal of attention to the horrors
same. Each is doing business on
exactly tho same principle and for tho
samo object, viz., to sell as much as
possible and to make the largest profit
possible. Trusts are not necessarily
bad. Trusts benofit those who aro on
the inside.   If the whole  people  own'
j the trusts, the whole people would bq
I benefitted by them;
A Question Now Undar Consideration by Labor Unions and tha
Working Classes Generally.���TO
Bo Sandwiched in Between th��
Two Parties.���A Popular Party.
Probably the latest phase of the political situation is the complete organizing by the labor forces of a Labor
Party in this .province, of which most
likely John Houston, one of tho strongest and ti'uismat'ic friend of tho labor
classes in Canada, will be persuaded to
accept the leadership. The labor
unions at the coast are running Labor
candidates : Rossland, Slocan and other
ridings will run straight Later candidates, while many Of both the Liberal
and Consorvfttivofoandldatesnow.in tho
field would just ar leave support tha
Labor ticket us dessert Cotton or follow Martin. Tho Labor Party gives
the electors of tho province 8>chance to
avoid and slip in between the parties,
and likewise ditohall the old and party
element. John Houston is well,known
and enjoys the confidence of the whole
people. His progressive policy..as outlined in the Nelson Tribune from time
to time, is just exactly what the pooplo
want. The Labor Party would at
least be dead certain of holding the
balance ofpower, and could therefore
dictate to either party. No person
can possibly defeat John Houston iu
his own riding, where most intimately known. His policy of consumption
of monopolies by tho whole people ia
no jim-crow vote-catching proposition.
His action in municipal public life
has demonstrated that fact. And hero
is one straight-goods plank alone which
will help to give tho Labor Party possibly more than the "balance of power"
if the Eagle mistakes not. John
Houston says:
"To make the province of British
Columbia prosperous, something must
be created within the province.
Fifteen years ago all southern British
Columbia was a wilderness. A railway has peopled that wilderness, and
the people have created something.
What has been done in the southern
portion of the provinco can be dona
in the northern portion, for the northern portion is less a wilderness today
than the southern portion was fifteen
years ago. The Canadian Pacific
Railway was built largely by money
advanced by tho government, but
it is'ownod today by the company's
shareholders, the government having
no proprietary interest in it. No
better opportunity can be had than baa
tho province of British Columbia today
to make a beginning in government
ownership of railways. Immense
undeveloped stretches of country,
known to bo rich in natural resources,
without any roads of any kind, extend
from the Pacific Ocean eastward to
the western boundary of tho Northwest
Territories. Through it are feasible,
routes for a trunk railway, which
could be fed by brunch roads. Such a
road would be to tho North what tho
Canadian Puei lie is now to the South.
Each would have its own territory, and
there could be no conflict or competition. The building of such a read
by tho province would attract more
attention and capital to British
Columbia than a thousand Earl's
Court Exhibits, what is of far greater
importance, it would develop resources
that would sustain a largo permanent
population, without whioh the province
can havo no lusting prosperity."
place, and the promotion appointment ]���f intemperance and is a prohibition]
system is asitshould be.   IfJoeMartln I ....
sticks to this seniority plan ..
civil soryice he will have earned
gratitude of the entire electorate.
shoot.   It  refuses  uds. which   would;
This Is rich; coming as it does from
a man  who savvies  tho   velvet  hand
racket to a niceity.   Of .loo Martin, B.
. R. Atkins says:
��� In, encourage the sale of spirituous liquors. 1   ������,,.,���,.��� ,��� _���������,��� .���, ,��� .
',.,   ,   .,*, .   '   ��� ,��� ., i    "J. hore is no velvet glove over his iron
., will'  1" mot " is a sort of a W.C 1 .U. organ. I min(1| no blldR0 r01. a foliowel. 011t tnat
the exception of a few  a-raftors and The Eagle will make it a suggestion.! of servitude."
office    seekers    at    Kevolstoke.     A:,,,,. .     , ,, , . .     .,��  ... , .      , ,, .,    ���
return to this plan in connection with ' Wlusk'V is ml aM "? mon  "ee&usSl   "Nobadge for a follower."    Great
the gold coinmlsslcnorship at Bevel-|lneJ  '"c0 t0 8e" "���   I"9 tno Profit i heavens, Mr. Atkins, what do you want say, over 100 tons of freight to como
stoke is now in ord��c Mr. Martin. ' which offers Buoh inducements to many anyway? I over this miioh-noeded road.
The Eagle lias beon informed by
the public works engineer, F. C.
Gamble, that "with regard to an
appropiatiou for the repair of the road
between Thomson's Landing and
Ferguson, instructions have been given
to havo the matter immediately
inquired into." L. If. Buck, who was
over tbo road at the Instance of Mr.
Gamble last week, will have his report
in by this time, and any day may now
see a force of men put to work to get
the road into u passable condition.
There is, the Eagle will  venture  to THE FERGUSON EAGLE, FERGUSON, B. C, APRIL 11, 1900.
PabHebed every   Wednesday momma at the
ettn of publication, Fenjnion, B. 0.. hj
��. p. rarrTiprBoai.
Advartialnf Rates: Display ada, el.So per
column Inch; 91.00 par Inch when Insert*'' on
title MSB. Legal ada, 10c per (nonpariel) line for
tut Insertion; 5c for each additional insertion.
Reedlnc notices 10c par line each Issue. Birth,
Marriage and Death notice! free.
nsDacription Rates: By mall or carrier, fc-'.oo
per annum; ti.oo for six months. No pay, no
paper, stopped at expiration.
Job Department: Thb Eagle Job Dapartmettl
la well equipped, and la prepared to entente all
kinds of prfntlni at honest prices.    Mall orders
������inda'-      ~
Hit      "
To Correspondent*: Tbk Kaoi.lt invites correspondence on anv subject of Interest to tbe
tantral public, and desires a reliable regular coi-
reepondent in every locality surrounding Ferguson. Tha bona fide name of the writer must ac-
snmpany manuacript.
Address all communications to���
Ferguson, B. C
promptly attended to.   Give us a trial on your
I order.
it isn't up to date;
It hasn't any  supplement or colored
fashion plate.
It comes out everv  Friday, unless the
Quincy, last Sunday, digging her up
again in three hours.   She was appar
entry none the worse for the ordeal. | H's just a little paper
She had clerked for several years in a
store that never advertised.
Topeka Capital-The story that the forms are pied;
...... .   .     .. ���������.,.   Theoutside is home printed, with boiler
painted advertisement of a liver remc- . (e insi(lo    '
dv on the sideof an Iowa barn caused a
span of mules to run away, causes Go-  " "as"'' any cabledirect from old Bom-
mer Davies to remark that nobody but j But jt ^ tha(. ,.Colnnel Bragglns is in
our midst today."
It doesn't seem to worry about affairs of
But it tells that '-Joseph  Hawkins has
a fool mule would stop to read an advertisement painted on a building or a
fence, anyhow.
New Orleans Picayune���A druggist
in Santiago, Chilo.received from a New
Orleans house some toothache drops
which were warranted, by an adver-
tisement on the label, to cure aching
teeth in ten minutes. A sufferer bought
painted his front gate."
never  mentions Kruger or Joseph
But says that "Thompson's grocery has
a new window pane."
And that "the Mission Workers will
bottle, tried the dropa, and held his And tttfbe^ temperance lecture In
WEDNESDAY,    APRIL 11,    1903.
The Coming Nation
Is a ta-column weekly family newspaper, containing the following departments: Weakly Newi
Record, Kdltorlal.woman's Department (by the
Women of Ruskin). Industrial Brotherhood,
Children's Department, Contributed Articles by
Ihe brightest reformers In the U.S., nnd last-but
not least���The Colony Notes.  This paper la
Krinled by the people who own It���the famous
taskln Colony, of Ruskin, Ware Co���Oa. The
town of Buskin, Its factories, immense printing
oflice, store, school, library, dwellings, hotel,
farm, garden, steam laundry, etc., are all owned
collectively by tha people who built, operate,
cleared and occupy them. Usually laboring man
produce these things and the other fellow owns
them. Do you want to read tbe paper they have
been printing for the last six years? If so.here's
your chance.   We will send
Tha Coming Nation one year,price 60
The Eagle, one year, prlee       H-00
Total      M.S0
BOTH   FOR  $2 25.
Cash In advance.   Address. Eaolk. Ferguson.
Work on the Red Lin* haa been temporarily auspended. Several carloads
of ore have been hauled out to the
Columbia river for shipment tn the
The machinery for the property of
the Golden Placer and Quart)! Mining
Compaiy, at the mouth of Canyon
creek, haa been taken up the river and
placed in poaition. Work will be com
inencsd in a few days.
Mr. Bruce reports the Delphine as
looking well. Work on this property
had to be discontinued for a while owing to slides. Seven carloads of ore has
been taken out and will be shipped aa
soon as navigation opens.
There is at present a hot race for what
ia said to be the richeatatrike ever made
in Britiah Columbia. Two different
outfits, one about five miles in advance
of the other, are working to reach their
destination on the Bugaboo. Some
claims have already been staked out,
samples from which have assayed 150
ounces in silver, 24 per cent copper and
tlO gold. Thia is the richest thing yet
heard of In this section of tbe country,
and there is no denying its value. The
samples shown are not picked pieces,
but are as pretty samples as were ever
brought into Golden. It is understood
that negotiations are now pending for
the working of the claims already recorded in the vicinity.���Era.
A teaspoonful of the juice in a cup of
black coffee will almost instantly relieve
a bilioua headache.
Lemon juice (outward application)
will allay the irritation caused by the
bites of gnats or flies.
A dash of lemon juice in plain water
ia an excellent tooth wash. It not only
remove* tartar, but sweetens the breath
aa well.
Lemon peel, and also orange, should
all be saved and dried. They are a capital substitute for kindling wood. A
handful will revive a dying fire.
The juice of a lemon in hot water, on
awakening in the morning, is an excel,
lent liver corrective, and for stout women ia better than any antifat medicine
ever invented.
Glycerine and lemon juice, half and
half, on a bit of absorbent cotton, is the
best thing in the world wherewith to
moisten the lips and tongue of a fever
parched patient.
The finest of manicure acids is made
by putting a teaspoonful of lemon juice
in ��� cupful of warm water. This removes most stains from the ringers and
naila and loosens the cuticle more satis
factorily than can be done hy the use of
a sharp instrument.
Lemon juice and salt will remove
ruat ataina from linen without injury to
the fabric. Wet the ataina with the
mixture and put the article in the sun
Two or three applications may be necessary if the atain ia of long standing,
bnt th* remedy never faila.
j Pittsburg Dispatch���"Cheaper than
dirt" ia the way an uptown druggist labels a windowful of soap.
Philadelphia Press���A Market street
clothier makes this very ambiguous announcement: "Serge suits, W.98. They
won't last long at thia price."
Baltimore Sun���A Harriaburg, Pa.,
advertiser announces "Oxford ties that
prettify stylish girla' feet." He thinks
"prettify" ia pretty nice.
Farmer City Journal���A hypnotist
buried a woman at Sherman park,West
watch while he waited for relief. At
the end of ten minutes his teeth ached
as badly as ever. He had the druggist
arrested, and he had to pay a fine of
���1,000 and was sentenced to three
monthi in jail.
Women are not permitted to be photographed in China.
Seventy-two per cent of the Spanish
people cannot read or write.
It is said that some of the sheep farms
in Australia are as large as the whole of
The Minneapolia mills grind enough
wheat to keep 150,000,000 people constantly supplisd with bread.
The Minneapolia mills grind 14,000,-
000 barrels of flour a year and consume
60,000,000 bushels of wheat.
Half the ships in the world are British. The best of thein can be converted
into ships of war in 48 hours.
Reckoned by carloads, the increase ot
traffic on all Russiou railways last year
was seventeen per cent over the preceding year.
Oklahoma Indians have developed a
erase for the mescal bean,a little known
narcotic of wonderful properties, producing marvelous color visions.
The only place where black diamonds
ar* found is in the Brazilian province of
Bahta. They arc usually found in river
beds and brought up by divers. Others
are obtained by tunneling mountains.
The largest specimen ever found was
worth 120,000.
One of th* moat beautiful natural rock
carvings in the world is the Southern
Cross, in the island of Grand Manan, in
the Bay of Fundy. It stands at the
head of ledge of rocks jutting into the
bay at the southern end of the Grand
Manan. Its shape is that of an almost
perfect cross.
Keaaona for Longevity.
No one has come nearer than George
Humphrey to an accurate conception of
th* longevity of life. The total number
of aged persons whose life story was
examined by him was close on 1,000, of
whom 74 were centenariana. His conclusions were these: 1. That the primary factor in a long life consists in an
Inherited durability,' the vital machinery is wound up to go for a certain time,
and but for accidents or in spite of them
it will go to the time appointed 2. That
an important part of the primary inheritance is good digestive and nutritive
power. 3. That temperance is necessary in the use of the nutritive functions
both in esting and drinking, and in regard to all kinda of food and drink. 4.
That an energetic temperament and
active habits conduce to longevity.
William Hooper's Hall.'
It tells about the measles that Jimmy
Hankins had,
And says that Israel Johnson "has be
come a happy dad."
It says that "ciderinaking is shortly to
And cites the  fact  that Ira Todd
building a new fence.
It mentions Dowey'scomingin one brief
And says that "Charley Trimble has
sold a yoarling calf."
And everything that happens within
that'little town,
The man   who  runs  the  paper  has
plainly jotted down.
Some people make fun of it, but, honestly, 1 like
To learn that   'work is booming upon
the Jimtown pike."
It's just a little paper���it hasu't much to
But as long as it is printed I hope it
cornea my way.
and House Furnishings from
our large and well-assorted
stock is already very evident
in the Lardeau and Trout
Lake District, which means
that we are successful competitors with all comers iu
price and quality. Before
you invest in our line drop us
a card for quotations. We
can save you money.
in the
Today the rate of interest allowed by
the banks has shrunk to 8%, with an
agitation on foot to still further reduce
this amount. This action is forced on
them because of their inability to turn
over the monies deposited with them at
a sufficiently largo margin to allow of
their paying more. The decrease in
interest fates is a matter of necessity
with them, not one of choice. At the
same time it renders it necessary for a
man to lay by. a much larger sum of
money than formerly in order to obtain
the same amount of returns therefor.and
as mortgages bear u correspondingly
lower rate the average investoris being
compelled to turn to other fields for
investment line of the few fields open
for legitimate profitable enterprise is
Mining, which has tlio advantage that
the riches secured through this source
are obtained from Mother Earth and not
from one's fellow man.
I refer, of course, to actual purchase
of Stocks and Shares, and not to the
dealings in same on Margins, which is
but a veiled form of gambling.and very
largely responsible for tho fluctuations
of tlio stock market.
The profits in Mining are, some good
and some abnormally large, while the
opportunity for loss is slight if proper
care he exercised. One plunging bliud-
ly into a foot or two of water covering
a" rocky bottom stands a good show of
breaking one's neck, and a "flier" in
Stocks is apt to bear similar consequences, financially. In either case
investigation will amply repay the
proposed plunger, and this I strongly
The happiest man is the legislator
who does not have to come home to
explain. He is sure of re-election.
They are all home in EC.
Tom Taylor, ol Trout Lake, will be
a candidate In the coming election in
the Revelstoke Riding. Tom should
make a wise legislator. He has read
this paper tor many years.
The Ferguson Eagle is a warm
weekly. It shows pay ads olean
across the lead, and should enable Its
energetic editor to eat turkey every
day in the week and twice on Sunday.	
The Slocan is in need of a coroner.
When not holding inquests on the
victims of mining accidents, he might
try to find how some of the Slocan's
citizen's keep on their feet when they
are dead to the world.
In the House ot Commons, at Ottawa, McMullen accused Sir Charles
Tapper of breaking all of the ten
commandments. Mac most have been
looking through keyholes. He would
shine as a jackleg editor.
The stories that come Irom Cape
Nome are rich in color. Far away
fields are generally green, bnt this
one seems to be yellow. One would
think from reading papers that boom
steamship lines that all a man had to
do at Cape Nome was to back a barge
against tbe bank and shovel the gold
aboard, after the fashion that navvies
load a work train with gravel.
The London k B. C. Goldflelds will
declare a dividend of 20 per cent.
R. Howson & Co.,
All work guaranteed.
and TRANSFER OUTFIT; headquarters at
Ferguson, B. C. Contracts entered   into for
Etc., to any point in the
District. Good, prompt
service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
In prompt and safe delivery of
WATCHES entrusted to me is
my claim for the Lardeau trade.
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Silverware ; Gold an 1 Silver Electio
Plating and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of R.N.
Doyle, an expert in English,
Swiss nnd American watch repairing. All work guaranteed.
C.l'.R. Watch Inspector,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Enterprise Beer
Made by the Enterprise
HreningCo.,at RevelBtoke
is keeping the camp cheerful. When you want tlie
lieat insist on ENTERPRISE. All the leading
Hotels handle it.
Enterprise Brewing Co.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Sick People
If you want medicine supplied
from the purest of Drugs and
accurately dispensed send to the
Cahada Druo & Book Co.. Limited,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
My business is to assist you in this.
I have made the matter a study and am
convinced that for the Investor, especially if of small capital, a judicious investment in good safe mining stocks is
about the best thing he has to hand today.
These investments pay well.   1 have
E laced money lately for clients who
ave increased their capital two, three,
four and fivefold within as many months
Do you want anything better than this?
After looking over the "pros" and
"cons" of the mining country of British
Columbia I am convinced that
offers today the best opportunity for investment, as it is easily accessible from
every direction���it haB splendid water
powers (in which respect the Slocan ia
deficient), good timber, ample transportation by rail and water provided or
being provided, a climate ih which one
can always work (some of the pi operties
1 recommend are working all winter,
night and day), good smelter facilities,
and last but not least, immense values.
These values are in Gold, Silver, Lead,
and copper, and run up into tho hundreds of dollars per ton. I learn, too,
that smelter charges on Silver-Lead Ore
are tn be reduced to half the present
rates.aud that an independent Company
is contemplating the erection of concentrators, which will materially advance
the Lardeau's interests.
When we see the Le Roi, the famous
Rossland Mine, turning out about 9,000
tons of ore in a month at a total value
of $180,000.00, we find the average per
ton is $14.50 In the Lardeau we have
mines turning out ore netting, after all
charges are paid, upwards of $100.00 to
the ton. These properties are "bona
fide successes and stock cannot often be
picked up, but there are others, juat as
good apparently, in which stock can be
obtained at a merely nominal figure.
The question is often asked "Why sacrifice the stock if it Is so good?" The
answer is simple, for the Mines need
money to develop them, and then,when
they are able to ship ore in quantities
sufficient to pay Mining expenses, the
stock is withdrawn.
After all it is a very simple problem���
on one side it is a good Mineral property, on the othor ia money: singly they
are of little value, together they are "a
giant in power. "Union is Strength."
borne of the very best are situated near
Circle City, at the head of the Lardeau.
Of these a few only can be mentioned
here, and that but briefly. First I
would mention the "Rob Hoy'' Mines,
owned and operated by the Scottish-
Canadian Mining and Development
Company of British Columbia, Limited,
with offices at London, Canada; Rossland, B.C.; and London, England. This
is a very promising investment and one
that I can personally recommend, as I
have visited and carefully inspected the
property, and have largely invested in
it myaslf. The Company are working
night and day, and have nearly 800 feet
of tunnel work done, besides other necessary worka, such aa buildings.trails,
surveying, ate, etc. The Company is
free of debt, and the Stock is very
largely subscribed right here in London
where the Directors are best known.
Two strikes of ore have recently been
made on this property. The last assay
(Feb. 18,1900) shows values of $111.27.
The Treadwell property has an immense ledge of ore uncovered and it
should be one of the big things of B. C,
very shortly.
Then there is tne Old Gold Quartz &
Placer Mining Co., with their Mines just
over the Divide from the Rob Roy
Mines. They have two large tunnels
and a splendid strike of ore made, and
this Stock should prove a splendid investment, sb also should that of the
Primrose Gold Mining Company,whose
raine is opposite the Old Gold Co.'s.
The Monitor Mines, the Galena Creek
properties (just above the Rob Roy
Mines), Canadian Lardeau, the Detroit
Lardeau, the Wide West, Stendard.and
Bear Creek properties, among others,
are also very promising, and rail information can be obtained on application.
The Monitor Mines Company deserves
special mention on account of its showing, and as being in such a remarkable
Eosition for transportation, being just
elow the Rob Roy Mine, and
within ten minutes' walk of Circle City,
the last point of distribution for the
above and many other properties.
Primrose, Old Gold and Canadian Lardeau are exceptionally good things to
get into just now, but their stock for
subscription at present prices (like that
of the Scottish-Canadian) is limited and
but comparatively little can be obtained. These are a few of the Companies
operating in this section, and from my
advocating these it must not be inferred
that I consider them the only good
things in existence. I am prepared to
buy or sell stock for clients In any Company of good repute,either in this camp
or any other, and would be pleased to
hear from any one proposing a deal in
Mining Stocks. All communications
will be conaidered as strictly confidential, and anything entrusted to my
charge will be given most careful consideration.
Cable Code:        207 Dundas Street,
Western Union."   London, Canada
Telephone 1090.
Spring, 1900.
The Double E
Capital, $1,000,000, in $1 shares.
4oo,ooo in the Treasury.
First Block of Treasury Shares now
on the market for a limited time
at 10 GENTS.
'       WM. K. COIIHKANK,
Mmmiter I In- Cochrane Ranch, Limited, Macleod.
MuiioKhie; Director of The Herald, Calffary
W. II. POOL, President Oreat Western Mines. Limited, Fcrifitson and Revelatoke.
.1. 1). OKA1IAM,
(luld Commissioner. Atlin, U<1
Nnni'her, I'lncher Creek
Solicitor, Revelstoke
For Wedding
or Fancy Cakes
Drop a line to me, or if you
want Bread in anv quantity
let me know, and I'll quote
prices low enough to interest
you. Our Wedding Cake
artist ia the beat in B. C.
Addrtsia: A, N, SMITH, Revelatoke,
W. M. llltoWN, Proprietor St l,i Iliil S|,riii|rs, Hevelatoke.
The Double Eagle Company has been formed for the purpose, not only
ol mining its present properties, bat of acquiring promising claims and developing them to an extent that will justify their sale to English and other
companies at a profit. The company already owns and has paid for in full,
the Trilby und Old Saul properties In the famous Fish River district, and a
three-quaii ti rs interest in the May Bee mine, in the Lardeau distriot one and
a ho If miles from Ferguson. Sufficient promoter's shares have been set aside
for tbe purchase of the remaining quarter.
The May Bee is the sister claim to the now famous Nettie L, which has
broken all records In British Columbia for large bodies of phenomenally
rich ore. The May Bee and Nettle L were located together In 1892 by
Mr. W. B. Pool (who has been appointed manager ot the Double Eagle Co.)
Both claims carry identically the same rich ore on tbe surface and the same
remarkable ledge runs through both, carrying high values in gold, copper,
silver and lead. The promoters have already spent $4,000 in developing
the May Bee, withexcellent results, and In order to place the mine quickly
on a shipping basis the company now offers the public the opportunity of investing to a limited extent in fully paid and non-assessable treasury shares
(par value $1) at 10 cents each.
Shares will be sold in blocks of 100
and upwards.
The company rsservw the right to withdraw the sale of shares from the market at any time
without notice.      Application* may be sent to the Secretary,
A. H. HOLDICH, Revelstoke.
Orto.TMO, J. YOUNH, Herald Block, Calgary.
B. C,
Reasons why
The Eagle is in
the District
Ferguson (its nest) is
not a''boom" town, or
boomerang; but a steady
growing mining eamp
"Ince the season of TO.
Its unique geographical
position is by sheer force
making it the commercial and social centre of
Golden Lardeau.
It is situated at tha
point where the waters
of tho north and south
forko of the Upper Lardeau River meet, is
beautifully located on*
spacious flat on the aide
of a mountain, which
affords the only possible
location for a townaite
for many miles in any
direction. Planted as it
is at the forks of th*
river, it commands the
traffic of the mining
camps on both the north
and south branches ot
the river.
At least 20 mines ars
ready to ship ore as soon
��8 the railway furnishes
transportation in tha
vicinity. The railway
experts have been quick
to perceive the natural
advantages which its
geographical position
has conferral upon Ferguson.
Both the G. P. R.
and Kaslo, Lardeau
& Duncan Ry have
roads surveyed Into
Thus making the place
a: competing point and
insuring its future as an
important railway and
distributing centre.
Taking this fact into
consideration and remembering that aa soon
as ever the cars reach
Ferguson there will be,
on a conservative estimate, 25 or 80 mine*
commencing! to ship ore ���
of a grade which ia ���
marvel in Kootenay, the
land of high-grade ailver
ore, there is no reason
for doubt as to Ferguson's future   prospects.
The pay-roll of tha
mines tributary to Ferguson will.withiu a verv
short while of the advent
of the iron horse, begin
tp run away up into th*
At present the following concerns are doing
buainess in Ferguson:
A sawrmill, three general stores, (which supply even the mining
companies operating in
the district, which speaks
volumes for their just
prices), four flrst-class
hotels, (and two more to
follow), two livery, feed
and sale stablea (good
outfits for all purposes),
an assay office, a blacksmith shop, a newspaper,
a private school, (a pubic school to be established at once), a money
order office, oro and supply houaes.
All three store firms
purpose enlarging their
space and stock in th*
A town hall, fire hall
and several residences
are to be erected as soon
as lumber is available.
Several owners of partially developed prop-
ertiea adjacent to th*
town intend moving
their families tn Ferguson in the spring, and
will then devote their
whole time to opening
up their properties.
Three mining companies, now working full
forces on high-grade
propositions, which ar*
shipping ore right along,
will make their headquarters and offices at
v Forguson at one*.
Ferguson will be a
smelting and railway
How to reach
this promising camp.
Ferguson lies about 54 miles southeast of Hevelatoke and the main
line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It is approached at present
by taking the Arrowhead branch
at Revelatoke to Arrowhead, 26
miles, thence by steamboat up th*
northeast arm of Arrow Lake to
Thomson's Landing, 10 miles, and
from the Landing to Ferguson, a
distance of 16 miles, over the government wagon road hy stags,
team or horseback,
Soon, however,, these conditions
of travel will be changed vory much
for the better.
Railroad surveys hold out a promise of being able to reach Ferguson
either from the south or north comfortably in Pullman cars.
The district, ia well worth aesing
and will stand investigation.   O THE FERGUSON EAGLE, FERGUSON, a C, APRIL 11, 190tt
A   I.ADT   AND   A   WOMAN.
"Nothing to do I" cried Mra. Makely.
"A lady ia buay from morning till nightl
She alwaya goee to bed perfectly worn
out." "But with what?" asked the al-
turian. "With making heraelf agreeable
and her houae attractive, with going to
lunches and teas and dinnera and concerts and theatres and art exhibitions
and charity meetings and receptions and
with writing a thousand and one notea
about tbem, andacceptimi and declining
and giving lunchea and dinnera and making calls and receiving them and I don't
know what all. It's the moat hideous
slavery."���"A traveler from Alturia."���
W. D. Howella,
A bell'a loud brar.ee mouth in migbty
Tlie midnight hour in diapason rolled,
I atood beside a lordly houae of atone.
Th* palace of aome prince, of wealth
Against an open window which  was
With flowing drapery of dainty lace
A wealthy dame her pallid forehead
Gama in her hair but aadnesa in her
I stepped within a graceful porch.nearly
By sombre shadowa of the night concealed
I heard that wealthy dame in aorrow
Aa, in these worda her anguiah ahe re
"Oh, aimless round of pleasure, empty
Dance, music, dresses, jewela everywhere,
No earneat aim to seek, no nobler strife,
No purifying lovt.no chastening care."
I bent my head in meditation low,
And aa I. wandered on, I pondered why
That wealthy lady ahould auch borrow
Then, looking upward, 1 aaw looming
A lofty tenement, squalid and grim
A pallid working girl with low bent
Toiled in a workroom which waa poor
and dim
And in despairing tones these plaints
she said:
"Oh, living death of work that never
Toil, want and foulness seeming every,
Faint ia the voice of hope here, where it
Feebly with thouaand tongues crying
Love alain by want within my breast ia
And care want'a brother fiend ruth-
leealy atole
Black hair and rosy lips from ray face
and head:
They only left to m* my despairing
���James Allraan
���I        MONOPOLY   A   DANGER.
Labor Muat  Organise to Keaiat Its Great
In an address on February 18, Rev. R.
Heber Newton said:
"TJnleaa labor can organise on the same
gigantic scale, it will be more at the mercy of capital than ever. Hosts of men
will be thrown out of employment. Tbe
market being in control of few handa,
prices can be forced up, at least temporarily. Taxation beyond the dreama of
the past can be laid by private handa
upon tbe whole community���the entire
"What a revelation of the spirit of our
corporation haa been given within the
last few days in the astounding statement of the profits of the Carnegie Company laat year and for the present year.
A company expecting to make from (40,-
000,000 to (50,000,000 in the current year
with a capital of (25,000,000���to what
extent water we do not know���asking
the state to tax the whole nation under
the guise of a tariff, that it may be able
to increase the wages of its many work-
"No more revolting atory is told in the
history of the induatrial world than tbe
tale of the Standard Oil truat, as Henry
D, Lloyd haa given it. That that atory
ia on the whole true muat be aufficlently
evidenced by the fact that the magnatea
of tbe truat have never brought a libel
suit againat him.
"What are the remedies? Plainly, in
the first place, publicity. When we
know the facte concerning these corporations we can know how to tax tbem
justly, how to maks their capitalization
honest, how to regulate tbem in every
way. Regulation and control muat be
vigorously assumed by the state and
puahed forward as fast and as far aa is
' 'The end of that control is not to break
down the hign organization of capital,
but to safeguard it from its own greed
and rapacity, to humanize it, and to
moralize it, and ultimately to socialize it,
While we are learning these primary
lessons we will be learning how to attain
the ultimate control of every monopoly
and save it from being a monopoly by
making it tbe creature of the people.pre-
serving the concentrated organization,
but using it not for the profit of the few
who built it up, but for the profit of the
many, who have really enriched it."
In bit addreaa, Dr. W. H. P. Faunce,
president of the Brown University, considered four men���the man with the hoe,
the man with the pen, the man with the
purse and the man with the idea. He
aaid aome one muat do tbe hoeing, but
it ahould be don* ao that h* might be
strengthened, not weakened by his toil
Without the man with tbe pen there
would be no literature, no journalism, no
poetry. The man with tbe puree must
be either a blessing or a blight. "The
fourth man," the speaker suid, "who.
claima our attention ia the man with the
idea. The hoe, the pen and tha puree
are useless unless they are combined
with the idea. Every man's work ia valuable just in proportion aa it ia mixed
with ideas. The ultimate outcome of
the trust seems to me what is practicable
in the dream of eocialiem."
Opsrationa are to be resumed on the
The ore body has bean struck on tbe
70-level of, tbe City of Paris.
A contract haa been let for develop
ment on the Mountain View.
Boundary ores pay (7 per ton freight
and treatment to tbe Trail emelter.
A atriks of 18 feet of good ore haa been
made on tha Banner claim, on the north
fork of Kettle river.
Development work ia to begin shortly
on th* Red Rock and Bald Eagle, owned
by the War Eagle people.
Drifting is in progress from the 100
foot level of the Norfolk, owned by tbe
London A B. C. Goldflelds.
Two tunnels are being driven on tbe
Gold Drop. By July the large and new
compressor plant will be in position.
The shaft on the St. Lawrence is down
75 feet and will be continued to the 150
foot level before drifting commences.
New machinery haa been installed on
the Sunset and is working smoothly.
The double compartment shaft ia down
150 feat.
An average test of the Golden Crown
ore givea (35 to tbe ton. A carload per
day ie tobeshipped from the mine,taken
from development only.
Three carloads of ore recently ahipped
from the Winnipeg gave returns of (18,
(22, and (24 per ton. Nine carloads have
been ahipped from thie property. -
Eight Hour Domestics.
The aervanta of the household of Mrs.
Emmone Blaine, Chicago, are now working under union rules. Eight hours
constitute a day's work.
The id��a ia aaid to have been suggested
to Mra. Blaine by Professor Patrick
Geddes, of Edinburgh, who lectured in
Chicago a few weeks ago. The scientist
offered the proposition that there waa a
chance for the betterment of tbe condition of household eervants, and so well
did Mrs. Blaine regard the auggeetion
that aha decided to adopt it in her own
Cooks, maids, butlers laundreeses,
coachmen and grooms have been eo claa-
aified that they labor but eight houre at
a stretch. Tbe system has necessitated
the forces being divided into watchea
after the manner jf (n board abip.
Thoee servants whose duties begin at
6 o'clock in tbe morning are relieved at
2 o'clock in the aft ;rnoon by a force that
stays on watch till 10 o'clock at night.
The system w.isinaugurated about ten
days ago, and is eaid lo have proved
highly successful.
Society and club women are interested
in Mre. Blaine's experiment, and if it
continuee to work well tbe plan may be
quite generally adopted.
The first silk hat was worn in the
streets of London by John Hethering-
ton, a haberdasher, ou January 5,1797.
He was arrested for inciting a riot, but
was dismissed with a reprimand.
Don't wait
for lumber
We have on hand at th*
lowest prices in the country	
Bough and Dressed
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
Call on ua or write for our
quotations. Special orders
promptly filled	
Kootenay Lumber Co., Ltd.
Comaplix, B. C.
Leavee Comaplix for Thomson'a Landing at 8 a. m. Leaves Thomson's Landing for Arrowhead at 8:30 a. m.
Returning leaves Arrowhead for
Thomson's Landing at 2:30 p. m.
Leavee Thomson's Landing for Comaplix
at 4 p. m.
Kootenay Lumber Company,
Comaplix, B.C.
to all points in the
District. Light
rigs for quick trips
provided. Saddle
horses at all stables.
The traveling public accommodated at
anytime of the day
or night. For any
further particulars,
freighting rates, etc.
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed  ���
and Sale Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Mile.
Craig & Hillman,
Mail Order
We especially cater to
Postal Orders.
Chemiste, Druggiots and Stationers,
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the bltjk label
It helps manufacturers to see the
force of paying fair and honest wages
Nelson "Tigar Makers' Union,
Royal Seal,
KoetcRay Belle,
Little Gem Gigars
Nelson, B. G.
See that the Blue Label is en each box.
Beet Winee, Liquors and Cigars
Finely Equipped Bar
Refitted and Refurnished
Beat Cuiaine Servic*
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
J. LAUGHTON, proprietor.
Headquarters for Miners and Mining Men.      Neatly furniehsd, well-lighted and
Heated Rooms.    Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
MRS. S. O'CONNOR, Proprietress.
FengiUsoi?, B. 0.
Every convenience for the comfort of Guests.      The best equipped hotel in
the Lardeau District.     Rates from $2.00 to $3.50 per day.
The Bar is supplied with the best brands of Wines, Liquors  and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FERGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
Kootenay Railway t
Operating Kaslo ft Slocan Railway,
International Navigation ft Trading
Schedule of Time���Pacific Standard Time
Effective Feb. 1st, 1900,
Kanlo * Slocan Railway
Passenger train for Sandon and Way stations
leaves Kaslo at 8 a.m. daily; returning, leaves
Sandon at 1.15 p.m.. nrrivlig at Kaslo at 3.55 p.m
International Navigation & Trading Co
Operating on Kootenay Lake and River.
SS. International leaves Kaslo for Nelsnn
at 6 a.m dally, except Sunday; returning, leaves
Nelson at 4.30 p.m.,calling Rt Balfour, Pilot Bay
Alnsworth ana all war points: connects with 8.
P.&N. train to and from Sp >kani> at Five Mile
Lardo-Duncan Division.
Stkamer Alberta.
Steamer Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lardo and
Argenta at 8.30 p.m. Wednesdays.
Steamers call st principal landingsin both directions, and at other points when signalled.
Tickets ttold ro all points in Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates nnd full information, address:
Manager. Kaslo, B.C
Letter Fads
A fine assortment of Letter
Pads now in Stock.
Ferfrusoo, B.C.
The only direct roots from
Kooky Conntry
to all points East ��
First-class Sleepers on all trains from
Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing.
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoke Daily
for St. Paul; Tuesdays and Saturdays for Toronto; Thursdays for
Montreal and Boston. Same cars
pass Medicine Hat one day later.
Daily train to Arrowhead from Revelstoke on main line. Daily steamer connecting' for all Kootenay
points and Crows Nest branch.
For Boundary country via Roheon,
leave Arrowhead daily except
For rates and full  information address nearest local agent or���
Art Arrowhead. Agt Rerelstoke.
W. F. Anderson, B. 1, OOVLE,
T. P. A, Nelson. A 8. P. Art, Vsncourer
1 FERGUSON,The 6rtw of the LARDEAU HINES |
The Sandon of the Lardeau. The destination of both the Canadian Pacific and Kaslo & Lardo-Duncan Railways, which will provide the long-looked-for
transportation for ore to places of treatment. High Grade Ores, silver, lead and gold, now being shipped, even under present conditions, at a handsome profit
by a few companies operating. Conveniently situated on an ideal bench at the forks of the North and South Lardeau. All the roads from the many developing
claims and working mines lead to Ferguson. Plenty of timber and abundant water power.        Capitalists come straight through to Ferguson, put up at the com
fortable hotels and from there walk to personally inspect prospective purchases.      The miners come down the hill into Ferguson to get their supplies.
Over 100 men now working underground and many more will be in a short time. The highest wages paid to miners in the Lardeau or Trout Lake Mining
Divisions.    Blest with practical men, bonafide mining companies.      Plenty of room for legitimate investment.
Lots in Ferguson are going steadily through the quietest time of year. Ferguson is the natural and commercial centre of the Lardeau and will be the
headquarters for wholesale houses, corporations and banking institutions.        The mines' direct supply point.
The starting point for all mining operations on the North and South Forks of the Lardeau River.      Ferguson is well represented with business houses, hotels, etc
and many have purchased lots with a view to establishing businesses of various kinds as soon as the coming season properly opens up.        An Al location for market
gardening.      Special inducements offered and a splendid field and opportunity for manufacturers.
For further information, apply to���
W. N. Brayton,
General Agent.
Henry Floyd,
Keep your eyo on Ferguson.
* Bill of solo forms for sale at the
Eaole office.
Ed. A. Hell went up to the Silver
Cup on Sunday.
The water on tho Arm is raising and
soon tbo boats will land at tho Landing propop.
* Burdock and Sarsaparilla Compound, the best spring medicine, 7ucts.
a bottle at Aboy's.
Wm, Holden of Vancouver, inspector for the Federal Life Assurance Co ,
was in town on Saturday.
Crowds arc already returning from
Cape Nemo, sadder but wiser. Capo
Nomo is a white elephant.
R. T. fjowery has startod a paper at
Slocan City callod Tho Drill. 0. E.
Smlthei'ingalo is the manager.
* When you noed letter pads drop
in and seo the Eaglk's stock, and got
prices. A good assortment just
Tho Trout Lako literary and
dramatic society intend giving another
concert on Easier Monday iu aid ol
the 11 ro brigade.
Mrs. E. Knowlton, a first class chef
of Revelstoke, came in on Friday to
take the position of commissary at tho
Hotel Lardeau.
There is not one Chinaman in this
district. It's the highost wage camp
in the province. And Ferguson's
payroll is rolling up every month.
.1. H. Currie, one of tho Nettio L.
boys, who has not been down the hill
since last September, went out to
Revelstoke on Sunday for a few  days.
B. U. Smith arrived in town on
Saturday to establish a laundry hero.
He has put out a shinglo on Victoria
avenue, east, aud planted an ad. in the
Eaglk.   A good beginning.
Phoenix Pioneer: One of the
brightest and best new weeklies in tho
province is the Eagle, published at
Ferguson by R. P. Pettipieoe. Long
may its screams be heard.
The wage trouble is all settled in
tho Nelson and Slocan districts, and at
Rossland a satisfactory agreement
between the miners' union and the
mine owners is almost certain within a
few days.
Letters posted in Forguson on
Fridays apparently do not reach
Revelstoke till until Monday night,
just three days to cover a distance of
66 miles. There never will be a
satisfactory mail service until a daily
schedule is established.
What does this mean anyway?
President Shaughnessy at the C. P. R.
directors' annual meeting in Montreal
last week said: "Apart from some
ehort lines required to serve growing
communities in Manitoba and the
North West Territories, the directors
do not at present contem plate construction involving an important
expenditure of capital."
In soliciting advertising patronage
the Eagle has been informed that its
rates were higher than any other
medium in North Kootenay. This
may be true, but what the Eagle
lacks in giving quantity of space it
more than makes up in quality and
circulation. A good price must be
paid for a good article. Freighters,
grocerymen, in fact every business
man in the district thinks likewise, or
at least their prices indicate that
such is tho case.
U. S. Johnstone, of Arrowhead,
started in a canoe for Thomson's
Landing. He did not arrive at his
destination and tho canoe was found
floating about two miles down the
Arm from Arrowhead with Johnstone's
coat still clinging to it. The prow of
the canoe was in bad shape when ho
loft Arrowhead, but he thought by
sitting well back and keeping her none
out of tho water, he would bo able to
make the trip. Unfortunately a Btorm
came on aftor ho startod. which no
doubt upsot the unsoaworthy craft and
caused the death of the occupant. Ho
leaves a widow and several children.
Rev. F. M. Sprague says: "When
any class of clti/.ens become so rich or
so poor as to disturb the pcueo and
hazard the existence of froo institutions, then it is the duty of the State
to interfere, and it is the duty of tho
press to raise its voice in behalf of
reform and social justice, and it is tho
duty of the christian church to cut tho
Conl ian knot of mammonistic entanglements, take its pride of caste, its
idolatry of respectability, its substitution of taste for conscience, and
form for faith, and turn them over to
their father, the devil, and go back to
the New Testament and teach tho
doctrines of the primitive gospel,
the chief of whioh are that all men
���re brethren: that they should love
each other as themselves: that a
man's life does not consist in tho
abundance of the things he possesess.
Let these truths, stripped of tlie
superincumbent, theological, dogmatic,      lesthetic,      literary,       und
mammonistic rubbish which the
centuries havo piled upon them, bo
preached in purity and simplicity, and
competition will give way to christian
All eves are fixed on the. Lardoau.
Wilfrid Laurier was once a democrat
of the democrats; now he is an aristocrat ol tho aristocrats. This is as
unfortunate for him as it is for tho
pooplo.���Citizen and Country.
���'! nave nn ureod: .ir if ti crcetl, but tills: I
love t.iiiuiuiily.
The only sin lc> mi' is si,'!li,.liiH'-��;
Tho only happiness, thonootj wo do.
ii. let ii*. 1 r.<|> iIipho empty sounds and forms,
The letter that divides nn > warring sects!
.\u,I l"i us till ��� hoarm vtli love in men.
i >, build a ('lunch iw i.iiiim�� human neoUsI
tmbne il \i ;i!i (ho spirit, ci'l I Iii' husk:
.\inl li.'in't'M'Mli leave the raco iiiifiitieiy.il,five,
To follow out ii- liuuuisoHllvlniil
For (ind is in us mid will li'iftl us on.
II hv but leave our hates and follow Him.
My llfo mill all I am I freely givo
To hitler niuke the world, In help mankind,
My (inly creed is hive���i know no more���
Tlie Fatherhood of (.toil,
The Brotherhood oi Man."
In Now Zoaland tho labor unions
wont into politics; they elected their
brightest and most radical members to
olllco; the result has been wholosomo
laws that not only protoct labor from
thO'exactions which capitalists havo
passed, but they havo been enforced
to tho letter and spirit, as the heavy
lines and imprisonment of the violating
employers testify.
In Germany today tho railroads aro
owned by the government, and all
over Germany the municipalities own
and operate street railways, lighting
plants, water supplies, etc. In England municipal ownership has boon
highly successful. In France thero
are numerous examples of tho kind.
He is either an ignoramus or a mouthpiece of private monopoly who can
assert in this age that municipal
ownership "is the fad of a few
theorists."���Appeal to Reason.
There is one real complete monopoly
in this country, and that is the post
office. That monopoly is upheld by
law, no person or firm being allowed
to engage in the business of carrying
written letters. Yet thero is no complaining about the high prices and
oppression of tho post-office It has
never made a millionaire, except
through tho extortion of railroads like
the C. P. R. for carrying the mails.
A monopoly Is not necosssarily had.
Public monopolies are good. Private
monopolies are bad���for the people.
To-day the manufacturers and middle
men 6et the price on their own production to tho consumer, and also
regulate tho wages paid to the mon
who actually do the producing. Large
concerns can make a better article
cheaper than a small concern. If the
government owned the labor-saving
machinery and producing shops, the
consumer would get his wares at the
actual cost of production, while the
hours of labor would be shortened and
he would bo paid a fair and just wage,
since be would bo working for and
buying from his own company.
Under socialism the government
would build and own its own mail cars.
For the use of 500 mail cars it now
pays an annual rental of 83,600,000, or
$72,000,000 in 20 years. These 500 cars
it could build for $2,000,000, thus making a saving of $70,000,000 iu 20 years.
In addition to this it pays about
$30,000,000 a year for hauling the
mails, which good authorities assure
us is more than double what it should
be. Therefore, the complete socializing of the mail service would save the
people more than $18,500,000 per year,
and they could reduce the passenger
and freight rates in a corresponding
ratio and increase the salary of railroad men 50 to 100 per cent. Why?
Because there would be no watered
stock to pay dividends on, and the
whole railway system would bo under
ono management just as tho postal
systom now is. Think these matters
over friends.���Class Struggle.   (U. S.)
To mail
Has Increased Our Postal BHsiness
Dress Goods
Ladies' Goods
Bourne Bros.,
Then, here's lo till tlie working girls who labor
for their bread,
Who shrink not from the thorny path they're
culled upon to tread,
lint bravely struggle on through ltfu in sunshine or In gloom,
Debarred from fashion's gilded hulls, but
princesses at home.
Bo her attire of fabric rough, or be tt neat aud
Within the breast beneath It beats the undaunted heart,
And though her toll he light or hard, in life
she is a pearl,
That Iftbor-fottored heroine, the honest working girl.
Stationery is in our line
Ami we have just received a flue stock
of Letter I'imIk,  Patronize
"The Eagle."
A large stock of assorted Wall
Papers, embossed and ingrain,
with border and ceilings to
match, now selling at a very
low figure.
House Painting
and Decorating
J. Booth,
Tlie Liberal-Conservative Platform
I, To revise tlie voters' lists.
'l. To actively aid in the construction of
trails throughout the undeveloped portions of
the province, and the building of provincial
trunk roads of public necessity.
3, To provide for the official inspection of
elevators and hoisting gear.
4. To improve the administration of justice
and secure the speedy disposition of legal disputes.
C. To provide an effective system for tho
settlement of disputes between capital and
6. To adopt tho principle of government
ownership of railways in so far as tne circumstances of the province will admit, and the
adoption of tlie principle that no bonus should
be granted to any railway company which does
not give the government of the province tho
control of rates over lines bonused together
with the option of purchase,
7. To assume control and administration of
the fisheries within the boundaries of the province.
8. To actively assist by state aid In the development of the agricultural resources of the
0. To make the London agency of British
Columbia effective in proclaiming the natural
wealth of the province and as a place for profitable Investment of capital.
10. In the intererest of labor the Liberal-
Conservative party sympathises with and endorses the principal of an eight-hour law.
II. To provide an improved system of education,
12. To recognize and reform tho system of
provincial aid to medical men and hospitals in
outlying parts of the provinco.
13. To actively support the advancement of
the mining interests of British Columbia.
14. To aid in the immigration of female
domestic servants.
Summer arrangements for conveyance of
malls between Arrowhead and Ferguson, via
Thomson's Lauding.
Mails will leave Arrowhead on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
Mail will leave Thomson's Landing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
Arrive at Trout Lako and Ferguson same day.
Leave Ferguson ami Trout Lako Wednesdays,
Fridays and Sundays.
Arrive Thomson's Landing same days.
GEO. 11. BATHO, Postmaster.
Imperial Bank
^������^of Canada,
CAPITAL PAID I'P . . ?2,:i!ll,KH:i.W.
REST      $1,564,710.00.
General hank.nii business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits In Savings
Department at current rates.
A. It. K. HBARN,
A Perfect Fit and
Prompt Service
Is one of our features and has helped
build up our large tailoring trade
aud form the reputation we have
made. You don't nave any vexatious
waits when you order from us.
R. S. Wilson, Revelstoke.
T. A. Wilson, M. D.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors lor Imperial Hunk of Caniulti.
Goo. S. MoCartor. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. I'lukliani.
White, Gwillim tf Scott,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Fayette Buker,
Mining and Real Estate
Mining Properties Listed.
I ' Lessees of
the Revelstoke, Trout Lake
and. Big Bend Telephone
Company, Limited,
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
The Pioneer Store
Cummins & Co.
Ferguson Shaving
Wm. Sncll,
All brandies of the tonsorlal art executed with
ambidcxlcriouH dexterity.
For Sale at a Snap.
Lot 6 In Block 9. Apply at EAGLE oflice.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at the next
session of the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia application will
be made (or an Act to incorporate a eompanv
with power to establish waterworks and
supply water for mining, domestic, manufacturing, tin: and other purposes to the inhabitants, corporations, mines, mills, manufactories and all other works of the towiu of Trout
Lake City and Ferguson in the district of West
Kootenay and 01 the surrounding district
within a radius of ten miles from the present
postoffice at Ferguson. B.O., and to lay pipes
and creel flumes for the conveyance and Hup-
ply of wfcterto the said towns and radius; and
also to supply, transmit and distribute power,
light and neat hy compressed air and electricity to tlie inhabitants, corporations, mines,
mills, manufactories and allother works of the
iiid towns and radius: aud also to construct
nnd maintain tramway and telephone Systems
In the said radius and to extend the said sys-
terns to other districts contiguous thereto; and
ilso to erect, lay, construct and maintain all
>ueh works, bridges, tracks, roads, subways,
buildings, Humes, dams, raceways, poles, pipes,
wires, cables, structures and appliances as may
lie necessary lo fully aud completely curry out
ihe purposes of the company; and also to nave
ihe right to enter and to expropriate lands for
sites for power houses, stations, tramway lines
and other necessary work*,, and to appropriate,
use and divert so much of the waters of Lardeau
��� reek at a point about one and a quarter miles
irom the school house at Trout Lake City and
any other creek, lake or stream which may be
found most convenient and advantageous
within Ihe said radius us may be necessary for
the purposes of tho company In order to supply
water, heat, [tower and light to the inhabitants, corporations, mines, mills, manufactories and other works within the said radius,
and to do all such other things as are Incidental or conducive lo tlie attainment of the above
objects or any of them.
Dated tills 1st.March, A. I>. IWO.
5���tf Solicitor for Applicants
SMOKE       |
CIGARS       J
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an application will be made to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province of llrltish Columbia at its next
session for an Act to incorporate h company
with power tt) construct, equip, maintain aud
operate telephone aud telegraph lines withlu
and throughout all the cities, towns, in unlet
nalities and districts of the malt.html nf the
Province of British Columbia and to construct,
erect, and maintain such ami so many poles
and other works and devices as tho company
deem necessary for making, completing, supporting, using, working, operating and maintaining the system of communication by tele,
phone and telegraph, and to open or break up
any part or iwrts of the said highways or
streets as often as the said company, Its agents,
officers or workmen think proper and forthe
purpose of the undertaking to purchase, acquire, lease, expropriate, hold and sell ami
dispose of hinds, buildings, or tenements within the limits aforesaid, and to purchase
or lease, for any term of years, any telephone or telegraph line established or to bo
established In British Columbia connected, or
to bo connected with the Hue which the u .._
pany may construct, ami lo amalgamate with
or lease Its line or lines, or any portion or portions thereof, to any company possessing as
proprietor, any lfri7ro!4olophono or telegraph
oom muni cation connecting or to be connected
with the said company's linear lines, and to
borrow money for the purpose orihecompanv,
and to pledge or mortgage any otytlo company's assets for that purpose, am in/ receive
bonuses, or privileges irom any-pqrton or body
corporate and witli all Other usual, necessary
or incidental rights, pow/rs or privileges as
may be necessary or Incidental to the attainment of the above object/, or any of them.
Hated this 1st duy of ylirch, I'.wo.
/>���tf Solicitors for the Applicants.
We are headquarters
for everything
and anything needed by anyone or
everyone in the line of
Hardware, Groceries. Boots and Shoes. Miners'
and Hotel Supplies, in endless variety.
McKinnon c�� Sutherland.
The Posl Office Store
Wo aim to five full value for your money in
Groceries, Provisions, Dry Goods,
Tools. Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Crockery, Steel, Powder; all kinds
of Miners' Supplies
Call anil see our stock and gat quotations.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau,
���wow��owo^oow��wwu��wo��>��3oofr.>o������+<t)tM>Mo��*>����> hw W
Rossland,      Nelson,     Sandon,     Revelstoke,    Greenwood,
Grand  Forks,     and    Vancouver.
Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson,    Yrair,    Kaslo,    Sandon,    New Denver,
Silverton,    Cascade City,    Grand Forks,
Greenwood,     Phuenix,    Midway,     Camp  McKinney,    Revelstoke,
Ferguson,   and   Vancouver. I
Wm. Schmock, Manager Ferguson Branch.
The Inland Cigar Mfg. Co. of B. C.
Nothing But Union Labor Employed.
 - Protect Some Industry.
Interior    Payette
LaMorena  Miner
Kept in stock by~
d. r. Mclennan,
Trout Lake City.
Nakusp, Ferguson.
R. P. Rithet <�� Co.,
Liquor Dealers
Victoria, B. C.
The Mining Centre of This District is
Railway transportation will be provided this season.
President Shaughnessy has sai< so.
All roads in the district lead to and centre here.
Ferguson is the starting point for the mines.
The main distributing point for the mining camps
of the Lardeau and Trout Lake districts.
Ferguson enjoys the payroll of the Silver Cup,
Nettie L., Silver Queen, Minto Mines, Silver
Belt, Standard Gold Mines, Lardo-Duncan, Old Gold, Primrose, Scottish- ���
Canadian, and other companies.
If you have money to invest come and see
Hie Lardeau District


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