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Lardeau Eagle 1904-09-23

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New York Market.
Silver���Bar    $56i
Lead-100 lbs       i,~
Copper     12.c0
Relative %. ���
< J* \\
'?'   SEP 281904    -J
'^crioHiA'J   '	
^*-.-; j-JJUI. JiM*W    Is    MORE    WIDELY
Vol.   V,  NO  23
Ferguspn, B. C, SEPTEMBER 23, 1904.
$2 a Year In advanct
ie foot wad
the Wow.
Getting Better with Development.
Preparing for a Shipment. The
Tunnel now in 45 feet. Tha Lead
Widening at Every Shot. ���
The Winslow on the Silver Cup
slope is fulfilling the expectations of
its owners. This excellent free gold
properly was located last fall, but
the arrival cf winter put a check on
immediate development. With the
disappearance of lhe snow active
mining operations prevailed, and today lhe Winslow will stand an inspection. S. Shannon, II.A., recently visited lhe mine, and to our
representative he gave it as his
opinion that it "was the finest
thing in the country."
Paddy Murphy and Jim Grant
brought down some average samples on Wednesday morning for
assay, as a trial shipment is being
made. Grant informed US that tlie
property is a splendid one. A tunnel has been driven for 45 feet, and
they are now in 22 it. on lhe lead,
that gives a depth ol Irom 50 to 60
ft., -.and a width of 9 ft. carrying
free gold throughout. On lhe fool
wall Grant told us there was a 2 ft.
ledge of wonderful value, nearly all
mineral, and away up in gold values,
and on the hanging wall there was
considerable gold. The men are all
naturally elaled at the fine showings,
and arc all very anxious for visitors
to make the trip to verify their
assertions, There should not be
much dillicully in effecting' a sale,
and the men are confident that if
publicity is given to i:, the money
will come along, and as a result
other properties will be snapped up
and developed (or the vast deposits
ol free gold which abound on the
Progress at Tonawanda.
Six men are now employed at
this properly. A pack-train with
provisions for several months went
up to the mine this morning. The
men have been engaged sinking a
62 foot shaft, and an overflow ol
water greatly handicapped Iheir exertions. A complete pumping apparatus is now satisfactory installed,
and Ihe difficulty overcome. The
owners are confident that before
many weeks they will be shipping
" the goods."
Latest reports from Spokane are
that the holders of the bond on lhe
Hecla, Rapid creek, .are willing to
pay the whole amount now if
allowed a small discount. This is
much better than the previous offer.
It is reported lhat the placer-
mining outfits around the camp are
fill doing weli. It is said thai the
crew operating at 9-Mile are obtaining a large quantity of the. precious
nielnl, and that $300 represented a
Clean-up one day last week,
11 Gold is -Boomin
Thousands of Tons of Ore on
Sight. The Government Must
Build a Wagon Road up tho
North Fork.
The live topic in Ferguson this
week has been the pressing need of
a wagon road up to Surprise creek.
At present there is, perhaps, a mile
completed, and the trail for the remaining 5 miles lias been graded
for a wagon road. The advent of
this road will mean the immediate
sale of many properties, and capital
will have a fair show. On the
Norlh Fork trail are to be found
some of the best properties in the
country, but lack ol vehicular transportation has crippled several excellent shippers, and prevented the
opening up many promising properties. The government has pledged
itself to build the road just as soon
as ore shipments warranted it, and
we submit the time has arrived for
the fulfilment of that pledge. The
ore on the Old Gold alone warrants
the completion of the wagon road.
At thc present time the ore is being
brought lo town by pack-train, and
a round trip is a day's work, Thc
cost per ton to this point is in the
neighbourhood of $30, and this
takes a big slice off the'returns of
$100 ore. II this road were built
the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co., owners of the Old Gold,
and other mines across the Duncan
'divide, would immediately erect
a tramway Irom '.he Old Gild basin
to Surprise creek. The company
would realize splendid returns by
this method, as it is estimated that
ore could be placed at Trout Lake
at $6'per ton. The company are
naturally desirous of this road being
speedily completed, as by this means
the transportation problem they
have been bucking against would
be satisfactorily solved. The fact
of their intention to erect a tramway
should be a sufficient guarantee to
to the powers-that-be that Ihey
have sufficient ore on sight to warrant such an expenditure. The
Surprise group will also demonstrate the urgent demand of the
wagon road, and there are other
valuable properties which would
ship ore wilh Ihe completion of the
road. It should be the simplest
tiling in the world for the government to at once send along an expert to visit the Norlh Fork, for by
this means ample evidence would
be forthcoming of the pressing need
of a wagon road.
We feel confident this will be
attended lo without delay.
Native Silver Found on
the Lucky Jim.
Excellent reports reach us from
the Lucky Jim. The 150 feet tunnel
being driven to .the lead is now in
75 feet, nnd last week a blind lead
running' wilh the formation was
struck, and sonic nice specimens of
native silver located. Recent assays
from this properly range from $500
to $1,000, and a do lb. sample to
the smelter returned $554.
One More fo Fill
the 11.
The North Pork Eoad Has One
Moro Shipper added to the
already Large List. Located but
a week ago, and To-Day ia Shipping High-Grade Ore.
When activity in mining circles
prevails there will be centred in the
Ferguson camp a great amount of
interest. We doubt, if during the
past year any other camp on this
continent has added to its lists as
many shippers as the camp at Ferguson. One certain thing is that
when capital tends towards matters
mining there will be " a full stock
to select from." Yet another instance ot the wealth of our hills was
brought to light on Tuesday, tlie
claim was staked but a few days
ago, and the lucky owner has now
a ton of high-grade ore nn the
road to the smelter. The claim is
called the Morning*, and is situate
at the head of McDonald creek on
the North Fork road, and tributary
to the west fork of the Duncan
river. The owner is Hugh Urown,
who is also interested in other paying properties in the vicinity. At
tlie present moment the Norlh Fork
road is demanding great attention
from prospectors, and we have recorded rich strikes Irom time lo
time. We had an opportunity of
inspecting the ore, which was
brought, down by pack-train this
morning in sacks, which would
average about 145 lbs. The ore is
high-grade silver-lead variety, with
a large amount of rich soft carbonates, which is expected to carry high
gold values.
Experts aver that 1905 will see a
big boom in mining circles, and, if
lhe quotation that "money speaks
all languages" is to be believed,
that boom will be right here.
Election Probabilities.
Winnipeg, Sept. 19,1- The Tribune
says dial it learned to-day on good
authority, that orders had been senl
out from Ottawa to the Liberal
candidates throughout the West, to
at once select returning officers, and
forward lhe names to Ottawa, The
order is accompanied by a note, lo
make the selection without any de-
lav whatever. Consequently several
returning officers have already been
chosen. The candidates have not
been inlormed of the exact dale of
the election, but have been given lo
understand lhat polling will take
place during the next seven weeks.
Work on Tiie Cromwell.
The tunnel on the Cromwell is
now in 70 feet on the lead, There
is a 4 It. lead which carries high
gold values. A 20 lon shipment
realized Si eg per ton. The property is owned by a local syndicate,
Messrs, Alex. Smith, Sid Grahamc,
James Grant and Ed, Morgan,
A Nugget for the King.
Vancouver, Sept. .20.���Dawson
advices just received state that the
biggest Klondike nugget yet discovered is now on exhibition in thai
city. The nugget weighs 85.43 oz*
and does not contain a particle of
quartz. It is valued at $1,280.00.
It was found on No. 1 claim, French
gulch, by R. C. McCollum.
When first encountered this valuable nugget was thrown to one
side on the waste pile. It looked
just like a large flat pebble, and it
was not until some time later lhat
McCollum's attention was attracted
by what he thought to be the glimmer of gold. He then began lo
realize lhat he had struck something good, and hastened into Dawson to have the "pebble " examined.
It was found to be as stated above.
When exhibited here public interest
was greatly aroused, and a project
was soon on foot 10 purchase the
nugget by public subscription and
present it to King Edward with a
request that he use it: as a centre
piece in his crown, and lo have it
surrounded by gems and precious
stones from ail parls of the empire.
This scheme will undoubted''.' he
carried out, and before a great
while tliis Klondike nugget will
figure in the great ceremonies of
state in the motherland.
iiKiiiijis unpins
Thinks Tax Too Heavy
Sir   Thomas  Shaughnessy, who [
recently visited Vancouver in the i
interests of the C.P.R., was interviewed by  ihe Province reporter.
His remarks will prove of interest, I
as they may be of great local signifi-j
ennce.     A   recently published map
from  C.P.R.   headquarters   shows,
that no changes are contemplated
locally.     It is .gratifying to note
we  are  still  in the running, as the
route to Ferguson comes tinder the
heading of" Projected Extensions,"
Sir Thomas  was  reminded that on
the occasion of his last visit to Vancouver he had said   that the C.P.R.
would not extend its system in this
province until adequate returns were
secured from existing* lines,  and he
was   asked   if   he had altered  his
opinion in any way.
" No, I cannot say that I have
changed my mind regarding extensions in Hritish Columbia," said Sir
Thomas, " bill there are other
reasons why the company will remain quiet and watch proceedings ;
if we are lo believe what appears
in the press from time to lime, there
is much hatching of schemes with
other people going on. The heavy
lax which Ihe C.P.R. is compelled
to pay in this province is somewhat
burdensome and unjust in my opinion. Comparing this tax wilh that
imposed on (he general taxable interest of Ihe province il is unduly
heavy. It cannot he said that the
railroad lines in the mining districts
of this province are paying as a
whole. Some ol them are nol paying and others arc. Of course of
late conditions in the mining sections have not been sueh that all
the lines could pay. Possibly with
the return of general activity in
mining quarters belter times may
The Silver Cup Mill is Poundine
Ore Night and Day. gTho sehoir.e
to Obtain Water a Complet*-
As announced last week, the mill
at Five Mile owned by Ike Silver
Cup Mines, Ltd. has been seriously
hampered from shortage of water,
by reason of an unusually dry
season. Water hns been obtained
from the creek which runs ne.".;
the mouth of the Nellie L lowe;
tunnel, for the successful accomplishment of which a series of dams,
flumes and ditches were made down
the mountain side to the mill, a distance of a mile and a hall. The
feat was a complete success, as the
desired water reached the mill at
the first time of asking. As a result great activity prevails at Five-
Mile, 20 stamps are pounding away
day and night, and the staff has
been greatly increased during the
week. Extra men have also been
engaged for bush work. The camp
is fast assuming the appearance of
a town, as irrespective ofthe gigantic mill and outbuildings, there are
some 30 residences, offices, etc.,
which would not disgrace the principal thoroughfares of any city.
Monday last was pay-day at the
Two pack-trains with ore came
down from the Spyglass this week.
It will lake about three weeks or a
month to bring down a carload.
The ore is very rich in silver, witli
gold values as well. At the mine
the cabins are nearly completed,
and work is being pushed on the
upraise from No. 2.���Nugget.
Some people ure never happy 111.
they're miserable.
What Is It ?
An interesting object was brought'
to this office on Monday last. It is
a replica of a human foot in solid
rock, and lhe symmetrical detail is
so complete and natural that all
manner ol theories has been advanced as lo its origin. Thc object
has been exhibited around town,
and the popular supposition is that
il'is a fossillized foot, and adherents
to ihe beliel in prehistoric man have
had .nod lor reflection. Certain it
is lhat the object bears not the
slightest resembli nee to the fool of
a monkey, which is somewhat con.
soling, li was discovered in a dam
by Mr. W. Macfarlane, near the
South Fork bridge, whilst ho was
engaged in placer-mining nt that
point. A solution to the mystery
may be found in 'die fact of its being
so near the river, and as tlie
boulders lying around Indicate liial
water must have coursed over them
many years ago, it is but natural to
suppose that this lump of rock has
been fashioned to its present shape
by the action of running water, i* 1
this as it may, it certainly is a mosl
interesting object, and Mr. Macfarlane will treasure it as such,
mk Lardeau Bagle
Printed   mul  Published   every   FItlOAY   nt
Ferguson, B. C��� by
J.  J. ATHERTON,   Prop.
to whom all correspondence should be mtillod.
Subscription Hates: 1*2.110 per annum, I.
any address in AmorUMi 11.36 for six months.
...oOayoai to toretgn addresses. No nay, no
Advertising Ratess Display ads.,11,00 per
sfn*;le column inch per month. l.cj*nl ads., 1'.'
oonts per (uonparicl) lino for first insertion; t*
cents per line for eiuli additional insertion.
Reading notices 10 pouts per line each issue.]
Ninety day legal notices, ,10.: sixty days, *"..r)0;j
thirty days, ?6. -So ads. accented at less than
these rales.  No room for quack ads.
3pring, returns to his home eamp with j
reports of his exploits, and specimens
ot his strikes, nnd makes arrangements
for his winter operations. If he intends!
to  "hole  Up"  at  his claim forthe:
winter, lie too will need six months'
supplies,   The big producing mines in
the big camps will also endeavour to
crowd output with shipments  to the
smelter.    Kvery  class ot trado  and
people In tho west are affected by the
fall activity, and all will now be busy
until Christmas.���Mining World.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising,
This is the time of the year when
things liven up in tbe mining regions
Oi the west. Not only mining and its
auxiliary industries, but commerce in
nil branches experiences u quickening
effect. Especially is this to be noticed
in camps that become wholly or partially snowbound during- tho winter.
Haste is now being made to get in supplies, and take ore out before the roods
become impassable by snow. Some of
tho mines in tha high altitudes of the
Rockies will have to between now and
Thanksgiving, lay in enough provisions and supplies to last to way into
Way, and where such mines employ
large forces of mon, the movement ol
freight is a very considerable item.
All kinds of pack animals, as well as
teams are pressed into this service.
Lumber and other building material,
fuel, machinery, tools, powder, etc.,
mako up a largo item in the manifest
of tho freighting outfits. The smelters
feel tho effect of this movement In
larger receipts of ore, as the mines are
nn-jious to get nil the ore out possible
nnd into the market, and tho reoeirts
nt the smelters perceptibly increase in
lots of ores from a multitude of camps
scattered In remote and isolated districts, und which, at other times of the
y ear are hardly ever heard from. The
I rospectoi' who has been out all sura.
tret'In the recesses of tbe mountains,
'���il  wbo  has been   forgotten since
" Truth " says respecting the advertisement addressed to bachelors which
appeared in cot-tain, colonial papers,
that the advertisers called themselves
Lloyd and Duncan, Anglo-Amorican
agents, 01 St. Mary's road, Loyton. On
enquiry at the address Truth found the
house had been emptj Borne weeks.
The advertisers proposed to supply the
colonials with wives from tho thousands
of good, intelligent girls,!, round Leyton
Any colonial with a fancy for ono of
these damsels was asked to remit (6.
Truth fears that the only result of the
enterprise was tho number of dollars
transferred from the other side of the
Atlantic, as thi number of bachelors
on the one side and spinsters on the
other remains unaltered. Truth has
received several inquiries re the advertisement from Canada.
A Jew who possessed a small sailing
bout Invited a friend���likewise a Jew-
to venture upon a lake for a sail. During tho expedition a squall suddenly
ciimo on, und the proprietor, who didn't
know too much about tbe game, was
pitched overboard. As he was struggling and lighting for his life In the
water, his friend peered out anxiously
over the side and ejaculated, "lthay,
Ikey, old man, if you don't come up for
the third time, can I have the boat r"
Every man in camp and at the mines
should subscribe tor this journal.
Wo know every man reads it. Why
not send the paper to the old folks at
home? It only costs $2 a year, Let us
send it for you. It will be appreciated
as greatly as a weekly letter.
Second Annual Exhibition of the
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Exhibition,
September 28 # 29
Write for Prize list,    E. J. Amiable,
Sec, Nelson, B.C.
-Rjfl/    t ntiZ       /?   Fer*?uson-  the Pay-Roil
DUy    L,OlZ>       Cemrepfthe Rich Lardeau.
Is the HUB
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenomenally rich
camps   of  Poplar  and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH ol Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
-Revelstoke. B. C.
Facilities i The town has ?n excellent Waterworks system, ii lighted by Electricity, and has an excellent long distance Telephone Seryice. NOTICE.'-'
xtOTICE is hcreiiy given that tho MI.TI-.n-
tends to apply to tho Assistant Commissioner
ot Lands and Works, undor provisions of
Chapter 118, known aa the Land Ael, for per-
mission to purchase tho following d&scrlhod
un reserved, unsurveyed and unoccupied Crown
'Commencing at a post on Silver Cup Voun-
tain situatod about -too feci from Trlupe Crook,
nnd'neiKJttie lower t'Tialiml of tho Halitdlo
Trkmlirie built to tho Triuno Mine in 10UJ,
raid post being marked as " Thu Metropolitan
(Void and Btlvor Mining Company of Dunleau-
Ii.O.Limltcd'sS.W, Coruorl,o8t,"thonqeeaat40
chains on to Triuno Mountain, thenee north
ahum Triune Mountain Jno chains, thence
went -10 elmius, thence south mo ohalua to the
point of commencement, tho same contain lug
about 400aores, Said land wftsatakodfor tho
���ataovi: named purposo on lho28rd dny of July,
1001, ftt 2 o'oloek, p.m,
The Metropoythn-Cold -andSilver
Milling Compniiv "f Lnideau,
B.C. Limited.
President and Managing Director,
Ferguson, .I.e.. ���
JuiyW, 1904.
T ���������*���>������>
smith * Co.
45 Bleary St,
Time Table.
And Read
Trout Lake City Hotel 2ft a
v Lake,   cull
on Jack Simpson, A smiling face and
good liquors, -winGs, etc. uro fount! bt:-
Jtiind tho bur.   The Euglo Is takon her
Certificate of ItiiproYuineufs.
Gold IHU and Goldsmith Mineral Claims, si(-
uate in the'Trout Lake Mining Divi lon of West
Kootenay District.
Where located���on Poplar Creek about one
milo from the railway.
Take Notice that I Robert Hodge, acting ns
agent for W. B, Pool, Free Minor's Certifloato
No; B, 71717, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Curt Meatus of Improvements, for the purposo
of obtaining Crown Grants of the abovo claims,
And further tako notico that action, under
section 37, must bo commenced before tho issuance of such Certificates of Improvements,
Dated thlsCth day of January, A.D. 1904.
Two Bargains.
For price, forum, etc., apply lo ,r. Edward
Hlra, barrister, Vancouver, or to E, fi. Wood-
ward, Ferguson.
rililATcomfortable littlo Dwelling House oo*
J. ouplod by 0. M. Nesbltt. and two well cultivated lots, nicely fenced, situated lu (be best
residence purl ol Ferguson. For sale oheap,
Tbis is a snap.
���J1IIE Eagle Hloek. occupied by tbe Lardeau
L Keglu newspaper and the Methodist
Cliurch. Tlie building draws a good rental
.ind tlie salo prico aud terms will surprise you,
Locale With a Pa--*itreak.
I& pays to uso the t.lopbone. A trip
oan often be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the 'phone. Offloe In Cummins cVG'o.'s
D. J, Robertson, the Nelson fui-nltno
dealers are funeral directors and cm*
The Canada Drug & Book Co., Ltd.,
of Revelstoke, carry an immense stock
of stationery, fancy goods, games of all
kinds, the latest books ahd magazines,
rubber goods and mountain and mining
views,   Give them a mail order,
* Smokers: If you want the genuine "Union" and "Our Speoial"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped tn gilt letters on every box,
���^, A, Brown, Revelatoke,
Will bo reprosecuted in
Ferguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive closo attention
and wo
Our representative
S. A. Soott la a
practical tailor and
will make clothes
fit. Hold your
orders for him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   ���
Sltnated^midatBdeDerv unrivalled for
grandeur. The moat complete health
resort on tho continent of North America
Its baths cure all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
Kidney, Liver and Stomach ailments,
Thoy are a never falling reraedvfor
all metallic poisons, completely purifying the system.
TEBM8--|lfi to 118 per week, accord-
Ing to residence iu Hotel or Villas.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October 14th, 1U03, will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice dally���10k and 5k.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice daily��� 7:15k and
12.45k. i Making closo connections
with all C. T. H. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve tho right to
change times of sailings without
Hie Empire Lumber Company., Ltd
<\\\^L^rVS. UNION LABEL of
'ho United Hatters
f. North America.
��� hen you are buv
<; a FUR HAT,
��� her soft or stiff,
ti to it that lho
cnuine UNION
Lpbel fssmved In It.
If a retailer; ,;has
loose labels in his
���"���Hsscssion and | of-
iisrs to put one in a
hat for you, do not
patronize him. lie
Has uot auyrigniiona. c loose labels. Loose
labels in retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to anv explanation as to why thc bat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on the four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits tin-sometimes perforated on three of the edges, und
siiinelimesonly on two., Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers ure using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John il. Stetson
t.o. of Philadelphia, Pa., is non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President.
Ortinge, N.J.
11 Wavorly Placo. Room j-5, New Vork City.
' Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a nkotrli and <1oncrlpt Inn may
quickly Ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communfca*
tioiiBstrictiy.cotiiidcntiAi. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest nponcy for securing patents.
Pntonu takon tlirouirh Munn & Co, receive
tpeciat notice, withoutchargo, Inthe
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any lalenuQa journal. Terms, f u a
venr; fonrmonths.il. Sold byall iiowndcalers.
MUNN ���_.Co.36,Bra*��' New York
Branch Office. G35 V St., Washington, D. c.
Including the Fish f^rcek camp
and Upper Puncmi Itiver section, com-
piled by A. P. Cummins, P.L. S.,and S
���Shannon, li. A., is now on sale ut this
oflice. The ready sale of the map is
proving all wc have said for it. The
Trout Cake division is lithographed in
black, the Lardeau In red, and the Ainsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copy of this map and lind any
claim recorded in the three divisions.
The mountains, lakes, crooks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name {by auuique
Index) of every mineral claim fn ihe
district is shown.
Next   to   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person  This Map Takes First Place.
In fact every geographical
feature Is bo well doflno'tlhatonoean
seeat a glance the nature of our country
and thu trend of the claim locations
gives an intelligible idea of the mineral
belts running through the camp, ltis
The   Best   Worth   For   One  Dollar
ever offered in the map line of a mining
camp. It Is thc first complete map or
the district and Is selling woll. ftisjust
what you are looking for. WIS ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a oue dollar bill, Ino
cheques, orders, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will bo supplied at 50 cents each.
For Sale
There will
be a big
for Lots.
Buy NOW in Ferguson.
Real Estate
I havo somo o( the finest blocks
and lots in Ferguson on my books.
Tiny at onco boforo the crowd gets
This weok's special:
A Lot oil Victoria Ave.
100x33 feet.
adjoining tho   Post-Olllco In
Block 1,
This is the finest location in town
and will be worth treble shortly.
Do yeu wish to buy or soil anything '! Drop me a line and I'll
worry you.
Apply to
Lardeau Bagle, Ferguson, B.C.
Trlnne. silver Chief, Enterprise, .Kamloops
and Kamioojis Fractional mineral claims,
situate iu the Trout Lake .Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located .���On Triune Mountain.
TAKK NOTICE that I. QeorgQ f\. -MeCarter,
acting as ngent for Andrew Ferguson, Free
Miners' Certificate, No. 1)88592, intend, sixty
days (rom tho date hereof, to apply to the
Mining ilecordor (or a Certificate ou improvements, fur the purpohfl of obtaining a Crown
Grant of theabovo claims,'
And further take HQtlfiO that artion, under
section 87, must Ih* commenced bitfore tho Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this lath day ot .lime. A.D. 1004.
f-<WM^ (XXUXtf^-Mfr >l
Gold or sliver ��1.M
Oold nnd Silvor IJ.00
Silvor mid Lead f'.,M
Coppor 11.00
Zinc ,UU
S.   SHANrVON,   B.A.
If you earn a FREE
DllINK by paying
your subscription
to tho (&*'
Thorpe &Co\
Read the Fade.
Trout Lake Branch���A   General   Banking   Business   Transacted.
Capital Authorized, 84,000,000 HEAD OPFICBI
Capital (paid up)    -    :i,000,000 ' _        ,
Host .--... 2,800,000 Toronto, Ontario-
Branches in tho Northwest Territories. Provinces  of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. B. MEBRITT, President. D. B. WILKIE, Vica-Pios. and (V   Man.
E. HAY, Assistant Gon. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Ins,- )6tor.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest, allowed.
Drafts Sold available fn All purls of Canada,
United SUtes and Europe.
Special attention given to collections and *-��� '*'��� BOyLTBEE
Mining Bonds. , Manner
Are You
A Union
BBKcaaEErt.-'W.yEiir .
Union Cigar Factory
Manufactures only Union goods, and besides, thoy are -the' bust on the market.
Tbey nre madoofthe best Havana tobacco,
and their excellonco is undisputed. Insist
on getting
L'nion Cigar Factory, REVELSTOKE, B.C,
Proprietor 1
When Visiting
t Lardeau
The best place
to stay is the
.'���-ft.*-!-.--{.- .Ts'-..!ft_->--
Laughton Bros.
We try to give satisfaction to our   guests.
House and Lot For Sale.
Without a doubt the finest
Residence in the Lai'deaii.
Situate in Ferguson, tbe
property contains 0 room;*,
newly plastered throughout. Verandah in front.
Water laid on. This very
desirable property would
make a lirst-class boarding
MOO down and tho ''eBt ��" V0I'-V i
_���-_'"._" easy terms.
The Kootenay
Steam Laundry
Apply Jno. .1. Atherton, ' Eaglo' Offloe j
���Headquarters Ior Aa.aycra, AllnliiR
& Mill HuplillCH. Hole agents in II.
(*. for Morgan crneible Co., Battersoa.
England | 1*. IV. Branu & co.'s Patent
(:aryl''urnaees.llnrncrs,ete.; Wm.Aius-
worth & co.'s Kino Balances,etc., etc.
Doc-. All Kinds Of Work In
Way of
Either .Machine or Iluiid Work.
The Brightest, NewsieBt Paper
in the District.
There Is only ono best mining Journal.
That Is
Mines and Minerals.
It lias a largor circulation than any two other
Amerlmn mining Journals because it is the
be-it. It Is tho lsrgest, best Illustrated and
hawlsomost mining Journal in tho world. Jt
is�� mining naner for milling men. Butisorln-
tion price RU0 l>or year. Sood for free sample
copy. Address MINES ANB MlXKRAU.Serau.
ton,P��.,U.S. A. Denver offloei, Sarth Bldg.,
Wc Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any complaints may bo lodj-cd
with our Agent,
Trout Lake, . Local and General.
���*-���*���������->*>-.-��� _-��*-�������� ���*�����.���������*
Private l'on'y, winner of tho K.
la promoted to tno rank of sergeant.
His iloodooship received marching
orders on Monday.   Our olroulatlon
jumped three samo day.
Somo thirsty soul effected an entrance to the " mansion of aching
hearts" on Wednesday night, und
( 'oorge Yulll will have 80 gallons less
whiskey to knock down next Wednesday, It, looks as if some ono Is anxious
to lie llic " premier" prisoner in the
new jail.
John McNeil has joined tho boys at
Lhe Tonawanda, likewise Nap. Kino.
Baldwin  is returning to the
Snoiv Is driving somo of tho developers Jnto town.
Fred. Dion, late of tho Silver Cup, is
retiring1 to a warmer climate for tho
winter.   No allusion to tho firo oflice.
frank Menzie, Toronto, paid the
town a visit on Wednesday.
Charlie Woodrow, an old-timer in
the cam)), camo in from Poplar on
Monday. He is now doing some development work on his property on Triune
Mr. R. IT. Battey, president of tho
Metropolitan Hold and Silver Mining
Co., made a business trip to Nelson on
Monday, and returned Wednesday
Fred. Littlo arrived at bis homo,
Mount Forest, Ont., Inst week.
Miss Carrie Thomas, left this morning for Poplar.
Ferguson is to have it court-house
and jail. Fred Fraser, gold commissioner, wa.s in town on Monday
selecting a suitable location. It is
said that a spot below town near Klrk-
pa'rick's old cottage has been decided
upon, If Ihis is the caso the choice is
not a very wise one. Wo suggest
that a moro central location would hit
the mark. We have now a full judicial
bench, and evil-doers will in future
have no cheap excursions to the Lake.
Tho local justices aro Messrs. G. II.
Batho, A. C. Cummins, W. Newcombe,
and S. Sutherland.
Ihe ll!!'.*. lv. So
was noficcablo that a great improve-
inont had taken placo in tho musical
portion of the service, for which Mrs.
11. II. Battey is responsible. The service was weli attended.
Phil Fortin lias gone on a shooting
expedition up Cascade creek.
The black barber returned on Sunday
night from Cirele City. It was suggested that his color is a fako.
Tlie football enthusiasts were greatly
disappointed that the 'i'.'out Lako team
sliould fall to fulfil their engagement
at Ferguson last Saturday evening.
Thero is a feeling al, the Lako that
they should retire on their I -0 victory, but that feeling is not shared by
the majority of the players, who in
justice lo Ferguson admit, that on the
day's play tho result should have been
iu our favor.   Cock-a-doodle-doo I
All Irish newspaper, says tho Nolson
Tribune, bus set one ot its young men
to collect it numbci'Of English -'bulls,"
nnd ho lias succeeded in finding the
following, among others: "For tho
second time within two months a
prisoner has taken bis lifo in tlie cells
at Move. On each occasion the suicide
wns by means of hanging with tho
bell rope. It may happen again unless
tho polico tako better precautions."
Another is a letter which lho young
man found in a well-known halfpenny
journal. A subscriber indignantly repudiates the sugge.Llcn that he was
tho author of a certain anonymous
letter. " I declare," ho adds, ns the
Ileal words of hia epistle, " that I have
novel* put my mtine, tu an anonymous
were conducted in town by
Sharp on Sunday last.    It
Development work is proceeding
I.'i'iskly on the Sharon. A eabiu is now
' An addition le the Imperial Bank al
Trout Lake is being proceeded with.
.Mi:;? Jessie Shirley and hot* company
iv ill be the attraction at tho Nelson
opera house during tho fair.
Bob Burns returned from Sandon
last night.
Jack Parisian is building himself a
house at Trout Lake.
Noxt Wednesday and 'Thursday
Nelson's great Fair will bo in full
swing. Thore will be everything to be
seen that goes with a great fair, and
tho management promise something to
remember after it is over.
Mr. J. Kirkpatrick has completed an
addition to his residence.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. J. Cordon are taking a holiday. They are heading for
tho coast.
A large number of men have been
engaged by tho Silver Cup Co, this
The .Spokane placer-mining company
who are operating below Half-way
creek are pushing development work.
Tho wagon road has boon completed,
and Messrs, Diinphy and Norris Smith
have now constructed the dam.
Sandy Laughton and Art. Desjonly
made tbe trip to tho Triune mine one
day this week. Sandy says ho wish it
was his.
Jim Orahame has been compelled to
take a rest with a bruised leg. A week
was necessary before ho was able to
negotiate the sidewalk without the aid
of a stick. lie's driving bis six-horse
team around again.
Hugh McPhcrson has his fine residence at Trout Lake nearly completed.
Tho contract for tho erection of the
new school-house at Trout Lako was
secured by Robt. Scott. AVork has
boon commenced, and the foundations
aro laid.
Messrs. Cameron and Litlio visited
the Lake on Suntlny.
We are in recelptol " The Inventor's
Adviser," published by Marion and
Marion, Montreal. The book is well
bound in cloth, and its 140 pages are
full of matter of interest and instruction to the inventor. A oopy may be
obtained from the abovo address for
25 confs, provided tho " Eagle " is
montioned when writing.
Thero'll bo a big boom up tho North
Fork simultaneously with tho commencement of a wagon road.
Mlai Ifelina Thomas   is staying
NOTICE is hereby given tbat, under
and by virtue of a warrant of
execution issued out of the
County Court of Kootonay,' holden at
Trout, Lako in an action wherein
McKinnon & Sutherland art plaintiffs
and Frank Barbel' is defendant, and to
me directed against the goods and
chattels of thc said defendant, Ihave
seized and taken Into execution tho
following described goods lind chattels,
namely :������
.'! iris, cream ptchrs
���10 fruit dishes
2travsanil brushes
12 silver knives &
.'I.-' teaspoons
'Vi fable spoons
I dinner bell
1 oak sideboard
2(1 bedspreads
���JzjJz rtj.rf"i rf-j-Jzriirf. .rfr.i*-:_-i. rf__.M
*1 f
| Tonsorial
j Parlors..
g        MAIN STREET,
J Shaving'.      Shampooing,
.       HairdressiDg,     Singeing
j Dyeing,      Baths, hot and
oold water.
I have thc best appoint^*! simp in the
Lardeau,  Open from s a. i.i. io s p, ra,
:*-">v-**a *_*rz$r!*>s-z$s zjs ijs-jJn^T^s*.,'
i>   Vault,1
2 soap dishes
Hi pictures
.'I brooms
(,7 sheets
66 pillow cases
.. aprons
1111 chairs
fi-l luce curtains
IH curtain rods
��� can matches
I Accordion
I feather Duster
1 brace and bit
1 quart measure
-1 i rays
1 icepick
���I sparklets
34 boxes sparklet
12 14-oz. beer mugs 36 pair blankets
25 smnll    "      "   8 single bedsteads
:i large     "      li      a'id springs
18 whiskey glasses S simile mattresses
I shaker 17 llnor mats
I granite bucket    10 carpets
H bot. Marasquino 12 washstands
I     "   Tomato B   11 toilot sets
I     "   Orange Bts 14 double beds and
I     "   Cherry bdy    springs
1     "   Bouodiotne 14 double  mattrcs'
6 liquor bottles      1 sideboard
1 glass water ptehr! dustpan & broom
1 bot.   Cremo de 1 lounge
Menthu 30 towels
2 salt collars 2 wash basins
(i decanters Dspitoous 2 mirrors
1 dec. Tom gin       I Famous   Magnel
I    "   sherry hot-air furnace A
I dice box nnd flico    fittings
I box fiuldibeef      7 cords wood
500 poker cheeks
II wine glasses
1 strainer
17 bot Angostura
1 Sin. wrench
1 rasp
1 combination till
I bar spoon
1 back bar mirror
3 lamps and brack- 44 pillows
cts complete       211 bedspread.
12 barroom chairs 1 bureau
1 screw driver H tables
12in. chisel 21) blinds
of dinner plates     4 bot, J Bull bitter
02 vegetable dishes 2   " white wheat
42 saucers 2   " Cl'fllffS
2(1 toucups 13 " J) I a ;k be cry B
III bread plates       8   " CJuln. stout.
2,"> cans spices, otc. 212 " aerated witter
I box niaearoiil      21 lamps
10 lb. crackers       3 gal. sherry
2.'i Ib. oatmeal        5   "   brandy
ij lb. lard 30 "   Tom gin,
1 large rango and  lo "   ryo
cooking outfit     18"   Scotch
1 011-gal water-tank 1 81b. hammer
and fixtures 1 gallon measure
alarm clocks        1 wringer
0 flat I rons 3 mops '
i6 lb. coffee 1 bucket
12 tablecloths         1 wash board
26 napkins 1 wash tub
1 ironing board      15-gal. oil tank
1 coffee mill 4 tons ieo
2 comploto silver   0 boxes cigars
table sets 1 step ladder
7 glass sugar banns 62 electric lights
4 glass syrup jugs and fixtures
li glass butter dshs 112 box cigars
And I givo notico that I will offer
tii". said goods and chattels for sale by
Public Auction ot tho King's Hotel
building in the town of Ferguson, B.C'.,
on Wednesday, the28th dayof September, A.D. 11)6*1, at tho hourof eleven
o'clock in tbo forenoon.
Dated Ibis 20th day of September,
A.D., 1004.
Deputy Sheriff of Norlh Kootonay tor
Trout Lake, B. C.
Icrslgned ui
September, I
nlottim of a umcret.) V
iliedovcrniiieni milci'
i:it*i*lural iJisirirl. 11.(1
l'lan.1, specifications
contract may
September, ii-u
corrtor, Troiltl
Works Departn
... 11 li-
ip,.u tin* prlt
.if louder awl
latter lho Will
tlieJUinlng Ho*
I at the Lomla and
Victoria, li..'.
.* considered unless made
nils supplied i'nr flic pur-
nose,ami ihei.
peuiled '.nth.* form of lender Is duly signed le
Itio contractor himself and two rcaliohslblo
sureties, residents >,i tin* Province, in the penal
sum of .250for llic fiulhl'i! |>erformauce ni lhe
Thc lowest or auy tender net necessarily
V,', S. lillltl**,
Deputy Commissioner of ban*'.*; ft Works.
I.im.ls and Works Departmout;
Victoria, n. ('.. imii Soptombor, 1901."   selj
. 4 444 4 44-4-4 44 4-44-44 4-4-4 44-4 4
*. -44 44-44 44-4-4-44-44-44 4-4-4 4-4
| profess::_.:al ���
^ ���*->-���->? *������?*���*���������#
i   ?
���*���*���>-���    >*>**>*    4>
li. N. WILKIE,
p. h. s.
Ferijuson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Oflice:      -       -      Trout Lake.
Burrora of MlnoRi Mineral Claima and
drown LtimlH. Crown (irnum Oo-
iiiinmi it wi A Monuments Managed
for Absentees.
OOloes: Camborno and Vanoouvor
p. i.. s.,
Beaton, II, 0
j     UorriMcrs, Solicitors, etc.
Oilieos: Revisit.1;,.*, Golden, and rcrrjn-
son. .Solicitors for Imperial Battle
of Canada
(loo.s.McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. tf. I'lnkham.
���pllEti C. Ef-UOTT,
Barrister,  Notary  Public etc.
I FERGUSON)   B.   C.   I
���*^�� ���-���-*���� ��-���������� miDIIHIKI
You should See
1          &&
1                 ^w
|                That your Slock of Winter Apparel
i                is complete before,  the biting cold
1                weather is    upon   us.      We have
1                EVERYTHING you need at our
f                store,  and we  have some bargains.                !
1 MciDOD I Merlaiid
Groceries, Prevision?, etc.
Fresh Fruits in Sca.son,
Smokers' supplies.
Canned goods.
Agent for
Giant Powder
Fuse and Caps
Manager Alexandria Hall, P.O. Block, Perguson
B. C
3 "livery an,
���: ALEX. CRAWFORD, Propr.
Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
Whore Iio keeps ll-jht and heavy vehicles, single and
duublo drivers, saddle nud pack horses for hire.
Also proprietor of tho Btag-o route Miming between
the above points, making three trips woobly.
=- -- *====a4.*nSFACITION GUAHANTBED=*==
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at thc Queens.Good accommodation
.. Hest ol service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing; and ^^-j^idng
Transfer Outfit.
'__i��_-3raria*aii-*--,' *-���
Contracts entered Into for paokingot Mlnlnn
etc., fu any point In tbo district.  ���
Good, prompt service, and any work underliiken guaranteed satisfactory,
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.    S. Daney,Prop.
Is ot\r business. Wo
have the facilities unci
ingenuity necessary to
execute artistic work.
Anything In our Line Turned out Promptly,
Legal, Survey antl Mineral Claim
Blanks always in stock...
us one
The Lardeau Bagle
. Ferguson, B, C. ,


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