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a     ���    -    ��� /   x^y
VOL. II. NO. 13.
$2.00 A YEAR.
A Number of Noteworthy Properties Near Ferguson.
Sufficient    Development  Already
Done to Demonstrate Its Value
As An Ore Producer When tbe
Railway or a Smelter is Built in
the District
Behind the town of FerguBon on the
northwest rises what is locally known
-as the Great Northern mountain, on
whieh are located a number of noteworthy properties. The Great Northern group on the south ,Blope of the
mountain is situated less than five
miles from here. On it are located
over a dozen olaims. The vein is
quartz oarrying iron, gray copper,
galena and yellow copper, and 1b a true
one between slate on 'the hanging and
serpentine on the foot wall, and the
cropping can be traced for at least four
miles. There is a solid ore body from
14 inches to five feet thick on the hanging wall. Two of the claims���the
Broadview and Old Sonoma���are' owned by tbe Lillooet, Fraser River and
Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited, which
has done considerable exploratory
work on them, showing up some extensive bodies of ore, much of whioh is
gray copper. On the Broadview dump
there is probably 800 tons of ore aver-
ing a value of $30 in silver, gold and
lead, and ore has been taken from the
Old Sonoma assaying over 100 ounces
in silver with from 812 to $15 in gold.
The Great Northern Is another claim
on which considerable development
work has been done by a Montana
company, whioh owns it, under the
direction of H. Macpherson, of Trout
1 Lake City. There is about 200 tons of
ore on the dump averaging 955 per ton
in silver, gold and copper.
The True Fissure, owned by Charles
Bolton, T, Downs andJP._. Wiil.kpr.i- the.
original locators, is another notable
,{lreat Northern claim. There is an
Immense body of ore in sight, some of
very high grade, but a good deal of it
.concentrating- Still tbe large quantity of it will, when reduction works
,are established at Ferguson, make the
True Fissure one of the stand-bys of
the camp.
The Silver Queen, bonded this year
hj the owner, J. Stanbert, to a Van-'
,ecuver syndicate, is an extension of
the True Fissure on the north. A
good deal of work has been done on
the property by the company, which
has shown up a splendid body of ore
in the drifts and crossout.
The St, Elmo and Yankee, two
olaims on the west of and above the
True Fissure and Silver Queen, have
also received a good deal of attention
this season, The owners are Ben
Barney and T. Downing, ol Thomson's
Landing. Considerable ore has been
taken out of the St. Elmo, right from
the grass roots, and shipments have
been made. The ore has assayed as
high as 210 ounces in silver and 6 dwts,
of gold.
country, to explore it thoroughly. I
Mr. Wilson went over his party's platform clause by clause and explained
his idea of keeping Mongolian labor
out at least of government-aided
works, by empowering the lieutonant-
governor-in-council to embody 'in tbe
contract between the province and
any person or persons receiving
special privileges, the straight provision against the employment of thoso
people. As a lawyer, he had no doubt
that his course would stand the test of
the courts. The speaker conoluded
by aBking his hearers to oarefully go
over the published platform of his
party, and knowing that this platform
should be strictly adhered to, asked
them to vote the straight Conservative
ticket.���Bevelstoke Herald.
The Coming Campaign May Make
Politicians Think.
'The Conservatives Will Rise or SMI
By Their Platform.
Speaking at New Westminster on
Thursday last Chas.  Wilson, Q. p.,
who was received with loud applaee,
said that he wished as leader of Ihe
Liberal-Conservative party, to sate
. emphatically    that    they    had   no
alliances.   They were not  connected
In any way with the so-called Tuner
or Cotton parties,  but ran flatly on
thoir platform.   "And," said Mr." Vll-
aon, "Messrs. Cotton and Martinjcan
settle their domestlo troubles bet
themselves."   He recognized only two
great parties, who frankly took the
, responsibility for their representat re's
.actions In the legislature, the Libj-als
..and the Liberal-Conservatives.   1
he returned with his associates
party would Bee that he kept tcjtbo
i published    platform.     There
absolutely no  remedy   against
individual government,  such as
Martin's should the members not
to keep their promises.   A man In
position     could    promise   anyt
���and     juggle    with     mlllians
railways to the moon and ojher
lying places without the slightest
Of how the n oney wbb to be '��id, jind
once in   power he would fjrgenall
about    it.     Mr.   Wilson   \jas  hn
favorable to a polioy of trailbuilfilg
through the mining districts j> em
. ,the prospector,   the plonee! of
Ups and Downs in the Journalistic
R. C. Edwards of Alberta Sun
fame, has now taken up a strong position in Strathcona, the northern
terminus of the Calgary & Edmonton
railway. He is continuing the light
which the editor of this great mining
journal left off some five years ago, to
seek "taller timber," whioh abounds
to the queen's taste in this land of
mineral and yellow-loggers. Being
contiguous to tbe church fraternity
and the breweries Is the height of
Bob's ambition. The Eagle would
strongly advise editor Edwards to read
that noble work "Fifty-two years without a drink." Strathcona i a good
field for the Sun. The only jgret is
that there will be a funeral soou. And
Bob will be in it.
The Independent, the new labor
paper at Vancouver, edited by Geo.
Bartley, is the best of its kind in
Canada. Good live well-written
matter predominates. The Independent deserves success and if the trades
unions do their duty it will be a strong
factor in bringing about their rights,
Vol. 1 No. 1 of the National Park
Gazette, published by Ike Byers, is to
hand. It's a 4-page 4-column sheet
devotea to advertising the beauties of
Rocky Mountain Park at Banff,
Alberta. As an old side-kicker, the
Eagle gives ike the irrespressible
glad band.
Hewitt Bostock has been given some
straight pointers by his Liberal
friends. The result will likely be that
his organs, the Vancouver Province,
Kamloops Sentinel and the little
rooter, the Golden Era will be whipped
into line.
The. editor of the Innis fail Free
Lance is surely in love���the news
columns of his paper is positive proof.
Spring poetry and love's dreams are
all very well Orville, but wait till
there's a Mrs. Fleming.
The Rossland Record is a recognized
anti-eight-hour sheet and supports
Hon. C. B. Macintosh. No one need
worry about what the "governor"
would do.  He will not be elected.
T. L. Grahame, a well-known newspaper man at the Coast, is now
managing editor of the Vancouver
The Kaslo Kootenain says a park is
wanted in that town. A newspaper
with unpaid opinions is also needed,
The Nelson Miner is the organ of
the mine owner's association and anti-
Houston.  Houston will be elected.
The Eagle's Tab on Lardeau Mining
By the time the government at
Ottawa gets around to the anti-Chinese
legislation British Columbia will be so
full of Orientals that Canadians will
be driven out of their own country and
the usefulness of the law will have
passed Into ancient history,���Sandon
J. M. Kellie stated positively to the
EAOLE on Sunday last in Revelstoke
that be was out of the political contest
and also had quit politics. He is an
opponent of Jos. Martin. Mi1. Kelly
thinks the Dominion government
should take tbe initiatory move in the
government ownership of railways
question. Perhaps Mr. Kellie Is
Ralph Smith, an ardent worker in
the interests of the masses says of Hon,
Job. Martin: "His principles are first
class. If Joe Martin gets Into power
and brings forward the principles he
haa laid down I will support him.
But I don't think he will get the
power, and If he gets the power I don't
think he will bring them forward.
To say that I would not support the
principles would be a misstatement,
for if he brings forward a good
prinoiple I will certainly support it."
Both the Federal Parties Will Find
Real Issues Before Them.���United
Action Will Be Taken by the
Trades' Unions and 'Government Ownership " Advooates.
Never before in the history of the
world was there such a struggle to
obtain better conditions for the masses
of the people, than we find at the present time.
Never before were the conditions of
the masses exactly the same as they
are to-day. On one side we find a
small minority of persons using every
effort to centralize capital, to corner
commodities of every description, and
form a system of gigantic trusts and
combines, such as was never before
heard of or expected.
On this same side we find tbe advocates of imperialism, militarism, gold
standardism, monopoly, and every
form of selfish greed and unbridled
ambition. This small minority of
capitalistic chess-players are cute
enough to blind the eyes of a large
majority of the masBes to the real
issues of the struggle, by substituting
a number of straw-men, and getting
their dupes to fight these straw-men
while they (the capitalists) are plundering tbem on every hand. One of
these straw-men is called the tariff,
and this badly battered and bruised
scarecrow is every once in a while
brought out and pounded over, aud
knocked around by the dupes in order
to distract attention from tbe real
scheme of the leading chess-players.
Another of the leading straw-men
whieh is brought out without fail on
all occasions, and paraded before the
eyes of the masses with all the necessary accompaniments of kettle-drums
and martial music is"oalled "Patriotism."
Still another straw man has appeared in the last few years, and has
succeeded In drawing the attention of
the masses away from the real issue,
and given the capitalistic chessplayers an awful good chance to get
in some of their plundering schemes,
and this one has a high sounding
name, which consists of sound more
than anything else, this straw-man
enjoys the euphonious name of "Prosperity."
There are a number of other straw-
men who serve the purpose they are
intended for, to take: the attention of
the masses from the real question at
issue. The real question, which is
daily growing into greater prominence
in this and all the leading commercial
countries is this: Shall the masses
who create wealth by the sweat of
their brow, the work of their intellect
and the labor of their hands, have the
benefits acoruing from such wealth (?
or shall it be used for the aggrandizement of a few individuals, and make
slaves of the many? The present
indications are that the present age of
unbridled ambition to gain commercial
advantages by subjugating weaker
people, is drawing to a close, and a
grander era of co-operative endeavor
to benefit the whole human family Is
gradually coming In. The rallying
cry of every true social reformer at the
present day should be: "Public
ownership of all industries controlled
by monopolies, trusts and combines."
The Monitor, Mogul. Lade Group,
Silver Belt, Big Five Group, Mabel
Group, Richmond, Morning Star,
Lodestar Group, Clipper, Black
Diamond, Morning Glory, Etc.
Thu Monitor und Mogul.
These claims are situated between
Ferguson and Circle City on the north
fork of the Lardeau river. The
properties cover a surface area of over
one hundred acres, having a frontage
on*ho Lardeau river of 1,500 feet, with
a depth of 3,000 feet along the course
of tho leads. They are also well
timbered. There are evidences of
four separate and distinct loads on the
property. Of these only two have
been prospected to any extent, but the
work done has shown good ore, and
depth will no doubt produce it in paying quantities. Two assays made by
Dr. F. T. Harrison, government
analyst and assayer, gave returns of
$136.00 and $182.00 to the ton, respectively. The development work already
done consists principally of some 65
feet of tunnel, the larger or No. 1 being in some 50 feet, the second about
15 feet. The ore showings in the
tunnels are particularly good. At the
surface of the larger or No. 1 tunnel
the ore showings are but a few inches
wido, but widen out at the crosscut
(some 30 feet or so in) to over 3 feet in
width. These tunnels will be continued as soon as men can be got to
work, the intention of the management being to turn the property into a
shipper as soon as possible, and every
energy will be bent in that direction.
As it is a first-class tunnelling proposition, and will be worked assuch. The
property can be operated at very much
less expense 'than if shafting and
machinery was necessary.
tended to nearly 10 feet. Mr. Irwin
loaves this weektoarrange, if possible,
for work to commence on June 1st.
The shaft will bo continued to a 50 ft.
lovel, then tho owners will drift un the
lend and tako out enough oro for a tost
shipment. The Mubol group is said
by those who should know, to bo a very
promising property. Tho EAOLE will
lly that way in July.
Sllvnr Bolt.
On this property a great deal of
work has beon done, consisting
principally of a shaft and a tunnel.
On the large stringer which traverses
the claim, a shaft has beon sunk 55 ft.
in depth, and driven towards this
shaft, with the double purposo of cross-
cutting the lead and tapping said
shaft, was a tunnel of 200 ft. This
tunnol tapped the shaft at a distance
of 00 ft., aftor which it was continued
on the main ledge, exposing a cloarly
defined vein lying between walls and
slate. The vein is heavily imprograted
with galena, and it is expocted that 50
or 60 feet more will bring thu drift
directly under the big surface shewing
to the north east of tho shaft. Very
rich ore was encountered while sinking
the shaft, samples from which ran
from $500 to $600 to the ton.
The Lade Group.
On the north side of the properties
worked is a large area of limestone,
lying on the south are a series of foliated rocks consisting of argellites,
slaty and schistose distinctly micacious
in places. Throughout the argellite
quartz veins, bands and seams are
in evidence, some having a northwest
and southeast trend, whilst the greater
number are running diagonally across
the formation until they junction with
the lime. In the latter or cross veins
tbe native gold and telluridcs are met
with, varying in width from one to
twelve or more inches and exceedingly
rich in places. Looking at these veins
nnd seams from a miner's point of view
the natural conclusion is that they are
shoots or feeders to a main or true
lisBuro vein whioh requires timo and
money to demonstrate. At tho present
capital is needed to carry out a system
of exploratory work. The first would
bo to follow the larger ore seams to
tlie true vein. When this is reached
the mines could bo at once systematically laid out, quickly opened and dev
elopment pushed ahead, so that largo
bodies of ore could be easily handled
and economically marketed. Returns
from work already done speaks volumes
for the future of the Lade group as a
gold producer and it will be at no distant day when this property will bo
contributing its golden share to the
6tores of the world's wealth.
Big Fivo Oroup.
This well known groupbn tho north
fork will be tlie scene of considerable
development work this season, as soon
as pack horses can go up-over the at
present snowbound trails, it being'at
much higher latitude than hero.
There are three leads running through
a group of four of the claims which
extend into tho glacier, one of which
is well worth devoloping, as oro can bo
taken out from the first shot In.
Transportation facilities is all that
prevents more work being done.
Capital is needed to handle this, as
nearly every other proposition in the
camp. There are a few grass-root
shippers, but everybody can't own
them. The Big Five is well worth a
visit from anyono looking for a legitimate investment. It will stand
The Richmond.
This prospect is located three-quarters of a mile from Circlo City, about
seven miles from Ferguson, on Galena
creek, which empties into the north
fork of the Lardeau at Circle City.
The Richmond is a galena-copper
proposition being a sideline extension
of the Rob Roy and Highland Chief.
Assays $15 in copper, 30 per cent, silver and 50 per cent, lead have been
received by tbe owners, L, Thompson
and J. C. Kirkpatrick. Assessment
work will be done in June.
The Lodestar Group.
The steamer Marion, a bandy little
stern-wheeler will run between Kaslo
and the Duncan this season. She is 72
feet keel by 134 beam and is owned by
the Lodestar Gold Mining and Developing Co., who havo a number of claims
in the Carrol basin, Hall crook, which
the company intend working during
the coining summer. This group comprises the Lodestar, Silver Bowl, Silver Spray, Mountain View and Royal
Lack of Advertising Keenly Felt
in the Lardeau.
Messrs. Davis & Footo of Revelstoke
have purchased the Ferguson saw mill
and timber limit. They will return
here next week with additional
necessaries for the mill, horses, etc.,
and start the mill a humming. They
were here last Friday and Saturday
and gave the plant a trial 'which
proved satisfactory. The townsite
company alone has arranged .for a lot
Df lumber for sidewalk purposes,
Several buildings will be erected here
as Boon as the lumber Is cut.
Whiskey Point Gold Proposition.
J. A. Magoe Is doing assessment
work on his claim on Whiskoy point
near Comaplix. Assays received from
this claim run from $16 to $100 In gold.
Morning Glory.
Jas. H. Diinmlck is busy representing tho Morning Glory mineral claim
abovo and an oxtension of the Sultana
near Comaplix.
The Mabel Group.
This well known group consisting of
five claims, the Mabol, Virginia,
Black Eagle, Rainy Lake and Nora
Lee, is located at the hoad of 8-mile
creek right on the divide, only a short
walk from the Silver Cup. The group
is owned by C. A. Irwin, E. M. Morgan and Frank Levitt. The Virginia,
it should be understood is an
extension of the Lucky Jim, the
famous gold property, a small
interest in which Orange Hamilton
sold for $500 cash a few weeks ago to a
partner. It gives good average values,
$10 in gold, 80 ounces silver and 83 per
cent. lead. The development work is
now being concentrated upon this
claim. On the others very little work
has yot been done. The work on the
Virginia consists of a 30-foot inoline
shaft sunk on tho lead. Oro taken
from the Mabel runs from $18.60 to
$35 in gold, (HJ ounces In silver and 65
per eont. load. The lodge mutter on
the Virginia at'the surface ,waB four
foet wide und has now, at 30 feet, ex-
The K. G. und J. T.
Work was commenced on tho abovo
claims with five men last week. This
promising group is located seven miles
down Trout lako. A $50,000 option
expiring Juno 1st has been given on
this property, tho owners having
received $500 down. Mr. Lauthers
says they expect to drive a 60 foot tunnel this month.
Morning Star.
H. Carter and L. Thompson camo in
from their ranch on the north fork,
Circlo City, on Wednesday last and
wont up the south fork the same evening to represent the Morning Star, a
prospect on 5-mile creek owned by
themselves and J. C. Kirkpatrick.
A Splendid Opportunity For Concerted Action by Those Already
in the District to Make Known
Tho Wonderful Mineral Resources of the Lardeau District.
It must bo apparent to the most
superficial observer that the prosperity
of any soction deponds upon its re-
resources. No town can have a permanent and steady growth unless there
is something behind it to give confidence. Largo towus spring up in
agricultural communities, and in
places where large capital is oiiiploycd
in manufacturing. Mining has been
the cause of building up large towns,
as Denver, Leadville, Rossland, etc.,
but these towns were tho result of
legitimate and profitable mining. Had
the mines in the vicinity of those towna
been allowod to remain undeveloped,
nothing would have been heard of
them, but now they are known all over
the world. The conditions of affairs
in tho Lardeau is this: No organized
effort has ever boon made to let the
outsido world know what wo have in
the shape of mineral. Tho people
have been and are apathetic and have
not taken advantage of the many
opportunities which have been offered
to advertise the country and its
resources. A few years ago a small
exhibit was sent to tho Spokane fruit
fair, and it attracted more attention
than any other mineral display. Visitors were astonished at the variety
and character of the minerals, but
there was comparatively no advertising matter on hand to give people
who were anxious to know more of a
country which could produce such
minerals, The result was not
satisfactory to the exhibitors or the
general public. Since that time but
one exhibit has been sent down to tbe
fair. This also attracted attention,
but the expense of the exhibit bore so
hard upon two or three people that for
tbe past two years no exhibit has been
made. Thero are many ways of making the Lardeau known and it is a
wonder that something has not been
done befoi'e to attract capital.
It is sure that men with money are
not roaming about the country seeking
investment in localities of which they
have no knowledge. The question of
advertising the country is one that
should be properly takon hold of by a
good strong committee of those
directly interested. That is tho only
way it can be done effectively.
Individual effort is very well, but
concerted action is much better.
There are several methods which can
be oraployed but which is the best is
for tho cotumitteo to determine. This
much is sure, Ferguson will not enjoy
a soason of prosperity unless the mineB
are dovelopod, but it tho outsido world
is to bo kept Ignorant of tho fact that
we have mineral in the mountains in
this vicinity, why, wo can be unpro-
gressivo and lot other more enterprising districts got ahead of us in tho
race for supremacy.
Tho remedy is in our own hands, and
if we negleci tlio opportunities offered
us wo must take the oonsequonoes. It
is with communities as with individuals, .and as Cassias says go
Brutus, "The fault, dear Brutus, is
not in our stars, that wo aro underlings,
but in ourselves."
Tho abovo suggestion Is due the Fort
Stoele Prospector. The subject matter
has been applied by tho Eagle to the
Tho Clipper.
C. A. Irwin arrived in Forguson on
Friday last. Ho has finished assessment work on tho Clipper, about four
miles from Comaplix on Great
Westorn mountain. Mr. Irwin exbi-
ted somo fair surfacu samples taken
from tho Clipper.
Tho Sliver Tip  Co.
This company will  start
work on
their property just us soon as circumstances and snow permit. They intend
to push development and make a
shipper if possiblo in timo to givo tho
new railroad tonnage.
John R. Greenfield, postofflco inspector, was in Ferguson on official
businoss on Friday last. Mr. Greenfield, aftor inquiring into tho inefficiency of tho mail service, intends to
lay a report boforo tho postal
authorities which will largely remedy
the present outrageous delays and layovers of mail for and from this point.
Arrangements will bo made to have
the mail reach hore and Trout Lake
City tho same day as it loaves Arrowhead, returning tho sumo night, thus
oatchingtbe outgoing boat for Arrowhead which will thon arrive in timo to
make connections with the Revelstoke
train tho came afternoon, The south
going mail loaving the following
morning instead of a 24-hour layover
as at prosont.
PuhHlhed  everv    Wednesday mornluK at   1
office of publication, Ferguson. B. C., by
n. p. rarriFiaoai.
Advertising Katet: Display ads, sl.fi.) jper
eolamn Inch. Legal ads, lite per tuoiiiiRiiel) line
for Hrst Insertion: 8c for each Additional insertion.
Reading notices 10c per line eai-b Issue. Birth,
Marriage and Death notices free.
Subscription Hates: By mail or carrier. 12.00
per annum; M.oo for six months. Stopped ut
Job Department: The Rauut Juli Department
Is well equipped, and is prepared to execute all
kinds of printing at honest prices. Mail orders
promptly attended to. GWe us a trial on your
next order.
Address all communications lo���
Ferguson, B. 1
WEDNESDAY,    MAY   9,    1900.
Many people are continually
Ixmsting about their relations,
seeming to think that this
will reflect credit upon themselves and cause the community to
worship them move or less. One
man will tell you that his ancestor
played poker with King Billy just
before the battle of the Boyne.
Another says that his brother once
looked at the Queen. A nother had
a distant relative who lent Napoleon
a pair of snowshoes upon the retreat from Moscow. Another's
great ancestor stole the axe with
which George Washington assassinated the cherry tree. And thus
wearisome people bore a community
with tales of other's deeds, vainly
thinking that some of the glory
casts a halo of merit or romance
over their own common lives. We
saw this mania strikingly illustrated in Petrolia about 20 years
ago. Archibald Forbes, the well-
known war correspondent delivered
a lecture one evening in that oily
town. After it was over many of
the citizens were introduced to the
famous writer. Among those present was a very pompous individual,
accompanied by his wife and sister-
in-law. As he shook hands with
Forbes he stammered, ''You know.
a-w, Mr. Forbes, that my wife and
her sister are, a-w, related to the
Prince Imperial of France."
"Indeed!" said Forbes, ''and by
what line?''
The ancestral line was given, and
silence fell over the crowd. We
were all standing in the presence of
royalty, tilled with two much awe
for utterance. Later in the night
Forbes said as he emptied a tankard
of ale with a few of us over at
Charley Errington's. 'What kind
of a man is that gentleman who
said his wife was related to the
Prince Imperial of France." We
assured him that he was one of our
most honored and respected citizens. "Cannot help saying he is
somewhat foolish in claiming relationship by the line he does. The
head of that line was a gambler in
Paris and had his head cut off by
the authorities, while his wife was
more or less prominent in maison
de joie circles."
Thus it will be seen that it does
not, always pay to blow about our
ancestors, especially to people who
are posted. Better let dead relations alone. Some of them may
have been noble and great, but.
then, again, many of them may
have been horse thieves and left
this earth for lack of support for
their feet.���The Ledge.
equal rights to all soldiers, whether
born in a plebeian hut or some old
ruined castle. There lias been too
much titled gold lace and not enough of brains among the officers of
England's army, with the result
that much blood and treasure has
been wasted, even in South Africa.
The business men of Spokane are
no better than a band of robbers.
They seem to have formed a union
for the purpose of getting exorbitant prices for everything they have
to sell. This may do for a time,
but eventually the masses will
avoid a city in which they are
cinched by ft greedy lot of dollar
Matrimony is easy of acquirement in Burniah. When a girl
wants to many a man she offers
him ft piece of candy. If he eats it
she is his'n, and no further ceremony is necessary. In Canada,
young men often try to win girls
by giving them candy. They seldom succeed with one piece, and
even when they do it requires a
parson to bind the bargain by a
legal flow of words which are supposed to hold good until death
reaches out for either party.
Have you tried sulphur in your
socks, as a preventive against Grippe.
It you have not, then try it for
it cannot burn you, even if it does
no good.
Persons subject to colds have tried
it and secured freedom from any approach to a cold.
It is a fact when a few years ago
Grippe prevailed in Boston that ot 43
persons employed in Byam's Match
Factory not one waB attacked.
It has been proved at Memphis, as
a preventive of yellow fever���also on
the evidence of a German medical
writer that it has proved a complete
protection against cholera and other
epidemic diseases���also that those
working the sulphur mines of Italy
escape the malaria which prevails
all about them���also that sulphur in
the shoes has cured various cases of
rheumatism���also sulphur taken internally or worn in the shoes has suff
icient power to pass through the body,
the clothing and the pocket-book,
blackening the silver there,
It is also a fact that on California
ranches where walnuts are prepared
for tho market the shells are bleached by the uss oi brimstone tomes,
and that the men baring charge of
that work are never touched by the
grippe, influenza or other epidemics
whioh attack their fellow-lalorers on
the same estates
Put a half teaspoonful of powdered
sulphur in each sock, about twice a
Chryeoprase is a rare variety of chal
cedony, is of value. It is found in limited quantities in Tulare connty, Cal.,
in Jackson county, Ore., near Rutland,
V ermont, and lower Sileiiia.
In Russia women are employed aa
apothecaries. In tho State and municipal dispensaries women prescription
clerks stand nn tho same footing as
men, while in the lartre cities like St.
Petersburg, Moscow and Kiew there
are pharmacies in which the business
is conducted entirely by women.
Ordinary yellow bar soap rubbed well
into the tlireadB of a pipe (the grease
being thoroughly removed) will make a
protrnleum-tight joint
ffl The Calgary M
H Brewing & Malting Go., Ltd. H
M Calgary, Alberta DC
ffl     Calgary Lager    j?
New Denver Ledge
Billy Tiehitter: "Here I am in
the Slocan with no money, reputation or clothes.     What will I do?"
Johnny Handout: "Run for the
legislature. It, is the latest graft
The Japs are pouring into Can
ada and we cannot stop them for
Imperial reasons. When they and
the yellow scum of China ruin the
labor market of this glorious coun
try of Imperial reasons we suppose
our kind-hearted and considerate
Federal government will provide
for a white nation of paupers.
The British army needs repairing, and an antidote for blue blood
commissions. In the past birth has
had more to do with becoming an
officer than merit. A man born
outside the charmed circle of titles
has never had a chance to rise in
the British army. This should be
done away with right, quick and a
standard of merit adopted, giving
A Rich, Safe,
Values  Exposed   Prove It
This property, already developed to the extent of 270
feec, and now fully recognized in this wonderfully rich
district, as one of the best, having large outcropping of
high grade concentrating ore and ample water power to
mill it cheaply, and solid galena assaying $100 to $532
per ton, is about to be incorporated for $250,000, in 25c
shares. Some promoters' shares are dow offered for Syndicate's purposes at 10c, which will be taken up by Treasury shares after incorporation, that are expected to sell at
par at least, as the capitalization is small. Investigation
requested, and can be quickly made, as the property is
loeally so well known; or further information will be
furnished on request.
One of thel three Trustees holding title, Treasurer of
Syndicate, Private Banker, etc.
Board, of Directors:
W. .1. Tiasdau,, Ebo., M.U.,
DH. 8. W001.VKP.T0lf,
J. M. M1I.I.KH. Esr/.,
Rossland. B.C.
Hbv. a. R. Best,       0. M. R. Gkaham, Esu.
Sprlnirford. London.
T. H. LUBCOMnK, Esq., London.
Tut: Casadiak Bank (if Commerce (Correspondents In Great Britain-Tea Bank or Bootiami.)
Jas. A. Lnwsul, Bx-M.P.,
Nlnpirs Fills.
lin.G.T. MrKKWon,
A. E. Welch. Esq., London.
I!TO. H. WMTI.AKI, Emit ndon. ,
Tin*. P. McCobhick,Esq.
She Hadn't Dropped Oat.
"Yie, ma'am."
"I am very tired, and am going to lie
down for an hour."
"Yis, ma'am."
"If 1 should happen to drop off, call
me at 5 o'clock."
"Yis, ma'am."
So my lady lies down, folds her hands,
closes her eyes and is soon in the land
of dreams. She awakened by the clock
striking; 6, and cries indignantly:
"Yis, ma'am."
"Why didn't you call me at 5 o'clock,
as I told you to do ?''
"Sure, ma'am, Ye told me to call ye
if ye had dropped off, I looked in on ye
at 5, an' ye hadn't dropped 'off at all!
Ye were layin' on the bed in the same
place, sound asleep !"���Ex.
Breaking   In   a   Pen   Point.
"All pens are alike to me," said the
clever young woman,' 'and all pens would
be alike to you if you only knew bow to
break them in. Don't moisten your new
pen between your lips before you begin
to write. Don't say charms over it.
Take your steel pen, dip it into the ink,
then hold it in the flame of a match for
a few secondB,wipe it carefully, dip it into the ink, and you have a pen that will
make glad the heart within you. It is a
process I have never known to fail."���
Washington Post.       ���	
Don't wait
for Lumber
We have on band at the
lowest prices in the country	
Bough and Dressed
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
Call on us or write for our
quotations. Special orders
promptly filled	
Kootenay Lumber Go., Ltd.
Comaplix, B. C.
Imperial Bank
���      of Canada
Capital authorized..
Capital paid op	
.. i,m,no
General banking: business transacted
Interest allowed on deposit* In Savings Depart
ment at current rates.
A. R. B. REARN, Manager Revelstoke Branch
is incorporated under the most atrinir-
Olifclawi rapeclnlly Limited Liability)
of B. Cj. and its Charter was granted
July, 1899.
owns fwmi! ISO acres of valuable mineral lands on the "Home lodge" al
the head of the Lardeau River.
has three (8j distinct and well-defined
Lodes, with nearly a mile in length
of ore body.
has built IM own roads to Circle City,
mine buildings, quarters for flntolM
men, blacksmith's ship, forge, powder
i houses, etc.
hflH surveyed its "Bob Roy" and
"Highland Chief," whi- h are now
ready for Crown granting.
tins a magnificent Water Power oil
Galena Creek crossing its own prop*
lias mine Mo feet of tunnel work done
with ere showings In three different
planes through the workings, and
have lately run into the Gray Copper,
which is the mineral that carries such
immense values In silver.
has everv prosixwt of being able to
pay big DIVIDENDS within a reasonable time, anil hope to ba able to
quit selling stock soon.
The natural question arises: " Why ,lf there is alt this, do you have to offer stock ft: sale?" We answer tbat If you knew there
was a pot of Gold in your garden which yon could net by digging and you hadn't a shovel and no money to buy ene with, you'd have
to raise money! That's where wo are! We have to get at the iwt of Gold, Bnd thei.-ti.ope who have stock will be fortunate, and those
who haven't will wish thcy,had !   Come, or send in and inveatigate.
The Scottish-Canadian Mining & Dev. Go. of B.C.
(Non-assessable.) Phone 1090.        LIMITED
Address communications to A. E. Welch, Manajrimr Director, 207 Dundas Street, London, Canada.
Daily connections at Arrowhead
Pass Revelstoke Dally for ST. PAUL,
���Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
For folders, Pamphlets and full information
apply to
J. McCREEHY, Agent Arrowhiad
T. W. BRADSHA W. Agt Rovalstokr
F. J. COYLE, Asst. Pass. Act.. Vancouver, B C.
House Painting
and Decorating:
Paper hanging and Sign
Contracts taken, with or
without material.
Only one kind of work���
the rery best.
Address��� J. BOOTH,
Hotel Lardeau.
to all points in th*
District. Light
rigs for quick trips
Erovlded. Saddle
ones at'all stables.
The traveling public accommodated at
anytime of the day
or night. For any
(hither particulars,
freighting rates, etc.
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Mile. I
Craig & Hillman.
and House Furnishings from
our large and well-assorted
stock Is already very evident
in   ska  La.r<fo��ra  amd   Trofafe
Lake District, which meant
that we are successful competitors with all comers in
price and quality. Before
you invest in our line drop us
a card for quotations. We
can save you money.
R. Howson & Co.,
All work guaranteed.
and TRANSFER OUTFIT; headquarters at
Ferguson, B. C. Contracts entered   into for
Operating Kaslo k Slocan Railway,
Internatloni '"   '   "     * ~   "
tlonal Navigation k Trading
Schedule ofThne���Pacific Standard Tim.
Effective F.b. 1st, WW,
Kaslo t Slooan Railway
Passenger train for Sandon and Way stations
leave. Kaslo at S a.m. dally; returning. Lavas
Sandon at MS p.m.. arrlvl g at Kaslo afs.i�� p.m
International Navigation * Trading Co
Operating on Kootonay Lake and River.
88. I��TS1��ATI0XAL leavea Kaalo for Nelson
at 0 a.m dally, except Sunday: returning, leavea
Nelson at 4.S0 p.m., calling at Balfour. Pilot Bay
Ainsworth and all way points: oonneeta with 8.
r.tH. train to and from Sp *an at Five Mile
Lardo-Dunoan Division.
Steamer Alberta leaves Kaalo for Lardo and
Argenta at ".so a.m. Wednesdays.
Steamers call st principal land again both directions, and at other points when signalled.
Tickets sold ro all points In Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rata, nnd full Information, ad*
Manager, Kaalo, B.C
Letter Fads
A fine assortment of Letter
Fads now in Stock.
Ferguson, B. C.
I      I
Etc., to any point in the
District. Good, prompt
service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
nterprise Beer
Made by the Enterprise,
Bre��ingCo.,at Revelstoke
is keeping the camp cheerful. When you want the
best insist on ENTERPRISE. All the leading
Hotels handle it.
Enterprise Brewing Go.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
qick People
If you want medicine supplied
from the purest ot Drugs and
accurately dispensed sand to the
CJiada Druo A Boos Co.. Limited,
��� ,    , Revelstoke, B. 0.
Mil ord rs promptly attended to.
oij Fancy Oak es
Drop a line to me, or if you
want Bread In anv quantity
let me know, and I'll quote
prices low enough tointerest
you. Onr Wedding Cake
artist is the brat in B, C.
address A. N. SMITH, Revelstoke. TBI! FERGUSON EAOLE, FERGUSON, B. C, MAT 9. 1900.
A foot of fuse will burn from thirty to
forty-five seconds.
Peroxide of hydrogen is an antidote
for cyanide poisoning.
The bottom of the shaft of the Kennedy mine, Amador county, Cal., is 700
feet below the leyel of the sea.
Probably as large a pay chute as any
in California ia that of the Gwin mine,
Calaveras county���1400 feet in length.
Nitroglycerine freezes at 46 degrees
and giant powder when not actually
frosen, may become chilled, thus need-
ing care and attention.
Native crystals of Michigan copper
show about the same percentage of silver and iron tbat are lound in refined
eleotrolytic copper.
From 20 to 50 per cent, more water
can be evaporated per pound of fuel
with a well-arranged, clean boiler than
with one that is badly scaled.
Salt Lake City, Utah, miners are
forming an independent smelter company. Their project includes works for
the treatment of sine ores.
Whenever tar is used for a mine cable
linseed oil should be added to keep the
tar from adhering, both ingredients to
be mixed while warm.
Aluminum and steel are of equal
strength in ratio to their weight.   A
J mall percentage of copper in aluminum
noreases its tensile strength in proportion to its weight.
The Empire mine, Grass Valley, Cal.,
has been worked continuously for just
fifty years, It has produced nearly
18,000,000 and is now being worked at a
depth of 2600 feet on the incline.
The IT. S. land department considers
a placer location covering 160 acres as
one claim on the assumption that eight
locations are united in that amount; on
each |500 of work must be done to secure patent.
Upwards of 12,000,000 worth of new
mining machinery for Sonth African
gold mines has been conditionally bid
upon by American machinery manufacturers recently.
The troubles between the mine owners
and miners in Montana has been declared off, a set!lenient being reached
on the basis of $8.25 for eight hours per
Concentration of low grade cinnabar
ore is not ordinarily deemed effective or
advantageous; reduction of such ore is
not expensive; tbe cost ia in the mining
and no method of handling it could
lessen the latter.
It is reported tbat a law making it
compulsory to use an electric exploder
lor discharging blasts in mines will be
introduced at the next Colorado assembly. Coal Mine Inspector Denman says
it is the only safe method.
Possible and sometimes probable loss
in commercial assays for silver arises
from silver remaining in tbe slag, absorbed by cupel or votalized in the iru
cible, scorifler or cupel.   Crucible assays
are usually the least liable to such possibility of loss.
It sometimes occurs with eastern or
foreign promoters that they prefer to
place mines or prospects from new districts where less information is obtainable, that their claims or assertions may
not be too closely questioned or successfully contradicted.
Time was in Australia when a convict
who discovered gold in New South
Wales was rewarded by 100 lasbes on
the back. Now the government buys
cyanide patents and makes confessions
to gold finders. It also has an executive department of mines and mining.
A Lesson in Economics.
From an economic standpoint there
are but two ways for a man to secure
the moans of living���by his own labor
and by the labor of others. The man
who does not by his efforts increase the
sum of the world's wealth must live
upon the results of the labor of those
who do. If a man obtains wealth or a
daily livelihood without producing it,
some other man, or set of men, must
produce the same by their labor and not
obtain it. If one man has a permanent
income some other man, or set of men,
must have a permanent outgo. All the
wealth of the world is the result of labor
applied to nature's gifts. It is taken
from the earth, which is nature's storehouse, by labor, used for the satisfaction of human desires, and, by nature's
laws, returned again to the earth, to be
again and again brought forth to supply
the wants of succeeding generations.
The quantity of wealth iu existence at
any time must always be limited. It
has been variously estimated at from
three to si x years' production. It is not
the existence of gjeat fortunes in a few
hands that causes distress, but privileges and favors that enable some to
take from the products of many from
day to day and from year to year
He Paid for the Suppers.
Three friends who had been spending
the evening at their club agreed that
the one who did not do as his wife told
him when he got home should pay for
an oyster supper.
Smith, in trying to find the matches,
trod on the cat.
"That's right," said his wife, waking
up; "kill the poor cat and have done
with It."
"Well," thought Smith, "I have to
kill the cat or pay for the supper." So
he killed the cat.
Brown was no less fortunate when he
arrived home. In the dark he stumbled
against the piano.
"Why don't you break the piano?'
demanded his wife.
Brown at once broke the piano.
When Jones got home he scumbled
on the top step of the staircase.
"Go on!" said his wife from the bedroom. "Tumble down stairs and break
your neck."
"Not me!" answered Jones. "I'll
pay for tlie supper first."
The Naked Truth.
Many an honest woman has roasted
herself over a hot stove to cook a fat
chicken for a lazy preacher. Many a
spinster and housewife have worn their
shoes out tramping tbe streets to gather
in donations for her loafing pastor. Many
a good woman has rustled with
church fairs, grab-bags, sociables, and
church lotteries till every bone in her
body ached and she tossed all night in
restless inharmony from her fatigue.
Millions of women have done a cruel
penance of this or a worse sort in the
hope of redeeming her soul of the blight
which designing pulpit thumpers have
plastered upon it with that legendary
cock-and-bull story about the fall of man.
Wherever woman has reared her head
above mediocrity or manifested a desire
to express, or even entertain an opinion
of her own, she has been read a stanza
about" tempting Adam "and knocked
down with the bible. She haa been told
for 1800 years by her dear pastor that
her disobedience to God's command
brought ruin and degration upon the
race.���The Searchlight.
A fatal stabbing affray is reported
from Fernie. A white man by the
name of "Scotty" was cut open by an
Italian. The wounded man lived but
a few days.
In prompt and safe delivery of
WATCHES entrusted to me is
my claim for the Lardeau trade.
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Silverware ; Gold and Silver Electio
Plating and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of R.N.
Doyle, an expert in English,
Swiss and American watch repairing. All work guaranteed.
C.P.R. Watch Inspector,
Revelstoke, B. C.
If yon need anything in
PhOtO-   Supplies
Send to the
Canada Drug & Book Go.,
They carry everything required and all all
mall order, promptly.
Leaves Comaplix for Thomson's Landing at 8 a. m. Leaves Thomson's Landing for Arrowhead at 8:30 a. m.
Returning leaves Arrowhead for
Thomson's Landing at 2:30 p. m.
Leaves Thomson's Landing for Comaplix
at 4 p. m.
Kootenay Luhbib Company,
Comaplix, B.C.
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a
guarantee that the producers
thereof receive a fair rate of
wages for its production.
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Finely Equipped Bar
Refitted and Refurnished
Best Cuisine Service
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
J. LAUGHTON, mopiiistqh.
Headquarters for Miners and Mining Men.     Neatly furnished, well-lighted and
Heated Rooms.    Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
And at all times insist on the
bos bearing thk blue label
It helps manufacturers to tee tbe
force or paying fair and honest wages
Nelson Cioab Makers' Union,
Don't Delay!
Hugh McPherson
Before you locate in this promising district.     Watch for his big announcement
All Eyes are
Fixed oe
Next month.
The Double Eagle
Mining & Developnunennt Co.
Capital, $1,000,000, in $1 shares.
4oo,ooo in the Treasury.
First Block of Treasury Shares now
on the market for a limited time
at 10 GENTS.
Manmatt- tbe Cochrane Ranch. Limited, Maclrod.
Mitnaglng Director of Th. Herald, Calgary
W. B. POOL, President Great Western Mines, Limited, Ferguson and Revelatoke.
Sold Oommlsslon.r, Atlin, DC
Rancher, Plncher Creek
Solicitor, Revelstoke
,   W. af. BROWN. Proprietor fit Leon Hot Springs, Revelstoke.
Tbe Double Eagle Company has been formed for the purpose, not only
ot mining its present properties, but of acquiring promising claims and developing them to an extent that will justify their sale to English and other
companies at a profit. The company already owns and has paid for in full,
the Trilby and Old Saul properties in the famous Fish River district, and a
three-quart* rs Interest in the Hay Bee mine, in the Lardeau district one and
a half miles from Ferguson. Sufficient promoter's shares have been set aside
for tbe purchase of the remaining quarter.
Tbe May Bee is the sister claim to the now famous Nettie L, whioh has
broken all records in British Columbia for large bodies of phenomenally
rich ore. The Hay Bee and Mettle L were located together in 1892 by
Mr. W. B. Pool (who has been appointed manager of the Double Eagle Co.)
Both claims carry identically the same rich ore on the surface and tbe same
remarkable ledge runs through both, carrying high values in gold, copper,
silver and lead. The promoters have already spent $4,000 in developing
the May Bee, withezcellent results, and in order to place tbe mine quickly
on a shipping basis tbe company now offers the public tbe opportunity of investing to a limited extent in rally paid and non-assessable treasury shares
(par value II) at 10 cents each.
Shares will be sold in blocks of 100
and upwards.
The company ratervat the right to withdraw the sale of shares from tha market at any time
without notloe.     Applications may be sent to the Secretary,
A. H. HOLDICH, Revelstoke.
Or te WO. ��. TOUNO, ������raid Blook, Calgary, '
Rossland, Nelson, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks
and Vancouver.
Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon, New Denrer, Silverton,
Cascade City, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway,
Camp McKinney, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Vancouver
Royal Seal,
KootcRay Belle,
Little Gem Cigars
-?aa-By tbe>*a��t~-
Nelson, B. G.
See that the Blue Label is en eash box
Ia the Natural and Commercial Centre���
Over one hundred and fifty men now working in the
mew mimes
Now being developed by strong, practical companies.
The Bar is supplied with the best brands of Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FERGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
MSniirag Companies'
Are being located in Ferguson.     Stores and Stocks are
being enlarged.   Properties are changing hands.
Capitalists are appearing on the scene.
Smelter men are on the Ground.
Railway Construction has practically
begun, and the entire district is
coming rapidly to the front.
Gome straight to
The Rossland-Nelsonofthe Lardeau
For farther information, write or
Keep your eye on Ferguson.
* Buy your writing pails at tho
Eagle oflieo.
TCalpli Smith and John Houston,
are opposed to Joseph* Martin.
* liurdoek and Sarsaparilla Compound, the beBt spring rnedieine, "Gets.
a bottle at Abey's.
.Tdhn Bull, dealer in lino tailor-made
clothing, of Slocan, li. 0��� was in town
on Friday soliciting orders.
* if y.ou want all the mining news of
tho Lardoau all the timo become a
paid-up reader of tho EAGLE.
lion. Smith Curtis is tho Liberal
Candidate in the Rossland riding. He
is also spoken of as a Martin candidate
In this riding;
A. McPherson, a Nettie L. miner,
left for Revelstoko on Friday, until.the
mine is rid of snow and surfaco water,
possibly a couple of weeks yet.
"Dad" Block, of tlio firm of McKinnon
& Sutherland, is taking a week's holiday renewing old acquaintances in tho
Slocan, and also looking after his
mining interests there.
A. W. Siegol, a prominent mining
man in Spokane, in sending along the
price for having the' Eagle -fly his
.way, says: "You aro undoubtedly doing good work for your section here."
"iff. M. Lawrence, a hardware man
at Revelstoke, was the choice of the
Martin-Liberal convention on Saturday. H. A. Brown, L. Lewis, F.
Lewis, etc., were other names mentioned.
Tho townsite company intend to
clear and grade Walker avenue as soon
as possible. A sidewalk will be laid
on the north side from one end to tbe
other, over half a mile. A number of
"business houses will be erected on tbo
avenue shortly.
.1. J. Langstaff of the Trout Lake
Topic, went out to Revelstoke on Sunday. He will possibly act as a guide
for W. M. Lawrence, his candidate,
Mr. Lawrence never having been in
this district or any other portion of
the riding except the town of Revelstoke, in his life.
Ferguson is possessed of all tho
necessaries for completely outfitting
all the prospectors. It has four good
hotels, three general stores, a good
sawmill, and is the headquarters for
a transportation company. Tho mail
arrives three times a week in the
district. And there's plenty of country
to prospect.
Messrs. Kinman of Trout Lake City,
with three proxies from that place,
and Loverlng of Arrowhead with no
proxies, wore, the EAGLE is informed,
the only outside delegates that���..attcnd-
ed the Martin-Liberal convention at
Revelstoke on Saturday. Ferguson
sent none.
That irrepressible journalist, Parin.
Pettipieee, remembered by many old
friends in Strathcona, is dishing up
every week one of the brightest papers
in British Columbia. His publication,
the Ferguson Eagle, is certainly
advertising that Lardeau country as
no country ever was advertised before.
���The Alberta Sun.
The C. P. R. now issues return
tickets good for 30. days all the year
round between the undermentioned
points in WeBt Kootenay and tho
Halcyon Hot Springs, at tho following
reduced rates: From Revelstoke,
$2.25; Sandon, $3.85 ; Robson,' .$6.72 ;
Nelson, $7.00; Sloean , City $4.35;
Trail, 87.00; Rossland, $S.2u; Kaslo,
$9.75; Ainsworth, $8.20; New' Denver,
Henry Floyd, Ferguson's local town-
site agent, roturned from California,
where with his family 'he spent tho
winter, on Wednfaday eyoning last.
Ho has opened up his olllco and is hard
at work catching up with unfinished
business. He reports sales vory good,
The townsite company intond to do
considerable clearing, additional sur
veying, laying out streets and make
other improvements at once.
The citizens of Ferguson and district
are circulating a petition this week
asking that Mr. Bostock use his
influence in getting a dally mail ser
vice, in view of the increasing
Importance of this camp as a labor
employer and ore shipper. The
circumstances are hard enough, lack
of railway transportation, etc' for the
present, without having to bear with a
backwoods mail service. There is
every likelihood that Mr, Bostock will
secure the daily mail service all right.
A. G. Fraser, a business man from
fire sti'icken Kuskonook, who lost
everything, was in town on Thursday
and Friday. He purchased tho old
brewery building and tho two. Jots
under it, and will .remodel and finish
the building as soon as lumber is
available. This will probably bo one
of the first stores on Walker avonuo,
as Mr. Fraser Intends to put in a com<
plete stock of goods just as soon as the
townsite company complete .clearing
Walker avenue'and finish tho sidewalk.
A. C. Cummins is in Trout Lake City.
11. Carter is suffering from a
sprained ankle.
Arthur Evans came in from Revelstoke on Sunday cvoning.
Comaplix and Ferguson need and are
entitled to a public school.
Chas. Wilson will bo here about the
20th to address tho electors.
J. W. Westfall and J. Smith went up
to pay tho Silver Cup a visit yesterday.
A train load of lumber will be ship-
lied from Kaslo to Sandon at once.
Sandon will lie rebuilt with all hasto.
If you havo any mining news send it
to tho Eagle without delay. Tho
Eagle helps those whohelpthemselves.
A collection in aid of tho Sandon firo
Sufferers was taken up In the Methodist
church at Revelstoko on Sunday oven-
The editor of the Topic has written
another bombastic letter to himsolf.
His Ferguson correspondent still hides
in shame.
��� * H. L. Loverlng will bo in tho Lardeau in a fow weeks with a fine line of
wall paper. Watch for his announcement late''.
. J. Mesley is still at the Halcyon Hot
Springs, but is improving slowly.
There aro a number of rheumatism
patients at the Springs now.
CJhas. F. Lindmark, of the firm of C.
B. Hume & Co., general merchants at
Trout Lake, City and Revelstoke,
returned from a live months' visit in
S.vedon on Sunday evening last.
Fred. Desjardine has opened the
blacksmith shop vacated by H. Jackson, who enlisted with Strathcona's
Horse, and intends to carry on an
extensive business in his line.
Ask yourself this question. "Is my
subscription paid?" "If not a subscriber why not?" Praise and
commendation is cheap. But it takes
cart wheels to buy whis���run a newspaper.   Savee.
On June 1st tho Imperial Limited
time table will go into effect. Ferguson mail will then arrive about noon
the same day as it roaches Arrowhead.
A dally mail service will also be in
vogue in the Lardeau by that time if
the postal department grants us our
rights as expected.
The Rossland Miner of the 5th says:
Tho Lardeau section (whioh includes
Trout Lake division) will come more
prominontly to the front this year than
ever before, and is certain to have
some surprises for those who invest in
shares of companies owning properties
there, as it is a region of rich and
easily developed ledges.
Fred. Roth, tho well known representative of tho Inland Cigar Mfg.
Company of B. C, Kamloops, has
severed his connection with that firm
and his noxt visit to the Lardeau will
be in the interests of Kelly, Dougla3 &
Co., wholesale grocers, etc., Vancouver. Mr. Roth has charge of tho cigar
and tobacco department.
It is the intention of the Halcyon
Hot Springs management to hold a
regatta at that point the latter end of
August. Prizes. and excursion rates
are now being arranged for. A four
oar, two-ore, canoe, ladies', sailing and
other races are on the program. More
particulars will be made known In a
week or two.
A business man of Trout Lake City
in writing tho Eagle refers to the
nomination of Martin delegates In this
way: "At the meetlnghere there were
probably twenty-five' or thirty present.
All were Taylor men with tho excep'
tion of six or sevon. Wheu a vote was
called for only six held their hands up
at any time." Comment is quite
Capt. Ida Gain and Cadet Duncan
Monroe of the Salvation Army at
Revelstoke, were in Forguson on Monday .and last evening and held successful meetings in tho interests of the
Belf-denial fund. Yesterday thoy
visited the Nettie L. mino, Tho
Salvation Army croated more stir hero
than all the politicians in the provinco
could hope to.
The Fred Robinson Lumber Co.,
limited, is the name of the new firm at
Comaplix and* Revelstoke, beinp- a
consolidation of the Revelstoke Saw
Mills and the Kootenay Lumber Co.
Fred. Robinson is the new manager.
His experience as a lumber and mill
man iB sufficient to assure the new
company of success. The mills will be
in full swing in a few days^ There is a
big cut on hand.
The s. s. Lardeau had to wait just
exactly thirty-two minutes after her
schedulod time on Monday mornin:
last at Arrowhead for the Larder i
moil. The train arrived at Arrowhead
at 9:35. Tho boat should leave at 10
o'clock In order to give Craig & Hillman, tho mail carriers, a chance to
arrive here early in the afternoon.
Either Postmaster Newman needs help
or a mall clerk should bo put on tho
Arrowhead branch. This dilly-dallying business must lease.
All eyes aro fixed on tbe Lardeau.
Thore aro t.hroo rapid means of
spreading nows; telephone, telegraph
aud toll a woman.
The Eagle understands that tho
Liberals of Revelstoke are going to
make that place a Beaport town.
If the govornmont controlled railroads the Lardeau would havo ii,
railway as quickly us it could be built.
And a smelter too.
Politics is not bothoring the Lardeau
people very much. The development
of mining properties is receiving thoir
undivided utteution.
Bob. Green is a Conservative and
candidate in the Slocan. Mr. Groen,
liko Mr. Taylor is solid on the two
vital questions at issue���the government ownership of railways and the
eight-hour law. Both are certain of
Hanging would be too good for the
chinamen who so outrageously
butchered chief Main at Steveston.
Touch tho home wreckers and red
light fraternity makers a lesson.
Every Chinaman in the province
should witness the execution. And no
one will need to bo paid to cut the
Mongolian loose.
T. A. Wilson, M. D.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors lor Imperial Bank of Canada,
Goo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
White, Gwillim tf Scott,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
There is some talk here of running
in tho gold brick proposition on the
occasion of Mr. Lawrence's first and
last visit to the Lardeau. Mr.
Lawrence lacks J. M. Kellie's initiatory ability in the knowledge of wildcats. Here's a chance for a "sluff"
boys. Mr. Lawrence should be dead
The loudest kickers against Thos.
Taylor are those whom Tom has assisted in times gohe by. Mr. Taylor is a
poor man, but the Eagle will venture
to say that ho still has a few unpaid
miner's license accounts in his possession. If those who are trying to pick
flaws in his career would reflect over
tho good turns Tom has done them
from time to time, their opinion would
be much Improved.
The EaglE has oft times noticed
that the man who 'backcaps his local
newspaper, (but never contributes a
cent towards its support), does not advertise ;in it, but away from home, is
fond of rushing into print (so long as
it costs nit and identity is unknown (?)
and attends to other people's business
better than his own, is gonerally the
man who does not succeed in business.
History repeats itself.
Tho Eagle always welcomes intelligent and honest discussion of the
principles that it advocates, from
whatever source it may come. It has
no time to waste on tho punny liars
who seek for notoriety by ascribing to
it positions that it does not hold and
attributing to it utterances that it has
not made. Therefore it pays little
attention to the malicious and mendacious ravings of a fow soreheads who
fear a working man will soon assumo
the dignity of M. P. P.
There is no valid reason why the
postal department of Canada could not
be doing more than half the "express"
business now carried by private companies. The government should fix
reasonable rates for this class of
matter. It could bo done cheaper and
better than it is at present, and there
would then be no deficit. Post office
employees could bo paid a fair wage
with an ,eight-hour day. If Mr. Mul-
ock washes to do something that will
win him the confidence of the whole
people of Canada let him branch oat in
this direction.
The practical ethics of socialism are
making groat headway in the west.
Hugh John Macdonald is spreading
its tenets, porhaps unconsciously, in
Manitoba, and every platform in sight
in our own provincial political lumber
yard is full charged with tho same
commendable material. Our politi
clans are imbibing the socialistic
ozone in large doses, for they know it
is the elixir of life to this and coming
generations. Public franchises for
the public and froedon for all are
powerful lovers with the masses.���Slo
can Drill.
Cash In Your
But hold out enough to get a SUIT from
the best tailoring establishment in North
Kootenay. Many miners and others In the
Lardeau district tiro already my regular
customers. But with more and BUTTER
LINKS OF STOCK I want new trade.
Try mc once. I'll take chances on your
next order.
R. S. Wilson, Revelstoke.
Fayette Bilker,
Mining and Real Estate
Mining Properties Listed,
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Ferguson Shaving
Wm. Snell,
All branches of the tonsorial art executed with
arabidexterlous dexterity.
The Lardeau Laundry
Ferguson, B. C.
Laundry work ol all kinds promptly
attended to on shortest notice at prices
consistent with the silver market and
only one kind of work���THE BEST.
Miners' work especially solicited.
Laundry 1 door cast of Hotel Lardeau.
\TOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that sixty (60)
il days after date, I, the undersigned, Intend
to make application to the (;hief Commissioner
of Lands and Works to purchase the following
described preemption, situate In the Trout
Lake mining division: Commencing at No. 1
initial post, at a given point on the cast side of
the north fork of Lardeau creek, about seven
miles from Ferguson, marked " L, Thompson's
preemption post" ; thmiec 80 chains south;
thence 40 chains east; thence 80 chains north;
thence 40 chains west to point of commencement, containing 320 acres more or less.
Dated at Ferguson, B. Ci, April 24,1900.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at the next
session of the Legislative Assembly of tho
Provinceof British Columbia application will
bo made for an Act to incorporate a company
with power to establish waterworks and
^upply water for mining, domestic, manufacturing, fire and other purposes to tho inhabitants, corporations, mines, mills, manufactories and all other works of the towns of Trout
Lake City aud Ferguson In tlie district of West
Kootenay and of the surrounding district
within a radius of ten miles from tbe present
post office at Ferguson, B, C, and to lay pipes
and erect flumes for tho conveyance and supply of water to the said towns and radius; and
also to supply, transmit and distribute power,
light and neat by-compressed air and electricity to the inhabitants, corporations, mines,
mills, manufactories and all other works of the
Bald towns and radius; and also to construct
and maintain tramway ami telephone systems
In the said radius and to extend tlie said ays-
terns to other dislnctB contiguous thereto; and
also to erect, lay, construct and maintain all
such works, bridges, tracks, roads, subways,
buildings, flumes, dams, raceways, poles, pipes,
wires, cables, structures and appliances as may
be necessary to fully and completely carry out
the purposes of the company; and also to have
the right to enter and to expropriate lands for
sites for power houses, stations, tramway lines
and other necessary works, and to appropriate,
use and divert so muelTof tlie waters of Lardeau
creek at a point about one und a quarter miles
from the school house at Trout Lake City and
any oilier creek, lake or stream which may bo
found most convenient and advantageous
within tho said radius as may be necessary for
the purposes of the company in order to supply
water, neat, power and light to the inhabitants, corporations, mines, mills, manufactories and other works within tlie said radius,
and to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the abovo
objects or any of them.
Bated thin 1st March, A. I). 1000.
5���tf Solicitor for Applicants.
A Refreshing Bath
Whenever you feel that way, try my
BATH ROOM. Hot or cold water.
Turkish towels, etc. One door east of
Lardeau hotel.
It. IT. SMITH. Proprietor.
Tlie Liberal-Conservative Platform
1. To revise the voters'lists.
2. To actively aid in the construction of
trails throughout the undeveloped portions of
the provinco, and the building of provincial
trunk roads of public necessity.
8. To provide for the oillcial Inspection of
elevators and hoisting gear.
4. To improve the administration of justice
and secure the speedy disposition of legal disputes.
5. To provide an effective system for the
settlement of disputes between capital and
6. To adopt the principle of government
ownership of rail ways in so far as tho circumstances of tho provinco will admit, and the
adoption of the principle that no bonus should
be granted to any railway company which does
not give tbe government of the province the
control of rates over lines bonuscd together
with the option of purchase.
7. To assume control and administration of
the fisheries within the boundaries of the province,
8. To actively assist by stato aid in the development of the agricultural resources of the
9. To make tho London agency of British
Columbia effective In proclaiming the natural
wealth of tho provinco and as a placo for profitable investment of capital.
10. In tbe intercrest of labor tbe Liberal-
Conservative party sympathizes with and endorses the principal of an eight-hour law.
11. To provide an improved system of education,
12. To recognize and reform the system of
provincial aid to medical men and hospitals In
outlying parts of the province,
18. To actively support the advancement of
the mining intorests of British Columbia.
14. To aid in tho immigration of female
domestic servants.
McKinnon <�� Sutherland
FergUSOtl, The Mining Centre.
The Post Olce Store
We aim to give full value for your money in
Groceries, Provisions, Dry Goods,
Tools. Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Crockery, Steel, Powder; all kinds
of Miners' Supplies
Call and see our stock and get quotations.
General Merchants and Outfitters for. the Lardeau.
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Farm Produce,.
Hay and Feed, Cured Meats, Fish, etc.
Write for quotations In any quantity.    Prompt shipments.
Revelstoke, B.C.
Imperial Brewing Co., Limited, i
Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Porter and all kinds of aerated waters.
Satisfaction guaranteed. T}   'Tp   TTT   "D���_��._��� '
All orders by mail or J}.   .1.   W.  rearSe, !
f   otherwise promptly attended to. MANAGER. j
Vancouver Bottling forks
Vancouver, B. C.
PABST Milwakee
Brandies, Champagne, Domestic and
Foreign Wines, Kummel, Cordials.
A When you are in Trout Lake City
put up at the
...Tbe Queen's Hotel...
Abrahamson Bros., Proprietors.
Everything new and up to date.    Fire proof safe.    Finest wines,
liquors and cigars.    Mining men's headquarters.
Cheerful dining room.   A1 service.
The Eagle's Job Plant
Is being Installed to-day.    Bring im
your printing orders at once.
Also a Fine line of Stationery.


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