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K.w Vork IHarkrt,
SlLVSR���Bar       ."544
LEAD-lOOlbi      $3.90
Coppeh    114.50
THE  EAOLE     IS     MORE     WIDBT.Y    !
Vol   VI, No 13.
Ferguson, B. C, MAY 8, 1903.
$2 a Yenr
W. J. Taylor Denies Testimony of Mr. Wells.--
Investigation Bringing
New Matter to Light.
Most of the time of the committee of
investigation of the Columbia & Western land grant scandal on the 5th instant was taken up by tbe examination
of W. J. Tavlor of the legal firm of
Eberts & Taylor. The examination
was conducted by acting Crown Prosecutor L. P. Duff, and the chief commissioner was represented by Mr. C. C.
M.Caul, K. 0.
Oh Mr. Taylor boing sworn he went,
directly into tho Interview with the
chief commissioner that he had in
Montreal in November or Docember,
1901. He said that it had been alleged
by the chief commissioner that he,
Mr. Taylor, had visited Hon. Mr.Wells
at his room in tho Windsor hotel, and
h_d.endeavo.ed to Induce bim to make
delivery ot the Columbia & Western
grants, suggesting that if he did so,
there was an opportunity for him.
Wells, to obtain 30,000 acres of tho
lands for himself, with a twentieth Interest in the syndicate that was being
formed to deal with them.
Mr. Taylor's version of tho conversation was very different indeed. He had
gone to Montreal, ho said, in connection with an entirely private business
transaction with Mr. A. C. Flumerfolt,
travelling with Mr. Flumerfelt, and
having his expenses defrayed by that
gentleman, subject to adjustment in
tho settling up of the business affair in
which they were mutually interested.
H hud hud no pass from the C, P. P.
nor had he any connection with that
o impany's Interests direct or Indirect,
business or personal. This was In No*
vember or December, 1901.
Hon, Mr, Wells was a guest at tho
hotel. He asked him to goto the tbea
tre with him. A conversation had ensued upon a matter introduced by Hon.
Mr! Wells and wholly foreign to any
connection with tho Columbia & Western matter. Afterwards Hon, Mr.
Wells had Imparted the Information
that he had with him tho grants in sat
(���faction of the Columbian & Western
subsidy, but had not yet made dolivery
of them to the company.
"He said that he thought bofore he
gave them up, the company ought to
'do something,'" continued Mr. Taylor
���"he Intimated that the company
Bhould do something, 'as he was iu a
very peculiarposltion.' He did not explain what that peculiar position was,
but ho added that the company should
do something for the government, to
help the government out���politically I
presumed be meant.
"He then Intimated that he was asking that the building of the line to
Spence's Bridge be made a condition
for deliresy of tho grants, and I said I
thought that was a very queer way of
doing business���for a government to
l>an��* up a subsidy for tho doing of
somo particular work, and then when
that work was done, to refuso to pay up
until some other action was performed.
Wells then remarked that there ought
to be twenty or thirty thousand acres
'in It for us,' and I replied that taking
out twenty or thirty thousand acres for
the nineteen or twenty in your crowd,
there wouldn't be much left out of 600,-
000 acres. To this he had replied that
there would be a good deal more in It
by not giving the grants and having
thc lands located than by giving over
the lands to the company.
"I told him that 1 thought it was a
very peculiar thing to havo a government mako a bargain with a company,
and then see one of the ministers go
dubbing about the country with the
grants in his pocket, sparring for better terms, He said tbat he could explain all that���he had fixed it with Mr.
Dunsmuir before leaving Victoria. He
had already squared the matter with
the government. I said that would not
be likely to satisfy the public, and he
said something about boing able to
look after that all right. I asked him
if it would not he better to do the
square thing���if the company was entitled to the grants to give them to
them, and if not tell thorn straight out.
Ln that way tbo government would be
acting properly aud would keep its
friends, not sacrifice them, as would be
the natural result the way that he was
acting. Ho said that he was going to
see Shaughnessy in any event, and I
advised him not to. There was nothing further said in the matter."
He, Taylor, went with Hon. Mr.
Wells to the theatre. He had no other
conversation on the subject witb the
chief commissioner. On but one other
occasion had ho seen Mr. Wells during
his stay in Montreal, when Mr. Wells
spoke of certain matters in connection
with the banquet of the Manufacturers'
association. Mr. Flumerfolt was going,
and ho, Taylor, had asked Mr. Wells
if he intended to be thore? He repliod
that he had not received an Invitation,
and expressed surprise that Mr. Flumerfelt had been bo honored and he had
not. Ho, witness, hud replied that Mr.
Flumerfolt was well known in Montreal
as identified with a largo business concern, aud had suggested that ho, Wells,
send in hlo name to the socrotary, whon
he would no1 doubt recoivo an Invitation. 	
Tlio Milk of thu (low
Is richer iu protclds, fats and salts than
the. huma. milk, hence It must bo
adopted to Infant foedlng. Borden's
Eagle Brand Condensed milk Ib the
perfection of a cow's milk fot Infants.
Forty-five years has mado lt the leading infant food of the world.
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unframed pictures, picture frames,
drawing requisites, books, magazines
or anything in this line of goods from
the Canada Drug &. Book Co., Revel;
stoke, B. C. Mail orders attended to
A. M. Craig still conducts the feed,
livery and freighting stables at Beaton, and has saddle horses and light
and heavy conveyances for hire at all
times. His daily stage for Goldflelds
and Camborne meets the steamboat on
its arrival and departure
THE-OLD CAMPER has for forty-
five years had one article io his supply
���Borden's Eagle Brand Condensed
Milk. It gives to soldiers, sailors,
hunters,, campers and miners a dally
comfort, "like the old homo." Delicious in coffee tea and chocolate.
Wm. Pearce, Inspector of
Surveys, Gives Calgary Herald Latest
News of Frank.
A representative of tho Herald was
given an Interview on Tuesday last by
Wm. Pearce, who is a geologist of experience. Mr. Pearce had just returned from tho scene of the disaster. Following is the principal part of the information elicited:
Figures as to tho loss of life and
property as follows:
Killed, 38 men, 8 women, 20 children.
Injured, II. only two or three of
whom dangerously.
Dead bodies recovered, 12.
Of those killed 21 wero miners, and
the balance ranchmen, merchants, engineers and laborers.'
Six miners' cottages wero completely
destroyed, being swept away like
feathers: one was partially destroyed.
Besides these, ten habitations of ranchers and others outside of Frank were
totally destroyed. All the mining company's machinery, both new (recently
delivered and not put ln place), and
lhat already installed, was completely
destroyed. It is uncertain yet whether
the six thousand foot tunnel was seriously damaged, but Mr. Pearce thinks
it probable that it could be used again.
The slide has covered ovor a thousand
acres to au average depth of thirty
feet. Its action was similar to that of
a snow slide running out fan-shaped,
and throwing up rocks to a height of
at least 400 feet, probably 500 feet, on
tbe opposite mountain.
The large quantity of powdered lime
and dust, and the friction on oach other
of the hard blocks of limestone when
falling, according to Mr. Pearco's
theory, wero tho cause of the flames
and fumes of gas, which led the people of Frank to adhere to the theory of
an earthquake or volcanic explosion.
Mr. Pearce thinks the C. P. I!. will
probably rebuild tho road on the top of
the slide, at or about tho same location
as tho old lino. Ho conferrod with
Premier Haultain shortly after his arrival, and recommended tbat tho
Northwest government construct a
wagon road and undertake somo work
on the river channel.
Mr. I'ourco gives an interesting account of the ovonts of Friday and Saturday, whon tho town of Frank was
vacated as tho result of observations
mado by Chief Engineer McIIenry. It
appears that tn addition to these observations, a committee, consisting of
Frank Smith, mining inspector, Mr.
McCarthy, manago:- of the coal mines,
and F. Byron, well known locally as a
prospector aid mountain climber, and
who claimed to have some knowledge
of geology, climbed up Turtle mountain to make an examination. They
returned about 1 o'clock on Saturday,
and reported to a committee of the
leading citizens of Frank, the Mounted
Police officers, Mr. Pearce, and the
officials of the mining company and the
C, P. R. Their unanimous decision
was that everybody should leave the
town at once, and tbis decision was
afterwards acted upon.
The investigating committee reported that they had found tremendous Assures near the top of the mountain, one
of iwhich was ten feet wide, five hundred feet deep, and a thousand feet
long, extending, back of the face of the
cliff where the. big slide came down.
They recommonded that twenty tens ol
dynamite be placed in this crack and
exploded, thereby knocking down all
the rook that would come. Many, however, contended that a bunch of lire
crackers might just as well bo dropped
in, as owing to the size of tho fissures
even tho immense quantities of explosives mentioned would hare no effect.
It is believed that a heavy rain will
supply sufficient lubrication to start a
movement, and precipitate tho whole
mass of overhanging rock Into the valley. This would mean, it thc inspecting committee's conclusions were correct, tlie total annihilation of Frank.
"Is there much destitution as a result of the disaster?"
In reply to this Mr. Pierce said:
"The figures I have iu regard to this
show that the destitution is not widespread, There are two young orphan
children unprovided for, nine wounded
people iu tho hospital, and perhaps 50
persons who require clothing and provisions until they can bo located where
they can secure work. All tho destitute were omployccs of the Canadian-
American Coal & Coke company."
"Do you care to say anything at present as to tho causo of the disaster?"
"I don't caro to say anything at present in regard to that. I havo my opinion, of course, but as the matter will
probably ho tho subject of an investigation, I prefer no; to state anything
just now for publication iu regard to
the cause.
Big Discovery on Lucky
Boy-G. W. Stead Purchases the Horseshoe
for His Company.
A Federated South Ainorloa.
ThoNows Advertiser of May li publishes a dispatch frnm London whieh
otates that Sir Th'"'ia8 HoWich, I'.rit-
ish commissioner for the Chile-Argentine Boundary Commission, arrived in
London, England, on the Sth inst.,
from South America. In an interview
he said that tiie whole of tlie disputed
tract had now been delimited. Iron
pillars had been erected at intervals
along the boundary, with the words
"Clulo" on ono side, and "Argentine"
on the other.
Sir Thomas added that the award had
beon roceived with iho greatest satisfaction by tho governments of both tho
countries concerned. Tho former alliance botween Chile and Argentina
probably will be revived, and may load
oven to a realisation of tho scheme for
a federation of Couth America.
Sir Thomas remarked that this is
what the thinking men of both countries believe will ensue now that the
boundary diffloulty, which for seventy
years has blocked tlio way, has been removed.
Mr. A. II. Holdieh of Forguson, is a
younger brother of Sir Thomas, and
A. H. is justly proud of his brother.
Our Mr. Holdich tells some amusing
stories of his brother's diplomacy
which showed evidence of what was in
him oven as a boy.
This latest achievement of Sir Thomas was a good stroke of business and
gives him added prestige in the empire.        _____
Service will bo held in Eagio hal
ovory Sunday commencing at 3 p. m.,
and alternate Sundays at 8 p. m. All
are invited to attend.
S. J, Gheen, Pastor.
Divine service will be hold evory
alternate Sunday in Eagle hall at 3 in
the afternoon.
An invitation to attend is extended to
evervbodv H. A, Solly,
News reached Ferguson Wednesday
of an important strike of high grade
ore on the Lnckv Boy, one of tlie properties on Trout creek, on whieh development has progressed rapidly since
early last fall under the management
dfG.W. Stead.
The new strike is of much importance to tho whole eamp, for it proves
what has always been contended by
tho liAGLE, that line bodies of rich ore
exist all about in the mountains' or tin-
district, and all that is wanted to
demonstrate this is work. Tho new
ilnd consists of four feot uf solid high
grado oro. Tho chute has not been followed sufficiently to give au approximate estimate of tho extent, but those
who havo seen it believe there is a
largo quantity and the chute will continue to some distance.
This now strike largely enhances the
value of the adjoining properties and
before the s*uminor 1   over wc hope to
hear of several other deals on that hill
Jund good figures will bcobained, too.
Mr. Stead succeeded a few days since
in buying of Messrs. Hillman, McCarter & Craig, the adjoining property Io
tbo Lucky Boy, the Horseshoe, on
which tbere is a magnificent showing
of ore and from which considerable has
been shipped. The purchase price
was -flli.OOO, with -.5,000 paid down, the
balance to be made in two subsequent
payments. This is a good sum, considering tho Horseshoe is only a small
fraction of a claim. However, the
ground is thoroughly Impregnated
with vory rich ore.
Eleven Tlioiimiml oi, Strike.
A lato telegraphic roport comes direct from Australia to tho effect that
11,000 railroad employees; which Includes nearly the wholo number on tin-
railroads of tho country, bave qull
work and declared a strike Tho railroads of Australia are owned and operator! by the govornmont of tho coun-
try, and this action was taken in eonsr-
(juonee of recent legislation which
prohibited any employee of the countn
joining a union or labor organization.
Tho strlko completely ties up the
business of tho countrv and will prove
a serious set back to the island. While
this is truo, it shows that the laboring
men ol Australia aro 'ally alive t"
their rights and it will probably prove
a lesson to the learned legislators ami
teach them to leave "good enough"
However, thore is a strong probability of the government calling out tlie
troops and having tho strikers arrested. This they can d.i, but it would
hardly prove tt wise course to pursue.
They would do better to concede tlie
demands of tho mon, which aro recognized in other countries as a right,
Many beveragos are. so vastly improved by tho added richness imparted
by the uso of Borden's Eaglo Brand
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'prepared from the milk of herds of
well fed, housed groomed cows of
pativo breeds. Every oan is tested and
is therefore reliable.
Old papers for sale at this office,
* Smokers: If you want tho cknt-
INE "Union" and "Our Special"
oigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on evory bo.''
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke, B. C.
FOR SALE--A four roomed dwelling houso and two lots on one of tin-
best corners in the residence part of
Ferguson for sale on easy term*-.
Apply to Eagle oflice.
Subscribe for the Eaule. Lardeau Bagle
I' '��� .lUlied every  Friday ut Ferguson-* B, C
"v hoiu all corroBpondcueo Ahould bo mailed.
Subscription Rntes: 82.00 por annum, to
.��� addrcsaiii America! 91.23 for six months;
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ading notices Ut conts pit lino each issue,
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iny iinyb(-?o. No ads. accepted at loss than
oso rate')..  No loom lor quack ads.
'our weekly insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
FRIDAY. MAY 8, 1903.
Our   town   has   absolutely   no
���.rounds where athletics of any kind
n.ij bo practiced, and nearly every
nan and  boy feels that something
.hould be   done   at   once  to  have
-founds set apart and cleared  (or
ecreation   purposes.     We  under-
-tand the townsite agent has  offered a plot of g lots for this purpose
md   will    also    contribute    $100
toward clearing the lots, if the town
neoplc will do the rest.    It is claimed that another $100 would be sufficient  lo put  the  grounds  in good
hape.    Recreation   grounds   situ-
ited   conveniently  are a necessity,
nd   more  especially  in  a  mining
town like   Ferguson, ..where  one is
closely shut in lor the larger part of
ihe year by deep  snow,  etc.    Not
only  are  such grounds a necessity
for the young men, but the young
women   and   children   may derive
much benefit   by  making frequent
use of the grounds and engaging in
vigorous, healthful recreation. Mosi
people  require  an  incentive to enable them to get sufficient exercise
to insure  perfect  health,    ln most
places one can use the bicyc!e,\vhich
is a very good way of obtaining the
necessary exercise, but in Ferguson
the nature of our roads denies one
this  enjoyable  mode ol recreation.
Horseback riding is largely indulged
in but this is too expensive a luxury
and at the  same  time  it is not so
beneficial  as   athletic sports.    Let
us hold a meeting and organize an
how important ior lhe weltare and
progress of our chief industry that
connection be supplied by all rail
route before another winter. Mining men cannot afford to take
chances of running out ol supplies
and possibly be forced to close
down their works. If we had all
rail connection with Kootenay lake
and Arrowhead, properties might
be mined profitably that cannot now
be touched, and the camp would
grow apace in consequence of more
mines being opened up and the
largely increased production of ore.
The C. P. R. will not give any satisfaction as to their intentions in
this matter, but v.*e believe they
realize that tliey are keeping the
country back by holding the charter
and not completing the road.
Gabriel Dumont, one time lieutenant ol Louis Reil, is again back
in Canada, on his way to Duck
Lake, Saskatchewan, where he will
take up land and intends farming.
He is 66 years old and is still as
active as when he led his half breeds
twenty years ago. Dumont has accumulated some little money. In
the rebellion of 1S85 Dumont practically conducted Kiel's military operations and was recognized as being the only capable man, in the
matter of carrying on a campaign,
within the rebel army.
The milk of the cow is richer
protoids, fats and salts than the human
milk, hence it must bo adapted to infant feeding. Borden's Eagle Brand
Condensed Milk is the perfection of a
cow's milk for infants. Forty-live
years experience has made it the
feading infant food of the world.
Peter Ycregin, late of Siberia,
hrs brought peace to the troubled
I'.uikhobnrs in the Northwest territories. One of lhe most difficult
le.ilures ol the Doiikhobor settlements with which iho Immigration
authorles have had lo deal was the
refusal nf lhe members to' liomc-
itead Hie land, 'llteir opinions
have within the past few months
undergone a decided change in Ihis
respect. livery male Doiikhobor
over the. age of 18 years has applied
tor a quarter section, and 1,743
homestead entries have been made
since Veregin's arrival in the coun-
Irv. During Veregin's recent visit
lo Winnipeg he donned clothing
worn by Canadians; his hair cut
short and long sweeping beard en-
lirely taken off, and in place of the
Russian blouse and tronsers, a suit
ol store clothes with all the accessories of starched linen and neat
cravat, The costume of his followers will not be long in undergoing a
similar change.
The past winter has shown how
.���ery uncertain is the boat and sleigh
road   service into   Ferguson, and
on second floor in Eagle block
Ferguson, B. C.
Open for engagement for
clay or night meetings
at reasonable rental.
I Write or call on
Watches, Clocks and
Ihave high grade
\Valthaiu, Vanguard,
Crescent, Street,
C. P, R, Special,
Elgin, Father Timo,
Veritas and B. W.
I have  Eight-Day, Con
Strike and Nicklo Clocks.
Jeweler and Optician,
How's your Printing? Do you know that tlie
EAGLE Job "Department has one of the best
equipped plants in North Kootenay and that it is
unnecessary to send out ofthe Lardeau for work?
lor that order you aie sending away out of the
district to save a few shillings. Don't be fooled.
The EAGLE can give you satisfaction. We
carry only the first quality in office stationery, etc.
Receive Our Strict Attention.
THE  EAGLE,   Ferguson, B.C.
Drugs and Stationery
PresorlpUona Caret-ally and   ess
..AiT.unitoly Compounded..    -,,-_~
Go To
J. 0. PIPER,
Trout Lake.
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Mines and Minerals.
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copy. Address MINES AND MINERALS, Scranton, Fa., U. 8, A, Denver offices, BartU Bldg.,
Deliver, Col
The Townsite  of-
The Pay-Roll  Centre of the
Rich  Lardeau   District.
Buy Lots Now And Get
in on the Ground Floor
The Lardeau is the richest
known mining district In British
Golumbia and the mines, particularly; those about Ferguson,
contain.large quantities of ore
being big as well as rich. Several
new properties will ship
ore during the coming year and
the town is sure to double
in size Buy a few lots now
before the effect of this year's
progress sends them up, may-
hap beyond your reach.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further^ Information* Apply to
Henry  Floyd
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C. 1
Notice is hereby given that 80 daw nfler
dato I intend 10 apply to the Chief rommis-
Btoner of hands ami Works for a special MriMisc
to out and carry aivay ttmbbr from the follow*
ttifrdoaorihed lands In West Kootonay, commencing nt a post situated about 8Q chains
north of Kight-Mile BriUgeou the soutli fork
of the Lardeau river, theuee -io chains north,
tiioutw ino chains west, thonco -io chains m.iu u,
thenee 100 chains cast to tlio point of com*
I) uary.1908,
Krhuidti. Hadow,
Secretary .
Notice Is hereby given . that 80 days after
date I In tend, to apply td..the chief Commissioner of l.nudsand Work* (or n special license
lOCUt and carry away timber from the follow*
Ing'dusorlbed lands* iu West 'Kodteniiy com*
moiiolng from a post.Bltuated about It'i chains
north of EighWflle Bridge on the South Fork
uf the l.anteau Klver, thence 40 chr.ins 80Uth(
theneo 160 chains west, thence -10 chains north,
thenee IM chains east to point of commencement.
Dated 20th February, 1(103.
Erland (.;. Hadow,
Certillcate of Ii>1proven)Mit-s.
Brow Mineral Claim, situate in tho Trout
Lake Mining Division of West Kootenav District. Whero located:���Betwoen tho North
ami the South Forks of Lardeau Crook, West
Kootenay. it. 0,
TAKE NOTICE that X.Arthur P. Cummins,
of Forguson, B.C., acting as agent for George
C. Lembke, William 11. Lembke and Christian
(J. Lembke, Free Miner's Certiilcates Nos.
B. (.7107, II. 08187 and B. K71-J2 roapeotlvoly,
intend, sixty days from the .lute hereof, to
apply JO the Mining recorder for a Cortlficalo
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a ('town .Irani of tlie abovo claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before tin:
issuance oi such Certiflcato oi improvements,
Baled this 4th day of April, A. D. liKKl.
apl 10 Oil A. P. CUMMINS. I*. L. S.
Not Ice ���
Notice is hereby given that SO days after
date 1 intend to apply to thu Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works for pormis*
lon to purchase HiO acres of land situated ou
tlio south side ofthe Ferguson townsite commencing from a post situated near tlie south'-
cast corner of same; thence 40 chains south;
thence 40 chains west; thence-10chains north;
thenco 40 chains east to point of commencement.
Ferguson, B. C. February 22nd, lflU3.
Notice is hereby given that 30 davs afterdate
I intend to apply to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license
to cut ami carry away timber from thc follow-
ing described lands In west Kootefaat: Commencing from a post situated about -0 chains
east of tlie Feryuson lownsile, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east, theneo 80
chains north, theuee til) elmius west te point
of commencement.
Dated 25tU February 1003,
Notice is hereby Riven that :'.0 days after date
i intend to apply tn thc ilon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special licenso
tocut and carry awnv timber from the follow
ing'described lands in West Kootenay:   Con
nicnclng  at a post planted about 40 chain
east of Ferguson townsite, thenco 1C0 chains
north, thenee 10 chains east, theuee 160 chains
south, Uieiici! IU chains west to point of com-
J fated lioth February, 1003.     ,
great Western mines, ltd.
feb27 A. II. Holdich, Secretary.
Notico to Delinquent Co-Owner,
Tos. t. McColl, or whomsoever he may havo
transferred his interest in tho Triune Fraction No. 3 mineral claim, situated on Brown
creek, in the Trout Lake Mining Division,
West Kootenay District of B. C.
You are hereby notified that I liavo expended $100 in labor ami improvements upon the
above mentioned fractional mineral claim
since July 1st, 1Q02( under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within 00 days from tho
date ofthls notice you fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of the above mentioned
sum, which is now due' together with all
cost of advertising, your interest iu the said
claim will become the property of the undor-
siguod under section 4 of the "Mineral Act
Amendment Act WOO.
Dated at Ferguson, B.C., this flth day oi
April, 1903.
C. O. Woodrow.
Halcyon Hot Spings
Sanitarium   .   .   ,
Sltuatedjmidstscenery unrivalled for
grandeur. Tlie most complete health
resort on the continent of North America
Its baths cure all Nervous and Muscular diseases, Us waters heal all
Kidney, Liver and Stomach ailments,
Tliov are a never failing remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying the system.
TERMS���$15 to-J18 per week, according to residence In Hotel or Villas.
Smith tf Co.
45 Bleury St,
Will bo represented in
Ferguson throb "or lour
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and wo
Our representative
S. A. Scott is a
practical tailor and
will mako clothes
lit. Hold .vour
orders for him.
Time Table.
Noticefs hereby given that 80 days aftor data
T intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lanes and Works for a special license to
eut and carry away timber from thc following
de-scribed lauds in West Kootenay, commencing at a post about 40 chains east of the Ferguson townsite, thence 100 chains north,
thence ID chains west, thence 100 chains soutli,
thonce 40 chains east to point of commencement.
Dated 2oth February, 1903.
A. H. Holdich, Secretary.
Certificate of liupvovements
Nettie L. Fraction, No. 1 Fraction and Copper
Reef mineral claims, situate, in the,. Trout
Luke mining division of West Kootciniy district.
Where located.���Ou Nettie L. mountain.
' TAKE NOTICE that I, c-eonm S. McCcrtcr,
acting as agent for the ti rent Western Mines,
Limited Liability, Free Miners'certillcate No
B. 48174, intend ill) days from the date hereof to
aiiply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
oi improvements forthe purpose of obtaining
a Crown Crrant of the above claims.
under Seetion :17 must, be commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated tliis 28rdday of .lanuary.A.D., 1003.
Schools, ���SCKANT0N'
Gives instruction by mail in tlio following subjects: Mechanical engineering,
mechanical drawing, Electrical engineer-
ing,telegraphy, telephony .sanitary plumbing, heating and ventilation, civil engineering, architecture, architectural drawing, sheet metal pattern drafting, lettering
and sign painting* ornamental designs.
bnokki.i ping, stenography, milling, smelt-
Ing, mefaliurgj'jhydt'omotallurgy, elootro-
therapeutics, French, Uerwan, Spanish.
Send for'free catalogue.
10 per cent discount by cutting out this
ad. and enrolling before end of month.
W. II. aicDOUGALL, Local Agent.
Nolson, lt. V.
Running between Arrowhead, Boaton and Comaplix, commencing October J4th, 1901, will suil as follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily���10k unci 1-51:.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice daily��� 7:15k and
12;-15k. Making close connections
with all C. P. li. Steamers and trains.
Tho owners reserve the right to
change times of sailings without
Tli9 Fred Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
Headquarters for Assay org-, Mining
&_mil Supplies, solo agents in it.
c. for Morgan Crucible Co.. Batter-see,
England; F. W. Braun & Co.'s Patent
CatyFurnaces,Burners,etc.; Wm. Alnsworth & Co.'s Fine Balances, cte.( etc.
^ ���������*���������������-��������������� ������������������ �������������-�������� ��� ��������� f
X      IRON BEDS u Special ty       j
��� $5 and up. *
J ����������������������������������������������������������� M��������� + ������������ t
Goods can be furnished to any part ot Lardeau or. very shofi notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing; ������-���-��� �����-���������������*���������������*��>���-*���-�����-*<-*��������� ���������* v* .���>���*���
��� ����������������� ��-������������ fH. . MfffMfM-M ���>������*���)
I Funeral Directors and   I
t Bmbalmers. I
tho United Hatters
or North   America.
When you hre buv
ug  a FUR   HAT,
liner soft or stiff,
H0O to  it   that   the
genuine    U N f 0 N
Label is sewed in it.
If   a   retailer   has
C/_^2______S2lc^y'     Imwq   labels in  his
CSzrfTH mSSf * possession nud  ot-
*%*>^*h&t      'ora u> Put ono In a
*Q/8TERt*J hat for you, do not
patronize him. He
hns not anyrigflt to nn.e toose labels, Loose
labels in retail stores aro counterfeits. Do nol
listen to any explanation as to why tho hat
has no label. The Qonulno Union Label Is
perforated on thc four ed-cs exactly the same
us a postage stamp. Counterfeits am sometimes perforated on three of tht* odtros, and
sometimes only on two. Keep h sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them In ordor to get rid of
their BCab-mado hats. The John ft. Stetson
Co. of Philadelphia. Pa., h non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOITITT, President,
Orange, N, ,1.
u 797Bedford Avo.,Brooklyn, N.Y
(irent  Wosleru   Mluos,     Limited    nnd
Iimililu Huglo M. �� II. Co., Ltd.
Notlco is horoby gtvon that any written
transfers of stock in either of those companies,
Unit have not yet been sent in to the office for
registration and the issue of proper certificates for thorn, must bu sent lu by the hist
day of February, 1008, as tliey will not be
recognized after that date
Ferguson, B. 0. Jan. 20,1008,
A. H.lIOLmCH.Hec'y.
Certificate or Improvement)).
VOTH l_,
"Onlboftt" "Handy,"   "ilandy    No.    2.,"
"Lvnch," "Low,''     |(,Low       fraction.''
mill,-ml claims,   situate In the   Trout   Lake
Mining Division of Went Kootenay District.
KWhere located:���Near Lynch creek ou Lur
dean river. , ,    ���,
Take notice that I, A.lt. Hey land, uent for \\ ���
N. Brayton, Free Miner's Certificate No. BM18B
Intend sixty days irom the date hereof, to
apply to thc Mining Roeordor for a Certificate
of Improveinimts, for the purpose of obtaining
ii Crown Orant of tho above claims.
��� And further lake notice that action under
mm. turn Wi must be commenced before tho
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Hated this llth day of January, A. p., i!��:i.
a.'h, iikvland-
Certlflvate of Improvoments.
Two and a Half
mineral claim situate iu the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:-On Lade mountain near the
Badshot mino.
TAKE NOTICK that I, O. 11. N. Wilkie, acting as agent for the Ophir-Lade Mlniiig.Hyndi-
cate, Limited, Froo Minor's certificate No. if.
���M7'J. intend (ill days from the date hereof, lo
apply to the Mining Keeorder for a Certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of Obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.*,
Dated thisllthday of December, A. D. 1902.
Notice Is hereby g ven that lhe undorslgifed
will not be responsible for auy account except
on puoduction of a written ordor signed by
the manager, Superintendent or Secretary.
i   UMIX-SD,
The three claims owned by tho company aro tho "Lardoau
Queen," the "Lardeau King" and tho "Lardeau Prince," all abutting
ond to end, through whicli throe leads pass tho ontire length, situated at the head of Lexington creolc, in tho Lardeau mining division
of Wost Kootonay, British Columbia.
I Theso tliree claims arc located on tlio wostorn slopo of Goat Mountain, tho lines boing novth-westorly and south-easterly, and form one
complete portion of Mineral land of about Iefi acres. Thoy ho east
less than four miles up from Pish river.      .
Tho group lies in tho "Sitting Bull" nnd "Wild West" bolts,
two of tho strongest and best known leads in that distriot, and work
already done on apjaceut exteutions has given most satisfactory
results as to extent of ore bodies and increased values with dopth.
Tho formation is slate and [Bchlst, lying in au Immense lime
dyke, and tlio eropplngs of the leads are generally topped with heavy
Iron capping and quartz, which givos assays from $9 up on the
Exploitation consists of two opou cuts along the surface for a
distanco of twenty foot, which exposed a body of argentiferous
galona over 8 inches in width. Tho valuo of this oro body was $25.00
on the surface, but at a depth of less than tliree feet lt has increased
toS40.00. To tap this oro showing anil tho massive iron capped
���lodge oloso to which it lies tho present tunnel was commenced aud
is now in a distance of 82 foet. Another 2.5 feot ot crossoutting
should roach this ledgo at a depth of about 125 feet. Whon 01 foot
had beon driven, an almost-solid body of iron ore threo feet thick
was encountered in tho tunnel lying against a wall of slato. A
samplo at this point assayed *7".liO in gold, silver, copper and lead.
At a distanco of 14 foot from this lead a lino body of ore has boon
encounterod whioh, when crossed, proved to bosovennnd-a half feet
wide, carrying tho finest looking minoral yet found on tho property.
A third ledge which contains the richest oi-o and widest surfaco
showing, will bo reached about July Isf^. This ledgo whon
encountered, will bo from 12 to 15 feet wide 'and great results are
Tlie property has an excellent surface showing. The avorago
assays are most encouraging, considering tho great width and eon-
tinuiincy of tho leads across the country with such groat width and
prominence of the surfaco judging from othor properties in the near
vicinity, somo of which are on the sumo load and havo developed,
very rich ore bodies.
In conclusion I would say that the Lardoau Minos are as good as
any, if not tho best, in the vicinity, and I verily boliove with a
nominal expenditure, thoy sliould be mado dividend paying in a
short time, and I would strongly recommend extensive development
toward that ond.
tf. O, McClymont, fl. E.
For Furthor information, price of stock, etc., addross
B. Norbort Ouimetto,  Manager,
Bank of Montreal Bldg., ROSSLaNC, B. C.
[Graduate of Myci-'a College*of Embalming]
Can attond case at Forguson at ten
hours notico if advised by wire.
��������������4 �������������� + ������-���-���������������������������> ��������������������"������'����������������������>
D. J.  Robertson $ Co-
nelson, B. C.
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite the Postoffice.
i of mm
Capital AmHorl/.cd, $4,000,000
Capital (Paid-up) $2,<)2.l,8(><>
Rest    -   -   ���   ���   f2,4S5,2HH
loronto, Ontario.
Branches in tho Northwest Territories. Provinces 'of British Columbia, {Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. It. MEERITT, President. D. B. WILKIE, Vice-Pros, and Gen. Man.
E, HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector,
Ferguson,   B.   C.   Branch���A   General   Banking   Business   Transacted.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Drafts Sold, available in Allparts aiCanada,
United States and Europe.
Special attention  glrcn t.i collections and
Mining Hondi..
Everybody    Qui"   Special
s  mokes .VND	
-   The Union
Thoy nro nil Union mndonnil ol tlio " NI0N     ClGAR
bost Havium Tobncco monoy cnn FACTORY, H.A.
buy. Try ono >iit<l satisfy roursolf ,,                   ,-,
ns to thoir quality. b R O W N, Prop.
. ,~ -rftrfz vitsh ���-.* *-.' *v* *C- fit ~*>r -J' -V ���*'. -"- ���-:���- -**���- -*-* ������'-* ��� *��� .-*���-, -J . *- , ���*- ****-    ' '
^;\i ^-^^^^vt^lv-^ ^l^-^^.-^-^ ,:���:���:; vv.'^ Av^. .V .V :-. ;;'
I Lardeau
I Hotel       ���  -    ^
We try to give satisfaction to our   tmesis.
jf     Laughton   Bros.
jg, Proprietors.
$    prospectors'  Bxchangt
ARTHUR EVANS, Proprietor.
���aU      TABLES srl'I'l.TEP WITH TIIE
(Wf      4*I)EST IN THE MARKET-*-*
^.^^^^^^>f^^^^ ~
Local and General.
Jos. Ryan returned from Revelstoke
on Sunday.
O. B. N. Willtio P. T,. S. was In
Ferguson last week,
The mall came through on wheel?
Friday for tho lirst time this year.
All lines of business nro improving
Bince navigation opened on Trout lake.
���5. Daney broke the wagon road
through to Trout Lake on Monday
.hick Smith, of Smith & Labeau,
wont out to llcvelstolte Wednesday and
returned today.
Kev. H. A. Solly is at Now Westminster. He will receive special ordination
beforo Ills return.
Geo. Powell and .7. J. Loutil, representing Vancouver wholesale houses,
wore iu Perguson Thursday.
CD. Edwards has started a chicken
ranch to Bupply the town and mines
with fresh oggs and poultry.
W. A. Smith of Vernon, an experienced butcher has taken charge of P.
Burns' Ferguson meat market.
Two loads of cordwood buckets for
the Sliver Cup tram wero taken
through to Eight-Miie Tuesday.
Geo. Ross, who is iuterested in the
Blaek Warrior property, has returned
from a somewhat lengthy visit to Nelson.
Jim Graham drove his four-horse
team over the road from Beaton Wednesday, bringing a wagon and some
The road to Trout Lake is getting
very good for horseback riding. Mrs.
S. Daney and Mrs. A. C. Cummins
have mado several trips.
It is announced that tho much talked
of saw mill will bo erected Hear Trout
Lake this summer. A strong company
bas the proposition in hand.
.Smith aud Reovo havo formed a partnership and will open a first-class
laundry on the loth inst., in tho building occupied last year by Miss Davis.
The manager of the Goldfinch mine
on Fish creek, took agold brick out to
the bank at R.velsloke on the 5th inst.
This was produced by the company's
stamp mill from SO tons of ore and the
value was $1,000.
Messrs. Foran and Meelie aro making good progress cutting logs for the
new portable saw mill which will be
put in by. the Great Western _. Silver
Cup minos. This mill is only for the
purposo of supplying timber and lumber for the company's mines,
Jamos Graham caraohome to spend
his oirthday, Wednesday, .among his
friends. Jim thinks for a jolly good
time Ferguson is hard to beat. We
have decided not to give his age this
timo, but it may bo learned at this
ollice by the payment of a year's subscription to the Eaolk In advar.ee.
Smith & Labeau havo the new power
house, for theelectrie light plant, completed. It joins thoir lumber mill and*
both plants will be run by the same
power. A water wheol and other appliances are now on the road from Vancouver. When this machinery is Installed there will be ample power to
run both plants.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Burgess and child
left Monday via Lardo for Vancouver.
Mrs. Burgess and child will remain in
Vancouver until Mr. B. gets located at
Port Simpson. Mrs. Burgess' dopart
ure is much regretted by tho Methodist congregation, especially, sho having filled tho position of organist for
the past two months.
Supt. A. P. Garrett of the Nettle L.
mine, received a message Wednesday
informing him of the death of one of
his children in Boise, Idaho. He left
for home Thursday morning. Mr.
Garrett left Boise about six woeks
since, when the child was in good
health. Our sympathy Is extended to
Mr. Garrett and family. ��
Local! With ��� Paystreak.
It pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often bo saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the phone. Office In Cummins & Co.'s
Orders for furniture will be filled as
quickly and with better results at the
wholesale and retail store ot D. J,
Robinson & Co., Nelson, than anywhere else In the province,
Wants Your Washing.
Mangling and
guaranteed to be
First Class.
B.   U.   SMITH,
Victoria   Avenue.
4 Miles Below Ferguson on the Ferguson Beaton Road.
No bell boys or etcetras but
a good wholesome meal served at any hour. Lots of fresh
milk and eggs.
Your Local Papjr
is a necessity to you, financially
and socially. A NEWSPAPER
containing the latest news of the
world, is equally necessary to
you. The "up to date man" will
provide himself with these two
be found the very latest news of
the world, its matter including information on politics, commerce,
agriculture, mining, literature, as
well as the local happenings in
the'states of Montana, Oregon,
Idaho, Washington, and the province of British Columbia.* In addition, its columns for women, its
popular science articles, its short
and continued stories, its "Answers to Correspondents," and
"Puzzle Problems" combine to
form a home newspaper that at
$1.00 per year can nowhere be
Perhaps you have ���ornithinic to ���ell���a farm,
n lum, farm machinery. Yuu mny wish to
buy something. The best possible way to rom-
munlente with peoplo who wish to buy or sell
is by Inserting a small advertisement In the
Spokesman-Review. Tha price t. the lame in
tho dally and the Twlce-a-Week.
18 WORDS j fc=S
24W0RDS jB=$
If ><*u with to r-Mch builnMi man and new*
comer-a,   u�� tho  DAILY,    Far'ueri,   ���toi.kmon,
lumberratu ��ntl mlrurr /ikt *ih�� TWICE-*--**
Including tho Fish Crook camp
and Upper Diiih-hii River lection, com-
Siled by A. P, Cummins, P.L.8., and 8
liaiinon.H. A.. In now on oalu at thia
office.   Tlie ready sale of the map la
Proving all wo havo said for it. Tho
rout Lake division Is lithographed In
black, the Lardoau in rod,and the Ainsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
jtake a copy of .thia map and find Any
claim recorded in the three divisions.
The mountnina, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads: trails, purveyed railway rouraf.
and tne location and name (by a unique
index) or every mineral claim in the
district iaihowu.
Ferguson, B.C.
y~s��       p, __, s.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Office:     -      ���     Trout Lake.
Surveys of Mines, Mineral Claims and
Crown Lands. Crown Grants Obtained and Assessments Managed
for Absentees,
Ofllces:   Camborne and Vancouver
O     SHANNON, B. A.
H-'idquarters for Inforntatlea Regarding
Lsrdeuu rropertlss*
W.lts for Information.
Call aid ... Samples*
Solicitor far
The Imperial Bank
Perguson, B. C.
OFFICE-In tba Ophir Lads block.
Barristers, Solicitcrs, etc.
Offices: Rovelstoke, Goltlen, and Ferguson. Solicitors Ior Imperial Bank
ol Canada
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A, Harrey.
A.M. Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
Ferguson, B, C.
do V.leMAI8TRE4..M.6COTT
Barrister, Soliclter, etc,
J. M. SCOTT, A. B. L. It, B.
W. de V. le Malatre, M. A.
Having purchased tbe
Ferguson Meat Market we
aro prepared to supply our
customers with all kinds of
Pi'OBh and cured meats. A
good supply of Beef, Pork,
Mutton, Sausages, Hams
and Bacon always on hand.
| Do You Know I
That a man is more
manly when he keeps
his face cleanly shaven
his hair neatly trimmed and uses tho
bath frequently,
All the requirements of a first Alass
barber shop supplied
by..   . '
Roy Jameson  &
Jj-r-j-p *^rj{n^-^7}r j-^TjrT^-jjvjjn^
Spring Clothing
Suits, Overcoats, Rain Coats, Trousers.
Also complete stock of Men's Furnishings.
We have a good supply of Borden's
Eagle   Brand   Condensed Milk.
McKinnon cfc Sutherland
Tbe Post Office Store
We have moved into our New Store Building
and have plenty of room to display goods.
If anything is wanted in the  Mercaniileline
we can supply it. ...,.;
G. B. Batho tf Co.
Well lighted and heated by hot
air furnace. 'Tables supplied
with the best the market affords.
^t Rates $1 Per Day JO*
JAS.  CUMMINGS,   Prop., Perguson, B.   C.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and Fereusoa��Ja<*ing
Freighting     ,Transfer 0utfit-
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed.  Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson
a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop.
Perguson Hotel


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