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The lardeau eagle.
VOX. II. NO. 20.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Something That Partial Socialism
Has Done.
Hew Zealand Owns Her Railways,
and Other Publio Utilities.-It is
Beooming One of the Most Progressive and Prosperous Little
Colonies in the British Empire.
Henry D. Lloyd's latest book, "A
as the guilty man. The 'Frisco Examiner took an active part- in con-
(lemming poor innocent Durrant whose
honor is now restored, but too late.
The cowardly murderer who speechlessly let Durrant hang���what a pity
he is dead. There are hundreds of
people in this province who always
maintained that Durrant was innocent.
These Durrant, Dreyfus and other
legalized outrages make a man's blood
boll. This "circumstantial evidence"
hanging is ungodly at any time, but
in this case the persons responsible for Durrant's execution should be
shamed off the earth.
A.   E.  'Jiv'BLOH IS   A   RUSTLER.
Country Without StrikeB," shows what
the steps 'toward socialism that New
Zealand has taken have accomplished.
Mr. Lloyd shows what compulsory
arbitration has done, and explains its
imperfections .because .of the partial
lack of socialism. He says: "Arbitration does not remove the bottom
���Til of all in tbe labor world, and
economic inequality of masters and
men which makes >a free contract
impossible because one of the parties
ia not free; but it certainly adds a
humanizing touch to the methods of
the struggle, and all civilization is
lifted a stage." -
But it is because of the socialism
that New Zealand has adopted that its
system of arbitration has been so
successful, because, as William P.
Reeve, the author of the compulsory
arbitration law, says in the introduction to Lloyd's book, " New Zealand is
perhaps the most simple and complete
little democracy in the world."
What compulsory arbitration backed
by the socialistic spirit has done is
thus summed up in "A Country With<
out Strikes:"
1. Strikes and lockouts have been
2. Wages and terms have been fixed
���o that manufacturers can make their
contracts ahead without fear of disturbance.
3. Workingmen, too, knowing that
their income cannot be cut down nor
' jocked out, can marry, buy land, build
4. Disputes arise continually, new
terms are fixed, but industry goes on
without interruption,
5. No factory has been closed by
she act.
il. The country is more prosperous
than ever.
7. Tbe awards of the Arbitration
Court fix a standard, of living which
other courts accept In deciding cases
affecting workingmen.
8. Awards made by compulsory
arbitration are often renewed by a
voluntary .agreement when they expire.
9. Trades unions are given new
fights and are called upon to admit all
.competent workingmen in the tirade.
10. Compulsion in tbe background
makes conciliation easier.
11. Compulsory publicity gives the
public, the real arbitrator, all the facts
Of every dispute.
12. Salaried classes, as well as
���rage-earners, are claiming the benefits
of arbitration.
13. Peaceable settlement with their
men has been made possible for the
majorities of the employers who
���ranted to arbitrate, but were prevented by minorities of their associates.
14. Labor and capital are being
organized into trade unions and associations, instead of mobs and monopolists.
15. Trade honestly is promoted by
the exposure and prevention of fraud
on the public.
16. Humane and law-abiding business men seek tbe protection of the
law to save themselves, .from destruction by the competition of inhumane
and law-breaking rivals.
17. The weak and strong are
equalized both among the capitalists
and the workingmen,
.18. The victory is given as nearly
as possibly to the right instead of to
the strong, as in war.
19. The concentration of wealth and
.power is obeeked.
20. The distribution of wealth is
.determined along lines of reason, jus-
.tice and the greatest need, Instead of
.along lines of the greatest greed.
21. Democracy is strengthened by
.those equalizations.
.22. It furnishes the people their
.only cheap, speedy and untechnical
A Bright and Useful Means
Placing Easterners in Touch
With the Lardeau.
A. E. Welch of the Scottish-Canadian Mining Company, London, Ont.,
operating thp Bob Roy up the north
fork, has a clay model of this section
of the country placed . in his office
window in London, which is attracting
a great deal of attention from the
pennybelters. Speaking of tbe novel
idea a London paper says: "It is
especially Interesting to Londoners, as
so much stock in the local mining companies operating in the Lardeau has
been taken up here, and it shows very
clearly the locations of the various
properties. One can form but a very
vague idea of a mountainous region
from a written description, .but a
glance at this model puts one in possession of a much clearer knowledge of
this mountainous part of Britise Columbia than whole books of description
can do. It shows the rivers all converging on one central part, the water
being represented by crushed glass,
and the ingenius way in which pack
horses have to ascent the steep and
rugged Selkirks, switching their way
back and forth, in order to ascend an
otherwise inaccessible mountain. The
town of Ferguson is shown, with the
trails leading thence up the north fork
of the Lardeau, winding ,in and out
among the hills until Circle City is
reached, up beyond which the trail
runs to the properties of the Scottiou-
Canadian Mining Company, of this
city. The tunnel mouth is shown, also
the ore which has been uncovered, and
one can see at a glance tho meaning of
certain technical terms, which, without this  object lesson, would be ob-
Connection With the Duncan Slope
Should Be Made at Once.
Being   Sacked   or   Piled On
the Dump.
A Rossland^Man's Opinion of tbe
| Outlook for This Season.
Boss E. Chesnut of Rossland, who
spent all last season prospecting in
this district with the result of a few
locations, returned to the camp Thursday last to do assessment work and
take another look over the hills between times. Mr. Chesnut spent the
winter in Rossland and the coast cities
and It is his opinion that the Lardeau
has the best season before it ever
experienced. He says there will be
men in here with capital to buy
partially developed properties, the
general opinion of the outsiders being
that the claim holders in here have
come off their high horse, having
decided to ask a more reasonable figure
for their properties. It is conceded
on the outside that the Lardeau will
have a railway within a year at any
rate,and this in itself is guarantee
enough for the average "ground floor"
speculator. Mr. Chesnut has been in
the^Klondike and other mineral
regions, but he says he never saw such
surface shewings and ore bodies as are
exposed in this camp. "Why" said
he "the Slocan will not be In it at all
when this country is like developed."
Mr. Chesnut did not care to speak of
his own properties, preferring to prove
their worth before making any statements, but needless to say his convictions are backed up by his time and
money. What more faith in the
country could a man have?
The Cooperation of the Two Members, if Successful, Would Greatly
Assist in Opening Up a Vast and
Rich Mineral Belt, and be Very
Benefloial to This Damp.
Just beforo the Semlin-Cotton gov-
erntnont was thrown down by Lleut.-
Governor Mclnnes tho Kaoi.e suggested that Messrs. Kellie and Greon
get together and jointly build a trail,
on a wagon road grade, from the head
of navigation on the Duncan river, to
the headwaters of the Lardeau north
fork and thence down to join with the
present partially constructed trail.
The necessity of tho trail Is obvious to
anyopo acquainted with the local conditions. If a person could come in
from either end of the district and go
out tho opposite way ho could see more
country and save a lot of timo by being
nearer railway transportation at cither
point. It. F. Green, in whom the
Slocan people have again placed their
confidence by a largo majority, was at
that time favorable to the proposition
but of course all efforts were frustrated
by the abrupt dismissal of the government. But now that this riding's
nonentity has been disposed of and Mi-
Taylor is the man with whom the
people have to deal, tho EAGLE feels
quite confident that joint action will be
taken by these two live members, at
the vory first session, to connect their
ridings by a trunk trail. The tributary or branch trails, the owners of
properties on both slopes are willing
to build themselves, in fact a good
many hundreds of dollars have already
been oxpended by mining companies
BRSratjAg over that way, in developing and reaching their properties.
The trunk trail the government should
build and build this season as quickly
as possible.
Tbe trunk trail connecting the Lardeau south fork country with . tho
Duncan river trunk trail leading up to
the [headwaters of the north fork is
also a much needed work. It too
would open up a rich mineral belt and
givo Investors more country to see and
the choice of two summits to cross.
Mr. Taylor's1 attention has already
been drawn to this necessity and ho is
now endeavoring, even before tho
session, to get a special appropriation
so that tho work may begun at once.
Property owners can rest assured that'
our new member will do his utmost to
bring the pressing need of trails before
the government. Mr. Taylor is
already thoroughly familiar with the
district's urgent requirements, and the
wisdon of securing a representative
with such a knowledge will soon be
demonstrated to us all.
Rich Strike on the Maud.���Work
on the Nettie L.���Gold Values
Increasing in the Cup.-Morning
Star to be Surveyed.���Assessment
and Development in Full Swing.
ltlth Strike nn the Maud.
II. Carter and L, Thompson wore
down on Sunday from Circlo City.
Thoy have been doing assessment work
on the Sunset group, about a mile
above Circle City on tho north fork
proper. After working on tho Anna,
the bottom claim of the group, for
awhile they decided to prospect
further up -tho mountain. They followed up the lead, whieh runs right to
the summit, to tho middle chum in the
group, the Maud, and hero commenced
stripping. The lead they exposed
consists of quartz and calcite, with a
schist formation on each side. It
varies from 10 ft. to .'10 ft. in width and
a few shots in the pays t re a k threw
out some exceedingly line samples,
which they brought down for assay,
and left a fine showing of mineralized
quartz. They left pi: Monday morning
to continue work on this promising
strike. They will tako out enough oro
for a test shipment and if financially
able stay by it until repaid for their
many long day's hard work in this
Tho Nettie L.
Things are moving along much as
usual on this mineral producer, just
overlooking the town of Ferguson.
Seven men are at work and as soon as
Manager-Pool comes in more will be
put on. A shipment of well sorted
highest grade ore is now being mado
ready. The ore in the ore house, raw-
hided down while the snow was here,
is being freighted to the Landing by
Messrs. Craig & Hillman, but, it will
uot give aw good results as what is now
being sackedfrom' tbo new strike, because it was not so carefully sorted.
The company's directors hold their
annual meeting in Revelstoke on the
11th of July, when tho plans for future
development wi'l belaid.
ing particularly well, and that if
the railroad facilities were at hand the
mino could ship 100 tons pur day. '
The Monitor.
John Parisian was down from the
Monitor last Thursday, returning the
same day. Ho says they are busy
driving along side the lead, whicli will
be crosscut fi'om time to time. Development is proving as favorable as was
expected up to this date.
''The arch enemy to progress is on
top, but a thousand times better thero,
in open daylight, than in on the side.
Tho end is not yet and 1 hope that Mr.
Taylor will look into the matter and
hold himself aloof from a government
dominated by a corporation and monetary Influence, aud free to enter the
first party who (independent from
personality) will advance measures of
progress. Conservatism in the North
West under Hugh John is one thing,
but in B. C, under any leader in sight,
is altogether another. In the late
contest labor was a house divided'
against itself and monopoly won. You
won all you fought for but where is
our platform'? I fought for Ralph
Smith and the government because
their interests were tho same and
would have come together in the
house, excepting Smith predominated,
in whioh ease he could draw all the
good men from all quarters. Smith
elected Curtis by advising the miners
to support him in preference to Mackintosh. I say in the future, let us not
fight against any one who is fighting
our cause. Let us not assist our
friends to divide and light each other
to let the enemy get tho spoil, but
work to unite and draw together all
forces that make for social uprise.���
W. J. Ledingham.
Alderman MeMahon Says the Lardeau Takes the Lead.
Rev. Mr, Gibson on his dying bed
.confessed to the murder of Blanche
Lnmont and Minnie Williams, for
.which Dili-ran. was legally murdered
Silver   Cull.
Manager Didisheim was up at the
Cup on Monday and returned yesterday
from his monthly ollieial visit.
Twenty men are working still and
development is being vigorously
prosecuted. Ore is now being sacked
which runs 30 cents a pound, or $000 to
the ton, the increased value in gold
being accountable to a large extent.
Blankets are used at times so valuable
is the ore. The Cup ore is averaging
up all round about $130 in silver, $18 in
lead and $U in gold to the ton. It will
thus be seen that the gold values are
increasing with depth. The Cup can
ship just as much ore as they choose
this winter. It would only be a matter of increasing the working forces.
Secretary Shannon has received
reply from the educational department
at Victoria re tho Ferguson publio
school. Arrangements for the school
house havo been practically completed,
and the necessary blackboards, desks,
etc., will be installed in time to open
the school on August 13th, after the
summer holidays, A school house will
not bo built at once, but the site will
be arranged for and cleared this season,
to be ready for athletic grounds and
the school next year. A tcachor is
being provided and Ferguson's public;
Oamborne is the Centre of a Whirl
of Activity.
Camuorne, June 2ii.���Timos aro
lively in the Fish River camp. A lot
of work is being done and some good
strikes aro reported.
E. C. Woods, M. E,, has about 20
men at work on the Wide West and
Black Bear groups and will put
another force on tho Bnnner group in
a few days.
Somo work has been dono on tho
Alma group and a largo body of ore, 4
ft. wide, is now showing.
Mr. Beck has a big force ol men at
work on the Selkirk group. A trail
has been built and cabins put up aud a
tunnel has just been started.
Harry Bodreui Is pushing along his
100 ft. tunnel contract on the Pontlao
group In good shape and expects to
tap the lead this month.
The Eclipse is showing up splendid.
She is a shipper from the grass roots.
The tunnel on the Canmore Is in
over 001}, and a short crosscut will
now tap the lead at a good depth.
Work has just been started on the
Western Star group, which is a vory
promising property.
A number of deals are now under
consideration and it is expected that
two propositions will bo taken up
before another week is over.
A great number of prospectors and
mining mon are now in camp. Pack
trains -are  kept busy  and, n   lively
Klue ,lny unci Mountain Vine.
These claims are located on the
headwaters of McDonald creek', -a
tributary of tho Duncan river and are
owned by James Comorford. He says
that ho has one of the largest surface
showings on these claims that he ever
saw in the country. The ledge varies
from -io to 00 ft. in width, with a pay-
streak of silver-lead oro from li to 20
inches wide quite visiblo for at least
2000 ft. Tho .remainder of tlio ledge
matter would make a good concentrating proposition. Mr. Comorford lias
built a cabin, but tho development
work so far consists of two short tun-
nols and load stripping, tlio results of
which aro vory satisfactory. Work
will bo continued for some timo yet.
J. M. Cameron, a Canadian Socialist
League organizer at Port Moody, B.
C.| writes the EAGLE that the various
Leagues throughout British Columbia
are about to petition tho provincial
government to pass a bill making it
compulsory for all employers of labor
to pay a certain minimum rate of
wage, that is they purpose taking the
initiative in an effort to get rid, constitutionally, of Mongolian labor, and
asks the Lardeau branch to join them.
A comrade from New Zealand tells
Mr. Cameron that it proved satisfactory
there. Meetings will be held at
several places on the coast for the purpose of organizing a further crusade
against the old kind of politics and
pushing the.importance of the whole
people owning the means of production,
instead of a few.
Fred,- Fraser was in Ferguson last
week collecting ore samples for the
Winnipeg Industrial exhibition. The
samples sent from hero to the Spokane
fruit /air have never been returned and
as many valuablo pieces , of ore wero
among the lot, it is hard to get
possessors of rich and choice samples
in town to part with them. And the
expense of visiting the properties for
them is too expensive apparently.
While it might henelit the owners to
bring in samples for these purposes it
is hard to get thorn to do so, upon such
short notice anyway. An ore cabinet
at the C. P. li. station at Revelstoke
would be a good Idea for the
Trades Committee to materialize,
But Like Here It NeedB Cheaper
Supplies and Transportation.���
Mr. MeMahon Will Build a Trail
To and Commence Work Upon
Hit North Fork Properties.
Alderman las. MeMahon of Kevelstoke, who owns soveral claims up the
north fork of the Lardeau a short
distance from, Ferguson, arrived in the
camp last week to commence work.
He has a company interested in three
claims, which lie hopes to turn over to
them in the course of a month. He
will then expend a good deal of money
on other properties in the t^me locality.
-/Mr.,MeMahon reports things picking
up in tho Big Bend district, though
Revelstoke itself isquiet, The French
Creek Mining Co. have decided to continue hydraulic operations on French
creek, with Wm. Kirkup as local
manager, vice .1. JI. Skeaff, and there
seems to be every indication of a big
clean-up this fall. F. MoCarty's local
company are also doing a lot of work
and taking up supplies from Revelstoke. A new American company
have taken over the old Orphan Boy
propositio'i and intend to push this
well known property to the front, the
failure before boing the fault only of
the management. The Carnes Creek
Consolidated Mines are "sawing wood"
on the Roseberry, on Carnes creek,
under local superintendent I. T. Brewster. And Mr. Bradley, a Revelstoke
mining broker, has succeeded in forming a strong company in Pennsylvania to operate on Smith creek, be
having secured a big lease of some of
the best ground on that promising
creek. Thousands, and thousands of
dollars in gold has been already mined
in t,b�� famous Bbr -Bend, but n Mr.
MeMahon's opinion the beginning is
only at hand. As in the Lardeau, it is
also handicapped in having no railway
or less expensive transportation, pack
horses ha1, ing to be used from -Bevel-
stoke, This will be the best' season
the Big Bend district has had for
year. More men than ever before are
working up there, and thero is seemingly more readj capital available for
hydraulic mining than heretofore, the
necessity of a smelter and other means
of getting tlie ready cash being done
away with to a largo extent.
. "But," Mr. MeMahon says "the Lar-
ueau'ls the best of them all, i f we only
had tbe'railv. i.y. The ore is here, -but
the exhorbitant prices for supplies and
transportation takes all tho profit."
AIT.Ain ok TiiKiit ,ioii.
school will soon bo a desirable reality, 'summer Is looked for
Thu Morning star.
Messrs. Abrahamson Bros., of Trout
Lake City, intend to havo the Morning
Star surveyed this season and enough
work will bo done to crown grant.
The Triune ,nnd Morning Star aro
located vory closo together, if not
overlapping, hence the necessity of
determining tho full scope of the Morning Star, the prior location.
Thp Loilo Star.
Captain Connauglit.  manager,   and
James Carlyle, secretary, ot the Lode
Star Mining Company, operating above i notice of the opprc
Duncan City, wero In Nelson last week, tho rich and Influential
Thoy stated that the Lode Sim- is look- this part of il with kid gloves.
Wo want to declare war against
monopoly and privilege and against all
those artificial ordinances which place
equal boing upon an unequal footing in
the race for life. We want men who
will carry the banner of political and
economic truth and disentangle its
teachings from the illusions of a
spurious and hypocritical patriotism.
Wo must bestir ourselves if wo are
what we say wo are. Falsehood and
fraud can lind millions of soldiers to
light for thorn, and why not truth?���
T. Seanlon, Liverpool, England,
Theologians are so   wrapped   up
speculations about tlie other world,
Not Since '06 Has There Been Suoh
High Water.
Tbo snow on the summits has fairly
dropped off in the past week. The
creeks and streams arc teeming. Trout
lake has risen to the '90 mark, and if
the warm weather continues wo may
expect to hear of bridges being washed
out, and submerged trails, etc. The
Columbia river is at high-water mark
and tho C. P. it. steamers are running
right through to Revelstoko, which of
course must be pleasing to Revelstok-
crs Tbe Arrow Lake branch is under
water in many places. Dominion day
excursionists to Trout Lake from
Kevelstoke will possibly have the
pleasure of coining right from Revelstoko to the Landing via steamer.
The hills are now free of snow, so that
prospectors arc no longer ha- licapped
and owners of properties ne;i,- and on
the summits are leaving daily to commence assessment and development
work. There will be places bare this
season that the snow has held fast to
since '00. This will materially aid the
districts prospects for new linds this
season. It's a poor wind that blows
nobody good.
Socialism means the public ownership, in contradistinction to the
private  ownership,  of  all   moans of
of! making a living.   And an Idea can  be
which they know   absolutely nothing, 'said to bo'soolalistio" if it points away
that they   lose  sight  of  iboir  plain 1 from private to public ownership, and
everyday duty to their congregations.! not otherwise.   That, then, is the test
They aro uuick enough  to denounce ���does It tend ill the direction of pub-
socialism, but slow, very slow, to tako' lie ownership?   If yes, it is socialistic,
practiced  by  as for   instance,  municipal ownership
They handle Is socialistic, the postoffice is socialis-
j tic, the -)0i"."!on school Is socialistic, ������
Fubllafaed every   Wedneaday ni.irnmr it  thu
oeV.ee al publication, rergu.on. B. C, by
���>. p. rampnoi-
Advertising Ilatea: Display fed., 41.50 per
column Inoh. Legal ada, lie per (aonperieli Hoe
for nret inesrllon; Sc for eachadditional insertion
Reeding notice., ISC par Una each lame,
Subacrlptlc.ii Rates: By mall or carrier. M.00
par annum; ll.OO for six months. Stopped at
Job Department: Tell Eaolb Job Department
la well equipped, and ia prepared to execute all
ii lid. of printing at honest price..
Address alt communications to���
Ferguson, B. C
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE 27, 1900.
There are many unknowing persons,
those who have never had tin oppor
tunity to learn the facts iu regard to
mining, who are disposed to look upon
the milling nf wild, silver and copper,
and other metals, at mare chance work,
It is enough to state that there are
many facts to substantiate that this Industry hat stood the test of centuries.
The gold and silver nines of Mexico
and South Ameiica have been profitably
worked for more than 500 years, and
to-day these same mines are still viewing up their millions of the precious
metals. The mining of gold, silver,
copper and lead hat been looked upon
as little better or any more certain than
a lottery business. There have been
failures in this, at in all other trades,
caused by overestimation. mismanage
ment, by having man of no experience
or practical knowledge tn manage the
business, etc. But we may aggregate
all the wild schemes, aid losses by bad
management and swindling operations,
and they are more than offset by the
immense profits in gold and silver mining. There it to-day no avoeation in
life that hat paid so large a per cent, of
profit as mining the precious metalt. In
most pursuits ot life it is the minority
that succeed. Failuree and bankruptcies art an every day occurrence. All
legitimate business earned on in any
country is accompanied with more or
less risk, and thousands have failed.
When mineral is found there is but
little risk, as mining gold and silver is
simply taking out actual, and of a kind
that will buy the products of any
nation Keal estate profits depend generally on the excitements of business
communities, and at in the past few
years, there has been great depreciation, causing heavy losses in many
sections. Banking profits are constantly endangered by commercial panics,
judgement of directors, and insolvency
of debtors. Agriculture, although the
most independent way of making a
living, deprives most of its followers
many luxuriet. Thus, we Und by
enumerating all branches of trades and
industry, that none are any safer than
mining, and none offer such opportun
ities for wealth. There can be no doubt
of the place that mining hat now so
cured in the enmidence of the general
public, and the favorable consideration
with which capital now regards it.
Nature has been lavish in the distribution of the preciout metals, and especially so tn the great Southwest. All
that mining demands, or its friends ask,
is to have its merits recognized. As it
becomes better known, as its great advantages are recog'iized, and reasoning
men control its management, mining
will prove its promises true, and grow
in favor as a safe, sure and legitimate
business, with unparalleled advantages,
and a certainty of remit beyond most if
not all others.
���VV. A. Mensch,
A correspondent of the Indianapolis
Press writes from Yokohama, Japan:
"April 8, Buddha's birthday, is celebrated in all the temples by bringing
out the images of the infant Buddha,
placinv tbem in a largo bowl, and pouring over them licorice tea with a ladle.
On this day, 1900, a great multitude of
women ana children flocked to what
corresponds to the parish house in the
Episcopal church, which can be entered
without removing the ihoei. Each child
had a bamboo cup, and when this wat
filled with the preciout fluid it walked
away lipping it with great satisfaction,
for it it believed to be a remedy for
worms and other internal disorders.
The mothers had bottles of the same,
which they wrapped up to take home,
to place near tha pillar of the house to
keep away antt and other insect pests.
The crowd waa mott good-natured,
pushing and jostling to get near the
boy priests tbat Oiled thtir cups and
took their money. Tha temples, like
the American churches, are most frequented by woman.''
William Inktttr, of Edmonton, who
it now ill at the Good Samaritan hospital, it one of the few white men who
nave created the Rockies alone and
without pack animalt Jimmy Jock,
well known to Cariboo and Alberta
men, was tht first to crots eastward
alone. Remaining behind his companions on the Co'tinihia river, he started
over the hills alone, and after suffering
incrediblt hardship! from want nf food,
and toilsome detours to avoid the camps
of treacherout Blackfeet Indians.he one
day staggered a gaunt spectre into the
H. B. C. pott at what we think was the
Jasper houte in the Yellow Head pass.
William Inkster did not come hy the
Edmonton route as stated in a local
paper He left Edmonton and with his
rifle started overland across the Rockies.
He followed no special trail, because no
one else ever came that way to our
The first we heard of him was when
he struck Teslin lake about twenty
rniles below the village He followed
the shore south until he came to Teslin
where the Stikine men were building
boats. ��� In a few days he had a suitable
craft rigged out, and sailed away for
Dawson weeks and even months ahead
of others, arriving in the city some
time in August. This goes to show
what a man used to the wilds can do,
and knocks all the "horror" yarns out
of the Edmonton route, whicli was an
infinitelv easier trail for gold seekers
with loads than the one followed by
That he was not only careful nf his
ammunition and not wasteful of game,
is shown by the fact that when  within
two miles of Teslin lake, he had an
opportunity of shooting a moose, hut
would not do so at he did not know how
far the lake wat away and did not want
to waste the carcass.
Hit long trip fully ahowt that a man
with a rifle and blanket and the sim
plett cooking utensils, can travel a
thousand milas over land through an
unknown country, crossing the greatest
range of mountains on the continent on
his way, and live quite well on the game
he can shoot, provided he it a man used
to that kind of life. No trail however
bad has any special "horrors" for men
like that.���Yukon Sun.
Good Management.
In a certain church in Ireland a
young priest wat detailed to preach
The occasion was his first appearance,
and he took tor his text, "The feeding ot the multitude."   He said:
"And they fed ten people with
10,000 loaves of bread and 10,000
An old Irishman said:
"Begorra, I could do that myself!
which the priest overhead.
Tbe next Sunday the priest announced the same text, but he had it
right this time.   He said:
"And they fed 10,000 people on ten
loaves ot bread and ten fishes."
He waited a second, and then
leaned over the pulpit and said:
"And could you de that, Mr. Murphy?"
Murphy replied:
"And sure, your reverence, I
'And how could you do it?" said
the priest
"And sure, your reverence, I could
do it with what was lett over from
last Sunday."
"A pretty lot nf children you art for
a minister to have, exclaimed a West
Side pastor, whose children were misbehaving at the dinner table. "Then
why don't you change your business,
papa?" asked four-year-old Nellie.���
Chicago Newt.
them. ''Well, my good men," he said,
"What are you doing?" "We bin a-
loying','' replied one of the men. "You
are lying?" said the bishop, "I do not
understand you." "We bin a-lovin,"
again laid the man. "But what do you
mean?" "Why, yer tee, one on ui nas
fun a kettle and we bin a tryin' who can
tell the biggest loy to have it " "Trying to tell the biggest lie?" exclaimed
the bishop, "what a shocking thing."
And then the bishop told the men that
he had always been taught that one of
the greatest sins wat to tell a lie. The
men listened patiently, but presently
me of them, who had been looking intently at the bishop, suddenly exclaimed on hearing him say thot he
never in hit life tola a lie, "Gie th' governor the kettle, gie th' governor the
kettle."   The bithop resumed hit walk.
Nice little boys are always the subject
nf friendly interest, but no one ever
knows what kind of an answer to expect from them when questioned. "You
are a nice little boy," said a kindly old
gentleman to a bright youngster of five;
"have you any brothers? "No, air,"
replied the boy; "I'm rather short on
brothers, but I've got listen to burn."
Settling Ihe Difficulty.
He had given her the engagement
ring, and wat telling her fairy stories
about tht trouble be had in securing a
pure white, flawless stone, when he law
a sad look creep into the eyes, but now
lired with mirth and gladness.
What it it, my own? he whispered in
her left auricular appendage.
Oh, Harold, suppose--
Yes, sweetheart ?
Suppote we should get married I
We will, my dearest, he hissed, with
a two-pound-a-week nerve.
And I should lose this ring In the
Huff on our velvet carpeti!
For a moment he wai dazed.
Then a decorative possibility rushed
athwart his prophetic toul and ha laid,
firmly, We shall have polished noon.
"What did the minister do when you
inadvertently dropped the buckshot
into the plate?" asked one Kentuckian.
"He was very much annoyed," said the
other; "he looked at me severely, and
said that this was a church collection,
not a campaign contribution."
"Now, boys,'' said the Sunday-school
teacher, "our lesson to-day teaches us
that if we are good while here on earth
when we die we will go to a place of
everlasting bliss. But suppose we are
bad, then what will become of us?"
"We'll go to a place of everlasting
blister," replied a small boy at the foot
of the class.
The Bishop of Lichncld was out riding
one Sunday, when his horses, which
had become tired from the great distance between churches, gave out, and
he concluded to walk to a railway station. On his way he met a crowd of
men squatting together on tho ground,
and he stopped to say a few words to
Pointed Paragraphs.
No man can learn from a woman
what love is till she has learned from
him what loving is.
When most men cast their bread
upon the waters they have a large dip-
net ready.
The woman who wishes she were a
man has never found out that she is a
Praise a man's work, a woman's
beauty. The woman who thinks herself clever the man comely, and both
will love you.
When a man does good by stealth it
doesn't require a very smart detective
to discover tbe motive.
it's a good thing that men are unable
to ste tht epitaphs on their tombstones,
otherwise the majority of them would
be unable to get hats large enough.
The Size of Heaven.
The sixteenth vsrte of the twenty-
first chapter of Revelation gives tlie
measurement of the New Jerusalem as
'And ha measured the citv with a
reed, 12,000 furlongs. The length and
the height are equal."
Taking that as a basis, some statician
has mads the following calculation:
"Twelve thousand furlongs, 7,920,000
feet, which, being cubed, is 948,088,000.-
000,000,000,000,000,000 cubic feet.   Half
of this we will reserve for the throne ot
God and the court of Heaven; half the
remainder for streets, leaving a balance
of 124,198.272,000,000,000,000 cubic feet.
Divide this last by 4,096, tha cubic feat
iu a room 16 feat square, and you will
find that there it still enough left for
80,321,843,750,000,0000 rooms
"We will now suppose that the world
always did and always will contain
990,000,000 inhabitants, and that a generation lasts 38J years, making in all
2,570,000,000 lor each century; that the
world will stand 1,000 centuries, making
iu all 2,970,000,000,000 inhabitant*; then
suppose there are 100 worlds equal to
this in point of inhabitants and duration of years, making 297,000,000,000,-
000,000, then heaven, according to tha
measurement above, it large enough to
allot 100 rooms, each 16 feet square, to
each human soul."
Ai the road is broad and well-traveled
that leads to destruction, tha statician
might have added still further to his
calculation. Possibly he il a Universalis!.���Exchange.
Something; Silly.
Sturdy Sammie Simpson sought tweet
Sallie Stevens' society sa solicitously���
several social societiet severally laid
sententlomly. "Sallle't surely secured
Sammia Sallies Sammies sweetheart!
Sammies Sallies slave! Society shall
toon tee something startling!"
Saturday Sallie oat tawing steadily,
singing softly. Suddenly teeing Sam-
rale's shadow, the seised scissors,
snipped savagely, still tinging softly.
Sammie aaid ilyly: "Sweetheart, ilng
Sammia something sadly tweet."
Sallie started���seemingly surprised���
saying: "Sammie Simpson, stop laying
such silly stuff. Spoony sentiments
sound soft.   Sav something sensible."
So Sammie straightway said: "Sweetest Sallie, sat sometime toon." Sallie
serenely said: "Say Sunday." "Surely,
surely, shouted Sammie, supremely
Sequel: Sammie Simpion'i lately
secured. Sallie Ste vent' settled. Sammies suited. Society'i satisfied.���Boston Journal.
Chaplain Wells, In a recent interview with the editor of Ine New York
Philanthropist, testified: "Whiskey
and bad women are running more
men into death In tbe Philippines
than are being killed by Filipino
bullets or injured by other causes.''
Drunkenness, lust, rambling, brutality and other vices that annihilate
conscience are in lull swing at Manila.
Not only are the natives polluted -by
this contact with superior civilization,
but the soldier* who return to the
United States bring with them the
seeds of disease and contagion, to be
sown broadcast. It has been estimated tbat 10,000 eases ef syphilis
afflicted the volunteers thus hr returned from the Philippines to San
Franciaea Who can estimate the
ravages among our owe people in
consequence?���William Lloyd Garrison.
"Yet, I was drank, your honor,"
the prisoner Hid, "but I've been
pretty well punished already. I had
$60 when I went out on the street,
and a lot of gamblers got hold of me
and swindled me out of $58."
"Under those circumstances," remarked His Honor, with a sympathetic cough, the court Is disposed to
be lenient with you. Th* fine will
be $2."
W. J. TKASDaUX, Esq.,
of Direotors:
vicc-ch airman:
0; 1. It. Mlu.lt, E*J., Has. A. Lnwau., El-M.P.,
Boaslaud, B.O. Niagara Fall*.
Rsv. A. B. Bobt,       0. M. ft. Oaiaia, Esq.,        Dt.G.T.McKtoooa,
Sprhurford- London. Chatham.
orn. H. WmruM, Eto..,
Tnot. p. McCoaaucs.Ese..'
solicitor: managing director:
T. H. Lnscoanta, Esq.. London. A. E. Wtuw, Ban,., London.
Thk Cahdiax Bass ot Comuct (Correspondents In Greet Britaln-THt Bits or Sootiakim
jjijj The Scottish-Canadian Mining & Dev. Go. of B.C. Kj
O (Non-assessable.) LIMITED H
L"J Address communications to A. E. Welch, Managing Director, 307 Dundat Street, London, Canada. (JU
la incorporated under the most stringent laws (Specially Limited Liability)
of B. 0., and Its Charter was granted
July, int.
owns some ISO acres of valuable mineral lands on the "Home I,edge" at
the head of the Lardeau River.
has three IS) distinct and well-defined
Lodes, with nearly a mile In length
of ore body.
haa built Its own roads to Circle Oily,
mine buildings, quarters for 30 to 15
men, blacksmith's shop, forge, powder
houses, etc.
haa surveyed its "Rob Roy" aud
"Highland Chief," whirl) are now
ready for Crown granting.
hat a magnlicent Water Power on
Galena Creak crowing Its own prop-
has tome tali feet of tunnel work doue
with ore showings In three different
Elaces through the workings, and
eve lately ran Into Ihe Gray Copper,
which is the mineral that carries such
immense values la sliver.
SpseKL0' bednsr able to
IDENDB within a Kas
has every pr
pay big-f>I vi .���
onable time, and hope to ba
quit selling stock soon,
The natural question arises: "Why, II there Is all this, do you have to offer stook for sale!?" We answer that 11 you knew there
was a pot of Gold in your garden which you could net by digging and you hadn't a shovel and no money to buy tne with, you'd have
to raise money 1 That's where wt oral Wt have to get at the pot of Gold, and then-thoss who hare stock will bt fortunate, and those
who haven't will wish'they had 1  Come, or send in and investigate.
A pious orthodos one day
\ aa going to hia church to pray.
As moving slowly on his way
He chanced to meet hia neighbor Gray.
"Good evening, Mr. Gray," quoth he,
" Yeu'd better go kmg with me
To the house of God���the eaata are free;
Our Saviour loves a bended knee,
Ob, come to him, the sinner', friend.
Tbe one to whom all knew muat bend.
Those who tbeir ains will not forsake
Muat suffer in a burning lake
Korevermore; unless they turn
In hottest hall they're doomed to burn.
'Tis surely better on the whole
To stop and try to save your soul.
So come with me and we will pray
Tbat you may And the 'better way.'"
"I thank you friend, for what you say-
Well-meant advice deserves fair play;
There surely Is no cause to doubt
That vou desire to 'help me out,'
But Srst. before you farther go,
Sev'ral things IV like to know i
Tht 'houae of God I'���haa God, indeed,
Of all tbt churches gut a dead ?
Nor you nor I can e'er forget
Tbat churches have been sold for debt-
God's lightning bolts oft strike a spire
And burn tha temple down with Sre.
Think you that God would burn his fane?
Can such a thought as that be sane ?
Neit, where did Jesus ever say
That men should go to church to pray v
And whan and where did he declare
That wa should kneel to him in prayer ?
Can we believe the Son of Ood
Would rule his children with a rod,
Or cast them ia a burning bell
Unless upon their knees they fell ?
I pity him who plays tbl role
Of constant prate about his soul-
By him so very dearly prised,
Yet by his neighbors oft disposed.
Give ma the man of goodly life
Who loves his children and hia wife���
A man in whom I safely trust,
Whaaa words and deeds are always Just;
Who tries to serve as best he nan
The welfare of his fellow-man;
Who acta hia part and does it well
(And not because ha fsareth hell,
But for tbe sake of right itself
Without regard to praise or pelf).
With righteous actions in control
He need not worry 'bout bis soul.
I must not keep you on your way-
Go, hie yourself to church and pray.
A prayer Is good when lightly used,
Tbo' often very much abused.
Please do not count me rash in ssying
That people often err In praying.
To-night with yon I must not go;
I pray each day with pick and hoe."
When the  British Army  Lies  Down to
I am on watch No. 2, piquet ol the
20th Brigada. *
My head is encased in a Blaclara
helmet givan to me by a fond aunt, my
body enveloped in a filthy rait of khaki
which Messrs. J , of ft street, to
the best oi my knowledge, have not
given me, and over all a top coat for
which my father paid ready money
s ��aie three weeks alter my commission
appeared in the "Gazette.
On watch from 10 p.m., until 2 a.m..
when sleep is impossible, speech and
tobacco prohibited, the stillness of such
an African night will foster romantic
thought even ia the barren mind of a
subaltern of the line.
The dark patches at irregular interval! along the ground are my sleeping
comrades���"SoTdlert of the Queen"���not
the stucco-built anamoliet of the music-
hall itage, but hard, tinawy men, the
purveyor! to Her Majesty of British
Imperialism. Ntstling to their rifles,
they slumber on the toil they have won;
the tleep of childhood it their reward
for honeit toil.
The heavy footfall of the sentry alone
disturbs the silence, where but a few
hours back all was life, sing-song, and
speculation. That great Yellow with
his head on his arm, and beard cover
ing his broad expanse of cbeit, it a devoted husband and father 7,000 milsa
away. Here on the veldt he is a number, a unit of Section D of the Army
Reserve. He tarns in his tleep ana
heaves a long-drawn sigh; is it a mental
vision or the soughing of the wind, that
disturbs him ?   But not for long.
For he hat teen the ghastly work be
neath the Red Crots flag; he hat seen
the white-robed parson ascending the
kopje with the suspicious-looking
mounds. What cares he now, for the
callousness of war hat seized him ?
"Patrol, present and correct, sir!"
"Oh, all right, corpoial!"
"Begging your pardon, sir, Captain
Groves presents 'Is compliments, and
wants to know if you've got a drop of
whiskay you could give him."
I feel for the silver flask which it to
turn the bullet from my heart, but the
cold nights on convoy etcort have
drained it dry. And io to meditation
Here am I fighting for my country in
South Africa; here at the age of 21,
responsible for the lives of some 10,000
souls for the space of four hours. I feel
In common with the driver of the Scotch
express. Ten thousand souls thrown
as dice to win the subjugation of the
And what are they doing some seven
miles to our right frost���Row do their
busy laagers look by tha pala light of
the moon? Watching, averlasting
watching! And what a length of vision
nature has given to the eye that watches
for the invader. He sees no horseman
in a bush of scrub, no mirage in the
waving grass���for he is a hunter by
right of birth, not a pupil of Salisbury
Plain generalship, such as we are; but
he, poor farmer, knowt the weary waiting for the inevitable. One hour it as
likely as another. Oh, when will thsy
Would he not even exchange thit
deep-dug trench for the open plain
rather than be a martyr to this eternal
uncertainty ? Why cannot he be shown
our Channel Squadron, our streets on
Lord Mayor's Day? Take bim down
Fleet street at noon, and let him bow
to the inevitable. He cannot stay the
forward tread of the British Empire.
"Halt!   Who goes there?"
"Stand, friend, advance one and giva
the countersign!"
A weary, footsore wretch left on the
line of march has found his cainp. How
should he know the countersign ? So
we let him pass unblindfolded.
Dear old England! What a paradise-
it is, with all its fogs and shivering
Mays, and now the hum of the mowing
machine will soon be heard upon the
grass���ao gieen, so English green.
It cainot be now exactly as it was.
Are there not many belated prayers at
the bedtide, and aching, sleepiest
headi? It the morning paper now
opened ip the old mechanical way ? 1
think aot. I see the coffee pot untouched, while teveral columnt are scanned
And while tha anxious parent is tossing on the furrowed bed the gum are
on the move. The clatter of lance and
tpur it heard, whila the infantry are
hanging on the last measurot of tleep.
It it a battle or a strategical move that
that great brain has devised? 1 can
assure those at home that the question
is far lew vital to us than to them. We
are in the midst of danger���of horrible
suffering���and yet we do not seem to
care nor think one whit more of death.
No, an idla jest it upon the lips of him
to whose heart a "Mark II." it already
speeding. There is not time to. think;
wt have no slow, tortuoui path up to
the door of death We are strong-
very strong���and no healthy man is sad.
Of course, destiny will not choose us to
lie stiff upon the veldt thlt night.
Heigho! twice round the sentries,
once on patrol, that ought to satisfy the
brigadier���if not ''Bob?' himtelf.���By a
Subaltern on Duty, in London "Dailv
Didn't Recognise  the Truck.
The new motorman was strong and
willing, but he hadn't Iwen in a city
very much, says the Lewiston Journal.
He had done farm work up in northern
The other motorman was instructing
"If a fire-alarm rings in," said tbe old
hand, "remember that tht department,
the fire engine and the reit, have the
right of way. Hold right up and let
'em past. If you don't they'll run vou
The second day an alarm of fire was
rung in. Tha car wat near a crots
street where the department must past.
"Hold up," said the instructor.
Over the electric track tore tha hot*
teams, then tha fire engine tpouting
flame and imoke. The new hand cast
a look up the street and then spun his
controller lever   The car started.
"You infernal fool, what are you
doing?" howled the old hand. He
jumped, and the new man jumped, and
tha nook and ladder truck tore the front
platform off the car and disappeared in
a cloud of dust and with its msn yelling
like fiends.
"Why didn't you wait?'' howled tht
"Ba gar," replied hit pupil, white and
gasping, "I no t'ink we have to bodder
for dat sacre dam gang o' drunk house
A return of the negro to slavery is
the remedy proposed by the Rev. H.
Frank for race troubles In the South.
"Judging from the hittory of the negro
for over four thousand yean," he lays,
"we are forced to assert that tha most
fortunate circumstance that ever befell
him was his enslavement on Amtrlcan
soil, and the consequent moral discipline
it bestowed upon him. His native
slugglthneis, the evidences of his gradual extinction since his enfranchisement, his imperceptible improvement
since liberation, his startling lapse into
barbarism, all must incline thinking
people to conclude that the freeing nf
the negro has proved a disastrous fail
ure. I contend that the negro requires
for his own sake, ai well as that of
society, moral and legal restraint. He
was a safer man when he was a slave
than he il as a citizen. A new system
of voluntary and penal servitude should
be instituted, both for his protection
and development and that of the nation.
A section of country should be set apart
to which all negroes would be permitted
to voluntarily migrate, and there yield
themselves at slaves to such persons at
would agree to possess them, give them
humane treatment and education.   If
such an invitation were to-day extended
to the negroes of tht South I venture to
say hundred! of them would gratefully
Whan a man it busy, and trying to
make a modest living, nothing irritates
him more than to have a bearded
woman rush in and take up hit time in
trying to get a tubtcription for the establishment of millions that are not
needed. Men dislike thii sort of women
very much; a sight of one of them
makes a man cross for half a dav.
Women of this character may think
that they are doing good work, and that
men have great respect for them, but
they are mistaken.���Atchison Globe.
By their duds ye shall know them.
And at all times Insist on the
box bearing the blue label
It helps manufacturers to see Ihe
force of paying fair and honest wages
Nelson Cigar Makers' Union,
to all points In the
Distriot. Light
rigs for quick trips
provided. Saddle
horses at all stables.
The traveling public accommodated at
anytime of the day
or night. For any
farther particulars,
freighting rates, etc.
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Mile.
Craig & Hillman,
In prompt and safe delivery of
WATCHES entrusted to me is
my claim for the Lardeau trade,
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Silverware; Gold an 1 Silver Electio
Plating and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of R.N.
Doyle, an expert in Englith,
Swill and American watch repairing. All work guaranteed
C.P.R. Watch Inspector,
Revelttoke, B. C.
See that this label ison all Clothlngyou purchase
H The Calgary M
H Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd. H
M Calgary, Alberta Ofl
5J    Calgary Lager    V
BUrrALO brand abrated watrrs
The  Bar Is supplied with the best brands of Wines,  Liquors and  Cigars
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FERGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
Rossland, Nelson, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks
and Vancouver.
Rossland, Trail, Nelson,  Yrair,  Kaslo, Sandon,  New Denver,  Silverton
Cascade City, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway,
Camp McKinnev, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Vancouver
and Home Furnishing! from
our larger aad well-assorted
ttock is already very evident
in the Lardeau and Trout
Lake Diitrict, which meant
that we ara successful competitors with all comers in
price and quality. Before
you invest in our line droput
a card for quotations. We
can save you money.
R. Howson & Co.,
All work guaranteed.
and TRANSFER OUTFIT; headquarter! at
Ferguson, B. C. Contract! entered   into for
Etc., to any point in the
District. Good, prompt
service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thornton'! Landing to Ferguson a ipecialty.
of North America
United Hatters   ���8�����=
uuiiwuhuvij nNIONIebel
of the United
Hatters     of
North America.   When vou are
buying a FOB HAT
either soft,  or stiff,
see to it  that  tbe
Genuine   IN ION
Label Is sewed In It
I If   a    retailer   has
I loose labels in his
| possession and offers
1 to put one in a hat
for you, do aot put-
ronlze him.   He has
not   any  right  to
have  loose   labels.
Loose labels In re-
                tail stores are counterfeits.   Do not listen to any explanation as to
Tht "      '
i) lain:..
lie Genuine Union
why the hat has
Label Is perforated on the four edges exactly the
same as a postage stamp. Counterfeits are eome-
times perforated on three of the edgei. and sometimes ontj on two. Keep a sharp lookout for
the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers
are using them in order tn get rid of their ��cab-
made hats. The John B, Stetson Co. and Henry
H.Boa.ofs*Oo.,both of Philadelphia, Pa., are
non-union conecrtii.
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President, Orange, N J
JOHN PHILLIPS, Secretary. 477 Park Aye.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Enterprise Beer
Made by tht Enterprise
Brev, ingCo.,at Revelatoke
it keeping tht camp cheerful. When you want the
belt insist on ENTERPRISE. All the leading
Hotels handle it.
Enterprise Brewing Co.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
For Wedding
or Fancy Cakes
Drop a line to me, or if you
want Bread in any quantity
let me know, and I'll quota
pricet low enough to interact
you. Our Wedding Cake
artitt it the boat in B. C.
Addrttt: A. N. SMITH, Revelttoke.
The Union Label
On everything you buy it I
guarantee that the producer!
thereof receive a fair rale of
waget for iti production.
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced JUNE
I0TH. The "Imperial
Limited "takes you across
the Continent in four
days without change.
It is a solid vestibuled
train, luxuriously equipped with every possible
essential for the comfort
and convenience of passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
J. McOHEERY, Agont Arrowhead
T. W. BBADSBAW, ABI Rovelstoks
vr to���
F. J. GOYI.K, Asat. Pans. Aftt.. Vancouver, B.C.
Beet Wintt, Liquort and Cigara
Finely Equipped Bar
Rtltttd and Rtfuraithed
Beit Cuitine Servile
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
J. LAUGHTON, wiopriirron.
Headquarter! for Miners and Mining Man.       Neatly furnished, will-lighted und
Heated Rooms.     Conveniently ti tutted on Victoria Ave.
KK2K2 K3 K2 K3 K2K3KS
pA    When you are in Trout Lake City put up at     M
Abkahamson Bros., Proprietors JTJ
Everything new and up-to-date.     Fire proof safe.     Fineat
winat, liqaort and cigars.   Mining
Cheerful dining room.
������ men't hoadquartera.
Al service.
is under the same management.
IK3K3 K2 K3 K3 K2K21
All Eyes are
Fixed on
Is the Natural and Commercial Centre���
Over one hundred and fifty men now working in the
mew mimes
Now being developed by strong, practical companies.
Mining Companies'
Are being located in Ferguson.     Stores and Stocks are
being enlarged.   Properties are changing"hands.
Capitalists are appearing on the scene.
Smelter men are on the Ground.
Railway Construction has practically
begun, and the entire district is
coming rapidly to the front.
Come straight to
The Rossland-Nelsonofthe Lardeau
For further information, write or see���
General Agent.
Local Agent* THE LAKDEAU KAGLE, FERGUSON, B. C��� JUNE 27, 1900.
The reaction or the Boundary district
boom has set In.
Assayor S. Shannon is keeping his
"blower" at full blast these days.
Thos. Taylor, M. P. P.-, returned to
the camp from Victoria on Saturday
L. Didisheim, manager of the Silvor
Cup, arrived from Revelstoke on Monday.
The provincial legislature will not
meet on July 5 as intended. July 19 is
the date npw set.
II. MoXiennan, of the Windsor hotel,
Trout Lake City, returned from Rovcl-
stoke on Saturday.
Meters. .A. and D./J��&pguson wont
out to Kevelstoke last week. Andy
returned on Monday.
A number of | Fergusonitos visited
Trout Luke on Sunday. The lake Is
rising a little too nigh for comfort.
Rev. S. J. Thompson of Revelstoke
will probably hold services hero and
at Trout Lako City on Sunday noxt.
Dozens of loaded pack horses aro
leaving the mining centre of >tlie Lardeau almost daily for north and south
fork points.
Printers in Rossland have now an
eight-hour day in vogue, with no piece
work. Rossland is an example of what
unity can accomplish.
There aro still situations opon in Ferguson for female help. Girls, don't all
come at once. Wages run from $l.r> to
(30 a month, with board.
According to "wholesalers' shipments" reported in the Nelson Tribune
this town is mostly supplied by Nelson's wholesale merchants.
S. A. Sutherland, of tbe firm of
McKinnon & Sutherland, general
merchants, left for a short business
trip to Revelstoke this morning.
*'I go for ail sharing in the privileges of the government who assist in
bearing its burdens, by no means excluding women."���Abraham Lincoln.
D. L. Clink will commence sawing
lumber at Tro.it Lako in a week or
two. The water in the lake is rather
high as yet, but will likely go down in
at few days.
* The EAGLE has a splendid assortment of paper stock on hand and every
requirement for turning out first class
job printing of every nature. Orders
by mail promptly attended to.
The Rossland Miner still cribs tbe
Eaoi.e's mining news every week
uncredlted. Tho Nelson Tribune also
manages to do the same occasionally.
The News-Advertiser might also toko
a tumble.
Noxt week the intentions of tho ('.
P. R. as to the Lardeau line will
probably be known. A party of C. P.
B. magnates are due in Kaslo in a few
days. One at least, of tho English
directors is with the party.
Allan Chisholm and his road gang
are making good headway on the road
between here and Trout Lake and do-
in e a good job. The Eagle trusts
that the funds will hold out until the
work Is fully completed.
Tbe Central East Kootenay country
is coining to the front this season, win
shipments are now being rtade. They
���no also waiting for a railway, but
they have the Columbia to fall back
on for a few months in the summer.
Capt. Ida Gain of Revelstoke held a
farewell meeting in Ferguson's hall
lost evening and will hold another In
Trout Lake this evening. The Captain
leaves for Skagway in a fow days to
eontlnue the Salvation Army work
there. She has made many friends in
this camp by her recent visits.
Mrs. D. L. Clink has received an
acknowledgement from the Montreal
��� Star for $18.10, the amount collected
by little Walter and Gretchen Clink
for the 10-cent patriotic fund. When
the Trout Lake .and Thomson's Landing Mansion House funds are acknowledged by headquarters this district
will have made a good showing u�� a
Ferguson will join with Trout Lake
In Monday's celebration. The Revel
stoke City Band will be in attendance
and as good a program as could be
expected has been arranged for. The
prizes are not very largo, but outsiders
will have to wait until a railway
arrives on the scene. Then the ore
will fly and a day of celebration will
be quite different.
"The peanut trust should be roasted;
tbe flour trust sifted to the bottom; the
cigar trust smoked out; the plug trust
chewed up; the iron trust hammered
ont thin; the twine trust twisted; the
farniture trust curved In twain; the
neta! trust heated hot; tbe solder trust
Belted; the berry" trust picked clean;
tbe paper trust ground into pulp; the
lamp trust sniffed out; the lumber
trust nailed; the bicycle trust poundel;
tbe mule trust burled; the type trust
pied, and the pie trust ate up."
Canada should own the C. 1\ R.
British Columbia elections may be a
very interesting affair, but for real
hot, unrestrained, shirt-sleeve delirium, wait for the great presidential
election over tho way. Its red hot
oven now.
If the people of Manitoba would
assume tbo control and manufacture of
liquor themselves and sell at tho cost
of production they would accomplish
tho ends they desire. Prohibition
doos not prohibit. Take away the
profit and the incentivo for running a
booze joint will soon disappear.
The pcoplo of Canada must pay for
still another blunder of tho Laurier
govornmont. Tho claim for damages
sustained by Messrs. Mackenzlo &
Mann In connection with thoir Yukon
railway scheme, against the fedoral
government, is placed by Hon. David
Mills, Minister of Justice, at ��,'!33,000,
whicli will have to be paid.
If British Columbia Conservatives
want tojlo the right thing and demonstrate to the electors their sincerity in
thoir "government ownership of railways" plank thoy will sec that tho new
government, when organised, which
can not be formed without thoir support, is pledged to practice what it has
preached. That foinalo immigration
policy might also be set in motion.
Tho Dominion census will bo taken
early in tho new year and the general
elections wltWollow. Another session
will likely bo held. The Liberals will
do well to make tho best of their time
and tho Conservatives will also have
to discard Sir Charles Tupper and
build a more progressive platform than
heretofore. Hugh John Macdonald
has sot the Conservatives of Canada an
Tho Minister of Mines in bis annual
report suggests that a law be passed
compelling assayers to mark on oach
certificate of assay exactly from
whonoo ho obtained the sample on
whieh tho assay was mado, presumably
whether oil'tho surface or at a certain
depth, as woll the other information.
The idea is certainly a good one, and
would make the document more reliable from a purchaser's point of view.
The electors of Canada now havo
positive proof that neither Sir Wilfrid
Laurier nor Sir Charles Tupper are
trying to give us legislation for the
good of tho masses. Both of them
seem to be owned body and soul by the
C. P. R. The resolution of Richardson
in the houso on tho 21st to tax the C.
P. R. lands after February next was
defeated, only six holding for and 99
against. Laurier and Tupper- held
that parliament should not be called
on to interpret its own acts and that it
was a matter for tho courts.
As will bo noticed in our advertising
columns the Imperial bank has increased its paid-up and rest fund. No
wonder. They have the dead immortal cinch on every community in which
they exist. Like other institutions of
this like the government should own
and control them. Money destroyed,
burned or loaned at a profit, under the
present system, benefits a few persons
who think they aro a little bettor than
tho average cuss. But if these profits
went into the government treasury
what a calamity it would bo indeed.
"What fools we mortals be."
Whether tho railway comes this
yoar or not any person who wants to
get into this camp on tho ground Moor
should bo here now. Properties and
real estate which could now bo jbought
at a very reasonable figure will bo
worth probably Lwonty times as much
a year honco. it is never advisable to
wait until people aro rushing into a
new camp. Tho railway will bo hero
possibly this Boason and certainly not
later than next. So tbat for a profitable Investment, and tho accomplishment of enough development, work on
mineral claims to bo tn a position to
ship ore when the railway arrives, a
person should be here NOW.
" One of the noblest
works of Ood is the
man who pays the
As a Tailor
of the First Class
Who owns mining interests in your camp,
and guarantees the best woikninnshlr tind
quality ot gouods, with nil the latent fashion
plates to elioo.se from, I solicit your trade.
R. S. Wilson, Revelstoke.
Ferguson Shaving
Win. Sncll,
All biHiiclu's of Uu- tonsorla) art executed with
amblaoxtorioufi dexterity.
���    Druqqists
Chemists      %
If you need anything lu
Send to the
Leave Your Watch
With A. (). Cummins, Ferguson, and lie
will guaranlce prompt and safe delivery
of your WATCH to me. Repair depart-
mentis in charge ol It. N. I'oyle, an
expert iu English, Swiss and American
wati'h repairing,  All work guaranteed,
A tine line of Diamond*, Watches,
Clocks, Silverware; Gold and silver
Eloolro Plating and Engraving,
J. Guy Barber,
0*. P. 11. Watch Inspector,
Rovolstoke, B. C.
A. N. Smith.
Court,1 Doner.
���HliL'cial quotations to Lardeau Consum-
Imperial Bank
t&ees* of Canada.
C'AI'ITAI. PAID  UP   .    .    *!,458,fi03.00.
hebt    ��i,"iio.ooo.oo. ~
General Banking business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits In Savings
Department nt eurront rates.
A. K. bThBARN,
Everything is now in
shape for us to supply
Don't delay but get
your order in at once.
.Davis & Foote.
&$ $-$-$-$- &$-$-$ $ $7$
California Wine Co.
Wholesale Dealers in
H    Liquors
Cigars, Etc.
 Nelson, B. C.
We have a largo stock on
hand, at lowest prices	
Rough and Dressed
Lumber; Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Mouldings,
All Building Requisites.
Call on us, or writo for our
quotations. Special orders
promptly filled	
Fred. Robinson Lumber Co., Ltd.
Editor:   X. 0. FANNING.
Associate:   John Emory Mcl.t'.im.
This famous magazine is uow  published in
New York.
It In an absolutely free and Independent
journal of tho first class, presenting both sides
ol the leading questions of the day from the
pons of the best writers.
Progressive and vigorous, yet scholarly and
high toned, it should be read by every one
desirous of obtaining up-to-date information.
It is Indispensable to every advanced mind.
35 Ceiitt* u Copy. - V^.fiO it Yenr.
At all newstands.'or post-paid by the publishers
"Llfo" IIIiIb,,   NKW VOIiK, N. V.
T. A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
1.. R. G, P. & 8.   [Queen's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter tjf Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank oi Canada.
Geo. s. McCarter. .        J. A, Harvey,
A. M. I'lnkhBiii.
White, Gwillim c? Scott,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Kevelstoke, B. C.
Fayette Buker,
Mining and Real Estate
Mining Properties Listed.
.     RfiVELSTOKK, B. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
VTOTICB IS HEREBY GIVEN* that sixty (60)
il days afterdate, I, the undersigned, Intend
tn make application to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works to purchase the following
described preemption, situate in tbe Trout
bake mining division: Commencing at No. l
initial post, at a given point on the east side of
the north fork of Lardeau creek, about seven
miles from Ferguson, marked " L, Thompson's
preemption post"; thence ho chains south;
thence 40 chains east; thonoo 80 chains north;
thence 40 chains west to point of commencement, containing 820 acres more or less.
Dated at Ferguson, B, ('., April 24,1900.
Por People Who
The " Eagle" has tbe following list of books
for sale:
Caesar's Column, (Donnelv) '2f>c.
The American Peasant, (Tibbies) 26o,
Ten Men of Monev Island, I Norton] 20c,
A Tramp in Hocfeiv, rCowdrevj 8fic<
Belter Days, tFitchl 2fi0.
The Golden Bottle, IDonncly] Mo.
An Ideal Republic, [PhelpBi 60o,
Christ the Socialist Tfic.
American People's Money, [Donnelly] 85c,
Tlie Little Statesman, [Armstrong]  'Joe
Government Ownership of Railroads	
by F. G. It. Gordon l'e.
Poems for the People, W.F. Phelps 10c.
In Hell and the Way Out, by H. K. Allen,,.2*0,
one Way to Co-operative Commonwealth,,10c,
Law, Labor and Liberty; by E. V. Debs 10c,
The Concentration of Wealth, K. Irving... .10c.
A Pure Democracy, by It. S, Thompson 26c.
Direct Legislation, by J. W, Sullivan 10c.
Municipal Loelallsra, byP.O. It. Gordon...10c.
A Few things About Trusts 10c.
Hard Times, cause and cure, by Gordon...,111c.
The Sew and His Money Laws 16e,
Merrie England, by Robert Hlatchford 26o.
The Story of My Dictatorship,.  25c.
Looking Rack ward, by Edward Bellamy... .25c.
Shy-lock's Daughter, by Margaret II. Bates.50c.
A Daughter of Humanity, bv E. M. Snihh..'->'.('.
An Appeal forthe Blind, by W. A. Ratcliffe.lOc
Proportional Representation 10c.
Stationeri/ is in our line
And we have just received a fine stock
of .Gutter I'ikIh.   Patronize
"The Eagle."
It's a Pleasure
to have
Your Printing J
Just as you like It.
If you are discriminating in your tastes <j
you will appreciate tlio neat, artistic
, and appropriate styles adopted In
Job Office.
' We have ample Improved facilities and <j
' know how to use them, Wc can do all ��
��� the printing In this entire' district, if $
", strict attention to orders will secure it.,
Prices Consistent
with the
Quality of Work
Try ua with your next order.
Mail orders promptly filled.
The Lardeau Eagle, 1
Ferguson, B. C. f
McKinnon <�� Sutherland
Ferguson, The Mining Centre.
Post Office Store
Ferguson, B. C.
f   | Miners9 Supplies
Wo luvvo just placed In our ware room a largo stock of choice
fresh Groceries. Also a biff addition to our well assorted stock
of Boots and Shoos, 'Clothing, Crockory, Miners' Supplies, Etc.
Special quotations to cash purchasers. Goods carefully packed
for pack horse outfits.    Closo cash prices.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau.
More Than Freight Saved By Buying Miners' Supplies From Ik
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.   ,,
TroT&lm,. Revelstoke.
Imperial Brewing Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of Lager liter, Porter anil all kinds of aerated waters.
E. T. W. Pearse,
Satisfaction guaranteed
All orders hy mail or
otherwise promptly attended to
��om��ss��sinsi��ss��sais��sonmnmiicisimosiiniiiiiiii> 11 in in nil lit
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Farm Produce,
Say and Feed, Cured Meats, Fish, etc.
Write for quotations in any quantity.    Prompt shipments.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Is tlie....
Pay Roll Centre
of the
Golden Lardeau
is all we ask.
<$ Subscribe for the "Eagle"
|       It Will Tell You the Rest. |


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