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 . -���*
12.00 A YEAR.
Tlie Many Discouragements of the
A well known Revelstoke raining
man writes as follows to tho B. C. Mining Record;
Sir,���Thinking possibly that every
one is not as well acquainted with the
mlscbevious system of taxation that is
forced by our British Columbia legislators on the mining industry, of this
province���of which, indeed, the said
industry is tbe backbone���I have ventured to wrlto tho following brief
When an able-bodied man comes
lirst into British Columbia ho is
promptly taxed $3 annually for tho privilege of living here, and another $2 is
added for "road tax," although roads
are chiefly conspicuous by their absence. Possibly our able-bodied friend
may have a taste for minerals���or
.thinks he has, much the same tl Ing.
do must than take his free miner's
license, costing $5, and with his paok
on his back is free to examine the
country, Let us suppose he Is so luoky
as to find indications of mineral. He
must stake his claim in a certain way
(chiefly by guess) and record it, for
which ho will pay 92.50. During tb-e
following year ho must do $100 worth
of work on tho claim, swear that b.e
has done so, and record the asses*
mont -$2.60 more. While at the olfloe
he may as well take his hew miner's
license, as tbe old one will havo about
run out, costing $5, as before. This
goes on for four or five years, by which
time he should know whether his
claim is worth anything or not; but
during this time be must not use one
stick of timber from his claim for mining purposes, without being taxed for
It at tho rate of 50 cents por cord-
surely a high figure. He may burn,
waste, or otherwise destroy all his own
timber and I Rat of half the country
besides, if be likes, for nothing, but if
he dares to put tbe timber to its natural and legitimate use, he has to pay
the government for it. And whon at
the end of tho four or five years he
crown grants the claim, he is again
taxed 25 cents per acre, and though he
has legally acquired possession of the
land, the act does not permit him to
use the timber on it for mining purposes without taxing hiin. (If this
statement Is incorrect I shall bo glud
to be put right, but the wording of tho
act makes no exception.)
Well, our friend having probably,
durlua-all theso years of hard work,
been compelled to ask his friends'assistance in money matters, is now |
anxious to seo what tho mineral he
has extracted is worth, and to recompense himself and his partners for
their labor to some extent. So be
sacks it up and sends it to tbe nearest
smelter, which often costs $25 to $-10
per ton to aocomplish. The smeltei .
company samples it, knocks off from ' ,t
any possible loss thoy might susta ,in
bylmperfeot emelting-jljO percent., of
the lead, 5 per cent, of the silvor and
gold, aud about 1} per cent, of the cop
per���fines the unfortunate own er for
nearly all the remaining miners Jb, and
Anally charges him s, good roi' ,nd sum
for smelting. If the ore Is exception-
ally rich there will be even* little
profit left to counterbalance the cost of
mining and other expenses. ' Then the
government steps In aguin ��nd re-
mnrks: "Hand over 2 per- cent, of that
to in. Now, why? Whr.t has the government douo during thu whole, timo to
help the mine owner? Nothing at all,
but hits been bloodlug- him for fees I
continually, and even declared that I
neither he nor his men shall work
more than e'lght hours a day, whether
they want to or not.
On the ot .her hand, what has the
prospector ai id mine owner done for
the governr aent? He has shown up
tbe value of the country, has been the
pioneer settl er in tbe "primeval forest," and ha 3 been the means of many
small towns springing up all around,
all of which contribute heavily to tho
government through their own licenses
and fees. I would then ask why in the
name of con anion sense does not our
government encourage the mining Industry, inste ad of eternally worrying
it and hamp ering it with mischievous
laws and fin es. For British Columbia
has mineral, resources which are probably unequalled elsewhere on the
earth, and it is to these resources that
we must if iok for our wealth. Surely
then the-(ievelopment of tbem should
be a sour' oe of ths greatest anxiety to
the gove irnment, that nothing should
be allov /ed to hinder, but everything
to assi st. Unfortunately, but few
membei -s seem to know what a mine
means; they think apparently it is a
spot of: land where you go with a pick
and s' hovel and get bushels of gold
coin l eady made; and, consequently,
the ' wildest suggestion respecting
drawi ng taxes from the mino is
prorai ptly made law, to tbe infinite and
lastin g harm both to the country itself
and t o Its mainstay, the mining Industry, i My sincere hope is that this
plai n recital of facts may help to
am and our condition.
A, H. Holdich, R. S. M., Etc,
.' Sevolstoke.
jPibi)   Mi^toK   Propositions That
Promise to Become Notable
Mr. J. Darraugh, superintendent for
the Wide WeBt Gold Mining companv,
the properties of which are located on
Pool creek In the: Lardeau district,
stated to tho Rossland Minor that
operations would be commenced on the
properties of tho company on May 1st.
Mr. Darraugh says ho will at tho same
time vigorously prosecute work on the
Pontiac group of claims, which gives
most extraordinary assays, returns of
from 8100 to $745.70 being obtained
from it. He further says ho was ih
Nelson a day or two since and met A.
F. Rosenborger- of the Imperial syndicate, which ow ns the Eva and other
properties near the Pontiac. Mr.
Rosenberger reports that tho Eva is
turning out re markably we'll, and that
some very hlg h assays are being obtained from th, s oro. Ho also learned
while in Nelso m that the Oyster claim,
whioh Is owne I by Starkoy, Ernest and
Allen, has ore; which is even richer
than the Eva. All of tho propositions
mentioned cr .rry froe milling ore and
aro located s .long Pool creek, and it is
anticipated that a valuable free mill,
ing belt will bo developed there during
the coming sopon seaon.
Union Starts witli Good Membership and Bright Prospects
lhe Mountain Lion Mining companv
havo tn ado thoir Becond payment on
the Mo .untaln Lion group on the north
fork, The othor pnymonts aro already
oopos ited in tho bank to await maturity' M. C. Miller of Minneapolis,
aoti ng for tho company, will be here
��8 I IOon ns the snow has gone to cora-
me inee development.
Uhe "Lardeau Light nnd Power
Company, Limited," with a capital of
$15,000 dlvidod into '100 shares of $50
each, Is applying for a certificate of
incorporation under tho " Water
Clauses Consolidation act, 1897," and
"Companies' act, 1897." Tho objects
set forth would fill all tho Eagle's
news columns.
The Topio agrees with tho Eaole.
Liberals Bhould not be in the grafting
business. That shonld be left to fake
socialists.���Trout Lako Topio.
To judge by the Topic's lofty contempt for political pap, it is easy to
understand that lt was never offered
The meeting of those interested in
thc formation - of a miners' union in
Ferguson on S aturday was a great
success. The pr ovincial organizer of
the Western Fe deration of Miners
(Jas. Wilks) was with us nearly all
Saturday, tho 20tb >, and did good missionary work am ongst those not acquainted with the work of the union.
At 7.30 p.m. J 8. P. Pettipieee took
the chair, and aft er the election of a
secretary the ehai rman introduced Mr.
Wilks to the meeti ng.
Mr. Wilks in an able speech of about
45 minutes duratio a laid the principal
objocts of the unio a before tho meeting, especially dw elling on the fact
that miners' unions: were not organized
with a view to a- 'itation, but for the
mutual benefit of employer and employee.
lt was then moved and seconded
that wo proceed to organize a miners'
union in Fergusoi t. Upon taking a
vote on the quastioi. 1 it carried unanimously.
Mr. Wilks then ro nuestod those not
Interested in tho fori nation of a union
to retire. The minoi 'S then proceeded
to organizo tho 1 lUl'doAtt Miners'
Union. Tlio name t 'as chosen after
some discussion, nnd i s intended to emphasize the fact that t bis union is not
alone for the miners o I Ferguson and
vicinity, bnt is inteudo 1 to take in the
whole Lardoau district; I and although
those living at some distance from
Ferguson may not he .' thle to attend
our meetings regularly, wo hope they
will show their faith in the principles
of unionism by uniting v fith tho union
hero and inducing other 5 to join. It is
expected that tho Lard- Jim union will
send a representative roi ind to the different camps to Initial 5 the minors
who desire to join with u s.
Tho Lardeau Miners' jUnlon starts
with a membership of 43,, which before
tho ond of the coming m onth we hope
to swell to nt least 100, a ml before the
summer la over wo hr >pe to induce
evory miner in tho Lnrdi inn district to
becomo a motnber of our organization.
After the initiation of ( land Mates tho
following officers were ( iliosen for the
ensuing term:
President  Bra. \ 'incont Lado
Vice-president ,  / ilex Drown
Secretary  ���  / i. J. Gordon
Warden ..
I 'eter Ferguson
F lobt. Foran
I' Idinunil Ward
No   Chance  to  Foil it Worthless
Propositions on "��� ;hem Now
There was a time wh en a mau could
go into Toronto, New ' I'ork or Boston,
and float a propositi��� i with nothing
more than a piece of n >ok in his pocket. And the reason he could do it
was becauso thero w ere millions of
money there waiting lor investment.
Now they have just as much money today, and are just as an xious to become
interested in a mining,] deal, but now
they want to see a carload of gold
bricks before they will touch a mining
proposition. Why? Whell''confidence
has been abused, their money misappropriated, leaving thousands of them,
with nothing but certificates in a jack.
pot mining and milling- company. How
long does it take a broker to realize
that ovory time ho sell* a good stock
he puts a missionary to. work for himself?  The people ln tbo east have a j
great abundance of money ready to
tako hold of any substantial mining
proposition, but it must be through
some one who can get their confidence
and not the one who has sold tbem
worthless shares.
The Northwest country has innumerable rich mining prospects in each of
the various camps presenting splendid
opportunities for capital to develop
and the right man ought to be able to
interest money in their development.
And It is to this line of work that the
successful operator in the Northwest
country must devote his time and en-
ergy if he would be successful. The
tii"o is quite far distant when it will
be possible to sell any considerable
number of worthless shares in a tnin
ing property. ��� Northwest Mining
A Popular Hostelry ���The Eagle
and the Lardeau���Knocking
On board s. s. Kootenay,
Arrow Lakes, April 21.
Accompanied by James Wilks, A. F
of M. organizer, Arthur Evans, Fred
Dlsjardine, Gordon McLennan, John
Russell and C. Erickson, I left Ferguson this morning at 2 o'clock, reaching
deepwater landing, 17 miles over snow
and mud roads over which trofflc has
been practically suspended for uhe
time, just as the s. s. Archer wbb pulling out for Arrowhead at 7:15. The
party awakened the ever obliging
Frann Fullmer (at the top of the big
hill, and there we did justice to fresh
eggs, etc. This is probably one of the
most popular hotels in the district.
Arriving; St A rrowhead at 8:10, wc
had time,to smile with thc genial proprietor of the Lakeview, Mr. Foley
Hore the crowd split, and as a result I
will reach Rossland this evening at 10
o'clock, making tho trip from Ferguson to Rossland in 20 hours. At Arrowhead I met S. Sutherland, J. V
Armstrong and others bound for the
pay roll centre.
The a. s. Arclior is now making two
trips a day, leaving t.he Landing at 7
a.m, and 1 p.m., making connections
with both the south boat and north
Traffic is comparatively light on the
Arrow lakes, but from conversation
with passengers bound here and there
it is strikingly evident that the Lardeau and the EAOLE, synononious
terms, are well known and well talked
of. I have also learned that, true to
past events, the Topic editor is a knoc-
kor. In conversation with the parti
cular passenger I have in mind, he
told mo that "Mr. Flagstaff," as he
calls him, said: "You make uo mistake, but invest iu Trout Lake. Ferguson is no good, nor over will bo."
Now, 1 have uo objection to the first
part of his statement, but why knock
Ferguson? Is it likely to do any town
or individual any good when knocking
Is resorted to.
I notice in a recent copy of the Nelson Tribune that C. P. It. engineer
Sullivan is calling for tenders for
track-laying aud grading the Lardeau
branch of tbat system. The tenders
must bo In Winnipeg by April 29 at
12 o'clock noon. This sounds like
business, and strengthens the certainty
of our district receiving hotter transportation facilities this summer.
At the Landing freight shod I noticed the new fan, etc., for tho Nettie
L. mine, and it will not be long before
development on a large scale will bo in
progress, meaning tho re-employment
of as many men as worked during tho
We are noaring Robson, so au revoir
for the present.
The Ontario government will control
the passenger and freight rates of tho
Thunder Bay, Nepigon & St. Joe railway, which is to have a grant of 5,000
acres vJ Jam! for each mile of road.
The company must place at least a
hundred male settlers upon the land
evory year for ten years, locato stations in tho centra of each block of
land, survey town plots and build
school houses and public buildings sufficient for the requirements of Coo
Discussion of the Causes of tlie
Late Fall in Prices
A Fall of Five Cents Since tie
First of tlie. Year
Silver, after a long period of comparatively high prices, has recently
had a rapid declino, following a period
of rapidly falling prices, says tho Engineering and Mining Journal. At the
beginning of the year tho current
price in Now York was G4c, and the
average for January was 04.12c. On
February 1st the quotation was OOJc.
the avorage for the month being 61.086,
There was thon a slight improvement,
March opening with a quotation o(
61Sc, and showing an average of 00.63c.
On April 1st COJo an ounce was quoted,
but since then there has been a sharp
fall, the price as we write boing 69c
per ounce in New York, and 27i pence
sterling per ounce in London
Several causes have combined to
cause the decline, but the chief one is
found in the decline of demand for the
east. Tho demand for coinage in In
dia is satisfied for the presont, and the
prospect in that quarter is that buying
will ho light, at least for several
months. The demand on Chinese'account was at first aided by tho troubles
in that country, but has now fallen on"
heavily on account of tho almost total
paralysis of trade there. In the meantime no compensating demand from
European countries has been manifest,
purchases for coinage by the countries
in the Latin Monetary Union cud by
Russia having been very smali.
The rapid fall of the past two weeks
has boen helped hy the collapse of a
small speculation in London : the
breakdown being assisted by reports
of expected large receipts from the
United States and Mexico. These, of
course, wero baseless, since the metal
is not being pressed for sale by refiners
hore, whilo so large a part of the Mexican silver now reaches Europe through
this country that almost the same conditions govern Mexican exports. The
reports, however, served their purpose
In helping the decline.
Tho total value of tho mineral production of Canada for 15 years pas', has
beon as follows:
J"00 $63,776,090
ls/'fl 40,68-4,027
1808  38,697,021
JS2    28,661,430
f?  22,684,613
"J11''  20,639,91-!
lm  19,931,168
181);i  20,035,0S2
8?J  10,628;417
��'"  18,976,6l��
1800   16,768,353
l8S9  14,013,613
1888  12,518,89-1
1887  11,321,331
1880  10,221,255
R is gratifying to be able to record
a largn increase tu the total production of minerals im Canada during 1900,
thus continuing the very satisfactory
records of tho past four years. The
total increased by a little over 28 per
cent., 11 per centt. of which must, be
credited to tho largo output of tin-
Yukon gold, 9.6 p er cent, to increases
in other metals, ai id 0 per cont. to the
increase in the ag grogate Value of the
non-metallle prod nets, tbe value of tbo
structural matcrt als and clay products
showing only a si: ight growth over past
years. Compare* I with 1894, when the
steady increase t> egnn, the total mineral production of 1 900 Improved nearly
320 per cent., and . since 1880, whon the
first figures aro available, over 600 per
cent. duction by heat just
already done in refining
ritic processes arc
sorb a large  pnrt
they have
The py-
destined to illicit   the   mineral
11 .'Iter
^..au.aN B.C.
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he Ijosi equipped olllco In North Kootenay,
ii'l i- prepared tooxecuteall kinds of printlug
; prn
all .
nniulii-iilloll.s to
I.Mtlllir EAGLE,
FRIDAY,   APRIL 20,   1901.
There are two kinds cf slock
propositions���one in which the purchaser has a chance to make a
v.hole lot of money on a small investment, and another in which he
parts with his money without a
possibility ol getting it back. The
first kind of investment is represented to be very easy to get, but
in reality they are very hard. Every
man who lias stock to sell will tell
you the same story.
that now goes to the sin
There are unquestionably great improvements to be made in ore
treating processes, and with the
adaptation of the improved modern
machinery it may reasonably be expected that ores previously too low
in grade to allow a profit can be
handled successful!;,'. It i:' only a
question of perfecting the processes
now used.���- Northwest Mining
Even when we realize that people
aie llattering 11s wo feel sure they
mean well.	
It may be all right that tho world
owes overy man a living, but the trouble is there are too many preferred
The starting  of  government banks
I might   "infringe"   somewhat  on  the
"rights" of bankers, but it would help
the people.      	
The Topic Bays Forguson is four
miles furthor from civilization than
Trout Lake is. Then wo are lost to
tho world indeed.
Too often the prospector, usually
^tlic tenderfoot element, insists that
everything he discovers is the making of a mine. And the minute he
finds a streak of mineral rock he
imagines his lortune is made. He
can talk about fifty thousand dollars ;:s easily now as a Wall street
banker. Four or five years go by,
and if he still holds his claim lie
will approach some one in town to
bond it for a cash consideration and
a stock interest. This is easy work
and he soon finds some one who
will take his claim and begin selling
stock. This is the way most ol the
worthless stocks originate. The
people whom he interests get the
fever and their friends get the lever
through contagion. The public
does like to be humbugged, as Mr.
Barnum once said,
There is no good foundation for
prejudice against "pocket" mines,
says the Mining and Scientific
Press, Nearly all mines are more
or less pockety or spotted. A real
pocket mine is one where an exceedingly rich bunch of ore occurs
occasionally, while the rest of the
vein is comparatively barren.
Sometimes it takes all the money
found in one pocket to carry on the
work to reach the next. Occasionally six months' or a year's work is
spent before a good pocket is
found. Some of the pocket mines
have been worked for a number of
years in a sort ot intermittent way,
but have been, found to pay in the
end. The ledges oi these mines
are usually small. But even in the
chimneys ot good, well defined
wide ledges there are poor and rich
spots���not so marked, of course
as in thc true pocket mine, but oc
curring nevertheless. Possibly the
pockety mines will not hold out as
long or warrant expensive plants,
but then much ore is mined. Sometimes a vein is pockety and extremely rich on the surface, which,
with depth attained, settles down
into a steadily paying proposition.
Did you over think how many there
nre in society us now ill-adjutlted, who
never find any pleasure iu life, and
how many there are who appropriate
to themselves luxuries they never
Did you ever think that tho reason
why tho people got so littlo benefit
from tho government is because tho
gluttonous wealthy class employ the
law-makers and use the laws to appropriate to themselves tiie benefits which
should be shiirnl by all?
Several Nolson merchants propose
to form u company for the erection of 11
lend refinery, yhnuhl it lie decided by
tho Dominion authorities to bonus
such an undertaking, a lirst class scrap
may be looked for between the two
Kootenay lake cities for its possession.
It you pay a girl 00 cents per dozen
for making overalls, It is useless to set
a $2,500 a year minister preaching to
her. An empty stomach begets an
obdurate frame of mind, and the possessor of the Btomach Is more concerned about the here than the
A woman's words persuaslvo
We can listen to and meet
With an answer that's evasive
And an adjective that's sweet:
But our logic seems so simple,
And our self-possession flies,
When her cheeks are all a-dimple
And sho. reasons witb her eyes.
The operation of the railroads by
the government, and ownership by tbe
people, might seriously impair the
control of government now exercised
by some magnates, but it would relieve
the people. In fact we're prepared to
admit that lf all these things were
done a whole tribe ot arrogant aristocrats would be hurt, but the people
would be bleBsed and p-ogress assured.
The recent improvements in the
science of metallurgy are very apt
to result with the perfection of
these improvements in seriously
affecting certain smelting interests
of the company. Every year new
applications are being made of old
processes and the treatment of ores
is constantly becoming cheaper and
making it possible to treat both
higher and lower grades of ore at a
greater profit. It is even now
thought by some that the chemical
methods will entirely supersede re- j
Thc Eaole sanctum is now almost
in shape for the reception of visitors.
Capitalists will be invited to recline
on the beautifully Upholstered rocker
that has boon provided at enormous
expense; a fine lino of stout chairs has
been provided lor the use of merobants,
minors and prospectors; while collectors, Insurance agents and rubbernecks
will lind ample accommodation on tho
steps outside.
Tho "practical," "hard-headed" and
"common sonse" men, iho mon who
declare anything they never thought
about, impracticable���you have some
of them in your locality, no doubt���
believe in tho . public post olllco nnd
the public schools and tho publio fire
department and the public streots and
the public waterworks and public libraries, because we havo thorn; because thoy are hero, and havo demonstrated thoir fitness to stay. Did you
over know one of these "practical"
men to refuse to walk on tbo streets of
your town because thoy are "public"?
or fail to avail himself of the library
because it Is "public"? or go thirsty
because the water pumps are "public"?
or let his house burn down rather than
call on a fire department becauso it is
"public"? or abstain from using the
post olllce because it Is "public"? Men.
who are really practical and have good
common sense do none of these things,
Extravagant  Pro>aes J*e  ��^^
of Many Disaster;." a" Mining
Any operator or company frfcWnte
successfully developed 11 mining' pi-'o-'
perty will boar witness that it requires
11 great amount of capital to take a
prospect and carry it through the various slagos until the product makes it
possiblo to pay dividends. Mlnin;
equipment, labor aro vory expensive
items in developing properties, and
tho company that promises dividends
before a hole 511 feci, in tlio ground has
boon sunk is working a conlidonce
game pure and simple. There are
hazards in all rain.'ng enterprizes, and
It does not become ��company without
considerable development '" the way
of blocking out ores to make theso unsubstantial promises. I'.ho great desideratum in mining is t�� have the
officials'Of the com puny act on business principles and discover wtl'at tho
prospects of a company aro for pa/i11!?
dividends before making the promlsCS'
There arc indcod few if any exceptions in which the dividends promised
in a. prospectus materialize within a
period of n few years at the earliest.
And why make them? lt may help in
the selling of 11 limited number' af
shares nt the start, but wh.en half a
year is passed, or even one yoar, and
tbe dividends whieh tho stockholder
hns been led to e\qicet are not forthcoming, it moans that it will be difficult raising money to continue work.
The reason is obvious and needs no
emphasis. Exoessivo capitalization,
extravagant promisos of profit, often
wreck a most promising prospect and
discredit legitimate mining operations.
--Northwest Mining News.
Littlo Tommy, Di-niii on the .Trull, Morning
and Midulght, sitniilo In -tin- Trout Lako
Milling Division ul Wesi Kootenay District.
Whore locluod:  (Hi the Ltitiloau imiicaii
Divide at tho hoiul nf Hall Creak.
Tile notlco Unit I, I'. A. Wilkin, noting as
ageul for GeorgeII. BayncPreo Minor's Cor-
tflloelo No. B809B1, nml Cutler T. I'orlor, Free
Miner's Certificate  No. 11111404, intonil, sixtv
day's from the ilme hereof, to apply 10 the Min-
lug   Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for Hie purpose of obtaining a crown
grant of the above claim.
And further talio notlco that notion, under
section ::?, must  be commenced before the
lssuanco of suou Certificate of Improvements.
llnted this 2oth day 01 April, A, II. 1!>01.
11 1'. A. WILKIN.
Half cash, balance In sixty
days, will buy
Lot 7, Block 1
(opposite S.
Shannon's Assay    Office.)
This offer holds
good Ull May 1st.
Write or call on "O.
E," al Kagle Office.
Now Ready
for Sale
Lots 1 to 14 in Block 80.
Lots 3 and i in Block 88.
Lots 8 to 14 in Block 40.
Lots 1  to 8 in  Block S on Victoria
A snap at, present prices.   Write or
cull nt tlio Eagle Olllco.
will   he  in
thc   second
week   iu  April witli   n
full Him 01'	
Trimmed u;;d Untrimmed Goods,
Ifaney combs, Pins, etc.
Hotel Property
A larSe-Mml, including furnishings and
siloi'k (nionfriiy receipts Inst season, $lf*00), in
jrond mining inul Inmborlnir town tor Bale at
bin j-aerificT. Hood rens-onst (or selling', For
fnrther Reticulars apply lUonec lo
Tt, T. BURV,
Forguson, B, C,
tl��*J6**m*s* ..^i^^^^^^i^
I am prepared to fill orders for Jf
any description or quantity of ��7
Lumber on the shortest notice. |\
1 am agent for    i
-Sawyer Bros.' -
Sash and Door-
Siash and D oors
4 R. Davis, Pi -op.
# Ferguson Saw lvlill
and keep a full stock on hand.
jh^w^sw* jfr^^^^r^^i'e'K
Are you satisfied with ��
4 p.c. on yowr money %
You may not havo a large bank account, neither have I; bnt if you havo
any amount, from $75 to $i 00, or oven more, which you are willing to
inveBt, .and perhaps take a chance, 1 can plaoe it for you to hotter advantage than you can yoursel f, because I am in touch with the Lardeau
district and its people. V\ 'hon there is a snap going I am generally
aware of it. I havo made monoy for others during tho past year by
having a littlo ready cash o it my command. In some cases .1 have more
than doubled my client's m oney in three months. If you will stake mo
to what ready money you ci in, I will invest it for you as I would my own
money. If you want to l.ol p me to help yourself, let me invest somo
monoy for you. So far I ha ve my tlrst investment to make which wilt
not prove a winner.   Write at once to
R. P. Pettipieee, Ferguson, B. C
I Hotel PorQuson
The bar is supplied with the best brands of I
/Fines, Liquors and Cigars. I
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial f
Men.   Tenderfcet comforted,
Hutcs ��2.00;n day and upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
almoral Hotel,
Aiucrli'Bii and European Flan.
'((%        Balmoral Cafe open all hour*.
The heat Meals In the I<��rdeau.
Ferguson, B. C
&$ ^^���^���^^m^^^^^^ mnm^ $
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
_j.il    11 em, uuillia Ann iiMiiu auu.iis. SITUATED ON VICTORIA AVE.   jit.
W   NE
Everybody    Our  Special
s mokes    	
 - AND	
The Union
They are al] Unioa made and or tho Revelstoke Cigar
boat  Havana Tobadco  monoy can Manilfacturinjf
buy.   Try one and Rtttlsly yourself r>       n       ���  ,   ���
rb to their quality. Co., Kevelstoke.
Wholesale  Dealer   In
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
Tim lti����t ��oo(l�� Only.
Htock Large and Complete.
If you wish to purchase
The well known Singer Sewing Machine,
an Edison Phonograph or Records,
Quaker Vapor Baths, or have ��� your
clothes cleaned or dyed by the renowned
dyers R. Parker & Co., write for prices,
etc., or call upon
J    11/    R/^ri #i/a44     Bookseller, Stationer
���    W,  UGilllCLla    and Tobacconist,
Revelstoke Station, RANDOM FLIGHTS
The   Eagle   Poet's   Farewell ���An
Alleged Court House
Tho  Eagle   poot,  who  has  been
chained up tn tho cellar for the winter,
mado his escape  the  other   day, and
was hitting a 2:40 gait for the Landing
whon last heard of.   He   left  behind
him tho following vorses, which seem
to explain his hurried departure:
(Revised and amended)
Ohl tlio snow, the beautiful enow!
So early It comes and so late does It go.
Vou slip and you elide and you stumble
With language- unfit for the sanctified
Vou stop to tho side and your course
gets a check���
You're into  tho  boautiful  up  to the
Whoe'er was tho chump In this world
full of woo
Who spouted the praises of beautiful
Onco I delighted In beautiful Bnow,
But that was in childhood's days, long,
long ago;
With glee chilly missies I vlg'rouely
With gladness I greeted a snow-
covered world.
But now, ah! how changed Is the story
I toll;
I wish it was all shovelled down
into well,
Tn language polite, the regions below
Might possibly wolcomo the beautiful
I'm sick unto death of tho  beautiful
My frame is now feeble, my  step has
grown slow;
In summer I gracefully walk through
the street,
In wintor I sprawl on my hands or my
My oyoa aro nigh blind from tho aspect
of whito
That daily  presents  itself unto my
Soon may it ho ended, soon, soon may
I go
To a clime  that's too  warm for the
beautiful snow.
tf the Topio is to bo believed there
is actually a court house at tho lake,
and that being the caso all sorts of
salaams, prostrations and apologies
are due and aro hereby preferred to
the Individual whose voracity was
questioned tho other day. But whore
is tho court houso, any way? Surely
the Topic doesn't refer to tho little
building that used to bo alternately
known as the recording offieo and the
The Topic is again prophesying a
boom for Trout Lake City. A boom in
that sloepy hamlet would bo ns much
out of placo as a hull in a china shop.
Trout Lake City is a sweetly reposeful
placo of about a hundred inhabitants,
adjacent to Ferguson. Fergusonites
como down hero when they wish to
rest their ears from hearing tho busy
hum of industry, or to sleep off tho effects of their latest jag. A peace that
passes understanding hovers over the
village ; tho dining room girl goos
silently about about her duties, shod
with pneumatic slippers; the carpon-
tor uses mulUcd tools; oven the hens
cackle in subdued tonos; and th
mines are so far away that not tho
faintest echo of their frequent blnsts
over disturbs this quiet hamlet. A
boom would bo a rude awakening from
thin beautiful droam.
Following Is the bill of faro for Far-
gusonltes for tho coining wook:
Sunday���Sunday school, bible class
church service.
Monday���slu IT,
Thursday���moro slulT.
Friday���meeting of miners' union.
Saturday���drunk.    ,
Tako your choice��� you pay your
monoy anyhow.
It has been said by one of our
exchanges that tho great majority of
worklngmon in tho provinoe,' by sending their orders to eastern sweat shops,
are not desirous of seeing, local stores
established nor towns built up. This
is a mistake. The workingmen appre-.
elate the prosenee of local stores. They
know how convenient it is to have
some placo to stand off for thoir sup;
pi ios when thoy are out of work and
have not the ready cash to. send east.
They never ask credit from the'departmental storos where many "of" them
semi all their orders'. and^H: would" do
them no good ���' if '-they J did.���'Silvertonlan, i  >   ��  \     i    ,
lap of tbe
T. A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. Ii. 0. V. .6 S.   [Queen's University.)
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C,
Showing tho position of tho
streams, mountains and passes,
waterways, evory claim in the
Trout lako raining district, tho
trails and wagon roads, location
of surveyed railways, and everything which will assist an outsider to acquaint himself with
our district. The production
of this map has been taken hold
of by two of the best fitted men
for tho purpose in the province,
Messrs. A. P. OTiinminB, P.L.S.,
and S. Shannon, B. A., both having personal and practical knowledge of the district.
The map is to be beautifully
llthographod in five colors and
entirely freo from advertising
matter of any kind.
The urgent necessity for such
a complete map, probably 40 x 411
has long heon felt hy all persons
interested in this distriot; audit
is a pleasure to note tbat two
such able men havo decided to (ill
tho bill. The Price, the same
to all, has been plaoed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You   Want one  or   Moro
Send your address at
once to
The Lardeau Eagle
Ferguson, B. O.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
solicitors lor Imperial Bank ol Canada,
Geo.S.MoOarter. J-A. Hnrvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
S. F. W. Gainer,
and Repairer,
will re-open a hospital for sick watches
in Ferguson on or about May Ist.       8
In tlio Lardeau
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters    of   Legitimate   Mining
Kilter prises,
Tfllte notlco that I, the nndersicnoil no-owner
with yon of the Pkury mineral claim, sitntUtnl
atthflhbadquartefaof take ereek nnd Haley
ereek. in Uh* Trout Lake Mining Division Ot
West Kootenay, in the province, of Brltlali
Columbia) have performed and recorded
the astjesaineut wort; nnd made tlie expendt<
ture required to be done and recorded on the
above-mineral claim for the yenr JMO, under
seetion 24 of the Mineral Aet, and tim yenr for
whicli work was done nnd expenditure made
Having expired, I hereby glvo you notice- pursuant to section I of the Mineral Act Amendment Act, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure for tlie year 1000 within
ninety davs from tlie lirst publication hereof.
- Dated at Ferguson this flili day of March,
A. D. 1001.
Per Agent, Robt, Foran.
Take notice that The Double Eagle Mining
aud Development Companv, Limited Liability,
co-owner witli vou of tho "May Kee" mineral
claim, situated on thc Nettie L. mountain ucttr
Ferguson, in tho Trout Lake miniUH division
of West Kootonay, Rrillah Columbia, have
pcrtonncii nut recorded the aasdflsmenl
work nnd made tho expenditure required
to ho dono nnd recorded on the above
mentioned claim for the year 1000 under section 21 of tim Minoral Aot and tbe year for
whioh work was done and oxpondituro made
having expired, we hereby glvo you notice
pursuant to section four of tho Mineral Act
Amendment Act lOOO.tO contribute vour proportion of such expenditure for tho year tfloo,
wllhiuiiiidtivsoftlic lirst  publication  Uvnnt.
Dated thlfllfitli day of January, \. l>. low.
Per A. H. Holdich, SccrelHiy.
Take notice Hint wn lhe undorBlgnefl eo-
owners wlih you of the Little RooortODd
Little Robert No.'.', mineral claims hi tun ted at
thcexlrcinc head of Ihe north fork of Lardeau
creel: in the Trout Lako mining division of
West Kootenay in thc province nf
British t'oliimlila. Imvc performed nml recorded the assessment work and made the expenditure required to be dono nnd recorded on the
above mentioned olaims for the year limit,
underseetionUl of (lie Mineral Act and the
year for which work was performed and expenditure mnde having expired we do
hereby give you notice pursuant to section -lot
the Mineral Aet Amendment Act 1000, to eon-
tribute your proportion of sue I) expenditure
for tlie yenr hereinbefore mentioned within 90
days of the first publication hereof.
Dated ��t Trout Luke this 28th davofJannarv,
A. D. 1001.  -
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ...,   .
Tho most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Boating, fishing
and* excursions, Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of tbo world. Two mails arrive und
dopart"every day. Its bnlhS cure nil nervous
,aua muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
kidney,, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters arc a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons.   TERMS :   fin to
' *l�� per week, according to residence in hotel
' or villas, \
Methodist Church
Ferguson :    Service*' 4n Eagle hall every
Sunday nt 3 p.m   junday school at 2 p.m.
Trout Lake Cit**.   Services in Forrest
hall every Hunday at 7:30 p.m.  Sunday
school at 2:tl0 p.m.
REV. S. J. GREEN, Pastor
The Eagle Hall
now rciiilv for pin-ties desiring to secure
it for publio purposes. For pricos, etc.,
K. r. ri-.TTiPH'CE.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.
Soe thai this Label is on all Clothing yon buy.
1435 New York Ave, Washington, D,C,
Solicitors of American and Foreign
Patents, Designs, Trademarks,
Will return too if  Patent Js not secured.     Send   fur   Inventors
(i'uide, or How to Got
a Patent.
[^"Mention this Paper and secure
Speolal rates.
Canadian Pacific
East and West
from Vancouvor to Alaska, Capo
Nome, Australia, Now Zealand, China,
Through tickets to nml from England
and the Continent.
For timo tables, rates anil full infill'
mation apply to local agents.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
D. P, A.,.Nelson,     A,8,r.A��� Vnncouvor,
W;-',V'". ������'���   ;
Price $60.00
Visible Writing From Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Groat
Britain, France, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving entire  satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
* J
li. C. AGENTS:
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C. j
Packing and
Forguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies, etc.. to any
point in the district,
flood,  prompt service, and  any  work  undertaken  guaranteed.
Freighting  Irom  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ***5^ S. Dane}', Proprietor.
The Supply Point I
Y for Lardeau's
^^ Richest Mines:
The C. P. R. are now pushing construction work on thc Lardeau
branch, which will be completed
as far as the foot of Trout lake this summer. Once the railway reaches this
point the producing mines right around
Ferguson "ftill only have to haul their
ores to a point this side of thc lake, and
it will no longer be Thomson's Landing,
which is now so familiar, but Trout
Lake Landing. From the point where
loaded our ores will be barged to Selkirk
City, and for the present, at least, sent
out to Nelson or Kaslo.
While construction is going on, the
many mining companies now operating
in the camp are making ready to ship
ore this season or as soon as possible..
These mine-owners need supplies, and
those supplies are purchased in Ferguson. And why not? for Ferguson is
thc place where the mines are, the pay
roll centre.
The building activity in Ferguson,
and thi" rapidity with which lots are
changing hands, shows very clearly
which way the wind blows.
Towns may be moved, but mines can-
no! ; that is one reason why an investor
in Ferguson real estate is secured. All
who have seen the Ferguson townsite
aver that it is the natural centre of
Lardeau's mines. Its neatly laid out
appearance, its unique position at the
base of the Great Northern, Nettie L.
and Silver Cup-Triune hills, all tend to
increase its certainty ol becoming the
Rossland-Sandon ofthe Lardeau.
Lots range in price from $75 for inside
residential, $100 tor corner; 11 Si 50 for
inside business, $200 for corner.
For prices   of  Lots,   etc., |
I apply to HENRY FLOYD, |
I Sole Agent, Revelstoke, B.C. |
f\ ��������><<��.���������-��������������+-��-��
the Wing
Ed. Ward left for thc Silver Cup
Frank Luheau is erecting a resilience east of the King's hotel on Vic-
Itoria avenue.
J. C. Kirkpatrick and J. McTnggar
I'.i'fl for the Little Robert on tho north
I fork Thursday.
A. Sutherland, of McKinnon &
liutherlauil, returned Monday from bis
lousiness trip to southern and western
j R. P. Pettipieee, chief featherer of
Iho nest of this noble bird, left for a
I'cok's trip to civilized parts on Satur-
lay last.
J Tho bulk of tho Nettie L- employees
lore laid oft on Saturday last. Development work will be resumed in about
I month.
I The sno'.v is going off rapidly under
le influence of the fine weather lately
|evaiiing, and tho townsite will soon
i clear of the beautiful.   "
���Trooper Lewis of Strathcona's horse.
Iio is well known In the Lardeau, has
len lecturing in Revelstoke on his
lutb African experiences.
\jPb\o townsite of Ten Mile will short-
a surveyed and put on the market,
Inore higb-faluting title being suh-
|:nted for the present one.
lv three year old boy, son of a miner
I in Rossland, was accidentally
I wned last week in thc flsb jiond
liiud the saloon of tho Halcyon .Hot
I'ings hotel.
S. Harris, recently chef at tlio
l.el Queens, Comaplix, has accepted
losition at the Silver Cup mino,
rry will succeed in life; he is a
jl-up reador of the EacHUS.
| lis Idler got her first spin on Trout-
i on Tuesday. She not as far as
I Mile but was u liable to proceed
llier on account of the ice, which,
lover, showed signs of toon going to
I Choir is being formed in town la
lection with thu Meiihcdist rals-
Miisic has been sent for, and
Ferguson warblers glvo promise of
llling when thoy get fairly into
lo. Thursday evening lias beon
]:ted for practice.
Oroenwood Miner has been
fifed to an eight page weekly, sig-
liig tho. gro.vth and prosperity of
lnv.'ood,    Tho  newspaper  is tho
|'ion by which towns aro judged.
. Grief is no jnckleg at the pro-
I'Ut Lake Lodge No. 41, 1.0.0. P.,
J old tbeir annual church  parade
|unday  next at Tr.'IO p.m., to tho
_jdlst church, Trout  La.ke City.
. J. Green will preach u.n appro-
sermon.   Sojourning  brethren
d to take part in the parade.
nail sum has been appropriated
provincial government lor the
Iio of putting tbe wagon road bo-
I Ferguson and Baty's into some
shape for traffic. Andy Daney
le work in hand, having started
lions with a gang of men yester-
iilcoiiolic drinks the people of
nltcd States last year paid
i(J3,787, or at the ruto of $18,79
ery man, woman and child,
lost the people of Canada Homo-
ike $5.25 per annum last year,
view of the railwuy'lobbiea at
a and Ottawa an incroase may
loted in the figures for ths cur-
lencing May 2 from Owen
and May 5 from Fort William,
mdian Pacific railway's upper
earners will resume regular
the following schedule: From
iound���e. s. Alberta Tuesday,
iabasca Thursday, 8. e. Mani-
turday; from Fort William���
10a Sunday, Manitoba Tuesday,
inual production of gold has
d from $100,000,000 In 1873 to
000 In 1900. The consumption
n the arts is estimated at from
to $70,000,000 a year, and
. leave a rapidly increasing
.vailable as use for money.
ig to the estimates of the
tates mint bureau about $500,-
gold was consumed In the
log the decade from 1880 to
the world's production for
period wae $1,060,000,000,
ng 8560,000,000 available to
'a supply ot money.
* Sweet peas aud lawn 'grass and
clover seed, guaranteed good, at the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke.
latest patterns, and
C. B. Hume & Co.,
r* Wall papers,
at bargain prices.
Trout Lake.
* For anything in the china or crook-
ware line go to C. B. Hume & Co.'s
store, Trout Lake. A large stock just
* No more need to send out for your
drugs, stationery or confectionery.
A. F. Rankin's stock will be available
next week.   Store in Eagle block,
* When you reach Trout Lake City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson Bros,, proprietors. Good
accomodation ; best service; choice
wines, liquors and cigars; fire proof
safe; rates reasonable.
Office: No, 10 First Ave.
:   :   :   P. O. Box 37   :   :   :
: : V, & N. Phone 233 : :
Established at Hossland,
:   :   :   :   :  1890 :   :   :   :   :
Risks That Are Run by an Unprotected Baohelor on a
Passenger Oar
As tho train upon which I rode pursued Its rolling tendency towards Winnipeg the cars filled with people .who
often bave hay in their hair. Their
talk was of wheat and Manitoba politics. Many of them asked me what we
raised in the Slocan, I informed them
that we raised lead, silver and occasionally a little hell. Sometimes we
raised objections, while at the present
moment we wero raising delegations
for the Ottawa market. I also informed the farmers that many cold
decks had been raised in Sandon, but
of late the crop had been a failure.
When I ejaculated that jack pots and
black jacks were occasionally cultivated tho light of intelligence sparkled In
tbe e.ve6 of ono or two, as if they had
somewhere' in the past held a deal
upon a rising market, or slyly peeped
at an ace in a hole. All farmers are
not green. Many of them must be dry,
judging from the numerous pocket
Irrigation plants I occasionally saw in
active operation.
An unprotected man meets witb occasional dangers whon travelling, One
night, as the train jarred the ozoue of
the early morning, I fell asleep In the
day coach, tired out from tho struggle
lo keep myself alive to all occasions.
Around me were man ��� ladies locked in
the arms of Morpheus. Most of them
wero beautiful, and bad tlieir mouths
open. Time and placo change many
laws of society. Unaccustomed to
sleeping in the samo room with so
many earthly divinities I felt afraid to
slumber, but nature willed it so. As I
was dreaming that the millcnium hud
arrived, and everybody wus advertising
in my paper, I was rudely awakened
by a pair oi soft, whito anus encircling
my frame, and the pressure of embonpoint lips upon my kissers. 'Thinking
that the train was held up I mochunic-
ally reached for my gun (my purse was
light enough to tnko caro of itself), determined that no outlaw would get me
in his suck at bargain counter prices.
To my amazement it wits a woman who
so tightly clasked my blue suit. With
bated breath and gentle tones sho said,
"Oh, my darling, why did you stay out
so lute? Come to bed, my sweet hubby.
Come!" By tho Shade of Horned
Pumpkins, and Six Hands Round, says
I to myself, this is simply horrible.
Thon as I gazed into hor face I saw
that, she was usleep. She wus a somnambulist and my vanity vanished.
Knowing that persons in this condition
will answer you If you whisper iu their
ear, I whispered, "Don't lecture me;
wait till I get my boots off." She immediately relinquished her tdhucious
grasp and returned to her scat. Thon
I lied from the day coach, gave the
porter of the Pullman all my fortune,
:and slumbered In a berth over the Icebox until the sun was middle-aged and
all danger was past. When I passed
through thu day coach again the lady
was still there, hut gazed at me as
though I were a bunch of faded wild
flowers. I did not tell her how she
had startled me the night previous,
and the secret is still with me in tho
cent belt.
At Medicine Hat the Indians meet'
all trains with a plentiful supply of
painted buffalo horns. It is long years
since the buffalo chewed his cud
around these parts. It may be said of
this ancient and noble animal that
though dead his horns live after him,
Many of the reds who sell these remnants of Alberta's bison race have
faces that are palo with the blood of
the white man.���Ledge.
Montreal people say that In the
event of thc federal government granting a bonus upon the production of pig
lead, tho refinery will be stationed at
either Montreal or Toronto.
Promoting of Mining Deals and
Stock Companies a Specialtv
We have connections with
mining men and capitalists
in the United States and
Eastern Canada, and can
find the necessary money
to work and develop meritorious silver-lead properties. If you have claims
with fine surface showing,
carrying good values,
please write to us at once
and we will find the right
party to take hold.
Yours respectfully,
Rossland, B, C.
Imperial Bank
of Canada.
REST ��� ��� ���
��� ��,BOO,(X10.00,
��� $1,730,000.(10.
General lianltiiig Uuslriess Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits tn Savings
Department nt current rules.
a. eTFhiits,
Carpets, Lineoleum,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Agent Pianos, Sewing  Machines,   etc.
Mall orders promptly attended to.
R. HOWSON, Furniture Dealer
and Undertaker, REVELSTOKE.
H. Ed\vards>^s
Door Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Purs and Skins
Tunned und Dressed.
Third street ^Kevelstoke
Chemists     $
R. S. Wilson.
Smoke Cigars
And nt all times insist on the
box bearing THE hlue label.
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying fair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
Barred Flymouth Rock Eggs
(best American strain), J1.00
per setting of 13.   Write to
H. E. R. SMYTHE,Revelstoke,B.C.
J>i'iil��r*4 tn Orocerl-r-n,
llar-liviirei, Clot hint;,
*;entn* FurnlfilitiifrN,
Hoots ��nd SIiocm,
Miner*'  Siijn>lkH, Etc.
Gr ener a 1
Pioneer ����tore
Cummins & Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
for the
<*mm^A.   P.   RANKIN
C. B. Hume & Co.
Wholesale and Retail
General Merchants....
Revelstoke and Trout Lake
Specialties for Next Week: White Crockery Ware, Wall Paper.
Call in, write or telephone.
NO. 4 K, W, C. I1I.OCK, NELSON, II. (.'.
Gold, Silver-Lead anil Copper Mines wanted at ihe EXCHANGE, FREK
MILLING   GOLD properties  wanted ul onee lor  Eastern  investor.
Parties having mlnlni: property Por flalo are requested to send suinules
of llieir ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition. '
All samples Bhould lie sent hy exffieu prepaid. Corrcsnondenco
sollelled.  Address all cominuiiieation to
-   I'. O.1IOX700,      NELSON, II. (.'.
Before buying Hardware for building Purposes
drop a line for quotations to ... ,
BOURNE ��., Revelstoke, IC.
More  than freight  saved  by    buying   your f.
requirements  from   tho Departmental Store. J


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