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Lardeau Eagle 1901-06-20

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VOL. III. NO. 19.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Opened Up With Good Results
Laing were doing assessment work for
the group on one claim. After tunnel
ling into some 30 feet of snow, which is
very late ln going off this season, they
located the old tunnel and added a few
more feet to Its length, but another
20 or 30 feet bas yet to be driven before
they expect to tap the lead, underneath
the surfaco showing. Work of a more
or less extensive nature will be prosecuted on the little Robert group all
summer. Mr. Lundy expeots to return
to Ferguson in the latter part of July,
when a more detailed plan of work will
be given out,
Everybody Hustling to Get Ready
For toe Railway
As will be noticed by readers of the
Eagle there is much to record this
week in tbe way of actual development
work being done. This sumnoer weather
Is melting the snow very rapidly, and
though later than last season every
thing points to a much  better and
busier camp this year.   Already blasting Is to be heard in every direction
and soon the summits will be dear of
snow and such properties as the Triune
will then be in full swing.   Mining
men do not appear to be  bothering
tbeir heads very much about tha railway, tho silver market or townsitos.
They are now absorbed in an endeavor
to be ready for the railway when it
does come.   There is no boom on, nor
1b one expected, but the steady strides
being made, both in town and upon its
surrounding mining properties, cannot
help but have a stimulating effect with
Investors,   Not only are the old properties increasing their efforts, but several
new companies are commencing work.
The Eaqle wishes to mention right
here, though, that there are all kinds
of men bere, plenty to do the work in
sight.   There is plenty of room  for
prospectors, or men seeking working
bonds or wanting properties to develop,
but as usual  the "labor market" is
glutted.   Altogether the progress for
tho past  week  is very marked, and
ovory day sees men leaving tho pay
roll center with thoir packs, and In
many raises loudcd packhorses.   This
season gives promises of eclipsing all
previous records In tho matter cf now
discoveries, development work and ore
shipments.   This would havo beon the
case years ago had a railway been built
thon instead of now.
The New Triune is Known as tlie
Ruffled Grouse Group
J. B. ManroBs and Henry Jacobson of
Rossland, both old-timers in Ferguson
and the Lardeau, arrived in the pay
roll center a few days ago. They secured supplies ln town and lit up the
north fork for the Crackshot group
where they will do considerable work.
This group sidelines tbe Black Warrior
group���upon which the owner, Thos.
Horn, is now working���and consists of
three claims, the Creewell, Frisco and
Crackshot, located at the head of McDonald creek, and also not very far
from Jas. Comerford's Mountain View
group, which is now under bond for
Mr. Manross has joined the benedicts since his last visit to the camp,
and they may take up their residence
permanently ln the place where the
mines are next month, At any rate
Mr. Manross purchased three busines
lots on Victoria avenue, one of which
he has already sold, and an offer of
$550 cash for the other two, next to S.
Shannon's assay office, he has refused.
If he desides to remove here from
Rossland ho will buy a couple of residential lots and build a house.
Owners Will Commence Slipping
Ore in a Few Weeks
located partly within the limits of the
Circle City townsite, six miles from
Ferguson up tho north fork of Lardeau
creek. It was purchased last fall hy a
company formed by Mr. Welch. Mr.
Welch will size up matters when he
reaches here next month, and the
chances are work will bo pushed along
J. A. Darragh, local superintendent
of the Wido West Cold Mining com'
pany, Is now at work on this property
with a gang of men. The Wide West
group is located on Pool creek, due
north of Ferguson, over the Great
Northern hill. A 183 :oot tunnel was
driven last season, but this year somo
important developments should he
made, a record of which will be found
in the Eaole: from timo to time,
After six months of varied extensions the Towser syndicate of Chicago
failed to raise tho price, a balance nf
$37,000, so that the Towser deal is off.
The syndicate have done a good deal of
work, and only last weak was J.
Sweeney, who has been in charge of
the property throughout tho winter,
brought down the bill. Ho left Immediately for the Big Bend camp, north
of Revelstoke, to resume placer operations, ho being an old-timer up there,
The owners of the Towser, D. Ferguson and J. Knowles, may do some additional work before tbe season 1b over,
and tho chances are tbey will demonstrate to the bondholders that this
propei'ty Is all right. But the EAQLE
understands that it was not tbeir lack
of faith in tbo property which caused
them to throw up tbo bond, but rather
tbe lack of funds.
Jacob Sohmldt, who has charge of
the work on this group, was in town on
Tuesday on his way back to work, The
tunnol boing driven on tho new lead
discovered last fall is now iu aome 20
feot, with a nice littlo vein of ore still
holding its own. Mr. Schmidt will return via the Gainer creek trail and go
down from the Badshot group, the new
Workings being in the Badshot basin.
Joseph C. Kirkpatrick, who with G.
Lundy of Innisfail,- Alberta, owns the
Littlo Robert Group up the north
fork, roturned from the property on
Saturday* last, whore ho and John C.
The Exoellont Service of the Past
Two Months Is Unnecoes-
sarily Altered.
For tho past couple of months, up to
the chango of tho Imperial Limited on
tho O. P. R. system, the mail service at
Ferguson was a continual round of
pleasure���not taking into consideration
tho overtime put in by Postmaster
Batho. And there Is positively no reason why it should be otherwise at tbe
pi'OBenttimo. The mall courier used
to come in In tho evening and remain
ovor night, thus giving all concernod
plonty of time In which to answer correspondence. But things have changed.
The mall courier must rush ln at any
time from 3 to 0 p. ni, and after two
short hours hustle away back to Trout
Lake, and there enter Into peaceful
slumber for the night. The courier
has until 5 p. m, to make connections
with the boat at the Landing now, and
there is no need of him leaving Ferguson until the following morning after
arrival as he used to, more particularly
as he had then to make connection
with the boat at 1 p. m. Two hours is
not long enough to receive and answer
mail, especially where there Is no
necessity for It. Just why the
mail courier cannot leave the Land
Ing one morning and Ferguson the foi.
lowing morning, and thus accommodate
ua all, is more than the Eaole can
understand. Of course he may bo fulfilling his contract; no doubt he ia; but
Postoffice Inspector Dorman when last
here certainly led Forgusonites to be-
lleve that tho excellent service recently
rendered would bo continued. Surely
this little difference can soon be
remedied by Mr, Dorman and Mr. Hillman.
II Mail Courier Hillman could leave
Ferguson at 7 a. m. and catoh the 1 p.
in. boat at tho Landing, two weeks ago,
why can't he leave here in the morning
now and catch the 6 p, m. boat?
It looks aa though another Triune had
been discovered. While doing assessment work on the Ruffled Grouse, which
was staked in '98, during the past week,
a remarkable discovery of ore was
made by two of tbe owners on Monday,
samples of which have beon submitted
toS. Shannon, B, A., for assay. The
Ruffled Grouse group consists of two
claims and a fraction, the Ruffled
Grouse, Ironside and Ironside fraction.
It is located on Trout creek, adjoining
tbe Copper Chief, due south of Wm.
Glenn's ranch about -j miles, being in
a splendid location for either rail or
wagon road and freeof natural obstacles.
J. W. Livingston, of Gold Bug fume, a
prospector who haB hunted long and
hard for a "strike," owns a half Inter
est, and It now looks as though his
"stake" was in sight. Tho othor half
(of the Ruffled Grouse) is owned by Ole
Peterson and Andy Ward jointly, while
Peterson and Livingston havo an undivided Interest in tjio rest of the group,
The big ledge, about 40 feet wide, has
an iron capping, and at a point where
it had become broken over, after a fow
days work, tbo big strike was mndo.
Two Bamples were submitted for
assay, the first consisting of galena and
gray copper in a quarts: gangue. This
gives the astonishing result;, of 1757.5
ounces to the ton, or r.t 00 cent:; per
ounce, $1054.50 in silvor alone. The
second assay was carbonates, such as
Lardeaultes are now becoming quite
familiar with, which run 258 ounces, or
$154.80 per ton.
Tho owners havo a fow days assessment work to do up the south fork on
the Silvor Star group, adjoining tiie
Gold Bug on tlie southeast, after which
thoy will leave for the Bullied Grouse
and commence taking out ore for shipment. Thoy have nearly a ton out already, but unfortunately havo boen
throwing ttelr carbonates down tho
hill side.
Just how many more grassroot high-
grade ore producers will be discovered
tbis season in this district is hard to
say. The Rullled Crouso can ship oro
which will cuBlly run an average of
$400 to tlio ton, and no prospectors In
the province aro moro entitled to suoh
good fortune than Jiose old-time
stnyors, Messrs. Livingston, Peterson
and Ward.
Frank Holten, who with & force of
men, is working the Metropolitan, was
in town for a few hours on Sunday, and
brings news of progress. Tho crosscut tunnel which was started at a point
ju3t below soveral small veinBOf high-
grade ore, showing on the surface, is
now in some 17 feet, the first stringer
being intersected at the 12-foot point,
and from here Mr. Holten sacked some
ore which cannot fail to please thc
owners, a small sample of which he
brought down. The stringer is just as
true at the bottom of the tunnel as at
the surface, and owing to its continuity
and high-grade ore, it looks well for
the remainder of these small veins,
which will be cross-cut and afterwards
drifted upon both ways this season.
Chas. W. McCrossan, the managing director of Minneapolis, who was here a
few days, and loft for Victoria, B. C,
was unexpectedly called home, but he
will return to the camp about August
1st, accompanied by a number of the
eastern shareholders in the company.
S. Shannon, B. A., is acting as local
superintendent for both the Metropolitan and Sunset groups.
The Lade and
Produce Bi? Gold Values
bis Part of tie Camp is in the
This group, consisting of three
claims, the Threo Friends, Black Hawk
and Lone Star, situate on Nettie L,
mountain, adjoining the Gloosecap
group, has recently changod hands, a
company having been formed in Toledo,
Ohio, for that purpose. The first of
throe payments was paid over through
the Imperial bank last woek, and tho
second one falls due on July 1st. A
40-foot tunnel was driven two season's
ago, but another 250 feet has been arranged for which will be c-mmencod
upon next week. A. E, Welch, of London, Ont., will be hero in a few weeks
to look after this and his many other
mining interests here.
The dullness of the silver market
may after all be a good thing for the
Lardeau district in some ways. We
will now have prospectors seeking for
gold values, and past events prove that
the camp will yet produce some gold
mines. The Lade group, and the increasing values in our silver-lead
properties, is a clincher to this statement. There is no doubt but that the
Fish creek belt, just over the Great
Northern hill from us, extends all tho
way through this camp, and ledge natter which bas heretofore been passed
over by prospectors looking for silver-
lead showings, will receivo moro attention. This cannot fail to do good, aud
it is easily within the range of possibilities that much ground now being
walked over will later on be the scene
of busy stamp mills or cynide plants.
No other mining district in the province offers such possibilities to the
prospector. Nor can an investor strike
a better camp, it judicious, to legitimately expend his money in tbe development and production of ournatural
resources. Gold is king, and the
Eagle foels confident that the Lade
and othor gold properties in this camp
will be shipping high-grade ore before
tho snow Hies. At any rato the discoveries ;md ultimate outcome of the
presont Ftrong local Interest will bo recorded with interest.
Telephone Line Between Here and
Arrowhead Being Much
E. M. Morgan, who has spent the last
six months in the Slocan, is now back
to the Lardeau, "tho best of the
bunch," as lie says, and reports "the
Lardeau" to bo quite the fashion in
outside points. He thinks that next
month will see a move by many in this
direction. Mr, Morgan as ono of the
interested Ih the Cromwell group, will,
with the others, do some work this
summer. Indeed if the Warner-Miller
syndicate fail to take up thoir bond,
the owners will wade right in and get
out and ship the oro themselves.
Though poor men, .rather than he
stuck, thoy will produce their own
S. Shannon, B, A., has received instructions from A. K. Welch, managing
director of tlio Comstock company, to
award A. J. Gordon a contract for driving 100 feet of tunnol at once, and accordingly Messrs. Shannon and Gordon
left for the property yesterday to begin
operations,   The Comstock group is
E. L. Kimnun, who Is now engaged
by the Kevelstoke, Big Bend& Trout
Lake Telephone Co., lo place their llnu
between Arrowhead and Ferguson in
repair, and maintain its ollieieney
thereafter, was in town on Saturday.
Mr. Kiniuan will put In poles along
Victoria avenue und change the wire
from its present glg-zag course over the
townsite, which will uot only be a convenience to teamsters, but very much
Improve tho service rendered. The
line between Arrowhead and Thomson's Landing has been put in shape
and tlie balance of it will bo completed
in the course of a couplo of woeks.
Already thero Is n marked improvement, but after July 1st a pencil seratch
lu Ferguson may be hoard in Arrowhead. This can only be fully appreciated by thoso who have suffered
inconvenience through a neglected
service in the past. As things are
picking up in the camp, more people
aro coming in and mining deals of more
or less importance aro being closed
from time to timo, perfect connection
with thc telegraphic systems of the
outside world is a great convenience.
It is possible that during the summer
Manager Wm. Cowan will install
"swoat-boxes" with each instrument.
This would certainly make the present
system complete, and the EAQLE trusts
that in tho best interests of all con-
corned Mr. Cowan will see lit to do so.
For a telephone ot this nature to be n
complete success there must be secrec]
surrounding tho Instruments, as a poison naturally hates to stand tho bank
manager off within the hearing of the
occupants of tho room or store. How
evor, now that ono can whisper it
gently tlio shock and suspense will be
materially lessened.
The men working ou these properties
aro making good headway, and the ore
bodies being opened up on both claims
will be no discredit to tho Nettio L.
hill. Ou tho Ajax tho shaft is now
down 17 foot, the last 7 feet being on ;'.
solid ore vein nearly a foot In width.
Blmlllar to what is encountered In thc
southeast drift of the Nettie L. Tho
shuft on tho Maybe, too, Is How in ore.
In fact these companies are proving
that development by shafts Is the ben
and most economical in many ways,
though costing a littlo more on the
tho start. First locato your ledge, slni.
and then drift, soems to bo their method, which is proving so successful.
T. McCullougb, who has every conf.-
deuce in tbe value of tho Free Coinage
olalm on Silver Cup-Triune mountain,
owned by Messrs. Dunn k Farrell of
Vancouver, has obtained a loaso of the
property, and along with W. Leiper is
now pushing work, Mr. MoCullough
confidently expects to locato tho oro
body in a few woeks, and as be has the
proposition pretty well sized up by ex
perienco ho should be successful in his
undertaking. The EAQLE will not be
surprised to loarn of tho Free Coinage
shipping some high grado uro befor;
the year passes into history.
Wm. Shannon and J. Peebles, who
aro working on tho Sunset group, up
the north fork, wore in town on Sunday.
I'hoy report things looking very favorable. The snow up there is going fast,
and a good deal of work seems to be
going on around thoin judging from the
blasting rumbling's heard. An EAQLE
representative intends going up the
north fork this month, and more detailed particulars of the work and pro-
I gress being made will then be given. Advertising Hates: DUplny ads,, 31.00 not
column [noli por mouth, Legal ads, 12 cents
l*r (uiiuparlcll line for Hrs; insertion : Sitiuh
ior each udaitional Insertion. Heading notices
10 cents por lino eaoll issuo, Ninety day loss!
MUtlCOS, $101 sixty iln)V,��7.!iO: thirty ilnv... Ji.
\i> mis. OCCoptOd Ht loss lh.HU illll rules.    '
Subscription Hate I By mall or carrier. 13.00
por annum ; 11.00 (er six months, To foreign
addfossos 13.50,   Stopped at expiration.
.loii Printing: The EaBlo'job'dopnrtmontts
iiiobesi oqulppod office in North Kootenay,
.nnl is prepared to execute all kinds oi printing
nl liouesl prices. *
Address ail communications to
JUNE 20,
Some times a personfeels like saying: it serves them right-let them
take lots of it���but most of them
are more to be pitied than laughed
at. We refer to the promiscuous
investor in mining stock, without
first acquiring absolutely necessary
information as to the merits of the
proposition in question. These
same investors would take a fit
were they asked to invest in a piece
of realty or a commercial undertaking of a business nature, without
lirst seeing it, or making ordinary
enquiries; but why they will continue
to invest in any old kind of stock
without the same precaution is certainly a puzzler to the average experienced westerner. When, the
Eagle says enquiring into the merits of a properly or stock it does
not mean a letter to a resident of
the camp, without even a postage
stamp enclosed, asking for all kinds
of information, but never breathing
that there is no recompensation
forthcoming. People are not here
for their health, and it takes time
and money to visit properties, which
is the only way the informant can
give reliable information. The
iiverage investor in mining stocks,
in the east, is a cheap guy, who is
looking for something for nothing.
And you may depend upon it he will
surely receive his just remuneration
in the long run. It pays to make
judicious enquiry and personal investigation before buying mining
stocks. There will be more than
one poor innocent cussing the Lardeau camp ���instead of the promoter
-inside of two years. This kind
of mining doesn't pay, either the
camp or the investor ultimately.
P.ut most people have to buy their
experience. And here we keep it
on tap.
Too many mere "prospects" are
dubbed as mines,,and turned over
by promoters to companies at mine
Mining men, yellow-leggers, experts, cheap promoters, long-bond
men, prospectors, 'and legitimate
investors may now wend their way
into this district, as the veil of snow
has been lifted for a few weeks.
capital. As it is these mining states
of the west are the safest commonwealths in the world for the investment of money, for the men who
labor in our mines are good citizens
interested in the prosperity and upbuilding of the communities in
which they reside. Measured by
the advantages it brings to the community as a whole, the Miners'
union should meet the approval of
every good citizen."
States or New  Zealand, in all of
which he has converted dividend
paying   properties    into financial
Though Lardeaultes can scarcely bo-
Hove it there is actually a crew of men,
with locomotive and track-laying machinery, now entering this district from
tlio south. So many times have wo
been lifted from depression, and drawn
upon our imagination as to what the
outcome of a railway tu the Lardeau
would bo, that until we actually Bee the
iron horse, the BAQLB will no longer
deliberate. From this date tho Lardoau branch should speak for itself.
H. J. Pettypiece, member of the
Ontario legislature for East Lamb-
ton, in a speech on the budget some
weeks ago, declared himself in favor
of the government owning and controlling the railways, and deprecated the folly of bonuslng private corporations, for which Canada
will have to dearly pay sooner or
later. Mr. Pettypiece is also proprietor of the Forest Free Press,
which is now advocating more than
one progressive issue. Many
newspapers that a few years ago
The following tribute to organized \ were bol,nd and blindcd b>' P^tyism,
labor appears in the most author- lricl(Sters and government treasury
itive mining magazine in the western j manipulators, "re found to-day de-
states��� the Western Mining World
If the Mine Owners' Association,
who have recently engaged in the
publishing business, make no more
of a success with their newspapers
than they do in politics, then the
country is safe. As they have all
kinds of money���extracted trom
innocent old country guys���they
may for a time loom up Mike a $12
mule at a straw stack, but once the
electors find out that they are the
organs of the "btueruihjtes," it will
make very little odds what they
have to say.
A heavier rate of taxation on unworked crown-granted mineral
claims will be a live question at the
next session of the legislature. Too
much mineral-bearing ground is
held by busted companies and by
individuals who are waiting to see
how work done by their neighbors
pans out. Such claims pay no taxes,
for tax sales are a thing unheard of
in this province. Make the tax $5
an acre per annum, with a rebate ot
go per cent it the ground is continuously worked. If the taxes are not
paid promptly, have immediate tax
sales. Legislation in this direction
will not injure mining, for it is only
an industry when the ground is being
worked.���Nelson Tribune.
pouncing the system, and very soon
lhe sentiment will spread and all
Canada will rise to the occasion.
The next Dominion election contest
will be between the progressive element, socialists if you will, and the
The old parties have
been blotted off the map.
and coming from such an old,
organized town as Butte, is all the
more appreciated by men who have
reason to thank organization for
their present position in society.
The World says: "Whatever of Uberal Part>'
criticism may from time to time be
made against the Miners' union by
men who feel that in certain cases So far the introduction of British
the organization may have gone be- capital here has pot been an un
vond the bounds of equity and pru- j mixed blessing, very truthfully says
dence, the fact remains that it is one the Victoria Outlook. Mines dis-
of the most helpful agencies e""r | covered, developed and worked by
devised to aid in upbuilding the, Americans, who came up into the
community.     Through   its   efforts Kootenays from the south of us
Work on this property, owned by the
Golden Circlo Mining company, is to
be vigorously, pushotl this summer,
This group lies between tho Primrose
and Badshot group, and this season the
Domestic should give a good account of
itself. Development will be watched
with Interest, locally and by the company's shareholders.
Kinman���At Trout Lake on Wednesday, June 12,1901, to Mr. and Mrs.
IS. L, Kinman, a daughter.
Shannon���Challenger���At the residence ot the brido's parents, Cedar-
vllle, Ont., on June 5th at 4 p.m., by
the Rev. Geo. P. MorrlB, Samuel
Shannon, B. A., of Ferguson, B. C,
to Miss Jennie, oldest daughter of
J. Challeuger, Cledaryllle, Ont.
When you roach
Trout Lake City
register at the
Queen's Hotel
Almthmnson Bros., Prop'rs
Good accommodation, best sor-
vice, choice wines, liquors and
cigars, fire proof safe, rateB
Lot 5, Block 55
, upon which is located the old
' bakery shop, is now offered for
sale by the owner for
$500 Cash.
For particulars apply to
15-18 Ferguson, B. C.
AGENCY ttttt
WANTKD.-I.ois  on  Victoria Avenue, in
blocks 1,2,8,4,5,0or7.   Send price,
term8| and particulars at once.
I nm got it done for you at from \ih to
J:M>. It Improves vour lota ami the town, and
IiuTciiKt's their selling value. If you'own lots
hero It will pav vou tn clear thorn. Drop me a
line, giving numbor of lot and blook, and I'll
send you estimates,
CUlCn   WILL   BUY  Lots 8, 0 and 10 in
���Puou  block 7, on Victoria avenue, limne-
high ai y
more, but own
nftcr.Tuli- |��t.
Toi i u
Windsor hotel. Splendid
tin Al location. Worth
it have numey. Offer void
I, cash,  Apply at once.
tpoUU cuNii; balance bofore August int.
This lot Is on Victoria Avenue, almost cleared,
and In tbe business centre of the town. A
good buy at the pi-Joe.
Sp��OU   corner lot, located Oil Victoria Ave.
west.   Part cash, balance by Augustilt.
d;o(in WILL BOY Lot7, iu block i.oppo-
iTJOuU site B, Shannon's hsshv office on
Vicorla Avenue. Half earth, balance in sixty
'in vs. This offer only boms good till June 1st.
A auap Ior a bUSlneM location.
alone a scale of wages is maintained
that enable miners to enjoy the
usual advantages of life, build up a
home, educate their children and en-
mines which were large and steady
dividend payers- have been messed
and bungled till their discoverers
would not know them; the whole
sure to the commonwealth an intel- j province has, in consequence, got a
li^ent,  law-abiding, voting popula- j black eye, and millions of dollars
tion. Were our well paid and intelligent miners displaced by the
class of men working in the coal
mines of the far east, the inter-
mountain states would be under the
political control of men incompetent
to. guard their best interests and indifferent to the rights of invested
have been lost through gross extravagance and mismanagement.
However successful the London
mining engineer may be in the jungle
of West Africa "with its notoriously
unhealthy climate and vile surroundings," he has not been a shining
success either here, in the United
hL'IfWk   WILL Itl'V corner  Lot 1 or 4, in
C&IUU block w.  INSIDE LOTS In thoeamo
block for sale nt 178 eaob, Termm .'jdown.J-j
in :i iiioiiili-', biilimee in ii montbH.
d'jna WILL BUY corner Lots 11 or 14 In
^1UU block lift. These lots arc SOxllH).
INSIDE LOTS In samo block for sale at %"�����>
each. Terms: % cash,balance in :t and li
months, 10 per cent, off for cash. Those lots
are admirable residential property, handy to
the proposed school. Fine small creek nearby.
several residences already erected in adjoining
tri'IAH WILL BUY corner Lots 11 or 14, In
���T*IUW 40, |76 will buy Inside lots 8, 9, 10,
12 or IH iu the same block. Usual terms. This
property is locally known as Knob hill a
bench overlooking the town. Splendid residential property. Selling readily.
<E?1 KA WH'I* BUY any one of Lota H, 4, ii,
tJplUU II, 7 or 8, In blocks, situate on Victoria avenue, north side; the only lots on the
main street at these pricea.   Uanal terms,
(DO A A WILL BUY Lots 9, 10,11 and 12, in
tflJoUU block 81, on Walker Avenue, Just
back of the Windsor hotel, lot 12 boinc a corner.  This offer not good after.lune Kith.
For further particulars apply to
(1.)  This is to certify that the "Lardet *u
Light and Power Company, Limited," a spec ������
ally incorporated Company within tbo meat'-
ing of Part IV. of tho " Water Clauses Consoli -
dation Act, 1SH7," registered on the third day
of April, 1001, bas submitted lts.undertaking to
the Lieutenant-Governor In council for approval, and that tho said undertaking as shewn
by the documents and plan filed, lias been
approved, and thut thu same is as follows:
To construct a dam across the south Fork of
the Lardeau III ver West Kootenay District, at
upo-iitn-ne hundred feet above the junction
of thu North and South Forks of the said river,
to acquire land as a site for a power station
and as a right of way along the line of the
intended flume, to convey tho water by means
of tho said Hume to thu power houae, at which
place the water is to he used for thc development of powor. That for the purpose of generating power the Company havo obtained a
record of three hundred Inches of water from
the said South Fork.
The purpose to which the power is proposed
to be devoted is to construct aud maintain a
system of electric lighting, to supply any form
of power, and to furnish electric lighting and
electric power to th& Towns of Ferguson and
Trout Lake.
(2.) And this lu further to certify that tho
amount of capital of the Company which shall
be actually subscribed for the purpose of power
works within six months from the dato of this
Certificate is hereby fixed oi. (tlie sum of
(3.) And this is further to certify that the
time within which tlio .said undertaking and
works shall be commenced Is fixed at nine
mouths from the data of. this Certificate, and
the date when the power works shall be com-
pleted Is fixed at one year aud siJcinonths from
the date hereof,
Clerk, Executive CounoU.
Dated this 3rd day of May, 1901.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   fc
The most complete resort ou the continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Buatlng. fishing
aud excursions, Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two malls arrive and
depart everv day. Its baths euro all nervous
and muscular diseases, its. waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and wators area sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS,: $15 to
|18 per week, according to residence in hotel
or villas.
A Court Of Revision  and Appeal under the
"Assessment Act. 18*18," and amendments, will
he hold at tho Court House, Revelstoke, on
Thursday, thc 20th day of June, 1901, at thu
hour of 11 o'clock In tbe forenoon.
Judge of the Court of Revision and Appeal
Kevelstoke, June 1st, 1901.
K'ootenay Railway $
Navigation Company, ltd
Mr.. I. II. Gray having) resigned his position
as Ul Id Commissioner of tbis company, all
comnv unications -in reference to Kaslo &
Slooan Hallway Company's lands should bo
oddies. led to
Kasll 1, 'fl. C, Mai' 31st, 1901. 18-22
' In-the Lardeau
For Sale
Working Bond
for Lease
Promoters    of    Legitimate   Mining
0, K. Laundry
Corner Viokers Street
and Queen Avenue
Laundry work of every description don
cleanly and promptly.
2LaJ^^J*aa,aa*^jP*a^ ^pvav^**^^
I am prepared to fill orders for w
any description or quantity of P
Lumber on the shortest notice. R
I am agent for	
 Sawyer Bros.' ���
���Sash and Door���
Sash and .Poors
R. Davis, Prop.
Ferguson Saw Mill
and will be pleased to fill orders.
N0.4K.W.C. BLOCK, NEL90N, B.C. i
Gold, Silver Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE. FREE
MILLING   GOLD properties  wanted at once for  Eastern  investors.
Parties having mining property For Sale are requested to send samples
ot their ore to the EXCHANGE Ior exhibition.
All samples sliould be sent by express prepaid. Correspondence
solicited.  Address al) communication to
P. O. Box 700,      NELSON, B. C.
Hotel Ferguson
��    a  The bar is supplied with the best brands of
Mj Ah Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
-S  W Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
p   ^ Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Bates ��re.OO*,�� day and upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
The King's Hotel
Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Three   Storeys   High
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigarsinthe Lardeau^
Well Lighted, Furnace
Victoria Avenue, East,
Ferguson, B. C.
��� -  ��� ��� ">[*KI' 1* ' '*
BEST 12,00 A HAY nOl'SE
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
"Competition may be the life of trade,
but the trusts manage to do a fair-to-
rdiddling business." And this from'
the Calgary Herald, too.
Somo of these Lardeau mining companies who have been "just waiting for
a railway to commence shipping ore"
will look like thirty cents by this time
noxt year.' Because tho road is likely
to be available.
Old gentleman (dictating indignant
lotter)���Sir, my typewriter, being a
lady, cannot take down what I think of
you. I being a gentleman, cannot say
it; but you, being neither, can cosily
guess my thoughts.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Haney, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank ot Canada.
i��"teeo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A, M. Plnktam.
The least any newspaper, with any
pretention of being fair, can do, is to
allow the Individual attacked the privilege of a reply in tbe same medium.
This privilege the Topic has deprived
D. L. Clink of.
If we had only our own simple wants
to think abont we would be content to
go cheerfully along living on canary
seed upheld by righteousness of purpose and cheered by popular approval,
but the printer has to have his bill
paid every four weeks or he will not
print.���The Outlook.
The winds may blow, the trees fall,
our whiskey be bad, the snow deep, and
flood-escape llagstaffs be scarce in the
placo where the "tallies are; but the
place where wo bury our dead���an
ideal cemetery���sleeps peacefully on.
As a recent new arrival hero says:
"Shure atos the most beautifullest
corpse ground what I ever seed, an not
cnuf meen in the place to hould an inquest. But Lorrd what a heeraftor, to
be civered up in such a lonesome spot!11
As will bo noticed elsewhere in this
issue S. Shannon, B. A., of this place
was married at Cedarville, Ont., on
June 5th, to Miss Jennie Challenger, of
that place, with only immediate friends
of both present. Mr. and Mrs. Shannon left the following morning for
Toronto and returned to Ferguson on
Thursday evening last, immediately
tajttag up their residence ln tbe comfortable new house just completed for
the occasion. Here Is the best wishes
of tbe Eaole, Mr. Shannon to you and
your charming bride. Mr. and Mra.
Shannon wero given a real western reception on Friday evening, who very
liberally reciprocated. Not only was
Mrs. Shannon acquainted with a western! method'of showing appreciation,
but while tho happy couple were out
for a stroll on Saturday evoning, a
short way up the north fork road, a big
black bear put In an appearance and
also desired to welcome them. There
was no reciprocation in this case. A
similar experience might not be encountered in a lifetime, as local hunters
well know.
The Lardeau Eaole is mistaken.
The Tribune has not stated tbat an
opinion of a newspaper printed, in a
one-horso town was valueless. What
tbe Tribune did state was tbat too
many such papers "slated" tho legislature without having read a single Act
passed by that body. Tbe brightest
papers published in British Columbia
to-day are printed in one-horso towns.
The Lardeau Eaole, the Sanson
Paystreak, and tbo Now Denver Ledgo
are all sparkling and newsy; so far
ahead of the othor weeklies in the
provinco that comparisons would be
Assistant Land Commissioner J. L.
Doupo, of Winnipeg, is down at Selkirk, the C, P. R. town at the foot of
Trout lake. He purposes cleaning up
25 acres of the Selkirk townsite, and
lots will soon be placed on the market.
As yet Mr. Doupe has not announced
whether the company intend to build a
station, etc., at Trout Lake or not, and
of course moro or less speculation 1b
rife as to what tbe company means
to do.
Robt. Gordon of tbe Rovelstoke brass
baud, who was in town tho other day,
said tbat be' thought there would
be no difficulty in arranging forthe
band's presence in Ferguson on Labor
day. The day would be all tho more
flttiagly celebrated lf it were Hold
unijfcr the auspices of the Miners'
union. They are an organized body,
and all would willingly join in assist-
ing them.  How about It, No. HDP
T.A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. R. C. V. & s.   [Queen's University.]
Provincial Coroner,'Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Lardeau Miners' Union .Ao.
119, W. F. ofM.
Meets every Saturilay eventng'j'at 8 o'clock,
in' tlie Kaj-le hall, Ferguson. 11. 0,   Visiting
mem be��� cordially invited.
President.       Recording Secretary.
Cieo.W. Ooroy,
Mining Engineer.
U.Lyman, Jr., B.S..E.M,.
Mcmb. A, f, M. E.
Cory $ Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lftrdeau properties managed,
,.   examined and      P/irrtiion-n    "P  fl
icnorted upon.  Merguson, JD. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson ��� .Service" in Eagle hall every
Sunday at 3 p.m    Sunday school at ii p.m.
Trout Lako Citv . Services in Forrestur's
hall overy w.itidayat 7:30 p.m. Sunday
Bnhoo! at 2:80p.m.
REV. S. J. GREEN, I'astor.
See that this Label is on all Clothing you buy.
Smoke Cigars
And ac all times insist on the
box bearing the dlue label.
It helps manufacturers to see tho force
of paying fair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.
United Battel's of North America
thc United Ilattore
of North America.
When you are buying a Kin HAT,
eitlier soft or stiff,
see to it Hint tlie
enuine U N I 0 N
,abcl is sowed in It.
If a retailer 1ms
loose luliels iu his
possession and offers to put one In a
htl for you, do not
natronixl' him. He
lias not any n-jjiit to nave loose labels, Loose
labels in retail stores arc counterfeits, Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on tho four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits are sometimes perforated ou three of tbe edi/es, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits, 1'nprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-raauu hats. The John It. Stetsou
Co. and Henry tf. Roelofs & Co., both of Philadelphia. Pa., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOKFITT, President,
Orange, N. J.
H 707 Bedford Ave.,Brooklyn. N.Y.
BUFI<ALO-$76.oo '
July 2, 16.   Aug. .6, 20.
July 13, 14, 15.
Christian Endeavor Convention.
July h 3-
National Education Association.
July 2, 3.
For timo tables, rates and full infor
million apply to local agout6.
J. S. GARTER,      E. J, COYLE,
D. P, a., Nelson.     A.'U'.A.. Vnnoouvor
Price $60.00
Visible Writing From Si art to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, France, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving entire satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Transfer Outfit.
Packing and   ler^^j^s ���*
.Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point in the district.
Good!,  prompt service, and  any  work  undertaken  guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty,
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ***5**f S. Daney, Proprietor.
Wholesale  Dealer   Id
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
The Kest UooiU Only,
Stock Largo unit Complete.
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyech
J. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke  Station, B. C.
The Silver Cup, Triune, Cromwell, Lucky Jim, Nettie L.,
Maybe, Metropolitan, Old
Gold camp, and Great
Northern hill, along with
scores of properties in the
prospect stage, will make
Ferguson the biggest and
best mining town in this
Ferguson is so located at the
base of the Great Northern
hill to the north, the Nettie
L. to the east, and the
Triune-Silver Cup hill   to
k*4 the south, that it at once
becomes the natural supply and pay roll centre.
The C. P. R. Lardeau branch
is now on the way, and
must soon come after Lardeau's ore. When it
reaches the ore it will
reach Ferguson.
Investigation is courted from
the many who will soon
take up their abode in the
now famous Lardeau district ��� the land of high
grade ores.
A new and complete townsite
map now being prepared
by A. P.. Cummins, C. E.,
P. L. S.
No town in the district has
made such rapid local progress as Ferguson.
Mining men engage their crews
at Ferguson, and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Ferguson receives the pay roll
benefit from all the shipping mines.
The place where the mines are
is the place where the
towns are.
Supply Point
for Mines,
Miners and
For prices pf Lots, etc., apply to Henry
Floyd, Soft Agent, Revelstoke, B. C. ��� ��������������������
j On the Wing
J        Items
The Fool block is looming up on Victoria avenue.
Nelson's Dominion day celebration
promises to be a bumper.
R. C. McLeod, of Nelson, bas purchased J. A. Mageo's hotel at Comaplix.
Tbe Lardeau Miners' union dance
last week ln their hall, Ferguson, was
a decided social success.
The celebration committee at Trout
Lake are arranging for a good programme on Dominion day.
Mrs. Robt. Foran, C. R. Scott, Fred
Disjardlne and Jas. Cummings have returned from Revelstoke.
A special session of the local bouse
may be called in September to consider
C'oaBt- Kootenay railway matters.
According to tbeir advertisement in
the Topic, Messrs. Craig & Hillman
have pulled up stakes in Ferguson.
* Fresh fruits���strawberries, cherries, bananas, oranges, lemons, peaches
and apricots at O. B. Batho & Co.'s
John Marshall, an old-timer in the
Slocan, is in town and will spend tbis
season anyway in the golden Lardeau.
E. M. Allum, watchmaker and jeweler, of Revelstoke, paid the Lardeau
metropolis a short visit on Saturday
John C. Laing, a local miner, recognizing the rising value of Ferguson
realty, has purchased lots 6, 7, and 8 in
block 38.
Louis Didisheim, manager of the
Silver Cup mine, and Mrs. Disdisheim,
were registered at the Windsor for a
few days last week.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. Rosenberger's advt. in this
issue. No stook to sell; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
Secretaries of mining companies
operating tn this district would confer
a favor upon the management of this
paper were they to supply us with data
as to what they are doing on their
properties or intend to do.
A new industry bas been added to
tbe city of Nelson by Shackleton &
Simpson, who havo installed a water
power granite and marble ciattingplant
ond will undertake the manufacture of
monumental stono work and building
Tho steamship Island, a finely
equipped boat for the Alaskan service
from Vancouver, owned by the Canadian Paalflo Navicatiou company, ib
uow making regular trips, and enjoving
a lar��� patronage by northbound gold
Nolson dealers aro reaping their
share of the Lardeau trade in connection with tho construction of thc
railway. And tho volume of business'
will be further augmented throe
months hence. Revelstoko merchants
are also benefitting by the increased
activity in railway circles.
* G. B. Batho k Co. will hereafter
receive twice-a-week shipments of California and B. C. fresh fruits,
Robt. Gordon, R. A. Upper, Geo. T.
Newman and A. Olson, lloenae commissioners for this district, were in
town on Friday last, and on Saturday
bold a meeting for thn consideration of
applications for liquor licenses, ln D.
MoLennan'B hotel, Trout Lake, when
all applicants were granted a license.
Seneca G. Kotchum, a character of
western journalism, historical now as
old times bave passed, has turned up
missing from tho hyphenated town of
Sedro-'Voollcy, Wash., whore forthe
past threp years he has mads his home
and edited tbe Skagit County Times.
If alive, Seneca will report in due
course.���Trade Budget.
From present indications it is evident that the Eagle will have to open
a column of its pages to be devoted to
agricultural interests, though tbe
editor for such is already engaged on
tho staff. Robert Foran was out hoeing
his spuds on Saturday, J. Q. McKinnon
Is busy evenings caring for his garden
stuff, the Ferguson brothers have a
fine garden in eight, J. C. Kirkpatrick
has been using home-grown radishes,
lettuce and onions for some ton days
past, as has also some of the other
vegetarians, and R. P. Pettipiece's
miniature farm, run in conjunction
with tbe ^Belgian haro ranch, is also
prospering under the beautiful warm
���.. -,�� rtMk.vi.
Andrew nnd David Ferguson left for
Revelstoko on Tuesday, for a few days.
* Weekly shipments of fresh ranch
oggs and creamery butter now being
rocoivod by G. B. Batho k Co.
Now that the danger from falling
trees on the townsite is dally being
elimlnatedi the danger ��' a.'0,'eBt U1'c
Increases. '
* Get a camera or kodak and enjoy
yourself. The Canada Drug & Book
Co., Revelstoke, B. C, sell them at all
prices.  Write to-day.S
C. R, Scott is doing a land-office business at the Balmoral hotel, in the way
of building additions and making interior changes in its make-up.
A. F, Cummins, P. L. S., has surveyed
an additional block on tbe northeast
end of the townsite tbis week, and all
the lots but three are already sold.
Still another unfortunate miner has
been killed In tbe Le Roi mine at Ross-
land. This time a young union miner
named Joseph Gill, tbe cage-tender
H. N. Coursier was in town for an
hour or two on Saturday. He i: laying
out another townsite at Trout lake,
between Wm. Baty's hotel and the
Trout Lake townsite."
For some reason or other tbe hotel
keepers in the camp have been ordered
by tho authorities to elose their bars
on Sunday. Hereafter you must enter
by the side or back door to liquidate.
The Revelstoke, Trout Lake k Big
Bend Telephone Co., with a line from
Arrowhead to Ferguson, connecting
with Complix, Thomson's Landing and
Trout Lake en route, is now in good
order and may be depended upon tor
service by all 30ncerned.
Baron L. Ambrogy, a young Frenchman of means and Harold de Bildt
registered at the Revelstoke yesterday
front .Washington, D. C, They have
gone into the Lardeau with the intention of looking over the country as a
field for investment.���Revelstoke Her.
Work has commenced on tho Nettie
L. wagon road, and other road and trail
work is ln progress. Needless to say
only $2.50 a day men are working, and
there is no sign of the $3 a day scale
being restored. Some one will havo to
answer for tbis about next election
Mrs. S. .O'Connors of the Windsor
hotel, will leave next week for Banff,
where she will spend a couple of weeks.
From there she will visit her sister in
Medicine Hat, and tbe two will take
in tbe Pan-American. Mrs. O'Connors
expects to be absent for most of the
summer. T. B. Willis, the present
manager of the Windsor, recently of
Toronto, will remain in charge of tbe
house during her absence.
Spring Tonics
are now in order. I have just
received a largo assortment of
the beet preparations.
Chloride of Lime
The best disinfectant known.
Prevents disease and promotes
A fine line of school books,
scribblers, writing tablets, envelopes, etc.
Tooth brushes, tooth powders
and lotions, shaving accessories,
toilet Boaps, bath brushes, preparations for chafed bands, etc.,
in large variety.
The purest drugs obtainable and
dispensed with accuracy, sight
or day.
F. Rankine,
Eagle Building.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, etc. Mailorders
promptly  attended  to.
and Undertaker, Revelstoke
Leading Store
We are now preparing for the
season's trade.
In addition to the immense stock
of staple goods which we have on
hand, a carload of assorted Groceries
and a carload of Ogilvie's famous
Hungarian Flour are now .this side
of Arrowhead, portions of. which
are arriving by every freight team.
We are the miners' complete outfitters���no order too large for us.
And our prices correspond with the
silver market.
'������ Try one of our new Stetson Hats.
Just in���all shapes and colors.
McKinnon &
H. N. Coursier, who is connected
witb the Treade Budget, Vancouver.haa
secured a rako-olT Interest in an annex
to Trout Lako city; hence such gems as
the following are being contribute*! to
that paper: "Tho Triune is a rich
silver-lead property whieh has made
returns o[ $23,000 iu ull values, from
shipments sent out by the laborious
method of pack train. Other properties near Trout Lako City nre making
promising showing this season."
O. 11. IUME ft CO.
Chas. F, Lindinark, ot   tho firm of
C. B. Hume k Co., Revelstoko, was in
town on Saturday.   Ho also visited tbe
Fish creek camp on the way in.   Mr.
Lindmark waB vory much  impressed j
with the steady progress being mado In I
the place where thc mines are.   Tho i
firm, wbo havo a branch store ut Trout
Lake, intend to erect a handsome store ���
block in Revelstoke, on the corner of'
McKenzie avenue   and   First  Btreet,
plans  for whicli aro alroady drawn, j
They will use Calgary stone.   This ad-;
vance step is m cesVuated by tho large I
increase In tbeir business, especially
the wholesale feature of it.   They have
a large warehouse  with  a sidetrack
running thereto and it. looks as though
they would soon be Import.ng in train-
load lot-" rather than carload consignments. C. B. Hume k Co. are live business men, as is evidenced by the local
and outsido traao thoy have worked up.
Imperial Bank
*���     of Canada.
CAPITAL ��2,600,OW>.00.
REST ���.1,726,(100,00.
General Banki ,ig Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits In Savings
Department at current rates.
a. ejFhipps,
Groceries and Provisions
Now on the way, in addition to spring stock already received, which
will be here this month.   Also half a car of   the famous
Lake of the Woods Flour
The best on the market.    Fresh Eggs and Butter arriving weekly.
GK B. Batho & Co.
Pioneer Store
Cummins& Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
R. S. Wilson-
II. Edwards
Door Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third street ^Revelstoke
T. Gallon & Go.
A. public meeting will be held in tho
Miners' union hall, Fetguson, on Saturday, June 29th, at 11 a. tn,, for tlie pur
pose of electing three persons to serve
as school trustees. If there are more
than threo nominations an election will
bo hel-i, subject to ollieial noticos already posted. As the three trustees
now heldiug the office, Messrs. Shannon, (chairman) Batho and Pettipiece,
were only appointed last season, when
the assisted school was opened, they
feel it their duty to all retire. Each
year following this one, only one member of the board will have to retire, or
be re-elected.
Ore Bags
AND "~
P. O. Box a 17, Nelson, B. C.
Ask for our ��� ���
Popular Brands:
Fenton's Ohoioe
U and, I ��� ��� ���
Nation's Pride ���
Canada's Own ���
Moss Rose ��� ���
Silver Spray   ���
Manufactured bv the Consumers' Tobacco Company, Limited,
successors to Wagnur-Fenton Tobacco Co,, Leamington, out.
STAKKEY & Co,, Nelson, B.C., Amenta for tlie Kootenuys
Hold by GEO. 11. 11ATIIO & CO., ForffUBon, 11. O.
X row n
C. B. Hume &  Co. I
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The largcBt importers In North Kootonay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake City, B. C.
Rubber Stamps
Having secured the Lardeau agency for
a Kossland firm of rubber stamp manu<
fncturors, we are now prepared to take
orders for anything ln tills Hue.  ,
California Wine Co.,
Limited, Nelson, B. C
Wines and
Agents for Calgary Beer.
s mokes
Our Special
The Union
They arc nil Union made and of th\
best Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one and satisfy yourself
as to their quality,
��� Co., Revelstoke.
Citizensjof the Lardeau District
When you come to Revelstoke to do your shopping, romombcr that
Bourne Bros.
have the largest and best assorted  stock,  in  North  Kootonay.
Compare our prices and seo our goods before purchasing elsewhere;
Mail Orders Promptly Filled


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