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JL_**_^a  Js?*. il
VOL III. NO. 26.
$2.00 A YEAR.
W. C. Myers of Stratford, and C. L.
Fisher of Clinton, Out., left for the
east Wednesday week, after spending a
number of clays iunontr 'be bills and
tlio mines. Jn an intorvinw witb a
representative of tbe EAGLR limy expressed themselves as highly delighted
with,    their   visit. '     "Tbo   Lardeau
Assessmeot and Development Be- %g&? WW5"^
ing Steadily Gamed Oo.
for Laboring Ilea Now Over.
The last week or two In July and
this, tbe first weok In August, were
certainly all that could be desired in
point of line weather. As late as tbe
season opened up tho snow is off now
where it lay the summer round last
soason. Prospeotors will bo enabled
to reach glacial points before this season is over where for seasons past they
have been a Held of ice. During tbe
week past a Mr. Bush has made a big
lind near the Ruffled Grouse group, on
a parallel, lead, the ore boing slmiliar
In character to tho Grouse. Supplies
and ore sacks wero packed from here
to the new find, and Mr, Bush bas already taken out and sacked enough
ore to make a good sized test shipment.
The Metropolitan and Sunset people
expect to make their joint shipment of
twenty tons this month, Messrs. Grain
It Hillman hiving tho packing and
freighting contract.
The fiO-foot tunnel contract on the
Comstoek bas beencompleted aud over;
blast Improved tbe looks of the lead
upon which they wore driving. Another 50 feet will likely bo let. The
Mountain Lion manager is calling for
tenders for the first 50 feot of work,
and he will also bavo cabins built and
supplies taken In, Jas, Comerford i��
working on tho Mountain View, at the
head of MoDonalii creek. Mr. Ernest's
option on tbis property expired on tlie
Ist and no monoy was in evideuee. Mr.
Comerford has one of the biggest surface showings in the district. The
force in tho Old Gold eamp has been
increased and development work is
being pushed/while oro is also bel.-ig
taken out for the proposed shipments
this fall. Harry Carter and Low
Thompson aro bard at work on tho
Brooklyn and Baltimore, which thoy
purchased this week. Johnny Morgan
nnd Ed. Boll aro still doing business on
thoTonowando group. Tho Nettio L
force remains about the samo, but after
tho general meeting on tho 22nd lust.,
moro men will be put ou. A, J. Gordon ami his crow are blowing holes in
tho Lone Star Group. Carter, Thompson und Shannon huvo two men at
work on tho Kootenays. Tho Ophir
Lado has u force of ten mon. The Sil.
vorCupis not doing enough to break
tho Sabbath. Ed. Ward and Arthur
Guun havo done their assessment on
tho Wellington group. Tiie Triune is
shipping ore, and every day tho mine
improves. Ou tho Mabel Lucky Jim,
Cromwell and othor properties over
that way, a littlo work is boing done,
though two of them are now under option. In fact property owners everywhere are busy representing. Tho demand for miners has ceased, und uo
more laborers are required in the camp.
The local merchants are sending out
supplies overy day In.pack-horse loads.
Practically no now capital is iu evidence, but several prospective investors
ho,ve arrived during the weok. The
progress is slow but steady, and the
old-timers who know the truo worth of
tbo camp us a mineral producer aro
the people who will stay by lt and
eventually prove their convictions to
be well founded. "Tbo railway is
coming." And otherwise the conditions of tho eamp ore normal.
sometimes inclined to think that tho
possibilities of this distriot hud been
over ostimatod, but the half bus not
been told, On evjry hand we have
seen tho greatest possible ovidonee of
tbe richness und abundance of ore.
Tho Lardeau, in our opinion can havo
but ono future and we shall wutch its
career with the greatest interest."
Wm. Shannon, J. Peebles and Dave
Morgan have mado what they believe
to be a protty good striko of silver-
lead ore at tho head of Surprise creek,
a tributary of the north fork. Thoy
traced the Sunset-Comstock ledge up
the hill, and above and below the surface-showing staked throe claims, the
Swat, Calcutta and Bombay. They
brought down somo vory nico looking
samples, which have been submitted
for assay. A little more prospecting
work will be done on the property thlB
season, though they believe there is
good enough a showing to warrant an
Investor taking hold of It at a moderate
Fred.Desjardlne and John Sutherland
left town on Tuesday morning with
three pack horses and supplies to commence work on iho Triune Fraction,
which was staked last seuson. Tbey,
with tbeir co-owners, hope to be ttblo
to make a small shipment of ore this
season, and if developments uro what
they expect the Triune Fraction will be
another shipper for this camp. The
owner:; li-ive a proposition before them
for a sale of the property, which muy
go through,
C. Outhett, A, R. C Se��� M. E., ol
Kumloops, has reported on the fuur
Minto claims belonging to the Duncan
River company of Brantfprd, Ontario,
and made sundry recommendations ro-
speotlng development. His report is
very favorable and relates facts respecting tho property which are en
eouraging. The assays are good. Tho
property is to be crown granted utonce,
Lo do which Surveyor Wilkio of Ross,
laud bus orders. Work will bo pro.
eeeded witb as directed by tho engineer.���Com.
M. C. Miller, on behalf of tho Mourn
tain Lion Co., is calling for tendors up
to tbo 10th inst, for a 50-foot tunnel to
bo driven on their property up tho
north fork, located ntlhe head of McDonald crock, adjoining tbs Blitok
Warrior group. Mr. Miller will lie In
the camp for a couple of weeks yet
looking after tbo interests of .his company. A cabin will be built, and supplies taken up, and If development Is
oneouruging enough from now until
snow Hies, work will be continued all
thu oniiit.i. vim GltOUf/.
Barney Crilly was In town on Saturday. Ho has returned to the Ophir-
Lnde property, whore ho is endoavor-
ing to get things into shape to continue
work all winter. Tho crosscut tunnel
is getting close to the point whore
Interesting1 disclosures are looked for.
The   Purchasers    Huvo   Already
Commenced   Development Work.
Messrs. II. Rl, Carternml LewThomp-
son purchased tho Brooklyn and Baltimore chums, ou Saturday lust, from
las. Snell and Crank Trainer, tho respective owners. The sale is purely
local, but tho price paid makes it
worthy of noto. The property is lo-
catod up the north fork, about H miles
from Ferguson, tho government trail
running right ovor it. It adjoins tho
I. X. L. group, on the Nettie L. lead,
which crosses the creek ut this point in
the valley, The now owners sturtod to
wont on Monday last and will drift in
on the load, at a point just near the
trail. Besides having a good showing
of galena they bave fair assay values
in gold, and after the owners got a cabin built, supplies in, and settled down
to business, tho value of the group will
be moro fully determined. Tho location is all right, and the property
should be woll worth developing, a task
whieh the new owners are quite capable of bringing to a head.
Messrs. J. W. McCallum and J. II.
Allen of Rovelstoke, arrived in the
pay roll center on Saturday lust, after
having visited Camborne. Mr. McCallum, with others, owns the Black King
group of eight, claims and the Bachelor
group of four claims, situated on Me-
Callum ereek, a tributary of Silver
ereek, eight or nine miles from tho C.
P. K. main lino at Albert Canyon.
They have done considerable work and
have a good showing; but lind great
difficulty in interesting capital up that
way just now, tho old country operators of two years ago having given that
portion of tlie country a great set-back
by their outlandish and extravagant
swindling operations which, under
such circumstances, could end in nothing elso but dismal failure. Mr. McCallum hopes however to interest someone to take up where he has left oil because of lack of funds.
Tlie One Tliii
Mining Industry Will Thrive
Men Are Leaving- the Work Faster
Than They Are Arriving1.
C. A. Irwin an old-time Lardeauitc
wlio holds mining interests in this
camp, notably in tho Mabel group, returned to Ferguson this week, und is
ulreudy away in tlie bills doing assessment work. Mr. Irwin came in from
Lardo over tho now railway route, und
suys that ho rode tht.1 first eight miles
out of Lardo on a construction train.
Thev aro at work within eight miles
of Trout lake clearing the right-of-way,
while the graders are within twelve
miles of Trout luke, though there ure
pieces in between untouched ns yet by
the graders. There aro not over 11110
men at work, simply because tbe contractors cannot get men. Tho wages
are S_ _i) for graders and $2 60 for ax-
men: but. board is lii'i a week, and tho
van accounts como high; honeo men are
leaving faster than now arrivals tako
their places. Ho also reports that
many of tho Rossland miners who came
in io work on tho road aro now prospecting in the bills.
Jacob Schmidt, who bas charge of
tho work on the Old Gold camp properties this Boason, left town with men
and supplies on Tuesduy morning to increase the working force. Judge Miller will go over to tho camp this week.
Capt, Davey wont up to the Mountain
Lion group on Tuesday morning last
to lay out the site for tho cabin and
tunnol on this property. Work is to bo
oommeooed on the lS>th.
John Harris, a Now Zealdnder who
cumo ovor to try life in the United
States, has mado up bis mind to return
to that progressive domain. Speaking
to a Province reporter just before ho
Bailed.   Mr. Harris said:
"You can't gotjfieli iu New Zealand���
tho govornmont won't, let you. But
then there isn't a pauper lu the whole
Mr. Harris went on f> sny that ho
had come from NetvZealaud some time
ago to try to make a fortune In the
United States. Ho hud found to do this
that ho would havo to shorten bis days
by excessively hard work, and live
under laws with whioh lie was entirely
Out of sympathy, so was going back
to Now Zealand, the paradise of tho
poor man. lu closing his remarks ho
"Now Znalauders are proud of their
country and proud of her democrutic
Ictws. If it Now Zealnnder like myself
over wandered away from tho colony,
ho is precious glad to get back again."
Tho Cranbrook Herald editorially
gives a few suggestions which more
than ono might do well to digest: Edi-
lor Simpson concludes:
"The fact is, that mining cannot be
mado profitable until both miners and
mino ownors como to an amicable
understanding, und in doing this, both
sides must be reasonable and tolerant,
willing to glvo as well as take. It cannot be all one-sided.
With a few changes in tho laws, a
fow changes in mino managers, and
reasonable men at tho head of unions,
such an eraof prosperty would dawn in
British Columbia as to render the past
an horrible dream. The oro is in tho
mountains in vast, bodies, and it is
prolitablo ore. If matters could be
placed on the proper basis millions
would bo invested within thc next fow
years. Hut one of the lirst things to
do is to elect more business men and
less peanut politicians to thc local
The lire insurance man might havo
j done a good business in Ferguson on
p Monthly evening. A hush lire has been
smouldering for the past three weoks
at the east end of the townsite just
across thc creek. But tho dry hot
weather of tho past two weeks guve it
a fresh start on Sunday and Monday,
with tlie result that a number of townsmen turned outand covered up securely
McKinnon .t Sutherland's powder magazine, whicli is embedded in the ereok
bank. A good doal of stove wood was
burned. Tbo lire is still burning, but
tho town is in no apparent danger at
Tbo Eaolk is in receipt of tbo premium list tor 1001, for tho provincial exhibition at Now Westminister, which
comes olf on October 1, 2, .'i and 4, at
Queen's park. W. II. Keary is the
manager and secretary, who announces
that $20,000 will bo distributed in
prizes. Entries close on September
25th. This year's exhibition promises
to eclipse any previous effort made by
tho Royal Agricultural and Industrial
society of British Columbia, Special
transportation rates have been arranged for on all lines, The return
fare from Revelstoke will bo 112.95.
"Tbe residents of the province are
worthy of as much consideration as tho
capitalists wbo live out of It. If tbo
wealth of tlie country cannot pay for
the nioaiip necessary to its extraction
it might as woll remain where it is; if
It cannot pay fair wages to tho workmen who are spending their lives in
the exploitutiou, if ': h necessary to
engage Orientals and till onr province
up with an inferior class of people in
order that capital shall receive dividends upon investment, tho treasure
might as well remain in the custody of
the rooks whieh at present guard it.
The eight-hour law was enacted abend
of its time, perhaps. It was passed
through tho house without proper discussion end brought into force without
sufficient notice. Bat it is law and
there never will arise a legislature
with the courage necessary to appeal
It. No doubt thero are other grievances and it may oo that the government will bo ablo to redress somo of
the inequalities complained of. It will
not bo forgotten that there aro times
when certain mines were earning largo
They wero sold, and under tbo new
management camo a change. Was
tho whistle bought at too largo a price
or was tho capital bag unduly distended
by melius of water or windy Tbe mining men have no right to blame the
laws of tho provinco if through the
instrumentality of promoters thoy have
beon inducod to pay too high a price
for thoir properties, nor have they
been discreet in issuing suoh a memorial if it should provo true that extravagant inflation is at the bottom of tho
failure to earn dividends,"���Victor!*
Positive Pledges Only Will Satisfy
Electors or Re-Elect Green
Tho Eagle has long and often pleaded with our legislators to go into thc
mining business, us tbe only means of
placing it upon a lucrative basis. And
now that the Slocan riding is likely to
he thrown open in a few days to allow
Robert Green to accept the position of.
minister of mines, a splendid opportunity presents itself for tho people ol
Slocan, with whose interests tho Lar
Uoau's are identical, to place themselves
ou record on this important question.
Thoro is simply no alternative for us
who are interested in these silver-lead
camps. We cannot thrive while we are
powerless und at the mercy of the die
tates of privately owned trusts such ae
exist on thc other side, and are being
created on tbis side. Tbe govomnieni
must come to our rescue; and very soon
we are to have a chance of bringing any
man seeking tne people's suffrages to
some definite undertaking witli regard to the provincial government establishing a refinery, ami thus avail
itself of tho Dominion bonus, recently
hung up for anyone understanding the
enterprise. It would never do to ro-
eleet Bob Green unless he is pledged
solid on this point. If he will not
pledge himself, as a cabinet minister,
to this policy, then fire him at once and
let us show the provincial government
where we are at. Speaking of the
possibilities of this opportunity to pro-
sent a means of our only salvation before Premelr Dunsmuir, the Saudou
Paystreak says:
"Practical mining- men and students
of events who do not permit far-fetched
prejudices about interference with
vested rights, socialism, paternalism
or any other ism to warp their judgment, agree that the Provincial govern
ment Bhould build and operate this refinery. It is purely a provincial concern as no other province produces lead
onuf to amount to anything. This
provinco would receive the full benefit
of the Dominion bonus. The province
need havo no tear of being crowded
out of tho business by the Canadian
Pacific or any othor railroad. Railroads are continually asking favors at
tbe seat of government and breaking
laws and regulations all along the line.
Any overt uut on the pari of a railroad corporation toward a govornmenl
refinery would be tlio signal for ropris*
alsou the part of tbo provincial govern*-
ment which would fetch the railroad
magnates to their knees m jig time.
The province already has offices io
London and could dispose of the product to much bettor advantago than
any private concern. Tho province
could havo tho advantage of cheaper
money to handle its business than anj
private concern could hope for. There
would bo no extortion by a government
refinery. Producers would be charged
what the refining was worth���not. asht
present, all tho traffic will stand. These
aro a few of the salient features,
Tho Dunsmuir government prides
itself on being a business government.
Here is a proposition worthy of the
consideration of any government. Lot
them carry out this policy aud tho
country will flourish. Leave the silver-
lead mining industry at the mercy of
rapacious combines and extortionate
railroads and the country will retro-
cede. The choice Is plain. The remedy
is simple. Tho panacea is in the hands
of tho government which Is sending a
member back for endorsation. Before
extending that endorsation positive
pledges should be secured. The issue
should b_ forced by (he electors."
/ Advertising Kato.: Display ads., fl.00 por
column Inch por month. Logo] ads. 12 oontfl
uo] (nouparlef) lino for urst inserltou -. hcciiik
1 ir eaeli itiiiiinuiml InBortlon. KohHIul. hoiIcum
10 cenla iior lino nauli Issuo. Ninety day legal
uulli-ai, 91O; Hixty days,|7.fi0i tblrlyduys,(o.
������<i ada.aocopted ai less thtni full rute*.
Bubsorlptlon Union: Bymalloroarrler.|3.00
poi annum ; ,1,1X1 for six months. To forolgn
tddressea F2.IXI. Btoppod mi oxptratlon.
Job Printing; Tlu< Kaslo Job department is
the Ik'-ni equipped <>Hku in North Kootenay,
und ia proparod toexucuioiill kincl.iol ruiniing
ut honest j rloos.
Address all coiiiiruuiicaliona to
THUKSDAY,   AUGUST   8, 11)01.
No oilier field in British Columbia
offers such ground-floor inducements to the investor as may be
picked up in this district.  A worthy of the readers could be made in the
There is undoubtedly all kinds of
mineral wealth ill the Lardeau and
Trout Lake districts, but the prospector has no means of turning his
prospect into a mine. It is quite
true that we have a half dozen
grass-root shippers, but they are
not on the market. The owners ol
such do not need assistance. But
the others do. Nearly any good
prospect is worthy of development,
lf you have money to invest, turning Lardeau's mining prospects into
shippers will prove profitable if followed up in a legitimate manner.
Nelson Miner: These are the
days of unions and trusts. The
suggestion that the provincial press
form an institute as again being
mooted by different papers. A great
deal of good could be done by a
thorough understanding between
the different newspapers. A decided improvement in the interests
property, or an interest in one, will
be worth many times its present
value when transportation facilities,
which are so near at hand, are provided.
The Eagle has sometimes wondered where all the money expended
by the government on trails, etc.,
went to; but after viewing a gang
at work there is but little
mystery about it. When the government hires a foreman at even $3.50
a day over a gang of from two to
twelve men, they should expect a
man whose movements have not to
be detected by the adoption of at
least two upright poles,
After all the people are rather
handy to the C. P. R. In fact the
great octopus almost needs us in
their business. There is still a lew
acres of land not given them as a
bonus, the exhorbitant charges for
carrying our mails must be paid,
and then there is the little item of
freight -and passenger rates which
must be attended to. Foreigners
only own the C. I'. R. system.
Canada furnishes lhe men to manage, superintend, maintain and support it. But of course if Canada
owned the C P. R. shares, the
wheels wouldn't go round just'the
same as usual. And anyway lhe
employees might be paid a living
wage and the system operated in
the interests of the people who
owned it. But that would be business. Hence we, hy our votes,
continue to place politicians, rather
than business men, in office.
telegraphic service if the papers
combined and went out on strike
against the "American slush"���the
(hanks ol (he press is due (he London Empire for that term���that is
now being served up the C. P. R.
By all means let's have the institute.
The news columns of the Nelson
Tribune contain scare head notices
of the striking C. P. R. maintenance
men returning to work on the Rossland division, but that deathly
silence still prevails concerning the
striker's side. The Tribune's
position is so self evident in this
respect that even a " blubbering
blockhead" can read between the
lines. John, the Eagle fears you
have been out for the long green,
and only such votes as' are of use
to you. II not, go after the C. P. R.
officials as in the days of old, and
remain on the side of right. You
know the cause of the strikers is a
just one, that only organized labor
can combat wilh subsidized and
privately-owned corporations such
as the C. P. R. And if you ure
what you proless to he you will in
least extend the strikers a cheering
word. But on ;lie dead square,
John, can you?
The fight the C. P. R. trackmen
are making against that soulcss cor-
pcrr.;ion to cbt'iin a living wage is
a heroic one. The men's cause is
righteous and the fight can only
have one ending, labor must prevail.
The wages are starvation ones. Mr.
Marpole told the world three weeks
.go, through ihe medium of the
press, that as a result of the strike
many of the men wilh their wives
and families were now in destitute
circumstances, What a terrible
and damnable commentary on the
inadequate pay. Men, steady, in-
lustrious, well behaved, years in
employment, cannot take an en-
forced holiday of a tew weeks, without according to Mr. Marpole, this
condition of destitution coming into
existence. Living from hand to
mouth is the condition of the serf
ind slave. Are the trackmen to be
as such? God forbid. Then God
.peed to a successlul determination
ibis heroic fight that white labor is
carrying   on.     Let   Ihe   trackman
>tandfirm.   They will win in the long. The history Of many unions proves
The horrors and miseries created
by strikes have built up the feeling
that arbitration should have a fair
trial wherever necessary, says a
Typographical Journal contributor.
The chief drawback to an enforcement of the system is, it will be admitted, to be found in the caste and
class distinctions believed in by
many men ot money, who at the
same time are usually arrogant, domineering and supercilious-not to
say silly���men who have perforce
to tolerate unionism. These are
the foes of reason and arbitration;
they cannot be parties to fair debut
because they Icel that they will be
defeated. The difficulty is how can
arbitration be forced on such men.
With all the base qualities mentioned above tbey aro usually stubborn,
and it is hard indeed for them lo
realize (he s(reng(h and permanence
of unionism. These are reasons
why, it is thought by many, there
will not be entire substitution of
arbitration for strikes. Boycotts
and strikes are not antiquated weapons, however much their use may
be deplored bv the righteous, Reason and peaceful assertion of rights
have accomplished more than the
weapons mentioned, and if they are
resorted to it is a positive sign that
reason  has tailed in  its purpose.
Is there to be a mix-up when the
next session of the local legislature
meets? Just bow lhe government,
as at present constituted, can remain in power under the circum
stances, is more than the EAOLE
can imagine. God knows, we
have one consolation ; it can't hurt
the country any.
3L*J*>��.,^U^ <**>U4s
Tom Taylor says the industrial
warfare now waging in every direction is nothing more or less than
what has been going on since his
childhood. Some of these days
Tommy will awaken to lind that
there will be only two or three men
left to work for, unless the people
co-operate. These antiquated ideas
of supply and demand were consid
ered all right when Tommy was a
boy ; but any man with a glass eye
and a cork one can see the change
of system which must necessarily
be forced upon us at no distant
date. The people must own the
trusts, or the trusts will surely own
the people.
The appointment of a commission
on freight rates is the latest farce
put on by the Laurier administration. Premier Laurier might
better send a commission to the
stock exchange and empower them
to invest that "surplus" in C. P. R.
stock. To begin right it is best to
begin at the beginning. Like other
commissions, ��� prohibition, labor,
etc.���they come high but we musl
have them, according to the politicians who erect scare-crows to keep
off the crows, while they gabble up
the corn. When the people decide
to go into business co-operat vely
the cause ol the present economic
inequalities will be dealt wilh, not
the effect.
run. The C P. R, is unable to de-
clare it cannot pay a higher wage.
It would be as indecent as It would
be untrue to declare so. It can pay
a higher wage and it will have to
pay a higher wage. The laborer is
always worthy of his hire. Alt that
the trackmen are seeking is a worthy
bin for tbe work the*/ perform.
this. Happy are we to think lhat
hundreds ot cases have been settled
by persuasion, mutual good-will,
and careful consideration of the
interests of those concerned. On
the other hand we have ample evidence that well-prepared strikes and
well-conducted boycotts are generally successful.
Nothing could be more pitiful or
contemptible than thc attitude ol
the Dominion government in regard
to this great strike on the main
thoroughfare ol Canadian commerce, whereby the entire business-
of the Dominion is dislocated
Why has lhe government not inlei
posed and insisted that (here shal
be an end to (his strike, and thi
men granted a living wage? Thi-
is no private or ordinary qu:irr.
between employer and employee,
where interference Irom outsid.
might be resented. This is a quar
rcl between a corporation create)
hy the people, paid for by tin
people, maintained by thc people ti-
serve the people's purposes, and 1
portion of that people who are ii-
employees, Unfortunately the people did no( retain the entire controi.
although ti^xed heavily enough today to pay lhe inler.st on the subsidies thai called their creature inti
existence. If Ihe people had retained the entire control there wouli!
have been no strike to-day ; no dislocation of business and no endangering of lives. The government is supposed to he a government of, by and for the people.
How long is this government going
lo stand aloof and allow people'-
interests to be sacrificed ami peo
pie's lives jeopardized ? Or as il
has often heen snecringly observed
"is there a people's government below and a C. P. R. government
above?" Who controls, guides
and guards the destinies of our
great Dominion? Is it the people's
government or the C. P. R. government? These are pertinent questions to ask, particularly at this
time, when there is beheld a corporation, the people's creature, betraying the interests they were supposed to serve, placing law and
order at defiance in order to enable
it to keep their trackmen's wages
down to a starvation point. Let
the people's government interpose
at once and compel a settlement of
the strike, whereby honest toil shall
receive an honest wage, nnd the
business ot the country resume its
normal condition,
1 ae: prepared to fill orders for
any description or quantity of
Lumber on the shortest notice.
I am agent for	
Sash and Doors : ���Sawyer Bros.' ���
 - =^ j  Sas*1 an<* Door	
R. Davis, Prop. ; ��� Faetor*  "
Ferguson  Saw  Mill   ,   and will be pleased to fill orders.  \j��
Ask for our ���  ���
Popular Brands I
Fenton's Choice
TJ and I ��� ��� ���
Nation's Pride ���
Canada's Own ���
Moss Rose ��� ���
Silver Spray    ���
MannfucHired by tho Consumers' Tobacco Company, Limited,
auoucssors to WarriiL'i-Fi'iuoii Tobacco Co , Leamington, Out.
STARKEY & Co., Nelson, lt.C, AgentR for tim KaotenttyH
Sold bv <;.;<>. II. BATHO & CO., Ferffut-ou, B.C.
Whon you reach
Trout Lake City
register at the
AbrnJiiuiiKon Bros., Frop'rs
Good accommodation, best service, choice wines, liquors and
cigars, lire proof eitfo, rates
California Wine Co.,
Limited, Nelson,  b. C.
Wines and
Agents  for  Calgary Beer.
Oold. Silver-Lead am, Copper Mines wonted at the EXCHANGE. FREE
MILLING    ISOLD  i>ro| ertics   wanted  at once for   V. as tern   investors.
Parties having miniim property For Sale are requested to mend sample*-:
Of to of 1 ore to the EXCHANGE (or exhibition.
All sample* MmuM be sent by express prepaid. Correspondence
solicited, Address all communication to
P. O.B0X7C0,      NEL80K, 11, <!.
Tbo "Copy" has beon in tho hands of j
the lithographers for three weeks now, J
und the maps aro expected  here daily, ,
Send in your order now. t
T^tl.00^?EACH^��$I.OO���nACH^r: *
Orders already i-oeclvod will bo filled 1
promptly upon receipt of maps. ���
Ferguson Packing' am"
Transfer Outfit.
Paoki ng and
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining- Supplies, etc., to any
point in lhe district.
Good,   prompt sorvlce, and  any   work  undertaken  gutvrautoed,
Freighting  from   Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. "**^ S. Daney, Proprietor.
jj Hotel Ferguson       I
THE PIONEER hotel of tiie lardeau,  ��
�� Thc bar is supplied with the best, brands 0/ I
/Pines, Liquors and Cigars. '.':
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial %
Men.   Tender feel comforted. \
*|J  Kitten tts.no �� day nnd upwards* ��J
\        Ferguson Bros., Proprietors. 1
The King's Hotel
Three   Storeys   High
Best nnd Bluest Slock
of   Wjnes,   Liquors
and   Union-Made
Ciijar.sin the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
r Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Victoria Avenue, East.
Ferguson, B. C.
,^��-%r&%. 3$H$K$H$t#^-$r$$-$-*-# JSHjHjHjjf
/,r. 'tt.
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
Let tlie people own tbo trusts.
Uoware of tbo knooker; this is bis
busy season.
Apparently   tbo   government   bas
opened a collecting agency in town.
The Union Label
On everything vou buy la a guarantee
Hint the produeers theruof receive a fair
j rate of wu^s fur ib production.
1 Insist on having the laukl.
The best cure Ior "that tired fooling"
is to got out and do enough hard work
to raise a sweat.
The Rossland .Minor will soon add
another name to the long list of has-
beens,   And tbe time is rotten ripe.
Love Is rife. Bella C'badwlck of
Nelson, has been paying her respects
toR. T. Lowery. It's well she has that
load off her stomach.
F. August Hoinze's Income Is said to
bo 40 eonts a minute for evory twenty-
four hours of every day, and yet some
people think mining doesn't pay.
The chances are Premier Dunsmuir
will change his choice for minister of
mines if ho fears Bob Green's defeat.
Hut who could ho choose that would
not bo turned down by the electors?
The V ictoria, B. C, programme for
thc entertainment of the Duke and
Duchess of Cornwall Includes an Indian war dance. No wonder Canada Is
so often cartooned as an uncivilized
If the hot weather continues and the
present bush fire on tho townsite gets
a lift from a favorable wind, Ferguson-
it.es may be awakened to tho necessity
of procuring some means of firo protection.
A western woman has sued for a divorce on the ground that her husband
concealed from her the fact that ho had
it wooden log until after they were
married. Such ignorance is incredible
in a woman. If the case wero reserved,
A Texas farmer lust a cow in a queer
manner last week. The animal, in
rumaging through a kitchen, found
and swallowed an old umbrella and a
cake of yeast. Tho yeast formontlng
in the poor beast's stomach raised the
umbrella und sho died in great agony.
I If Iho Nelson Tribuno and Sandon
Paystreak will consent lo go out of the
newspaper business, and take several
others whieh aro entirely unnecessary
with them, tho EAOLE will volunteer
to enlarge its plant and stair to cover
the field, and fulfil tlie requirements of
the lield.
It will not be necessary to go to Now
Zealand to enjoy the progressive laws
of tbat British colony, if the electors
of British Columbia stand by their
guns. With tho natural resources ol
B. C. and the laws of Now Zealand, ton
year's timo would soothe provinco supporting a larger population than Is now
In the entire Dominion.
A Springfield (111.) man who is very
fond of fishing ami who, whilo enjoying
groat sport fishing at Beartlstown on
tho Illinois river, wont to the telegraph
olllco anil sent the following messairc
to his wife: "I've got tine. Woighs
seven pounds, and Is a beauty." In reply camo thn following: "So have I.
Weighs 10 pounds, lie isn't a boauty.
Looks like yon."
The EAOLE could name no less than
a half dozen Instances where mining
men from tho cast camo hero, as far as
Spokane, via United States continental routes, when thoy had intended
coming ovor tho C. P. R., but owing to
the strike changed thoir minds. Mountain travelling Is dangerous enough at
any time, hut now It means taking one's
life in hand to travel over a railroad
with no maintenance men, or a few incompetents at tho best, in charge of
tho roadbed and bridges. The C. P.
II. will quit loser all round.
What bonofit do you got from labor-
saving . muqblnery? Do you expect
with auy hope of realization, to havo
more at the end of life than ynur
grandfathers? Men who own labor-
saving machinery, get a benefit���but
do you own any? If the publio owned
all capital, you would then got just, as
much benefit from overy improvement
us anybody. As you can never hope to
own muoh, if any, of tho great machines of industry, would it not be better for you to have a system In which
you would own as much as any other
porson? Think over, this proposition
for four ur five thousand years and see
if you can see anything- In It.���Ex,
United Ratters of North America
/X       UNION'   LABEL Of
i^^S7S?y\.   tii�� United Haltera
kSJJSkA ol N'or,n Amorleft.
Whon you aro buv*
| liiR   a  VVK   HAT,
1 either Holt or .stiff,
I bl-o to it  that  (ho
/genuine   U N I ON
' Label is sewed in it.
If   a   retailer   has
Iooki!  lnbels iu his
'v-*Tiiijf\wu'J'-        jiosrifiSBion and of-
%SsQj n nWgCi������        tors to put nut! in a
���0?QTpn��v        bat for you, do not
u'CMfenv patronise htm.  He
has not auy riant to nave loose labels. Loose
labels in retail stun'* are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why Die tint
has no label. Tho Genuine Union Label Is
perforated on the four edges exactly Hie samo
as a postage stump, t'ounlcrfoits aro sometimes perforated on threo of tho cduc.-1, and
sometimes only .on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled mauufac-
tumrs arc using tbem in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John It Stetson
Co. nm! Henry. II. Kuelofs & Co., both of Philadelphia, I'n,, arc non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N. J.
14 797 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Fred C. Elliott.
Ferguson, B, C.
Ua /ten, McCarter cj! Pinkham
solicitors Ior Imperial Hank of Cuunda.
Qeo, 8,MoCarter, J. A, Iliirvey.
, A. M. r-inkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Wliolimulo   11,-iili'r   III
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
The l.t'st (Joints Only,
Stock Large and <'nini>l>,t4-.
Lardeau Miners'1 Union fto.
110, If. F. ofM.
Meets every Saturday evening at Bo'olonk)
In tho Eagle hall, Ferguson. B. C.   Visiting
mem bom cordially Invited,
President.       Recording Secretary,
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
I       I       I       I       I
I     I     I     -I     I
Scenic Line
ofthe World
Kootenay Lake Service,
LenvcK. ArrivOH
Tucs., Tliur.,8at,,  f n^An Tuea.,Tluir.,Sflt.
ib.oo Lieiruo        m.su
Arrowhead Service.
Leaven Arrives
Daily (i.B Arrowhead  m.io Daily
Dally M.45 ARROWHEAD BRANCH li.1.1 Daily
Connects Revel-.    baSt
stoke with
Imperial Limited    WCSt
Steamnlitp norvlee Irom Vancouver, Chinn
Japan, Australia aud Alaska.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
D. P, A., Nelson.     A.tl.I'.A.. Vancouver.
fieo. W. :-orey. It. Lyman, Jr., U.S., E.M.,
Mining KimiiK'i-r. I^ewb. A. I. M. K.
Corey <f Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lardoau properties managed,
SKS  Ferguson, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service, u Eagle lull! Avery
Sunday at tl p.nj    jiinday KauoolatH p.m.
Trout Lako Clt1,. Services in Forrester's
hull every -.,ndny at 7:110 p.m. Sunday
school at Unto p.m.
RliV. a. J. GRKF.N. Pastor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
See thai this Label is oil all Clothing you buy
|. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke Station, B. C,
Smoke Cigars
And at all times' Intlst oil the'
box bearing the blue label.
It. liclpH manufacturers to sue thu force
of paying, fair and honest wages,
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.!
The Lardeau District
as a profitable Held for tlie Judicious idvcr*
User is unexcelled in this province, THE
LAUDEAU   EAGLE   is   tho only medium
actually covering tho district. An ad. lv the
EAGLE will roach moro pooplo In Ferguson,
Trout Lako City, Thomson's Landing, Comaplix, Camborne, Arrowhead, Tun Milo, Circle
City and every solitary mine in tho district,
than any other paper published,  No othor
district lu Canada offers such splendid opportunities for good, wlde*awako advertisers,
Do you want morn business? Thon write at
(men for our advertising rates and place your
patronage in the only medium that actually
covers the field-THE LADDEAU EAOLE,
Job Printing
The EAGLE Ih the only printing oflice In
North   Kootenav which can furnish   the
Typographical   Union   Label   upon   your
printed matter. This it In tie is a guarantee of
fair wage conditions and best workimniship.
Malt orders filled promptly.  Let 'he EAGLE
print your printing; always neat, clean und
B. C.
Tho pr.y roll centre nnd tho place where Lardeau's liijppiflt;
ininos aro located, Is situated-Mi mile*-- southeast of RevelatOKe.
Front l'rvelsio!,e to Arrowhead by rail,'J8miles; from Arrow*
lit" d to Thi mi mhi'�� landing by boat, 1;! miles; from tl.c I.dudiu ���
to PEHGUSON, by horse or stage, 16 miles. Como straight to
Ferguson,  Investigation courted.
Is the Coming Solid Town of the
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
B C A U SB      Y
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction o( thc north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the Nettie L. Double
Eagle, Ophir-Lade, Silver Cup,
Triune, Metropolitan, Sunset,
Lone Star, Comstock and other
properties will operate the year-
round hereafter, and this winter
will see probably 400 men at
work, over 200 of which will be
engaged on the properties of
the first three named.
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. hill, between the two creek forks; on
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
the south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Fgrguson.
Because  the offices of many  of
���   the companies operating in the
camp are located here.
Because Ferguson receives the
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is thc point where
mining men coming into the dis-
trict make their headquarters; as Lj<$
they can walk or ride and retur n Mi
from most o( the properties in
one day or less.
Because every pound of ore fro,n
these mines coming down the
hill,lands first in Ferguson.
From here it will be teamed to
transportation on the lake, a
distance of four miles.
Because when the railway roaches
the place where the mines are it
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natural advantage for the building up of a
great mining center.
But why give other reasons: We have the mines, the pay roll, the natural geographical location, unlimited water power, etc., and the right kind of people to make
a town. The ore shipments, increasing business, and money and enterprise will do the,
rest.   Come and see for yourself.
From $150 up
From $75 up
Henry Floyd
im ..... ...,,*��,.,!
: On the Wing
���        Items        j
MIbs Otto nnd Miss Thomson visited
ihu Triuno mine on Monday.
It 1'. Pottlplooe left yostorday to
visit the working properties up the
i .nth fork.
Weekly shipments ol fresh ranch
��b's and creamery butter uow being
i ocelved by G, 13. Batho & Co.
The local demand for laborers has
termed, as quito a number of men havo
hit the camp during tho past week.
B. Leokle-Ewlng of tho Empire
group, writes from Montreal that ho
will be here iu the course of a weok.
* Fresh fruits���strawberries, cherries, bananas, oranges, lemons, peaches
and apricots at G. 13. Batho & Co.'s
Por a townsite that does not adver
i Iae in any newspuper Camborne seems
lobo getting its share of press atten-
* Ovor 200 pounds of union-made
r.howlng tobacco is now on sale at G. B.
!>atlio& Do's. Union label on every
cut.   Givo it a trial.
S. Shannon, 13. A., assayer, and Mrs.
ihannon wont to Selkirk, at tho foot of
'(.'rout lake, on Monday, returning on
Tuesday ovoning.
An excursion, under tho auspices of
:,lio Trout Lake Sunday school, down
Trout lako on the S. S. Victoria is advertised for to-day,
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. Itosenberge.r's advt. in this
issue. No stock to sell; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
Mrs. It. Davis and Miss Lillle Davis
have returned to Revelstoke. Mr.
Davis is still running tho local saw
mill to fill local demands.
* This is the time of year when nature demands that wo cat plenty of
fresh fruit. Tri-weekly shipments are
received by G. B. Batho &, Co. at tho
fiostotlicc store.
* You are within hello distance of
anyone between here and Arrowhead,
and a message can be received or sent
from hero to nny part of the world.
Telephone in Cummins & Co.'s store.
Hur/li Tt. Brown reeolved a telegram
ou Monday to proceed at once to Trout
Lake to accept n position with the
Ivakovlew Mining company who are
operating some promising olaims in
that vicinity.���Trail News.
* Mining companies needing time
sheets, vouchor forms or any kind of
printing, should try the EAOLE job
offloe. Flrst-ulass work guaranteed.
Tf we can't suit you wo don't want your
Business for tbe month of August
opens up very satisfactorily. Kvery
firm in the city reports better opening
orders than for Bevoral months past,
says the Paystreak of tho Slocan
Wm. Mr Adams of the Sandon Paystreak,   and   Christopher   Foley   are
spoken of as two likely opponents to
. Bob Green if he becomes lulnistr/r of
l-.miiies  and   seeks re-election.   Either
. i-ftwould give Bob a run Ior his political
M. B. Webber, ami Mrs. Webber, a
prominent lawyer of Winona, Minn.,
arrived in Ferguson on Monday evening's stage. Mr. Webber is very much
impressed wilh tho possibilities of this
eamp. lie wont up In tlio Metropolitan group on Tuesday.
Tho government are co-operating, to
tl small extent, witli the business men
ul Fet*gii9on to gravel Victoria avenue.
Tho work has made a big Improvement
to the town. No further word has as
yet been received from Mr. Floyd anent
lhe. lumber for the proposed sidewalk.
The S. S. Revelstoke is being built at
Nakusp for the upper river run north
of Revelstoke. Thc machinery will
Ijo delivered very shortly and immediately put in position. Revelstoke
Iniilds a deal of faith on tho steamboat
venture to the llig Bend district nnd
deserves the success that generally follows all public spirited enterprises.
The EAOLE has now a living rival in
tho camp. A gonuino goldon eagle,
caught by a couple of prospectors up
Ihe. north fork on Sunday, is now tho
property ef tho Ferguson brothers.
This speoies, the real Undo Sam production, Is very raro in this country.
Though too young to (ly it can punish
beefsteak like an elephant would pie,
"���and its lighting proclivities are instantly made known to any one disturb-
'Off It.
Don't forget tho club dance tomorrow night in Minors' Union hall.
Tho ii^hinjj season is now on. A
number of local anglers have been trying their luck with fairly good success.
* Get a camera and join the liends.
There's amusement in it. Send to the
Canada Drug & Book Go., Revelstoke,
B. C. Photographic'supplies also supplied.
Rev. M. C. Miller pecupiod Rev. S. J.
Green's pulpit in Ferguson last Sunday
evening and preached an eloquent and
thoughtful sermon. He has consented
to again preach on Sunday evening
noxt at the same hour and place.
Percy Johnson of Sandon, has
entered tlie employ of S. Daney, as
packor, "-Klondike" is an expert at
throwing tlio diamond and will soon be
as familiar a figuro nt tho rear of tho
pack train, on tho surrounding hills, as
he has been for years iu tho Slocan.
A good many pooplo read; all think;
u coed many merely think other men's
thoughts; a few think for themselves;
it is tlio few that own the earth. To
think for themselves is the lesson that
workingmen must learn.���Appeal.
Imperial Bank
-of Canada.
  S2.BU1I.000.00.   1     I Kg
 *a,s60,ooo.uo.     i fS
���- !'*!
Ged.eralBanki.ig Business Transacted LV
ItKST- ��� ���
Interest allowed on deposits In 8av
Department m uurreut rates.
........ +<���, ��� �� ��� ����-��� ���-��-��*��������-���������-��'- | p*
Smoli- t'nldii-Mukii dinars. A1
Store in Eagle Block.
0.1. Laundry
/*****^.     Corner Vickers Street
{     ^^*and Queen Avenue
Laundry work of overy description dono
cleanly and frompily.
AGENCY ttttt
llf ANTED.���Doll on Victoria Avenue. In
Tl block* 1,-2, it, I. !>, r. or 7. send price,
terms, nnd partlouiara nt onee.
GAR     CO.,    REVEL-  "
For sale-by Forguson'B Leading Hotels.
Ask lor them.
R. S. Wilson-
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall Papor,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, ete. Mail Orders
promptly   attended,   to.
H. Edward*-.^
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Purs and Skins
Tanned mid Dressed.
Third street ,��tRevelstoke
S. W. F. Gainer
QI/>A   WILL   BUY   Lot  17.   in   Woe
O LOU  rleiued, fenced nnd in garden.
WILL BOY Lot 18, In Mack i!.   Ap-
ply at onco. \
kjonn wiLT.m'Y Lot fUn block l. part
LpOUU cash] balance before AugtiHt IbL
Tills lot lion Victoria Avenue, Himottt cleared,
and In the liiislm^s mitre of the town. A
good buy at tlie price.
<!ft%ri   WILL   itl'Y  1
IpUOv   l��i<i'-k 7, on Victoria i
ti, fl and io in
Itutoly woitof tin- Windsor hotel   Splendid
iiL'ii and dry lota* nn Al location,  Worth
more, bnt owner niusi have money.  Offer void
alter Ana. ut.   Terms cash.  Apply ul onee.
^'/wi   WILL   HI'Y corner   Lot I or 4, in
:i>aUU hlock8p. INSIDKLOTSIn.theaame
block (or aaio at 176 each. Terms: HJ dovvn, J-{j
In it mouths, buluncc in 0 months.
Mining men enquire their
crews at Ferguson, and
pny them olT in Ferguson.
$100   ^l BOY CO
 ir Lots 11 or M in
H--4.W Lloi'kHH. Tlieafl lots are 80x100.
INSIDK LOTS In Hiine block  (or  sale   ut 175
each, Terms! Hi oash.balancfl in ;i and u
mouths, lo per cant, off for cash, Theflolota
are admirable residential property, handy to
the proposed school. Fine small creek nearby.
Several residences already erected in adjoining
lPi/ui WILL BUY comer Lots II or 14, In
���TJUWU 40. *W will buy inside lots 8, 11. 10,
IS or 13 in thc sump block. Usual lenns. This
property is loenlly known as Knob hill a
bench <\vcrlookinj: the town. Splendid real*
denttnl property.  Boiling readily.
<ii?l ftA WlbL BUY anv one of Lot* :t, 4, 5.
'lMf)U ��������� ? Of K.'" block H, situate on Victoria avenue, north side; the only lotHon tho
main street at these prices,   Usual terms.  ���
n(\(\  WILL BOY Lot7,ln bloekl.oppo-
OUIJ   alve Si .Shannon's assay    '"
��� dice on
Vlcorla Avenuo. Half cash, balance in sixty
days. Tiiis offer only holds good till Aug, 1st.
A snap lor a business location.
For further particulars   Rpply to
The place where lhe mines
are is the place where thc
towns are	
Ferguson receives the pay
roll benefit from all the
shipping mines	
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Tlio most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Sltuatfii midst scenery
unrivalled for Rranduur. Kiatlng, fishing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nu-'sc. In toleirraphie communication with
all parts of tho world, Two mulls arrive and
depart every day. Its baths enrc all nervous
and inuKenfiir diseases .:�� waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Mb
baths and waters arc a aure remedy against
all argentiferous polnonB.    TKKMH,* ,*16 to
518 per week, according to residence In hotel
or VMM.
When You Are
Ou tfitting
Fct a prospecting trip or buying supplies
lor   your camp, remember that  we carry
The Largest Complete
Stock in the Lardeau
It makes no difference what size your order
is, nor wlhat it calls tor, we can fill it,, and
at lower prices than elsewhere in this
district. We buy in carload lots, and get
the cash discounts, thus placing us in a
position to sell you the very newest and
best sup| llies at lowest prices. Having just
enlarged our store, we are in a better position than ever to fill your order promptly.
Pack train orders is our specialty. Come
in and see our stock, and get prices before outfit ting.    We can save you money.
McKinnon <fc
Our Qoods
The Post Office store. Let us do your outfitting.
Fresh   fruits arriving. Liberal discounts for cash.
Q. B. Batho <�� Co.
Established 1896
General Merchants
C. B. Hume & Co.
$  Wholesale and Retail	
| General Merchants
J> Tho largest importers ln North Kootonay.
| Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City
Everybody    Qur   Special
smokes     ANI)_	
The Union
They are all Unlo.. made and of the RevelstokeCigar
best Havana Tobacco money can Manuiacturine"
buy.  Try ono and satisfy yourself ,-,       n       .  .   .  b
aa to their qoality. Co., Revelstoke,
Citizens ofthe Lardeau District
When you come to Revelstoke to do your shopping, remember that
Bourne Bros.
have the largest and best assorted stock in North Kootenay.
Compare our prices and see our goods beforo purchasing elsewhere.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled i


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