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">Uj"U^'..''A���>'.A .
.J     /
12.00 A YEAR.
Solid Reasons Why the Lardeau DistrMs the Most Talked of Locality in British oimbla.
but) pours. The time, then, to get
in othe ground floor is this winter
beto the rush In the spring begins,
The Nettie L. Certainly Never LookeiBetter Than Bight Now.-It
Will'Have No Diffloulty at all in Ohiing Out the Proposed 1100
Tons���The Silver Cup Will Oonjseoond, With Possibly
600 Tons.���The Good Old D?s of Plaoer Mining
Are in Bvldenoe at Ten-Ma.���Men at Work.
One never seems to grow tired ol
hitting the trail to the Nettle L mine.
On Sunday last the Eagle man took a
run up in time to enter the workings
after the morning shift had fired their
holes and the bad air had cleared
away; for if there is anything that will
make a person's head ache it is to
inhale "dynamite smoke." After a
jolly good dinner in the mess room
along with the force of 15 men we
accompanied Foreman Crilly to the new
workings, having already been
through the old workings a half dozen
times. To say that the ore showing
is all that we had repeatedly heard It
was and expected, would be saying the
least we could. The crosscut from the
southeast drift is now in over 50 feet
and tbere in. the dim light of the
greasy candle two men are working in
the face of almost solid ore; in fact
they do the saoking right in the tunnel, only the waste being sent to the
ore house for sorting. About mid-1
way between the drift and the face of
the crosscut a winze is being sunk,
also on solid ore, tho same process of
Woking being in vogue. It is now
do'vn about 20 foet and though the
means are primitive-jus); an ordinary
windless���the company intend to sink
it 75 or 100 foot. And in tho meantime m"n w'iu *be I?uito worKon the
long base tunnol to connect it with the
bottom of this 100 foot winze. Then
the oro will all go down instead of the
expensive lift by windless, thus
making a big saving In tho cost
of mining. From 20 to 40 sacks of
clean ore Is boing sacked in tho mino
dally, besides what two oro sorters
handle in the oro house. Judging from
the filled ore sacks piled up ono should
think there was over 150 tons ready for
the rawhides. The company will
certainly have no difficulty In shipping
the proposed 1100 tons this wintor, if
Messrs. Craig & Hillman can get it
out. W. Glenn and J. McTaggart are
fixing the rawhide trail between the
mine and the ore house here. There is
enough snow on the upper portion of
the route for rawhldlng, but not enough
near town as yet. If Nettle L. shares
are not worth their par value���$1���
Inside of six months time we miss our
Placer MlniiiK at Ten Hile.
J. Cague and a partner are placer
minlg on Joe PIssett's old ground on
the louth fork of the Lardeau right at
Ten Mile, consisting of about one
aces' They have taken up lumber on
pac/ horses, built about 100 feet of
flune and about 200 feet of ditches.
Tkry are using the old blanket process
tin gold being found in tbe gravel.
Tlere is no black sand, as found in the
Siskatchewan in northern Alberta.
Bit the gold is there nevertheless, as
ttese men will demonstrate before
ipring. Other parties are considering,
tho same kind of a proposition on ad
joining ground. So that placer min
���ing may yet become an important
faster in the future ns woll as tho
past history of this district. In the
earlier days soveral thousands of dollars was washed from the gravel of
Lardeau creek, flowing just bolow
Ferguson and emptying into Trout
lake four miles further down.
Camborne, Nov. 5.���Tbe ownors of
the Oyster group came down last
Monday, and report having made
another big strike on their property.
They brought down somo fine samples
of free milling quartz.
A party of surveyors went through
Camborne today to survey the well
known Eva group, prior to the work
being commenced for the winter.
The pack train has been kept busy
all the week, bringing up supplies for
B. E. Drew, general merchant of this
city, who has made up his mind to stay
with the camp. He is kept busy sending out supplies to the different
properties operating In this vicinity
We had a pleasant surprise this week
when a large crowd of men passed
through on their way to work the
Wide West and Black Bear mines. The
owners are determined to push these
properties for all they are worth.
Mr. Jackson and three of the directors of the Eclipse, a promising
property within a mile and a half of
Camborne, paid a visit to the camp a
few days since, and were highly
pleased to see things in such good
A bridge has been built
across Pool creek, and contractor
Perrie will have the cabin finished in
a few days, and hopes to got the rawhide trail well under way before very
Can you tell us where tlio road superintendent keeps' himself these days.
The trail between hero and Comaplix
Is a disgrace to any district, and a
bridge, which has only recently been
fixed by his order, is now worse than
The Same Syndicate That Threw It Up Last Winter Have Decided To
Pay the Price and Push Development.
S. Daney Is now Packing the Outfit up to the Property With All
Haste.���Experienced Miners are Scarce, Nearly All of Them
Having Left for the   Winter���Work Promises to be
Fairly Plentiful Here All Winter.���The Brow.���
The Cromwell.-The Klondyke.���The Sunset.
It is  with more than  a degree of I He says:   "The smelter returns hardly
satisfaction    that    the    Eagle can came up to our expectations, but  were
A New Winter Record.
With between 20 and 25 men at tho
Nettle I... 15 to ?n '������' '!'���' TowsC". if ���
iS lit the Cup, 0 or 8 in the Old Gold, 2
on the Sunset, 2 at the Brow, 4 at the
Free Coinago, and others here and
there working steadily all winter tho
prospects are growing brighter.
"Raise you an X! hit me; that's good;
take it away, etc." will again bo in
order. Hop along, sister Mary, hop
On the same south-bound train that
D. Ferguson returned home on on
Monday last, was a party of C. P. R,
engineers bound for Kaslo, from where
they will go in over the portion of
Lardeau's railway graded last year,
and at this- end of lt resurvey certain
portions and get everything ln readiness for an early commencement of
actual construction In the spring.
The proposed route around by the
the shores of Trout lako is likely to be
abandonod for the present and a now
survey made following along tho slope
of the mountains on tbo east side, just
below tho proposed Lardeau-Dunoan
road, coming over an easy and gradual
grado to Ferguson: thence over the
line already surveyed to Arrowhead
with a spur into Trout Lako City if
necessary. And also spurs running
from Ferguson to tap the ore producing mines of the camp. The C. P. R.
townsite at the foot of tbe lake Is to be
made the C. P. R.'s town, where a
good deal of activity may be expected.
While the engineers may not be able
to give this as official It looks quite
reasonable that the C. P. R. should
desire to reach the mines with the
least possible outlay, and we understand this' route will be $500,000
cheaper than the old survey calls for.
Be that as it may, a railway to tap the
entire district seems absolute for next
year. With such glowing prospeots of
a railway and so many properties
working all this winter, the tide seems
to be coming our way.  It never rains
When the average prospector is
written to for information concerning
his property, ho usually has some difficulty in. placing in concise form his
answer thereto. The following questions, whon answered, will as a rule
give the enquirer the information he
Name of claim f
Size of claim 1
Where recorded ?
What mining district ? i
Amount of development done ?
Buddings if any ?
Machinery if any ?
Width of vein ?
Character of ore ?
How many minerals ?
Value of each ?
Have any shipment!been made?
Trend of vein ?
How far can you trace ? ���
Tunnol or shafttproposition ?
Source of water supply ?
Means of transportation ?
Character of roads ?
Kind of country rock ?
Nearest shipping point ?
Prlco ?
Prioe of option ?
Send sample of ore.
[Mr. Elector: !
// you rote for Chris.',
\ Foley, the people's cundi-\
date, you vote for a sound \
{and progressive principle. \
Thus you cannot waste a \
vote.    Let   the  machine,
politicians howl about dead;
issues; but "plunk" for
Chris. Foley and progress.
November 2Ist.
A member of the International
Development Company, of New York,
re our "20 miles of railway wanted,"
writes the Eagle under date Oct. 29:
"If an olectric road will answer the
purpose we will build just such as will
be most suitable and for the best
interests of all concerned." A
representative will be sent here to
size up the proposition at an early
British Columbia will be to Canada
what New Zealand is to Austrailia.
It will be the arena wherein the
practical precepts and principles of
modern socialism will be promulgated
and demonstrated. Each year witnesses some now departure in public
affairs along the lines of social democracy, and in no instance have they
been found detrimental to the well-
being of tho country. New Zealand
furnishes a good example of our legislators and people, and is providing tlio
ideas of an education on tho elevating
influence of socialism tbat is proceeding apace. British Columbia is preeminently tho land of labor, and it is
meet and right that the toilers Bhoulc
havo legislation to ameliorate his condition. In this respect our province
is looked upon as tlio leader in the
Dominion and, though the youngest in
tho confederation, it bids fair to becoming soon the sturdiest in direct and
beneficial legislation. Workingmen
owe it to themselves to seo to it that
thoir votes aro cast right in the coming election.���Slocan Drill.
announce the fact that the Towser
Mining Co., so well known in this district, have decided to accept the
liberal offer of the owners of the Towser mine, D. Ferguson and J. Knowles,
and will commence work with a full
force of men in a few days. '
It will bo remembered that early
last spring this company discontinued
work, pulled up the rails, brought
down their supplies and outfit and
stored them In Batho & C'o.'s warehouse, but it will also be remembered
that tho company were anxious to
acquire the property at a smaller
figure. Failing in this nothing has
been done all summer long.
Tho owners at that time offered to
give them IS months in which to
prove the property nnd make tho payments. And this is what hns taken
place. The balance, $:i7,0HO, $3,000
having already been paid, is divided
up, the first one due in six months and
the balance divided up for tho following year.
Tho managers, Messrs. (1. I'. Ritter
and J. M. SkenlT, of Chicago, will
arrive in a few days to take charge of
thc work.   John Sweeney will likely
Ko tnvornan    Tl is thought, tlint ut lonal.
20 men will ho employod.
Tho company did some 500 feet of
development last winter and ns they
buy all their supplies in town���an
example for ono or two further up the
tho hill���it will help materially to
liven things up this winter.
S. Daney, .hiving received, instructions by wire, is busy packing tho out-
lit back to the property.
Tho Towser Mining Syndicate is one
of the best concerns that ever operated
in. this district, and if the EAGLE is
rightly informed great credit is duo
Wm. Cowan for having re-interested
tho company and bringing them back
to thc country again. Mr. Cowan like
other men.���except a fow wiseacres
who are paid for thoir knowledge (?)���
has confidence in the Towser. There
are no unnecessary.officers, directors,
clerks, red tape, etc.. und the manager's
word goes���no instructions by cablegram. It is not a stocked company,
but a co-operative syndicate consisting
of Chicago, Indianapolis and St. Louis
capitalists. With such a combination
tilings should p;o with a vim this winter, and if the Ragle can rely on tho
opinion of local miners the Towser will
bo shipping ore before next spring.
Tho property is only six miles up the
south fork, via tho Silvor Cup trail.
Cabins and other necessaries are provided and no time will be lust in
getting in supplies and placing men at
work. For a properly that has been
condemned by "experts" as often as
the Towser "it do beat tlie hand
good considering that we were no
better acquainted with the ore. But
noxt summer we will be better prepared to keep our average up higher.
The weight of the ore at the smelter
was 13204 lbs. and our gross values
were $793.77, so we did not get as much
as we expected, but we are very well
satisfied and will try and push it next
summer for all it is worth."
Free Milling Ore In  Fish Creed Cunin.
A. H. Gracy, the Imperial Development Syndicate's engineer, who examined their property on Lezington
mountain, between Lexington and
Pool creeks, in tho Fish River district,
and'reported so favorably that tho directors decided to close the bonds on
tho claims and proceed at once with
active development, says:
These Lexington mountain properties have tho richest surface showings
I have ever seen on a free milling
property." The hill was first staked
in 1809 by prospectors who were looking for silver-lead properties and
made their locations on the strength of
a trace of galena. The mountain is
hard to prospect owing to moss which
covers tho surface inches deep and as
thc original locators looked only for
silver-lead tho merit of tho free gold
discovery ivas quite overlooked for
some timo and no work of any account
was done beyond opon crosscuts. Tho
Imperial syndicate has tied up most of
tho promising claims on tho mountain.
In addition to tho list mentioned a few
days ago, they have acquired a hall
interest in four claims and an interest
in four claims and bonds on three
other claims, giving them control of
12   adjoining    locations. On   tbo
property aro four or five truo fissure
veins ranging from four to liftoon feet
from which assays of $4 to $B0 have
been had. It is proposed to erect a
comfortable camp and put a crew of 12
to 15 men to work immediately, utilizing a couple of cabins now erected on
one of the groups under bond as
quarters for the crew iu the meantime.
Tunnels will be started on a couple of
tho most promising leads, and the
nature of tho ground is such that
development can be carried on
economically, and in drifting tho gain
in depth will be almost foot for foot.
Tho claims are located within a mile
of a wagon road between Comaplix
and Camborne and within half, a mile
of the latter townsite.
Out of eleven rotes at the Nettie L
mine Chris., Foley will get nine, He
will poll nearly all of them at the Cup,
all from the Old Gold oamp, two from
the Brow, two from the Sun Set, and
every solitary vote in Ferguson but
Every mail brings enquiring letters
to this office from all parts of the world
asking for more information concerning
the Lardeau district and its mines, in
which many are now interested. This
Beeking Jfor information will surely
result in a big influx of the right class
of poople next year.
Unless the elections in this riding
are hold on the 21st, many ,of tho boys
ln the mines will have a 'willgooso
chance down,, to tho hill to voto, not
being in comunication with the world
���lnoe they left here a few weeks ago.
Fregre.,. un the Itrow.
An Eagle representative visited the
Brow mineral claim on Sunday last.
The Lembke brothers were found hard
at work, where thoy have been pounding away steadily since last Juno. The
crosscut tunnel is now in something
over 2110 ft., thoy having tapped ledgo
matter at 250 ft. Tho owners expect
to catch the hanging wall in about 30
ft. more, whore they should find an ore
chute. The ledgo matter consists of
slate and diorito with quantities of
quartz hero and thei*. Tho indications
aro rather favorable at any rate.
Whon the hanging wall Is reached
drifting will be commenced, and work
will be continued until Christmas.
Next season the Brow will bo-surveyed
and crown granted.
Tlie Klnml.vke Group.
Tho trail up to Ibis group, on Murray
creek, has beon nearly completed by
.loo Murray and two other men. The
remainder will be completed in the
spring. Thc Klondyke has a nice
body of ore and will likely become a
shipper with sufficient development
work done. L. M. Johnson and Mr.
Murray, tho owners. Intend pushing
work ns soon as supplies can bo taken
up in tho oarly spring.
Tho Croimvell Mine.
The Eagle is in receipt of a letter
from E. M, Morgan, of the Cromwell
mine here, dated Slooan Oity, Oct,
Silver Cup Ore Output.
Whilo S. Daney has only a contract
to get, out only 1110 tons of Silver Cup
oro, tho manager is making enquiries
as to whether Mr. Dunoy could handle
500 tons. And dont you ever think
Mr. Daney could'nt get it out if tlie
manager says tho word.
The Sun.ct Group,
Frank Helton and W, Shannon are
putting in full timo on thi? group up
the north fork, owned by the Golden
Link Mining company. The supplies
aro in nnd by next spring tho company
will have a good showing for the
wtntw'i work, Lardeau Eagle.
Published every Wednesday morning at the
office of publication, Ferguson, B C.,by
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column inch por mouth. Legal ads. 12 cents
per (nonpariel) line fur first' insertion ; 8 cents
for each additional insertion,    "
It wouldn't be a bad Idea to jog the
memories of tbe several candidates for
parliamentary honors in this riding
that this district is entitled to a daily
mail service, which it 1b not getting.
15 cents per line each issue,
at less than full rates.
Reading notices
No ads. accepted
Subscription Rates: By mail orcarrier, |2.00
per annum ; 11.00 for six months. To foreign
addresses 12.50.   Stopped at expiration.
Job Printing; The Eagle job department is
well equipped, and is prepared to execute all
kinds of printing at honest prices.
flV^Ko cheques accepted.
Address all communications to tho
WEDNESDAY,    NOV.    7th,    1900.
THINK men, think.
The great point of consideration
with the workers now is, "Why do the
two parties wish to monopolize all the
legislative influence and howl down
any attempt of the working classes to
secure the small representation in the
house to which thoy consider they are
justly entitled?
How many labor representatives are
there now in parliament. They can be
counted on the fingers and the ministers
can always count upon their vote to
support any measures that are introduced for the benefit of the country.
Their sphere of usefulness is not to
oppose beneficial measures or to
antagonize the actions of either party,
but simply to act as watch dogs to safeguard tho interests o! the masses who
would otherwise bo reduced to a state
of reform.
We are uow being treated by both
sides with categorical declarations of
tho wonderful efforts that have been
made by each party for our benefit and
are asked to believe that Codlin not
Short is our friend.
The workers, especially in this district, are men of intelligence and are
sufficiently educated to think for themselves and not to be led to the polls
like a flock of sheep. They know that
the slight representation they are able
to secure could not possibly affect the
balance of power in the house and are
fully determined whether their leanings be Conservative or Liberal to
elect their own Labor candidate.
The thinking men among them are
wondering what inducements the
opposition leaders are holding out to
the capitalists and manufacturers
against the welfare of the masses in
order to secure their votes. They are
quite aware that the mine owners and
other employers of labor havo been
approached with all sorts of promises
and propositions of what they will do
when the party gets ln power and they
feel assured that all these proposals
are thoroughly inimical to the welfare
of the tollers and they mean to elect
their candidate, knowing tbat he will
fearlessly and conscientiously oppose
to the bitter end any measure that
may be brought forward detrimental
to their interests.
This is the reason, workingmen,
why you should discard your cherished
party notions and unanimously support
your own candidate.
Now that the elections are practically over, interest will be renewed
in the mining arena. And the
Lardeau can safely be counted among
the camps which will receive special
attention from mining men of the
A "children's column" is the latest
feature of the Topic. The editor is
now in his proper element.
The Topio trying to stop the
progress of socialism is like a little
yellow dog barking at a fleeting railway
If the Truo Fissure deal only goes
through in time, Ferguson will yet be
a hummer, even this winter. With a
concentrator and aerial tram building,
besides the miners working, the lively
days of '97, whieh we so fondly
recollect, will not be in it.
If, when a large private manufacturing concern shut down to force men to
slave for less money, the government
would step in and manufacture the
same product, under proper conditions,
you would see the private owners
tumbling over themselves to either sell
to the government or continue
A syndicate owns most of the coal
mines in Nova Scotia, and the C. P. B.
owns most of the Northwest Territories.
About half of the natural resources of
British Columbia have been given
away to men who know how to manipulate the strings. It is time tbe people
took a hand to protect their rightful
The "polllwog" at Trout Lake has
had some frightful hallucinations during the paBt week. All else 'is quiet
except the mud kept constantly stirred
up by this freak of newspaperdom.
The editor of the Topic is a great
man, a truthful man, a monstrous man,
a mining man, a literary man, a man
among men, a Bmart man, there are
none but he. Verily he has a head like
unto a pin.
S. Daney says that a real good pack
trail to Circle City will beat a hair
made wagon road all to pieces. Ae
Mr. Daney has a practical experience,
our representative might make a note
of this, for next summer.
With no Chinamen, no Jap, no Dago,
no Slav and the highest wage scale in
Canada, the increased development
work in sight in this district will make
it a continual round of pleasure for the
happy inhabitants.
Believing that the reading public is
disinterested in the personal grievances
of Lardeau newspaper editors, the
Eagle closes once and for all any
further personal discussion with the
Topic. We will await the event of a
railway, when jack-leg newspaper men
give place to men of average intelligence at least.
To-day will prove which of the two
great parties are to hold the reins of
government in Canada for the next
four years. It matters little which
wins. The electors will get the samo
medicine; the change will only  he in
th.i   oh.vslcian      Tbo   Bl.mo oun bo oftlil
of   yesterday's   elections across  the
There still appears to he some
uncertainty as to when the elections in
Yalc-Cariboo-Kootenay will be held.
After being unofficially announced for
the 21st, the returning officer refuses
to set tho exact date. This, naturally,
Is the causo of much confusion and
trouble. The Liberal party will pay
dear for this outrageous political
conduct. Not even nomination day
has been announced.
From a well compiled table in the
Vancouver Province, a Liberal newspaper, the Eagle gathers the following
facts. Thore are thirteen Independent-
Labor candidates in Canada for the
house of commons. Eight of these,
Messrs. W. Stubbs, J. A. Robinson, D.
D. Rogers, H. A. Patterson, R. Royd-
house, L. G. McCarthy, Dr. Hargrave
and Hugh Stevenson, hail from
Ontario. Three ln British Columbia,
Messrs. W. MacCialn, Ralph Smith
and Chris. Foley. Two in Manitoba,
Messrs. R. L. Richardson and A. W.
Puttee. And one in Quebec, F.
Roborge. With over half of these
elected and others, like O. R. Maxwell,
bound by written pledges to the Labor
movement, there Is every possibility of
them controlling the balance of power
ln Dominion politics. Whether they
do or not, a good start ln the right
direction has been made. Better to
vote for what yon.'want and lose it,
With the steady progress and won-
dorful achievements of science one of
the doctrines of socialism is paving its
way forward. The latest invention !b
'concoction" which will blow the
biggest armor-plated warships into
smitherines in less time than it takes
to tell it. The huge expense of keeping up navies and standing armies may
as well be done away witb and the
money used to benefit the whole
people. So many wash tubs might as
well be floating on the seas. Science
will blow them all to atoms some of
these days.
. If the Topic desires to know who the
firm of Parmater & Co. are let it drop
them a line or enquire at the registry
office, Revelstoke. Here is what the
Topic said of one member of the firm
a couple of weeks ago: "There Is no
question but that the splendid work of
the summer has been the result of
closer prospecting to a very large
extent, but. it must also be admitted
that S. Shannon of Ferguson, has
aided the prospector very materially In
his work by explorations taken upon
his own initiative and from tests he
has made at his own expense. These,
together with the fact that tho ore is
here to find, bave been the principle
factors which have wrought together
to produce tbe golden results of the
past few months,"
at  the Eagle editor, for, like the
than vote for what you do not want and proverbial farmer when kicked by the
In all earnestness tbe EAGLE would
like Ja definite explanation from the
Topic of that term it so often uses "up
the gulch." The Topic, from its very
Inception, just because the townsite
owners here refused to be black-mailed
into giving up $50 a month, has at
every opportunity stabbed this town
right and left. The Eagle absolutely
refuses to become a party. to stirring
up strite between two towns. This is
a big country with plenty of room for
all. We will not believe that any
other person in Trout Lake is so small,
mean and narrow minded, and the
presence of so many dead ads. in this
morbid specimen of, newspaper
dysentry leads us too believe that it is
not appreciated'even In its own beautiful little town on the lake. We care
nothing for tho personal abuse burled
The wagon road up the Nettle L.
hill next season will mean the expenditure of considerable government
money. But the two per cent, ore tax
in the meantime will go a long way
towards providing the funds.
The Eagle might say that any
advertising it overdone for the Silver
Belt syndicate is still unpaid for; much
the same as Alex. McRae's election
account, for which a literary dyspeptic
not many miles from here is responsible.
The Eagle has now on file the
unaccepted offer of Joseph Martin I
which the Topic turned handsprings to j
accept. To dub tho Topic as a |
collossial liar would be putting it mild,
when lt accuses the Eagle of selling
itself to any party or persons.
On and after this date tho Eagle
will not waste one more lucn oi its
valuable soace in correcting the
erring "mud hen" published at Trout
Lake. We are satisfied to let our
patrons and readers judge for themselves, and we feel that the verdict has
already been given.
By fair and honest methods the
Eagle editor has been instrumental in
helping to put through a mining deal,
and because we have made more money
in three months than the Topic genius
would in three life times, he is wrathy
under the collar. As soon as a railway
hits the country men of the Topic
editor's calibre will be blotted off the
map, to be succeeded by men who
"savee" their business. The Topic
pilot should start a hen ranch.
As another instance of the glaring
ignorance of the Topic scribe, he seems
to be. unaware that a mine can produce
silver and lead and still give values in
copp.er. As a newspaper Which professes to bave thp district's general
advancement at heart the Topic is very
small potatoes indeed, to refer to a
m'are typographical error; especially
wlien its own columns look like it was
issued under the auspices of a lot of
The Eagle regrets Very much that
the Topic editor has lost what little
sense and respectability he ever had.
It treats its half dozen subscribers to a
couple of columns of personal abuse of
the EAGiiE^editorj no argument, much
less dignity; nothing but guttersnipe
terms, fairly rotten with the stench of
dead ads. surrounding it. When a
man so loses his temper as to bring the
rag whose destinies ho controls (?) to
the level of tbe slums, it is time a law
were passod to kill on" literary prosti
tutes. The Eagle editor may be all
that he is painted as by this filthy
production.; but there is one thing
certain he> does not sit on his spinal
end day in and day out acquiring his
mining nciws from heresay.
ass, we'oonaider whore it cornea (rain.
A Keliable
Is a Jowel.
If your 'ivatcb is out of order, needs
cleaning or regulating bring it to me
at once and I'll guarantee Its repair.
My s hop Is in the Eagle bldg.
Si. F. W. Gainer.
PUP AT ��� ���^
Abramson Bros., Proprietors.
Everything new and up to date.
Fire Proof Safe. * ���. ?
Finest Wines, Liquors and C gars,
mining men's headquarters.
Cheerful dining room    ' *
; A 1 service.
..Hotel jffdeaiL
J. Laughtn, Proprietor.
Fergusta, B. C..
Hotel Ferguson
The Bar is supplied with the best brands of I
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Rates S8.00 a day and upwards*
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
*Hv*Vv ���> �� ��
// You have a Lot in Ferguson or a Worthy Miking Property in the district you wish
io sell, write, giving full
particulars to
Parmater & Co.
Mining and Real Estate Brokers,
Office:  "B��ffc" BUg,
Ferguson, B. C.
Or if you desire to buy real estate or acquire mining
interests in this district just drop us a line. We
will cheerfully give you all the information we can.
Mining Properties Wanted.
Handled on commission.
| See or write us before purchasing. We can put you
next to some of the best buys in this district.
Actual residence and experience in the camp places
us in a position to give reliable service.  .
Is the....
The place where
the Mines are.'
Worthy of Careful Consideration
By All Classes.
And the Old Parties Are Unequal
to the Occasion.
To tho Electors of Yale-Cariboo :
In requesting your support to rayce ndidacy
for the Dominion Home of Commons, lt Is due
to you that I give public expression to my
fiewH on the several planks of tho platform of
the Independent Labor Party :
1. Compulsory education has becomo a
recognized necessity In most countries and as
such has my hearty endorsement.
2. Legal work day, 8 hours.
Modern invention has so enormous).y increased the productive power of man that, his wants
can be supplied with a fraction of the time and
effort heretofore necessary for that purpose.
Labor as well as capital should bene (lt by these
changed conditions. The 8-hour la w is a step
in that direction and I shall hcfcrtUy endorse
any legislation looking to that end.
8.  Government inspection of industries.
Under modern economic conditions the management of industrial concerns figure on results, not the methods by which thoy are to be
obtained. An oversuppl.ed labor market enables them to Impose on employes any conditions they may deem necessary.' Protest as a
rule means dismissal from service and probable want to their little ones. In throwing the
strong arm of the law about these children of
misfortune you are simply following the teachings of the meek and lowly Jesus, who said
suffer the little ones to come unto me, for of
such 1b the kingdom of heaven.
4. Abolition of contract system.
The abuses that have grown up under the
contract system as outlined in the first issue
of the Dominion Labor Gazette should convince
even the hide-bound partizan of the necessity
of the enactment of such a law.
6.  Public ownership of franchises.
Our experience in the control of the postal
department, public schools, public highways,
municipal lighting plants and (waterworks Is
sufficient ground for the extension of the same
system to railroads, telegraph, tele phone, and
express business. The experience of people in
New Zealand, Australia, Germany and elsewhere has demonstrated'that these lunctlons
can be) performed by the government with a
very great advantage to the people and I most
heartily endorse legislation looking to that
5. Prohibition of Asiatic emi| rration and the
educational test.
The presence here in large numbers of this
non-assimilating race robs Can adian labor of
its birthright. Every Mongol landing upon
our shores lessens rather than incroases our
population. The white laborer which he replaces would as a rule marry ant 1 settle among
us, increasing tho population by at least three.
This means to the merchant le ss mouths to
' feed, and less backs to clothe, to the doctor
less demands for his services, to the transportation companies less, traffic, to th e dentist less
teeth to till, to the mechanic less buildings to
erect, to thc real estate dealer lest; demand for
property including less force for the same, to
the farmer less sale for produce, to the newspaper man less papers to be sold, to the
preacher smaller congregations, and to the
bootblack fewer shoes to shine. Tbeir presence
works injury to all branches of tho economic
system. I oppose their coming here on thc
same grounds I would oppose the taking of
more passengers into an open boat already
loaded to the sinking line in mid-Pacific.
Every Chinaman occupying a pos ition in domestic services interferes with the natural laws
as applying to the industrial body, robbing our
women of employment naturally belonging to
them to the extent that for every Chinaman so
employed some one's Bister or daughter is
driven to prostitution, evolvin-g a raoe problem destined to breed seas of blood and that
will some day mantle the Canadian oheek
with ablu��hforhiscountry'ssbame.
7. Abolition of child labor.
An economic system that drives the child
from the cradle to the factory to compete with
its own father Is certainly the legitimate child
of an industrial system having greed as its
basic principle. Legislation along I'nes opposed to this will receive'my henrty support.
8. Abolition of tee 9250 df; posit.
Under conditions where all are amenable to
the In wand assume the responsibility of defending tho country's flag and Institutions all
should be entitled alike to aspire to the highest position In tho gift of their countrymen
without being taxed for t'.ie privilege of so doing. I would repeal that law.
0. Compulsory arbitration.
Compulsory arbitration ns applied in New
Zealand looms up on the horizon of progress
not as a dream, but as a practical method of
reconciling the conflicting interests of labor
and capital,and is destined, I think, in the
near future, if applied, to prevent those periodical Industrial wars and lend a security to all
branches ol business such as Is impossible
under existing conditions and as such receives
my hearty approval.
10, All election days to be made public holt
I would hIho favor tho passage of ti law making tlie exercise of the franchise compulsory
for tlie following reasons: First���Money can
and does purchase the votes of the drunkard,
tlie newer hog and criminal, the vote of the
intelligent but Indifferent citizen would counter balance this ov il, and I believe it Is as much
tho duty of every citizen to poll his voto as It
Is to pay his taxes. In nnfkinjr this a compulsory duty yon are simply compelling him to do
that by the batlot which he Is already compelled to do by the bullet���defend the
Institutions of his country.
12 Abolition of the Senate.
I look upon tho upper house as a useless and
extremely annoying political luxury, m n
stumbling block to progressive legislation, as a
homo for political Imbeciles, who seem to have
resolved thomsolvcs Into a political inquisition, who pounce upon every progressive
measure that passes the lower house, brands it
as heresy and proceed to pronounce the sentence of political damnation upon all accordingly! and If any littlo effort I can make can
assist In exterminating that aristocracy ln
politics I can assure you it will bo exercised
with the greatest of pleasure.
Trusting that my ideas on tho several subjects will meet your views, and that I will
receive your support, I remain,
Chris. Foley.
of the United Hat-
tors of North America. When you
aro buying a FUR
HAT, either soft or
stiff, sec to it that
theirenuino UNION
LABEL is sewed In
it. If a retailer has
loose labels in his
possession and offers to put one In a
hat for you, do not
patmnlzc him. He
has not any right to have loose labels. 1-oose
labels in retail stores are counterfeits.   Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat ban
no label. The Genuine Union Labol Is perfor
ated on the four edges exactly the same as a
postage stamp. Couterfelts are sometimes
perforated on three of tlie edges, and sometimes
onlv on two. Keep a sharp lookout for the
counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are
using them In order to net rid of their scab-
made hats. The John B. Stetson Co. and Henry
H. Roelofs, both of Philadelphia, Pa., are nonunion concerns.
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President, Orange, N. J.
JOHN PHILLIPS, Secretary,477 Park Ave.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Smoke Cigars
And an all times insist on thc
box bearing the blue label.
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying fair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M.' I. U
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.'
See that this Label is on all Clothing you buy.
Ferguson Packing
and Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into for packing of
Mining Supplies, etc., to any point
in the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing
to Ferguson a specialty.
S. DANEY, Proprietor.
Canadian Pacific
On all trains from Kevolsto&e and
Kootenay Landing.
Passing Dunmore Junction daily for
St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and
Bostoni Mondays and Thursdays for
Toronto. Same cars pass Kevelstoke one day earlier.
No Trouble to Quote Rates and Give
You a 'Pointer  regarding  thc
Eastern Trip You Contemplate taking.
Fall and Winter Scnelle lectiv
For rates,
apply to
tickets and  full Information
I. MoCREERY, Agent Arrowhead.
Or to       T' 7'BBAD3HAW' ���*������� Revelstoko.
W. F. ANDERSON, T. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
E. J. COYLE, Asst. Pass. Agt., Vancouver, B. c.
Parmater & Co.
Mining and Real Estate Brokers,
The Season of 1900 has been
an unparalleled period of
progress in the���	
The Commercial Centre
Supply Point
,,' *
20 Miles of Railway is
all we need
Time to Invest is Now I
There will be more ore shipped this
winter than all others combined.
Ferguson is the Nelson
and Rossland of the
General Agent.
Local Agent.
Thore'll lw warm times to-night,
Arlliur Evans has returned from the
Okanogun valley.
Supt. D. G. McNeil was down the
hill last night, from tho Cup.
Frank Oliver, Ind. Liberal, will be
elected to the house of commons, from
Alberta, to-day.
Digging cellars and making gravel
sidewalks and street crossings is the
order of the day.
The mail now comes in regularly by
pack horse on Monday, Wednesday
and Friday evening, leaving Trout
Lake tho noxt day in time to catch the
noon boat for Arrowhead.
Tho ro-eommoncement of work on
the Towser will mean a good deal for
the town of Ferguson. Like nine out
of every ten mines in the camp this is
the supply point���tho pay roll centre���
for it.
A meeting of those interested will be
held in tho school house here this
evening for the purpose of considering
the advisability of getting up a Christmas entertainment. Rev. S. J. Green
is tho mover.
Chris. Foley, the peoples candidate,
was billed to speak in Revelstoke on
Monday night last. He is feeling
very sanguine himself. He says the
sentiment in favor of a labor candidate
is mucli stronger than he over thought.
* A good and practical reason why
you should advertise in the Lardeau
Eagle, ft. has a larger circulation in
Ferguson, Trout Lake, Thomson's
Landing, Comaplix, Arrowheadj Camborne and at tho mines than any other
pupor in the world.
Tho local saw mill, under the management of R, Davis, has been running
teadily for the past fow days; getting
r tho proposed
lob, will bobmlt.
iberal donation
D. Ferguson, V. Lado and S. A.
Sutherland are back from Rovolstoke.
The British Columbia Mining record
Victoria, is getting out an ".elaborate
Christmas edition, Ordens should be
sent in at once.
* Another consignment of stationery
was recoivod by the Eaole= orr Monday, consisting of letter pads, bill
heads, envelopes, business cards, etc.
Now is the time to place your order
for anything in tbe printing line. Good
workmanship, fair prices and prompt
* The Lardeau district has had: a
season of excellent development and
actual advancement. For this progression the Eagle olaims to have'
accomplished some good. We print,,
print; and the more business we do, the
greator is Ferguson's prosperity.
This, perhaps, seems a broad statement, yet how can you get around it?
The-more printing, the. more advertising; tho more advertising, the more
business ; and the more business the
out a cut. of timber
Methodist  church, v
here uext spring.   A
by a Jamestown
invited to eenrl
director's   me
Everybody  is
D., pastor  is in
of mining companies are
reports of their annual
stings tn this office,
interested in what work
is contemplated fi
of claims might ;i
about what, thoj
way of developme
Perhaps the mi
tant discussion nl
that bus
ing  sym
New Yo
sale at t
���>��� next year. Owners
lso loll tho Eagle
intend to do in the
it work.
at  ��2
M. F.
land a week <<"
Eagle Ihns: "Ti
thinking of eoinin
where they are as
ovorun with ran
There \y no work
the mines arouni
work in our own c
been a good deal i
.' lucid and imperii" "negro question"
I in an American
ny years is the open*
of the November
ma is Published in
���"���<"> a year, and is for
Is ai 26 cents a copy.
i left here for Ross-
so  ago  writes the
II tlio boys who are
; to Rossland to stay
the town is literally
-.   icoking   for work.
0 he. had at any of
1 lossland." Lots of
imp now, Murray.
Iagle says there has
f complaint over the
high prices prospectors are asking for
their claims; but at the same time it
suggests that when real 'mining men
como into the distriot prepared to do
business there will be no difficulty over
"high" pt-ic--^, "Yus same over har,"
Mr. Eagle man.���Grand Forks Miner.
The Ferguson Ragle is now four
pages and nil home print. R. P.
Pettipieee, I he editor, turns out ono of
the brightest papers in British Columbia. He bus a way of saying things
that goes straight to tho center, and he
handles hi:- subjects without gloves.
There ought not to be a man in the
Lardeau country who has not sent two
dollars to that office. Such a paper
should receive a hearty support.
Cranbrook Herald.
The EAGLE is negotating for apower
press, n new mailing list outfit, and
other requirements of an up-to-date
newspaper. The Eagle already has
the best, cquippe'd priBfi shop in North
Kootenay. but Increasing circulation
and business in the job line demands
better facilities. The Eaole will bo
enlarged in due time and will always
be found uu In ihe requirements of this
steadily growing and important mineral producing eamp.
A sensihl" young lady made tho dying request to her friends: Do not
lay me down by the rippling brooksido
lest the babbling lovers wake me from
my drpiim: norln the beautiful cemetery in f e valley '-est the sightseers
oooingovor epitaphs distract me; but
let my sloop be under the counter of
limits and busincs men tronei'-
nevni' advertise. Thero is
it passbtb all understanding
��� .' ���>'���:;) Into which the buoyant footfall of youth nor tho weary'
ihufflt of old age will ever Intrude.
The following are the names in the
various classes, arranged in order of
Senior III.   Ray H. Wilson.
Junior III. Robert A. Kirkpatrick,
Percy M. Wilson, Louisa M. Batho,
Ethol M. Batho.
1st reader.   Msry L. Wilson.
1st primer. Harry G. Batho, Clark
W. Pettipieee.
The following have been neither
absent nor late;���Ray Wilson, Robert
Kirkpatrick, Percy Wilson, Louisa
Batho, Ethel Batho, Mary Wilson and
Harry Batho.
1. Free compulsory education.
2. A legal working day of eight
.'). Government inspection of all
i. The abolition of the contract
system on all public works.
S. The public ownership of all franchises, such as railways, ��� telegraphs,
waterworks, lighting, etc.
(>. The abolition of Asiatic immigration, the application of the educational test and the abolition of inducements to foreign immigration to settle
in the Dominion.
7. The abolition of child labor
under U years of age.
ti. The abolition of tho $2o0 deposit
required of candidates for the Dominion house,-
tl. Compulsory arbitration of labor
10. Prohibition of prison labor in
competition with free labor.
11. Compulsory exercise of the franchise.
Reported on by. ���
Do not bo annoyed if at the expiration of
your subscription iho Eagle ceases to fly your
way. Due notice will bo sent yon anil If there
Is no response your name will hecutoff. It
save? us time and money, anfl "business is
NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN that ono month
after <latc I Intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mlBatoner of LandB and works to purchase :wo
acres of hi ml In tlio District of West Kootenay,
described as follows : 'joinmoneinu' at a post
marked "Jacob smith's south-west corner,"
placed on the west bank of tho little west fork
of tlie west fork of (he Duncan rivor. about 40
chiiliis mirth of the mouth of tlie littlo west
fork; iliee.ee north tl) chains ; thenco east WI
chains* thonce south 40 chains; thence west so
chains to point of cnmmoiieoinont.
Ferguson, B. C, September -24,1000, 31-38
tbo me
ally v.!:
pern"* t
Take notice that we the undersigned Co-owners with you of the Jumbo, Florence, Union
Jnek, Canadian Boy, Independent and Parrsboro mineral claims, situated on the south
fork of the Lardeail ereek In the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay in the
1'rovlnce of British Columbia, have performed
Hnd recorded thu assessment work and made
thu expenditure required to be done and
recorded on the above mentioned claims for
J the vc��r ISM <is well as thc yenis 18flfi, 1897 and
IfiWl under section 2-1 of. the Mineral Act and
the years for which such work was performed
I nnd expenditure made having expired we do
horoby give vou notice pursuant to Section 4 of
| tlie Mineral Act Amendment Act JiKHJ, to contribute your proportion of such expenditure
: for the yenrs lioniiiibufore mentioned within
��� 00 days or the first publication hereof.
I Dated at Trout Lake this 20th day of September A. D.1W9,
81-46 L.THOMPSON,   Oo-Ownen.
T.J. Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. H. C. P. & S.   (Queen's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bunk of Canada.
Geo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
White, Gwillim $ Scott,
Revelstoke,. B. C.
A. H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : service* in school house every
Sunday at 3 p.m   Jiinday schoolat2 p.m.
Trout Lake Cltv . Services in Forrester's
hall every Sandayat 7:30 p.m. Sunday
sehool at2:;W p.m.
REV. 8. J. GREEN. Pastor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
General Blacksmithing
and Repair Work���
Promptly attended to ni moderate rnte3.
Horseshoeing u specialty,
Boot and Shoe Maker
Miners' Shoes a Specialty.   '
Trout Lake and Ferguson.
When you want a Cool
Refreshing Drink
Enterprise Beer
All Lardeau's leading hotels handle it.
Manufactured by the
Enterprise Brewing Co.,
Revelstoko, B. C.
Imperial Bank
im     of Canada,
CAPITAL PAID UP   .    .    ��2,458,li03.00.
rest ?i,7(io,ooo.oo.-;.-;;.
General Banking Business Transacted
Intcrost allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
A. R, bThEARN,
���    Druggists
If you need anything in
Send to the
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   ,
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Boating, fishing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of tbe world. Two malls arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cure all nervous
And muscular diseases Itfl waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a aure romedy against
all argentiferous poisons/ TERMS; |lfl to
$18 per week, according to residence In hotel
or TlUu,
You can easily understamd
why so many people in this
district patronize
Lardeau's Leading Store
They get proper goods, proper
prices and proper treatment,
consequently they stick to ns.
We can take "similar care of you.
Best and Biggest Stock of General Merchandise ln t'ne Lardeau,
Special line of Gents' Furnishings and Boots and Shoes jiu t opened.
Post Office Store
THE RAILWAY may not be here, but our. Pall and Winter goods
have arrived nevertheless. We have a nicely asssorted stock of Fresh
Groceries, Canned Vegetables, Fruits and Meats. And our Clothing,
Boot and Shoo Btoek is well worth examining beforu purchase elsewhere. Our General Stock is well "sorted" up audi we can suppl/
you mostly anything from a needle to an anchor.
SIXTY DAYS SPECIAL SALE: As we desire to turn most of our
stock into money before another sixty days, special inducements in
prices will be made. If you want anything in our line it will save
you money to purchase from us.
Don't Send to Eastern Sweat-Shops for
Goods until you try the
Send for Prices, samples und particulars
. . . Bourne Bros.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
"Wholesale and Retail
��,@   General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Branch at
Trout Lake City.
Wholedftle   Dealer* tn
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
The Beat Goods Only.
Stock Large and Complete.
Vote for Chris. Foley
and Progression.


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