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The Lardeau
*   ~!y\
VOL. II. NO. 16.
12.00 A YEAR.
F. Orbit?, the Labor Candidate, and
W. M. Lawrenoe Retire.
Ha Usn Independent Martinlte and
Koine Hu Changed Hia Colors
Once More to  Support Him.���
Taylor's  HeotJon Ensured.���The
'���Muddlers" on the Bun.
The political situation changed with
kaleidoscopic rapidity last week.
Ralph Smith went through Revelstoke
from the south on Tuesday night. An
Interview was held between him,
Frank Craig, the labor candidate, and
W. M. Lawrence, the Martin man.
The result of the conference, which
aimed at loosening Mr. Lawrence from
his allegiance to Premier Martin, was
that Mr. Craig retired from the contest
and he and his followers are supporting Mr. Taylor. On Friday morning
W. M. Lawrenoe also withdrew for
business reasons, as he put it In a letter to his friends, published In the last
Issue of the Herald, and for a few
hours Mr. Taylor was all alone in his
glory. The possible effect of tbe return of tbe opposition candidate for
this ft ding by acd��mation upon the
contest In other' constituencies was,
however, too much for the nerves of
tbe government supporters and A.
MoRae, mining recorder at Trout Lake,
was finally persuaded to fill tbe breach.
This particular recording office has
accordingly tbe honor of furnishing
both candidates for the present election in this riding. Mr. McRae Is out
as an Independent Liberal, supporting
the Martin platform and Mr. Martin as
long as he sticks tt- it. There is thus
left a small loop holo for Mr. Kellie to
come in out of the wnt, and his name
���e-figuiTjil as witness on Mr. McRae's
s��p,iii8tlo!i.i\.pniC'. '���I'lwMsfcsK'rT frnftlfi
Labor party here have already broken
with Mr, Kellie, having misgivings as
to tbe bona fides of his intentions and
his present position in support of a
Martin candidate seems to prove that
their suspicions were well founded.
Because the only difference between
''��� Mr. McRae's and Mr. Lawrence's stand
consists of the use of the word "Independent." Mr. Lawrence himself was
one of tbe signers of Mr, McRae's
papers and it is the Martin crowd who
���re bringing Mr. McRae out, So that
Mr. Kellie has finally wound up in this
election supporting a Martin candidate.
Mr. McRae is personally popular and
of course far better acquainted both in
and with the riding than Mr. Lawrence, but he will find it a task beyond
his strength to keep the Martin Stan
dard flying in this constituency.
However his entrance into the Held
has ensured a contest and will help Mr.
Martin to maintain his boast of having
a candidate In every constituency.
Butltlslmprobablethat.lt will bave
any other effect on the final result of
tbe election. The days when a man
could run simply on his shape are over
in this riding. It has grown too large
and has too many new and varied interests in It for personal popularity
and old friendship to oarry an election
any more.
Czar Cummins is very busy these
days. But he could no longer bear up
under Joseph Martin's heavy burden
on foot, so a horse Is now at his command. 	
Organized labor Is opposed to Mar-
ttnlsm and muddleism. Every sincere
labor leader is against the present
lieutenant-governor's government.
he would not support a man unless he
was an out and out Martin man, while
J. M. Kellie on the other hand said he
could not support a Martin man, but
must down Martin at all hazards.
These two lonesome gentlemen are
now supporting McRae. But where is
McRae ?
Mining Recorder Fraser, agent for
Govt. Agt. Coursior, was in Burton
this week paying off men on trails.
He was accompanied by Candidate McRae. Can you observe the strange
Tbere is something strange in the
atmosphere around the Trout Lake
mining recorder's office. As soon as a
new officer steps in a political bee begins to buzz. Who will be the next
The Topic said Lawrence was dead
sure of election. His resignation
shews how little the wobbler knew
about It. It knows even less of McRae's chances.
Joseph Martin will fight "Independents" as oppositionists. This must be
consoling to the out-and-out Martin
followers In this rlfiflig.
The Vancouver Province, Liberal,
endorses the Conservative ticket in
Premier Martin has an opponent In
every riding except James Dunsmutr's.
" Mr. Taylor, too, is another strong
labor advocate."���Trout Lake Topic.
If a man dies now the first query
heard is "Row was he voting?"
"Sandy" McRae will have a smaller
opinion of himself on June 9th.
Vote for Taylor and staple
progressive government.
Down Muddleism and Mar-
tinism.   Standby Taylor.
Canada should own the C. P. R.
Has. J. M. Kellie taken out a contractor's 'license at Revelstoke ? The
Eaole understands he is constantly
drawing up political oimtracts���Martin,
Lawrence, etc.
The Topio thinks Candidate McRae
will sweep the riding. The Topic
isn't paid to think anything else. The
blear sweep will be made on the Oth.
Taylor's majority In Revelstoke alone
will bo 200.
Will the eleotors of Trout Lake,
Ferguson, Comaplix and the district
generally support a man who is in
favor of the very man for premier who
deprived them from having a member
of their own, by breaking his pledge,
written at tbat, to J. M. Kellie and
Thos, Kidd, In his defeating the redistribution bill.
"Where Is MoRae?" One of the
������tenters to his nomination, a business
man of Revelstoke, said on Friday that
An Assisted School to be Opened
Here In August.
The following, letter from Victoria
will be self explanatory.
Victoria, May 20,1900
R. P. Pettiplece, Esq.,
Ferguson, B. O,
Dear Sir: I am directed to inform
you that an "assisted" school will be
granted to the residents of Ferguson.
I am further directed to ask you to
call a meeting of the 'parents and
others Interested to select three persons to act as temporary trustees.
These when appointed should tame
dlately choose one of ��� their number to
be secretary of the board, and he must
communicate with this department,
giving the names of the trustees, and
stating what arrangements have been
made for tbe opening of the school.
By an "assisted" school is meant-that
the government pays the salary of the
teacher and makes a small grant for
incidental expenses, parents and others
interested supplying a suitable school
room, furnishing the same and meeting
all other expenses connected with tbe
malntalnance of the school.
When the preparations are completed
authority will be given for the school
at Ferguson in August, after the summer holidays.
I shall be much obliged if you will
read this letter at the meeting so that
the definition of an "assisted" school
may be dearly understood, and at the
same time call special attention to the
fact that the building and furnishing
thereof must be supplied and paid for
by the patrons of the school.
Yours truly,
Superintendent of Education.
In compliance with the above a meeting will be held by those interested, in
the Eagle office on Saturday evening
next at 8 o'clock.
The local townsite will likely be
asked to make the promised school site
grant and a school house will be erected according to government plans and
specifications, so that when the government wishes to It can take over the
entire system, A bee will be organized to clear the grounds.
At Last Messrs. Kellie and Coursier
Martin, in Disguise,
Have Joined Hands With Joseph
,0 Further Personal Ends.
The Main Purpose to be Aohiev id is the Restoration of Responsible
Government.���Irresponsible qn& Personal Rule Must be Rebuked
Defeat.���Facts Concerning the Loca.
Political Situation.���Friendsl ip Ceases in Poker and Politics.���
Something More Than "AGcod Fellow" Must Predominate.���Thos.
Taylor Will Have A Walk-Oprer.���The "Topio" as an Acrobat.
Candidly, the Eagle hus quit tryi ig
to follow tbe Topic. In January it
was decrying Martin and waving its
red flag frantically lest Kellie slioild
predominate. In April it swallov ed
Martin holus bolus. And nothin,
too good to be showered -upon h
In May, after finding- that it |as
entirety alone in supporting Marii
and disgusting the electorate, it agiln
Hopped. Ralph Smith, the most ip-
right and honest labor leader in the
province, queered Joseph and W. /M.
Lawrence's friends knew it, Now Martin must be covered over until after
June 9th. W. M. Lawrence, as a man
of a little backbone, refused to be! led
by the Kellie shysters. He jwas
removed. And a dead easy straw man
found In A. McRae. Mcltae must, not
follow any leader, in particular, bijt at
all times the dictates of Messrs. Kellie
& Coursier. And now, we'll J be
eternally blessed if the Topic hasn't
turned right round and gulped down
McRae, Martin, Kellie, Coursier, jand
accoutrements. There is positively
no telling where tbe Topic is at. Today it is one thing and at all tijnes
subservient to the director of Its destinies. A newspaper which is neither
fish, flesh nor fowl is a nonentity in any
community. The Martin-Kelly-Cour-
sierites are on the run. McRae was
"forced" in at the eleventh hour. The
Topic's recent back files could tell tbe
rest. Were the Topic's opinion of
these political rlngsters reproduced
the Eagle fancies very few "musty
papers" would .have to be dug up
However there Is no need of wasting
ink and space. The electors will turn
the whole cheese down in a few days
now.   Their game is up.
The most sincere and influential
friends of labor in British Columbia
to-day are Conservatives, taking the
action of the party as a whole. The
Conservative convention endorsed the
eight-hour law. By this act this law
was taken out of politics, and it was
recognized thut it had come to stay.
The agitation against it, began to subside from that moment. Industry had
to regulate itself under its conditions.
The agitating element among the mine
owners repudiated the party whose
policy they tried to rule for selfish
interests and failed. The party is doing very nicely without them. Give
credit where it is due. Do not condemn a party till you investigate its
With all electors who tako a sober
and sane view of the situation the
main purpose to be achieved is the
restoration of responsible government,
which has practically been suspended
In this province. The Martin govern
ment stands as the representative ol
irresponsible and personal rule, which
must be rebuked through that government's defeat. All other issues arel
really subordinate to this, and as time
passes the electors see this fact moro
and more dearly.���Vancouver Province.
When the election is over and Joe
Martin takes a back seat, mining will
improve ail over tl.o province. Investors are not likely to put In much
money until they feel safe under prop,
er political conditions. It Is unfortunate that there is not more mining
going on in tho province, and also
unfortunate that a political contest
Bhould bo waged at this season. Everything comes to him who waits.
The EAGLE-has no particular fault
with Candidate McRau as a "bail
fellow well met," but now that ho has
gone boyond his latitude and entered a
hopeless campaign at the instigation
of a hole-in-the-corner chosen few at
Revelstoke, tbe Eagle feels duty
bound, In the interests of this district
and good staple government to- help
him lose his (?) deposit.
Tho Topic should at least quote tbe
EAGLE aright. There is nothing gain
ed by stooping to such low-lifed tactics
becoming only to a literary prostitute.
The Eagle is aware that the wobbling
editor of tbe Topic has become frantic
in his lonely efforts to down a friend,
but we did not believe before that a
little money would completely turn the
editor's eyesight and head too. The
Topic was dear at half the price.
By attributing to the EAGLE certain
motives the Topic has eased its guilty
conscience and shown itself up in a
true light. The Topic is destined by
those who pay the price���cheap too.
The Eagle adopted one course���the
one it thought to be right and in the
best interests of the district, and has
stuck to that course. The Topic has
flopped four times in three months.
Tlio Eagle begs to acknowledge tho
receipt of reading matter from W. J.
Ledingham of Victoria, and also from
several unknown sources. It has
already beon placed in miner's packs
nnd gono hero and there throughout
tho entire district. The EAGLE feels
confident that if the contributors know
tho good they do in this respect many
more responses would come this way.
Send alone your back literature, We
will do tho rest. Make known your
identity and the EAGLE will acknowledge receipt from time to time.
Mining Activity in the Fish River
How The Lnlmr I.eilflei- Would Volt,,
Hon. Ralph Smith, tlio labor leader
of this province, told W. M. Lawrence
and J, M. Kellie. that under existing
circumstances, if ho had a voto in tbe
Revelstoke riding, ho would give it to
Thos. Taylor.
Like Other Business Propositions,
We Receive as We Give.
The Metbodist preacher who has
been in the Lardeau for the past two
years left for his new station at Chilliwack on Tuesday. Another will be
sent hore in a week or so, but of course
an inexperienced student. The church
is estray in this connection. There
should be a general fund, from which
and to which all moneys should be
directed by the whole membership
throughout Canada. At present the
Lord always calls the best of them to
posts contributing the largest salaries.
Thus new camps like this, aro sidetracked. The almighty dollar cuts as
much ice with the church artists to-day
as any other institution. Jesus Christ
used to work as a carpenter by day and
preach between times, but preaching
in these modern times has become a
business. And like other capitalistic
institutions the better these day-dreamers can preach "contentment with
Godliness," while we are robbed daily
by a few monopolists, the more remuneration they receive. Tho pulpit
needs fixing. And the churches need
The Topic has already, in the pres-
ont campaign, been on both sides of
the fence. It supported Mr. Taylor
until the brainy, brilliant, the great I
am, the wobbling editor met Joseph
Martin at Kevelstoke. He there apologized for his squib about giving "Joe"
a position as mule driver. Joe evidently chequed the Topic.
The government had a hard time of
It in securing a man foolish enough to
sacrifice himself on the political altar
and spend his or other people's money
to oppose the peoples' choice. But
when Kellie and Coursier get despor-
ate they are artists on the "force"
Tbe present uncertain state of politics is having the effect of keeping
capital from British Columbia, nor
need much Interest in British Col-
imbia mlnesibo expected until after
,he election; nor even thon if Joo Marin and his government arc returned
,o power.
j After Ralph Smiths' speoch in Revelstoko, Mr. Lawrence, strangely
enough, resigned. Alex. McRae has
limply accepted what W. M. Lawrence
knew to' be certain defeat. Why?
Vtassrs. Coursier and Kellie might explain?
The brainless idiot who concocts
biblical parodies to the extent of about
three columns weekly, In tho sTopic,
should have it translated and put within reach of those who cannot understand whether it is meant to bo funny,
smart alec, er just plain damphool
rubbish. The devil oft times quotes
scripture  to further   his own  ends.
Robt. Howson is a straight Martin
politician. J. M. Kellie, if possible, is
diametrically opposite. Yet both
Bupport Candidate MoRae. How many
contraots did you bavo to sign anyway
Mr. McRae? How did you satisfy
both.   Thero's a nigger in the fence.
Candidate McRae says he was "for-
)d" to run In tbls��ampaign. If Govt.
Agt. Coursier and J. M. Kellie can
'torce" Mr, McRae at this early stage
of the game, where will thoy "force"
Mm next?  Into oblivion.
Every newspaper in the province
ekcept the Vancouver World and Trout
Ijake Topic, is "next" to Premier
Jfartln. The back flies of both are
condemnatory to the premier. Again,
vJe ask, why the change ?
Tho fact that Premier .Martin's first
ttvitations for cabinet ministers were
given to James Dunsmulr and ex-Pre-
n ler Turner, Is something that his
fi lends cannot quite reconcile.���Silver-
ten Sllvertonlan.
Work on tlie Spokane Group.
Ernest C. Wood, civil and mining
engineer, was in the camp this week
and leases for Camborne in the morning to lay out work on the Black Bear
Mining Co's claims there. While here
he put a force of men to work on the
Spokane group, up the north fork,
owned by the Canadkra-Lardeau Minim; Co.. Ltd. They will continue the
98 ft. crosscut tunnel already driven
until thoy reach the lead. Then drifting and stoping will commence. A
trail will be cut, a cabin built and
exploratory work vigorously continued all season, particulars of which
will be found in the Eagle at a later
Centre Slur.
A. C. Titus, manager of the Super
ior Centre Star Mining Co., operating
up the north fork, returned to West
Superior, Wis., yesterday. He will be
back in a month or six weeks to put on
men and push development work on
the company's property.
OS Ft. Tunnel on the IS, ii. Group.
Five men are at work on the 10. G
group, situated on 7-mile creek, in
fairly closo proximity to Trout lako.
Tho Gfi ft. tunnel will bo completed on
Saturday. A very good shewing is exposed. Assays average $110 in silver
and $10 in gold to the ton.
Thousands of Dollars Will Be Spent
in Developing Promising Properties By Big Companies.���Notes
From the Rising City of Camborne.���A Good Camp.
CAMBORNE, May 29.���Things are beginning to get busy on Fish river, and
before another month is over a great
number of men will be at work
A contract for a 100 ft. tunnel was
let a fow days ago by the Pontiac company. Henry Bodreau, who secured
tho contract, will push along the work
with two shifts as fast as possible.
W. H. Jackson of Rossland, will start
work on tho Black Bear and Wide
West groups next week. A big foroe
of men will work, day work, on these
claims all summer.
Messrs. Butlor, Rowland and Derose .
are 'pushing ahead the tunnel on the
Conraore group.   They are now in 50
ft. and aro getting a nice shewing of
ore all the way along.
Messrs. Thorburnson, Toillfson and
P. Larsen are working ou their claims
on McDougal creek.
Two men aro working on the Alrao
group and exposing a big shewing of
Mr. Beck of Kossland has six men
working on the Selkirk group.
Mr. Rosenburg of Nelson, is in looking over the Eva group.
The prospectors of Fi6hi river are
getting out and doing tbeir assessment
work. Most of the claims are shewing
up good.
B. E. Drew's store here is nearly
completed and be Is now getting in his
The Hotel Camborne is now open,
under the management of G. Beddick.
The government ferry, christened
"Joe Martin," [Up against it.���En.J
which was supposed to tako people and
horses across the vlver at Camborne,
has turned out a failure, having broken
tho cable und taken up a fresh stand
further down the river among the
F. Ackers has charge of the- work on
the Pool creek trail 'and Mr. Fetber-
stone has charge of tho Lexington
crock trail. |,The wagon road from
Comuplix to Camborne has been fixed
up a little and it is now possible for a
wagon to get to the end' of the road,
but so far the roughest part of the road
has not been touched.
Responsible government will
mean capital and a railway
for the Lardeau.
I'uHcouk Coppm-.
H. Carter, L. Thompson and Frank
Applcosto are up at tho Peacock Copper, up the north fork about a mile
from Circle City, adjoining the
Copper King, to do assessment work.
Wm. Baty is the owner.
monitor and Mogul.
J. T. Lauthers is driving a 100 ft.
additional tunnel on tho Monitor and
Mogul, particulars of which will
appear later in these columns. Pack
horses are going tip without any difficulty now.
The Trlmie.
P. Ferguson, L. Wisener, A. Evans
and D. Ferguson left on Wednesday
morning for the Triune, a well known
group of claims situated at the head
of Ten Mile creek, above the Silver
Cup, to build a trail.
The Jewel.
E' G. Moyer has put two men to
work on the Jewel, on Pass crook,
adjoining the Monitor. It has been
sold to a company which will push
development work all season.
The  Lardeau's Mining  Resources
Must be Made Known.
A well-known mining man remarked
a fow days ago that it would take at
loust livo years before the mineral
resources of tlie Lardeau distriot
would become familiar to tbe mine
investor. Al tlie time we thought he
was overstating the caso. Since then
our views bave been modified, and the
conclusion is reached that in the
main ho was correct, for at tho present, rate of progress it will take even
longer than that, for the reason that
no organized effort has ever been made
to advertise the country and its mineral resources. The advertising of a
country so rich in mineral is well
worth trying, and means more to Ferguson and each individual resident of
the town, and the district also, than
would appear until the matter had been
thoroughly investigated. Advertising
pays; it is that which has caused
thousands of people to go to the Klondike and Cape Nome. Advertising
built up Rossland and Nelson, and the
people of those towns were never backward in telling tlie world what they
had to offer. If tho people of Forguson
dersist in trusting to luck, and doles;
absolutely nothing to bring capital
into the country, other towns, less
favorably located, will take advantage
of tho golden opportunity and outstrip
ua In the race for supremacy. Now is
the time und the chance should not be
allowed to go by.
.The EAGLE has frequently said tbat
this is a matter which the people of
the Lardeau can properly take hold of
and push to a successful termination. THE FERGUSON EAGLE, FERGUSON, B. C, MAY 30, 1900.
Published every   Wednesday morning at th<
office of publication, Ferguson. H.C.,by
Advertising  Kates:     Display mis, ti.fio .
oolumn Inch.   Legal ads, 18c per (uonpariel) line
for flrst Insertion; 8c tor each additional insertion.
Reading notices lfic per line each Issue.
SubBorlptlon Rates:   By mall or carrier, i
per  iiiumni; >l.(m t'nr six mouths.      Storied ut
Job Department: Tun (Sauls Job Department
Is well equipped, and Is prepared to execute all
kind" of printing at honesl prices,
Address all communications to���
Ferguson, U. (
WEDNESDAY,    MAY  30,    1900.
Say, I went to school today,
I'm a-goiu' to make dud pny
Me the cent he said I'd git
El I didn't m a bit,
Er stall i-utti'n' up in school;
tie thought I'd bo Uka a fool,
Making .ill the chiltun laugh
Crying like n baby calf.
Long before the clock struck nine,
Ma, she hiid me looking line,
Brushed my hair, an' sod with joy
Thot 1 wns'a darltn' boy
An' u credit to the house
With my slioes and dandy blouse,
Sud I'd go with brother -Jim,
So I started, out with him.
Wile wo hustled through the town,
Firs' we met wuz Johnnie Brown ;
He ain't started yet you see,
So he laughed and sod to me,
"Think you're ni-tiu' awful gay,
Cuz yer gnin' to school today;
You'll git licked and start to squall-
How they'll lull to hear you bawl/'
An' he Bed, ' W'v don't you stay
An' plav ball itii me today?"
The' I'd' like to, yet I went.
Cuz I thought about the cent.
An' wen we ^'<>t near the school,
Jim, he Bed, "You must keep cool.1'
But 1 heard the cliillvn yell.
"Here comes little Billy Bell!"
An' tlicv getliercd In -i crowd,
An'they talked an' luffed aloud,
Tho' I felt a little shy,
Yet I dassent start to cry.
One big silly girl named Grace,
Up an kissed me on the face.
An'she seil I looked like dad���
(You kin bet she made me mad.i
1 wuz scan, fer sister Floss
Sed. "The teacher's kinder cross;"
But she took me on her knee,
An' wuz kind ex she could be,
An' like mu, she said so mild,
Thot 1 wuz n lovely child,
An' I didn't cry erbnwl
Cuz I wuzn't scart at all.
An' in school she only smiled
\\ "en 1 talked er acted wild,
Tho' to me she wuz so kind,
All the others bed to mind,
An' two kids th��t lied a scrap,
Got a lickin' witli the strap.
Ef I jiit a cent as pay,
I'm a goin' ev'ry day.
House Committee Hepotis Favorably on
the Gardner Bill.
The American house of representatives is struggling with an eight
hour law, and it bids fair to become
law. The law is known as the Gardner bill and haa been adopted unanimously by the committee and passed
on to the house with a must favorable
report.   As amended the bill reads:
"That each and every contract
hereafter to which the United States,
any territory, or the district of Columbia is a party, and every such
contract made for or nn behalf of the
United States,or any tei'ritory.or said
district, whioh may require or involve
the employment of laborers or mechanics, shall contain a provision that
no laborer or mechanic doing anv
part of the work contemplated by the
can tract, in the employ oi the contractor or any Bab-contractor contracting for any part of snid work, shall
be required or permitted to work
more than eight hours in any calendar day, and each and every contract
shall stipulate a penalty lor each violation oi the provision directed by this
act of 86 for each laborer Or mechanic
for each and every calendar day in
which he shall labor more than eight,
hours; and any officer or person designated to act as inspector of the
work to he performed under any such
contractor or to aid m enforcing tlie
fulfilment thereof, shall upon observation or investigation report to the
proper officer of the United States, or
any territory, or the district of Col
umbia all violations of the provisions
of this act directed to be made in each
and everv such contract, and the
amount of the penalties stipulated in
any such contract, shall be withheld
by the officer or person whose duty it
shall be to pay the moneys due under
such contract, whether the violation
ol the provisions ot such contract is by
the contractor, his agents or his employees.
"No person on behalt of the United
States, or any territory, or the district
ot Columbia shall rebate or remit any
penalty imposed under any provision
or stipulation herein provided for.un
less upon a finding which he shall
make up and certify that penalty was
imposed by reason of error in tact.
"Nothing in this act shall apply to
contracts for transportation by land
or water, or so much of any contract
as is to be performed by way of trans
portation or tor such materials as may
usually be bought in open market,
whether made to conform to particular specifications or not. TI e proper
officer on behalt of the United States,
or any territory, or the district of
Columbia may waive the provisions
or stipulations in this act provided for
as contracts for naval or military
works or supplies during the time of
war, or a time when war is imminent. No penalties shall be exacted
for violations of such provisions due
to extraordinary emergency caused
by lire, flood or danger of life and
property. Nothing in this act shall
he construed to repeal or modify
chapter 852 of the laws ol the titty
second congress, approved August 1,
1892, or us an attempt to abridge tlie
pardoning power ol the executive."
Dimensions of a good assay furnace
may be: Hrebox, 16 Inches long by 14
Inches wide; height of lower muffle
above grate bars, II Inches; width of
firebox at bottom of the Itxtn inch
niullle, 12 inches; width between muffles
of furnace walls, 8 inches; upper muffle,
oj inches above lower muffle; above
upper muffle opening to chimney, Ixlfi
inches; one foot above inutile chimney
9x0 inches; space between rear end of
mullles and furnace walks: 2 inche
For a copper test, saturate a bend of
salt of phosphorus���rnlerocosmic salt-
to opalescence with magnesia This
bead when flamed will become white.
The slightest trace of copper will show
in tlie cold bead n rich rose-red coloring,
if the bead is held in the fusing zone
The strongest possible blowpipe flame
must be used. Tbe bead in an oxidizing
flume, or when hot, is colorless. Metallic copper or tlie most complex ore can
be used. One two hundred anil fifty
thousandth of a grain of copper will
make a showing.
What is known as the "life" nf a
boiler generally depends upon the
amount of corrosion to whicli it is subjected. With good feed water, which
will neither corrode the metal nor cause
the deposit of a dangerous aside, and
with care to keep the outside surface
perfectly dry, a life of forty years lor a
plain cylinder is not uncommon. With
slow corrosion its life may be reduced
to five years or less, with the additional
inconvenience that the pressure of
steam which may be safely carried is
continually being reduced during its
One way of refining impure amalgam,
which brings amalgam 400 and BU0 Hue
up to 800, is by passing a strong blast
of air through the impure amalgam,the
scum of oxydized copper and iron which
gradually forms on the surface being
taken up by a weak solution of sulphuric acid to whicli common salt is
added from time to time. The, process
is quickened if a weak electric current,
enough to overcome tlie resistance of
tlie liquid on the mercury, is used. The
impurities in tlie amalgam immediately
gather around the anodes, and gradu-
lly pass into solution. If the current
anil acid solutions used are very weak,
there is no danger of attacking the
mercury, and the refining is very quick.
Troubles common to steam boilers
are: 1 Tendency to accumulation of
scale or mud on the plates over or near
to the fire, causing "bagging" of plates,
leakage of seams, and sometimes explosions. '2. Overheating of seams where
they overlap, the metal at these points
being of double thickness, especially
when the seams are covered with scale.
H External corrosion, commonly caused
by dampness or rain or water percolating through a deposit of dust and soot.
which is apt to contain sulphur combinations formed from the gases of
burning coal. Such corrosion is especially apt to take place when the Minimis cold. I. internal corrosion,generally
due to feed water containing acid; bill
sometimes corrosion seems to be caused
by very pure water containing dissolved
oxygen, such as rain water, hi niintufj
regions corrosion is probably tbe greal
est danger lo which boilers are exposed
next to negligence of attendants, and
great care should always lie exercised
in frequent inspections, to learn whether
or not corrosion is taking place Whenever it is found, steps should be at once
taken, by treatment of the feed water
or otherwise, to remove its cause.
A Canadian editor, being asked if
lie had ever seen a bald-headed woman, replied: No, he never did. Nor
had he ever een a woman waltzing
around town in her shirt sleeves, with
a cigar between her teeth. We have
never seen a woman go a-fishing with
a bottle in her hip pocket, sit on the
damp ground all the day and then
go home drunk at night. Nor have
we ever seen a woman yank off her
coat and swear she could lick any
man in town, God bless her! she
ain't built that way.
Colorado sometimes assesses unpatented, unproductive claims at $500 each;
California, usually, at (100 each, for
taxation purposes. The figure of assessment on a producing property varies
with the amount of common sense
possessed by the county assessor.
It is Germany's turn to attack the departmental stores in behalf of the small
retailers A bill has been introduced
in tlie lteichstag tnxing their sales in
an increasing ratio as they increase,
tlie average being about 20 per cent, o
:he profits.
Best Wines, LiquorB and Cigars
Finely Equipped Bar
Befitted aud Refurnished
Beat Cuisine Service
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
Royal Seal,
KooteRay Belle,
Little Gem Cigars
~s��By tfoe��s=~
Nelson, B. t.
See that the Blue Label is on eaeh box.
The  Bar is supplied with the best brands of Wines,   Liquors  and  Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FERGUSON BliOS., Proprietors.
Sftethat this labol ison all Clothing you iiurohase
In prompt and safe delivery of
WATCHKS entrusted to me is
my claim for the Lardeau trade.
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Silverware ; Gold an I Silver Electt o
Plating and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of K.N.
Doyle, an expert in English,
Swiss and American watch repairing. All work guaranteed.
C.P.R. Watch InBpector,
Revelatoke, B. C.
Capital, $1,000,000, in $1 shares.
4oo,ooo in the Treasury.
First Block of Treasury Shares now
on the market tor a limited time
at 10 CENTS.
I- tin- C
K. I'OlilllAM:,
leliraimHanoli, LlmlteD. Manic
Manairliig Hit tor of The Herald, Onlgary
W. 11. root., I'rraiik'iit Great Western Mini's, Limited, Fergiuon nnil Revelitolco,
,1. II. (illAII in,
Until Commissioner,.villi
Itiiui'lmr. Anchor Crook
Solicitor, RevelBtoKQ
Proprietor 8t Leon llol Springs, Rovolstolto.
The Double Eagle Company h,s been formed for the purpose, not only
of mining its present properties, but of acquiring promising claims and developing them to an extent that will justify their sale to English and other
companies at a profit. The company already owns and has paid for in full,
the Trilby and Old Saul properties in the famous Fish River district, and a
tnree-quarti rs interest in the May Bee mine, in the Lardeau district one and
a half miles from Ferguson. Sufficient promoter's shareB have been set aside
for the purchase of the remaining quarter.
The May Bee is the sister claim to the now famous Nettie L, which has
broken all records in British Columbia for large bodies of phenomenally
rich ore. The May Bee and Ne'.tie L were located together in 1892 by
Mr. W. B. Pool (who"has been appointed manager of the Double Eagle Co.)
Both claims carry identically the lame rich ore on the surface and the same
remarkable ledge runs through both, carrying high values in gold, copper,
silver and lead. The promoters have already spent $4,000 in developing
the May Bee, withexoellent results, and in order to place the mine quickly
on a shipping basis the company now offers the publio the opportunity of in-
\esting to a limited extent in hilly paid and non assessable treasury shares
(par value $1) at 10 cents each.
Shares will be sold in blocks of 100
and upwards.
The company reserves tho right to withdraw the sale ol shares from the market allany time
without notice.     Applications may be wot to the Secretary.
A. H. HOLDICH, Revelstoke.
Or toJNO. J. TOCNO, Herald Block, Calgary.
J. LAUGHTON proprietor.
Headquarters for Miners and Mining Men.       Neatly furnished, well-lighted nnd
Heated Rooms.     Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
K5K2K2 KJ K3 K2 K2K2K
M     When you are in Trout Lake Oity put up at     M
Abuahamson Hros., Proprietors
verytbing new and up-to-date.    Fire proof safe.    Finest
wines, liquors and cigars.   Mining men's headquarters.
Cheerful dining room.    Al service.
is under the same management,
Al! Eyes are
��� Fixed oe
Is the Natural and Commercial Centre���
Over one hundred and fifty men now working in the
mew mines
Now being developed by strong, practical companies.
Are being located in Ferguson.      Stores and Stocks are
being enlarged.    Properties are changing hands.
Capitalists are appearing on the scene.
Smelter men are on the Ground.
Railway Construction has practically
begun, and the entire district is
coming rapidly to the front.
Come straight to
The Rossland-Nelson of the Lardeau
For further information, write or see-
General Agent.
Local Agent* u
'A Colony   Worthless In IKKts   Nun-   I*rn-
iliin-N ttgd,000,000 a Year.
Ballarat, W. A.���No otlier mining
enterprises on the Australian continent
have for some years attracted so much
attention as those in the colony of Weat
' Australia. It was no* until fifteen
years ago that gold was known to exist in this vast region. All who had
visited it could see little but desert
plains, except a fringe of fertility along
the coast, and they did not believe that
West Australia would ever be turned
to much account.
But in 1885 things began to boom in
this unpromising land, anil in less than |
a year 2,000 men from far and wide
were gathered in tlie region where gold
had been discovered. This was iu the
Kimberley district, far north and 100
iniles inland. A party of six men were
out to see what they might Mud, and
just beyond the junction of the Panto
and Elvira rivers they found gold, and
in live days collected ten ounces of the
precious dust. This first discovery,
however, did not prove brilliantly sue-1
cessful for the alluvial sold was not
very plentiful, the district could be
reached only by a trying dei-ert journey
ami provisions went up to starvation
prices. Tlie lield was finally abandoned to a large extent, though fair returns are obtained by the miners who
remained there.
Nearly all the great gold discoveries
in this-colony have been purely accidental,. One day in 1888, a lad, picking
up a stone to throw at a crow, observed
a speck of gold in it. This was the discovery of the Mallinn gold lield. Apout
the same time four large nuggets were
fairly stumbled over in what is now
known as the Pilbara mining district.
Various other discoveries were made
up to 1892. when the finding of the gold
in the now famous Coolgardie region
attracted the atttention of the whole
the world.   A few months ago a mining whole diggings, but no actual disturb-
nnd industrial exhibition was held at ance occurred.  The property was after-
Coolgai'die and the finest specimens of [ ward sold for $785,000.
auriferous  ores ever  collected   were |    Many other discoveries of lesser inag-
But Coolgardie is now surpassed I nitutle have been made and new find"
by some other diggings in the colony.
Ill June, 1898, Illinium's, now known as
Kalgoorlie, was brought to light. A
few prospectors, among them a man
named I human, camped at Mount Charlotte nnd were searching for water for
their horses. While thus engaged, Mr.
II.uiiiiui found gold, and in three days
the party secured 100 ounces. This was
the beginning of the richest gold fields
in West Austaalia, and at present from
10,000 to 15,000 people are making a
;ood living at nnd around the city,
whicli has electric Illumination and
boasts one of the finest hotels in the
southern hemisphere.
Then in June, 1894, the Londondery
district was brought to light, and, as
usual, its discovery, was purely accidental. Six men had been prospecting
for months without any success and
they were returning, discouraged, to
Coolgardie. On their way they camped
for the night in the bush and next
morning.a quartz specimen was found
This bit of good luck induced them to
look carefully around and they soon
discovered a splendid quart!! ledge, or
reef as they call it, and that day they
knocked out 1,000 ounces of gold, and
ina few days had 5,000 ounces, or, in
other words, gold lo the value of about
But a still more sensational lind was
coming, and this was the Wealth of
Nations mine. In July, 1894, a prospector named Dunn set out from Coolgardie and after travelling about 28
miles he came across a large ledge ap
peering above the ground, whicli.
strange to say, no one had previously
observed After testing tlie rock lie
secured a large specimen of. which was
found to contain 800 ounces of gold,
worth 812,800.   He kept Ills mouth shut,
are continually occurring. Some of the
new locations, as at Ihnnlns. Lawler's,
Mount Margeretand many other places,
are very rich and give brilliant promise
for the future. There is every prospect
that West Australia will long continue
to be one of the greatest mining centres
of tlie world.
A few figures will show the present
prosperity of tills industry in this formerly despised colony. Tlie gold output,
in 1890 was valued at only 1480,000. In
1898 it had risen to *18,95B,6W. Por the
nine months ending Sept. 80, 1899. it
amounted to $22,000,000, Por the month
of September alone it was (8,174.461
red and apply po��er
gray: cool in water.
enough to look
��� Poor roads constitute a present great
drawback to the development of a mining district, and no matter how old or
how valuable, the fullest
profitable working cannot be compassed
in any district so handicapped.
A placer mining claim iu the United
States of Colombia, S. A., may cover
five square kilometers.   Title thereto
measure  of costs about 8200 Colombian money
M ��� ������
jj Monitor Mines
U     Co. of B.C., Uimited.   Non-assessable
1 nee naught iu tho silkon robe
Hut labor of the spindle slave;
1 sue naught in the ancient pile
But mark of tyrants low and vile,
Tim 8 pi en dor of tin1, rich has shown
But sharper as in chiselled stone
The hunger of tlio lowly poor.
���Otto YValden Henschel
world.   Thebeitpayin.LMliLaMn^8prov-|weiltcll��i(Jtly.towol'k' du�� out ^O.OOO
Iii Idaho, generally, the percentage
of jrold in tho ore Irjci'easea witli depth:
ordinarily, in Nevada, the pereonlagl
of silver m the ore is greater as greatei
depth is obtained.
Judge Edward Billot,
2nd Vloo-P
D1BEGTORS. (for Canada.]
1st Vloe-Pi
Lt.-Col. K. 11. !���
it, J. It. Minhlnnlck, Esq.
 ra������i. u.-
 , ��������  <uuuo u was pi,l74.460,   *-* Und Vice-President, J. B. Minhlnnlel
being more than ��80,O0Oover the he..   II ,..���,���������������,,���,,<,,     1YE,!X.K'",%
previous monthly record.                       I a b. go*, Esq.        p. p.Drake, Esq., u.D.
U*J II. i'. Beeher, Esq.
JU (For England.)
versus  ok   DISCONTENT. > .      Warwick Woldi, Esq., I Ion,Eng,        Hy. Hick*
Thos. Robson, M 1'
A. E Welch, Esq.
to all points in the
District. Light
riffs for quick tripe
provided. Saddle
horses at all stables.
The traveling pnb-
lic accommodated at
anytime of the day
or nig-ht. Kor any
further particulars,
freighting-rates, etc.
T. H. Luscnmho, Esq.,Ci
PROPERTIES-Ovor 100 acres of mineral lands
li. C 1 which are boing developed liv two	
i, tflo lamer, in- Nn.i. having esneolally go
)Al' Ko
which sh��
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Mile.
To drill chilled iron take bicarhonati
of soda, one-half ounce; bicarbonate of
potash, one-half ounce: cyanide of
potassium, two ounces: pulverize and
mix; heat the drill bit to a light cherry
    .....i ,-' n\ r wo tunnels, both of which show up     ���   ��� i
13=2 oro,tfialarger,orNo.l,havlngospeciallygoodshowlngi. *���-* ! nM*��-I**,   0.  TTill��-_
lO ASS-v;*i'iii/;;;s: ins jssjr "���'"" ��� "-���"""*��� -by n\ Craig & Hillman,
tjfl ��� RAIL.��d-to W THOMSON'S LANDING, 13. C.
I  I Is slated lor the Divisional Offices of thu If. & I., I>.     ThoC.P.R.ls     III -	
ri   ��� '*!!">''  rill-" I���
gj [-URN ITUR^,
Will cm
nil luii
'i powc
if rlvi
in the La
deau choosing o
or Trout Lain
ious to this time were at {tannine,
the Murchiion district, where a small
party of prospectors found gold, kept
the discovery quiet as long as possible
and took out as much as Iho ounces of
dust in n single day.
The discovery of gold at Coolgardie
was quite romantic. In May or June,
189-2, two prospectors, Bayley and Ford
after a long and fruitless search in this
wild country, picked up a nugget
weighing half an ounce. They were
in camp at a native well which they
called Coolgardie. A little later in the
day they picked up a seven-ounce nugget and in a few weeks gathered about
200 ounces of nuggets. By this time
their food supplies were'exhausted, and
after going to Southern Cross to replenish them they returned to Coolgardie without mentioning their discovery.
Good luck still attended their further
search. One morning they discovered
a quartz ledge that was full nf nuggets,
and that day, using a hatchet to break
down the rock, they knocked out 500
ounces of gold. It was not possible for
them much longer to conceal the news
of their bonanza, but the facts were not
learned until they had secured 2,000
ounces. The reason thev could no
longer keep their secret was that when
they needed supplies they hnd to pay
nuggets for them, and when the miners
know this they are bound to lind out
where the nuggets come from.
At the present time Coolgardie is a
town of over 10,000 Inhabitants. It is
one of the great gold-mining centres in
worth of gold und then unobtrusively
returned to Coolgardie with most of the
metal hidden in the pack saddle of his
camel. He placed the gold in the bank,
applied for a lease and hurried back as
quietly as possible Some way, however, the news got out and over 500
men left Coolgardie on the lucky
miner's trail. There was some difficulty
in restraining them from rushing the
Imperial Bank
r-i      of Canada
Capital authorized jH,Mu,oa.
Capital paid np  2,J!iI,8��3
Rest  l,S64,7IO
General banking: business transacted
Interest allowed on deposits fn Savings Department at current rub's.
A. R. 11. HEARN. Manager Revelstoko Branch
!. r.. it niA.n. secretary, 207 Dundas St., LoiidoiV.'ont'!        I J
cite fori
I'itv.   ��.���,,-,��� ,,������.,, ...
Thames Insuring, a is
,   Bplondld mill site on bank
. An Issue ���l 'FREE STUCK lia-i I,,-,.
Is not subject to an j future assossmei
and thoroughly good Investment.
Maps.subscrtptlo anks and full
""ii'e- A. K. WELOH
apt of property as powerful as the
mil by this means. Wt, have -i
"'"I,"'.1,"'";' whenoomplated.
in TEX CENTS |,,r diarc.   Till.
Ms, and Is offered as a safe, proper
..-.motion can tie hadat Comnanv's
"clary, 207 DundasSt., LonC On".
noil II
our In
stock i
in   tin
t.tn*.'nna.rK& -������ - -i i ��m ��  ,
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a
guarantee that the producer
thereof receive a fair rate of
wages for its production.
And at ull times insist on the
box bearing the blue label
It  helps manufacturer-- to see  the
force of paying fair and honest wages
Nelson Cigar Makers' Union,
ffl The Calgary
n Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd.
Hi] Calgary, Alberta
53     Calgary Lager
A Rich, Safe,
Values  Exposed   Prove It
This property, already developed to the extent of 270
feet, and new fully recognized in this wonderfully rich
district, as oie of the best, having large outcropping of
high grade concentrating ore and ample water power to
mill it cheaply, and solid galena assaying $100 to $532
per ton, is {.bout to be incorporated for $250,000, in 25c
shares.   Some promoters' shares are now offered for Syndicate's purpjses at 10c, which will be taken up by Treasury shares after incorporation, that are expected to sell at
par at least, ts the capitalization is small.   Investigation '
requested, and can be quickly made, as the property is
loeally so well known; or further information  will  be
furnished on request.
One of the tlree Trustees  holding title. Treasurer of
Syndicate, Prif '    "
iso Furnishings from
re .-mil well-assorted
already very evident
Lardeau and Trout
Lake District, which means
that we are successful competitors with all comers in
price nnd quality. Before
you invest in our line dropus
a card for quotations We
can save you money.
R. Howson & Co.,
All work guaranteed.
and TRANSFER OUTFIT; headquarters at
Ferguson, B. C. ton-
tracts entered   into for
ate Hanker, etc
THK   "111111   Iii
Don't Delay!
BUT WRITE kiiiv Tn
���I. Tkasiiai.i.. Km,.,
DUl   willTL NI1W TO tjl
Hugh McPherson|
y-w London,
,1a   L -
Rbv, a. k. Bbbt,
��� N. Ltjbcouiir,Esq., i.
Etc . to anv point in the
District. Good, prompt
service, nnd any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Enterprise Beer
Made by the Enterprise
BreningCo,,at Kevelstoke
is keeping the camp cheerful. When you want the
best insist on ENTERPRISE. All the leading
Hotels handle-it.
Enterprise Brewing Co.,
Revelstoke, B, 0,
PERSONA'     T.J�����"   -----
For Wedding
or Fancy Cakes
Boaid. of Directors
!>rop :i line to me, or if yon
want Bread In anv quantity
let me know, and I II quote
prices low enough fointorest
von. Our IVodding ('ake
iirtist is the best in It. 0.
Address: A. X. SMITH, Kevelstoke.
.tint, Es,,., ,,,,
id, li.ii.
t:- U. B. (iiiAiuii, Esq.,
A. lnuEi.i., Ex-M.P.,
Nngara Palls.
1)11. 0. T. MrliKon
Titos, P. McCobmick.Esq.
Tiik Canaihax Bask hi- o
Before you locate in this promising- district.     Watch for his big- announcement
Next month.
Rossland, Nelson, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks
and Vancouver.
RoBsland, Trail, Nelson,  Ymir,  Kaslo, Sandon, New Denver, Silverton
Cascade City, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Phoanix, Midway,
Camp MoKinnev, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Vancouver
Is Incorporated under tho most siring"
ont lnw.mSiKiclully Limited Liability]
nr B. c, mid Its uhartor wns grBntsa
July, ism.
owns some 180 ROWa of valuable mineral lands on the "Ilorno Lodge" at
tbo head of the Lardeau River,
has tbret! (8J distinct nml well-defined
Lodes, with nearly n mile In length
of ore body.
The natural question arises:
W 'v"*
L*J   who
'(8 The Scottish-Cana
I liullt lw own roads to oil
'"',""'(dings, imurtors lo
. jorvojod iu 0R0I1 n���v-
Bjitand Ohief," w li an
'ty tor Crown Bin utile...
'Inaffil"''01" ,W"!''r 1'��"'cr 0"
|"i nil tmek oroaslng its own prop-
ii pot of Oold in yourlgardon ivliloh .von could
ndsemonoyl That^.wlierovreai-ol Wolinvi
10 hnvi'ii't will wlshltlioy Imd! Come, or send
Why, II therfs .11 thl��, do you have to otter StOt* for snlo V"
cb (Oorresuondonts In iiron
A. E. Wki.cii.
SSQ., London.
Britniii���The Haxk w Sootlakd.)
do City.
80 to So
has aome isi feat or
witli oro sbowluffa
lilacs ihronrli  n.
tunnel work done
n three different
��� workings, and
tin- Gray Conner.
(ian Mining & Dev. Co. of B.C. ffi
(Non-a88e8Slble.) L1M1TED Q
Mi^n^^ A, E. ^ Manajrin)r Dlreotor) M7 Dundat stroM unr B( cwwd> KA
n Letter Pads
u*u A fine assortmei
mi of Letter
ti'iH now in stock.
Kcrcnson. B.C.
bave lately nui'lnl	
wlilcli is tlir.mlueral that carriessiich
nnnieiisevalies In silver.
lias oyerv jnosiieel of being aide to
pay.big Iuvidkxds within a to,
oimbletime,mid hope ������ ���
nun selling stock soon
to l,e aide lo
We aiiswtr that If you knew there
'i by digging and you hadn 'i a shovel and no money to buy ono with, you'd have
*et at the pot of Gold, and then���those who have stock ivll. ts> fortunate, and those
id Investigate,
Daily connections at Arrowhead
EAST      - WEST
Pass Revelstoke Dally for ST. i'AL'L
���Tuesdays, Thursdaysand Saturdays
For folders, Pamphlets and full information
apply to
J. MoOREERY, Agent Arrowhead
T. W. BRADSHAW. Agt Revelstoke
F. J. COYLE, Asjt. Pass. Agt., Vancouver, B.C. THK FERGUSON EaGLE, FERGUSON, B.C., MAY 30, 1UUU.
Stationery is in our line
Ami WB Imvc just received h fine stock
of better rutin.   Patrontae
"The Eagle."
Railway wanted '.
Hewitt Bostock, M. P., was In Comaplix last week.
O. Bury anil M. F, Janes relumed to
the Cup to-day.
D. Moruite returned from ltevotstoke
on Tuesday evening.
George Spinks came down from tlio
Silver Cup on Monday evening.
A good'matiy commercial travellers
have visited t'ergUBon in tho last few
Mrs. G. Leckie-Ewing arrived in
Ferguson from RoBsland on Monday
last to join her husband.
S. Sutherland, ot the llrni of McKinnon & Sutherland, returned from
Revelstoko on Sunday evening
Knowledge and folly may got on
quite comfortably together, but meditation is fatal to their intimacy.
D. Brown wont up tho south fork on
Wednesday to clear and repair the
trail between Ten Mile und tho summit.
T. Graham ot Albert Canyon, was in
town to-day. He thinks the prospects
for this season are very bright in this
Pack horses anil mon aro leaving
town every pay in all directions for
the hills. Thero is not noecssarily an
idle man in the camp.
Mrs. R. P. Pettipieee and family
returned from Fletcher, Idaho, to-duy,
after spending a pleasant three months'
visit with parents and friends there.
Mayor Smith of Revelstoko is spending a few weeks at tho Halcyon Hot
Springs sanitarium, hoping to regain
his health whieh has broken down of
A Tew of the Eagle's subscribers in
Trout Lako City complain of not
receiving thoir paper. This is no
fault of the Eagle's. The trouble lies
In some othor quarter.
Ferguson is the centre of a groat
mineral country. Draw a circle
around Ferguson with a radius of 10
miles and you take In some of tho
richest mineral belts:in the province.
���Ferguson offers special advantages
and good reasons for the early establishment of reduction works, concentrators, smelters and manufactories of
almost any nature. It is centrally
located, good sites and there is unlimi-
cd water power.
Trout Lake City' will celebrate
Dominion day In royal fashion. Ferguson will likely join with Revelstoko
in making it the best celebration ever
witnessed in North Kootenay. Tho'
Revelstoke City band will be' present
and a committee now have tho program in hand
Kevelstoke was wide awake on the
24th. They put up the best days
sport ever enjoyed in that metropolis.
Lardeau's pick-up team got turned
down to the tune of 5 to 0. The gun
club were a little moro fortunate-
The concert i in the evening was tho
best feature of the day's program.
* A mean looking letter-head has
lost many a dollar for business men.
If a man is judged by the coat he
wears, he is also judged by the letterhead he uses. An artistic lettor-head
may be looked upon as a good investment. Send your next job to the
Eaole job department. It will be
done right. The price will be right,
The Fred. Robinson Lumber Co. at,
Comaplix is making many practical
improvements in that town. Tho
machinery in the mill Is being
replaced to better advantago, thus
making a further labor-saving. A
new whasf and wind-brake is being
put in, the lumber neatly piled and
everything placed in a business-like
The "Lardeau Rovers" put up a
strong game at Sllverton on tho 24th.
But failed to bring back the medals.
The score stood 1 to 0. A fair cri-
terlan of the game. A strong wind
against them, and two drunks led
them to this fate. The Silverton team
will reciprocate at some future date,
when the tables will be turned. The
boys were used like princes by the
The tolepbono wire botweon hero
anil the Landing is falling away from
grace. Tho repairer should pick tho
wire upout of the road and put it
where people's livos will not be endangered. A reward is offered for
anyone found "destroying" this
property, but there is no provision
made for tho person's neck it will
break some of these days. The company's charter must surely call for this
Vote   for  Tom  Taylor  anil   staple
progressive government.
A man may gain knowledge by remembering -but wisilon comes only
with relloction and experience,
There is no question as to Thos. Taylor's election by a largo majority.
Tho only reflection is, will Misled Mc-
Rue save his deposit.
Tom Taylor was not "forced" into
this campaign. A big representative
convention selected him as thoir standard bearer und will load him to
victory a week from Saturday.
Premior Martin recently said, most
emphatically; " I would rather have
an opposition [candidate than an independent." Mr. Martin will have his
desire gratifyed in this riding.
Sttiplo government or no railway for
this camp. Vote for Tom Taylor and
secure both. Prosperity will follow
tho establishment of a good strong
government. Pile up Taylor's major'
ity. It looks better in the house aftor
"1 havo no notion of boing a candidate," said Mr. MoRae to tho Eaole
two days before nomination; "1 have
a fow friends now and I'm not d	
fool enough to lose what I have got."
Why tlio change? Where's the contracts':' Who "forced" you Mr. McRae? 	
When tbe Eagle spoke prospectively last issuo of the great deal of
capital which would bo exponded in
the Lardoau this season it assumod,
with a degree of certainty, that the
Conservative party would by that time
bo showing this province what a good
staple government could do.
Govt. Agt. Coursier, Mining Recorders Fraser and McRae, assisted by F.
T. Abey, A. C. Cummins and a few
other Martinitos have beon doing
what they considered good work for
Mu.ttin. But lol tho people refused to
stand for it, and a Martin repudiator(?)
has been produced.   Why the change?
Frank Craig, tho retired Labor candidate, is supporting Thos. Taylor.
W. A. Nettio, ono of the best labor
advocates and politically posted men
in Revelstoke is working for Taylor.
H. A. Brown. whose name was before
the Mai-tin convention, is with and for
Taylor. Tho labor unions have endorsed Taylor's candidature The miners
will be with Taylor. Any man in the
riding interested in the securing oi a
staple government for this province
will vote for Mr. Taylor. This province can no longer fool with uncer-.
tainties. There has been too much
play-house twaddle in ihe past ten
years. Its timo for a strong businesslike progressive administration.
A.C.Thompson, now editor of the
Industrial World at Rossland, but who
told the Eagle man at Rossland a few
dais ago, that he, Govt. Agt. Coursier
and B. R. Atkins had ruled the destinies of this riding politically,
through having .1. M. Kellie at their
sorvico, for the past year or so, is certain thai Kellieism is dead in this
electorate'. Mr. Kollie has sold his
entire services to a mining company at
so much por. But as he does mortally
hale to acknowledge that he Is a has
been, lie hit upon a new idea. He will
use Misled McRae as a straw man and
still have the Bay. McKae is a-Martin
man. But Kellie is renowned at the
"contract" business. And apparently
ho has this part of it arranged, as he
had with Lawrence Neither Kellie
nor Martin need apply in this riding.
As a mining paper tlie Eagle has
nol been talking politics, but rustling
authentic Impartial mining news of
the entire district. But it just amounts
to this. Until there is a staple government firmly rooted in this province
thero Is very little use of holding out
any i iduoement for outside capital.
And ; s every man in this camp is so
dep ��� ..lent upon outside capital coming
in to develop our latent mineral ro-
soui ees the Eagle feels that it has no
other course but to.help to secure that
staple government. Once this is eb-
tained we will resume our mining ndWB
on a larger scale than ever. In July
an 8-puge (l-column special will' bo
published for six or eight weeks at
least. The Bervlees of one ol the best
writ ers in tbe province has beon acquired by tlie Eagle for the occasion and no
stone will be left unturned to make the
Eagle tho only "distriot" newspaper
In North Kootenay. The degree of
stiece- < with whicli tho Eagle has mot
in point of circulation and advertising
patronage is very gratifying indeed.
Recognizing this appreciation of our
efforts we will strive to do all In the
power of printers' ink to attract and
secure capital for investment in this
portion of the provl dob. j
The Wave of Prosperity and Staple
Government Has Arrived.
Recognizing tho fact that the Eagle
has outgrown its local name and
desiring to make it a thoroughly district newspaper, we bog with this issue
to introduce "The Lahdkau Eagle."
The support extended to us from Trout
Lake City, Camborne, Comaplix,
Thomson's Landing, Circle City, Ten-
Mile and ii, lact from all points in the
district has led the Eagle to tako this
course. The EAGLE will shortly be
enlarged and at all times kept in ad-
vanco of the district���no mattor what
tho pace may he. Tho Eagle Is
receiving orders 'for job work from
even Revelstoko, and wo venture to
say does three-quarters of all there is
to do in this entire district.
Ralph Smith would support
Tom Taylor.
I. Revision of our antiquated
federal institution, in order to remove
the obstaclos to full and complete control of tho government by ail the
people, irrespective of sex,
i. Tho publio ownership of all
industries controlled' by monopolies,
trusts and companies.
il. The public ownership of all railroads, telegraphs, telephones, all
moans ot transportation, communication, waterworks, gas and electric
plants, and other publio utilities.
4. Tlio publio ownership ot all gold,
silver, copper, load, iron, coal nnd all
other mines; also of all oil and gas
5. Reduction of the hours of labor
in proportion to the iucaeasing facili-
tios for production.
li. The inauguration of a system of
public works ami improvement for the
employment of a large number of the
unemployed, the publio credit to be
utilized for that purpose.
7. All useful inventions to be free
to all, the inventor to be remunerated
by tho public.
8. Labor legislations to bo made
national, instead of local, and international where possible.
9. National insurance of working
people against accident, lack of
employment, and want in old age.
10. Equal political rights for men
and women, and tho abolition of all
laws discriminating against women.
II. Tho adoption of tho initiative
and referendum, and tlio right of
recall of representatives by the voters.
T. A. Wilson, M. B.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Hank of Canada.
lieo.8.MeCartor. -LA. Harvey
A. M. Pinkham.
White, Gwillim tf Scott,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A. H. Holdich, M. CM.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Fayette Buker,
Mining and Real Estate
Mining Properties Listed.
A 11. C. I.AKOlt PLATirOKM.
1. 1' i' o p o r M o n a 1 repress titation
based on adult 3uflr;i��e. No t'lindi-
datuV deposit to be required when
nomination is endorsed by 100 electors,
2. Referendum on all questions that
10 per cent, of the members ma.v
demand to havo submitted to the
3. Employment for unemployed a,1,
living wayes, aid and an 8-hour work
day on all publio works. Union label
on all 'jovermmnt supplies.
4. Public Ovnei'Bhtp of all monopolies.
5. School biulis to be supplied free
or at first eost.
0. Exemption of improvements fron
S, Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Terguson Shaving
Wm, Sncll,
Al liramliL'K of the tonsorlul art executed with
anbUlexterioiiH dexterity.
VOTIOE IK HEREBY GIVEN that sixty (60)
il days after date, I, thu undersigned, intend
turaake application to the Chief Commissioner
ofhands and Works to purchase the following
dpcrihiiil preemption, situate in the Trout
Like mining division: Commencing at No. 1
littinl post, at a given point on the east aide of
th' north fork of Lardeau creek, about seven
mien from Ferguson, marked " L. Thompson's
psemption post" ; thence 60 chains south;
tlence 40 chains east; thence 80 chains north;
tlence 40 chains west to point of commence-
Kent, containing 820 acres more or less.
Dated al Ferguson, B. C��� April 24,1!KK>.
Tie liberal-
As a Tailor
of the First Class
Who owns iniiiiiR Interests in your cam,
nnd gimninti'i- tin; lirst worJunftnuhi] aa
quality of goofliH, with till Iho in test fashtn
plates to cnoon froiUi I uolleU your trade.
R. S. Wilsdh, Revelstok.
Editor;   N. O. FANNING.
Aiiouliito:  John Emory MoLflnj
This famous mftgaftlno 1* now pubUsbol in
Ne��v York.
It Is an ibHolntoly free nnd ludopoiuont
journal of tlie llr-t class, presenting both ides
of the lending questions of the dny frotjtUe
pens of the 'jest \vritorn,
ProgresalTo and vigorous, vol Bcholarlbuc!
high tonatt, it siimibl bo read by everyone
desirous of obtaining up'to-dato niforui(fon.
it Is mdlspensiibto lo every advanced jltld.
35 Out * u Copy.
S8.50 it lenr,
To revise the voters' lists.
To actively  aid  In  the construction of
tiiils throughout the undeveloped portions of
tlu province, and the building of provincial
ttpnk roads of public necessity.
.   To provide for the official inspection of
valors and hoisting gear.
i. To improve tho administration of justice
aj(d secure the speedy disposition of legal ills-
t. To provide an effective system tor the
settlement of disputes between capital and
I. To adopt the principle of government
oyneishipof railways in so far as the circumstances, of tne province will admit, and the
adoption of the principle that no bonus should
I* granted to any railway company which does
not give the government of the province the
Control of rates over lines bonuscd together
with the option of purchase.
7. To assume control and administration of
tho fisheries within the boundaries of the province.
8. To actively assist by state aid in tho development of the agricultural resources of the
!), To mnkc the Loudon agency of British
Columbia effective In proclaiming the natural
wealth of the province nnd as a place for profitable Investment of capital.
.10. In the lntororeat of labor the Liberal-
Conservative party sympathizes with und endorses the principal of an eight-hour law.
II. To provide nn Improved svstcm of education.
12. To recognize and reform the system of
provincial aid to medical men aud hospitals iu
outlying parts of the province.
13. To actively support the advancement of
the mining Interests of British Columbia.
14. To aid In the Immigration of female
domestic servants.
The Lardeau Laundry
Ferguson, B.C.
Laundry work of all kinds promptly
attended to on shortest notice at prices
consistent with the silver market aud
only ono kind of work���THE BEST.
Miners' work especially solicited.
Laundry 1  door east of Hotel Lardeau.
B. U, SMITH. Proprietor.
A Refreshing Bath
Whenever yon feel that wav, trv my
BATH ROOM. Hot or cold water.
Turkish towels, etc. One door east of
Lardeau hotel.
It. U. SMITH, Proprietor.
California Wine Co.
At all ne\vstnuds,*or post-paid by the publJhers
"Life" Bldn.,  NKW YOltK, N. L
Trade Mars
Copyrights tc.
Anyone sending a pkotch and doncrlptlmnay
���' ������' ���-������< - ....-:.'.... ������� whotfa- JU)
_         _     ugh Munn & C
wptcttil notice, without charge, tn tbe
quickly uncurtain our opinion free i
Invention m protr" '     "
 i. Oldest agency for securing pal.-.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. reive
Invention Is probably patentable. Cotnnnlc*-
tlonsstrietlycontlduntlal. Handbook on Pent
eent free, oldest usency for seeurlng paUta.
Scientific America.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lnrirt circulation of any nclentlflo Journal. Torn) $3 a
year: (our months, |L tioldbyall newmklers.
MUNN & Co.38'8---' New ork
Branch Offlra. fob V 8t�� Wubluctuu. ���
ii. (c.
Wholesale Dcnlera In
Cigars, Etc.
 Nelson, B. C,
SMOKE        #
I       CIGARS       .r4
McKinnon * Sutherland
Ferguson, The Mining Cetrtfe.
��� ������r
Ferguson, B. C.
y    Miners9 Supplies
We have just placed in our wai-o room a large stock of choice
fresh Grocei-ieB. Also a big addition to our well assorted stock
of Boots and Shoes, 'Clothing, Crockery, Miners' Supplies, Etc.
Spouial quotations to cash purchasers. Goods carefully packed
for pack horse outfits.    Close cash prices.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau.-
More Than Freight Saved By Buying Miners' Supplies From h
C. B. Hume & Co>.r
Wholesale and Retail
��-��   General Merchants...������
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootjenay.
Branch at
Trout Lake City.
Imperial Brewing Co., Limited.
KAMLOOrS, 15. C.
;   Manufacturers of tager Beer, Porter and all kinds of aerated waters.
:  ���
;    Satisfaction guaranteed. TJ   >"p   TTT    P_01.0<1
All orders by mail or XV.   1.' VV .  1 CdrSC,
otherwise promptly attended to. manager.
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Farm Produce,
Hay and Feed, Cured Meats, Fish, etc,
Write for quotations in any quantity.    Prompt shipment*.
Revelstoke, B.C.
Vancouver Bottling Works
Vancouver, B. C.
PABST Milwakee
Brandies, Champagne, Domestic-and
Foreign Wines, Kummel, Cordials.
fa ;ferghjsow
TL*   Is tlie....
j Subscribe for the "Eagle"
It Will Tell You the-Best.


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