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New York -.Market.
SILVER���Biff 49t
LEAD-100 ros    $3.'90
Copper.,,,.,    $14.50
Vol  III, No  61
Ferguson, B. C, April 17th, 1903
$2 a Year
Tuscan Lodge A. P. & A.
M. Organized by
Masons of Trout
Lake and Ferguson.
��� Tuscan lodge, A. F. & A. M. was
instituted at Trout Lake on Monday
night the 13th inst. by B. W. Bro.
Fred. Fraser, D. D, G. M. of No. 3
district who expressed the regrets of
the grand master that he was unable
to be present. The officers of the new
lodge are as follows:
Bro. Geo. N. Taylor, W. M., Bro.
Hugh McPherson, S. Warden; Bro. A.
C. Cummins, J. Warden; Bro. H. A.
Solly, Secretary; Bro. R. Hodge,
Treasurer; Bro. F. C. Campbell, S.
Deacon; Bro. R. T. Bury, J. Deacon,
Several applications for membership
were received. The brethren pres*
ent then went from labor to refresh*
ments and partook of an excellent banquet proviped by the proprietor of the
Windsor hotel, Mr. D. R. McLennan,
Worshipful Bro. Taylor ocoupied the
chair and Bro. Hugh McPherson occupied the vice chair. The following
toasts were proposed: "His Majesty
the King," "The Grand Lodge ot B,
C." This was responded to by R. W.
Bro. Fraser in his happiest manner.
"Tuscan Lodge." This particular
toast was received with many manifestations of delight and was responded to
by Bro. R. Hodge. "MaBOnry" was
ably upheld by Bro. Solly, and Bro.
Taylor made some very happy remarks
on matters generally. Songs were
contributed by the D. D. G. M. and the
Junior Warden which were greatly
Timely Advice.
Now that men of all classes and
conditions, are engaged in mining in
British Columbia, the timely advice of
an exchange should be heeded. It is
to work your mine on the same principle as a man would construct a
building for business he had in view,
being sure of his business before he
built. Make mining a legitimate business and not a speculative one and the
reward will come in increased work,
good living and a time of prosperity.
Those who mako a business of mining
intelligently succeed, while failure as
a rule comes from want of knowledge
and bad management. Develop the
mine first, find out how to work your
ore, if good enough, then put in your
It is important that mining companies should be in possession of necessary data and documents to establish a
clear title to the property which they
claim to own. Often times mines and
prospects are not what tbey are
represented to be and too close investigation cannot be given these matters. Ib is a serious reflection on those
interested in mining companies who
importune friends to take stock in
what may turn out to be but a wildcat
scheme even though they acted, in good
Seems Ferguson People
Have Only to go to
the Mountains and
Kill a Cow if Hungry
Kmlgrrnts for Canada.
The Star's London cable says: "The
last night in England of all-British
Colonists was hardly an agreeable one.
No fewer than 600 of them were sent to
one lodging house keeper. He put up
400 and now has been fined for overcrowding his house, haying taken 147
lodgers ln excess of the legal accommodation.
Yesterday's party, which embarked
on tbe Tunisian, numbered 1,800.
The Liverpool Post says: "The
flower of England is beginning to
depart from these shores, as the
flower of Ireland did years ago. There
are few men above SO among these
emigrants. The average age is about
2j with all hale and hearty. All
steamer lines are putting on extra
steamers to relieve the rush across tho
The Cobden Club's recent report Instances the prohibition of the Importation of Canadian store cattle as an
example of the deliberate protectionist
policy of tbe British government.
A Life Partnership.
We felt sure something was going to
happen when A. J. Gordon took the
stage outward bound about four weeks
since. He wore a decidedly matrl-
moinal air and we concluded at once
that A. J, was going to enlist in the
popular army of tho benedicts. Sure
enough word reached this office a week
ago that Mr. Gordon had actually
taken the step.
The president of Ferguson bachelor's club suggested tbat a meeting be
called to consider the advisability of
striking Mr. Gordon's name from tbe
membership roll, but the secretary's
suggestion that the guilty ono should
be given a chance of speaking in bis
own behalf before action be takon,
carried. Since Mr. Gordon's return he
has explained and handed in his resignation so the club decided to let him
off with a serenade.
The Eagle joins with a host of admiring friends in extonding welcome to
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and we wish the
married couple;joy und prosperity to
the end of tbeir married life. Mr,
Gordon Is a Ferguson business man and
Mrs. Gordon was formerly Miss Erasley
and taught the Ferguson public school
up till last July.
A Few Pointers.
An exchange says: A great many
merchants realize that advertising
brings in business, but their reason
ing faculties do not seem to permit
tbem to realize that advertising also
keeps up business.
It is a great mistake to conclude
you can get along without advertising.
The man who decides to dispense with
advertising should naturally expect
his business to grow less and less.
No man should make an excuse for
advertising of the fact that he has
never advertised at all. He should go
after business just the same as though
he hud beer, in the line of business
getting til bis life,
In Memory.
The following Is published at the
request of a sincere friend of the late
Sheriff Redgrave;
Green be the turf above thee,
Friend of my'better days!
None knew thee but to love thee,
Nor named (.bee but to praise.
Tears fell when tbou wert dying.
From eyes unused to weep,
And long where tbou art lying,
Will tears the cold turf steep.
When hearts, whose truth was proven,
Like thine, are laid in earth,
Thero should a wreath be woven
To tell the world their worth.
It should be mine to braid it
Around thy faded brow,
But I've in vain assayed it
And feel I cannot now.
While memory bids me weep thee,
Nor thoughts nor words are free,
The grief is fixed too deeply
That mourns a man like thee.
We reproduce below part of an
article that appeared ln the Rossland
World ofthe 8th inst,, from an interview with a thoroughly reliable man
from Camborne. We believe the
World reporter sought to. provoke a
laugh at the expense of Lardeau residents:
"Conditions were pretty bad at Camborne during the winter, said Mr.
Street, as far as fresh provisions were
concerned. Owing to the bad oondi-
dition of the apology for a road, no
fresh meat could be brought In for over
a month, and the Cambornitos bad to
exsst upon canned provisions, of which
tbere was no particular select supply.
Camborno was practically eut off from
the outside world. At Ferguson, according to Mr. Street, conditions were
even worse. Not only had fresh provisions given out but nearly everything else. Four desperate characters
disBappeared over the mountains in
search of provendor and finally coming across a cow butchered and quartered her, carrying what was left after
they had appeased their hunger, back
to the famine leagued denizens of Ferguson. The veracity of this is strictly
vouched for.
The people of Ferguson were not
aware of the fact that tbe supply of
provisions had become exhausted, nor
did they know that "four desperate
men" bad "disappeared over the hills
in search of provender" to appease the
famine'stricken stomachs of those who
stayed at home, being wo suppose too
weak to travel. However, it is often
found that one haB to go from home to
learn the local happenings, but what
seems .strange to us Is that we didn't
know we were hungry, nor did we hear
any complaints.
The effect of starvation must be
different to what we thought lt was,
like for instance asphyxiation or freezing. Let it bo as it may the Ferguson
peoplo seemed to onjoy themselves
through it all, with dances, concerts,
card parties, ping-pong, etc., and the
only grumbling we heard was about
tbe mail being irregular and uncertain.
It is, by the way, astonishing what
grossly exaggerated reports do get
circulated on the outside when a com*
munity Bltuated as Ferguson Is with
roads almost impassible and there is a
possibility of a shortage of provisions.
The abovo shows what .might easily
happen and we trust that before another winter comes around we may
have direct railway communication
with the outside world.
Easter Sunday.
Considerable time'was spent Saturday afternoon and evening by the Forguson ladles assistod by Rev. Mr.
Green and Mrs. Green in decorating
Eagle hall for the Easter serviceB.
Tbe hall looked very pretty with the
appropriate mottoes and evergreen
wreathes. Sunday morning dawned
bright and beautiful and proved the
warmest day wo have had this spring.
Rev. Mr. Green changed the hour of
bis service for this day, from the afternoon to 11 o'clock ln  tho morning.
The hour evidently proved too early
for some who were expected to be
present, and the congregation was
therefore not large. Mr. Green
preached a good sermon, however, and
those present seemed to be in spirits
becoming the day. The singing was
unusually good, the preparation of
the choir making this feature better
than usual. Mrs. S. J. Green sang a
solo most acceptably,
In tho evening at 7;30 Rev. H. A.
Solly, episcopal minister, conducted an
Ea6ter service. Tho congregation in
the evening was much larger than
usual and Mr. Solly preached a sermon
appropriate to the occasion. The
singing was good though there was no
especial preparation.
Interview with A. J.
Gordon Who Says
Lardeau is Much
Talked About.
Winnipeg, April 11.���A large number
of new settlers arrived here today,
The weather is miserable and wet.
Many are going direct West to Alberta
Uu British Columbia,
New Irteu Woman's Magazine,
In consonance with its name, the
New Idea Woman's Magazine for May
presents many novel features In dressmaking and in every department of
domestic interest. It opens with a
charming papor by Constance Fuller
Mclntyre upon "The Marriageable
Age"; Emma A. Osborne writes about
Now York's Chinatown dolightfully;
Katherinc Louis Smith tells of tbe new
fad, "Cat Shows and Catteries"; Nancy
Hull has "The Living P.oom" for her
theme; and EbenJRexford presents
"Garden Gossip" in his authorltive
manner. In addition to theso special
features, the sevoral departments are
attractively set forth, and in Bhort
stories and verse there is unusual variety and superior quality. The New
Idea patterns offer many tempting
opportunities to the homo dressmaker.
It is evident the Rossland World
does not know S. Daney is in the
freighting business at Ferguson or
that Journal would hardly havo stated
that Ferguson's citizens were nearly at
tho point of starvation. The roads
may get bad but Daney always gets
the necessaries In nnd we never go
Cap. T. R. Davey, mining engineer
of Camborne was in Ferguson Tuesday
obtaining signatures to two petitions.
One of these was fqr a dally mail service and -.the other was meraor-
allzlng the government to compel tho
C. P. It. to build their road into Trout
Lake nnd to connect at Arrowhead
lusido of two years, or in the event of
failure to refine to extend the charter,
Il.iitty Leases Hotel.
Wm. Beatty who owns the hotel at
the forks, four miles below Forguson
on tbe road to Beaton and who has
conducted it up till Tuesday leased to
Wm. Glenn. Mr. Glenn will fix up
the premises and will endeavor to run
a good house for the convcuienco of
travellers. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn moved
uown Tuesday morning and are now in
possession. The location is a good one
for a well conducted bouse and Mrs.
Glenn being a line cook, a good many
travellers will no doubt make it a point
of getting there at mealtime.
A uow Industry is about to be
started in Vancouver which will do
away with tho polution of the water
by salmon offal during tho fishing
season. Tho new company is capital
Izod at $_i0,000 and tho shareholders
aro mostly composed of Toronto anil
English Investors. The objects of thc
company aro tho manufacture of oil,
glue and fertilizer from fish offal and
nonediblo varieties of fish by tho
most approved methods.
At the Ethol mino the working forco
has been cut down to live men, who nro
busily engaged driving a long crosscut,
and are experiencing considerable
difficulty In tbeir labors on account of
the exceeding hardness of tbo rock.
Tho tunnel is now in 2G0 feet and within the noxt huudred foet the ore body���
showing thirty foet on tho surface-
ought to bo tapped. If any body of
ore is encountered a smelter and tramway will Immediately bo contracted
A representative of tho Eagle called
on A. J. Gordon Thursday morning
aud asked a few questions relating to,
that gentleman's visit to Vancouver.
Mr. Gordon having been away some
three weeks or more and being somewhat inquisitive hinlself besides being
well known at the coast we believed he
would be full of information and we
thought rightly.
Business, he said, had been brisk
and collections remarkably prompt up
till the time of the strike of the U. B.
R. E. and the carpenters of Vancouver,
but since that timo business had suffered and trade had fallen off. The general impression at the coast, among tho
men, was that tho strikers would
lose the fight. The mon say the C. P.
R. Imposed such conditions on tbem
that they were compelled to strike ��t
once, before proper organization could
bo effected. In fact tbey say the strike,
was practically forced upon them when
they were unprepared for it.
Regarding mining matters, he found
a marked difference from his former
visit to Vancouior. At the former
time some four years since, overyone
met with was more or loss interested
in mining but now interest seems tn
have completely died out. He attributes this to tbonewor population uf
tlie city being easterners wbo have no*,
become interested in mining. Tin-
older population for tlie most part,
started business with little capital
and they havo not got sufficiently
ahead to think of mining investment*.
A marked ignorance exists about tin
rich Ferguson district. Many well
posted men are ignorant of tho locality
of Ferguson, but have a vague idea of
whero the Lardeau .is. Those who
were bettor informed asked when the
Lardeau railway would be completed
to tho foot of the lako. Mr. Gordon
blames the lack of enterprise on tho
part of our business men in not bi-
stirring themselves to havo tho splendid resources of our camp brought to
the notice of tbe outsido world. Tho
mon of Ferguson, generally, seem to
bave got into a narrow rut, they do nol
pull together nor do they sufficiently
tako into account the many drawback
necessarily to bo met by roprusenta
lives of companies who arc Opening
mining properties iu tho district. .\
manager can do muoh bottor If he (eels
that the peoplo of the town stand
squarely at his back.
Another matter touched on by Mr.
Gordon wus tho lack of interest shown
in public meetings by thc men of Ferguson, Nomattorhow important the
matter to bo considered may be, it i-
rarely that above 20 turn out,
^roong mining mon generally Mr.
Gordon f ound thoso who knew tho
district,to havo confidence in its bright
future. Ferguson nnd Camborno art-
more talked about than any other portion of B. C. by tho well Informed
class but tbey aro more Interested
just now in tho free-gold and eoppei
ledges than iu silver-lead. Several rep
resentatlvosof companies having large
capital expressed their intention or
looking about these camps the oom*
ing slimmer. Ho found too that it is
comparatively easy to got monoy to
develop; free-gold or oopper proportion
m* Lardeau B3.g!e\tesources and by lhe exercise of
good judgement together with  the
| expenditure of a reasonable amount
ot money; mines  can  bo   produced
and lots of money made.
Come gentlemen let us be alive to
our interests and the welfare of the
PllblisUod every
Frlila*,* nl Fori
uson,   li. C.
to whom nil oorrospondencG should bo malMd.
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FRIDAY. APRIL 17, 1908.
A J, Gordon dropped into the
Eagle oflice on his return from the
coast and asked for a copy of lhe
Eagle containing report of the
rheeting that he supposed would
have been called by the local mining association to hear a report of
delegates who went to the convention at Victoria.
We could only express regret
that such a meeting had never been
it is certainly regretable that
interest has seemingly died in this
movement, locally, which did bid
fair forthe accomplishment of much
good in the camp. We thought
that a meeting would have been
called where the reports cotild be
presented and the benefit of the
impressions gained by our delegates might be shared by members
of the local association and our
citizens generally.
We certainly believe it would be
wise to form a permanent local
association in Ferguson and to
become affiliated with the provincial
body. Such an organization is
very much required, for there is
absolutely no organization in the
district to fight for our rights, or by
which unity of effort may be gained
to successfully promote the welfare
of the camp.
Such an association might possibly open an oflice in town where
specimens ol ore Irom the desirable
claims und mines of the district
could be placed on exhibition. Then
lull particulars concerning the
many valuable claims in the district
might be filed, A committee of the
association might collect data and
have pamphlets printed setting
forth carefully and correctly what
we have for sale, and what a little
money has demonstrated on claims
that had no better showings than
scores of others that could be purchased cheaply. If investors only
knew what we have here in the
Lardeau and how comparatively
safe it is to put money in our properties there would be a rush and
there would not be enough claims
to supply the demand.
Take men like G. Stead who
have been in all the best mining
camps on this continent, and when
Mr. Stead saw what was here he
got in and bought right and left
and he is not done yet. This
gentleman has not been in the
camp a year, hut in that short time
he has converted at least one
property from a prospect to what
may be called a mine. Mr. Stead
says this camp   has   wonderful
The sun has been very hot for
the past three days and the snow is
melting fast. It will take lots of
sun before the roads are clear of
While the Eagle editor was in
Trout Lake Thursday he heard Mr.
Kirkpatrick and others discussing
i neans of clearing the snow from
t.be road. One popular plan was
to string the 'electric' light wire
down the road and turn on the
elf ctric current. It was held that
this would do the work quickly.
We don't know, never having
kuown it to be tried.
The announcement by Premier
Laurier that immediately after the
Easter holiday-; are over a joint
commission of the house of commons would be appointed to take
up the question ot amending the
Election Act so as to put a stop to
election frauds and corruption, will
meet very general approval from
both political parties,
So much wrong doing has been
indulged in during the last ten
years that the good opinion former,
ly held of Canada's political purity
has been pretty nearly oblitirated.
It seems- that E, C, Smith, M. P.
P. for East Kootenay, has decided
to support the Prior government,
This gives the government a good
working majority. Mr. Smith has,
however, exalted promises from Col
Prior as tothe course of legislation
to be pursued.
Reduced to FIFTY
New Idea
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The Townsite of-
The Pay-Roil Centre of the
Rich   Lardeau   District.
Buy Lots Now And Get
in on the Ground Floor
The Lardeau is the richest
known mining district in British
Golumbia and the mines, particularly those about Ferguson,
contain large quantiti es ot ore
being big as well as rich. Several
new properties will ship
ore during the coming year and
the town is sure to double
In size Buy a few lots now
before the effect of this year's
progress sends them up, may-
hap beyond your reach.	
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further^ Information* Apply to*
Henry Floyd
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
m Notice,
Notice is horoby given (.hat. 80 days alter
dale I Intend n�� apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for 11 special license
io ont and carryaway timber [rom tlie follow-
In* described lands fn West Kootenay, commencing at a post situated about 80 chains
north of Eight-Mile BrldgcOn tile south fork
of the Laraettu river, ihenee 40 chains north,
thence ldo chains west, tbonce iO chains south,
thence ICQ chains east to the point of commencement.
Dated 26th February, 1008,   '
Erland G. Hadow,
Notice la horoby given   that 80 days after
date I Intend to apply to tliu Chief Commissioner of Lands and works for a special license
tocut ami curry away Umber from the following described lands in Wost Kootenay com*
mouctng from a post situated about :io chains
north of Bight-Mile -Bridge on the South Fork
of tho Lardoau Ktvor, thonco 40 chains south,
thenee Hill chains west, thenco 40 eliains north,
thence Ilk) eliains east to point of commencement.
Dated 201h February, lflO.1.
Erhiml Q, Hadow,
Koticc is hereby given that TO days after
dato I intend to apply to the Chief
'Commissioner of Lands and Works for permts-
ion to purchase 100 acres of land situated ou
thc south side ofthe Forguson townsite commencing from a post situated near thc southeast corner of same; thence40 chains south
thence 40 chains west: thence 40 chains north
thenco 40 chains cast to point ol commencement.
i  Ferguson, B. C February 22nd, 19M.
Certificate of Improvements.
Brow Mineral Claim, situate in-the Trout
Lake Mining Division of West Kootenav District. Where located:���Between the North
and tlie South Forks of Lardeau CreSk, West
Kootenay H. 0.
TAKE NOTICE that T.Arthur P. Cummins,
of Ferguson, B, 0., acting as agent for George
C. Lembke, William H. Lembke ami Christian
O. Lembke, Free Miner's Ccrtiiicates Nos.
B. 67107, B. 08187 and B. 07102 respectively,
Intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply 30 tho Mining recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crowu Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
sootton 87, must he commenced before the
issuance of such Certillcate ol improvements.
Dated this 4th day of April. A. D. mi:;.
apllOOa A, l\ CUMMINS. P.L.S.
Notice to Delinquent Co-Owner.
ToS. T. McColI, or whomsoever he may have
transferred his interest in the Triune Fraction No, :imineral olalm, situated on Drown
crock, in the Trout Lake .Mining Division,
West Kootenay District of B. C,
You are hereby notified that I have expended $100 In labor and Improvements upon the
above mentioned fractional mineral claim
Bit.ce July 1st, 1002, under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and If within 90 days from the
ilate of this notlco you fall or refuse to contribute vour proportion of the above mentioned
sum, 'which is now due' together with all
cost ol advertising, your interest in the said
claim will become tho property of the undersigned under section 4 of the "Mineral Act
Amendment Aet 1900.
Dated at Ferguson, B.C. this Oth day of
April, 1903.
CO. Woodrow.
No,tice is hereby given that 110 days after dato
1 intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works for a special license
to eut and carry away timber from the follow*
lag'described lands in west Kootenay: (Join-
meucing from a post situated about 40 chains
east of the Ferguson townsite, theneo SO
chains south, theneo su chains east, thence HO
chains north, thence so chains west to point
of commencement.
Dated 20th February 1M3,
Notice ii hereby given that :i0 days aftor date
���I Intend to apply to the Ilon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license
tocut and carry away timber from the following ���described lauds in West Kootonay; Commencing at a post planted about 40 chains
east of Ferguson townsite, thence 100 chains
north, thenee40 chains cast, thence K'<0 chains
soutli, theneo 40 chains west to point of com-
Dated J2Bth Fobruary, 19o:i.
fob 27 A. II. Holdich, Secretary.
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Notice fs hereby given that J10 days after data
I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lanes und Works for a special license to
cut and carry away timber from the following
described lands in West Kootenay, commence
lug at a post  about -10 chains east ofthe For-
fuson townsite,   thence   hiO   chains    north-
hence 40 chains west, thence KiO chains south,
thence 40 chains east to point of commencement.
Dated 20th February, 1903.
A. H. Holdich, Secretary.
Certificate of  Improvements
Nettie L, Fraction, No. 1 Fraction and Copper
Roof mineral claims, situate jn the Trout
Lake mining division of West Kootenay district.
', Where located.���On Nettle L. mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, (ieorire B. McCarter,
acting as agent for the Great Western Mines,
Limited Liability, Free Miners' certificate No
II. 48174, intend ill) days from the dato hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements for tho purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claims.
under Section Tt must he commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this Bird day of January,A.D., 1903.
���    GEO.'S. McCAKTER.
Great   Western    Mines,      Limited    nnd
Double Eagle M. & D. Co., Ltd.
Notice Is hereby given that any written
transfers of stock iu cither of those companies
that have not vet been sent in to the oflice for
registration and the issue of proper certificates for them, must be sent In by tho last
day of February, WOfl, as they will not be
recognized after that date.
Ferguson, II. C. Jan. 26,1008.
A. n. holdich, Sec'y.
Certificate of Improvements.
"Culbcrt," "Handy,"   "Handy    No.    2,,
'���Lynch," "Low,"      ["Low       Fraction,
mineral claims,  situate In tho   Tront   Lako
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
i ,Where located:���Near Lynch creek on Lar
deau river.
Take notice that I, A.R. Heyland, agent for W.
N. Brayton, Free Miner's Certillcate No. BWlBfl
intend sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certillcate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
u Crown lirant of tho above claims.
, And further tako notice that action under
section 87, must bo commenced bofore tho
issuance ol such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of January, A. 1)., 1008.
Certillcate of Iniprovoinenti,
Two and a Half
minoral claim situate in tho Trout Lake
Mining Division, of West Kootenay District.
Whero located;-On Lade mountain near the
Badshot mine. ��� 	
TAKE NOTICE that I, O.B.N. Wilkie, acting as agent for the Ophir-Lade Mining Syndicate, Limited, Free Miner's Certillcate No. B,
48172, intend 00 days from the dato hereof, to
apply to tho Mining Recorder for a Certillcate
of Improvements, for tho purposo of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
Aud further take notico that action, under
section 87. must bo commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of December, A. ]>. 1902.
Notice is hereby g von that the undersigned
will not be responsible for any account except
on puoduction of a written order signed by
(lie manager, Superintendent or Secretary.
Smith tf Co.
45 Bleury St,
* Montreal
Will be represented in
Ferguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders tor clothing will
receive close attention
Our representative
S. A. Scott is
practical tailor and
will mako clothes
lit. Hold your
ordors for him.
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhoad, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October 14th, 1901, will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily���10k and 15k.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice dally��� 7:lfik and
12;45k. Making closo connections
with all C. P. 11. Steamers and trains.
Schools, S0H2T'
Gives instruction by mail in the following subjects: Mechanical engineering,
mechanical drawing, Electrical engineer-*
Ing.telegraphy, telephony, sanltarv plumb*
ing, heating and ventilation, civil engineering, architecture, architectural draw-
Ing, sheet metal pattern draft ing, lettering
and sign painting, ornamental designs,
book keeping, stenography, milling, smelting, metallurgy, hytlrometalliirgy, electro.
therapeutics, French, Herman, Spanish.
Send for free catalogue.
10 per cent discount by cutting out this
ad. aud enrolling beforo end of month.
W. H, Mr DOUG ALL, Local Agent*
Nelson, II, C.
The B. C. ASSAY & CHEMICAL surra co. i��.
Headquarters for Assayers, Mining
ft Mill supplies. Hole agents in li.
C, for Morgan Crucible Co., Ilattersea,
England; F. W. Hraun it Co.'s I'a tent
Caty Furnaces, I.timers, etc.; Wm. Ainsworth it Co.'s Fine balances etc., etc.
The owners
change times
i*esot*vo  the
of    sailings
right  to
Tha Fred Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
the United Hatters
of North America.
When you are buv-
ng a nm hat,
it her soft or stiff,
BOO to it that the
genuine U NI 0 N
Lahel is sewed in it.
If a retailer hns
loose labels in his
t possession and of-
jf tors to put one in a
1 hat for yon, do not
patronize him. He
has not any ngntTona\c looso labels. Loose
labels In retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to anv explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The Genuine I mon Lahel is
perforated on the four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits nr�� sometimes perforated on three of tiie edges, and
sometimes only on two.   Keep a sharp lookout
for thc counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using thorn in order to get rid oi
their scab-made hats. The John JI. Stetson
Co. of Philadelphia, Fa., is non-union concern
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N.J
14 797 Bedford Ave.. Brooklyn, N.Y
The three claims owned by the company are the "Lardeau
Queen," the "Lardeau King" and the "Lardeau Prince," all abutting
ond to end, through which three leads pass the entire length, situated at the head ot Lexington oreek, in tho Lardeau mining division
of Wost Kootenay, British Columbia.
These threo claims are located on the western slopo of Goat Mountain, the linos boing north-westerly and south-easterly, and form ono
complete portion of Mineral land of about 150 acres. They ho east
less than four milos up from Pish river.
The group lies in the "Sitting Bull" and "Wild West" bolts,
two of tbe strongest and best known leads in that district, and work
already done on apjacent extentions has given most satisfactory
results as to extent of ore bodies and increased values with depth.
The formation is slate and schist, lying in an Immense lime
dyke, and the cropplngs of the leads are generally topped with heavy
iron capping and quartz, which gives assays from $8 upon tho
Exploitation consists of two open cuts along the surfaco for a
distance of twenty foet, which exposed a body of argentiferous
galona ovor 8 Inches In width. Tho value of this oro body was &II0
on the surface, but at a depth of less than threo feot it has increased
to $40.00. To tap this oro showing and tho massive Iron capped
lodge close to whioh lt lies tho present tunnel was commenced and
is now in a distance of 82 feot. Anothor 85 feet of crosscuttlng
should roach this lodge at a deptii of about 123 foet. Whon 01 foet
had been driven, an almost'solid body of iron ore three feet thick
was encountered tn tho tunnel lying against a wall of slate. A
sample ut this point assayed S77.00 In gold, silvor, coppor and load.
At a distanco of 14 feet from this lead a lino body ol oro hns been
encountered which, when crossed, proved to bo seven and a half feet
wide, carrying tlie Ilnest looking mineral yot found on tho proporty.
A third ledjge which contains tho richest oro and widest surface
showing, wid bo reached about Fobruary 15th. This ledgo when
encountered, will be from 12 to 15 feet wide and great results are
Tho proporty has an excellent surface showing. Tho avorago
assays are most encouraging, considering the great width and con-
tinuancy ot the loads across the country with such great width and
prominence of the surface judging from other properties in the near
vicinity, some of which are on tho same lead and havo developed
very rich ore bodies.
In conclusion I would say that tho Lardoau Minos are as good as
any, If not the best, in tho vicinity, and I verily believe with a
nominal expenditure, they should be made dividend paying in a
short timo, and I would strongly recommend extensive development
toward that end.
H. O. fflcClymont, M. E.
��******** ......44 ,
I      IRON BEDS a Specialty      t
!$5 and up. .
......444...... ...... .****** .
Goods can be furnished to any part ot Lardeau on very sliori notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing  <�������*�����������.*���<�����.���.��.-.��.......-,���..*.......
Funeral Directors and
Embalmers. *
[Graduate ot Mysr'a Coll.__��of Embalming]   I
For Further Information, price of Btook, etc., address
B, Norbert Oulmette, a Manager.
Bank ot Montreal Bldg., ROSSLAND, B, C.
Can attond ease at Ferguson at ton
hours notice if advised by wire.
D. J. Robertson * O
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite the Postoffice.
Capital Authorized, f4,000,000 head office-
Capital {Paid-up) f2,923,8(>(>
Rest  ....  $2,485,288 loronto, Ontario-
Branches in tho Northwest Territories. Provinces <of British Columbia, * Manitoba, Ontario' and Quebec.
T. R. MERP.ITT, President. D. II. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Man.
10. HAY, Assistant Gon. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspeotor,
Ferguson,   B.   C.   Branch���A   General   Banking   Business   Transacted.
Savings Department���Deposit, received and interest allowed.
Drafts Sold, available in All ports of Canada,
United States and Europe.
Special attention given to collections and
Mining Bonds.
Everybody   Our Special
smokes     AND	
-   The Union
Tbey are nil Union made and of tho -UNION    ClOAR
best II11 vim a Tobiirai  inoiu'v can Factopv   l-I   A
buy. Try ono and satisfy yourself '    uuin'""1,
as to thoir quality. -drown, Prop.
t Lardeau
X    Laughton Bros.
... , *->
We try to give satisfac- ,.
tion to our   guests. r
. L ���#
^    prospectors'  Exchange    ��
ARTHUR EVANS, Proprietor.
���a-J     TA-Jl.E-.aoi-ri.iKU v. mi the ���THE CHOICEST OF WINES,*     k_.
(71      ������BEST IN THE MARKET** **LIQU011S AND CH3ABS-M,     jj At Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, H.
C, on April 'th, at the home of the
brides mother; A. J. Gordon ol Ferguson, B. C, to Florence Nightingale Elmsley, of Vancouver. ���
Local and General.
D. G. Forbes was at Trout Lake on
Robert Hodge waB at Trout Lake
B. G. Woodward visited Trout Lake
Wotl nosday.
"Dad" Carruthers was in town
Al Hall was down from the Stiver
Cup Tuesday.
J. A. Rady, of the Lucky Boy was in
town yesterday.
���I. C. Murray of Trout Lake, was in
town yesterday.
B. Crilly left Saturday for a visit to
his sister in California.
W. Cowan of Revelstoke, was a visitor to Ferguson Monday.
Geo. V. Howard came down from
tho Silver Cup Wednesday.
A pleasant little dance was given at
the Lardeau hotel Wednesday night
.lames Cummings, proprietor ot the
King's hotel, visited Kevelstoke tbis
Sam Sutherland walked to Beaton
Wednesday night to see after the
transport of goods.
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Abrahamson and
their pretty little baby, spent Sunday
afternoon in Ferguson.
Geo. Johnson of Trout Lake, brought
up a load of Beef to P. Burns & Co.'s
Ferguson shop on Wednesday.
Saturday was pay day for tbe Nettie
L. -mine and a number of the men were
down to deposit their checks.
Dr. Newcombe was called to Eight
Mile Sunday to attend Mrs. Norris
Smith who was ill of tonsilltts.
A. F.Garrett, superintendent ofthe
Nettie L. mine, was in Ferguson Monday night. He reported everything
going satisfactorily,
Fred. Fraser, Gold commissioner;
Hugh McPherson and little daughter,
and Wm. Scht.ell were visitors to Ferguson Eastor Monday.
R. Hodge, sec'y-tieas. of the Ophlr-
Lado Syndicate, received a telegram
yesterday from F. W. Godsal stating
that bo would be In the Lardeau at the
end ofthe week.
Norris Smith who is suffering with
a badly cut foot, left the Miners Union
hospital Saturday and he and Mrs.
Smith went to their home at Eight-
Mile.   The foot Is healing nicely.
Tbq British Columbia legislature,
now In session, has re-enacted the anti-
Chinese and Japanese legislation put on
the statues last year nut which was
disallowed by the Federal government
for "Imperial reasons."
A teaohers convention was held at
Revolstoke this week commencing on
Tuesday tbe 14th. Today is the closing
of tho convention. On Tuesday a
reception was tendered tne visiting
teachers by the city.
S. Daney Went to Beaton Saturday
night and returned early Sunday morning with two loads of merchandise.
They travelled whilo tho frost was io
tbe snow. S. Sutherland accompanied
tbo teams as tbo goods were for his
The ladles sewing circle of tho town
assembled at the rcsldenco of Mrs.
Kirkpatrick Wednesday and continued
tho^sewlng of linon for tho hospital.
The next-place of meeting will beat
Mrs. Burgess' Wednesday noxt. All
ladies interested in tho hospital aro
In order that wooden bridges along
the Canadian Pacific line to tho Pacific cnant may be replaced by steel
bridges as soon as possible, tho management ha*) contracted for the construction of two hundred and forty
steel bridges, all of which are to be
delivered during the present year.
Bridges may vary In length from 20
to 100 feet. The oompanies tbat have
secured the contracts aro the following: Canada foundry Company, 60;
Dominion Bridge Company, 100; Hamilton Bridge Company, 11; and the
{.ociili With ft l-a-r streak. |
It pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton,,Arrowhoad or Comaplix by using
the phone. Office in Cummins & Co.'s
Orders for furniture will be filled as
quickly and with better results at the
wholesale and retail store of D. J.
Robioson & Co., Nelson, than anywhere else in tbe province.
* Smokers: If you want the genuine "0nion" and "Our Special"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt letters on overy box.
H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
FOR SALE--A four roomed dwelling house and two lots on ono of tho
best corners In tbe residence part of
Ferguson for sale on easy lorms.
Apply to Eagle office.
Order a ping-pong set, framed oi'
untrained pictures, picture frames,
drawing requisites, books, magazines
or anything In this line of goods from
the Canada Drug & Book Co,, Revel.
stoke, B. C. Mail orders attended to
A. M. Craig still conducts the feed,
livery and freighting stables at Beaton, and has saddle horses and light
and heavy conveyances for hire at all
times. His daily stage for Goldflelds
and Camborne meets the steamboat on
its arrival and departure.
Why modify milk for infant feeding
in tho uncertain ways of the novice
when you can have always with you a
supply of Borden's Eagle Brand Condensed Milk, a perfect cow's milk
from herds of native breeds, tho perfection of infant food? Use it for tea
and coffee.
Wants Your Washing.
Mangling and
guaranteed to be
First Class.
B.   U.   SMITH,
Victoria  Avenue.
Do You Want a
Team for Driving or
for Freight hauling?
I have
the best
My Ladles' and Gent's
Saddle Horses are docile
but Spirited. II you want
to go anywhere call me up
at any hour.
Including tlie Kish Crook camp
and Upper Ditnctm Bfvor lection, compiled by A, P, Cummins, IM-i.S., and H
Shannon. 11. A., is now on hhIc at tliiH
office.   The ready Bale of the map itt
Proving all we hare oald for it. Tlio
rout Lake division Js lithographed in
black, Die Lardeau in red,and the-Ainsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copv of this man and find any
claim recorded in the three divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name {by a unique
index) of every mineral claim in the
district Is shown.
Fbrowon, 8-G-
\~Sm P. L. S,
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Trout Lake.
Surveys of Mines, Mineral Claima and
Crown Lands. Crown Grants Obtained and Assessments Managed
for Absentees.
Offices: Camborne and Vancouvor
o     SHANNON, B, A.
H-"idq��*rters for Information Regarding
Lardeau Properties.
office:  victoruavk.bo..)B|C|
Solicitor for
The Imperial Bank
Ferguson, B. C
OFFICE���In tbo Opblr Lado block.
Barristers, Sollclters, etc.
Offices: Revelstoke, Golden, and Ferguson. Solicitors Ior Imperial Bank
Qco. S. McCarter. J. A. Hatvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
Ferguson, S. C.
Barrister, Sollclter, etc.
J. M. SCOTT, A. B. L. L. B.
W, de V. lo Malstre, M. A.
Having purchased the
Ferguson Meat Market we
are prepared to supply our
customers with all kinds of
Fresh and cured meats. A
good supply of Beef, Pork,
Mutton, Sausages, Hams
and Bacon always on hand.
i*........ �������� ��.��*..
���Spring Clothing
Suits, Overcoats, Rain Coats, Trousers.
Also complete stock of Men's Furnishings.
We have a good supply of Borden's
Eagle   Brand   Condensed Milk.
McKinnon c�� Sutherland
The Post Office Store
We have moved into our New Store Budding
and have plenty of room to display goods.
If anything is wanted in the  Mercantile line
we can supply it.
G. B. Bath   tf Co.
Well lighted and heated by hot
air furnace. Tables supplied
with the best the market affords.
^ Rates $1 Per Day jO*
| Do You Know I
��� k
Tbat a man is more k
manly when he keeps |f
his face cleanly sbaven       it
his hair neatly trim- jj
med and uses the
tj bath frequently.
X ' All the requiro-
3 ments of a Ilrst class
v barber shop supplied
-jj by....
LRoy Jameson  &
JAS.  CUMMINGS,   Prop.. Ferguson, B.   C.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens. Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and ^s^Ming
Freighting Transfer Outfit,
Contracts entered Into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point ln the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed.   Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Perguson
a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.    S. Daney, Prop.
Perguson Hotel


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