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VOL. II. NO. 14.
$2.00 A YEAR.
The Natural Result of the Present
Wrong System.
D. L. Olink Deals With the Railwj
Smelter and Liquor Question in a
Praotioal   Manner.���No  Theory,
But a Tried and Very Successful
Remedy, Easily Applied.
As an evidence of the growing sentiment in favor of public ownership of
monopolies in this portion of the province, tho Eaole is pleased to add
herewith a letter just received by it
from D. L. Clink, the saw mill owner
at Trout Lake City. The Eagle feels
encouraged when such men as Mr.
Clink coincide with its views. Mr.
Clink says:
Let the provincial government, in-
%'-* stead of as at present intended, build-
' ing competing railroads and fighting
such companies as the Canadian Pacific and Northern Pacific, harness the
water power iu every mining centre
throughout the province, where it is
required, build smelters and concentrators and supply power for the working of machinery in the mines, and let
the government control and operate
these smelters and concentrators.
This will so reduce the cost of taking
out the ore, transporting and treating
it that there will be no"kick" from
mine owners as to the length of hours
or as to the amount of wages paid. At
the same time the government will
receive a handsome revenue from the
speculation. Besides the output of the
mines will be Increased tenfold, and
ten times as many men would bo employed. In this way you will sea that
the government, the mine-owners and
the miners will be enriched and British
Columbia will be one of the world's
greatest mining centres.
Take for 'example this district, and
what is true ot it Is true of many more.
Or(?has to bo hauled by teams at least
twenty miles before it reaches the
steamboat. This costs not low. thp,n
ten dollars a ton, The freight from
this point to Its destination is another
five dollars at least. Then there is the
exhorbitunt smelter charges, whether
It be milled in this country or elsewhere. If tbe Lardeau creek were
converted Into power it would be
ample to run a smelter, concentrators
and all the machinery necessary to
work the mines within a radius of ten
or fifteen miles. The ore could be
brought by cable to this smelter at a
probable cost of one dollar a ton. At
present this cost is not less than fifteen
dollars a ton. No further argument is
Deeded to prove that this state of
affairs would be profitable to the government and this district, instead of
building up private monopolies in this
country and the United States.
Ontario 1b taking stops to remedy a
similar condition iu her mining regions
and the government there is erecting
smelters, etc., forthe home treatment
Of her minerals.
When the farmers in Manitoba and
the Northwest and some other parts of
Canada were struggling hard to keep
soul and body together the Dominion
government came to their assistance
by building creameries and manufacturing and marketing their butter.
When the butter is Bold a sufficient
amount is deducted to cover all expenses, as well as a small per centago to
apply on the first cost of the creameries. According to this arrangement
the people receive from eight to ten
cents a pound more thuu they otherwise did. Thus thu government will
in the near future bo paid back every
dollar it has expendod and the creameries will become tbe property of tho
farmers concerned. In the meantime
these farmers  aro growing wealthy.
This, except that tho government
should retain control, Is a parallel case
to the way in which I suggest the B,
��� C. government should truat the ore,
and this oase Is mentioned merely to
show the feasibility of the idea.
I will mention one othor means by
which the government may give the
country prosperity and lessen crime
and drunkeness. Let it assume control
of the manufacturing and dispensing
of alcoholic liquors. Some of the
States of the Union have adopted this
system and have found it to work well.
The State manufactures, bottles and
sells the liquors. Thu government
stamp on each bottle is a guarantee
that the liquor Is unadulterated. They
employ a salaried official to dispense
the  liquor.    The hours in which he
sells aro restricted. Anyono who is :
not a drunkard or a minor cau purchase any quantity he wishes, but tho
bottles cannot be opened on the promises. It has been proved that this
system reduces tho quantity of liquor
consumed by three-fourths, and at the
same time increases the revenue. The
entire profit on one-quarter of tho
liquor is greater than thu tax which
.!.-   ������,   ������lv   pjttCed on  t^o
ilenco druukencss is
reutut. .   .... prosperity follows.
Some might object to this plan us it
will throw a largo number of men out
of employment, one 'dispenser by tho
bottle being able to take the the placo
of fifteen or twenty men ,who handle It
by the glass. I do not believe this
will cause any hardship. With tho
increased prosperity that the system
will give saloon keepers will be able
to devote their energies to othor lines
of business and they will bo quite able
to make a success of their new avocations���for I am of the opinion that
for business ability the men who are
engaged in this traffic in British Columbia will compare favorably with
any other class of business men.
We are living in an age of monopolies and combines. Everyone knows
the consequence of this. One class is
rapidly growing more wealthy while
the other becomes poorer and pooror.
No amount of legislation can alter this
and create trade and cause the various
industries to be carried on as they
once were. One redress only, therefore, is for all to combine, with the
government as our executive.
This Season's Stir Begins Earlier
Than Last Year.
T)he Delay is Causing Uneasiness
in the Camp.
The Happy Condition of Telegraphers In Great Britain.
No strikes. Harmonious uninterrupted operation. Largo increase of
wages, and progressive improvement
of conditions of labor. Superior efficiency of well-treated and contented
Persistent policy of postal telegraph
department from firs', to last to raise
wages, shorten hours and add to the
privileges of labor.
Since 1870, when the government
took the telegraphs, wages have risen
from 39 per cent, to over 72 per ceut.
ofc the total revenues. A�� a rule, U.c
salaries of telegraphers in England
have been raised $150 to $200 each since
1881, und hours huvo been shortened
one-seventh; tho present hours being
eight in the day time, or seven at
night, for six days in the week.
Employes free to organize. Employment is secure. Merit finds promotion.
Long service is rewarded with increased pay. And liberal provision is made
for pensions in case of sickness, disability and old age.
Help the "Eagle" to Help Yourself
and the Camp.
The great and pressing need of this
camp is the introduction of capital for
tho exploration aud development of
tbe immense mineral resources know n
to exist within its limits. As soon us
a certain stage of development has
been reached, and tho ground has begun to return a fair proportion of the
money put into it, there will bo sufficient floating capital in tlie district
itsoll to continue tlio development to
tho fullest degree, lint jit the present
moment there is not that capital in the
camp, und the groat thing to be duno
is to attract it from outside circles.
An Influx uf capital here, would muun
money in tho poclcot of every
merchant, every miner, aud every
laboring man. Were thero twice as
many properties working us now the
demand for labor would bo In like
proportion. Tlio district needs advertising. Help the EAOLK to make
known the Lurdoau's resources by
financially assisting it. The rest will
then come.
snu'i.i. in; A ihmmek.
* The improvements now going on in
town are very gratifying, both to
residents and newcomers. Lots are
being cleared, stumps galore being
blown to atoms, slashing in every
direction' continues; ull going to
beautify the townsite nnd rid it of the
serious danger of bush fires. Several
residences aro being planned, and with
the saw mill supplying lumber und at
least threo business blocks going up
Ferguson will be a busy spot this
season. Itoud building, mining,
freighting, ussessmeut and other
Industries go to make up a good pay
roll. And the pay roll town Is the
town to do business in���that's why we
are in Ferguson.
Development Work is Active, But
Lack of Railway Transportation
is Keenly Felt.���Construction to
Commence Next Month if President Shaughnessy's Word Goes.
Every mining man who comes to
tho Lardeau loses no time in making
an investment. The reason for this is
that the rapid development of the mining resource's in the vicinity is proving
that the camp is all right.
The Lardeau with only 310 ft. of
depth in its biggest mine is a surprise
to experienced mining men. Wait till
tho 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 level is
reached. The Lardeau will then
attract world-wide attention.
No machinery, no transportation, no'
capital, no nothing, but mountains of
silver ore. That's the Lardeau's;
condition. Come and help to devolop.
its resources. The Lardeau is destined
to be a world-beater as a producer of
white metal. No ground floor proposition after this year.
Ferguson is the centre of a great
mineral country. Draw, a circle
around Ferguson with a radius of 10
miles and you take in some of the
richest mineral belts in the province.
It is tho natural centre, by right of
location, for all the country round-
The cost of sacking and sorting
Lardeau's oro albno would almost pay
for smelting charges in Kossland or
the Boundary. The freight charges
eat up a groat deal of tho profit. Give
us railways and smelters and the silver
output in this camp will be a revelation to the world.
ljevelopmont work is going ahead
steadily all over the Trout Laku and
Lardeau district, and while the conditions will prevent anything in the
way of large ore shipments, except in
the vicinity of the Nettie L. and Silver
Cup mines, thero will be moro than
sufficient work done on a large number
of properties to put them in shape to
ship as soon as transportation facilities
There is no townsite in West Kootenay more beautifully or centrally
located in a mining camp than Ferguson. And the peoplo here are
permanent residents, intending to stay
by the camp through thick and thin
until their hopes are realized. Therefore, the permanent improvements
which are boing made ure sure to
impross the stranger with the stability
of the mining town of tho Lardeau.
More Development Going On Than
Was Expected Before the Advent
of a Railway-Laboring Under
Many Difficulties.���In Spite of All
I Difficulties The Lardeau Advances
Another Strike in the Nottio L.
While the Nottie L. mino was so
wet, from surface water ��� that the
miners quit work, four or five were put
to work in the n. e. drift near tho surface. Just us they are entering into
tho Ajax, an adjoining property, also
.owned by the Great Western Mines
[Co., a lino lead of course galena is being exposed. The old shaft sunk from
the surface in early days just missed
this big ledgo by a fow feet and only
goes to provo that prospecting must
also be bo executed under ground to
find mineral. This additional ore body
in the Nettio L. will employ still a few
more men this summer. Work will
again be resumed in the lower tunnol
in a few days and a full force will push
development in tho upper workings.
The Nettie L. management work every
miner there is room for. As soon as a
wagon road can be built up to tho
property machinery will be installed
as far as possible. The Nettio L. will
be "La"deau's banner mine" if Manager Pool keeps on pushing work,
shipping oro even in the summer and
obtaining greater depth. And the
pay roll must needs grow with it.
A heal wakm office.
Just us tho EAGLE'S last issue was
off the press, aud its brand new job
plant installed only two hours, last
Wednesday, and tho EAGLE stall hud
retired for the night, wo wore aroused
hustily by tlio cry ''the Eagle ollicu is
on lire." Wo will stop right here.
Tho lire wus soon extinguished by
willing workers und tilings go on much
us usual, except that thu publisher is
only now coining hack to his natural
color. Defective stove pipos, no
insurunce and no means uf lire protection ull went to muku us feel happy.
This is the fourth llro in town in three
weeks, It's coining too closo for cjui-
fort, so the Eagle would suggest that
Immediate action be taken by all
concerned to procure somo means of
fire protection.
Tlio Klondike (Iroup.
This big group consisting of twelve
full claims, thu Klondike, Yukon,
Eagle, Silver Star, Empire', Cariboo,
Olympia, Concord, Baltimore, George
Pewey, Washington and Kalkaska,
owned by L. M. Johnson of Trail, Geo.
Carruthers, Comaplix; Geo. Young,
Cambourn and J. Murry of this placo,
is located on Murray crook, a tributary
to Armstrong lako, opposite Fulmer's
ranch on tho Trout Lake wagon road.
Most of tho work so fur lias been
prosecuted on the Klondike. A 15 ft.
siiaft on the lead has been sunk, and a
40 ft. crosscut tunnol driven, to whicli
60 ft. more will bo added this season'.
There is a good surface shewing. In
the shaft thoy have six inches of clean
ore, returns from the Trail smeltor
eiving 112 to 187 oz. in silver, $4 in
gold and 50 per cent, lead to the ton.
On the Georgo Dewey a 40 ft. tunnel
on a 3 ft. lead lias been driven, with
good results. Mr. Young will do some
work on the Cariboo this season. Tho
group is about boing bonded for a good
figure to a New York syndicate,
moro particulars of whicli will be
mado known in a few weeks. Needless
to say it will be a working bond, with
a cash down payment.
ment ,vlll he made this season, and
from now' on development work will
continue and the ore piled ou tho
dump, uwuitlng transportation or
treatment nearer homo.
Another Strike i�� tin, Cup.
SuptD. G. McNeill of tlio Silver
Cup, came down on Sunday and for the
first time In over five months intends
to tako a week's outing, but also making it a business trip. Mr. McNeill
reports still another good strike in No.
9, tlio lower level, having crosscut the
Free Coinage lead. Tho samples aro
much the sumo as tho (.'up ore and goes
to add increased value to tho company's property. The superintendent
says they feel tlie need of railway
transportation very much, and hopes
to see the C. P. 11. eomraenco construction at the earliest possible
moment. A few moro men will be put
to work upon Mr. McNeill's return.
The C. P. R. hi at Fault in Delaying
Work to Commence on tho Empire.
Messrs. 11. and G. Leokle-Ewlng of
Kossland, holding interests in the
Empire group, came in on Wednesday
evening last. They purchased a lot on
Friday and are how clearing it and
erecting a house. Mrs. G. Leckic-
Ewing will arrive here in a week or
two. As soon as possible tiiey will
hire men and start work on the Empire
group, a.good supply of provisions
already being at tho mi.ie. Ferguson's
pay roll is increasing daily. With a
railway there would bo more shipping
mines in tho Lurdeau than thero is in
the Sloean.
too Ft. More Tunnel ou the Monitor.
Tenders are now being called for
tho driving of 100 feot more tunnel on
Monitor, a property some five miles up
tho north fork of tho Lardeau from
Ferguson, by tho managing director
A. E; Welch, London, Ont. The company purpose pushing development on
this property and ascertaining what
thoy havo ero snow Hies. This 100 feot
will give them about 150 feet of tunnel
work. Local manager Westfall expects Mr. Welch in the eavup about
tho first of June.
Tlie KevetiKo Oroup.
L. Wiscner and A. Evans left on Sun
day. for their property on Fish crook.
Manager Didisheim Says Transportation Facilities Must Precede
Tonnage.- Thousands of Tons of
Ore Awaiting Railway Aocoas
To Places of Treatment.
Manager L. Dldisbelm of the Silver
Cup, arrived in the eamp on Saturday
evening und in company with D. G.
Eaton proceeded to the banner mine
ou Sunday, returning in tho evening.
Mr. Didisheim seemed pleased with
recent developments in tho Cup, the
new strikes being of an especially
gratifying nature. Having spotted the
Eagle mun the manager took him to
task for his recent criticism of the
company's London board managemont
This being the first time tho Eaglb
ever succeeded in extracting any
information from Mr. Didisheim, we
were more than pleased with the
result. Mr. Didisheim says it is not
tlie fault of thoir London board tbat
the Silver Cup is not worked to its full
capacity. It is the C. P. R. which is
to blame. As soon as this gigantic
monopoly sees its way clear to build a
feeder into this camp his company will
employ at least 200 men. On every
ton of ore they ship they dose at least
$15 in extra transportation charges.
Mr. Didisheim thinks it is the bounden
duty of tho railway company, who
have more capital than thoy, to construct branches into such promising
camps as this one. The transportation
must come before anyone can expect to
seo machinery installed or any
regular shipmonts made. The Silver
Cup has thousands of tons of various
grades of oro in sight, but until 41
railway taps the district there it will
remain.   Tho    transportation     must
to do assessment work and cut a trail,  precede the tonnage in this case.   Mr.
' h' from tho Didisheim and Supt. McNeill left for
Kevelstoke on Monday morning.
Tho boys Clin ship ore ri;
K0I1 Hoy.
George Hayes and Alec. Bigger
wore down from tlie Rob Roy last week
for supplies. They followed tho trail
all the way down, so that tho snow is
woll nigh gone, Pack horses will go
up to Circle City any timo now.
Things in tho Mob Roy ure becoming
interesting. Tho No. 2 lodgo is now
being tupped, und the quartz and othor
Indications demonstrate tlmt an ore
body is close at bund. As soon as the
ledge is crosscut drifting in under tile
showing above will couiiiienco. A
test shipment will likely be mado as
soon as possible This news will be
hailed Willi pleasure hy the Scottish-
Canadian (.'0. shareholders, who reside
chiefly in Ontario. It will also mean
tlio furtlior expenditure of money In
developing othor properties. Nothing
succeeds liko success. A. E. Welch,
tho company's manager,' will arrive
hero in a fow days from London, Ont..,
to arrange for tho season's work.
There is Still Much Room For Improvement.
Tho mail now reaches Ferguson on
Mondays    Wednesdays  aud   Fridays,
I coming straight through from Arrowhead on the days mentioned, and thus
placing tlio community 24 hours nearer
tiio outside world by mail.   After the
Imperial Limited time table goes   into
effect on June 1st on   the  main   lino,
mail will reach Kevelstoke at 5 a. m.
and here at I p. m., a big improvement
on the old service
many people bein
The Townsite Assuming an Air of
Business and Activity.
P. Cummins, P. L, S., is busy with
two assistants, surveying and creating
into lots, avenues and streets the
northern portion of the Ferguson town-
site. Ho is now working on Queen
avenue, ono block north of Walker
avenue. Tho next avenue north will
be known as "Eagle avenue," which
ulone is suffice to sell many lots in that
portion of the townsito. Tho protty
creek coming down Vickers street and
,       disappearing in the ground near Wal-
On account of so I,     'K . .        . .
...    ,,     , ,���   .,     kor avenue, coming out  again soveral
out in tho hills tho ,      ,    , ,     ,   , , .  .
hundred feet below and emptying into
to  Postmaster  Muloek    has
been abandoned, but the necessity for
a   daily   service   is   none   tho    less
predominant.   A daily service, like a
railway,   would   increase   the   postal
department's revenue, and at tho same
time cause many   mine   managers  to
move    hero    with    thoir     families.
Schools,   olllues   and    other   modern,
... ,, . ,, ,linon  which  business   houses   will
necessities would    soon   follow,   and   ._."_.,",., ,���  ���
Ferguson would take front rank as a
B, O. mining town.   What can yon do
for us Mr. HostockV
President Hill Is said to have promised to build tbe Lardeau-Duucan
railway Into this mining district if he
could be assured of ore freights enough
to warrant tlio expenditure. Miners
must learn that to sell their property
or to secure railways they must havo
something more than prospects and a
holo in the ground.   No doubt thero is
plenty of ore in this district to warrant v	
the building of several railways. but,0[   high-grade   sorting
liii Feot More Tunnel on the Eiitloru.
J.<Smith and P. Nicholson left on
I Sunday for the Endora, ono of a group
of claims owned by the Lardoau-Dun-
can Co-operative Co., on tho northern
slope of tho litllo west fork, just over
the divide from Circle City, bolow the
Old Gold property. They havo a 25 ft.
contract to add to the 100 ft. tunnol
tunnel driven by Messrs. MeMahon
and Brows last winter. This, local
manager Westfall says, will crosscut
tlie lead, and expose at least 12   inches
the railway mon naturally want to sue
tho 010 piles before thoy make a be,
galena    ore,
whieh also gives good values in copper
at tho surface. Tho vein Is a contact
between lime and slate.   A small ship-
On Sunday afternoon a fow of the
Trout Lake football enthusiasts camo
lip to tho mining centre to practice
witli tile Ferguson artists, for tho 'pur-
j poso of selecting a team to go to
Silverton on the 24th of May. Tho
following teams were chosen and a
lively game ensued.
F. Holten, captain, J. Cunimings, A.
(.'. Cummins, II. Nolles, Fred. Dcsjur-
dinc, O. Woods, Frank Lobeau, R. P.
Pettipieee, C. Short, Morry Pettipieee.
Fred. Bailey, captain, J. Lado, J. .1.
Langstaff, A. Peel, .1. Ferguson, S.
Laughton, D. Dunbar. W. .Shannon, S.
Shannon, J. Desjardiue.
The pick-ups won 2 goals to 1, a fair
Indication of tin, evenly matched bides.
A. J. Gordon uelul us referee to tho
entire satisfaction of all. The Lardeau
team will skin 'cin ull on the Queen's
J the Lardoau at the forks, is also locally
known as "Eagle creek." Several lots
havo already been sold on Queon
avenufi centering around Vickers
street for residential purposes. R.
Howson, A. W. Foote und P Burns &
Co. have secured tlie corner lots on
Vickers street  and   Walker  avontio,
erected this summer. W. N. Brayton
will also construct a store building,
witli ollicus to let on tlio second floor,
on tlie remaining corner. This, with
a sidewalk from end to end on Walker
avenue will make it a line business
contro. Tlie town, like all western
embryos, is growing west, like the
proverbial young man.
The l'oad between Trout Lake and
Ferguson is now receiving attention.
Engineer Lionel II. Buck camo in on
Friday and soon Allan Chisholm was
in charge of a gang of men at work
from this end. Tho western end of
Victoria avenue is being thoroughly
repaired and connected with tlie trunk
road. The government are not doing
it by halves, hut very wisely making a
permanent job of it, thus saving many
mispent dollars and giving entire satisfaction lo freighters and tho
community generally. Tho road is
boing drained, widened, graded and
will now have a good bottom to it. In
fact the Ferguson and Trout Lake
road to the Landing will soon be one
of the best mountain thoroughfares in,
the district. THE fEHGtlSON EAGLE; FERGUSON, B. C, MAY 16. 190ft
ibllehed every   Weduoailay mortiMK ��t thu
(iftii't? of publication, Ferguson. B. C, by
Advertising: Rates: Display ads, (fl.W per
rolamii Inch. Ia-rhI ads, 12c per (nonpariel) line
fur first insertion: 8c for each additional insertion.
Reading notices 10c per tine each Issue. Birth,
Marriage and Death notices free.
SubricrlpUon Rates: By mall or carrier, 1(8,00
l*r annum; $1.00 for six months. Stopped at
Joh Department: Tub Eaulk Job Department
Is well equipped, and Is prepared to execute all
kinds of printing nt honest prices. Mail orders
promptly attended to. Rireus a trial on your
next order.
Address all communications to���
Ferguson, B. ('
WEDNESDAY,   MAY  16,    190U.
A Sermon for tho Tiinos - Why so Many
Men Are Failures.
Iii the Philistine Magazine for March,
181)9, appeared an article, "A Mt -ige
to Garcia," hy Elbert Hubbard, which
contains so many chunks of hard, solid
fact that it has been widely copied, and
has now been issued in pamphlet form
in nn edition of 100,000 copies. This
articla, which we reproduce below in its
entirety, is well worth reading.
In all this Cuban business there is one
man stands out on the horizon of my
memory like Mars at Perihelion. When
war broke out between Spain and the
United States, it was very necessaiy to
communicate quickly with the leader
of the insurgents. Garcia was somewhere in the mountain fastnesses of
Cuba���no one know whera. No mall
nor telegraph message could reach him
The President must secure his co-operation, and quickly.
What to do!
Some one said to the President,
"There's a fellow by the name of Rowan
who will find Garcia for you, if anybody
Rowan was sent for and given a letter
to be delivered to Garcia. How "the
fellow by the name of Rowan" took the
letter, sealed it up in an oilskin pouch,
strapped it over his heart, in four days
landed by night off the coast of Cuba
from an open boat, disappeared into
the jungle, and in three weeks came
out on the oilier side of the island, having traversed a hostile country on foot,
and delivered his letter to Garcia, are
things I have no special desire now to
tell in detail.
The point 1 wish to make is this: McKinley gave Rowan a letter to be delivered to Garcia; Rowan took the letter
and did not ask, "Where is he at?" By
the Eternal! there is a man whose form
should be cast in deathless bronze and
the statue placed in every college of the
land. It is not book-learning young
men need, nor instruction about this
and that, but a stiffening of the vertebra;, which will cause them to be loyal
to a trust, to act promptly, concentrate
their energies: do the thing���"Carry a
message to Garcia!"
General Garcia is dead now.but there
are other Garcias.
No man, who has endeavored to carry
out an enterprise where many hands
were needed, but has been well nigh
appalled at times by the imbecility o'
the average man���the inability or un
willingness to concentiate on a thing
and do it. Slip-shod assistance, foolish
inattention, dowdy indifference, and
half-hearted work seem the rule; and
no man succeeds, unless by hook or
crook, or threat, he forces or bribes
other men to assist him; or mayhap,
God m His goodness performs a miracle
aud sends him an Angel of Light for an
assistant. You, reader, put this matter
to a test: You are sitting now in your
office���six clerks are within call. Summon any one and make this request:
"Please look in the encyclopedia and
make a brief memorandum for me concerning the life of Correggio."
Will the clerk quietly say, "Yes, sir,"
and go do thotask ?
On your life, he will not.   He will
look at you out ol a flahy eye and ask
one or more of the following questions:
Who was he?
Which encyclopedia!1
Where is the encyclopedia'!
Was I hired for that?
Don't you mean Bismarck 'I
What's the matter with Charlie doiig
Is he dead?
Is there any hurry?
Shan't I bring you the hook and let
you look it up yourself ?
What do you want to know for?
And I will lay you ten to one that
after you have answered the questions,
and explained how to find the information, and why you want it, the clerk
will go off and get one of the other
clerks|to help him try to find Garcia���
and then come hack and tell you there
is no such man.   Of course I may lose
my bet, but according to the Law of
Average, I will not.
Now, if you are wise you will not
bother to explain to your "assistant"
that Correggio is indexed under the
C's, not in the K's, but you will smile
sweetly nnd say, "Never mind," and
go look it up yourself.
And this incapacity for Independent
action, this moral stupidity, this infirmity, of the will, this unwillingness
to cheerfully catch hold and lift, are the
things that put pure Socialism so far
into the future. If men will not act for
themselves, what will they do whenj
the benefit of their effort is for all? A
lirst-mate with knotted club seems
necessary: and the dread of getting
"the bounce" Saturday night, holds
many a worker lo hia place.
Advertise for a ethnographer, aud
nine out of ten who apply can neither
spell or punctuate���and do not think it
necessary to
Can such a one write a letter to Garcia?
"You see that book-keeper," said the
foreman to me in a large factory.
"Yes; what about him?"
"Well, he's a One accountant, but if
I'd send him up town on aa errand, he
might accomplish the errand all right,
and, on the other hand, inigbt stop at
four saloons on the way, and when he
got to Main street, would forget what
he had been sent for."
Can such a man be trusted to carry a
message to Garcia?
We have recently been hearing much
maul in sympathy expressed for the
"down-trodden denizen ol the sweatshop" and the "homeless wanderer
searching for honest employment," and
with it all often goes many hard words
for the men iu power.
Nothing ia aaid about tbe employer
who grows old before hia time in a rain
attempt to get frowsy ne'er-do-wells to
do intelligent work; and file long,
patient striving with "help" that dose
nothing but loaf when hia back ia turned.
In every store and factory there is a
constant weeding-out process going on.
The employer Is constantly sending
away "help" that hare abown their incapacity to further the interests of the
business, and others are being taken
on. No matter how good times are,
this sorting continues, only if times are
hard and work is scarce, the sorting is
done Oner���but out and forever nut, the
incompetent and unworthy go. It is
the survival of the Attest. Self-interest
prompts every employer to keep the
best���those who can carry a message to
I know one man of really brilliant
parts who has not the ability to manage
a business of his own, and yet who is
absolutely worthless to any oae else,
because he carries with him constantly
the insane suspicion that his employer
is oppressing, or intending to oppress
him. He cannot give orders; and he
will not receive them. Should a message
be given him to take to Garcia, bis
answer would probably be, "Take it
To-night this man walks the streets
looking for work, the wind whistling
through his thread-bare coat. No one
who knows him dare employ him, for
he is a regular firebrand nf discontent.
He is impervious to reason, and the
only thing that can impress him is the
toe of a thick-soled No. 9 boot.
Of course I know that one so morally
deformed is no less to be pitied than a
physical cripple; but in our pitying,
let as drop a tear, too, for the men who
are striving to carry on a great enterprise, whose working hours are not
limited by the whistle, and whose hail
ia fast turning white through the struggle to hold in line dowdy indifference,
slip-shod imbecility, and the heartless
ingratitude, which, but for their enterprise, would be both hungry and home-
Have I put the matter too strongly ?
Possibly I have; but when all the world
hu gone a slumming I wish to speak a
word of sympathy for the man who succeeds���the man who,against great odds,
has directed the efforts of others, nnd
having succeeded, finds there's nothing
in it: nothing hut bare board and
1 have carried a dinner pail and
worked for day's wages, and I have
also been an employer of laboi, and I
know there is something to be aaid on
both sides. There is no excellence, per
se, in poverty; rags are no recommendation; and all employers are aot rapacious and high-handed, any more than
all poor men are virtuous.
My heart goes out to the man who
does his work when the "boss" is away,
as well as when he is at home. And
the man who, when given a letter for
Garcia, quietly takes the missive, without asking any idiotic quesliona, and
with no lurking intention of chucking
it into the nearest sewer, or of doing
aught else but deliver it, never gate
"laid off," nor has to go on strike for
higher wages. Civilization is on* long
anxious search for just such individuals.
Anything such a man asks shall be
granted; his kind is so rare that no employer can afford to let him go. He if
wanted in every city, town and village
���in every oflice, shop, store and lac-
The world cries out for such; he ia
needed and needed badly���the man who
can carry a message to Garcia.
Evidently Mixed.
Newspapers sometimes mix their
matter in the nub to get to press.
Hare is an item tbat recently appeared in an eastern dally:
"The church was finely decorated
with holly and evergreen and the
altar was hidden in a wealth of
flowers.   Oat of the recesses rose rare
A Rich, Safe,
Values  Exposed   Prove It
This property, already developed to the extent of 270
feet, and now fully recognized in this wonderfully rich
district, as one of the best, having large outcropping of
high grade concentrating ore and ample water power to
mill it cheaply, and solid galena assaying $100 to $532
per ton, is about to be incorporated for $250,000, in 25c
shares. Some promoters' shares are now offered for Syndicate's purposes at 10c, which will be taken up by Treasury shares after incorporation, that are expected to sell at
par at least, as the capitalization is small. Investigation
requested, and can be quickly made, as the property is
locally so well known; or further information will be
furnished on request.
One of the three Trustees holding title, Treasurer of
Syndicate, Private Banker, etc.
Board, of Direotors:
chairman: vice-chairman:
w..i,tusmu.Is��..1I.D.,              J.H.HlLtaa.EK).,             .l��s. k. l.owmx.Ex-M.I'., (iw>. H. Wmtlake.Eki.,
London.                                   Rowland. B C.                            Niagara Falls. London.
Da. 8. WooivllTOH.         Rlv.A.R.Bl.r,        C. M. R.C.SAH1K, E��u..         I*. G.T.Mc'KIolKlH, Thus. P. McCoimcK.Exj.,
Lonrloi.                    Spriiwford.                     London.                          Chatham. London.
solicitor: managing director:
T. H. L0.C0MI1, ISO., London. A. E. Wn��. Esq., London.
Tn CaXaDtM Bun or Oownuici (Oom.pond.nts in Great Brilalu-TBK Bank or scotlahim
la incorporated aider Ihe most string-
ent lawifSpadaUr Limited Liability)
of B. C, and It. Charter was (rantaid
July, list.
own. some ISO acre, of valuable mineral land, an the "Horn. Iaidfe" at
th. bead of die Laideaa River.
ha. thrn (I) diatlnct and ��.ll-deftaed
Lodes, with nearly a mile In lenfth
of or. body.
hu bnllttu own roads to Circlo City,
mine bonding., quarter, for flo to 8ft
men .blacksmith's shop, forge, powder
house., etc.
haa. surveyed iu "Rob Roy" and
"Highland Chief." whbh are now
ready tor Crown granting.
has a magnificent Water Power ou
Galena Creek crowing its own property.
hu some 880 feet of tunnel work done
with ore showings in three different
itlaot's through the workings, and
have lately run into the Gray copper,
which ia the mineral that carries such
immense values In silver.
has every prospect of being able to
pay big DIVIDENDS within a reasonable tune, aud hope to be able to
quit selling stock soon.
Tbe natural question aliiea: "Why,if there Is all Ibis, do you have to offer stock for sain?" We answer that If you knew there
was a pot of Gold iniyourlgarden which you could uet by digging and you hadn 'I a shovel and no money to liny one with, you M have
to raise mosey I That'alwhere wa an I Wt have to get at the pot of Gold, and then���those who have stock will he fortunate, and thos.,
who haven't will wlsh-they^iad 1 Com., or send In and Investigate.
The Scottish-Canadian Mining & Dev. Co. of B.C.
(Non-assessable.) Phone 1090.        UNITED
AddrnBjeommunlcatloiis to A. E. Welch, Managing Director, 207 Dundas Street, London, Canada.
tropical plants, And from the calling
bung fifteen western veals, whioh at
thia time ot year are scarce and correspondingly dear at 6@8jcperlb.
There wai also an active demand for
choice lambs, and farmers east of tbe
Mississippi river can profitably torn
to sheep raising and take the bride,
who wore a gown of white corded
silk, a creation of Worth's, with pearl
'Then came the maid of honor, the
cousin of the bride, Miss Henrietta
Blower of Chisago, wearing a dress
of white Wile, with diamond orna
ments, and the was followed by a
small bunch of Montana sheep which
bleated most piteonsly as they were
driven onboard and shipped to the
winter hotels in Bermuda. They
will there be cat en traine and slight
ly decollete, and after the rest of the
party bad reached the rail the min
ister turned and said impresslvelly
"I cannot bid more than 6* cents for
state reals, but cablegiams from Lon'
don quote refrigerated beef at a price
that will enable me to pay $4 90 for a
oar of eboiee Indiana beeves, and
hearing this there was a rush tor the
young married couple, and the bride
tell into the arms of her father, who
is known to bear a striking reaenv
blance to a Connecticut oz weighing
1.875 pounds. The market here took
an upward turn and advanced 10 2
cents, and the guests, who numbered
about 200, were served with a sumptuous dinner at the house of the
Needless to say the item created a
Manganese steel (IS per cent, of
manganese) ia not magnetic, and of all
the alloys of iron it it the one which
presents the highest electrical resistance. There it a second allotropic
variety, which is magnetic.	
Don't wait
for Lumber
We have on hand at the
lowest prion in the country	
Bough and Dressed
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Bash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
Call on at or write for onr
quotation.. Special orders
promptly filled	
Kootenay Lumber Oo., Ltd.
Comaplix, B. C.
Daily connections at Arrowhead
Pan Revelatoke Dally for ST. PAUL
���Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
For folders, Pamphlet, and full Information
apply to
J. UoCREERY, Ag.nt Arrowhead
T. W. BBAD8HA W. Aert Revelstoke
I. J. OOYLB, AMI. Pass. Aft.. Vancouver. B C.
Opera tint
Kaalo a Slocan Railway,
International Navigation A Trading
SehaduleofTlma���Paelfle Standard Time
Effective reb. at, 1900,
Kaalo ��� SUM* Railway
Passenger train for Sandon and Way stations
leave. Kaalo at t a.m. dally; returning, leaves
Sandon at l.U p,m.. arrivl,����� at Kaslo at >.M p.m
International Xnvlf ntlon t Trading Oo
Operating on Kootenay Lake and Rlvtr.
SB. ImtlATioMiL leave. Kaslo for Nelson
ate a.m daily, except Sunday! returning-, leaves
Nation al < JO n.m., calling at Balfour, Pilot Bay
Aluworth ana all way points: connects with 8.
F. AN. train to aud from Br. - ken" nt Five Hile
Point.      .      .
Lardo-Dnnann Division.
rVrnnea At.aari.
steamer Alberta leave. Kaalo for Lardo and
Argent, at SJO p.m. Wednesday..
 eall.t principal landingsln both (II-
itu, end at otter point, when signalled
Tickets sold ro all point. In Canada and the
United State..
Toaanrtain rata, snd full Information, ad-
Manager. Kaalo, B.C
Letter Pads
A fme assortment of Letter
Pads now in Stock.
Ferguwn, B.C.
House Painting
and Decorating:
Paper hanging and Sign
Contracts taken, with or
without material.
Only one kind of work���
the very best. i
Address��� J. BOOTH,
Hotel Lardeau.
to all points in the
District. Light
rigs for quick trips
Erovided. Saddle
ones at'all stables.
The traveling public accommodated at
anytime of the day
or night. For any
further particular*
freighting rates, etc.
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Saie Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Hile.
Craig & Hillman,
pURN .TURf��
and House Furnishlngsifrom
our large and well-assorted
stock is already very evident
in the Lardeau and Trout
Lake District, which means
that we are successful competitors with all comers In
price and quality. Before
you invest in our line drop us
a card for quotations. We
can save you money.
R. Howson & Co.,
All work guaranteed.
and TRANSFER OUTFIT; headquarter! at
Ferguson, B. C. Contracts entered   into for
Etc., to any point in the
Dlttrict. Good, prompt
service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thornton's Landing to Fergu-
ton a tpeelalty.
Enterprise Beer
Hade by the Enterprise
Brewing Co.,at Revelatoke
is keeping the camp cheerful. When you want the
best insist on ENTERPRISE. All the leading
Hotels handle it.
Enterprise Brewing Oo.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Sick People
If you want medicine supplied
from the purest uf Drugs and
accurately dispensed send to the
Canada Dbuo & Book Co., Limited, "
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
For Wedding
or Fancy Cakes
Drop a line to me, or if you
want Bread in anv quantity
let me know, and I'll quote
prices low enough to interest
you. Our Wedding Cake
artist it the bust in B. C.
Address: A. N. SMITH, Revelatoke^ TSS FERGUSON EAGLE, FERGUSON, B. C, MAY 16, 1900.
New Denver Ledge
We cannot find any record of
Adam and Eve's marriage. As
they were the original parents of
all the human race, according to
our learned parsons, it would appear that something should be done
���in the matter in order to save the
world's good name.
A preacher in Kansas tried for a
week to show how Christ would
run a daily paper. If there is any
church that would like to see how
an editor would run a gospel mill
they can obtain further information
by addressing the editor of the
paper you are reading.
A man just from Japan died in
Winnipeg the other day from small
pox, and caused a small epidemic
of that loathsome disease in that
city. The bubonic plague was introduced into Manilla by the Japs.
If it gets into British Columbia we
cannot object owing to Imperial
A despatch frpm Hull says that
E. B. Eddy only had $650,000 insurance on his plant that was destroyed by fire in that city. As
Eddy made his fortune out of fire
he must not.be disappointed in losing some of it the same way. Besides, he ought to rub along on
$650,000 until something better
turns up.
Beware of little things. A dirty
chimney is not of much importance
and does not cause much stir ii it
does not catch on fire. One caught
fire in Hull last week and caused a
dozen people to lose their lives, and
brought 15 million dollars worth of
property to an ashy end. So beware of dirty chimneys. If one
was to set New Denver on fire what
a calamity it would be. We cannot afford such a fire, as a loss of
15 millions would ruin the Lit
cerne. Better clean your chimneys
and take no chances.
A clergyman wat walking through
the outskirts of his parish one evening when be saw one ot hu parishioners busy whitewashing his cottage.
Pleased at these somewhat novel
signs of cleanliness, he called out,
"Well, Jones I see you are making
your house nice and smart."
With a mysterious air, Jones, who
had recently taken the cottage, descended from tbe ladder and slowly
walked to the hedge whieh separated
the garden from the road.
That's not 'xacly the reason why
I'm a doing of this 'ere job,'' he whispered, "but the last two couples as
lived in this 'ere cottage 'ad twins;
so I says to my missus, I'll tak an
whitewash the place, so as there
mayn't be no infection. Ye see, sir, as
ow we got ten children already."���
Cornbill Magazine.
It ia always a risky thing to base a
general conclusion on a particular instance. A man was bitten by a rattle
snake down south, drank a bottle of
brandy and came through all right.
Next day a man in Boston won a bet of
$6 by drinking a quart ot whiskey in
two minutes. He died. In one case
the liquor saved a life and in the other
destroyed one.
It it a theory of some metallograp-
hists that solid metals evaporate from
their surface, as camphor evaporates,
while remaining solid, to that were one
endowed with a finer sense of smell he
could smell metal at a distance.
M The Calgary M
H Brewing & Malting Go., Ltd. M
jfl Calgary, Alberta it]
ffi    Calgary Lager    jjj
In prompt and tafe delivery of
WATCHES entruated to me it
my claim for the Lardeau trade.
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Silverware; Ooldand Silver Electio
Plating and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of R.N.
Doyle, an expert in English,
Swiss and American watch repairing. All work guaranteed.
C.P.R. Watch Inspector,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Tf you need anything in
PhOtO-   Supplies
Sand to the
Canada Drug & Book Co.,
rhcy carry everything required and All all
m ill orders promptly.
Imperial Bank
��� ��f rntniA.il
Capital autltorla.il W,Mo,��x.
Capital paid up    >,sti.sss
Hsft l,BH,no
General banking business transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings Depart
m.ntat current rates.
A. E. B. HEARD, Manager Kevelstoke Branch
HK3K2 ��53 ES K3 CSXS3B
W    When you are in Trout Lake Oity put up at    M
JTL Abbahamson Bbos., Proprietors O
)Q( Everything: new and up-to-date. Fire proof safe. Finest jr\
&fi wines, liquors and clears. Mining' men's headquarters. 5=5
JUI Cheerful dining room.    Al service. JUl
JQf is under the same management     * JTT
ciscs CS CS tS cscsK
Leaves Comaplix for Thomson's Landing at 8 a. m. Leavea Thomson's Landing for Arrowhead at 8:30 a. m.
Returning leavea Arrowhead for
Thomson's Landing at 2:30 p. m.
Leaves Thomson's Landing for Comaplix
at 4 p, m.
Kootenay Lumber Company,
Comaplix, B.C.
he Union Label
On everything you buy is a
guarantee that the producers
thereof receive a fair rate of
wages for its production.
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Finely Equipped Bar
Refitted and Refurnished
Best Cuisine Service
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
J. LAUGHTON, proprietor.
Headquarters for Miners and Mining Men.      Neatly furnished, well-lighted und
Heated Rooms.    Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
And at all times insist on tbe
box bearing the blub label
It helps manufacturers to see tbe
force of paying fair and honest wages
Nelson Cisab Makers' Union,
Don't Delay!
Hugh McPherson
Before you locate in this promising district.     Watch for his big announcement
Next month.
Rossland, Nelson, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks
and Vancouver.
All Eyes are
Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Tmir, Kaslo, Sandon, New Denver, Siiverton,
Cascade City, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway,
Camp McKlnney, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Vancouver
The Double Eagle
Mianing & Developumeinit Co.
Capital, $1,000,000, in $1 shares.
4oo,ooo in the Treasury.
First Block of Treasury Shares now
on the market for a limited time
at 10 CENTS.
Malinger tha Cochrane Ranch. Limited, afaclcod,
Managing Director of Th. Herald, Calgary
W. B. POOL, President Great Western Mines, Limited, Ferguson anil Revelatoke.
Gold Commissioner, Atlin, BO     Rancher, I'lncher Creek Solicitor, Revelatoke
W. ��r. brown. Proprietor Bt Leon Hot Springs, Revelstoke.
The Double Eagle Company h:,s been formed for the purpose, not only
of mpinsr its present properties, but of acquiring promising claims and developing; tbem to an extent that will justify their sale to English and other
companies at a profit. Tbe company already owns and has paid for in full,
the Trilby and Old Saul properties in tbe famous Fish River district, and a
three-quartt rs interest in tbe Hay Bee mine, in the Lardeau distriot one and
a half miles from Ferguson. Sufficient promoter's shares have been set aside
for tbe purchase of tbe remaining quarter.
The May Bee is the sister claim to the now famous Nettie L, which has
broken all records in British Columbia for large bodies of phenomenally
rich ore. The May Bee and Nettie L were located together in 1892 by
Mr. W. B. Pool (who has been appointed manager of tbe Doable Eagle Co.)
Both olaims carry identically the same rich ore on tbe surface and the same
remarkable ledge runs through both, carrying high values in gold, copper,
silver and lead. The promoters have already apent $4,000 In developing
tbe May Bee, withexcellent results, and in order to place the mine quickly
on a sbfpjsinsr basis the company now offers the public the opportunity of investing to a limited extent in rally paid and non-assessable treasury shares
(par value 11) at 10 cents each.
Shares will be sold in blocks of 100
and upwards.
The company reserves the right to withdraw the sale of sham from the market atlanr time
without nottoe.     Applications may be sent to the Secretarr,
A. H. HOLDICH, Revelstoke.
Or to JNy a. TOUNO, Herald Bleak, Calgary.
Reyal Seal,
KeeteRay Belle,
Little Gem Cigars
Nelson, B. &.
Is the Natural and Commercial Centre���
Over one hundred and fifty men now working in the
mew mines
Now being developed by strong, practical companies.
See that the Blue Label is en eaeh bex.
4*< *%%%*%%��*%%%%%%%��%-*%%%%%*%*%%%��'���
The  Bar Is supplied with the best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FERGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
Are being located in Ferguson.     Stores and Stocks are
being enlarged.   Properties are changing hands.
Capitalists are appearing on the scene.
Smelter men are on the Ground.
Railway Construction has practically
begun, and the entire district is
coming rapidly to the front.
Come straight to
The Rossland-Nelsonofthe Lardeau
For further information, write or see���
General Agent.
Local Agent.
Railway wuuteil!
Railway wanted! !
Hallway wanted!! !
Keep your eye nn Ferguson.
''Dad'1 lllack returned From un
enjoyable trip through tlio Slooan on
Petal' Cameron had his log badly
strained while practising football on
Friday cvi;ning.|
W. 3. Livingston ot tbo Gold Bug,
went out ou Monday to spond u week
or two on business,
tt. !���'.. Drew Is building ulid Opening
a general store at tbe now Fish eroek
Fred*. Itednalb ol Vancouver,arrived
in the eamp on Sunday to spend tbe
summer in mining circles.
D. McLbllan and Mrs. MoLollan ot
the Windsor hotel, Trout Lake City,
were in town on Thursday.
tn Now York city 40,000 working
���woinon are so poorly paid that they
must accept 'charity or starvo.
* H. U Loverlng will bo in tbo Lardeau in a few weeks with a fine line of
wall paper. Watch for bis announcement late.
S. Daney brought a plough Into
Ferguson and on Saturday and Sunday
a good deal of garden ground was
turned over.
J. MeBley returned from tbe Halcyon
Hot Springs on Monday, looking and
feeling much better. Mr. Mesley had
a hard attack of rheumatism.
Cigar makers aro needed nt both
Kamloops and Nelson. Why don't
somo of the union striking cigar makers in tlio cast blow this way?
All holders of miner's licenses should
bear in mind tbat they expire on the
31st of this month and if not renewed
before that timo will cost !M5 instead
of $5.
,T. D. McTnnis of Cripple Creek,
Colorado, arrived in tbo camp on
Thursday last, and proceeded to the
Silvor Cnp to meet bis old friend Supt.
The Revelstoko Horald will install a
new plant in June. A. Johnson, tho
proprietor, says it will bo ono of the
best in Kootenay. A daily may thon
be issued.
Rev. Sheldon has become an honorary member ot tho Canadian Socialist
League, a branch of which is being
organized in Ferguson, to be known as
tho Lardeau Socialist League No. 8.
Tho Kootenay Mail has restored its
old title letter bead again, much to the
improvement of the paper. Bv R.
Campbell, the, proprietor, expects to
make it a six-column semi- weekly
Travelling agent Ernest of the
California Wino Co., Nelson, was in
town on Saturday placing orders for
wines, liquors and cigars. The
company's ad. appears elsewhere in
this issue.
Ask yourself this question. "Is my
subscription paid?" "Tf not a subscriber why not?" Praise and
commendation is cheap. But it takes
cart wheels to buy whis���run a newspaper.   Savee.
Jacob Christain of Nelson, was in
town on Thursday. While here he
purchased two lots. Mr. Christian was
pleased witli tbo prospects of tbo town
and eamp. And his money backed up
his convictions.
T). R. Campbell of tho Kootenay
Mail, will be in tho Lardoau in a week
or two soliciting orders for 1001
calendars. Ho cortalnly has tbe finest
samples ever introduced in Canada.
Many of thorn aro woll worth framing.
���Ferguson oilers .special advantages
anil good reasons for the early establishment of reduction works, concentrators, smelters and manufactories of
almost any nature It Is centrally
located, good sitos and thero is unlimited water power.
Robt. Samson of Revelstoko, was in
town on Friday and Saturday sizing up
the timber limit. Mr. Samson will
return in about ten days to cut and
supply logs for the saw mill. He will
bring in a carload of effects and employ at least four men. Ferguson's
pay roll continues growing.
Mining Rocorder McRao and A. C.
Cummins wont up tho Bouth for* on
Thursday last to look over tho requirements in nnd about Ton-Mile. Men
will bo put to work in a few days.
Tho north fork road anil trail is alBO
receiving attention at the bands of tho
roadbuildorfl, undor H. Ross.
Tho owners of lots In Fergusou
Bhould at loast slash tho standing timber upon thorn, and help tho resident
ownors to mako provisions against a
buBh fire. Tho town is sadly in need
of better Are protection. It would also
enhance the value of tho roal estate
and look much hotter to nowcomers.
CleanlinoBS, sidewalks and a little
paiut goes a long way towards making
a town look attractive.
Canada Bhould own the C. 1'. li.
Al! eyes aro lixed on tho Lardeau.
Tin; Lardeau is a vast mineral district, and offers every encouragement
for the prospootor, miner and investor.
There aro comparatively no idle
mon in this eamp. Road building,
mining, and assessment work is keeping them i\U busy/.
'There is more real mining development work going on in tbe Lardoitu
this season than ever before. This is
a good sign in itself.
The Nelson Minor is doing the Conservative party in this provinco more
harm than two opposition papers
could possibly do. The editor serves
his mastora woll.
Citizen and Country, Toronto's
social reform paper has been enlarged
to eight pages and otherwise improved.
Tho demand for socialistic literature
and govornmont is growing.
Tho British Empire is twice as large
as  Europe and  nearly   as  large  as
Africa. It covers more than one-fourth
of thoiglobe, and contains nearly one-
I third ot the world's population.
Tramps and millionaires have disappeared under tbe socialistic laws of
New Zealand. Under socialism all
persons willing to work would have a
good income. Wouldn't it pay you to
investigate it?
In Rossland the 2000 ft. level has
been secured, in the Boundary 1000 ft.
In tho Lardoau 350 feel. This is why
thero is room for legitimate investment in the camp. Every foot .of deptii
gained so far has given increased
If $8 a ton oro could be profitably
treated in the Lardeau whole mountains would need to bo concentrated.
At Rossland aud in the Boundary $8 a
ton is considered all right. When $8
oro becomes valuable tho Lardeau will
be a mint.
The Lardeau has no need for a boom.
Men with enough money to prospect
and dovelop what is already found Is
all that is required. Tho boom will
como when tho shipments begin.
Persons investing now are on tho
ground lloor.
With the cessation of war and
ilitical battles on both sides of tho
I line, mining mon will sottle down to
business and invest their money as
never before. The best Hold for lucrative investment in mining properties,
in Canada is in the Lardeau.
��� There is hundreds of tons of medinm-
graile ore lying on tho dumps of
various properties in this camp, awaiting cheaper moans of treatment.
Nothing less than $100 is shipped.
With proper smelting and railway
faeilitios tho Lardoau will bo tlie richest camp iu Canada.'
Any straight-forward mining company in this province can secure a
working bond on good properties in
this district, with possibly a small
cash down payment as a guarantee ol
good faith. No-pay long option days
havo flown. And there is no bettor
Hold for dividend makers than in this
"Capitalists aro not to bo trusted."
Well tho Lardeau mining resources
will trust as many as earo to como this
way. It's soon enough to decry
capitalists when tho govornmont
assumes control. But in tlie meantime
como along gentle capitalist and invest your "dough." The country can
stand it.
Reports from all over tho Lardeau
district indicate progress towards tbo
establishment of tho mining industry
on a sound business basis. Every
drill-stroke does its share in determining tbe value of tho property on
whicli it is employed. Much is hoped
for in these developments In the
vicinity of the town of Ferguson, and
the reports are a sourco of much pleasure, as multiplying tho indications
that the country is all that has been
claimed for it.
The Canadian Pacific Railway company issued ordinary stock to tho extent of .$05,000,000, and on thiB stock
it pays dividends of live per cont. Of
the moneys received from tho sale of
this stock only #8.500,000 at the outsido
went into the construction of tho road.
Yet the pooplo of Canada aro yearly
taxod by tho company to pay interest
on $5(1,500,000 which never went into
the construction of tho line. Tho
company not only taxes others, but
has been freed by the Dominion parliament from payment of ordinary taxes
on the main portion of its line and
equipment for all time.
1. Proportional representation,
based on adult suffrage. No oandl
date's deposit to be required when
nomination is endorsed by 100 electors.
'1. Referendum on all questions that
10 per coin, ut the members may
demand lo have submitted to the
:t. Employment tor unemployed at
living wages, and and an S-bour work
day on all pnblio works. Union label
on all.irovernraent supplies.
���1. Public ownership of all mono-
6. School.books to be supplied freo.
or at lirst cost.
li. Exemption of improvements from
1, Revision of our antiquated
federal Institution, in order to remove
the obstacles to full and complete eon<
trol ot tli" government by all the
people, irrespective of sex.
2. Tbe public ownorship of all
industries controlled by monopolies,
trusts and companies,
;!. The pulillo ownership of all railroads, telegraphs, telephones, nil
means at transportation, communication, waterworks, gas and electric
plants, and other public utilities.
4. Tbo public ownership of all gold,
silvor, coppor. lead, iron, coal and all
other mines; also of all oil and gas
5. Reduction of tbo hours of labor
in proportion to the incaeasing facilities for production.
(i. The inauguration of a sj'Btem of
public works and improvement for tbo
employment of a large number of the
unemployed, tho public credit to bo
utilized for that purposo.
7. All useful inventions to be free
to all, the inventor to bo remunerated
by the public.
'8. Labor legislations to be ��� made
national, instead of local, and inter
national where possible.
9. National insurance of working
people against accident, lack of
employment, and want iu old ago.'
10. Equal political rights for men
and women, and tbe abolition of all
laws discriurinating against women.
11. Tbo adoption of the initiative
and referendum, and tho right of
recall of representatives by the voters.
A Refreshing Bath
Wlimtover vou feel that way, try my
TIATll UOOM. Hot or cold water.
Turkish towuls, etc. Ono door oust of
Lardeau liotol.
It. V. SMITH, Proprietor,
Stationery is in our line
AniHvo havo last received a fine Htock
of Letter Puds.  Patronize
"The Eagle."
dnvs alter date, I, tho uiuU'rulKnt-d, intend
tn mHko'npi.liiititinu lo the Chief Cnmmiscio:ier
(if Lands mid Works to purchase tho following
desurl.Kul   nrcuinntion, situate   in   the  Trout
Lako mining division: Commencing at No. i
Initial post, nt n givon point on tho enst side oi
the; north fork of Lardoau crook, about seven
miles Iromjrefguaou, marked "L. Thompnon's
preemption-poBt" i thonce 80 chains south;
thence 40 chains east; thence 80 chains north;
thenco -10 chains west to point of commencement, ciontainiiiif -W acres mure or less.
Dated at Ferguson, B, ('., April 24,100q,
NOTICE IS HEKEISY GIVEN that ut the no::t
session nf the Lusjislntive Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia application will
be made for an Act to Incorporate a company
With    power   to  establish    waterworks   and
Bupply water for mining, domestic,menufne;
turing, lire and other purposes to tlie inhabitants, corporations, mines, mills, manufaia*
ories and nil other works of the towns of Trout
Lake City and Ferguson in the district of West
Kootenay and of'the surrounding distriot
within a radius of ten miles from the piesent
post oflice at Ferguson, B. (J., and to lay pipes
and erect flume* for the conveyance aud sups
piy of wt'ter to the said towns nnd radius; and
also Ut supply, transmit and distribute power,
light and neat by compressed air and eleettit
city to the inhabitants, corporations, mines,
mills, manufactories and allothor works of thu
Bald towns and radius; and also to construct
and maintain tramway and telephone systens
in tlie said radius and to extend thepaldsystems to other districts contiguous thereto; ami
also to erect, lay, construct and maintain nil
such works, bridges, tracks, roads, subwavs,,
buildings, flumes, dams, raceways, poles, pipes,
wires, cables, structures and appliances as niuy
he necessary to fully and completely carry out
the purposes of the company; and also to have
the rij;ht to enter und to expropriate lands for
silos for power 1-ouses, stations, trnmway lines
and other necessary work;., and to appropriate;
use and divert so much of the waters of Lardi iu
creek at a point about ono aud a quarter miles
from the school house nt Trout Luke City and
anv other creek, hike or stream which may be
found most convenient and advantageous
within tbe said radius as may be necessary for
Ihe purposes of llieootupnnv In order toBUpply
water, bent, power and light lo tho Inhtibi-
t'anTs, corporal Ions, mines, mills, imiuufnc'or-
ies and other works within the said radius,
and to (In all such other thintis "' are Incidental or conducive to tho attainment of the abovo
objects or anv of tbem.
lialcd this 1st March, A. D, 1000,
6���tf Holieitor for Applicants',
T.A. Wilson, M.D.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
McKinnon cfc Sutherland
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors for Imporicl Bunk ol Cnn&da.
(leo. S. McCarter. .1. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
White, Gwil/im tf Scott,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Fayette Buker,
Mining and Real Estate
Mining Properties Listed.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Ferguson Shaving
Win. Sncll,
Al! brunches oftho tniisoiiul art executed with
ambidextcrious dexterity,
The Lardeau Laundry
Ferguson, B.C.
Laundry work of all kinds promptly
attended to on shortest notioe at prices
consistent Willi Iho silver market and
only one kind of work���THE BEST.
Minors' work especially solicited.
Laundry 1 door oast of Hotel I.nrdeiiu.
California Wine Co.
Wholesale Dealers In
H    Liquors
Cigars, Etc.
 Nelson, B. C.
Cash In Your
Cheque   .
But hold out enoiijcli to get a SUIT from
the best tailoring establishment in North
Kootonay. Many minors and others in the
Lardeau district oro already my regular
customers. But with more nnd 11KTTKK
LINKS) OI' STOCK 1 want new trade.
Try me once. I'll take chances on your
next order.
R. S. Wilson, Revelstoke.
The Liberal-Conservative Platform
I. To revise the voters' lists.
'j. To actively aiil in tho construction of
trails throughout tho undeveloped portions of
the province, and the building of provincial
trunk roads of piiblio necessity.
R, To provide for the ollleial Inspection of
elevators nnd holltlnR near.
4. To Improve the administration of justice
and secure the speedy disposition of legal disputes.
6. To provide tin effective system for the
settlement of disputes between capital and
fi. To adopt the principle of government
ownership of railways in bo far as tlie cireuiri-
stances of tne province will admit, mil the
adoption of tlie principle that no bonus should
ba granted to any ratlway.company which does
not give the government of tlie province the
control of rates over linos bonused together
with tlie option of purchase.
7. To assume control and administration of
the fisheries within the boundaries of the province.
8. To actively aaslBl by state aid In the development of the agricultural resources of the
o. To make the London agency of Ihltish
Columbia effective 111 proclaiming tlie natural
wealth of the province and as a placofor profitable Investment of capital.
10. In the Intorcrest of labor tho Liberal*
Conservative party sympathizes with and endorses the principal of an eight-hour law.
II. To provide an impioved system of education.
12. To recognize nnd reform the system of
provincial aid to medical men and hospitals in
outlying parts of the province.
18, TO actively support tlie advancement of
the mining interests of British Columbia.
14. To aid in tint immigration of female
domestic servants.
rti-^t *v," r^r "'.' *���-* rii ,J��* ������''' sQt5&? *^i
-J . 2.JS ?-;..~7{,V"A/w,vl"t;- v�� <-V>*"'% A'.- "*$
The, i te
J^ pl -fc��C      A MonUHy Huvlew
of Social Akviinev,
Kdltor:   N\ O. FANNING.
Associate:   John fimOry McLean.
This fptnottfl magazine is now  published in
New York.
It is an absolutely free and independent
Journal of thu lirst. ulasHi presenting both sides
of tin; loading questions of the nay from the
pens of tiie best writers.
Progressive nnd WgorouB, yet seholfiuy and
high toncd.it should bo rend by every one
desirous of obtaining up-to-dnle information.
It is IndiBpeWblu to overy advanced mind.
3.-1 Cants n Copy.       -       i3fi.no �� Year.
At all liewBtandrt, or piwt-pail hy the.publishers
"LilV Hldg.,   MKlV YOBK, N. V,
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone Bonding a sketch and description may
quickly Ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly conflilentlal. Handbook an Patent!
tent free. Oldest agency for socurlngpatenta.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
epectal twt.ee, without oharae, In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lnreest.circulation of any scientlHo Journal. Terms, IB ���
year; four months, |L Sola by all newsdealers.
 ""Xm,b"m��"��'New York
), �� F Bt., Wushlliirton, D. C.
Ferguson, The Mining Centre.
Post Office Store
Ferguson, B. C.
Miners9 Supplies
We have just placed in our ware room a large stock of choice
fresh Groceries. Also a big addition to our well aborted stook
ot Boots and Shoes, 'Clothing, Crockery, Miners' Supplies, Etc.
Special quotations to cash purchasers. Goods carefully packed
for pack horse outfits.    Close cash prices.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau.
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Farm Produce,.
Hay and Feed, Cured Meats, Fish, etc.
Write for quotations In any quantity.    Prompt shipments.
Revelstoke, B. O.
Imperial Brewing Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Porter and all hinds of aerated waters.
|    Satisfaction guaranteed. Tj   *T*   XXJ   p^o-cc,
>    All orders by mail or i-v.   X.   VV.   i-Ca.IOC, .
|    otherwise promptly attended to. manager.
fa Tlian Freight Saved By Buying ijium' Supplies Finn Us.
Vancouver Boing forks
Vancouver, B. C.
^ RAINIER Seattle !
" W PAB8T Milwakee       :
Brandies, Champagne, Domestic and
Foreign Wines, Kummel, Cordials.
Is tlie....
Pay Roll
�� Subscribe for the "Eagle"
It Will Tell You the Rest.
I $ $ For 52 Issues


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