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K.w York Market.
Silver���Bar     .   so
Lead���100 lbs       4.50
Copper     13.75
cn'HEi;   j
IT U'll.
, HI
AN   EX-
Vol. IV, No 34.
Ferguson, B. C, OCTOBER 2, 1903
$2 a Year
Johii L. Retallack Met a Cool Re-
F cieptlon at Perguson and
Trout Lake.
Hon. R. F. Green Is Very Popular
ttrid His Friends are Confident of Success.
Retallaok's Ferguson Meeting.
A public meeting was hold at Ferguson Thursday by Liberal Candidato
Retnlluolc, assisted by W. A. Galliher,
M. P. Tho Socialist candidate, S.
Shsnn . ,vnr p .-soint, and A. Carney
ck lo represented Hon. R. F. Green.
All of these gentlemen addressed tho
meoting, which was a good on and a
representative one. The audience
showed an inclination to be noisy while
Mr, llctalluck was delivering .his
opening address, but Mr. I'!. Hodgo had
nu difficulty in maintaining order and
1 outside of a number of interruptions
and denials when tho speaker would refer to his great strength in the lower
part of the riding, he got a very good
The audience did not seem friendly
disposed, however, toward tho Liberal
candidate, and his followers, if he had
'any, kept mum.
Mr. Shannon, on the contrary, appeared to have a number of followers
scattered through tho large audience
aud got hearty applause at times, but
the great hulk of the applause was saved
for Mr. Carney, who supported the
candidature of Hon. R. P. Green.
.When Mr. Carney was called on ho
was unable to speak for several
minutes owing to the continued
cbeeting for Hon. Mr. Green and himself. Mr. Carney made a very good
short speech in which he did his chieftain no discredit. The .meeting closed
at ll with very hearty cheers for Hon.
Mr. Green and Mr. Shannon.
As stated above, If Mr. Retallack had
any supporters present thoy were careful not to show their colors, but W. A.
���Galliher certainly bad a good many admirers present, and he was given a
unanimous vote of thanks on the proposal of J. C. Murray.
Retallaok's Meeting ut Trout Lake
, On Friday night, September Sth,
the politicians again gathered at Trout
iLakd, tbe meoting being called by the
Liberal candidate, John L. Retallack.
The speakers present along with candidates Retallack and Shannon, were A.
Carney of Kaslo. representing Hon. R.
i\ Green, and W. A- Galliher, M. P.,
who spoke on behalf of Mr. Retallack.
J. J, LungstalT occupied the chair, and
lit 8 p. in. Introduced John L. Ratal*
lack, who occupied about three fourths
��f ur, hour telling the large audience
���what bad men were Hon. Mr. Green
and Mr. Shannon. Tho speaker dealt
largely., with the Socialist candldutc
��t the outset in HO pndoavoi- to show
ttufut Mr.,.Shannon waa not properly
nominated) ond that one McDonald,
\vho . represented the Whitewater
Miners' Union at the Labor convention In Trout Lake really represented
a union that was not ln existence at
the time, and that slpcp (he date of the
convention said McDonald bad left the
country. Mr. Retallack characterized
Conservatives generally as a class of
men unworthr the confidence of the
people, and he tried to prove (though
unsuccessfully) that Premier McBride
/tn*. JJpp. Mr, Green were members of
the ''old gppjj ftp Victoria" that have
.robbed the country to Buah a lftrge ex--
tent for tho past seven or eight years.
The speaker appeared to possess a very
���bad memory, forgetting that the province pi British Columbia has  been
governed since it was admitted to confederation by coalition governments,
which were ut all times composed ol
all political parties; men who called
themselves Liberals, Conservatives,
Independents, Labor, etc. etc. it was
not known in many instances what
party allegiunee, if tliey had any, thut
many of tlie members bore. It was,
as Mr. Retallack very well knows, tho
ins und the outs, and most of the members wore with the ins for a part of a
session of the house and with the outs
for the balance of the session. Mr.
Retallack does not need to be told this
for he opposed Mr. Green in 1S.I8, run-
ni"g us a supporter of an avowed Con-
;,.tive, Hon. J. H. Turner. Mr.
Ueu.iuck was not elected, of course,
and what did he do? He loft the
country and renounced his allegiance
to tho British empire���his mother
country. He adfcitted this on the platform, giving as his excuse that lie' de
sired to go into business in the United
States and hold property Interests. We
would like to ask: Did Mr. Retallack
lind the laws oppressive or business
chances not so good ns in British Columbia, or what brought him back so
soon ? Surely it was not that he saw
no chance to satisfy his political ambi-
tion in Uncle Sam's territory. No,
hardly thut, but rather he believed his
presence was needed, if not desired, In
the legislature of the provinco of British Columbia, as a law-maker, as a
leader of thought, as an example to the
rising generation. In his speech Friday night, Mr. Retallack went back to
comparatively ancient history to Hud a
Conservative who had anything to do
with politics in B. C. and on whose integrity and record some aspersions
might be cast to prove that Mr. Mc.
McBride and Mr. Green wore unworthy
the confidence of the people. After
diligent search the speaker discovered
Hon. Mr. Pooley, and there is no doubt
Mr. Pooley would have derived much
amusement had he but heard the attempts that were made to besmear him.
Following Mr. Pooley's record to the
presont timo. the most serious complaint was that the gentleman has been
a representative of the very small and
unimportant riding of Esquimalt and
that he practically represent^ Hon. Mr.
Dunsmuir. The speaker charged Hon.
Mr. Green with proving a -jonon^Hy ifl
tho houso nnd of having ,|je.en alpfttj-,1)
by the laboring men and.fhon, proving
false to the trust reposed in him.
Referring again to Mr. Shannon, the
speaker said he would "discuss the
Socialist candidate and bis party, if it
could be called a party, und especially
somo of the plunks���if they could be
called planks." He said It was foolish
to claim thut a war was now on between capital aud labor, for .there was
nothing of the kind. Then the matter of
conllseatlon without remuneration was
touched upon. He said Mr. Shannon had
avoided that question up to tho previous night, when he said ho believed
in It, for from timo immemorial capital hud reaped the prollts of the
laborer's toll. So, were that property
conliseated, It would only be taking
back what was, got unjustly. The
speaker said that kind of talk would
keep capital from coming ln, and B. C.
would be avoided by the very class of
people we were most In need of. We
have not enough eupltnlists; ��� we have
not enough capital; and.If Mr. Shannon should be elected we*' would bo
much less likely to get that which is
essential to our prosperity.
Mr. Shannon was then called,upon.
Ho oppened by stating that bo was
being accorded better treatment by his
opponents than at the beginning of the
campaign, Intending, perhaps, to convey the idea that they are be30tnlng
afraid of him. Ho occupied second
place at recent meetings when
there were but two candidates present,
while when there were three he had
third place. He said bis importance
appeared to be growing and the two old
parties- were uniting to defeat him.
How strange that the Conservatives
should also feel that a secret alllanoo
has been formed between SndlUllsts
and Grits to defeat them. Unexplained
his nomination to thu satisfaction of
tlie "fair-minded and then told how
strong he was in Kaslo and the lower
part of the p'iding. Ho mentioned as
as an instance the Goodeuotlgh family
of Kuslo (supposed to be stl'BDg Lib
orals) where there wero threo Votes,
und he would get two ot them. So It
would seem by this that tlio Socialist
candidate is splitting the Liberal vote.
He said that capital is gradually getting into tho hands of tlio few, and
when Socialists get the government In
their own bauds they will give the
workingmen the Mill product of tbeir
Mr. A. CiirHoy, representing Hon.
R. F. Green; was the next speaker He
called Mr. Retallack ono ul tlie latter-
day Liberals. He bad loaned Mr.
Shannon, one of tho post cards distributed by the Liberal committee,
which pointed out Mr. Green's wrongdoings In the house, and what was
found on the card was the only thing
Mr, Shannon hud to say against Mr.
Green. Therefore, since what the card
stated wus practically untrue, Mr.
Green must have ft-pretty clean record.
The speaker said he found at this end
of the riding Mr. Retallack and Mr.
Green were continually sparring and
he Iclt that he occupied the position of
Umpire to settle the disputes between
tho two pugilists. He thought Mr
Retallaclt must have derived but very
little comfort frdrii tho support shown
shown him at this ona of the riding.
He���the speaker���thought his reception decidedly chilly.
the spca
i H. Tdp|
announced that Sir Charles U. Tapper
would bo in Ferguson Monday night
and invited Mr. Galliher to remain
over two more clays and meet one who
was his equal, a fellow M. P., and a
trained pleader like himself,
No government, said Mr. Carney,
has ever been perfect and no government ever would be. The experience
of this province has been particularly
unfortunute because we have not had
what could be called a responsible government. Wo have had no less than
eight premiers iu oightyeurs, but since
party govornmont has been secured we
muy reasonably hope for good responsible rule. ,
Under the old coalition system when
members wero elected on tbeir own
personality there could be, it seemed,no
stable government, and tho members
woro continually quarreling among
themselves and calling ono another
grafters and thieves. Is Ita wonder that
men deemed it unsafe to inve'st capital
in tho country V There is an abundance of capital I'Bftdy and waiting for
investment.in, Mi province as soon as
thero is u responsible and stable government established. The lieutenant-
governor wants to see the country ad-
vanue uml he chose Hon. Mr. McBride
to form a government and he lias not
disapproved of any act of tho premier
since ho,.culled him to olllco. The
speaker thought the lieutenant governor surely believed Mr. McBride, Mr.
Green und their associates (tho best
material In the province. The Liberal
lieutenant-governor would noye**,hu,y,e
called Mr. McBride to bo premier hud
his record not been good, so it Is .evident that tho criticisms by the opposition candidates in this euuipuigu are
not honest.
Ml'i Ciirnoy made a telling spoeoh
wlvii'h.*. was very heartily applauded
from *.'ui-.t to finish. He exploded
some of the,arguments of bis opponents
and altogether put up a good argument
in support of Mr. Green.
W. A. Gallihor M. P. followed and
got a good hearing to a well-delivered
speech on Dominion political issues,
Replying to a question brought up hy
Mr, Shannon, be explained that tho
liabilities in connection with tho contractor who failed on the Arrowhead
branch railway (construction) would be
paid by'the government to those who
held time cheeks, out ot tho government grant, enough bating been held
back by tlio government fdr that pur-
Ml*, lletallue'c spoke fot'a Short time,
running over the remafks of His opponents, and the Mooting close'tl with
cheers for (been and Shannon1. Mr,
Retallaok's followers did not attempt a
cheer, just the same as at Pergli.b'ti the
previous night, feeling, probably, that
it would be unwisu to mnko an e.-.hib;
tion of their weakness.
Mrs Tony Bectfer Took 111 Monday
and Died c'f Hefrf f Disease.
A sad death took place on Monday
high up in the mountains, six miles
above Ten mile and twelve miles above
Ferguson, Ml''. Tony Becker and his
wife were living at tho Black Prince
mine, where Mr. Becker had th
men working.
When Mr. Becker left the camp
at 10 o'clock Monday morning to go to
tho mine Mrs. Becker was woll anil
happy as usual, but when ho und his
men returned at noon for dinner Mrs.
Becker'was found unconscious at the
tent door. One of the men was sent at
oneo to Ten Mile to dispatch a telephone message to Dr. Newcombe,
while Mr. Becker employed every
means at his command to arouse consciousness. The doctor got the message about 2 o'clock and made a quick
trip to the camp over a very bad trail,
arriving there at 7:15, a'briut one und a
half hours after death had taken place.
Upon examination tho doctor found
that tbe probable cause of death was
heart failure, symptoms leading up to
that having been suffered bv the un-
fortunate lady on previous occasions.
On returning to town Dr. Newcombe
had six men dispatched to the mine,
wlio carried the body on a stretcher to
Ten Mile. This proved no light duty,
for the body weighed 220 pounds whon
Undertaker J. O. Piper had charge
of .the intermont assisted by B. U,
The  funeral  took place from ..Odd
���How's hall, Trout Lake, Tu��sd(iy
afternoon, and the body was interred
in the Trout Lako cemetery.        .    t,
The Eagle extends heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved husband.
Local and General.
Mrs. A. C. Cummins was ut Trout
Lake Wednesday.
The rain ar pears to have spent Itself,
but don't whisper it.
Robert Hodge, barrister, spent the
greater part of the week at Poplar.
Mi's. Gordon is taking charge of the
school this woelt in the absence of S.
Tlie continuous rain has made the
roads very bad and freighting Is
greatly interfered with.
S, Shannon held political meetings
at Poplar and Lardo this week. He
was accompanied by Mrs. Shannon.
, J, C. Kirkpatrick's block opposite
the EAGLE is growing rapidly since
the weather has changed for the bettor
C. R. McKay of Beaton was in Fer
guson on Monday, and, learning about
the political meeting, remained over
Tuesday to be present.
Manager W. Macdonald of the Imperial bank, Ferguson branch, had his
hands full this week, having opened
the othor branch at Trout Lake.
Candidate Retallack spent Sunday
and Monday giving the boys the "glad
hand" at the mines and u bout the town
of Ferguson. Surely ho �� ill bo elected
after that,
There is nothing good among men
these days except politics. So we trust
our friends who may not be interested
in the game may excuse the scarcity of
newt on other subjects la tbis issue.
The Largest and Best Public Meet
ing in the History of Ferguson
Tuesday Night.
Sir  Charles  Hibbort   Tupper  and
Hon. Robert F. Green  Deliver
Telling Speeches.
The campaign is drawing to a close
und Ferguson will not have any moro
public meetings. Tho meetings called
by Mr. Green und Mr. Retallack have
been well attended even though the
weather has been bad, but the meeting
of last Tuesday night wus, without exception, tho largest a'licl most representative that we. havo had, for there
were more men down from the mines
than on former occasions.
We would like to give our readers
the benefit of reading the utterances
of all the speakers, but snace forbids.
At 8:10 10. G. Woodward of the
EAOLE, who occupied tho chair, entered tbo hall, followed by Sir Charles
Hibbert Tupper and Hon. It. F. Green,
who took seets on the platform. Tin
chairman then-arose and invited A. ,1.
Gordon and S. Attwood to take seats
among the speakers, and after explaining that Sir Hibbert and the minister
of mines bad un accident delving to
to Ferguson whioh made them a few
minutes late, he announced the time
limit of tho speakers to be .tu minutes,
excepting Sir Hibbert. Ho then called
on tho Liberal-Conservative candidate;
who delivered a short address occupying about fifteen minutes. His remarks
were more of an explanation und summing up of the situation iu tiie various
divisions of the riding, and a forecast
of the probable result of tho election
in the province.
A. .1. GORDON,
representing tho Socialist candidate,
was the next speaker, He was cheered
on rising and he delivered his remarks
in a pleasing manner, butsceiuingly he
failed to realize that his subject should
ba.ve been Socialism and not Conservatism. Why men will tako up timo at
these meetings talking about governments that have been but are now dead
instead of trying to formulate a plan of
government forthe future. Is dljfioult
to understand We in* B. C. ar0: putting out to sea in a new boat, whatever that boat will bo called, and we
sliould discuss tho future, for thore is
much business ahead ol our legislators.
One thing about Mr. Gordon's speech,
he kept within provincial issues, even
if his remarks were mure of a tearing
down than a building up nature.
Tho next speaker was
of Kaslo, representing the Liberal car.
did ate. The gentleman appeared quite
at ease in delivering his remarks, as
did the previous speakers, but ho appeared ts bo alllictetl with a very bin'
memory, poor fellow ! He said there
was only one thing 'which the oh',
line parties wore agreed upon and that
was the Introduction of party lines, He
tried to compare tlie building of the C.
P. R. in 1882 .with the G. T. P. in lOOX
Ho showed gross ignorance of history and polities in many matters, not
tho least of which was his assertion
thut tho Rogina and I'rinco Albert and
the Calgary and Edmonton branch lines
of the C. I'- P.. In tho Northwest terri
lories, aggregating 550 miles of road,
were useless.
The chairman then introduced a gentleman whose name is known by everybody, a mnn of great ability aud a
statesman of sterling worth,
sir CHARLES Hibbert topper.
who, on rising to speak, received |?.
(Concluded ou Pago 4,)
*���'���'*. Lardeau Eagle
i��l  overy  Friday at Forgi on, B, ('
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Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
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FRIDAY, CCTOlsEl. _, 1903.
The attention of our readers is
directed to the supplement that will
be lotincl folded in this week's paper,
It gives lhe history ot the dis*
covery and location ol the phenomenally rich free gold properties
known as the Lucky Jack and
Swede groups on Poplar creek, as
also the other properties owned by
the Great Northern Mines, Ltd,
Many letters have been received by
the Eagle enquiring about the new
mining company which lias amalgamated 2t of the best free-gold
properties in the Lardeau into one
big company, so we considered that
the best way to serve our sub
scribers would be to publish the
company's prospectus in full, p
mission for which has been granted,
and also reproduce what many of
tlie leading journals of British Columbia have had to say about the
claims on Poplar, and such other
inlorniation that we had room lor in
thc supplement. This, therelore,
is our reply to the inquiries, and we
believe it will prove more satisfactory than what could have been given
in a letter.
The great battle is at hand, and
tomorrow morning the contestants
in the three-corvered fight will line
up at the polls. One or other ol
the three candidates will be chcted
to represent this riding at Victoria
for the next four years.
It behooves us as electors, one
and all, to weigh carefully the issues that are before us, and search
well the characters and the records
ol the men who are seeking our
suffrage, and support the man whom
we believe to be best suited for the
position and he whose party will give
to tlie rich province ot British Columbia the best and most stable
government. The Eagle has pointed i
out many ceasons why the administration of Premier McBride should
be given a fair trial and we
firmly believe it is the best that
could be obtained at the present
time. Mr, McBride was chosen by
the lieutenant-governor, and Sir
Henrifjoly is believed to possess
sound judgment by men ol all political creeds. Let us rally to the
support of the |man who lifted our
province from the slough of despond and introduced party politics,
which is the only responsible form
of government.
a criticism of the past and gone
coalition governments of British
Columbia, with which the present
Conservative administration had
no connection whatever.. Sir Hibbert said ha thought Sir Henri Joly
the lieutenant-governor surely
thought Richard McBride a clean
and capable man and one who
would do the country no discredit
or he certainly would not have had
placed in his hands-the government
of the country. Mr. Gordon's
speech, while a good one Irom a
Liberal standpoint, was deficient in
explanation of Socialistic .principles.
We recognize that the theory of
Socialism is good, but to explain
how it can be successfully put into
practice seems to baffle the most
clever advocates of the doctrine.
Mr. S. Attwood, who represented
Mr. Retallack at the Conservative
meeting Tuesday night, certainly
did neither himself nor Mr. Retal
lack'any credit by his crude efforts
to Besmear Mr. Green and the Con*
servative party. His coarse refer*
ence to the late Hon. Clarke Wallace was as wanting in discretion as
it was untrue, and the speaker must
have felt Very smallt upon witness*
ing the reception by the audience of
his little yarn. Sir Hibbert was not
slow to nnil the statement as a
lalsehood immediately upon its re
cital, and later when he rose to
speak he handled Mr. Attwood without gloves. The drubbing that he
got will no doubt be helpful to him
in the future and teach him to let
dead men rest quietly in their graves
instead ol resurrecting them to
testify maliciously on a political
As was pointed out by Sir Chas.
Hibbert Tupper at Tuesday night's
'^meeting, Mr. A. J. Gordon confined
his ifemarks almost exclusively to
[Adopted nl Itovolslokc, September 18th, 100*2.1
I. That this convention reatnrms the policy
ol the | arty ill mutters ol provlm-inl roan*,nml
trails; the ownership and control of railways
ami thu tlovelo-imont of the sgrleultiiral ie-
imureos of tho provinco aw laid down iu the
i.liiiioriu rt��i,.|,t...t in October, isihi, iviih-li is as
"To actively t.i.i lu the construction of trails
throughout Un* undeveloped portions of the
provinco nml Iho linilcliiiK of provincial trunk
roiolsof publio noeossity,
"Tu adopt tlie principles of government own*
t*rsi,i|i of railways lu so fnrns the elrotim-
stiiut'CK oi Uu; province will admit, nml tho
adoption of tlu* principle tlmt no bonus should
in* Rratiieil io any railway nompany which
doesnol glvothogovornmont of the province
control of rates ovor lines bontiBed, together
with tbo option of purchase
"To actively assist hy state aid in tlie (lovel*
opmonl of the ngrtctlltlira] resources of tlie
'}. That in the meantime and until tlie rail-
way polioy above sot forth cnn bo accomplished, n goneral rntbruy act bo passed, giving
freedom to construct railways under certain
approved regulations, analogous to tlio system
lhat bus resulted ill   HUCh   extensive railwnv
construction iu tlie L'nltod States, with so
muoh advantage lo trade ami commerce.
it, That to encourage tho mining Industry,
tlie in* ti'ion of metalliferous mines should bo
on n basis oi u nprcontitgoon the not profits.
<i. Tlmt tliu govornnnmt ownership of telephone systems should lie hniiitiht about as a
lirst slop ill the acquisition of politic nlilities.
5. That a portion of every coal iiron hereafter to he disposed of should be reserved from
Knic or louse, so i lint state owned mines may be
osily accessible, if their operation becomes
necessary or advisable.
II. That in Ibe pulp land leases provision
should be made for reforesting ami that slops
should be tnkell lor theeelleral preservation of
forests by guarding against the wasteful tlu
Ktrttction of limber.
7, That the legislature nml govornmont of
ihe provlnri-' should persevere In the efforts to
lettro ihe exclusion of Aslatto labor.
S. That the mailer of belter terms iu tin-
way of subsidy ami appropriations for the
proviuee should be vigorously pressed upon
Ilia 11,.minion government.
That lhe sllverleiol Imliislries of the
province be fostorotl and encouraged by tito
hnriostUuii <>r Incrcnr-ctl customs dunus ou lead
nud lead products imported illlo Canada, and
Hint the -Jrttisorvntlvc members of the I in-
/,ni Mouse l,c urged i" support any motion in-
h..,iiic'*l for thiol! a purpose.
Itl. .Tb.i 01 ni'lii -Irlnl disputes alnio-l In*
vnriHblv result Iii wi, :,' loss nml injure boil) lo
Ihe parlies directly, in d me I  lo'tlle nnl,
lie. legislation si id be pitneil m provide
means fur allalillenl.le n,Ijusl ul uf such ills,
putos buttvoen omiiloycri mid employees.
II. Thai It Is advisable to (osier tlio manic
Incline of the law products of llic province
'���Willi Ibe province as fin as practicable by
menus of luxation on the said raw products,
���u'-'.-i-l lo rebale of tho same In whole or pari
when m_-.Mf>icl*iicd III Hrilish I'olilmliln.
Go To
Trout Lake.
Ferguson, the Pay-Roll Centre
of the Rich Lardeau.
Ooitcd Batters of North America
tliu United Hatters
of North America.
When yot: are buying k FUJI HAT,
either soil or Ht Iff,
see to it that tlie
enuine I'M ON
If a retailer has
loose labels in his
i-nssesuion and oilers to juit one in a
hut for you,-do not
patronize liini. lie
hflB not any rigntio nave loose labels. Loose
labels in retail stores are counterfeits. I in nnt
listen to anv explanation as tn why tho hat
lias no label. Tlie lieuulne Union Label is
perforated on the four edges exactly tlie same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits ar��i sometimes perforated on three of tlie edges, and
sometimes only on two, Keep a shnrp lookout
for the counterfeits, t'nprineiplod manuftic-
tutors Arc using them In order to pet rid of
tlieir scab-made hats. Tlie John 11. Stetson
Co, ol I'hlliulelphia, I'a., is non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N.J.
11 Wav'cViy Place. Jioom 1.1, New York city.
Drugs fad Stationery
Prescript Ions Carefully and
..Accurately Compounded.,
P. I). Itl.OfK, FERGUSON, B.C.
High Class        ��
Our stock U new and very
complete and we -sell on a
narrow margin. An order
would be appreciated.
We do any thine in line of
Picture Framing',
Revelstoke, B. c.
SOUTH   of   Ferguson   lie   the
phenominally rich
camps   of  Poplar
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH ol Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $t50 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information* Apply to
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
Notice tu lie]ln.|iit'iit (JihUwjier*.
To '/.. Gordon noldborg orL, Hold burg, or to
any person or persona to whom thoy may
have transferred Iheirinterests fn tin- Little
Hubert atnl l.i'lk Hubert No. _! miner claims
t-jtuatc at the head-of Mie north fork of I.ar-
tleaucreek, and iidjoiuiiif: the Hlack Warrior
group nn iIn. Miui!n-'C,i, in the Trout Lake
.Milling Division oi tt'oflt Kootonay Distriot.
Vou are hereby notified tlmt I luuci/j-spPlided
two hundred and live dollars null' twelity-ilve
cents .*:-:ii.">._!.".), in labor and improvements on
lhe above mentioned mineral claims for tbe
current year iu order to hold said mineral
claim, under tlie provisions of tlie mineral
Act. and if within ninety davs from the date
(.j ij/Js notice you fail or refuse to contribute
yoffir DMPprtlon of such expenditures together
ivl.lintl cpfltflf advertising, your interest in
g-rfd claims ..fit ijocnmo tm)property of thu
-iiibserJber, under secuon-. of an Act entitled
An Act to .'mend the Mim-ial Act, woo.
Dated at Perguson this loth dav of Jul v. 1W8.
SjiUscri-be Cor -tjip Lardoau EjyjLE.
Wc make a specially of j
And recommend Iho
Make for ladies and children,
Hoots for men.   Prices same aa
Winnipeg and Vancptivor.
C. K. H171B ft CO,, Ltd.,
General nferohmita,
���mii'mm in ib
^7.jrfz -\fc.rfr j&jfe .rfz. \^/ rfr.iftL.^r. rtz_x^
| Tonsorial
1 Parlors..
|        MAIN STREET,
-a Shaving.     Shampooing,
���j*       HalrdresBlng,      Singeing.
A Dyeing,     Baths, hot and
oold water.
I have the best appointed shop In the
iimleau.   Open from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m.
3 S
i- Proprietor.    ^ S-
The only paper giving attention to Dritish Columbia In thc United .states.
A voluminous weekly journal, abundantly newsy and Informatory. The printing
Is neat and clear, the pnper ^nod iiuid thc pahulum of xreat interest aud vigorously '
written, The gold mining iIntel)ifteiitte is plentiful, carefully collected aud dist;rim.
iliateiv presented to the public. Its whole get-up vouches for thc vast amount of pains
that have been taken In'Its compilation. Supplies cxectlv what residents in Ihis
country as WOll as tho Easterners, whoce interests are wrapped up iu gold, silver,
copper, bind, iron and coal, are desirous of learning in these matters. The contributions from correspondents am| ihe emanations from the editorial brain-pan nre
always readable, geiierally-,tnrseand to the point.
Iii the great world's arena of coittfettlig claimants for capital,
Inquiries this year at orr bead plliee from Interested parties regarding the merits
and demerits of Western stocits have been more numerous than ever.
/ Will Disseminate Exact Information
Regarding mining ventures, protecting the outside investor from having unpayable
properties foisted upon him hy unprincipled promoters. Because tlie people of tlie
province will not heart ih- support a llrst-elitss, bona lido Kastern mining journal of
immense Influence sueh infunmitioii is uuavailahleat present, and
of disinterested capital,
The Milling World mu-t he well received and supported -.o (he extent that at) olllce
he maiuialued bere.  Send $1 today ami it will tie mailed von weekly for one year,
Advice mi Washington and Hrilish Columbia stocks given free.
Hood prospects writ (OU up.   Terms from f> up.   Ask for particulars,
Special CorresponOenr,
526 Ceyton Block, Spokane, Wash. Box 68o, Nelson, B. C.
Is our business.    We have 'he facilities nnd Ingenuity necessary tp expeute artistic \\oxUf
I.egal,  Survey and  Mineral  Claim  Blanks  always in stock.
FERGUSON. ��� ��.  C, NOTES.
How funny it would be if the impossible should happen, the inevitable should prove a contrary and
the Liberals were to have a majority
in the next assembly. Just tor a
little recreation let us concede to
tt)e Liberals in our mind's eye a
majority in the house. They have
no leader. No! but tliey have Joe
Martin, or, more properly, Joe
Martin would have the Liberals, and
a state of chaos would prevail. We
believe a Liberal government would
not live through the first session,
and a state of dissatisfaction would
exist throughout the province.
However, it is altogether improbable
that Hon. Mr. McBride will suffer defeat, and from late reports it
would seem that the government
will be sustained by a substantial
A. P. Cummings, P. L. S., arrived
home from Poplar on Thursday. Mr.
Cummin/.'.- has spent most of the season
in tho new camp in the interests of the
Creut Northern Mines, Ltd.
Hon, Joseph Chamberlain has resigned his portfolio in tho Balfour
Lord ililner Is likely to enter
Premier Balfour's cabinet.
���-��������. > >��
Smith tf Co.
43 Bleary St,
J. 6. Reeves lb lying very ill ia tho
Miners' Union hospital.
c There is a temporal-;*/ close down at
the Nottie L. mine, for a few days only.
Large timbers for the compressor
continue to bo hauled in daily. They
come from the coast.
S. Hyde, a capitalist from Seattle,
Wash., is in Ferguson to secure shares
in the Great Northern Mining company.
Messrs. Manross and Gauthier are
building houses near the Nettie L.
mine to which they will remove their
families when completed.
CertiAcute ut Improvements.
��� i Lucky Jack Fraction mineral clalin,8ftuatelin
the Trout I-hJjc minlntf division of West K'ootc-
hay district. Where locale'!: (>u the east side
of Poplar crauki about 100 feet from tiie railway
Take Notice tlmt t, Koborl Hodge,���� agent
for K. M. Vorpin, f milt's uertfllettto No.
tiHtO-M. intend, slxiy.li.yj. from theclatehereof,
to apply to tho .Mining Keeorder for a L'ortffi-
cute of Improvements, for the purpose of oh-
iiiiniiitr a urown grnnl of thenbovo Halm.
And further lake notice timi action, muter
section 87, muat ho commenced before the is
nuance of Biiclt Certificate of Improvements.
Dated tlilsDOfli tlayof SeptomherLA.U. 1908,
Public notice la hereby (riven ih.it the undersigned .inteml to apply under tlie provisions of
the "Tramway Company Incorporated Act"
and amended acts, for the incorporation "fa
company with power to build, equip and ope*
fate a tramway ami to construe! aud equip
find operate telephone or telogr&pit lines iu
connection therewith, between n point on
Trout lake, nt or near the townsite of Troul
Lake and �� point on l-ardeau river. Went
Kootenay, at or near l-'orguson. It. ('., with
branch liueH from, at or near, I'erguson, B., ���".,
to Circle City on the North Kork of tntfenti
river, and to Ten Mile on thc South I'orkof
Lardeau river.
The gqiierai ronluof said proposed tnunwRjr
aud teTephoue or telegraph lines shall in- nlon-*
or near Hit- lauiks of I.aiileau liver and tlie
North and Soutli forks thereof,
Dated this Iii'li'Ihv.m .lulv, J 1*0:T.
.JOHNSON,       >
A. DAKKAtitr, >AniilJoAiiU.
CurlHIetitc or I mjiro v o in un t s��
Lucky Jack, Micky I'lir md Utile Phil
minora! claims, rituitto in thu Troul Ubo Minim.' Division or ivoii ICootottny Phslrfet.
Where loci I   no die ttnutli east side of
Poplar creek, uoiir tlio railway.
Take notice, lltnl 1. Roherl Hodge, an nuonl
forK. M. MONlUI. l''rC0  Minci's IVrlilMilte No.
Hi;7..'.:i.\ Intend.slxiydaya Pom thu dale hore-
of, to apply to tiie Mining llecnrder for�� Cor*
tlticate of fUlprOVetUUIItW,  lor tin-   purpose of
obtaliilnti ti Crown (tratil of lhe abnve chilms,
And further ink, tire dial nctloii, under
Sect ion 87, in lift > unit need before tin
unci- of micIi CoriDleatu oi Improvement*-,
Dated tlil.s_.iith day of August, A. Ji Musi,
Will be rcpreseutotl in
Ferguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and we
Time Table.
Our representative
S. A. Scott is a
practical tailor and
will make clothes
fit. Hold your
orders for him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Sltnated^midst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on thc continent of North America.
Its baths cure all Nervous (ind Muscular diseases. Its waters heal ail
Kidney, Liver aud Stomach ailments,
They arc a never failing remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying thc system.
TMMS-ll6tollSpor week, according to residence in Hotel or Villus.
You a
Earner ?
If so why not invest some of your
earnings to meet a possible reversal
of fortune. For a safe, profitable
investment there is nothing beats
an   accumulation    policy    in   the
This is a purely mutual company
and all its assets, surplus and earnings belong to its policy holders.
For rates, etc., apply to agent,
Running between Arrowhead, Benton anil Comaplix, commencing October Uth, 1008, will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix* twit* dally���101c and "ik.
Leaving Beaton und Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twico dally��� 7:I'.k and
12;4ok. Making close connections
with all C. P. It, Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve tho right to
change times of sailings without
The Fred Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
Including the Fish (reek camp
and Cppcr Duncan Kiver section, com-
piled hy A. P.Ouiiiniins. l'.I,.8,,nnd S
shannon. U..\,. is now on sale at this
Olllee. The ready sale of the map is
proving all we have said for it. The
Trout bake division is lithographed In
black, the l.iiriteau in red,and tho Ainsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copy of this iiini, aud lind any
claim recorded in the tliree divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway mutes,
and the locution aud name (by a unique
index) of every mlueral claim in thu
district is showu.
Next   to   Visiting,   the   Country   In
Person This Map Takes First Place*
In- fact*- everv geographical
feature is so well defined that one can
see at a glaood the nature of mir country
and the trend cf the claim locations
gives an intelligible idea of the mineral
belts runnliiK through the camp. It is
certainly. ...
The   Best   Worth   For   One  Dollar
ever offered in the map line nf a mining
eamp. It is the Ilrst complete map of
thedistrietamlissellin-_.ivell. It is just
what vou are looking for. WI. ALSO
Address your order, with hu
enclosure of a one dollar hill, I no
cheques, orders etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others ordering
i lots of 20 or more, maps will be sup-
FergUSOn, B. C.' plied at SO cents each.
! 4 4444 4 4-44���*���-*>*��� * ��� 44-4-4+4+4-4 4-4-4 4 ,
WE CARR) CARPETS,        j
I        china hatting. I
I      IRON BEDS a Specialty      I
��� $5 and up. 4
��� t '.*.*.'. .444..4.444.4,..444 44*4
Goods can be fu.ilished to any part ot Lardeau on very shou notice
as the s_tv.ee is stfch that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing  ���������.��>>..������.. .��>'�����, ����-��.-<^ .���-*���>���>->���.
���������.�������� ��� ��� ���^*-��^ ���-���*��>���>--], ������_^-����^ . ������ ��
* - J
Notlee i- lieruby i;lvoil that  I, W. II. Pool, hi
tend, sixiv ijtij'n after date, tu -apply to tin
llfliioruhlc. Ihu t'nief CommIsklone
and Works,  fur pennission to mi
mining purpose.*, tin- landu near Poplar ereok
iu WoutK'tii'a'ii-ty, dewirlbed aa folhuvs:
Comniuucliig 1.111 -post marked "W, li. I'ooi
X. w niei," plan tod about 30 ulinlimnom...
of M��Hteisnn .v tlrltlith'a more at the K.ifc A. \
Uy. track; -.lie 11 no ;:u eluilna east: ihenee :'
elm ins si, 11 Iii; theiice IHJ eliains west; Ihenee:
chains uoriii to ihu point of eoiniiiouoomuiii
coniiiiiiinu '���'" acres, mon- or less.
Ferguson, II. C��� Kith August, IIWBI.
Oct. Itl, W. J|. POOL.
S|.\ty dnysafli'i' da e. I. David ForyilsolI, Intend to apply tu the Chief Commls��lnner of
Landa and w orks fnr permission to purehiisoi
Iho follnwlug described lund. nl United mi tinsmith Korl.nl Lardeau ereelt, iibnut one mile.'
from forks above lhe town of Ryr^uson:
romment'lng nl a pout marked "David For-
gilHon's N. W, corner," thence snnMi -ji. chains, 1
theiict'cnsl '.'tl cliiilii'., lliciict: north LW eliains,
thenco west 20 elmhis lo point <>f eommoupo-',
ment, I'niifjilii-iii-! nliiuii -fi ��n-ic. more or less,
Dated thnSEwtltliljr (if lulv, IPOS. I
peioi-Vr!'. 1>aVid FKitofsox.  '
Funeral Directors and *
Embalmers. ���
[Graduate of Sfyor'a Collotfo^of BinbAlmlng] Z
Can uttond oaso at Pei'fUBon at ton -t
hours uotico if advised bv wire. *
*>++-*> 4>*yw+w-*>+*
D. J. Robertson & C��-
Nelson, b. c.
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite the Postoffice.
11A Ij
Capital Authorized, 94,000,000
Capital (paid up) - 2,1)80,2.6
Host ilSJO.OOO
Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Northwest Territories. Provinces -of British Columbia,  .Manitoba, Ontario aud Quebec.
T. 11. MBRBITT, President, D. JI. WIEKIE, Vice-Pres, and Gen. .Man.
E. HAY, Assistant fion. .Manager. w. .MOPFAT, Chief Inspector.
Ferguson,   B.   C.   Brunch���A   General   Banking   Business   Transacted.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Drafti SoM nvailablo In All puns of Ctnnilo,
i wtod S(Aten and Europe,
si'cclnl attention civ��� to colleotlona ami
Munn. lluii'ls.
Everybody    Qui'   Special
smokes A��0	
The Union
Thoy nro nl] Union mndoanil or tlio Union    Cikar
bost iliiviniH Tobacco monoy can FACTORY, H*A.
buy.   rry ono and satisfy yourself ��� ' n
as to their quality. UROWN, Prop.
| Lardeau |
| Hotel        *
H Laughton > Bros-
)& Proprii tor...
We try to give satisfaction to our   guests.
kirkpatrick & iih.Lmax     r
Have Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Bcutair,     h
Where tliey keep light and hoavy vehicles,'single .ind
double drivers, saddle and pack liorais for hire.
Also proprietors of tho stage route running het��*con
the abovo points, making tbroo trips weekly.
���_-=:___-_-SATISFACTION Gt7Ai_ANT____D���.-- CAMPAIGN RALLY,
[Continued from Page l.l
perfect ovation. Ho startod out by
telling of tho upset over the bank on
tbo way in from Beaton. Ha was In-
torrupted by a party in the audience
who said, "that's tliu way Mr. Green
will bo turned out .it tliu polls.". Sir
Hibbert r.iortod that ' Mr, Green got
i;i again and rotlo safely into town,"
Tho speaker severely orttlcizet) Mr,
Attwood'd I'oforonco '.'> ihu lute Hon.
Clark Wallace and mndo thc goulle-
tnan look very cheap. Referring to
.Mr. Gordon, tho speaker was surprised
to lind thai hu used and quoted Liberal
party ilteraturo In his championship
of tlio Socialist cause, and lie was sorry
ho did nut propound the doctrine*' of
Socialism or of'Mr. Shannon theoandi
dato of that party. Eo obsorvod that
thu Socialist movotnont is growing and
that 'party may eventually possess
strength enough to form a government
but foe tho present, when their day has
not arrivod, ho thought It only lair of
ns in ask that instead of thoir champion talking .about, their prospects,
rather toll us something ol their principles, anil what changes they would
introduce should they get control of
the government. The only example
given'by Mr. Gordon was that of Iho
Mormon who hud two wives, one young
and tho othor old. The young wife
kept plucking out thu gray hairs and
the old wife plucked out tlie bluck
bnes and eventually the man found
himself bald. Sir. Ulbbort thought
the illustration not very complimentary to the ladies and a poor example
i)f the relation of socialism to thu old
parties. Ho thought if .Mr. Gordon
hail said that Socialism and Liberalism
arc not divided it wo,.Id be nearer the
truth than what ho did say, vi.'..: that
Sooialism and Trade-Unionism are not
divided, lie accused tho Socialist representative of shooting at thu Con-
scrvattvo candidate with Liberal powder instead of talking .Socialism: and
Mr. Attwood had hied away off to Qt-
tawa to get something to talk about
instead of discussing live provincial
Referring to the big land steal whieh
was attempted in Last Kootenay, he
thought it very funny that thu Conservative members of thu government
should get ai! theblainuaiid Mr. Wells,
a Liberal, be exonerated when Wells
was tho man who took thu grants to
Montreal to deliver to tha C. P. R.>
hut lie asked fur further concessions.'
Being refused, hu brought the grunt
homo again. Who, 1 ask was the offender against Iho province V Why
not include Mr. Wells as a guilty one,
who was taken hy the neck as it were,
tfiii'l hurled out of tlie cabinet? Sir
Hibbert then referred to tho manv acts
that bad been passed by the, B, C.
legislature that wero helpful to laboring interests and which were introduced by Conservatives. The speaker
referred to tho load bounty, claiming
it was a help, hut it was not what
would holp us most and uot the best
that we wero entitled to. and il would
stand in the way of our securing a
tariff, He stigmatized the bounty as
something lo tide ovor the issue and
the Ottawa government should be
ashamed of it. lie was glad to suu Mr.
'. reen in tho department of mines, for
ho was a mainlander and a good, capa
I le man, Sir Hlbbert's spuecb was n
master effort and lie appeared to curry
the audience along iu deep interest
throughout. There wero a few Interruptions and questions at lirst, but soon
everybody settled down to listen and
ilon. 11. L. Green made a short
speech at Iho closo replying to thc opposition speakers and tbu greatest
political meeting wo have had ended
nt about 11 p, in. will, cheers for Green
Local. Willi a I'arstreak.
Old papers for sale at Eagle office.
It pays to uso the telophone. A trip
can often be savod to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
tho phono. Oflice in Cummins & Co.'s
Orders fot furnituro will he Ailed as
quickly ulld with bottor results at the
whulesule Mil retail storo of I). .1.
Robinson fi Co.. Nelson, thun any
whero elso in till) province.
* Smokers: lfyou want tho GENUINE "Union'' and "Our Special"
CIGAIi sou that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on evory box.
-H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
I'm; SALK���The building and corner iot now occupied by the barber
shop and shoo store on Main street,
E'org-uson, drawing good rent permanently. Apply E, C.Woodward, EAGLE
Order a ping-pong set, framed or
untrained pictures, picture frames,
drawing requisites, books, magazines
or anything In this lino of goods from
thc Canada Drug ,. Book Co., Revel;
stoke, B. C. Mail orders attended to
10, in block 55, on Main street, next to
Ferguson hotel, and lots II and 7, in
bloek 1, also on Main street near post
olllco. Those nre vory desirable lots
aud can be purchased cheaply. Apply
to L. G. Woodward, EAGLE ollico.
* . ������...�������� i ���*-��-������������������� �� .*������>��
>   .__ + -��..f.........���**>>#.
....... �����>��
��� P.   ... H .
1\ L. S.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Silrvbys liitUll* and Crown Grants
Olilec:      -      ���      Trout Lake.
������ ��� ���-��� * ��� ��� ������ ��� ��������������-��������-��� ����������������>
Having purchased tho
Ferguson Meat Market we
are prepared to supply our
customers with all kinds of
Fresh and cured meats. A
good supply of Boof, Pork,
Mutton, Sausages, Hams
and Bacon  always on hand.
P. BURNS k (1
IS. C,   I
urvoys qt Mines, Mineral Claims and I
Crmvn Lawis. Crown Grants 01,- 1
tftinct and Asuessments Managed   4
for Absentees.
Ofllees:   Camborne anil Vancouver
;: W^M. b\ DEVEREUX,
.>. t s.,
Solicitor for
The Imperial Bank
Ferguson, 15. C. *
OFFICE-Ill tlie Ophir Lade block.     {
���KHAM,   I
Barristers, Solicitors, etc
A. Carney and W. Saunders came
Trom Kaslo last evening.
W. B. 'Pool returned  to Forgo,
,1, J. Young of tho Northern .Mines
lias gone to 'the New Westminster fair
with an exhibit of ores from tho company's free-gold properties in the
Thos. Collins of Nolson was in town
Tuesday. Mr. Collins had a hard experience near Nolson last July. When
trying to ford the Lardeau, which was
in Hood, he wus carried off his feet and
down under two log jams and at last
cutout unharmed.
Sept. 24 and 25.
Kirs I minimi exhibition of lliu
Nelson  Agricultural  find   Industrial
.    H.HII> DAYS- 3
Of s.glii M-i'itn; nm. Kportn mttguifi-t'ont i|lspl*__V
of Fruits, Vegetables, Fhtiii ProdutV, K lowers.
Horses, '"utile, Poultry, Dogi muftlm arentai
collection of Mlnerala ever exhibited tn l-trft-
i.-ii Columbia.
< of  Montreal, champions of  rho
Kaltio.il ciiiinii.ii.il'. uf the Kootunny-
North Star Team v.-. Ymir Team, for f 1,000.
���V-00 in other prize* for ruck drilling.
Plaaar mining in operation each day,
And Parn.-tlintc Drop of 'j.niii) feot each clay.
Qaby Show on First Day.
Qroutfdif and buildings iiltimltintcd ovenlnga
Ml ,1111.ii'
World, vi
Offices: Rovelstoke, fioldon, snd Ferguson. Solicitors for Imperial fiank
of Canada
Geo. S. MeCarter. J. A. Harv.y.
A. SI, pinkham.
I    -piKED 0. KI.UOTT,
I Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
�����������*-<-*-������������>.-����� O �� IIIHIIIIII
,.VANCOUVER, B. (,'.
Ili'inl'-niirtiTsfor A.*niy,.r.. Mliiinc
*MIII  SiiimlliH.   Sole llgonln ln'll.
. fur Morgan Cruelble Co.. llatlerMa,,
I'.hbIiiiiiI; I*, Vi*. Brauii i Co.'s 1'atent
l hi l* Hi rim���*:, Burners, etc.; Win. A'ltts-
worm ,k in.1. Kino Balances etc., etc.
Wu haV'e made provision for very
extensive sales during August. Call
and examine our stock before placing an
Tea and Coffee
We make ii specialty of Pure Teas and
Rich Coffees.
Summer Clothing, Boots and Hats of the best
make and large assortment.
| McKinnoh cE Sutherland
New Goods for the   Trade.
The best selected stock that has over been shown in tho Lardeau.
A new lot of Hardware covering everything used in mino or tho bush
A floe line ol waterproof Coots for prospectors and bushmen.
Clothing for all purposes anda full stoclc.
GK B. Batho & Co.,
 Jk ���
Well lighted and heated by hot
air furnace. Tables supplied
with the best the market affords.
Rates $1.SO Per Day
JAS.  CUMMINQA,   Prop., Ferguson, B.   C.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens. Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe,.
AbraiiAMson Brothers, Proprietors.
Watches, Clocks and
Production of tht; opera "Mlk'A-
00" In thu Oporti House ccah
JAMES -iOHN'.s-f'OXK, President.
,T.K. A.VNABM-.,
There is only one beat mining journal.
That is
Mines and Minerals.
it linn a larger circulation than any two othor
American mining journals because ft is the
boat, fl is tho large.-t, best Illustrated nnd
.lamlsumest miulng journal in thu world. It
is a mining pnper for mining men. Hubserip.
tion price fj.00 per year. Send h>r free sample
copy. AddraasMIXKSANDMINERAL8,amnion, Pa.,US. A.' Denver offices, Barth Bldg.,
Denver, Col
Ihave hif.li grude
Waltham, Vanguard,
Crescent, Street,
C. P. R. Special,
Elgin, Father .Time,
Veritas and B, W.
Packing and F'er&us����dPacki!i&
Freighting     r_ransfer 0utfit-
Contracts entered into (or packing ot Mil ling Suppllos,
etc., to any point in the district.
Good, prompt service,,and any work undert akon guaranteed., Freighting from Thomson's Landing  to Ferguson
a specialty. B
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. .DiMiey, Prop.
I have  Eight-Day, Gon
Strike and Nickle Clocks.
Jeweler and Optician,
Ferguson /foteiji


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