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Lardeau Eagle 1901-08-01

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The lardeau eagle.
\ V(3L. III. NO. 25.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Placer Mining Promises to Become
An Important
Triune and Nettie L. Are Shipping
j A close poiusalof tbe mining notes
which follow in this column cannot but
convince outsiders that great strides of
progress are being made in this district. Not only are many of the silver-
lead properties being opened up, but
gold mining and placering is receiving
duo attention. The certainty of railroad transportation tbis fall, has created new enthusiasm and increased efforts to make ready for its advent by
having ore to Bhip. Several test shipments will be made from various properties this summer, while the Nettle
ti, and Triune are making regular shipments, the former being of ore that
was rawbided down the hill last winter,
but not taken out to the Landing before tbe sleigh roads broke up. Trail
work is active, and everybody is busy,
all with the ultimate object of wresting
Lardeau's hidden natural wealth from
the treasure vaulta of the hills round
and about us. The possibilities of this
camp as an ore producer are every day
t becoming more evident, and the Influx
of new men and now capital Is having
a stimulating effect.
The Rob Roy group, up the north
fork, has been much in evidence in this
district for the past three years, but
owing to the fact that the owners, the
Scottish-Canadian Mining & Development Co,, had not sunk on their vein
and determined the depth of their ore,
before running a couple of long expensive orosscut tunnels, the treasury became rather lean and the proBpects of
it becoming an immediate shipper
rather slim. But the managing director, A. E. Welch of London, Ont., was
here for a few days a couple of weeks
ago, and after making a thorough examination of the property, was sq well
satisfied with what he say, that he will
again go to work, on a little different
lines, and prove the Rob Roy to be
something or nothing. Mr. Welch had
hoped to turn this group oven to a big
old country company, under Canadian
management, but the B. A. 0, (Rossland) slump was the blow tbat killed���
the project. However, Mr. Welch
will do the next best thing, and go
ahead with work ln the course of a few
weeks. The proporty Is accessible the
year round, woll provided for with
cabin, etc. so that work can bo gone
on with at any time. There Is already
nearly a carload of concentrating ore
lying on the dump.
triune is siiifpinu.
Vincent Lade, who has charge of the
work on the Triune mine, owned by
the Ferguson brother*, is making a
record'for this high-grade silver-lead
ore producer. The ore body has been
tapped by tho lower tunnel, which provides enough stoping ground to keep
every man that can be worked to advantage busy for the next two years or
more._^S. Daney's pack train is bringing the oro down to Ten Mile, from
where it is being freighted to Thomson's Landing. Supplies, lumber, etc,
are being packed up, and tbe ore down,
which makes it rather hard on horse
flesh. Now that the vein has been
proved at a depth of nearly 200 feet the
owne-B will most likely commence
work) on a longer base tunnel, and by
this means they may be able to keep
rate the Triune will be worked as a
business proposition. The owners have
plenty of the material for making silver dollars, and it is their intention to
go after them. Naturally, as Dave
Ferguson is also a co-owner iu the
Ferguson townsite, the success of the
Triune will be Identified with the progress of Ferguson.
Placer Miner1 McCague, who has succeeded ln cleaning up nearly $200 worth
of gold from tho south fork of the Lardeau, at Ten Mile, six miles from
Ferguson, is in town. He has been
prospecting for new ground, and .will
return to his sluice boxes to-day. One
of the nuggets he washed out, worth
(25, now adorns a valuable watch chain,
made of pieces of Atlin gold, worn by
W. B. Pool. Tbe chain was a presentation to Mr. Pool from Gold Commissioner Graham. Mr. McCague had
several other nuggets ranging from $2
to (20 in value. Thousands of dollars
were placered out of the Lardeau creek,
around Ferguson, in the earlier days,
but comparatively little attention has
been paid to Its possibilities of late.
Where Mr. McCague found pay ground,
he averaged (12 a day as a clean-up.
Barney Crilly, foreman of tho Nettie
L. mine, is now in charge of the work
on the Lade group, with a force of
eight men. A trail will be cut and arrangements made to go right ahead
with work as development warrants.
Most encouraging reports of tho disclosures being made on this wonderful
gold property are coming down as visitors to tbe group increase in number.
The big advantage the Ophir-Lade
syndicate will have is that with a stamp
mill and a cynide plant on the ground
the transportation of their ore will not
be a vexatious question. Packing in
the machinery and supplies is a small
matter In comparison with packing out
Jas. MeMahon of Revelstoke, and
Dave Morgan of Ferguson, ownnrs of
the Surprise, up the north fork, intend
to work their property all winter, and
if after a test shipment, their oro Is
high grade enough to stand the excessive transportation charges, they will
continue shipping indefinitely. They
havo already done a good deal ol work,
and the developments are very satisfactory. The ore is hot considered high
grade ln this camp, but thore is plenty
of It.
Revelstoke Is soon to have a public
hospital, one of tho bost in the interior
A strike of free-milling gold is reported to have been made last week up
Goat creek, near Ferguson.
Cutler T. Porter, interested in the
Wagner group, at the head of Haley
and Hall creeks of Spokane, is ln the
M. C. Miller of Minneapolis, manag-
ing-direotor of the Mountain Lion
group, struok the pay toll center on
Work is still boing continued on tho
Union Jack group. Two or three parties are negotiating for tho purchase of
this property.
Farmers in tho Trout lake valley report a great growth for the past three
weeks, and the vegetable crop promises
to bo a heavy one.
All the Nettie L. ore on Victoria
avenue has been freighted to the Landing, and the teamsters are now hauling direct from the ore house across
the creek.
Quite a number of small business
Houses In Rossland hare already passed
Into oblivion, and the town generally
presents a eemeterial appearance, as a
result of the strike.
The machinery and apparatus for the
Dominion governmei it assay office and
business at Vancouver has been Installed and the office, opened for business on Monday last.
Tho Grand Forks. News, another new
Boundary distriot newspaper, will make
its appearance on,- August Ist. E. D.
Hall is the ma-jagor aud the News
A Force of Eight Men Are Now
Pushing Development
Paul A. Cowglll, manager and scc-c
tary, D. E. Holland and S. A. Lock-
wood, director of the White Warrior
Mining company, of Lapeer, Michigan,
spent the past week in this camp looking over their mining interests here.
They have visited their property, the
White Warrior group, and are apparently satisfied with what they saw.
The group is composed of three claims,
the White Warrior, the Horseshoe and
the Snowflake, located on tbe divide
between Gainer creek and the little
west fork of the Duncan river. Along
tbeir southwest line lies the Lade
group, which has just been sold to the
Ophir-Lade syndJeMte for $100,000,
while on their northeast line lies the
well-known Bad Shot group. A force
of eight nien, in chargeof Alex. Brown,
are now at work on the property. A
tunnel is being driven on the vein to
get under the surface showing, and
they will also sink in one or more places
as a means of prospecting. Additional
supplies are today being taken to the
property. Speaking to the Eagle on
Monday last, Mr. Cowglll expressed
himself as being fairly well satisfied
with the prospects, and bas determined
to prove the property ono way or the
other this season. His company Is
anxious to add another Lardeau shipper
to the list, and if they fail to make ono
out of the Whito Warrior they will
try another, as thfey aro fully con
vinced of the great'possibilities of this
district as a mineral producer. Un
like some new mining men they do not
expect a dividend-payer from the start,
but they stand ready to spend a littlo
money in determining thc value of
some of our undeveloped prospects, and
are willing to take the chances. This
is business. And tho Eaolk trusts
they will be as successful as their legitimate efforts to open up a prospect are
entitled to. They have entered into
the proposition in a business-like manner, and they deserve success.
Mining men engage their
crews at Ferguson, and
pay them off in Ferguson.
The place where the mines
are is the place where the
towns are	
Ferguson receives the pay
roll benefit from all the
shipping mines.....	
The much needed trail, on a wagon
road grade, from Ferguson to Circlo
City is to be provided. The balance
left of the (C50 appropriated by the
government for this purpose has been
augmented by an advance of (tmo
made by Chas. W. McCrossan on behalf of his companies, who aro operating up the north fork and desire to
mak.-! ore shipmonts. Tom Horn, witb
a force of men, is now engaged on tbe
work.      _____
The Eaqle was Informed by a mining man heavily interested up tho north
fork tbat it was his intention to put up
a (30,000 concentrator plant at Circle
City early next spring. It will have a
capacity of 500 tons a day, and ores
from other properties than his own will
bo concentrated on easy terms. This
will serve as a boon to many property
owners up tbat way who have plenty of
low grade ore, but lack the means to
Install a plant themselves. The north
fork has a bright future before It.
men at work all this winter.  At any j Publishing Co. l_e proprietors.
Fergueon will bo lighted with electricity this winter. Once 200 lights
have been subscribed for. The plant
will bo installed as soon as tbe water
In the south fork lowers.  The plant
has been purchased and tha Hume lumber arranged for. The samo company,
the Lardeau Power & Light Co., incorporated last session, may also take
up tho question of installing a waterworks plant, since the Nelson company
havo failed to toe the scratch. Thoro
will be good money in the latter proposition, and a littlo better than running
expenses In the former, even undor
present conditions. But Ferguson is
growing, and will continue to grow.
H. H. Johnston, interested in thc
Silver Belt group up the south fork, of
Rossland, has been in the camp for the
past week.
A. V. Stewart of the Enterprise
Cigar Co., Revelstoke, was in town
Tuesday evening. He left for Camborne yesterday morning.
Lett. E. Pettipiece and Wm, Speech-
ley of Revelstoke, arrived here on
Tuesday evening, and went up the
north fork yesterday morning to go to
work with Tom Horn's trail gang.
Frank Landi-ian, who has a contract
to drive a 100-foot crosscut tunnel on
the Metropolitan group, was in town
yesterday settling local accounts. They
are now in 70feetand on Monday struck
a nice bunch of ore.
Secretary Shannon of the Ferguson
school board has received several
applications for the position of teacher
hero. Miss Maud Bruce of Vancouver,
has been chosen by the trustees.
School opens on the 12th inst.
A public meeting will be held in the
Miners' Union hall this evening
(Thursday, August 1st) to decide on
celebrating Labor Day in Ferguson,
and to appoint an executive committee
to tako the matter up. All interested
are requested to be present.
Jock Noss, one of the locators of the
Juno property, is back In Nelson after
a trip to Scotland. He will leave on
Monday on a prospecting trip to tbe
Lardeau. Jock was married while in
Scotland and he intonds to return for
his bride this fall.���Nelson Tribune.
The Ruffled Grouse option expires on
the 15th inst., and if a deal is swung
by the eastern men who havo the option work will be commenced on an extensive scale, so as to determine the
property's value before tho $20,000 payment falls due four months hence.
Considerable work has been dono on
the Tonawondo property, located up
the north fork about one and a half
miles from Ferguson, owned by .Messrs.
E. A. Bell and John Morgan. Over ono
hundred feet of tunnelling has been
done, and they have somo nice looking
ore in sight.
There is one natural resource that
British Columbia bas, and it is a resource tbat will make Kootenay prosperous for many years. Tho resource
Is silver-lead ore. Thore may be
periods of depression, brought about
by various causes; but the men who
will stick to the silver-lead mines will
come out all right.���Nelson Tribune.
The wagon road up Nettio L. hill is
going ahead at a fair rate and a good
job is being, made of it. VVheu completed this road will furnish a feeder to
several properties located on the hill.
Tho Union Jack group is already boing
connocted, and the Lone Star people
will follow suit. Four-horse teams will
bo enabled to go direct to the Nettio L.
mino hereafter tor their ore, thus doing
away with the rawhldlng feature.
Tho managers and members of the
committee of the Vancouver street fair
are working like beavers to get everything in roadlness for tho opening on
August Sth. The fair is sure to be a
huge success, and to glvo everyone an
opportunity of seeing it the Canadian
Pacific Railway company will make a
specially low rate of single fare for the
round trip from stations west of Revelstoke. The nearest local agent can
give particulars as to dates and limits.
Rossland Miner, July 26: Forty men
left yesterday morning for the Lardeau
country to go to work on the C. P. R.
branch under way there. More men
offered for the work than could be
handled in one draft, and it is probable
that another oontlngent will go forward
in a day or two, as the contractors
want labor and are anxious to get all
the men available at the wages offered.
It Is stated tbat a fair spring!ing of the
men who went out yesterday were
No Idle
Men in tbe Camp and
Outsiders Are Coming In
Ore Shipments This Winter Will
Eclipse All Ota Combined
The week just passed has beon a
record breaker in this district. Neve-,
before was there so much development
work in progress, or so many men employed. In fact men are at a premium.
Nearly all tho old forces aro boing increased, and every day witnesses new
outfits leaving town to eommeneo work
at somo property or other. Stranger-
are arriving daily, but disappear in tho
hills as if by magic. Mining men,
smelter men, investors, visitors, and
tourists are paying the camp a visit.
Saddle and pack horses aro scarce.
The local stores are busy. Representatives ol some of the best known American mining men uro to be hero in thc
course of two weeks, representatives ol
such men as W. A. Clark, the Anaconda Co., Marcus Daly, and F, August
Heinze. This is surely encouraging,
and indicative beyond a doubt that this
district is springing to tho front and
deemed worthy of investigation by
practical mining men. Already there
is talk of machinery being installed in
some of our mines. The woatber has
beon exceedingly favorable and'things
generally aro coming this way. Tho
ore shipments this fall and winter will
tell the balance of 'tne'story.
J. M. Miller, "Judge," a director in
tho Old Gold eamp companies, returned
to Forguson on Monday lust, having
spent the winter In tho cast, mostly at
Detroit. Mr, Miller will visit tho Old
Gold camp this week. Messrs. Wilson
aud MeC'auley are now working on.-.
150-foot contract on the Old Gold group,
a crosscut tunnel below tho upper
workings, whore tho big strike wits,
made last season. It is the intention
of tho company to increase their force
and as soon as possible commence making a series of shipments, though it
will havo to be packed on horses a considerable distance, and for this reason
probably not moro than two or three
carloads will be shipped. Tho tru.il up
the Duncan will, ho hopes, bo completed in time for them to got an outlet
down the Duncan slope and river. They
have a good body of medium-grade ore
In the Old Gold, and with tho advent of
railway transportation up the Duncan
valley it should be a large producer of
silver-lead ore.
Messrs. S. L. Long and O. Jeldnes
have been in the camp for over a week
carefully looking over Lardeau properties, with a view of acquiring the likely
ore output from this section. They
left on Tuesday thoroughly convinced
of the fact that this is the highest
grade silver-lead camp in this province, not to mention the gold properties
or values. Thoy also recognize in ������our
immense bodies of low-grade ore great
possibilities for the future, but of
course, as a practical mining man, Mr.
Jeldness would like to seo moro development work done.
A. J, Gordon, with J, Lembko, Wm.
Leipor, Jas. Patton and D. G. Eaton,
are engaged in cutting a trail from the
Gloosp Caps cabins to the Lone Star
group. As soon as completed Mr.- Gordon will take up supplies and begin ;<
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THURSDAY,   AUGUST   1, 1901.
The C. P. R. has already lost and
paid out enough in bucking the
strikers to have granted them the
the raise asked tor for the next ten
years, The few scabs employed
are receiving $5 a day. Do you
see the twist ?
Ferguson's pay roll this winter
will be much greater than ever it
was in the summer season heretofore. The Lardeau is a twelve
months a year camp from this date.
These strikes, reports of which
we see in every paper, starting up
nn the right hand and on the left
are only the preliminary skirmishings of the coming inevitable
struggle between capital and
society. The railway brotherhoods
are our first line ol defence. We
should not permit the question of
their recognition by the great railway companies in Canada to remain
any longer a question of discussion
or even arbitration. The Canadian
in self detence should insist upon
their legislators compelling the
companies to recognize the unions
by law. We cannot afford to leave
such matters to the McNicolls any
longer.���Revelstoke Herald. Quite
right you are Mr. Grogan,
The postal system is publicly
owned, but operated by politicians
for the benefit of the railroad and
express companies. The remedy-
Have thc public own the railroads
and express companies and there
will be no corporate interests served
by bribery.
The Mine Owners' Association,
which met in Nelson JJast week,
has drafted a lengthy memorial,
dealing with their grievances real
and imaginary, addressed to the
governor - general - in-cotincil. It
contains enough truth to make it
readable and enough falsehood lo
make jt worthless.
Newspapers are too often accused
of lying, when as a matter of fact
they merely tell the news as it was
told to them. A person should al
ways note the newspaper's authority
for its news items. When sn and so
says this or that, the newspaper
is not necessarily responsible for its
truthfulness, Very few newspapers
wilfully lie in their news columns,
though their editorial columns voice
certain opinions based from a certain standpoint. It is a newspapers
business, in a mining community, to
show up the encouraging features
and progress of this or the other
property. It is the individual's
place, if he purposes investing his
money, to look into both sides of
the proposition before fluttering his
dollars to the breeze. The successes
in the mining world are generally
recorded in print, but the failures
are quietly slid over the dump of
A peppery sensation is surely in
store for the people of British Columbia interested in mines and mining. Bernard McDonald, manager
of the Rossland [Great Western
group of mines, and proprietor of
the Rossland Miner, threatens to
"tell the truth about the careers of
certain of those who now pose as
the living embodiment of all things
good and just in connection with
mining speculation ; and when that
is done it is conceivable that the
parties referred to may learn what
it is to be held up to public scorn
and ridicule ar.il very properly and
justly ostracized by all who believe
in honesty and fair dealing." When
rogues quarrel the people will at
least get an insight as to how the
trick is turned. The mine owners'
association is a house divided
against itself and will surely fall.
This  is the season cf  the  year
during which  the prospectors scour
our mountain sides, search the deep
canyons and climb the   cliffs and
crags of thc mountain peaks, seeking to discover new veins of the
precious   metals,   in  the   hope of
wresting a fortune from  the breast
nf old mother earth, says the Silver-
topian.    May good fortune attend
them and watch over this army of
honest, hard-working and fearless
rtien, who brave more dangers and
luce more real hardships than most
people realize and on whose efforts
und tireless energy the whole prosperity, of   the   west  is  indebted.
Wherever a railroad is seen crawling around a mountain side or following the windings of some western river, you  may be sure that the
prospector has blazed the way and |
inatte it possible and profitable for
the capitalist and engineer to build
the road; when gazing down upon
some mountain city, nestling in its
vvillev and shaded by the mountain
peaks, with its electric lights, pros-
porous . business   men   and  happy
:vines, stop long enough 'to think
To towns the size of Ferguson,
with a great deal ol assessable property,  the owners  of which  reside
���',,-   ���-  ii
elsewhere and hold lets merely for
speculation,     some     inexpensive
scheme of incorporation or administration   is unquestionably necessary.   We all have to pay taxes into the provincial treasury, which of
course goes into a general fund,
from which trails, etc., throughout
the district are built; but the town
itself receives no assistance in the
way ol providing streets, sidewalks,
fire protection, clearing lots, and
enhancing the value and appearance
of the town generally,.., There is, ol
course, the alternative ot incorporating as a "city," under a- special act
of the legislature, but  this seems
almost too great a step  for most
new mining towns to take, and the
experiences    ot   other    provincial
"cities" has hot helped the aspect
out very much. Now if some simple
means could be provided, whereby
the ratepayers could elect a board,
say of three, and they in turn could
choose one ol their number, at a
fair salary, to receive the taxes now
going into the government treasury,
fines, etc., and look after the interests ol   the   town   generally, the
Eaole believes it would be a capital
scheme.    Even the subject of installing our own waterworks system
and like franchises could be taken
up  by  this   board,   The revenue
would probably meet all local requirements, but the board could even
be given the power to borrow money,
if say two-thirds of the rate-payers
so desired.   In a word we would
have the privilege of conducting
our own business, and not be forever at the mercy of the government,    One man, wisely chosen by
the ratepayers, could look after the
whole works, from  police duty to
treasurer, and it  would  certainly
pay Fergusonites to look into this
proposal.   The government might
not agree to the separation, but if
shown the necessity of doing some-.
thing of 'this  sort Ior  new towns,
steps to place an easy and inexpensive method of conducting our own
business at our refusal. The advantage of such an arrangement would
be to Ferguson is apparent to us
all. The only remedy, at present,
is to incorporate as a city, and this
we are not quite prepared to do.
But in the meantime we could benefit largely if the ratepayers were
granted power by the government
to become the masters of their own
John McKane, a prominent mining man and an ex-banker) who has
also dabbled in politics, has struck
the  key   note  anent   the   "labor
troubles"  at Rossland.      Mr. McKane,  to   a .representative of the
Tribune, concludes a most interesting    interview  in    these  words;
"What is  needed  more than anything else is an intelligent presentation of the present difficulty, so
that the public can understand what
is at issue between the men who
own the mines and the men who
are required to work them.    There
has  been   altogether   too    much
prating about the difficulties under
which  capital  labors owing to the
mining laws.     Why  not strike at
the  real  evil from which the Rossland camp  is suffering, over capitalization  and   manipulation    for
stock exchange purposes?    Admitting that the mining laws of British
Columbia  are  not by any means
perfect, have they inflicted the untold injury to this province done by
the  rottenness and robbery of the
late  high-class  promoters?     The
present strike in the Rossland camp
is due largely to the desire of the
men     managing    over-capitalized
properties to make the labor unions
the scapegoats for their own sins.
This  is a   phase of the  difficulty
which should be fully understood
before anyone attempts to pass upon the respective merits of the two
parties to the labor dispute in the
Rossland camp.   It is not solely h
question ot wages.    It cannot be,
because the advance demanded b)
the muckers in the Le Roi would
not amount in a year's operation to
��ver *��5tOOO, and the owners of the
Le Roi are supposed to have $15,
000,000 worth of ore in sight in
their property which only requires
the labor of the miners to make it
marketable.   'Mining   companies
when they have $15,000,000 worth
of   ore   in 'sight  do  not usually
abandon it simply because ��5,000
have been added to the cost of tin
property's working per annum." As
to the outcomebf the present trouble,
Mr. McKane said that "matters had
not yet sufficiently crystalized to enable anyonelo speak with assurance,
but all  hoped to see   conciliation
tried, and there was a general feeling that in  the near future common
sense and good fellowship will prevail and  work be resumed in whai
should be the most prosperous mining camp on the' -North American
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Agents for  Calgary
Oold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at tho EXCHANGE. FREE
MILLING   UOLD  properties  wanted  at once for  Eastern   Investors.
Parties having mining property For Sale are requeated to send samples
ol their ore to the EXCHAND- foY exhibition.
All samples ahould be sent by express prepaid. Correspondence
solicited. Address all communication to
P.O. Box 700,      NELSON, l.C.
The "Copy" has been in the bands of
the lithographers for three week! now,
and the maps are expected here daily.
Send in your order now. ������ '*( -.���
Orders already received will be filled
promptly upon receipt, of maps.
Packing and
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies, Bio., to any
point in the distriot. ;
Good,  prompt service, and  any  work undertaken  guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. "^f S. Daney, Proprietor.
Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with ihe best brands o]
(Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and\ Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted,
Hates S2.00 "n day nnd upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
The Lardeau and Trout Lake district has a brighter future before it
to-day than any, other mining camp In
British Columbia;
oi and give credit to the prospector
who hws made these things possible, the Eagle believes they would take
Store ia Eagle Block.
Three   Storeys   High
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigarsin the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
r Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Victoria Avenue, East,
Ferguson, B. C.
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
vm.*.., ���..-.,.���.....,        AND MINING MEN	
The King's Hotel      A '
Lot the people own tbe trusts,
. There is no labor trouble in the Lardeau district; nor are we troubled with
��� The Topic Agrees that thore aro too
many newspapers in this province.
Tho Topio should know.
The Union Label
On overylhlng you buy Is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.
\f ) Rockefeller ppeaeaips the power to
stop every wliiiel of- industry in tbe
I jilted States aud plunge its pooplo Into bankruptcy and rtiln.
Politicians generally spend about
one-third of their time attending their
elector's business, and the other two-
thirds in conniving to hold oflice.
Generally tbe man who likes to see
bis prospects boomed the most, and his
name in full in print ths oftenest, is
the man who never dreams of how the
printer is paid.
There are more murders committed
than are ever published In the papers
���murders committed by the tongue.
The power of deadly poison is in It.���
August Ladles' Home Journal.
A shift at $3.50 doesn't seem tn
trouble many of tho contractors In this
district, as some of them aro paying
#���(, and find it pays, as, they say, It
gives them an opportunity to pick their
There may be many evils in connections with strikes, but the newspapers
are not going to remedy .one of those
ovIIb by publishing silly nonsense as to
the way in which organized labor
interprets its own laws.���Nelson Economist.
doited Bate of North America
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Fifteon men are working at the Gold
Pinch, now being operated by Mr.
Kosenberger, who by the way wears a
very broad smile.���Revelstoke Herald.
The Eagle once heard of a man who
wore a paper collar and his norve, butof
course that was ln a silver-lead camp.
Life in a gold camp Is so much different.
Tho trouble that employers are having with their workmen is nothing like
tbat which is coining iu tho near future.
Th<* minority cannot long master tbe
majority. The workingmen aro waking up to tho natural rights of man,
and are mussing their forces for the
greatest struggle in the aunals of the
There is at least one advantage In
having a cinch on this or thatcommod-
ity. Until Pat Burns, the meat king,
put or bought everybody else in the in.
terlor out of business, he used to advertise freely. Now he finds it only a
waste of money. And yet some people
say co-operation Is not swallowing,
"Woll, that's enough to try the
tionoe of Job," exclaimed tho villago
minister, us ho threw aside tho local
"Why, what's tho matter, dear?'
asked hi�� wife.
"Last Sunday I preached from the
text'Bo yo therefore steadfast,'" an
swored tlio good man, "but the prlntor
makes it road, 'Be ye there for break
For a l-tipresontativo who was eleotod
upon a platform which advocated the
public ownership of railways, Thos.
Taylor eooms overly anxious to produce all the arguments he can against
such a step on tho part of tho people.
Mr. Taylor seems to think the C. P. R.
is all right, Ho It Is, for thoso who aro
shareholders, But all thu pooplo
should bo Included as tho shareholders.
Millionai-ism, tho great economic
cancer that is eating out the heart and
life of American civilisation, comes
from the private ownership of the public utilities, Everything tbat can be
monopolized is a public utility, and it
should bo owned by all tho people collectively. Either* this, or more mllllon-
arlsm and more pauporism. ��� Butte
A number of men; who pose as a hide
full of perfection; are always pleased
to jolly a newspaper man for lying,
especially If the Rowing report published concerns the other fellow's property. The fact of the matter is, the
whole trutb is more dangerous than a
sun-baked stick of dynamite, which
would be brought forcibly home to some
of these types of honesty and wildcatters, were the Eagle to tell the whole
truth of theso same lovers of truth, and
their holdings. The whole truth would
make many of tho critics squirm,
and the editor would probably wear a
black awning, handed him free gratis.
tho United Hatters
of North Amorlca.
When you are but-
1 Ina a FUR HAT,
I either soft or stiff,
I seo to It that the
iromllno UNION
Label is sewed In It.
If a retailer has
loose labels In his
tiossessiou and of.
ters to put ono ln a
hat for you, do not
patroniae him. He
has not any right to have loose labels. Loose
labels In retail stores aro eountcrfeita. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the lial
has no label. The (Jouuine Union Label Is
perforated on the fonr'eMgcs exactly tho same
aa a postage stamp. Counterfeits ara aome*
times perforated on threo of the edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tho counterfeits. .Unprincipled manular-
turera aro using them In order to get rid of
thoir scab-made hats. The John B. Stetson
no. and Henry II. Roelofs & Co., both of Philadelphia, Pa., aro non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N. J.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
fioo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. JI. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, 3.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Wholesale   Dealer   In
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Tim Beat Omuls Only,
Stock Largo mill Complete
797 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Lardeau Miners' Union Ao.
119, P. F. ofM.
Meets every Saturday evening at s o'clock,
In the Eagle hall, Ferguson. II. C.   Visiting
members cordially invited.
President.       Recording Secretary.
l l I l l
I    I    I    I   I
July 2, 16.    Aug. 6, ao.
July '3.14. 'S-
Christian Endeavor Convention.
July 2, 3-
National Education Association.
" DETROIT���$71.35.
July 2,  3.
For time tables, rates and full information apply to local agents.
D. V. A��� Nelson.      A.U.P.A.. Vaneouvor.
Geo. W. 'Jorey.
Mining Engineer.
R. Lyman, Jr., B.8.,E.M.,
Memb. A. I. M. K.
Corey $ Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lardeau properties managed,
examined and     fergmn> ��i# fl
reported upon.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service, n Eagle hall every
Sunday at 3 p.m    ^unday school at 2 p.m.
Trout Lake Clt" . Services ln Forrester's
hall every "andayat 7:80 p.m. Sunday
school at2sio p.m.
REV. S. J. GREEN. Pastor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
See that thia Label is on all Clothing you buy.
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on tho
box bearing THE BLUE label.
It helps manufacturers to see tho force
of paying fair and bpnost wages.
The Label Committee,!*!:, m. I. U
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Ouak-r
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
J. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke Station, B. C.
The Lardeau District
as a profitable field for thc judicious advertiser is unexcelled in this province.  THC
LARDEAU   EAGLE   is   tlie only medium
actually covering thc district.   An ad. in tlie
EAGLE will reach more people in Ferguson,
Trout Lake City, Thomson's I.nndi.i,:, Comaplix, Camborne, Arrowhead, Tun Mllty-OUele
City and every solitary mine in the district,
than any other paper published.   No other
district in Canada oilers such splendid opportunities for good, wide-awake adveititers.
Do you want moro business?  Then write at
once for our advertising rates and place your
patronage in the only medium that actually
covers the ileld-THE LABDEAU BAGLE,
Job Printing
The EAOLE is thc only printing office in
North    Kootenay  which can  furnish   the
Typographical   Union   Label    upon    yonr
printed matter.  This alone is a guarantee of
fair wage conditions and best workmanship.
Mail orders Ailed promptly.   Let the EAGLE
print your printing; always neat, clean aud
B. C.
The pay roll centre and the plaov whore Lardeau's shipping
mines'aro located, la situated b6 mites southeast of Revelstoke.
From Rovolstoko in Arrowhead by rail, 28 miles; from Arrowhead to Thomson's Lauding by boat, 12 miles; from t'/.c Landing
to FKRGUSON, by horse 6r stage, 10 mile;'. Come straight to
Feiftson.   Investigation, courted.
Is the Coming Solid Town of the
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the Nettie L. Double
Eagle, Ophir-Lade, Silver Cup,
Triune, Metropolitan, Sunset,
Lone Star, Comstock and other
properties will operate the year-
round hereafter, and this winter
will see probably 400 men at
work, over 200 of which will be
engaged on the properties of
the first three named.
Because the shipping mines are.
located on Nettie L. hill, between thc two creek forks; oil
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
the south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson.
.Because the offices of many of
. the companies operating in the
��� camp are located here.
Because Ferguson receives the
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is thc point where
mining men coming into the district make their headquarters; ns
they can walk or ride and return
from most of the properties in
one day or less.
BECAUSE every pound of ore from
these mines coming down the
hill lands first in Ferguson.
From hero it will be teamed to
transportation on the lake, a
distance of four miles.
Because when the railway reaches
the place where the mines are it
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natural advantage for the building up o( a
great mining center.
But why give other reasons: We have the mines, the pay roll, the natural geographical location, unlimited water power, etc., and the right kind of people to make
a town. The ore shipments, increasing business, and, money and enterprise will do the
rest.   Come and see for yourself.
Business: ><
From $150 u$
From $75 up
""������  ,..-'--*���'    ���'.,-.;���' TffSv
for wrther particulars write
Henry Floyd
i; WLWLW^LWLWaWS^^JLWML&l ������������-��-����� mini
Dawson City is noplace tor seekers
of work.
Thoa. Taylor, M. L. A., was in town
on Thursday altornoon last.
Some excellent specimens of Triune
oro were brought to town this week.
George Johnson of Revelstoke, is
again in charge ot P. Burns & Co.'s
W. B. Pool was in town for a few
seconds on Monday. He is now in the
hills somewhere.
Alex Brown, who has charge of the
work on the White Warrior group, was
in town on Monday.
* G. B. Batho & Co. will hereafter
receive twico-a-week shipments of California and B. C fresh fruits,
The new hotel being erected by M,
'.Irady at St. Leon Springs will be ready
for occupation by October 1st.
* Weekly shipments of fresh ranch
eggs and creamery butter now being
received by G. B. Batho & Co.
Charles Walmsley of Sandon, a co-
owner in the Lucky Jim, was in tbe
camp last week, and paid the property
a visit.
Dr. A. MUloy, dentist, of Rossland,
who holds mining interests in tbo eamp,
was in Trout Lake for a lew days this
K. A, Haggen, who has been making
an examination of the Silver Cup mine
for tho past week, left town for Revelstoke on Monday.
* Over 200 pounds of union-made
chewing tobacco is now on sale at G. B.
Batho & Co's. Union label on every
cut.  Give It a trial,
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. Rosenberger'a advt. in this
issue. No stock to sell; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
The Cranbrook Herald is now an all-
home printed, bright and newsy seven-
column four-page newspaper; a credit
to Editor Simpson and to the rising
city of Cranbrook.
"Slg" Davis, who spent a few days
prospecting around the head of Seven-
mile creek, on the Nettie L. hill last
week, says he saw quite a number of
bean during bis trip.
* Mining companies needing time
aheets, voucher forms or any kind of
printing, should try the Eagle job
office. First-class work guaranteed.
If we can't suit you we don't want your
There Is very little stir at Dusches-
ney, the new townsite at the foot of
Trout lake, as yet. A few men are
busy slashing, but the railroad construction 'men are not near enough just
now to cf mse a sensation.
A re'jent arrival here from Rossland
jays tl.iat the mine managers are pulling Cut the underground machinery and
lett'iug the mines fill with water, Looks
as though the striking mine managers
in'tended to stay out for awhile.
The Slocan camp must be picking up.
The Paystreak says: Poker of the
two and a half ante variety has made
its debut in the camp and the corpulent yet elusive jackpot once more engages the attentiou of the sporty gents
who flirt with Dame Fortune on the
preen cloth.
* The Western Mining World's souvenir number for July, published in
Butte, Montana, is a credit to the great
mining center from which lt eminates
and to the management of the World.
Never before has such a complete
volume of information concerning tbe
modern mines of the western states
boen placed within a cover.
W. C Myers of Stratford, Ont., and
C L. Fisher of Clinton, Ont., who hold
some mining interests up the north
fork, are in the camp. They struck
the pay roll center on Saturday morning and visited the Nettie L. mine the
same day. On Monday morning they
left for the Old Gold camp, where they
will spend a few dayB. Jacob Schmidt
and Ross Chesnut accompanied them.
The Eaole has been ashed hy W, H.
Quann, manager of the Vancouver
street fair and carnival, which taker
place this month, to send him specimens of ore from Ferguson mining
properties, to be placed In an ore collection for exhibition purposes. If
those interested ��� ln properties will
kindly leave their samples at the
Eagle oflice at once, they will be forwarded to Mr. Quann free of charge.
Do you like the Eagle? Do you
like it *2 worth ?
J, J. McKay of Vancouver, was in
town this week.
R. Sawyer of Revelstoke, was in
town on Saturday last.
S. F. W. Gainer went out to Revelstoke yesterday. He will return on
Assayer Shannon is working early
and late, endeavoring to turn out ore
values as occasion demands.
* Fresh'- fruits���strawberries, cherries, bananas, oranges, lemons, peaches
and apricots at G. 15. Batho & Co. 's
Geo. Forddred intends re-opening bis
boot and shoe shop ln Trout Lake. He
will also spend part of his time  In
Imperial Bank   < >
*���*_������      of Canada.
- 11,850,000.00.
General Banki ig Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits ln Savings
Department at current rates.
* Get a camera and join tho fiends.
There's amusement In it. Send to tbe
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke,
B. C 1'hotographic supplies also supplied. ',,,;,   '   .
* You are within hello distance of
anyone between here and Arrowhead:
and a message can be received or sent
from here to any part of the world.
Telephone in Cummins & Co.'s store.
f i
Will be held in
this evening
to deeide on
celebrating Labor
Day in FergTson,
and to appoint an
executive committee to take the
matter up,
Smi-ke Union-Make Cigars.
For sale by Ferguson's Leading Hotels.
Ask for tbem.
R. S. Wilson.
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum,' Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc, Agent for
Pianos, Sewing ;i Machines, etc. Mailorders
promptly  attended  to.
H. EdwardsJk*V
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted, Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed,
Third Street  ^Revelstoke
WANTED.-Lots  on   Victoria Avenue, ln
blui-liK 1,2,:!. i, fi, o or 7.    Send price,
terms, and particulars at once.
WILL   BUT  Ut 17.   in   block '_;
cleared, fenced and in garden.
WILL BUY Lot 18, In block 2.   Apply at once.
ttOAfl WILL BUY Ixit 6, In block 1, Part
^POI-FU (-asli; balance before Auguit 1st.
Tii id lot Is on Victoria Avenue, almost cleared,
and ln tbe huftineiw centre of the town. A
good buy at the price.
iJftEA WILL BUY Lots 8, 9 and 10 lw
H'UtJ'-LJ block 7, on Victoria avenue, immediately west of tho Windsor hotel. Bphniliil
high and dry lots; nn Al location, /'ortb
more, but owner must have money. Off*.r void
after Aug. 1st.   Terms, cash.   Apply at uttee.
H-lff-ft  WILL BUY corner Lot 1 or i, tn
3>IUU block so. insidk LOTS In the lime
block for sale at |7r> each.  Terms:  % down. >i
In 3 months, balance in G mouths-
0- K. Laundry
/-������������w^ CornerViokersStreet
*    ^^-and Queen Avenue
Laundry work of  every description done
clciiuly ami promptly.
I S. W. F. Gainer
tCmn WJLl BUY cornor Lot* lt or 14 in
���JU.UU blook SS. Those lota are 80x100.
INHIDE LOTH in same block for sale at 975
each. Terms: ya cash,balance In 3 and fl I
months. 10 per cent, off for cash. These lots
are admirable residential property, handy to
the proposed school. Fine small creek nearby.
Several residences already erected ln adjoining
(tlAA WILL BUY corner Lots 11 or 14,In
$1UU  40.   $75 will buy Inside lots 8, 9, 10,
12 or 13 In the samo block. Usual terms. This
property Is locally known as Knob hill a
bench overlooking the town. Splendid residential property.   Selling readily.
WILL BUY anyone of Lots 8, .. 6,
 ��� ��� 0, 7 or 8, in block 8, situate on Victoria avenue, north side; the only lots on the
main street at these prices.  Usual terms.
(��<_inA WILL BUY-Lot7,ln blockl.oppo-
���rOUV site 8. Shannon's assay office on
Vicoria Avenue. Half cash, balance In sixty
days; This offer only holds good till Aug. 1st.
A snap ior a business location.
For further particulars  apply to
Is now doing business nt the
old stand-'"Bagle" building.
Halcyon Hot Springs"
Sanitarium  4 ���   *��
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situate* mJrrst'flcenery
unrivalled for grandeur. ' Boating, fishing
and excursions.- Resident physician and
nurse. In telegrfcpnic communication with
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cure all nervous
and muscular diseases, m waters heal All
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sure remedy against
all argontiferour. poisons. TERMS,: $15 to
$18 per week, Muoxdlng to residence In hotel
or villas.
When You Ard
For a prospecting trip or buying supplies
for your camp, rembember that we carry
The Largest Complete
Stock in the Lardeau
It makes no difference what size your order
is, nor what it calls for, we can fill it, and
rft lower prices than elsewhere in this
district. We buy in carload lots, and get
the cash discounts, thus placing us in a
position to sell you the very newest and
best supplies at lowest prices. Having just
enlarged our store, we are in a better position than ever to fill your order promptly.
Pack train orders is our specialty. Come
in and see our stock, and get prices before outfitting.   We can save you money.
McKinnon dr
Our Goods
The Post Office store. Let us do your outfitting.
Fresh   fruits arriving. Liberal discounts for cash.
O. B. Batho <fr Co.
LARGE   NEW   STORE                                                          LARGE   NEW   STOCK
1          1
Established 1896
1     1
General Merchants
DSPECTORS AND MINING                                   HAM,    BACON,   EGGS    ,
COMPANIES      SUPPLIED                                   EGGS     GUARANTEED
f C. B.. Hume & Co. |
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The largest Importers In North Kootenay. f
I Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City, B. C. |
Everybody   Our Special
The Union
CIGAR _ , ur
They aro all Union nude and ol the KevelstokeClgar
host Havana Tobacco monoy can Manufacturing
buy.  Try ono a nd satisfy yourself f.��� - d-.._i.��-i.��
����to tbeir quality. Co., Revelstoke.
Citizens ofthe Lardeau District
When you come to Revelstoke tt > do your shopping, remember that
^Bourne Bros.
have tho largest and  best  am orted  stock in  North Kootenay.
Compare our prices and see our gi tods before purchasing elsewhere.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled


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