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Lardeau Eagle 1903-05-29

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���** j.
,..' Mew Vork Market. ��
Silver���Bar    $  54.
Lead���100 lbs      4.45
Copper     15.00
VO/   IV, NO 16.
Ferguson, B. C, MAY 29. 1903.
$2 a Yenr
I I I.
Oswald Supports Presi
dent    Shaughnessy's
Contention That C. P
R. Had the Grants.
Evidence was given during the week
by high Eastern officials of the C. P. 11.
before the committee investigating the
Columbian & Western land grant manipulation.* These officials, Including
President Sir Thomas Shaughnessy,
A. R. Creelman, chief C. P. R. solicitor, and H. Campbell Oswald, secretary of the Columbia & Western railway, swore to a man tbat the said
grants were actually delivered and
actually layover night in the Canadian
Pacific Railway Co's vaults, and the
following morning the chief commissioner of lands and works, Hon. Mr.
Wells, called and requested that two
of them be given him back temporarily. Tbe request was granted and Mr.
Wells failed to return them. Under
cross-examination the witnesses seemed to have difficulty in explaining why
receipts were not given for them in the
lirst place, and again when the two
were returned no receipt was given. It
seems very peculiar that C. P. R. officials would be so negligent in giving
and taking receipts, but there certainly
is something very peculiar about the
whole transaction, and where the improper conduct lays has vet to be es*
Mr. Geo. McL. Brown, the company's former executive agent, was recalled in the hope, we presume, that
his memory might serve him better
than at the time of the former examination. He also was subjected to a
vigorous cross-examination, but little
new matter was brought to light, however. Hon. W. C. Wells was also recalled and gave some rebuttal testimony. This consisted largely In detailed denial of certain portions of the
evidence given by officials of the railway company. He declared that Sir
Thomas Shaughnessy, when parting
with bim, Wells, had said he was glad
the twenty-three grants were delivered
but sorry .the other two were not delivered, This matter of the grants, he
declared, had been fully discussed with
President Shaughnessy at the first interview on thelnight of the 20th, and
he delivered the memo, next morning.
He could not recall any statement re
gat-ding the returning of the grants in
thirty days. When parting, he thought
he said to Sir Thomas that he would
hear .(rom him in a month. When he
saw glv Thomas in June, the C. P. It.
president had expressed disappoint*
ment at not receiving the grants, but
said he attributed no blame to Mr
Wells, but to the government. Witness never told Col. Prior that Bill No.
87 confirmed the Act, but no doubt said
tbat the bill should conform to the
Subsidy Act, He afterwards went to
Mr. Eberts about it, becauso he regarded Bill No. 87 as Mr. Eberts' bill.
.'rank Vacated Again.
Arrivals from the C.'ow's Nest yesterday morning state that the big snow
storm which did bo much damage on
the prairies extended west aB far aB
Frank, where the snow on the level
was a foot deep. Eastward toward
Macleod aud Plncher creek there were
drifts six and seven feet deep.
At Frank the people wore again getting out, a telegram having been received early on Tuesday morning from
Premier Haultain to the officer commanding the Northwest mounted polico at Frank as follows:
"Geological survey reports western
peak of mountain threatens remaining
portion of town. Notify all concerned
It is reported that a crack 3,000 feet
long and 45 inches wide has formed 500
feot back from the outer face Of the
peak referred to.
The merchants feel tbat nothing remains but to move th'elf' stocks as
quickly as possible and close up for
good.���Nelson News.
Ferguson the Hub of the
Lardeau.���Rich Veins
Exist in Every Direc
visited Camborne.
J. V. Reeves and P. F. Horton went
to Camborne Sunday to spend the 25th.
They report quite a' building boom in
progresa. There are two new hotels
about ready to open and another nearly
completed. A. G. Fraser has started a
new Btore and has got his stock about JP-'OP-"'^ are prospeotors and working
ready to open up. There is lots of miners and doserve great credit for
activity in tbe violnity and the people Ithe perseverance they bave shown in
are hopeful of a good summer. 1 developing their property.   They have
These gentlemen report a rich strike Iabout 300 feet of tunneling in good
on the Goldfinch, made on Saturday. IBtifr mak representing at least an out-
A resident of Ferguson took a run
down last week to Rapid creek for the
purpose of examining the new gold
discovery reported from thero last fall.
When interviewed by an Eaole representative the party had just returned
and was enthusiastic regarding the
future of that district and was showing
Bamples of oro with the gold plainly
visible.   He said in part:
"There are a number of very promising claims but the only ono on which
there is much development done Ib on
the North Star group owned by Messrs.
Rogers & Smith.   The owners of this
Service will be held in Eagle bai
every Sunday commencing at 3 p. m.,
and alternate Sundays at 8 p. m. All
are Invited to attend.
S. J. Green, Pastor.
Divine service will be held every
alternate Sunday in Eagle hall at 3 In
the afternoon.*
An invitation to attend Is extended to
evervbodv H, A, Solly,
A lump of ledge matter weighing
pounds was taken out and it was found
to contain 50 per cent pure gold. Tbo
whole substance of the matrix of the
vein, from wall to wall, is the same,
but of course it is not known yet how
far it extends. It is supposed to be but
a pocket, but it shows there are large
quantities of gold in the Fish river
camp and the summer will bring great
developments. A great wave of excitement has gone out over the country
in consequence of this latest and richest find. 	
A l'rolUublo Investment.
"There are few investments that pay
larger dividends than a newspaper subscription wisely placed. The local
newspaper Is a factor of great moment
In the development of a locality and it
should be heartily supported by the
people it serves." That Is the sort ot
newspaper the Eaole is and it is being
supported, but it can always do with
more support. To the Eaole add a
metropolitan weekly of goneral excellence,'giving the wider news of the
world and you havo a satisfying combination.
The Free Press, Winnipeg, is a city
newspaper of general excellence and
Is just the kind of paper to be taken In
conjunction with the Eagle.
We will send tho Eagle and the
Weekly Free Press clubbed for ono
year to any address tor 42.75.
Tho Bplendid picturos given as premiums with the Free Press are alone
worth the price of tho subscription.
We have samples of theso attractive
premiums at this oflice and invite your
inspection of them at any timo.
Drowned In tlie ftapldi.
A dispatch from Dawson says: "Bud
Harklns and Miss Leila Wallace met
death in a whirlpool on Sunday while
attempting to shoot Whltehore rapids
in a canoe. Harklns, Miss Wallace
and Eugene Larose were making a
pleasure trip in the conoe, and anticipated no danger In going through the
rapids. When well on their course the
canoe shipped a little water, the girl
made a startled movement, and the
craft quickl/ overturned.
Larose clung to the canoe and was
soon rescued by a party from the shore
but Harklns and Miss Wallace were
swept away in tho whirlpool and
drowned. The girl's body has been recovered, but no trace has yet been
found ol Hawkins' remain!,
lay of $4,000.
"Tho gold values are found in leads
cutting the formation at right angles,
anda belt of country about 2,000 feet
wide seems to be cut at regular intervals by these cross leads, which vary
in width from a few inches to several
feet, and nearly all show free gold on
the surface.
"The formation consists of several
belts of diorite and schist and these
gold bearing loads cut through both
formations and tho most peculiar feature of them is that they are wider
and carry better values in the hard
diorite than they do in the softer
1 figured that, according to assays,
there was at least $150,000 worth of ore
In Bight on this group of claims.
���'Another group' of claims visited
was tho Sunrise group, owned by J.
Nesbit. On this group there is nothing done but surface work, but on several of tho leads where thoy have been
stripped they show free gold, and as
they are continuations of the leads
found on the Rogors claims they prove
that their leads continue for at least
3,000 feet and bent* good values.
'I think that the half has not been
discovered about this section of the
country, and It is really one of the
most accessible parts of the Lardeau,
being only about a milo from the railway and It is bound to come to tho
front beforo long."
Hr. and Mrs. Ureoit (lo to KhhIo.
Rov. S. J. Green arrived from Vancouver on Friday evening, whore ho
was attending conference. Earlier In
the day tho roof and upper part of tho
parsonage at Trout Lake wore badly
burnod causing considerable damage.
Tbere was no insurance, so the loss
will be found hard tb boar by the congregation at the Lake city.
The Trout Lake-Ferguson circuit has
a change of ministers this year. Rev.
Mr. Green, who has been here for the
last three years, has been transferred
to the Kaslo circuit, and Rev. Mr.
Sharp comes to Trout Lake and Ferguson.
Ferguson people will feel sorry to
lose Mr. and Mrs. Green, but they recognize that this system of itinerancy
is a principle of the Methodist body
and must be met.
Sunday evening next Mr, Green
will preach his farewell sermon In Ferguson and will leave next week for
Accident at tlie Cup.
An accident occurred at tho Silver
Cup mine Wednesday night, a littlo
aftor 7 o'clock, by which Goorgo Parker sustainod a fracture of tho jaw bone.
Ho is not seriously hurt, but will have
to spond some timo in the hospital, to
which place he was assisted Thursday
morning. The Cup compressor was
started to work Wednesday, Mr. Balfour, who installed it, running the engine tiii night shilt went on duty. Goo.
Parker took charge of the englno for
the night shift and turned on a full
head of steam. Tho engine got on
centre and ho took a crowbar to lift it
over, without turning off steam, and
the bar was forced from his grasp and
thrust against the side of his face
breaking his jaw. Dr. Newcombo was
summoned by telephone and went immediately to tho assistance of tho sufferer.
He Likes North Albertn.
Frank Barber returned Monday from
Edmonton, Alberta, Territory. He
took up a homestead about 05 miles
north-east of Edmonton and will go
back next fall to start into mixed farming. He likes that country very much
and belloves it an ideal place for a
young man to go to to get a home and
to take enjoyment out of lifo. He believes that mixed farming is ono of the
surest ways of making money, but of
course one cannot make so much of It,
nor ao quickly as by means of successful mining operations. Mr. Harbor
thinks oue is singularly fortunate who
can get a stock farm in tho northern
Alberta country and after next fall ho
hopes to make his homo there.
Caught Glanders.
Physicians wore' summoned from
Grand Forks, N. D., to investigate a
case of contagious disease on the farm
of John Peterson, west of North wood.
The doctors found a terrible state of
affairs. The disease is a type of glanders. All the horses on tbe place aro
affected and will havo to be killed. Mr.
Peterson had contracted the diseaso
and was dead; his wife is so ill thnt littlo hopo of hor recovery is entertained.
There are eight or ton children in the
family, allot whom havo been exposed.
Tho place has been quarantined and
all tho means available taken to prevent tho spread of the disoase.
Judge Miller Coining,
J. C. Murray was in Ferguson Tuesday, having business at tho bank and
elsewhere. He thiults we will see a
vory busy summer and many now properties will be added to tlio shipping
list. Judge Miller, he said, would be
back to tho Lardeau in four weeks, and
ho would be provided with abundance
of funds to spend on tho properties of
which he is manager.
A Muy Party.
Mrs. J. Q. McKinnon was tho hostess
Wednesday night of a very onjoyablo
party and ono of the nicest given in
Ferguson this season, in honor of Miss
McKinnon, her sister-in-law. Cards,
ping-pong, etc., woro thc order of entertainment until supper wus sowed al
12 o'clock. Mrs. McKinnon sustained
hor reputation as an excollont entertainer.
Great Northern Systeiii
Being Extended to
Points of Vantage on
Canadian Soil.
President Hill of the Groat Northern system, is constantly reaching out
for tho futuro business of Canadian
mines in Kootenay.
The C. P. It. say they will not build
any moro railway till what they nor.*
havo pays a profit on investment, bin,
they are' shortsighted.
Jim Hill sees ahead, aud knows that
by building now ho will bo ready tpr
business when mining conditions improve and that tho peoplo will appreciate his desire to lend a helping hand to
open up tho mines by giving proper
transportation. Hill knows that the
money spent will bo well spent, and
the'investment is good. In an interview with a Spo-tesman-Revlew representative, Mr. Hill said:
"Wo shall extend thc spur to the.
Granby smelter at Grand Forks, at
once. It is our purpose also to build
into tho Okanagan and tho Sitnilkii-
meen country,"
"I am not prepared now to say how
soon we shall extend the lino to Phoenix, but we must develop that northern
territory. Thoy need coke, and there
is fine coking coal in tho Crow's Nest
and we have a lino road thore now.
We are ready to haul tho coal and
coko, but it has to be made first.
"Wo aro going to oxteud two brandies up north. Wo will build into the
Okauagan country and the Simllkameen, Yes, it is the V., V. __ E., but
most of tho line will be on this side of
tho boundary,
"Wo will havo to mako some large
improvements also on tho Spokane
Falls & Northern. We aro to put down
heavier steel and improve tho grades.
Improvements will be mado as fast as
the business will warrant."
Asked about the settlement of tho
strike, he said: "It all came out amicably. I know thero would be no
strike. Our men did not want a strike.
There wero somo things to get together on, and, that done, the trouble
was over.
"I am going on to the coast to inspect the progress of improvements
thero. I Bhall return Monday and may
mako a stop hero for a short time
From hero I am going up into the
Crow's Nest country beforo returning
Tho stage from Beaton now makes
the run to Ferguson on schodulo timo,
arriving at 5:30 p. m.
The installing ot machinery on tho
Oyster-Criterion property at Camborno
makes a lively scene.
Camborne is certainly experiencing
a little boom this spring and the developments would seem to justify It.
R. A. Upper, chief license inspector
for the district, was in Ferguson Saturday in connection with the duties
pertaining to his position, Ho escorted a prisoner (rom Revelstoke to the
Nelson jail, and returned via the Lardeau branch,
Kiifltthi Aggressive.
Reports from Pekin arc not calcu-
lated to allav the uneasiness in Japan
as to Russia's action in Manchuria,
Whilo tho original "seven demands"
mado by Russia on China have been
withdrawn, it is now stated that other
demands havo been presented, Including, it is said, one that grants a con
cossion to Russia to build a railroad
from Kukdon to tho Yalu river, a project which is enabling Russia to con-
centrato thc troops as a constant men
aco to Korea. The military attache's
to tho British, Amorican and Japanese
legations, who havo been sent to Shen-
king province to ascertain the real
statoof the invasion, report that tbe
Russians havo merely changed their
stations. Although a slight decrease-
in the garrisons is observed, unarmed
Russian soldiers aro going about everywhere, Mounted brigands frequently
attack foreign travelers,who, however.
can proceed safely if thoy aro guarded
by Russian troops, Larfteau Bagle
Published evory Friday at Ferguson,, B. C.
to whom all correspondon-'��Ibonld bo mailed.
Subscription Katos: B.IW,P-�� annum, to
tniy uddrcKS in America! H.'ffl ,or ���I" months
-...'naycar (o foreign address '�����   No pay, nt
papor, ____^___^___
s.lvcrtlsing Units: Display .*di.,II.op per
���Ingle column inch per month, i *��ai ads., 12
cents per (niraparlel) line lor Ilrst Insertion j s
.���ems per line ior each addlllona 1 insertion.
it*-,���u���g notices 10 cents per lino it(MA.isue.
Ninety day legal notices, 110.; sixty d.lvs, 17.60;
thirty days, ?o. No ads. accepted at lei! than
tlicsc rates.  No room lor guack ads.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
FRIDAY. MAY 29, 1903.
Mining men from the working:
properties about Ferguson who
have been to town during the week
all have but one story to tell and
that is the oft-repeated verdict that
follows wise development in this
camp: "The lead is getting stronger and better mineralized as development progresses." We repeat
these words often, for they are the
general report that reaches us, and
it shows that proper development
does in almost every instance bring
forth good results.
What a vast amount of rich mineral there must be in the hills that
rise above our modest little town,
and how little do we know ol the
wealth contained in the cradle in
which she lies.
The prospecting, so far, is conceded to be very limited; only
where the leads come to the surface
here and there have any attempts
been made to search for mineral.
Here prospect holes have been
blasted out of the rock, and we will
say that in this camp scarcely has
there been a failure, where the surface showing was of any account,
lo locate a good vein of ore. In
most cases, however, after the ore
has been found, development was
not continued, but the prospector
quit work and waited for a purchaser. This course is conceded
b) all good business men to be a
decidedly unwise course to take, but
there is more excuse for it than
many will acknowledge. In the
first place the prospector generally
has not enough money to justify
him to thoroughly investigate his
find. He is kept busy doing the
Si oo a year on each claim for the
necessary annual assessment, for
most prospectors have from tour to
ten claims���too many, we will admit. So dependence is had on being able' to sell the property in an
undeveloped or partially developed
Could the men who find the
claims but develop them sufficiently
to enable'a mining expert to go un*
der ground and figure even appro*
imately the quality of the ore and
the probable quantity it contained
tiie prospector would get the large
profits that usually go to the mid<
dlcmcn, and the camp would derive
much more benefit.
Kaslo, and the majority of those
who stayed at home went down to
the dance at Trout Lake in the evening where a fine time was spent.
Most of our citizens, however, contented themselves with a walk up
one or other of the Lardeau branches, those who happened to be lovers
of nature gathered moss and ierns.
There is no doubt that if one is in
satisfactory company a holiday can
be made as productive of real enjoyment in this inexpensive, quiet
way as if they were with a large
crowd. In this nq one has a monopoly. Strolling out on a mountain side or along one of the king's
paths that lead along the course ot
a mountain stream, every living person is on an equality with his or her
neighbor���all of God's creatures
walking on the king's domain. So
although we Fergusonites were far
removed from the flurry and excitement of spectacular celebrations,
we nevertheless did honor to the
memory of the late lamented Victoria.
t . ' i  .T
We have not noticed anything
about Attorney General Eberts having resigned from the B, C. ministry. Surely he will not wait to be
asked for his resignation after the
result ot the past week's investigation. It certainly looks as if he had
the C. P. R. company's interests
more at heart than the countrys,
and yet by accepting a portfolio he
is supposed to safeguard the interests of the province.
Dodgers were distributed about
Ferguson last week by the committee of the Trout Lake dancing
society inviting people to attend a
"social dance on the King's birthday, May 35th." We didn't know
King Edward had changed the date
of his birth. We believed he was
born Nov. 9th.'
on second floor in Eagle block
Ferguson, B. C.
Open for engagement for
day or night meetings
at reasonable rental.
i Write or call on
There was no celebration in Fer*
gusou commemorative of the anniversary of the late Queen Victoria's
birth, and the town was remarkably
quiet throughout the day and evening of Monday. The 34th of May
having fallen on Sunday, Monday
was proclaimed a holiday throughout the British Empire.
A number of our citizens took
advantage   of  the   excursion to
Schools. sc"f,X���N'
Gives Instruction \>y nmil In tlio following subject a: Mechanical engineering,
mcchnnlcAl drawing, Electrical engineer-
lug, telegraphy, tele phony, sanitary plumbing, heating and ventilation, civil engineering, Architecture, architectural drawing, sheet metal pattern drafting, lettering
and nign painting, ornamental design*,
book keeping, stenography, milling, -smelting, metallurgy, hyurometallurgy, electro*
therapeutic*, French, -Merman. Spanish.
Hend for froe catalogue.
10 per cout discount by cutting out this
ad, and enrolling before end of month,
H. HcDOUGALL, Local Agent.
Nelson, B, V.
RljAi._r&-_rftj&j& sfc: ,_*_rit-ri��j$_i'ri____sW
Do You Know |
That a man is more
manly when he keeps
his (ace cleanly shaven
his hair neatly trimmed and uses the
bath frequently.
All the requirements of a first class
barber shop supplied
by..   ,
LRoy Jameson
How*s your Printing? Po you know that the
EAGLE Job Department has one of the best
equipped plants in North Koqtenay and that it is
unnecessary to send out of the Lardeau for Work?
After You
ior that order you aie sending away out of the
district to save a few shillings. Don't be fooled.
The EAGEE can give you satisfaction. "We
carry only the first quality in office stationery, etc.
Receive Our Strict Attention.
THE EAOLE,   Ferguson, B. C.
Drugs �����* Stationery
Prescriptions Carefully and
..Accurately Compounded..
The Townsite of-
The Pay-Roll Centre of the
Rich  Lardeau   District.
Buy Lots Now And Get
in on the Ground Floor
There It only one best mining Journal.
That la ..
Mines and Minerals.
It hat a larger circulation than any two otber
American mining journal, because lt It tbe
bctt. It Is tbe largett, bott illustrated and
handsomest mining Journal ln the world. It
It a mining paper for mining men. Subscription price |2.0t) per year. Send lor froe sample
copy. Address MINES AND MINERALS, Scranton, Fa��� u. 8'. k. Denver offlcei, Earth Bldg.,
Sin.MiCol . ���' '
The Lardeau is the richest
known mining district in British
Golumbia and the mines, particularly those about Ferguson,
contain large qu antities oi ore
being big as well as rich. Several
new properties will ship
ore during the coming year and
the town is sure to double
in size Buy a few lots now
before the effect of this year's
progress sends them up, may-
hap beyond your reach.	
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Fartherl Information* Apply to
Henry Floyd
General Agent,
*i   :-.
���Revelstoke, B. C V
Smith & Co.
4S Bleury St,
Will be represented la
Ferguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and we
Our representative
S. A. Scott is a
practical tailor and
will make clothes
fit. Hold your
orders for him.
United Bate of North America
THIS   18   THE
the United Hatters
of North America.
When you are bur-
i ing a FUR HAT,
either soft or stiff,
Bee to lt that the
genuine UNION
Label Is sewed in it.
II a retailer has
loose labels ln his
possession and oilers to put one In a
hat for you, do not
patronize htm. He
has not any ngni to nave loose labels. Loose
labels in retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why tbe hal
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on the four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits aro sometimes perforated on three of the edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them In order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John B, Stetson
Co. of Philadelphia, Pa., Is non-union concern,
JOHN A, MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N.J.
14 797 Bedford Ave,Brooklyn, N.Y
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium  .   .   *
SUuated'midst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on the continent of North America.
Its baths cure all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
Kidney, Liver and Stomach ailments.
They are a never failing remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying the system.
TERMS���$15 to |18 per week, according to residence In Hotel or villas.
3,000 Bbares of 0. W, Mining Co., Lardeau,
Apply hy letter, A/McQUBBN,
Calgary, Alta.
Revelstoke License District.
Notice Is hereby given that the following retail liquor license applications have been re.
celved under the provisions of the Liquor Li
cense Act. 1900:
Gordon A Sllnger, Balmoral Hotel, Ferguion,
James Cummings, King's Hotel, Forguson,
Robt, Hodge, Windsor Hotel, Ferguion.
John Laugnton, Lardeau Hotel, Ferguson.
McDonell & Black, Ferguion Hotel  Ferguson.
And further take notice that a meeting of
the Board of License Commissioners will be
held in the Prospectori' Exchange, Beaton, on
Monday, the 15th day of June, 1903, at the hour
of 2 p, m., to consider said applications.
By order, R. A. UPPER,
It Chief Inspector.
Time Table.
TAKE NOTICE, that a special general meeting of the shareholders of Great Western
Mines, Limited Liability, will bo held at the
oflice of the company, Ferguson, B. C, on the
80th day of May, 1903, at 8 o'clock p. m., for the
purposo of considering, and, It deemed advisable, to pass resolutions authorising the
Directors of the Company to Issue debentures
of tbe company to the extent of .2....00 for the
rurposeof providing funds for the installation of machinery and other plant for the purposes of tho company and to secure such debentures, it deemed advisable, by a pledge or
Mortgaging of all or any of the company's assets. * E. O. HADOW,
May 19-30
Notlco to Delinquent Co-Owner.
To 8. T. McGoll, or whomsoever he may have
transferred his Intorest in the Triuno Fraction No. 8 minoral claim, situated on Brown
oreek. ln tho Trout Lake Mining Division,
Wost Kootonay District of B. C.
You aro hereby notliiod tbat I havo expanded 1100 ln labor and improvements upon tbe
above mentioned fractional minoral claim
since July 1st, l!HV-��, under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and lf within SO days from the
dato of this notioe you fail or rofuse to contribute your proportion of tbe above montioned
sum, which is now due' together with all
cost of advertising, your interest in tho said
claim will become the property of the undersigned under section 4 of the "Mineral Act
AmondmenSjAct 1900.    ������..,_,..
Dated at Torguson, B. C, this 0th day of
April, 1908. f* ���'      _    .
C. O. Woodrow.
Certificate of Improvements.
Brow Mineral Claim, situate ln the Trout
Lako Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located:���Between the North
and the South Forks of Lardeau Creek, West
Kootenav. B. C.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur P, Cummins,
of Forguson, B. C��� acting as agent for George
G. Lembke, William H. Lembke and Christian
G. Lembke, Free Miner's'. Certificates Nos.
B. 07107, B. 63187 and B. 67152 respectively,
Intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
pply io tbo Mining recorder for a Certificate
f Improvements, for tbo purpose of obtaining
, Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvement,.
Sited .Ml ��b HIT of Aptil/jL D. IMS. '.
ui it m     .'      a. r, cuuuni, p. i�� a.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October Hth, 1901, will sail as follows,
weather permitting,
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice dally���10k and 15k.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice dally��� 7:15k and
12;45k. Making olose connections
with all C. P. B. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve the right to
ohange times of sailings without
The Fred Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
Headquarters for Assayers, Mining
..Mill Supplies. Sole agonts ln S.
C. for Morgan Crucible Co., Battersea,
England! F. W. Bfaun & Co.'s Patent
Cery Fumades, Burners, eto.i Wm. Ainsworth & Co.'s Fine Balances, etc., etc.
You a
If so why not invest some of your
earnings to meet a possible reversal
of fortune.   For a safe, profitable
investment there is nothing beats
an   accumulation   policy   in  the
This is a purely mutual company
and all its assets, surplus and earnings belong to its policy holders.
For rates, etc., apply to agent,
Ferguson, B. C.
The three claims owned by the company are the "Lardeau
Queen," the "Lardeau King" aud the "Lardeau Prince," all abutting
end to end, through which three leads pass the entire length, situated at the head of Lexington creek, in the Lardeau mining division
of West Kootenav, British Columbia.
l_ These three claims are located on the western slope of Goat Mountain, the lines being north-westerly and south-easterly, and form one
complete portion of Mineral land of about 156 acres. Tbey lie east
less than four miles up from Fish river.
The group lies fn the "Sitting Bull" and -'Wild West" belts,
two of the strongest and best known leads in tbat district, and work
already done on apjacent extentions has given most satisfactory
results as to extent of ore bodies and increased values witb depth.
The formation is slate and (schist, lying in an immense lime
dyke, and the croppings of the leads are generally topped with heavy
iron capping and quartz, which gives assays from $8 up on the
Exploitation consists of two open cuts along tbe surface for a
distance of twenty feet, which exposed a body of argentiferous
galena over 8 inches in width. The value of this ore body was $25.60
on the surface, but at a depth of less than three feet it has increased
to $40.60. To tap this ore showing and the massive iron capped
ledge close to which it lies the present tunnel was commenced and
is now in a distance of 82 feet. Another <25 feet of crosscuttlng
should reach this ledgs at a depth of about 125 feet. When 61 feet
had been driven, an almost'solid body of iron ore three feet thick
was encountered in the tunnel lying against a wall of slate. A
sample at this point assayed $77.60 in gold, sliver, copper and lead.
At a distance of 14 feet from this lead a fine body of ore has been
encountered which, when crossed, proved to be seven and a half feet
wide, carrying the finest looking mineral yet found on the property.
A third ledge which contains the richest ore and widest surface
showing, wIU be reached about July 1st. This ledge when
encountered, will be from 12 to 15 feet wide and great results are
The property has an excellent surface showing. The average
assays are most encouraging, considering the great width and con-
tinuancy of the leads across the country with such great width and
prominence of the surface judging from other properties in the near
violnity, some of which are on the same lead and have developed
very rich ore bodies.
In conclusion I would say that the Lardeau Mines are as good as
any, if not the best, in the vicinity, and I verily believe with a
nominal expenditure, they should be made dividend paying in a
short time, and I would strongly recommend extensive development
toward that end.
H. O. McClymont, M. E.
For Further Information, price of stock, etc., address
B. Norbert Ouitnetto, j Manager.
Bank of Montreal Bldg., ROSSLAND, B. C.
Ut th* GOLD DUST twins do
No Soap, Borax. Soda or Ammonia is needed with
With little water and jess effort you can clean
anything about the house better, easier and
cheaper than with Soap or any other cleanser.
Onoe try it, you'll always buy it
.:��� .i Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANll.
CN-MO.    lt_wY��k,   BMSO,   ab* ��� Montreal.
IRON BEDS a Specialty     \
$5 and up. .
Goods can be furnished to any part ot Lardeau on very shori. notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing
Funeral Directors and
(Graduate of Myer's College^of Embalming]
Can attend ease at Ferguson at ten
hours notice if advised by wire.
%~ V W TV-I''F,.F,1"F��'*F����'�� -V-V W V W V ����� ��� *} V V V V
D* J. Robertson <�� O
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite the Postoffice.
Capital Authorized, $4,000,003
Capital {Paid-up) $2,923,866
Rest   ���   -   ���   ���   $2,485,288
Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Northwest Territories. Provinces ��of British Columbia, (Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R. MERRITT, President. D. R. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Man,
E. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector.
Perguson,   B,  C.  Branch���A   General  Banking  Business   Transacted.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Drafts Sold, available la All parts ot Canada,
United States and Europe.
Special attention given to collections and
Mining Bonds.
���" onager
Our Special
The Union
They Are all Union made and of tlio
best Havana Tobacco monoy crii
buy. Try oue and satisfy yourself
us to tlieir qualltv.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
Brow n, Prop.
^$$HH*-^#-3v>$^-_f^ *-$$
I Lardeau
Wo try to give satfsfac- )?%
tion to our   guests.
Laughton Bros.
Proprietors. .,.
prospectors1 Exchange
ARTHUR ��VANS, Proprietor.
wf      ������BEST IN TIIE MARKET** Local and General.
D. K. McLennan of Trout Lake, was
in town yesterday.
Itobort Gunn of tho Oyster-Criterion
mines, is in Ferguson.
Geo. llajjerman and Alack Fraser
came in from Kaslo yesterday.
Mrs. Flil. Ward lias genu east to
Nova Scotia to visit her pavontB.
Goo. Stead, manager of tho Lucky
Hov, was up to the bank Thursday.
Miss II. Woodward of tho F.Ara.E,
returned to town early in tho woek.
Mrs. Anderson lias purchased tho
Pioneer hotel ut Boatou from isaac^
Hate.  '
J. II. Doyle, representing V. Burns
& Co., was up to tho Lardoau on Wednesday.
Tho ladles' sewing circle met at Mrs.
A. C. Cummins' residence ou Wednesday last.
Supt. A, P. Garrett returned Saturday from visiting his family in Boise
City, Idaho.
.las. Snell, provincial constable, was
giving the boys tho glad hand Saturday afternoon.
Tho Eagle received Monday a life
size cromo of President Roosevelt from
the Seattle P. 1.
Most of the dancing peoplo of Ferguson were at the Trout Lake dance
on Monday night.
F. C. Lea]) returned Monday from a
six weeks' stay at Halcyon springs. He
is much benelitted in health.
Penny postage now extends to the
whole British Empire. Australia was
the last colony to fall into line.
Lord Minto has beon notified that his
term of office as governor general has
boon extended to November, 1904.
0. P. Egan, familiarly known as
"Peck's good boy," displayed his dry
goods samples in Ferguson yesterday.
Wm. ludge returned Saturday last
from a visit to the eastern States. He
will make Ferguson his home iu tho
The first British-Transvaal parliament was opened by Sir Arthur Law-
ley, lieutenant-governor of Transvaal,
at Pretoria on May 21st.
Itobort Hodgo, solicitor and secretary
of the Ophir-Lade syndicate, made a
trip to Beaton Saturday to superintend
tho unloading of the machinery for the
company's tram.
Wm. Glenn trapped and then shot a
large black boar near the Park Hotel
on Friday last. Now, anyone who
would liko a good dinner of boar meat
would do well to call at tho Park.
W. Macdonald, manager of the Imperial bank, has developed a fondness
for amateur gardening. Ho has now
got green stuff fit for the table. We
will call around when the melons get
A coat of paint on Harry Carter's
residence and a fence around W. Mac-
donald's promises, together with numerous improvements about town, makes
the "pay roll" centre look neater in
Win. Beatty, one of Calgary's old,
old-timers, but recently of Ferguson
B. C, where, by the way, ho has made
a stake, is at present in the city on a
visit. Report has it that Mr. Beatty
will take a lifo partner back to Perguson with hira from Calgary.���Calgary
A goat called "Tuscan," owned by
the Masonic order and kept at Trout
Lake, has become vory frisky lately
and a report reaches us that when
learning to ride last night a gentleman
from Forguson whoso Initials are J. Q.
M., actually got buckod off. We aro
happy to say thore wore no serious consequences.
School Inspector Wilson paid the
Ferguson school a visit Wednesday.
The trustees had a conference with
him about tho school building and the
chances of it being takon ovor by the
education department. He did not give
auy encouragement to hope for this
being dono until we have a larger aver-
ago attendance of pupils.
H. W. Carter and Lew Thompson
were down to Ferguson Sunday from
the Union Jack. When seen by an
Eagle reporter they said they were
still driving the long tunnel and hoped
to encounter the lead at a point about
300 feet (rom tho surface, Tho rock
keeps hard but they are making very
good headway. There was nothing
new to report,
A. 5. Bates, representing The Ames
Holden Co,, Ltd.- md ChM. M.Jsmei,
representing The Canadian Rubber
Co., opened up their samples at the
Windsor hotel on Tuesday last. These
gentlemen both travel out of Vancouver and both concerns are noted
throughout Canada for reliable goods.
It soomod odd for the two travelers to
meet in the Lardeau, representing opposition houses and showing their
goods iu the samo show room, but thore
is one good feature, it gives the local
merchant a chance to compare quality
and price to good advantage.
Locals With _t rajstreak.
It pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often bo saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhoad or Comaplix by using
the phone. Oflice in Cummins & Co.'s
Orders lor furniture will be filled as
quickly and with better results at tho
wholesale aud retail store of D. J.
Robinson & Co., Nelson, than anywhere else iu the province.
* Smokers: If you want the genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped tn gilt letters on every box
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
FOR SALE���A four roomed dwel
ling house and Jwo lots on one of the
best corners in the residence part of
Ferguson for sale on easy torms.
Apply to Eagle office.
Order a ping-pong set, framed or
untrained pictures, picture frames,
drawing requisites, books, magazines
or anything In this line of goods from
the Canada Drug k Book Co., Revelstoke, B. C. Mail orders attended to
A. M. Craig still conducts the feed,
livery and freighting stables at Beaton, and has saddle horses and light
and heavy conveyances for hire at all
times. His daily stage for Goldflelds
and Camborne meets the steamboat on
itB arrival and departure.
THE INFANT takes first to human
milk; that failing, the mother turns
at once to cow's milk as the best substitute. Borden's Eagle Brand Condensed milk is a cow's milk scientifically adapted to the human Infant.
Stood flrBt for 45 yearB.
Wants Your Washing.
Mangling and
guaranteed to be
First Class.
Victoria  Avenue.
4 Miles Below Ferguson on the Ferguson Beaton Road.
No bell boys or etcetras but
a good wholesome meal served at any hour. Lots of fresh
milk arid eggs.
Saddle and pack horses for hire.
WM. GLENN. Proprietor.
Including thc Fish Creole camp
and Upper Dum.an River ejection, compiled by A. P. Cummlce, P. L, 8,, and S.
Shannon, B. A., is now on sale at this
oflice.: The ready Bale, of the map la
Proving all we have Bald for it: The
rout Lake division is lithographed in
black, the Lardeau ln red, and the Ainsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copy of this map and find any
Claim recorded in the three divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and toe location and name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim ln the
district is shown.
Fsrguson, B.C.
" P. L. B.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Oflice:     ���      ���     Trout Lake.
Surveys ol Mines, Mineral Claims and
Crown Lands. Crown Grants Obtained and Assessments Managed
Ior Absentees.
Ofllces*.  Camborne and Vancouver
Solicitor for
The Imperial Bank
Perguson, B. C.
OFFICE���In the Ophir Lado block.
Barristers, Soliciters, etc.
Ofllces*. Revelatoke, Golden, and Ferguson. Solicitors lor Imperial Bank
of Canada
Geo. S. MoCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
Ferguson, B, C.
Barrister, Solicitcr, etc.
J. M. 8C0TT, A. B. L. L. B,
W. de V. lo Malstre, M, A.
Having purchased the
FerguBon Meat Market we
are prepared to supply our
customers with all kinds of
Fresh and cured meats. A
good supply oi Beef, Pork,
Mutton, Sausages, Hams
and Bacon always on hand.
Watches, Clocks and
I have high grado
Waltham, Vanguard,
Crescent, Street,
C. P. K. Special,
Elgin, Father Time,
Veritas and B. W.
���  I have  Elght'Pay, Gon
Strike and Nickle Clocks.
Jeweler, and Optician,
Bpring Clothing
Suits, Overcoats, Rain Coats, Trousers.
Also complete stock of Men's Furnishings.
We have a good supply of Borden's
Eagle   Brand   Condensed Milk-
McKinnon dr Sutherland I
The Post Office Store
O A TO     :;0'�� ,ot "' ladles' and Chldron's Hats and a variety ol Hut
JtlAlia Trimmings.
_*<TT|T>rpC Goot*   assortment ol Gentlemen's Starched and Negligee
���D/TV-fYPtJ     A new line ol serviceable Prospectors' Boots and a lull assort-
BUI/10���     MM ol Youths'Shoes.
G.  B. Batho <�� Co.
Well lighted and heated by hot
air furnace. Tables supplied
with the best the market affords.
Rates $1.50 Per Day
JAS.  CUMMINGS,   Prop., Ferguson, B.   C.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens. Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and *��*���-��**����
freighting Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point tn the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed.   Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson
a speoialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.    S. Daney, Prop.
Perguson Hotel


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