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Lardeau Eagle 1901-04-13

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$2.00 A YEAR.
Too Many Failures Are Attributed
While the Fault Lies in Foolish
Management and Expense
of water power available, and it has
many inducements to offer which
should make It an enviable property
this souson. Just ovor tbe summit
from the Wonderful group, on the
Fish creek Bide, is the well known
Black Bear group, upon whieh there
was a great deal of development work
done by manager Jackson last season,
with satisfactory results.
There Is probably more truth in the
following editorial from the Nelson;
Tribune than Is usually put into the
same amount of space. Speaking of
reasons why the  mineral resources of
.British Columbia are not opened up
more quickly, and why there are so
many failures, the Tribune says: In
our opinion the district has suffered
' more from tbe incapacity of the men
' who have boen charged with the expenditure of the investors'money, than
' from any of the causes most times
named. Nothing injures the repu-
tatlon of a district more than failures
and mining freaks have charged more
failures up against West Kootenay
than there was any justification for.
There bave beon too many schemes In
which the mining was all done ln
London, in which illegitimate profits
were earned there, and resultant failure charged against mineral prospects
in Kootenay. It is quite within the
recollection of many how prospects,
worth a few thousand dollars at the
utmost, bave been watered and floated
upon a valuation which precluded even
the possibility of the investors getting
any returns upon their money. There
have been cases in which mills havo
been. erected with a greater daily
capacity than the probable annual tonnage of the property. There have
been cases where mills have been
erected before It was demonstrated that
tho oro from the property had any
commercial value; and there have
been cases where mills have been
erected while it was an open question
whether the ore was free milling or
not. All these-failures, however, will
be charged agaiust the district, and'
few who have been bitten will risk
additional money in other mining vou
turus iu the district, or even in the
province. Men who undertake to fix
responsibility should be fair. They
should not attempt to saddle upon the
government responsibility for the in-
competence of individuals. The devel-
.opineiit of British Columbia's mineral
resources does not depend upon
..additional transportation facilities,
more conscientious prospeotors, or
Immunity from taxation, half so much
as It docs upon intelligent application
by thoso entrusted with the expenditure of Investors' money.
A 105 Feot Orossout Tunnel Driven
This Winter
David Morgan and Fred Disjardlne
ire down from tho Wondorful group,
having run out of supplies. They have
driven a orosscut tunnel 105 feet lone
during the winter, and last week succeeded ln orosscutttng tbo ledge, which
proved tu be about .1 feet iu width,
containing woll mineralized quartz.
They have about 100 feet dopth and
the sutfuco showing is a big one, but
supplies having run out they were
forced to como down tho hill beforo
doing any drifting from tho point of
Intersection. Both walls nre well defined, so that the owners think there
is no doubt but solid oro will bo found
In either direction. It is Mr. Morgan's
purpose to continuo work as Boon as
supplies can be paoked up. He may,
besides drilling, sink and raise on tho
lead, so as to thoroughly prospect the
ground. Tho Wondorful group consists of four olaims, situated on Pass
nreek, up tho north fork, and can
bo reached from Ferguson, on foot, in
three or four hours.  There is plenty
(By the Wanderer)
"All men are liars!" So said King
David. And the fact that he Bald so in
bis haste would seem to prove that he
himself for once at least came vory
near perpetrating tho truth. While
the Wanderer would hardly care to
make so sweeping an assertion, he has
met so many cheerful prevaricators in
this vale of tears that he has come to
tlie conclusion that they form at least
a respectable minority.
The Wanderer met a fair sample the
other day in a down town hotel, and
the following is the story that was told
"Oh, I've just got back from Europe.
Going to work on my claim in a week
dr two. Had some samples assayed
last fall. Went $563 to $784 to the ton.
Oh, yes, they were average samples.
There's tons upon tons of it in sight.
Wouldn't take $50,000 for the property."
Now, the sober truth was that he
hadn't been a dozen miles from Ferguson all winter. His claim is vory
ordinary, the ore being bo low grade,
in fact; that it would hardly pay to
mine even If the railroad rau a branch
to the tunnel mouth.
While taking a constitutional on tho
wagon road last week the Wanderer
encountered some men engaged in the
task of removing a giant of the forest
which they bad felled and stripped.
He enquired of one the purposo for
v.-hicb the tree was intended.
' "Why." he replied, "that's to be a
"You don't say so. Where'll it be
"Oh, down at Trout Lake���at the
court house."
��       *
The cheerful liar, however, cannot
live for ever, and when his earthly
career is ended his sinful soul Is conveyed to the hot quarters especially
reserved for such. And his sorrowing
relatives have something like the following Inscribed on his tombstone:
"Not lost, but gone before."
#       *
During the Wanderer's stay in the
Lardeau he has heard of 3(1 properties
that are as good as tho Le Rot and 17
that are better. And yet railways do
not fall over each other in their hurry
to reach these bonanzas.
Speaking seriously, however, there
are many properties in tho Lardeau
that moneyed men would bo only too
glad to take hold of If they wero once
fairly interested. But thoy will have
to be interested first, and united action
should be taken to bring this about.
The Influx of capital into tho country
would, directly or indirectly, benefit
us all.
Times are quiet in Rossland. And
yet the pay roll there 1b as large as
ever. The miners do not blow in tbeir
money as recklessly as in the old days.
Thoy even Bave'money now. And this
desirablo change, for them, may be
ascribed to the miners' union, which
has inculcated into the minds of its
members the principles .of thrift aud
the necessity for husbanding resources.
"I have had lots of enquiries about
tbo Lardoau here (Spokane) and at
Rossland, hut further south tho people
don't seem to koow anything about tho
Lardoau. At Northport, where I
worked one day, tho editor actually
didn't know there was such a place. I
think Ioonvlnoed him thore was. At
Rossland as many as a dozen people
whom I have spoken to say they aro
going to try the Lardeau country this
summer."���Leo. J. Francis.
British Columbia Possesses Vast
Natural Resources
But Ao Unpnpsive Government
is inf
"There aro, roughly speaking,
225,000,000 acres of unoccupied crown
lands in the provinco of British Columbia. These lands are, in the main,
unoccupied and unproductive because
tbey are Inaccessible. Thoy are known
to contain great resources of iron,
coal, oil, silver, lead, gold, copper, and
to be covered with limitless quantities
of fine .timber, besides containing
many million acres of diversified farming and grazing land. They only
require population, capital, and means
of transportation. The basis of all Industry, the natural resources of the
soil, is already there. The problem,
therefore, Is to provide population,
capital and means of transportation
for the unoccupied portions of British
Columbia," says some one who is sending the press "a practical proposal to
stimulate immigration and devolop the
resources of British Columbia," but
who neglects to father the circular.
The-lime has certainly arrived when
the'government should seo to tbe development of its resources: but if the
"scrip" business would work out in
this province, as did the half-breed
scrip in the Northwest Territories,
tbere is a ��ood rake-off io sight for tho
manipulation of the land scrip issue.
The Eagle would suggest that Premier Dunsmuir acquaint himself with
the land laws of New Zealand and
apply them in this province. Tho
assistance rendered a new settler In
New Zealand is what, has counted
there. P.etain tho land, and give the
the sharks no chance to boodle with
the people's heritage. The people will
awaken some of these days'and curse
thoir luck for being so stupid aU these
years. Let the people, jointly, develop
the many resources of this Ood given
province, and if tbo grabbers are not
content to tako their place in the big
trust, lot them puli their freight. The
country would bo well rid of them
But will the government aot? Not
until tho people say so and voto accord
.Organizer Wilks, of Nolson, will bo
In Ferguson, if possiblo, during the
coming week to arrange lor thc or
ganization of a branch of tho Western
Federation of Miners In Ferguson.
From the general expression of feeling among tho boys the union will bo a
largo and enthusiastic one.
Frank G, Carpenter, representing
the Seattle P.-I. in Wellington, New
Zealand, recently asked Mr. Tregear,
secretary of labor:
"Do your workingmen represents'
tives stick to thoir class after they are
"In most cases they do," replied Mr
Tregear, "but in some not. In the
latter instances tho workingman starts
in enthusiastically. He is all for labor
and nothing for capital. He Is soOo
corrupted, however, by his association
with the rich. The dinners and atten1
tions of his wealthier parliamentary
fellows turn his head. By the end of
the first session he has risen above his
class and changes his working suit for
a tweed suit. At the end of the next
session yon find him In black broadcloth with a tall hat, and thereafter be
probably votes with the capitalists.
As a whole, however, our workingmen
make talrly good representatives."
It might be wall for a representative
or two now sitting in Victoria to paste
this in their hat.
After many years of temperance
campaigning Hon. G. E. Foster has
como around to the theory of government control of th 3 liquor traffic. In
addressing a big temperance gathering in Toronto on Sunday he took th"
ground that the monetary interest In
the traffic was too great to hope for
any prohibitive legislation from any
government; but tf this monetary
interest could bo dislodged through
vesting the control of the traffic in the'
government, the road to prohibition
would be easy.
It is reported from Victoria that the
Canadian Pacific Railwuy company, tn
consideration of an extension being
given for the completion of its Lardeau
branch, has agreed to complete the
line connecting Trout lake and Kootenay lake before January next. Tbis
will mean the diversion of the entire
Lardeau trade from Revelstoke to Nelson, as everything going into the district will enter from the southern end.
���Nelson Tribuoo.
While in Nolson recently Wm.
Whyto, goneral manager for tlie western division, referring tn the Lardeau
branch, remarked that while no contracts bad been let for actual construction, the company was going ahead
rapidly with tho preliminary work of
completing tbe slip at Lardo, getting
out ties for tho road and bringing in
steel. Developments might be expected in this direction almost dally.
"The road into the Lardeau, however, Is certain to be built, and tho
work of getting out ties and providing
rails Is now in active progress. That
Is the only branch line of the company
the construction of which is certain,
but there Is no tolling what a month
may bring forth, and there may bo
othor construction matters.tako form
and proportion during the open season."���Wm. Whyte, general manager
O. P. R��� ln Rossland.
Dad Black paid his usual visit to the
Nottie L. during the past week, and is
as enthusiastic us ever. Tho increased
development in the east drift and shaft
therefrom has oxposed so much ore
hitherto unexpected that Dad has no
words in his vocabulary to give expression to his opinion of Lardeau's
banner mino. Needless to say, however, Mr. Black has unlimited faith in
the future of tho Nettle L. mine and
the camp generally.
The Nettie L is to Lead in the
Onward March of Progress
Hundreds of Men Will Soon Be
What good will a British Columbia
office in London do us? Until the easy
guys in England get noxttotiiemsolves
and learn to Invost their tn.mey in
legitimate schemes they will only con-
tjnuo to be bitten, thus acting as a
boomorang in the long run. Let there
be laws mado at homo whicli will encourage development of our natural
resources.   The rost will follow.
While thero will be a good denl of
work going on in the district this
season thero will bo lots of men to do
it. Men who havo means onough to
prospect or work on property for themselves can not do better than locate
here, for the coming season will seo
now discoveries where least expected.
What Is a dollar anyhow ? A dollar
Is what men promise to pay for thoir
paper. It 1b something a newspaper
man enjoys more in anticipation than
in reality. It is tbo price of a day's
work for somo men and night's drunk
(not in the Lardoau) for others. It Is
what a wife frequently needs, but seldom has. It Is tho power that makes
or unmakes men. It is the hardest
thing to get and the easiest to get rid
of.known to mankind. It Is a blessing
In a small -measure, a delusion and a
enare; and wo aro all chasing the
Now that the snow is going rapidly
and the roads are breaking up, oro
shipments will practically cease for the
season, or perhaps until such times as
the railroad reaches the foot of thc
lake, whon it will be a haul to Trout
Lake Landing instead of Thomson's
Landing, a saving in distance of 12
Tho working force at the Nettie L.
mine will Boon be cut down  to a development'force, probably 20 men; but
if tho company   decide  to commence
shipping  under  the   new   conditions
soon to exist, the. fmve  may  he  increased to over a hundred men, as that
many can easily ho worked after a tev^
months',development.   A new fan and
waterwheel, with plenty of air pipe, is
now on tbe road and  will   be installed
in the lower workings us sr.-nn us possible.   There Is 200 feet mote to drive,
making 900 feet in all, on tho baso tunnel;   then a raise of 275 feet   to reach
the bottom of the 70 font, sha.'t, Bunk
from the drift in 'the lipper (east.,1 workings, will have to be marie.   Onc-e tim
is dune there is   simply   no   limit  to
what   may   be  expected.    They    will
have plenty nf good air, a dry placo to
work in. and If the present, indications
hold   out with   the   increased   deptii,
over 400 feet, there will he enough ore
in sight to keep over a hundred men
stoping and sacking ore for an indefinite   period.   Tho company, ton, have
under consideration the advisability of
installing- machinery in thc mine and
putting up a concentrator in Fernusnn.
with an aerial tramway running tn the
mloeyall feasible in overy particular.
There nre hundreds of tons nf $50 ore
lying in the waste dump right now, all
nf which could be treated at a big profit with a concentratnr.   And ns the
Great Western   Mines  company may
work in conjunction  with the Double
Eairle company in the matter of a concentrator, we may soon see ores beine
concentrated right in town, for here is
where thero is limitless water power.
Manager Pool's Interests aro here, the
companies'  offices  are  hero,  and  of
course the rest of it will  be  here in
due time,
Foreman Crilly expects to continue
sackinu ore, with thc full force, until
rawhiding becomes impossible between
tho ore bouse hero and the mino.
The Old Gold, Primrose, Guinea
Gold, Rob Roy, Black Warrior, Mountain Lion, Canadian-Lardeau, Metropolitan, Sunset, Whito Warrior,
Golden Gate, Silvor Cup, Triune, Empire. Brow, Wonderful, and dozens of
ncher properties will all put on working forces as soon as tbo snow goes off
sufficiently. All these properties buy
their supplies in Ferguson, and the
men employed cash their cheques and
spend their money in the pay roll
A. F. Rankin of Sandon, arrived iu
Ferguson on Tuesday to open a drug
and stationery store here. His store
will bo located in the Eagle block.
The stock is now on the way in from
Arrowhead, and Mr. Rankin hopes to
be open for business next week. Besides a completo drug line, stationery
and choice confectionery will bo comprised in the stock. Mr. Rankin has
had experience in catering to mining
camps, and tbe Eagle bespeaks for
him every success.
r .1
��� ��� ���-.'���������.-���;.'.:!',v**fe ������
,  >��p^r^
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���'-. i -1 equipped office in North ICooteuay,
ind i j repared to execute all kinds ot printing
Address r.ll coniraunloatlons to
FRIDAY,   APRIL 13,   1901.
The government not only have
power to say how many hours shall
constitute a day's work, but they
can also set tlie scale of wages. In
this way each manufacturer or producer is placed on lhe same basis,
so that competition will not effect
the wages paid to employees at any
rate. The government, too, may
see that sanitary conditions are
perfect, and in any way it sees fit
equalize conditions for both the
employer and employee. This has
been done with remarkable success
in New Zealand, for the past seven
years, and strikes have been unknown in that period. The masses
in New Zealand have proved themselves quite capable of governing
themselves, in tact the premier is
none other than an intelligent working man, and there is no sane reason
why they could not do the same in
13. C. With New Zealand's laws
and British Columbia's resources
this would the best and richest
country on God's green earth.
Some progress has been made, it is
true, but we have a long way to
advance still. The labor unions in
New Zealand went into politics,
witb the result spoken of above.
And the sooner the labor unions of
8. C. form a provincial organization, raise funds, pick out their
men, and elect them, the better for
all the people. Laws which benefit
all the people cannot be termed
class legislation, since each and
everyone is given a chance to earn
a decent living and enough lelt to
enjoy lile upon. It might be impossible for men such as Andrew
Carnegie to amass millions by
crushing the iile's blood out of his
employees and cinching the public,
but are not the interests of all the
people more sacred than laws which
allow such pernicious amassing of
wealth at the masses' expense. In
the interests of ourselves and of our
children, as against the crushing
influences of trusts and corrupt
politicians, is it not wise that the
iabor unions unite lor political
action. While some of the men we
will elect may deceive tis, as in New
Zealand, we can enact Jaws whereby we can recall them hy a vote ol
lhe people. Where there will be
one to go back on us In the ranks
of labor ihere are hundreds of capitalistic tools which will continue to
do as they have been doing. For a
province made up of so many labor
union men we are as big a lot of
deadheads as ever run at large. In
fact, we are easy. A few promises
thrown at us before election day
seem to satisfy. But it does look
right now as though we were
awakening. And it is time. Over
in Victoria we are allowing coal
barons, sharp-eyed lawyers) doctors, etc., to frame our laws, give
away our money to huge private
corporations, dictate our taxes,
look wise, dine and wine, and. draw, j
nol necessarily big salaries, but op-j
parently good pickings. And why?)
If we aro the people, and the people j
wish to make their own laws, then,;
in liic name of high heaven, why
don't they do so.    It's an easy mat-
ter. We have the votes and capable The government tells tis that the
men within cur milks, We want [reason they want a portiqn, at
less law-making and more attention least, of their revenue is to build
to the real interests of the people. I trails, bridges, etc., and thus a< u'sl
And the Eagle predicts that the.pioneers in opening up new conn-
next provincial election will see try. Why not give the man who
some concerted action along these ! owns a mining property a chance,
lines,   supposing   wc    are    handi-,when   lie   wishes,   to    earn    that
capped in tlie interior because ot an
unjust redistribution of representation. 	
No law, in any land, compels an
employer to keep a man in his employ who doesn't do a fair day's
work, be he a member of a union
or otherwise.
John Houston has simply found
out that it is not "competitive"
railways we want, but railways
built, owned and operated by the
people.   John Houston is right.
Will the man who doubts that
Ferguson is the supply point for
Lardeau's mines kindly keep an eye
on the report ol shipments made by
wholesalers in Nelson, Vancouver
and Revelstoke? No more substantial proof could be furnished,
The Eagle had, judging by past
actions, always put Smith Curtis
down as a "government ownership" advocate. But the other day
he declared himself in favor of
"competition." Where is he at?
It's hard to follow any of these
If Thomas Taylor, M. P. P., has
made use of lhe two weeks' adjournment of the house to consult
hisL, constituents on the railway
question, he will find that the people in his riding do not want to see
any more competition. A railway
owned and operated by tlie government is what We want. And Mr.
Taylor will do well to play his part
in securing this programme, for
nothing else will go here.
If the provincial government
would enact a law stipulating a
certain wage which must be paid
by employers in the different industries, the same as exists in New
Zealand, the problem of the exclusion of Oriental labor would soon
solve itself. Surely no employer
would pay a Chinaman a while
man's wage, and if he did then
there would be no reasonable
ground for complaint, since all
employees would be on the same
The Eagle has done no "boosting" for Ferguson, simply because
Ferguson needs no boosting. Any
fool knows that a newspaper must
work for the interests ol the town
in which it is located ; and it is only
when cullis hirelings resort to talking of the disadvantages of this or
that town and forget lo stick exclusively to the advantages of their
own burg, that the Eagle takes
exception. This is n big country,
rich in natural resources, and there
is room for us all. It doesn't pay
to make an exhibition of ourselves
before the outside world, for they
size il up that a people who cannot
pull among themselves is a mighty
poor communiiy in which to cast
their lot. Let investors come to
our district, size up the matter for
themselves, and not be advised by
newspapers at all. All the Eagle
asks is an investigation into the
merits of this town and camp generally. We are quite satisfied to
let the investor be the judge and we
will abide by their decision. This
method, so far, has proved a winner for Ferguson, as experienced
westerners know right well that the
place where the mines aro is the
place to do business, But, never
mind what we say; come and see
for yourself. The rest will be easy
���"-for Ferguson,
money by allowing it to go as assessment, and thus leave that much
less road-building to dp? The $ioo
assessment doesn't amount to n
row of beans in reality, failing in
any way lo develop the properties.
But (or $iuo worth of trail building
there would have to be something
done to make even a showing.
There is no good reason why road-
building should not count as assessment work.
in any quantity
now  reiidy for  local  builders.     Special   orders
promptly attended to.    Moderate prices.
Agent for  Sawyer  Bros.' Sash and  Door  Factory.
Ferguson Saw Mill
R. Davis, Proprietor.
The Nelson Miner ol the 5th inst.
makes editorial mention of a New
Zealand capitalist who is dissatisfied with tlie laws in that favored
land. The gentleman need not
come to Canada to find capitalists
who are satisfied, because there are
none. Mere they would kick at a
football. Here is one of the New
Zealand laws, which shows at any
rate that the minority do not rule
there as here, for their women are
not siwashed like so many Indians
or Chinamen: "The servant girl
has thc same right of franchise as
her master. In fact, every one who
is over 21 years of age and out of
gaol can go to the polls and vote.
For this reason the legislation
enacted is to a great degree class
legislation, and the moneyed class,
being in the minority, get very
much the worst of it," Poor things!
The Eagle has positive knowledge of cases in this district where
tiie Kellie Truck act is being violated every day. It may not be
generally known to some employers
in this district that there is a law
in this province which makes payment for labor in goods illegal. In
actions for wages goods or articles
furnished by the employer or supplied on his premises cannot be
brought forth as a set-off, nor can
the employer sue his clerks for
things so bought. Workmen must
be paid in money, and at least once
a month, if they so desire. In absence of written agreements, those
engaged in manual labor must be
paid weekly, and if not so paid they
can attach all money due or thereafter to become due to the employer
on the work. It might be well for
an employer or two in the camp to
make a note ol the above.
The Eagle already enjoys a
splendid circulation among men in
terested in this district, but it
would enable the publisher to send
out hundreds more sample copies,
which would introduce the Lardeau's mineral resources to investors, if a larger paid-up circulation
were secured. This district has
not become as widely known as it
might have been, owing to the neglect to use printer's ink more
freely. Are you on our list yourself?
Have you dons anything to influ
ence others to subscribe? Can you
not send the Eagle to some one
you believe could be interested this
wa; ? Will you help thc Eagle lo
advertise our wonderlul mineral resources? Once we can convince a
man that there is money to be
made here, he or his representatives
will be sent to make further enquiries.    Are you doing your part?
Pay tlio pi-inter.
Hotel Property
A lflr\'G hotel, Including furnishings nnd
stock (monthly receipts IufI Reason, |1600); in
good mining and lumbering town for sole nt
big saeriflce. flood reasons for.selling. For
further particular*! apply at ones to
710 Ferguson, B. 0,
Price $60.00
Visible Writine Prom Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, Prance, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving entire satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,:
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Best meals in
the Lardeau at
popular prices.
American and
Balmoral Cafe
open all hours
day or night.
Balmoral Hotel
Ferguson, B. C.
Hotel Perguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands of
/Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tender feet comforted.
Bates S3,oirjii duy nnil niMvarils.
Ferguson Bros., "Proprietors.
REST J2.00 A DA V HOUSE '-"'
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton,, Proprietor.
a promising partially developed group of mineral claims
i.ft the Lardeau, near Ferguson and the coming railway. If so drop a line to
this office and we will put
you in direct communication
with the owners. The price
is right, either cash or working bond.
Tie Lardeau Eagle, Ferguson, B.C.
W hole-mTu Dealer   In
...Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
The HoHt Goods Only.
Stock Lurffe and Complete,
Donate! donate! donate!
It is not competition in railways wo
want; it is railways owned and operated by tho people in the people's interests. 	
���If you've got a mineral claim in the
eamp, boys, dig up a two dollar "Willi-." and make straightway for the
Eagle office.
Takonotico thai 1, ilu- itndersi
wild vmi of Uu. Ukary mineral i
nl tho headquarters of I.nkc t-n
crook, in tin- Trout Luke Minii
West Kootonay, in Un- province -
Monopolies are nil right���for ! the
people who own them. But the ownership should include all the people.
See tho difference?
ml Hale;
visum nf
i British
roi ..riled
T.A. Wilson, M:D��� CM.
L, R. 0. I', .t s.   [Queen's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
ty^��m^\&3/$&$/��������s Jx-y^jx;;* ���^W��^S^?*A/m'��^l*sbv&l&$'��
performed and
the assessment work nnd mado ilic ex'...
turo required to ba dono and recorded on ie
iibovo mineral cliiim for the year l9uo, under
soetlnn2l of the Mineral Act, and tlio veni lor
whioh "-vflrk was done nnd expenditure made
bavins expired, I hereby jlva vou uotlee ��� ur-
Buant to section 4 of the Mineral Act Amendment Ai't, lo contribute your proportion of
sucii expenditure for ihe year 160(1 wtthlu
ninety days from the lirst publication bcreof.
Dated at Ferguson this nth day of March,
A. D. 1'JOl.
Per Agent, Roht. Foran
Ferguson, E. 0.\ I
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, E, C\%
Why should a preachei, of tho gospel
be exempted from the provincial poll
tax any moro than the advocates of
any other doctrine?
"All fo-' pelf and none of thee." Ah!
how true. Take ten minutes off some
day and become a paid-up reader of
"Lardeau's Leading Light."
When you are looking for hotel accommodation in Ferguson, always patronize those who advertise. The other
fellows aro dead to the world.
That's all right about the railway
. coming. Bnt, local reader, are you
helping tho EAGLE to placo reasons
beforo the investing public why they
should come this way? Two dollars
does the trick.
The greatest book in existence may
bo a bank book, but the Eagle's is a
sorry looking customer. Every in
vestor encouraged here helps your*
chances indirectly. Help tbe EAGLE
to help yourself,
The reason that the trust people object to all the peoplo becoming share-
holders is that there would be no one
left to fleece, nnd thus a few could net
cinch the remaining unfortunates outsido of the trust.
Tako notice that Tho DouqIs.EhkIb Mining
nnd Development Company, Limited Liability,
���(���-owner wiih you orthe"MayBee"mineral
daira, situated on tlie Nettie L. mountain near
IVrguson, iu tin; Trout Lake mining division
of West Kootenay, British Columbia, have
performed an 1 recorded the assessment
work and maflo the expenditure required
to be done nnd recorded nn the above
mentioned claim for the year 1900 under section 2-1 of tho Mineral Act and the year for
whioh work was done and expenditure made
having expired, we hereby glvo you notice
pursuant to Beotlon foiir of the Mineral Aot
Amendment Act 1900, to contribute vour pro-
portion of sneli expenditure for the year 1900,
within 00 days of t lie tlrst publioation hereof.
Dated this 18th day of January, A. D. 191)1.
Per A. H, Holdich, Secretary.
- Harvey, Mc Carter # Pinkham
Take notice that wc the undersigned co-
owners witli you of tiie Little Robert and
Little Robert No. 2, mineral claims situated nt
the extreme hend of thc north fork of Lardeau
ereek in tiie Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootenay in the province of
British Columbia, havo performed and recorded the assessment work and made tlie expenditure required to be done and recorded on tlie
above mentioned claims for the year 1900,
under section'J4 of the Mineml Act' and the
year for whieh work was performed and expenditure made having expired we do
hereby give you notice pursuant to aeotlon t of
the Mineral Aet Amendment Act 1900, to contribute your proportion of lucli expenditure
for tlie year hereinbefore mentioned within 90
days of tlie lirst publication hereof.
Dated at Trout Luke this 2iith day of Januarv,
A. D. 1901.
Solicitors for Imperial Haul; of Canada,
Geo, S.McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
barrister] solicitor, etc.
offices: mckenhjsavexck,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
S. F. W. Gainer,
and Repairer,
will re-open a hospital for sick watches
in Ferjn.sdu on or about May 1st.        8
Thp "lai'ffo" advertising patronage
Ibe EAQLB receives cornea within $5 nf
paying a printer's wages. And the
Utile eagles take tfieir rake-off out of
commercial printing and paid-up subs.
Are vou one of the latter?
Your interests, tlie Eagle's, and
the interests of iho district srenornlly
are {dentinal. Outsiders judge by its newspaper. And if you
increase our circulation we'll keep
abreast of the times.
It is becaiise pnnnle think they know
something wben they don't, that 0. few
men organize billion dollar trusts.
mostly out of water, and have those
fellows yelling nnd voting for them to
collect tho interest off the masses.
Well! hullee gee! if out* old friend
H. N; Coursier hasn't joined tho pro.
fesb, for now he is a travelling representative of the B. C. Trade Budget.
Vancouver. Had we only known
Henry Noble was out of a job, but��� .
Tho Eaole is determined to push
its circulation above tho thousand
mark inside of two months, Will you,
who are interested in this district,
probably moro than we are, help us to
accomplish this, and thus helo yourself.
Showing the position of the
streams, mountains and passe-?, .
waterways, every claim in the ^
Trout lake mining district, the
trails and wagon roads, location
of surveyed railways, and 'everything whicli will assist an outsider to acquaint himself with
our district, The production
of this map lias been taken hold
of by two of tho best fitted men
for the purpose In the province,
Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P.L.S.,
and S. Shannon, B, A., both having personal and practical knowledge of the district.
Thc map is to be beautifully
lithographed In five colors and
entirely free from advertising
matter of any kind.
The urgent necessity for such
a complete map, probably 40 x 40
has long been felt by all persons
interested in this district) nnd it
is a pleasure to note that, two
such able men have decided to fill
the bill. The Price, the same
to all, has been placed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You   Want one  or   More
Send your address at
once to
After carefully reading Frank G.
Carpenter's special correspondence to
the Seattle P.-I. anont the laws and
social conditions of Now Zealand, it|$
leads ono to conclude in tbis way:
"Partyism bo damned;  it'a socialism |<|  TtlG Lt&tdCQU   Et&fflG
uv"r!M" '" ''r Ferguson, B. C.
There is something wrong with the
silver lining of a man's heart who,
being interested in a district which a
struggling nowspapor Is trying1 to
mako known, does not ante up his
share towards helping along tho good
If all tho claim ownors in tho Lardeau would buy $2 worth less "disturbance" each year airl become a paid-up
reader of tho Eaolk, it would give- us
a show to more extensively advertise
the resources of this high grado ore-
producing camp, and also holp koep us
out of the arms of the sheriff.
Ferguson : Service* 11 Eaglo Iinll every
Sunday at 3 p.m    junday BOhootat2 p.m.
Trout Lake Cit��*. Services In Forrester's
hall evory -.uulnyut 7:^11 'i.ra. Sunday
school at 2:30 pan.
REV. S. J. GREEN. Taylor.
The Eagle Hall
now ready for parties desiring to secure
it for public purposes. For prices, etc.,
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
The Union Label
On everything you buy Is a guaranf
that tlie producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for Its production.
Insist on having rns label.
00 i
<y 1
ice Hint this Label!
142s New York Ave., Washington, D.C.
Solicitors of Amorican  und  Foreign
Patents, Designs, Trademarks,
Will return fee if   Patent is not secured.     Send   for   Inventor's
Guide, ov How to Get
ti Patent.
tyMontion this Paper and secure
speeial rates.
While gospel propounded teach
love, brotherhood and devotion to Ood
Almighty in one breath, and accept
the competitive system tho next, tho
movement for co-operative government
forges ahead, despite tho obstacles
placed in the way by a corrupted press
and a mum pulpit. Tho groat trusts
aro doing the work, and wo can't holp
it. May tho day hasten hore when
there will bo but ono trust, with all
tho people as shareholders.
Ferguson Packing
and Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into for packing of
Mining Supplies, etc., to any point
in the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work
*  undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing
to l'\ rguson it specialty.
S. DANEY, Proprietor.
ki racme
1 j
East and West
Is probably the safest investment in the country
as can be readily seen from the ;>etticil records
of assessment, certificates o( improvements,
development, new strikes in various mining
properties surrounding Ferguson and the fact
that a railway will reach here this year. The
demand for Ferguson Real Estate will be too
brisk by spring to secure the same values as
now. Choice lots already disposed of are
changing hands among private owners at
double and more than our prices. And it i��;
quite reasonable to suppose that the townsite
prices will be advanced as the demand for lots
increases. In anticipation of what is in store
for the near future, several large buildings are
being erected, a public school building is to be
provided, two banking institutions will establish
branches here, and taken altogether the citizens
are evincing their faith in the town by
something   more   than   talk.
Ferguson is the
Coming' Town
Ferguson is recognised by all to be the best
located and laid out townsite in the
district. Its unique position at the base aritd
gateway to the Great Northern, Nettie L. and
Silver Cup hills, entitles it to the well known
local name���the Pay Roll centre. Ferguson is
the headquaners and outfitting point for all the
mining men now operating in this district.
Accept a pointer, make enquiries, come in and
see for yourself and you will agree with us
that Ferguson Real Estate is the best thing
now offered as a safe investment in this country. The large number o( sales among
private owners of lots, the steady upbuilding
of the town, and the confidence displayed
by men who are already on he ground should
be sufficient evidence for the average investor
I j that like all other mining camps, the leading
'* towns are located where the mines are. And
I       Ferguson will be no exception to the rule.
f    j      FOR   PBICES   OF  LOTS,   ETC.,  APPLY TO
I :       Henry Floyd,
���       Safe Agent, Revelstoke, 3. C.
��� I
t_V,  .Ji, rJ\, ,jw >/W  -J'., ��Jit tJ^- y-'1- -J��- -/�� *~\t -JW t^-  tA, ,/trf   rAi li? T-.1"   tW sCZ   I
SP /-a^-JiHis ^-^H-rt-ir 5?Hp- 5$HH -4-- i>x J^ $%&$ t>tW
Is tlie.... Wi
from   Vancouver    to    Alaska,   Cape
Nome, Australia, New Zealand, China,
Through tickets to and from England
and the Continent.
For timo tables, rates and full information apply to local agents.
J. S. CARTER,      It. ,1. COYLE,
D. P, A., Nelson.     A.U.i'.A., Vancouver.
The place where h
the Mines are. |
^$^$-$$3jH|{-&-$ !^ijH^^-iS^4^3$HN^^HM >������������������-�����>������������>
i On the Wing
! Items
Feriruson is to have a new laundry
aoxt month. '
A. E. Phipps is tbe new Imperial
bank manoger at Revelstoke.
Mrs. Davis arrivod -hero from Revelstoke on Wednesday evening.
$73,442.70 was tho amount of personal
property tax collected in this province
in WOO.
Thero will be at least two or three
small steamers plying on Trout lake
this season.
This week we are on the warpath for
paid-up subscribers to tbe Eagle. Are
you with us?
Ferguson will be the capital of the
new riding soon to be created. You
see lf it isn't.
If you receive a sample copy of the
Eagle it is an Invitation to become a
paid-up reader.
Selkirk City, at the foot of Trout
lake, will enjoy a season of prosperty
tbis summer, during construction.
The provincial government should
build a smelter in this district. All
the natural requirements can be found
in Ferguson.
tAn extension of two weeks for the
nal payment on the Towser, $37,000,
as been granted, and the money is
therefore due next Monday.
If you have a friend who, would be
interested in tbe Eagle, donate $2 to
the anti-sheriff crusade fund at this
offloe and look happy. We'll do the
A knight of the grip from Nelson
informs the Eagle that a prominent
furniture firm in that city will open a
branch store in Ferguson at an early
The Nelson Tribune, always in the
lead, has arranged to give its readers
a night and day telegraph service. A
morning and evening edition may soon
be expected.
The mayor of Winnipeg has a campaign against the BpII Telephone
company's charges, and a movement is
on font, favoring municipal control of
ihe telnptione service.
Enough cent-ante mining companies
are operating in this camp already.
It is mining In the ground that .is
wanted, not the manipulation of stock
at the "farmer's" expense.
New Denver Is a beautiful lake
scenery town, but Sandon, the place
where the mines are, is the pay roll
centre nf the Slocan. Slocan history
will repeat itself In the Lardeau.
The Lardeau has reached the stage
of existence where paper smelters are
erected almost every week. Some of
the numerous enquirers may possibly
do something���when the time comes.
Wouldn't It, be just as well for the
Topic to devote its columns to telling
of the advantages enjoyed by its own
town, as decrying tho town which
seems to make It turn green with envy.
The C. P. R. have all but decided to
have tho Arrow lake steamers come
on Into Thomson's Landing and back,
after reaching Arrowhead, daily, the
trip only requiring another two hour's
Messrs. Louis Levesque of Robson
and Rohert Madden of SloOan City
| were in town for a couple of days last
week, sizing up tho situation. They
have, like most shrowd business mon,
selected Forguson real estate as a
The 'Eagle is informed by Mr.
Ernest of Kelson that he, with some
friends, Intend to take an interest in
the local syndicate here which purposes installing a complete waterworks
system in Ferguson as soon as the
| snow goes off.
Trail is nicely situated by tbe blue
waters which glide smoothly by, and
also has the biggest smelting industry
in British Columbia: but Rossland, the
place where the mines are, Is the banner mining town of tbe province.
Ferguson is the Rossland-Sandon of
the Lardeau.
It is asserted that a recent investigation of the sweat-shops of Chicago
brought to ligbt the fact tbat ln some
of these dens women work sixty houra
per week for tho munificent sum of 40
cents. Think of It, 40 cents per week I
Why, that is two-thirds of a cent an
hour, or' all of $21 a year. Aro you
patronizing and helping to perpetuate
ouoh ungodly conditions ?
Protector spells profit, not wages.
Mother Earth is hoviog in sight onco
A cause which .requires belittling
the other town is hopeless. >i
Mrs. E. Knowlton went out. to Revelstoke on Wednesday. She will return
next week.
W, G. Birney, painter and decorator,
will be hero next week to commence
the season's work in his line.
Andy Cummings of the Balmoral
hotel now has his restaurant In full
swing. A housekeeper has been on-
gaged, she having arrived here on last
If the Topic is really anxious to find
out about that bank which is to be
built In Ferguson, let it enquire of the
saw mill here, and Contractor Foote of
The census taker is at work and so is
tbe assessor. They have nothing in
common, however, so sar as their official work is concerned, and It is just as
well to answer them cheerfully.
King Edward ought to have been
able-to worry along on an allowance of
$1,950,000 given to the late Queen; but
his tastes are evidently a little different, and parliament has increased bis
allowance to $2,350,000.
Organized labor could own the earth
if its members would only drop their
p.tty jealousies and stand together for
the advancement of their own interests
Instead of quarreling over matters
which do not concern them.
It is said that the powers of either
man or woman are developed five-fold
by working with a life-comnanlon who j
is in entire harmony. The Ideal wife
as a rule has it in her power to make
the ideal husband. What constitutes
the ideal wife is discussed in an extremely able article by Lavirila Hart
in tbe April Cosmopolitan.
When the railroad reaches the foot
of Trout lake a shorter road from here
to the lako will be built. A bridge and
a short piece of road will land us on
the lake, at this Bide, in much less
time than by the present roundabout
road. The mine-owners and citizens
here will do the work, and assistance
from the government will be sought.
John McVeigh, one of the contractors on tho Lordo slip, is in tbe city
today (5th inst.). Mr. McVeigh states
that the work is almost completed.
The C. P. R. is cuttintr ties by contract along the line of the Lardo railroad, and quantities of rails have
already been delivered. No announcement has been made as to tho
granting of a contract forthe completion of the work.���Nelson Miner.
Miss She pard,
Revelstoke, will be Iu
Ferguson the second
week in April with a
lull line of 	
Trimmed and Vntrlmmed Goods,
Fancy Combs, Pins, etc.
If you wish  to purchase the well known
Sewing Machine, an Edison
Phonograph or Records,
Quaker Vapor Baths, or have
your clothes cleaned or dyed
by the renowned dyers R.
Parker & Co., write for prices,
etc., or call upon
Bookseller, Stationer nnd Tobacconist,
Imperial Bank
of Canada.
CAPITAL $2,600,000.00.
REST 11,725,000.00,
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits In Savings
Department at current rates.
a. eTFhipps,
Carpets, Lineoleum,
Floof Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Agent Pianos, Sewing  Machines,   etc.
Mall orders promptly attended to.
If. HOWSON, Furniture Dealer
and Undertaker, REVELSTOKE.
We always lead
with lowest
Iwenty cases of
Spring Goods
just arrived.
It is with
pleasure we
answer questions and furnish quotations.
Mail or
Carrier Orders
receive special,
prompt and
Our constant
aim is to give
our customers
better value
than can be
got anywhere
Dealer* Id Grocer lei,
Hardware, Clothing,
Gents' Furnishings,
Uootft and SIio**h,
Miners' .Supplies, Etc,
Grener a 1
If you receive a sample copy of the
Eagle it is aa invitation to become a
paid-up reader.
* Sivcet peas and lawn grass and
clover seed, guaranteed good, at the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke.
* No more need to send out for your
drugs, stationery or confectionery.
A. F. Rankin's stock will be available
next week.   Store in Eagle block.
* When you reach Trout Lake City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson Bros., proprietors. Good
accomodation ; best service; choice
wines, liquors and cigars; fire proof
safe | rates reasonable.
H. EdwardsJ***.
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
Chemists     ^
: ft&3& REVELSTOKE. j
R. S. Wilson.
(best American   strain), $1.50
per setting of 13.   Write to
H. E. R. SMYTHE, Revelatoke, B. O.
Now Ready
for Sale
Lots 1 to 14 in Block 39.
Lots 3 and 4 in Block 38.
Lots 8 to 14 ln Block 40.
Lots 1 to 3 in  Block 8 on Victoria
A snap at present prices.   Write or
call at the Eagle Office.
In the Lardeau
Hor Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters   of   Legitimate   Mining
"Our Special"
and   " Union "
Revelstoke Cigar Mfg. Co.
Smoke Cigars
And an all   times insist on t ibo
box bearing the blue LABI !L.
It belpa manufacturers to see the foi -ce
of paying fair an d honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. TJ.
v     Pioneer Store
Cummins &Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
foi* the
RECOGNIZING the growing importance
of this camp, and knowing that lt must
surely forge to the front this season, 1 have decided to open a complete line
of drugs, druggists' sundries, etc., at once.
My stock is now on the way from Arrowhead,, and I am shelving my store in the
Eagle block and making ready for its reception. I hope to be ready for business,
next week, and I take this means of introducing myself to the Lardeau public, and
soliciting your trade.
*�� i A. F. Rankin
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
����   General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Branch at
Trout Lake City.
NO. 4 K. W. C; BLOCK, NELSON, B. 0. ��v,
Oold, Silver-Lewi anil Copper Mines wintcd at thc EXCHANGE, FREE
MILLING-   OOLD propertied   wanted at once for  Eastern   investors.
Parties having mining property For Sale are requested to send samples
ol their ore to the EXCHANGE lor exhibition.    .
AH, samples should bo sent by express; prepaid. Correspondence
solicited.   Address nil communication to "       -7
.j  P. O. Box 700,     NELSON, B. O.
Before buying' Hardware for building' Purposes
drop a line for quotations to ... .
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
The most complete resort on the conti nciit
of North America. Situated midst sec ncry
unrivalled for grandeur. Boating, Us hlnjr
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse. In telogTRphlu communication with
all parts of thu world. Two mans hit] v e and
depart Overy day, Its baths Olljp all ne rvons
mid muscular diseases Us waters lie. il all
kidney, liver nnd stomach ailments. . Its
baths und waters aro a sure remedy h; rnliist
all argentiferous nolson*. THUMB: fVi to
?1H per week, according to rOSiuOQCO In hotel
or villas.
Moro thon  freight)\;'by    buying   your
requirements   from   the 'Departmental  Store.


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