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The lardeau ea
VOL. III. NO. 22.
S2.00 A YEAR.
Witli All lis Latent Resources
Weekly Summary of the Progress
During the past week a few days of
summer weather was experienced, but
the season is still extremely backward
The incessant wet and cool weather is
keeping the snow above timber line
very deep, and in many places the snow
will likely remain on all season. The
trails are in bad condition in many
places, which makes packing supplies
to working properties somewhat arduous, though pack-horse trains are leaving town almost daily. Work on the
Cup, Nettie L., Ajax, Maybe, Lade,
Triuno, Comstock, Sunset, Metropolitan, Little Robert, Ruffled Grouse, and
Old Gold properties is being steadily
pushed along, while many property
owners rredoing assessment and development work. A good deal of now
work will be undertaken during the
coming month. Quite a few now locations are being made, and assay work
is becoming more brisk. Tho Lade
group, a big gold proposition, has been
bonded by W. B. Pool for $100,000; and
a few men are in the district looking
for investment. But taken altogether,
and considering that we have a railway building to us, the camp is quiet,
compared with what it should be, when
our immense natural mineral resourcos
are so evidont. Next month, however
thore should be some chango in the
situation. Between mon coming in
who are already interested in the district, and newcomers, things should
pick up somewhat. Preparations are
boing mado for much larger ore shipments from tho older properties than
ever bofore. The annual meeting of
the Double Eagle and Nettio L. people
takes placo here to-day; and the resul
may mean much for' Ferguson, as it is
generally thought that over 100 men
will be placed at work on their proper
ties. It will not be known what tho
Cup peoplo intend doing until after
their annual meeting in London in September. Meanwhile the local property
owners are plugging along, awaiting
developments more than anything else,
Quito a number of men are working on
assessments and trail and road work;
tho freighters all appear to bo busy,
and tho business and hotel inon aro
living to somo extent on what is expected, nil her than that trade which
already exists.
A Revelstoke Preacher Has a Peculiar  Oonoeptlon'. of
Revelstoke, July 0.���Rev. Calder
preached hero a fow ovenings ago on
"Tho relation of tho Gospol to the
economic things of to-day." He said
he was beginning to realize that we
cannot live a truo Christian life under
the prosunt competitive system. He
Said he would not go into the subject
of socialism, as he intended to go into
it fully later on. He said however that
in tho teachings of socialism there is
nothing inconsistent with Christianity.
Ho acknowledged that socialism would
ho a great upliftor of humanity, but
said it would not bo complete without
the spirit of Christ. Ho said that even
iu our secret societios thero Is no true,
brotherhood, becauso the spirit of
Christ is lacking. He condemned thi
purely Aiatorialistlc socialism whicli
sprang (from Germany, stating that
hand in hand with this goos anarchy
and nihilism.
It Is a question to my mind whether
the cause of socialism Is really benefitted by the "coming of tho preachers." Such sermons as this are certainly misleading and nothing can be
so misleading as a sermon, as the
majority, from force of habit, swallow
it without salt, Until preachers approach the subject in the spirit of
scientific investigation, resolved that
having discovered facts they will stand
by them and cast out everything not in
accordance with facts, we are better
without them. Tbe trouble is they
come fettered by their creed whieh
they inherited from their forefathers
and whatever else they may question
their religion is never questioned, and
in dealing with, this Bubject they take
the facts one at a time and endeavor to
fit them within the narrow walls of
their creed and should they fail to lit,
well, so much the worse for the facts.
If by a "Christain life" Mr. Calder
means the observance of the "Golden
rule," and if by tho spirit of Christ he
means "brotherly love," then he is
right. They cannot be realized under
this competitive system, and why
Simply because they are opposed to our
economic interests. Then it is plain
that our economic interests are at the
bottom of the whole thing. That is,
our lack of Christianity to-day is only
an effect of the present system. Now
suppose we Inaugurate the co-operative commonwealth. Then, thero being no opposing interests, it will be
possible for men to obey the Golden
rule, in fact to be christians. So, after
all, Christianity is only an effect. But
that is materialistic socialism, which
refuses to put the effect before the
cause. Marx and Engels have shown
that religion has been, in all ages, but
a reflex of the economic condition of
the people. JTho idea of socialism and
anarchy going hand in hand makes me
laugh. As a [matter of fact there is no
anarchy in Germany and its absence is
due entirely to the influence of that
ve-y sooialism which Mr. Calder condemns. Socialists consider material
things only as a means to an end, the
uplifting of tho race and a higher
standard of humanity, while tho
compotitivo system makes them the
end. Religion, as we know it to-day,
will not fit on socialism, and the quicker wo recognize tlie fact the better.
Men are thinking and the churoh must
keep up with the times if it wishes to
avoid the wreck that will surely follow
if they persist in inflicting their 18th
century religion, with.its concomitant
phariseelsm and hypocracy, on the
20th eontury people.
Time comes when a man yearns to
leave the state of "single blessedness."
Especially is this the case when perchance a charming young lady wins
all that is best within man's bosom���
his affections; aud becomes that man's
Ideal of a life companion. This stage
in life was reached last Sunday morning by one of Ferguson's���or for that
matter the Lardeau's���most popular
young buslnoss man, Mr. A, C. Cummins. Miss Borthla Juno Bun-ell of
Trout Lako was the happy bride. The
coromony was performed by Rev. S. J,
Greon, at 7 a. m., at tho parsonage.
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Abey wore the attendants. It was a beautiful Sunday
morning, surrounded with nature's
most sublime scenic grandeur, such ns
only Trout Lako possesses. After a
quiet wedding breakfast, the happy
couple mounted saddle horses and
amidst showers of rice, old boots and
best wishes, rode to their pleasant residence on Victoria avenue, where the
real congratulations were not tendered
until Montiay evening. It was certainly
a rouser, and tho liberality of tho
groom will re-echo in the minds of the
boys when thoy reach thoir retrospective days. The Eagle joins with all
Lardeaultes in wishing Mr. and Mrs,
A. C. Cummins all the usual sterotyped
phrases ever put in print.
Loc.il Superintendeiit Shannon received seven tenders tor tho 50-foot
contract on the Comstock group, up the
north fork, on Monday last. Messrs.
'��. Athoo and C. R. Scott received the
contract, and loft this morning to commence work.
Secured By W. B. Pool
A Cripple Creek Will Follow if
lopment Will ike i
"Well! Pool has got hold of the Lade
group after all," waB the local topic for
Saturday afternoon last, and tho Eagle
man, having spotted Billy putting his
saddle horse in the stable, made tracks
in that direction. "Well where have
you been, and what havo you been doing for the last three or four days?"
asked the Eagle. "Oh I've just re-
tured from the Lado group, Take a
look at those samples tied to the saddle
there and see what you think of them."
An interesting few minutes followed.
Why talk about your Cripple creeks,
Fish creeks and other live animals.
You should see those Lade group samples���or test shipment would lie nearer
it. They cortainly maintain the reputation of this well known property, and
leave one to wonder why it had been
left comparatively Idle sineu the summer of '07,-when a fow tons were packed
out and sent to Kaslo as a iesi shipment, the gross results of which, wont
nearly a $1,000 to thu ton. And as for
assays. Why it's only a matter of selecting your oro samples. You can
get any flguro you pie-k for.
But the Eagle must no longer dwell
upon tho romarkable samples just
brought down from tho Lado group.
Tho property is already too well known
Mining men engage their
crews at Ferguson, and
pay them off in Ferguson.
The place where the mines
are is the place where the
towns are	
Ferguson receives the pay
roll benefit from all the
shipping mines	
In tho camp torus lo throw any new
light upon tho subject. The group, con-
sistlngof live claims, tho Foundation,
Olive Mabel, Ophir, Goldenvillo and
Annie L,, is reached from Ferguson by
the south fork wagon road to Ton Mile,
thence up Gainer oreek via tho Had
shot to tho summit or slope of tho little
west fork of the Dunoan. Tho owners,
Messrs. Lado and Gunn, aro now nt
work on the property. Thoy ai-o driving a tunnol to tun ono of tho fivo
velos which dross-out tho formation
and entor tho mother lodo ledgo running with the formation. This vein
will then be drifted upon, (and they can
also sink), .until tho big ledgo is encountered at a good depth. Onco this
is done tho future greatness of tho
property will havo beon proved.
Mr. Pool says that heretofore ho had
thought tho present showings on the
Lade group to bo stringers, but he
found upon close investigation that
thero wore five distinct true fissure
veins, from 400 to 500 feet apart, standing vertical, cutting through a chlor-
Itie slato, possessing perfect selvage
on each woll defined wall, and all entering tho big ledge running with the
formation. And the existence of this
combination demonstrates vory clearly
that thoro must bo another gold belt
running through this district, intersected at this point, tho exact location
of which aB yot remains for tho prospector to demonstrate. Samples which
were picked at random by Mr. Pool, to
give hira an idea of the average values
of tho oro, gave thu following results
from threo different assay samples submitted: $+12, $1,212, and $1,120 in gold
to tho ton.
The interesting epoch in the history
of this group at present is the fact that
it has boen bonded to W. B. Pool for
$100,000, and work is to be vigorously
continued throughout the season. The
dotaib of the bond are not for publication at this writing, but the Eagle
was given to understand that a substantial cash-down payment was a part of
the agreement. However this matters
very littlo. Billy Pool, who has had
several brands of experience in this,
and western camps on the other side of
tlio line, has at last achieved an oft-
sought object. The property staked in
'1)7 was the lirst big gold proposition
ever discovered in this district, and at
the timo created a big sensation. A
test shipment followed, but lack of
funds and the total inaccessability, at
that time, of the property brought
things to a standstill. But not so with
Billy Pool. Ho doubled his efforts on
the Nettie L. and after three years of
success, has placed himself in a position to do business. In short, ho made
up his mind to secure the Lade group,
and last week lie accomplished his object, And just what developments may
follow will make interesting reading,
and be of tho utmost interest to this
camp. Whether we are to have a second Cripple creek or not will be rapidly
demonstrated by Mr. Pool. Ho has
mado a success of his silver-lead operations, but now ho is after the yellow
metal hot foot.
While not discouraged by the low
price of lead and the consequent depressing elt'ect on silver-lead Mr. Pool,
with many other B. C. mining men, is
turning a good deal of his attention to
gold mining; hence tho Lado gi-oup
deal. Apparently the experience of
Colorado is to bo repeated in this district. Gold-boaring lodes and belts are
being discovered in places walked over
for years by prospectors, with exceedingly encouraging developments,
While silver-load mining will bo our
strong hold, the prospects seem good
for the making of a gold mining industry which will exceed in magnitude
tho silver-lead production. In the best
interests of the promoters and the camp
generally, the Eagle is pleased to seo
so promising a gold property placed in
tho hands of such an energetic rustler
as W, B. Pool. May his venture for
gold prove as profitable to himself and
tho eamp as did the Nettio L. whieh is
still under his management.
IT ILL 1 i
Ferirusonites Have Secured Ah
Option on Labor Day
No Person is Barred and Every-
to Will Be Turned Loose
Jas, W. Livingston and Ole Peterson
have finished their assessment work
up the south fork, and left hero on
Monday morning to start work on their
recent big strike on the Rulllcd Grouse.
They intend to push work right along
and if possible mane the maiden shipment of ore, thus placing them in a
position to continuo work tho yoar
round. If thoy are not badly mistaken
no assistance by "capital" will be
necessary. That they have the oro
seems certain ; and both of them arc
choke full of clay's work. Hence such
a good combination must needs bring
Fred. Johnson, Fred. C. Elliott and
Geo. Hayes left hero on Monday Morning to eommeneo work on tho morning
Star group, up near the Triuno mino.
In fact the owners, Messrs. Abraham-
son Bros., of Trout Lake, thought at
one timo that their claims took in the
Triune showing; but surveys mado last
season put things somewhat differently.
However the Morning Star group is
considered locally to bo a vorypromis-
ing property.
Frank Holton camo down from tho
Metropolitan group, up the north fork,
on Saturday evening. Ho brought
down some 75 pounds of oro which is
boing shipped to Chas. W. MeCrassan,
managing director, of Minneapolis.
The property is showing up bettor as
work progresses. The contractors are
working two shifts on thc 100-footeross-
cut, whilo Mr, Holtou Is working on
the surface.
At tho last mooting of the Miners'
Union a [committee ol" threo wet e
appointed to confer with local citize:.--
anent the coming Labor Day celebration. Owing to the absence of so mar.;-
of the members of the union iu Septet: ���
ber, who will then be scattered
throughout the hills, the celobratic.i
may not be held under their Jauspice-
Btit at any rate tho townspeople a. e
assured of their hearty support, io
making tho day a success. A meetii:_,
of tho townsmen and this committee
will be hold in a few days to maite
preliminary arrangements. R. eJ
Pettipiece expects to receive an order
this week from General Agent Floyd
for enough plank lumber Jto build an
eight-foot sidewalk from Mrs. O'Co.i-
nor's hotel to Cummins & Co's store,
and tho labor will be subscribed for or
contributed. This will not only improve tho town permanently but afford
a "grand stand" for the many visitors
who will be here on Labor Day. Dave
Ferguson has tho half-mile track in
hand, and S. Daney, with a team, has
consented to contribute ten days ol
gravel hauling. He will also bo assisted by a man each from all tho business
houses. This will give us a lirst class
half-mile of a straight track, and ever
after enhance the value of Victoria
avonuo. The local football team will
arrnngo for a match game with the
Silyerton boys, for which a good purse
will bo hung up. Local enthusiast-
think that we will havo -no difficulty in
raising $000 pr $700 for prize money
(besides local Improvements) a good
deal of which will go for horse race.-.
D. Ferguson has started [the list with
$100, and Hilly 'Pool will give as much
as anybody else; the hotels will respond liberally, and wholesalers on the-
outside will bo called upun. The fool-
ball grounds will bo put into shape,
And the Revelstoke brass band will be
arranged (or. ",ln faot the biggest and
best day, or maybe two days' sport
ovor put up iu this distriot will take
placo in Ferguson on Labor Day tin-
day wo celebrate. Await developments,
.l.C. Kirkpatrick camo down fi-on.
tho Mountain Lion group on Sunday
evening, whore ho has been doing a
little development work for tho past
two woeks. lie reports the properly
showing up very well. A prospecting
open cut on what is known as tho Old
Gold load has exposod a nice showing
of galona. M. C. Miller, of Minneapolis, managing director, will be here
shortly to prepare a program of Uu
season's work.
THE 1. X. I,. GROUP.
F. .1. Beaty of Vancouver, an ole
time Lardcauite and owner of the I. ,\.
L. group on Nottie L. hill, is in town,
and will take a look over his property
this week. He has a Seattle party
interested and some more work may be
commenced this month.
Roports from all ovor tho United
Stntes showing tho number of persons'
killed and Injured as a result of celebrating the Fourth of July. Thonum;
ber injured is considerably larger than
last year, tho figures being 1,101
against 320. Advertising Rates: Display ads., J1.00 per
column iuoli per mouth. Legal ads, 12 cents
per (nonpariol) line for lirat insertiou : Scents
for cadi additional insertion. Reading notices
111 cents nor lino enell issue. Niiii-ly iliiv leeiil
notices,(Vi; sixty days,��7.ti): thinv iliivs,t-i.
-.0 ads.accepted nt less iliati lull rates.
suUscrlption Kales: By mail or carrier, *��,00
1 iorniiuiiiii: -si.wi for sixnioiitlis. 'J'o foreign
nddreseos 12.61). stopped at expiration,
Job Printing: Tile Bjlglo jol, deptirtnielit is
ihebcMt equipped Olllco In North Kootenay,
nii'l is prei.nred to execute till kinds ol printing
at honest prices.      ., -.
Address all communications to
,       FERGUSON, B. 0,
It is ridiculous enough for the
daily press to publish one-sided C.
P. R. reports ot the trackmen's
strike; tut to ask newspapers to pay
for such bosh as news is adding insult to injury. The Nelson Tribune
is proving to be no exception to the
rule. Has Mr. Houston laid away
the old-time "ruler," which he once
used on Mr. Marpole?
THURSDAY,   JULY 11,   1901.
What is the matter with the census returns? Is it not about time
the results were made public property? Can anyone explain why the
enumerators have not been paid yet?
Rev. S. J. Green gave an interesting discourse last Sunday evening upon the subject; "Why We
Are What We Are." Mr. Green,
with many other preachers, is becoming interested in the existing
economic and social inequalities of
the present day competitive system,
and once a man becomes a student
along these lines he is as good as a
convert. The rest will follow it a
man is sincere.
There are over 500 men now at
work on Lardeau's railway, and the
number is being increased to 1,000.
If the rails are laid to the foot of
the lake by Labor Day what would
be the matter with arranging with
the C. P. R. to run their initiatory
excursion to this district for that
date. No more fitting honor could
be bestowed upon Ferguson, and no
town could better entertain the visitors, who would at least get a live
wire idea of how we celebrate in
the Lardeau.
It is at least gratifying to social
ists to note that the daily press, the
magazines, the weeklies, the pulpits, on the street corner, in the
streets���everywhere���people of all
classes are discussing the
merits of co-operation as against
competition. In fact tbe econom'c
students cannot overlook the growing tendency towards socialism.
Thinking men are delving to the
bottom, and there will be no let up,
no social or industrial rest, until the
peoples' trust consumes all private
trL.ts.    ���
The Revelstoke Herald has thrown
partizan politics to the four winds?
and a series of nplendid editorial
articles upon subjects of interest to
the people are now appearing. Editor Grogan is one of the best read
men in British Columbia to-day, and
for years was a hide-bound. Tory;
but time and study works changes.
Hence Mr. Grogan sees that the people must own the trusts before industrial war and strife can cease.
The appearance of the Typographical union label at the head of the
Herald's editorial columns is the
next step in order.
Talk about a scab! Talk about
any man who would deprive his fel-
lowman of the right to make a living wage. But worse than any of
these is n man who will stoop so
low as to become the paid hireling
of such a publication as the Rossland Miner. Just lancy a man,
with some literary ability, selling
his last ounce of principle to such a
gang as control the Miner. The
men who should know better are
bought up by the unprincipled men
who don't care a damn whether the
country stagnates or not. They
want money. By fair or foul means.
Hut they must have it. It is true
the stock market needs manipulating; there is too much management,
and no dividends are being paid.
i"tit this is not their fault. It rs "a
few agitators in the Rossland
Miners' Union" that causes all the
trouble. The Rossland Miner editor should hide his face forever in
shame. How can he look an honest
man in the face while he sells him-
The time is opportune for the progressive element of this province to
unite, and as one join'in a crusade
for fair representation. As the
labor unions are already fairly well
organized probably our interests can
best be served by casting our lot in
with them, and thus formulate a
strong combination which can overthrow the present lot of unprogress-
ive incapable legislators inflicting
this province. It is never too early
to organize, and concerted action
should at once be taken. Let there
be a central meeting, or let some
executive body take the matter up
by correspondence. But by all
means let us prepare for the next
opportunity to cast our ballot. The
first demand must be for fair representation by an equitable redistribution measure, for until this is
granted it matters very little what
the interior's little quoto of representatives is made up of.
Can Provincial Mineralogist Robertson give any good reason why he
should not be summarily dismissed
from the service of the  people of
British Columbia?   The ancient report of the minister of mines is at
last to hand, and so far as the Lardeau and Trout Lake district is concerned it would have been better for
all concerned  had Mr.  Robertson
never entered the camp.    He came
in too late  to acquire information
for himself; hence all the ancient
history of two or three well known
properties is simply a re-hash.    Of
the Triune he says it "is said to belong to Mr. Ferguson, et. al.,"and
any child could have said the rest.
Of other  groups,   on   the   Great
Northern  mountain, he says   "the
superintendent   ol   this    company
said," etc.    Old and stale assay values are reproduced, with  a description by an unknown "well-known
engineer," which practically endorses Mr.   Carlyle's report of   some
three   years ago of  a portion of
country   which Mr.  Carlyle never,
saw, and afterwards admitted that |
he had written up from hearsay; a
report which black-eyed the Great
Northern hill in the estimation of
"experts."   The   "view   from the
Badshot mine" produced is a photo
taken from the head of Boyd creek.
The whole report is full of such
phrases as it is "said by the owners"
to   run  this   or   that, "the writer
understands it is the intention" of
this or that one to do this or the
other.   The Nettie L, lead may run
this or any other old way, but Mr.
Robertson says "there is, however,
little room to doubt that it does extend as indicated." In fact the whole
report   is   made   up   of glittering
generalities,  acquired   from   many
sources.    Now   if  Mr.   Robertson
found that he had arrived here too
late to write a proper report, all he
had to do  was to say so.    He has
absolutely    nothing   himself;
self to-such a cause?   Shame, man',
shame.. Go!   Ask tor your" time, I said
and use the proceeds in getting out either one way or the other; but
from among your betrayed fellow- under cover of some one elseileals
men. us out an unfair report.   If Mr.
Robertson has any opinions of his
own of this camp, the Eagle would
be pleased to see them in print. If,
however, he has not the courage of
his convictions, or doesen't understand his business, why does he remain in the employ of the people?
All this district wants is a careful
investigation nnd justice. If Mr.
Robertson is unequal to the task,
we want a man who will give us a
fair trial nnd render the judgment
himself���not biased by the opinions
of others. The Eagle admires a
man who has a'reputation, either
good or bad, but it dislikes to see a
man afraid of placing himself on
For the benefit of the Nelson
Economist the Eagle wishes to say
that its editor is a born and bred
Canadian. He has no prejudice
against Englishmen whatever, and
is probably just as loyal to his
country as the Economist ozone
artist..., The Eagle merely noted
that the money Englishmen have invested tin this province in mining
has prpved a disastrous unsuccess
to themselves and a jonah to the
country, simply because they have
not that happy faculty of conducting their business on business principles. They have been made the
victims of unscrupulous promoters
and misplaced confidence. This
fact is patent to us all, and the
Eagle leaves it to its readers to
judge whether this is'to their credit
or not. Other men, who have had
experience in the mining world, have
made a success under even more adverse circumstances than where
Englishmen failed. It matters very
little whose capital is invested, if
the management is all right; but
how often do we find this the case. -
When Englishmen learn to secure!
mining propositions at their real
worth and then employ good practical management, they too will succeed.* But too often in the past
they have been victimized by big
propositions, big rake-offs, too much
management and the total lack of
good horse sense and sound judgment. ���/' ���
The Commercial Center and
"contiguous to the only shipping  mines  in the district
Business lots $150 upwards.
Residential lots $75 upwards.
at once
$1 fgJcg $1
Ferguson, B. C.
S. W. F. Gainer
Is now doing business at the
f. Old stand���"Eagle" building.
Henry Floyd,
^&a^a^^^^^^ a^a^^j^^a. a^^^^^a,\A^^^Jf^a^a^^^^^^a,a^^L^^^^^^
I am prepared to fill orders for V
any description or quantity of ?T
Lumber  on the shortest notice.  K
Sash and Doors
R. Davis, Prop.
Ferguson Saw Mill
I am agent for	
 Sawyer Bros.'	
 Sash and Door	
and will be pleased to fill orders.
f^w^^ ^ ^'*pt$?*& >r ^wt
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
agent for the above
J. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke Station, B. C.
Hotel Ferguson
t* ���  The bar is supplied with the best brands 0]
Ah (Pines, Liquors and Cigars.   ���
Il Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
*"k Men.   Tenderfeel comforted,
Hates ���a.oo'a day unit upward!.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
The King's Hotel
Three   Storeys   High
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigars in the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
NeWly Built
Newly Furnished
Victoria Avenue, East,
Ferguson, B. C.
BE3T ���.2,00 A DAY HOUSE
Hotel Lardeau
J. laughton, Proprietor.   ���
A minister in Sioux City is named
Cash. How he love8 his namesake!
���Tribune-Keview. Wrong. He
preaches for his name's sake.
The two leading, salt companies of
Canada have united with a capital of
1(8,000,000 into the Canadian Salt company.   Do you see it coming in Canada?
Hardly a day passes without some
big now invention breaking out of its
shell to revolutionize - something or
other, and it is a wonder that we are
not all millionaires instead of having
to plug away at "the demd horrid
grind" day in and day out and finding
it just as hard to make a living as it
ever was.���Province.
T.A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. R. C. P. & S.   [Queen's University.)
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C
In a little town in the territories
there are two families���Day and Sunday by name. In the Day family there
are seven daughters. In the Sunday
family there aro seven sons. Four of
the Days have married Sundays and
the other three Days are engaged to
the remaining Sundays. "Every Day
will he Sunday bye and bye."
Ye godsl What dumb animals a
long training in party have made of
the masses! That they should support
the same system that their political
masters want! That they should oppose publio ownership, they who have
nothing but their rags and misery, because their masters oppose it! That
they believe it better for a few people
to own all the property than for all the
people to own itl���Ex.
(1.) Thia ia to certify that the "Lardeau
Light and Power Company, Limited," a specially incorporated Company within tho meaning of Pari IV. ol tho " Water Clauses Coiisoll-
datlon Act, 1807," registered on the third day
of April, 1901, has submitted its undertaking to
the Licutennnt-'iovernor in Council Ior approval, and thai the said undertaking as shewn
by thc documents and plan Hied, lias boen
approved, and that the same Is as follows:
To construct a dam across the south Fork of
the Lardeau Hi ver West Kootenay District, at
a point nine hundred feet ahove the Junction
of the North and Houth Forks ol tho said river,
to acquire land as a site for a power station
and as a right of way along tho line of the
intended Hume, to convey the water by means
of the said Hume to the power house, at which
placo the .water is to ho used for thc develop,
meut of power. That Ior the purpose of generating power thc Company nave obtained a
record Of three hundred inches of water from
the aaid South Fork.
Tho purpose to which the power la proposed
to be devoted is to construct and maintain a
system of olectrio lighting, to supply any form
of power, and to -furnish electric lighting and
electric power to the Towns oi Forguson aud
Trout Lake. -
(2.) And this is lurthor to certify that thc
amount of capital ol the Company which shall
be actually subscribed for the purpose ol power
works within six mouths from thc date of tills
Certificate is hereby llxcd at tho sum of
(3.) And this Is further to certify that the
timo within whioh tlio said undertaking and
works shall bo commenced Is fixed at nine
months from the date of this Certificate, and
tho date when the power works shall be completed Is fixed at one year and six months Irom
tho date hereof.
clerk, Executive Council.
Dated this 3rd day of May, 1901.
10 20
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C,
Mr. Morgan's billion dollar bank,
which he is organising with London,
Berlin, Paris and New York capitalists,
will do more to bring about a state of
peace between the nations represented
on its board of directors than peace
conferences and arbitration tribunals.
The reason is clear���the interests of
tho real rulers of the different countries
���the capitalists���will be identical-
hence there will be no occasion for
Betty Bottor bought some butter;
"But," sho said, "this butter's bitter;
If I put it in my butter,
It will make my butter bitter;
But a bit of butter butter
Will but muko my batter better."
So she bought a bit o' butter,
Better than the bitter butter,
And made her bitter batter better.
So 'was bettor Betty Bottor
Bought a bit of belter butter.
���Montreal Star.
When you reach
Trout Lake City
register at the
Alu-aliBmBon Bros,, Prop'ra
Good accommodation, best service, choice wines, liquors and
cigars, lire , proof safe, rates
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank ol Canada,
Geo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey
A. M. Pinkham.
Packing and
Ferguson Packing" and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
' point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed
Freighting from  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ^ S. Daney, Proprietor.
kevelstoke, B. C.
Lardeau Miners', Union J\/o.
119, W. F.ofM.
Meets every Saturday evening rat .s o'clock
in the Eagle hall, Ferguson. 11. C.   Visiting
members cordially invited.
President.       Recording Secretary.
According to the United States department of labor, it costs the railroads less than one-fifth of u cent a
mile to haul their passengers. Tho
people are paying from 2 to 5 cents for
the privilege of riding. Notice tho
benefit. Do you think it would be a
good investment for the public to own
and control tho railroads? The profit
is about tho same in tho operation of
other public franchises, like the telephone and telegraph, yet the people
seem content to allow individuals and
corporations to control them. How
long; oh Lord how long?
Oil in unlimited quantities is being
found in hew fields in Texas, Missouri,
California and other places���but the
price of oil has advanced. This must
be in accordance witb that "principle"
of modern political economy, "the law
of supply and demand." If moro oil
Is discovered, tbe prleo will bo still
further advanced, I suppose. How
wondrously easy to skin the people and
have thorn believe they are being benefited! If the public owned and operated
tho oil business tbo poople would get
refined oil at two cents a gallon delivered anywhere, and then the publio
treasury would have a surplus from the
business. But that would, mako tbe
people slaves, and kill all ambition In
y......... ^^^^^^^
Smoke Unlon-M-tko Cigars.
For sale by Ferguson's Leading Hotels,
Ask (or them.
Iii thc Lardeau
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters    of    Legitimate   Mining
AGENCY ttttt
WANTED.���Lots   on   Victoria Avenue,  in
blocks 1,2.8,4,5,6 or 7,    Hend price,
terms, and particulars at once.
WILL   BUY  Lot 17.   in   block 2;
cleared, fenced and in garden.
WILL BUY Lot 18. in block 2.   Apply at once.
({{ftCA WILL BUY Lots 8, 1) and 10 in
t'UOU block 7, on Victoria avenue, immediately west of tho Windsor hotel, splendid
high and dry lots; an Al location. Worth
more, but owner must have money. Offer void
after Aug. 1st.   Terms, rtmh.  Apply at once.
(QAA WILL BUY Ut li, in block 1. Part
*?OUU oash; balance before August 1st.
This lot is on Victoria Avenue, almost cloarcd.
and in tho business centre of the town. A
good buy at the price.
(OEA WILL BUY Lot 12, in Block ��, a
^iaitOXt corner lot, located ou VIctoriaAvc.
west.  Part cash, balance by August 1st.
Cinn WILL BUY corner Lot I or 4, in
^1UU Wonkas. INSIDK LOTS In thesame
block for sale at f7.r.oach. Termm ,'',down, J**j
in 3 mouths, balance in it moutlin.
Cl/lA WILL BUY corner Lots 11 orHin
CPiUU block 38. These hits are MxlOO.
INSIDE LOTS in samo block for sub* at |7.p>
each. Terms: ;3 oasb.balaucft in :t and <i
months. 10 per cent, off for cash, These lots
are admirable residential pronorty, handy to
the proposed school. Fine small creek nearby.
Several residences already erected in udjoining
dim WILL BUY corner Lots 11 or 14, in
tplUU 40. 175 will buy inside lot* *, >.*, 10,
12 or 111 in the same block.  Usual terms.   This
Eroperty is locally known as Knob hill a
i-nch overlooking tho town.    Splendid residential property.  Selling readily.
WILL BUY anyone of Lots 3, 4. 5,
-t_ - 6, 7 or 8, In blocks, situate on Victoria ftrenue, north aide; the only lots on thc
main street at these prices.  Usual terras.
ffiQiin WILL BUY Lot 7, in block 1, oppo*
iSOUU Bite 8. Shannon's assay rlfflce on
Vlcoria Avenue. Half cash, balance In sixty
days. This offer only hplds good till Aug. 1st.
A snap for a business location.
For further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   i   ���
Tho most complete resort on the continent
of North America, Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Biating. fishing
and excursions* Resident physician and
nurse, tn telegraphic communication with
all parts of tlte world. Two mails Arrive and
departevery day. Its baths cure all nervoiiN
and muscular diseases, its waters heal all
kidney,' liver and stomach ailments, its
baths and wi.tern are a sure remedy ngainsl
all argentiferous poisons, tkkms : fin to
818 perweek.aoMidJng to residence in hotel
or YlllM,
(ieo. W. 'Jorey, H. Lyman, Jr., U.S., E.M.,
Mining Engineer. Mcrab.A. I. M.E.
Corey <$ Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lardeau properties managed,
3SRK  Ferguson, B.C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson: Service*" Jn Eagle hull every
Sunday at 3 p.m   Sunday school at 2 p.m.
Trout Lake City . Services in Forrester's
hall every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at 2:30p.m.
KEV. S. J. GREEN, Pastor.
Sec that this Label is ou all Clothing you buy.
Smoke Cigars
And at all times  insis��� on the
box bearing tub hlve label.
ft helps manufacturers to sue the force
of paying fair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
The Union Label
On everything you buy Is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on ha vino the label.
Uoited Batters of North America
thc United Hatters
of North America.
When vou arebuv-
hu: il FUR HAT,
either soft or stiff,
see tn it that thc
���enuine t; N i on
Label IsBftwcd i" it.
If a retailer bus
loose labels in his
possession and offers to put our in a
hat fur you, do not
patronize him. lie
has not any rignt touavo loose labels, Loose
labels tn retail stores arc counterfeits. Do nol
listen to any explanation as to why tho hat
lias no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on the four-edges oxactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits am somo*
times perforated on three of tho cdtres, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a Bharp lookout
for tho counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers aro using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made bats. Tlie .)"!ui it Stetson
Co. and Henry II. RoelOffl & Co,, both ot Philadelphia, l'a., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N. J,
JOHN PWLLIFB, Secretary,
14 707 Bedford Ave, Urooklyn, VY.
July a, 16.   Aug. 6, 20.
July 13. m. is-
Christian Endeavor Convention.
July 2, 3.
National Education Association.
July 2,  3.
For tlino tables, rates nml lull information apply to local agents.
J>. 1'. A��� NulBon.     A.u ,l'.A��� Vancouver.
���Are being picked up-
Every Lot Is   Worth More to-
day than  when Purchased....
Come In. S/��e Up Its Advantages Before Buying Elsewhere
The Many Rich......
Mining Properties
On the Silver Cup-Triune Hill; Cromwell-Lucky
Jim Hill; Nettie L.-Maybe Hill, Great Northern
Hill; Old Gold Camp; Metropolitan-Noble Five
Hill; North Fork of Lardeau Creek; South Fork
of Lardeau Creek, will someday make Ferguson the
Biggest and Best Mining
Town in this Province	
��kjk.rfi-rf2jfa_ri?.tfr rtt^tej-Sr jrfiife.vb tfj_riz_itejrf!Lrii_rfz_3"T rizjfc_rt��jfc.s*s_i}7
That l!crj|iisiin is thc Supply Point
Por Lardeau's Shipping Mines	
Just drop around at any time this season and see the
loaded  pack horses leaving dally In every direction.
i* If
NO. 4 K, W. 0. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C.
Gold, Silver-Load and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE, FREE
MILLING   GOLD properties  wanted at once for  Eastern   investors.
Parties having mining property For Sale are requested io send Minnies
of their ore to tup EXCHANGE for exhibition.
All samples Bhould bo sent by express prepaid. correspondence
solicited. Address all communication to
P. O. llox 7C0,      NELSON, II. C.
WliolpMiilu   Denier   In
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
Tho Bent (iomlfi Only.
Stock t-nrffe nud Complete.
The pnv roll centre and tiie place where Lardeau's shipping
mines aro located) Is situated no miles southeast of Itovelstokt1
Knnn Itovelstoko to Arrowhead by mil.'is milos; from Arrow'
heart to Thomson's Landing by boat* IS miles; from the Laodin j
to FEilGUSON.by horso or stage
Ferguson.  Investigation courted,
16 miles.   Co
strnijilit to
The Lardeau District
tis a profitable field for the judlotous advertiser is unexcelled in this province.  THK
LARDEAU   EAGLE   is   ihe only medium
actually covering tho district.  An ad. in the
EAGLE will reach njoro people in Ferguson-
Trout Lako city. Thomson's Landing) Comaplix, Camborne, Arrowhead, Ten Mile, Circle
City and overy solitary mino in the district)
than any other paper published.  No other
district in Canada offers suob, splendid opportunities for good, v.-idc-H wake advertisers.
l>o you want more busi&oss? Then write at
onre for our advertising rates and place your
patronage in tho only medium that actually
covers the flold-THJE LABDEAU EAGLE,
Job Printing
Tho EAGLE is the only printing office In
North   Kootenay  which  ran  furnish   the      j
Typographical   HnUiti   Label   upon   yoirr     '
printed matter. This alono is ii guarantee *>'     ]
[alt wage conditions and best workmanship,     i
Mail orders tilled iivomptly.   Let Iho EAOLK      3
print your printing i always noat( clean and | J
attractive.                                                 '
B. C. On the "Wing
Wm. Cowan of Rovolstoko, was in
town on Tuesday afternoon.
To-inon-ow ia tho day Orangemen
will duly celebrate���"Tho Glorious
There must be all kinds of money in
Camborne, the now Fish ereok town-
site, according to local reports.
* Fresh fruits���strawberries, cherries, bananas, orangos, lemons, peaches
and apricots at G. 13. Batho & Co.'s
The inspector of weights and measures mado an official visit to this camp
for the first time on Monday. Four-
bits an inspection.
Judging by the Revelstoke shipments being made to Ferguson, the
bnsinoss men of the railway center are
getting a fail- share of Lardeau's business.
Slocan was cheaply incorporated.
Less than $700 was required from the
initial step in the movement till the
council was seated and ready for business.���Slocan Drill. Ferguson's turn
* You are within hello dislanee of
anyone between here and Arrowhead,
and a message can bo received or sent
from hero to a any part of the world.
Telephone in Cummins & Co.'s store.
Secretaries of mining companies
operating in this distriot would confer
a favor upon the management of this
paper were they to supply us with data
as to what they are doing on their
properties or intend to do.
The jurisdiction of the Nelson Typographical Union, No. 340, has been extended to Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon, New
Denver, Silvertou and Slocan City.
The EAOLE would like to see Trout
Lake and Revelstoke in the list.
* G. B. Batho & Co. will hereafter
receive twlce-a-week shipments of California and B. C. fresh fruits.
Mrs. A. Pelkoy and family of Rossland, arrived in Ferguson on Friday
last to join Mr. Pelkey of the Eagle
* Weekly shipments of fresh ranch
eggs and creamery butter now boing
received by G. B. Batho & Co.
A gang of men from Trout Lako,
undor Mr. O'Brion, have taken the
place of thc strikers on the Nettle L.
wagon road.
Tho EAOLH understands that the
Miners' Union have now some $600 towards the erection of a hospital ln
Ferguson next season.
Over 200 pounds of union-made
chewing tobacco is now on sale at G. B.
Batho & Co's. Union label on every
cut.   Give it a trial.
* Get a camera or kodak and enjoy
yourself. Tho Canada Drug & Book
Co., Revelstoke, B. C, sell them at all
prices.   Write to-day.
Quite a number of working men-
strangers���are drifting into town; but
there are too many men here now for
the work there is to do.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. Rosenberger's advt. in this
issue. No stock to Bell; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
J. W. Westfall has returned to the
camp from a short business trip to
Rossland, and while there gave the
Lardeau district considerable publicity.
Mr. Westfall says Rossland is quiet,
more so, proportionately, than in this
"Wc Never Sleep."
Leading Store
Store ln Eagle Block.
Do you like the Eagle?    Do you
like it $2 worth ? '
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
This may be of Interest to local green
cloth Bends: A jury in the United
States court at Indianapolis returned a
verdict In which it was held that it was
no violation of the law to use a counterfeit coin in opening a Jackpot in a
poker game.
E. S. Casey, a Knox college Presby
terian student, who preached here some
weeks ago, has exchanged pulpits with
Rev. S. J. Green for next Sabbath.
Services at 3 p. m. in Miners' Union
hall. Rev. Green will preach at Thomson's Landing and Comaplix.
"Bill the Barber" has taken possession of his tonsorial parlors at Trout
Lake, while Mr. Fowler is in charge
here. They will work week about in
the two towns. A good bath room is
to be put in in connection with the shop
here, if suitable quarters can be obtained.
A large number of the bridgemen
who have gone on strike on the Kootenay branches wero paid off yesterday.
It is said that a number of them will
seek employment on the Lardeau
branch, which the C. P. R. is now
building in from Kootenay lake.���Nelson Tribune.
Messrs. Shannon and Cummins, who
some weeks ago placed their map of
the Lardeau and Trout Lake district,
in the hands of the lithographers, expect to have thc maps here in a few
days now. Orders sont to the Eagle
will be promptly filled, and new orders
are solicited. The map is tho best
thing over attempted In this country,
and is well worth tho low price, tl,
Send along your order to this oflice.
The Eagle begs to acknowledge a
complimentary season ticket to tho
eighth annual Spokane interstate fair
which takes placo between September
' 10 and 21. These fall fruit fairs have
always been a success, but this year
promises to eclipse all previous attractions, judging by the "speed program,'
which includes some big purses���as
high as tl,000���for horse races. H.
Bolster is again the secretary and manager.
B. C. Gazette, June 28. Appointments: "Thomas A. Wilson, of Trout
Lake, Esquire, M. D., C. M. to be resident physician at Port Essington. "Mr.
Wilson leaves hereon Monday morning
to assume the duties of the appointment mentioned. Mrs. Wilson and
family will follow in tho course of a
few weoks, if Mr. Wilson so decides
aftor reaching his new field. While
regretting tho doctor's leaving here,
tho Increased monetary remuneration
in tho north country places him in a
congratulatory position. If however,
Mr. Wilson deeideo to return to tho
Lardoau his many friends hero will be
glad to welcome bim.
Revelstoke, July 6.���The strikers
are standing pat. They receive encouraging news from the different sections of the road every day. Monday
night next tho citizens are giving them
a benefit concert. Tho merchants of
Revelstoke are setting a good example
by openly showing their sympathy. I
am pleased to hear that the report tbat
Paddy McCann forced the Italians to remove trees from the track is not true.
After sizing Paddy up I am quite ready
to believe that he never forced anything.
At a represontatlvo public meeting
held in Ferguson early last spring an
appropriation to build a trail up Goat
eroek was asked for, and a less sum
was secured for that purpose by our
representative Mr. Taylor. The
Beatrice mine and other properties
can reach water and rail transportation
for their ore, five miles of which is a
good wagon road, in a distance of 124
miles hy coming down this way -, while
161 miles, over an all-trail route, is
required for the Pool creek side.
Supplies, as soon as tbe railway
reaches Duchesnuy, or oven now, can
be delivered to these properties from
Ferguson much cheaper than from
elsewhere. The trail up Goat oreek is
quite feasible, accord ing to old-time
roadbuilders such as Tom Horn, and a
good raw-hiding route is afforded to a
point just abovo Ferguson on the north
fork of Lardeau creel:. For this reason
tho money will be spent where it was
asked for and intended for. If a trail
is absolutely required on tho Pool
creek side by all moans have ono, but
not at tho expense of so important a
work as tho Goat crook trail.
Work will bo commenced upon tills
and all other proposed trail construction and repair work before this time
noxt woek. Local Supt. McPherson is
gotting down to business.
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, etc. Mail Orders
promptly  attended   to.
and Undertaker, Revelstoke
Imperial Bank
"���an     nf Canada,
REST ��� - -
��� 11,860,000.00.
General Bnnki .in Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
a. e. FiTipps,
R. S. Wilson.
H. Edwards^
Deer Heads,. Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
T. Gallon & Co.
City, B. 0.| on Sunday, July 7th,
1001, at 7 a. ra., at tho parsonage, by
the Rev. S. J. Groetif. A. C. Cummins
of Ferguson, B. (.'., to Miss Berlhia
Jane Burrell of Trout Lake City.
Kootenay Railway $
Navigation Company, Ltd.
Mr. J. II. Gray having rcHimiod his position
as Land Commissioner of thia company, all
communicBtions in reference to Kaslo A*.
slocan Railway Company's lands should be
addressed to
Kaalo. B. (],, Mar Mat. 1901. 18*22
| Ore Bags f
��� AND "   '
P. O. Box 217, Nelson, B. C.
0. K. Laundry
(*-*��w^ Corner Vickers Street
1    ^^-and Queen Avenue
Laundry work of every description done
cleanly and promptly.
Rubber Stamps
Having secured tlie Lardoau agoncy tor
a RoNsland firm ol rubber stamp manu-
lacturors, we tire now prepared to tako
orders for anything In this line.
California Wine Co.,
Limited, Nelson, B. C.
Wines and
Agents for Calgary Beer.
McKinnon &
Our Goods
The Post Office store. Let us do your outfitting'.
Fresh   fruits arriving. Liberal dis counts for cash.
O. B. Batho d- Co.
Pioneer Store
Cummins& Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
Ask for our ��� ���
Popular Brands:
Fenton's Choice
U and I ��� ��� ���
Nation's Pride ���
Canada's Own ���
Moss Rose ��� ���
Silver Spray   ���
Manufactured by the Consumers' Tobacco Company, Limited,
successors to Wagner-Fen lon Tobacco Co., Leamington, Ont.
STAKKKY & Co., Nelson, B.C., A|-<-nt(. for the KootetiiiyK
Sold by QUO. li. J1ATIIO & CO., Ferguson, B.C.
f I'll 111
to lute 10
C. B. Hume & Co. f
Wholesale and Retail-
General Merchants I
The largest Importers In North Kootonay. '.'.',
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City, B. C. |
Everybody    QUT  Special
s mokes     AND	
-  The Union
They arc atl Union made and of tlie
best Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one and satisfy youruelf
as to tlieir quality.
Co., Revelstoke.
Citizens ofthe Lardean District
When you come to Revelstoke to do your shopving, remember that
Bourne Bros.
have tho largest  and  best  assorted  stock  In  North  Kootenay.
Compare our prices and see our goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Mail Orders Promptly Tilled


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