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 The l
VOL. II. NO. 19.
$2.00 A YEAR.
A Brief Review of the  Work and
Progress Being Made.
Immense Bodies of Medium-Grade
Ore, But Unprofitable  for Shipping at [Present.���With Smelter
and Railway Facilities It Would
be a Hive of Industry
Having recently visited some of tbe
claims adjacent to tbe Nuttlo L. on thu
Nettie L. mountain a few details may
be of interest.
The Nettie L. mountain as it is now
known comprises that portion of the
mountain on tbe south sldo of the 0-
mile creek emptying into the north.
fork of Lardeau creek, and tbo 7-mile
oreek emptying into the south fork of
Lardeau creek. The mountain Is semicircular in shapo and gradually slopes
to both creeks, forming tho conllucneo
of tbo north and south forks into Lardeau creek. On this horseshoe aro
located a great number of claims on
which more or less work is done.
The Nettie L. mino and claims adjacent thereto aro too woll known to
need comment here as thoy aro constantly before tbo eye of the public.
The claims on this lodge further
���field and less known, adjoining tbe
Great Western Co. properties on the
southeast are the Brow and Haven
mineral claims on which considerable
work is done, but not sufficient to thoroughly prospect the ledge which is
massive with good walls, aud carrying
considerable iron pyrites and chalco-
prltc, with galena interspersed through
the lead, and is in every way worthy
of attention. Work on these claims
systematically carried out should show
good results.
Adjoining the last named claims are
the Goose Caps, possessing mineral
showings on the outcroppings, requiring development to demonstrate their
Adjoining the Goose Caps aro tho
Kootenays, similar in overy way to tho
Goose Caps, with little work done on
i Above the Kootenays adjoining on
the east is the Union Jack group of
claims on which considerable work is
done. On these claims good oro showings are met with at surface and in tho
Adjoining this group on tho southeast comes the Black Eagle, Sunset
���nd Canadian, on which also considerable work is done, showing large
bodies of mineral.
To the oast aud sidelining the before
mentioned claims are the Pittsburg,
Imperialist, Centre Star, Black Hawk
and Royalist mineral claims, with
fractional claims wedged in wherever
space was found. On the most of thoso
claims two or more assessments is done
showing massive veins of quart/, carry-
pyrites und a little galena.-
Again to the east sidelining tho above
claims comes tho idle Hour group,
Three Friends, Annie and othor mineral claims on which considerable tunnelling is done. On the Idle Hour group
the vein has improved wonderfully
from the starting of the tunnel. From
specimens recently brought from this
propeity it soems to boentering a good
mineral zone. The ledgu running
through those claims Is very large and
from tbe improvement taking place
development should bring these to the
front in tho near future.
From ono or moro of tbo veins traversing this mountain immense deposits
. of hydrated peroxide of iron is found
having a dark brown or yellow (ochre)
color. Tho iron has evidently been
dissolved out of veins passing .through
the mountain by water containing
organic acids, or carbonic acids.
On the Annie mineral claim an immense bed Is seen about 1000 feet in
length, 10 (eel wide averaging from-
to 4 feet thick where cut through.
Many othor deposits tiro found on the
mountain but of lessorsizo. Evidently
this part of tho country has bucn and
Is still heavily impregnated witli iron.
With the opening out of those immense
veins largo deposits of oro may bo expected.
In ihe valley again to the southeast
Is the Gold Bug mineral claim. On
this claim a crosscut tunnel is run
about 100 feot iutorseeting two veins in
which considerable mineral is met
Adjoining tlio Gold Bug is tho Coon,
Cheyenu, Davoy, Crescent aud a host
of othor mineral claims. On Use
Cheyeno considerable ore bodies arc
encountered aud has the appearance of
making a valuable property if developed.
"If developed" or development
applies to all tho claims before referred
to. The mines wo have at work and
tho others partly developed show an j
improvement with work done. Not
one claim in tho district that bus been
systematically developed is a failure. |
This therefore should encourage claim
owners to exort every possible ell'ort
in getting ahead with their work, as
also will it encourage intending purchasers when this fact becomes fully
With the railway coming into tlie
district bettor and cheaper transportation is at baud. Tho largo bodies of
medium grado oro whicli could not be
handled at a prolit will now come in
for a share of consideration and wo j
shall seo the successful camp everyone
believes it to be at last realized.
Bio; Force of Mon Now Developing
Its Hidden Wealth.
Tho Eagle's Tab on Lardeau's Coming Mines.
Many othodox christians oppose
socialism because without understanding iii tboy believe it to be unchristian
and opposed by the leading men and
papers of their church, Thoso beliefs
are both erroneous. Socialism is so
distinctly christian that it is often
spoken of as "Applied Christianity."
It is really the application of christian
methods lo our social, industrial and
economic systems. As to the belief
that leading church men and leading
church papers are nil opposed to socialism, you have but to Bot'Utintze closely
the pages of any christian paper {except the Christian Guardian, a Canadian ollieial publication) for a fow weeks
to dirt-over that to bo a mistake, Be-
low arc oxtraets from the Western
Christian Advocate, an ollieial Organ
of the M. 13. church in the United
Statos. Similar passages aro found in
tho papers of all othor othodox
churches, but thoso are chosen because
the writor waa brought up in a Metho -
diet family and has tho Advocate conveniently at hand. An Isolated example is not given but a number of
passages from different copies of tho
Western, extending over a period of
several months.
"i 'ii-oporatfoti i= i  spac'--;  of   . -
tary socialism; it is a form  of mutualism    whicli    does   not   involve   [the
suppression    OP   eft'acemont   of    tho
"Jesus was the first sociologist, the
first to arraign society against itself iu
analysis under the light of moral law.
* * * Sociology is an analysis, but
it analyzes that it may reconstruct."
"Jesus waa a social reformer, bo-
cause he discovered unrealized social
"A stato which demonetizes silver
when the silver dollar had reached a
premium of two cents���that is to say
reverses an economic process by legislation���may accomplish other and
more beneficent results by legislation."
" God help the poor! Thelaws don't
protect thorn and the law makers don't
regard their Bufferings."
'���The previous mistake of Christianity has beon in attempting to shape
itself in ecclesiastical organism, instead of unfolding its meaning and
exorcising its functions in the social
Hfo of tho world.".
"The oppressed classes do not want
charity, but justice; and with simple
justice tho necessity for charity will
disappear or be reduced to tho minimum,"
"Christianity, while saving men and
women iu tho world, and taking them
to a salvation beyond tho world, is
pledged by hor genius and her teachings to save the world itself."
nn; chances ion a haiiavav.
Tho contractors on tho Balfour
extension aro beginning to move their
outfits. All ttie camps are through
work, with one or two exceptions, at
tho Procter end of tho Hue.���Nelson
Tribune. The Tribune has no mention
of their going to work on tlie Lardoau
branch as yet. It is expected however,
that something doflulto will be known
by July 20th, the date upon which the
C. P. li. take over the Balfour branch.
This Busponse Is awful.
Big Surface Showings, Accessible
to Transportation, Plonty Timber
and A Strong Company to Work
It, Making it Everything That is
Required to Become a  Success.
Walter Russell, Dan Cameron, Chas.
Morrison. Alfred .McPherson and four
others loft on Monday to commence
work mi tho Wide West group, situated on the headwaters of I'ool creek;
a tributary of Fish river, about six
miles from Cambourn, owned by the
Wide West Cold Mining Company of
Lardeau. This group consists of three
claims, the Wide West, Lake View
and Ontario, comprising about 15ft
acres of mineral land. W. H. Jackson,
of Rossland, ono of tho directors  says:
"There aro ii vo largo ledges tn a
range of mountains of solid slate and
lime formation, which ledges are
plainly visible for miles distant, showing an immense schist and iron
cropping, with veins of quartz, oalcite
and iron, stratified in all directions,
from ; ix to fifteen feot wide, the quartz
boing soft and sugary, impregnated
with fron and galena rook well mineralized. Un ledge No. 1 there is from
ono to three feet of shipping ore and
twelve feet of ledge matter, Ledge
No. 'I is about fifteen feet wide with a
large body of ore in sight. Ledge No.
;j is about eight feet wide with seams
of galena  ore   in   solid   iron   pyrites.
Lodge No. 4. is fifteen feet wide, of
solid iron pyrites and galena oro.
These leads aro known as tho Croat
Horn, Blackburn, Lost Horse and the
Jennie Lind. These aro tho only
properties In the Lardoau country that
I know of which have five of the greatest leads of the country running
through them.
The development work done '.jqxi the
claims consists oi open cuts on tho surface opening j up the leads. Considerable prospecting has been done, aud
wherever there has boon a shot put In
tho ore shows up in large quantities.
Tho assays aro as follows: No. 1, all
values $01.20. No. 2, $43.00. No. y,
$28.00, and several others running
between $25.00 and $50.00, showing
that the average would be about $45.00
to tho ton.
The surface showing as well as the
natural facilities for the working of
tho properties aro unquestionably
good. There is sufficient timber on
the Lako View claim and vicinity to
feed a saw mill for years to come. All
three properties offer exceptionally
good advantages for tuunolling; a tunnel on the Lako Viow started from tho
level of the creek would in about six
hundred feet give nearly eight hundred
feet in depth. The cost of development should bo vory small with such
As soon as development is commenced on Wide West group tho
property will at once begin to pay
back the initial expenditure and become a dividend payer much earlier
than the average mineral claim.
These properties are known to have
one or the largest showings of mineral
in tho Lardoau division. They are
surrounded by such well known mines
as tho Beatrice, Lardeau Goldsmith,
Hunter and Trapper, Black Bear aud
Athens group. Tlie group is one of tlio
most promising iu the country and will
no doubt make a very valuable property.
I cannot speak too highly of thu
Wide West group, as there seems lo
be nothing to hinder It from being on
the shipping list aud 'dividend paying
in a short time."
nkwsimi'kk roil wiNm:m.i;m;.
In Spite of the Difficulties Met
With In Not Having Railway
Transportation.-Assessment and
Development, Trails, New Finds
aud General Information.
Thu Blink Knglo.
.lohn Grant, Olo Sandbcrg and T.
Grahame arrived In the camp on Monday and on Tuesday went up lo the
Black Eagle, three miles from Ferguson up the south fork trail, owned by
M.\ Grant and other old country
capitalists. This is Mr. Grant's first
visit to the property and though tho
present workings have exposed nothing of groat value, he has decided to
do 200 ft. of work on a big strong load
which lies some SuO ft. abovo tho
present workings. lie thinks more of
the Black Eagle than it was represented to him to be. Mr. Grant will
leave for Colorado to-day, but will
return in a few weeks. Ho has not
quite recovered from the fright given
him by the exhorbitant prices asked
for mere prospects when out here in
'07. Upon his return, however, ho
may try to secure a working bond on
one or more properties, undor tho
same terms as aro willingly given him
in Colorado.
Sir Wilfred Laurier falls far short
of fulfilling his promises in regard to
Chinese exclusion by raising tho tax.
It was announced in the house of commons ou Wednesday that tho poll tax
on Chinese eutering the country would
be increased $50, that is it will now bo
$1000. This is a long way from $500
and is not likely to moot with favorable
consideration in tho west. Tho Japanese go untouched.
Vol. 1, No. 1 of Tho Outcrop, a
bright, newsy woll-patroni/.edii-jolumn
folio, published by W. P. Evans at
Canterbury in the Windermere district
of East Kootenay, is to hand. Tho
Outcrop, with Mr. Evans at its helm,
will be a strong factor iu bringing that
country to tho front. Mr. Evans has
been connected with newspaper work
in this province and the northwest for
the last eight years, in fact the writer
"held cases" alongside him for two
years in the earlier days of our western
career. Tho Outcrop is full of good
much sought for news of that portion
of B. C., and tho residents there aro
fortunate iu having such a thorough
ttllround newspaper man as W. P.
Kvnns in thoirmidst.
Work on tlie Smith  Group.
YV. E, Smith of Seattle, arrived in
the camp this week. Mr. Smith, B.
Crilly. foreman at the Nettio L., -and
two Hyde brothers also of Seattle, own
the Smith group on Mohawk creek
about a mile below [and north of the
Beatrice. Tho group consists of three
chiims, the Franklin, Frisco and Black
Hawkj Last season Mr. Smith drove
a crosscut tunnel of 00 ft. on the Black
Hawk, the centre claim, but did not
roach the lead. This he purposes doing this summer, with the assistance
of a miner sent by Mr. Crilly in his
stead. Thoy expect to tap the lead
with 10 ft. more work. In order to
gain more depth they will begin sinking at this point on the lead and then
drift. Tlio surface showings are
excellent. Four assays averaged $6 in
gold, $11 copper aud 681 in <-silvor aud
load values. Tho owners bave the
courage of their convictions and will
stay by this property until it becomes
a shipper, and they get their money
back many fold.
Tho Triune Group.
Tho eight men working on tho trail
from 10-mile to the Triune group camo
down on Saturday night, having completed the trail after two weeks hard
work. The Messrs. Lade and Gunn
brothers left yesterday with pack
horses and supplies to commence 'WOl'k
on tho Triune. Thoy will tako out ore
al! summer to ship this winter. Tho
government, through our now representative Thos. Taylor, will bo asked
to try and secure $300 to put tho trail
into good shape. No assistance whatever has been granted towards tho
work so far, and it is only reasonable
to expect the government to put the
same faith in the results as tho claim
holders at tho other end. When a
private individual is willing to stake
his all on a claim the government
Bhould meet him half way in trail construction at any rale.
Tin- Coppor King.
O. Morgan, L. Thompson and II. Carter returned from up the north fork on
I'Yiday, whore they have been doing
assessment work on the Copper King,
owned by il. C. Dler of Revelstoke. A
10 ft. open out on ono of the leads and
a 7 ft. tunnel higher up on the same
lead is tho result of their work. The
Copper King is located on tho west
siopo of the north fork, 6i miles from
Ferguson. It in accessible the year
round; bnt BUfflcIont development has
not yet been done to demonstrate its
value. Picked specimens from tlio
stringers In tho lead give big assays,
particularly in copper. With moro
development these stringers may become concentrated and a good body of
ere exposod.
Revenge uml Chnmberlaln.
Arthur Evans, L. Wisonor and
'���.wry Nellis left yesterday with
���ppUes to eommeneo work on the
vengo and Chamberlain, two prom-
!ng properties up Fish river, adjacent
to Cambourn, tho new townsite. They
intend to cut out a trail, build a cabin
and inako preparations to continue
work indefinitely. Work will be
pushed on the new shewing discovered
this spring. A trial shipment will be
made and the owners are confident
that it will net them at least $100 to
the ton.
The Early Bird.
J. II. Dimmick ami C. A. Irwin left
on Sunday for the Early Bird, located
between the Golden Gate and I. X. L.
and also joining the Alpine. They
now havo a 0 ft. shaft sunk upon the
lead, but intend to open cut and prospect with a view to deciding tho best
means of future development. This
property is in good company, but like
many such it requires,development to
prove its worth. The indications so
far are extremely gratifying to tho
Rlohinuiid iiml Hope.
James Comerford *came down from
tho north fork yesterday and * reports
things brisk up that way. Mr. Comer-
ford was up at tho Richmond and
Hope, owned by II. Carter and L.
Thompson. They have 8 ft. of lodge
matter, carrying copper and galena,
assays of which go '.)* per cent, copper,
55 oz. silver and $2 in gold, also load,
to the ton. D. Morgan and tlie owners
are uow at work on them.
Tho lUiisy mill Kick or.
Hugh McCurdy, Chas. Dtllin and
Goo. Bothwell came in from Trail. B.
C. last week to commence work on the
Daisy and Kicker, properties, they
located last season above Haskins creek
at the foot of Trout lake, on what they
claim >to be the same lead as the
American, which is now pending sale,
is staked upon. Tf developments are
satisfactory they may continuo work
for some time.
North I'ork   Properties.
J. W. Westfall came down from his
various properties up tho north fork
last evening. He will return again on
Friday. Things are looking A1 on the
Old Cold, and tlie men arc all hard at
work on the other properties, but nothing of note has transpired during the
past week.
Alnbel Group.
Messrs. Morgan and Irwin have
decided not to try getting in supplies
to tho Mabel for a few weoks yet on
account of the snow, but tho first week
in .Inly will see them hard at work.
The owners Intend to do a lot of work
and make a test shipment this summer. 	
Adjoining (he Black Hear.
A line lead about 4 ft. wide has been
exposed by a land slide this spring, on
the claim adjoining the Black Bear ou
the east, situated at the headwaters Jof
Bass ?roek. H. Carter and D, Morgan
will eommeneo work upon it as soon as
tho snow goes off at that point.
itoiul Taken Up on the Silver Queon.
A. St. G. Ilamersley of Vancouver,
was in looking over tbo Silver Queen
last week previous to the company
making the second payment, Mr.
TIaiuersley will return in about three
weeks, when further particulars will
be made public.
1 The Coming Mining Empire of th��
North West."
The nioiitaun Oroup<
.I. Brady and Steve Slingor left on
Sunday to do assessment woVk on this
group, which is situated on tho old
Silver Cup frail, about a mile above
8-mile. The group consists of three
claims, the Joe Martin, .1. B. and Montana.
Peacock Cupper,
Assessment work on Ibis properly,an
extension on tho Copper King, owned
by Win. Baby, has just been finished
by Messrs. Carter, Thompson and
Morgan, with satisfactory results.
I). L. McCHntpuk, a Presbyterian
mission student who has beon in tho
Lardo-Duncan district for tho past
year, walked from Argcntn over the
summit to tho foot of Trout lako and
rowed from there to Trout Lako City
last week and held church services in
Ferguson's hotel sitting room at 3 p.
m. on Sunday last, and also at Trout
Lako City iu the evening. A largo
congregation listened to a short woll
conducted sermon here. In tho event
of a Methodist student not succeeding
J. E. Fleming, Mr. MeClintock will
take up the good work In this community for an indefinite period.
Wonderful Strides Being Made in
the Last Few Years. ���Modern
Machinery and the Latest Methods of Mining Are Giving Magnificent Results in West Kootenay,
The West Kootenay is chiofly
remarkable for its groat mineral
wealth. Marvelously rich deposits
have boon discovered in different
sections, and new finds are frequently
made. It is a country of illimitable
possibilities, but only few parts of it,
when tho best area of hidden wealth iB
considered, have passed beyond th��
early stages of development, Great
strides, however, have already been
made, notably in the Trail Creek, Nelson, Kelso-Slocan and Ainsworth
districts, 'where many properties are
completely equipped with costly
modern plants for mining operations.
In the Lardeau. Big Bend and other
portions of this rich region, mining is
also being profitably carried on, and as
capital is acquired through the working of the properties, or is brought in,
the output of ore will bo immensely
increased^ The mines of the Kootenay
district added to tho world's supply of
precious metals during 1808 about $12,-
000,000, andulast has year moro than
doubled that amount. All this in the
face of the fact that, but fews years
ago, this part of British Columbia was
a primeval forest, unknown to the 'outside world. Seldom, if ever before,
has tho investment of an equal amount
of capital returned such lnagniiioieLil
results in so short a time. So rapid
has been the recent development of
this district and so encouraging tho
prospects for even greater expansion,
that an eminent American mining
authority speaks of it as "the coming
mining empire of the North West."
By experienced mining men who mine
on good business principles, mining is
no longer considered a risk, but with
improved machinery and new methods
of mining, it lias gradually grown to
be one of the leading industries.
There Will Be  a  Continuous  Pay
Roll From This Date.
The timo has arrived when claim
holders, who have been out of the district making the price of a grub stake,
are returning to do assessment and
development work. For the last five
or six years those men have held on,
and every year sees a little more work
done on their claims. Withthoadvent
of a railway and mining companies*
representatives coming into tho district
it should no longer be necessary to
leave the district in winter. From
this date Lardeau's pay roll should be
continuous. Thero will bo ten times
as much ore shipped this winter as
last. And there is a dozen properties
being worked this season to one last.
Most of Ihe companies operating in tho
district at present are hore to stay
with it. The same may bo said of
claim owners as far as lies in thoir
power, with limited means. Tho construction and operation ol a smeltor
here is almost assured. This, with a
railway in Bight is quite an impetus to
the struggling population which has
held down this camp for the past few
years. There is every reason to believe that many of them will bo
rewarded for their tenacity this
A Kaslo corespondent to the Nelson
Tribune is responsible for the statement that .1. -1. Young refused an offer
of $100,000 foi- his shares in the Great
Western Mines, (Nellie L.] from P.
\V. Godsal, a wealthy Albertan rancher. Apparently Dave Young of Kaslo,
has been shilling the aforesaid correspondent. Several glaring errors in
the article are apparent in other
particulars, so that tho rest of it is
likely the same. It will be interesting
to know, anyway, that .1. .1. is "coining" money out of his newspaper.
W. F. Tye, chief ongineor of construction for the C. P. B. system,
returned to Nelson on Saturday on
route east after spending several days
at Trail, So far as can be learned no
announcement has been mado regarding the Lardeau branch. THK LARDEAU EAGLE, FERGUSON, B. C, JUNE 20, WOO.
Published cnav   Wadneafc
t0BU��I-publication, Per
iiini.' al  tlie
B. C..bj
about >jTenti'r freedom ol trade between
Kngluiid and Franco, tn the mutual
benefit���till political ambition stepped
iu uud usurped the place uf common
senne���ol both countries.
There ia, iu short, en natural quarrel
between the Herman and the French
: Irishman, between the Kuuian and tht
I'nle : the interests nf all alike, being to
Adr.rtUIng   Hates:      Displuy alls. .1.60 per
column inch. Leaal au>, lac per (aonuarlel) line
for tint Insertion i si- lor each additional Insertion.
Reading notices lSoperllne each Issue. ,    ,.        ..... .--   ,
Sul)��ri|��tlon Rates' By mall or carrier, W.00 ! I've aim let live. But there ts a natural
per annum; *i.oi> far six monthi, stopi*ti ��t, quarrel betweon me and the man who-
'f:11>iration. i be he foreigner or fellow countryman���
j��t�� Department: Tim Eaglm .J*>i> Departmeiii11 takes awav my neht to live, or pre-
lri:i^?;te1i,:^'ho���Kr,p;^ce,.,','"""" ��� veuw T am buying ��.��i .em..!? with
Art,lrf�� all communication, lo- my fellow man  in   any   part   of  the
THE FERGUSON KAU1.K. W1J.'"  , .     ,.- , ,   ,   . ������
Ferguson, B. C    ;    War has its uses in this world, but it
 ! must be a war not for the furtherance
of personal or political ambition, nor for
: vengeance, nor for swelling the <rnins
'of capital, but for the defense of some
i clearly defined human right which is
endangered,   We have too many wars
of the former class, and not enough of
the latter.   Wo want to declare war
! against  monopoly and   privilege and
I against all those artificial ordinances
i which place equal beings upon an un-
! equal footing; ill the race for life.   We
i want men who will carry the banner of
I political and economic truth and tlinon-
: tangle its teachings from the illusions
of a spurious and hypocritical patriot*
ism.   We must  bestir ourselves if we
are what we say weare.    Falsehood and
Fraud can Hull millions of soldiers to
fight for them, and why not Truth.
Liverpool, ICng.
oittn^uil    siir     UIMIimil  ������.as*..      .ii'^      a   ��������>*���.. arvi iv/vi     iiiu     t ��iii-.ihi   k ..ill }'i.uii.<i-i     aiBUI V"**
man. between the Kiiglisliinati and the their engines tn burn oil, for oil at that
IT   tO
"I would rather a man earned his living by lighting than by betting. And
I say it sternly anil deliberately."���
CauOU Tucker, recently at South Yarra,
���Cow that %v��r H In fln-ulr, e'en
the p
irson in
hia lair
M.izi-1 with wilil dettrhlgfl
or ih
right of
spurtliit; I>IikkI,
���LiidHu|iltchwftMstrouii tu his
That they aiun*. hear in fane
v .mil
b falling
wiil>�� rlnui,
H*- upon them witli the swoiil���M
- th*
ui tin- Ijonl-
rVnd exyoao your  neighbor'
viliils   to ihe
heulthftil ntmoiphere;
Uo not misapply your skill tot
n- dot
t'ruitf of
hia bill,
Bui just cleave Ulra through
In; nk
II with a
fta-h irom parto*'��r.
in not even play at cricket -*
sliun the
wicked wU'ket!
Kiir to cut it bouml'rv "fourei
' is tb
cut to hell.
Ami you're safer spiHiiife ihhv ill
mi in whacking
11(1 q score���
Por the pro fa of the devil, an
1 "hull
with the
devil dwell.
Let ua deify the anil
Forthe Lord God 1
ves it
\ml the Koapel is suspended
ve thrash
each other well.
Bnt this S|iartau parson's creed
ins be
11   lllllll t<>
-nil the need
iif onr nitiniiiic Intentions
iimrd h)
Uncle I'hiiI.
yen, before we'd stoop in client h
Volllli cut
htm upimdcnl him:
Aid wo wouldn't steal hUw
it itihi
��. whal
overmiKhl befall.
Km when there \<��
i Uoe
He can't want "cm
my in
So wi- tfiM them square aud it
iiict n
This boasted ninteeiith century of
progress, of social activity and of social
philanthropy has had many clitics and
detractors. Plenty of men havo tie
tected the liollowliess of its civilization,
ami tin! questionable nature of its philanthropy They have seen that material progress tine's not mean human hap
that intellectual culture
. nut
its adherents triumphantly point
the fact that frequently there is a small
rote on constitutional amendments
which are submitted to the people by
their so-called superior IkkIv, the legislature, and they say the people will not
vote on measures, This is true at times,
but the corresponding fact is invariably
overlooked, that often these things are
not worth voting on They are either
trivial matters or else they are so am
biguously���not to say dexterously���
wordetl that thoy have either nn vitality
in them or that vitality is extremely
liable to be taken out by decisions of
the courts. In fact judges and attnr-
neys regularly complain that they cannot tell what these things mean, and
honored judges have been koown to
completely change their minds within
two weeks' time on their meaning. Is
it any wonder then that ofttimes Unpeople should not think these tilings
worth voting on? The fact that so
many do go lo the polls and vote on
utterly unimportant matters is surprising.
Now, il these things came from below
lip, if the people could really start all
issue from themselves, tis they can in
Switzerland, by the initiative, thon we
would have tlio real, vital questions
coining up for decision, and then we
would find the people really voting oil
What happens when measures are
disentangled from men and the people
have a chance to vote directly on them?
['Pilose who are interested in the mens-
I ure, vote on It, Those who are ignorant
! of it. or who arc not interested in it, do
sandstone, the borer has a comparatively c.-i.-y nisi;, unless he drop a tool
or break his tubiug. when the cost may
be much increased. At first the product sold for & a barret of 42 gallons,
but went down to :i."> cents, at which
period the railroad companies altered
figure resulted in vast economy to
them. After the engines were changed
to burn oil up went the price
coal after all proved in some cases the
cheaper fuel The price is not likely to
go over |1.2o. aud may, in consequence
of the recent discoveries of new fields
of almost unlimited extent, go down to
a nominal figure again. Large storage
tanks are built in Los Angeles, containing upwards of 500,000 barrels of oil
Tne average dailv product in Los
Angeles is about 5,000; nearly $2,000,000
per annum, therefore, is flowing into
Los Angeles county to-day from the
sale of oil alone, and about an eighth of
that is paid to the workers at the pumps
and haulers of tbe portable tanks. A
vast force is engaged in the manufacture of machinery for the oil wells, and,
in quoting these statistics in reference
to widespread benefits nf the oil industry, some otld thousand street oil brokers anil dealers iu oil company shares
must not he forgotten, for those people
subsist, temporarily at least, upon the
indirect oil output' One of the most
interesting oil lieids is that of Suiumer-
liinil, iu Santa Barbara collate, where
wells have been dug out iu the ocean
below high tide, and wharves are run
out from the shore upon which the
pumping machinery is placed.
When we consider the fact that the
export oil trade of the United States is
decreasing; that the total shipments of
1898 were 80,000,000 barrels less than
(Ik f Iwit. the discoveries of new oil
fields aud the attending excitement tn
California will be gratifying It opens
up a prospect for the Asiatic trade that
this country will undoubtedly take advantage of j the Itussian and Bornean
oil will have a competitor in California;
freights to tin- Orient from San Francisco will be considerably less than from
Philadelphia - Mining and Scientific
Colorado mines and mining property
are taxable It is the customary rule
to assess a producing mine or claim on
one-fifth of the gross proceeds of the
preceeding year.
United Hatters   ���Kffi
of North America SS
ua. When you are
buying nFlflt HAT
either soft or stiff,
see to It that the
iiciiiiiiie UNION
LalK'l is sewed In it
If a retailer has
loose   labels  iu   his
iiossessionand offers
0 put one in a hat
for yon, do not p.1t-
ronlzehiin. He has
not any right to
have loose labels.
Loose labels in retail stores are coun-
n v explanation as to
Tlie Genuine Union
Label is perf. ���rat.-d on the four edges exactly the
saint' a-* a inquire ���lamp- CqUlltenoitS are sometime* perforated mi time of the edges and sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout for
the counterfeits, Unprincipled manufactuii'if
are ii-iinrtlicm In order to get rut of their "cab*
made hats. The.fahii B, StetsonCo. and Henry
H. Rooloft & Co., both of Philadelphia, P��..are
non-union concerns. ' ., ,
JOHN A. IMFFITT, President, Orange. N J.
JOHN PHILLIPS, Secretary, 477 Park Ave.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Finely Kqiupptri Bar
Refitted and Refurnished
Best Cuisine Serrioa
Best $2.00 a Day Hoase
in the Lardeau District.
J. LAUGHTON, proprietor.
Headquarters for Minora and Mining Men.       Neatly furnished, well-lighted und
Heated Room*.     Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
the .iiiiiM! tliinjr as moral culture, and
tlmt the moral progress of tho human
race is almost brought to a standstill by
ihe inure spectre of international di.--
tru-'. what the age wants is notsome-
hodv to tell ii that there Is "something
rotten in the state ol Denmark," bui
somebody to act as if he believed that
there whs.
In short, what wo want is some iiuli-
catlonon the part of those who know
the truth, that they really believe It,
nnd are prepared to make some sacrifices for ii.
Lei us tore moment "survey innii-
i nut vote.
Hence there is an automatic
tlir inrn
he maiiii
la lightering
��� the sain.'
Oo we not
len ma at
are still in
harriers on
entlng thai
kind from China to Peru '
And that i lie best energies
ul all nations are devoted to
facturc of  machine" for
thoir  follow men,  who  liav
right to Uveas themselves?
lind that nations, even w
"war" in Ihe physical sense
the habit of erecting tariff
tiic boundarlers, thus prev
natural interchange of labor which I
intended, and insuring tlie maximum
of human exertion with the minimum
result? Do wo not lind thai the throne
of the world is occupied by capitalization with Its callus disregard for all the
noble, aspects of human nature, thai for
its sake governments are prepared to
make war, the law courts arc prepared
to decide tluit black is white, the news-
papers arc prepared to blacken
character of inoffensive tribes, the
church is prepared to pour its niercen
arv blessings upon its sellish designs,
and national sentiment is, alas! onlv
too ready to spill i's blood iu the diabolical'cause without regard to the
rights or wrongs of the quarrel ? These
are some of the prominent features of
the present age, and thoy are so familiar
tons that one has almost to apologize
for mentioning them.
Yet, why should familiarity with evil
slacken and dissolve our resolution
until we become part of the evil itself!1
That is the great danger���the indiffer-
entisui that cornea from familiarity
Men talk of wars in nrogress and wars
about to be declared with as much indifference as if they were talking about
the weather or the theater. The idea
of   slaughter    entirely   escapes  their
disenfraiicliiseiiient of the ignorant and
uninterested by themselves, Vou are
much more likely to get a proper de
cision when the posted and interested
vote. As long as no class are shut mil
from vitinu. this disenfrnnchisement hy
thouiaelvus is mil injurious
I'lider direct legislation, if there is n
small vote, it will simply show that
either the matter is of small importance
or else thai opinion is all one way, so
Ilia! many do not think it worth while
voting because they are suro. This is
what Actually happens iu Switzerland,
where liiey have had direct legislation
for years I 'lie ul its expresiuents ha*
said thai whenever the people are vi-
tnlly interested in a matter they como
out and vote, and that though some
things winch lie wanted carried were
defeated by the people, he found, when
he got some years off, so as to get a
proper perspective and sen these tiling*
in ilieir true light, thai the people wore
always right, even when they defeated
the tilings i.c wanted carried. Thus in
February, 1898, over -si) por cent of tlie
voters voted on tho question of tho nationalization of the railroads of Switzer
land, and there was no ballot-box stuffing to vitiate the figures, as here I
doubt if so high a percentage lias ever
been honestly cast In any large election
in our country.
Let us take advice from our legisla-
tpe tors, but not government, We liavo
done away with the middle-man in re
ligion, iu business, iu most every concern of life, let us do away with him in
politics by having the power to pass our
own laws' whenever we see Ht.    In tliii
wav we can abolish political peptinoids
anil take only such food as we need.���
Kltweed I'omeroy.
OH.   FIELDS,   OK   < Al.l I'Olt.M A .
Ail oil exchange has been formed in
Los Angeles, where for an hour a day
the interested meet and advance or
depress oil shares Hundreds of derricks are being established beyond the
original oil limits, and day and night
the pumps are unceasingly pumping
oil. Kor rugged precipitous lulls, that
a few months ago were worth only a
notice. "Vet the same people would be I few hundred dollars, certified checks
shocked with the details of a single j for a hundred thousand are now refused
inurdor Kor murder on a wholesale: and property is leased al fabulous
scale they have no compunction    All  prices.
the same the murders that are lining | This condition is not confined to Los
committed by the orders of fallible or j Angeles; from San Diego come reports
corrupt governments with the approval, of increasing oil findings,
more or less, of the misguided peoples j Six years ago an enterprising individ
thev rule, aro identical in moral texture i ual bored an oil well in Los Angeles;
with the isolated cases which excite the; since that time 700 wells, oacli costing
indignation of ordinary citizens. t2,000, have been sunk    While some of
The guilt mav be more difficult to I these have become exhausted, a great
localize, but it is there. Every one of many are still running, and new wells
these murders is committed in violation ! are being dug at the rapid rate of at
uf the principle none the less true lie-! 100a month. A procession of tanks is
<;aus�� it is recognized���that the highest I ever on the move from the oil districts
interests of the people of all nations are [ to tho various city manufactories; elec-
identical It is a principle writton I trie light machinery works and railway
clearly on the face of nature. England shops carry this valuable fuel, 3J bar
to-day for instance; cannot injure J;he \ rels of whicli is equal to one ton oi
Boeri without injuring herself,
war that will annihilate the two repul
lies will also cost England the lives of
40 000 or 50,000 of her subjects, and
(what Is of more importance to tho capitalist mind, for blood is cheap tn these
days of foolish patriotism) ��60,000,000.
In the same way a nation cannot enrich itself by trade without enriching
the nation with whom it trades. Cob-
den taught the English people he sound
doctrine of tho independent!, of nations,
and with remarkable success, too for
his time.   By  his efforts ho  brought
coal. The base "of California oil is
asphaltum, its average gravity is about
15 degrees, it is a thick, black oil, and
one of the best fuels yet discovered.
Its by-products enter into the lubricating oil, for painters, printers and other
trades, and tho asphaltum, after the oil
has been extracted, can be used for
street paving; indood, the ancient
Mexican tvho inhabited these regions a
hundred years ago used it for roofing.
1 hero is no surety as to the cost of
sinking an oil well; a safo average may
he stated at 12,01X1.   doing through soft
Royal Seal,
Keetcnay Belle,
Little Gem Cigars
-^������By the��e^-
Nelson, B. G.
i      See that the Blue Label is on eaeh box.
* ���>
HK3K3 K3 S3 K3 K3KX8
pA     When yon are in Trout Lake Oity put up at    M
iO Abraham80N Hhos., Proprietors fl
jfV Everything new and up-to-date. Plre proof safe. Finest jf\
yC wines, liquom and cigars. Mining men's headquarters. ��=��
A^ Cheerfiil dining room     Al service. JLI
|TT is under the same management. JfT
PJgjta Eg ��S Eg K3K3K
All Eyes are
Fixed ��ni
M3nliug1 & Development Co.
Capital, $1,000,000, in $1 shares.
4oo,ooo in the Treasury.
First Block of Treasury Shares now
on the market for a limited time
at 10 CENTS.
WM. K. <!imhi:am:,
Manager Hi,- Cochrane. Ranoli, Limited, Wtu-W.
kiii> .1. vui'Nc;,
Airing Dlrootorof Th. Herald, Calgary
w. II. POOL, Presides
,mi Western Minos, Limited, Porgason and Kevelstoke.
,1. I). l.li.tHUI,
i; -M Commissioner, Atlin
Randier, PlncherCr
(1KO, S.  Mil'.4KTKH,
Solicitor, Revelstoko
w. Hi HitiiWN, Proprietor St I
i ll'it S|,rings. Revelstoke.
The Double Eagle Company hi.s been formed lor the purpose, not only
ot mining its present properties,'but of acquiring promising olaims and developing them to an extent that will justify their sale to English and other
companies at a profit. The company -Already owns and has paid for in full,
the Trilbv and Old Saul properties in the famous Fish River district, and a
three-quarti rs interest in the May Bee mine, in the Lardeau district one and
a half miles from Ferguson. Sufficient promoter's shares have been set aside
(or the purchase of the remaining quarter.
The May Bee is the sister claim to the now famous Nettie L, which has
broken all records in British Columbia for large bodies of phenomenally
rich ore. The May Bee and Nettie L were located together in 1892 by
Mr. W. B. Pool (who has been appointed manager of the Double Eagle Co.)
Both claims enrry identically the same rich ore on the surface and the same
remarkable ledge runs through both, carrying high values in gold, copper,
silver and lead. The promoters have already spent $4,000 in developing
the May Bee, withexcellent results, and in order to place the mine quickly
on a shipping basis the company now offers the public the opportunity of in-
\osting to a limited extent in fully paid and mm assessable treasury shares
(par value $1) at 10 cents each.
Shares will be sold in blocks of 100
nnd upwards.
The company roaervea tlie right to withdraw the 8��l�� of nhurefl from tlie market nt any time
witfimit notice.      A|iplicatlmis may tie siiiit to tin) Hecretury,
A. H. HOLDICH, Revelstoke.
llrtD.IXO. .1. YOUNG, Humid Block, 0��l(ary.
Is the Natural and Commercial Centre���
Over one hundred and titty men now working in the
mew mines
NTow being developed by strong, practical companies.
Are being located in Ferguson.     Stores and Stocks are
being enlarged.   Properties are changing hands.
Capitalists are appearing on the scene.
Smelter men are on the Ground.
Railway Construction has practically
begun, and the entire district is
coming rapidly to the front.
Oome straight to
The Rossland-Nelsonofthe lardeau
For further information, write or see���
General Agent.
Local Agent. THE LARDRAU EAGLE, FERGUSON, B. 0, JUNE 20, 1900.
Ail vim that Will Give  Pence or Hind II
Followed Closely.
Do not be guided by the prospectus
which consists of a string' of eloquently
worded inanities. Do not believe the
report of the expert which is usually
attached to the prospectus, unless it is
that of a man well known of admittedly
honest character, or in the case of a
stranger, unless the said report will
bear the careful scrutiny of yourself
and of such of your friends as may be
experienced in mining.
Do not judge the capacity of the directors for conducting such an important
concern as a gold mine by their titles.
The names looked for should be those
of wall known business or commercial
men in London or elsewhere; of directors in successful mines; of mining
engineers, or the partners of well
known mining houses; and, most of all,
the real magnates in the mining world
who will take care that their names
shall not be mixed up in a directorial
capacity with any company likely to be
a failure.
Oo not for a moment consider the advisability of taking shares in a mine
which is not provided from the start
with sufficient working capital. The
smallest amount of working capital
asked for must be ��!tu,000 in the case of
a speculative venture, and ��50,000
when anything specific or definite is undertaken such as sinking a deep level
shaft, or driving a tunnel to locate the
continuation ot any reef. This sum
must be in cash not in the shape of half
cash, half reserved shared. It must be
understood that no mine can be developed and equipped on a sound scale for
��60,000. This sum is to be devoted to
development only. If results are favorable a further large amount still remains to be provided by the shareholders.
Do not favorably consider a scheme
iu which the vendors propose tn annex
HO or 80 per cent of the shares. As a
rule the unproved ground, which is
usually floated as a mine, has only cost
the vendors the price of pegging out
and surveying or at most ��1,000. If
the company in which you have applied
for shares goes to allotment, make it
your business to rind out how much of
the working capital stipulated tor has
actually been subscribed
Do not in the early days of the mine's
existence, believe what newspapers or
printed circulars say as to its success.
It takes many months to piove a mine.
I) i not, assuming that all the vendor
shares are"pooled, 'and that the market
is being worked by one man, believe, ill
the genuineness nf tape, or Stock Exchange quotations.
Finally, and most important of all:���
Be satisfied with a reasonable or even a
small profit. When you decide to sell
do not give your brokers a limit, slightly above that at which the share, then
stand, but sell immediately and right
Thus should the novice, or the spec
ulator who has no accurate sources of
information, conduct his gold-mining
operations, at least when dealing with
new and unproved mines If everyone
were to follow the rules laid down
above, only about 20 per cent nf the
mhos now floated would have proceeded to allotment. Even then, of
course, the speculator could not assure
himself against loss but he would greatly minimise the risk, and at the same
time would have the satisfaction of
dealing with the business in a common-
sense and perhaps profitable manner-
Curie's Gold Mines of the World.
The existence of the unemployed is
so common and familiar as to awaken
little or no interest, yet it is one of the
most remarkablo economic phenomena.
That there should be people willing to
produce the wealth that all desire but
denied the opportunity, that men should
suffer because there are too many hands
willing to produce the things they want,
is certainly remarkable. The paradoxical and unnecessary nature of the evil
has naturally prompted many schemes
and plans for betterment. It is not only
when men are crowding the street and
moving about in search of employment
that tnere is an unemployed class.
There is lack of employment when men
have not an opportunity to work to
their fullest capacity. If men are confined to employments in which their
greatest productive capacity cannot
find scope they are to a certain extent
unemployed, although they may nol be
entirely idle. The belief that the condition arises from overpopulation has
been dispelled by the appearance of an
unemployed element on the western
Much of religion to-day is OMly respect for the religion of the past.���Investigator.
Mum-  ami  min-r/v
'rutin*: "You know, of course, that in
Christian countries such as ours a man
is only allowed one wife. Now, what
is that state of things called ?" Pupil:
"I know.   Monotony !"���Punch.
A teacher in a certain school recently received the following note
front the mother of a boy who had
been absent for a day or two: "Dere
Mam���pine eggscuse Willy. He
didn't hav but one pare of trowsers,
an' I kep him home to wash an' mend
them, and Mrs. O'toole's cow come
and nt them up off the line, and that
awt to be eggscuse enuff, goodness
nose. Yours with respeck.���Mrs. B."
(Crank: 'The bill of tare at this
place is getting internally monotonous. Here's 'fried soles' again.today." Frank: " 'Fried souls?' That
does smack or infernal monotony. "���
Philadelphia Record.
MoRiter MiRcs
Co. of B.C., Uimited.   flon-assessable
BOARD  OF   DIRECTORS, (rorCamuia.lt
President, Sat Vlce-Preslilriit.
His Honor Judge Edward Elliot. Lt.-Col. F. B. Leys, 11. P. P.
���ind Vice-President, .1. H. Muilihmlrk, Esq.;
Treasurer, Root. Fox, Esq.
T. H. Luscombe.Esq. 8. Munro, Esq. Caul. Tllos. Ruuson.M. I'. P.
A. B Cox, Esq. P. P. Drake. Esq., M.D. A. E. Welch, Esq.
H. C. Becher, Esq.
(Por England.}
WiirwIoK Webb, Esq.. London,Sing, Hy. Hlokwn, Esq., Loudon, Eng.
T. H. Luscombe. Esq.,Canada. Warwick Webb, 12sq, (Kii��lnnil.)
The Union Label
Oil everything you buy is n
guarantee that the producers
thereof receive a fair rate of
wages for its production'.
And at all times insist on the
box bsaring the blue label
It  help manufacturers to see the
force of paying fair and honest wages
Nelson Cigar Makers' Union,
A proper young person of Glynn
Came to church, but re'used to go in.
"If I once stepped inside
1 should feel like a bride.
And the hvmn-hnoks are so masculine!''
Pure metals are tasteless: when
united with other bodies the combination has a marked, and usually ati tin
pleasant, taste. All the metals are
combustible,except the precious metals,
{old, silver, platinum, osuium, etc.
Imperial Bank
���       of Canada
Ofiitnl authorize ...
Capital tuxi<I ii|)	
, ,99,800,001
.. l,!Al,71ii
General banking: business transacted
tercet allowed ou deposits in Saving* Depart
iiif-u" nt current mien.
A. K. It. hkakn, Manager Kevelstoke Branch  SeethatthifllabolIsonallOlothlntryoupuroha
In prompt and sale delivery of
WATCHES entrusted to me is
my claim for the Lardeau trade.
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Silverware; Gold an I Silver Electio
Plating and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of R.N.
Doyle, an expert in English,
Swill and American watch repairing. All work guaranteed.
C.P.R. Watch Inspector,
Revelatoke, B. C.
W The Calgary M
H Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd. Jjj
\jf) Calgary, Alberta JJ
fl     Calgary Lager     ff
to all points in the
District. Light
rigs for quick trips
provided. Saddle
horses at all stables.
The traveling public accommodated at
any time of the day
or night. Por any
further particulars,
freighting rates, etc.
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Mile.
The Canadian Hank
nf Commerce. [Correalnmdeiita
Bank of Scotland.)
(Jrent Britain, the
PROPERTIES-Over 100 acres of mineral lands tn the LARDEAU (Kootonay,
B. C} which are being developed >-v two lunneltt. both <>r which slum- up
ore, tin: lurirer, or No. I. Iinvlnij' uHfieeudl.v ifond showings.
assays have gone 8188.00 and *i83.on to the ton, These were mado hereby
Prof. Harrison, Govt. Analyst
RAILWAYS ure uolng built. The FerKUSoiii B, C. Eagle of April 4, speaks
Of "a railway for Liirdeau business"    PertriHnii. 'jusi In-low n-n- |iro|it'rlyj
Isslatod for the Divisional Offices nf the K. k L. D.     The C. P. R. is
SMELTERS���A Philadelphia capitalist  is today in the Lardoau choosing n
cite for a smelter, which will go in either at Ferguson or Trout Lake
City.   Wo an- in touch with four others.
'ty as powerful as the
power nt fool of pro
Thames in Spring, and can run our mill by fchL ...
splendid mill site on bank of river, clow1 in railway whon completed
Au issue of FREE STOCK has been made at TEN CENTS per snare,
is not subject to any future assessments or calls, und H offered as u safe, i
und thoroughly good Investment,
Minis, sni)-cri|it t"n blanks and fuller Information can lie had at Comi
office. A. E, WELCH. Secretary, -'"7 Dundns St., Loinlt.ii, i
The   Bsr is supplied with the bust lirands uf Wines,   Liquors  and   Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
A Rich, Safe,
Values  Exposed   Prove It
This property, already developed to the extent of 270
feet, and now fully recognized in this wonderfully rich
district, as one of the best, having large outcropping of
high grade concentrating ore and ample water power to
mill it cheaply, and solid galena assaying $100 to $532
per ton, is about to be incorporated for $250,000, in 25c
shares. Home promoters' shares are now ottered for Syndicate's purposes at 10c, which will be taken up by Treasury shares after incorporation, that are expected to sell at
par at least, as the capitalization is small. Investigation
requested, and can be quickly made, as the property is
loeally so well known; or further information will be
furnished on request.
One of the three Trustees holding title, Treasurer of
Syndicate. Private Hanker, etc.
��� ���"a-saw ^-saaam -�������-,
Craig & Hillman,
and House Furnishings from
our larj-e aud well-assorted
stock is already very evident
in the Lardoau and Trout
Lake District, which means
that we are successful competitors with ail comers in
price and quality. Before
you Invest in our line drop us
a card for quotations. We
can save you money.
R. Howson & Co.,
All work guaranteed.
and TRANSFER OUTFIT; headquarters at
Ferguson, B. C. Contracts entered   into for
Etc . to any point in the
District. Good, prompt
service, nnd any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson? binding to Ferguson h specialty.
Enterprise Beer
Made hy the Enterprise
Bivv ingCo..at Kevelstoke
is keeping the camp cheerful, When you want the
hesl insist on ENTERPRISE. All the leading
Hotels handle it.
(Enterprise Brewing Co.,
ReveUtoke, B. 0.
FERGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
Don't Delay!
Board, of Directors:
W. .1. Tkasdali., Esg., M.ll.
bi;t write now to
Hugh McPherson
Before you locate in this promising' district.     Watch for his big announcement
Next month.
Rossland, Nelson, Sandon, Revelatoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks
and Vancouver.
Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Ymlr,  Kaslo, Sandon,  New Denver,  Silverton
Cascade Ctty, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway,
Camp McKlnney, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Vancouver
���I. M. Mll.l.KH, Esq.,                -Ias. A. Lowsu., Ex-JC.P., HOT. H. WiSTLAKa, Esq.
liiMslaml, il. ('.                          Niagara Falls. London.
I)B. S. WoOI.VKKTOX.         KKV. A It. Busr,        O. M. R. uhaiiam. Es,j���         Dn.O.T. atoKBOOOH, Thos. P. MoOORKICK, B��J.i
London.                    Snrlueford.                    |U>ndon.                          chattum. London.
solicitor: managing director:
T. H. LOscombi, Ksy., Londou. A. K. Wki.ch. Kh,j.. London,
Thk Canadian Bank ui> Ohmmbhcb (Correspondents in Groat Britain-Tun Hank op Scotland.)
Is Incorporated under the most stringent laws (Specially Limited Llabllityj
Df B. C, and Its Charter was granted
���filly, ISM.
lias built Its uwti roads to Circle ^ity.
mine buildings. quartet* for UntoS-',
mon, blacksmiths, sli'ip. forge, powder
nouses, etc,
owns suinc ISO acres of valuable mineral Innds on the "Home Lfldgo" al
the head of the Lardeau River.
has three (si distinct aud vvell-dellneil
Lodes, with ncirlv a mile In leinrtli
of ore body.
Hob   Roy"  and
It  are imw
JiJ The Scottish-anadian Mining & Dev. Go. of B.C.
haa survcyod  tts  "Hoi.
"HtKhlancI Chief." will-..
ready for Grown umiitltn:,
has a inagnlAoont Water Power on
Galena Creek crossing its own property.
has some tf��' feet of tunnel nmrk done
with ore showliiKu in three different
plaoei through the  worUnn, and
naVfl lately run Into the Gray Copper,
trhloh in tlie mineral that earrfenaurh
immense values In sliver.;
has every jiniaireet uf ifin�� -iMf t--
pay big DIVIDENDS within a reaa-
onablo. time, and \ui[u> to h* ��bl4 to
quit ^elllnif'���took soon.
Tbo natural question nrlsosi 'Why, if there is nil this, do you havo to offer atook for salol?"
was a pot nf Gold iu your garden which you could ifot by digging and you hadn't n Bhovol mid no im
to ral��e moiioy I   ThatN where we are I   We have to Ket at the pot of Gold, and thon���those who lui
wlij haven't will wish they !m<l!  Dome, or Bend in and Investigate.
\Vt�� answer that if you know then*
neytobuy one with, you'd have
> stook will bo fortunate, and tnose
For Wedding
or Fancy Cakes
Drop a line to uie, or if you
want Bread in anv quantity
let me know, and I II quote
prices low enough tointerost
yon. i Mir Wedding Cake
artist is the best in Ii. C.
Address: A. X. SMITH, Kevelstoke.
Address communications to A. E. Wni.tm, Managing Director. -207 Dundas struet, London, Canada.
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced J|J||��
I0TH. Tht> "Imperial
Limited "takes you across
the Continent in four
days without change.
It is a solid vestibuled
train, luxuriously equipped willi every possible
essential for the comfort
and convenience oi passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
J. McCIIKKIIY, .Usui Arrowhead
T. W. BRAPSHAB', Ant Rovalstoka
Or to���
F. J. COTLE, Asst. Pass. Ant., Vanoouvor, B.C. rilE LARDEAU EaGLE, FERGUSON, B.C., JUNE 20, 1900.
Does your head aohe? Smoke 11
blue label cigar next time.
A. McBae was in town ou Monday
paying the road gang. Tlio good work
still goes on.
James T. Gates, a representative nf
the Giant Powder Co., Nelson, wan in
town on Monday.
James Brown and Geo. Harably of
Silvorton, struck tbo eamp on Saturday to remain for tbo season.
* The Kagle job oflice is second to
none in the province. Wo can print
anything from a visiting card to a
circus poster.
The receipt of a sample copy of the
Eagle ts an invitation to subscribe.
Two plunks a year to keep posted on
Lardeau's mining news.
Alex. Laughton bus taken tbo contract of digging :t collar under tin-
Hotel Lardeau. He will likely be finished In the course of a month or two,
Master Uobt. Kirkpatrick has received an acknowledgement for $li.(15
from tho Mpntroal Star which was
collected in Ferguson to ?o towards
the 10-cent patriotic fund.
Uobb. Samson of Revelstoke, brought
in a team, teamster und supplies last
week to assume the contract of supplying tho local saw mill with logs. Mr.
Samson returned home Monday.
Henry Floyd returned from Spokane,
where bo went to moot Mrs. Floyd and
family who wore en route from California, on Friday evening. Mrs. Floyd
and family will make Revelstoko their
homo for the present.
With tho inauguration oF tho "Imperial Limited" service tho Canadian
Pacific Railway operate a through
sloopor between Arrowhead and Vancouver for tbe accommodation of the
Kootenay business. This will be a
convenience to tho travelling public.
France has a women's daily paper
run for women by women, the Paris
La Fronde. Tho proprietress and
editress, Madame Dnrand. is more
than shrewd. There isn't a male
creature in tho establishment, and the
only pair of pants aro worn by a lady.
Tho Lardeau branch of tbo ( anadian
Socialist League (No. 8) will Vjc
organized in Ferguson this (Wednesday) evening, June 20th. Every Hocial-
ist. or believer in trusts and monopolies being ownod by tho whole people,
is invited to attend the organization
meeting   in tbe EAGLE olnoe to-night.
Word reached the Eagle too late for
last issuoof tbe Taylor victory celebration at Comaplix. A torch light
procession, selections from Comaplix's
own brass band, addresses and :i grand
finale at the Queen's were tho leading
features of the evening's program. A
correspondent says "we did the right
thing for Taylor."
John Knowles, a well known old-
tiiner, who made bis stake in this
camp, returned to tho Boundary district last week, aftor a short business
trip in here. Mr. Knowles is paying
attention to the agricultural pursuit in
that country with succoss. But bo
still believes the Lardeau will bo tbo
firoatest mining camp on earth.
Do you own a prospect? Aro you
interested in the mining development
of the Lardeau? Have you located a
property? Do you expect to make
your living in tbe Lardeau conntry?
If you answer yes, it is. your bonnden
duty to become a subscriber to tbe
EAGLE, thus helping .to spread our
mining news throughout the world.
And keep the Eagle soaring above
the sheriff belt.
Canada should own tbo C, 1\ U
Workingmen will learn soino day
tbat they can never succeed politically
until they settle their "isms" among
thcmsolvos and go before Uic public us
a unit on one platform,
"There is moro talk of tho Lardoau-
Duncan district in Spokane than any
othor district on this side." So suid
Charles Caldwell when ho returned to
Nelson from that city a few clays ago.
When John Houston and Joseph
Martin lock chorns in Victoria's parliament buildings in July, Joseph will
probably have to hand over tho bolt.
Tlie Houston-Groon-Smith combination
will be fell in Iho new legislature.
Nothing lias beon hoard in here up
to this date as to fjiout.-Govornor Mc-
111 in'.-.' retiring from olllco, Bui if bo
has .lot resigned bo should.' Hewitt
linstock is likely to be his successor,
No more popular appointment could be
Tbe Nelson Minor croates more fuss
and attention than John Houston himself by continually harping away nn
tbo only tniio it is paid to play. For
the sake of a tired community let up
on John and the laborers for 21 hours,
It is positively painful,
Rossland's payroll on Juno 1") was
approximately $30,000, with chances
for a further increase next month.
With a railway Ferguson's payroll
would be double tbat amount in less
time than it has taken Rossland to
reach the present stage.
As to Lieutenant-Governor Mel ones,
tht impression prevails that in his fear
of dismissal at tlie hands of tho Federal government hu has grabbed at
Mr. Dunsmuir iirthc hope of saving
bis ollieial head, and that tho fine
Italian hand of Mr. Joseph Martin���we
admire the political sagacity of tho
honorable gentleman���can* be detected
everywhere throughout the political
deal.���Vancouver Independent.
It is quite certain that tho former
members of the Turner cabinet cannot
muster a sufficient following in tho
house to carry on the government
without making such concessions to
tlie Conservatives as will secure their
adhesion. Bocause Martin is wiped off
the board It docs not follow that all
tbo Ideas which Martin cribbed from
the platform of progressive Conservatives have gone over with him.���
Rovoistoko Herald.
If the hundreds of struggling young
women, ground down 'by daily toil at
a more pittance, In oastern Canada
only knew the possibilities for them in
the interior of this province they
would not wait for a ticket at all, but
just start in and walk. It is a wonder
too that the Coast girls, where most of
the people seem to adore Chinamen, do
not. drop in this way, where no yollow-
skins predominate. Tbere is at least
fifty mon to one women in this district.
Arrangements Now Comp.dtccl to
Open on August 13th.
Ferguson's public scboul ti tstcos
waited upon II. Floyd, thu locr' town-
site agent, on Saturday after' ,n for
the purpose of securing a Scl 1 site.
Tbo north half of block .'II wis asked |
for, tlie same to be cleaned hy those
interested and turned into n blotlo
grounds as veil, thus serving two purposes. A definite answer hont tho
townsite company will bo given tho
trustees in a week or two, when \\\ N,
Bnfyton arrives. Tbe proposal that
the townsite company build tli I school
house according to govornmont plans
and specifications, if the government
would purchase it when the attendance
reached tho required number, I - also
under consideration. Mr. Floy', how-
over, assured tbe trustees that be
would furnish, free of cost, a suitable
building for a school room until suoli
times as tbo other arrangements wore
completed. This offer will be gladly
accepted and Ferguson will have a
public school, assisted by iho government, immediately after the summor
holidays, about August 13th. This
will be encouraging news to heads of
families already located hero and will
havo the effect of bringing in two more
families nt least at once Ferguson is
steadily advancing.
The progressive legislation of the
Ontario govornmont, particulars of
which appear in our news columns, is
striking evidence that a party-lino
government can best be. forced to legislate along progressive lines. In
Manitoba thero is also proof that a
party-line government does not
necessarily conflict with federal
politics. With a third party thoro is
always a split, which too often results
in favor of the old parties. Hence the
wisdom of compelling one of tlio two
old parties Lo give us socialistic legislation. Ontario 'and Manitoba show
clearly that this action on tlio part of
reformers will soonest bring radical
changes for the better. IL is uow time
for British Columbia electors to follow
Everything is now in
shape for ns to supply
Don't  delay hut get
your order in at once.
.Davis & Foote.
Leave Your
Willi \, 0. Cummins, Ferguson,and he
win guarantee prompt and safe delivery
of your WATCH in uu\   ttopalr deimrt-
mont la in charge nf  li. N. Hoyic, an
oxjiort in English, Swiss and Ainuricnn
watch repairing.   Ail work guaranteed,
A line line t>f Diamonds, Watches,
Clocks, Silvonvaro; Gold and .silver
ISloclro Plating and Engraving.
J. Guy Barber,
'Hie Oiiiui-io government has passed
tho Mechanics' Lien Act. Kmployors'
Liability Aot, thu Factory Act, the
Railway Accident Act, Creditors1 Act,
Masters' and Servants' Act, and many
The govetjnmont has regulated tho
closing of shops and the hours of labor
[or children.
Tho government has mado possible
the incorporation and registering of
labor organizations and trades unions.
The government pays union wages
on all contracts.
The government insisted, on the vestibule forthe motorman.
The government passed tho Bake
shop Act, of which laborers know tbo
bo no lit.
The government passed a law empowering police commissioners In the
cities to regulate tho hours of labor
of persons employed in livery or boarding stables, oi- afc drivers of cabs,
carriages or sleighs kept for biro within said cities.
The government is at the present
time in conference with the labor leaders of the provinco eliciting their
views before formulating a colonization policy for Now Ontario. It is
desirous of meeting as fur as possible
the desires and necessities of the working classes in this new enterprise.
sick or Tin: uncoih.y war.
Julian Ralph, a talented war correspondent has returned to 'London. He
says: "Wo are all sick. Some aro
sick with sickness; most are sick of tho
war. and many are sick in both ways.
L could forge thousands of signatures
to that statement, and you might publish them. Vou would not hear a
protest from any one."
As a Tailor
of the First Class
Whoowns mining .ntorosts in your rump,
nnd guarantees (Tie best workmanship and
quality ofgooods, wiili nit the latest fashion
plates to cfiooso from, I soltcil your trade.
R. S. Wilson, Revelstoke.
Ferguson Shaving
\\'m. Snell,
All branches ni tlio tonsorlnl art executed with
ambldoxtorlouj dexterity.
ffi   Druggists
MS   Chemists      <��)
W   Stationers
> n specialty.
If you need anything in
.Send to the
California Wine Co.
Wholesale Dealers In
H    Liquors
Cigars, Etc.
 Nelson, B. C.
A. N. Smith. ^
Grocer mifl
Con f ootl oner.
��l^Spccial quotations to Lardeau Conuum-
Wo havo a large stock on
hand, at lowest prices	
Rough and Dressed
Lumber; Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Mouldings,
All Building Requisites.
Call on us, or write for our
quotations. Special orders
promptly filled	
C. P. K. Wat-ch Inspector,
Revolstoko, B. O.
Fred. Robinson Lumber Co., Ltd.
T, A, Wilson, JI./X, CM.
1,. u. c. P. .v B.   LQueon*H Mn.vorelty.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bunk of Canada.
Goo. S. McCartor. .'. A. Harvey.
A.M. Pinkham.
White, Gwillim tf Scott,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A. II. Holdich. M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke. B. C.
McKinnon cfr Sutherland
Ferguson, The Mining Centre.
Fayette Buker,
Mining and Real Estate
Mining Proporttes Listed.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
j_\ 'lavs afterdate, I, lliemnlersiRiied, intend
to make application to tho Chief Commissioner
of Lands unit Works to purchase Ihe following
(U'seiilied   preemption, situate   in   Ihe Trout
Lake mining division: Commencing at No. l
Initial post, at a given point on the cast side of
the north fork of Lardeau creek, about seven
miles from Ferguson, marked " Ii. Thompson's
preemption post"; thence 80 chains south;
thence 40 chains cast; thenco 80 chains north j
thonco 40 chains west to point of commencement, containing ifciOiieros more or loss.
Dated at Ferguson, B. <\, April 24,1000.
Fur People Who-
��� 25C,
. .'Joe.
Tho"Eagle" lias the following list of books
for sale:
Caesar's Column, (Donnety)	
The American Peasant, (Tibbies)	
Ten Mon of Money Island, [Norton]..
A Trump inSoeietv, [Cmvlreyj	
Better Days, il'itefil	
Tho Golden Buttle, IDnmicly]	
Aii Ideal Ropublic, U'lielpsj	
Christ the Socialist	
American People's Monev, iDonnolly]
Tho MttloStatesman,[Armstrong] ...
Government Ownership of Railroads	
bv F. G. It. <lordon 16o.
Poems for the Pooplo, W.F. Phelps 10c.
In Hell and tho Way Out, by II. IS. Allan..,S5o.
"ni; Way to Co-operative Commonwealth.. 10c.
Law, Labor and Liberty, by K. V. Debs 10c.
The Concentration of Wealth, E. Irving....lOo.
A Pure Democracy, by R, 8. Thompson 26c.
Direct Legislation, bv .I. W. Sullivan 10c.
Municipal Locialism, byF. G, R.Gordon..,10c.
A Few Things About Trusts lOu.
Hard Times, cause and cure, by Gordon
The Bow and II is Money Laws  ..
Horrlo England, by Robert Blatchford..
Tin-story of My Dictatorship	
Looking Backward, by Edward Bellamy	
Shylock'B Daughter, by Margaret II. Bates,fiOc
A Daughter of Humanity, by K. M. Smhh..'J."u\
An Appeal for the Blind! by W. A. Itiileiine.UV.
Proportional Representation 10c
Stationer// is in our line
And we havo just rocoivod �� line stock
ol Letter 1'nds.   Patronize
"The Eagle."
I It's a Pleasure I
1 to have
Your Printing I
Just as you like it.
If you nre discriminating In your tastes-|
you will appreciate tho neat, artistic j
[ and appropriate stylos#adoptod in
The Eagle's
Job Office.
Wc have ample Improved facilities and >
, know how to use Mietn. Wo can do nil <
- tbo printing in ibis entire district, IH
' strict attention to orders will soourn it
Prices Consistent
��� with the
Quality of Work
Try us with your next order,
Mail orders promptly filled.
The Lardeau Eagle,
Ferguson, B. G.|
Post Of f ice Store
Ferguson, B. C.
T | Miners9 Supplies
We have just placed in our ware room a large stock of choice
fresh Groceries. Also a hig addition to our well assorted stock
of Hoots and Shoes, -Clothing, Crockery, Miners' Supplies, Etc.
Special quotations to cash purchasers. Goods carefully packed
for pack horse outfits.     Close cash prices.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau.
More Than Freight Saved By Buying Miners' Supplies!
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
��-��    General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
TroXA,. Revelstoke.
Imperial Brewing Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of Lager Beer, I'ortcr and all kinds of aerated waters.
E. T. W. Pearse,
Satisfaction guaranteed.
All ordors by mail or
otherwise promptly attended to. MANAGKR.
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Farm Produce,.
Hay and Feed, Cured Meats, Fish, etc.
Write for quotations in any quantity.    Prompt shipments..
Revelstoke, B.C.
\    Is tlie....
Pay Roll Centre
of tlie
Golden Lardeau
& Investigation
is all we ask.
Subscribe for the "Eagle"
It Will Tell You the Rest, f


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