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 VOL.111. NQ. 4.
2.00 A YEAR.
Railway Company Will Be Beady
For Business By May 1st
This Season Will Open With Many
Advantages for the Lardeau
Not Enjoyed Heretofore.
Another ore shed, 20x28, Is to be built
at Trout Lake, the first one now being
filled with Silver Cup and Nettle L. ore.
The C, P. H, have assured Lardeau
mine owners that they will be ready to
accept freight over the new A. & K.
branoh by May 1st.   It is the intention
of the company to place a steamer on
the lake, so that Trout Lake will be a
terminal point for the district for this
season at any rate.   This only leaves
Ferguson four miles from transportation, and all the mines up here have
a down-hill pull  to that point,    It
will be possible to leave here in the
morning and arrive ln Nelson In tbe
afternoon. Old time Lardeaultes oan
scarcely realize that at last we are to
be placed in touch with smelting and
wholesale centres.  The cost of getting
In supplies will be greatly lessened;
and the introduction of mining machinery will be   made  possible for
several properties which are to-day
handicapped on that aecount.  The ore
output for tbis year will run well onto
���2,800,000, and with the new conditions
how in sight tbe Lardeau should bum
this season.  If ever there was a time
to expect aotivity this year should present lt to us.   Having made such progress in the past in tbe face of so many
seemingly unsurtnountable difficulties
surely we can allow for a lower priced
metal market and still secure first
place as a white metal ore-producing
camp.    The present year will witness
many obanges for tbe better ln tbe
ing director. 8. We would rather be
a "cad" than a confidence man. A
man's own conscious is his best judge.
9. The truth has been told at all times,
as far as tbe knowledge in our possession would allow. But father time
keeps on revealing some mighty queer
things. 10. You are entitled to your
opinion Mr. F,, but you must reciprocate the privilege tf you bave any pretense of fairness. 11. Glad you have
such ardent faith in future events.
Probably you bave a divine tip of
which practical men on tbe ground
here are unaware.
B. B. R., Deattown, Kent Co., Ont.���
1. Received (1 as specified for sub.
No. The Eagle does not publish
stock quotations, chiefly because there
Is no exohange or broker here, and
hence very little stock is sold locally.
And anyway buying and selling stock
It not necessarily mining. If you want
to Invest your money In mining you had
better come and see this camp for yourself, and lf you find something you'd
like io go Into and haven't enuf money,
form a syndicate and put your money
into development work. This beats
buying stock all hollow. Try it and
see. 3. If you think of taking a chance
buy, try a stack of blue)) in a stud
poker game. You can at least cash
what chips you have on hand when you
get "cold feet," This is not always the
case with stocks in companies capitalized at two millions, with over one-
half of them held by the promoter,
John A. L., Seville, Ohio,���1. To
answer the questions you ask in detail
would require the services of a practical mining man and this is out of our
line of business. 2. The new map of
the Lardeau will show you tbe location
of all the properties around bere. Will
mail you one prepaid for II. 3. Why
don't you all club together and send a
mining man here to find out what you
want to know. We are not all philanthropists in this country. 4. Acknowledge receipt of one dime for this information; thanks old man. The Eagle
is 12 a year, and will certainly keep you
posted,   It fills tbe bill.
W. G. Y. and Wm. L. W., 025 Main
St,, Elwood, Ind.���1. Strangely enuf
Mr. McCrossan has taken the same
Item to mean his company, tho you
seem to think it was directed at yours.
The Lardeau Miners' Union Will
Build One in Ferguson.
it wis ranra needed
Experience Haa Taught the Union
Members Where Best Their''
Needs Oan Be Attended.
which to extensively develop the property. A good deal of work was done,
under Foreman Barney Crilly, last
season, with most gratifying results;
but as the deal Involves thousands of
dollars the syndicate, being composed
of practical business men, are naturally anxious to fully satisfy themselves
before closing tbe purchase. The
Ophir-Lade is a gold proposition, and
some extraordinary ore values have
been received from good-sized smelter
Answers to Enqlrere.
This department is established lor tbe benefit
ol SUBSCRIBERS who desire particular Information about mines and mining affairs. While
we will endeavor to secure and give reliable
Information we cannot guarantee accuracy In
everv case. ,  ,
Readers who arc not upon our subscription
list must enclose II. with their questions. This
fee will Include six months' subscription to
"The Lardeau Eagle."
F. W. F., Jackson, Mich,���1. Re-
celved II sub, to Dec. 17. 2. Will
certainly do so, 3. Better late than
never. As soon as the facts of the
oase In question came (indireotly) to
our notice we drew attention to tbem,
a duty which auy free press owes to its
readers. Did you ever see the company's property? Would you know a
mine If you saw ono! Or are you just
aiother of those stook and gospel pedlars? 4. Last summer those shares
were quoted at from Oi to 15 cents, and
despite the fact that what little ore hu
been shipped was taken out at a loss,
wa now find lt raised to 40 cents, and
even this not treasury stock. If tbe
promoter in question was selling treasury stook, (there must be 130,000 or M0,-
000 worth of stock sold) why did "the
seoretary put his hand Into his own
pocket and put up 18,000 ln hard cash
to keep it going. 5. Tbe only way we
could tell whether the mam was right
or not was to wait and see It he fulfilled
the many predictions and promises
made in his prospeotusen and pumph*
lets, etc. Tbis he has not done. 6,
Kindly send along thone "eulogies"
and we will reproduce them in full ln
these oolumns. 7. Tha EAGLE has
nothing to say of his properties or
smelters, time (and money judiciously
spent) alone can prove tlieir worth, but
one thing is certain it will take the
proceeds of treasury stock to do this.
7, We understand he controls over
one-half of the entire stock���one million shares, so tbat tha shareholders
bave no power to choose a new raanag-
To buy shares at 40 cents in a company stocked at 1,600,000 shares Is to
assume that their holdings are worth
1600,000. Figure this out. How muoh
ore would have to be shipped a year to
pay say 10 per cent, on that amount of
money. 3. Why do you people buy
the shares first and write here for
cheap information afterwards?
Charles P., 8ldney, 0.���1. The Old
Gold camp is ono of promise, only lacking cheaper transportation facilities to
make several shippers. Work has
been discontinued since Christmas, but
supplies are In and everything ready
for an early start this spring. 2. So
far as we kaow tbe Wide West company are doing nothing at present;
winter here yet you know, 3. Tho
Canadian-Lardeau bave been doing
nothing here for over a year.
A. L., Lapeer, Mich,���Received
12 for Eagle sub, as stated,
sea your company operating ln the
oamp this season.
The Lardeau Miners' Union have
decided by ballot to build and maintain
a publio hospital in .Ferguson. This
decision was made known by the
union's hospital committee at a large
and representative publio meeting of
Fergusonites held last night, the chair
being presided over by A. C. Cummins,
After a general discussion of the whole
question by those present a resolution
was unanimously passed 'endorsing- the
position of the union, and'promising
liberal aid towards its construction.
A committee of three, consisting of
two union members, James |A. Lade
and A. J. Gordon/and one representative of the citizens, S, Shannon, were
selected to make arrangements for a
site, solicit aid, and commence con*
struction at once.
Tt was also decided to give the miners
complete jurisdiction over the hospital
after its completion, with the under
standing of course that it bo available
to anyone.
A system of annual tickets will bo
used for its malntalnance.
As the miners are likely to provide
most of the oocupants of the hospital,
and know besc where it should bo
located to meet their requirements,
the oitlzens of Ferguson are to be com-
meided for the liberal spirit they have
shown towards tbe union ln this matter. The miners have never before
appealed to outsiders for aid, tho their
treasury has been heavily taxed by
members In sickness, and that tbey
will be largely assisted by the mining
companies, business bouses and cltl
zens Is only what it should be.
The success and efficient manner ln
which hospitals, under the auspices of
the miners' unions in other Kootenay
towns, are handled gives a certain
assurance tbat tbere will be no exception in this case. That the government will assist such an institution,
when asked to by the union, is undoubted. And well they may, for are
not the miner���the producers ��� tho
very bone and marrow of tbe camp
wblch will soon repay in revenues all
monies appropriated to Its upbuilding.
That a hospital was a crying necessity in Ferguson is self-evident from
the series of experiences which we
have had to contend witb during the
past two years. And tbe Eaole Is
pleased to see tbat it will very soon bo
Title ana Money Worshippers.
Americans have been very fond ol
sneering at the British prospenslty to
flunkeyism in regard to royalty and
nobility, but no British exhibition of
snobbery ever approaobed tbe flunkey*
ism shown by Americans toward Prince
Henry of Prussia. It takes republicans to show honest believers ln limited
monarchy how to escape and kow-tow
before a title. Washington, Lincoln
and Jefferson must be turning in their
graves.���Ladysmith Leader.
They Will Oo Into Business For
Themselves Shortly.
When Taken Hold of by Over 130,-
OOO Men, It Will  Create' :a
Gigantio Enterprise.
Will Mean Some More Ilnnuslng.
A Victoria despatch says the provincial government have received telegraphic advices from Toronto to the
effect that McKenzie and Mann have
signed the contract for the construction of a railway from Yellowhead pass
to the coast, where it will connect with
the Vancouver island railway and ter*
mlnate at Victoria. The report makes
a good scarecrow election issue anyway.
A Good Topic For Next Sunday Evening.
Until further notice Rev. S. J. Green
will hold religious services in Miners'
Union hall every Sunday evening at
7:30, Instead ot 3 o'clock in the after*
noon as formerly. Mr. Green is be*
coming a student of our economic
systom, and as a starter will take for
his text next Sunday evening: -'The
Brotherhood of Man." Turn out, boys,
and give bim a bearing.
Uow the Trusts Do Things.
James J. Hill's Northern Securities
company now proposes to become a
foreign corporation in order to avoid
anti-trust laws in the United States.
Those men are not anarchists; they
simply fix things to avoid the application of tbe Bame statute laws under
which other people have to be governed
���because they haven't the price,
Hone to * '"W realization at the instance of
the Lardeau Miners' Union���now with
a membership considerably over 100
Or Is It Only ��� Pipe-Dream '
Ob, tbe dirty blaek smoke: oh the
awful block smoke!
Is it ln earnest or, is it a joke ?
Will It fold Its black blanket and soon
steal away,
Or, like "death and taxes," has it come
to stay?
This morning my linen was white as
tbe snow.
But tonight it's as block as a carrion
And my lungs whioh once took in fresh
Now there's nothing but carbon and
cinders tbere I
Our sky 16 was onoe a beoutiful blue,
But alasl e'en tbe sun cannot pierce a
hole thru;
And this, onco the home of earth's
greatest boomers,
Is now tbe pardise of live smoke-consumers.
Double Shoot the Turn.
Commenting upon a recent issue ot
the Eaole the Vancouver News-Advertiser, daily, soys: "Mr. McCrossan's
methods, as a Western minister turned
miaing promoter, wero shown by the
Eagle to be very peculiar indeed, as
strange in fact in tbeir way as tha
doubtful pranks of a preacher turned
professional politician and completely
BUI Nye and the Conductor.
Bill Nye was never ln the Lardeau,
but evidence goes to prove that history
has been repeating Itself. A conductor
once topped Bill upon tho shoulder, and
said: "Say, wake up old man; you're
snoring." "Me snoring," quickly replied Bill, pulling himself together,
"you must be mistaken." "No I'm
not," convincingly retorted the conductor, "for didn't I hear you myself."
"Oh, but you oan't beliore all you
hear," said Bill.   Silence prevailed.
The Oypsv Oroup.
Frank Balfour and Ernest Davis of
Revolstoko, who bave beon doing
assessment work for tbe past week on
the Gypsy group, up thrce-mllo creek,
returned to the railway centre on Tuos*
Metal Quotations.
LONDON, Maroh 3���Lead, ��1113s, 6d.
New York, March 3.���Close���Bar
silver, 55c, Mexloan dollars, 43!. Copper easy.   Lead firm, 14.12*1.
The membersof the Western Federation of Miners are, on the average,
thinkers���men who make a study of
tbeir own conditions. Not only do wc
find this association going into politics
���with collective ownership their ultimate aim���but they now intend to provide work for themselves (not by buying Amalgamated this time) with tbo
money they have on hand. They will
acquire mining properties thruout tho
country and apply the labor from their
own ranks, and In tbis way prove the
real benefit of co-operation, tho beoes-
sarlly on a selfish basis for a time.
And wbo are better fitted to enter
into the mining business than tbo
miners themselves? Is it not from their
ranks that most of the prominent practical and successful mining men spring'-1
Then, too, they ore thoroly organized,
use the direct system of voting���referendum���and can conduct their business
along the same lines as any other company, except that good wages, short
hours and proper conditions will prevail at all times.
The experiment���tho It can scarcely
be termed such���will be watched with
interest by us all, and especially by
other trades-unions which could well
afford to take a leaf from tbe miners,'
The Eagle, since its inception, hast
contened that such a policy on tbo
pare of the miners would do more to
solve the "labor troubles" than expensive strikes and boycotts, where money
is well nigh wasted on both sides.
If the miners owned and operated
their own mines, smelters, etc., and
employed all thoir members, the weeping and wailing of the men who cry
"what would you do without capital?1',
and the shark who wants to dictate
terms to his men and name his own
profits, might begin to enquiro of thei:-
usefulness in society anyway,
The above plans, when carried into
execution, which may not boverylons,-
once tho Western Federation starts ie,
may not sound particularly impractical
to men wbo are acquainted with the capabilities of the minors, and yet this ie
all that tbo advocates of collective
ownership and operation of the means
of production and distribution eve-,*
asked for���except that the same work
E, J. Ward came down from the Cup
on Tuesday, returning yesterday,
Extension Secured on Ophir-Lade Oroup.
Jno. J. Young, interested id the syndicate which has tbe Ophir-Lade group
under bond, says tbat tbey have secured an extension of time from the owners, Messrs. Lade and Gunn brothers,
for the payment which fell due a few
weeks ago, This Is'for tbo purpose of
giving tbe bond-holders .more time In
ir Not Elsewhere It's Here.
The muddy season is on again at the
The present soft weather is breaking
up the snow roads. The freighters
and rawhlders are for this reason experiencing troubles of their own.
A. J. Gordon and J. Atkinson were
up at the Capon Tuesday in connection with the miners' union vote on
the hospital question.
ing principle be applied to all industries with all the people as shareholders,
and each industry to be placed undo*
tbe sub-jurisdiction of just such an
organization as tbe Western Federation.
Thot day may not be so far distant
after all, when you come to look into
present conditions and pendlug event-:.
"All those stories tho papers are
printing about you are lies," said the
promoter's friend. "Why don't you
make them stop it?"
"I would," replied tho parson, "but
I'm afraid they'd begin printing the
truth then,"
Black Warrior Grout!.
A small force of men are still working on this property, tho supplies are
growing scarce. Supt. Shannon expects to visit thp mine during the nexl
few days. Tbe satisfactory progress
made, and the disclosure of over 200
tons of ore already is fairly good evidence that tbe Winona, Minn,, syndicate, who have tbe Warrior group
under bond, will meet all payments an
they fall due. It Is tbe Intention of
the bond-holders, we understand, to
place at least 200 tons of ore on tho
summit at thc head of McDonald creek
during the coming summer, to be ready
for rawhiding down to Circle City next
winter for shipment. A trail from
Clrole City to tbe summit will be provided this season, and development
work U to ba vigorously continued, Published every Thursday at Ferguson, B. C, by
to whom all correspond-
once should be addressed.
1 Advertising Rates: Display ads., 11.00 pur single
column Inch per month.
_���,_-.,.     . Legal ads., 12 ccnls per
fnonparicl) line for lirst insertion: 8 cents per lino top each "W*���"*'
insertion. Reading notice. Ill cents per line each Issue Ni tt>.<lay
legal notices. *10.; sixty days, 17.50: thirty days, J>. No ads. accepted
nt less than these rates.      No room for qHack ads. Amnrini*
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���1.00 for six months; S2.50 a year to iorelgn addressee.   No pay,     P�� er.
Job Printing:   ThoEaglejobdepHWntlstotaMewlppodoflioe
nnd the only oiiice whioh can furnish Uu- lypographical union label in
North Kootenav; a guarantee in Itself of good work and promptness.
Largest Circulation     <UNiON|jfc|JLA&'X>    ���" North Keotenny.
A truth is safe, and nothing else is safe; and he who
keeps back the truth, or withholds it from men, from
motives of expediency, is either a coward or a criminal,
or both.���Max Muller.
By the way, when are the Liberals going te abolish
the senate���the same useless senate we used to hear so
much about? If the broken-down politicians must be
cared for let them be pensioned off, or sent to the old
man's home. -
The province of B. C. has a bank overdraft of
$1,800,000, which must be met, besides a standing
debt of nearly $7,000,000. And yet when we have
anything there is any money in we bonus men to take
it off our hands.
The chances are we have heard the last of the Chinese commission report. It will be safely pigeonholed until the eve of another Dominion election. The
people of B. C, are easily subjected to Sir Wilfrid's
sunny way���ways that are dark, etc.
the Eagle is loathe to believe that the Nelson Daily
Tribune is a thing of the past. Our exchange list is
incomplete without it. The Tribune, like all the un-
subsidized press, has financial difficulties and cannot
pay the printer���for the present at least. We trust the
mix-up will only be temporary and that the Tribune
will be resurrected. Its suspension for good would be
a keen loss to the Kootenays, and a black-eye for Nelson, a city which owes its very existence to the publicity given it in early days by John Houston.
Speaking ot the comparatively stagnate condition
prevalent in East Kootenay, the Outcrop says: "These
conditions are not largely the fault of the British Columbians themselves. Adventurers went thither from all
the world and floated companies upon the prospects of
mining claims yet to be developed. When the money
so raised was actually spent in development it was
usually lost through failure to reach a paying output,
to which result culpable incompetence and miscalculation usinlly contributed. But many ot the these company promoters had no thought of using the money to
develop the properties. They cared only to unload
their shares and leave investors in the lurch."
Like the Crows Nest, the Yellowhead pass railway
will be built by the governments, with lands and rich
natural resources thrown in, but it will be owned by a
private corporation. This road will open up a large
area of some of the richest and best country in the
Dominion of Canada, and if collectively-owned by the
people would be a very much greater benefit to us ail.
But as usual anything there is any money in is handed
over to private enterprise, tho the ill effects of such a
policy is evident in our land on every hand. It is said
that after everything in sight in England was given
away the politicians became honest. So perhaps we
have something to look forward to,
In the case of the Yellowhead pass road we see
lhat Mackenzie & Mann are the promoters. Now these
men will neither pay for nor engineer the construction
of this road. We will pay for it, and they will hire
men with a knowledge of railroading to do thc rest.
Don't you think the government could do the same?
Tlie electors of this province are too prone to accept the maxim that "all government rests upon physical force." The cause of the present disgraceful mix-
up in in B. C, politics is primarily because all the (actions of representatives are in opposition to tbe will of
the people. If it were otherwise 110 force would be required to maintain a rational and progressive government in accordance with the real wishes of the people.
The people want the government to go into business,
and until this is done there can be no real contentment
and progress, rather than turmoil and petty aspirations
to oflice. Give the people what they want and such
scenes as have been enacted in the B. C. legislature for
the last six years will cease. The first step in this direction is an equitable redistribution measure. Let us
have that, and another general election, and the people
are, we believe, prepared to elect new men who will
work out the only solution for thc problems now con
fronting the people���to wit: An industrial government, rather than a system of political machination
which allows us to be ruled and robbed by a lot of accessories to a sy.tem of private exploitation at the expense of the people and their God-given heritage.
ties of the plant have not even been tested. This will
be done next summer, alter the rawhiding season is
over, and ore shipments are well nigh impossible.
And, too, if there is to be a plant at Trout Lake
the Topic must be wiped off the map. It is really
amusing. The promoter in question is more to be
pitied than laughed at, if it were not for the fact that
thousands of dollars have been raised thruout the
States by the sale of stocks.
The smelting of low-grade ores in the Lardeau is
not a sentimental problem! It is a business proposition. If a man comes into this camp to do business,
he must approach the camp as a practical man and der
cide for himself that the project is both feasible and
profitable to the company undertaking it. No man is
going to coma in Iv.-re just to please the people by expending money. H-j must come in prepared to do
business as a business man.
The childish methods of unexperienced parsons posing as mining men, and selling stock on their prestige
as preachers, is growing painful and may ultimately
black-eye this camp. It Mr. McCrossan means business, and has a business-like proposition for this camp,
and for outsiders to put their money into, let him get
in and do something, or make way for someone who
will. , -
Advocates of collective ownership of industry thruout this province will probably be surprised to read a
statement recently made by Hon. James Dunsmuir in
an open letter addressed to B. C. electors some days
ago.   On page 10 oi his pamphlet we find these words:
"If the people of British Columbia were abletoretain
all they contribute in taxes to the provincial and Dominion governments, they could support every public
utility of the province, both provincial and Dominion,
build their own railways, and still have a surplus each
year to their credit."
And yet we are sometimes asked: "But where are
you going to get the money to go into business?" It
is scarcely likely that Mr. Dunsmuir has any notion of
adopting any such a policy however.
Another provincial election in this province, with a
fair redistribution of representation, will place enuf men
of the above opinion in the house at Victoria to do
more than admit that the theories ot collective ownership are practicable.   They will act.
The people are surely weary of the domination of
the present aggregation of moss-backs at the capital.
If>. legislators of yore made laws and conditions
surely we can change them if they don't suit us.
What the electors, of B. C. want is an industrial
government���and thus end for all time political jobbery and the robberies of privately-owned corporations. '���
How can we ever expect to get out of debt when
we give away our natural resources, and bonus men to
take over anything with a dividend attached?
At present there's nothing going on at Victoria but
For the sake of the country let there be fair representation meted out and an appeal made to the electorate.
This time will show beyond doubt that the advocates ot collective-ownership and operation of the
means of production and distribution must control the
destinies of the province.
Then, tliis done, the government���the people1���will
go into business; work will be provided for all at good
wages with an eight-hour day; the profits will go into
the people's treasury; and contentment and prosperity
will prevail, a condition which will never be enjoyed in
B. C. until such a government is created.
As might be expected by anyone acquainted with
the facts the local Vulcan smelter did not blow in on
Mr. McCrossan's scheduled time. Not but what there
is plenty of ore available, but because the management
of the Lardeau Smelting & Refining Co. haye just
learned that fluxes are a necessary adjunct to the
smelting business.
Without making any arrangements for lime, or
looking into other necessary preliminary details a Vulcan plant was installed here, expensive men were
brought in to handle it, and all ot a sudden Mr. Mc-
Crassan announces that the conditions must change or
lie wil| ,)3)J|,0tJif smelter down altogether. And the
smelter staff have left town.
This nonsensical attitude is the outcome of certain
criticisms   made by the local press (?).   The capabili-
Rev. Chas W. McCrossan has been telling his
troubles to the Revelstoke Herald, the Trout Lake
Trades Committee and anybody else who happened to
meet him, Mr. McCrossan has been offered the free
use of the local press to make any and all explanations
he has to offer, but so far has ignored the existence of
He builds, before the Herald man, a number of
straw men, (questions never asked by the Eagle) and
then destroys them with a mighty death-dealing swing,
but pays no attention whatever to the questions which
have been asked of him.
Because the editor of the Eagle (who had. never
even seen the property) merely introduced Mr. McCrossan to two property owners who sold him the
Metropolitan group, and received a recompense trom
the said owners, Mr. McCrossan is sore. Mr. McCrossan paid $10,000 for the property and gave the
owners several thousand shares. Me then floated a
company capitalized at two millions���one million of
which is pooled���that is, Mr. McCrossan and his
friends, own them. He sold approximately over $40,-
000 worth of the other million and paid for the property out of the proceeds. And instead of selling treasury stock he bought the stock back, (at from 7 to 8
cents a share) whicli he had tendered as part payment,
at a low price and he and his preacher associate agents
resold them in the east to good advantage to themselves. Now Mr. McCrossan says he has spent only
$8,000 in development, $3,000 of which came out of
his own pocket. The shares now in circulation in the
east are being sold and resold among the various congregations at figures ranging from 20 to 40 cents a
share. But that money is not coming to the Lardeau,
Nor as far as we know is there any treasury stock now
being sold to carry on development, which is necessary
if the worth of the property is ever to be proved. We
ask:   Where are such methods going to end?
The Eagle wants to wrong no man. We want to
see this camp go ahead, and we have no doubt but
what it will. But when Mr. McCrossan poses as a
martyr for the sole interests ot the Lardeau, and desires to see anyone who has the nerve to have an
opinion contrary to his religious teachings, rather than
fall upon his neck and kiss him for what there is in it,
put out of the camp, then the Eagle in justice to its
readers must rise to thc occusion.
We intend to do our duty as we understand it, and
when we see an evil to denounce will come pretty near
doing so, despite the threats of accessories to the confidence game, and boycott of any obscure individual
who thinks he has a grievance.
Nor do we propose to go 'way back and sit down
with folded arms, and become a chubber simply because
the objectionable practices prevail in the sacred society
of busted parsons,
If you  are  building  or contemplate building we will be
pleased to quote you estimates on anything made in our
Sash and Door Factory
and1 we feel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.    Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
11 m 11 n m >
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkitk
Brands, manufactured by tho Enterprise
- Cigar Co., Revelstoke, are unequalled in ���
��� the provinco *
\  For tale by Ferguson's Leading Hotels.   \
, Ask Ior tbem. ,
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall 10*   X
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
\   Sewing   Machines,
Etc. 10*10*10*10*
JtV.     nUW DUIN ,   "   "'          ___��                     REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Wholesale Liquor Dealersj^Maifactarersof Aerated Water
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbian
l                            '    "���"-             '                            %                                                                   IM
Everybody  Our Special
The Union
CIGkAR ,     r
They are all Onion made and ol the UNION    --JC-AR
hest Havana Tobacco money can r ACTORY, ri. A.
buy. Try one and satisly yourself p p-,,-1
as to their quality.  ~ BROWN, Prop.
��� O. K.%
All branches of the Tonsorial Art
executed with ambidextrous dexerlty.
rWM. Schnell, Prop.
Ferguson Meat Market
:: Fine stock of the I PRESH BEEP, FORK, MUT-
best Alberta \ TON,   POULTRY,  Etc., Etc.   ;
Pair Prices
Shop one
^SrtK&'SSKtwtau.  r���PtPe��wr
Packing and.
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into tor packing of Mining Supplies, etc., to ant-
point in the distriot.
Good,  prompt service, and any work  undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from  Thomson's Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ***_JP*f S. Daney, Proprietor.
When you re. ��ch Trout Lake City put
up the Queens . .Good accommodation
..Best of service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and ci* jars. .Fire proof safe.,
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors,
Hoted Lard&au
J. I'mghton, Proprietor.
��� ���    FKRGUSON, B. C. *
*<������-"���--������. ���-*--* ���������������������������
�������*, ��H�� �� t , . M ........ . .. �� +
| The Socialist Movement
| in British Columbia
Contributed by Members of the Socialist Party of B. C.
Official List of n. c. Locals.
Executive Sec:
Ernest Burns, 130 Powell St., Vancouver, B. C.
Vancouver '. ..lohuil-oiiil, Sec.
.Viotoria 0. Leo Charlton, M-Jorra St., See.
Nanaimo    acq..Klrby, Sec.
PortMoodv    }    John Walton,Hec.
Revelstoko 0; W. Mitchell. Hoc.
Ferguson      R .'Pi i'ottlnloce, Hec.
Slocan   J. V. I'urvlance, Hoc.
Sllverton Walter Smith, Hoc.
New Jlcnvcr ....Duucim Weir, Beg.
Siindon iJainel Mi- Dotiu-Ul, Hoc:
ICatlo (Ieo. T. Kano, Hoc.
Nelson John Roborts, box2S7,��eo.
Itosjlimd       W. B. linker/Hoc.
Trail        Alfred Benkett, See.
Uranil Forks .........J. A. McLeod, sec.
(ireenwood      j, 0. Helm,-Seo,
l'hoenix             G. W. Rogers, Sec.
Ymir              Andy Burgcs, Sec.
Calgary, Alberta J. McCorkey, Sec.
Maple Creek, Assa       M. Elliott, Sec.
Wise is the prophet who does not allow his predictions to go on record.
No Social 1st Split at Nelson.
Nelson, B. C, March 1.���A misleading paragraph in the Dally Tribune of
Feb. 17th, give the impression that the
Nelson Socialists have risen to the bait
cast by tbe Liberal party of the province.   The tacts are as follows:   Geo.
Broadly, a prominent worker in the
Socialist   Local,   but   of   somewhat
wavering allegiance to Socialist principles, at a recent public meeting came
out with the unblushing announcement
that he should henceforth be a supporter of the Martin platform.   The
discussion that followed was so lively
that it seemed expedient to continue it
for another Sunday.   This was done.
Mr. Broadley being given a courteous
hearing, save with one exception, when
he quoted W. H. McLean of the Toron
to World as a leading Socialist, and
was corrected by a too ardent woman
comrade.   He naturally had the sympathy of  the  non-Socialist  element
present, and, in the discussion that
followed considerable heat waB manifest, leading to Mr. Broadley writing
his resignation and publicly tendering
it to the Local.   The matter of its acceptance was laid over for a subsequent
meeting.  Tbe Socialist view was well
expressed by Comrade Ebbs in a pat
little story of a good Baptist preacher,
who was immersing his converts in a
stream with a somewhat too rapid current.   One of them escaped his grasp
and Went floating down the stream.
The good man exclaimed "the Lord
gave und the Lord hath taken away:
hand on another candidate."
Mr. Broadlf-y is a reporter on the
Staff of tho Tribune, bonce tlio paragraph alluded to, which doubtless expressed his sentiments exactly, but
hardly that of the Socialists of Nelson,
ot "popularity" versus "any old thing
as long as it is in Opposition to Dunsmuir."
The Epworth League of the Metropolitan church is to have a debato on
the Chinese question. Socialism would
soon solvn tho Chinese-Japanese question. , How? When wo (tlio public)
operate all the industries (and tho government too) we neod only-employ citizens. And there are not many citizen
Wood raised in pi-Ice 15 per cent,
Wages, no change. Trees must have
quit growing.   [How about coal?]-ED.
Acres of good land unused near Victoria. Idle men who have not the
capital to huy and.stock the acres.
Thousands of dollars monthly sent out
of B. C. for eggs, butter, and other
produce. Industrial co-operation would
solve the problem in short order.
If the donkey only knew he was
donkey he would probably kick himself
to death.
Any man with ideas in advance of
his age is likely to wear clothes away
behind it.
Nobody so ready to oondemn a reform as the man who knows nothing
concerning it.
Drop lumps of love in the stream of
life, so tho shoeless can walk ovor the
ford dry shod.
There aro none so willing to curse
the poor, as those who worship at tbe
feet ot the wealthy,
Lardeau Socialists Meet,
Ferguson Looal No. 8 held a most
interesting meeting last Monday evening.. Still another new member was
added to the roll. The members- decided to co-operate with the Revelstoke
and other Locala in securing thewell
known Socialist speaker, Mr. Spargo,
for a tour thru B. C, The Ferguson
Local will donate $25 towards the fund,
A lot. of propaganda literature has
been ordered and the msrits of Socialism will soon be placed intelligibly before every man, woman and child in
the district. The coming convention
of the district Federation of Miners at
Nelson, for the purpose of taking political action, waa also discussed. If the
number of electors who are joining the
Socialist forces, or showing their sympathy with its aims, continue to Increase at the present rate a Socialist
candidate in this riding at the next
provincial election would have a walkover.
C. B. Hume & Co.
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The largest importers in North Kootenay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake City, B. C.
You Can Always Depend
Since I have been thinking for my
self the politicians no longer run after
me to solicit my vote."
If the average man knew what waa
best for him there would be less said
about blessings in disguise.
Nearly all the issues raised by our
politicians cunningly end in smoke;
and the smoke gets into the weak
watery eyes of the voter.
"The ways of trade have grown sel-
fish to the borders of theft, and supple
to the borders (if not beyond tbe bor*
deft) of fraud."���Emerson.
Oh, the wearisome wail of the water-
brained , whipper-snapper who won't
read, and post himself on Industrial
and political matters, it enuf to set
one's teeth on edge.
"Send Eagle to the Sve addresses
enclosed."   0. Lee Charlton, Victoria.
Never take your politics from the
man who feeds you for your labor; vote
to bave feed of your own.
Socialist's Prof ram at Nelson.
Nelson, B. C, March 3.���Local 46,
*-Jolson,   has  arranged tbe following
program for the next thi-eo months:
1. Tho relation of trades unions to
2. The coal fields of B. C, and the
people's right thereto.
3. Organization���provincial and national.
4. Direct legislation.
5. An administrative government���
what it means.
0, A Sunday af ontortainmont���
readings, recitations, and songs of Socialism,
7.   The ago limit of man's usefulness
and old ago pensions.
��� 8.   What an education may mean
under Socialism.
0. Unjust laws and our duty towards
10. Tho family. Is It threatened
with destruction by our present industrial system?
11. Co-oporatlvo societies���German
and Belgian.
12. Will Socialism destroy tho incentive to progress?
13. A comparison between nnclent
and modern prophets���Elijah, lsiah,
Jeremiah, Amos, Hausa,. etc, with,
Huskin, Carlyle, Wm. Morris, Tolstoy,
Marx, Horron, Bellamy, oto.
. As often as possible leaders from out;
side the club will bo socurcd, and a
most succossful campaign of education
ii looked forward to.
The late Tribune, ln one of tbe last
Issues bofore dissolution, recorded a
weeding out process that was supposed
to have taken plaoe at a recent meeting
ol the club. This merely referred to
the acceptance of Mr. Broadley's resignation, in order that he might be at
liberty to devote himself to Liberal
politics. If overy local ln B. C. can
only show ono weed after a year's
growth Socialism has nothing to fear ln
tbis province.
"The Eaole gives us pretty straight
Socialism. Will send you another list
of subs, later."���B. E. Merrill, Nelson
tbe Revelatoke Local of tbe S. P. of
B. C. are arranging to hold a publio
meeting once a month in the railway
centre, in Selkirk hall.
J. C. Helm, Greenwood, B. C: "We
have a Socialist club here and have
been granted the use of the city hall
one night each week free, by the generosity of the city council, who, by the
way, are about one-half Socialists."
"We all realize the necessity of a
strong British Columbia Socialist
paper, to build up tho party, and we
will endeavor to support the Eagle in
every possible way tn our power," says
John Dodd of Vancouver, as he encloses a sub.
Edmonton and Strathcona, Northern
Alberta's leading towns, have decided
to become up-to-date. They will buy
and operate tbeir own lighting and
waterworks plants.
The Nanaimo city council will provide for the care of several old men,
who are unable to provide -.for themselves, by housing and feeding tbem at
small cost in the old oity jail.
"Misery begets the largest part of
humanity; ignorance rears it; ambition
governs it; humbug educates it; tradition enslaves it; fashion cripples it;
greed despoils it; need kills it, and
hypocrisy burieB it."
Says T. H. Twigg, an active worker
and progressive thinker, who edits the
labor department of tbe Sunday edition
of the Victoria Colonist: The growth
of Socialism ln British Columbia during the past year has beon phenomenal,
The aggressiveness of socialists is to
be admired. Unlike trade unionists,
converts to Sooialism become live
working units. The average convert,
or rather, joiner of a trade union, after
his initiation, acts In such, an apathetic
manner that conveys' the impression
that the objects of trade unionism is
fully served by the payment of dues, so
far as he Is concerned.
ASilvor Cap miner writes, under
date of Fob. 28 : " We have had Socialism discussed to a finish here tonight. Quite a number of the boys
appear to bo willing to become mom-
ben of tbe Ferguson Local. I feel
satisfied that your organizer will be
well rocelved when ho comes up,"
Public ownership and not private
ownership must obtain, and then the
benefit will accrue to tho publio. Suoh
then is tho solution; the Socialization
of all tho means of llfo will place man
before thq dollar, the rights of humanity bofore tbe rights of property, and
guarantee to the most humble citizen
an inalienable right to his share of the
means of life. Men's minds will be
freed from the bondage of perpetual
struggle and will be provided with an
environment in wblch the higher faculties will find expression,
Sidelights From tha Capital.
Victoria, B. C, March 1.���The ad*
vent of Col, Prior as the government
candidate in this city is almost the
only topic. He says ho has seen a contract for a Northern railway, to have
its terminus in Victoria. Many people
doubt lt, but Mr. Bodwc.ll will have to
look out or he will be left.  It Is a case
Realizing the fact, that all met, have
An equal right to life, liberty, aid the
pursuit of happiness, itmust necessarily
follow that all men bave an 'equal
right to thoie things which sustain
llfo, and if the means of life, commonly
called the means of production anddis-
tribution, are held by private ownership, and can only be obtained upon
the consent and the torms dictated by
property class, then labor lives by
sulteranco only. It can only obtain employment and a means of subsistence
at tbeie men lea fit to engage him, and
if at any time employment is withheld;
the means of an existence are withheld as well.
Upon getting the Best Workmanship and the Best Materials for your money, when you buy your clothes from
JP  *��������   Wilenn merchant tailor,
M\�� ��J��   rrUSUMMf REVELSTOKE, B, C.
// ever there was a time in
the history of the town of
to buy lots that time is now
Socialist Psrty of It. C.
1. Tho public ownership of all Industries
controlled by monopolies, trusts, and combines, and ultimately of all thu means of production, distribution, and exchange. No part
ol the revenue of such Industries to bo applied
to the reduction of taxes on properly, but to
he applied wholly to the increase of wages and
shortening of the hours of labor of tlio employes, to tlio Improvement of the service, ami
to diminishing rate* to tho consumers,
2, The progressive reduction of lhe hours ot
labor and tlio increase of wagoi In order to Uo*
orease thesharoof the capitalist and Increase
the share of tbo worker hi tho product of
:i. Tho establishment of a national currency
and government bnukhm system; all tire and
life insurance to be also operated by the government ln the interests of the wholo |>cuplo.
4. The inauguration of a system of (uihtlc
Industries; public credit to he used for that
purpose In order that the workers bo secured
the full product of their labor.
0. Abolition of the senate, establishment of
the Initiative and referendum, proportional
representation, and right of recall of representatives by their constituents.
1. Abolition of financial and property qualifications for candidates and electors at provincial and municipal elections,
2. Tho education of all children nolo ....
age of sixteen years to be free, secular and
compulsory. Textbooks, meals, and clothing
to bo supplied out of tho publio funds when
3. Municipalization and publio control of
the liquor traffic,
4. A nine-hour work law fixing wages at not
less than 12 per day, thereby counteracting evil
effects of Oriental emigration Into this province.
B. Reduction of hours of labor tb 4-1 per
0. Scientific and- practical management of
fisheries, forests, and waterways in best inter-
cat of the producers,
7. Government operation of coal mines nnd
Immediate construction and operation of unci-
ten,. refineries, and saw mills lor benefit of the
8. Abolition of poll and personal property
tax, tbo deficit to l-e meet by no increased tax
on land values.
9. No more bonuses of cither land or money
to individuals or private corporations,
10. Graduated land tax similar ^ law in
operation in New Zealand.
11. Government hospitals throughout thc
province, and free iqed-teal tUtuudtuwe to all
needing such
The railway is being pushed to completion and
soon the C. P. R. will accept thratig'-h freight
for Trout Lake. Trains are now berng operated on the new road as far as the stet ^1 is laid.
Many mining properties surrounding F erguson
are rapidly reaching the shipping stag* -, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only *s
Ferguson the commercial, banking, sit siting
and pay roll center, but here is where the roost
prominent Lardeau mining men have their
interests and headquarters. The best lot . ,oca"
tions are being picked up by shrewd invest ��rs.
There Is Big Money in
If Sesured at Present Prices
Business Lots are Still on the Market at
$150 Upwards $150
Residential Lots at
$75    Upwards    $75
 -i. __    ���-
Write or call on the General Agent,
Henry Floyd,
:...-,.,,     Revelstoke, B. C.
'&^*M.****^&*****$*$**J frm-S-t
MMB On the Wing
How's your printing?
Mrs. Ed. Perry is visiting friends in
her old home at Seattle.
J. B. Roy of Trout Lake has left for
his home In Montreal, via 'Frisco.
Beginning with the 17th inst., th.
three-inalls-a-week service betwesn
Arrowhead and Ferguson will be restored.
The Sunset mine, near Cody, has just
distributed its fifth dividend of 16,000,
making a total of J30.000 paid in dividends to date.
J. A. Templeton, a well-known Lar-
dsauite, is now in the Rossland camp,
to where the Eaole must soar to reaoh
him hereafter.
Chas W. McCrossan ban purchased
W. J. Landon's block of Metropolitan
stock, having availed himself of Mr.
Landon's offer in the EAGLE of Feb, 13.
Both happy now,
The Eaqle is in receipt of the thirteenth annual report of the publio
schools of B. C-1900-1001. The total
cost of education proper for the year
to the province was (312,187.17,
"I enclose tl in U. S. currency on
account subscription to Lardeau
Eaole. Expect to be out ln your
country again next summer. I trust
that the camp is prospering."���C. F.
Heckler, Philadelphia, Pa.
C. B. Hume & Co., general merchants,
Revelstoke, are calling for tenders for
the erection of.a fine -two-storey brick
building, the first in Revelstoke. It
will be located on the corner of McKenzie avenue and First street.
John Bambrick and Andy Ashley
were severely injured In a mine ex*
plosion at Oldham, Halifax, some two
weeks ago, The victims will be remembered by a number ot acquaint*
anoes now residents of the Lardeau.
Th. most terrible snow-slide ever
known in Colorado occurred at tbe
Liberty Bell mine on Smuggler moun*
tain, near Tellurlde, last Friday. Between 30 and 75 men were buried, and
a second slide killed over 30 rescuers,
E. A. Edson, manager of the Hume
hotel, has bought out tbe Interest In
the Ferguson hotel at Ferguson, and
will remove to that place as soon as h.
is relieved from his present position,
���late Nelson Tribune. Mr. Edson is
expected here this week,
Peter Cameron has sold his farm In
the Okanagan valley and Ireturned to
the Lardeau, He says it is a fine
country all right, but Fete looks with
compassion upon the dollars, more
plentiful by working ln th. deep blaok
stopes of our white metal producers.
It looks queer to a Lardeauite to
read ln Nelson and coast papers of "the
necessity of cleaning up the rubbish
that accumulates in back yards." Tho
the snow-fall here was comparatively
light this winter, It will be a couple of
months yet before we can even see our
bask yards.
Tbo following is a list of Lardeau ore pro-
ducors, amount shipped and the gross returns,
reports of whlcji havo to bo furnished monthly
by mino owners to the provincial govornmont:
Name. Pounds.       Cross Val.
Sliver Cup '.,400,000
Nottie L... 1,760,000
Triune    649,771
Beatrice    U'2,000
Great Northern     56,000
Broadview     ,,'.1.000
Kthel...-..:.     84,000
Cromwell      -B.SS9
I Ophir-Lade      12.000
Metropolitan     11,974 ....
Bt. Elmo     12,000 ....
Ruffled t:rouse  11,770....
Llnson View  ��68 ....
* Old Gold	
Horseshoe  ....
Black Warrior	
t  Returns anil corrections aited for.
including tbe Flih creek camp
and rpfier Duncan Itlver section, compiled liy A. I*. Cummin*. P. L, H.,niid H
Mlmiinoii.il. A., I*, now on wile nt thin
office.   Tho ready Dale of the map
The Miner.
Translated from the German of Franz
Langheinrlch by Ernest Creiby:
They -say the day was fine, but what know I
Of day, who lu tbe bowels of the carlb
Am cursed by double night? I only see
There In the West tbe sun's last evening glow
Whieh greets mo aa I greet It now���farewell!
These handa still tremble with the blow on
Of pick and hammer w lth the flinty rock
Duly gives back to me, Its rough caresses
Still shake my stiffened limbs, as if e'en now
A crushing weight of ore were on my back,
My brows still moistened by the pit's damp ooxe
Finds strangeness in this pleasant evening
Mine eye, so long accustomed to the dark,
minks at the sinking sun���farewell, farewell!
Come to me, kindly sleep, into thy hands
I give my body, bowed with weariness,
And all Its pains and aches.���Of this our world
How Uttle have I seen,-a narrow path
Over tbe fields and at ttn end the road,
The hard, broad highway, leading to the mine,
Trodden each day ere sunrise and again
At evening, to and fro, and to and fro!
Yes 6ften do I dream of distant lands
Where on my way shines bright the midday sun
And where the air Is soft, and through the trees
Flow rippling streams above whose crystal
Songsters of other dimes spread their gay
-J** i      ,      a
Oh, bear me thither now, deep, silent night!
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Offices: ^Revelstoke, Golden, and Ferguson.
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo. S. IfcCatter. J. A. Harvey
A. X. Pinkham.
barrister, solicitor, etc.
offices: Mckenzie avenue,   '
Revelstoke, B. C.
S, Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Locals With a Pay streak.
* For anything? in the book or stationery line send to the Canada Drug &
Book Co., Revelstoke, B. C. Mall
orders receive prompt attention.
* To get acquainted with this district
you should have a copy of the new and
only map. Send a one dollar bill to
the Eaple and secure one at once.
* Do you want to avoid that business trip? Well, just drop into any of
the offices of the Revelstoke, Trout
Lake & Big Bend Telephone Co. and
save time and money.
* The Revelstoke, Trout Lake k
Big Bend Telephone Co., limited, has
offices at Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thorn*
son, Camborne, TroutjLake and Ferguson.   Reliable service,
* The Ferguson quadrille club gives
a dance every Thursday evening in
Miners' Union hdll. Secure a membership tioket from the secretary, B. U.
Smith.    12 a month,
* Smokers : If you want the genu
INE "Union" and "Our Speolal"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on every box.
���H. A, Brown, Kevelstoke, B, C.
Imperial Bank
*m      of Canada.
capital -13,-Hw.oco.eo.
REST ��1,B60,000.00.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
a. &phipps,
B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co.
Ltd. i
Headquarters for Assayed, Minim ft Mill
Supplies. Sole agents in II. C. tar Morgan
Crucible Co., Rattersea, England: F. W. Braun
A Co.'s Patent Cary Furnaces, Burners, etc.:
Wm. Alnsworth 4 Co.'s Fine Balances, etc., etc.
Russell���At Ferguson, on Saturday,
March 1,1902, to Mr, and Mrs. Thos,
Russell, a son.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium  .  .  .
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
qnrlvallcd for grandeur. Boating, Ashing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of thc world. Two moils arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cure all nervous
and muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
kldnoy, liver and stonwh ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sire remedy against
all argentiferous poisons, TERMS : in tn
���IS per week, aooordlng to residence in hotel
or villas.
proving all we have said for It.
Trout Lake	
an Is
Trout Lake division is lithographed In
black, tlio Lardeau In red, and the Alnsworth In bluo, Even a tenderfoot could
take a copy of tills map and lind any
claim recorded in the three divisions.
Tho mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and thc location and name (I	
Index) of evory mineral i
distriot is shown.
e (by a unique
claim in the
JVexr   ro   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person Thl$ Mtp Tikes first Unci.
In fact every goographlcat
feature is so well delined that one can
see at a glance the nature of our country
and the trend of the claim locations
gives an Intelligible Idea of the minoral
oelta running through thc camp,  "'
Tie   Best
It is
Worth   For   One Dollnr
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a one dollar bill, tno
cheques, orders, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
United Hate of North America
the United Hatters
of North America.
When you are buy.
ng a FUR HAT,
Ither soft or stiff,
lee to it that the
genuine UNION
Label Is sewed in it.
If a retailer haa
loose labels in his
possession and offers to put one in a
hat for you, do not
, patronise him. He
has not auy riant to nate loose labels. Loose
abola In retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
Isten to any explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The Uennlne Union Label is
perforated nn the four edges oxactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits ar�� sometimes perforated on three of the edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tho counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them ln order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John B. Stetson
Co. and Henry II. Roelofs & Co., both of Philadelphia, Pa., are non-union eoncerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N, J,
JOHN PHILLIP8, Secretary,
�� 79T Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y,
Ferguson Realty
-IS A-
Qood Investment
Write at once to
General  Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B. C.
!Sfifl .40 Vr, ON PAOB THREE,
H. Edwards***-*.
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc,
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street  ^Revelstoke
Change of Service.
Until further advised the steamer "Kokanee"
for Kaslo and "Moyle','for Kootenay Landing
will leave from Proctor, connection from Ncl
son being as follows:
Leave        |   NELSON   (        Arrive
7:15 a.m.     j    DAILY,    j     6:15 p. m.
Loavo   i NELSON (   Arrivo
i P. m. I DAILY ex. SUNDAY. (10:15 a. m.
For Kootenay Lake points, Proctor to Kokanee Creek connection from Nelson will be 7.15
a. m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, returning the same evening at 0:15 p'. m.
For berths, lime tables, rates and full In*
foi-nation, apply to
D, P. A., Nelson.
E. J. COYLE, A. G. P. A., Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Agent, Arrowhead.
*^a*lP*^-^K _r^^--^-*V-_^^^^ ^^^^^^^r\^^^^^ *? t^^^^m t^^^^* i^-^^**** ��^^^^m\ i^^--���*% p*
at this time of year, and never were
we better prepared to fill orders for
the miners than just now. Our stock of
Men's Clothing and Furnishings
is suoh that we' can suit the requirements of everyone. We have the
largest and best stock of Footwear,
Underwear, Mackinaw Clothing, Overalls, etc., ever placed on sale In Ferguson. As Is already well Known by our
increasing   number   of   customers.
"Everything for the Miner"
Our Grocery Department is a loading
feature of this store. Turning over
our stook, as we do, so regularly, our
Stock of Groceries are always fresh.
Right Ooods, Prices and Treatment.
McKinnon <fr Sutherland
Lardeau's Leading Store.
Forthe NEXT TWO WEEKS We desire to
CLEAR OUT our stock of
To make room for a new shipment.   Call and get prices.
i  i
Established 1896
I     1
General Merchants
Drugs and Stationery
Prescription! Carefully and Accurately Compounded.
. O. BLOCK=:-
The Man who will risk the Purchase of a Lot or two in the
Now has many good chances of making
Circle City is the future terminus of the proposed railway, already surveyed
.via the Lardeau creek north fork to that point.
Cirele City is beautifully located at the base of the Lardeau Pass, Galena and
���urprlse creeks.
Circle City Is absolutely surrounded by mining properties now under development.
Circle city affords splendid water power which will be utilized next season for
concentrating purposes.
Clrole City will presont business openings this spring. Send for the new map
just out (free), and full particulars, to G. B. Batho, general agt,, Ferguson.
, Two hundred lots on sale now���Present prices: Corner lots, (125. Inside lots
I1Q0.  Terms:  t cash, balance three and six months.
G, B. BATHO, General Agent, Ferguson, B. C.
��� --.      V.--


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