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Lardeau Eagle 1901-12-19

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 . .
VOI, HI. NO. 45.
$2.00 A YEAR.
The Plant Has Already Been Shipped From San Franoiseo.
And Soon Everything W ill be Ready
For the Reception of the
Naturally [������itiietttiltes are Interested
in the construction and progress oi the
Vulcan furnace whie'.i is now being
built in Peririisnn. P.elnt*' as anxiau-
|fijk as any of nm* rendu �� the EAOLE visited
the smeller site, on the ea6t end of the
toivnsiu*, mi Moi|.|lny. Men are busily
;Onplli*i'(l in the oxi'ii.vntlon work, and
already 'tie f*iiindp,tlon posts are in
plane. The lnr ��| Sn �� mill is now turning out. the lnmlier order, and the
frame wm-k.will be'begun this week.
The woi'i-lrcu fm-ee will be enlarged,
but there fti'fl pleni.v of men on the
allot lo do Hie work
On Tuesdav the. Eagle saw Mr.
Wood, wlio is 1 ii,-barge of the work,
and In answer tn enquiries received
the following ronlv: "I received a
letter from Mr. McCrossan, who is still
in 'Frisco, lust nlglvt, dated Deeembei
llth. and he Informs mo that the smel-
. tor plant has been shipped, and tbat he
Is also shipping to Ferguson a crusher,
engine, and (10-horse power boiler."
"Do you know, Mr. Wood, what bid
Mr. McCrossan int-ands to make for nre
��� whieh Is apparently billed for the Trail
smelter alreudy ?������> usked the Eagle.
"Woll." replied Mr. Wood," Mr,
McCrossan mentioned in his letter to
me that he proffered, for the present,
to accept oro for treatment by tho ton,
but tbat ho woi'liK pay as mucb for ore
ns tho Trail sineiltcr does delivered ��t
Trail, less $5 a ton, �� deduction whicli
bo deems noeessury for the .extra ex-
ponse of treatment here. In fact, Mr.
McCrossan has atborizedme to make
arrangements Tor nil ore that may he
delivered by Jan. luih on these terms,"
"Mr. MeCrossit.n intends inratalling
another plant at Trout Lake, does he
not. Mr. Wood '-"*
"It is more th in probable, as Mr.
McCrossan tells mo that ho has
just contracted for e.nothor plant, to be
deliver ��� I nt AiTOWh ead not later than
April bi   '
Mr. McCrossan is expected In .Ferguson just after the New Year, and with
him will arrive the smelter manager,
operator and sluff. And us soon as the
sampler and other necessary art'iingi-
ments are in nrdci*. ore buying and
treatment will hog-'n Whether the
ore being shim.' :���, present Is held
here or net thi",- ,ii tie plenty mined
ut the Nettie I, i ine alone to keep tho
plant going until it bora can join the
shipping list.
Tests of Lardoau oro havo already
been made in Han Frit nolsco, with most
successful iitid gratify! ng results.
From Mr. MoCross mi's remarks. It
would appear Unit tbo capacity of the
Ferguson plant will Iio more than ;i(t
tons:; day.
Mllilllx T dtinclH.
. Tho longest mlnlu if tunnels projected
and in the course of actual construction
arc vory largely In Colorado. These
are being run to ei ossein singlo mountains and ranges containing a largo
number of oro-boa ring ledges. Theso
lodges arc being i ntersected at depths
fat* below what w ould be economically
profitable by sha ft mining. Ill addition
to the great i1 ,e,ptb of backs ovor the
Jloor level that I beso tunnels opeo, they
can, when these . upper oro bodies are
more or less w irked out, be utilized as
���surface from w bich to sink to depths
beneath. Tn a tunnels and the open
workings al love offer exceptional
advantages fo r this sort of deopp mining. By pro vision therefor, the water
that lions iii to tho overhead workings
can be 'coll acted there and conducted
down to tho tunnel level in pipes under
pressurfj wi jidi can thero oo utilized
for power development. Practically,
this costs tho minimum in tho way of
investment, and, being possiblo of uso
direot, cun provide thc maximum of
effective work from tho theoretical
efficiency. It is safe to say that 70 per
cent, of tho theoretical water power
can lie had in work. Under average
conditions, mor*e water will reach 100-
foot depth of workings above tho tunnel
levels than below. The.power, then,
that can be devel.oped from the inflow-
log witter ahove will jierform the ser-
vlcoof lifting of the lesser quantity of
water coming in workings below to a
depth very nearly, If not entirely,
eq ttal 'to the feet of het'd of the power
wa.te.r. With these practical working
conditions tho tunnel exploitations Of
bide deposits in Colorado mians cheap
deep raining to depths th.'it aro'un-
thlnkablo with dependence I'nlefy nn
shafts from the surface. T.'ie deep
mining so affected may not 'he ns
speetatiular as the deep shaft mining
projected in tho Transvaal, but it has
the more satisfying quality of a safer
and larger prollt margin.
A ii Independent Huhtlier Shop.
Some weeks ago the Eagle informed
the Pat Burns meat trust that Ferguson rniiist have a butcher shop, a
request, which was politely Ignored.
This week, however, tho EAGLE can
announce the establishment of an Independent shop in tbis rising centre.
And under such auspices as to render
it quite capable of doing business when
M". Burns again appears on the scene.
Mr. Woodward is th6 manager In
oh irae. Mr. Wood ward hos opened
temporarily in the Humor building,
ono door east of t he Hotel Lardeau.
He has a large shipr nent of beef, pork,
mutton, poultry, fish, oysters, and
everything whieh goes to make up a
first class butcher si lop, on the way," to
be here for Christm as. Tho value of
this shop will be i ipprecbtod by the
residents of this tow n since the camp's
experience with r> Ir. Burns has beon
anything but satisfii story.
Vow It'* a Zinc S mellin*; Combine.
The American M otal Market of New
Yurie says that di Jtails of the plan to
consolidate the h irgo zinc smelting
companies In the w est have just leaked
out. It is report ed that options have
been secured on all, of the plants mentioned, nnd E Kol'ilns Morse and Bra.,
of 0 Wall street., New York, aro en
deavnrlng to cone hide tho details cf
the consolidation., The company is to
be known as the Zinc Smelting Corporation. This company was organized
under the lawn, of the Stato of New
Jersey with a capital of 860,000,000,
divided into $: 5.000,000 of 7 per cent,
cumulative sto ok, and $25,000,000 of
common stock. Five million dollars
each of the preferred and common
stock aro to be reserved for the
acquisition of p rnpertlea iu addition to
those already eontriicted for and for
other corporate purposes.���Lot; Angeles
Mining Revlevr.
Producer* .-if 1 Peulth  Die nt Their Punt.
A report fro tn Monterey, Mcx., states
that workmen employed Iu tho Veln-
d im mine, tn nir that city, found the
skeletons of fifteen mon iu a tunnel
they wore ope plug up. Alongside of
tho skeletons were a lot of ce.c'eni,
mining tools. ' The roport further Btatoa
that piled up ii i thc cavern were more
thim two earl '.mils of horn silver and
galona, with wi re silver, all of great
richness. The old Spanish records
show that this mine was worked more
than 200 years i igo and the skeletons
are of minors who were supposed to
huvo been sull'oe atcd by a cave-in.
rcrfcctl liff Soclnli.iu.
Tho leading I bal'dwaro interests of
tho city of Chict igo havo been offered
$20,000,000 for tin ttr properties by tbe
National Hardv 'aro company, the
8100,000,000 coml )lno now forming.
Agents of' the i sorabino declare they
havo received s ulllciont assurances
from hardware inl .orests to assure the
success of tho enti irprlse in Chicago.
Looks Good Far Tet BjauuCache Country
Tho Scieutilie A moricau says thore
Is a largo and Increasing consumption
of mica in the United States. Clear
shoets 4 by -1 inches in ai;:e and upwards must bj provided for the mica
to be worth u good price.
The Silver-Load Slump Forma the
Chief Topic For Discussion.
Thought Tbat Mino Owners Will
Oo Operate to Meet and Better
Prevailing Conditions.
The past week in this camp hns been
a quiet, one. No particular evidence of
the Christmas season is observably
tho considerable social amusement has
been provided for both in Fergusou
and Trout Luke. The rawhiders nro
busy. Nettie L. ore is now coming
from thy mino ovor the new road on
sleighs, a biff improvement over thc
old method. The ore piles on Victoria
avenue nre growing larger daily. Tiie
Cup ore is hauled from S-mile to Baty's
awaiting more snow, an unusual delay
at tbis advanced time of the year. The
IIlack Warrior crew will be down on
Monday for a week. They will Increase
their forces and >ro up for two months
after New Years. The men from tbe
Old Gold eamp will also be down for
the holiday week. Tho Cup will close
for a couple of days, but the Nettie L.
will only lose one shift.
Of course the chief discussion in the
camp for the puat week bas boon the
silver-lead fluctuations and general
tumble down the lirie. But of tbis the
EAGLE can say very little. Tbe trusts
hovj it in their power, seemingly, to
twist and mould us into a.i.v old shape,
so that in tho .absence of a live lot of
aiining men or a government tbat will
go into business itself, wc must await
our fate in silence. There Is one thing
certain, however, tho Lardeau mines
can do business at a profit when many
other camps must close up shop. And
Lardeaultes are not going to throw up
the sponge by a long shot.
lighted without combustion. Anyone
carrying in bis pocket a few grains of
the substance would bo able to produce
all kinds of radiographs. With a sensitive plate he would bo able to read
through solid bodies, as It bas beon
demonstrated that the rays can penetrate through an inch of metal. Tho
price of these substances owing to the
difficulty of their production, practically annihilates their industrial value
at present. But in timo tbey may be
produced as cheaply as aluminum,
which not so many years ago was a
most expensive metal.
Rouqnet* for Llirdutlll und tin- Now May.
Speaking ol the Lardeau district, and
tbo new map, the London News says:
The map, which is compiled by S.
Shannon and A. P. Cummins of Ferguson, B. C, is very complete and shows
the location of the properties and their
position as regards transportation very
clearly. To those who bave not seen
a map of the district it is a revelation,
as many people think that the Itossland
district is British Columbia, as fur its
mining is concerned. As a matter of
fact Lardeaultes claim that thoir district can give Uossland cards and
spades and then whip it badly iu ore
Tho following interesting notes on
this mineral Is given by J. S Randall,
in the Georgetown, Colorado, Courier :
Of the many mineral species that go to
mako up this earth of ours, tho most
singular and complex is the mineral
unmlnito- or as it is moro commonly
called, pitchblende. It occurs in a
number of mines in Gilpin county, and
.it one time quite a lurire amount of It
was discovered in tbe Jo Reynolds
mine in this county. The mineral is
black, heavy and sometimes bas a sub-
metallic or pitch-iiko lustre, lt is
composed principally of tho :*are
elements uranium, thorium, coriu.L,
lanthanum and yttrium, along with
lead, iron, calcium, nitrogen, and some
other substances as yet little understood which give forth perpetual light.
It is a remarkable fact that it is tho
only known mineral containing
nitrogen, but still more remarkable is
tho fact that it contains three substances called polinlurOj radium and
actinum, which are now astonishing
the scientific world. These substances
partake,, of the properties of the
cathodic and X-rays, and spontaneously
tronorate electricity. In tbe laboratory
of physics thoy upset all the apparatus.
They aro spontaneously luminous without undergoing any transformation.
Tbo walls of a room built with this
radioactive material would be eternally
Tho Gross Ore Output of tho Nettie
L. Mine is 880 Tons.
Government Will Aid CoiiBtmrptlvea.
The KaQLB is in receipt of a circular
from the secretary of the provincial
board of health, Charles .J. Fagahj
giving many valuable suggestions re
tuberculosis, and suggestions to those
suffering from tho terrible destroyer of
life. T.u fact, tiie EAGLE is pleased to
nolo, Mr. Fagan says: "The Attorney*
General directs me to announce that
the Government Bacteriological
Laboratory is at the disposal of all
���sufferers. Therefore, persons sus-
pected to besuiTerinjj from tuberculosis
can huvo their sputum examined at. the
laboratory freo of charge, Thp early
morning .sputum should be sent lo
small, wide-necked, clean, dry bottles,
and well corked, together with a full
history of tlie chso. It is preferable to
act through your doctor."
A Very Natural Assumption,
According to director t-Ycoheville's
report, ex-manager McDonald's reports
on the amount of ore in sight in the
Lo Roi mine at Rossland should be
discounted 06 2-3 per cent, and the
amount the mine earned forthe last
fiscal year should he reduced on just
the samo basis. "r Mr. McDonald was
so far astray in regard to tho ore in
sight and the mine's earnings, It is not
unfair to assume he was equally as far
astray iu his reports regarding the
demands of lhe striking miners at
Uossland and striking smeltor workers
at Northport.���Tribune
And Don't Overlook lhe Lurdeau.
The Sloeati has no less than fifty
shipping mines, a record not equalled
by any other mining district
of tho same area in America.
None of the fifty produce gold ore : all
aro silver-lead mines. Silver and lead
are both falling in price, yet tho Slocan is the one quartz mining district in
British C'llumbia that manages to
enrich a few prospectors and mine
owners every year, besides paying mine
workers standard wajjes without strikes
or lockouts,���Tribune.
.SocialItt-t Are Not '*tiy-I)r<*aoiinff.
Any working man, imbued more or
less with socialistic Ideas, is badly
mistaken who fancies that all he has
got to do is to do his work and draw
bis wages and put his money into a
house and lot or push it -cross the bar
as tho ease may be and then h an key
pankey, hey presto pass, all of a sudden
ho will wako up ono line morning and
seo in tho papers that the socialistic
era has dawned.���Kevelstoke  Herald.
Pastime For Christmas Eve*.
Don't forget tho Christmas tree
entertainment next Tuesday evening in
Miners' Union ball. A splendid program Iihh been arranged for. Anyone
desiring to place Christmas gifts on the
tree can hand them to ono ol the committee on Tuesday Thero will be no
admission fee. but a collection will be
taken up. Come yourself and bring
your friends.
Nervine a Miserable Muster.
The editor of the Rossland Miner
swells up his chest, and in double-
leaded typo, gives us "proof of prosperity." Horrors ! And this in thj
Miner too. Tho game editor may require "proof1 a year hence, or even a
meal to keep his sides from rubbing.
Even now he has a dirtier job than any
piano-thumper would stoop to.
As Viewed at Oriiiid Fork*.
Socialism is not so much of a "bete
nolr" as formerly. The world is coming to understand it as '"government
by tho people," instead of by individuals, as is now the case tu British
Columbia.���Grand Forks Sun.
Nearly $45,000 Has Already Been
Expended by the Company
in Development Work.
The IflAGLE is in a position this week
to yivo to its readers, exclusively, tho
exact total output of ore rhippei! from
tiie Nettio L. mine, not. of course.
Including what lies on tbe dump and
now sacked at tbe ore bouses. Accord-
ing to figures furnished by Secretary
Holdich. with the authority of Manager
Pool, the company has marketed So"
tons, the total gross value, of which was
$03,380, or a few cnts better than $72a
ton. A better knowledge of their ore,
more careful sorting, and other factors,
hereafter, will undoubtedly raise the
average to ov r $100 a ton. Tbo company have expended some frJS.OOO of
this amount in development, and the
balance will also be used before tbe
next smelter returns are available.
The mining expenses for the past six
months have amounted to over 82,000 a
month, a nice little pay roll in itself,
but during this winter it will be much
larger as tho working force is increased.
There is one thing certain. Every
dollar of money the Nettiu L. peoplo
bave taken out in ore has been or will
he put bae'e in development*. Tbo ere
shipments this winter, however, will
mean the declaration of the lontr looked
for dividends. Aud tho EAOLE has
every reason to believe that onco thc
company starts in disbursing dividends
tbere will be no let up, for tbey have
the makings of one ofthe richest mines
In British Columbia. And a company
whieh does business abovo Inard, like
thc Great Western, is entitled to success. When the Lardoau can make
such a showing under present adverse
conditions it serves to give one some
idea of what miirbt be e/.peeted if we
were given a fair show. With a rail
way. a smebcr and a refinery the Lar
deau has mines which can mako ;.
profit with the silver and lead market
no better than it is right now. But as
sonn as the big lead trust unloads or a
home market is created by norm-
refineries, a,nda reduction in the price
of the refined article is mado, we can
look for tho liveliest mining camp in
this province right, ben:. It may take
a little time but we're dead used to
A Live Capital Thene Da;*.
A Victoria correspondent writes to
the EAGLE: "Local politics hore is in
ajrrent muddle. Tbo Jim Hill interest.-'
have Bod woll running. The vico presi
dent of the independent hibor party.
John Ley, has become tbo tool of thc
government and the McKenzie & Mann
Interests, ami yesterday announced
himself a** having "accepted" tbe labor
nomination as an independent sup
porter of tho government and his
committee assure friii there will be NO
rich? And moreover thc man is nol
the candidate of the independent labo;
party, as no delegation from it ha.
invited him and I believe never will
I have suspected him of such schemim,
all along, but oro you receive this \
meeting of the independent labor party
will bo held and we shall see what
then. Haskins Is in it up to the ears
as thc representative of McKenzie &
Mann, or tho Canada Northern, aud
Eborta is doing tho honors for tht
coverument through a tool in the
trades and labor council, but I beliove
00 per cent of the labor eloment is true
to their class and will put a man in the
field to defeat both schemes."
Canada gavo mill ions toward a
national railway, and thon it is gobble;/
by Wall street monuy kings. Canada.
is a real smart country,���Ledgo. J<\fftot,
���-*���*>; -"wflf.!***-
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rc!ffl ull communications-to
Till': LARDEAU KAtll.r
J    -s
Instead of giviiig the people the
benefit of the low price ol lead by
jefining; our own product, and reducing the price of the refined
irticle to a reasonable price, men
nre busy devising some means of
making it possible to mine lead at a
profit wilh a lower price than ever
paid before. The fact that there is
already an over-production of lead
doesn't seem to strike the average
1'iinintf man. Over-production is a
something which cannot he handled
by laws or legislation. We ni list
--imply wait uniil the lead trust disposes of the $4,000,000 worth of
iead it has on hand. Then they
will buy more lead. This will be
dubbed "prosperity," but as a matter of fact another "panic"���overproduction���must soon come again.
iVith the modern means of mining,
utilizing electric drills, ele, and the
finding of new mineral camps,
naturally we produce more lead than
we can use. But horrors ! What
if the government were lo build a
refinery, and reduce the price ol lhe
refined article. Why we all might
be able to pain: onr buildings, and
use lead pipe instead of 1x4 boards,
not to mention lhe ere..lion ol a
home market, and the escape from
'.antl taxation. Anil if there was
any profit going the people would
receive a benefit Irom two sources.
Ol course this would have a smack
of socialism about it, and lhat would
lever do. Production and distribution shouldn't be regulated hy the
whole people. That would remove
the brick wall we are up against.
While the t .10 old Canadian pol-
tic.il parties, wedded to their capi-
:alistic idol-., are shaking their
���leads, whenever reference i.s made
:o progressive measures and cl.m'i
*ce how it can possibly be done,
��� >ur sister colonies are showing us
how to do il. The'dyed in lhe wool
politicians hankering with a greal
hanker after the lubor vote, yet
afraid to commit their parly to any
course which might odend the
people who are needed 10 put up
the dough, tell the boys thai this or
that or the other piece of lefii-l.ition
will surely be passed by the G. O. P.
'when the lime comes," But ia
other British communities, where
the voters are not led around bv ihe
.lose by ,1 handful of place hunters,
as tln-y are in Canada, the fact has
been recognized that the lime has
already come and that further delay
enn <lo nothing but accentuate the
lifficuliies  o'  the  situation,     The
slate  government  of   New   South I	
Wales has placed the   most   drasticI(Jents��� not
Last week the Trout Lake Topic
administered a much deserved re-
huke to the "pessimistic blatherskites" of this province, a rebuke
ivhh which the Eagle can heartily
concur. As the Topic says the history of but "one camp is evidence
enuf that mining in this province is
not drifting hellward, as that sheet
afflicted with chronic dry gripes���
the Rossland Miner-would have
the world believe." There may be
much room for improvement in the
situation, hut the belly-aching mine
owners must confine more ot their
attention to mining than to politics
if the improvement is to he effected.
The money they spend in trotting
off lo victoria, bucking labor
unions, and raising disturbance
generally could be spent much more
profitably were they to co-operate
and adopt the same business
method's as the mining men across
the line have done. They seem to
have become so helpless and incapable, thru dabbling in politics and
expecting relief by legislation, that
really they are more to be pitied
than taken seriously. The solution
of the troubles of the mine owners
lies in tlieir own hands, and it it-
only regrettable that lhe dependent
public have to suffer for their lack
of enterprise and business ability.
There are two great powers nl
work in the development ol socialism. Thegreatcaplains of industry
at the top and lhe "common" people
at the bottom. Tbe former are
proving the practicability of what
the latter are striving for. With
social sm being perfected by lhe
captains of industry at the top and
towns and provinces and Dominions
adopting their methods at the bottom the gulf between them mu-t
������0011 close. And the "common"
people, being ill lhe majority, will
scarcely allow themselves 10 he
absorbed by the few at the lop.
Willi ihe captains of industry
nationalizing socialism and the
people localizing it, ihe day is nol
far distant when private socialism
must be absorbed by public socialism. The know-it-all little capitalists may look wise and sneer at this
contention, but tlie next ten years
will hear out the Eagle's contention.
A Kootenay district meeting of
the Western Federation of Miners
will be convened at an early date
to adopt a platform for lhe Socialist-
Labor party, and arrange for placing candidates in every riding in the
interior. The Lardeau union will
likely be represented. The next
likely member lor this riding is a
resident here, and a miner. When
lhe time comes his name will be
announced���from a representative
socialist-labor convention. Has-
been politicians need not apply.
There seems to be' ttooin for reform in the manner of- administering justice in this province. Cases
are too expensive and in many instances too long-winded. If the
elective system was in force it might
improve matters. When a man
has secured a job for life he is liable
to forget that there are other equally
as important people on this earth.���
New Denver Ledge.
It is an insult to the people to
allow men who have legitimately
stolen money from their employees
to "donate" monies to build or
establish what the people should
have already built or established
themselves. ��� The donators themselves may'not be to blame, but an
economic system which makes such
robbery possible is rotten to the
The Eagle receives twelve of the
leading mining journals of the
United States, Out ol these eleven
do not even mention the name of
British Columbia. And yet we have
an agent-general, with expensive
offices and staff, in London, trying
lo attract capiial which is invariably
wasted, or turned into a bunco
game hy promoters when it does
come here.
Ex-Governor Mackintosh has expressed lhe opinion that will
capable management the Le Ro
mine at Rossland should pay 1
monthly profit ol about ^55,000,
iho even now it is paying handsomely. Wt the management refuse lo pay the same scale.ol wages
as is paid everywhere else in the
South East Kootenav contains an
acreage of about 4,300,000 acres.
The Canadian Pacific his received
from Ihe provincial government
3,400,000 acres. Instead of following.-out lhe agreements of their
.barter, "lhe taking (if alternate
sections on eithor side of said railways," it is taken in blocks, prospected, and practically selected by
lhe railway company We wonder
if the government fully understood,
and had a knowledge ot the luiure
prospective value of these enormous
areas. As il is, however, it is up
to the present government to explain
why these areas were reserved, and
if reserved iii the interest of the
Canadian Pacific Railway company.
The crown granting of blocks 4,594
and 4,593 occurred during Ibe
month ot October last,���Fort Steele
industrial  arbitration  bill yet heard ,IValll^
ot on the statute hook, clothing the I,,.,
judges with tremendous powers and
without   any    appeal   what
'evelstoke Herald.
Premier Dunsmuir owns (?) some
rich coal mines. He visited them
last week, and came near meeting
death with his lellow colleagues,
John Chinaman. Did you ever notice lhat usually it is the producers
of wealth lhat get killed by acci-
Ihe  men  who own the
ot' production, Some day
people will decide to keep Iheir
natural wealth for themselves. If
it is ;;ood lor Premier Dunsmuir to
own coal mines wouldn't il be good
lor the whole province lo retain
them? The lives of the miners
could then be safe-guarded, and the
profits would go into the people's
treasury rather than the pockets of
millionaires, not 10 mention that
many a poverty-stricken household
% pack train]
I Stables at Ferguson
I and Trout Lake City |
Med Hatters of North Amerie
If labor is such an cnobling and
uplifting means of developing the
best talents and faculties within
man, why wouldn't it be good to
have no unemployed, either in
poverty or riches ? With modern
neans of production there is no need vv-'1'1-1 ��ave conl Pluced within their
if slavery.      Machinery  is    man's j reach. 	
greatest  friend -if he  only owned I "**"
i!, Would il not be better for, Canadian manufacturers have
society wure ail working short; been pampered and wet-nursed
hours and none walking the high- until they are a great big lot of
ways in poverty and in search of greedy, pap-sucking babies. Slo-
work. There is something wrong lean is loaded down with a burden
.villi a system whicli creates idlers | of protection to build up artificial
among the classes below and above , industries in Ontario. Mining bears
iiio working element. Poverty and the burden. Throw off this tariff
millionaires aro unnecessary. The'and make these cowardly manufac-
nenrest approach to heaven we will I Hirers stand on their merit or sue-
ever sec will be n linie when all the earn') lo their fate as incapables.
people own and operate the means Tljen mining supplies would cost a
of production ,and distribution, May > fair price and Kootenay lead mines
vo live to enjoy il. '   wouW beat the world.���Paystveak.
T 111s  is tn 1
tin; Untied Matierf
���sf   Nnrlli   A in,.rim
Whon v.ii arable/-
HR   11   POR    HAT,
illli'r ,0(1 or Kllfl
ICO 10   It   lh��t   Hi,
{-muilne   union
LBbOl Is R.'ui'd In 11
11   11   reniHer    llu-
lonne labels in li|.
noucssion anil of-
f'TH 10 1 ..11 one in 1,
lull for von, (In nol
patroulxo lain.. II.'
has not any riant tn nnvo loose labols. Loom,
abols in rotnll stores aro counterfoils. Do not
Istou to anyoxnlanatlnn ns 10 uiiy llio In,
lias 110 lalii-l. Tin' (i.'iiiiliio I'll ion Ullol l>
ii'ifoniici 01, ilm lout 'eilffos exactly tho same
uh a jiostnuc stamp. Counterfeits are Mum*
limes porforato'l on ihrco of tin ciliioi, nml
sotuottmna only on two. Kei.'pi! Bliarp lookout
for ilm counterfoil*1. Unprincipled maiiuitu*.
Hirers oro UHiin* Uicin in ordor 10 got rid of
iheir reab-inado lints. Tin' John li stetson
Co. mid Henry 11. Room's ,t Co.. 1,0th of Philadelphia, Pn., arc non-union concornR,
JOHN A. MOFFAT,Presldont,
Orange, N. J
11 7117 Bedford Avo., Brooklyn, N.Y
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone Honiltnrr a aketeb and description mar
-Illicitly iisccrl.'iin our opinion froe ���/.'hetber nn
invention is probably patentable. Communion.
"  *���*���*,fnl. Handbook onr	
... joy for BCcurlnirpftt-	
nl:' taken throuilll Munn A Co. receive
sent free. Oldest .ipenry fornecurliiKpntnnta.
Handbook on Patents
'or necurliiu
Munn A C
special milieu, without ontrgo, In tho
A handsomely illustrated woekly.   I.srcest circulation of any seiohtloo Journal,  Terms, 53 a
; tour months, 11. Bold byall newsdealers.
���...., J KM���''**"",,*,,
Braooo, Olllco, hlR, Wwblmtoo
If  you   are   building   or col itemplate building- we will be
pleased to quote you estimat es  on anything, made in our
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel confident that w -c can give you .satisfaction in
every particular.     Write; Sa wyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
For thu best I  'hristmas presents
���Trill .' or call on
J. Ouy Barber
The Reft Istoke Jewekr.
All   wor'i   ITUTnntoil  to  give
All Kinds
Goldfields Townsite
LOTS wilt Iti1 on the iiinrkct an e< (on (is tho Mirvrvor has linlnhcd plnttlnc it out.
(iOI*DFlKM).*4 ia th�� coming centra ol thi1 (unions Fish Rivnr frv-L'-gold carai).
Foe further particulars apply o r write at ouch to	
Wholesale Liquor Dealers j^Manirikctorers of Aerated Water
Address:1 Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Everybody     Qur   SpeClU
s mokes    	
The Un inn
Thry arc all I'nlo , nnido and ,��I the
beat Havana Tobacco tunna*,- can Factory, II. A.
buy.  Try one and satisfy yuurfioli ,, n
aa to their quality. B It o w N, Prop,
Union   Cigar
���*���-�����������������������*���<�������� 1-4-................ . ��^**-��>��-o.4.*M.--*-<~��><. ��-+-������*
t smoke union-  t    There arc Cheap and G.n>U    J smoke  union-
I make  cigars. '���    Union-Made Ci^rs, but the   J MAKB   CI0ARS*
+ *-w-w-+v-+-*+-w-w-+~<t+ -*������������������� ���**--���-!
j      Enterprise and Selkirk
1 in ���*>��������-�� > . . ��-.
 }   SMOKE    UNION-  J
'"'   !   MADE    CIGARS ,1
��-��� ���-^���-���'���-���-���-������-���������-���-.���-���^
t Brands, manufactured bv tho EVnternrtso
��� ��������.��� ���-�����-��-*>-��� f- cigar Co., Rovclstuko, are unecjUalied ln *<*���<��������
4 f the province
* <�����>�������� ����������������� I........
For sale by Ferguson's Leadittg Hotels
Abb for iln-ni.
The Lardeau Eagle
tyi^- '
I Hotel. Ferauson
The bur is supplied with the be.s' brands 0/
Wines, Liquors and Cilgars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tunder fee I. comforted.
%  Itutoa SJli.tlO n (lily au-4 upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens. .Good accommodation
.. Bost ot service . - Choicest wines,
liquors and cifjars.. lrire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers!, Proprietors,
%$ $-��-& $ &-&-#-# # -3hHk?5 $*-$���#���# >$!&%-% %
Hotel Lardeau
J. laughton, Proprietor.
I f.
Havo tlio trusts m itln vou rich ?
IIitiii.i'i.'B- Is not nnrfentod until it is
shared ���Juno Porter.
Thorn are moro bogus mining; companies than rainlug prospects.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C,
Material tnuttora do nut have to
iiiljrc-t themselves in thin trustifying
uj,'C.   Tho trusts iio tho adjusting.
There is danger that thc money
power will grow till the people have
lost tlioit' liberty,���Abraham Lincoln,
is it. questionable why Quebec has
only twenty applicants who want to
enlist for Soutli Africa, tho entitled to
sixty mon ?
Tho public bhould own the govornmont ; the govornmont should own and
operate the meatis oi production and
Hy referendum all tho trade unions
and socialist bodies of Switzerland
voted to unite und fight for working
class interests, industrially and politically.
John I'1,. Chase, nx-mayor of Haverhill, Is iihont tn undertake a speaking
lind organizing tout* through the west
under tbe direction ofthe U.S.Socialist
Socialism aims at bringing all public
franoltlsoH und ull'property under the
direct control of tho people, and is in
perfect harmony with the highest
prindlples of Christianity.��� Uoi	
Is   tbo
ess nt mudi
*ss. mid
hnpn (il
���j with tho
if (il
tho suii��'i't:i
if Ip
by oiipitulist iinlitii'liins, resultH in
coii'lntiinu crime tn legalizing* whole-
sain Iiit'eony mid sanctifying wholesale
T\i vou think socialism is "coming?"
Most of tim railway brotherhoods in
Ontario havo mot nml adopted roso-
lut'lons ili'ii"Ht,i'iii'j tin' cninni't live
system and pledgingthomselves tn vote
onlv for suoh candieates as will favor
and wm!' tin* thn publio ownership of
trusts and monopolies,
Socialists of ttaiy report another
ItitP'iptant victory. " A vacancy for
parliament neenrrod in an A pillion
distriot held hy Llopublicans. After an
oxolllnsr mutest the Socialist ciindl-
dain, Mui'lvtto, wus nleotod. Burbtito
hiid'oe :" '���! 'or *' .ernioiotis activity" In strike matters.
Ti"! steel trust, mi report the despatches, will ��h,nt tho first, of tho
\cur, commence a general reduotlon of
its working force, centralizing and
eLltnliiailnu surplus laborers. Its
management pxpect to create tlie samo
amount dl'prnduct from the reduced
loree by improved methods. Tho trust
is a great labor saving machine.
Where men wlio own tiie moans of
production nnd distiIhtttlon nnd men
who belong to labor unions exist, thero
will always he Industrial war. If the
peoplo worn iu tho former's place there
would bo no neod of lal.or unions.
Business would then be conducted on
the Bame principle as labor orconidations, lodges, trusts, etc., hy direct
The trouble between mistress and
maid has bocome a sore'spot in Canada,.
The slii|i'd mimicry of aristocratic
stylo hy people raised un a hush farm
is an open chasm between domestic and
mistress, and bright Canadian girls
prefer to serve as factory hands,
counter tickets, or seumsfossos to
endiirlne* the silly snobbery of such
codllsh aristocracy. ���Algoma Pioneer.
Could I wield a pen of lightning and
hud words of vitriol numberless as tho
stars, and ul] frpaco in which to write
them. I could not fitly excoriate tlie
kings and ijueoiis of snobocraoy who
reign at Newport, iinike merchandise
of marriage, revel in vice, trample
upon the rlghtB of man, grind the faces
of the poor und banquet dogs, with
inonev wriing from the sunbrownod
sons of toll,���0, VV. Windli*.
Marriage for place, nnd power, cash
or ti:l"s, is legalized prostitution.
Children horn of suoh wedlock are fow
and, us a rule, idiotic, or vicious. I
say "few," for tlio reason that such
people usually proferdogs to children,
bogs are all right in their place, but
it is ii. eel me. to permit them to usurp
tho baby's place in our affections.
People who like dnirs more than they
do children, am more dog than human.
���O.W. Wlndlo.
[ have no fault, to lind with the work
in a cotton factory, iu and of itsolf. A
reasonable amount of work, a reasonable number of hours for a day's labor,
and reasonable wages therefor would
make of mill work pleasantand healthful employment, Ah it is. corporate
greed has assigned to oaeh operative
too much work���too many spindles, too
many looms, etc., and insisted on too
many hours in tho day, and in tbo
meantime littlo by littlo has reduced
wages, till theso mills, instead of being
"hives of industry," as tbey aro sometimes called, uro become hells of tor-
tttro whore mon are overworked,
womon uro enslaved, and children
sacrificed,���From "Tho 1'rodigal
Harvey, McCarter <f Pinkham
Solicitors lor imperial Bank ol Canada.
Ueo. 8. McCarter. J. a. Harvey.
A. M. riukhom.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L,L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
������11   ii mmauwmaumnmmn .    |f
-The Townsite of_
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
J_i I I I.
Canadian *y
Pacific Ky.
Holiday Excursion
Rates ���
Ticicts on sate Pea. 23, i!4.26,   For New Yenr
Pec.'Ill, .11, Jon. 1.
All ticfcolsgnod to return till Jan.::, 1002.
Tourist bleeping Cars-Crows Nest sceiion-
loavo Cootenay Landing:  Tuesday and Friday
lor .St   Paul and all U.S. p.llnta, via Son I.in,!;
Friday only: Toronto, Montreal, and Doston,
For reservation nf berths, rates and complete
intol'iiiatlon, call   on or  write  nciucst
C. P. II. Agent,
,T. S. CARTER,       E. .1. COYI.E,
0. P. A.. Nelson.       A.G.P.A.. Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Agent. Arrowhead.
=.���Is Now on the Market
Corner Lots, $125.00.
Inside   Lots, $100.00.
TERMS :   yi CASH ;
Bat., 3 and 6 months.
Circle City is the future terminus af the   '
proposed railway, already  surveyed via tha
Lardeau creek north fork to that point.
Circle City is beautifully located .'it the   �����
base of the Lardeau, Pass,  Galena and
Surprise creeks.  (See map of the Lardoau. J
Circle City is absolutely surrounded by
mining properties now under developrnom.
Circle Citt affords splendid water power
which will be utilized next season for concentrating purposes.
Circle City presents  business openings
Send for full
particulars to
the General
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .
The most comploto resort on thc continent
of Norlli America. Situate'' midst scenery
unrivalled for gritndour, dialing, ilsliinit
and excursions. Resident physician nnd
niese.   ln telcjiriijihie communication iviili
all parts of the world.   1  mails Hrrivc and
dci'iirl everv day. Its baths euro all nervous
and muscular diseases. :s waters heal all
kidney, liver and B'omacb ailments. Its
hlllhs'iind walcrs arc p. sure remedy aaaiiiM
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS: flow
sir, por week, according to residence in hotel
or villas
Packing and
Ferguson Packing ant
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into for pnokili/** of Mining SupplieB, etc., to any
point in the district.
Good,   prompt service, und  any
Frcltrtitlni;  fi'inn  Thomson's  Lao
work  undertaken   RuarautBed.
tnding  to Forguson u -.poolalty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. "**&�� S. Daney, Proprietor.
|p r^^^^^^^^^^^^^;^^^ ^MMW^^^^^^s^^M^^^^
Is the Coining Solid Town of thc
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
B E C A  U
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a fiat bench, at
the junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in,
British Columbia.
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie I., hill, between the two creek forks; on
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
the south fori; and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point,
Because this is the   point  where
mining men coming into the dis-   ffi
trict make their headt matters; as   1ft
they can walk or ride and return fc****;
from most of the piropcnics in fs|!
one day or less, as
Because the wonderful mineral
developments during the past
season have been a marvel to
outsiders seeking investment.
Not only have the old stand-by
properties improved with depth,
but the new finds and man)' test
ore shipments arc exceedingly
gratifying, and attention must
surely be attracted this way.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Because the offices of many of
the companies operating in thc
camp are located here.
Because Ferguson receives the
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because every pound of o re from
tiiese mines coming down the
hill lands lirst in Ferguson.
From here it will he teamed to
transportation on thc lake, .;
tif four miles,
lien the railway reaches
��� whore the minvs are it
Because -
the plat
wili re.*"
Because t
t rerguson.
icre is every* natural ;
for thc building up o:
great mining center
But why give other reasons: We have the mines, the pay roll, thc natural geographical location, the supply trade, the banking institutions, unlimited water power for all
purposes; and the right kind of people to snake a town. The ore shipments, increasing
business, and money and enterprise will do the rest.    Come here and sec for yourself.
From $150 up
Prom $75 up
Henry Floyd
mm^m^mmm!immmm6mi^im^^ - *-AiJ'-fc*JL*jtf.*?** ���*-��"*-* *��**jfc*-^-rf
On ttfe
Tho following is a list of Liuiloau 0:0 pro-
ducorfi, amount shipped mid the pro.st returns,
reports of which have to lie furnlBliecl monthly
by mine owner.; 10 the provincial govornmont:
��� -���-**> *>-*��������+>������*
bfinditip  more   mon   to
To roach the cent bolt ono has only
t" go as far as Calgary now.
Tho roport that tho Trail sraoUor in
i-> close "for repairs" is denial.
Dan. Dunbar wont out to Revolstoko
on Friday and returned on Monday.
Thore will be no mooting of tho
literary society tomorrow (Friday)
Tho Congress mine is tho deepest
mino in Arizona'. It has an incline
shaft .'1220 foot in length.
Tho Nolson Minor editorially draws
intention to the necessity of a railroad
v\\\ the Duncan rivor valley.
Chas Field, of tho firm of Slbbald &
Field, Rovelstoke, spent, a few days In
the camp during the past weelc,
DMiss Edith Pettiplece of the Herald
stuff loaves tomorrow (Striday) morning for a visit to Ottawa.���Rovelstoke
Tmut Lako City has a dramatic
society, The terrors of mining can p
life aro novel! -at an end, quoth tho
Now Denver Lfedgt.
A.M. Pinkham and W. Macdonald
paid tho Cup mine a visit on Saturday,
and returned on Sunday. Thoy saw
lots of oro, and tho walking was plentiful.
. 2,4lRt,0UU .
1,760,000 .
442,-UtiQ .
00,000 .
vor Cup	
ttie L	
Great Northern
r-tlR'l        JM.OUil ,..,
Cromwell  HU.iiKii ....
{Ophir-Lade  12,000,,,.
Mot ro poll U��  11,974 ....
fit. Elmo  12,000 ....
Kufflod Grouse  11,770 ,...
Llnson View  80S ....
J Old Gold	
���5 Horseshoe	
[ Black Warrior	
<i  ito turns 1011I corrections asuod tor.
As -soon us the Eagle rooolvoa further information thin list will u made complete and
corrected weekly.
Gross Vnl,
. >180,00O.00
.     0H.88U0O
.     Sjj.llft9.80
1,090 HO
.      1,820.00
720 00
New Site
New Store
New Goods
Wm. Glenn und Mrs. Glenn havo
loft tho ".vigc.y" tor tho winter, and
..111 rostdc in Ferguson till Bpring,
Pat. Crilly left for Sao Francisco
and other coast cities, last Saturday, to
spend the holiday season. Pat's bank
r'lll would look flood to a com.try
Premier Dunsmuir has brought hie
coal miners into subjection, and hete-
after only non-union men neod app y.
Mr. Dunsninlr must certainly inuind to
Btrp out of politics very soon.
N"xt Wednesday is Christmas
day. Enjoy yourself, if ynu havotto
price, hut enjoy yourself anyway. Tl e
Cup and Nettio L. mines will closo for
thc day. Ferguson will be "wideopou.*1
The s.s. Archer only makes ono trip
a day sinoo tho 16th inst., leaving
Arrowhead at 10 a. m. and Thomson ut
1 p. ra., according to a private telr.
phono message to the EAQLE fi'itn
Fred. Robinson.
Holiday excursion rates.���All Canadian Pacific railway agents In looal
territory will issue return tickets at
fare and one third for tho round tl If)
on Dec. 23, 24. 25, 30, and Jan. let, good
to return till Jan. 3rd.
The mininir man, ptospeotor or
visitor will find nomethbig worthy of
Qtientiou iu tbo Lardeau distriot, If
tlfey become paid-up tvadots of the
EAGLE nnd b\ty a copy cf tbo now
Lardeau may.   $3 UqutdMeS tlio bill.
G. Earl McCavtor. editor of tie
Grand Forks Minor Gwutte, has joined
the benedicts, tie wsie married lust
Wednesday week to Mies Mabel
Burnes, at tbe brido's father's residence, about two miles from Grand
A local minstrel show is on lhe
boards for Bt, Valentine's day, Fobruary 14th. Messrs. Kyati, Taylor and
Cummins, and Miss Edwards ure tho
in iyo'i'8, sufficient guaiuntco in itself
tout tho affair will be movel and entertaining.
Organizer Cameron has met. with
m ucli success in Uu**��]and undGiuid
Koiks. A healthy soolnllst organization has boon formed in both cities.
A: Sandon, Slocan. and Nelson the
movement Is growing rapidly. The
ROoIaliBts anticipate u victory In the
nest municipal election at Nolson.
Tho Ferguson -literary society havo
arranged for another debate for next
week, "Resolved that the British
Empire will decay.'' H. Shannon is
tho leader of tho affirmative, whilo
Itov. S. ,f, Greeu will captain tho
negative. Thore is much food for
thought nnd discussion on this question, and thu program sliould draw
another full house. ,
Eaole readers will note a change in
tho rates for tho winter -of tho Halcyon
Hot Springs Sanitarium., if they read
thoir advt. in this issue. Tbe manager
writes : "Tho season hero during the
winter is exceptionally m iUl and us an
example of tbis I pulled a rose last
week from ono of oin*--l��|*��hOs growing
on tho lawn in front of th o hotel. We
call tho placo tiie "Iiannrrfut tfatch," �����
* A superior kind of printing is tho
kind you set from tho Eaole. A trial
will convince.   Prices right.
* Christmas is at hand. Vou should
tike your annual bath. Try ono of the
steel-clad bath tubs ut the O.K. barber
* To RENT. Two small houses, one
furnished nt $10 a month, the other
nnflirnlilied -ii $lj per month. Applv
at Eagle oflice
'I'O RENT.���Quarters suitable for any
eo iimeii'i'il purpose. Will ho altered
or enlarged to suit lessee Apply at
Me Eagle olllco.
* The O. K barbershop is the place,
to cleanse yourself. For a h tor cold
hath, sea-salt bath, a shave, haircut or
shampoo try tlie new tonsorial parlors.
* The Revelstoke, Trout Lake &
Bis* Bend Telephone Co., limited, has
offices at Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thomson, Camborne, Trout Luke und Ferguson.   Reliable service
* This is to remind you that the
Eagle job department is at your serviee when you need PRINTING of any
kind. Prices correspond with quality
of work.   Mail orders solicited
* Smokers; If you want the genu
INE "Union" noil "Onr Special"
CIGAR see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stumped In siilt letters on overy box.
-H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
* The Canada Drug & Book Co ,
Revelstoke, have received a large and
excellent stock of Christmas goods,
cards, souvenirs, toys, etc. Mail orders
receive prompt intention. Order while I
vou have first choice.
* The Ferguson quadrille club will
hold a social dance In the Miners'
Union hall every Thursday evening.
Anyone desiring to become a member
should apply to R. T. Bury, the
secretary. Momboriihip foe, $2 por
Druggist������N" Stationer
*���-*-����� ����������������� ���������3 ���>-���!
$ *0*>*5 ���>���*
Imperial Bank
ti      -f Canada.
CAPITAL *3,MHI,000.00.
KliST     11,8511,0110.00.
General linnkinii Business Transacted
Interest allowoii on (iopoHlts in Savings
Department nt uurront rales.
A. ifTillTS,
H, EdwardsJd
Deer Heads, Blvdn, Etc,
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
To '/,. Gordon Go Id born or L, GoMbere.or to
nny person or persons to whom thoy may
havo  tranaferred   their   interests  In  tho
Littlo Robert and Littlo Robert No. 2 mineral clatniB nltimto "t ihu head of tho North
fork of Lardeau eroek, and adjoinimr tho
Black Warrior group on tne northwest. In
the T>ont Lake Mining Division of West
Kootonay DMrec*.
You'aie hereby notified that I havo expend-*
od twohundr-sd and five dollars and twenty*
flve-ents [$'106.26) In labor nnd Improvements
on   tho   above  mentioned   minora) claims In
order to hold bitid mineral claims under tlie
provisions of the Mineral Act, und If within
ninety days from the dale of this notlro ;  ..
fall or refuse to contribute your proportion of
audi oxpondltures together with all cost of
advertising-, your Ititeiest in said claims will
become the property of thc subscriber, under
seetion 4 of an Act entitled An Act to Amend
the "literal Aot, 1900.
Dated at Ferguson this 4th day of December,
Our Immense stock of
Come and See Them.
���t */ ���
i McKinnon c��
��� >
��� *��������������*������������ �� + ������������������*��-��������
Including tho Fish i
and l![)per Duncan Itlver so
piled by A. p. Cununins, I'. I
Hi ami mi. It. A., is tttrw (>l
ofllco. Thu read)' unit- nl t
proving all we have sal' .���
Trout ukedlvlBion i*-- l ���'*.
bluett.the Lardoau in rud c
worth in blue. Kvoti aiuu
lake h eopv   nf thin in-Ali  -i
elaim retiorrtod in tho -throe
The iiKMintiiins, lako**, cro-a
roads, trnils, snrveved rnilw
nn-1 the looflllou and imi'ifd,
index) uf everv mineral cVltn
district Is shown.
���-   ��� nd S
��� ��� . I this
��� ��� i un is
II     The
aimed in
tin thifr-
fin ; any
8. wagon
y routes,
It him a larger circulation than any two other
American mining journals becAUSO it Is tho
JeSt. It is the largest, best illustrated and
handsomest mining Journal in the wo-Id. It
lit a mining paper for mining men. Blibsarlp*
I tion price J2.U0 tier year. Send for free sample
wo  have  seldom  anv *now, but have |����pyAddressMiNKHANj>MiNERAf<H,8erau-
lots of sunshine.'.1
Next    to    Visiting   the   Country   In
Person  This Map  Takes First Place.
In fact every gongraphloal
feature is so woll define that one can
see at m gin nee tiie nn tun* of our country
and idr trend cf the cIhIiu locations
gives nn Inttilllglblo Idoaof the mineral
belts i-'anuiii", through thu eamp. Ills
The    Bat   Worth    For   One   Dollar
ovor off��rcd in the map lino of a mining
enmn. .It is the first complete! map of
the dist ri��-t and is selling well. It Is lust
what you are looking for. \VK AI-80
Address your order, with on
���enclosure of a one dollar bill, (no
���cheques, orders, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
To Mfke Dwycr and Patrick Nicholson, or to
any person or persons IO whom they may
have transferred theli interests.
TAKE NOTICE that I, tho undersigned, en-
owner with vou in the J. O, mineral group,
consisting of the Smuggler, Lone Star, J, (', nnd
Bushwhacker chiims, situated on the head of
Lako oreek, In the Trou' Lake mining division
of West Kootenay, in the province of ftrHUh
Columbia, have expended four hundred i^-ttKil
dollars in labor and improvement upon the
above mentioned mineral "group In order to
hold ��aid group under Keotian t\ of tlie Mineral
Act. and if within ninety days from the lirst
publication hereof, you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, to*
gather with the cost of advertising, for 1001,
your Interests in tho said group will become
the property of the sub.>crihers, under Section I
of thu Mineral Aet 1000.
Dated at Ferguson, B. C, this Mih day of
October, 1901,
octal J, \V.CHISM.
Christmas Goods
We hep to remind you that this season we have placed In
stock lor the first time, so that all our poods are brand new,
a splendid line of CHRISTMAS GOODS and CHRISTMAS
FANCY GROCERIES. Vou should waste no time in
making your selections. Never before was such an enlacing slock of ihis kind placed on sale in Ferguson. Our
choice lines of fancy confectionery, nuts, etc., is already
finding a ready sale. Don't fail to call at once and see our
Christmas goods.    No need to send out.
G. B. Batho * Co.
NOTICE IH HEREBY GIVEN flint sixtydoya
niter dale I intend to apply to the thin, the
'Jhief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase tho following tract of
land, consisting of ISO aorot more or less, in
the Trout Luke mining division of West
Kootenay district, and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted about *iuo foot
north from the wagon io,ul tiloug the south
fork of Lardeau creek, approximately half wny
between Eight-mile ereek ami Ten-mllocrock |
thon<So6U chain* east; thence ,Ju chains south ;
thence OU chains west ;   thence w chains north
to poinr of commencement.
Dated nt Ferguson, U, C, this '.'7th day of
November, 1901,
MINEKAl. ACT, 189(1.
(Form K.)
NKTTJK L.nnd AJAX mineral claims',situate
iu the Trout Lake Mining Mii-ision oi West
Kootonay Dlamnti Where located: On
Nottie L. Mountain, between the North and
South forks ol l.nrdean creek,
TAKK NOTICE that i, A. I'. Cummins, ns
agent for The Ureal Western Minos, Limited,
ol Ferguson, II, ���'., Free Miner's Certificate No,
;fi8.iu, Intend, sixty duys from tho ditto hereof,
to apply to tho Minljig Keeorder for a Certlfi*
cute of linprovonionts, for ihe purpose of
ubtiiiniuge frown Untnl nl tho above claims,
Ami further take notice thataetlnii, under
SUOlloll   '���'���I.  must   be   cfiinii.eticcil   lieltue   tlie
[���istmucQ of such ivrtiiicMic of rmprnvoments,
Dated litis tWChty BCVOnth day Of November,
A   1). 1901.
decfl-ilm A. I1. CUMMINS, J\ L.s.
There Is only one best mining Journal.
Thut Ib
Mines and Minerals.
MINEKAL A��T, 18%,
(Form i''.i
SILVER CROWN mineral claim, situate In the
Lnrdr-au .Mining Jiivf-dou nf \\ ed Kriotonft)'
Dixit let    Where located :   On Klddcrook,
a tributary of Itovd ereek.
TAKK NOTICE that I.Hector 1'olror, F.M.C.
iijju-'Tit, acting ns agent for myself and Ooorge
Johnson, F.M.CM;:vw, in'end, ^ixtv rluvs from
tin- date hereof, let apply to lhe Mining Keeorder for a certifl Hie of Improvements, for
the purposo of obtaining a Crown Grunt of the
above elaim.
Attd further take notice that action, iu.de
section 87.  must  be commenced  beforo th
Iwuanca of such certificate ol Improvements,
Dated thin 7th day of November, IW1,
Nov 7 2m,
Established 1896
General Merchants
Our Importations for
the Christmas Season
Are the largest and most complete stock in Kootenay.
You can make no mistake in sending to us for Christmas presents. Send us the money you desire to expend Tor presents and
give us some idea of what you want. VVe can please you for
selections are easily made from our assorted new stock���lhe
latest in everything.    Letter orders given particular attention.
C. B. Hume $ Co.,
Revelstoke, li. C,
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wallij^
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos-
Sewing Machines,
Etc. j&,j��*&*j��*
Eton, Pa��� u.,8.'A.
Denver, Col.
Denver offices, forth Mdtf.
[Form P.J
MOUNTAIN .HOY  mineral claim, situate In
the Larde&u Mining Division of \Vost Kootenay   District,   Where located:   Mohawk
creek, o tributary of Pool creek.
TAKE NOTICE lhat I, William A. I-tuiicr, acting as agent for James A. Magee. Free Miner's
Certificate No. U, 167W, nndjy, a, Qlfard, Kree
Miner's Certillcate No. It. ifflWO, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to tho Miri-
inj,- Keeorder for a certificate of Improvements,
for the purposo of obtaining a.Crown grant of
the above claim.
And further taku notice that, notion, under
seetion   .17, must bo  commenced beforo the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Luted this 10th day of October, 1901,
oetlWin WILLIAM A. BAUER, l'X,&
yrRNiTt'jiE j)KAi,KKjv.Nj)_t^NM:ii;r^Aia*_i:,
Citizens of the Lardeau Distriot I
When you come toKevi ilatoke to do your BhopplnKi remember tbat.
Bouirne Bros.
havo the  larir*w3t and    host  assorted  Mode  in   North  Kootenay.
Compare our prices ant' I sgg o\xy goods l>efoi'o tiui'fibaslng olaowhoro,
Mail Ord'ars Prompt[y Filled I


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