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Lardeau Eagle 1902-09-12

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MKT..I, (joor.t t'l,l . |.
SlLV   P.-Dili* o_.
C0PP8R.,.Duchan.Mrl." -11 .iii
J*    v.*
^ " M 11   / / / V^-���*-- ' ��� ������^r-^.
' ,��� ��
TSSskr   ' **
VOL. III. Nf).
i A    1
By tin Kamloops Board or Trado
Against   tlio
Co-Oparation   Sought    to    Have
Govonim.nt  Legislate   on
Such InatitutloLS.
Sotuu Interest [ms hern Ki'ou.*,od
locally in tnu.proposal its emloi'sed by
tlio local lioiiid of triii.'i*, snj's lln;
Uossliiiid Mitu-r, to tux ilepiiilitieiual
-tines. The qiiHstlon was itii-nlfil i'.i
the Kiiin)oii|is liuiti'd ol Tr.ide, ivineli
p:iss<*il ;' resolut'lon (lonlint; -villi tin*
matiur in tlie follnwliig i,*r* ���:
"VVliiiroiis    enstei'1)     ileuitriineiitiil
slot'i's si*,- lining hiisiu
nml iitljur sdvertislin
tnrougli i ml* mulls ol tim pi
inicli si,.res uiini.i'lbute notbi
i!ie tuxes whicli yo to b
eommercliil iniportuiiceolil
und the towns nml <_��� 11i,.-, i
whureas thi'hti eunliii'ii Ui
stores hy tbeir inethnds ��
test injiiitlco tu tin.-, proi
s |,n,vim:,*
uretn, mul
i k 11 Ultlll!
ii*,* und in
the merchants wh'�� uontrlbuto largely
both d I coolly aud Indlieotly to Lliu
revenue of the province, and as legislation i.* being urged upuu tho Ontario
local yiiVei'iim-yiit to iviuedy tj��� iai oi'll j
therefore bo it resu'veu that tim
Inland board uf trade respectfully tirjre
the ynviirmucnt to give this matter
their Immediate und careful attention
with the view ui tlie passage of fetich
legislation at* will enforce tho levying
uf uiUqualo taxation  on  such   linns
doillg hu-uuev t y fottt11 fiulll nl.liur
provinces and contributing nothing tu
the revenue uf lhi-s province aud the
cities in It."
Tbi* foregoing resolution eereived
the etidursHtlou uf tbe L<uraland Untild,
alt! Ullgll li'-Ubt. WHS t.'X(*l'��.*r.Wi-U US Id I lie
practicability ufuufn_*cing iiuj procost.
of Collection ut t'OVOtr-40 illutlftf tbo IlliL-o
In brinylng tlu. matter to (he iitit-n-
tion uf the HtfisUnd board ihuKaiii-
loopfj board describes tlii.' tiupurliuuntltl
sturoa as un evil thu-t i- slowly but
surely sapping the vitality from the
tm.i(Mmiio und oumiuorci.il inieiusi*,
of IJriUr.li Columbia. Tho Kam loops
people declared that thoir object in
luauffii ruling ihla fiiii'i'uii'ti wu�� nut
lO Mop t jo etiftei'ti ilH|iaitiut.-ntal
stoi'ua from dciujf businet^t. in the
province, lilt tintt wiiiiHyiehlhitf ihuiu
ttistiMitluiii. equal ri-_:his to tm.Ju in
UHlifli Coluinliiu thoy souyhb lu inui<o
thorn puy then* biiuio tonuriiti lliul
pt'ovlnuliil revHiuien pmpuitinnitte
with tinit eoiiii'lbumd bj iictuul uun*
Tilo Ktttnhioptlpoopln fuilhoi-di-ciaro
thut tho movement w��.*t nut ulmed at
c.muii'-icoJ ii'ttvoliei'd doinK itiej_iu��
in ft to bii.,innf* in uiu lutoitht ul uu-io ii
lirmn, lint merely utfaiusi di'p-irt-
inoiiiiti btiiiu*) uomluv in .'umpititnoti
with loeui it.iail doaiors wutmut tuo
handiuuii ul t.ix.).** to iho provinut*
whi.ili local moreluntsi huvo to uhoui"
Tho EUitor Trios Fraukuess.
Mtti'fiud���Mii.8 S,\ivia Uhod08 lo
Jatnea Uiii'iiiiliutiij lual rinlui'duj u ftoi**
noon. Tho bride U iittoidlimi'y town
fftt'l who doesn't know any mure ihau
;; I'ubbit ttbollt fooUiii;!', and nover
helped tier pnor mother three days In
ber Ufa. Sho hi nob n buuuty by uny
means und haa a s!*'it Mku u tot duel;.
Tho (.'room i.i Irnuwu us un up  tu Unto
Tho Coenr d'Aleno min
have iippointcd a seeret committee to
enquire into tbecondttlon.i'Hurrouudintf
Hio ymolting industry and purpoeeB
v. iilulrawluf; entirely frnm the smolt-
\u�� trust andbiiiliiiiifj a turjre Hmeitlny
plant to treat, their nun urea. Tbe
Spokesman Review haa the following
to aay regarding the matter:
Uelatlons between tho Cueur d'Aleno
mineownera and thu f*meltiutf trust are
on the verge of a ui'usli, It now t-ei-ui.-
iwhtired that a loud smelter and
it'Hnery, with a enpaeity of atloaM
500 tons a day employing hundreds ol
m***n, for treat!nu the ores of tht* Coeui
d'Alenes and of Republic, w'll be huili
here within a year. A similar plant
will prohnhly be erected at Denver to
luindle the surplus of the Conird1
Aleno ores, whieh can not bo treated
to advantage here.
A cupltal of $1,500,000 would be
invested in the enterprise here, of
which about $500,000 would be spent on
lhe plant, and it would be supplied by
the mlneownera of the Cueur d'Alenea.
A smelter for Spokane has been
talked of and dreamed of fur years.
Now it seems near ut hand, fur the
imnemvnera havo reached iv point,
where tbey have decided to redi.ee
their own ores.
Matters havo been prfietpMft'ed
lately by the refusal of the smelting
I'nmpi'ny to handle shipments uf oro
made by the mines in e.xees.- uf Lhe
uniuunt stipulated in Iho contract.
Seeret Uomniltt-uo IShutkmI.
A secret enminiiioo iias been appointed by the mlneowners1 Ufsoi'tation
fur tim purptiso of decidint; on a means
of relief from the pnoent ititoterahle
situation. Tne juduemeut of tne
mlneowtiori is that a plunt should be
built her^. with a eaptteliy rejfnlated
by tbe supply of silieinua tluxt-i? which
may he secured from Iteplibllu eamp.
lhe iron deposits of biupli^ua comny,' du*��tion, tbouu'h   it was Increased Wt
iwners  which  are  heinjy developed by Presl-l
dent .1. D. Fan*.I of the I'Hcitie Ciuu-t.
cimipany, will furnish Ihe iron needed,
aad cuke can be seep'red  in unlimited!
qua ni hies eitlo-r from the t'row1-. Neat:
in' lhe Cascade llelds,    Tho wator in
iiulimited   quantities,    eh-n. i<-My fori
motive power, and. abovo nil. tho vast,
t-.eu.iH i.f the  lailvay** centeriny lieie
combine to mako Spokane   an   Ideal
-nn-liiii'.r site,     So   cnuHdeui are tne
iniueowners   that tho   plan   i.-  jrolna
Mirnujjh  I hat one man. t-.hu-*' i.'"iinei:-
liun .villi the hljf eompanies u\v shim
inihiui'y unquestioned, say*-:   "I am
���onfldent  that.  Spokane  will havo a
melter with a��� capacity of at least500
tons a iiny. inside of the coming t\ear. j
DeclHltin  Most  tut port tint. j
Tin* lii-ei-iun on the part, of the
���iiineowntT*. to do tbeir own reducing
s one of the must important that has]
'���ver been reached in ihe mlnlcyl
circles nf the Np.LMhwe&t. Sicethe
loiinnion of tho Ajoerlean Snioitinj-;
& Refining Company, and Its Hecurlntj
control over nearly all.ihe leud smol
ters of the country, things.have bt*en
decidedly strained, The smelting
unmpany eoutrollefl hy the ntl^gen*
helms, has ussumod to dictate absolutely and arbitrarily the terms under
whioh the Coeur d'Alone mtneowncrs
B'jonld market their prtidnct, The
trust ci'tnpolled tbem to sign contract?
agreeing lo glvn all their output, to
the trusl su.eltt-t-s. and tu mute in over
the railway selected bv tbo trust. I
has always been charged that tbo
trust has mado enormous profile from
ihe rebates whioh it gut from thu
railways uu freight bills paid by Uu
Then, too, the smelting ehargo
have been considered high, and re-
queAts for reduutjous have been refused. The -molting trust some time
ago undertook to limit the amount t-f
ore which iho mines could put on tin
market. Tho out put wan limited to
two-thirds of the alleged normal pr-i
Subjected to Severe Test by Canadian Government
mouth 25 \mt cent. The price, si t
llt.-r nt -io a pound, was cut afterward*
Ln ���'{ 1 2c a pound, where it now stands
As ih" result of tho reduced uiupiit and
l.ho reduced price, the profits nf sortie
of the big mines have just about beun
cm in two
Out tin tr   Wo IleHef.
Against these conditions the mine-
mv ners have steadily complained
without relief, until a i-hort time ag'-
they decided to cut free frnm the
smelting trust. The Coenr d'Alem
mini's produce about 25 per cent of al1
tho argentiferous lead ore in the
United States. The resulting llghl
with the smelting trust is uertain t.i.
be a lively one, for it, i-i expected thn'
thn great trust will put up a s-tifT !i._h.
for supremacy in its lield
Other Prneff-H In  View,
The trend of the Investigations made
by iho com mil too is directed toward
the establishment of a me] tori5, bin
other methods of reducing ore have
been examined A few days ago a
consignment of lf**s than a car nf ore
from the Standard mine wns shipnm
to D"nver t.n he treated by the Pobl-
('roa-dalo process. Thi! inventor, Mr
Pub I, was for years assayer for the
Globe smelting works and tested
thousands of tons of Standard nro. He
believes that his new process wll'
treat it perfectly.
The prncpss ts a simple one. The
erode nre is nut* concentrated, but, Is
pulverized linally. mixed with salt, and
roasted, Chlorine gas is generated
from the Bait, which can-ins olT tin
metals in the for-m of fumes. The gnils treated to separate the various
metals, and v ruin metal ia produced.
If tho treatment Is successful, a plum
miv he erected iu tho Comic d'Aienea
to handle the ore, At present frnm i,i
to 2'l per cent of the value nf the ore i>
lost in coucentratinn, Then, too, ii
shipping tlie concentrates, freighi
must he paid on about as much waste
rook as mo, for the concentrates carr.-i,
roughly, unly about ni) per cent of lean.
To the Present British Army Rifle,
Having Several Advantages
Over  It.
Tho Ro-s HJJh, vhich has hoe,-
���dniiied hy the l.'auadiau government,
i-jcs the same oart.rldgn as the, present
Hntisli army rifle, Inn. has several
id vantages ovor It, Ono of these ir
that tie- wood uf the stuck itnitief
ilown Hush with the magazine, hu ti at
t is possible to ''slope arms" after thr
old aini comfortable fashion. The
method uf carrying the Leo-Rnfield
���dilewuya at the "slope.'1 whicli ir-
necessitated hy the obtrusion of thu
Magamiie ai the place which would
naturally wm on the shoulder, proves
������ xcmslvoly tiring to the wrist arid
hand during a lung march, and tends
io cause a marked unsteadiness that
may subsequently bo done.
Tho bolt of the rifle 19 of the front
look, straight pull variety, a single
rectilinear movement backwards and
forwards serving to lock and unlock
the bjveeh notion and cock the flriog
run  simolhiltt
Rich Strike on the Golden Bra,
Judgo Miller of ihe. Old Gold-and
IVimrouo, also G. Nf, Taylor and J. C.
.Murray ot Trout Lake, visited Perguson Wednesday and gave the Eaglo
a call.    The   judgo informed   us thut
Indians Dissatisfied.
A report from the Indian reserve
at Caughnawagu, Quebec says that it
newly appointed parish priest is desirous nf establishing a convent there,
hut that the Indian community being
!l   hi
i bow,
n living off tho old
nd don't amount to
Tliey will  havo a
live together, and
ens to extend absolutely
���.:��� a--,  f ir ive don't be-
;1 can Ovno from BUCb a
uiou.--Tn.iicLiu.au New >���
while assessment work wa* bulng doneUntlulled wilh lay holy teachers In the
un thc Guidon Era, one of tho proper- Uchools, are oppm-eil to tho Intrudue-
llos of the 'J'readwoll Oo,. an excellent thin of nuns. The trotlblo is said lo bo
howing-of galena and cupper wus causing a tfnnd deal of excitement aud
encountered, tho ure body   huin^' 181 threatens lo bo  serious    a   rumor  is
Inches in width.
The Monto Oristo.
J.   T,   I .authors  returned
to   town
abroad also to tho ctTeeO that thero is
trouble browlnjj on tho reserve
between the Indian*- and tho French
Canadians residing in iho vicinity.    It.
Monday from the Golden Gate and j is hald that the indlaus olalm that the
Monte Crlsto claims, ailmued uuo half I Pl'enuh have no right tu own land un
milo from Circle City townsite, where iltlu I'unurvo,
he and his assistant have boon doing
assessment worlc. Ho brought down
some fine  specimens   taken from the
Demand for Copper.
Kuropo will need  a  vast amount nf
lodge. There Is a (food showing nn j copper during the next four months
tfio properties, tbe lead bntnjr six feot .because of tho Inoreas-'d consumption
wido and fairly woll mineralised-. ] l*,tJ|'H l,,lt' lessened exports from here,
-"���"������", ������ ��� ��� ami because contracts with coppor pro-
Wedding Belle. ducB|1() wjll (,X|)lt.ll( .iml tlien Amel.luttn
A quiet wedding took placo Thura-1consumers must of necessity become
day last at thc Hume hotel, Nelson,'large contractors for their wants. We
when Miss V. M. Westfall was united estimate that the consumption for tbe
In marriage to Jacob So bin Itt, BUperin- ensiling four mouths of this year will
tend ont of the Pedro mino. The bo fully CO,00O,O00 pounds per month tn
ceremony was conducted by lhe Rev.! America, and that contracts will be
Mr. Kehl, Congregational, minister.: made for export before December
Randolph Hi-rginson, Supt. oh tho I which will aggregate 12,000 to 15,000
Guinea Gold was best num. tho oride tons per month. This should carry
'vas given away by her mother. -Who, the price of copper legitimately to 13
happy couple will reside Ht Trout or IKvnts per pound in this country
Lake. Tho Eagle extends cdngratu- and advance the price iu Loudon ��10
UtlODB. i to ��15 per ton.���Kx,
A Nasty Accident.
Mr. Mills name In from San Fran
risen on Monday to superintend the
building of tho aerial tram to the
Triune. Monday night as be was com
Ing out of J A. McCrossan*h office In
the darkness of the ovoning ami not
being familiar with ihe high platform
and steps, be walked off In the wrnnu
direct ton and full to the ground. He
was picked uo In an uin-nn-elous condition, and taken into tho oflice where
upon examinuti'ui it* was discovered
ho had fallen nn some win i id h ul ���
| lmil cur. nn his hoail. I>. Newcomli
was Immediately summoned and ptu
three stliuhes in'tbe wound. The foi
lowing oay Mr. Mills lull, for Too Mfh
feeling pretty stiff and weak from th<
hiss of blood but doionnlned ro loot
after the tram eoustruetlon wltboui
A Remarkable Marriage.
Tho East Anglian limes reports thai
a spinster of 41 mid an agricultural
laborer of 20, wero united in marriage
at Henstead ohurch during the bank
holidays. Exceptional Interest was
aroused iu the ever.t from the fact thai
the bride had beon bedridden for 2(1
years and had tub*, conveyed t.i tbe
church from the par'sh of Sulv
where the parties live, In a hath cha
She bad been in receipt of parish
relief until a few weeks since, wli
! the guardians stopped it for some
cause or othor. Then lhe man cunite
forward with an al'ivi- of marriage, and
whon expostulated with ho iuplfetl!
'���They havo takon oft ber pay; thei
Is no one to look after hot*,*1 Th
marriage mis duly solemn teed, and th<
villagers gave a demonstration uf 'tin1
m u a io.
of operatlnn,
rt'liiuh is very market] in firing the
rifle, as compared with tho usual turning bolt, is attained by making tbe
holt boad sopamte from the mam portion of the bolt, the two engaging in
a aeries of volute curves in such a
manner that tin-, pushing homo nf the
���mil rotates the head, so. that two Iii.'b
i i   ii.   unter    Into    en'TOSpottdln?
I'Oi'oases In the front, end of tho  breecb
shoe,   as   In the turning holt, system.
1 vb e versa, the withdrawal of the
hi'i*  I'niiitHS the head so as to free tho
l's.     Connected  with tho  bolt is an
i ��roved cartridge shull extractor,
The trigger is arranged so that It
will work even if both the trigger
���spring and tho sear spring aro broken.
Tho magazine Is of a compact form,
kept (lush with the woodwork nf tho
llfle. it -.'uusi-is of a metal box, into
wbic i tho oartrlges, live in number,
bo dropped haphazard onto a plat*
form depressed for tbe purnose hy
hand, the arrangement of the cartridges In proper zig-zag fashion, ready
for u-,0 being accomplished automatically, or at worst, assisted by a slight
shaking ul the platfo-'m In addition
it, permits thu use or a ullp or charger,
niieh us is adopted by the Mannlicber
im) Mauser rifles. An Indicator
shows thu number of cartridges in tho
magazine at any time.
The cartridges are put up in batches
if five, in tin or cardboard cases, so
mudo that by a slight, motion, the
cover is si ripped ed'and the cartridges
uoured into ihe inaguztne. This makes
very quick loading possible, and
presents loss of ammunition.
The rifle was subjected to vory
-i-vero tests by ihu Canadian novern-
netit, aud these wore entirely aiiccesB-
nl. One ol ibe toMs was the flrltif of
,'j00 rounds as quickly as possible; this
was done in JI) mltiuies aim 4 seconds,
or at the rate of ahoul 26 shots a minute, one lot of 50 rounds being Bred in
B2 seconds. At tho close of tlie teat
the woodwork was charred and
shouldering from the heat of the barrel, but the ri(lo was in perfect working order. It is claimed that the Lee-
Kufleld rifle cannot ho tired half as
quickly as tbe Rush.
Tho length of the rifle, with its
bayonet, is 5(1 1*2 Inches, without It, 48
luuhe.-, lis weight with bujonet, io
ti i ouuds 4 uimcoH, without it, 7 pounde
S) ounces,
Land Roberts has ordered that tests
tie mado with lie Rops rifle with a
view io bringing its ti i rlU lefute thn
Small Arms Ci n mltltc, a) p< lid* d hy
the war offlco, ami it is po.-s.hlo that
ii. may bv. adoplod us tho Briiibh army
rilllo.-Kx. /  ft trip -t fl     fi.Sl \vt f*  ' "'"' ���'' '"'" ":,'v were entertained ui
c�� luno i by   Miiy,n* Neelaiid*, ul tbe Hotel
yv^-X*^v.   V;
"uv, i. In ti,��� iift.cnuuu the*,
; were tli-lvi|n around the piirk,
j t.evelstu'1-.o, Sept. B���The English
E i'iir.-i i*t*.it*h bere tiiinori'tiw intji'iiinu
-,-^.~.,.~.*^-v-_-_~-_^-*- *.-.-v^,^^.-- ,1,1,1 ,,,.,,..,.,.,1 south tu Rossland, n.iuii-
I'ublUheil ovury  Fr*,t.v ,i. FerKiMam, B. "-**,  il.ny and   iVelsiin,     The*,   will reach
_   _   .���������_.,.._��� i Uiw-liiiiil on Sunday evening and Nel-
�����. 6. &OODW-. 4I.D, ��� son pi.*..,..hly Wadn-,(lly,;V(!1|i||s
i.wlmin ���llcarre,i��inilem<e��li-iulibriaiatM,)    Tlmy uro    roporteii   to   bugroatl,*
          "-'        "-"" " ��� i annoyed  nt.   tlie   suggestion tbat the.*
8uli,(irl|,tluu K*u.��:    *M.nn p,,-
any Ml.Iresj in Anuirlca; II... fur .*i.v mm"
VJ..-K) i vi**..  tu lnH't'fii ndilrtt��si*��,    Nu (m*l .
iitiin,(tn woro not lin-ir.ms of v-i.-1.t.i*- the
Kootoimy dlstriuts, Thol* any they arc
must   anxious   to   learn   nil they cnn
l��a I'riniln..   Tlio B.*-lo I.* .lcp.rira.7t |' im,inf "",   mMn* ���*��*'*<"*''y. anil
la thu Iig-i cquliit-cl oincu.,ui(l rhoonly uifltsu  Impe  in   he  ahlo   tu   duvote all their
vlliull   cull   f��� i,-r,i.I.   il,,* tv]���,M,ii,h:,'nl  ,;:,i,l at, .      ,*.,--, .        , ���        .
Intel Iii Xuri icn.y; Iiio ir.iuii-.lalit.aPf ,lme *"  koolenuy  to the examination
ifgo'id wurtaiiil proiniiinoia. I oftho mines and smelters.'
?-__rJl -.. riV ���'.*. v.- s'.V -.- ���*.- :.-,  ..   sSt_*��
���; perguson Qarbsr  j.
When .'Dr. (.init a
fallen E. L, FULMER.
.      Uot or Cold iinilit, inconnocilon,      ;
M  R ��*--Ssiaarbert!fcopwlUpl(iw3on
i\. iJt^Ji/ Buutiaysat ill o'clock.
Please get in before novu,      :.-
_ h
,-r.*,i .v.-,.^ /-������_ ..'-���. z$s /-y v,\ av. ivn 2pr3$
AdvertthttiK times:   DfHplay a��1s.,yUK) perl ������*	
xiaglu ciiluiut] laoli por mon III. I,i*fOii ��d����� Vi 1
ecniii i'cr (iioti|��aricli line for Aral luserltoii; v>\
oontri per Inn* f-_ir oiu'b iiililiium.il itisurShm. i
lloaaloK notii'us U> iTiih imr line each tsMWi,,
\*inotydiiy IurkI uiiUcaMlO.; sixty Uujr��, 1*7 30.
���iiiriv tlnjs.yj.    Ku ada. ui-opted at fnu than i TJ- i ,
hoaorato-s.   No room for qu��uk wis. lit  )'OU   want  tO    KCCp   poStCCI
PbKr weekly Insertions constitntes one
month's advertising.
'iCIR Hill
yiuLD ;! 'LI
PIUDVY, dEPrGMIJUl*! 12.  Illi't
EDITORIAL ,Y0 f'fiti.
By an act passed nt tlu.* lust session of the British Columbia legislature all "IJ voters' lists wer**
cancelled on ilio 31st ultimo and
the preparation ol new lists was
begun nn tlie ist inst. According
to 1 lie new regulations all voter**,
ti li in i' 011 lhe old lisl or nol, nn
nquired lo register during lhe
miiiiih ol S *ptember. fi i** v,*,\-
impnrtanl 1*' r, gister I' ���!��� other" i v
one will inn i',.* able lo , xeri;i**e
their elective iViinchise   ..hen  occa
on the Lardeau District,
subscribe for the Eagle.
Tewing lo.
Mitniifucluri'i'a   uf   liluli   rln,B
Huor anil I'orier.   '.v.*
on second floor in Eagle block
Ferguson. B. C.
*-* ,,y Open for engagement for
Cday or night meetings
at reasonable rental.
mm Write or cal1 on
1 +���.���-*.���->->������*-���**> ��-*-���.-���-*-������������--.���-*-���-->->'
c     , u    . ����, ^D        Itll/ATCHMAKERl
Spsclalty of Bottled Porter,  i. h/b/ .
'  If VV and JEWELER I
Keg a
A L.tvai iiiiin) people will n't-jre'
to lu'.ir ol lhe ileHth nl UJuar.
G^li'-im .u lh;' ;;_,'-.' ol'65 years.
I le wrote many stories u iii,-I
U:w e  been   transl ileil  mho JilT-.'reiil
l,mi;ii;i*.;. -   ailJ    pilblislunl    in     htll
hemispheres       Ft   many years h<
���Miiiri'-'.it -J   10   H.irper's ami oihei |
E^leson was a sell' made ��iu
sell f.Hu'.it.jL! man, Thrown on In*
own resources when quite a��voulh
he won his way lo fame Uir-oliyh
ii-. own ^uilin^ qualiiies.
SuiJenis would i\o wet] io stud)
'lie lives n! such men ; ��� iA^i^le^top.
If fji-hn-L* Bluff.
Mull orilers receive (irutnpt attention.
AND Jlil'.ici.lli* Klil'AIHlXQ
YEND �� RUFF,    |j   James V. Reeves,     i
Proprietors, j t FCTgUSOn, B.  C     t
I *>>+*��������*��������*--�����*���-���������-**-���-���. -^>-*-��. ++++1
The Ontario ayrieulior.'il department reports a record hreakiiij.;
vheat crop aveca Hf,r forty hushrls
~\i the acre for that province. Some
:t\)\-.^ have heen reported lo the
depttrlment running 6.�� bushels lo
rhe acre.
Mr. I G. BluckstocU, of ihe
Centre Star and War K.ij,'le made
an important statement in Toronto
recently a> to the future of lhe
"ihove properties, New contracts
.Of smelting have been reduei d
from six lu five a ton on ores con-
taining values io the amount ol
$9,50, while ot) ores under ihis
gfrade the charges have been reduced Iron S6 to S4. The mines are to
deliver 12,000 ions a month 0! high
Ejrndti and from 6,000 iu 11,000 ol
low grade ore.
English Editors Visit the Capital.
Victoria, 1!. C���Tlie Rrltl��h e(lltorp|
iotIvkI hen- luat dl/iht, Sept, ��ltht mid
���M - ft
iiKAimr.iKTi:!!- roii commkr.    ES
(ML AMI   MIMM1 MtN. h?*,
>i PUIVATE lll\-|V'l   ROOMS Foil
'fvj I..WHKS.
\\%       THE
GORDON & SUXQER, Props. r*.
?2. hami'u; miosis in uosnection . R'l
\jjm l''*.*r*.'Usoii, 13. C,   Oppusiie lhe Poslodico. ^__
I ���**     ���      i~ *.���** ��*Lf -H-J *,*-   *^*. a\,
% ^W^^Xhuuo,oai,s        RimtffiiamaiffilS: I
^* hk.st $^,iifi a nw Mousk ' *
I    Hotel Lardeau    1
./. Laughton, Proprietor. T'
#���& S5HSH8MS f'2 * fflf-RI * -aHSHlMS S? R--S. SS lij iVHH SSHS -iMl
.! ���_���*--
.11  ���1,,;,*   ,1 Uv,   |.:,q���in,.*,lt.    ,,,,,.1 ^f^.<>.^^..l^v.V^;U
Tonight tbcry po I,.-' tin- i-til-sts of iln* 1 p-j
r-ovi'i'cmoi! i..i Iinnrii tha Ycsmlle, und ' fp
by iinv n vs il 1 0 ni Crnllon, whoro limy ' \-M--
will visit Ihe Btni'ltpi. nl"' mount Kick- r/;5
r, Chpui&lnuo, LHily^raltli nml Ntinnl-, ,\^.!
ino, rKL-sir*. ivi'i- Surut'iliiy tnnrnlng
(.0 Viiiii'iHivur and tiiltlnjj tho Ini|i(irlitl
Limilfd rust.
Viiin'tiiivi-r fopt. 6 ��� Tho vIbIUhjtI -29
Briti.-*h jn'ui'Dallat. worn tho ffiients o[, LVj
thfl citv loda-f. In lhe- morriltifr Ihcy [ fJ-J
iissarohlod nt thoC, P. R. ptatlnn and IES
tvent Uy (ruin  to Rtpveplon, whoro nt' l_M
Windsor Hotel
When oi mi in:.' inln I'-friu-nii tho fli'dt hotel lo
soo is tho VVIiitliiiii'. If one is limkins; for rhe
boHt uoo'iniiu,illation, t. e. Cleith, well tended
room.*1, i. well furnished table nnil oholee liquors and cigars, then tho Windsor Is tho bust
plnoo to httjlt., Uouillni? rooms nnd purl
nicely furnished.   Everything quiet.
Madame O'Connor, Proprietress.
the S^'tfColZlng''Lmor"ou   '^^^^M^MW^Mi^m^^^^ '
gg -^eajaaaaa-a^na
For a safe, profitable investment there I
is nothing in the Kootenays to equal lots j
in the town of ��
iO IA full
��� V. f I Mil I
L J i 1 F   I 1
THB _R All. WA Y
And trains are now running
to the foot o( Trout lake.
Is being pushed as never
before and the outlook for
the season is most promising.
Buy a few lots before the
rush sets in for they are
bound to be valuable before
Is the most promising town in
the Lardeau
Business Lots
are held at
Residential Lots
are held at
ISZf)   and
* ***'-,   upwards.
���'-*"-*   upwards.
Write or call on ;
General  Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B. C.
��� I  *fc
Tho   President's  Narrow   Hsoape.
A dud|jitieh fi'iim I 'itt .htii'u *-nys:
I'n'.-ii.N'iii. It moveJt itti this lust day of
|i)d tour nf Now ___i.j_rla.nd, tmnowly
08t_i-.|Jk.d duuUi or sorious injury In an
ttct'iclent tit'iti' tiii-. ult,v in wUiub on�� of
Ills InK.y (JUfcl'tlH, ;l Sfi-i-.it .*..���!��� vi .V Ujfl'IH,
William iJruttf, tJUdttilueil u, iracuiirJ
skull, wliUth ir. i-s ftiuroil will rbsalt
rutttlly. Tbo .'M.'fii, wblch wud u
rot; u;.ir Ull.v-liu veliicl", was struck by
;iu ulectrluiui* on the PiWsliuld Oc Lon-
mix Miv-'t railway, ut ithout D;-'JU
o'clock thin foronoon.
Thu   invi.i.-iM.   hu|>|jet)H(]      lit   -l    pollll
ithoul u ralln und a half from thin
city, noar tho Pltti fluid country club
lio'.iMi, while tim |ti*esida*it* and |��u't.y
wen.) uitj.ty-in-r a cnauhii.t; triii rrnm
Dulton, unvvi'dor Crime's homo,
wlitU'o t-ho pnii-itl-jnt Hjjonb thi. tilj-iit.
to Luting, a distance of abnuft 20 ml low
over tbo Borkittilre bills, Tho car was
io oluirgo of conductor Junius Kelly,
with inoturuiiiu Lu-kn J. Mud don on the
front |ilutfoi-ii> Tho cur struck thu
cout'h in tho roar and smu..-ilied in the
buck nt tha vehicle, tipping it over ami
th.'owlnjj; ltd ocoupants to tho ground.
The rat' was not oadly damm-fiul.
ni(iiortnao M idden nml conductor
Kelly woro itt onee arretted and
bruiii.'lit* to I'ilt-lii'hi. Pratt the
di'iviT nf iho coach, also was hrnuylil;
hero nod |jlin.e.l lu th i Plfctdti .Id hod*
pltlil. Tho president, who i-i full tn-
from the coach, sustained only sit-in
brulsHs and a fow Kumtched, and
secrelnry Gpoi^h JJ. Cortolyou, whu
suffered in ii manner blmibir to tin
prt'Mdoiit, with tho excoptlou that he
wns nnt on tii" head, witb the othct
meniberd of tha pifcy wcot to the
country dub nearby, where) their
wottndd worf dredded,
P) ovinolnl Gazette Notes.
-William !,. McUltchlln of Rovcl
stoke has bi-r*u niipulnlml minim
rot'iirdei* I'm- thn Revolstoko inlniiii-
liivi-in'i, iin* appointment h.'inu noted
In Thnrnday'd Issue of the I'l'ovlnulul
Ccriirieutes of incor|ioratian unrier
tho Lientivolcnt Hncletled aet. hire
hpen Iri-ued l.o Oold Rantfe IVidire Nn.
li, l.o.O.R, und .Mount Pleasant
Lortjt.0, Nn, 10 /. 0. O R The Can*
ad I ii n Oil and Mines. Ltd.. had been
incorporated under Iho CVimpunlei*
Aot i\|tli a eapljal of $2,fiti0,000.
Gooi'ij'o E. Martin, of [Casio, (rives
notlco of hid Intention tit apidy tut hi
LevIslaturu at its next session for at
act umpnworini*' a cote pany to operate
tramways iu West Kootenay, particularly from a point on Kootonay lake to
th" headwaters of Duncan river, ami
from tho ������iiy nf Kasto to tho headwaters of the south fork of Kaslo oreek
and from a point on Kootenay lake at
or near Crawford hay to tho headwaters of Crawford creek.
Courts of revision will ho hold on
November 3 in the various districts of
tho provlricus io hear and determine
any objection to tho retention of nanus
ou the voloi'd' lists.
i !>.-li*ui'i")it Co-owners.
I Tie' minors ami but-biess men of
! I'Vi'Li^on have united l ��� erect a hot.pl-
I tul  hero.   This Is an absolute  nwtw-
dity as thoro is no phieo In  which \ve
can properly care for a sick man who
j dtitit happen tohavoa homeof his own.
There has been about tf) fJOOsutworihed
towards tho hospital  h cully and  the
Katflu b'tH  been t'cquestod  to receive
sub-acriptions from outside points '���<��� bich
will   he   acknowledyed   through   Llt>���-
columns  of    the   Kaulo eaeh   week.
The.,.id��om0thln����� like$l,fiuO moro to A^!t^
ritwiuiiii wo hopo that ilio-i. who have  ocuum JosJil M <���. KiJuei'ATtnuK
made monoy In this eamp will remember tl)0nn  who work   ,i    iv   from  the
cnmfoi ts of older ciimniunltif��8 and soml
iilniijr a liberal sum to help In thu good
work,' 'i'ho hospital will bo owned and
operated by the nn-mberH ol Lardoau
.Miners' Union, Address all subscriptions to tbe Eaj:le.
To ?.  Cinrdnn tioldbtTB or kGotdburg, or t��
any \-u -uu en* iierMni*- io whom thL*v miiy
have iriin>fi-iTi-'i llielr itiNTi-sis hi tliu Ltiilu
hok'i t Mini i.ittte ' oh.Ti. No. _i miner..! cIhi."h
Kituateni tin.1 heRft ��f thu imrtli forh ofhar*
deau urcr'lc ttud n Jittnlnti 'lu- kIhi.-I: Wuirlor
'-rmi') nu rli�� smiltiuii**!, in i Ik* Trout Lako
Mining DlvWonof We-i   uwtenay Plvti-ii't.
Y(��u nre Itaroby ntitlllo'l thut I Imvoaxpca iwl
two Uuuilrpj nnl rtvo ilallurt- and twmitj-ll u
cents (*a��)S.i_.*t) In Ubui i "' unprovemt'nm on
th��ibov-s menttniiol mitiur-O cirttnm lur the
currant yenr in oMor i��j imiii naiil mluonil
clufuia uador   hu |n(ivUioiin of Uie mlnt-ml
Aet. att't if within Htneiy thtvH from Ihe dan.
of thin notice yon full ..<-r,.|,,.-(��� io contrlbiiie
your prrf|i��rt!nn ><i audi o_c,.ondltiirca togoiiioi
witli all ��ont <-f  ftdvortt-iit-j.   \onr iutvreitt
IniHldolttlumwIU bueomel lopronertyo. ihe
nubiiflrlbor. iiinbr duel Inn tot aa An emitted
Tlio Baby Grebe.
From Ontinir.
Whon you peoo woman with ft bund
of white plumage almost invisibly
tinted with blue and Mi-eon and more
stroriy"ly with uolden brown ornament-
inp h'T bat, know that from ono to six
of these harinlnfia, lovable, sweet
voiced little probes were stripped from
chin to vem to supply it. And when
you boo that other woman wearing'a
cape thu cellar uf whieh reaches abovo
her ears and Lhe skirt to her slaulders.
and it, seems io be made tip of almost
Indesoernlblo sections the size of your
hand' know that eaeh section stands
for tho life ^f ono of these charming
Utile i-):;,liners. The broast of the
grebe is its enve. Its feathers aro mi
tiny and line as to bo almost spineless,
f.\j thickly set thoy stand on end, and
so delicately colored as to render
adequate description impossible.
Crested trrebes are killed without
mercy for this littlo patch of rare
feathering, and- tho little marsh one*
do not escape. There Is no bird
slaughtered for plumage more wanton,
unless it bo lhat of tho egret whieh
takes tbo lifo of the brooding bird for
u few beautiful feathers found on tho
shoulders only at noBting time aud
leaves the youth to dlo as they may.
It ie reported in political circles that
Wm. O-jilvU. is likely to contest the
Yukon auttfnst Governor JIosb.
Tbo Imperial Limited will bo kus-
pended for tbe season on Sept. 20th,
Service will be held iu Eaglo hall
evory Sunday commencing itl _t p. in.,
ana alfornafo Hundtivs at 8 p.m. All
are invite'] to attend.
S. J. Green, Pastor,
Divine service will V held overy
Sundny In Eaglo hall at 'I in thu afternoon and -3 iu tbo evening alternately.
\n Invitation to uttciitl Is extended to
everybody, ii. A. Solly,
Notice (oOnllmpient ('o-Ownorn.
ToC J.Hmith and P. W. itliwUloor to any
pcr-son or |ii*r��eii8 to whom li-cy mnv huvo
eninjifencd ibi'lr Inteu'sit in tlio following
itiiii'-r.-.i ciuiiii't, tho "Mollie ." tiu-i "Coii|ioi
Key" luc-ited nt Kh-irt -urueit, ROUtll Ol' J',i-��
rl'i'oK iii tliu Trout Lttlio inlnjtii, dlvinlon of
\Y��si kootenay.
Tnlto notice that wo tlio ntidcrsttrnod havo
poiformed ihe work ��nd lOuordud tho assess-
tnunt on ihu ubevii naiaetl jiro|ieitloB for lliu
vears IdOB-lOOl and In ordur to hold vour
intorc-t in mild nltilma uudor Sec thin -.*i ni' Mig
Mineral Act, and if wtihlu on cIhvk of tbo am
publication tiorwofyou nnl or refmo to can-
irlbnto your porileu uf Siiicii exuviidlturo
logo'btir wuh the eosi of ndverilnlng, >our
IniuroRi in tnu said Halmi win ht-oonie ihe
prormftv uf ihaaab-torlberH ututor .ertiuu -I ol
iht- Minoral aot of isoo.
itutod at i-Vr-iOMiu, ti.O.thtn-itli tl ivof Juno
Ri����<ifl 1 H8NHY8ANN.
4 nt B.C. ASSAY&CH6MI-     I
CAL Sni'LY LO. i.m,   I
VA.NCOUVJ.U, u. c \-
Heiulnuai'lci'flfor AfiVuty-tcrn. niinltti* \u
ft nidi Suppl -i.   Pnlu naantti hi  M, ;.
f, for Monti.-.     ����� ���!<>��� ro , Hkih -   >i. E
|  Englitmii P.  ���������    ��� .--ui A f-'u.'a I, :. it ���:���',
H CitiyPiirnin-'i . "������    .-���-,.���..��� ; ivm..vi'* 8?
worth ���fiCo.'-' rti o Hiilaaoo*i. ou*.. ftf.
:&&>%$?&.���.    . -mmmsm ���.::.'.
<*'f^*? 'trMQW&WG&MQ+WQ fr$ i i
;; D��i Stati
*<.,*->-*. ?
,; -��� ���
���fiv-      ���'
linn, Card III)',   -I
..Areufatmi ".. ,| .u.i.Il-i..
A.   F.   R A N K i N !-.
P. 0 fl   ���.    !<   Pl.lKlt-SO.-*. U i .
All kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber    i
in stock.
We have engaged a
first class mechanic f
and arc prepared to 'v
lake con tracts for any- |
thing in the building <|
line.    Workmanship I
g-uaratiteed. I
��XMt<^-> ���>:���-?, _^$a_��_��_>* 4
Yon. a
If so why not Invest somo o! ynur
earnings lo meet ;i possible reversal
of fortune. For a safe, profituble
Investment there is nothing beats
an   accumulation    policy   In  the
Tliis is a purely mutual company
and all its assets, surplus and earnings belong to its policy holders'.
For rales, etc., apply to agent.
nml Uii|��r liiinc i, i ivnr Miftloii.bin -
liilud by A, i*. Cnn ii.lns, \; \, s.,,.|i.i s
f-lmnnnii U. \.. \< (,.nv on -nl.- tit lhl��
olllco. Tlio ri'iiifi mIh nf the nuin is
Kovlna ull no huvo mM for it.   Tim
1 ( LnltoitlvMi.il in lidiuRrai.lu'il In
bluet., Uh- I.HHlt-'Hii In roil.nnd flu- Alii-
���nurili in u in.   f.voiiaiuntlvrft-ot conlil
tnko ti cop}   "i iM* 11111)1 1 tiu-i in (���
pUiiii r.!i'nri.i'.i huihe iJireo ittviftioiii*.
Tliu monntHlns, Inkuo, i-reelt��. utwu
roiiN, tnnlB, Hiirvoyo-l ruihviiy runit'H,
ntrii iin- Ini'Hlluii anil niui.i'(l). 'n tiitlfiuo
Imlt'X. ol uvq'.v mliiurnl cln'fin in lliu
dtmru't Is eJunwi.
Next    to    Visiting   the    Country    it
Person This Map Tal.cs First Place,
In fact every ireiiffranhlcal
feature is mi well dolim- dim nno t'ftll
*if-.-i,i ii plmiou tlio itHturo of onr eon no v
nml iio trt'inl tf ilio tihitm Ii.nnii.ii'-.
elves mi IntulllKlblo i*lcn nf Nio mtucral
Wit.*, riinulitg iliriHit.li die i-uiiij.. kin
Tlie   Best   Worth   Fcr   One   Doltm
over offered In [he map lino of amlnlnn
I'limn, li i*. ihu llr��i onmiiluio iintpnl
die tlffjirlotnnd litsellltifi woll. Itlnjiml
uh ti vtui urn looking For. WI! .u.mi
L1M. ���', WITH A .UKHi cuvivl.. Kin:
\�� HU II ��1^U_ Al 11.80, TIIK-lK AHE
THK IIEBT \'AI*UKi AH I'll I. V Will,
tAH'l  tOli VKAHH.
Address your ordor, wUli an
oiuii-^ir��*   ol   u one dollar bill, inn
OllOqilOMi illilui'u, OtO.J IO
Mining cotppanlus orotbera onlcrint
join df 20 ni* mure, miipa will bo sup
|iln.'il ut. ill) cents otu'li.
Ferouson, B.C.
Thore [8 only om* he*,) mining Journal.
Thui Is
Mines and Minerals.
It tina ii larci't clreuliitlou than nuy twootlioi
AiiHiiiiinii ininliif,' Journal, li .'aiisc It ia tin
K'st. Il la thi* largest, best illiisir,iu*ii and
handaomasl inlnlilg J���tini,ii in tlio wo Id. M
la a milling pufior foi niinir: mon. Subaoi*l|>
Hon iirluo ?'J.iui per, year,  i-.'n.l for free Barn-*!,
Ferguson, B, C. ���|,y A*iw8>"*,*'KSANi)Misij*��ALs,somii.
" ton. I'a., I.'. 8. A.  Dcnvor cllir-'i, Danli Illdg..
D-uvor, Col,
' '" *>���*a��aSQ [iiilcil Hulk of M\k\\
li .Scenic Hnutg ""
EAST \v:.r
il tl'lnnli'Og
fit. Jnliii
ij1     Nun Vork   I
V�� 111*
' \ i.'.'i, i.i
*-**.������.! r ,r-
l'|,|H*l*  l.lll.,*   si,.���,[���.,..
|<;   Leave Furl irilliam .-'iiinl���y,
.  .*'rl(l,iy vlaSoo l.l
I'miiI   IHiUiih. cjiloa
TourUl!SI, ,,,|,_rSi*i *vic*o
Lr. nnnmnre .let. (laliv for
si Paul, K������tv. 1/|:. Tnos.,   |
Sal. lor rorouto tui,i ,.11 east-   '
L'lll Uolllts.
l.r. n.vclstotto ..'ally for s'ont    '
tie Vauouuver anil Cuast ,*it*   I
Through tlokola to Kuroj-o   (
!;.    Through tloki
i i  via. all Ailam
i ...
if line *.
I'repaiil   ii.
I'luuis at loive.t rrti.-.j.
T li is    is   Tit .���'
i M"\  i.inn. ni
tin, L'liilH IJallera
ng ,i III: HAT
IiIk-i >,.!i or ^lii'
H*i* in ii that til,'
ivliuli.il    I ���'��� I OS
I ���   .1 i- -.**,*..-tt in il
II ���   reiailor   :.
lo,   o   In'   ... in 1.1
pi.-M.au.il  iiii.l. .,i
n r- '., i til ���i ,* in ii
Pm i, r yon, iio ni
lui^ imr anv iiLiT.i ,-
IlliUlslnielall it.,p
llaten to anv ,.*.,,
Jin-, no lab, I.   Tin
porfornt&i on bv fi
ua  a   |���>ll.;*,*   '.I ...
j tiini-s p.-.'ii*, ���! *, .
��um*'i!ni*.onlv ,:���
' tor tin* ii mm t ul,
turorsan nalln lln
tla*ir ,cnb-!iini!i> h
Co.lind iiin.rv 11. I
dolphla, l'ii..are m
JOHN  '.
' P
r.7 l:,,'.���nl Ar
, pel. rid i
lib of I'll!!i
range, N. J.
I" |T
| For fall Information apply to local agents j1
J S, UARTKH,   K. J. COYf. 10,       j|
D. P. A��� A. O. P, A,
,1. DONOVAN, A2ont,Ai'i*owheu*J.     :
Tl.,':. lvnkio. Oonornl Manoncr.
Czvhnl [Paia-ltp) $3,500,000
Jfes* .... f,2,ias,ot:!j
Hranehoj In Onlorln, QiiDbuc, .S'anltoba, N. tl'.
T, and Hritlsti Columbia,
t'uiteil *',ii,j.-
��� hi
', 1**1
��� i p,
��� ii ;.' '''  i
I. I Vnt'l Rank
->nii!i,���.,,.���;;- pir.i S'nt'l piim! !
MliANt'tll-.S !.*   !*. c.
I,,t-��� ��� ���. all |hi   ���rr,,���i ,-.,.,���
Ageiiurol banking bn-liies uaacicd.
Reduced to FIFTY
Nffw Fdpa
A.I '���_���* !j 1      *. 1,'^i.ai;
\ i  ftfiJUZZ Wilt & A     kP
J.    Fit
S is l!��e cfceapost and bast
Ffitshlon Magazine n&v/ before the American public, It shows
New li.iiii in Fa3luoi:3, lo Millinery,
in EmbTotdery, in Cooking, in
Woman % \Khrk and in Rcidiii^;
b i-iutiiu)!/ Illustrated in cckrst'.A
In btetik. and white. Abovo a'!, ft
s iswsttoovery fashion* bio New !d2a
Srrwsj made from New IciiA Pm-
teshs, which cost crAyfOc. each.
$m\ Five Cents To-day
(rr.iii'-.le ar.i'il il.v Nam I^haWokai-'s
l*U-*.aar an*! :c*: wlial vrc.t valus
lor iho mpasy 11 .-.in t;!*.* yo.!.    ::    :   *:
tie new ir"*. pnBLianisc co.
(136 Sro.d-ve*/,  Mew YojIi, X.  Y.
�� , ���
; International i
* (^orrcspoiuloiice ?
t SchoolB. i"K^'"x' j
* MINKKK'   ATI KVTION-A  I'nm- ���
f jileie blmvplpo li. ini-1 .c-i.-, _-.,,- - I
, library frt'u in iho-eiaklncne ���-,, ?
, in   Metal   Hlnlnx.    -nml  tin*  f ,n *
I linn,,,,*.     Adlheaa Repiesontallvi I
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   .   .
The in'i-l ruin:.
nl Nurili An '��������!'.    MM
IMtllllW LAKES, n.c
. -���   , i,n *.nc citlilliK'n
���tlllllll M i
W.  H. ,.lolMlll(lAl.l.,
Nfli.1,11,   II.  .!
I.--,-*--*������-*-*.*-*'^-.-.-*-.^..*.__>-.^_.^^T I
B.*i ry .In*, fb-lmiii, run, nil nervull,
iiwnlar-JWlaau *��� imti'ra liritl ui.
. Ini'i* and ��'*",������li allinoiita, It.
ti-. ,*.��[,���,�� ,.r**;,, -nri* remedy avalnel
,'iiiif,<i,iii* p'.'.'jiia. Ti'.:;.\!.s : ||*J i.
��i'i'k.ii'i*''i'llin in resiilnui'o In inn.
Prospectors' Exchange
ARTHUR EVANS, Proprietor.
��� ���111,-jT IN  Till*.' .MAUKl.T.-.
���THE (IHOICEST 0]*ivi..l-s,
�����o LII..U01I!
'II  l*..*-l   IU   \l I;, Js a *^j
*!��     ������iii.m i.-.  nn*. iiAkMi.. -��--. i.i'.).coi:s ami r.'u.u:..����     ���{{���
When ymi rtincli Truui Lulu* Cil_v p'"
'YU*.-,,    IU I,    IV.ll.ll     lll'lll    L.III..   ^111    pill K   I fit
ip Ihe Queens. .Goiiil iiccomminliilinn I I > ��� m. ��.���� ��. jl/��*.
..Best   ol  service .. Choicest wines, I f J I UU | iU H |1 J I
i|u,ns nnd cigars. .Fni' prui'l s,,i',*.. Lk' j t Ijp;* ft i, [ [, t f|i|
vAiW  .L&UI
Everybody    Qur  Sl)00 ill I ^
smokes     VIJD  <S>
���   Tho Union        %
Union   Cigar
Tliey nro nil i-iii.i, madonnd of it,* "���''"',v    v- "'*ll;
1,-r llnvuiia Tobiii'i'i. miuiey van FACTORV, H.A.   I
l,iiv.   Try nil'.* null Batlafy yonrBClf ii ......      n 1
in. in Iheir quallly. li R O W N,   1'iOp.
If you   arc   building  or contemplate building we will lv
pleased to quote you estimates  on anything made  in our
Sash and Door Factory
and wc feci confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular,     Write; Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B, C. ���*���������������� ���������n
:   LOCAL FIELD        j
J. J. Fitlo., of llir l.'ikn View hotol
Arrowhead, vlaltatl Ferguson on Monday.
Siiporintonilpnt of tlio Oyster-Crl-
torloit, J. Lado, returned to Camborne Montliiv.
P., h, Kinman. government road
i 'pulrcr ol Troul Lake, wits; In
town Thursday,
f.'ory Msnhonlck, ol Camborno nnd
ilne'of llic owners In tLo Rossland
group visited  Ferguson on  Monday.
pl'ttti'liilt Dowd, thn labor candidate,
fcns elected Lord Mityov ol Dublin otver
Timothy C. Harrington, tho ratlrlnR
Lord Mayor.
It i3 roported that tho klnpr beforo
leaving Ballachullc, Scotland, proposes visiting Lord Strutncona at
Earl Roberts is appealing to tho
British public not to loud the returning soldiorsintoilrunkeness by troating
iimm to Intoxicants.
The danco which was to havo been
held at tho new c ink house at tho
Nettio L. In6t Saturday will tako place
tomorrow ni^rht. All nro invited to
The Eagle tenders congratulations
to Thos. McNaunht, manager of tho
Halcyon Hot Springs hotel, who wns
married in Winnipeg on Aug. 24th to
Miss Mary A. Horner, ot South port,
Mount Dakor hotel nt Oak Bay,
Victoria, was burned on Thursday
last. Tho hotul was crowded with
���ucsts at tho timo but no lUes were
inst. Tho loss 1b estimated nt 850,000
with Insurance covering one-third of
that amount.
Thoir excellencies, Iho Governor
General und Lady Mlotu have decided
to spond a holiday in the west, Th.y
���'.���ill leavo abiuil the middle of the
present mouth eon.;? direct to Calgury
which place thoy will make their
hetidquai'turu nml where they expect
tu enjoy some shouting.
Eiylny thoiisaud men of the British
army havo loft South Africa lor ih--.ii
homes since Jung (j. embarkations
having begun llvo days after the declaration of peace in thu lirst ot that
month. Arraugemonts have been
made for the rolurn of *l.,00Dmore
beforo September IT. the sailings ol
���hit; lot having begun ou August 2,
'SuperintendentScbmlltof the Pedro,
Lardeau, reporls work in both tunnel**
now being driven on the properly us
progressing favorably. One shaft, if
now Til feet will; tim lutlliel on tlie
vein nnil thn un, being taken nut ii*
very rich. Tliey me still takinguui
native silver and ami hJivo a Itiri.-c
qiiaulil.v ot this and grey cupper oro on
iho dump awaiting shipment.���Troul
Lako Topic.
,.\ Diinn by the name nf Aiiilci'suti.
who has been working nt tin"! Boatrico
'becamo slit*htly deranged and wandered in his bare feot from the Beatrice
over the Mountain rango to I'urguson.
lie was suen by Rob McfJutirneun and
a sourch party litis organized on Tttos-
dny in il sueitecilcd in loiuttlng him In
the woods about oui-'-piartcr .if a mile
from the smeltor where he was captured nnil taken lo Trout Lako by provincial 1'iilicctiiiiii Snell.
King Edward's state crown, which
was placed on his head by tha Archbishop ol Canterbury in Westminster
Abbey. Is now in the hands of gold*
smiths fur 'repair. Ills majesty tvoi'e
the crown on hli return to Bunking.
ham palace from the Abbey: and when
entering the state coach struck it
against tho root of tho vehicle, damaging it slightly. Tho crown together
with the  Jewels s"t lu it is valued nt
Men have various ways of carrying
nnney. Butchers, millers, grocers
���in,; baiters carry it in a. crumpled wad.
Hunkers,   in nice, eleitn bills laid full
,       ���'  il . ii ,' ,.,!": '      III   ii.   'V.'l'i*.      'J'llU-
., *.:.'  : ���;���.;,.������ ..*: iimn earrk*** his money j
,, pis vi'.-a | Iret, whilo l.hn sporting
iKincnrrlcs il in Ills trousers packet.
;:)iiciint'S carrv limit's in their inside, j
j.i'citet,  Hhellier  il Is Slo or iiOrouts.
Kditors usually curry theirs In ollior
peoples pockcls.--E.\*. I
Miss Edna Knowltonuroturued from
Nelson iMonduy.
Mr. and Mrs. -"orris Smith moved ui<
to the Nellie L. mino las; Thursday.
Mrs. Knowlton returned on Monday's
stage from a threo weeks visit to
Mr. and Mrs. Vf. Glenn wore in
town Tuesday. They hope to tnuvo
Into Ferguson next week.
A* Biers, O. H. Becker, Nulsou, and
Ii. McNiilly, KuBsland, registered at
tho Windsor Tuesday.
L. ,i. Francis of Calgary, arid rod in
Ferguson Sunday lo work in the
mechanical department ofthe Eagle.
fl. (1. Woodward ofthe Eagle, left
on u business trip to Nolsou and ICuslo
on Weduosday,
The lacroso club of Sydney, Austral
ia, tiavu oeclded to tour Canada nexl
summer, and are arrrunging a maich
wilh the Shamrocks of Winnipeg.
Tho annual meeting of tlio Methodist General conferrence is now being
hold in Winnipeg, representatives
Irom different parts ol the Dominion
being presont,
Mrs.   Miller   and   Miss   Miller,   ol
Trout Lake, loft for Seattle on Thursday where   Miss   .Miller   will resume
her   studies   at the  university, thi
being her last year at the college.
Owln-j to nn outbreak of ton.-iliti.-
thn school was closed a couple of day:
this week, Mr. Nesbilt's littlo girl
being suspected of having the disease
However, wo ure glad lo state it war
a ful**e alarm uud school ia now being
hehl us Uhual.
A party of Trout Lake sports hoaden
by Mr. Master.-"n, the well known
merchant, una hum ing trip recently
ran across three Cariboo on Kthei
mountain in the homestake basin.
Seir.e of the parly tired several shot-
frutu un antiquated gun, tbo only
result being the caribui suemi'i:
amused. It would be dilllulllt lo
describe ih" dissapolntmont the,:
brought back with itieni.
School Is now being held in the new
seimol house which was finished on
Tuesday by ,1. Mesley, the contractor,
who put tho building up in uightdliyt*.
Tho new school houso is a neat little
building and will be found very comfortable lor the winter. The seating
ciip.-iciiy will be fo ltd quite ample foi
a year or two aad no rent will have t,
ne paid, There i.*, however n small
;ndei t duets for which the irustee.-
,-,t,ulii hVtbuitkful to recolve coutrlcu-
lions however siiikII,
Striko at the Triune Fraction.       >l^_^<_%'vVv^M'^V-��. fcf>^jp*&k-&l<]fei*! 7.1=^
-I. Sutherland returned from ihu Trl
line f'action on Wedtiesduy. He
reports the lead lias been reaehed in a
distance of 5 ft lllln. and Ibe lend is
:i ft. 2 in. In width, showing it to he a
itrong one beluga gain of live inches
over rhe lead en top, 'I'ho wholo thin.
Is well' mineralized. Mr. Sutherland
brought down some excellent samples
with him
lunula Will, a I'n.valrriil..
Information Wanted.
Anybody knowing thu vhuro.it) utsnl
Joe Churchill, u miner, will confer a
great favor by corresponding with the
undersigned: ���
MRS. .1. R. E. CliLMtt.'iiu.i.,
Wiiinlua. 0,ilin,_
Hawaiian Island.;
Saddle horses for sn e, We have all
kinds and at all price*. We can suit
yon.   Craig & Hillman, Beaton,
All the latest bonks, magazines und
periodicals for hiillduy rending in slock
at tne Canada Drun &Bool< Co.'s store,
Hevelstoke, B.C. I'rouiptattention to
mail orders.
Ii pays to uso the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Luke, Beaton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by usinc
tlie phono. Olllco in Cummins & Co.'s
* Smokers: II yen want the GENUINE "Union" an*l ''Our Special"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on every box.
-II. A. Urown, Kevelstoke. li. C.
* To get. ui nuniiitiid witb this dlstrlei
you should have a copy of tho now ami
��� inly map. Send a one dollar bill t"
the Eai.lk and secure one ut onco.
j��l ���.-.-��� v.. ..te.*.-/.:.-.'.- r.
���f-SJS-.-MT.-jS AS.-.-.-A <.*���*.���
. *u i.'---i I,
\ I        CARDS. :
I'y   .A*     -.-A,    j/J.
f.r.',t.T.L? -rftii
[j O   **��� N. WILKIE, .
ii v_y��         p. i��� a.
S ���          .
I Provincial                  ;;
j Land              j'
' Surveyor _
,l Ferguson and Trout Lake.     1;
J Surveys mode and Crown Grants ;,
5 Obtained. f!
5 OIHc
Trout Luke. !���
Wo huvo rented Um hmifo
next to SmithV Laumlrv
ami urn prepitl'orl in do :il!
kitldd nT ivp.iir work -in
Men's Clothing
Suits Cleaned,
Dyed and Pressed
�����/���""' ���
J (X71U.IAM A. n-icici:.                      i"
I ���         f
f- ���
'������. Survoys of Mlnoa, Mmorttl <*'l��ims nml   ^
,J i ruwii [miltis.   c,-mvii .InuitH ub-
1*J trtilU-il  n'ml   _\^::*4Sini;|irs   Miuwisuil   *.
fj for Absehicus',
a oila-L'-,;  i umboriic and Viintoiivcr
<��� i
* i   MOST oominoin ookl storuco t
% h   room   just    HnUhcd   whore J'
J j\ inoaiu wll! Ijo ktfptin iiflomi- J
.I ^rroaon state and alivaysfrcsb. |j
,*. ,   Now otto oi the*best appoint- .
K y    SHANNON', n. A.
JJ ��?. i
'; ASSAYEK nml  ANALYTICAL '������
<l CHIi.-llST.
���' II*   ili[uarli*rs fur Inr.iriniitiiin Kr||.*ii*illn!i "
-J l.iinl-iin l'r���|,'.'i*llcs. ;
* Il.it,* r���r llitiiriiiiitlini.
il Cull nml ire Samplcil* J
���1 01TICK:    VICTUKIA AVlt..
IJ '                KEIUlUSON, 11 (.'. ;���
'f BAlllllSTKB,  ETC. '���'.
': Solicitor fur
;���; Tin* liiipci'liil.llunli 'j
-j I'crfliisiiii, 15. C. ;
'1 ���                        I
���i OfFICK���Over tbo Importnl llnnlt. .;
3 nARVKV,.Mi!OAKTEB*l'l.VKllAM, i;
m   ji
}] linrristcrs, ^tilidtcrs, etc. 'i
'' (urii'i's: Revelit-ilto,Ooldon,and Fffgii" [,
,i ami.  Hnlii-itura (er Jii:|".*rinl 1'teik *.
*1 ot Oiiniuln,
II ������
h (loo.S. Mrt'ortor, J.A. Ilarroy. ;.
-'. A.M. rmbimm. r
V *i
' t^RI'n I.'. KI.l.lOTI',
a i:
J Barrister,  Notary rublic etc. *,
,*il Shop*!   Ill th'.' illtl'l'l
�� !    (..'.   ;*iiiii|] open fi'om ,? until  t|
_ u o'clock, esoeptitiu' one boiir i, j ,
* !    at noun.   Not open on '.uu* '11
�� ,    .lav      *'                                HC.f
�� @ One dnni-ciist Hotel l.nrilcan t ���
* * \ .1
..����� j-v.-f ��.-('*���*'*-��� ������>">��� *}���*>��� ���*-.''-*--.���. ! ,**���;-.���:��� .*/. ;$. 7.*��� i^ :>���: *;*. /-'^ -
TltOCT LAKE li'l'V M. C��� \.N'H
Jj Ferguson, B, *". \
', \y    ,\.i V.k'MAI3TIIKiS*l*,M.SCOTT  li I
.. Barrister, Sollciter, etc.
���; llliVEbSTOKK, u. I'.
-; .'. M. .-'COTT, A. II. I. '. H,
,! 'w. rt.i V. ic Miilstro, M. A.
I McKinnon c& Sutherland I
Of Li'tiics Dress Qoods, Whhe
Goods, Trimmings, tic., etc., is
8f p-Tp    a
tf H        fit vrj
A\��.f/ *^N
The new Stetson li.ii:-- for men received August ist are being sold rapidly.
We have added to our stock of Ready-
to-Wear Suits. We can fit and please
almost any fancy or any figure.
We have also a most complete stock of
Workinsi'men's Clothes and Boots.
| 1 McKinnon & Sutherland
ti*t   *&>    -VS.     >J>    *��ajy    V.b*    ���**> iJt     'IjSt     &'    -Sa-f    <<&    <V   IV
i Tiie Post Office Store V
4~  - V-:   V
*J Ihe most complete sleek in Ferguson.                       r*
���J Union-Made Hats aud Slices.                                      \j
�� Full line of Ladies' and Children's goods.                   (S!
kti Make a specialty of filling mine orders in groceries w
m and hardware.                                                            JX
W 7'ry a Piitr of Ovr Himil-Nude Prospectors' Slioes, Wi
4 ; *f
$ 0.  Bo  Batho <&> Co* k
Established 1896
,*,,-���:   |_
General Merchants
���ft*; *fc*> *s*.!-  *.-mw  *^.v  ���*-.,>  x>r 4jff   -.'.i*-   ijr  ^r  *.,..-���'���  *ji_-r ��j
i Packing' and Fer8'us^ncfacking K
-4 Freighting    ^^tS^- )&
. ���.
���it Contracts entered into foi' puckln^of Minin**; Supplios,
Jr i.ic., to any point In Ibi'ilistrirt.
aW Good, prbmpl service, nud any work wnilprtnken irtiiiratt-
^ tei'tl.    Li'rcltflitlp**' from Thomson's Luuiliiig to t'-er-juson
a specialty.
Head.quarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Dane)-, Prop. *^
Sf\ j\t   Htffh OlaaaMerohant Tailor,
Any orders you may favor us with
li ill reeeivfi prompt
a (I en I ion.
Perguson fioitl
If* -v-
JPP 'f*i.    *.**_    --ni.    -\Si    -a1'-*.      >> tr    _:'l-    .*' i-    .'-'."    J' I-    0
s .


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