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New York  Market.
Lead���100 lbs.	
Vol. V, No /;..
Perguson, B. C, JULY 8, 1904.
'im Livings
Strikes Luck.
Anothor Shipper to bo Added to
tlie List.
J. Livingstone has been demon-
strating lo the people of the Lardeau, generally, what a man with
perseverance, nerved with it dcep-
seatcd conviction as lo the latent
resources lying hidden in his claims,
can, almost single-handed accomplish towards the development ol
those resources, and the making of
his properties attractive.,to the intending investor,
A short time ago he uncovered a
fine showing of high-grade ore on
the Ruffled Grouse claim on Trout
Creek, thus mailing- that already
very desirable property much more
valuable. Now on lho Rambler
claim near 8-Mile, on the South
Fork of the Lardeau, be has, by
patient pounding, made the solid
rock expose its secrets. Dining
I lie past week an Eagle representative visited the properly, and was
shown over Uie ground by its lucky
owner. The properly is situated on
the same " dyke " as the Nettie L.,
and lho. work done is in the dyke
near lis hanging wall. There is ore
scattered all through the dyke al
this point, but Jim is confining his
attention mostly to some good
sized stringers of clean ore, which
seem to come from the hanging
wall of the dyke. These stringers,
of which there are some six or eight
exposed, vary in thickness Irom
two to six inches, and from
the tunnel which he is driving, he
has sacked up between three and
four hundred pounds of clean ore,
besides having a ton or more of
good concentrating ore on the
dumps. The clean ore assays 82
oz. of silver, and $1.20 in gold,
while the carbonate oreencountered
assays ;8 ozs. in silver, and t|lio in
Jim intends to continue tha present tunnel to lhe hanging wall of
the dyke, when he hopes, not without good reason, to uncover a
larger body of clean ore.
It is very gratifying to those who
are looking with interest upon the
camp to see another, or.e of the
pioneers thus coining into his reward.
The cute boys from across the
line whose interests lead them annually to Ferguson (and it goes
without saying that they know a
good thing), held, high jinks on
Monday last. The Star-Spangled
Banner and the Union Jack blended
well together, and in the evening
the hills reverberated with the roar
of the pom-pom and the splniz-sphui
of the squib. The festivities were
kept up until a late hour, but good
humor and brotherly love was everywhere in evidence.
Hon. R. F. Green Visits
Ho ia Pleased with  our Progress,
And will U30 His Influonoo
on our Bobalf.
Tho Hon. It. I*'. Green, Commissioner
of Lands and Works, antl our representative in the Provincial Govern-,
ment, paitl a visit to Ferguion on Tuesday lust. Tho hon. gentleman reports
tho country in a nourishing condition,
and the Lardeau especially Is claiming
notice. He has b-ion .woll received all
along the line, and thero have boon no
kicks coming from his constituents,
Altogether everything looked very
rosy for tho future campaign.
On Tuesday night a deputation of
the Ferguson Trades' Council wero received by tlio lion, gentleman. The
object of thn deputation was to obtain
his syiiipatli ��� und support to their
efforts to se'euro Justices of the Peace
and it Court House lor Perguson, The
delegation pointed out tho growth and
Importance of the town as the mining
centre ol tho .Lardeau, and the hon.
gentleman wns surprised thut. such un
application wits not made before, ami
promised his hearty co-operation in
tlio project. As far as tho Court House
was concerned, that would be out of
his department, but hu would use. hli
Inlluoncft io thut, direction and recom
mend tliu gentlemen whose names won
submitted as justices. Tlio deputation
thanked the hon. gentleman, und with
The deputation wore Messrs. Huther
land, Cordon and Shannon.
On Wednesday, Mr. Green, accompanied by E. G. Chiptiiiin, Mr. McPherson, and several local ���.-entleincn
paid a visit to .1-Mile, where Mr. S.vin*
noy piloted tho party through 'he Mill.
The 1 arty reached town greatly edllied
with nil they had seen and heard.
In course of conversation witli the
Bagle Man, the hon. gentleman remarked 011 the great Impression tho
results of the mill shotild make on cap*
Italists, and as soon us it beoamo more
widely known, wo should bo u grout
and proporous mining city.
Protects Her
A Representative Gathering of Tho
Town Meot3 and a Trades
Council is Eleciod.
The Lucky jack  Case.
Morgan and Pool got tlio Verdict,
But Notico ia Givon of
an Appeal.
The Liberal press with one accord declare lhe Dundonald incident closed. They will have an
opportunity at the next general
election of discerning who have the
more retentive memories. It is
quite in tlie order of things that the
electors should be asked, practically,
to acquiesce in their shut-down sys-
stem of campaign. Hut, mark ye,
Scotsmen have elephantine memo
rics, and thc brave soldier who re
heved Ladysmith will be avenged
"Foreigners" ot tlie Dundonald
type who are striking at the " cinch
bugs " and " boodiers " down eas
can rely on tlie backing nf their
lellow countrymen. The man who
could do something for our mllitlii
is a general of whom the nation is
proud, and he has been openly in
stilled by lhe ligurc-liead ot the
narly in ollice, and interfered with
by one of his jacks-iji-ollice who
knows more about frozen wheat and
caterpillars than soldiery.
That Jno. .1. Atherton works 305 days
und half tlmt number of nights In a year
producing the EAQLE. The circulation
is Increasing so rapidly that he hits
no lime to pull impressions and mall
them tu delinquent subscribers. Ho is
nnt referring to you, dear reader, but
to the other lellow. Anyhow, all will
be t-'eutoil the sumo, so kindly take
notice, that it you aro anxious to obtain reliable news or tho Lurdonti, all
subscriptions In arrears must be paid
by JULY illl't'it, or tho paper will not
roach you. If you glance at theP'gures
on tliu address slip of the wrapper covering this copy, or at tho left hand top
corner ot this pugo, you will notice
to what date your subscription extends.
The subscription i-*t'i per annum, payable) ln advance, and the Itnal figures
fftoula reid 'OS.
On Saturday night the business element of tlio town of Forguson met to
discuss tlio advisability of the formation of a Trades Council. Tiio venue
was tlio Daltnorul Hotol. where host
Slinger hud pl'ac .'.', the dining room at j
the disposal of tho " city fath irs."
A representative gathering, indeed !
Advance Ferguson I Sua: Sutherland,
the universal provider, v.*.is deputed to
the chair, 1 which ho woll Dlled. S.
Shannon was elected secretary, r.i*:d tin;
meeting without parley settled down to
discuss the project. >'.--��� time was cut
to waste wilh euloglums; all wore
there wilh 11 purpose. '.'. wns decided
that Buch a Board was necessary, and
nominations wori' handed in. Election
was as follows : rj. A. Siitlioiiand. 11.
Morgan, A. .1. Cordon, .1. J. Atherton,
.1. C. Klrkpatrluk, .1. Q. McKinnon, S.
Shannon, S. Daney, Frank Barber, A.
J. Rankine, .lames Biack, ii. II. Batho,
S. Slinger, \. C. Culnnijns, antl Alex.
Aftor tlio election of officers, tiie
meeting was upon for general discus
siou, and many suggestions r/ere
offered, A meeting of the 13 jard will
bo culled at un early ilu'o, ami the
assembly * adjourned conscious of the
progress the town will mako with the
now order of things.
Tlie Hoard will meet tlie third Wednesday in every month.
It is our duty, and withal, a pi.insure!,
to present to <>:'!��� readers our honor
roll���on which nre inscribed the names
of tho twenty-seven brave fellows who
on the morning after the fateful nlyht
of April hut when tlio terrific .snow
slide had started on (tn destructive
journey, carryinir all hofpre tt���answered tin., call foe volunteers to search for
a fallen comrade. Tlio slide vas about,
2,100 feet Wide, and on this occasion
deviated 1.400 foot out of the ordinary
course, carrying with it trams, derricks, terminal, compressor-home, and
everything in its path to destruction. Bilt in tho ili-rht for dear life,
all wore not sufloeasful in gaining a
refuge. When ;i place of safety
was reached, and the roll call read.
thoro was. ono mlssiri:j---Joscph F. -St.
A maud failc-d to answer his name.
It was conjectured that nothing could
Hvo u^alnst tho avalanche, and right
at the Heat, of the slide hung a thousand tons of snow wiili no support, and
ready to fall and crush every object
withlu 5.000 feet. In tho face of such
odd*", and with their lives In tlieir
hand.'', the punitive though brave expedition started to find their fallen
comrade. After several hours, whieh
to those awaiting results appeared like
years, tho brave lads returned, but
there was a stillness among thorn -thoy
bore with thom all that was mortal of
tho object of their search- -Joseph F.St. Artiuud had patsed to the great Unseen. We pay a tribute of respect to!
his memory, and doff our hats to tlio
bravo fellows whoso names appear
The adverso action of Tool vs. Moi
gan et ;i! was terminated a!. Nelson last
week, and as announced in tho columns
of our last issue, tlie verdict was in
favor of the defendants, the jury holding that the Lucky Jack was a valid
aud Btibsistentclalm. Notice of appeal
was given.
If the money for tbo appeal is forthcoming within ten days the case will
likely drag ou for months, and the
litigation wili costan-enormous amount
of money. We are informed, though
unofficially, that the plaintiffs will see
the matter through. It is to be hoped
that the matter will be settled one way
or the other as soon as possible, as the
mining camp of Poplar has suffered
through the tylng-up of thc Tamous
Lucky .lack. Mining men sliould take
the lesson of this litigation to heart
and without delay meet and formulate
a scheme wherein their Interests would
bo safely guarded by experts. There
is no reason why the government
should uot sanction the formation of a
mining tribunal, with a recOKDl'/ed
government agent presiding at all
hearings. A great saving of valuab
time aud money would thus be etl'eetcd.
Sixteen at a Time.
This week the Nettie L. and Sllvei
Cup Mines Ltd. are shipping from the
mill at o-'Mile, sixteen ingots of bullion.
A tribute to the w-naltb of our hills in
one chapter.
Active preparations are being made
at the Old Gold Camp for the Consolidated, whicli will soon be finding employment fur a large number of men
Judge Miller was iu the district thi-
week. Cabins have been built, and
other work of a preparatory natu
done on the property .owned by the
company farther down the West [''ork,
Largo cabins arc being erected on
tho Silver Dollar, as a large stall" of
men aro shortly to operate there.
Frank Marquis lias been devoting his
attention to the schists in tho Marquis
and Gilbert group, and*ls forwarding
several hundred pounds to Spokane to
be tested by the llendryx process.
draer Depow
Frank Lundrlan
Tom HaUhvin
Geo. Yulll
Chas. Abrams
Wm. Leiper
Harry Seely
Chas. Short
Harry Sana
Frank Billy
Dave Morgan
.lames Uuxtou
Pete Cam��ron
Arthur Pellitler
Angus McDougal
Pete St. Pierre
l-'rod Dion
Sua Eriokson
Wm. Howard
Nels Anderson
Theo Barrlbeau
Sam Cavanaugh
Male. McCuaig
Ken'th Morrison
John Anderson
Wm. Ryan
Deunis Perriter
Throughout tbe day all the stores
were compelled to remain open to
supply the wants of thc prospectors
who continually arrived, but in the
evening the pent-up patriotism of
thc citizens burst out in all its fulsome gladness. Congratulations
to the promoters ot the al t res CO
concert which was held on the green
sward adjoining the King's Hotel,
it was a howling success, and a
jovial time was spent. The -American clement joined forces with
thc Canucks and M foreigners "Trom
the right-liUle-tijjlu-liUic island in
paying homage to Home and
Motherland. A pyrotechnic display
was given at the close of the evening. Many also took advantage ol
the occasion to make a trip to
Trout Lake to attend the hospital
dance, where a good time was spent
and the exchequer enriched from the
Free do u
at Ferguson.
Norton Pt'lntZ) who was a war corre*
spondent In Japan, and la ono of' tin;*!
swiftest shorthand writers extant, line
arrived io Victoria. Owing! to* war
correspondents not be allowed to go to
the (ront, ho intends to visit overy
town In Canada and open' pennanent
studios. Lessons by mail will be a
special feature. Typewriting Is ln
oluded In ths propaganda.
Tho Precious Metal in Abundanco
And an AvernEO of $200
Laid Bare to tho
Naked Eye.
The Eagle takes pride in verifying its assertion of last fall that fre:
gold was to he found near Ferguson
in large quantities. The sensational strike by Will Davie in Septem
ber caused a stampede to the sp ���'.,
bat the snow boat them, and tlu
truth so far as* i<i,\*, was concerned
was lolt untold. " Our I ady ol tlu
Snows" clothed lh.' secrets o!
Mnlh.'r Earth in .her heaviest winter
garb, and the rustlers were defeated
lor the nonce. Hut Spring came
and with her Will Davie, J. Gran',
and Pfit Murphy, win; straining at
the leash were perforce to sit tight
until Old So] got in His fine work,
All conies to he who waits and as
soon as the passes were moderately
sale, the trio had vanished lo continue their spell of activity. At tho
closing down of the winter, as fl r.'-
sult of the report of the rich strike,
fourteen claims were staked and recorded in a few hours.
We were not prepared for so
early n confirmation of the good
news, but on Sundny last Davie
strode into '.own ami proudly exhibited specimens from the claim.
They were not sparing with tlieir
specimens, and all the hotels nre
in the possession of huge lumps,
which are being generally admired,
and the modest chunk at the Engle
office is securely held down.
The above mentioned trio have
been engaged so far ii- stripping the
ledge, anil a 5 ft vein is laid bare
which carries free gold in such
large quantities that they claim it is
visible to the naked eye anywhere,
and can be freely picked out.
The Eagle rmtn suggested to the
jllb.ilant Pavie that there was a probability of his enthusiasm getting
the better of his judgment, and his
estimation being* too high.
"Too high!" broke in Grant,
"Go and see Sam Shannon ; you'll
get the I ruth there- he's got the
assays.    I've done."
" Sam could have been lhe richest man in the Lardeau to-day had
he adopted crooked ways," said
Hill Davy. " His assays are too
honest but that's go.ul enough for
us these days."
The Irio were so anxious to convince our representative that a
promise was extracted from him to
visit their bonanza, or thc option of
bein_r dragged there was offered;
but the Eagle man begged off lor a
day or two���such indulgence being
granted on their learning of the
necessary and speedy development
required on his own " lead claim "
down at the Printeries.
On making enquiries, we learn
that the. free gold on sight will
average $200 to the ton, and that
the first specimen assayed $11,032.
and the average wasjab oz. ?*5.
Lardeau Eagle
ITiutcd  uml  Published
every   Kill HAY
U��� by
J.   J.  ATHERTON.  Prop.
��� whom nil aorreapoudeuoe should be milled.
Subscription Kates: fj.iHi per annum, m
nny address In America; .i.*;." fur six months!
.-.--'' h your io foreign addresses.   No pay, nu
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single columu mob per mouth. Legal ads., l.
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Heading notices to ceius per Ifue eaoh issue.
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tniriy days, *ru. .su mih.nucepted at less than
these rsle.s.   An luuln lurijuac- Hill,.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
which certain journals are screaming for combined. VVe shall be
proud to show the seeker of information where the ore is���and lhat
our claim for Ferguson being the
"pay-roll centre of the rich Lardeau " the Nelson-Rossland ol tho
district, is justified. We can tell of
properties abandoned not a great
many years ago for no other reason
than a poor showing of lead, the
owners of which are producing and
��� shipping a carload of ore a week witli
smelter returns averaging S200 iu
gold and silver. We can tell of
other such properties awaiting your
Every dav rich strikes are rewarding the energies ot the rustler���but
the rustler is too often without capital to develop his strike. How
many of the Nellie L., Silver Cup,
and Triune series are there undeveloped? Ye of little faith, having
capital to invest, turn your attention to Ferguson.
FRIDAY,  JULY  8,   1904.
'Twould be a labor of love, irrespective of its not being consistent
with decorum, were we to soar to
lhe housetops and screech aloud
the praises of the Lardeau. Bui
we are painlully aware that such an
act would be antagonistic to the
true interests of the country. Our
way may be slow, but at least it is
sure���and that is the point we are
anxious lo drive home lo the enquirer, to the man searching tor a
fruitful field of investment. We
������hall continue our hammering, even
if by so doing we offend his pride
and faith in his own good judgment.
How many times, Mr. Investor,
have you been compelled to " pull
down the blind " through following
the fulsome flatteries of journals
who have " axes to grind ? " Even
if we adopted the course of booming
every proposition of the district, we
at least would have the satisfaction
of assuring the investor with truth
that no private interest or silent
partner arrangement emanates from
this office, lt is our aim to instil
into the minds of those seeking information, faith and confidence in
the Lardeau and our assertions, and
we leel lhat sooner, or later truth
will cut deep, and the desired class
will cast in their lot with us. That
is the reward we seek.
It has fallen to our lot lately to
visit some of the finest properties
oi an embryonic nature that have
ever been stripped, and it needs but
a visit to Ferguson by an expert to
learn the truth. We have free gold
almost at our doors ; we have lately
and such rich strikes that we are
almost safe in asserting that three
shippers have been added to our
list. We have a responsible body
of men, a Trades Council, whose
interests lay with the progress of
the town, and visitors to our burg
need have no fear of anything of a
' bunco " nalure.
To the reader who is not conversant with Ihe geography of the Lardeau it will come as a surprise to
learn that here, right here, three of
ihe richest mines in Canada are to
he found. Who is there that has
not heard of the famous Triune, of
which the (own of Ferguson is
justly proud, and the enterprising-
management and shareholder! to be
congratulated ? Who is there, interested in mining, who has not
followed wilh absording interest the
installation ol Ihe concentrating nnd
chloridising plant of the Silver Cup
Mines ? This is a glorious, gigantic
success. " In rock, and out���
Hl*|.|.ion." There is scarcely! any
appreciable percentage of loss
throughout the whole process.
The Nettie I.,, the Silver Cup, the
Triune! What names to conjure
with ! The shipment of ore for the
past three years by these mines, and
the gross values obtained, are more
than the nine principal shippers of,
July 2nd should prove a red-letter
day for Ferguson. The wise men
Irom the east will now have an opportunity, of collaborating with the
wise men of the west. " Tell it
not in Oath���whisper it not in the
streets of Askelon "���we have now
a representative body of men who
will look to the interests ol Ferguson first, last, and always. Uefore
the "100 late" juncture of ihis
epoch is reached, we shall arise as
one man and stand to our guns.
All are determined to push the good
thing along, and our congratula
lions are extended to the Board who
are anxious that ourinterests should
be safeguarded. The new Board
will now meet in conclave to devise
ways and means ot averting such a
miserable piece of bungling of a
former occasion, which has robbed
Ferpuscn cl thousands of dollars.
What has been done cannot be
undone, hut an effort will be made
to prevent trams running over our
heads' en any similar future occasion.
What was accomplished on Saturday night should have been consummated a dozen years ago, and
the results would have proved fruitful. Everybody who has the true
interests of lhe burg at heart will
not fail to see the importance oi
the project, and all should assist the
Board in their efforts to give reliable information to the enquirer.
MR. HARPER, one of the I, C. S.
Representatives for this district, will
be In Ferguson In n fow days. Anybody wishing un interview ro any ul
tho following courses, will lind hlm|at
the Forguson Motel:
Mechanical Englnoor.
Machino I>esianer_
Mechanical Draftsman,
)foreman Machinist.
Foreman Toolmaker.
Foreman Patternmaker.
f-tuviin-.il lllacksiuilh.
Fnronian Mulder,
oas Unginoor.
Hefrlgoratlon Engineer,
. Trartfmi Eimlneer.
Electrical Engineer.
Electric Machino Dosignori
Electric-Lighting Sllpl,
Electric*Hallway Supt.
Telephono Englnoor.
Telegraph Engineer.
Jlynamo 'fonder.
sii'.in Englnoor.
biu-iue annuel
Mnrftic Bngineor,
civil Engineer.
.Hydraulic Engineer,
.Municipal Engineer.
Iiiidgn Engineor.
itallioud Enjrlueer.
Mining Engineer.
Mine surveyor.
Mine Foreman.
Cotton-Mill Bnpt,
Woollen-Mill till|lt.
Textile Designer,
Contractor ami lliilldcr.
Architectural liraitsman.
;*ifjii Painter,
show-card Writor.
Sheet-Metal Draftsman,
Ornamental Designer.
Perspective Draftsman.
Ad Writer
Commercial Law.
Taught with Phonograph.
French.        German.        Spanish.
Start now on the road to success over
whioh (100,000 students havo travelled
and are travelling. What it has dono
for others lt will do for you.
S. H. KRUGER, Rep.,
Box 415, Nelioa,
NOTICE |��� horoby given lhat licences to
prospect fni iilmcl iiotrolelllll upon and
undor laudssIiii.iik.i iviiliin nio.ik i..*'ii smith-
Kan Kii.iii'iiliy, will bu Issued forthwith to all
per- who havo made proper application, in
pursuance of ilic provlslnns of flic "Coal
.'Unci Act "an li ititlmonts,
flic Ice lur each III op will lie J11I0, and all
applicants wlio have 1101. dci.n*Uod accepted
bank ulioqlles1" e.iver that ainuiiiu arc horoby
rci|iilrcd Hid without further notice.
Licences ��iil be Issued in iho mil..cm,:
form, vie.:
" in ctniOdcrall-.u of one hundred dollars
now paid under tlio said Acts, and subject lo
ilic previsions, thereof, I, v��'.S.Unre, Uoputy
Commissioner acting for the chief Commissioner of bands end U'nrks. licence
* to enter, prospect, Bcaroh
and work for coal and petroleum [lint nn othor
metal orintneral) upon, in and under all that
piece or pitted of mineral laud situate in and
forming pan nf block 4,888, East Kootenay
Distriot, and tlosoribod us follows :���
und not oxceodhlg in flic whole six hundred
and loriy statute acres.
"Owing In the number of applicants for
licenses to prospect lor coil! und petroleum,
und the pcenliar olreilmslaures surrounding
tho application for und issuance of those
licences, ami tlie well-known fad that the Is-
sicinee has been miavililably suspended fur so
many n'lis. the Unvernmont ol Uriiish Columbia finds It Impossible 10 determine tho
equitable right-* nf the numerous applicants.
Therefore, lur Iho purpos. uf enabling all 1 ���
suns tn uu before thc.pri.per tribunal for the
determination of Iheir lespective rights and
priorities, this licence is Issued antl accepteti
subject 10 sin li priur rights nf other persons as
may exist by law, and Uie dale nf this licence
Is nut to be taken ur hold its in anv sense deter-
mining such priority, and further it shall urn
he lakell ur hclii'ln Waive enquiry by the
courts Into tin, proper performanee of all conditions precedent as between adverse claim-
nuts ; and further mi tiie nlidcistiindin*; thai
lie* Government si*h!1 net be held responsible for, or in t'onncollon with, any cnnilid
which may arise ���flth othor eluloiutits of tlie
suiiie ground, nnd that under no cirpumstances
will licence fees be rolumled.
" And the linhlcr horoby waives any claim or
demand against the Cuvcmmcnt, and expressly unices nut tn take any steps ur proceedings, or   present any petition, tu ell/uice any
alleged elttim or demand against the Govern*
nienl ui tbe I'rnvincc uf Hritish Columbia
urisiie. inn nf tlie issuance uf this licence ur
of any  utiier  matter ur lliiin,' appertaining
"Tlie land boing under reserve from pre-
emptiouand sale Ibis licence dues nnt Include
any rigiii other ilinn the right tu prospect fur
coal mid petroleum.
"Tlie duration of Ihis licence is for nnc year
frnm the . I III   .
" Depvty Commissioner ol Lands .t Works,
" Lands n 11.1 Works Department,
" Victoria, 11. C, ,]'J0."
Chief Commissioner of bands and Works.
Lands and Works licpurtment.
Vioturla, II. C.lith June, ISM. Jc9
tuiiiiiicATu of nimovEMENTS.
Triune, silver chief, Enterprise Kamloops
und  Kamloops  Fractional  mineral  claims,
situate Ii! the Trom Lake Mining Division uf
West Koolettay District.
Where locsteii : -On Triune Mountain.
TAKE NOTICK lhat I. (leprae s. McCarter,
acting as ui!"'it fur Andrew Foi'itusnil, Free
MLlels' Cerlllicatc, No. l!s:l.V'"J, Intend, slxtv
days frnm   tie*  .lute hereof, tn apply   tn   Ibe
.Milling itec.rder for a Certificate ol Improvements, for the purpose nf obtaining n Clown
Grantof the above claims.
And furtlior take nniice. that action, under
sci linn :,7, must be cuiiimeuceil befure thei
sun nee nf -ui ii 1 ei ti lieu ie uf improvements.
liuled till* 1Mb ilay uf Junfi, A.ti. I'.'l'l.
(1E0. S. McCAllTEll.
Go To
Trout Lake.
&"& rfr.;-��_rfr_rf_ rii vJrjrft.rfi._rir riuM
j Tonsorial   *. I
I Parlors..
-S Shaving.     Shampooing:,         #
f Hairdressing,      Singeing, ij
i Dyeing,     Bathe, hot and       Et
I oold water.                         if
3     I have the best appointed shop in tiie L
V  Lardeau.  Open from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. tf
"5 $
��   Schnell & Hooker,    j
L Ferguson and Trout Lake.      %
Finis    F ntQ      in   Fer��us��n-  the Pay-Roil
MJlMjr     IwULZi      Centre ofthe Rich Lardeau.
Is the HUB
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenomiffilly rich
camps   of   Pop'ar   and
Rapid creek3, and
NORTH ot Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
-Revelstoke. B. C.
*��� ?4-m* _>*.^ �����-h>?"?>^ . <^^
la Our
or Tho
I Bundle
Only Tho
Hunt, Quality
Of Hoods.
Send Orders To"
Jewelry, Silver
Ware, Watches&c
Note the Address
The Balmoral
Under the Management ot S. Slinger
Everything of the best n
C'-^rtillrnte uf Incorporation.
I IIBREBY CERTIFY, that "The (front
Northern Mines, LI wilted " liaa tliis duy been
lncoriio rated undei' tiie" Companios Act, 1B07,"
wi a Limited Company, with h capital otone
million live hundred thousand dollars,divided
into one million Hvelmndrad thousand -shares
of one tiolliir (Tlj each,
The time ofthe existence of ihe company Is
fitly years.
Given under my hand nml soalof office nt Vic*
torla. I'roviiu'-? of Hritish Columbia, this "th
Mayorsriiemhor, one tliuusninl nine huiitlreii
and tliiYi1.
1-1*8.] s. y, WOO.TOX,
Registrar o! Joint StooaGompanles,
The following nre the objoott for which the
Company has heon incorporated :���
1., To ptirehase ihe property of "The Ophir
Lade Mining Syndicate, Limited ;" and to pur-
ohase the following mineral claims, via,, the
"Htrntheonti." "Triuno Kmotion," " Luoky
Jack," "Lucky Three,1* "Little Phil," "LuckY
Jack Praetlon/V'aoldsmltH," and "Cold illll,1'
all situated Itl ihe Trout Lako Mining Division
b! Wtim Kootonay District; and nlso to purchase, lea.-ie, hoinl, locutu or mliurwise acquire
any minoral claims, mineral lauds, minos, pro-
parties and any real estate in the Province of
British Columbia or olsowhoro, and to pay fur
the sumo either in money or iu fully paid-up
sharos of the Company, or partly in monevand
partly in such slut res, am! to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the sumo or nny of them or any
interest therein :
���2. To dig for, raise, crush, wash, smelt, assay,
analyse, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise
treat gold, silver, copper, lead ores or deposits
aud other minerals nml mctnllie huhsttinee*.
hth-. compounds of all kinds, wheiher bulling*
ing to the Company or noi, and to render the
same merchantable, and to buy, sell nnd deal
iu the Bame, or any of them :
B.To carry on the business of a mining,
snieltimr, milling and re fining company iu all
or any of its bi'nneJics:
' 4, To'.acquiro by purchase, lease, hire, ex-
ehaiigc or other w'iM* micIi Ilm ber lands or lenses,
timber claims, licenses to out limber, -surface
rights and rights of way, water rights und nri-
.   . mils, factories, furnaces for smelting
and treating ores and refining metals, bulla-
���-������ + ������*>
Smith c�� Co.
45 Bleary St,
* Montreal
Will hu represented in
Fet'guBon three or four
days etieh month. Any
orders for olothing will
reeoivo oluso nt'.onlion
nnd wo
Our representative
S. A. Soott is ti
practical  tatlbr and
will mako clothes
lit. Holt! your
orders for him.
ings, machinery, plunl, or otherwlso renl or
personal property in. mny be neeessnrv for or
conducive to the proper carrying out of any of
the objects of the Company:
6. To construct, maintain, alter, make, work
gnd operate on tho property of tho Company,
any canals, trails, roads, ways, tramways, brld.
ges-und reservoirs, dams, ilitiin.-*,, race and other
way*, wnterconrscs.tu'ijitcdiiels, wells, wharves,
piers, furnaces, saw-mills, crushing works,
siiuliing works, concentrating works, hydraulic works, eiecttic works and appliances, warehouses, buUdfngs, machinery, plant. stores,and
other works und eonveniences whieh maysoWt
uonduelvetoanyof thu objects ofthe Company, and With tho consent Of the shareholders
in geuorul meeting, to contribute to,subsidise,
orotnenyfse aid or Like pint in any such operations, ihough constructed and maintained by
any other company or persons outside of the
property of the Company, und to buy, sell,
manufacture and deal in all kinds of goods,
stores, Implements, [provisions, chattels and
effects required hy the Company or its workmen nnd servants ;
ii. To take, acquire, own au-1 hold as the consideration tor ores, metnls or minerals sold'or
otherwise disposed of, or for goods supplied or
for work done by eon.met or othdrwiso, shares,
debentures, bonds ar other securities of or in
any other company, thu objects of which are
similar to those of this Comoauy, and toselior
otherwise dispose ot the sniiif*.:
7. To enter Into any arrangement for sharing
profits, union of lu teres ts, or co-operation with
any other person or company, carrying on, or
about to carry on, any business or transaction
similar to that which this Company js authorised to carry on :
8. To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake nil or anv of thu assets; business, property, privileges. conirm-K rights, obligations
and liabilities of any person or company carrying on any pun of ton business which u company specially limited under said section is
authorised lo carry on, or possessed of proporty
suitable for tho purposes thereof:
'.). To borrow or raise money for the purpose
of the Company, but so that the amount so borrowed or raised Hhftll not, without the sanction
of a general meeting of tho Compuny, exceed
one quarter oi the amount uf tim I'-ihMip capital for the limo being, and for tho purpose of
scouring such money mid Interest, or for any
other purpose, to mortgagoor charge tho undertaking or all or any part of ihe property of tlie
Company, present or niter acquired, and to
create, issuo, make, draw,accept and negotiate
Iierpetual or redeemable debentures or de-
lentnre stock, promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills of hiding, warrants, obligations
and other aegotiablo ami transferable instruments' :
ID. To distribute uuy of the properly of lho
Comimuy among the members in specie :
il. To ������sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage dispose of, turn to ao'-
cou'njt, or otherwise deal with tiie undertaking,
or thc wholo or any part of thu property nnd
rights of the Company, with power to accept a?
the consideration any shares, stocks, or obligations of nny company tlie objects of which are
restricted aa aforesaid or othorwlso :
12. To do nil such other things ns uro Incidental or conducive to the attainment ol the foregoing objects,
Dec. W.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   ,   *.
Situated midst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on the continent of North America.
lis b.ith�� cure all Nervous and Mus-
rnbir diseases. Its waters hen I nil
Kidney, l.iverand Stomach aliments,
They nre a never (ailing remedy for
alt metallic poisons, completely purify
illg the system.
TfilUfS-JlfttollSpcr week, ttecord-
ing to residence in Hotel or Villus.
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton nnd Comaplix, commeaoln�� Outu-
ber Mil., 1003, will sail as follows.
weather poi'mitttng.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twico dally���10k and 6k.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice daily���7:15k and
12;.5k, Making clo-jo eonneotlons
with all <-.'. I', IS. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve tho right to
change times of sailings without
Ths Frod Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
4 * ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���-������������������������������*������. *�����.��*��*�� +
\      IRON BEDS a Specialty      J
. $5 and up. J
4 ********-**** ****���. *** ��� *���������**���������-���
Goods can   be furnished to any part ol Lardeau on very sliori notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing  ..............*...*........... ��*>--">^
................... . .-M -*���*������'*������ q
I Funeral Directors and   .
I Embalmers. *
(Graduate of Myer'n College*.of Embalming]
Can attend caso at Ferguson at tei
hours notico if advised bv wire.
United flatters of Norlli America
ho United IfAttoi
^^���'���"..r----"   -,'        torn
Certtflente of Improvements,
Mold Hill and OoIU-smllli Mineral Clnlm-s. Mb
nub in the Troul Luke ^lining Division of West
Kooi'-uiiy Distriot.
' Where Inoitted-���:>n Poplar Cfaeli shout one
mile from the railway.
Take Notlee tlmt'l Robert Hodge, ncllng ns
agent for W. It. Tool, ''roe Miner's I'erlilicnte
No. JI, 71717, intend; sixty days from the Unto
hereof, to apply u> tho Mining Itooorder for
certificate* of Imprpvotnontfl, for ths purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants o( thf atove claims,
And further hike notice thut notion, under
seetion :!7, must bo commenced before the Issu-
anew of inch ivriiti-epie" of Improvements*
>ated thij.mh duy of January, a.m. i 110-4.
Two Bargains.
t'ttt price, terms, eto,. apply lo J, Edward
Bird, liarrMor, vaucouvur, or to liAi. Wood-
wnni, Kerttusoii.
rpHATcomfortable utile Pwolllng House oc-
X euiiled by 0. M. Nosbltt, aud two well cultivated lots, nicely fenead, itltuiiiod lu the best
residence part of Perguson. Tor sale cheap.
This Is n sunp.
rilHE Eagle Bloek, occupied by the Lardeau
X Eagle nev/flpfiper und tho Methodist
Church. The building drairi a good rentul
and thc sale price ami terms will surprise you,
Locals With k ruyfltrnak,
U pays to uso the telephone. A trip
cnn often bo huvoi! to Trout Lako, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the 'phone. Olilce In Cummins & Co.'s
D. J. Robertson, tho Nolson furnltue
dealers are funeral directors and em-
The Canada Drug: <fe Book Co., Ltd.,
of Revelstoko, carry an immense stock
of stationery, fancy poods, frames of all
kinds, the ImosC books ahd magazines,
rubber goods and mountain and mining
views.   Give thorn a mail order.
* Smokers: If you want the genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
s stamped in gilt letters on every box.
���H.A, Brown, Keyeletoke,
. .. retailer has
loose label.1. In his
ssessiou and of-
ters to put one in a
but for you, do not
patronize-, him, He
has not any rtgnt to nave ihoso lnbels. Loose
labels In retail Btoros aro Counterfeits. Do not
listen 10 any explanation as to why the hai
bus no label. The Uenutne Union Label is
perforated on tbo four edges oxsotly the same
ns a postage Htanvp. Counterfeits tir�� sometimes perforated on three of tbe edires, and
sometlm��sonlyon two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tbe counterfeits. Unprincipled munufac-
Hirers nre usinic tlicm in order to net rid of
tlieir scab-made hats. Tbo John n. stetson
Co. of Philadelphia, i'a., is non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOIT1TT, President,
Orange, N.J.
joiin PIIILUPs,Secretary,
11 Wnvorly Place, Hnom 13, Now York City.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Aoyononondlit!,' n -���'hcteli nnd description may
fpilctdr naeiTiJiin onr opinion irto wtietlicr 1:11
invent i-m u. probably pntantAblo. Coinmuiilcft'
linnsKlilRtl-rroiilldoiitl.tl. TIniu!bookou Pnteiits
omil finP. tildent i:iir.n'T titv sueurtn-r fiutitnta.
Piitonfi- tiiltnn tfiroUKh Munn k Co, receive
tpcnittl natki, without ohorge, lu tho
a hantliomoly (Hnstrafml 1
roeklr.  I-amait clr-
., ,-,���, r..,:,   inml.  Tonus,Wa
Hiif months, |1, Boid byall npwMleniers.
,wi.!. 4 Co.88,B��-*B''Hew lfBrt
llrunch uflli'i. M5 V Kt-, V'ashiu-vio:i. 1). 0.
Including tho Pish Creek camp
nnd Upper Dunc*u Itlver Boelion, compiled l-yA. i'.'Cniniiiins, IM..S.,nud 8
Shannon.H.A���Is now on sale nt t'lia
oiilee. Tim ready sale of tbe man i��
proving all we havo said for it. t'he
TroutUikodivision is litlioKnn>li<-d in
blaek, lite Lardeau in red.and die Alns-
worlh in hlue. Even a tenderfoot could
take ii copy of llnu man nnd lind nny
olaim recorded in ibe three divisions,
Tlie mountains, bikes, Creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and tno location nnd name, by a unique
index) of every mineral claim inthe
district Is shown,
Next   to   Visiting,   the   Country   In
Person This Map Takes first Place.
In fnet every gengrnplilcal
feature is so well define - that one can
scent a glance the nature of ourcountry
end the trend of the claim locations
gives an Intelligible idea of [be mineral
belts running through the camp, ills
The   Best   Worth   For   One   Dollar
ever offered in tbe mnp lino of a mining
camp. It is the Ilrst comploto lllttp Of
tlioaistrfi'l aud is-selling well, it is just
what you are looking for. \VK ALSO
WHU'll SICI.b ,\T ?l.'n. tiii.sk auk
Address your order, with an
onclosuro of n one dullt.r bill, luo
cheques, orders, etc.] to
Ferguson, E.C.
D. J. Robertson & O
Mining corapaniea or others ordering
lota of 20 or more, maps will be sup-
pliad at SO cents eaeh.
Troul Lake Branch���A   Genera!   Banklnn,   [liisliicas   Trnns-ic
Capital Authorized, $-1,000,000 HEAD oPFKB'
Capital (paid up)    -    3,000,000 _ _   .     .
Re.t - - - - - - 2,850.000 Toronto, Ontario-
Branches in the Northwest Territories. Provinces of British Columbia, Miiul-
toba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R. MEERITT, President. D. II. WILKIE, Vloo-Pres. am] Cui- Man.
E. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Ins, lotor,
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Dmfta Sold nviiiliiljlo in AII ,jiirtu (if ruiitula,
UlllUKlSUtes Mid Europe. ������.,,.������.
Bnoclal iiifpiuion riven lo collections ami c' "��� -"""���'D"
Mining UonU��. Manu&er
Are You
A Union
.   Man .
Union Cigar Factory \
Manufa-titures only Union (jonde, nnd besides, tbey ure I'm best on the market.
They aro mmlcof tlio best Havana tobneco.
juul tbeir exceilonco Is undisputed, insist
(Mi ���sjetting'
H. A. BROWN.     =     Proprietor I
L'nlnn Cigar I'aciory, REVELSTOiCE, B.C. ii
I Lardeau
x     Laughton Bros.
wi. Proprietors.
We try to give satisfac- ,.
tion to our   Ptiests. "Sf
 , fe
^'-. ..V. .A, ,A. .--���. *A- .V .A*. .'** -At ^*  *^- *.'V -'���- ���*���-   -^-r -^f rf�� -'.' ���-.**  "-*.'��� -���.*" '-V- "���**  "It'V'l
And You Will Get The
- The ���
= Bagle-
��� *>�����-
��� ���������������
��� Free ���
With The Latest War News,
.���___"== Fpr -
The Lardeau Eagle will give you the latest reliable information on Mining and Lumbering.
The Winnipeg Free Press is one of Western
Canada's greatest family newspapers.
I Tlie Kootenay
Steam Laundrv
Made in
Does All 1< I
Way Of
Either Machine or Hand Work.
lie Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Thoro is only one best mining Journal.
Tbat i��
Mines and Minerals.
it linn ii lar-iter circulation thon nny two othar
\mcricnn mining journals beiwiiM. it In. ihu
lioat. it is lliu largest, best Illustrated am!
hannwomoKi mining jonrnal in tliu .th'1'1. It
Is it mining jiajmr far tuijiini,' men. Rnb^nr-hu
Hon urlce ViM i-iT year, fiuii'l for free ��Ani'|i!e
copy    AiMresj..\HNl-.S.l.\i>MI.Vi;itAI.!J.r;cuiii.
ton, Pa., U. S. A. Denver offlu��, Bartii UKIj ���
Uenyer, Color-ad?,
Any complaints may bo lodged
with onr Agent,
"���    F. T. ABEY,
Tr.inl 1.0,
The Brightest, Nov/siost Fapor
In the District. 1*44.4.......... .,........+
X Local and General.  1
..*���---���<������-*.���*-.*���.. _���.��������*���*-������ jt.*-
Moro Oold :
Moro Wedding:
Wedding  issue,
Tills is our Gplden-
ulease excuse tun'
Wit] Shannon Is in Forguson.
A now Btage '.- running tu town.
.1. P. McLeod sailed for Sandon on
A'cdnoi day.
liiily (leorge holds a lovoo atlO-Milc
. tin  l-th.
Mrs. A. C. Cummins took a trip t
Poplar this week.
Ed. Harr and Mi.-.** Carrie Thomas
led ii;" ball at tho Lake.
No room for war news. Too much
gold, nnd too many weddings.
Art. Desjardy has gone to preside
at the barber shop at Trout Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Ale... Laughton returned from thoir honeymoon un Wednesday, and a royal greeting awaited them.
Willie Crawford was married on
limo .'.iilh tu Miss Mabel Lade, at
Beaton.   Congratulations.
Balmy zephyrs on Monday night
blew thn llowel-y Lowery this way.
no grazed hero for'one eclipso and
W. 11- Howard, vtljlle prospecting on
the slope parallel to town came across
.* lar*;e quantity of rock bearing free
gold.    He's staying witli it.
Divine Service will be held inthe
Kaglo Hall uu Sunday evening, Pith,
ac S o'clock, conducted by Rev. A. K.
Sharp. Subject : " Anxiety." All
are cordially invited.
Mr. .ins. Lade lias resigned frum the
position of superintendent ol thu Oyster
Criterion, which hu lias held since the
Ophir-Lade syndicate was merged into
tho great Northern Mines.
Ed. Ward and O. ,1. Keld, witnesses
in lhe Poplar trial, were in town for
,* lev: days this week. They wont, to
���Poplar on Monday tn develop their gold
properties there.
Hollo I The. Triune, oilices on Main
Street have had telephone communication with tliu niiiiu installed. Tho
arrangements were under the supervision of llol't. McCutcheon and So. P.
Tho   Board  nf   Licensing  t'nminis-
siui s met at Trout Lake on Monday
last. Licences were granted to frank
Barber, fur thu King's Hotel, Ferguson,
\sa llillinan. 10-Mlle Hotel, and Kun-
nelh Morrison lor the Park Hotel.
Tlie ilrilliog contest at Nelson on
Dominion Day resulted as follows:
Greenwood, 371 ins.. 1st: Venus Mine,
il in., 2nd ; Ymir, 29J, 3rd. The Ymir
���ea"> had the niisloi-tnue to start on un
ild hole, and thus lust time. Six teams
lompetod, and the prizes ivere $1511,
MOO and $c0.
Wu h.ivo'nl mado up our minds yet
whether to eulogise the local footballers Or roast Kevelstoke for not giving them a bigger pasting. The boys
who went had a great time, and llevel-
,toko showered honors and gouls-
ipon them. Still, 3 to nil with a scrub
.earn is not much ol a licking. Cock-a-
loodle.-doo I
A. P. Holdich lias received informa-
���,ion of a snug legacy being bequeathed
ilm, which is now awaiting him in
.-'.nglaud. The fortune will enable him
*.o spend the rest of his days in comfort.
Mr. iluldich is well known in Ferguson
ind throughout thu Kootenays, and all
will join in wishing him long life to enjoy his good fortune.
A quiet wedding took place at tho
C. of !���:., Revolstoke, -luiy 6th, the con-
raelin:4 parties being Stephen Slinser
if tho Balmoral Hotel, Ferguson, and
Viol.il I'.rsion, of Hovel-toko, The
iridc was attended by Mi.s .lessio Pro-
junior, and tlie bridegroom by Mr. A.
������:. lleiinison. Tho happy couple ur-
���ived homo on Wednesday.
Dr. M.lloy Is going to tbo I.X.L. this
veuk to survey. This properly is right
.n the gold bolt, which extends from
Camboi ne���through Forguson���to Poplar. Tho ���average freo gold on this
valuable property paos $62 in gold to
i he ton. The doctor deserves all kinds
���f good luck, ns he has stayed with the
country, and we trust his hopeB will
Whon a man commits matrimony and
everybody is in the know.���He's a hero.
When a man has a wedding feast and
Invites the printer.- He's a soclulist.
' "\ ,'hen a man sneaks out ol town to get
l ttrried and crawls back looking like
: i cents.--He's an anarchist. When
, ich a one, utter returning, strutB
i ound with his marriage certillcate In
I :s pocket trying to strike bets.���He'B
a villain.
Will Eddy lias resumed duty at thc
Nettie L.
To-morrow. Saturday, at 1 30 p.m.
Thu event of the season. The Ferguson Scramblers vs. tho 6-Mile Concentrators. Frank Barber captains tlie
F.S., and Bob Hargreaves thc Bullion-
ists. On the Athletic Club grounds,
Ferguson. Grand stand and euclosuro
all ono price. Collection will lie mado
in aid of the F.ugle Editor (.2 a shot).
Lynching tliu Umpire to he 1> ft until
after the collection.
I Mr. I!. N. Riblet was in town on
Tuesday, and he climbed lho suminitof
thc Triuno to lix upon tlie locution for
the tramway, whieh will span 8,000 It.,
with (I or eight derricks. Tlie lower
part will he about 0,600 feel in length,
and tlio upper section of tiie main standard tram will extend some 1,6X10 foot.
a small 2-buoket oscillating tram will
be erected from the mine to tlio cabins.
Tlio survey work will be proceeded
witli this week.
Mr. II. Tl. Battey is no beliovnr in
tho spoonful policy, lie intends tlie development work to bo thorough before
tho serious part of the business begins.
Altogether he lias IT men at, work.
A cabin IS x JOhns been erected, and
the old trail has mado way for a 12 feet
corduroy wagon road. There has been
no particular haste to reach the ore,
100 sacks havo been packed ready for
shipment, They expect to pack from
60 to 75 sacks per day.
A preacher at tlie conclusion of one
of his sermons said: "Let al! under
this roof who aro paying thoir debts
stand up." Instantly every man,
woman and child, wilh one exception,
rose to their feet. Tho preacher
seated them and said: "Now, every
man NOT paying his debts stand up.1'
The exception noted, a careworn, for-
hungry-looklng individual, low
down at heel, and clothed in a last
year's eastern slop shop suit, slowly
assumed tlie porpondicularposture, and
faced lho preacher.   " How is it my
*->-**-���*'-���+-���-.*4-. *���.-?��� 44*4*444 4*4
4    **4-4**4< 44 4******4****    4
| | CARDS. J j
*   ---><>-->-��- + ����� # * o *���+���-��������� ���-���������-������������-�����������������-*���   ���
I   ���������.������., ' j
l O   B. N. WILtvIE, .
,     X-S^ P.  L. S. t
! Provincial
I Land
Surveyor* J
iisi.oii Lbe minister in sepulchral tones, "that you are tho only
person hem not to meet your obliga-
inn.s 7 " "I run tho local paper," ho
answered meekly, '-and tho brethren
bere who just stood up are my subscribers,   and "     "Let us pray,"
exclaimed tho minister.
Tho Wail of the IHagle.
Tiio Individual who pushes the pen.
sets the type, sweeps the floor, tolls
th-o tale, dud^es the rent, and sneaks
in nnd ont of the Kayle olliee like a
phanthom, erelong will prove a victim
to carkiiiff care. Wo register no kick
ou the daily receipt ot a mail of threatening epistles, but when a murderous,
looking villain blocks tho front steps
thero's trouble on the horizon, and we
nre up against it. Last, Monday the
eagle-eyed ore noticed Buoh an apparition on the Ikigle stationary elevator���
a copy of last week's issuo und sonic
heavy artillery peeping from his hip
pocket, He was killing time by transferring strawberries from iv paper bag
to a rupueiou* "chute." The approach
of thc dispebser of free drinks wn* unobserved, the Sherlock Holmes of this
narrative scented danger, nnd ihe
back-door'net safely mttneeuvred.
Full of wrath���and STRAWBERRIES,
th-. walking ut'aenal caught on to tho
ruse.   Act No. 1 was a frost.
The "stall"" asHumetl a nonchalant
air as the executioner approached���with
murderous leer and an index finger
covered with juice from the luscious
berry--pointing to a paragraph in our
last issue which announced that "(Jtn-
aw had c,oL work." A peremptory demand was made for the life of tho pur.
petrator, but information was vouchsafed thut said writer had juflt retired
to seo a lady about a dog.
Tho mini wlt-i murder in his eye
grew suddenly pale, and almost shrieked : " I'm not afraid of nobody or nothing no-liow," and ho could knock llic
stulliu outer lifty such blob-blam ping-
pongs,'cte., but his face was assnminga
ashen hue, his hands moved to ihe
vicinity of his pantry, tho strawberries
had gOt in their deadly work and he
IN the matter ol an application fnr a dupli-
.���arti ol il V"*rtiikttie 01 uilu to Lut-I, Hloek 1;
Lots") mid Ti, Moult 2; Lots? nml H, J'.lo.'kO-
Mini ..<>! IU, MIoK Mi nil In tlio 'lowii of For
b'liisoii���Mft|>H (>71 nml UT1A.
NOTICL is liweby given that It in my Intention to lauue al tlie expiration of uuo month
from tlie first jui'ilir.uion hereof n duplicate,
of the Corlitlwuj. oi Title totlietibovc mentioned lots la Die name of (iuy Alexumler Lnffcrty
which cfrltllniic Is dittod tlie Itfitti day of
Jltirvh-l.HJl.iiml impiher'jd 101 A.
il. if, .MACLEOD,
������ 'District ItegUtrar,
Land Regiitry Ollico, Nelson, ILL.
1UU Slay, 1KH.
-�� T
t Ferguson nnd Trout Luke. J
; - :
��� Siu'veys.maflo und Crown Grunts J
, Obtained. t
4 Otlit'ti:       -       -       Trout Luke. ���
13. C. !
��� Vy 1M.IAM A. BAUER,
4 Siirvoyeot Mines, Mineral Claims nid  \
. rr'uivn l.nn.ls.   Crown  lirimts Ob-   1
4 Inliied mid Assu.-sinoiils Mnungcil
. litf Absoulew.
t 0111 cos:  Camborno and Vanoouvot
t ;zz^- ;
���>       T 1 T
. 1>.   L.   S*. I
4 4
; CIVIL ami i
ENGINEER.        *
| omoo,
I flic Imperial 15anli I
I Of Cnnadn ���
I Am The Great Northern Mines, t
* Limited, i
Forguson " ' *
Forguson     ���     ��������� *-��� ��
Barristers, Sollciters, etc. J
Olllees: BovolMoko, Qoldon,andForgn- ,
son. solliiitiirs for linporial Jltiuk ,
of Can ild a ���
Geo.s.McCarter. J.A.Harvey. )
A. M. rinklinra. J
> Barrister,  Notary Pablic etc. f
I *
> TI'.OL'T LAKE CITY II. (!., ANB        ���'
: t
[ FERGUSON,   B.   C.   t
0    0
��� i
E. M. Allum.
Mall order RnslnoM Rooolvos
Prompt A l lon tion.
Novo)tics lini .lowolry in groat
-Non? ilic Aditrew=
Heni^mriom for Aisiiyort, Minim;
* Mill Ku-polli.H. 86*8 BgOUta In I*.
<:. (or.Mo-fftft'i (-nu'Il-lo Co., Unttersea,
England j F. W. llranir* Co.'�� Patent
wotth & Co.'iFme BalfenOea etc., etc
^^>'r >^��S_M!BSiB����aB^^ ^Wt^'i -v> I
a tim
Tt   f      ^ IS
We have also
Stetson's Christie's
Pride of Uie West
i mm
^�� -**i /"������Si'y*. fQ?*L -��.-C iO^L ^i /t^C ^rj^ ***^l. /-*T^i. /*y-i /���'?"'&
>A     Was Stabies at Ferguson, Trout Lake ami Beaton,
Whore bo keeps light nud heavy vehicles, single and
double drivers, saddle and pack tlorsos fur hire.
Also proprietor of tho stairo routo running between
the above points, making three trips weekly.
The Best Placo To Put Up At When in Forguson ia
The King's Hotel
Healed by hot air and Lighted by electricity.   Tallies are provided with the best that money ean buy.
Tho rooms are well ventilated and always clean.
Rate by the Day
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
..llest ol service .. Choicest wines,
liqunis and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and ^^onPacking
"Jb^reigliting '   Transfer 0i,tfii-
Contracts  entered into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point iu lho district.
Good, prompt service, und any work undertakon guaranteed satisfactory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney,Prop.
Perguson Hotel


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