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82.00 A YEAR.
Tlie C. P. R, engineers' ir
Platting Out Mr Townsite
Diicliesnay to be Made the Smelt-
ins; Centre of tlie Lardeau
Selkirk City, at the fool of Trout
Luke, is no inore 90 far as the name is
concerned. It is to be known, as soon
11s surveyed, as Duchesney, a fitting
tribute to Supt. Duchesney of Revelstoke. At least this v, as the impression
given a representative of the Eagle
who visited the new C. P. It. town last
Saturday. Two or three parties of
engineers are now engaged in survey
work, and a contraot will be let in a
fow days to slash and olear twenty-five
acres us a starter for tbe accommodation of tho new town. In tbe meantime
there is no property on the market, nor
will the company allow any squatting,
as they soom determined to locate tbe
townsite on the beat possible location,
aud in accordance with tbe railway
plans. It will not be long, however,
until these arrangements are all made,
aud the present dismal looking forest
will be converted Into one of the liveliest towns along ihe new line, since
the C. P. R. have decided 10 make it
thoir town.
The company aro securing water
rights, laying out a smelter site, and
otherwise making preparations to make
Duchesney the Trail of the Lardeau.
It's unique location, with coke and fluxing material on the one side, and the
right kind of ores in every direction;
besides being the relieving point for
Lardeau's freight, at once makes it 11
townsite of no mean importance.
The only place of business now open
is tho Hotol Andorson, owned and run
by Frank Fullmer, but ho too may have
to move his building at any time.
Several prospectors and property
ownors are knocking around and doing
assessment work in the vicinity of
Duchesney, and some fine oro samples
are being brought down from Canyon,
Tenderfoot and othor creeks, particu-
lary is this true of the Pedro group on
Canyon creek, where Messrs. J. W.
Westfall and Fred C. Elliott, of Trout
Lake, were looking over the ground on
Friday Hist. Thoy obtained somo
splendid specimens of gray copper ore,
in white quartz, one of which may be
seen in 1 his oflice.
From the fact that the C. P. B. in-
fend to make Duchesney the smelting
point of thu Lai deau, and having acquired a majority interest in the town-
site, i is reasonable to suppose that
there will bo unusual life and activity
in the Lar.leuu terminus upon the completion of tho road to tbe foot of Trout
lake thia full, if not sooner.
N. E. Linsley, M. E., of Spokane, In
a letter to the Mining *s Scientific
Press, San Francisoo, urges tbe necessity for tbe establishment, at some fit
and proper point ln tbe j��,est, of a home
for old prospector^, on .similar lines to
the Old Man's Home at Kamloops, but
much more olaboi ate and wholly supported by the government. In conclusion Mr. Linsley says:
"When the home Is completed and
ready for the prospector, let him come,
cot as a medicant, but as an honored
guest, and there, in his declining years,
ho will live in tho past. In the wreaths
of Binoke from his pipe he wilt again
soo the stampede of oxcited prospectors
und miners hurrying to some reported
rich lind. Again ho will climb to tho
top of the highest mountain peak and
fool sorry for the millions of people
who havo lived and diod and novcr hud
one' breath of fresh air like this,   Uo
will again be mending his shoes by his
camp fire and tbe pine squirrel will
talk to bim from the branches above.
The waterfall, the beautiful lakes, the
deep forest and 'Tolling bills will all
pass in review. Nature has kindly provided that tbe dark spots ln his memory
gradually disappear, leaving the bright
ones brighter as he grows older. He
has nearly outlived his usefulness, but
he is entitled to a comfortablo home
far removed from the bill collector.
Lot him smoko his pipe and live over
again those days of full vigor and manhood!
The sudden death of an esteemed
citizen, William E. Ross, last Saturday
morning, caused from heart failure
brought on by asthma, was a sorrowful
surprise to Lardeaultes. The deceased
was a Mason, a Knight of Pythias, and
a member of the Railway Trainmen,
having for years boen a conductor between Donald and Kamloops, a situation which he threw up on account of
ill health. He was Interested in some
good mining properties in this camp.
His parents live in Chatham, Ont. Tlio
local Masons at once communicated
with his friends and the Rovelstoke
lodgo, who wired for the remains to bo
sent to Revelstoke, from where they
wero forwarded east. The'resolution
of condolence passed at the last meeting of the Miners' union Is tho expression of his many Intimate friends and
acquaintances iu this camp.
We are Informed that Spokane capitalists interested in tbo Sullivan mine,
have formed a syndicate for the building of a smelter on Mark creek, near
Marysvllle. It is said that a large
amount of the stock for the project has
already been subscribed for.��� Fort
Steele Prospector.
The Trackmen and Bridgomen Are
Certain of Viotory or Sympathetic Support.
Revelstoke, B. C, .Tuno 22.���Tho
Associated Press has apparently beon
bought up by the C. P. R., as nothing
butC. P. R.. specials go in regard to
tlie trackmen's strike. There has boen
no trouble here, and all the men are
out. So far I have not seen a solitary
drunken man. Tho government were
swearing in spoolnls at the beginning.
No fair man would accept the job so
they adopted tho American plan, and
hired the vugs and scum. Tlio general
opinion is that Govornmont Agent
Fauquier wont out of his way to assist
the company. Yesterday he received
orders to take the specials off. It
seems that the government discovered
they hud no authority for putting
specials on, but tbat thoy should have
been sworn In under tbo Dominion act.
Thore aro a number of Strnthconas acting as specials. Thoy wore sent from
Vancouver, and are evidently looking
for moro glory. Thoy call these follows specials, but they arc really 0. P.
It. watchmen���scabs every ono of them,
ritevo Smith, Oscar Strauss and ���
McAdain aro all the Rovelfltokers they
could scare up. Smith was Induced to
quit, but the others held it down until
called in. There is another scab at
Wigwam, probably tbe dirtiest of the
lot. That toothless mug, lt Is reported, forced tbe Italians at that
place, at the point of a revolver, to remove trees from tbe track. When the
government discharged him the C. P.
R. engaged him and sent him back
again, I have no doubt in tho world
but the boys will win,
Do you like the Eagle?    Do you
like it 92 worth ?
Word reached here on Tuesday that
W. B. Pool would be in from Revelstoke in a day or two, with twonty men
to go to work at $2.50 a day on tho
Nettio L. road. If this is tho case Mi
Pool will havo troubles of his own. it
is doubtful whether men oan bo induced
to go to work hero under tho circumstances. And there's plenty of Idle
men hero already,
Find Tip is More
in Mink Englishmen
As the Graft Plays Oiit Legitimate
Mining Will Tale Its Place
The Rossland Miner will havo lo try
tgain. It has not answered tho straight
question which tho EAQLE to-dny reproduces from the Nelson Tribune.
Supposing, for arguments sake, that
American capital is not flowing into
British Columbia for investment. Does
that help out thc case of tlio big English companies ono whit? Thc American practical mining man bus already
made his pile al the poor unexperienced
Englishmen's expense, and feeing that
the old country suckers aro getting
somewhat irritated, tho American
knows very well there is nothing to do
but bide his time. Tho American
knows full well that thero is more
money in mining in Loudon than in
tbe legitimate mining in tlio Koote-
Is there a single mine in
British Columbia owned, managed,   and  operated   by   old
countrymen   exclusively   that
is now a success ?    Is there a
single mine that was owned,
managed,   and    operated   by
Americans   successfully  prev-
[ ious to its sale to old cotintry-
|  men which is now successfully
f operated?   If not, why not?
�� ���Nelson Tribune.
nays; that is when the fly season is on.
Tho Americans can und do successfully
turn prospects into mines aud mines Into dividend-payers, but they aro also
considerably of tho shark, and their
overpowering tasto for suokers leads
them into a temptation they fail to resist.
If the EAGLE is not mistaken tho
Rossland Jump experience is to bo repeated In the Lardoau. Hero American capital Is practically all wo have,
except ono or two companies, ono u
Canadian und tbe other from Suckor-
villc, a suburb of London, Eng. And
ovory season is witnessing new American capital coming into the Lardeau.
Why? Because they will mako mines
and then repent the Ros&land dose, and
skip to whoro they came from with tho
proceeds. You seo thero's more money
In it this way. Tho American soouros
a $500 prospect, turns it into a $25,000
mine and soils it, to an English company for a 9100,000 or $150,000. Dead
easy, when you know the rounds and
have enough monoy to start in with.
After the fool old countryman finds
out thut he doesn't know the A. B. C.
of mining and shys clear entirely, or
hires men who do understand, regardless of cousins, etc., the practical
western mining men will get in and
At presont wo aro pestered to death
by men who pose as mining experts,
mine-managers, otc, when in reality
thoy are nothing but u pack of floccers,
stock manipulators and calamity howlers; tho latter becauso ilic jig Is about
up with them. People uro getting noxt
to these scoundrels, tho curse of any
country, if allowed a voice in what our
laws shall be.
The roally practical and businessliko
mining men are still sawing wood, say-
ing very littlo und uwniting the adjustment of certain conditions which
really do hurass tbo industry, namely;
the rise In price of silver and load, tlio
establishment of entire homo treat-
mont, and In the case of tho Landeau
district cheaper transportation facilities.
Unfortunately tho stock manipulators, gamblers, fleecers, and pig-headed
mine-managers have all kinds of
monoy, which they havo extracted
from tho innocent stock buyer in tlie
past, and they aro now using it In buying up the press, so that if possible
they can get things to thoir liking in
this provinco. We would bo well rid
of the whole nost of thcin. And at the
rate they aro getting their just dos-
sorts this will soon bo accomplished,
aftor which the legitimate mining man
may have a clianco to do something,
There uro too many people out with
the long mitt for mining in tho main to
be much of u success at present in
many eases. It's not oro thoy want,'
but merely a few neatly lithographed
stock certificates to flim-flam the unsuspecting public with���men who are
looking for something for nothing.
The mining arena offers great chances
for crooked work, and it's being worked
for ull there's in it by too many. As a
result tho investing public havo been
aroused. They want some return for
their money. And it's not forthcoming. They are doing the investigating
now which they should huvo done before thoy bought stock. And of course
the fleecers ure being found ont.
We havo been sowing our wild outs
in this provinco for tho past five years;
and as a natural consequenco we ure
to-dny reaping the harvest. But the
legitimato raining operator's day is
coming, nnd that boforo very long.
Experience do teach slowly, but she do
be n grert nnd mighty toucher.
If Road Work Is Let by Contract
tha Trouble   Will Be
The chances uro the Nettie L, wagon
road will yet bo lot by contract. Tho
government made n start on the work,
but a few days ago the men quit work,
refusing to work for $2.50 a day, and
pay for a cook. If thc work Is let by
contraot, $3.00 a day will bo paid, and
there will bo more work accomplished
for the money than would otherwise he
tho case. The principle of doing work
by day labor is right; but the government nor anyono olso cannot hope to
get "men" to work for less than $3.00
a day in this camp. If a contractor
who will do moro for tho money, can
pay $3.00 nt n profit to himself, wouldn't
u government also profit by doing the
sumo? Tho government paid $3.00 lust
yenr; but now they arc seeking no votes
and low wages cut no figure with them.
But it will, und bofore long too. The
government is very small potatoes indeed when it fulls to pay tho going
���vage of a camp. It sliould bo the last
to cut wages, and tho lirst lo sot a wage
standard. Rather than have $2.50 a
day as tho wugo scale, the road work
had bettor he let by contract, to men
who will pay fair wages and do more
work for less money than the government. This should not bo the case, but
it Is nevertheless,
"A fenturo of tho Slocun during tho
lust few weeks," said Mr, Hickey,
manager of the Ivanhoe, to u Minor reporter in Rossland tlio other day, "is
thp number of minors and prospectors
who have left Sandon and othor Slocan
towns for the Lardeau district. I suppose there havo boen anywhore from a
100 oo 150 mon pulled out for tho new
district, the rush having been excited
by tho railroad work and consequent
guarantee of railroad facilities. .Many
of theso men already huvo locations in
the Lardeau and will do assessment
work, whilo othors will prospect the
country during the summer,"
Now who is to pay the "specials" on
tho C, P, K. for thc timo thoy wore
wrongfully engaged?
weal Property Owners Creating
Their Own" Capital"
The mining' situation in tho Lardeau
this week gives nothing of particular
nolo to record. Assessment and development work is beingsteadily pushed
along ; more pack horses are leaving
town with supplies than usual, and,
each day the town is becoming apparently quieter, as tho men drift out into
the hills to work or prospect. A small
strike was made last Saturday in the ,
Union .Jack crosscut; work is being
pushed along slowly on all the old
reliables; a street rumor is in circulation that the Nettie L. has been sold
to an old country company at a bit;
figure, but lacks verification at this
writing; a good showing has bee::
found on tho Alpine group on Silver
Cupliill; Vincent Lado has taken up
mon to work on tho famous Triune;
the Lade and Gunn brothers have gone
to work on their big gold property, the
Lade group; the Metropolitan and
Sunset forces uro pegging away : A. J.
Gordon has commenced his contract on
the Comstock group; and dozens and
dozens of claim owners arc doing
essmeut and prospect work hero an.',
thero  throughout  the   camp.
The season is late, few outsiders aro
coming in as yet; trail and road bulldog seems to be at a standstill; the1
railway is coming; and tho government that reduces hotel licenses and
'Rises tho taxes on tho mining and
timber industry Is still holding office.
Tho country generally is as dead as
the Conservative party, and the air is
full of "strikes'' and industrial unrest.
Verily wo are a lot of chumps to allow
unfair representation, mining swiuu-
lera, and moss-back incapable legislators to bring about such >a general
state of stagnation. But bolieving
that all things will -como to thoso who
-act, thero is still a ohauoe for us,
providing Uncle Sam's trusts donor
steal or buy us up In thc meantime.
Tho latest Intelligence of tho C. P.
It. trackmen's strike gives every cvi-
denceof the men winning a big victory.
Trains are delayed; clerks, etc., with
picks, shovels and white collars, are
scabbing; but alt to no avail. Tho engineers and conductors will join the
men vory soon if a settlement is not
soon reached.
A man who will take tho place of a
striking Chinaman is indeed a scab.
When an Oriental goes on striko thore
must bo a grievance, Chinese, Japanese, Galacians, Hungarians, Swedes.
Italians and all trackmen aro joining
the unions in hundreds. Victory is tl
certain. *I
Only three men between Laggan and
Revelstoko are working, and trains aro
alroady being cancelled.
Tho conduct of the many striken is
beyond reproach. Though ovor 600 of
them are in Revelstoke not the firs'
sign of violence is noticeable.
Geo. B, Batho returned from Arrowhead on Tuesday evening, where he
was arranging for the quick transportation of freight. Teams arrived with
a part of the stock to-day.
Sam. T. MoColl, one of tho striking
bridgomen on tho C. P. R main line
is in town. He says thoir cause i.-;���
just ono, and thoy will win, BUppOBing
theentire organized system-has to I ��
called out. **v ""%w��3^
***��     nt*
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THURSDAY,   JUNE 27,   1901.
Is It any wonder that British capital is becoming scarce in this province? When an investor invests his
good money, naturally he expects
.some return, but when he dcesn'tget
back his principal, let alone interest,
can we expect him to die a sucker,
just for the sake of remaining interested in mismanaged and overman-
aged mines in British Columbia.
The people of London and elsewhere have proved to be easy marks
for the unscrupulous promoter.
Three hundred dollar properties have
been secured by promoters and
turned over to old country companies at Irom $20,000 to $100,000.
Alter expensive organization, comes
a host ol chappie clerks, officials,
etc., generally relatives ot some of
tlie suckers in London, who draw
salaries and wear yellow leggings
and eye-glasses. Other companies
may creep before they walk, but not
so with and English mining company. They are on the run from
their inception. Calamity howlers,
richly paid mine-managers, and
blue-ruinites cannot save them from
ultimate destruction. The truth of
the matter is they don't savvey mining and it seems as though large
doses of experience is slow in teaching them the art. And as soon as
one of the Englishmen does gel
next to a few things lie generally
uses this knowledge to formulate
another white elephant company and
thus continue the good work of
ileecing their friends in London.
There is something radically wrong
with the works. On the one hand
wc find American companies, with
sxperienced and economical management, making a success of their
operations in this province, while on
the other the very opposite condition seems to prevail. It i�� just
possible that the sooner we have a
clay of reckoning the better. Ross-
landers may well curse the day
when the dividend-payers, made by
Americans, were turned into large
white elephants through passing
into the hands of Englishmen. And
the same can be said of the whole
province. Old country capital is all
rightwhile it lasts - providing you're
In on It���but the ultimate results
nre questionable. In the face of
these plain facts why is this province to handsomely pay an agent-
general in London, whose duty it
will be to induce some more of these
unfortunate dupes to go into something they know absolutely nothing
about-  mining.
|on. Does anyone suppose for a
j minute that Jesus Christ would become president of the steel trust,
unless all his people were shareholders. Thc Eagle is of the opinion that Jesus Christ would not
tolerate "competition" for twenty
four hours were he on earth to-day
How can a man love his neighbor
as himself under a competitive state
of society? The huge trusts of to
day���selfish socialists, are proving
what co-operalion can and will do
for the people, when the people
[own them. The sooner the pulpit
joins the progressive press of to-day
in thc battle for equality by co-operation, the sooner will it become in
closer touch with the whole people
and consistent with Jesus Christ's
teachings. Money must needs be
our God under existing conditions;
for without money we must go
under. "The survival of the fittest"
is no teaching ol Jesus Christ's.
That natural instinct within us to
look to a supreme being, an ideal
higher, better and nobler than we
ourselves are, is one of the grandest
privileges we have to-day; but in the
meantime the bank manager will
not cash our dratts on eternity.
Too many preachers are prone to
deal with the "effect" of sin, rather
than the "cause." It's all very well
to talk in the pulpit of ihe awfulness
of this or that crime, but how many
preachers ever tell their audiences ol
the conditions which lead men up
to their oft times sad ending. To
teach us to become meek and humble, and bear our conditions without a squirm, sounds well; but the
further organization, by the few, of
'he means of production goes merrily
When the trackmen and bridge-
men win their strike on the C. P.
R., only a matter of a few davs
now, this system will be one of the
best organized roads in America, as
perfect as the organization ol the
company itself.
Naturally gold finds create more
or less excitement and cause a rush
in this or that direction, but1-too
often gold finds exist only in the
vivid imagination of outsiders. The
big reliable veins of high-grade silver-lead ore, carrying small gold
values, found in this camp will be
doing business when the gold seekers are still seeking. There may
not be as much in the silver-lead
propositions immediately, but in the
long run they will compare favorably with the gold producers as dividend-payers.
Nothing will more fully conserve
the interests of the mining industry
than the application of correct business methods in securing capital for
investment, says the Western Mining World. Successes attained in
this direction at the expense of unfair play prove expensive in the long
run. Deals that involve large investments of capital in "sure thing"
propositions invariably react when
the sure thing feature disappears.
It is not so much the dishonesty of
promoters as their unbridled enthusiasm and lack of judgment and
foresight in many instances that
leads them to exaggerate the opportunities offered, and thus induce
capital to take hold in the belief
that failure is an impossibility,
The people of Canada should own
and operate the C. P. R. and all
other monopolies. Some may argue
that there is too much room left for
political corruption. But the history
of trades-unionism has proved that
they have something to say about
this, Speaking of this subject the
Revelstoke Herald says: "In fact
there can be very little doubt that
once aroused to a possible danger
from this quarter the unions would
promptly render dismissal for purely
political reasons an impossibility.
Unjust dismissal is one of the very
points in their relations wilh the employers, from which unionism protects union men. Railway employes
are divided in their political allegiance it is true but self interest is
stronger than politics as any government that would attempt to play the
merry game of decapitation, whicli
the politicians now carry on wilh
impunity in the civil service, would
very soon find out. Organization
rimong railway employes has rendered the service to society of removing this danger from the path
oi state ownership."
The labor world is full of possi-
bililies.    All ihe C. P. R.'s Oriental I
laborers  are joining  the unions by
hundreds.    It's all off now.
It must have been Joseph Martin
who gave Attorney-General Eberts
the nudge as to the provincial
government having no authority to
swear in specials on the C. P. R.
where none were needed.
Every cent of capital coming into
the Lardeau district this season for
investment is from the American
side. And if the operators are not
too unexperienced the Lardeau will
be none the. worse off for this fact.
Whatever Joseph Martin did, has
or would do, if leader of the government, he certainly couldn't hold a
candle to the present aggregation
of incapables as a means of putting
the mining industry on the train
that carries bacon.
The trusts and monopolies have
taught us the bitter lesson that the
old-fashioned system of individualism and open competition is dead.
The alternative to that system is
socialism, which may be a good or
a bad thing, accordingly as it is
viewed. There is little doubt, however, that ultimately it will be tried
if present conditions continue.
American capitalists, whose interests are not already syndicated, and
who realize their inability to suc-
cesssfully compete with the vast aggregations of organized wealth that
will in due time absorb the speculative opportunities at hand, will find
in the mining fields ot this district
an opportunity to repeat what they
done three years ago in Rossland���
put themselves on velvet.
If the present industrial disturbances continue for another few
months, the first thing we know
Canadians will all want to become
shareholders in the people's trust,
which will gobble up all the one-
horse trusts manipulated by selfish
private corporations to-day solely
and wholly in their own interests as
against the .best interests of the
whole people. Co-operation must
succeed competition before the battle between labor and capital ceases.
Some call co-operation socialism.
At that rate Pierpont Morgan is
adopting socialistic methods for his
own selfish neds. Widen out his
policy so as to include all the people as shareholders and we'll have
practical socialism, something badly
needed in Canada right now.
The government should be, and is
supposed to be, composed of men
who adopt business methods on the
same principal as they would were
the country their own. Herbert N.
Casson puts it in this way.
Suppose one monopolist owned
the whole country, would he let
things go on as they are at present?
Would he spend millions every
month for advertising?
Would he pay rent and clerk hire
for one thousand stores in one city,
when six would do?
Would he keep 50,000 drummers
traveling about?
Would he give away franchises
and land to irresponsible corporations?
Would lie let individuals run his
railroads, and refuse to carry him if
he could not pay his fare?
Would he let them own his wheat
fields, and refuse him bread if he
lacked a nickle for a loaf?
Would ho let them manage his
factories and refuse him his clothes,
unless he would pay them their own
price for the suit?
Would he let them take his own
house and turn, him out on the street
because he could not pay the rent?
No, he would not allow any such
absurd things. Yet, this is just
what the people have permitted and
voted for.
General Agent,
The Lardeau District
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B. C.
Map ofthe
Lardeau District
This important map has been the subject of unceasing toll forthe
past few months by Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P. L. S., and S. Shannon, Ii. A., und is now in the hands of the lithographers. By June
30th the Eagle will bo prepared to fill orders already received,
aud any new orders at $1 each postpaid. This map is the only up-
to-date and complete map of this district ever issued. Don't delay,
but enclose one dollar and send your order in at once to
The Lardeau Eagle, Ferguson, B.C.
"���A^*^'^'*""^**"*****^^^.*^1^^ **-^^**^^*^^K ^^**^La***"****^K ���*"^*^��k^P'1**^K ��**^r**'"�����L at^^^f^^
j Liber
*9t Sash and Doors
R. Davis, Prop.
?4 Ferguson Saw Mill
I am prepared to fill orders for
any description or quantity   of t.
Lumber  on the shortest notice.  K
I am agent for   *
 Sawyer Bros.'	
 Sash and Door	
 Factory ���	
and will be pleased to fill orders.
Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands 0/
(fines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men,   Tenderfcet comforted.
Hales ftj.oo it day and iipwai'iU.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
The King's Hotel
Three   Storeys   High
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigars in the Lardeau^
Well Lighted, Furnace
Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Victoria Avenue, East,
Ferguson, B. C.
I    Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
hty w
I this one,
trd will have . 8CREAMLET8
Many people complain of their waut
ol memory, but none of thoir want of
The greatest of all calamities is thc
contentment that sits down at peace
with a remediable evil. ��� William
And now the railroad companies are
having   trouble   with   thoir   trackmen, becauso they do not like to have
. union men.
Choose always the way thut seems
the best, however rough it may be.
Custom may renaor it .easy and agreeable.���Pythagoras.
Wise men are instructed by reason;
men of less understanding, by exper
lonco; the most ignorant, by necessity;
and the beast by nature.
No man is truly great until he is
willing to use a small word when he
knows a big one that means the same
thing.���Chicago Record-Herald.
A combination of collarmakers is being formed with a capital stock of $20,-
000,000. It is hardly necessary to say
where the general public will "get it."
The whim of to-day is the impulse of
tomorrow, the wish of next week, the
good or bad taste of next month, the
habit of next year, tho instinct of your
descendants.���Alice W. Rollins.
The great trusts of to-day which excite so much apprehension of future ills
are but tlio result of intense and unreasonable competition which forced
the unites to combine as a matter of
self preservation. After all, combinations are but one step towards, the end,
whon government ownership of the
great industries will regulate competition, labor supply and the wage queS'
In Europe already there are six mil.
lion socialist voters and at every new
election the number grows. In America
the movement is in its infancy, but
overy sign points to a startling expansion for It in the near future. This being tho case, it is a mero matter of
common sense for any man who wishes
to vote and act intelligently, to seo tbat
socialism is a subject on which he needs
to inform himself.
The creator, in making so many
kinds of poople, naturally made some
that have Immense ambition and desire
for work, physical and mental. Authors, writers and brain-workers are
generally hard working people, frequently they exhaust vitality so fast
that thoy cannot rebuild. So says the
qfpbkailvt. Tbe editor of tho Rossland M i ner lias reached tho latter stage,
und tho Eagle will pay for tho lirst
six bottles of a tonic which will bring
tho poor man back to his normal condition.
WANTED.���Loft   on   Victoria Avenue,  in
blocks 1,2, 3, 1, f>, u or 7.    Send price
terms, nnd particulars; nt onco.
block 7, on Victoria avenue, home
dlately west ol tho Windsor hotel, splendid
high ami dry lots; ivu Al locution. Worth
more, but owner raUBt have money, offer void
after July Int.   Termfl, cnsh.   Apply at onee.
$>2(\i\   WILL HI'V Lilt tl, in block 1.    1'urt
tj\f\f cash- balance bolero August 1st,
Tliis lot Is On Victoria Avenue, almost cleared
nnd in the business centre of the town. A
good buy at the juice,
$250  WlM-BUYLotia. I
Block  8,
ioruor lot, located oil Victoria Ave.
I.   Part otUh, balance by August 1st.
��'>/)���;) will ni'v Lot7,iu blockl.oppo-
tPOUVJ sJto S. Shannon's assay oillce on
vicuna Avenue. Uall cash, balauoo In sixty
Jays.   This offer only holds goad till June 1st.
A sum* ior a bUtitnoSfl location.
dLli'ii'i   w*u'  BUY ownM  U>t 1 or <1, in
CPIVV  block 89,   tNBIDE LOTS in the same
block for sale at |7o each.   Terms:   % duwn, J j
iu :i months, linltmco iu ii months.
���4i1 fin  w,u* Bl Y oornor Lots 11 orliln
qilVVT block .'IS, These lots nre 30x100.
.NBIDE LOTS in same block for sale at fro"
each. Terms: % cash,balance In 3 and 0
months. 10 per cent, off for cash. These lots
are admirable residential property, handy to
the proposed school. Pino small creel: nearbv.
Several residences already erected in adjoining
(ilinft WILL BUY coruer Lots 11 or 14. In
q*lW -to, J73 will buy Inside lots 8, 0,10,
12 or ]3 in the same block. Usual terms. This
property Is locally known as Knob bill a
Loneh overlooking the (own. Splendid resi
.leuihil property.   Soiling readily.
<\ K(\ wu'1 ltrv anyone of Lots 8, 4. ii,
OJUlU ���'��� 7 or s, in bJockS, situate on victoria avenue, north wide; the only lots on thi
main street at theso prices.   1'sual terms.
For further parliculars  apply tb
Hill ro lhe North, the
to the East, ond the
Hill to the South,
that It Is at once
T.A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
1.. it. 0. P. ,t s.   iQueon's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C,
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter # Pinkham
Solicitors Ior Imperial Hank ol Canada.
Ceo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. I'iukliam.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
When yon reach
Trout Lake City
register at the
Al) ru hum son Bros,, I'rop'rtt
Good accommodation, best service, choice wines, liquors and
cigars, Uro proof safe, rates
In thc Lardeau
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters    of    Legitimate    Mininp
(l.) This is to certify that thc "Lardeau
Light and;Power Company, Limited," a spec!
ally incorporated Company within the meaning of part IV. of the " Water Glauses consolidation Act, 1897," registered ou the third day
of April, iw!. haw submitted its undertaking to
the Lieutenant-Governor iu Council for approval, ami that tlio said undertaking ns shewn
by the documents and plan filed, has been
approved, and that the same is as follows:
To construct a dan across the south Fork nf
thoLnrdeau lliver West Kooleuay District, at
a point nine hundred feot nbovo the junction
ofthe North and South Tories of the said rifer,
to acquire land as a site for a power station
and ns a right of way along the line of the
Intended flume, to convey the water by menus
of thc said Hume to the power house, at which
placo the water is to bo used for the development of power. That for the purpose of generating power tho Company nave obtained a
record of three hundred inches of water from
the snid South Fork.
Tho purpose to whieh the power is proposed
to be devoted is to construct and maintain a
system of electric lighting, to supply any form
of power, and to furnish electrle lighting and
electric power to tho Towns of Ferguson and
Trout Lake.
(2.) And this is fiiriher to certify that the
amount of capital of the Com puny which shall
bC Actually .subscribed for tlie purposo Of power
works within six months from the date of this
Cerliticale is herebv fixed at the sum of
(3.) And (his 1b further to cortlfy that thi
time within whieh the said undertaking and
works shall be commenced is Used nt nine
months from the date of this Certificate, and
the diite whan tho power works shall be completed Is fixed atone yuaniitd BIX months from
the dato hereof.
clerk, Executive Council.
Dated thiiflrd day of Mnv, 1001.
Kootenay Railway tf
Navigation Company, Lid.
Mr, J,It, dray having rosigncd his position
ns Land Commissioner of tliH company, all
Communications    In    reference   to   ICaSlO  ii
Slocan Railway company's lands should be
addressed to
Kaslo, M. C, May 31st, 1001. W*2��
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   ,   .
The most complete resort ou the continent
of North America. Situated midst seenerv
unrivalled for grandeur. Boating, fishing
and excursions. Kosidcnt physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication, with
nil parts of the world. Two mails nrrlvo nnd
depart every day. Its baths euro all nervoun
and muscular diseases, its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sure remedy against
alt argentiferous potions. TERMS: |ir> to
*1H per week, aeuordiug to residence in hotel
or villas.
Lardeau Miners'' Union .Ao.
119, W.F.ofM.
Meets everv Saturday evening "at s o'clock,
in the Eagle hall, Ferguson. K. C,   Visiting
members cordially Invited.
President.       Recording Secretary.
Every Lot lg  Worth More today than  when Purchased....
Come In, She Vo Its Advantages Before Buying Elsewhere
Packing and
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining' Supplies, etc., to any
point in tho district.
Good,  prompt  service, and  any   work undertaken  guaranteed.
Freighting  from  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. *^ S. Daney, Proprietor
Geo. W. Corey, It. Lyman, Jr., U.S., K.M.,
.Mining Engineer. Memo. A.I. M. !���:.
Coreg cf Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lardeau properties managed,
fSSSKSSL  Ferguson, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service- *n Eagle hall every
Sunday at :i p.m    jtinday school at 'l p.m.
Trout Lake Clt,r. Services in Forrostor'B
hall every **.iiulaytit 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at 2:;!0p.m.
REV. s. J. GREEN, Pastor.
that this Label is on all Clothing you buy
And at all times insist on the
box bearing THE BLUE LABEL.
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying fair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M, I. U.
The Union Label
On everything you buy Is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having thk label.
United Batters of North America
the United Hattora
of North America.
When you are buying a FUR HAT.
cither soft or stiff,
see to it that the
genuine UNION
Label is sowed iu it.
If a retailer has
loose labels in his
possession and offers to put one in n
hat for you. do nol
patroui/e him. lie
huB not any right to have loose labels. Loose
labels In retail stores are counterfeits.   Do nol
listen to any explanation ns to why the hat
lias no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated ou the tour edges exactly the.same
ns a postage stamp. Counterfeits an- somo*
times perforated on three nf the edtres, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookoni
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The .lohu It. Stetson
Co. nnd Henry 11. ttoelofsit Co./botli of I'hila-
delphin, Pa., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. KOPFITT, I'reshlent.
Orange, N. J.
jojin PHILLIPS, soerotary,
it -.707 i.cdfoi',1 Ave., Brooklyn, S.Y.
��� ...RAILWAY...
BUFFALO   $76.00
July 2, 16.    Au��. 6, 20.
July 13, 14, 15.
Christian Endeavor Convention.
J"')' -��� 3-
Niitinnnl Education Association..
DETROIT   $71.25.
July 2.  3-
Foi-timo tables, rates and full Information apply to local agents.
J. S. CAllTK.R,      E. .1. COYLE,
0,1', A.. Nelson.     A.U.l'.A., Vancouver,
fifejfe rfzife.rfj_rf?y.v rtzjftLsfe.rti.riz. rt? tfe_-Mi rtz-rtzritriz rizjrfz-riz-rizriijK
That Ferguson Is the Supply Point
Por Lardeau's Shipping, Mines	
Just drop around at any time tins season and see the
loaded pack horses leaving dally In every direction.
j : "  1
XO. 1 K. W, C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. 0.
Oold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE FREE
MILLING.   GOLD  properties  wanted  at  onee for  Eastern   investors
Parties lioviiti! mininB property For Sale uro requested lo send samples'
o( tlieir ore to lhe EXCHANGE (or exhibition. '
All samples should he sent by express prepaid. Correspondence
solicited.  Address all communication to
P.O.Box 700,      NELSON, B. {-.
Pr ice $60.00
Visible Writing Prom Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, France, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving entire  satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
fl. C. AHENTS:
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
J. W.  BENNETT,  Revelstoke  Station, B. C.
Wholesale  Dottier   lit
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
Tin* liu-a tiuotls Only,
Stock l.-irjii* and Complete
The Many Rich......
Mining Properties
On the Silver Cup-Triune Hill; Crbmwoll-Luck)
Jim Hill; Nettie L.-Maybe Hill, Great ISforthern
Hill; Old Gold Camp; Metropolitan-Nobje Five
Hill; North Fork of Lardeau Creek; South Fork
of Lardeau Creek, will someday make Ferguson the
Biggest and Best Mining
Town in this Province	 : On the Wing j
j Items
^���^��-��+-�� ��.�����������������. ��..������. .��sl
Tbere will be a big timo in Vancouver on the "Glorious Twelfth."
It begins to look as though Kaslo's
smeltor will soon be a reality.
F��ther Thayer, of Rovelstoke, was
in town for a few days this week.
The public school closes hero to-morrow for the holidays, to August 12th.
Jim Hill has a scheme on to corral
everything in sight in East Kootonay.
John Houston has entered action
against tho Nolson Miner for libol.
* G. B. l3alho & Co. will hereafter
receive twicc-a-neek shipments of California and B. C. fi-osh fruits.
The Eva group, in tho Pish creek
camp, has been sold for a big price to
the London & B. C, Goldflelds, Ltd.
* Fresh fruits���strawberries, cherries, bananas, oranges, lemons, peaches
and apricots at G. B. Batho & Co.'s
Many mining properties in the Slocan are resuming operations, and
gradually increasing their working
For Dominion Day all C. J'. R. agents
will soil round trip tickets at faro and
one-fourth, good going 29th, ItOth and
1st, return till 2nd.
H, M. Carter loft for '"Valla Walla,
Wash., on Monday via Spokane, where
he goes to spend the Fourth of July
for the lirst time in years. Ho will return about July 15th.
Quite a number of Forgusonitos will
attend the Dominion day celebration at
Trout Lako on Monday next. A contingent, including the brass bund, will
also come in from Revelstoke.
A quiet wedding took placo at the
Klondyke hotel parlors on Wednesday
evening last when Rev. Dr. Wright
performed the marriage service for
Thomas Russell of Forguson and Elizabeth Bradley of Movie.���Nelson Miner.
A copy of the twenty-sixth annual
balance sheet of the Imperial Bank of
Canada, bas been mailed to this olfloe
by Manager A. E. Phipps of Revelstoke, The year just passed has boen
the most successful in the bank's
G. H. Maxwell, M. P., has received a
wire from Hon. Clifford Sifton at
Ottawa stating that a dominion government assay ollico will be established in
Vancouver immediately and will be
ready to receive shipments of gold by
July 15th.
Tho annual general meeting of the
shareholders of the Double Eagle Mining & Development Co., limited, will
be held at the oflice of the company in
.Ferguson, B. C, on the 11th of July,
1901, for the purpose of considering all
business relating to tho company.
Don't forget about the school trustee
election.next Saturday, in the Minors'
Union hall. A meeting will be held
at 11 a. m. and if there are more than
three nominations an election will he
held. Here is where tho women have
equal rights, so ladies come along.
The Nolson Miner says it has the best
authority for stating that a load refinery, to take advantage of the
Governments bounty, will bo established there. Definite nows to this ef-
. feet may be expected within ten days.
It will make Nelson tho most important
metalliferous mining center in Canada.
Mrs. S. O'ConnorB, of the Windsor
hotol is not going east for tho summer,
ae announced in last issue. The information was given the Eaole by the
genial liar who presides over the liquidating department of the Winosor, T.
B. Willis, when he knew it to bo a lie.
The Eagle hereby warns Mr. Willis
and any other new arrivals from the
red pump or cent belt that this oflice is
not run on the kindergarten plan, and a
second offense of tbis nature may result in a sentence of six months at Trout
Lake, or other equally cruel punishment.
J. Peck McSwain, a premier tourist,
now slug 3 on the Nelson Tribune, has
intimated to the Eagle that he will
edge up this way as soon as the break-
beams are in working order on the
Lardeau branch. Peek was once left
in charge of a jerk-water Bheet, the
EAGLE'S ozone artist used to grind out
In the rabbit belt in Northern Alberta,
for two issues and only three libel
suits ensued as a result. He had been
Bober for six weeks, but hearing that
his old 8ide-kicker,Senuca G, Ketchum,
was chief police at Nelson ho had to
leave, M Ills tie-counters bocame itchy.
Thomas Russell and bride arrived
hero from Nelson on Tuesday morning.
The EAGLE extends congratulations.
* Cii-t a camera or kodak and enjoy
yourself. The Canada Drug & Book
Co., Rovelstoke, B. C, sell them at all
prlceB.   Write to-day.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. llosenherger's advt. in this
issuo. No stock to sell: straight legitimate mining properties placed.
Rev. Calder, of Revelstoke, has announced as his subject for next Sunday
evening: "Tho Relation of the Gospel
to the Economic Things of tho Day."
Truly this old world is moving.
* Weekly shipments of fresh ranch
oggs nnd creamery butter now boing
received by G. B. Batho & Co.
S. Shannon, B. A., is making somo
extensive improvements to his assay
plant, which has beon given more
room and considerably added to in tho
matter of up-to-date methods for tho
Secretaries of mining companies
operating in this district would confer
a favor upou the management of this
paper wore they to supply us with data
as to what thoy are doing on tlieir
properties or intend to do.
Spring Tonics
are now in order. I have just
received a large assortment of
the best preparations.
Chloride of Lime
The best disinfeotant known.
Prevents disease and promotes
cleanliness. .',
A fine lin.e of school books,
scribblers, writing tablets, envelopes, etc. ���  .......
Tooth brushes, tooth powders
and lotions, shaving accessories,
toilet soaps, bath brushes, preparations for chafed .hands, etc.,
in large variety.
At a mooting of hardoau Minors' I'nion, No.
119, Juno SHrnl, 11)01, the following was ordered
spread upon tin- minutes:
It is with profound sorrow and deep reuret
that lhe officers nnd members of i-ardeau
Miners' union loam of thc de.-.tli of our respected follow etiizon, Wm, K, Ross, nnd wo
wish to convey to tho memborsof ihciicrcnved
family onr heartfelt sorrow nt their loss,
Many of the members of this union have
been intimately acquainted with tho deceived
for years and us we gazed upon his features as
they lay (.aim and peaceful In death and
thonghtof tiie upright manly life of thc deceased, wc realized how well his life and
dcntli had cxempliJicd tlio words of tho poet.
"So live thut when thy summons comes to join
Thc innumerable caravan which moves,
To that mysterious realm where cacti shall
Ills chamber In iho silent halls ot death,
Thau go not like tho quarry slave at night,
Scourged to his dungeon, but sustained and
Hy an unfaltering trust approach thy grave,
Like one that wraps the drapery of his couch
About bim and lies down to pleasant dreams."
The purest drugs obtainable and
dispensed with accuracy, night
or day.
A. F.
Eaole Biiildinc.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Furniture !
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, etc. Mail Ordors
promptly  attended  to.
IttiSKELL-BRADLKY-At Nelson on Wodnos-
(lay, Juno 19th, 1901, by the Rev. Dr. Wright,
Thomas Russell of the Silver Cup mine.
Ferguson, B, 0,, to Miisa Elisabeth lirndh-v of
-Moylo, 11. 0,
ROSS���At Ferguson, B. C , on Satur
day, June 22nd, 1901, William 10
Ross, aged 40 years.
No town in the district has made such
Mining men engage their
crews nt Ferguson, and
pay them off in Ferguson.
The place where the mines
ore is the place where the
towns are	
Imperial Bank
of Canada.
, J2.5OD.0O0.00.
��� ?1,850,000.00.
General Bankiig Business Transacted
Interest allowed ou deposits in Savings
Department at ourrent rates.
A. ECnffllTS,
R. S. Wilson-
IT. EdwardsJs****
Door Hoads, Minis, Etc.
Mounted, Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third street ,^tReveIstoke
Ferguson receives the pay
roll benefit from all the
shipping mines	
Lot S Block 55
upon which is located the old
bakery shop, is now offered for
sale by the owner for
$500 Cash.
For particulars apply to
15-18 Ferguson, B. C.
O.K. Laundry
/-������^^  Corner Vickers Street
^**-and Queen Avenue
Laundry work (if over}  description done
cleanly aud promptly,
Gallon & Co.
Ore B mas
P. O. Box 217, Nelson, B. C.
Rubber Stamps
Having; secured ths lardeau agency for
a Rowland arm of rubber stamp manufacturers, wo aro now prepared to take
orders for anything In this line.
THE LARDEAU EAOI.E, Ferguson, B. (:.
California Wine Co.,
Limited, Nelson, B. C.
Wines and
Agents for Calgary Bukr.
Leading Store
We are now preparing for the
season's trade.
In addition to the immense stock
of staple goods which we have on
hand, a carload of assorted Groceries
arid a carload of Ogilvie's famous
Hungarian Flour are now this side
of Arrowhead, portions of which
are arriving by every freight team.
We are the miners' complete outfitters���no order too large for us.
And our prices correspond with the
silver market.
Try one of our new Stetson Hats.
Just in���all shapes and colors.
McKinnon &
Groceries and Provisions
Now on the way, in addition to spring stock already received, which
will be here this month.    Also half  a car of  the famous
Lake of the Woods Flour
The best on the market.    Fresh Eggs and Butter arriving weekly.
GJ-. B. Batho & Co.
Pioneer Store
Cummins &Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
Ask for our ���   r
Popular Brands:
Fenton's Choice
U ancl'I ��� ��� ���
Nation's Pride ���
Canada's Own ���
Moss Rose ��� ���
Silver Spray    +
Munufacturcd by the Consumers' Tobacco Cojnnnny, Unified,
successors to Wagner-Fen ton Tobacco Co,, Leamington, Out.
STAKKKY & Co.. Xcl��(>ii, B.C., Agents for the Koolontiy*
Sold hy GEO. 11. HATIIO JU CO., Ferguson, It. V.
II nest
'      In
IC. B. Hume & Co. I
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The largest importers in North Kootenay.
I Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City, B. C. I
wo&&&$����&t$ '���>"��� mv'y$<M<$!i4'
Everybody   Our Special
smokes     AND	
-  The Union
Thoy aro all Union mado and of tlie
best Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one and satisfy yourself
us to their quality.
Co., Revelstoke.
Citizens ofthe Lardeau District
When you come to Revelstoke to do your shopping:, remember that
Bourne Bros,
liavo the largest and best assorted stock  in  North Kootonay.
Compare our prices and See our fifoods before purchasing elsewhere, $
> Mail Orders Promptly Filled J


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