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Lardeau Eagle 1900-11-28

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$2.00 A YEAR
RICH Glims
Proven to be good  Prospects and
Eun   Exceedingly   high  in
and    Other
Sidney Smyth's and
A. H. Gracey's Views
Other Mining News
of General  Interest
The divide between Gainer Creek
und tlio littlo west fork of the Duncan
has always been ono of tbo most interesting and promising parts of the district. ���As time has passsed the
interests in this district has
not in the least subsided, and
we now seem to bo nearlng the stage,
when the early promise of that section
is about to bo fulfilled. The Had shot
has always been considered as ono of
the future mines of this camp. Long:
ago the ownors demonstrated to their
own satisfaction tho extent and richness of t!ie oro in their properly aud it
now stands crown-granted and one of
Lhe mo-it o extensively developed pr s-
tlesln'tho eamp. Somo .'too foet of
tunnel and shaft.have been driven on
the (edge. The ore consists of argentiferous galena and antimonlal lead and
copper sulphides. Several tons of this
lien In a heap at tho mouth of tho tunnel, in addition to what is shown up
In place throughout the workings,
The Lade situated about half *a
mile to tho south of the Bat! Shot has
long been of considerable interest to
the visitor in this eamp. Tho exceeding richness of the m'nerol of this
property in tho yellow metal has been
tbo chief drawing card. Outside of
telluridge ores it Is very unusual to
get such exceedingly high values In
gold as are here found. Ordinary
samples run from $500 to $2000 in gold
to the ton, while picked samples run as
high as $4000 to the ton. Siderite, the
carbonate of Iron forms the bulk of the
iQtlge matter. The gold seems to be
largely froe and is associated moro or
less intimately with bismuth glance.
In places the ledge carries iron
pyrltos whioh also has high gold
value**. The whole property is some-
what unique in its nature, nothing
like it having been yet discovered in
this camp.
Considerable work of a prospecting
nature has beon done on the group and
a small shipment was made a couple
of years ago, which netted the owners
very handsome The Lade
brothers speuk of putting an arrastreon
the properly next season, so that gold
bricks may be a feature of the output
of this eamp in tho near future.'
Situated   between the Had Shot and
the Lade lies the White Warrior group,
an   encouraging   prospect   with   good
showings ol galena and yellow copper
in the [contacts between the schist and
aud two belts of lime which traverse
tho three claims of  the group.    This
property   wns   recently, acquired by a
company at Lapeer, Mieh., and preparations are being  mado  for vigorous
development operations next   season,
A cojmnodlouB cabin has been erooted,
and work will  be   started   as  soon as
supplies can l>o taken up in the spring.
As yet thoso properties are tributary
to Ferguson, but situated as they are
on tho divide between the Lardeau and
tho Duncan, they will prove a factor in
inducing   better transportation facilities up tho   latter   river,    Below the
above groups, on the slope towards the
little   west fork of the Duncan lies the
property of tho Golden Circle Mining
Co.,   while  In   the valley of the little
west fork are situated the Primrose,
Guinea Gold and Old. Gold properties,
tho outlet for which is down the Dun-
ca't.   From  tneir position  then, the
Bad   Shot,   Ludo  and  White Warier
group-; oujo'y   the privilege of  being
able to tako advantage  of either the
Lardeau ov tho Duncan route and com
panics operating'  them need  fear nc
delay owing to lack of  transportation
Mr. Sidney Smyth,
Smith   and  Howard
of tho firm of j number of these have been discovered
of  Portland and | at a vevy recent date and tho property
Seattle,  has just  returned  from the|i8 muoh more valuaL.   ' ������*��� than U was
Burnt  Babin  aud    Lardeau  district",' thought  when  it  was  bonded,   The
whether  be    went   to   examine   the veins are from six to thirteen feet wide.
properties oi tho Kingston Gold ..lines,
Limited, of Portland, Oro. Mt*.
Smyth is a mining man of repute, having been the engineer for a number of
years for tho Oregon Steel and Iron
Works. Whon seen by v Miner representative in Kossland ho expressed the
greatest satisfaction witb the company's properties and predicts a groat
future for the Kingston Company and
tho Lardeau country in goneral. Prof,
F. \i. Blochberger,  tho secretary and
bellovo that this Nettle L.-SUver Cup
belt will give rise t-t smith-of the most
permanent mi*ies In U. itlsli CM'.rn'jia.
treasurer of tho Kingston Gold mines,
who, in comdauy with some prominent
people of Portland, owns the control*
ing interest in the company, showed
Mr, Smyth over tho property, aud the
latter gentleman sampled tiie leads
most    carefully. The    Kingston
property, as mentioned in some former issues is situated ou tho western
slope of Lexington mountain, in the
Pish River basin, and contains besides
a high grade Steele galeda lead, a copper Vein and a second galena vein ;
also two quartz veins of free milling
ore, one vein being as far as exposed,
over 110 feet wide, Whu'e the other
vein Is about 15 feot wide. These two
quart/ veins promise to bring tho
Kingston to tho front very rapidly, as
tho quartz is of tho same character as
the Eva mine and Imperial, the former
property being bonded for 535,000 aud
tho Imperial for nearly the same
figure. A strong force of men is at
work on tho Imperial and 15 men are
at present at work at the Eva property.
Both properties show considerable
free gold to tbe naked eye.
Whilo sampling tho .'10-foot Kingston vein Mr. Smyth found gold and
took a lot of quartz with him for a tost
in Portland. This big lead is traceable throughout the property to tho
southeast, whieh is owned by Prof.
Blochberger individually, and through
the northwest tho lead is running
through the properties of the Anglo-
Lardeau Gold Mining Syndicate, and
undoubtedly will bo found on the
Brunswick property, which adjoins
Prof. Blochberger's properties, Mr.
Smyth who came up from Portland
to investigate for himself aud some
wealthy friends before making heavy
investments, expressed his entire satisfaction with the properties and the
country, and his willingness to invest
and give tho property a thorough tost
Prof. Bloekberger is. going lo leave
iua few days again for Portlanld to
make arrangements for tho winter
work which is intended to be oai'ied on
all winter witli a small force of men.
It is a well known fact that the veins
that have boen opened up in various
places in that district are of surprising
width and on this prpperty a vein 50
foet wide has been uncovered. These
veins aro perpendicular and iu good
position for development and very
littlo or no dead work has to be dono.
Three tunnels to drift on the leads on
the Eagle group have been started.
When they have been run to satisfactory depth a crosscut will bo run to
join No. I and No. '2 tunnel-*. The slope
of the hill is quite steep and good
depth can be obtained readily. On the
Imperial group, which is on the
opposite slope, tlio fourth tunnel will
be run. The men are at present engaged in opening up the vein to finda
location for tlio tunnel.     i
All the veins carry ore [of good paying values and undoubtedly tho company havo a good thing Although
but little work has been done there Is
a large amount of oi'i in sight.
[1 Soveral tons of Beatrice ore which
had boon distributed along the trail
last winter is now being rawhlded Into
Contracts aro boing pushed ahead on
the Black Bear and Wido West properties.
Foreman Sharpe who had charge of
the work on the Canadian Lardeau up
the North Pork during the summer,
now has men working on the Eclipse.
The Harvey boys are pushing development work on their properties.
Our erstwhile mail carrier Johnson,
who had charge of Her Majesty's mail
between Arrowhead and the Landing,
and Whom we had at one time consigned to a watery grave, gave us quite
a start by re-appearing in the flesh in
our midst a few days ago aud looking as
though he hud been enjoying life fairly
well since we lust saw him.
Triuno  Fraotipp.
The Triune Fraction is located on
tbo Silver Cup hill on the south fork of
tho Lardoau and is situated ou the
famous Triune lead, In fact it is the
adjoining claim to the famous Triuno
mine, which is now tbo talk of the
whole district. There are a number of
wonderful claims located on this same
mineral belt, suoh as tho Nettio L.,
Brow, Towser, Silver Cup, Triune,
Triune No. 2 and Cromwell. The
owners while doing prospecting work
on tho property discovered a line leau
from three to four feet in width and
well mineralized throughout, undone
of the owners chipped a piece from tiie
surface and brought down same tt
assayer Shannon go.ting returns of
$14.UU in gold and 10.07 in silver
besides coppor and lead. Had the
ownor-f not found any mineral on this
property its location would bo quite
stillicicut, but having found a line
snowing of oro they feel satisfied thai
with depth it will prove very rich.
Development work will bo started us
soon as possible In the coming season
by tiie owners���Prod Desjardine, S. F.
W. Gainer, aud Prank Appicosls, better known as Kamloops.
Harry Jackson, Ferguson's quota to
tbo cause of tho empire in South
Africa, is still to the front.
In a letter to S. Shannon under dato
Oct. 15, he speaks of continual flighting against the stubbornly resisting
Boers. The Boers are being driven
back Into the mountains, but at quite
a cost to the Britishers. Hitherto
Jackson has boon very lucky j the
horso he was riding was shot In tho
leg, bnt aside from that he has not
been inconvenienced by the Boer;
bullets, He says (hey are not the,1
crack shots they are reported to be,
and they cannot stand at all tiie music
)f tho big guns of the British. Be has
ill along boen in the best of hf health
ind spirits, and glowing
terras of the mineral wealth of ths
the Transvaal. lie says for the hist
rnontb they have been travelling
through iiotthing but gold mines. He
purposes remaining in Smith Africa
after tiie war and thinks the chances
aro of tho best to mako a good stake
there. His many friends in tho Lardeau will wish him every success.
A  Terrible cyclone   swept through
Tennessee recently, killing 16 people.
Mr. A.  H. Graeoy, managing dire
tor of tho Imperial Development Syn.
dicate which is operating 14 claims on
Lexington mountain in tho Lardoau
district returned to Nelson Lust evening from the property where helms been
for some time past laying out plans for
development. About 10 men aro
engaged and the work is boing pushed
as rapidly as possible, A survey party
of live men aro engaged in making a
regular survey of tho fourteen claims,
whieh tho company has decided to
Tho rest of tho crew are engaged in
erecting bunk houses and doing development work. Tho two bunk houses
will be erected, besides the two whicli
aro already built. Those when completed will give accommodation io
about-IU men.
When Mr. Gracey left the property
it was in line shape for working, as no
snow had fallen and dry weather was
prevailing, The is work that being
dono is stripping aud uncovering the
veins oi which ten has beon found.    A
TIlOII) OldJili'  DjIli'K.
Considerable   interest   bus   always
been attached to tbe belts of rock dio-
riteic iu  nature,  whicli traverse   this
camp in the region of the Silver Cup
aud Nettie L. mines.     Tlio nature ol
tho rock material   iu  thoso   belts ami
tho  occurrence   of mineral along aud
throughout them   led us to speak of
of them as dykes though we have been
very   doubtful   as   to   tlieir   eruptive
origin,   Mr, G. ii. MIckle, of tlie  Toronto  School  of  Sicnee,   who spent a
couple of mouths in this camp during
tho past season took   several samples
of   rock from these dykes back   oast
with    him    to    subject   them   to a
thorough microscopic examination and
is reported to havo pronounced  these
belts to be eruptive in   origin   and ol
the nature of an altered trachyte.   We
have therefore   not   been   wrong   in
speaking of tbem as dykes.     Ofcourse
they     bave     become     considerably
changed since thoir intrusion and will
uow belong to tho class of metamor-
phus.d eruptive rocks.     The fact that
these   bolts are now known to have
been eruptive in origin, helps   to explain the presence of mineral in their
vicinity and   will go  far to promote
greater contidenco in the permanency
What the O. P. R. is Doing in Making
the Dominion Known Abroad.
Mr. J.C. lloh
Auies-llolden t *i
returned lo Mini
half years tour
"ii, president of the
aipany, who recently
real after a two and a
lround the world, con*
the Montreal
of the ore chutes.     Development thus
far has gone to corroborate this Idea, I Canada's    reputation
and we now   have every reason    to) higher than now.
eluded an  interview
Cnzzctto by stating:
Two things in particular aro makin.
Canada more widely known and more
highly considered thc world over
First her part in tho war, whicli ha
excited interest not only in England
but in every part of the globe; secondly
the wide spread advertisements of tho
C. P. B." Wherever Mr, Holden went
he found the pamplets of tho great
railroad, He found then in Russia, iu
Norway, in Turkey. When the P. and
O. steamship reached Hong Kong all
tiie passengers wished if possible to go
on bv the impress boats; for, alter the
experience of tha ships of many
lines and many nations, Mr. Holden
deoluiiv them uusurpassed for comfort,
table and attendance. Even in out of
the way, up country inns in Japan,
whore guosts aro forced to oat and
sleep on tho floor and their diet consists of 11 sh In every possible form, the
C.P.R. advertisements wero found,
never     atoed
The Impression  that the Indepen-
Labor Party is out to Split
the      Vote      is
In attempting to outline the position
assumed by tho hide pendent Labor
partyln this campaign I would state
that the impression that wo are out for
the purpose of splitting the vote of any
partietiar party is an erroneous one.
The questions involved arc of too
serious a nature to permit such narrow
The, I may say. almost criminal
Indifference shown hy the old parties
to tlie fact that Canadian labor is
being rapidly driven from every lield
nf industry on the Pacific coast; tbe
fact of 3000 of our countrymo.ii boing
robbed of their birthright by what
appears to be a collation between
government officials and cannery men
ou the Fraser river; the fact that tiie
C. P. R. is today discriminating
against our people in favor of an alien
race ; tbo fact that Canadian labor is
being displaced in our saw mills,
factories aud mines, our women driven
from domestic service, the law of -up
ply and demand in this connection
being nearly equal,and by the employment of these people in tliis capacity
an artlllcial over supply is being
created with toe result I'nat it rovdry
alien so employed someone's slbter or
daughter may be driven into prostitution to earn a livlihood.
Thc position assumed by both of the
old parties during the last session have
caused us to despair of relief In that
direction by the method.-; heretofore
employed, and wc believe that It is
absolutely necessary ivu should .-end a
man there thoroughly a ���< uainted witli
the situation wiio, with the assistance
of others similarly situated will bo
enabled to convince the people in tiie
east that our cause is a just ono. Wc
believe that a small body of representatives working now in the house will be
able to bring a pressure to bear upon
the government in this conuecttou
more effectively than a sincere body
of professional men who will ho looked
upon as having an axe to grind.
Tho different Interests involved in
present commerce eon lit ions are represented at tlie seal of government by
representatives of their own class con-
siitutes as ,;t does a majority of the
people. We hold ivo are entitled to a
similar representation and hope by
such methods to be able to - fegnard
our interests as the Interests of others
are being safeguarded by similar
My lime will notiperrail me \<> go
nre minutely into the details involved iu this question. I would say tn my
fellow countrymen, bear this in mind
it is your duty to concede thai every
other man is as sincere as yourself until
you havo proven to the contrary,
regardless of unsubstantiated statements made by parties interested in
crying me down.���Chris! Foley, to
Ashcroft Journal.
Alex1 Brown who has just returned
from a trip to Cam bourne, brings an
Invitation from the genial landlord of
tho hotel tbere, to the people   of Per-
uson to attend a dance at his house
on Thursday evening the 20th inst,
Four-horse teams will bo in reauiness
at Comaplix to take the visitors up to
Cambourno and every preparation will
bo mado to make it possible lo spend a
pleasant evening.
Our postmaster goneral, tho Hon.
Wm. Mulock, is contemplating the
further perfecting of our postal service
by arranging for the Insurance of
registered letters. ���>i.J_, .~^-
Lardeau Eagle.
ubltshod evory Wednesday
office of publication, b'orgu
morning ��i the
ion, 11 ��'.. by
It. P. l'KTTll'l Kl'li.
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for oneh tiddltioiMl
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kind" ol printing at 1
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Addroils al! column
:   Display  Bds., SI."'" por
mill,   l.i'gal ads. i- conl
lor lirst insortlon ; Seenl
usortlon.  Heading notice
ii Issue.    Nn ads. accopte
.: By mailor oarrlor.*2.0
ir six months. Tn foroig:
ipod hi oxptrallon.
Uiiglo Job dopartmonl I
prepared tu execute al
uesl prices.
ii'lllinllS In the
21,      l'.HIII.
From u i oview of tho recent general
elections it is evident that the government ownership of railways is to be
���.lie next issue in Canadian polities,
The signal success which attended the
avuwed advocates of government railways, both in eastern and western
Canada, is a sufficient evidence that
popular sentiment favors the change.
Hon. A. G. Hluir. minister of rail'
ways, came out llatly during last
session with the declaration tbat the
time had arrived when the government must own the railways or the
rail ways would very soon own tho
At a public meeting in West York,
Bhortly before polling day, N. Clark
Wallace was asked for his views on
the railway question. His answer was
clear and to the point, He said: "I
believe the time has arrived when the
government should own all tbe railways." Clark Wallace was elected by
a majority of 900.
W. F. McLean,, who has beon dubbed 'tbo man with the knifo" on
account of his propensity for knifing
railway deals, is not only an ardent
advocate of public ownership but lias
adopted the People's Party platform in
its entirety. At the general election
of'WI, when ho ran as a conservative,
McLean was elected'by tbe narrow
majority of seven votes. This time his
plurality is 715.
Kloapferln South Wellington, Me-
i'.wing in South Huron, McCarthy iu
South Slmcoe and Kemp tn East Toronto are government owuership men
from the province of Ontario who were
returned by good majorities.
In the west, Puttee's majority in
Winnipeg totalled over 1100 voles, i.nd
government ownership is his strongest
plank. Richardson, of Lisgar, who
was declared out of the Liberal party
because bis railway policy was distasteful to Clifford Sifton, gained a
splendid victory over tbe combined
power of tbo ('. P. It. and the machine
pollticanson both sides. Frank Oliver,
wlio lias gone hand and hand witb
Richardson, in opposition to corporate
railroads, was returned by a comfortable majority in Alberta, and Ralph
Smith got all tho votes he wanted and
enough to spare to make several
majorities under ordinary circumstances.
ln fact from Atlantic to Pacific, it
seems that Hugh John is the only
government railway candidate who
met defeat, and it is worth remembering that Hugh .Joint, after being
elected premier of Manitoba ou tbat
policy, made no effort to carry out his
ante-election promises.
Hero Is a deep lesson forthe electors
ol   Vi'lr-l'      On   the
sixth of Dei ibi'r they will bo asked
to cbooso a candidate, .and it will be a
great mistake if they do not choose a
nutu who can be depended on to support the government railway propaganda whenever the opportunity
presents itself. In candidates Galliher anil McNeill the people can place
but slight confidence. They are both
party men, ami their loyality to tlieir
party is likely at the critical moment
to outweigh their loyality to thoir
Chris. Foley is an independent candidate. Ho owes allegiance to neither
party. His hands are free, and an
acquainteneo with the man is sufficient
guarantee that no party affiliations will
ever be permitted to stand between
liim and his duty to his constituents.
Veto Fur Chris. Foley and govern. ownership of railways.
attempt to "knock" it good claim to
satisfy a private grudge, for he is
hurting not only dozens of othor men
wlio are associated with his wrath, but
he is hurting indirectly every business
man and prospector in tlie district."
Poor old "mud hen. Did ever anyone hear suoh nonsense. The EAGLE
has always tried to advance the
interests of this district und lias been
built up along theso lines, so that a
jack rabbit can see tiie Topic's
ground for tlie above remarks.
There is absolutely no remedy for
the extortion of the trusts but government ownership, and that is a complete
cure which wrongs nobody and rights
tlie wrongs of many.
Tho trust has doubled the price of
salt in the United States. Before long
tho labor trust will havo to double the
price of wages in order to hold thoir
enthusiasm for McKinley and his
plutocratic gobblers.
members in purlin-  ��^��'-!-;\;\sss*&M*M$MM'3>*��*8**��-<s>>S>
l'l'T OP AT-
nuijority of labo
ment, only for the orlmln&l negligence
and indill'orenco of a great many of tbe
The working man who votes for a
party that gives to corportions tho land
that is his, robs him under his very
nose and allows an alien race to come
in and shut him out from nearly evory
lield of industry reducing him to actual
starvation and want and often his sister or daughter to prostitution, is mad,
mud with tho most fiendish madness.
Great Godl the possibility of another
ten years of this is simply appalling.
Vote for Cliris. Foley and help stay the
herds of Chinese and "little brown
men" that aro fast overwhelming the
working men of British Columbia.
The othor day 1 heard a man assert
that ho never knew a minister to
accept a "call" unless the change
meant a substantial increase of salary.
Perhaps you have hoard tho story of
tlie preacher who received an invitation from a congregation, accompanied
by tho oitor of ti stipend much greater
than he was then earning, "is your
father going in leave us?'
enquired a neighbor of the son of tho
reverend gentleman, "i don't know
its not settled yet," replied tlie youth
".My father is in the parlor praying for
guidance, and my mother is in the
kitchen packing up the things." Thus
tho conscientious preacher who gets
a "call'' often finds himself in a delicate situation. For my part, however,
t have long thought that, to some
extent, preachers are themselves .to
blame for the sarcasms to whicli they
are exposed. I think it would be
much better if they would boldly
declare that tho laborer is worthy of
his hire, instead of making a show of
hesitation before they decide to accept
offers that are an improvement on the
positions they hold. Aftor all, tho
man of the world likes a manly man
and he does not think loss of the
preacher who frankly confesses that he
is mado of common clay, and that whilo
he does his host to persuade his fellows
to do what Is right; shows ho also
thinks of his own future, and of the
welfare of his wife and children.���
Sue Vernon.
Abrahamson Bros
Propr let oi s.
now and up n> date.
piro Proof
Kim-.-i Wiui's, Liquors and I
Mining men's Itoiidqnartors.
clii'iri'iil diulng room [Alt RATES OIVEK.
.......... ..... ...,..!;.:..;���.;..........,,
��Mc-1. $-$-&-# $-&-*���& &$-$-$-$ &&%���% s$h8h&
If A. L. Sifton, tho man who was
Influential in electing Frank Oliver in
Alberta by putting up speels to the
working men thero, is really their
friend what in thunder brings both
him and the man he helped to elect to
this riding to buck against the work-
ingman.s causev Verily the party
pnlitican is not to be trusted, and as
long as thc working man continues to be
carried away and inlluenccd by smooth
talking, limber-lipped heelers of his
stamp, God help him, God help his
children. When the corporation owns
all the land, ami Chinamen who will
he protected by the corporation, monopolizes evory lield of industry and
he is laughed at by the men who arc
getting rich at his expense now, be
will probably see the advisability of
having representation in parliament.
That socialism is making rapid
headway in thia country is not to be
denied says tlio Slocan drill particularly in tlie western section. Canada,
howover is not alone in this respect, as
the United States shows healthy progress, the people, as they get to understand the principles of socialism,
realizing that it comes nearer meeting
tho various phases of their existence
than any other cult. In Soutli Dakota,
the Hirst territory on the continent to
make the experiment, the*people have
adopted the initiative and referendum,
anil it is giving tlie greatest satisfaction. Not only does it. permit of
direct legislation by the people, but it
lias cleansed politics to a remarkable
extent. Canadian legislators would do
woll to copy South Dakota in this
matter, even belt only to purify the
politics of thu country.
WANTED AT ONCE���Girl to do
Cooking and Wait ou Tnole for
about six boarders. Apply stating
wages expected to J. Laughton,
Ferguson, B, C.
..Hotel Lardeau..
/. Laughton, Proprietor.
FergusoD, B. C.
t^HfcMHtHgHgtsS* JHHjHjE-SSKfc-JjHf* &
A Reliable
Is a Jewel.
Tf your watch is out of order, needs
cleaning or regulating bring it to me
at once and I'll guarantee its repair.
S. F. W. Gainer.
Hotel Ferguson
The F.ditor of tho Topic concludes
a dirty attack on the Eaole and its
editor by Baying!
"A'e would advise the editor of the
F.ii^le nut, to revenge a quarrel over a
private matter of no public
ii), li the columns of his paper.     It
cowardly method for the person
iked has no redress bnt u troublo-
i    libel    suit.      Nor  should hu
If you aren't in it union the next best
tiling is to get your name on tho role
and vole fur a labor candidate, A
labor candidate is a man wlio is sent
by Intelligent Workers, to try and got
laws mado that will lighten thoir
burden in lite; laws that will see
ti it that men can get work: laws that;
will help those that are working to
keep up a decent wage; laws to prevent
employers from ovo-worklng men,
women und children; laws that will see
that it man who has worked bard all
his life is not turned adrift unprovided
for injhis old age���that ho won't have
to serve or become a pauper. All these
things are possible. Over in New
Zealand the workingmen have got
them through electing unionist candidates, and there they have no unemployed, no starvation wages, no long
hours, no strikes, no neglected workers
In their old age. And wo have tho
very same state of affairs here, only
that too many of tho workers aro too
Indifferent about their own interests to
spend half an hour gutting their names
on the roll; too careless to keep them
there once thoy are on, or too easily j
gulled to plank thoir vote down overy |
time for the labor candidate. The
electoral laws are bad, no doubt; but
thoy   lire  good  onough  to
prorltsblo t'u'id fur lie- Judicious
ndvcrllsor Is unoxeelled in u>l�� nro-
Hi lv limn iiotnally covering
tlio dlslrlet. All ail. in lhe BAULK
will reach morojieoiile m Korausou,
Trou! Lake (lily, Thomson's I.nml-
In-. Ci iilix, Cainbin-nOi Arrowhead; Ten Mile, circlo City and
overy solitary mino in Iho distriot.
than any othor pnpor published.
olfcrs siii'ii splendid
tor good ivl.l.' iiwul
Do you want moro in
wrilo at niiii' for in
rates nnd place lyon
Mi,' ly    ini'ililiin
covers the  Held. . .
r ml
Unit ni-lnnll
Tf Lardeau Eagle
The Bar is supplied with the best brands of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
;'   Hull's #3.00 u day tui.1 upwards.
���        Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
;' u
To Supply the Demand
If you havo a Lot in Ferguson or a worthy Mining
property in the Distriot write giving full particulars.
We can place throe good Mining properties il satisfactory.
A Monthly  IIhvIimv
of Nor.ii. Advance,
Kdltor:   N. 0. FANNING,
AHHoeiftto:  John Emery McLean,
Tills famous magazine is now  published pi
New York.
It is nn absolutely free nml Independent
jourmil of ihu lirst class, presenting both sides
of tim leading questions of the day from the
pens of tho bust writers.
Progressive nnd vigorous, vet scholarly nnd
high should be read by c\ery one
desirous of obtaining up-to-date Information.
It is indisputimible to every advanced mind.
35 Cents n Copy, -"        #2.rtO it lenr
At all newstunds/or post-pnhi 1 y tlie publlnber
"Life" Bids.,   NEW YORK, V .      .*,
Do not lie annoyed If tit tho expiration of
your sabfloriptlon tlie Eagre ceases to fly your
: way. Duo notice will be sent you and If there
Is no response your niinie will be cut off. H
saves us lime and money, and "business Is
give US a   business."
See or write us before purchasing.
Wo can put you next to somo of tho
best buys in tho district. Actual
residence and experience in tlio
camp plaeos us in a position
to  givo   you    roliablo    service,
II you dosiro to buy real estate or acquire mining interests in this district just drop us if line. Wo will cheerfully  furnish you   with  all the   information wc can'
Real Estate and
Mining Brokers.
Ferguson, B. C.
) ��*��*<-M*Ov��o
9 o*>e*^**><>���*��->*>f>**<yf*^?v^<^!^r��, *�����>���> '
Is tlie....
Pay Roll Centre
The place where
the Mines are.  F
Worthy of Careful Consideration
By All Classes.
And the Old  Parties Are Unequal
to the Occasion,
To the EloCtorsot Vnlu-Cariboo :
ln requesting your support to my candidacy
for tbo Dominion House of Commons, it Is due
to you that I give public expression to my
views on tbo several planknof the platform of
tho Indopondont Dabor Party:
1, Compulsory education has become a
recognljsod necessity in most countrios ami as
such baa my hearty endorsement.
2, Legal work day, H liuurs.
Modern Invention hasso enormously Incrooa-
ed the productive power of man thai his wants
���jun be supplied witli a fraction of tin; time and
effort heretiifore necessary for that purpose.
Labor as well as capital should benefit by these
changed conditions. The H-hour law is a stop
Inthatdircetion and I shall heartily endorse
any legislation looking to that end,
8. Government inspection of industries.
Under modern economic conditions the management of industrial concerns figure on results, not thc methods by which they arc to be
obtained. An ovcrsupplled labor market enables tlujin to Impose on employes any conditions tbey'may deem necessary. Protest as a
rule means dismissal from service and probable want to their little ones. In throwing the
strong arm of the law about these children of
��� misfortune you are simply folluwing thu teachings of the meek and lowly Jesus, who said
suffer tlie little ones to come unto me, for of
such is tlie kingdom of heaven.
4. Abolition of contract system.
The abuses that have grown up under the
contract system as outlined in the first issue
*" ofthe Dominion Lalmr Gazette should convince
even the hide-bnund partlsmn of the necessity
of thc enactment of such a law.
5. Public ownership of franchises.
Our experience in the control of the postal
department, public schools, public highways,
municipal lighting plants and (waterworks Is
sufficient ground for thc extension of the same
system to railroads, telegraph, telephone, and
express business. The experience of penplc in
New Zealand, Australia, Germany anil elsewhere has demonstrated that those (unctions
can bej performed by the government with a
very great Advantage to the people and I most
heartily endorse legislation looking to lhat
5. Prohibition nf Asiatic emigration and the
educational test.
Thc presence here in large numbers of this
non-assimilating nice robs Canadian labor of
Its birthright. Every Mongol landing upon
our shores lessens rather than increases our
population. The white laborer which he replaces would as a rule marry and settle among
us, increasing the population by at least three.
This means to tho merchant less mouths to
feed, and less backs to clothe, to the doctor
Icbs demands for his services, to the transpor-
tation companies less? traffic, to the dentist less
teeth to llll. to the mechanic less buildings to
erect, to thc real estate dealer less demand for
properly Including less force for the same, to
the farmer less stile for produce-to the newspaper man less papers to he sold, to tbe
preacher smaller congregations, and to the
bootblack fewer shoes to shine. Their presence
works injury to all branches of the economic
system. I oppose thoir coming here on the
same grounds ! would oppose the taking of
more passengers Into an open bout already
loaded to thc sinking line in mid-Pacific.
Every Chinaman occupying a position in domestic, services interferes with the natural laws
as applying to the industrial body, robbing our
women of employment naturally belonging to
them to the extent that for every Chinaman 80
employed some one's sister or daughter Is
driven to prostitution, evolving a ra^e problem destined to breed seas of blood and that
will some day mantle the Canadian cheek
with abliHi for his country's shame.
7. Abolition of child labor.
An economic system that drives the child
from tbo cradle to the factory to compete with
its own father Is certainly the legitimate child
of an industrial system having greed us its
basic principle Legislation along l'nes oppos-
eiMo this will receive my hearty support.
8. Abolition of tho|350 deposit.
Under conditions*whero all arc amenable to
the law and assume the responsibility of defending the country's Hug and institutions all
should be entitled alike to aspire to tin; highest position In the gift of their countrymen
without boing taxed for tbo privilege of ,w doing.   I would repenl thai law,
ft. Compulsory arbitration.
Compulsory arbitration. as applied In New
Zealand looms upon the horizon of progress
not as a dream, but as a practical method of
reconciling the conflicting Interests of labor
and capital,aud h destined, I think, In the
Dear future, If applied, to prevent thoso periodical Industrial wars and lond a security to all
branches of business Midi us is Impossible
under existing conditions and as such rocctvoi
my hearty approvul.
10. All elect Ion days to be made public holidays.
f would also favor the passage of a law making lhe exercise of the franchise compulsory
for the following masons: First���Monoy can
and doos purchase tbo votes of the drunkard,
the sew-r hog and criminal, the vote of tin
Intelligent but Indifferent citizen would coun
ter balance this evil, and 1 believe it Is as much
the duty of every citizen to poll Ills voto as it
Is to pay his taxos. in making this a compulsory duty you are simply compelling him to do
that by the ballot which he Is alreiu
polled, to do by the bullet-defend thc
' inslltihiony of his country.
12    Abolition of the Senate.
I look upon the upper house as a useless and
extremely annoying political luxury, as a
stumbling block to progressive legislation, as a
home for political Imbeciles, who seem to havo
resolved themselves into a political Inquisition, who pounce upon every progressive
measure that passes the lower house, brands it
as heresy and proceed to pronounce tho sentence of political damnation upon all accordingly, aud if any little effort I can make can
assist in exterminating lhat aristocracy In
politics I can assure you It will be exercised
with the greatest of pleasure.
Trusting that my Ideas on tho several subjects will meet your views, and that I will
receive your support, I remain,
/WXt^^-^'S     of the United Hat-
ASW^^-- '.-yv'A    ters of North   Am-
-   //'        ^ '   V**   Lri(!H-    V|u'11  vcu
'���Ut   Id    -���������:"���',';-    iir>i nru buying a I'd;
��� TV   *�����. ' 1-rj. HAT, either soft or
\t.\      fe  ���   "      .���.       If,-    stiff, see to it  thut
V \        .j,'..' , ���"      ,' ���'��� thegenuineUNHlN
V \ > ^ '������' ' ��� ��� ' LUJKL Is sewed in
XiOV'M    7" If.���/     /   it-    If it retailer Im*'
\&��Z     -   ^-vV   ���""��*��� -abols in his
M(?/?'fu'r;';N^        possession and ��,1T-
SjS^'rfM'::**',-        ors to put one iu a
^Gl?'fri{>''--''       hat for you, do nol
^WlSTErlS' patronise him.  lie
has uot any right to have loose labels. Uost
labels in retail stores are counterfeits. Un nut
listen to any explanation as towiiv die hat hai
no label. Tho'ienuine Union Label is perforated on tho four edges oxaotly tho same as a
postage stump, i outerfolts aro sonwiiinoa
perforated ou three of ihoodgOB.andsomotlmos
only on two, Keep a sharp lookout for the
counterfeits. .Unprincipled manufacturers are
using them i:i i.nier lo got rid of their Hub-
made hats. Tho John II. Stetson Co auAflunrj
il. Itoelofs, both of Philadelphia, Pa., are nonunion concerns.
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President, Orange N. J
JOHN i'lllI.UI'.-, Secretary,177 Park Ave.,
Brooklyn, n. v.
Mining and Real Estate Brokers,  1
Smoke Cigars
And al. ull times insist on tlio
box bShi'lng the BLUE LABEL.
Ifc helps manufacturers to see the fovea
of paying fair unci honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
I        SMOKE       I
f        TTrtl    AITT1T, *
The Union Label
On everything yon buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.'
Sec that this Label is on all Clothing you buy.
Ferguson Packing
and Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into lor packing of
Mining Supplies- etc., to any point
In the district.
Good, prompt service, und any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing
to Forguson a specialty.
S. DANEY,  Proprietor
C/iW**. Foley.
Canadian Pacific
First Class Sleepers
On all trains from ItovoUlORofllld
Kootenay Uniting.
Also Tourist Cars
Passing iMinmni'c Junction dally fur
St. Paul. Saturdays for Montreal and
Hoston, Mondays and Thursdays for
Toronto. Samo curs pass ifevot*
stoke one day earlier.
No Trouble to Quote Kates und Give
You a  Pointer  regarding the
Eastern Trip You Contemplate  taking.
Fall and Winter Schedule Effective
For rates, tickets and   full Information
apply to
J, MoCREERY, Agent Arrowhead.
T. \V, BRADSHAW, Agt. Kevelstoke.
Or to	
W, P, ANDER80N, T. P, A.. Nelson, u. C,
E, j. coYl.E, Asst. 1'ass. Agt., Vancouver, B. 0,
The Season of 1900 has been
an unparalleled period of
progress in the       *-
The Commercial Centre
Supply Point
20 Miles of Railway is
all we need
There will be
winter than
re Si
3 y-'flO   -O
ed this
rs com
General Agent.
Ferguson is ihe Nelson
and Rossland ofthe
Lot :al Agent. o
-----   -w   ^'
Ideal weather for rawhldlng.
A letter from tho Eaole man on
the wing whioh was received too lato
for this issue, will be published next
Thos. Taylor, M. P. P., of Trout
Lake, Mrs. Taylor aud Tommy jr. left
for a few weeks outing in tlie const
cities ou Saturday,
It is said that during thc present
century Jul) human lives, $126,000,000,
:i!id  Jdli ships   have   been    lo->t   in
fruitless efforts to dud tlie North pule.
Last Friday's mail did dot arrive till
Saturday night being delayed by a
Bnow slide in the big canyon between
bore and tho Landing.
It. P. I'ettipieee left last Thursday
un a business trip to He
will also visit Nelson, Sandon and the
Boundary towns before returning to
Ferguson's assayer, S, Shannon, lias
just been notified by the board of
examiners that he is exempt from tlio
examination and will be granted an
Assuyer's Certilieato on payment of
tho prescribed fee.
G. ii. Griffith, of the iirm of Master-
son & Griffith, was up from tho hub
on .Monday taking In the sights of
Ferguson for the lirst tine. He was
very favorably impressed witli the
town which he has so often beard of as
boing "up the gulch."
In another two weeks Ferguson will
be tho warmest camp in the bunch.
Already business is booming and we
hear lhe yells of the fellow on Speud-
yourdo avenue whooping her up and
the click of tlio festive poker chip.
There has been a big storm on
Arrow Luke. It commenced on Thursday afternoon and lusted untill Monday
forenoon. The fall of snow was continuous for throe days and a lierco wind
causing heavy swells and big waves,
made navigation extremely difficult.
* Remember that Lardeau people
cannot bo reached by the dully newspaper. Tbe Eagle is positively thc
only medium which actually reaches
every camp and mine in this district.
Lardeau people cat, drink and bu\
clothes. Do you want to supply tbem V
Write for further information.
Tho following visitors from the Lardeau and neighbourhood have registered at guests ut the Halcyon Hoi
Springs sanitarium during the pasl
week: Mi', and Mrs, .1. J. Foley,
Arrowhead; B. E. Ureeue, Comaplix:
.Mrs, Capt. Short, Arrowhead: .Mr. and
Mrs. F. McCarthy and two children.
At a recent election in Kentucky a
local politician induced a lot of negroes
to shoot craps. They were then
arrested for gambling nnd lost thoir
votes by being locked up. This Is a
new scheme to win an election that
would not work iu the Slocan. as we
are short, on coons and craps.-���New
. Denver Ledge.
The Poo-bah captain on the arm
broke it into the editor of tbo Eaole
ou his way out last week. Farm had
transportation on the steamer Lardeau,
but that boat not boing on that day, he
was informed by "Poo-bah" that he
would have to cough up a good Canadian "buck" or he would I ave le
swim to Arrowhead. Not having taken
the precaution to leurn to swim when
Ih; whs young, but having oo![6cted
$1.30 from delinquent subscribers before leaving, l.e was spared the necessity of starting in now. The mail car-
riersays when he was leaving it looked
as though the captain would have to
weather the fiercest storm that ever
blew bis way, but up to the hour of
going to press ho is still able tu get
A tenderfoot's first impression nf a
mining camp is anything but encouraging, 'The three or four betels and as
many stores mean nothing to him and
three out of four, who have seen tie
prospector start out with his pack and
the pack train wend its way up the
mountains with supplies, will cull
mining a hard proposition and' hit the
trail back east without the faintest
idea of the country's resources. Not so,
hovever, when one strikes Ferguson.
The closo proximity of the mines und
the groat conlldenco expressed in them
by miners and townsmen alike excites
'his curiousity and he will hit tho trail
lor the mines instead, and when ho
gets to the Nettio L. and sees tlie pile
of sacked ore whioh he is told represents $50,000 nnd tlio output this winter
will be six or sevon times that much,
and that the Lardoau will have 10or 12
shippers like this next year, he feels
like kicking himself down the hill to
Ferguson lor not coming here sooner.
iT TROUT m\T>*i^M'!**:
Ferguson's Popular Young Freighter gets a Life-Contract.
At Trout Lake last Saturday S.
Daney, of Ferguson and Miss Evelyn
Jowett' ono of the Larduau's most
popular young ladios, were united in
holy matromony.
Tbe ceremony was performed by tbe
Kev Mr. Green at tbe home of the
bride, who will remain at the Lake
until the completion of their oommod
imis home in Ferguson, where tho
happy young couple will reside.
The EAGLE joins their many friends
in wishing thom a nappy and prosperous life.
1. Free compulsory education.
2. A lejjal working day of eight
3. Government inspection of all
4. Tho abolition of the contract
system on all public works.
5. The public ownership of all franchises, snob as railways, telegraphs,
waterworks, lighting, etc.
tl. The abolition of Asiatic immigration, the application ofthe educational test and tbo abolition of inducements to foreign immigration to settle
in the Dominion.
7. The abolition of child labor
under 14 years of age.
8. Tho abolition of the $250 deposit
required of candidates for the Dominion house.
9. Compulsory arbitration of labor
JO. Prohibition of prison labor in
competition with free labor.
li. Compulsory exorcise of the franchise.
To Lardeau Patrons
The cni.wi mid STATIONERY business
which I have hceti conducting hi Rovolstoko
opposite tin- Bunion, bus been sold to .1. W.
BEXXKTT. Thanking yon all for your
past patronage nnd soliciting ft continuance
for my successor, i rcimiiu, yours,
Chas. J. Aman.
Reported on by i.
Take notice thm I (ho undersigned Co-owner
with you ofthe "Bror Kox" minora! claim siln*
iitetl on the northwest side of iiii-kins creek
und tibont three miles ir Ua month and being n south-oasterlv extension of tne Fayal
mineral claim in the Trout i-nkr Mining f >iOis-
lon, of west Kootenay, in the province <>f
British Columbia, bare performed ami re-
norded the assessment work nml mado tlio ex
lioiidlturo required lo bo done nn<] recorded mi
the above inunlloncd claim forthe year ISM
under section IM of tim Minora! net'nml the
year for whicli such work was performed nml
expondlturo mado having'jxpired I do hereby
jdve you notice pursuant "> see lion ���! of tht'
Mineral Act Amendment Act JP0O, to contribute your proportion of such expenditure (or
ih.' year boroinboforo mentioned within 90
days ofthe lirst publication hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake this 8th day of November, A. I), itwu.
87-49 PETER McVKIOII, Co-owner,
NOTICE IS EIEREBYarVKN thut niiemnnll
aftor data I Intend to apply to tho chief Com
tnlssionor of Lands and Worfax '<> lnnviin.r ;;_'u
acres of iand In tbo hlMrh't ofWosi Kootonay,
dosorlbod as follows: Commencing at h posl
marked "Jacob Smllh'a south-wcsl corner,"
plaeod on the west bank ����f the Hub- west fork
ofthowesl forlt of the Duncan river.about-10
chains north >���( the mouth of th<- liitli' iw-m
fork : thenco north m chains; thence oast w
chains; thenco uoutli 40 chains; tltonco west80
chains in i-niiti of commencement.
forguson, H, c���September:*!, woo.        81-88
To LILLIAN II'iW!. J,\V\ M. UOAfl, It. K.
WILSON nnd 0. D. lIOAlii
Take notice thut \yo the undersigned Co*own<
on with von id Hi" Jumbo, Florence, Union
Jack, Janadlati Boy, Indepondoni nnd Parrsboro minora! claims, situated ou the south
fork of tha Lardeau crook in tbe Trout Luke
Mining Division of Wesl Kcotonny in the
Province of British Columbia, have performed
nnd recorded tho assessment work nml uuu\c
���ndltiin-  required  to be done ami
I'll II-
. IS!
1800 under section ji nf the Mineral Act and
tho years for which suoh work was performed
and oxpendituro mado having expired we do
hero by give you notice pursuant to Sect ion 4 of
the Mineral Act Amendment Act 1000, to contribute your proportion of such expenditure
for thu years hereinbefore mentioned within
00 days of (he first puMjruijnii hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake Ibis 20th day of September A. I). 1000.
;n-l5 L. THOMPSON,  Co-Owners.
Job Printing
Vimi need it in your business, but you want
It done neatly ami In uu up to-datc stylo,
and of course At a moderate price. We can
Fjrrnhm yon with anything you need in the
pHntinir line, hut to jog your memory win
mention Bill Roads, Statements, Kcroipts,
Envelopes. Letter He-adB, Business cards,
etc-any of which you maj be. In Immediate
need of.   Telephone or write
Tim Lardeau Eagle
L. R. C, P. A S.   IQueon's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter cf Pinkham
Solicitors lor Imperial Bank of Canada.
Qoo. S, McCarter, J. A. Harvey.
A. M. rinklitiin.
White, Gwillim $ Scott,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
Forguson : Service ':. school house every
Sunday at a p.m    ,unday school at2 p.m.
Trout I.iikeCIt'-'. Services in Forrester's
j... 11 everv Sunday at 7 ::io p.m. Sunday
school at-JRoOp.m.
REV. s. .1. GREEN, l'nstor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
General Blacksmithing
and Repair Work	
Promptly attended to at moderate rates, shooing n specialty.
Boot and Shoe Maker
Miners' Siloes a Specialty.
7rout Lake and Ferguson.
When Thirsty
Enterprise Beer
All Lardeau's loading hotels liandlo It,
Manufactured hy the
Bntei'ttriae Brewing Co.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Imperial Bank
T��saa����~of Canada.
CAPITAL PAID CI" . . *2,'l'*,iatt0t).
REST      fl ,700.000.00.
(icnernl Liiiriltinn. IJnsincss Transacted
Interest allowed on dopojlts In Saving.
Department al current rales.
A. R. li. HEARN,
��   Druggists
Stat ion ers
l( you iil'oiI anything in
Sond to the
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Tlio most complete resort on the continent
ol North America, situated midst scenery
unrivalled for ijrondeut, Boating, llsmns
and excursions. ReiMtnt pbnlftjan and
nu*Bo in telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world: Ttytl mails arrive and
depart every .lav. Its nalhs euro all nervous
and muscular diesis Us waters heal nil
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and wa'-ersare a sure retried!' aaainst
all argentlfor potions,   TJSBMH :  111I lo
lis jier week, ueeotding tu resldctleo iu liotel
or villas.
We have just placed in stock tlio biggest
and best assorted stock of gents' clothing, miners' Mackinaw Clothing, overalls, Overshirts, Underwear, Sox, etc.
Every need in the above linos at
prices   consistent    with    quality   at
Our Boot, Shoe, and Overshoe line (rives
the best choico in the district and out'
stock of Goneral Merchandise cannot be
excelled. Get your Christmas supplies
from us. Wo treat you right, our prices
are right and quality always guaranteed,
Mm I SutHerland:
Post Office Stoi
A solid Investment and dally dividends by buying your GROCERIES
and PROVISIONS from us.   A now stock just in. . . .
mamtmmasiESBmm. -'���^���
Don't Send to Eastern Sweat-Shops for
Goods until you try the
Send for Prices, samples and particulars
. . . Bourne Bros.
C. B. Hume & Co.
��       !
Wholesale and .Retail
General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Brawl/ at
Trout Lake City.
and DENTS' FL'RXISilKlt.
-RliVi-.l  TORE, II. i
iviif��lf**4*ti��> DcttldrH In
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
The Best UondH Only.
Stoclc liitrjr'i mid <'m,ijil.'t��>
rfYonWant all the Newsoftfift Ljirt'eaii


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