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Lardeau Eagle 1904-06-24

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New Tork Market.
Pt'.vhb���Bar     $55*.
LEAD-lOOlbs        4.35
Copper     12.87
���/<>/. K, /Vo .0.
Ferguson, B. C, JUNE 24, 1904.
$2 a Year
The War.
Force of Japanese Cavalry attack
The Russian Outposts.
New Chwang, June 21,���According
to an American missionary, who claims
to have received Information from a
native soure.,' a force of Japaneso
cavalry attacked tho Russian outposts
at Liao Yang lusi, Saturday. According to the same authority tho lighting
continued on Sunday, and faint sounds
of firing were heard for several hours
this morning in the direction of Xsai
Cheng. A strong wind has been blowing in that direction to-night*, and frequent dashes, believed to havo been
from artillery lire have been seen.
Reports of Heavy Firiss at Hal
Cheng Denied.
St. Petersburg, Juno 21.���Tlio reports of heavy firing at Hal Cheng are
tieuied by the goneral staff. Tho Japanese aro continuing to advance from
Sluyen arid there are continuous skirmishes between outposts, but no further advances ol General Oltu'a anny
has been reported. Tbo Russian losses
at the battle of Vafangow are turning
out to be jargar as the reports of various regiments come in. They are now
placed by an ollicer nt ���1,000, but an
authority expects the total'' to bo not
less than 0,500.
Martial Law at an End.
Sail Miguel County, Colo., Turned over
to Civil AutlioriUM.
A despatch from Denver, says, Governor Peabody issued an order on the
I5tb declaring martial law In San
Miguel county at an end,-.directing tlio
release of the troops from duty, and instructing Captain finitely Wells in
. command of thu troops, to turn over to
the civil authorities president Charles
H. Moyer of the Western Federation
of Miners, now held a prisoner in the
" bull pen " at Tellurlde.
South-East   Kootenay
The "Gazette " of tbe 16i.h inst. contains a notice respecting licenses for
coal and patroloutn in Blook 1511.1,
* Southeast Kootenay. Tho foes will bo
!,fll00 each, issued to all applicants, ln
accepting the licenses applicants must
waive all claim against tho Government with respect to any rights
claimed and also Ihu right tn petition
iu tho matter. Tbo Government will
refund no fees, lletug reserved lands
*,ho license curries tho right unly to
' coal and petroleum and not to surface
or any other mineral rights. The
license Is good Ior one year froiii llic
date of Issue, but the issuing of the
llcenoo Is not to ho taken aa lu any
way establishing priority claim.
4**** *4**4 4*4 4**-44****4*< *********** ...4 .4-4*4-
A Great Achievement
****** 4*******. ......... ****4
����-->^��X-��-*>��^-0-*>�� ��������<�������)
On Tuesday afternoon a party
consisting' of Messrs. Tom Taylor,
M.L.A., G. B. Batho, J. C. Kirkpatrick, and J. J. Atherton (representing the Eagle), visited the concentrating and chloridising plant at
Five-Mile, owned by the Silver Cup
Mines, Ltd. The party were received by Mr. Swinney, the genial
manager ot the company, who personally conducted the visit of inspection and acted as mentor and
A brief glance at the liappy faces
of Ihe men employed, and the conclusion arrived at was complimentary to the fare provided for the
inner man. Our representative
chatted with several ot them, unci
to his query of "How's everything ? " the answer would come,
"Great! "
About 75 men are now employed, nnd in another month the
total staff operating will reach close
on 206. It is expected that too
Ions of ore per" clay will then be
found necessary when it was decided
to build the mill. This line leaves
the main line some 3,000 feet vertically, and 6,000 feet horizontally
below the upper terminal, and runs
direct to the mill, with a vertical
drop of 1,100 feet. At the junction
of the lines, bins are provided, into
which the ore frtim the main line is
sizers, and from there the ore,
which has now the appearance of
powder or cement, is received by
the Docld buddies and modified
Wilfieys, of which there are six on
the 4th floor. From here it passes
to the fioor below, on which are tbe
Vanners and Wilfieys, and at this
point the lay mind  receives its first
discharged,   and   from  these   bins j impressions of the wonderful system
filled into the buckets of the supple- of     concentrating    the
mental line, and  by them delivered metals,
direct into the bins at thc mill.
Tlu second and third class ore
dumps accutnmulated in the development of the "Cup" workings
are at present not being treated at
the mill, as the recent snowslide
completely checked progress in that
direction. But the obstructions
around the latter mine are being
cleared away, and at present the
mill is treating with ore from the
Nettie L,
The mill is erected on a hillside,
sloping down from the  road to the
South Fork, at an angle of about
t 20 degrees, admirably adapted for | *,he C(.m,:.,ny
From the mouth of the Sunshine the laying out of the mill in benches
tunnel an aerial Irffmway has been : or doors as has been done. The
constructed to the valley of tbe 1 subsoil is sand and gravel, which is
South Fork. The upper terminal a good material lor foundations, and
is just sufficiently below the tunnel admitting of excavation at a low
to admit of suitable bunkers, while cost.   The mill has been laid out in
thc lower terminal is just across the
Fork and on the wagon road, about
3 J-J miles from Five-Mile. The
tramway is of the standard Riblet
type, 7,200 Ieet long, with a drop
between the terminals ot 2,600 feet.
The cables are i-inch and f-j-inch
in diameter respectively, and the
buckets have a normal capacity of
1,000 lbs. The tramway is operated
by two men, one at each terminal,
and is capable of taking u load up
of equal to ��0 per cent of the down
weight. Tbe plant is a splendid
piece of work, and is working as
smoothly as the flight of a bird.
A    supplemental   tramway   was
floors, arranged in steps, the ore
being received at the highest point
and gradually descending by gravity
through the various processes.
The following is an approximate
arrangement of the mill, and the
treatment the ore receives.
On the first floor are the ore-
receiving bins which have a capacity
of 200 tons. Here also is the
crusher. From this lloor the ore
passes to the next one, wherein are
20 stamps pounding away clay and
night ; they are divided into four
batteries of five stamps each, the
weight of the stamps being f,ooo
lbs. each.    On the 3rd floor are the
There the naked eye could see
the precious metal lingering to be
further treated, while the water
.which is being mechanically shaker,
carries away the powdered rock to
the drying floor, and from thence to
the 7th door, on which there are two
Howell-White roasting and chloridising furnaces. After being treated
in the furnaces, it is extracted and
allowed to cool off, after which it is
received by 10 pan amalgamators
and five settlers. Here can be seen
the precious metal, for which men
ave dug and delved, and for which
owning tlie plan
have spent untold wealtif to produce. When above, at a distanco
of 70 feet, we saw the ore being
dumped into the bins, at this end
ihe metal is pouring steadily from
the ejectors into pannikins, and we
As will be noticed the plant is
partly a concentrator and partly a
chloridising plant. Tbe mill and
the process of concentrating adopted have been designed by Mr.
Attwood, the company's consulting
engineer, to whom great credit is
due. There is not another plant
laid down of its kin in the length
and breadth of Canada, and the
company owning it are deserving of
Ihe highest praise for installing of
the plant, and Ferguson is proud of
the company and overjoyed at tbe
good results.
The Dundonald Speech.
Verbatim Iteport <��r tin, Spoecl,
.Montreal  ivfitcli  Ouusotl his
" When a nation is at war, aud when
national danger stares that nation in
the face, it entrusts tho promotion anil
selection for tho advancement to the
general whom it entrusts to lead ii.
Political intrigue for personal advancement other than that deserved by military ellleieney is dormant in the times
of national terror hoar, hear). Hu*.
whon peace comes and all is quiet, and
the vigilance of a nation for its national interest is at rest, political wiles
and political schemes then begin to
weave their nets, the nation no longer
at tbat time, being watchful. But I
care not, gentlemen, who tlio man is,
if he advances one man or penalizes
another on account of tho political
color of his party, I say tbat man, whosoever that man may be, is not a friend
of his country (applause). Recently,
gentlemen, a gross instance of political
interference has occurred. I sent a
list of officers of the Thirteenth Light
Dragoons to the Gazette, the Thirteenth, commanded by an efficient gentleman whom I seo here now. 1 pent a
list of these officers to tho Gazette. 1
was astonished to receive the list back;
with the name of one officer scratched
off and Initialed by the Minister of
Agriculture, Mr. Sydney Fisher. That
gentloman was a man I considerod'well
equipped to serve the KId*-1 in tho
Thirteenth Scottish Regiment (applause). Dr. Pickle, Mayor of Swoeta
burg, chosen of tbo people, ono of tho
champions of Missisquoi. What better
man to serve the King? (hear, hear).
I feel certain that had Mr. FisherY
life led him to soldiery instead of ta
agriculture, be would teel Annoyed,
perhaps on personal grounds, at the
extraordinary lack of etiquette involved in scratching the name of -i
gentleman put forward by a man whose
business it is to lind sufficient officers
for the militia (applause). But on personal grounds, gentlemen. I don't lithe least mind. Lack of etiquette
affects mo littlo; I havo beon two
years in Ottawa, gentlemen laughter).
It is not on personal grounds that! in
form you of this, but lt is on national
grounds (hear, hear), f feel, gentlemen, anxious, profoundly anxious, that
the militia of Canada mny bo kept frfie
! from party politics." (Hear hear,
and loud applause.)
In ithe Senate, last Friday, on tlio
Lead (Bounty Bill, Senator Temple-
man. answering Senator Macdonald,
said no action bad been takon on the
proposal to c.vtond tliu bounty to ore
exported. Sir Mackenzie Bowell
hoped It would not be granted. Senator Templeman said ono result of tho
bounty was that all lead pipe used In
Canada would in it few years be manufactured in British Columbia.
Senator Lougheod���Why not convert the bounty into a duty ?
Senator Tomploman���It would not
havo the 6am. effect. Tho mines in
British Columbia can produce moro
lead than can bo used lh Canada.
Tho Bill passed.
Tho streets tire Ferguson ure lively
with tlio it)IIiiJ> of projectors,
Tiio Klondike mines aro breaking all
previous records this year. Sluicing
began May 8th, and up to Juno-Itb
royalty had been paid on 65,763ounces,
Hourly two tons. This is the largest
anioiuil ever produced up to the same
dato In previous years. Last year
only II,Will ounces woro taken out in a
corresponding period. The water is
holding out well and tbo output of the
season in expected to be tho largest on
record for tlio district.
Mexico City, Juno 21.���Telegraphic
advises received bore show that there
is danger of war betweon tho republics
of Salvador and Guatemala, and tbat
troops of the two countries aro marching to tbo borders. Thoro are also reports of a coming revolution in Honduras.       	
General BobrikolT, governor goneral
ot Finland, was shot and mortally
wounded ou Juno 17tb. Tbe assassin,
Senator Schumann, Immediately committed suicide.
Election of Sohool Trustee to-morrow
(Saturday) at 11 a 111,
Although all of tbe exhibits are not
installed ut St. Louis, the visitor is
not aware of any Incompleteness, Tbo
mineral exhibits are all in plaooand
nro of especial intorest. The stamp
mills working .011 oies from tbo lilaelc
Hills, South DakDtii, is an object los-
soti that Is placed before visitors in a
novel and Intensely Interesting manner'
The exhibits of mining machinery
performing the work it would do at
the mines, tbe rock drills sinking holes
In granite blocks, all are educational
to the highest degree to not only those
who are familiar with mining practice,
but to those who havo never .visited
the busy mining districts of our
Tho exposition is one that will amply
repay every mining man to visit, as
the lessons there to lip learned will he
of groat future bcnoflt. ��� Mining
Cal. Garrison wont to Nolson on
Monday last. He returns on Sunday
night ��� but not alone. Congratulations.
Miss Ruth Valentine, of Revelstoko,
camo to town last night,
Tbo last report from tbo Yini>- is
of a moro satisfactory nature, earning
a small profit of tl,Vn) in April. Forty
stamps ran for thirty days, crushing
3,050 tons, producing 7*11 ozs. bullion.
���Mining Reporter.
Electrocution has been responsible
for somo bad blundering at recent executions in tbe United States.
A vory enjoyable tim. is reported to
have been spent nt Maddeo's Hotel at
Trout Lnlce last night. Everything
in tbe garden wae O.K., and thu boys
wbo mado tho trip from Ferguson enjoyed themselves immensely. Tbo
hotel, which is just opening up is to
bo run on first-class lines.
Tho Balmoral Hotel opens up next
Friday, and visitors will bo pleased to
seo Steve Slinger in barnoss again.
Scvoral changes have been made in
tho Interior, and tho building has been
renovated and elaborately furhishod.
We wish Stevo all the luck ho wishes
The presence of somo " others " were
requested at Trout Lake court this
Next Friday being Dorinion Day
we shall go to press on Thursday,
Beaton Bits.
Geo. Goldsmith and Goo. ..lohnsnr
left last weok to open up on tin* Scon'.
group. They purpose coniiniiing the
base tunnel along the main lead. A*.
tbo suspension of operations last full
tbo assay was (107.
Tho Double F.agle Mining Co, havo
11 gang of miners under the J. Caron
and Albert  Crapeau on   iho Dlsti
group in Trilby Basin.
Tho II, don ghost has put in ar
appearance, and soveral of the local
lads have seed tho gentleman from tbo
" tiro " office, who during his peregrtn-
atiotis abroad is partial to tho rear 0'
the blacksmith shop, where ho dances
Irish jigs among tho scrap iron. Tho
school seer thinks its a barley cornicus
Keep an eye on Irishmen.
Tho landing Is kept busy with thc
arrival of tbo boat, and prospectors arc
pouring ia.
Mrs. Neodham has been visiting be*,
mother, Mrs. J. JI. Green.
At llcoton, on Sunday, Juno 19th, tc
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Devorcux���a
A second '.inc mill with English
capital behind it Ib reported as getting
ready to build near-New Denver,   - '
CS Lardeau Bagle
ite-i   and  Pnbllihttl   wry   FRIDAY   at
Ferguson, H. C, by
���'    J.  ATHERTON,   Prop.
i nil inn respondonoo Bhould bo mailed.
isorlptlOQ Knit's:    13.00 por niniiiin. tn
Idrossln Amorloa; 11.30 fur stxnioutlis]
. \,*���r In foreign mlilr*'s��.'s.    .No fitly, no
tdvortlslng Hates: Dlaplay sds���S],00 in*r
ecolnron im-li penmonlh. Legal ada��� it
i pop (iiiiiiinu-ii'ii lino for first Insortlon j 8
-s por lliK* fin- i-ni-ii additional Insortlon.
.liiiK notices lo rents mt lino each issue,
etyuay local notices, llO.i sixty days, S7.00;
.-ty days,?5. No ads, accopteii at less than
���it- rates.  No mora for iniack to!*.
and t!ic Silver Cup Mines Limited
show you Ihe way the trick is done
���"Go thou and do likewise."
,' jut weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
FRIDAY,   JUNE 24,   1904.
At the present time, while the
eyes of kings, statesmen and diplomats are' riveted on the far East,
the eyes of the financial world are
directed to the Lardeau, and especially to the mining camp at Ferguson. There is an object lesson
right here, and as we have no "wildcats " for sale, and as our boom
days are passed, we wish to point
out to the hard-headed man of the
world that the townsite of Ferguson
now stands a living monument to
the wealth of the hills surrounding
us. Shrewd tradesmen ol the town
who were lar-seeing enough to anticipate a permanent township have
realized their hopes, and are reaping a reward for their enterprise
and confidence. There is not a
man in this town but who has unbounded faith in the belief that Ferguson is to become the greatest
raining centre of the country. It is,
or should be sufficient for us to
point out that if the output of ore
of the camp did not warrant their
making it their headquarters, they
would soon " fold their tents, like
Arabs, and silently steal away ? "
We desire the right class here, and
we are prepared to stand by any
assertion we make. We are
not floating any company; rather
are we extending an invitation to
tbe " fancy " to pay us a visit. We
are not in the pay of any combination or combinations of groups,
The town of Ferguson sinks or
swims as a mining centre on its
merits, and tor our part we are prepared to stay right with it.
We know more men have been
fpoled in the mining business, and
more men have burned their fingers
in the stock markets since the precious metals have been sought afler
than any stickler for statistics
would care to tackle. The primary
cause of a bad bargain in nearly
every instnnce is the lack of knowledge of the subject. Wc have
said that thc eyes of the country
were upon us. Why ? It is because the solution to the transportation problem has be;n solved, and
unlike Mahomet, who had of necessity to go to the mountain, we have
had it. brought right here. It is because we have in our camp the
smartest piece of mechanism for
the treating of low-grade ores
mind of man ever conjured. " In
rock, and out���bullion." It is too
well known that we have " on
sight" enough of such ore to keep
many ol thesemills pounding, for us
to indulge in any panegyrics on
that truism. We would say to the
capitalist or to the investor : Here
we have the ore and the facilities,
That Lord Dundonald did not
use discretion in his speech at the
banquet we all agree, but his being
fired by the powers does not lessen
the great respect which every true
Canadian or Britisher holds for the
brave resourceful soldier who held
such exalted ideas of our military
honor that he in an unguarded
moment denounced political intrigue for personal gain. Nor docs
the choice vocabulary of insulting
epithets directed to him diminish
our regard for bim, or a greater
respect for Ihe premier who calls a
Britisher a "foreigner."
The sincere sympathy ol everyone will be extended to the people
of New York in the great affliction
they have sustained, for there are
many saddened homes in the great
city as a result of the terrible disaster which occurred in New Vork
Harbor on Wednesday, 15th inst.,
in which over 700 persons perished.
A sad ending to a pleasure trip of
women and children.
Tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock,
all residents should shut down
and wend their ways to the school-
house, for there the annual meeting
of the school trustees will be held to
transact important business, and for
nomination and election of a trustee,
which position is rendered vacant
through Mr. J. Q. McKinnon retiring, and whose term of office has
expired, and is eligible for re-election.
The occasion must be taken advantage of bv all, as public meetings
are few and far between. If any
citizen has been brooding over any
fancied or real grievance, and there
is any kick held in reserve, this will
be an opportune occasion to lash
out. But we must be consistent,
and " For the children " must be
our watchword.
Triune, Silver Chief, Enterprise, Kamloops
nml  Kamloops  Fraotionsl miuoral   olitinin.
situate In tlie Trout ute Mining DlviBlon ol
West Kraileniiy Distriot.
WJiurolooiitutl t���Un Triuno Mountain.
'IV.K' 1- NO'J'IOIS tlmt 1. iii",itt*) 8, MoCsrtor,
villi",��� i-���.���..������.miu. I'ri'"
MR. HARPER, ono of tho I. C. S.
Representatives fur this -listHct, will
be ia Ferguson in n few days. Anybody wishing an intorview ro any of
tho following courses, will find himjat
the Ferguson Hotol:
Median lent Kiipinucr.
Machine Dosi^ner.
MecliAiiicn] Draftsman,
-foreman Machinist-,
Koreimin Tuohiitil.er,
Foreman Pattcrnmakor,
ForeraAn Blacksmith,
Foreman Moldor.
Gas Enninoor,
Refrigeration En^inc-cr,
TraotTon Bnctlneer.
Electrical ISngh.eor,
Electric Machine Designer.
Kleotrio-MgliUng Supt,
Telephone Euglneor.
Telegraph Engineer,
Dynamo Tender-
stuam Engtnoer,
Engine Runner,
Murine Engineer.
<ivii Englnoar,
Hydraulic Englnoor,
Munii (pal Engineer,
Brldgo Engineer.
Railroad Engineer.
Mining Englnoor.
Mine Burvoyor. ���
Mino Foremui,
Cotton-Mill Btiftt.
Woollen-Mill Sunt.
Textile Designer,
���Uoiiiructnr and Builder.
Avi-liitiv-niral Draftsman.
S*(jii Painter.
Slum-rind Writer.
BUeet-Mptal Draftsman.
Ornamental Designer,
Perspective Draftsman,
Stenographer, ,
Ad Writer v
Commercial Law,
Taught with Phonograph.
French,        German.       Spanish.
Start now on the road to eucceis over
which 000,000 students have travelled
and aro travelling. What it has done
for others lt will do for you.
B. H. KRUGER, Rep.,
Box 415, Nelson.
i.My  to   tin
ng Recorder fur a c.'itltlcatuul improve-
ts, for Miu purpose uf olitululuga Urown
(inn;, cf theabnvo claims.
And further take notice thai notion, uwWr
nations?-, hium hi? commoncod before tho is*
Ltauoa ni sui'ti L'ortlfloate of Improvements,
Duud i!ii.- mill day of .lime, A.D. MH>I.
OEO. S. Mt'l.'AKTlCR,
SEALED TENDERS, endorsed "Tender for
Vault," will bo received by the-under
signed, up to noon-, of Monday the 27th June,
1904, fur the orootton and completion of a
Brick Vault In connection wilh tlie Govornmont Olilce, Trout Lake.
Plan, specification, forms of tondor, contract
and bond may be Bean on and after the 18th
Jllno, l'JIH, at tho offices of the Governmenl
Agent, Kaslo ; of the Mining Recorder, Trout
Lako; and at the oltlcos of the Lands and
Works Department, Victoria, B.C.
Tondovs will uot he considered unless made
upon the printed forms supplied for the purpose, and the agreement to execute a bona
npi en pod io the form of tender is duly signed
by tbo contractor himself and two responsible
surelies, resident of tho Province, iu the
penal -sum of $200. for the.falthful performance
of the work.
The lowest or any tender nnt necessarily accepted.
W. 8. GORE,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Landa and Works Department,
Victoria, Ii, 0.,9tn June, 1604, H
tn' the matter of an application for a dupll-
I CMC of r certificate oflille to Lot 1, Block 1;
Lots 0 aud 12. Block 2 ; Lots 7 and 8, Block 0,
and Lot 10, Bloek 29, nil lu the Town of For-
git sou -Maps r.7J and B71A.
NOTICE is hereby Riven that it is my Intention to Issuo al the expiration of oue mouth
from tlio first publioation hercor a duplicate
of the Certificate of Title to the above mentioned lots In ihe name of Alexander Laflerty.
whieh certificate is dated the 25th day of
March, 1901, and numbered 101A.
District Regis.rar,
Land Kepistry Oflice, Nelson, B.C.
nib May, 1904.
Oo To
Trout Lake.
ITnlds i'c<rnlar dances ev-
ury 2nd and *Hli Thursday
��f eueb month, in Alexander hall, tllxcellent music
and good floor management provided.
Ticket.may boobtatned
from any ol tho committee
it* follows: \
Jfz-rf*; *..rf7_ri-*_rf-* .rfi ���rfufa.rfj.'rfr rfr-*^
I Tonsorial ������*���- V f
jParlors..   tf
|        MAIN STREET, J      |
a FERGUSON, B. C.     k
4 Shaving.      Shampooing, ��
fi       Hairdressing,     Singeing, ft
jj Dyeing,      Baths, hot and ft
I       cold water. J
3     1 liavn tlie bent appointed shop In the U
-ft  Lardeau.  Open from 8 a. m. to 8 p. in, tf
..    Schnell & Hooker,    st
L Ferguson and Trout Lake.       &
Fim^r    I _fl_/"C      in  Ferguson, the Pay-Roll
DUy    L,yJlZ>      Centre of the Rich Lardeau.
Is the HUB
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenominally rich
camps   of   Poplar   and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH of Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
Send Orders To"
Is Our
For Tho
I Handle
Only Tbe
Best Quality
Of Goods.
F0R Jewelry, Silver
Ware, Watches *c
Note the Address
Is our business. Wi
have tht facilities and
ingenuity necessary to
execute artistic work.
Anything In oar Lint Turned oat Promptly.
jj   Legal, Survey and Mineral Claim   jj ���
K   Blanks always in stock... !-��
us one
The Lardeau Bagle
Ferguson, B. C.
fl C0UPATVIB9 ACT, 1807.
Certificate of Incorporation.
I HEREBY CERTIFY, that "The Gieat
Northern Mines. Limited." lias thin day been
incorporated under the" Companies Act, 1897,"
im a Limited Companv, with a capital of out.
million Ave hundred thousand dollars,divided
into ono million five hundred thousand shares
of one dollar (fl) oaoh.
The time of the 0X14 tenet) ofthe Company Is
fifty years.
Given under my hand nnd seal of oflice at Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 7th
(lay of November, cue thousand nine hundred
and throe,
IL.��.] 8, Y. WOO WON,
Regl-strarof Joint stool Companies,
The following aro ihe objects for which the
Company has beon incorporated :���
1. To purcliHM' tho property of "The Ophir
Lode Mining Syndicate, Limited ;" and to purchase tim following mineral claims, viz., the
"Strathcona," "Triune FractJon," ���' Lucky
Jack,'"'Lucky Tlmv," "Little Phil," "Lucky
Jack Fraction," "Goldsmith," and "Gold Hill/'
nil situated iu thcTiuut Lake Mining PlylNion
of West Kootenay District; and also to purchase, lease, bond, locate or otherwise acquire
any mineral claims, mineral lands, mines, pro-
Gerties and any real estate iu tlie Province of
ritish Colombia or elsewhere, ami to pay for
the same either in money or in fully paid-up
shares of the Company, or partly lu money ami
partly in such share*, and to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of tlie Bame or an?'of them or any
interest therein :
2. To dip for, raise, crush, wash, smelt, assay,
analyse, reduce, amalgamate aud otherwise
treat (.old, sliver, copper, toad ores or deposits
and other minerals and metallic substances
and compounds uf all kinds, whether belonging to tho Company or not, and to render the
same merchantable, and to buy, sell and deal
in the same, or any of them :
It. To carry on the business of a mining,
smelting, milling and refining company in ail
or any of it:- branches:
4. Uo acquire by purchase, lease, hire, exchange or otlicrwisesuch Umber lands or leases,
timber claims, licenses tocut timber, surface
rights and rights of way, water rights apd privileges, mills, factories, furnaces for smelting
and treating ores and refining metaln, buildings, machinery, plant, or otherwise; real or
personal property as may be necessary for or
conducive to JUG proper carrying out of any of
the objects of the Company :
5. To construct, maintain, alter, make, work
and operate on the property of the Companv,
any canals, (rails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and othor
ways, watercourses,ucqueducts- wells, wharves,
ficrs, furnaces, saw-milts, crushing works,
melting works, concentrating works, hydraulic works, electric works and appliances, ware-
bouses, buildings, muchinery, plant, stores,and
other works ami conveniences which may seem
conducive to any of the objects ofthe Company, and witb the consent of the shareholders
in general meeting, to contribute to, subsidise,
or otherwise aid or take part in any such operations, though constructed aud maintained by
any other company or persons outside of the
property of the Company, and to buy, sell,
manufacture and deal In all kinds of goods,
stores, implements, (provisions, chattels and
effects required by the Company or its workmen and servants:
G. To take, acquire, own and hold as the consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or
otherwise disposed of, or for goods supplied or
for work done by contract or otherwise, shares,
debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other companv, the objects of which aro
similar to those of this Company, and to sell ur
otherwlso disiiose of the same :
7. To enter into anv arrangement for sharing
profits, union of interests, or co-operation with
auy othefiperson or company, carrying on. or
about to carry on, anv imsiness or transaction
similar to that which tlitt Company is author-
ised to carry on :
8. To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or nny of the assets, business, property, privileges, coutrncrs, rights, obligations
and liabilities of any person or company carrying on anv part ofthe business which-a company specially limited under said section is
authorised to carry on, or possessed of property
suitable for the purposes thereof:
9. To borrow or raise money for the purpose
of the Company, but so that tbe amount so borrowed or raised shall not, without tlie sanction
of a general meeting of the company, exceed
one-quarter Of the amount of tlie paid-up capital for the time being, aud for thc purpose of
securing such money and interest, or for any
other purpose, to mortgage or charge tho undertaking or all or any part of the property of the
Company, present or after Required, and to
create, Issue, make, draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or debenture stock, promissory .notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading, warrants, obligations
and other negotiable and transferable instruments :
10. To distribute any of the property of tho
Company among the members in specie :
11. To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage dispose of, turn to account, or otherwise deal with the undertaking,
or the whole or any part of tho property and
rights of the Company, with power to accept as
the consideration any shares, stocks, or obligations of any company the objects of which are
restricted as aforesaid or otherwise :
12. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to thc attainment of the foregoing objects.
Dec. 18.
��� �� �� ����-��^-��
.1NG ���*-���������������
Smith * Co.
45 Bleury St,
Will be represented In
Perguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothlnj*; will
reeelvo close attention
and we
Our representative
S. A. Scott ia a
practical tailor and
will mako clothes
fit. Hold your
orders for him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   m
Situated'midst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on tho continent of North America.
Its baths cure all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
Kidney. Liverand Stomach ailments.
They are a never failing remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying thc system.
TERMS-SIS to lis ncr week, according to residence in Hotel or Villas.
Certificate of Improvements.
Gold HU1 and Goldsmith Mineral Claims, situate In the Trout Lake .Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where located���on Poplar Creek about Qiie
mile from the railway,
Take N'otlce that I Robert Hodge, acting as
agent for w, B. Tool, Free Miners Certificate
No. B. 71717, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
certificates of Improvements, tor thu purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of tha above claims,
And further tako notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before tho issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Datod thisoth day of January, A.D. HUM.
Two Bargains.
For price, term,, etc., apjtly to J. Eifvviird
Jllrn. Imrrl.t.r. Vancouver, or to E.U. Woodward, Ferguson.
WHAT comfortable Utile Dwelling House oc*
X  copied by 0. M. Nesbltt, and two well cul*
tlvated lots, nicely fenced, situated ln tbebest
rosfdenco 'part ol Ferguson. For sale cheap.
This is a snap.
riuiK Eagle Hloek, occupied by the Lardoau
I Kaglc newspaper and tlie Methodist
Church. Tho building draws a good rental
and the sale price and terms will surprise you,
Locals With is 1'nystreak.
It pays to uso the telephone, A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
tbe 'phone. Oflice in Cummins & Co.'s
D. J. Robertson, tho Nelson furnitue
dealers are funeral directorsandem-
balraors. ���-.' V
The Canada Drue.* Book Co., Ltd.,
of Revelstoke, carry an immonie Stock
of stationery, fancy goods, games of all
kinds, the latest books ahd magazines,
rubber goods and mountain and mining
views.   Give them a mail order,
* Smokers: If you want the genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
CIGAR seo that "Union Cigar Factory"
s stamped In gilt letters on ever; box.
���H. A. Brown, Reyelstoke,
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Rea-
ton and Comaplix, eommenciii,* October Mill, 1003. will sail as follows,
weather permitting,
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice dally���10k and Bk.
Leaving Benton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twioe dally���7il5k and
12.46k. Making close Connections
with all C. P, It. Steamora nnd trains,
.The owners reserve the right to
change times of Bailings without
The Fred Robinson Lumber Co.Ltd
4 *********** 4****** t ..4*4*44*
\      IRON BEDS a Specialty      J
. $5 and up. J
���.............. ����.->�����.����������������.
Goods can   be furnished to any part ol Lardeau on very short notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Kelson.
No Charge for packing  .....ti ............tn.**....'.��.*'.
Funeral Directors and   .
Embalmers. I
[Graduate of Myer's College of Embalming]      t
 " t
Can attend case at Perguson at ten     +
I  hours notico if advised by wire. -��
-���������   *����������������� ���-����� ��������������+������ �����-���-�����>��� �� ��� �� �� ��� ��� �� +
D. J.  Robertson & Co-
nelson, B. C.
Tlirs 18 THE
ihe United Hatters
Gl North America,
o hen you are buv-
.J-,' a FUR HAT,
-ther soft or stiff,
e io it that* ihe
icnulne union
i.abel la sewed in It.
]f a retailer hut.
loose labcli. iu his
wnsc-ttiou and offers to j.ut, one In a
        hat for you, do not
patronize bim, He
has notanyricnito na\e iuoso labels. Loose
labels in retail stores arc counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat
haB no lahel. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on the four edpefl exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits iir�� ���sometimes perforated on three of the edtroai and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfoils. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made huts. Tho John It. stetson
Co. of Philadelphia, I'a., If non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, Presidents
Orange, N. J,
II Wavcrly Place, Koom 15, New York City.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
a sketch and description may
"     opinion froo irhellier an
Anyone sending i
quickly ascortaln our ur    	
invention Is probably patentable,   Cumin iinirii-
tio.ii.3trlct1ycotitIdflTitl.il. Handbook on Patents
$piclat notice, without charirMn tbe"
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest circulation nf any icientlQ<i journal. Terms, (3 a
year: four months,-th Sold by all newsdealer*.
MUNN & Co *iB��i-fc New York
Branch Oflice, 615 F St* Washington, D. C.
Including the Fish Croelccarap
and Upper Duncnu River section, nun-
piled by A. P. Cummins, l'.l*.S.,and S
Shannon,B.A.,Is now on .-uie at ihis
oflj'ce. The ready sale of iho map is
proving all we have said fur it. The
Trout Lake 'division is lithographed in
Muck, tlie Lardeau in red.and lhe A ins-
worth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copy of this map and find any
claim recorded iii the throe divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and namefbya unique
index) of nvury mineral claim in tho
district is shown.
Next   to   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person This Nap Takes First Place.
in .act every geographical
feature Is so well dc-tlnod thai one can
Beeataglano ithe nature of unr country
aud the'trm i of the claim locations
gives au intelligible ideaol tho mineral
bells rnunin.i through the camp, His
certainly   -
The   Best    Worth    For   One   Dollar
ever offered in the map line of a mining
catton, li is the first complete map ul
tlio district and Is selling well. It is just
what vuii nre looking for, WE ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure   of   a one dollar hiil,  I no
,     cheques, orders, etc,] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies ov others ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will be supplied at 50 cents each.
Subscribe Now
And You Will Get The
��� Free ���-
With The Latest War News,
$2.75=* =$2.75
The Larde.au Eagle will give you the latest reliable infojS-nation on Mining and Lumbering-.
The Winnipeg Free Press is one of Western
Canada s greatest family newspapers.
Capital Authorized, U,000,000 uuad OFFICE!
Capital (paid up)    -    2,03(1,2615 _ _.  ���    ,
i��o'st ...... 2,650,ood loronto, Ontario-
Branches id the Northwest Territories. Provlneoa  of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec,
T. E. MEERITT, President. D. It. .VILKTR, Vice-Pres. and G_-  Man.
E. HAY, Assistant Con. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Cbiof InSj-ictur.
Ferguson,   D.   C.   Branch���4   General   Banking;   Business   Transacted.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Drafts Sold avniiublc In. All part, of Canada,
United Strti's mi'i Earopo.
S|ioi'inl Attention **ivpu to collections and
.Mini!*'.- IJolids.
The Union Cigstr factory
Manufactures only Union goods, und be-
giiles, thoy are the bost on tho market.
They aro mado of Uhe best Havana tobacco,
aod their excellence is undisputed. Insist
on getting
Proprietor i
��� Factory, HBVBLSTOKB, B.C.
We try to give satisfaction to our   guests.
Laughton Bros.
Ji**$-#H$HHH*N*-^ !
Made in
Tlie Kootenay
Steam Laundrv
There is only ono best mining journal.
Tii at is
Mines aud Minerals.
It linn ii larger circulation than any two other
American mining journals because it is the
hest. It in the largest, best illustrated and
handsomest mining Journal in tiie world, it
Is a mining pnpilT for mining mot), Subscription price Jf'.UKi per vour. Semi for free sample
OOpy. Address MINKS A NI> MINERALS, Scran,
ton, Ta., U. 8. A. Donrer officii, Birth Bldg.,
Dearer, Colorado,
Dues All Kinds Of Work fn
Way or
Either Machine or Hand Work.
ifc Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any complaints may ba lodged
with uui' Agent,
Trout Lake.
Tho Brightest, Newsiest Paper
in tho District. ; Local and General. I
+****-*****+***. ..*********
Advortiso !
.1. A Laska, came In trom Camborno
on Wednesday, ,
fleo. V. Howard and Sam Cornwall
Trom Phoenix, aro visiting- us.
A new dining room girl is pleasing
tho boarders at tho Kln<**'s Hotel.
Wm. Wclntyre'l Trout Lake, was up
in town tlijjjli^t part.of tho woek.
.1. W. Bennett is now toreman at,
."���Mile, in lhe placo ol A. 11. Blackburn.
A. J, Gordon was in town this week,
from Poplar, and reports a groat dullness there.
C. Harrison, A. T. Whito, und M. S.
Klrr, hailing from Poplar, wero visitors to Ferguson this week.
3. W. Webb, Harvey Ross, and M.
Koast, from Moyle, are among the
latest arrivals in town.
Howie (Elijah II.) has been to Lon-
���dom-to conquer the cockneys. He's
on his way back and that's all there is
to it.
Dr. Newcombe was "rung up :' for.a
sick call at Comaplix last Sunday. On
his return journey he was just in timo
to mako himsolf useful at Beaton.
Joy!���a daughter.
We are requested to state that the
olilce of the Groat Northern Mines,
Limited, has been changed to Nelson,
where all communications should in
future be addressed.
It is reported that as a result of the
last cloan-up at the Oyster-Criterion
at Camborne for tho first twelve and a
half days of the month, a gold bar
worth 1*2,000 was produced.
Up to the time of going to press no
news of the adverse actions of Poplar
creek, which are being tried at Nelson,
is to hand. It is reported that a crowd
ot witnesses havo been subpmned trom
1 'oplar.
Several of tho " boys " aro electing
themselves to a)l kinds of civic positions, and " proclamations " have been
Issued'deolarlng the town " wido open."
Tho "mayor" writes a good list anyhow.
Marshall Derrach, mayor, and Scotty
White, witness, footed a notice prohibiting hotel-keepers from serving
grog to Lack Jaughton and other
"Indians" during the homo-coming
Mr. Alex. Dodds, of Vancouver, who
is ono of our pioneers, went up to tho
Triune on Monday, whore he will superintend. Mr. Dodds made liis lirst
acquaintance with this country some
eleven years since. He packed up .at
Beaton in 1898, and gradually worked
his way up country. Ho did his pros,
work around Ferguson in 18011.
Tho steamer Kootenay, which has
been out of commission since May 1st,
will start on her run again between
Robson and Arrowhead on July 1. Tho
steamer has been undergoing a
thorough overhauling sinco the 1st of
May, which Is now nearly completed.
The vessol is being repainted, ro-
carpeted und refurnished throughout.
���Kootenay Mull.
Hugh Macdonald met with a sevoro
accident nt the Silvor Cup a week
-ago. Whilst climbing u ludder bo
slipped, and missing a stop ho wus precipitated to tho ground, a distanco of
about twclvo feet. At first It was
thought his back was broken,
and with all possible spoed he
was taken to the hospital. Tho poor
follow could not move hund or foot by
the timo tho hospital was reached,
where he was at onco oxamined and
treated by Dr. Nowcombo. It wus
ascertained that Macdonald has sus
taincd a spinal hemorrhage. As much
relief as possiblo was afforded, and by
possessing a strong constitution, and
with skilful medical supervision, he
passed through a most critical ordeal
'satisfactorily. Our representative was
permitted to visit Hugh at the Miners'
Hospital yesterday afternoon, where,
propped up by pillows and cushions
ho would havo tho F.agle Man believe
be was just plcniclng. He was was
very cheery, and although a. great
sufferer, no murmur escaped him.
He wished to thank all the boys for
their kindnesses, and hoped tc bo " up
and at it" in a few weeks.
Tho Balmoral Hotel opens'July 1st.
Jim Calwell was in on Tuesday from
Madden's opened up at Trout Lako
A. A.  Burton, Poplar, is registered
at the King's.
A. P. Levcsne, from Camborne, Is
registering at tho Hotel Forguson.
(.'. V. Ferguson, Arrowhead, visited
the burgh this weok.
Mr. .1. Barlbeau, Is going into the
hospital for a fow dfcys.
total loss'of lifo in the terrible
��� Tlie
.Usastei* ifj. Sew York -harbor is appro ���amatoly 1,000.
Hi*. Kelly, went to Halycon Hot
Springs on Tuesday. We trust he will
return in better health.
Mining matters are reported by Mr.
R. Hodgo to be looking up at Ferguson.���Nelson Daily News.
.1. C. Kirkpatrick wont up to tho
Union Jack on Sunday, and was well
pleased at tho recent developments
Wilcox has been senteneod to seven
yoars, and lawyer Bangs the turncoat
lawyers to IS months imprisonment for
the Regina mail robbery.
A youngster in town whose parents
have an interest in a cow, on being
asked how much milk they obtained a
day, replied "a whole cowful."
Mrs. H. Needham came back to
town on Friday. She has been on a
visit to her invalid mother at Boaton
whero sho remained for two weeks.
Several of our "boys" have tbl.
week been busy erecting a fence
around tho Miners' Hospital for sweet
charity. May their shadows never
grow less,
Dave Morgan, while out on Surprise
Creole on Tuesday, shot a fine black
boar, it stands at least hut  there,
Sport, did you say?    Great St. David,
just ask him.
Mr. Tom Taylor, M.L.A. was in town
on Tuesday. Mr. Taylor has a s'plor-
did opinion of Ferguson as a mining
centre, and ho knows tho country as
well as anyone.
Archie McGilles is an inmate of the
Hospital nursing an injured knee. Ho
is in the same ward as Hugh Macdonald. There is no likolihood of a
pillow light just yet.
About twenty men aro now hard at
work constructing and repairing the
road to tho famous Triune. It is now
intended to build two miles of wngon
road and two miles of train.
Pat Dovine, who was shift boss at
the Silver Cup.provious to the closing
down in January, went up to NettieL.
on Sunday lust to tako ovor charge
as (foreman from A. P. Garrett, who
has resigned.
The Nelson ;*Ti-lbnno is pleased because we are pleased at Nelson's good
fortune in securing a 2."> per cent reduction. Wo should be pleased if it
pleased the C.P.R. to please please
othor towns iu this pleasing way.
Daino Rumor, tho llekle jade, whispers thai several of our young men are
about to tako wives to thoir hearths
and homes. Young man. come nnd see
vs. We'll show you somo of thc nicest
things you ever saw in wedding
stationery.   Wo won't breathe a word.
Jack Laughton, of Laughton Bros.,
arrived in town on Wednesday night.
This is tho genial .(aok's Ilrst appear-
anco in town since he joined thc Bono
diets, and "inony a roet glide wlllio
wucht" was taken in honor of his
home-coming. Bro. jack bus como
from Revolstoko to give " Sundy " u
Advertisers who hold a space in a
newspaper do not dolt for fun. Whon
judiciously displayed and effectively
worded.it draws dollars and dimes to
the colters of the advertiser. A nowa-
paper to bo a paying medium must be
woll road and havo a large circulation
Advertisers aro cordially Invited to
inspect the mailing list and books of the
"Eagle."    .
The Concerts hold In Cummin's
store nro a #reat success. While the
show was in- full swing on Saturday
night, the electric light suddenly died.
Thero was no,rioting, or anything of
that nature, b After n lapso of ton
minutes, the'light suddenly returned
to duty, Erat-.k Labeau crawled from
under the table and apologised for
being on the earth, Arthur Collins
tootled " Peggy Brady ������ for ths 100th
time, and all was serene.
Provincial ���*,,
Fergusor. and Trout Lake.
Surveys mado and Crown Grants
Office:      -      -      Trout Lako.
B. C.
Surveys of Mines, Mineral Claim; av1
crown Lands. Crown Grants Obtained i.inl Assessments Managed
for Absentees.
Ofllces:   Caintarnc and Vancouver
P.   L.   S.,
Beaton,B, C
Solicitor for
The Imperial BanK
Of Canada
And ...
The Great Northern Mines,
Barristers,* Solicitors, etc.
Ofliees: Revelstoke, Golden, and FcrEi",-
son. Solicitors lor Imperial Dank
of Canada
Goo.S.McCaiter. J. A. Harvey.
A.M. Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc,
GUSON,  B.   C.   I
B. M. Allum.
MnM Onlcr HiiNiiioHR ItcrohTK
i'roni|>t Atlon tion.
Novel tit-* i��ni .lowelry In (���rout
���--- Note tlie Aililrons" -
Headquarters for Aannyer-4, Allntiii*-
& Mill MiuiplKw. Sole agents ln II.
O. for Morgan Cruelble Co., llattersert,
England; F, W. Braun & Co.'a Patent
Cary I'urnaeos,Burners,eto.; Wm.Alns-
worth ,V Co.'s Flue Balances, etc,, etc.
' 'TIs not In mortals to command
success; but we'll do more���
*   *   *   Deserv, It. "���Shakespeare.
Our Under-Lihen Department is
replete with a Splendid Assortment of Summer-weight Goods,
Look to your Linen
Then look at our
Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake anil Beaton,
Where he keeps light and heavy vehicles, single nnd
double drivers, saddle and pack horses for hire.
Also proprietor of the stago route running between
tho abovo points, making threo trips weekly.
The Best Place To Put Up At When in Ferguson is
The King's Hotel
Heated by hot air nnd Lighted by electricity:   Tables aro provided with tho best that money can buy.
Tbe rooms are well ventilated and always clean.
Rate by the Day
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
..Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars. .Eire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and *��^j**'*
Freighting     Transfer 0utfit
Contracts  entered into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., td any point in tho district.
Good* prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed satisfactory.
t &
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney,Prop.
Perguson Hotel
Proprietors. '


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