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 VOL. III. NO. 7.
$2.00 A YEAR.
This Fact Being Emphasized Wi
Keady for the Future
William Allison, a miner who is
conversant with the interior of the
Union tninos in which tho explosion
occurred, says that from the meagre
particulars obtainable concerning tho
oxplosion he is inclined to the belief
that it was caused by Chinamen. "The
mine bas long been known to contain
gas, and the company employs a large
number of Chinamen who, of course,
are not conversant with the English
language," said Allison. "It is very
probable that in ignorance of the posted warnings indicating the dangerous
portions of the mine some Chinaman
entered a gas-charged chamber with
his lamp, thus causing the explosion."
R. DbvIs will return from Revelstoke
with Mrs. Davis and family the first of
next week.
A Whitewater, B. C, baker will
probably open a shop in Ferguson
next month.
Work Is to be resumed on the Silver
Cup, though to what extent Is not
known at present.
A. W. Foote, carpenter and contractor, will complete the, Hotel Ferguson addition noxt week.
W. G. Birney, painter and decorator,
will be in Ferguson the first of April.
He has several jobs awaiting him.
Remember   that Ferguson is the
place where  the mines  are. That's
why it is the pay roll centre. Watch
her hum this season.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bielby, parents
ot Mrs. R. P. Pettipieee, of Fletcher,
Idaho, will arrive in Ferguson in May
to take up permanent residence here.
Ferguson is to have a brewery, a
wholesale liquor store and another
hotel; also a red light or two. The
snow should molt away very soon uow.
T. 0. Makinson, Mrs. Makinson and
family, of Fire Valley, Arrow Lakes,
���will remove to Ferguson in May.   Mr.
'Makinson   will  spond  the  season  in
S. Dauoy's dwelling is ncarlng completion, Vincent Lade's house is now
ready for lathing, while S. Shannon
has Ms lumber on the ground and will
i commence work next week.
The proposed waterworks system for
.Ferguson is now assured, as tho
money for the undertaking is now
available. Work will be pushed ahead
as soon as the suow goes olT.  ,
All tho local hotelkeepers aro ovine-
ing their faith in this season's business
" by making ready for tho rush. A more
detailed account of the hotel improvements will appear next issue.
When you go to tee Lardeau's ore
producers you mako straight for Ferguson, then up any of tho live slopes
leading directly from the town. If you
don't beliove it ask tho Topic man.
P. Burns & Co. will opon a branch
shop in Forgusou and Trout Lake
about May 1st. Tho stock will be
driven to this plane and slaughtered
bore, so that tho hauling will be all
down hill,
Androw F. Rankin, druggist, recently of Sandon, has his stock of drugs
and stationery on tho way to Arrow-
hoad, und hopes to bo ready for busi
ness ln tlie Eaglo block tho first woek
of next month.
FergUBon real estate appears to need
no "drumming up" in order to make
sales. Agent Floyd, witli no soliciting,
��� is kept busy Issuing deeds, writing
agreements and answering enquiries.
Nearly 100 lots have changed hands
' since March 1st.
The head otlico of the Double Eagle
. Mining and Development company,
limited liability, will be changed from
the city of Kaslo to tho town of Ferguson, B.' C, in accordanco with tbe
consent of the shareholders and a resolution of the board of directors.  .
W. Holloway, a Nettio L. miner, loft
for Revelstoke on Tuesday last. Ho
oxpocts to tear down a big store building owned by W. B. Pool ln the lower
town and from tbere raft It to Thomson's Landing. It will be rebuilt on
Victoria avenue, between S. Shannon's
assay ofilco and tho prosont school
"Every male person who has resided
In the province for three months shall
pay an annual revenue tax of five dollars, whioh tax shall be due from and
after the second day of January in each
and every year, and shall be payable
in advance to any provincial asssessor
or collector, or to any other ' person
authorised by tbe lieutenant governor
in council to collect the tax for the use
of His Majesty In tho right of the province."
Over 700 Tons of Lardeau Ore
Awaiting the Boat
A director In a milling company ro-
ntly said that it was not the business
of tho company to seo that its stock
wits always Baleabla at or n.bovo a certain price. Some directors seem to
pay more attention to tlio stock end of
their business than they do to the
business end. The value of stocks
sliould bo based upon the development
and showings upon tho property and
not upon advertisoment. A few hundred feet of development is worth more
to the shareholders than a promiso of
25 por cent, dividends from the board
of directors.���Northwest Mining News.
Ir. Taylor Makes the Best of a
Bad Railway Deal
Two Prominent Mining Men Endeavoring to Secure the
Oyster Group
Probably one of the most talked of
free milling properties In the Fish
creek camp at present is the Oyster
group, owned by W. Allen of Comaplix, B. B. Starkey of Camborne, and
J. Ernest of Kamloops. In samples of
this free milling ore taken from u -15 It.
ledge, shown the Eagle a few days ago,
specks of pure gold aro visible to tbo
naked eye. Messrs. Kane of North-
port, and Thompson of Nelson, mining
men, visited the Oyster group last
week, and the result is that a deal is
now pending. Tho dovclopinont work
done so far is much of a prospecting
nature, but the discovery of froo milling ore, besides other lends containing
galena, at ouce puts the property in an
enviable position. Tlie Oyster will be
heard from this season.
The summer mail service is once
more in voguo ln the Lardeau. The
Eagle is Informed that Ed. Hillman
has secured tho contract, though A. C,
Cummins i's 'still' carrying the mail,
possibly until Mr. Hillman receives
ollieial notice to take over tho service.
The new contract provides for throe
malls a week, Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays, tho incoming mail to arrive in Ferguson the samo day it
leaves Arrowhead. The outgoing mail
will leave the following morning, making connection with tho boat and
Revelstoke train. This, with the unpaid for kindness and generosity of
postmaster Batho, will give Ferguson
good service, having nil evening in
which to answer correspondence. In
fact, if arrangements are made to have
a man in Trout Lake meet the carrier
at Baty's, so that there would bo no
unnecessary delay, Ferguson, would
have the best service yet rendered.
Iu the American trusts we see combines in excelsls, says the London
Empire. Everything eaten, or worn,
or used, is subject to thoir control.
Six hundred trusts with a capital of
about ��2,000,000,000 sterling have
crushed competition, and in addition
to evolving tho multi-millionaire bave
provided the United States with a new
economic problem which is causing
them no little disquiet. The day of
the small trader thore is practically
gone, and thc road to individual success for tho many has becomo almost
impossible. Flvo directors of tbe
Standard Oil company aggregate fortunes of ��1,000,000,000.
"I hoard there was an accldont at
your olllco tho other day," said the
stranger wlio had dropped Into tho
Trout Lako Topic office.
"What accident ?" enquired the
"They tell mo it happened tho last
Issuo of your paper," answered the
"That Issue," said the editor, "came
out on time."
"Ah! Probably that was the accident referred to." And as tho editor
hurled tbe oflice towel at his head the
stranger dodged and hastily withdrew.
Now that navigation is opened the
Silver Cup and Nettie L. oro at the
Landing, over 700 tons, will soon be
landed at the I'rali smelter. This ore
will all net over 9100 to the ton, after
deducting $.'������'! for mining, transportation, smelting and ore tax.
The property owners of. Kaslo lately
voted on two by-laws, ono to grant a
850,000 bonus and tho other to grant
exemption from taxation, for ton years
to a smelter to bo erected there. A
company is now organized to operate
tho smelter. These, municipal privileges are open to tho first ono who fulfils tho conditions, work to commence
by October 1st next.
The NelBon .Miner of tho 23rd inst,
says: James McDonald, who is building tho Lardo slip, is in tho city today
on business. Mr. McDonald states
that the work is progressing rapidly
and that tho slip is likely to be com
pleted by the lirst of tlie month.. The
grading is almost linished and tbe
final touches aro being put on tbo
deck. The pontoon for tbe slip is to
be built by the C. P, R. here, and
work on the apparatus is to bo started
shortly. -,	
MIbs Minnie Davia of Moyle City ar
rlvod In Ferguson ou Sunday night,
being one of tho first passengers over
the boat tbis season.
The department of mines announces
an examination for prolicieney In assaying to be held tit Nelson on April
lo and following days.
While navigation on the Arm i'
oponcd tho landing is ut tho mouth of
Fish crock, hoiico no freight for some
days yet. How long? O Lord! how
D. G. McNoii, superintendent of the
Silvor Cup mine, accompanied by a
brother of Cripple Creek, Colorado,
arrived in town on Wednesday, after
being hold up in Arrowhead for a
week on uccount of no boat running.
Frank Oliver, member for Alberta,
said recently in tho Dominion house
that it waB the country west of Lake
Superior that caused the great prosperity of Canada ut present. It was
the mining and agricultural interests
of the west that kept tlio manufacturing institutions of the oast busy.
R, P, Pettiplece, quill pusher and
general froight and financial agent tor
this noble bird, returned from Revelstoko on Sunday ovening, having made
the trip in one day by train, row boat,
steam boat, and a home stretch walk
of 17 miles. Parti says that ho
thought tho Lardeaultes woro hard up
in a financial way, but he now confesses, after a four-day sojourn In the
railway centre, to boing possosscd of a
sort of millionaire fooling. Any way,
he is how laid up with tlio latest brand
of la grippe.
Menhenick Bros, will have a barge
built on the lake shore as soon as tbe
snow is sufficiently gone to allow it.
The name of tbeir steamer, the Idler,
they consider inappropriate fo what
they expect will bo a boom camp next
summer, and they propose changing it
to Rustler. The steamer will be run
as soon and as often as the traffic will
allow, and the charge for the trip to
or from Selkirk City will .probably be
$1. Stanley Menhenick loft for Arrowhead Tuesday to arrange for the bringing in of iron plates to sheathe the
Revelstoke Will Benefit by a Large
Expenditure of Money
About $5,000 more is being expended
on tho Columbia river bank at Revelstoke ip replacing a part of the mattress work'of last year. The Dominion
government has also appropriated
$15,000 for work on the upper Columbia
river, removing rocks dangerous to
boats. This, with the Big Bend trail
work and tho further extension of tho
city water and light plant, will put
another $30,000 or $40,000 in circulation in Revelstoke. Tho O. P. R.
shops, too, arc now running full time
This, along with actual development
of mineral resources north, will materially benefit Revelstoko this season,
and if a boat is put on tho river the
Big Beud may spring to tbe front,
which will help out Rovelstoke, it
being the natural supply point. The
Lardeau trade hereafter will go south,
so that Revelstoke must mako a unanimous movement in opening up resources nearer home.
A  Great   Deal  of   Development
Work Will be Done
Things are picking up in the Fish
creek camp just now. Quite a few
properties changed hands in thero last
season, anil tho Eva group, a promising free milling property, lias been
working a full force ull winter, besides
a quota of othors who are possibly just
as anxious to go ahead, but havo not
us much monoy. Last week surveyor
Green, of Nelson, went in to complete
a survey tif the Eva group. Tho Wide
West, Black Bear, Oyster, and many
others will commence work at once, so
that with so much now work and tho
encouraging rosults of lust winter's
work, the EAUI.K looks for a busy soa-
son in tho Fish crock eamp. Camborne,
the new townsite, should bo a warm
number, with so many working pro-
ponies surrounding it.
Tlie Road Will Be Completed to tlie
Foot of the Lake
Thos, Taylor, member for this riding, has mado the best of the situatioi:
regarding Lardeau's railway. He ties
arrived at a definite understandin
with tlie C. P. R, In consideration 6
the company being granted an extension of time, to May 1, 1003, for the
linal completion of the road to Arrowhead, tho C. P. R. have consented to
an amendment brought in by Mr. Taylor, making it necessary for tho company to build their line to the foot of
Trout lake by Jan. 1,1002. This moans
immediate construction, not only of
the railway, but altogether likely a
boat on the lako to make connection
with Ferguson's mines. This may not
be as much as we would havo liked,
but it will do much to create a traffic
that will encourage tho company to
build even before tho timo asked for.
Nelson or Kaslo wholesalers will profit
largely. Mails, machinery, supplies,
etc., will, aftor completion, all como in
from the south. The thought of actually experiencing railway transportation in the Lardeau seems but a day
dream, almost too good to be true, but,
tho abovo information gives assurance
of it being the case. Now, gentlemen,
koop on your bats; the Lardeau's turn
hns come, and the now arena will be u
delightful old-time sensation. Let 'or
roll.   It was a long time coming.
A potition has been presented to
pii: 'lament asking for an amendment
to thc criminal code, providing more
severe punishment for stealing poultry
"under the value of twenty dollars."
In commenting on tho abovo tho Elk-
horn Advocate says: That ought to go
tii rough like smoke. To steal anything loss than twenty dollars is vulgar
and reprehensible to a fault. A man
who would steal a chicken would rob
an honorable mombor of his mileage.
Tho code should discrinii'to something
a*tor this style:
To steal up to $20���"felony."
From $20 to 81,000���"misdemeanor."
From $1,000 to $100,000���"misappropriation."
From $100,000 to $500,000���"financing."
Upwards of 8500.00U���"politics."
What Geo. K. Morton Says in Regard to Future Operations
The syndicate agreement is now recorded appointing trustees to hold for
a company to be incorporated later on.
Tho capital will be $250,000, against
thc whole threo claims, in a million
shares of 25c each, divided thus: Tho
first owners shall receive all for tho
claims. Then 300,000 will be assigned
to trustees for tho treasury; 240,0211
aro to bo sold as "pooled" shares for
development prior to incorporation
and to pay tho lirst owners $5,000 cash,
and -153,380 will bo retained by these
ownors. Tlio expectations, judging
from surface showings, assay values
and the tunnel site, and from what,
deptii has shown elsewhere in tho district, is that Silver Belt can bo made a
shipping mino before incorporation,
and thu company will then be ablo to
sell 25e shares at par or higher. Wc
do not promise, but wo expect this;
ami, if ono studies up tho experience
of the district, on ground showing le?s
encouragingly than silver Belt, wo
must admit our expectations are well
grounded. We only mention expectations on tho Silver Bolt vein. The
othor vein through tho length of
Agnes and Whistler may be as good.
The west voin on the Cup is a good
one. The 70 ft. head water power on
tho Whistler iB very valuable for concentrating the great bodies of concentrating ore, 3 to 8 ft.wide, now exposed
by surfaco cuts and tunnels.
Tho fact that much of tho ores in tho
Fish creek camp are free milling in
tho main will tend greatly to encourage dovolopmont of tho many promising locations now mado. Tho district
is easily accessible, and inasmuch as
Its froo milling ores can bo made to return immediato profits without e.xten-
sive machinery oquipmonts the
development of several locations now
practically oxploited Bhould make
them producers within a short time- Advertising lintos: Display ads., JLSO ;ior
column inch por month, Legal ads. 12 cents
tier (nonparlou llnu for lirst Insertion ; scents
i ir each uddltfonal Insertion. Reading notice*
in cents per lino oach Issued  Ninety day legal
'i'tir(!,,?H);   sixty days, ?7.F>0;   thirty days, t\
:-\t ads, accepted at less than full rates,
Subscription Elates : By raiiil or carrier, f2,Q0
per annum ; |1.00 lor six months, To foreign
addresses |2.60, stopped at expiration.
.loh Printing t The Eagle lob department Is
tho best equipped office In North Kootenay
nml i*. prepared to execute all kinds of_ ' "
nt honest prices.
Address all communications to
f printing
As the result of excessive administration of opium in a Chinese hop
joint at Rossland an unfortunate
women of easy virtue is now dead.
Shame! Rossland.
A public school house must be
provided tor Ferguson this summer.
The piesent temporary quarters will
not not be available after May 15,
says Henry Floyd, townsite agent.
Some definite action should be taken
ut once with this matter.
FRIDAY,   MARCH 29,   1901.
In British Columbia there has
always been a strong feeling in the
organizations of labor against the
importation of coolie labor from the
Orient. This attitude has been
taken as a necessity of defence ol
the standard of living. Trades
unions are organized to better the
renditions oi labor under the capitalist system, to protect by united
'faction individual workingmen from
the aggressions of the employer.
In these efforts their only power is
in the extent of their control of the
labor market. Trades unions must
of necessity endeavor to restrict
competition or at least bind the
greatest possible number of workingmen to abide within certain
limits in bidding against each other
for a chance to work. That workingman or that class of workingmen
that refuses to abide by these rules
is, under the present competitive
wages system, injuring the rest by
such action. Bidding under the
scale reduces the standard of all,
because the lowest bidder is most
acceptable and those who do not
bid under will not be employed.
This is the case with the Chinese
and Japanese coolies. They come
from countries where the standard
of living is perhaps the lowest in
the world. They bring this stand
ard with them when coming to
these shores, and entering into
competition, have a very depressing
effect on wages besides depriving
white labor ot much work which
would otherwise fall to its lot.
To this evil is added the difficulty of organizing the Chinese. It
is quite true that this difficulty is
not by any means entirely the fault
of the Chinese themselves. Race
prejudice, arising from that lamentable ignorance which is the misfortune of many members of trades
unions, prevents any serious
effect being made toward that end.
Hut it is also true that the Chinese
remain distinctly aliens to everything Canadian except the dollar.
It is none of our business what
toilet they may adopt for their personal convenience, but the tenacity
with which they cling to their own
language renders communication
and consequently understanding
and sympathy very difficult, Furthermore, few among them have
any interest in this country or the
welfare of its people. Most of them
regard it as a gold mine from
which hard labor will extract' what
is in their eyes great wealth.
Dwellers here, they remain strangers.
This may be called a practical
pressing problem for the labor
world to solve. It is very regrettable that it has not been met more
ably than by frantic appeals to
capitalist authorities to refuse to
import more coolies. Protests and
appeals will avail little.
Joe Martin a few months ago was
preaching government ownership of
railways. Today he is. the avowed
champion of Hill's railway scheme
to corner the fuel supply, of. Kootenay 'and starve out Kootenay
smelters.���Nelson Tribune.!
The nationalization of the Canadian telegraph will be considered at
the next session of parliament.
This is a matter which falls within
the province of the postmaster
general, and while on his present
trip to Australia Hon. Mr. Mulock
will give, the management of government telegraphs some study.
British Columbia will have a
great future once its natural resources are manufactured within its
boundaries. At present its natural
resources are being used to build
up manufacturing industries in distant sections of Canada and in the
United States. No people who allow such conditions to prevail can
be prosperous.���Nelson Tribune.
be exceedingly rich. The introduction of foreign capital into the
province should therefore be encouraged in every possible way,
especially in view of the fact that
even the best prospects require an
expenditure of many thousands of
dollars before they can be ranked
as paying mines. In the light of
existing conditions, however, the
stream of capital can hardly be expected to be directed into British
Columbia in any appreciable quantity. The numerous methods of
taxation that are directed on the
mining industry increase the expenses of mining companies by fully
one half as compared with the
United States. Mining is still an
infant industry in the province, and
as such it should be treated, and
instead ofi having its growth stunted by an intolerable burden of
taxation, should receive the fostering care that such an industry, demands. The pursuit of such, a
policy would be fully rewarded' in
the course of a few years, when the
mining industry, being fully developed, could without hardship yield
a. much greater reyenue than is
being squeezed out of it today.
Lumber\   LumberP
The Lardeau Sai'v Mill carries constantly a large
quantity, of Seasoned Lumber, and is now running
night and day to keep aMad of the coming rush. Yards
in Ferguson and in Trou t Lake. January, 1901.
D. L. Clink,   -   -  Proprietor.
Many holders of mining stock in
the Lardeau will receive tremendous
rates of interest soon after the railway reaches here, and at the same
time there are many holders of
mining stock that will lose' every
cent their stock cost them. Everybody who buys mining stock will
not make money; it depends on
the companies und ore bodies and
how much they pay for the shares.
There are over 200 Chinamen in
Revelstoke. Of this number less
than thirty have paid their poll tax.
The C. P. R. employees are handed
their cheques less the amount of the
tax. If the government would deal
with all alike $3 would be plenty.
But there is one thing dead certain.
The Dunsmuir government will not
have the pleasure of expending the
revenue raised, as the/ will be out
of business by that time.
There is every indication- that
lead will hold steady in pric* this
year; that silver will advance* few
points or more and that copper will
continue to be in strong demand.
The Lardeau district, after all, is
being smiled upon by kind providence. No labor trouble has ever
here; we have no Chinese to pull
down the standard wage; there has
been no smallpox scare, no typhoid
fever, no diphtheria, no sheriff, no
banks, no churches, no afternoon
tea gossipers; nothing but plenty
of high grade mining properties,
lots of snow for rawhiding purposes, ideal weather and plenty of
hard work. What better would one
If you wish to purchase the well known
Sewing Machine, an Edison
Phonograph or Records,
Quaker Vapor Baths, or have
your clothes cleaned or dyed
by the renowned dyers R.
Parker & Co., write for prices,
etc., or call upon
Bookseller, Stationer and Tobacconist,
Price $60.00
Visible Writing; From Start to Finis b.
Permanent Alignment. Durable ana
Thousand* in use ln Canada, Great
Britain, Fraqoe, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc, giving entire satisfaction,
The Williams Manufacturing ��<*.,'
Limited, Montreal.'* V
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
American  And
European Plan.
Andy    Cummings,
The Balmoral Hotel will be found
always prepared to accommodate
guests in an up-to-date style. The
bar is stocked with the choicest wines,
liquors and cigars, and our cuisine
service receives special attention and
is unsurpassed in North Kootenay.
The capacity has recently been
increased by an extensive addition
and furnished and refitted throughout,
Hotel Ferguson
If you want to
advertise out
a co-owner
in your mineral claim, send flO to
this oflice. giving name of property,
location, and period lor whicli the
delinquent co-owner has failed to
do his assessment work, and we will
do the rest, including filing at tho
recording office as soon aa the
ninety days has expired. We will
write the notice and do all tho work
correctly, so that you will have no
further bother.  Address:
Ferguson, B, C.
The bar is supplied with the best brands of;
(Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted,
Itatei ��3.00;a .lay nml upwanli.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
Thos. Taylor on March 12th cast
a vote against a motion moved by
Mr. Brown, which meant practically the adoption of a referendum
vote as occasion demanded. Apparently Mr. Taylor would not like
to see important matters submitted
to the people during the four years
the members hold office. Robt.
Green voted against the government on this question. John
Houston was absent, but Mr. Taylor was on deck���and as usual with
the government, whether right or
Take notice that I, the undersigned co-owner
with you of tho t'kary mineral claim, sitnated
at thetieiulquartorHof Lake creek and Haley
creek, ln tbe Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Koo'tcnny, In the province of British
Columbia, have performed and recorded
tlio assessment work and made tho expenditure required to bo dono and recorded on thc
above mineral claim for tho year 1900, under
section -24 of the Mineral Aot, and tbo year for
which work was done and expenditure made
having expired, I hereby Rive you notice pursuant to section 4 of the Mineral Act Amend-
ment Act, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure for the year lflOO within
ninety duvs from the first publication hereof.
Dated at Ferguson this 11th day of March,
A. D. 1901.
Per Agent, Itobt. Koran.
 -    7PBDF' "
I   Hotel Lardeau
$ /. Laughton, Proprietor.
NEATLY FURNIBHEDt        ,���.n nnM���
Take notice that Tho Double Eagle Mining
nml l)i:vi���lnjimfiiit romiinny, Limited Liability.
eo-owiiLT with you of the "May Bee" mineral
claim, situated on tho Nettle L. mountain near
Ferguson, In the Trout Lake mining division
of West Kootonay, British Columbia, have
performed ami recorded the assessment
work aud made the expenditure required
to be done and recorded on the above
mentioned elaim for the year 1WU under sec-
tion 21 of the Mineral Aot and the year for
which work was done and expenditure made
having expired, wo hereby give you notice
pui  ._  .
Amendment Act 1900. to contribute your pre
portion of such expenditure for the year 1900,
expi.._, . ���      .
ursuHTit to section four of the Mineral Act
xpe   - ���   ...
within 90 days of the first publication hereof.
Dated this 18th day of January, A. D. 1901.
Per A. H. Holdich, Secretary.
It may safely be said that mining
is the industry upon which the future welfare of British Columbia
chiefly depends. Our mineral lands
form part of a belt which in the
United States hai been proved to
Take notice tbat we the undersigned co-
owners with you of the Little Robert and
Little Robert No. 2, mineral claims situated at
the extreme head of the north fork of Lardeau
creek In the Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootenay Ip the province of
British Columbia, have performed and recorded the assessment work aud made the expenditure required to be done and recorded on the
above mentioned claims for the year 1900,
under section'24 of the Mineral Aot and the
year for which work was performed and expenditure made having expired we do
herebv give you notice pursuant to section 4 of
the Mineral Aet Amendment Act 1900, to eon*
tribute your proportion of suoh expenditure
for the year hereinbefore mentioned within 00
days of the first publication hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake this 38th day of January,
A, D. 1901.
Do You
Want to
a promising partially developed group of mineral claims
in the Lardeau, near Ferguson and the coming railway. If so drop a line to
this office and we will put
you in direct communication
with the owners. The price
is right, either cash or working bond.
The Lardeau Eagle, Ferguson, B.C.
Wholesale Dealer   In
...Wines. Liquors and Cigars...
The Bait Goodl Only.
Stock Large and Complete,
A fool and his money soon parts.
Vanity sometimes spoils a multitude
of real virtues.?
Lot's strike Andrew Carnogto for a
library contribution.
Tho way of tho transgressor often
leads to foreign shores.
The widow's might may be the re.
suit of practical experience.
People who  have the least to say
usually have the most to talk about.
There are more divorces granted in
Spokane than marriage licenses Issued.
Purchasers of lots are
hereby notified that all
payments from this date
must be made to the undersigned, whose receipt only is
.Final Payments may be
sent to the Imperial Batik
of Canada, Revelstoke, P.C.,
to be held till delivery of
Henry Floyd,
Sole itgenr Ferguson Townsite.
POSTAL    ADDItfjBS:   KEVELSTOKE,    11. 0,
\T.A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. R. c. P. & 8.   [Queen's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Ete.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Two sorts of men do not pause to reflect���the angry man and the coward.
The best hand a man can take in the
game of life Is the hand of some good
Youthful enthusiasm causes a boy to
imagine that he knows more' than hia
father. _____
When a gossip tells you anything
you can make money by betting it
isn't so. 	
The motorman has less to do with
running street oars than the promoter
'man has.        	
A cigar, without its box bearing the
blue (union) label must feel rather
lonesome in Ferguson.
It Is all right to criticize the action
of any one who falls to do the right
.thing, so long as lt is the other fellow.
Don't go 'way, boys! The railroad
is coming! The Nettie L. never looked
better, and the country is safe as
The deprivation of fresh meat in
town for the past three weeks is bad
enough, but now a whisky (amine
seems imminent,
One smelter company in Revelstoke.
some years ago, secured tho best half
of the townsite. Another at this stage
would finish tbe job.
Calgary printers reoeive the lowest
wages paid anywhere in Western
Canada; ln fact the scale in Toronto ia
higher than in Calgary,
Socialism is coming as sure as the
formation of monopolies ln industries.
Every day forces thousands to see that
the public must own and operate the
The installation of machinery in a
few of Lardeau's partially developed
mines will now be in order, since the
railway ahould reach the foot of the
lake by Sept, 1st.
If the average girl would praotioe
with as much patience on the washboard or cooking stove as she doos on
the piano, what a world full of happy
homes this would be.���Independent.
One day the Nelson Miner says the
country Is going to pieces and predicts
all kinds of blue ruin, The following
day something after this style appears:
"This is British Columbia's growing
An Austrian medical paper states
that a physician named Jaz has discovered an anti-typhoid serum which
has been applied successfully in fifty
canes. The serum Is not injected, but
is drunk by tho patient.
It Is surprising tbat the Dunsmuir
government did not confine the operation of tho poll tax to the mainland,
exempting the island. Our backs are
pretty well broken already with the
burden of taxation, so that an addi
tional straw or two would not make
any difference,
No less than four druggists had their
eyes on Ferguson, but A. F. Rankin
was alive to the situation and aoted
accordingly. There will also be a few
others, ln other lines, disappointed if
they do not get a move on. Kind providence helps those who help themselves.
James Dunsmuir is premier of British Columbia because Joseph Martin
is leader of the opposition. The coun
try puts up with one because it is
afraid of tbe other. It is a ohoice of
the lesser of two evils, and between
the two British Columbia must suffer.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium  .   .   .
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Boating, Ashing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive and
departevery day. Its haths cure all nervous
and muscular diseases. Its waters heul all
kidney, 'liver and stomach aliments. Its
baths and waters arc a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS : |15 to
118 per week, according to residence In hotel
or villas.
Showing the position of tbe
streams, mountains and passes,
waterways, every claim in tbe
Trout lake mining district, the
trails and wagon roads, location
of surveyed railways, and everything which will assist an outsider to acquaint himself with
our district. The production
of this map has been taken hold
of by two of the best fitted men
for the purpose ln the province,
Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P.L.S.,
and S. Shannon, B. A., both having personal and practical knowledge of the district.
The map is to bo beautifully
litbographod In five colors and
entirely free from advertising
matter of any kind.
The urgent necessity for such
a complete map, probably 40 x 40
has long been felt by all persons
interested in this district; and it
is a pleasure' to note that two
such able men have decided to fill
the bill. The Price, the same
to all, has been placed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You Want one or Hore
Send your address at
onoe to
The Lardeau Eagle
Ferguson, B. O.
Ferguson Packing
and Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into for paoklng of
Mining Supplies, etc., to any point
in the distriot.
Good, prompt servioe, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing
to Firguson a specialty.
S. DANEY, Proprietor.
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank ot Canada.
J. A. Harvey.
tioo. S. McCarter.
A. M. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Repelstqke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.L,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service* in school house evory
Sunday at 3 p.m   Sunday school at 2 p.m.
Trout Lake Cltv . Services in Forrester's
hall every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at2:30 p.m.
REV. S. J, GREEN, Pastor,
The Eagle Hall
now ready (or parties desiring to secure
it for public purposes. For prices, etc.,
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing THE blue label.
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying fair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for ite production.
Insist on having the label.
Sco that this Label is on alt Clothing yon buy
141s New York Arc, Washington, B.C.
Solicitors of American and Foreign
Patents, Designs, Trademarks,
Will return fee If  Patent is not secured.     Send   for  Inventor's
Guide, or How to Get
a Patent.
���BTMontion this Paper and secure
special rates,
Canadian Pacific
East and West
from  Vancouver   to   Alaska, Cape
Nome, Australia, New Zealand, China,
Through tickets to and from England
and the Continent,
For time tables, rates and full information apply to local agents.
J, S. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D,P,A��� Nelson,    a,G.P,A���Vum��uy��,,
Real Estate
in Ferguson
Is probably the safest investment in the country
as can be readily seen from thc actual records
of assessment, certificates of improvements,
development, new strikes in various mining
.properties surrounding Ferguson and the fact
that a railway will reach here this year. The
demand for Ferguson Real Estate will be too
brisk by spring to secure the same values as
now. Choice lots already disposed of are
changing hands among private owners at
double and more than our prices. And it is
quite reasonable to suppose th.it the townsite
prices will be advanced as the demand for lots
increases. In anticipation of what is in store
for the near future, several large buildings are
being erected, a public school building is to be
provided, two banking institutions will establish
branches here, and taken altogether the citizens
are evincing their faith in the town by
something   more   than   talis.
Ferguson is the
Coming Town
Ferguson is recognised by all to be the best
located and laid out townsite in the Lardeau
district. Its unique position at the base and
gateway to the Great Northern, Nettie L. an d
Silver Cup hills, entitles it to the well known
local name���the Pay Roll centre. Ferguson is
the headquarters and outfitting point for all the
mining men now operating in this district.
Accept a pointer, make enquiries, come in and
see for yourself and you will agree with us
that Ferguson Real Estate is the best thing
now offered as a safe investment in this country. The large number of sales among
private owners of lots, the steady upbuilding
of the town, and the confidence displayed
by men who are already on he ground should
be sufficient evidence for the average investor
that like all other mining camps, the leading
towns are located where the mines are. And
Ferguson will be no exception to the rule.
Henry Floyd.
Sole Agent, Revelstoke, B. C.
*  ** FERGUSON    I
Is the.... f
The place where i |
the Mines are. f 4
i Items
.... +-*++++. ...............
Dan Dunbar left ou a short business
trip to Revelstoke on Monday.
R. Davia of tho Ferguson saw mill
loft for Revelstoke on Sunday last.
J. W, Westfall left for Rossland on
Monday morning on a business trip.
S. Sutherland left for Nelson on
Monday to buy the firm's spring stock.
Mrs. O Connors, of tho Windsor, will
return  from Medlolne Hut noxt week.
Arthur Gunn and Edward Ward are
sojourning at tho Halcyon Hot Springs
for a few days.
Tlie telcphono lino between Here and
Arrowhead is, as usual, out of order
when most needed.
Joe McCreery, C. P. R, agent at
Arrowhead, has been transferred to
Victoria, to which place he and his
family will move this week-.
D. L. Clink of Trout Lal:o is pulling
down his old mill to mako room for a
new building. A new planer as woll
as a larger carriage will be installed.
Tho C. P. R. have introduced a new
passenger rato of four cents per mile
on tho Pacilie division.  On tho branch
Hues the old rate will still prevail, five
Tbo city of Revelstoko has purchased the Revelstoke Water, & Light
Co.'ti plant at a cost of nearly $70,001),
and will expend another $30,000 in extending the system.
Ole Peterson intends to resume work
on tbe Copper Chief on Trout creek
about tbe beginning of April. This
claim is notable as possessing an enormous amount of low grade ore.
Andrew F. Rosonberger, of Nelson,
sie doing yeoman service for the Lardeau by listing and placing many of
our prominent properties before the
inverting world.
The attention of our readers is invited to the firm of O'Farrell & Lawson,
solicitors of patents, 1425 New Yo.rk
avenue, Washington, D. C, whose advertisement appears elsewhere in this
After sixteen long years of litigation and search for "yustiss," Peter
Peterson, a well known Revelstoke
character, has obtained deeds to his
real estate property in what is now the
"old town."
No snow at Kevelstoke, dust flying
at Arrowhead and very little snow at
Comaplix or the Landing. Wagons
are being used to the top of tbo big
hill, but from there to here the snow
gradually grows deeper.
"I herewith beg to enclose you $2 as
renewal subscription for the Lardeau
Eagle, which I am bound to say is
one of the best papers published in the
mining district." Such is the verdict
of a prominent M. P. P. at Victoria.
E. A. Bradley, a prominent mining
man, has boen successful in organizing
a strong company to operate placer
claims in tho Big Bond. Mr. Bradley
will visit the Lardeau as soon as possible with a view to securing a group
or two of claims in hero.
F. C. Elliott, attorney, of Trout
Lake, 1b at the Reco. Mr. Elliott, who
has been making a tour of coast and
Kootenay points, reports real estate
active in his camp and ho has negotiations on for important transactions in
Lardeau minoral properties.���Sandon
The map of tho Lardoau Is now almost ready for tho lithographers.
Unavoidable delays in securing the
necessary material has handicapped
the compilers, Messrs. Shannon and
Cummins, but the accuracy and value
of the map whon completed will be all
the more appreciated when ready for
delivery. Orders already in will be
filled as soon as possible.
The March number of the British
Columbia Mining Record, just to hand,
contains a .well written and reliable
article concerning Lardeau's mines
from the pen of R. Leokle-Ewlng ol
Forguson. Views of the "Empire
glacier," "pack horses crossing a glacier," "Seven-Mile waterfall," "the
big lime dyke," "the bridge of Bighs"
(just below the town), "Empire mountain," "the Triune tunnel," "peaks
above the Lade and Badshot olaims,"
"a surface showing of ore on the Triune mine," and horses packing wood
to the Empire, illustrate the write-up.
Mr. Ewlng's article will be reproduced
in full in tbe Eagle's next issuo.
When tho statesman isn't thiuklng
How to tax the widow's crust
Or how to hand his country
To a broker or a trust,
Ho will prattle most engagingly
Of heaven's social plan.
And tell us we are making towards
The Brotherhood of Man.
Whon Croesus isn't busy
In grinding labor down,
He'll put a pinchbeck jewel
In his immortal crown,
By sighing for conditions
En vogue when God began
And riches didn't hamper
Thu Brotherhood of Man.
When a nation isn't warring
For sugar millionaires,
And soldiers aren't dying
To help tlie diamond shares.
When there's not a battle somo place,
Iu China or Soudan,
We grow quite earnest over
The Brotherhood of Man.
When the dum dum bullet's silent
And the maxim doesn't wreak
The vengeance of the powerful
Upon the poor ana weak,
When diplomatic cruelty
Is placed beneath tho ban,
There'll be a chance to reckon on
The Brotherhood of Man.
When the preacher isn't preaching
For the collection plate,
Whon he isn't sermonizing
For the wea'lthy or the great,
When self is abrogated
And Christ''is in the van,
We'll see that fair ideal���
The Brotherhood of Man.
���H. E: G. in Toronto Star.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Miss She pard.
We always lead
with lowest
Twenty cases of
Spring Goods
just arrived.
Itevelstolte, win lie in
Ferguson the sitoihI
wook III April villi a
lull lino ol	
Trimmed and lint rimmed Goods,
Fancy Combs, I'lns, etc. i
Wanted.���A live and reliable correspondent for the Eagle in every
camp in the district.
* By all means send to Field &
Bows, druggists anil stationers, Revelstoke, for anything you want in their
* For office supplies of every description at lowest prices send to the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke, B. C. Mall orders promptly
Fob Sale.��� One dozen common
chairs; brand new, just as they were
shipped a few weeks ago. Will sell in
part or lot. App'y to R. P. Pettipieee,
* When you reach Trout Lako City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson Bros., proprietors. Good
accomodation ; best service : choice
wines, liquors and cigars; fire proof
safe; rates reasonable.
The Lardeau
Has unexcelled facilities
for doing all kinds of . .
All orders given 'careful,
tasty and intelligent attention.
Lardeau Eagle Job Department
Victoria Avenue,
Ferguson, B, C.
In the Lardoau
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters   of   Legitimate   Mining
Il is with
pleasure we
answer questions and furnish quotations.
Mail or
Carrier Orders
receive special,
prompt and.
Our constant
aim is to give
onr customers
better value
than can be
got anywhere
Imperial Bank
�����____ of Canada.
CAPITAL ��2,500,OOO,0O.
REST 11,726,000.00.
General Uanhinn Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department nt current rutcs.
Barred Plymouth Rock Eggs
(best American   strain), 91.50
per setting of 13.   Write to
H. fl. R. SMYTHE, Revelstoke, B. O.
Hotel Property
A larce hotel, including fiirnisliingH nml
stock (monthly receipts last m-asou, |1600), in
pood mining and lumoorlng town for sale nt
big sacrifice. Good reasons for selling. For
further particulars apply at once to
It. T. B0JIY,
710 Ferguson, B.C.
Now Ready
for Sale
Lots I io 14 In Block HO.
Lots 3 and -I in Block :i8.
Lots 8 to 14 In Block 40.
Lots I. to 8 in  Block 8 on Victoria
��� Aveuuo.
A snap at present prices.   Write or
call at tlio Kaglo Office.
If You
a lot in Ferguson
you wish to sell,
send particulars to
the Eagle office.
Sale guaranteed, if
the location and
price   is right.
H. Edwardsi****.
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and SkinB
Tannod and Dressed.
Third street ^Revelstoke
R. S. Wilson-
GEO. B. BATHO & CO.���
Ueulers In Groceries,
HHrilwure, Clothing,
(it'lltK' ruriitHliingN,
llootn mitl SIhmvi,
Miner*)' Supplier Etc.
Pi oneer Store
Fergvison and Ten-Mile
in any quantity
now reMy for local builders.    Specjal orders
prompt);f attended to.    Moderate prices;.  ,
Agent for Sawyer  Bros.' Sash  and  Door Factory.
-Ferguson Saw Mill
R. Davis, Proprietor,
"Our Special"
Revelstoke Cigar Mfg. Co.
ffi   Druggists
Wk   Chemists     <$>
W   Stationers
:���&_$ REYELST0KE.X
Carpets, Lineoleum,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Agent Pianos, Sewing Machines,   etc.
Mall orders promptly attended to.
/*. HOWSON, Furniture Dealer
ana Undertaker, REVELSTOKE.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and .Retail
General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Bran* ih at
Trout L uke City.
NO. I K. W. C K B-OCK, NEtSOH- n. ('.
Gold ; silver-Una and Coppor Minos wanted at the KXOHANdK.   MtBJj
mill' ,Ktt  GOLD properties wanted at onco /or Eastern Investors.
Par ilea having mining property For Sale ate requested to'sond samples
o to the KXClIAXtif; fnri'Khibiiloii.
ofthe jroro ....... .   ...
All    samples should lie font by express   propald
HOliel ,ted,   Address nil communication to
P, O. Ilox 7U0,     NKMON, B, (.'.
Before buying Hardware for building Purposes
drop a line for quotations to ... .
Moro than freight sdvod by    buying   your
requirements   from   the Departmental  Store.
_-mi__.ii.. ,t iui��.**f*B,.j'r.'mi'.mi. .iwihh.iim>


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