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Lardeau Eagle 1903-07-17

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New York Market.
Silver���Bar    *  634   I
LEAD-100 lbs        i,12J
COTTER       14.50
KOOTE-    i
IT 'All.
.   Ill
AN   KX-
Vol. IV, No 23.
Ferguson, B. C, JULY 17, 1903.
$2 a Year
The Great Western and Double Eagle Companies
Great Progress Has Been Made During the Past
Year on the Great Western.
The Groat Western Mines, Liifllted,
hold their sixth annual general meeting* in thoir offices tit Ferguson on
Wednesday, July Sth, commencing at
4 p. in. There wero present CI. S. McCarter, 1). (!. Forbos, S. Sutherland
and E. G. Hadow. Tlie chair was occupied by G. S. MeCarter and Secretary E G. Hadow recorded the minutes. The directors' report'.was read,
discussed and adopted, then the balance sheet and a detailed statement
covering operations, expenditures, etc.,
were produced and adopted,
The election of ollicers and directors
followed, whon, on motion, S. Sutherland was elected a director, nnd tho ro
tiring directors, A. I). Kirby, J. D,
Walker, D. (',. Forbes and G. S. McCarter were re-elected.
Following immediately after the
general meeting a directors' meeting
was held, there being present G. S.
McCarter, D. G. Forbes. S. Sutherland
anil 15. G. Hndow. On motion, tlie following officers were elected for the
current year:
President, Mr. J. I). Walker, London, England. Vice 1'resident and
Manager, .Mr. D. G. Forbes, Ferguson,
B. C.j Secretary, Mr. E, G. Hadow,
Ferguson, 13. C.
The Great Western company owns a
large number of claims in the Lardoau, somo on Upper Arrow lake and
others in tlie Lardeau proper. Tho
claim on which the most work has
been dono is the Xottio L., two and
one-half milos above Forguson, and
anothor that has boon given a lot of
attention is tho Ajax, adjoining. The
Nettie L. is the star property ot the
company and is the ono from whicli
most of tho ore has been shipped.
Just about a year ago the English
shareholders purehasod a controlling
interest and Mr. D. G. Foi bos was appointed manager. Since that time the
mino has not suffered fo:1 want ol energetic and competent government, but,
on the other hand, extensive :])liitis for
enlarging the mine, cheapening the
cost of producing tho oro and Increasing the capacity, which were decided
on a year ago, have been faithfully
carried out, and still further additions
to tlie outside equipment ure in course
of erection at this lime.
In November last an air compressor
plant was installed and has since boen
running steadily anil satisfactorily.
Since November, 3,001 foot of development has boon done, making with what
had previously been (lone, (1,000 feel.
A very large quantity of second class
oro having accumulated on the dumps
ti'nd in the stopes, the company decided
i�� '.'i'M an aerial tramway to carry
this ore down to the Silve,' Cup concentrator, near the town of Ferguson,
a id the wink of building the tram is
how progressing.
During tho past year, closed on June
JO, there was mined and shipped by the
company from the Nettie L. mine
1,420.Ml tons of ore from which was
realized $70,012.62, yielding a net profit
Of $40,224.85. When one takes into
consideration that since about .January
20th lust, there have only beon a few-
days when transportation was opon and
ore could be shipped, lb will be real
ized that  tlio   showing for the Great
Western company is excellent.
Since the reduction works and tram
wore decided on no qrehns been mined
for shipment, but when everything is
in readiness for handling and trealin
we believe many pooplo will bo surprised at tlie output and the receipt;
that will bo shown ut tho annual meeting of 1004 will look good to the share*
holders. Many other improvements
havo boen mado in connection witli the
abovo company during the year, such
as thc building of a large kitchen and
dining room at tho Nottie L. and a
telephone connecting the mine with
the offices in Ferguson and from tlio
offices to thc ore sheds on Trout lake.
The annual general mooting ol the
Double Eagle Mining & Development
Syndicate was held on Wednesday
July 8th, at, 8:30 p. m,, in the offices of
tho Great Western .Mines, Limited
There were present D. G. Forbes, G. S.
McCarter andil. G. Hadow.
The directors' report was presented
and adopted. A baianco shoot and
financial statement were also read and
adopted. Mr. E. G. Hadow was nominated and elected to tho board of directors and Messrs. O. A. Kirby, .1. D.
Walker, W.M. Brown, G. S. McCarter
and D. G. Forbes, the retiring directors, were all re-elected.
Immediately following the general
meeting there was hold a meeting of
directors, when officers for tjjm ensuing
year wero elected us follows: Presi
dent and Manager, D. G. Forbos; Secretary, E. G. Hadow: Solicitor, Geo. S,
Women Mino W i.rkerK,
A recent article printed in eastern
daily papers discusses interestingly tho
subject of women mine workers in Bel-
glum. Coal mines are worked to depths
of 4.000 and even 4,JOO feet, tho veins
being on a pitch whicli sometimes is
great as 00 degrees, men and womo
being at work side by side. Tho drifts
and inclines are poorly ventilated, tlie
heat intense and there is great danger
of explosions. Women work in garments not unliko a bicycle costume, of
blue linen cloth and lightest weight.
Their hair is enveloped in a handkerchief, which excludes tlie coal dust.
Girls begin work at the age of 14 years
and work 12 hour shifts. Tlieir main
duties aro to move small mino cars
weighing over 800 pounds to and from
! the different entries, and carry mine
timbers to the miners. Some of the
drifts uro only threo foet in height
and to move a car a girl is compelled to
crawl on her knees, carrying a snf.ty
lamp weighing two pounds in her teeth.
For such labor she. is paid 50 cents per
day. With all the unsatisfactory conditions which exist in tho coal milling
districts of tliis country, women bave
novcr been employed therein during
the past tliree or four decades as miners, only in isolated cases.
At ihe ranch near Stobart lako, on
Saturday, July llth, to tho wife of
Wm. Adams, a daughter.
Old papers lor sale at Eagle oflice.
Mrs. II. Anderson has her hotel filled
with travellers going and coming
nearly every night.
.1. Maillons, agent forthe steamboat
on)pany, is kept busy theso days handling  freight for   Ferguson and Camborno.
Mr. and Mrs. Gunterman and thoir
littlo boy have boon camping up on
Lexington crook, but returned home
There aro tt grout many capitalists
passing through town tliis month en
route to tbo Ferguson and Camborne
mining camps. J 	
Splendid grounds have been lixed up I
at the falls just above town and a foot- The *-evoiitb general meeting of
bridge has been built ovor the creek [shareholders of the Ophir-Lade Min-
100 feot below tho falls. This now|ing Syndicate, Limited, was hold in
makes a very pretty spot for parties to! tho head office at Forguson on Tuesday
spond an afternoon, whore the scenorvi0' Ms waoki wheD ll *al'Se numbor of
is beautiful and one is shaded from tho I both local and outsido shareholders
sun's hot rays, were !present, including W. B. Pool,
J.J. Young, M. L. A., F.  W. Godsal,
Ophir-Lade   Shareholders  Attend   in  Numbers
A Splendid Outlook for the Company���A  Goo
Record for the Past 12 Months.
Tho village
Tho   olimato
of Beaton  is at its best,
is  naturally salubrious,
and now when tlie gardens are at their
witli fruit, the place is pretty, and i
rest there   for a few   days  or hours is
|W. F.   Cochrane,   J.   A. Lade,' V. F.
i I.ado,   .las.   Hilley,   Jno.   Epnest, 11.
Gunn, A. E. Gunn, S.  A. Sutherland,
best stage and fruit trees heavily laden ,w    Ma_aon_,|-],   Dr.    Newcombe,   tt.
Woodward, 11. Hodge, and by proxy,
���1.. N. Wilson, A. H. Holdich, Geo.
certainly enjoyable. Perhaps nowhere Maoh F, F, Higg8| W. J. MeCabe
olso in the Kootenays do flowers, veg- and A K. Sn.ingett.
etablesand fruits attain sueh excel-ji ].1.esi(lont w. -j. Pool oct.upio(, the
lenoo as they do here, and we are safe ^ ^ R Hofl m ,Sm.etill.v,
in saying that at no other placo Is the Thera|���utes ,,....,.,,, boon ,oaa and
climate so delightful. Speaking of 00n|h,me(], th0 chairman and secretary
gardens, we will mention a model one;
in that of Mrs.  Needliani.    Iter straw-;
for six years, and tlie crop is as heavy
this season as ever.   Even on Monday ���
last  many stalks   won'   seen bearing
seven large sweet berries.   Then she I
has  black,  rod  and  white currants,:'
black and
explained  tho   annual report,  which
had not been finished for printing ow-
j ing to the illness of the manager.  Tlie
i report shows that during the year rapid |
and   satisfactory  progress    had  been
made,   few   companios   having   made
sueh an  excellent  record  in  such a
-short  time.   Tho   right  of  way  has
red  raspberries, all of the^      oleul,efl   -0���  tho ae,lal t,,.ln.,,...
domestic variety. Ihon there aro the i, th��� ^.^^ em.tcd (0 ,.ecl,iv(, the
prune, erabupnle, pear, plum, cherry I*.,.. The _,.., compressor is on the
and apple,   all  loaded  with fruit and fl anfl the oonol,ote *.od
growing  splendidly.     Hits   lady   has; put ,��� |Jiu,.e.
ready to
also a good vegetable garden in which
sho is experimenting this season on
peanuts. The plants are doing well
and hopo is entertained of getting a
good crop of nuts.'
President Loubet of France, arrived
in London on July 0th, on a visit to
King Edward.
Gen. .lotiberl's chair, made of ebony,
bok horns and hides, and captured
from his laager at Listtbjn, near Lyd-
enbet'g, is now treasured by Lieut.-
Col. Urmston at Glonmorven, Sound of
Service will bo held in Eagle hall
every Sunday commencing at J p. m.,
and alternate Sundays at S p.m. All
aro invited to attend.
Sunday School every Sunday at 2
p. m. Rev. SHARP, Pastor.
Divine Borvlce will bo held every
alternate Sunday in Eagle hall at 3 In
the afternoon.
An invitation to attend Is extended to
everybody.      U* A. Solly, Curate,
Yl.lt.'d Old (lolll.
Messrs. J. C. Murray, J. Sharp,
perintend.nt of the Guinea Gold,
Stewart .iarvis, of Burford, Out., returned from visiting the Old Gold
mines on Wednesday. Mr. Murray
brought some lino heather down with
him, a bunch of which may bo seen at
the Eagle office.
Theso gentlemen found considerable
snow on tlio Duncan slopo and things
in that neignijorhood not so far advanced as was expected. Judgo Miller
has not returned from tho oust yet, and
nothing will bo done until bo comes, in
the way of starting development).
Tho concrete foundations for tlie batteries are linlshed, the frame of tho
mill building up and tho various pieces
of machinery ready to be installed.
The bed has been cut for tiie water
plfe, over 2,000 feet of which will be
laid, and which will develop ovor 300-
horse power. Four thousand foet of
air pipe and other material have been
purchased and the company is rapidly
getting everything In good shape to
turn out gold bricks These various
works and the development which hud
been done have required a large
amount of funds, but the company has
been able to successfully finance it all
without issuing a prospectus or offering
shares to tlie public.
Full particulars as to the work, machinery and finances, will be contained in tlio company's annual report, to
tho shareholders, which will bp printed forthwith.
The election of directors for the ensuing year then took place. The following is the new board: W. B. Pool,
J.J. Young, -M. I A��� F. W. Godsal,
W. F. Cochrane, S. A. Sutherland, 11.
Crilly. .1. A. Lade, .1. Ennest ami II.
.1. J,Young moved, seconded by S. A.
Sutherland, that W. Macdonald, manager of the Imperial Hank, be reappointed auditor of the company.
The fee for recording transfers of
shares and issuing new certificates was
placed at 25 conls for each transfer.
Before adjourning tlie shareholders,
particularly those from tho outside,
expressed great satisfaction with the
state of tho property, tho progress
that had been mado, and the efficient
management of the company's affairs.
Immediately nfter adjournment the
directors mot to discuss matters of policy, olect officers and go into details regarding the company's various departments.
On motion of Messrs. Coobramj and
Young, Mr.  Poole was elected   presi-
Mr. Young was nominated as vi :c-
president, but withdrew in favor "f
Mr. Cochrane, wbo was duly elected.
Mr. Pool was re-elected manager am!
Mr. Hodge secretary.
Thp meol'cg thou  spent the rest of
the day and part of Wednesday in dh
j cussing business  matters,  machinery
water pipe, insurance, etc.
Altera good deal of consideration i;
was decided to take the important s '-���-,,
of floating a new company tu v/urk the
western part of the llossland A: Imperial group. Tiie company owns enough
property on Lexington mountain, j,lie
great freo gold liiil of tho Lardeau-to
make several good mines, ami i.i-t ul
of allowing the whole property lo lie
idle for years, the directors decided on
tills important riep.
The properly lo be turned ovc ��� ii
the new company includes the Imperial
aud Baifour claims anil part cf I!;'
Kossland, The capital will bo *. JOOJIO'
in shares of a dollar each. Tlie, .ail
details of the new company are nut y_i
ready for publication, hut will be announced shortly, li will be organized
on tlie same safe, conservative line-- a-
tho other companies which Messrs.
Pool and Young and their associates
followed with such signal success in-the
Great Western Mines, Limited, aim
the Uphir-Lado Syndicate, ami will
probably be under the same genera]
In view of the numerous application"
which have been made for shares n
tho Ophir-Lade Syndicate, it will pr Ji-
ably be decided to offer Lhe _*-m* 'i
public a limited amount ofthe now
company's stuck.
iu that, wa- fan
[' residents turn
ition   nieetin
H'o-tera*   ur,'
e  was losl : i
ih-- ensuinj
result i!*;it a
is  elect ml .i-
fvl'BlMuu Cons
In deiiancoof the n
ing, a goodly number ���
ed out Lq tho organiz
Conservatives   Saturday    night   I
Geo. B. Batho occupied lhe chair ai
opened tho meeting by delivering a inappropriate remarks.   .Io-.   Ilyan   w;
then  elected secretary
organisation having beet
decided on, very little lh
attaining that object.
Election of off! ���-"--  fo
your followed   with   the
strong  ollieial   board   w
given below:
Hon. Prosidei t, - lion, ttlchurd
McBride Premier il Q. C,
President, San  u I A  ������ -
Vice-Presidents, Donald G. Forbes
and William Id, Poo
Secretary, Joseph Ilyan.
Assistant Secretary, William II
Treasurer, W. A. Smith.
The following gentlemen wit- elected on the executive committee, will
power to add to tbeir number:
Messrs. E. G. Hadow. \V. A. Skll-
nor. William B. Anderson, I-'.. G.Woodward. George Howard, George Uo--.
Joseph C. Kirkpatrick andOlnoy Rold.
I*'. \V. Godsal, who came over from
Plncher ereek to attend the meeting cf
tin; Ophir-Lade Syndicate, has been il
at tho hospital this week from u severe
attack of neuralgia*
.J. ' I
': ilisheil   every   Friday at Ferguson, II. ('
iwliom all oorroipondence should be mailed.
Subscription Hates: $9,00 por Milium, tn
��� tiddn^s in Aiiierlea; .!,__ for six months;
"iivuiir to forei'.'ilinl'lresscs.   No pay, no
.dvortlilns limes: Display ads.,11.00 per
��� in-'ie eoiniiui man nor month. LokhI mis.. 13
���eats por nioninriil) lino (ol* tlrsl inseilion; s
-.-ills per line for audi aitdltioliHl insertion.
Heading notices lu cent- nor lino osoli Issue.
Ninety Say looal notices,<10.: sixty day., ...90;
tiiirly (lay.,$o. No nd_.H0_o.teu iitlesstliini
- hi'so rales,   No 100111 lor ,jnark nils.
flour weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising,
FRIDAY, JULY 17,1903
While it is true that the McBride
government is giving the Lardeau
Setter treatment than was accorded
tlie district under previous administrations, yet the importance of the
Lardeau and the way it is being
opened up by large plants being installed, make it highly important
that every encouragement should be
given that is possib|e by the government, especially in fhe way of keeping the roads (eadjiig; fa f)ie mines
in good condition so that heavy
ipachinery may be hauled in.
por several years back nut enough
itlention lias been given to repairs
of this nature, let alone new work.
While, as we said above, the pres-
���nt government is doing better, but
nnt nearly enough by any means.
The bridges are geltjng very weak
and need repairs all lhe way from
Benton to Ten Af .le, above Ferguson.
The part that rnqst urgently needs
repairs, is lhe section between Ferguson and l,;ig!,t Mile, qyef which
very heavy loads will Ijaye to be
hauled. True, Mr. Mcpherson, the
road supervisor, has four men making repairs on this road, but there
sliould be j j men, if the road is to
be put in repair lo be of gpod service ihis season.
Another piece oi road that need:;
more men is that frum Beaton to
pamborne. It is also very important that tbis work should be completed durine July, for much inconvenience is caused to mining men,
I canisters and everyone interested
in and about pamborne by the very
had condition of the road.
exist the Jiagi.e believes mere cat
hardly failtd'tid* large'rJlvidbridsMh
store fsr the lucky stockholders. "
We may add, howeVfcr,1 that the
Double Eagle Co. have not shown
the activity exhibited by the other
companies, and nothing definite has
been learned (if their plans for the
current year. ' At the same time the
Double Eagle Co. owns 12 or more
claims that have very fine showings
and with development they ought to'
be all right, lt is expected that
operations will be resumed before
long.       _^^_^___
The roule from Nelson to Ferguson via the Lardo branch railway is
now open and regular trips are being made. From now on till
Xmas we shall in all probability be
tree from annoyance and inconvenience caused by an interruption in
traffic on either of the two routes
into the Lardeau. We have only
nicely entered upon our best season
and although it has up to the beginning of this week been found very
difficult to get in or out, yet unusual
activity prevails all over the Lardeau. Particularly is this true ol
Ferguson, Camborne, and in the
new gold field of Poplar creek.
The present year is turning out the
beit for the Lardeau that has ever
been experienced.
Ferguson ha. he-*" chock full of
mining men lor t|)e past ten days,
and lhe five hotels were lull every
night to the attics, The feature of
the week, which caused the unusual
crowd to gather, was the occurrence of the annual general meetings of three of the big mining
companies that have their headquarters in Ferguson, viz.: Thi
Clreat Western Mines, the Double
Eagle and the Ppliir-Lade Mining
Syndicate, Especial reference to
lhe meetings may be seen on the
Ilrst page of this paper.
Until the Great Western and the
Ophir-Lade companies have largely
extended the scope of their opera-
I niiis since the last annual meeting
one year ago. It is unnecessary to
go into detail now, for the Eaole
has kept its readers posted right
along during the past 12 months as
progress was made, but we will add
tlie opinion that these companies
have shown commendable enterprise and good judgment in prosecuting development of their interests, and under the capable management that has been shown to
[AiliuXed nt Itevclstoke. September 1:1th, UHlil
1 lV'Tlinl 'tliis i-oiiveiition ronfllrms tlie policy
of llic piny1 |b matters of provincial roads ami
l.iul*tt tho owilef-Slilp and control of railways
luul tlie develoitiilbiit of tliu agricultural resources oi tin* province as lnltl down ill tlie
Ijltitiorin adopted ill October, 1899, wliicli is as
"To actively aid iti tlie construction of trails
throughout the undeveloped portions ol tlie
provinco and tlie building of provincial truuk
roads of public necessity,
"To adopt tlie principles of govornmont ownership of railways in so far as the eirentii-
stances of tile province will admit, and the
adoption of the principle Unit no bonus should
he granted to any railwav company whicli
does not glvo tlio govornmont of t fie province
control of rates over lines boilliscd, together
with the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by state aid in the development of tlie Agricultural resources of tho
li. Tliat in lite liicaiiliioe and until Ihe railway policy above set forth can be accomplish'
i-d. a general railwav act' !,!��� Jiassed, giving
freedom to construct- railway's 1111,ler certain
approved regulations, anilloc'oiis tY> the system
that lias resulted in* s\ii'b ���ett.nsivc railway
construction in the flitted' States, witli so
much advantage to trad.; and coitrmerco.
a. That to encourage tlio nilnlllli industry,
(lie taxation of iin-lallli'i-|,,iis iilldt's should be
011 a basis of a porcontagoon the pej profits.
���J.' That the government ownership of tele-
PImiUi. Systems should be broljglit about as a
(if'sf step in lhe noiuisitina of \,\\\.\\v utilities.
' '). Tlmt |i portion of everv colli area hero-
after ip he disposed of should le reserved from
sale or lease, s'o that state Own'1'! mines may be
easily J)',"cessibl;;, if their npjW-li'loa becomes
necessary or ad*-is*jhle'.  '    '
a. That in too palp land leases provision
sliould be made h.^ t-elorj;stihga}id tlint steps
should be tnl;,in for thoKeuefiil preservation of
forests by guarding against the wasteful de
strnclion 01 Umbo*,'.
7. That tlie legislature and government of
lhe province sliould persevere in lhe efforts to
secure the exclusion of Asiatic labor.
S. That tlie matter of better terms ia thi
way of subsidy and Appropriations for the
province should be vigorously pressed upon
tlie nonunion government.
il. That the silver-lead industries nf the
province be fostered and encouraged by lhe
Imposition of increased customs duties on lead
and lend products imported into Canada, and
thai tho Conservative members of die Dominion House be urged lo support any motion in*
trriiluceil for such a purposo.
10. Thnt as industrial disputes almost Invariably result in great loss and injury both to
the parties directly concerned and to'lhe public, legislation sliould be passed to provide
moans for an amicable adjust menl of such dis-
pules between employers ,,11,1 employees.
11. That it Is advisable to foster the lilllliu-
fnclure of tlie raw products of tlie province
within tlie province us far as practicable by
moans ol taxation ou llic snid raw products,
subject to rebate of tlie same ill whole or part
w||*m iiinnnfaciarcii in Il*:ltis|i Ci-liimliln.
AtamoetlitKOf thoexoouttvnof tho Provln*-
I'inl Conservative association, hold nt Vancouver, the provinco was divided into live dl*
visions for nrt.11 nidation purposes. Tito Kootc*
liiiy-Houndnry division is math' up of tlie following provincial election districts: Hovel*
stoke, Columbia, Fornio, Cranbrook, Ymir,
Kaslo, slofiiti, (iriiuri I'tirks, Uroetiwooil, the
Oily of liosslimd, and tho I'itv of Nolstn.   At
tlie' same mooting tlio following resolutions
1. That conventions lor nominating candidates for mem-bon. of the legislative assembly
ho mndo up nf delegates obosen as follows:
(a) In city electoral districts one delogato
for everv lifty uiitl fraction of lifty votos polled
at the provincial election held iu   limn   and  if
the city la divided Into wards, tlie proportion
of delegates for each want email he based on
tho voto po)lod In eaoh ward at tbo last muni*
nipal elecllon.
(b) In other electoral districts, one delegate
forovory fifty or fraction of fifty votes polled
at the provincial ejection hold In 1000, tliti delegates to bo apportioned io polling places, or
tis near thereto as will he fair to tbo voters of
the different neighborhoods;.
���j. The election of delegates shall heal public meetings, held at n designated central place
in eaeh polling division, or In eaeh ward in
cltv electoral districts, if the city is divided
into wards. At sueh publio meetings only
those who pledge themselves to vote for the
candidate or candidates selected at tlie nominating eonvcntlon shall he entitled to vote for
S. Two weeks notice shall be given ofthe
public meetings at which delegates are lobe
elected, mid nominating conventions shall he
held in city electoral districts two days after
the day on which delegatus arc ejected, upd fn
other electoral districts seven days Hfter. All
nominations throughout the province to be
mndo at a designated central place In each
electoral district, and on the same day,      j
4.  All notices of the date of public meetings
fay's your Pffaffpg? flo vou ^now that the
��AGLE Job Department lias one of the foest
equipped plants in North Kootenay and tha}; it is
unnecessary to send out of the Lardeau for work?
" - i,i i i   ��� * ~ ��� ���
After You
ior that order you aie Sending away out pf the
district to save a few shillings. Don't he fooled.
The. EAGLE can give you satisfactj.pi), yre
carry only the first quality in office stafipnery, etc.
Receive Our Strict Attention,
THE  EAGLE,   Fergu��on, B. ��.
for tbe election of delegates to nominating conventions, the apportionment of delegates, and
the place and daleof nominating conventions
lu tlk1 several electoral disiriets shall he prepared'bv tile members of the executive of the
division in whieh the electoral districts are
sitnilte.anil jsstieil ovor the names of the president and 'serictnry of the Provincial Umi-
A meeting of tho provincial executive will
be held at Vancouver witli in n mouth, and tlie
date for holding district nominaiing conventions will he tbou Hxod.     JOHN IIOUHTON,
President of the Provincial
t'onsuryative Association.
Nelson, Juno 8th, 190H-
Drugs .-.<? Stationery
Prescriptions Carefully and
..Accurately Com pounded..
Go To
Trout Lake.
The Townsite  of-
The Pay-Roll  Centre of the
Rich   Lardeau   District.
Buy Lots $pw And Get
in, on the QrRrl'nd fipof
Subscribe (or the Lardeau Eaole.'
The Lardeau is the richest
known mining district in British
polumbia and the mines, particularly those about Ferguson,
contain large quan tities ol ore
being big as well as rich. Several
new properties will ship
pre dtyfipg the coming year and
the town is sure to double
jp size fJ uy a few lots now
before the effect of this year's
prpgress sends them up, may-
hap beyond your reach.	
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further^ Information1: Apply to
Henry  Floyd
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
. Doited Hate of Nor! America
T H i s j 8 t ni:
tbe United Hatters
of North America.
When you are buy-
. ing a FUR HAT,
either -soft or Htiff,
fee to lt that the
genuine union
Label is sowed ln lt.
If a retailer baa
loose labels Itt bis
fnssesalon and of-
mrs to put oue in a
bat for you, do not
patronise him. He
has notanyrtgntto na\e loose labels. Loose
labels iu retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation ns to why the hat
has no label. The Oenultte Union Label Is
perforated on the four edges exactly tlio same
ns a postage stamp. Counterfeits ar�� aome-
times perforated on three of tho edges, and
rtimet lines only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
lor the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufac-
A ii rors. a re using them in order to get rid of
their scab-ninde hats. The John li. Stetson
<'o. of Philadelphia, I'a,, I* non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT,President,
Orange, N. J.
JOHN I'HII.MIM,Secretary,
1 WavoHy Place, Room 10, New York
J.II.I.OOl-.T, I It AS hi It HlVKlt A t:\iti-
"      HUO UOlll) HKLllS, MMITKD.
lu Liquidation.
lAnt of ri'opertles to lie Sold by Private
Tender, IMirimHiit* to the Direction*
or the Liquidator)).
Trout I.nkc Mining Division.
AM'HA iiltOUi' {better known as "Broadview tiroup"), comprising it Crown-grunted
mineral claims, or fractional claims, situated
on Great Northern mountain, above Ferguson,
It. C. together with two blocks of land, namely: Lot 11-14, situated fust west of Ferguson
townsite, and lot __449, situated about 2 miles
north easterly from Ferguson on the North
Fork of Lardeau river, at tho foot of Great
Northern mountain.
LANDS situated on Galena Bay, Upper Arrow
Lake.   Three blocks of laud comprising, inall,
about CM acres.
"HAsslatid Oamp,
STAR" mineral   claims,   together   with   the
buildings and eciiipment thereon���
Boundary District. ���"
���The "NETA" mineral claim, Cr own-gran ted,
situated in what Islcirawq us '.'Brown/s Camp,"
ind the "QUEEN OK SPADES'/ mineral wlaim,
Crown-granted, sitim.ted in.vhftt Is known as
"Central Caihp/.' '���
Illeclllewact .Mining Divlsffln.
Tbe LANARK (SUOI'P, comprising 1/1 Crown*
granted mineral claims, or Fractional claiuis,
situated on the main line of tho Canadian Paid He railway, near ll.ociUew-aet, It. C
Parties desiring t-opjjt In a tender for any ono
or more ofthe above mentioned''Jftttperttos
should have their engineer on the ground and
examinations mado without delay.*1' '"���
' Further particulars and conditions oi sale
and forms fl/ tender (whieh are lb''be sin-tin
not later than the 1'ith August, lK'.M may be
obtained gratis ofthe Liquidators, College Hill
tinutoejMr, College Hill, London, E'TC., and
'.V. Armstrong, Itovelstoko. British Columbia.
" Dated loth Juno, 1003. ' JTiUv HI.
-Votlcto tu ]>elltt(|iifittt Co-owners.
To V.. Gordon Goldberg orL. (loldburg, or to
any person or persons to whom tlrcy'uiay
bave transferred their Interests lit the Little
Robert and Little Robert No. ���_! miner "claims
vittiatu at the head of tlie north fork of'Lardeau creek, and adjoining the Black Warrior
teroupon the southeast, in the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified tbat I bave expended
two hundred and live dollars and twenty-five
���eiits (f_!U').'Jo), In labor nnd improvements on
the above mentioned mineral claims for t|je
current year In order to hold said mineral
���claims under the provisions of thu mineral
Aet, and if within ninety days from tbe date
of this notlee you fail or refuse to contribute
Vour proportion of such expenditures together
with all eost of advertising, your interest in
said claims will become the property of the
subscriber, undor section 4 of an Act entitled
An Act to Amend the Mlnetal Aet, I.HX).
Dated at Ferguson this loth day of July, 19U3.
���Notice to Delinquent Co-Owimr.
To S. T. MnColI, or whomsoever he may have
'���ransforred his interest in tbe Triune Fraction No. :i mineral claim, situated on Brown
creek, iu the Trout Lake Mining Division,
West Kootenay District of B. C,
You are hereby notified that I have expended--M 00 lit labor and improvements unon tbe
above mentioned fractional mineral claim
since July 1st, 1002, under the provisions ofthe
itinera! Act, and if within IK) days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to contrl-
uute your proportion of the above mentioned
sum, which is now due' together with all
cdsi of advertising, your interest in the said
clainl will become the property of the under-
signed under seetion 4 of the ".Mineral Act
A i-i-l.'-.1.!..-,...-       1 nt   1I1IUI
AmWdiik'iuAet 1000.
rtiiMTai   Ferguson, II.
title 0th  day of
C. 0. Woodrow.
Take notice, that a special general meeting
of the shareholders of the Great Western
Mines, Limited Liability, will be held at the
olllceof the company at Ferguson, B. C, on
Saturday, August 1st, at 8 p, m., forthe purpose of considering, and, if deemed advisable, of passing a resolution authorizing the
registration of this company under the provisions of the company'.1, aet, 1897, and Amending Acts, and the exectathut by the directors
on behalf of the shareholders of the company
of the memorandum of association for tlte oh-
loots specified fn such resolution.
s only one best mining Journal,
fhat is
Mines and Minerals.
It has a larger circulation than any two other
American mlfllng journals because it Is thc
best. It is tlie largest, best illustrated aud
)uti)d.sn,i(iest milling journal In the world. It
is a mining paper for mining men. Subscription price 92,00 por year. Send for free sample
copy. Address MINKS AND.MINERALS, Heratt-
ton, Pa., L*. S, A. Denver olllces, Bartb Bldg.,
Denver, Col
Smith * Co.
45 Bkury St,
����� Montreal
Will be represented in
Forguson throa or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and wu
4 Miles Below Ferguson on the Ferguson lluuton Road.
No bell boys or etcetras but
a good wholesome meal served at any hour. Lots of fresh
milk and eggs.
Saddle and pack horses for hire.
WM. GLENN, Proprietor.
Our represenfatlvc
S, A. Scott Is
practical tailor and
wf|j |jiake clothes
fjt. Raid your
qr-Jppj (or him.
To ,l|ti public.
Havlna* loKnt'ti"! [or n few mouth. 1 bej.' to
nay Unit I will return l,v fall ami rc-cnuage in
my taxlilurmlst business.
Taxidermist, Kevcl'toku, II. C.
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October 14th, 100.% will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
������!��� i'l'tlll   '   :
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comapllre, UV ten daily���10k and _k.
iIII:*, i.U-i
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
ArrorfWtadJ'twlce dally ��� .:15k and
12;<kilr. ���*>Mak.ngi olose oonneutlons
wl.fi'-ull O; IKil. Steamora and trains.
"ii ��� "���'.    I', ft.
Tbo owners reserve tho right to
change times of sailings without
Tba Fred Robinson Lumber Uo.Ltd
Headquarters for As.Hj*-rs, Mining
Si Mill Supplies. Sole agents in 11.
(1. for Morgan Crucible Co., Halters,**,,
KiikIhikI; F, YV, Hraun A Co.'s I'atent
Caty Furnaces, Burners, etc. | Win. A ins-
worth,. co.'s Fine Balances, etc.. etc,
.���-.��������������������������������*-���*.������*���������������� tff+ti
j        chi'na Batting.' .
|      I RON'beds a Specialty     !
"  $8 and up.       ^      I
f -���������������� �����-��� ���-��-�� ��� ��� ���������������� ������������������� +-�����-��-������?
The three claims owned by the company are the "Lardeau
Queen," the"Lardeau King" and the "Lardeau Princej.',' all abutting
end to end, through which three leads pass the enttl'0'lctfM,H, situated at the beifd bf Lexington creek, in the Lardeau lijiHI'W 'division
nf Wool. Ir/M.hHkJ'Tn.liiih Cinlnmhln. ' "'"If "
!ri(_9h Columbia.
Si-ftS'aaims-Aroio'tia.eftrbfi the western slope of Goat Moun*
llh'oa SWn??1iBl;Br-w-8_BWy' and south-easterly, anU'fti-to ont
MWtfMjWaf rafirj of about loll acres.    They ''M- easl
Msp river.
of West MmW
These Itfljree'^j
tain, the'""
complete pmioti'titm:
less than Wpi'I rr	
The gH��itl"llcs"fh rthe VSittlng Bull" and "Wild W.esW belts,
two of the'Mi'onJJbst and best known leads in that district.'Und work
already dons' on���8l)i*oent extentions has given most sattsractory
results as t'o '(SSt&t of ore dq^Ibs anil increased values vllii dopth.
The fo*yMa���i> is slate and iscbist, lying in an 'iinnieiiie'"llme
dyke, and tn^cropplngs of the leads are generally topped WtWhelivy
iron capbl.te and quartz, which gives assays from SS \u# <m''ch'e
surface. *"'* ' l,fi"" '"'
Exploitation consists of two open cuts  along the surface for a
MHce of twenty  feet,   which  exposed a body  of' ai*_;edtifei'lhis
fJUU' ._ o 1__C 1_ ._IJ.U      mi.�� 1...1 I .ut~ 1���J., ������""-tg'irilifn
Biover J inches in width.   The value of this "ore body Wil
l the surface, but at a depth of less than three feet it has fjji
sample at this point assayed *77.00 In gold, silver', M\>ev and  lead'.
i of 14 f,eet ff6m this iead a (ibe body'of ore hbs b'6'en
hich', when crbssed, proved to bd'soVen and a Hitlf 'feet
tlie jlne'it'lljbklng mineral yetrolinil oH'.tfle prop^i't'y.
"jspfsh contains the richest ore'and'widest sur'/ilco
to I&40..00. fo tap this ore showing and the massive irbtf'6a|)j>eci
ledge close to which it lies the present tunnel was conimeliuiitl 'lind
is now in a distance of 82 feet. Another .25 feet of i:,i*citacnttul_c
should reach this ledge at a depth of about 125 feet. When Uf' feet
had been driven, an almost'Sblld body of Iron ore three feet tniclc
was encountered in the tunnel lying agaipst'.a wall of slate.' 'A
sample at this p-1-** ������-����������� -i ^"^ 'm i�� �����m *,u,;k..'i ��'XUt,��,.  n���/i   i��n
At a distance
encountered which
wide, carrying
A third ledgjo"SMS
showing, """    *���-'  *
' Tlje'property has an excellent surface showing. The average
assays aro most encouraging, considering the grci'-; width' and con-
tinuttnoy ol the leads across the country with suetl great 'wlatn and
nromin^nco of the surface judging from other properties in tlie ' near
yi'.lnfty, some of which are on the same lead and have developed
very flgbptje bodies.
In cMcIusion I would say that the Lardoau Mines are as good as
any, if'not the best, in the vicinity,'and I verily believe with a
nominal expenditure, they should lje inade dividend paying in a
short time, and I'jfojjld strongly/"gp^mmend extensive development
toward that end.'
H. O. McClytnont, M. E.
rd ledge"wmiJK goritiains the richest ore'and widest surfaco
ng, Win'' M'7eaj.hed about July 1st'. 'Tliis ledge When
ntertd, wl|t'be froth 12 to 15 feet wide and gfo.at results lire
Goods cm   be furnished to any part ot Lardeau on very shot, notice
, i  i.i i    *
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing ��-����������-�������������-��-����� ..���-..->...,���--.,-.-.-,., .���,.��������
'**����� �����������       .......
��� . �� > ��� �� _-���*����-��-*> m tn..
Funeral Directors and   _
'.',   lUrMuolB o("^ft%6flt'Jir.<
Can attend case at Ferguson
hours notice if advised tiy Wire.
lining-]     4
at ten     \
��..��.<; hhimmi)*^ 14 ���������--*-��*���"��
. .. �� 4. 4 4 ,
D. J. Robertson * ��p-
Ferguson, B, C,   Opposite the Postoffice.
Capital Authorized, $4,000,0011
Capital (paid up) - 2,023,800
Rest 2,485,28!
Toronto, Ontario-
Branches in tho Northwest Territories. Provinces *of British Columbia,   Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec,
T. It. MKRRITT, President.
10. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager.
D. K. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and lien. Ma:
W. MOPFAT, Chief rnspecto
pf'rlo; .
For Further information, price of stock, etc., address
11. Norbert Ouimette,  Manager,
Bank of Montreal Bldg., ROSSLaND, B. C.
"Let tha OOLD DUST twin* go your woiifjf
No Soap, Borax, Sods, or Ammonia is needed with
With little water and less effort you can clean
anything about the house better, easier and
cheaper than with Soap or any other cleanser.
Once try it, you'll always buy ib
Cbkaio,    Maw York.    Bonce.    St Louis.     Montreal.
Ferguson,   B.   C.   Branch-A   Genera/   Banning   lfi/fl//esf   Jmnsacted,
Savings Department���Deposits received and Interest allowed,' '     '
Drafts sold available in All purls of Canada,
I'liituil states and Europe.
S|,L'cial iillenlion Riven to collection, and
Mlninx Jlondi.
Everybody    Our   Special
smokes     AND	
-  The Union
Thuy are all Union nui'lo anil of ihe
liust Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one and satisfy yourself
as iotliclr quality,
Union Cigar
Facto uv, 11, a.
B r o iv x, Prop.
%$ $-$-$-##��� $#$���# $ $-$-#$ #-2Hh& ^^-4-'-* #$
| Lardeau
Wc try to giye .safjsla*.'.-
tion to our   guests.
f    Laughton   Brpp,
Nk Proprietors,
Jsi-rfi ift rftt t��? ^-iT viV vfa -rf* ^ r_V -^ nf? ~f^ -�����> rf-? rf-Lrf." ->��� --A- *& ij*--�� **-i -"   . ���
V[ * CXHtll NEW   MA1/1II|;��|*-N"|-   V
* L
^ Prospectors* Exchange |
V^ ANDERSON & KULMER. Proprietors. Jjt
���> THOMSON'S LANDINO, 13, C. f
i $
j TABLES Kl'l'I'I.IKP WITH THE                       ���THE CHOICEST OP Wlii KS.-�� L.
*.-�� <f���BEST IN THE MAIIKET-t.*                       ������I.IQL'OIIS AXI) CIHAI1S*. if Local  aud General.
Thomas Taylor, ex-M. P P., was In
luwii Saturday.
Koad   Inspector  McPhorson was in
tu'.vu this. week.
Jas.V. Reeves, jeweler, visited Trout
Lake on Tuesday,
I-'.. Bailey, wife and family, were Visitors to Ferguson Saturday,
.'.Irs. Hollonbock nml family of Trout
Lake, spool Monday iu Ferguson.
.1. V. Armstrong of Kevelstoke, was
ji Ferguson Friday nml Saturday last.
"Kamloops" i.-  in   Forguson again,
:.. ing just roturned from Poplar eroek.
V. Lado has sold his Nub Hill rosl-
donco in A. .1* Gordon of tlio Balmoral
Androw Forguson uf Victoria, arrive.I Monday night in spend the week
in town.
A. M. Craig of Beaton, brought in a
load nf mining men to Ferguson
Tuts lay.
\V. B. Pool has been laid up for tlie
pas*, couple of woeks, having un attack
ui ia grippe.
Iloiu-y Floyd, city elerk of Revelstoke, spent n few days with his wife
ami family in Farguson tliis week.
W. i-'. Cochrane came in from Pinoh-
l.' ereek Mouduy to be present at tho
mooting of the Ophir-Lade Syndicate.
Mr. and .Mrs. Chas. Peterson re-
turcod lo tlie Nettio L. Saturday alter
n few clays visit to Ferguson and Troul
0. 0. Woodl'Ow was ui) from Poplar
creek during the week. He says reports from tlie gold lields woro not exaggerated.
���Ino. Fullest of thc Criterion hotel,
i lamborne, was in town Tuesday and
Wednesiloy attending Uie annual mining meeting.
F. W. Godsal of Cowley, Alta., came
in on Saturday last to attend tlie meeting of the Ophir-Lade Co., in which ho
is Interested,
A. K. Gunn came in from the Oyster
Criterion on Monday. He is going to
do assessment work on his claims in
this vicinity.
Mr. Haultain, a mining engineer
from Nelson, was in Forguson Tuesday
on his way to examine'a property in
lhe hills above town.
Henry Floyd went out to Kevelstoke
Tuesday, but will return Saturday.
Mrs. Floyd and family will remain in
Ferguson for a week or more.
The next directors meeting of the
Ophir-Lade Mining Syndicate will
probably be held at the company's new
mill when the stamps begin to drop.
McKinnon .. Sutherland have increased the stall' of their general store
by thc addition of .1. P. Boyd, lately of
Kevelstoke, to tlieir grocery department.
The finest potatoes we have seen in
the Lardeau wero grown by W. Adams
on his ranch below Ferguson, last
season, a sample of which has been
loft at the Eagle office.
.1. .I.Young, M. P. 1'., of Calgary,
Alu., accompanied by his son. Master
F.arle, arrived in town Monday to attend the Ophir-Lade Mining Co.'s annual meeting. Mr. Young inspected the
Ophir-Lade properties on Fish creek
Sunday, while en route to Ferguson.
Thc following were in town Tuesday
from tlie Ophir-Lade mine on Fish
crook: Messrs. .1. A. Lade, ,1, A. Hilley, V. F. Lado, R. Gunn and A. 13,
Gunn. All returned home Wednesday
except A. i-1. Gunn, who has gone on n
trip to iho new mines on Poplar eroek.
Attention is directed to the advertisement in another column offering
some very desirable mining property
on Great Northern mountain for sale
by privato tender. Tho highest bid
will tako the property. This is a
chance to get a great big lend of medium grade ore at ones own figures.
The EAQLE has received a copy of
"ThelioyalTourin Canada, 10(11," it
being the ollieial account of the visit
uf tho Duke and Duchpss of Cornwall
to tbo Dominion in that year. It is a
handsome volume of nearly 400 pages
and contains many interesting photographs. The volume is a vnluiible
souvenir of tho visit of the present
Prince of Wales.
We would like to draw tbe attention
of the government road superintendent
to u short bit ot trail near Forguson
that, is badly in need of repairs. The
ono referred to is that loading to the
Broadview, St. Elmo and Great Northern mining properties. There is a deal
talked of for some of theso properties,
nud the trail is not lit to tako a horso
over.   Ten dollars would do the job.
Tho following gentlemen registered
at the Hotel Windsor during tho week:
Geo. Attwood, Geo. S. McCarter,
.1. V. Armstrong, Henry Floyd, wife
and family, F. II. Butlor, W. Gioriseli,
.1. I', lionil, W. Donney, Thomas Taylor, Rovelstoke; W. F. Cochrane, Muc-
leod; F. W. Godsal, Cowley, Alta.:
Jno, J. Young and son, Calgary; -las.
A. Lado, V. F. Lade. Jas. Hilley, Camborne; Geo, Armstrong, Geo. D. Beth,
F, ('. Green, F. I'.' Burden, A. McQueen, Kamloops; J. P. Matlock, Vancouver; W. H. Johnstone, Rossland,
August Numbor,
In addition to the splendid array of
clever fiction whicli marks thc August
issuo of the Now Idea Woman's Magazine, especial mention ot the practical
articles upon household or garden matters in that number is worthy of tlie
careful reader's attention. "Tho Economies of a Summer Girl,"iby Minna
Irving, is among these: und of equal interest arc "The Evolution of a Homo,"
by Alice Chittenden; "Furnishing a
Flat," by Wynogene Farghcr; "Psy-
eho-physieal Culture," by Adele Marie
Riquc; "A Woman's Two-acre Investment," by Ethel Walbert; and others
of equal value presented by the well-
known contributors to tlio magazine
Locals Witli a I'liystreak.
Ii pays to uso the telephone. A trip
can ofton be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the phone. Oflice in Cummins & Co.'s
Orders foi furniture will be filled as
quickly and with better results at the
wholesale and retail store of D. J.
Robinson & Co., Nelson, than anywhere elso in the province.
* Smokers: If you want tho ciexu-
INE "Union" and "Our Special"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke, B. C.
Order a ping-pong set, framed or
unframed pictures, picture frames,
drawing requisites, books, magazines
or anything in this line of goods from
tlie Canada Drug & Book Co., Revel.'
stoke, B. C. Mail orders attended to
A. M. Craig still conducts the feed,
livery and freighting stables at Beaton, and has saddle horses and light
and heavy conveyances for hire at all
times. His daily stage for Goldlields
and Camborne meets the steamboat on
its arrival and departure.
10, in block 55, on Main street, next to
Ferguson hotel, aud lots (i and 7, in
block 1, also on Main street near post
office. These are vory desirable lots
and ran be purchased cheaply. Apply
to E. G. Woodward, EAGLE office.
Ferguson,     -     -     -     B. C.
| Tonsorial
1 Parlors..
1* Shaving.     Shampooing,
$        Hairdressing,      Singeing, jj
A Dyeing,      Baths, hot and        k
cold water.
% ft
.... .11 thu
LnrdoRU,  Open from s a. m. to 8
,i tlio li
p. in. S
���S Proprietor. g
| .-t^t.^.-.���*-��.. ������-���..��<��<��<���
4    .......-���-���-��.. ...... ... t    <
I \        CARDS. | I
! (O   B. N. WILKIE, !
���   V-/�� P. L. S. !
. Provincial
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Office:      ���       ���      Trout Lako.  ���
t   Survey
��� J V | 11 ��� ^
.'EYORS.   ���
,-oysof Mines, Mineral Claims anil
Crown Lands,   Crown Grants Ob*
tnlni-il ami Assessments Managed
for Absentees.
Oiliees:  Camborno and Vancouver
Solicitor for t
Thc Imperial bunk I
; Fcrfliison, B. C. 1
��      OFFICE���In Ilia Ophir Lado block. I
barristers, Solicitors, etc.
���  Ofllces: Rovelstoke, Goldon,andForgii-
S'   son. Solleltora for Imperial Bank
of Canada
.   Geo, 8. McCarter, J.A.Harvey.
I A. M. PInkliom.
Barrister,   Notary Public etc.
I FERGUSON,   B.   C,   i
������������ -)*���-��+ ���-*>-K.���*��-��-��������. �������������������
Having purchased the
Fei'suson Meat Market we
are prepared to supply our
customers with all kinds oi
Fresh and cured meats. A
good supply of Beef, Pork,
Mutton, Sausages, Hams
4     and Bacon  always on hand.
����������� �������������������������������������������� ���������^��-��t
Watches, Clocks and
Ihave high grade
Waltham, Vanguard,
Crescent, Street,
C, P. R. Special,
Elgin, Father Time,
Veritas and B. W.
I have   Eight-Day, Con
.LUUVi.   Striko and Nicklc Clocks.
Jeweler and Optician,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Situated midst scenery unrivalled Ior
grandeur. Tbe most comploto health
resin-t nn the continent of North America.
lis baths euro all Nervous and Mns-
culiir dispose?. Its waters Ileal all
Kidney, Liver and stomach ailments,
Thoy arc a never [ailing remedy for
all metallic potions, completely purify*
lug the system, ���
TERMS-!16 to lis nor week, accord.
Rig to tosldonce in Hotol or VIUiib,
Bpring Clothing
Suits, Overcoats,  Rain Coats, Trousers.
Also complete stock of Men's Furnishings.
We have a good supply of Borden's
Eagle   Brand   Condensed Milk.
McKinnon & Sutherland
The Post Office Store
��� ���
TT  A f|'C      New lot of Ladies' and Chidron'. Hats   and a variety  ol  Hat
IIAIQ Trimmings.
(_- TT I T3r|'__ Good   assortment of Gentlemen's Starched  and   Nogllgoo
"O-ri-fYI'U     A new line of serviceable Prospectors' Boots and a full tissoit-
0\)\ 11 n   "     ment ot Voutbs' Shoes.
G.  B. Batho * Co.
Well lighted a,nd heated by hot
air furnace. Tables supplied
With the tjest the market affords.
Rates $!.50 Per Day
JAS.  CUMMINGS,   Prop.. Ferguson, B.   C.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and Fe^'s���dp^king
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into Ior packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed. Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson
a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop.
Perguson Hotel


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