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* 3
L   ������ -
VOL.111. NO. 18.
$2.00 A YEAR.
The First Lord of the Treasury Announced Terms of Peace*
Lord Milner and Bight Representatives of South African States
Agree to tbe Terms,
Two Great Free Milling Oold Properties
Pass Into the Hands of the
Pool* Young Syndicate,
Which   Resulted    in   Death   of
J. J, Colo.
First. The burgher forces In the
field will forthwith lay down their arras
and hand over all their guns, rifles and
munitions of war in their possession or
under their control and desist from
other resistance and acknowledge King
Edward VII. us their lawful sovereign.
The manner and details of this surrender will be arranged between Lord
Kitchener and Commandant Botha, as-
ulsted by General He La Rey and Chief
Commandant De Wet.
Second. All burghors outside the
limits of the Transvaal and Orange
river country, and all prisoners of war
at present who aro outside of South
Africa who are burghoi'6, will, on duly
declaring 'heir acceptance of the position of subjects ol His Majesty be
brought, back to their homes as soon as
means of transport cuu be provided
and means of subsistence assured,
'Third. The burghers so returning
will not be deprived of their personal
liberty or property.
Fourth. No proceeding civil or
criminal, will bo taken against burghers surrendering, or so returning, for
any acts in connection with the prosecution of the war. The benefits of this
clause do not extend to certain acta
contrary to the usages of war, which
had been notified by the commander-in-
chief to the Boer generals, and whieh
shall be triod by court martial after
the close of hostilities.
Fifth. Tho Dutch language will be
taught in the public schools of the
Transvaal and Orange River Colony,
where the parents desire it, and will be
allowed In the course of law, for the
better and more effectual administration of justice.
Sixth. Possession of rifles will be
allowed in the Transvaal and Orange
River Colony to persons requiring them
for their protection on taking out a
license according to law.
Seventh. The military administration of the Transvaal and Orange River
Colony will at the earliest possible date
be succeeded by a civil government,
and as soon as circumstances permit,
representative institutions, leading up
to self government, will be introduced.
Eighth. The question of grunting
the franchise to natives will not be decided until after the introduction of
self government.
Ninth. No special tax will be imposed on land or property in tho Transvaal or Orange River Colony to defray
th. expenses of tho war.
Tenth. So soon as conditions permit
it, a committee on whieh thu local inhabitants wi!l be represented, will be
appointed in ouch district of the Transvaal and Orange River Colony, under
the presidency of u magistrate or other
ollieial, for the purposo of assisting in
the restoration of the peoplo to their
homes and supplying these, who, owing
to war losses, aro unable to provide for
themselves, food and shelter, and
the necessary, amount of seed, stock
and implements, etc., indispeqslble to
the resumption of their normal occupations. His Majesty's government
will place at the disposal of those eora-
missions the sum of .��3,000,000 sterling,
and will allow the notes issued under
the law ot 1000 of the South African
republic, and all receipts given by the
ollicers in the field of tho lato republics,
It Is the Eagle's pleasant duty this
week to chronicle two more important
mining deals, in some respects the
most significant that have yet taken
place in the Lardeau and Fish Creek
oamps, namely the sale for spot cash of
one of the leading free gold properties
of tbe district and the bonding by the
same parties of an adjoining group,
with a big cash payment down. The
properties in question aro the famous
groups on Lexington mountain known
as the Oyster and Rossland groups and
the purchasers are���as might have
been expected, for they don't let any ol
the good things slip through their
fingers���Messrs. Pool and Young. It
is only a couple of months since .ho
Eagle was called on to record the sale
to these two fortunate gentlemen, of
the leading silver mine of the district,
the Silver Cup and Sunshine. Last
summer they acquired the leading gold
property of the Lardeau���the Lade
group of six claims up the south fork.
Now they have secured twoof the great
free milling gold groups of Fish river,
a district which has been astonishing
mining men throughout tne province
during tbe past two years by its phenomenal free gold values and the enormous strength of its ledges.
Tbe purchase price has npt been
made public, but it is understood to be
in ths neighborhood of $150,000. This
is a good bit of money aud it will help
the district greatly this season as a
great deal of it will go into development work on other claims. Snug little fortunes were made by several par-
ftmilauotl ou Pugo Thru,
ties as a result of the deal, the owners
of the Oyster being Jno. Ennest, B. B,
St.arky, R. G. McLeod and Mrs. Wm.
Allen of Comaplix, and of tho Rossland, J. J. Foley, CoryMenhonnlck and
others. The Oyster group consists of
the Oyster, Criterion, Gold Bug and
Mascot, and the Rossland group contains tho Rossland, Imperial and Balfour claims. These properties join the
Eva group on two sides and all the Eva
ledges run into them. The present
Eva workings are blit a short distance
from tho Oyster line. They are down
about 400 feet where rich oro has beon
encountered in great quantity. The
Eva is now beyond all doubt a mine and
a very rich one. Average assays of
free gold at the 400-foot level run from
fifteen to forty dollars a ton. Tbis is
the richest free milling gold ore in B.
C. and when it Is remembered thut the
ledges, of which thore are a number,
are from fivo to twenty feet in width it
will be seen how big tbe proposition Is.
Over 30 assays made by A. H. Holdich, S. Shannon and McLcIIun from the
Oyster, Rossland and Criterlob, run
from $23 to $26 to the ton in gold, with
a little galena and zinc blend. Besides
the several well defined gold lends on
tbe two groups there Is a strong ledge
of galena, which has been exposed for
200 feet and gives average silver and
lead values besides about $20 in gold.
This galena deposit alone will make a
mine. A large amount of work has al
ready been done on the Criterion and
Rossland including two shafts of 30 and
60 feet, sevorul open cuts and considerable lead stripping. One average sample taken across twenty feet of lodge
mutter in au open cut on the Criterion
givos $23.00 in gold. There is too a
rich band, or paystreak, in the ledge
showing free gold plentifully which was
not included In samples for tbo above
While Mr. Pool Is well versed in free
gold mining in Colorado, Idaho, California and other gold camps in the
Western States, he says ho has never
seen a finer showing than on the Eva,
Oyster, Camborne and Goldfinch groups
und is of opinion that Fish creek camp
in the Lardeau will prove another Cripple Creek. Poople laughed when he
said tho Lardeau would be a great silver camp, but it has become the richest
in the province and he predicts it will
in the near future bo one of the greatest gold camps In the world.
It is understood that these properties
will be incorporated with the Ophir-
Lade, tbe capital of that syndicate being increased for tbe purpose. Operations commenced Tuesday on a large
scale to open up the properties, Messrs
J. and V. Lade, R. Gunn and J. Otto
having left Ferguson Monday with a
wagon load of supplies. B. Crilly left
tbe followiugday. A tramway will be
built at once and a ten-stamp mill will
bo installed before the end of the
month. Thus it will be seen tbat tbe
Ophir-Lade people don't propose to lose
any time talking about their latest
acquisition, but will proceed ut once,
with their characteristic energy, to
prove what they have got, and in the
near future they will bo turning out
gold bricks of tho genuine stuff.
Principal among the shareholders in
the Ophir-Lade syndicate aro W. B.
Pool, J. J. Young, member of N. W.
T. legislature for East Calgary, Messrs.
Kirby and Walker of London, Eng.,
F. W. Godsol and W. F. Cochrane, two
of the largest cattle ranchers in
Alberta. Since tbo now deal a considerable amount of stock of tbe Ophir-
Lade has been applied for by local men.
Nels Demars, an Old Man 78 Years
of Age, Has His Skull
Accident Through  Cage Getting Ont of
Engineer. Control.
What might have been a serious accident occurred at the Niokle Plate mine
at Rossland last week whon eight men
fell 200 feet and the miraculous part of
the accident is that no one was Killed,
one escaping with u hand cut. It would
seem that the men were just going off
shift and eight miners wero being
lowered from the surface to the 800-foot
level, the lowest in the mine. While
on their way down in the cage, by some
means which are not exactly known,
got off the control of the engineer and
fell from the 000-foot level to the 800-
foot level, a fall of 200 feet.
The engineer applied all the brakes
that he could, and though ineffectual,
tbey. together with the tension of the
wire cable were sufficient to break tho
awful fall to the extent that the men
escaped Immediate and sudden death.
As It is nothing with the exception of
tbo cage Itself appears to have been
Ilcllcf for the Fertile Sufferer..
The Rossland Miners' Union has been
informed that there are about 50 destitute families In Pernio in consequence
of the disaster, and are sending relief
direct to the secretary of the Miners'
Union there in whoso hands has already
been placed the munillcient sum of
$3,000 by the Denver convention. The
funds are disposed of iu this particular
way as tho Fernie secretary has necessarily a closer acquaintance with the
families concerned than can any other
perwn,  p''
Elmore Proce***, of Concentration of Orei.
The new Elmore process of oil cou?
centrution of ores appears, says tbe
Colonist, judging from recent numerous
tests, to promise great things.
Tests mado on the low-grade ore of
one of the Rossland mines gave the following results: Tho concentrates by
the oil process contained 0.08 per cent,
ol copper, while concentration by
water gave only 2.0 per cent., the silver
and gold contents being proportionately
higher and the tailings showing much
higher recovery in the case of the oil
than by the water concentration.
Preliminary tests by this process of
ore from the Snowshoo mine, Boundary
districts, bave also proved satisfactory,
and lt Is very probable tbat several Elmore plants will ere long bo in operation In the low-grade camps of tho
Cariboo Mining.
Plenty of water, tho hydraulic miners' greatest comfort, and everything
going well describes thc situation in
Cariboo to-day.
Of all the hydraulic claims that
worked last year only ono of the_ra, the
San Juan is not working this season.
Tho claim Ah Quay near Stanley is
working with a larger crow than last
year, tho results justifying an increase
in the outlayand no doubt thero will be
an increase in tbe yield of gold. Burns
creek hydraulic has prospects of
greater results than last year and they
.were thon very satisfactory.
Governor General anil Five Premiers Are
Passenger, on the Parisian.
An Ottawa dispatch says: The governor-general left for Quebec this evening en route for England to attend the
coronation. The foot guards furnished
a guard of honor.
Montreal, Juno 0.���The Allan line
steamship Parisian, which sails In the
morning, has a long list of passengers
and notables on board. Probably so
many noted Canadians never crossed
the Atlantic together.
Besides the coronation contingent,
tho list includes tho governor-general,
Premier Murray, of Nova Scotia; Premier Peters, 1'rince Edward Island;
Premier Twoedio, New Brunswick; Sir
Robert Bond, premier of Newfoundland; Judge McDonald, Charlottctown;
Principal Peterson, of McGill, and Dr.
Parkin, of Upper Cunada college,
A light took place fivo miles below
Nakusp, Wednesday night last on the
bench, resulting in tho death of .1. .1.
Cole and Nels Demurs having his skull
fractured, tho latter being 78 years of
age, and an old pioneer on the Columbia river, coming here in the sixties.
J. ,T. Cole, W, H. Rose and Nels De-
mars, the last two being partners, thc
former who owned a ranch ten miles
from Nakusp, had been drinking in
town during the afternoon. They all
left in a boat for Rose's ranch, appar
ently good friends. Rose returned to
town late muking u statement that his
friends had met with foul play on the
beach. Four citizens went out with
him and found thc most horrible scene
awaiting them. J. J. Cole was dead,
bis jaw being broken by a blow of some
kind. Demars had bis face completely
covered with blourt, his skull fractured
also other wounds. The place bore evidence of having been the scene of u
severe struggle somo hours previous.
Demurs and Rose were brought back to
town. Rose was arrested, tbe former
being unconscious until noon. Thursday when he regained consciousness be
made the statement that after leaving
Nakusp tbey had a quarrel in the boat
resulting in their taking tbo boat to
sboro to settle the matter.
Demurs remembers being struck witb
something in the bands of Rose, bill
after that he remembers nothing. Demars has made a written statement of
all the facts he is aware of. Dr. Cross
of Revelstoke was wired for and arrived
on tbe noon steamer. Ho ut once went
to the scone of the fight, and brought
the body of Cole to town . The coroner held nn inquest und found Henry
H. Rose guilty of tho death of J. J.
Cole. The prisoner was tuken to the
Revolstoko goal lust Friday, awaiting
instructions from tho attorncy-generul.
Nels Demurs will be removed to Kamloops to undergo un operntion on hi-
skull, it is doubtful if ho will recover.
Colo conies from u vory respectable
family in Michigan. His body is to be
returned there. Demars was neve:-
known to quarrel. Tho affair is u
Metal Quotation*.
Silver-52. ,.
Lead�����11, "s, Od.
Koytil Mint ln Canada.
The establishment of a royal mint in
Canada makes tho fourth branch of the
mint in operation outside of London,
Tbe other three branches aro located
in Australia, at Melbourne, Sydney and
Perth respectively. According to published returns, the value of tbo gold
coin output from tjiese four mints during '00 uro as follows: The Royal mint,
London, $42,001,555; Melbourne, $28,-
138,835; Sydney, $1,1,020,000; Perth, $3,-
408,530. Wo believe that it Is the intention of tbe government to establish
another branch in tbe tr��mv����l.���Ex.
In the I.Hrileau.
For three or four years a syndicate
composed of Now York men headed by
George Gould, has been working quite
extensively on the Skeena river, nea*
Kitsulus canyon, prospecting and tie
veloplng somo copper-gold proposition,
This syndicato is now Incorporated at
a joint stock company, capitalized ut
$600,000, In $5 shares. At presen*
Alfred Skitt, of New York, is acting
president, whilo tho management an.'
superintendence of the work is iu tin.
hands of S. Arden Singlehurst, ni
presont in Vancouver purchasing sup
plies. Mr. Singlehurst has been manager of tho operations conducted by
the Gould syndicato and is familia
with tho section in which tho claim
are located. During the past three
years, the Gould syndicate have expended a large amount of money in
prospecting and developing the properties, Tho fact that the development*
are so important tbat it was not cor.
sidered desirable to continue work
merely as a syndicate is one of th,
principal reasons why tbo Niagaiv
Mining and Developing Company wa
' Lardeau Eagle
1'lt.ltlh.d every  Friday at Ferguson, B. 0.,
:    vhoin all correspondence* should lie mailed*
Suhscription Rates:    $..00 per annum, to
any address in America; 11.36 (or six mouths;
i'.;,0ayear to foreign addresses.   No pay, no
��� Job Printing) The Eagle toll department
In thc best equipped oflice, ana the only olllce
'finch rea (nrnlsli thc typographical union
Ishel in North Kootonay; a guarantee iu itself
,.: good work and promptness.
Advertising Hates: Display ads., $1.00 per
single column Incli per month. Legal ads.. Vi
��� cms per (nonpurlel) line lor lirst Insertion; 8
i cuts pt-r line for eaeh additional insertion,
'u-ading notices 10 cents per line each issue.
.,inety day legal notices, $10.; sixty days, $7.1*0*
.flirty days, $.-,. No ads, accepted at less than
. Iiesc rates.  No room for quack ads.
rour weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising,
ui' ii ���   .      ' i     '   u
FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1002.
lt is a matter of regret that the
B- C. government should show such
a penurious spirit in the treatment,
or lack of treatment, of the wagon
toad from Thomson's  Landing  to
Trout Lake and Ferguson. It takes
five long hours of steady driving for
the   stage,   with   four   good-sized
horses, and also other light rigs, to
make the drive and  the distance is
only sixteen  miles.    Serious inconvenience and delay is caused daily
by this gross carelessness or stinginess on the part of the  lands  and
public works department at Victoria.
The Eagle firmly  believes that the
Lardeau does not get its just rights
in respect of appropriation for roads
and trails.   Comparatively judging
the  Lardeau   coughs  up yearly a
very   considerable   portion  of   the
revenue of the province and if proportionate    encouragement     were
given in the way of building and
keeping in repair trails and  roads,
the district  would soon treble the
revenue now paid.    There are muny
high  grade   properties   ready and
anxious to ship, but  are prevented
by  a lack  of roads.    Most of the
parties owning these mining  properties would contribute largely out
of their own pockets it the government vtiMld do  by the district what
is rigl#.    1 he  Eagle believes that
other   districts   have   been    more
favored and  sometimes when they
were not entitled to as liberal treatment  as this.    The fault  may  lie
with the general  road superintendent, but the Eagle believes  it lies
with   the   department.    What  the
Trout Lake wagon  road requires is
to have the holes, ruts and  rocks
Tilled in and removed and in a few
places the grade could ne materially
lessened by a small outlay.    Now it
is impossible to make good time on
account of the wagon wheels encountering a water hole or deep rut
every few yards, which  if  driven
over  quickly would endanger the
life of passengers.    It is hoped that
this matter will receive attention for
a large number of mining men are
expected to visit the camp in  July.
It has often   been remarked that
when the average mining man starts
out to visit a camp much depends
tin how  he feels on arriving at his
destination.   If he is dead tired and
hungry and his limbs strained and
body shaken, as it were in a dice
box, the camp and everything in it
are likely to look decidedly blue to
his eyes and he will be prone to
think more favorably of retracing
his steps  than ot,ascending  the
mountains to examine a c|aini..  Let
its therefore have the. main thoroughfare of  the district  kept  in
passably good repair;
The Eagle takes pleasure in being
able to congratulate the Ophir-Lade
people on acquiring what is likely to
develop into   a great free milling
gold mine.   There is no mine so
profitable and so easily worked and
so free trom trouble and trials which
a miner may have to contend with
as a good stamp mill proposition,
which can turn out gold bullion and
be   independent  of   Imelters  and
transportation companies.   Taking
the history of  all the mines that
have paid large dividends, we find
that many of the largest dividend
payers have been free milling gold
propositions and generally the ore
was very low grade, but the ore occurred in large bodies which enabled
it to be mined and treated cheaply.
The gold ledges on Fish creek are
also large and on top ot this they
are excessively rich, its lowest grade
tested by Messrs. Pool and Young
going much higher than the great
world   renowned   Homestake  and
Treadweil mines.   Thus it will be
seen how bright are the prospects
of the Fish creek mines becoming
great dividend payers and this camp
reaping the benefits to be derived
Irom   these   important operations.
Following   are  sonie of  the   best
known  gold mines of the United
States their authorized capital stock
and the dividends paid;   "Tread-
well," Alaska, capital $3,000,000,
shares   issued   200,000,   dividends
$4,865,000.   "Buffalo Hump," Ida
ho, capital $I,ooo,ooo, shares
1,000,000)- dividends $300,000.
"Homestake," ��. D., capital $21,-
000,000, shares 210,000, dividends
$10,968,750: "Portland," Colo.,
capital $3,000,000, shares 3,000,,
000, dividends $4,209,080. "Strat-
tons independence," Colo., capital
$5,500,000, shares 1,000,000, dividends $3,792,857.
The Eagle is $2 a year.
Thc following is a list ol l.ardcan ore pro*
ducers amount shipped and the gross returns,
report ol which have to be furnished monthly
by mine owners to the provincial government
���..Name. l'ouuds.
Wlver Cup ���',���00,000
Nettle !....  1,700,000
Triune    tA'l.Vt,
jjcatrico    +12,000
rut Northern  *w,ooo
Broadview  K'.OOO
Kthol  *M,000
Cromwell  'n&��
J Ophir-Lade  wm
Metropolitan  11,97*1 ....
St. Kim  12,000 ....
RuMed tin-use  11,770 ....
Union View         808 ....
(Old Gold	
$ Horseshoe    ���
I lllack Warrior	
$  lieturns and corrections asked for.
Cross Val.
I ,.111.00
&>"& ������{������-rit-rtzjfa &. s4t-*-4**_ri��*rf**. rf__t"g
A Common Remark      $
Ot traveling men.  That's tho bost
shave I ever got.   Of course ut thu
90. K.��
Wm. Schnell, Prop. s
Hot or Cold Baths.       $
_Js-z$v -^ttjit-a"/*-!!}*. z-js-z-^jji-zjsTjrz*?-
J l
H    Perguson Hotel    $
ANDY CUMMINGS, Proprietor.
Ferguson, B, C,  Opposite the Postoffice.
sip* &mt%% ************** $-$#-$$*
Wi*   BEST WINES. LIQUORS AND CIGARS.                             nEST CUISINE SERVICE. .
ri    FINELY EQUIPPED BAR.                                     REFITTED AND REFURNISHED. .
-t?                                                BEST $2.00 A DAY HOUSE "
Hotel Lardeau
J. laughton, Proprietor.
For a safe, profitable investment there
is nothing in the Kootenays to equal lots
in the town of
The Vulcarj smelter is completed and
soon to .be "blown in " arid it is inside
the town limits.
Is Completed
And daily trains are running to Trout
lake and prospective investors are arriving for Ferguson by every train.
Is being pushed as never before and
the outlook for the season is most
Buy a few lots before the rush sets in
for they are bound to be valuable before
Is the most promising town in
the Lardeau
Business Lots are held at
and upwards,
Residential Lots are field at
and upwards.
Write or call on
General Agent,
Henry Ployd,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Continued from First Page.
or under thoir orders, to be presented
to a judicial commission which will bo
appointed by tbo government and it
such notes and receipts are found by
this commission to have been duly
issued in roturn for valuable considerations they will be received by the first
named commissions as evidence of war
losses fiutfored by tbe persons to which
they were originally given. In addition to the above named tree grant of
��.1,000,000 sterling. His Majesty's
government will be prepaid to make
advances, on loans, for the same purposes, free of Interest for two years,
nnd afterwards repayable over a period
of years with throe per cent, Interest
No forolgner or rebel will be entitled
to benefit under this clause.
Notice of Assignment.
Tnrsuant to the "CrcSitorsTrust Deeds Act,"
and amending Acts:
Notice is hereby given that Alex. c. Cummins ol tho town of Ferguson In the I'roviuce
of British Columbia, trailing under the firm
name aud style of Cummins & Co.. Uencral
Merchants, has be deed dated the 11th day ol
June, 1902, assigned all his real and personal
estate, except as therein mentioned, to Fred c.
Elliott of Trout Luke Citv In the Province
aloresaid, Solicitor, IN TRUST Ior the purpose
of paying and satisfying ratoably and proportionately and without preference or priority,
thc creditors of the said Alex. C. Cummins,
their just dects.
The said deed was executed by tha said Alex.
C. Cummins, assignor and Fred O, Elliott, assignee on thc 11th day of June, 1902.
All persons having claims agaiust tlio said
Alex. C, Cummins are required lo forward particulars of their claims, duly verified, as required by the Act, to the aaid Trustee, on or
belore the 16th day of July, 190*2, after which
date the Trustee w ill proceed to distribute the
assets nmong thc parties entitled thereto, having regard only to those claims of which he
shall have received notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be held at
tbe Queens Hotel, Nelson, II. c, on Tuesday
the SMth day of June, 1902 at Ihe hourof four
o'clock iu tho alternoou, to consider thc affairs
of the estate.
Dated this 11th day of June, 1902.
Juuel3 FKED 0. ELLIOTT, Trustee.
Oeueroiis to tho Burghon.
There is little diversity of opinion as
to the generous character of the peace
terms offered the conquered burghers.
A few are complaining that the concessions are too great, but the majority
of people In Great Britain and throughout the world will agree that handsome
treatment has been accorded tho fallen
foe. This will prove the wisest sort of
statesmanship, for just and kindly consideration now will have much to do
with the easy settlement of the problems tbat must necessarily arise while
a once independent people are being
absorbed into a new sovereignty.
Tho terms, as read lu the commons,
show that it is no harsh welcome that
Is to be extended to the Transvaal people. All Burghers outside of the
Transvaal and of the Orange R(ver
Colony are to be brought back and are
not to be deprived of their personal
liberty and property. No civil or
criminal actions, are to be taken against
them; the uso of the Dutch language is
not interdicted; the burghers may
carry arms for their own protection,
and representative institutions leading
up to self government are to be introduced at the earliest date possible. No
special tax is to be imposed to meet the
expenses ot tho war, and financial aid
is to bo given by tho government for
the purpose of establishing the farmers
once more in their homes.
Tbis shows a disposition to givo the
burghers all the rights, privileges and
comforts of British citizens. An independent republic is lost, but it Is not
improbable that tho Boers will find
that as free citizens of a self governing
colony they tire enjoying more real Independence than was allowed them
under the thrifty oligarchy of Kruger.
Thoy will probably have an honest
government, and will be free from the
impositions and exactions that were
for years squeezing tbe people and their
Industries for tho benefit of the president and his favorites. Tbe people will
not be handicapped by government
monopolies and official extortion, and
under a more enlightened rule, witb
better educational advantages, greater
commercial activity and actually more
liberty than they havo ever had before,
will enjoy greater prosperity and contentment than the so-called republic
offered them.
Notice to Delinquent Co-Owners.
To C. J. Smith and F. W. Hlnsdr.le or to any
person or persons to whom tbey may have
transferred their interests in the following
mineral claims, the "Mollie A" and '-Copper
Key" located at Short creek, south ol Pass
creek In thc Trout Lake mining division ol
West Kootenay.
Take notice that wc the undersigned have
performed the work and recorded the assess
ment on the above named properties lor thc
years 1900.1901 and in order to hold your
Interest in said claims under Seetion 21 ol thc
Mineral Act, and if within 90 days ol the first
publication hereof you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure
together with thc colt of advertising, your
Interest in the said claims will become tho
property of the subscribers under section 4 of
tlie Mineral act of 1900.
Dated at Fergusou, 11. C. this 4th day of June,
Hii.,,,,,1  I HENRY SANN.
Juno 5 Mgnc"    JOE MARAT.
Notice to Creditors.
in the matter of tbo estate of Daniel Ander
sou, late of Trout Lake, British Columbia, deceased:
Notico is hereby given pursuant to tho
"Trustees nnd Executors Act," lhat all creditors and others having- claims against tlie estate of the said Daniel Anderson who died ou
or about the 28th day ot January, 1902, are required un or before tho 18th day of July, 1902,
to send up.post prepaid ordollverto the undersigned administrator of tho estate of the said
deceased at Trout Lake. II. c. tlieir Christian
aud surnames, addresses and descriptions, thc
full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their accounts and thc nature uf their securities, il auy held by them.
And further take notice that after such last
mentioned date the oudersignod will proceed
to distribute the assets of tho said deceased,
amongst the parties entitled thereto, having
regard only to the olaims ot which he shall
then have notice, and that he Will not be
liable for the asset or any part thereof, to any
person or persons of whose claims notice shall
not have beon received by him at the time of
such distribution.
Dated the licit day of June, 1902.
Administrator of tho estate of the said de*
ceased. JuncU
(Form F.)
Oood Luck mineral claim, situate In the Trout
Lake Mining Division of West Kootenay dis-
trlct. Where located: On Nettie I., mountain, between tho north and south forks of
Lardeau creek.
TAKE NOTICK-That I, A. P. Cummins as
agent for thc* Great Western Mines, Limited,
Free Millet's Certillcate No. .1187)0, intend, sixty
days 1mm thc date -hereof, to- apply- 4o the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a 1'rowu
Grant ol the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 47, must bo commenced before the
Issuance of such certificate ol improvements.
Dated"' '���-  	
Notice is hereby given that after one month
from thc date hereof I Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 80 acres of land in the
District of West Kootenay, situated on tile
northeast side of Trout Lake and being what
Must lie Recorded When Dono.
In the B. C, Gazette notice Is given
that the lieutenant-governor In council
has made the following order relating
to Sec. 14.1 of the Mineral Aet:
That paragraph two of Sec. 5 of the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1898, be
so interpreted that should any free
minor perform assessment work on his
claim during any one year to the value
of one hundred dollars or moro In excess of tbe amount required to bo done
in any one year by tbo Mineral Act,
the right thereby given such free miner
of recording a certificate of the work
done to the value of eaoh one hundred
dollars so as to cover bis assessment
work for an additional year In respect
of eaeh one hundred dollars In exeess,
���ball be exercisable only at the time
of record of the certificate of work In
respect of the amount required to hold
the clalu during tho year in which
such excess shall be performed. This
order oatne into force on June 1st,
Practical Slgttt ��nd Dtooratlona     ' '
! >     Frlwco WorkerJMHtPap-Brhaaf-ar
Ferguson, B, C.
Ik known ns American 1'oiiit him! more rart leu-
lnry described as follows: Commencing at n
post marked "Initial Vast Hugh Brown's N. W
corner,"- thenetj 40 <.huius cast; thence a,
chains south; thenco 40chain* nest; thence _!0
chains north to the point of commencement.
Dated nt Trout LaV.n City this l_!th day of
June, 1W.'.
Notice is hereby givon that the Annual
Goneral meeting of the Shareholders of this
Company will be held at tlieir office In Per-
gunon, B.C., on Thursday, July 10th, 1U02 at _!
p.m. fur the transaction of all business connected with the Company; nod thc transfer
books of the company will be closed from Juue
ttfth* 1902.
jnneG A. H. HOLDICH, Secretary.
Limited Liability.
Notice in hereby given that tho Annual
General Meeting of tho Shareholders in thi:
Company will bo held at their oflice in FergU
son, B. Cf.. on Wednesday, July 9th, 1902 at 2 p.
m,, for thc transaction of all business connected with the CompanX; and the transfer books
of tlio Company will be closed from June '-With.
Jly 10 A. H. HOLDICH, Secretary.
Dated this thirtieth day of March A. 1)., 19u2.
A. P. CHIMIN.., 1>, L.S,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   .   .
Tho moat complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated raidBt scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Minting, tlshlBg
and excursions. Resident physician ami
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cuio all nervous
and muscular diseases. :m witters heal all
kidney,'liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths nnd waters are a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS: 912 to
$15 per week, according to residence in hotel
or villas.
Including thc Fish Creek camp
and I pp��r Duncan River section, com-
piled by A. P. Cummins, P. L. 8., and s
shannon. B. A., is now on sale at this
office. The ready sale of the map is
proving all we have Mid for it. Th.-
Trout Lake division is lithographed in
black, thc Lardeau ln red,and the Ainsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a ropy of thia map and find any
claim recorded in thc three divisions.
Thc mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the locution and name (by a unique
Index) of every mineral claim in the
district is shown.
Next   to   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person This Hap Takes First Place.
In fact every geographical
feature is so well dell nod that one can
see at a glance the nature of our country
and tho trend of tbe claim locations
gives an Intelligible idea of the mineral
belts running through the camp. It is
The   Best   Worth   Por   One  Dollar
ever offered io the map line of a mining
Camp, It is the first complete map oi
the district and is selling well. It is fust
what you are looking for. WE ALSO
Address ymir order, with an
enclosure of a ope dollar bill, (no
chetjucs, orders, etc.* to
tho United nation
of North America.
When you aro bin-
ng a FUR HAT,
iflier soft or stiff.
boo to it that the
genuine   UNI ON
Label is sewed in It.
If a retailer ha.*
loose labels In hi*-
possession and otters to put one in a
hat for you, do not
iiAtrouize him. De
hnsnot any rignt 10 na%c loose labels. Loose
labels in retail stores arc counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on tlio four edges exactly the saunas a postage stamp. Counterfeits ar�� sometimes perforated on three of the edges, and
sonn-liim-M only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tho counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers uro using them in order to get rid of
thoir scab-made hats. Tho John a Stetson
Co, nnd Henry H. Hoolofs & Co., both of Philadelphia, Pa., aro non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOlbTTT, President,
Orange, N. J.
14 797 Bedford Aro.. Brooklyn, N.Y
Prospectors' Exchange
ARTHUR EVANS, Proprietor.
��� ���BEST |N THE MARKET-.*
���-��Uqi'OKS AND CIUARS-**-,
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens. .Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars.,Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors,
s mokes
Our Special
The Union
They are all Unlou made and of thc
best Havana Tobacco money can
buy, Try one and satisfy yourself
m to their quality.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
Brown, Prop.
If you   are   building  or contemplate building we will be
pleased to qiiote you estimates on anything made in our
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.    Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
Excursion Rates
May 26, 30, June 29,
J��ly 2. 3. 4-
and Intermediate points,
MINNEAPOLIS       ..... ��,1..-.|
CHICAOO  $04,50
DETROIT  f*"***,**_
TORONTO  Kffl.80
Corresponding reduction from nil
Kootenay points. l*sual diverse routes.
Meals and berth included on Canadian.
Pacific Ry. and Lake steamers.
vla all Atlantic Linus.
Prepaid tickets from all points at lowest rates.
J. S. CARTEL!,        E. J, COYLE,
D. P. A,, A. G. P. A.
Nelson. Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Agent, Arrowhoaa.
Mining companies or others ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will be supplied at 50 cents each.
Ferguson, B.C.
There is only one hen mining journal.
Thai is.
Mines and Minerals.
It haa a larger circulation than any tiro oitwr
American mining Journal:-) because lt Ih tho
best. It is tho largest, bost Illustrated tin-1
handsomest raining journal in tht) world, it
isainining japcr for mining men. sul*scrl|>
tion price -CLOD per year, good for free Baraplt.
copy.   AddrflM MINESAKD MINERAL?, Sf>Mll
ton, Pa., U. S. A.  Denver offlocs, Barth Bldg ,
Denver, Col.
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkirk
Brantls, manufactured ity the Enterprise*
*������ ��� *>.�����������**��������������� Cigar Co., Nelson, H. C, arc unequalled lu ������
��� tliti province'. 4
For sale liy I-'crcuson's Leading Hotels.
Ask for them.
MADE    CIGARS.   ��
// You Want All the News of |
the Lardeau Subscribe for
j                 IN BRIEF
|i ��
Jas. Otto returned from the Slocan
country on Saturday.
Wm. Shaanon returned oo Friday
from the Edmonton country.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kinoaid,
a son, at Revelstoke on June 4th.
J. ,1. Young and W. B. Pool returned
'rom Comaplix od Saturday last.
Wm. Schnell, tho popular barber ol
Trout Lake, visited Ferguson Sunday.
Messrs. Atwood and Forbes returned
from a trip to tho Silver Cup on Tuesday.
Sam Sutherland, who has been on a
visit to tho Coast, returned on Saturday
Owing to the illness of Rev. Mr.
Green there was no servioe in town on
F.C.Elliott, barrister of Trout Lake
and Ferguson, paid a visit to Ferguson
on Wednesday.
Miss Hanson who has been visiting
Mrs. McKinnon, left for hor homo in
Nelson Saturday.
' Work has ceased for a time on the
.-,e>�� hospital building owing to tho
scarcity of lumber.
Davo and Andy Ferguson who were
in town several clays, left again for
Victoria on Sunday.
G. N. Gilchrist, goneral superintendent of agoncies for the Singer Sewing
Machine Co., came in on Tuesday.
I. V. Reeves, our popular watchmaker, made a business trip to Camborno thia woek, returning Wednesday.
J. J. Young, M. L, A,, left Tuesday
morning for Calgary. Mr. Young in*
londB returning to Ferguson early next
Jack Inues, one of the former owners
of the Oyster group of mines at Camborne, paid a visit to Ferguson on Saturday last.
A fresh Volcanic outbreak occurred
on Mount Pelee. Martinique Saturday,
but it was not violent enough to cause
much alarm.
Alex. Cummins went as far as Revelstoke last week to meet Mrs. Cummins,
who was returning from a visit to
Grand Forks. Mr. and Mrs. Cummins
arrived in Ferguson on Friday last.
The fortifications and troops at Esquimalt were investigated last week by
General Parsons wbo in an interview
declared the station to be the finest he
had ever seen for its size.
The Great Northern railway boiler-
makers at Spokane who demand an increase in wages, will strike unless concessions aro made at once. The strike
will extend from the Mississippi river
to the Pacific ocean.
As a result of the Fernie disaster it
is stated thot at least fifty women bave
become widows and two hundred and
fifty children rendered fatherless. All
the villages, towns and cities of the
province are sending assistance to the
roliof ol the distressed.
Live cattle wero brought In as far as
Trout Lake on Monday last and from
now on the Ferguson meat market will
havo prime fresh beef constantly on
hand. Those who have seen the cattle
say they are the finest beef steers that
havo ever been brought into the Lardeau. Pork was scarce and no bogs
were brought in, but a shipment is expected next week.
Trades unionists should not forget
that tho labor strike with the T. Eaton
departmental store is not settled, Tho
printers, pressmen and bindery girls
are not looking in vain for support, as
thousands of buyers have discontinued
visiting tbe Eaton store. Worklngmon Bhould not buy goods from Eaton's
stores, but at home. If you earn your
money in Ferguson you should spend lt
in Ferguson.   This is true patriotism.
Bishop Grandln, the first Roman
Catholic bishop of St. Albert, Alta.,
died Tuesday at St. Albert after a long
illness. He was the senior bishop in
Canada having been consecrated in
1850, his see included the entire territory of Alberta. In 1S51 he came to
���.lie northwest and has travelled all tho
north country Including the McKonzio
river district on snow shoes and by dog
train.   He mtfc very.ppptilar tfith his
Mr. and Mrs. Godsoe are on a visit to
Mr. aud Mrs. Daney.
The Quadrille olub held a very successful dance lost night in tbe Miners'
Union hall. An enjoyable time was
spent by all present.
Work is being pushed forward at the
Triune and more men were sent up to
the mine Thursday. S. Daney also
made another trip with supplies.
Mr. E. Moscrop, an experienced
plumber from Revelqtoke, is in town
for a few days to do some work at tbe
Ferguson Hotol. Anyone requiring
work dono in this line shouldiapply
Mr. Twiss, goneral agent for the
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Canada
paid a visit to Ferguson Thursday,
leaving for home Sunday morning. Mr.
Twiss intends revisiting the Lardeau
in the near future.
A party of gentlemen from New
York have spent a month hunting
bear on Wilson creek near Sandon-
They succeeded ln getting three fine
grlzzleys, nnd might have killed a score
(f black bear and mountain goat, but
they refused to kill anything short of
A copy of the new newspaper published at Camborne reached us
Wednesday. It is called the "Camborno Miner" and Is brightly edited
and replete with news of the district.
If it faithfully follows the platform
mapped out for itself, we bespeak for
it a prosperous future.
.������Jzj*-*. ���<��"��� rt-r^Jz-s'.l.rfz rf-jiSJ.'-i-ste &-&���
J ���pt^_-^T2^*^!r��piiv^-A-'--^*-JtJ}s-!K E,
J        CARDS.        |
Surreys of Minos, Mineral claims ami
crown Lands. Crown Urania Obtained anil Assessments Managed
for Absentees.
Offices:  Kcrguiion B. C. and Vancouver
ltolief for Fernie Sufferer..
A number of citizens ol Ferguson
have expressed a desire to contribute
to tbe fund for the relief of tbe unfor
tunate widows and orphans of Fernie.
Therefore the Eagle will be glad to receive subscriptions and will acknowledge same in its columns from week to
J. D. Graham's Iteslgnatlon Accepted.
James A. Fraser, of Atlin, has been
appointed stipendary magistrate for
the County of Vancouver; government
agent, gold commissioner and assistant
commissioner of lands and works for
the Atlin Lake, Bennett Lake, and
Chilkat mining divisions; assessor and
collector under the Revenue Tax Act
for the Atlin assessment district; and
collector of votes for that portion of
tho Cassiar electoral district contained
within the boundaries of the Atlin
Lake, Bennett Lake and Chilkat mining divisions, vice J. D. Graham resigned, such appointment aud resignation to take elTect on the 1st of July,
The miners and business men of
Ferguson have united to erect a hospital here. This is an absolute necessity as there is no place in which we
can properly care for a sick man who
dont happen to have a home of his own.
There has been about $1,500 subscribed
towards tho hospital locally and the
Eagle has been requested to receive
subscriptions from outside points which
will be acknowledged through the
columns of the Eagle eaoh week.
There is something like $1,500 more to
raise and we hope that those who have
made money in this camp will remember those who work away from the
comlortsof older communities and send
along a liberal sum to help in the good
work. The hospital will be owned and
operated by the members of Lardoau
Miners' Union, Address all subscriptions to the Eaglo.
T.oi-iils With �� l'ayatreak.
* Wanted ��� Woman cook. Apply
stating wages to Windsor hotol, Ferguson, B. C.
Saddle horses for salo. We have all
kinds and at all prices. Wo can suit
you.   Craig & Hillman, Beaton.
* To get acquainted with this district
you should havo a copy of the now and
only map. Send a one dollar bill to
the Eagle and secure one at once.
* For anything In the book or stationery line send to the Canada Drug &
Book Co., Revelstoko, B. C. Mail
orders receive prompt attention.
* Hello Central! Are you aware of
tho fact that there is a telephone line
in the country? Why pot save time
and money by using It, Phone at Cummins & Co.'s store.
* Smokers.' If you want tho genu-
inu "Union" and "Our Special"
CKIAR see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt letters oo every box,
-H, A. Brown, Rtrelitokt, B.C,
C     SHANNON, B, A.
M- ���,-lcii.irt.re tor lafermatlea Rrairiiiag
L.r.r.u rroprirllcl*
K.ltr far Information.
Call .. I tee Stmplca.
OFFICE���Ovor the Imperial Bank,
Barristers, Solkitcrs, etc.
Offlces: Revelstoke, fiolilon, and Ferguson. Solicitors Ior Imperial Bank
of Canada,
Geo. S. >tcCartcr. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham*
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
4 3,
M. SCOTT, B. A. L. L. B.
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
Revelstoke, B. C.
IftlcKinnon c�� Sutherlandl
James V.'Reeves,
Ferguson, B. C.
Drugs ����i Stationery
I'rcscrl pi i-iiifl Carefully and
..Accurately Compounded.,
Headquarters for AHsayers, Mining
-&MII1 8upi>Ui!H. Hole Agent:-) in ...
c. for Moreiui Crucible Co., Hattersoa.
England; V, W, Bratm & Co.'a I'a tent
Carjr Furnaces, Burners,etc.; Win. Ainsworth & co.'s Hue Balances, etc., etc.
Y17*K take pleasure in announcing that ive hare re*
TT cently placed In stork a complete line of LADIES.
CHII.DKESh' and UENTLEMENH' femniner goods of up
to date make and choice material, These goods were carefully Kcleeted In (he most exclusive inarkots and we feet
confident that our many customers will be delighted.
Our Ladies' Shirt Waists aro pretty and strictly of tho
latest patterns and best selling materials. Call and inspect, it is our pleasure to show goods.
We claim to faava thc bent selected and largest stock of
Men's and Boy's bats in the Lardeau. "Every hat stamped
with tht Union Label."
We bare the newest styles and patterns ln starched and
negilee shirts.  The same as are being sold daily to the
best dressed men in eastern cities.
Remember our stock Includes everything that Is used in
the district in the merchandise line.
McKinnon <�� Sutherland
The Post Office Store
. The most complete stock in Ferguson.
^f Union-Made Hats and Shoes. 4-/
.Sj Full line of Ladies' and Children's goods. K
Make a specialty of filling mine orders in groceries w
and hardware. J-X
Try a Pair ot Our Hand-Made Prospectors' Shoes. w
3. G.  B. Batho <f~Ca*
i Packing and Fer*?��s���f *�����? )>
i, .Freighting Transfer Outfit    ��
If Contracts entered Into Ior packing of Mining Supplies, ���>_
it etc., to any point in the district. V-J
W Good, prompt sot-vice, and any work undertaken guarni*- w
TL teed.   Freighting* from Thomson'a Landing to Ferguson A
\ a specialty. f?
fl Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop,  ft
R. S. Wilson,
Everv garment turned out in this shop
will bear this label, a guarantee in itself ol first class workmanship.
Drop in and see our stock and samples.
.   -   -   FERGUSON B. C.
Ferguson Meat Market
I Fine stock of the 1 RRBSH BEEP, PORK, MUT- i
I  best Alberta \ TON,   POILTRY,   Etc.,  Etc. J
Mine orders a specialty.   Shop one door east of Hotel Lardeau.
The pay roll centre and the place where Lardeau's Kliim>.n
mines arc located, is situated hO wiles routhciu-it of Bevels ttJki*j
From Rovulstoke to Arrowhead by rail, 2H miles; from Arrow
liend to Thomson's Landing by boat, Vi miles; from tli<> Lnndinrf
to fEKGUBOJ-J. to: hof-ae or stage, Hi miles.  Come stralgtH *.}-
rerguioa. - InvoiUgftthiu courted.


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