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 The lardeau eagle.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Talk About the Ming Laws of
How They Scare Away the Pos-
J. Douglas Walker, K. C, and A. 0.
Klrby, two representatives of a group
of London, Eng., capitalists, recently
came out prepared to invest largely In
Lardeau mining properties. Both
gentlemen were interviewed by tbe
Kevelstoke Herald. Mr. Klrby said
that there undoubtedly existed some
alarm at the amount and incidence of
,thp legislation imposed by the provincial government on the mining industry. "It Beems," said Mr. Walker,
"that the time has come when the
taxation on mining should be revised
Miners, in common with traders, are
called upon to pny an annual license
fee, and in regard to tbis there is perhaps no ground for complaint, except
that i-t the mining states to tlie south
and in Ontario and Quebec no such fee
is imposed. He next has to���pay for
i wording it claim a fee of 42.50, and
for recording his outlay, which ha��
been .'or the ultimate benefit of the
state, lie has to pny a feo of $2.50 oach
year for five years. After doing his
five years' work and paying the fees I
have mentioned it costs hiin several
Inindred dollars to Beeure a crown
grant. All this must be expended before there is a'iy certainty of a return
for the money and time expended, and
it is fair to assume that perhaps only
ono claim out of forty or lifty ever
proves marketable. The owner thon
begins to develop his mine. If he uses
a water power there is an annual fee
for that. Por nil tho timber he uses
from bis claim the government charges
him 50 centB por cord. All this, it
must be remembered, in addition to
tho heavy tax the miner, in common
with all the rest of the population, has
to pay on tools, clothing and food, and
tlio heavy expense ho Is put to to get
all those tilings to the seeno of his labors, whieh usually lies in a more or
less inaccessible place and thousands
of miles from the manufacturing centres. So much for initial expenses in
tho shape of taxes and transportation
charges and so on. I may also say in
cidentally, ns additional evidenco of
the exceptional ditllcultles and expenses the miner litis to face, that the
wages ho pays aro Itighor and the
hours nf work sliortor, limited as the
latter nre by statuto to olght hours per
day, than In almost any other Industry-
Besides you must rotnomber, all this
time he Is helping to bring into existence some little town near ills property
thus creating (or tho country additional means of taxation and revenue. Tbe
last straw to the Camel's load Is in the
Bhape of a royalty of 2 per cent, on the
gross proiits realized on the ore without making any allowance for the expenses of mining.yThere is-no such
to? on the output of any other industry. Thero is no such tax on ore in tho
United State:, nor as far as we know
in any civilized country. Then there
Is a land tax of 25o per acre on every
crown granted claim. The government
exact an income tax which is in addition to all the othor taxes." Mr. Klrby
bere intervened and expressed the
opinion that onco this state of affairs
was brought prominently to tho attention of tbo legislature surely an equitable adjustment of the burdens of
taxation would bo made. Nothing appeared to him as more short sighted
anil' impolitic than to unfairly tax tlio
Industry upon which tlie future of British Columbia depended, especially ns
kindred enterprises across tbe border
wero encouraged in evory possiblo
way. Mr. Kirby added: "Thero are
millions of money hi England awaiting
investment, and now that thore is
every probability of a largo amount of
it boing divertei to British Columbia.
It would seem to an outside observer
that the legislators of the province
cannot too carefully consider the impolicy of burdening tho mining industry and alarming Investors."
A. H. Gracey and C. P. Green, P. L.
S., of Nelson, went up lately to the
Eva. Mr. Green will complete the
work begun last fall by surveying the
Cholla, one of the claims in the Eva
Messrs. Bullard and Wlnslow, who
went out to Arrowhead today with a
horse and sleigh, for a load of feed for
J. A. Magee'a stable, broke through
tbe ice when about midway between
Wreck and Whiskey points, and came
very nearly losing the horse.
Messrs. King and Thompson, mining
men of Northport, were io on Wednesday last to look over the Oyster group.
Thoy appear to have been much
pleased with what they had seen, and
said they would return immediately
the snow was oil the ground.
The Robinson Lumber company are
oarrying out several improvements and
repairs to their steamer the Archer,
under direction of Chas. Soules, of
Toronto, the new engineer. If the
weather continues mild for tbe next
couple of days they will begin the
work of breaking a channel through
the ice on the Arm.���Topic.
Terrible Acoldent to a Boy Passenger on the Atlantic Express
Revelstoke Herald: A serious accident happened on Tuesday morning,
while the No. 2 express wbb between
here and Albert Canyon. A French
family named Trenoir from Nanaimo
were on board en route for Cecil,
Pennsylvania. The family consisted
of the mother, two littlo boys, one six
and the other live years, and a baby
The mother and baby were asleep In
the oar and the two little chaps took
advantage to play on the platform.
About throe miles the other side of
Twin Butte the youngest one of the
two fell off the car and both his legs
were severed by the wheels of the
train below the knee. He was not
missed till the train pulled Into Albert
Canyon. The officials wero notified
and n freight engine and caboose,
which wero on the siding at the Canyon, wero sent back with Mrs. Trenoir
and the rest of her family aud Dr.
Cross, who fortunately happened to be
on the No. 2. Meanwhile tlie watchman had picked up the poor little fellow almost as soon us he fell off the
train und takon him into his shuck
As the engine camo along he Hugged It
and tho boy was put on board and
brought back to town. Thoro being
no hospital he was taken and placed In
the vacant house rooontly erected by
L. Plummet' on First street. From tho
time of his falling off tho train to his
boing placed ln bed in tho houso did
not oecupy two hours. Mrs. Trenoir,
who is a French Canadian, is a witlow,
her husband having died two years
An operation was performed on the
patlont, a double amputation of both
legs above tho knee boing found necessary. In spite of tho seriousness of his
injuries the boy maintains his strength
wonderfully, and his medical attendants express every hope of bis ultimate
Frank Holten and W. Shannon
came down on Sunday last from tho
Sunset group, up the north fork, owned
by the Golden Link Mining company.
They have dono 30 feet of work, driving in a tunnel on the lead. A small
amount of ore has been encountered,
and in 10 foet moro they expect to get
underneath the surface showing, from
whicli point they intend to crosscut the
ii n
Interesting Chat with a Lardeau
A Review of the Different Mining
J. W. Westfall, superintendent ot
the Old Gold, Primrose and Guinea
Mining companies, was in Ferguson
for a few hours Monday and was seen
by an Eagle reporter and questioned
on different matters of interest to this
part of the country.   He said:
"The building of the railroad will
have a splendid effect at this time, lt
will not only encourage those wlio are
already developing properties to increase their ,force, but will besides
warrant the Btarting of work on new
properties. I feel sure that capital
will now seek Investment within our
seetion; in fact 1 have just recently
received many letters referring to investments, whieh goes to show the
stimulating effect tbe railroad has on
the outside, as well as on those who
have been developing under so many
disadvantages and without thc notes-
irtv, transportation, whieh we should
have had long before this.
"Yes, I may say I feel very conlident
that we will soon have the needed
roads to all parts of the Kootenays.
"When we think that just a few
years ago this part o! British Columbia was looked upon as worthless and
was in reality a wilderness, it makes
us wonder at what we Beo today. We
see that in the past ten years minerals
have boon found, railroads have been
built, boats placed on the many navigable waters, mining properties developed to dividend paying propositions,
and smelters of the latest and best
patterns are being erected. Take
Rossland for the centre. Wo see development in every direction. We are
all fairly familiar with the properties
there. West of Rossland, in tbe
Boundary country, we have some vory
promising properties and ono or two
that may yet equal any mino in the
"The Slocan eamp is certainly one
of the finest and best silver and lead
producing camps I havo yet seen for
the actual umount of work done.
"The Enst Kootenay is a most promising section, .lust hero 1 wish to state
that it bus boon demonstrated beyond
a doubt that a largo mineral zone extends from the southern to the northern oceans and along the watershed of
the Atlantic and Pacific] oceans. Wo
remember that tho lirst mineral of
note was lirst discovered in California
in 1818. The trend of mining operations since that time lias been in the
main north, Colorado in duo time
claiming to bo the largest producer of
the precious motals. Now wo lind by
the last reports tbat Montana has so-
cured tbe position of the bannor state.
having passed all compotitors at a
safe distance. There are, however,
good reasons for believing that in the
near future British Columbia will take
tho lead in the production of the precious minerals.
"Horace Greeley used to advise the
young men to go west, but I would
modify that by saying to the young
mining man: 'Come north to British
Columbia aud grow up with the coun
try. There is no Bold today that offers
better inducements than British Columbia ' And this Is no idle assertion.
Compare tho reports of 1800 with those
of 1000 and you will lind an increase of
ovor 40 pel' cent, in oro shipments for
one year. Just think of this and you
will not doubt my sincerity in the
statements just made.
"What do I think of the Lardo or
Trout Lake seetion?  Well, I will an-
siver you thus in part. 1 came here in
the spring of 1807 and made investments. I have followed it up and am
still Investing, and in no enso do I
allow an investment to long lie idle.
This yuu know to bo a matter of record
and fully answers your question. But
I will go further and say that it is my
opinion that this is one of the most
promising sections in British Columbia
for many reasons. First: It is now nn
admitted fact that wo have silver and
lead properties that are developing
into paying mines. Second: We also
find a marked improvement in values
with depth. Another encouraging
feature is in tho gold values which are
found to Borne extent in every property, and tho fact that tho gold values
increase with depth to a vory marked
extent in the silver properties in this
district is also very inspiriting as it
adds value to the properties as well as
indicating a permanency to tbe properties thus favored. Third: We also
have several gold discoveries of rocent
date that are being developed very
"What about tho treatment of our
ores? Well, that is a matter that affects British Columbia���the whole
Dominion, in fact���more than any
other Bubject at this time, and must
be remedied before wo can prosper as
we should. British Columbia has all
kinds of ores, the necessary lluxes, and
an unlimited supply of coal, all of
whieh are found within its confines;
yet we have not the pleasure of setting
a price on even one of these commodities. The trusts across the line give
us just what they see lit to offer, and
wo aro compelled to take just what
their generosity admits tbem in offering.
"However, this is a mattor that
must and will soon be adjusted. We
must treat and reline our own ores, and
this is an opportune time to agitate
this matter. No time should bo lost.
VVe oaunot afford to foetor foVoign
trusts at sucli a loss to our people."
ran owmship
Has  Become a Burning Question
in Ontario
Politics have takon a sudden turn in
Ontario, and Premier Ross is now advocating government ownership and
operation of railways, and in tho practical manner for which he is noted he
has undertaken to carry out his policy
by building a railroad to James Bay as
a government work. A railroad from
Sudbury to James Bay bas been chartered for a number of years, and substantial land grants and bonuses given
with tho charter, but no move has yot
been made by the promoters to carry
out the work. In tho legislature last
week Premier Ross said that his government and the people wero getting
tired of tho bonuslng scheme, atitl that
lie now proposed to build a road under
government auspices. Speaking of the
Georgian Buy to James Bay railway,
Mr. Koss said to tlio legislature:
"1 don't commit mysolf to tlio public
ownership of railways, but by this action wo should practically becomo masters of tho situation. This would form
an integral part of the James Bay system, and in that way hold the. key to
whatever may accrue. It was sail
that this would eventually be thc
shortest way to the Klondike Wc are
stauding at tho gateway of a great
country und all its resources. We can
allow no corporation to intercept this
trade by discriminating rates or excessive charges. Theso possibilities
must not be frustrated either by parsimony on the one hand or extravagance
on the other."
In the British Columbia legislature
a week ago J. C. Brown, opposition,
moved, seconded by Hon. Smith Curtis, that in future all moasures granting aid to private corporations bo
referred to the electors. A long ttebato
eusued, the motion being dofeatcd on
divisiou, the lirst of tho session.
Greon of Kaslo, Munro of Chilliwack,
and Hawthornthwaite of Nanaimo
votod with the opposition, making tho
vote 11 to 211. Houston of Nelson was
Information Regarding This Valuable Property
Situated on the Nettie L. Moun-
The Union Jack group consists ol
two claims, namely Jumbo and Florence, situated about three miles from
Ferguson, up the south fork of Lardeuu
creek, on Nettie L. mountain.
The mineral belt here, in which lie
tho Nettie L-, Silver Cup, Triune,
Broadview, Great Northern and Beatrice mines, is about a milo in width
and is traversed by some three or four
dykes of diorite or porphyry. It is
in connection with these dykes that
the mineral is found.
In tho Nettie L. mine the ledge
where first struck was along the wall
of the dyke which traverses that property, bnt in following it up it u;is
found ;o go into the dyke, and whe.-e
they are at work at present tlie vein is
crossing the dyke andcontainingaboit
3 ft. in width of shipping ore.
On the Jumbo and Florence pro-
porty, which is- but a tihort distance
from the Nettie L., tlie conditions aro
similar. A parallel dyko traverse,
both claims, and tlio outcrop of what,
appears to bo an ore chute of considerable size is here found in the dyke
A good deal of work of a prospecting
nature has been done. Tho surfaco of
the ledge has been uncovered forabout
300 feet, and has been found to consist
of quartz well mineralized with galena.
Iu one place, near the boundary between the two claims, thoro is a body
of almost cloan ore, about one toot in
width and extending somo twenty or
thirty feot along tlie ledgo.
A ereok passes down the mountain
side between tho two claims and has
worn out quite a gorge From this
gorge a tunnel has been driven some
70 feet into tho ledge A small amount
of ore was encountered in this tunnel,
but the work being somewhat misdirected, the property may be said to
bo quite unprovon. Then, too, this
work was done some two years ago,
when the nature of tho ore bodies in
this bolt was but little understood.
There is an excellent opportunity for
driving a tunnel in from tho ereek on
the ledgo itscl f, nnd about 200 feet of
work ought to prove the property
pretty thoroughly.
As far as surface indications go, the
property is far superior to what the
Nettie L. was. Evory claim on this
belt, with any promising surface showing, lias so far turned out wonderfully
woll under Intelligent development,
The ore values at the surface have.
In tho caso of botli tha Nettie L. anil
tlio Silvor Cup, been rated low; but
when a body of oro has beon encountered nt some depth It bas invariably
contained quite n percentage of grey
copper, which is tho high silver carrier in this camp.
Two averago ore samples have been
assayed, the [first running $00.00 and
tho other $50.01 to tho ton.
Owing to the convenient situation of
tills property, ore of tho nature of
those surface samples can be shipped
at a good profit, and from the experience of other mines in the vicinity, it
is certain to improve very greatly witli
There is abundance of timber on the
claims suitablo for all mining purposes, and the creek will furnish any
necessary water power for mining and
A half mile of road from the presont
wagon road leading into Ferguson
would reach the showings we speak of. Lardeau Eagle.
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FRIDAY,   MARCH 22,   1901.
government either develop its own
resources, or leave private enterprise alone. It must be One way or
the other. It should be the former,
but in its absence, no obstacles
should be placed in the way of private enterprise. United labor can
care for itself, and so with capital.
Directly the government learns to
put the people's money to the people's use���securing public franchises
���it will be time to raise increased
revenue, at present aimed so heavily at the mining industry of the
After all is said andi done a per-
in cannot blame the unprotected
. tizens of the  United   States for
nching negroes  who commit unsaleable crimes upon  their wives
- id   daughters.      When   brought
ime there is  enough  indignation
oused to stir one to go  and   help
tern if necessary.    In  Canada the
tw acts speedily and usually justly;
1 the United  States it is different,
lence lynching, under the  circum-
tances, is justifiable.
What bigger farce than for half
he workingmen  to  work for one
iarty and the other half tor another
,'arty.     Their   interests,   benefits,
nghts and wrongs  are  the   same.
They can  never secure   their own
.'xcept by voting the same way. No
jne will ever correct  their troubles
hut themselves.    At this time, and
intil the   referendum   is   put into
.'orce, all producers should vote together; even if you are wrong occa-
uonally,   vote   together.      If you
don't hang together at thc ballot
box you'll  hang   separately   when
the trust gets its swat at you.    It
all the workers absolutely vote and
act as a unit, there is no power that
can defeat  them.    As  long as the
representative  system  prevails, all
labor should vote  as   one.    Under
the   referendum,   measures   would
force themselves on the attention of
the people, nnd could or would be
decided on their merits.    Now it is
party, not principles; then it would
be measures,  not   men.   All such
questions as those of war, laying
ocean cables, constructing big public  works,   treaties  with   foreign
countries, government ownership of
the railroads, telegraph and express
buiiness, and all such problems oi
national  scope    and    importance
should be decided, not  by  a   few
wily politicians at Ottawa or Victoria, but by the great popular vote
of the people, on the ballot, through
the referendum.
Walter Scott, M. P. (Assiniboia)
has given notice of a motion for a
return giving the total number of
acres ot land earned by the C. P. R-
under the company's contract, the
number of acres patented, the number of acres ot land sold and to
whom, and the names of companies
other than the C. P. R. to whom
land grants have been voted by
parliament, and all particulars relating to the subject.
What with raising poll taxes, ore
taxes, and holding up the country
generally, the present government
will not do there is really no telling.
The huge trusts on every hand are
crushing and smashing industries
ut leisure, smelters are tied up,
mine owners are held up, and now
'.he poor wage earner is to be stuck.
Mine owners claim that wages
nust be cut down to pay the excessive taxes imposed by the government. As usual, the tax comes
indirectly from the unfortunate
wage-earner. If the government
will not do something itself, will it
not, for heaven's sake, let the people alone? The government seems
to think its mission is to tinker
with existing conditions. If the
government   would     either    take
Bachelors are taxed in some
countries where the fair sex predominates. In British Columbia
the conditions are altogether opposite, so what's the matter with the
B. C. government levying a tax on
old maid's, each of whom, by her
Crass wilfulness, condemns some
fellow to the miserable fate of having lo sew on his own errant shirt
buttons, darning his own socks,
eating so-called food prepared by
himself or some other inefficient
cook, and washing his own dishes.
It must be admitted that the last
mentioned operation does not cut
any ice to speak of in the average
bachelor's shack. Anywhere from
once a week to once a month is
good enough for most of them.
When to forget his troubles the
bachelor seeks the company of
others in like plight to himself,
partakes with them of that mysterious liquid sometimes styled
tanglefoot, and thereafter wends
his weary and erratic way to the
hovel he calls home, he is held up
by the godly as a horrible example
of human depravity, when the fault
probably lies with some female who
was too egotistical to care for any
other than herself.
we say so, you must repeal this act or
be dismissed, just the same as any
servant who refuses to do his master's
request. We claim it is hotter for the
few to Bwallow their pride than for the
whole province to be bound in tbe
bonds of iniquity. There are a few
good men in every constituency to
whom this appeal will call to arms,
like a bugle to the battlefield. Do not
wait, but go ahead and call a public
meeting in the most populous centre;
get a few live speakers from among
yourselves and present the question
fairly among the people, bave resolutions pass condemning tho act, and call
upon the member or members for tbat
district to urge and vote for the repeal
of the act. If It is possible and In accordance wltii publio sentiment, pass
an additional resolution asking him or
them to advocate a tax of 3 or 5 per
cent, par annum upon the present selling value of the land, including mineral, with periodic valuations. Tbis is a
just method of raising public revenue,
and bas made New Zealand the most
prosperous country in all the earth.
Fellow workmen, brothers, arouse! Do
not let this thing pass unnoticed, or we
will be still further oppressed by our
self Imposed taskmaster. It is In our
power to repeal this unjust measure.
Strike while the iron is hot! Strike
for our homes, our little ones, and
Alisteb Thompson.
Kamloops, B. C, March 9tb, 1901.
Lumber!   Lumber!
Do you wish to keep
posted in respect to
the Lardeau?    ;
To the working men of British Columbia;
A bill Is now before the provincial
legislature asking for the Increase of
tbe present *3 revenue tax to $5. This
falls as a direct tax upon labor, and
should not be tolerated for an instant
by the workingmen of tbis province.
We have already suffered long, and
submitted patiently to tbe many Indignities thrust upon us by bungling
legislators in the past, and now patience has ceased to be a virtue.
We have been deprived of just representation In tbe legislature, this
samo revenue tax has vory often been
tuken from us by stealth, by drawing
our wages to tho amount without our
consent or knowledge, and worst, of all,
while our heads have boen bent In toll,
the public domain bas beon stolen from
us iu lurgo quantities by charter
mongers and company promoters,
thioves, ln collusion with the men to
whom we foolishly trusted to guard
our interests. Let us rise In our might
and put a stop to this sort of thing at
once and for ever. We oan do It in
this way: If this bill is defeated ln the
bouse on March 11th, well and good
Don't forget the members who opposed
it, they will be deserving of the support of the people at the next election.
If the bill Is carried, as It is likely to
do, then this appeal is to call to action
A copy Is being sent to every constltu-
Two dollars will do
the trick���subscribe
for the Bagle. :   :  :
We beg to inform the Lar
deau building public that
in a few days we will
have a complete stock  of
on hand at the Ferguson
Saw Mill. Mr. Davis,
our Lardeau Agent, will
be pleased to quote you
prices, show you the
stock and deliver it.
Sawyer Bros.,
.iction itself or encourage men with
money to make use of our natural J<Wj* *?_ P���1����*'*���*',,!* Ifi0"���!!
resources, then the  fight, if any,
would be between capital and labor.
And the Eagle believes both are
quite capable of caring for themselves. This continued meddling
ind juggling, with no set object or
irincipls involved, is most injurious
it* the country's interest!.   Let the
to speedily reach, and you aro urged
to call public meetings ln each riding,
pasB resolutions condemning tbe aot,
and ask for its repeal.
Many of the members will have voted against, and they would have their
hands strengthened by such resolutions. To those who voted for it, we
can only say: It's time you found out
that you are our servant, and that, If
If you wish to pur-
J chase the well known
Sewing Machine, an Edison
Phonograph or Records,
Quaker Vapor Baths, or have
your clothes cleaned or dyed
by the renowned dyers R.
Parker & Co., write for prices,
etc., or call upon
Bookseller, stationer and ToWconlit,
The Lardeau Saw Mill carries constantly a large
quantity 0/ Seasoned Lumber, and is now running
night and day to keep ahead of the coming rush. Yards
in Ferguson and in Trout Lake. January, 1901.
D. L. Clink,
Price $60.00
Visible Writing From Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, France, Italy, United ' States,
Mexioo, etc.; giving; entire satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
American   And
European Plan,
Aniy   Cummings,
The Balmoral Hotel will be found
always prepared to accommodate
guests in an up-to-date style. The
bar is stocked with the choicest wines,
liquors and cigars, and our cuisine
service receives special attention and
is unsurpassed in North Kootenay.
The capacity has recently been
increased by an extensive addition
and furnished and refitted throughout.
Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands of:
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Hates #3.00;a day ami upward*..
Ferguson Bros,, Proprietors.
BEST ��2.00 A DAY HOllBE ~-
Hotel Lardeau    I
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
Wholesale  Dealer   In
... Wines. Liquors and Cigars...
The Kent Oeodi Only.
Btook Large and Complete.
Is the....
The place where J| I
the Mines are. f i
By the Member From Nanaimo in
Support of His Bill
The following extract from the
speech o( Mr. Hawthornthwaite, M. P.
P. for Nanaimo, In support of his bill
to amend the Coal Mines Regulation
act, is taken from the Vancouver Province:
Mr. Hawthornthwaite, In moving tbe
second reading ol his bill to amend the
Coal Mines Regulation act, asked the
earnest attention of all the members ot
the house to tbat measure. Its provisions were of general Interest to the
people of the province and of the most
vital importance to the workingmen.
It affected not only the question of
wages and wealth, but matters of life
and death. It therefore merited their
most earnest consideration. The condition ot coal mining, he said, was not
what it was a few years ago. An increasing number of mines had been
opened up, and where men had been
formerly employed by hundreds they
were now employed by thousands. But
while the number of mines and miners
Increased, less care, he believed, was
exercised in protecting the men and
'for preventing accidents. A petition
had been presented to the legislature
signed by eight or nine hundred miners, but that number would have been
doubled had the miners felt that it
went far enough along the lines proposed. The member for Southeast
Kootenay, too, had received a telegram
from the Western federation ot Miners asking that better protection be
afforded tbem by seeing that none but
those well up ln their business be
employed underground- At present
experience was not necessary for employment. A petty boss might employ
any one whom he desired. The bulk
Of accidents occurred at the working
face where a shot placed by an Inex-
periencen man In too solid coal would
go off like a gun, and if there was any
gas in the vicinity would cause an explosion.
In Nova Scotia the matter had been
considered and tbe government had
brought In an act much more sweeping
than his bill. For the present moderate measure was brought In for the
relief ot the men. If the bill became
law it would exclude Chinese from the
working face. He wanted to be perfectly frank about that. It would have
the same effect on whites without experience, but there was no doubt Chinese were the unfortunate cause of the
greater number of explosions.
Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir���"You have got
to prove that."
In reply Mr. Hawthornthwaite reviewed the explosions at Nanaimo and
Wellington, adding that the management were so well satisfied that they
were caused by Chinese that they
ceased to employ them.
Mr. Pooley���"That's not so."
Mr. Hawthornthwaite��� "With regard to the assertion just made that
Chinese were not the cause of the explosions, I never met a miner of Intelligence and independence and who was
not dominated by his boss who did not
give lt aB his frank and honest opinion
that they were the cause."
Coming back to the bill Mr. Hawthornthwaite said that it provided for
an examining board of two miners, and
the government also took part and
assisted, thus guaranteeing a certain
amount of protection. These men
would have to consider that if Improper men were allowed to obtain certificates their own lives might pay for the
folly. They were thus virtually Interested ln seeing that only qualified men
went underground, it was urged tbat
this was putting the matter ln the
miners' hands. He pointed out, however, that the jury system in his district was in tho bands of miners.
Moreover an examination was held for
miaers and bosses of miners: the owners had this In their hands with the
aid of the government inspector;
surely the miners themselves should
have similar power with regard to the
men employed below ground.
Purchasers of lots are
hereby notified that all
payments from this date
must be made to the under
signed, whose receipt only is
Final Payments may  be
sent to the Imperial Bank
of Canada, Revelstoke, P.C.,
to be held till delivery of
H^nry Floyd,
fole Agent Ferguson Townsite.
January 5th, 1900.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium  .   .   .
Tho moct complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated inltlst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur, Boating, Hulling
and excursions. Resident physician ana
nurse. 1b telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cure all nervous
and muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS : 111, to
lis per week, according to residence in hotel
or villas.
Showing the position of tbe
streams, mountains and passes,
waterways, every claim in tbe
Trout lake mining district, the
trails and wagon roads, location
of surveyed railways, and everything which will assist an outsider tn acquaint himself with
our district. The production
of tbis map has been taken hold
of by two of the best fitted men
for the purpose ln the province,
Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P.L.S.,
and S. Shannon, B. A., both having personal and practical knowledge of the distriot.
The map is to be beautifully
lithographed ln five colors ana
entirely free from advertising
matter of any kind.
Tbe urgent necessity for Buch
a complete map, probably 40 x 40
has long been felt by all persons
Interested In this district; and lt
1b a pleasure to note that two
such able men have decided to fill
the bill. The Price, the same
to all, has been placed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You Want one or  More
Send your address at
once to
The Lardeau Eagle j;
Ferguson, B. O.
T.J. Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. R. C. P. 4 8.   (Queen's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. (J.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Hank of Canada.
Geo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
', B. C.
A. H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service ln school house every
Sunday at S-p.m    iunday schoolat'J p.m.
Trout Lake'CIt" , ServleeB ln Forrester's
hall every Sunday at ��:80 p.m. Sunday
school at 2:30 p.m.
REV. 8. J. GREEN. Pastor.
The Eagle Hall
now ready for parties desiring to secure
It lor nubile purposes. For prices, etc.
rt.lUrotis; r  p  PETTIPIECE.
IMted Hate of North Arnica
of the Cnited Hatters of North America. AYhen you
are buying a FUR
HAT, either soft or
i,, stiff, see to it that
'*": the genuine UNION
' LABEL Ih Hewed in
it, lfaretaiterhas
loose labels in his
poHBCHsion.and offers to put one in a
hat for you do not
patronize bim. He
has not any right to have loose labelB. Loose
labels in retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any exolanation as to why thc hat haB
no label. The Genuine Union Label is perforated on the four edges exactly tbe samo as a
postage stamp. Couterfelts are sometimes
perforated on three of the edges, and sometimes
only on two. Keep a Bharp lookout for thc
counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are
using them In order to get rid of their scab-
made bats. The John B. Stetson Co, and Henry
II. Roelofs, Ijotli of Philadelphia, Pa., are nonunion concerns.
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President, Orange, N. J.
JOHN PHILLIPS, 8ecretary,477 Park Ave.,
Brooklyn, N. Y,
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the blue label.
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying lair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
The Union Label
On everything yon buy la a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.
See that tills Label I, on All Clothing yon buy
. _ MAM*
Oopvmmt* Ae.
���i��eta anil HMenMlon Ba,
UoM.lrtoOoonOiUiitfal. naoobookon Palaaat
P.i.nu uk.D Ibrooib Munn JM^rsMln
���petal MUM, without chart*. In tu
Scientific American.
A handsomalr HhutTatjd WHllr. Urnst ��*���
oolatlon of any lolanUflo loarnal. Term,, 14 ���
-  rs four months, 91. Bold byali newsdealers.
Ferguson Packing
and Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into (or packing of
Jilining Supplies, etc., to any point
in the district.'
Good, prompt service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing
to Ferguson a specialty,
On nil Ii-iiins from llevelstoao anil
Kootenay Landing,
pass Dunmoro Junction for
St. Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Toronto on Mondays
and Wednesdays. Montreal and Boston on Saturdays. Same cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
For time tables and full Information call on
or address noarcst local agent.
J. MoOREBRY, Agent Arrowhead.
.1. 8.   CARTER, T. P. A.,   Nelson,
S, DANEY, Proprietor, k, j coyls, aw, p����. ***������ vmwouv.*, b. o,
Real Estate
in Ferguson
Is probably the safest investment in the country
as can be readily seen from the actual records
of assessment, certificates of improvements,
development, new strikes in various mining
properties surrounding' Ferguson and the fact
that a railway will reach here this year. The
demand for Ferguson Real Estate will be too
brisk by spring to secure the same values as
now. Choice lots already disposed of are
changing hands among private owners at
double and more than our prices. And it is
quite reasonable to suppose that the townsite
prices will be advanced as the demand for lots
increases. In anticipation of what is in store
for the near future, several large buildings are
being erected, a public school building is to be
provided, two banking institutions will establish
branches here, and taken altogether the citizens
are evincing their faith in the town by
something  more   than   talk.
Ferguson is the
Coming Town
The Place Where
the Mines Are
Ferguson is recognised by all to be the best
located and laid out townsite in the Lardeau
district. Its unique position at the base and
gateway to the Great Northern, Nettie L, and
Silver Cup hills, entitles it to the well known
local name���the Pay Roll centre. Ferguson is
the headquarters and outfitting point for all the
mining men now operating in this district.
Accept a pointer, make enquiries, come in and
see for yourself and you will agree with us
that Ferguson Real Estate is the best thing
now offered as a safe investment in this country. The large number of sales among
private owners of lots, the steady upbuilding
of the town, and the confidence displayed
by men who are already on he ground should
be sufficient evidence for the average investor
that like all othar mining camps, the loading
towns are located where the mines arc. And
Ferguson will be no exception to the rule.
Henry Floyd,
Sole Agent,
Revelsteke, B. C.
������ irit#WHim ' On the
Trout Lake will have a tobacconist
store in,the near future.
J. J. Langstaff, of tho Trout Luke
Topic, paid a visit to the Nottie L.
R. P. Pettiplece, publisher of the
Kaolk, left on Momltiy for u business
trip to Revelstoke.
J. K. Maclean, of Revelstoke, will
have tho plastering of the residences
bcinir built by Messrs. S. Shannon and
V. Lade.
A Peterborough canoe will be placet.
on A rmstrong lake by Frank Fulmer
of the Half Way house for the use of
his guests.
James Haner, eldest son of Mr. and
M is. Hancr, of Trout Lake, came down
fr om Revelstoko a week ago to visit
his parents.
Messrs. Woods and Godsoo, of Trout
L tike, intend to establish a sash and
loor factory in connection with their
shingle mill.
Tho condition of the Ice on the Arm
s exceedingly dangerous for traffic.
The Robinson Lumber company, how-
; ver, started this week to cut out a
channel, so that the reopening of navigation may bo expected in a week or
Te present mild  weather con-
Ferguson is to have a drug store.
Mr. Rankin, representing McQueen &
-0., druggists, of Sandon, came up to
,he pay roll centre on Thursday of laBt
veek, and was so favorably impressed
vlth its location and prospects that be
lecided to start business here. Mr.
iankin left, next morning, but intends
o return about the end of the month,
lis store will bo in the Eagle building.
Ray Wilson, oldest son of Dr. T A.
Vilson, was the victim of an unfortun-
te accident on Wednesday lust. He,
nth his younger brother, had un-
arthed several stray detonators and
irought them home, when they pro-
eeded to pick tho sawdust out of
hem, unaware of tho danger thoy
���'ere thus Incurring. Ray was pi-oti-
ing one with a safety pin when the
1 most inevitable explosion happened,
'he greater portion of tlio index finger
f his left hnnd wns blown oil', his
n'.mb split open, ami the rest of his
nnil bud 1 y lacerated. The doctor,
ho was at Trout Lake, was sont for,
nd on his arrival found it necessary
> amputate tbe entire index linger,
he other iniuries sustained by the
3y were not of so serious a nature,
nd he Is now reported to be restiug
THK GIDDY Wllllll.
The opening dance at tho Eagle 'nail
week ago yesterday proved to be
ilto a popular event. Tlie company
nn tared about n hundred and in-
uded a largo contingent from Trout
uke as woll us several from Thom-
n's Landing. Jack Smith as usual
���oved an efficient lloor manager, the
uslcians being J. II. Griffith (violin),
. Hillier (cornet), and MIsb Edwards
rgan). Supper was served about
idnigbt, aftor which dancing was ro-
med ana kept up till about .'I o'clock
tho morning The programme nuin-
-red about 20 dances, and altogether
o affair was much enjoyed by all who
Op Monday last a concert wns given
Hume's hall, Trout Luke, for the
���nollt (if tho Methodist mission there,
io hall wus well filled, rjuito a num-
l! attending from Ferguson. Rov. S.
. Green presided and tho following
ogra?;ime was got through;
innis ...Choir
icltation  Walter (.'link
lading A. P. Morrison
Dg Miss Jowett
(citation Miss Westfull
icitation   Gretchon Clink
ng Mrs. Foran
lading S. Shannon
jng A. C. Cummins
ading  Dr. Wilson
ading A. P. Morrison
citation Mrs. Foran
io Messrs. Godsoo, Mclnnes
[and Griffith
dress D. L. Clink
itfrs. Jowett and Miss Edwards permed the duties of accompanists,
kfter the concert the   floor   was
ared and dancing then Indulged in
tht rail! hours of tbe morning,
* By all means send to Field &
Bews, druggists and stationers, Revelstoko, for anything you want in their
* If you have a lot in Ferguson you
desire to soli, write, giving full particulars, to this office. A buyer guar
antced, if the location is suitable.
* For office supplies of evory description at lowest prices send to the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revoi-
stoke, B. C. Mail orders promptly
* When you roach Trout Lake City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson Bros., proprietors. Good
accomodation ; best service; choice
wines, liquors and cigars; fire proof
safe i rates reasonable.
If You
a lot in Ferguson
you wish to sell,
send particulars to
the Eagle office.
Sale guaranteed, if
the location and
price   is  right.
All Work
Guaranteed <
;S. F. W. Gainer, <
WutchrnHker and ���fewuhtr,
Virtorin Avenue, Ferguson, B.C.
If you want to
advertise out
a co-owner
in your mineral claim, Hend flu to
thia oflice, giving name of property,
location, and period for whloo thc
delinquent co-owner lias failed to
do tila asKesHinent work, nnd we wilt
do iho rest, including filing at the
recording office tin soon us the
ninety days has expired. Wo will
write the notice and do till the work
correctly* to that you will have no
further oother,  AddrcHs:
Ferguson, it, C,
Take notice that I, lhe undersigned co-owner
with you ut the t'ktirv mineral claim, sllnatcd
atthohoadquartorsol I.nko ereok and Hah-,
creek, in the Trout Lake Mining Division o'i
West k'ootiMitiy, iu the province of British
Columbiu, have' performed nnd recorded
tbo assessment work and made the expenditure required to be done nnd recorded on the
above minoral elaim for tho year iOOO, under
notion IM of the Mineral Act,'and tho year for
which work was dono and oxpondituro made
having expired, I hereby give you notice pur*
simm toMictioiH of the   Mineral  Act Amend-
ment Aot, to contribute your proportion of
such oxpondituro for the year limn within
ninety days from the first publication hereof.
Dated at Ferguson this Utli day of Unroll,
A. I). 1901,
Per Agent, ftobt. Foran,
Take notice   that The Double Fugle Mining
and Development Company, Limited (-lability,
co-owner with you of the "May lice" mineral
claim, - iui.ilcd on the Nettie I,, mountain near
Ferguson, tn tlio Trout Lake mininu division
of West Kootonny, British Columbia, imvi
performed    and   recorder,    tho aasossmenl
work anil made the expenditure required
to ho done and recorded on ihe above
mentioned claim for the roar 1900 under notion  !M  of   the   Mineral Act nml the Year for
whioh work was done and expenditure made
having expired, w  herebv give   y<>u notice
pursuant to sootlon four of tho Mineral Aci
Amendment Aet isoo, to contribute vour proportion of suoh expondlturo for the year 1900,
within 00 days of I no Ural  publication hereof,
Dated this 18th day of January, A. D, 1001,
Per A, if. Holdich, Secretary,
Take notice that we tho undersigned co-
owners with you of tlio Little Robert and
Little Robert No. 2, mineral olaims situated af
the extreme head of the north fork of Lardeau
ereek In the Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootonay in the province of
British Columbia, have performed and recorded the assessment work nnd made the expenditure required to be done nnd recorded on the
above mentioned olaims for the year liMQ,
under seetion '24 of tho Mineral Aet nnd the
yenr for which work was performed and oxpondituro made having expired W0 do
hereby give you notice pursuantto section lof
tho Mineral Act Amendment Act 1000, to contribute your proportion of such expenditure
for tlie year hereinbefore mentioned within 00
days of the first publication: hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake this 28th dayof January,
A. D. lUOl.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Miss Shepard.
Revelstoke. will be In
Ferguson tho second
week in April with a
full line of	
Trimmed and Untrimmed Goods,
Fancy Combs, Fins, etc.
The Lardeau
Ja>    Has unexcelled facilities
for doing all kinds of . .
All orders given careful, ���
tasty and intelligent at-
Lardeau Eagle Job Department
Victoria Avenue,
Ferguson, B. C.
In the Lardeau
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters    of    Legitimate   Mining
Imperial Bank
of Canada.
CAPITA!. "".,600,000.00.
REST ��1,���25,000.00.
General Hanking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits tn Savings
Department at current rates.
A. R. bThEARN,
II. Edwards!^
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs Cleaned
and repaired.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
R. S. Wilson.
"Our Special"
Kevelstoke Clijnr Mfg. Co.
��   Druggists
Chemists     M
:���,vffi�� REVELSTOKE.:
Carpets, Lineoleurn,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Agent Pianos, Sewing  Machines,   etc.
Mall orders promptly attended to.
/*. HOWSOS, Furniture Dealer
Mi Vudertaker, REVELSTOKE.
Before Going Up
the Hill
to work on your properties, drop in and
see us about your supplies, etc. Miners
outfVted complete.
Pioneer Store
Cummins& Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
in any quantity
now  ready for local builders.  . Special orders
promptly uttended to.    Moderate prices.
Agent .kor Sawyer  Bros.' Sash and  Door  Factory,
Ferguson Saw Mill
R. Davis, Proprietor.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and .Retail
��-@   General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Branch at
Trout Lake City.
NO. I K. W, (J. BLO0K, NELSON, It. C.
Gold, Silvcr-Leail and Copper Mines wanted at Hie EXCHANGE. KREK
MILLING   GOLD  properties   wanted  at Olico  (or   Eastern   Inventor*.
Parties waving mlninK property; Por Saw aro roqueted to Bond samples
ol thoir ore to tne HXOHAKUC for exhibition.
All sample* should lie sent by express prepaid, forresponilenee
sotlctlcd.  Address all communication to
P. 0, Box 700,     NELSON, II. (;,
Before buying Ilttrdivnie for building Purposes
drop,a line for quotations to ....
More  than  freight  n.vvd  by    buying   your
requirements   from   flic Departmental Store,


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