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Lardeau Eagle 1903-06-26

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Vol. IV, No 20.
Ferguson, B. C, JUNE 26, 1903.
$2 a Year
Heppner, Oregon, Destroyed Instantaneously and 500 People
Lose Their Lives.
Five hundred people lost their lives
ln a cloudburst that almost Instantly
destroyed the town of Heppner, Oregon, at 0 o'clock June 15. Heppner is
the county seat of Morrow county, and
had about 1,250 inhabitants.
All the telegraph and telephone
wires are down and no accurate information can be had, but the estimated loss of life is based on the most reliable reports received up to 12 o'clock
last night. A report from lone, 11
miles from Heppner, Is to the effect
that 200 bodies have been recovered.
A messenger who arrived at lone said
that a wall of water 20 feet high rushed down into the gulch in which Heppner is situated carrying everything
with it.
The Hood came suddenly, so suddenly
that the inhabitants wore unable to
seek places of safety and were carried
down to death by the awful rush of
_'-*ter. Almo.'t thn entire resident
portion of the town was destroyed, but
some of tho business part, which was
on higher ground, escaped. Huge
boulders weighing a ton were carried
down by the current and many people
were caught and crushed against the
rocky bluff. Early In the afternoon a
thunderstorm set many of tho streams
overflowing their banks ia a. short
time and bridges were swept away like
straws. As soon as the flood had subsided tho work of relief was begun by
the citizens of the town. Dozens of
bodies woro found lodged along the
bend of Willow creek, and in several
places they were piled over one another.
A late dispatch from Heppner says:
"Willow creek, which on Sunday
wiped out more than half of the town,
has shrunk to the size of an innocent
brook. About $500,000 worth of property is erased from the wealth of Morrow county.
"A rigid emergency government impresses able-bodied men into the work
of saving the town from plague-breeding disease.
"Several thousand poisons have arrived from the outside, and an army of
men and horses is turning over the debris. Women take charge of the bodies
as they are borne out of the wreckage
by the men. There is no time for ceremony in tho burials. The bodies are
shrouded in coarse white clothes,
placed In rough boxes, and hurried to
tbo cemeteries on wagons. Medicines
are not needed, neither aro physicians
nor nurses.
"The town must be cleansed to escape pestilence. It must have moro
men to help in cleaning, and provisions
to feed tho workers. Many families
are entirely destitute, all their worldly
possessions having beon carried away."
Onco a Iluj*.
Tho following message will explain
itself, and rcadors of tho Eagle will
be able to make arrangements accordingly:
Beaton, .Tune 10,1003.
To E. C.Woodward, Ferguson���From
tomorrow boat will leave once a day at
(I a. m., making connection and comin
back about 1 p. m. i
J. C. Malloy, Agent*
Servia Congratulated But Asked to Mete
Out Funlslunont to Thugs.
The new Servian King telegraphed
on the 17th inst. the following message
to be proclaimed to his subjects:
"Thanks to the favor of God and the
will of the people, I am called to tho
throne of my ancestors. I submit myself to the popular decision and today
ascend to the throne of Servia. I consider it to bo my first duty to thank
God for the favor accorded me, and I
express the hope that the people will
hail my succession as an event which
will give Servia an era of repose, progress and order. I give my word to ro-
spect the right acquired by all. I will
be the protector of the legality and
well being Of the peoplo. I call upon
the heads of the church and the military and civil functionaries to retain
their functions and execute them conscientiously. I declare that I banish
from memory all acts committed during the past 40 years bearing upon mo.
Every honest Servian will lind under
my reign protection for his moral and
material life. The motto of my dynasty
is 'For the 6acred cross and cherished
liberty.' It is with that motto assured
of the attachment of tbe army and
church that I aBcend the throne as
Peter I, king of Servia."
Following is the Russian note in
brief published in the official Gazette:
"The imperial government, while
hailing tho election of the now monarch, scion of a glorious dynasty, and
wishing all success, whieh he has so
well begun, to the supreme head of the
Servian people, whioh le ulliart to Jtut-
sia by ties of religion, can nevertheless
not refrain from expressing tho confident hope that King Peter will be ablo
to give evidence of his sense of justice
and firmness of will by adopting measures at the outset to investigate the
abominable deed that has been committed and mete out righteous punishment to those traitorous criminals who
have stained themselves with the infamy attaching to regicides. Of course,
the entire Servian nation or army can
not be hold responsible for tho crime,
which revolts public conscience, vet it
would be dangorous to Servia's internal peace not to cause expiation of tbe
crimes. Such neglect would inevitably
react in an unfavorable manner in tbo
relations of all the states with Servia,
and would create for Servia serious
difficulties at the very commencement
of tho reign of King Peter.
"Thoir Russian coreligionists offer to
God supplications for the repose of the
bouIs of King Alexander and his cod-
sort, who have met an untimely end,
and they invoke the blessings of the
Almighty on King Peter for the welfare and prosperity of the Servian people."       	
The Camp is Getting
Active-Work is Being
Started���A Busy Summer is Expected.
Jnok Smith of Smith & Labeau. has
the job to install the portable saw mill
for tbe Great Western Mines, Lt'd,
Work on North Proporty to Ke Started.���
Manager Greer Coming III.
Hugh Brown, superintendent of the
Mountain Lion, was up to tho company's Northern property on the Kith
and looked it over. Ho reported to his
company that ho would take a crew of
men in and begin work about July 1st,
if ho received no orders to the con
trary. He got a telegram to go
Manager J. N. Greer will be In on
the 3rd of July,' nnd will thoroughly
look ovor both properties belonging to
his company and it will then be decided what development will bo undertaken this summer and also if any oro
will'be shipped. On the south prop*
property, (tho American), Mr. Brown
says they are working iu IS iuohes of
solid oro that gives a value of over
..100 to the ton.
ilr. Brown will start iu on the North
property by opening up tho vein dis*
covered last season. This has a fine
surface showing and ought to turn out
Big dance ln Ferguion July lit.
Manager J. A. McCrossan of tho Triune, sent a small force, of mon with
supplies to the mine Tuesday morning
to open tho eamp and put things in
readinoss for the larger force that will
be put to work about the end of the
weok. The snow Is so nearly gone
that it will prove no drawback and it
is expected that the Triuno will soon
be a hummer. The tram will bo repaired as quickly as possiblo, and by
the time these repairs are completed
everything will be in readiness to resume shipping to the Trail smeltor.
Thirty-four miners aro employed for| host thin,
These Clever Entertainers Pleased a Ferguson Audience.
It was decreed that tho annual June
rains should bo delayed until Sunday
and Monday of this week and thus prevent many peoplo from attending tho
LaDell-Scott entertainment in Eagle
hall. Those who did brave the deep
mud and tho constant downpour of rain
wero amply rewarded by hearing the
best entortainment of tho kind that
has ever been given in Ferguson.
Without waiting to tell about the
many people of quality whom sho had
entertained in past days, as is customary with most entertainers. Miss
LaDell on stepping from her dressing
room opened the entertainment by a
most clever recital of "Tho Burial of
General Wauchoup." Her next selection was "The Dead Kitten," then
"Delsartie." Toward the end of the
programme she gave a selection called
"Laddie" that took her listeners by
storm and they showed an eagerness
that betokened a unity of interest as
word after word (lowed from the gifto'J
elocutionists' lips and the sad story was
unravelled. Hor next selection, entitled "Tho Old Days and the Now," was
specially written for her by J. W. Ben-
guugh. This number was probably the
of the evening, for though
the present at the Nettio L��� mostly on the audience  was not so affected as
deve opment work.   No ore to speak of previously, they showed great appreei-
1s beiog takon out on account of the ation.
Lardo branoh  railway being tied up. ] MISa SC0TT
It is impossible to say when the trains j Miss Emily Frances Scott is a so-
wtl run, but it is expected that the' ,..u_0 soloist of much merit. Sho has
bridge gangs will start to work this a fl*,. _i_al. voice which is full of ex-
2?K? i*?9^"���^."/''"-""-! "P prcsslon. Miss S.-oH ,',:���, after e.,cb
to this date by the high water. The appearance of Miss LaDell and a varied
Silver Cup has a forco of about 30 men entertainment is produced that cer-
worktng on development. The mine is;tainIy entertains. Miss Scott's lirst
looking good but the company will not '?.lo, ..A Dl.oanV> nnd hel. 60cond
likely sh p much, ore this season on ;.Lo.|_ Lomoni�� appeal.od t0 bo tho
account of building a concentratomear -av0,ites wlth ho*. hstenel.s Moml
Perguson to-wduce. it,, and thus save ,,ight, ai{hougi_ .... fo,!owing wor��
largely in transportation charges. ! *veU  ..eceived:' "She Stoops to Con'-
the union jack. quer," "Thc Land o' the Leal," "A
Messrs. Carter  and  Thompson are j Lit0e Bit ibf String," "Honey Stay in
Every Citizen Must Register Who Would Vote
at the Forthcoming
steadily developing their property on
Nettie L. mountain. The results are
most encouraging and they hope to
crosscut the big lead iu less than 30
feet. Tbey will have attained a considerable depth and tiie owners are
hopeful of finding a good showing of
Judge Miller is expected in tho Lardeau next week to commence the
season's work on the Old Gold, It Is
not known yet what amount of money
he proposes to spond this season on tho
property, but in conversation with an
Eagle reporter last fall he was hopo-
ful of continuing worlc all through next
winter. Tho property is well spoken
of and we look for good reports from it
after work is resumed.
Jack Nesbitt and Geo. Monroe wero
up to Ferguson Saturday last from
Rapid ereok, 8 miles bolow Gerrard.
Thoyowt, the Sunrise group of whicli
tho Eagle had mention a fortnight
since. These two boys mako about the
finest pair of mountain hustlers wo
have seen, both standing 0 feet and
strongly built. Their proporty lioa in
tho now freo gold bolt, being about the
first location to be mado. They havo
six leads and gold is plainly visible on
each. They havo abiding confidence
In Rapid crock camp.
KIiimIum' Scholarship.
Harry Bray, son of Mr. M. Bray, assistant deputy commissioner of lands
and works, Victoria, has successfully
passed his second year's examination
at Toronto University, and is now a
possible candidate for thc Cecil Rhodes'
scholarship, 1004. He is expected home
for tho vacation next week.���Colonist.
Tho C. P. R. have had Engineer
Chcate look over the damaged section
of the Lardo branch and he reports
that he will have the damage repaired
in a fortnight,
Vou Own Yard," and "Forgotten."
A very enjoyable dance followed thc
entortainment and next evening several people went to Trout Lake to hoar
the talented entertainers a second time.
Cardinal Vntlghan Dead.
His Eminence, the Most Rev. Ilor-
bert Vaugban, Cardinal and Archbishop of Westminster, diod at midnight Friday.
Cardinal Vaughan was born April 15,
1832. He became Roman Catholic
Archbishop of Westminster in ISI-2.
He had boen ill more than three
months. Late in March it was thought
he could not survive more than a fow
The cardinal, who had boen sinking
for some weeks from heart disease and
dropsy diod peacefully. His death was
uot expected so soon. On Friday Cardinal Vaughan was wheeled in a bath
chair about tho corridors of St. Joseph's college, whioh ho founded. On
Thursday he appeared in the college
chapel in full cardinal's robos, and
made a farewell address to his bishops
and priests.
New Stamp, for the Dominion.
On Dominion Day the post olllco department at Ottawa will issue new
postage stamps, and those who havo
had an opportunity of seeing copies of
them speak most approvingly, both of
the design and workmanship. The
stamps bear the likeness of tho King,
copied from the latest portrait of His
Majesty, being tho one painted since
his accession to the throne and representing him in royal robes of scarlet
und ermine and now in York houso, the
London residence of thc Prince of
Wales. In oaeh of thc upper corners
of the stamp is a Tudor crown and in
tho lower corner a maple leaf, with a
numeral indicating the denomination
of the stamp. The portrait of -the
King Is a striking and admirable likeness of His Majesty.
The new lists for the registration of
voters were opened on the 17th instant.
and any man may register and h6
therefore entitled to vote who is of the
full age of 21 years, is a British subject, has been a resident of tlio province for the past six months aud has
beon a resident of the electoral dis
tret one month immediately proceeding the date on whieh application is
made for registration, Applications
may be made bofore the collector ol
votos fur a riding, a J. V. magistrate,
government agent, mining recorder,
postmaster or provincial coustable.
The application must give full name,
initials are not sufficient, the occupation and residence, together with full
particulars concerning locution of such
Let thoro be no mistake. The old
lists aro cancelled and no name goes
upon the new provincial lists unless
rcgistration is mud'' sine, tho cancel
lation on the 10th inst.
Tho following aro collectors uf votes
for B. C. interior ridings:
Cariboo, John Bowron, Barkervillel
Lillooet, Caspar Phalr, Lillooet; Yale',
J. W. Burr, Ashcroft; Kamloops, Ed-
ward A. Nash, Kamloops; Okanagan,
Leonard Norris, Vernon; Simllkameen,
C. A, R. Lambly, Fairview; Greenwood, W. O. Mynn, Greenwood: Grand
Forks, W, G, Mynn, Greenwood; Revelstoko, W. G. .McLaughlin, Revolstoke; Slocan, H. 1'. Christies, Slocan;
Ymir, Thomas Henry Atkinson, Ymir:
Nelson city, Harry Wright, Nelson:
Rossland city, John Klrltup, Kossland:
Kaslo, Alexander Lucas, Kaslo: Columbia, Charles E. Hamilton, Goldon:
Cranbrook, James F. Armstrong, Fort
Steele; Fornio, Lestock 1!. Forbes,
Will Not He Recognized,
On Juno IDlh, in London, Lord Lans-
downc in the houso of lords, replying
to a question by Lord Caniperdown.
announced that Great Britain would
not acknowledge the new government
or tho provisional rule of Servia. mi
doing so the government had yielded
to none in its abhorrence of lhe most
atrocious outrages ill the annals of history.
The British minister nt Belgrade,
Sir George Bankatu, has beeu instructed to absent himself from Belgrade until somo time after the accession of the
new monarch,
This attitude has also boen assumed
by France, Germany and Italy, while
Austria and l.ussia appeared prepared
to acknowledge the new king.
Whilo Great Britain could not usefully propose to undertake the task* of
securing joint action of tho powers to
secure thu punishment of tho perpetrators of the massacres, it was not intended to maintain ordinary relations
with tho powers concerned ln the
Tlie Lardo ltalhvay.
A dlspaf.ch was received yesterday
from tho C. l\ R, superintendent's
office, Nelson, stating that two or three
woeks must elapse yot, before the company could hope to re-open the Lardo
branch railway. Ono bridge Is washed out 12 miles from Gerrard ami
anothor is badly shaken, but the water
is yet too high to permit of piles being
driven. When tho water subsides ro-
| construction will begin, ���-!
Lardeau Bagle
Published  every Friday fit Ferguson, B. c
lowborn all correspondence should bo mailed.
subscription Rates: 12.00 per annum, to
any address In America; $1.26 lor six months;
*���!.."'> a year to foreign addresses. No pay, uo
Advertising Rates: Display ads.,$1.00 per
single ooiumninob por month. Legal ads.,12
cents per (nonparielj line Ior first insertion; 8
cents per line for each additional insertion.
Heading notices 10 cents per line each Issue.
Ninety day legal notices, $10.; sixty days, $7.50;
��� lnriy (lays, ���*.*. No ads. accepted at less than
these rates.  No room for guack ads.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
FRIDAY. JUNE 26, 1003.
There is very little interest being
displayed locally in politics. Whether or not the people believe Hon.
Robert Green's election in this riding is a certainty we do not profess
to know, but anyway there is not
the usual interest that we have been
accustomed to see follow a dissolu
tion. Of course it may be thought
that the time is premature and they
are waiting; to see what material
will be presented by the opposition
in the form of a candidate.
In former elections this district
was included in the Revelstoke riding, now it is a part of the Kaslo
riding and it will naturally tike
some little time for tins electors to
adapt themselves to the new order
of things. Not until organization
is complete and it meeting is held
will there be much enthusiasm
In the Revelstoke constituency no
less than four names have been mentioned as probable candidates for
Ihe seat. First, and seemingly the
most popular man, among those
vhom we have heard mention the
matter, is Mr. Thos. Taylor, the
member who sat for this combined
riding in the last house. Mr. Taylor is, of course, a Conservative,
and was one of the three who were
elected in the last general election
as a parly man of the Conservative
faith. He has said that he would
prefer to drop out of politics for
the present, but there is a disposition of the party leaders to press
Mr. Taylor to accept nomination.
Another name spoken of by the
Conservatives is that of J. M.
Scott, president of the Revelstoke
association. J. M. Kellie is also
mentioned as the probable nominee
of the Liberals, and J. VV, Bennett
will probably enter the contest on
the labor or Socialist ticket.
Star" in Rossland icamp; the
"Neta" in Browns camp, and the
"Queen of Spades" in Central
camp, in the Boundary district.
Particulars and conditions of sale
and forms of tender may be obtained gratis of the liquidators, College Hill Chambers, College Hill,
London, E. C, and J. V. Armstrong, Revelstoke, B. C.   '<
What is our local branch of the
B. C. Mining association doing? It
was decided when organization took
place that it would be made a live,
active body to push the interests of
this district to a prosperous condi*
tion. Come, gentlemen of the ex*
ecutive, let us know what you are
doing. We had hoped to see you
make things (happen). The season
for meditation is past, now is the
time for energetic work.
[Adopted at Revelstoke, September 18th, 1902.1
1. That this convention reaffirms thc policy
of the party in matters of provincial roads and
trails; the ownership and control of railways
and the development of the agricultural resources of the province as laid down In the
platform adopted in October, 18S9, which is as
"To actively aid in tiie construction of trails
throughout thc undeveloped portions of the
province and thc building of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
"To adopt the principles ot government ownership of railways In so far as the circumstances of tbe province will admit, and the
adoption of thc principle that no bonus should
he granted to any railway company whicli
docs not give the government of tne province
control of rates over lines bonused, together
with the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by state aid in tbe devel-
opment of tbe agricultural resources of the
2. That In tbe meantime and until thc railway policy above set forth can be accomplished, a general railway act be passed, giving
freedom to construct railways under certain
approved regulations, analogous to tlie system
that has resulted In such extensive railway
construction in tho I'nitcd States, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
:i. That to encourage tbe mining industry,
the taxation of metalliferous mines should be
on a basis of a percentage on the net profits,
4. That the government ownership of telephone syt terns should be brought about as a
ilrst step in the acquisition of public utilities.
.-.. That a portion of every coal area hereafter to be disposed ol should be reserved from
sale or lease, so that state owned mines may be
easily accessible, if their operation becomes
necessary or advisable.
II. That in -he pulp land leases provision
sliould be made for reforesting and that steps
should he taken for the general preservation of
forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction or tnnuer.
7. That the legislature and government of
the province should persevere in the efforts to
secure the exclusion of Asiatic labor,
8. That the matter of better terms in thc
way of subsidy and appropriations for the
province should bo vigorously pressed upon
the Dominion government.
0. That the silver-lead Industries of thu
province be fostered and encouraged by the
Imposition of Increased customs duties on lead
and lead products imported into Canada, and
that the Conservative members ol the Dominion House be urged to support auy motion introduced for such a purpose.
10. That as industrial disputes almost Invariably result in great loss and injury both to
the parties directly concerned and to tbe public, legislation should be passed to provide
means for nn amicable adjustment of such disputes between employers and employees.
11. Tbat it is advisable to foster thc manufacture of the raw products of thc province
within the province as far as practicable by
means of taxation on the said raw products,
subject to rebate of tho same In whole or part
when manufactured in British Columbia.
The Lillooet, Fraser River and
Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited, is in
voluntary liquidation and J.V. Armstrong of Revelstoke, B. C, is the
representative of the liquidators in
Hritish Columbia. The list of properties for sale includes the Alpha
group of mineral claims (better
known as the "Broadview" group),
situated on Great Northern Mountain, above Ferguson, and two
blocks of land, viz.: Lot 1144,
just west of Ferguson townsite, and
lot 2449, about two miles north
easterly from Ferguson on the North
Fork of the Lardeau river at the
foot of Great Northern mountain.
Also three blocks of land comprising some 650 acres, situated on
Galena Bay, Upper Arrow lake.
The4ist of properties for sale also
includes the Lanark Group, in the
Jllecillewact mining division; the
"City  of  Spokane'1  and   "North
At a meeting of the executive of the Provincial Conservative association, held at Vancouver, the province was divided Into five divisions forortranization purposes. Tho Kootc-
nny-Uoundary division Is made up of the following provincial election districts: Kevel-
dtoke, Columbia, Fernie, Cranbrook, Ymir,
Kaslo, Slocan, Grand Forks, Greenwood, the
City of Kossland, and thc city of Nelson. At
thc same meeting the following resolutions
were adopted:
1. That conventions for nominating candidates for members of the legislative assembly
be made up of delegates chosen as follows:
(a) In city electoral districts one delegate
for everv fifty and fraction of fl fly votes polled
at the provincial election held in WOO, and if
tlie city la divided Into wards, the proportion
of delegates for each ward shall be based on
the vote polled in each ward at tlie last municipal elcctlon.
(b) In other electoral districts, one delegate
for everv lifty or fraction of itfty votes polled
at the provincial election held in ItHX), the delegates to l)c apportioned to polling places, or
as near thereto as will be fair to the votersof
the different neighborhoods.
2. The election of delccatos shall boat public meetings, held at a designated central place
fn each polling division, or In each ward In
city electoral districts, if the city Is divided
into wards. At such public meetings only
those wlio pledge themselves to vote for the
candidate or candidates selected at the nominating convention -shall be entitled to vote for
3. Tub weeks notice shall bo given ofthe
public meetings at which delegates arc to be
elected, and nominating conventions shall be
held In city electoral districts two days after
thc day on which delegates arc elected, and tn
other electoral districts seven days after. All
nominations throughout thc province to bt
mado at a designated central place in each
electoral district', and on the same day.
4. A11 notices of the date of public meetings
for the election of delegates to nominating conventions, the apportionment of delegates, and
the place and datcof nominating conventions
in thescveral electoral districts shall be prepared by the members of tlie executive of the
division in which the electoral districts aro
situate, nnd Issued ovor thc names of the president and secretary of the Provincial Conservative association.
A meeting of thc provincial executive will
bo held at Vancouver within a month, and tho
date for holding district nominating conventions will be then fixed.     JOHN HOUSTON.
President of the Provincial
Conservative Association.
Kelson, Juno Sth, 1903,
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The Lardeau is the richest
known mining district in British
Golumbia and the mines, particularly those about Ferguson,
contain large quan tities ot ore
being big as well as rich. Several
new properties will ship
ore during the coming year and
the town is sure to double
in size Bjiy a few lots now
before the effect of this year's
progress sends them up, may-
hap beyond your reach.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
�����-<���-�����**"-*-�� ��� ��� to ���
For Further] Information* Apply to
Henry  Floyd
General Agent,
-Revelstoke. B. C.
.'���I 5
Hllilr of Lire.
J. P. IJledsoe, formerly of Alberni,
lies invented an elixir ot life, warranted li> prevent the ravages of time in
the human system, which he calls
"Blodoros," and the formula Ior which
he is reported to have sold for $500,000
to a Now York syndicate.���Nanaimo
Free Press,	
INFANTS THRIVE on cow's milk
that is not subject to any change of
composition. Borden's Eagle Brand
Comlenr*od Milk is always the same In
all climates nnd at all seasons. As a
gfeneitil household milk it Is superior
and Is always available.
Schools, *���-J7����-
���UIvos instruction by mall in tho follow-
lug subjects: Mechanical engineering,
mechanical drawing, Electrical engineering, telegraphy, telephony, sanitary plumb-
ing. heating and ventilation, civil engln-
ctrinj;. architecture-, architectural drawing, sTieot motnl pattern drafting, lettering
and sign [-uniting, ornamental designs,
book kc-fplng, stenography, milling, smelt-
iim. metallurgy, liydrometallurgy, electro,
therapeutics, I'rench, German, Spanish.
Bond tor free catalogue.
iO per cent discount by cutting out this
ad. and carolling before end of month.
XV, u
HcimiiGALL, Looal Agent;
Nelson, B. V.
In Liquidation.
List or properties to Be Sold by Privato
i^tTeudor, Pursuant to the Directions
ol tlie Liquidators.
Tfotil Cake .Mining Division.
ALPHA OKOUP (better known as "Broad-
Viev croup"), comprising 0 Crown-granted
mineral claims, or fractional claims, situated
ou Great Northern mountain, abovo Ferguson,
B. t'.. togethor with two blocks of land, namely: Loi lilt, situated fust west of Forguson
towufiitc, ana lot 11449, situated about 2'miles
north easterly irom Ferguson on tho-North
Fork of Lardeau river, at the foot of Great
Northern mountain,
LANDS situated on Galena Bay, Upper Arrow
Lake. Threo i.locksof land comprising.-ln all,
a bout 650 acres.
Rossland Camp.
STAR" mineral  claims,  together with  the
bufldiugs and equipment thereon.
Boundary OHrict.
The "NJ3TA" mineral claim, Crown-granted,
Bltuated in whal is known as "Brown's Camp,"
and the "QWSEH OF SPADES" mineral claim,
Crown-granted, -dtuated in what is known as
"Central Camp."
Illeeillcwu-'i -Vhiing Division.
Th LANARK GROUP, comprising 15 Crown-
grajited mlueral olaims, or Fractional claims,
situated on thc main line of the Canadian Pacini: railway, neAr Illccillewaet.B. 0.
Further particulars and conditions of sale
nnd lorhisol 'onder (which are to be sent li*'
not later lhan the 15th August, 1903,) maybe"
obtained gratis ofthe Liquidators, College Hill
Chambers, College Hill, London, E. cf., and
J.V. ' i m* troug, Rovelstoke, British Columbia.
Dat d ! '���!!..i no, 1008, JulyHL,
eral mi
will uc
on W ii
com pa:
pany w
I Oreat Western Minos.
Limited Liability,
ttreby given that the annual gen-
of shareholders in this company
at in'irotHce In Ferguson, B.C.,
:y July Sth, 1908, at 2 p. in., forthe
il nil business connected with the
id the transfer bonks of tho com-
closed from Juno ^5, 1D03.
E.G. HADOW, Secretary.
Thr Double tangle Mining-fi Development
Limited Liability.
Notice is hereby given that the annual general meeting of shareholders in this company
wilt bo '���'-. i-i ni their o(Iicc in Ferguson, B. C,
on Wfdii-dtty, July Sth, 1903, at 2 p. m.. for the
transaction ot all business connected with the
company: mil the transfer books of the companv will be closed from June 25,1903.
2t E. G. HADOW, Secretary.
Tbe npMr-Lade Mining Syndicate,
dirt i-i
busi ii i
of Uh
linti! :
��� i- hereby given that tho annual gen-
tin;; of toe shareholders of the above
yii'Ucato will he held at their oflice in
ii,)'. C, on Monday, the nth day of
18, at J) o'clock p, m., for tlie election of
aud tho transaction of the general
of the syndicate. Thc transfer books
iyndlcate will bo closed from the 1st
���"tit day of July, 1903, both Inclusive.
ROBT. HODUE, Secretary.
.3,1003-        2t
oo to Delinquent Co-Owner,
*!ci'oll,or whomsoever he may have
��� I bis Interest in the Triune Frac-
Mineral clniin, situated on Brown
tiie Trout Lake Mining Division,
lenoy District of b. (;.
��� horoby nqtlflod that 1 have expend-
- labor ana improvements upon the
itloncd   fractional mineral claim
ilon '���''
Wost Ki
Vou ,
cd 1100
nit:' n July 1st, 190.', under tbe provisions of the
Miti-n'l Act, aud if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fall or refuse to contribute your proportion of the above-mentioned
sum, which is now due' together with nil
cosi of advertising] your interest in lhe said
chiiiii will become tbo property of tlie under*
signed under seetion 4 of the ".Mineral Act
Amendment Ael 1900.
Dated at   Ferguson, B.C., this Oth day of
April, 1903.
C. O. Woodrow.
4 Miles Below Ferguson on tbe Ferguson Beaton Road.
No bell boys or etcetras but
a good wholesome meal served ,at any hour. Lots of fresh
milk and eggs.
Saddle and pack horses for hire.
WM, GLENN, Proprietor.
, ...>...���
Smith & Co.
45 Bleary St,
-�� Montreal
Will ba represented in
Ferguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
reoelvo close attention
and wo
Our representative
S. A. Scott is
practical tailor and
will make clothes
fit.' Hold your
orders for him.
To the Public.
. Having to go east for a few months I beg to
say that 1 will return by fall and re-engage in
toy taxiilerral.it business.
,*' H. W. EDWARDS,
Taxidermist, Revelstoke,]!. C.
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October 14th, 1903, will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily���10k and 5k.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhoad, twice dally��� 7:15k and
12;45k. Making close connections
with all C. P. R. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve the right to
change times of sailings without
Tbe Fred Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
Headquarters for Assayer*, Minli-a*
& Mill Supplies. Hole agents in F.
C. for Morgan Crucible Co., llattcrsea,
England; P. W. Braun ���_ Co.'s Patent
Cary Farnnecs, Burners, ete.; Wm. Ainsworth *. Co.'s Fine Balances: etc., etc.
The three claims owned by the company are the "Lardeau
Queen," the "Lardeau King" and the "Lardeau Prince," all abutting
end to end; through which three leads pass the entire length, situated at the head of Lexington creek, in the Lardeau mining division
of West Kootenay, British Columbia.
These three claims are located on the western slope of Goat Mountain, the lines being north-westerly and south-easterly, and form one
complete portion of Mineral land of about 150 acres. They ho east
less than four miles up from Fish river.
The group lies fn the "Sitting Bull" and "Wild West" belts,
two of the strongest and best known leads in that district, and work
already done on apjaeont extentions has given most satisfactory
results as to extent of ore bodies and increased values with depth.
The formation is slate and (schist, lying in an immense lime
dyke, and the cropplngs of the leads are generally topped with heavy
iron capping and quartz, which gives assays from $8 up on the
Exploitation consists of two open cuts along the surface for a
distance e'f twenty feet, which exposed a body of argentiferous
galena over 8 inches in width. The value of this ore body was $25,110
on the surface, but at a depth of less than three feet it has Increased
to $40.80. To tap this ore showing and the massive iron capped
ledge close to which lt lies the present tunnel was commenced and
is now ln a distance of 82 feet. Another .25 feet of crosscutting
should reach this ledge at a depth of about 125 feet. When (il feet
had been driven, an almost'solid body of iron ore three feet thick
was encountered in the tunnel lying against a wall of slate. A
sample at this point assayed $77.00 in gold, silver, copper and lead.
At a, distance of 14 feet from this lead a fine body oi ore has been
encountered which, when crossed, proved to be seven and a half feet
wide, carrying the finest looking mineral yet found on the property.
A third ledge which contains the richest ore and widest surface
showing, will be reached about July 1st. This ledgo when
encountered, will be from 12 to 15 feot wide and great results are
The property has an excellent surface showing. The average
assays are most encouraging, considering the great width and con-
tinuancy of the leads across the country with such great width and
prominence of the surface judging from other properties in the near
vicinity, some of which are on the same lead and have developed
very rioh ore bodies.
In conclusion I would say that the Lardeau Mines are as good as
any, if not the best, ln the vicinity, and I verily believe with a
nominal expenditure, they should be made dividend paying in a
short time, and I would strongly recommend extensive development
toward that end,
H. O. McClymont, M. E.
4... . ���*,-�����.
IRON BeOS a Specialty
$5 and up. .
Goods can be furnished to any part of Lardeau on very shorl notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing f*ir*-4**-�� �������<��-.���<���������^-.�����<_-,^.��.��__..^_>c.
*���*����<��� ��-.-���-*.....
Funeral Directors and
[Graduate ol Myer's College'oi Embalming]
Can attend case at Forguson at ten
hours notice if advised by wire.
�������������> ��,->->-��->.^ -.��.->..,.
D. J. Robertson tf O
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite the Postoffice.
For Further information, price of stock, etc, address
B. Norbert Oulmette, o Manager.
Bank of Montreal Bldg., ROSSLaND, B. C,
"�����< the BOLD DUSTtwlnt.do
No Soap, Borax, Soda or Ammonia is needed with
With little water and less effort you oan dean
anything about the house better, easier and
cheaper than with Soap or any other cleanser.
Once try it, you'll always buy ib
IfewYctk,    Baton,    SLUak. > Montreal.
Capital Authorized, $4,000,000
Capital (paid up) - 2,023,86.
Rest 2.485.288
Toronto, Ontario-
Branches ln the Northwest Territories. Provinces iof British Columbia   Manitoba, Ontario aud Quebec.
T. R. MERRITT, President. D. R, WILKIE, Vice-Pres. nnd Cion. Man.
E. HAY, Assistant Gon. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector.'
Ferguson,   B.   C.   Branch���A   General   Banking   Business   Transacted.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Drafts sold available in All parts of Canada,
United states and Europe.
Special attention given to collections ami
Mining Bonds.
Everybody    Qui'   Special
smokes     AND	
-  The Union
They nro all Union made nnd nf tlio
best Hnvaim Tobacco money can
buy. Try one and satisfy yourself
a., to their quality,
Union Cigar
Factory, II.A.
B r o w n, Pron.
I Lardeau
Wc try to give satisfac- .*.,'
tion to our  guests. ,|f
H    Laughton  Bros.
th Proprietors.
^    prospectors' Efxch&ngi
ANDERSON & FULMER, Proprietor!-.
l      TABLES SI'I'I'MKP WITH Till! Vl'l'I. I'llO'll*. T nl* UK, !������ _       *>.
wi      ������BEST IN THE MARKET**-* *���>.!.! OliS AM) (���.-en;.-*44      Y? 71
Local  aud General.
Dave Ferguson relumed to town
Monday nigbt.
H.J. Moore ol Nelson, was in Fer
guson Tuesday.
.1. II. Doyle of Rovelstoke spent
Tuesday in Ferguson.
Thos. Russell has* moved his family
lo the cottages at tlio Nettie L. mino.
.1. Archer is on his farm near Kaslo,
looting after his [mil. trees and garden.
Dad Carruthors of Trout Lake, was
in> to lhe dance in Eagle hall Monday
Alack Dodds, accompanied by Dave
Forguson, went up to tho Tiiunc yesterday.
D Donald G. Forbes, manager of the
Great 'Western mines, was out to Revelstoke Ihis week.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. Parisian ot Eight-
Mile, attended the entertainment and
dance Monday night.
Alack Dodds, foreman of tho Triune
mine, earao in Wednesday morning to
commence operations.
The EAOLE is in receipt of the Year
Book of Canada from Hie Department
ol Agriculture, Ottawa.
Tho June rains have started at last
and Ferguson residents have to remain
In doors most of the time.
Dr. Mllloy is ln frnm Kossland this
week. He is heavily interested in thc
I. X. L. mining property.
An Odd Fellows' lodge will soon he
instituted at Camborne. A dispensation has been applied for.
Mr. J. C. Kirkpatrick paid a business
trip lo Xclson this week. Ho returned
Thursday, bringing 8 horses over tho
trail from Lardo.
Tho Ferguson saw mill has several
large ordors booked for lumber. Tho
mill is now being run by water power
and much better satisfaction is had
than by steam.
Mrs. J. Archer and Mrs. J.Smith
wore of tho number of Fergusonites
who enjoyed tlie LaDell entertainment
so well that they rode to Trout Lake
Tuesday night to hear it a second time.
Tlie young daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
O. I). Hoar of Golden, was fatally
burned on Monday. The little girl
was playing with matches, whon thoy
ignited aud set lire to her clothes.
Medical assistance was forthcoming at
once, hut the little sufferer died the
following duy and tho funeral was set
for l! o'clock Wednesday afternoon.
Much sympathy is felt Ior tlio bereaved
parents who arc well known here. Mr.
J. Laughton ol the Union hotel, brother of Mrs. Hoar, left Ior Golden today
to altcud the funeral.���Revolstoke
Itoglnn Now u City.
At ',', o'clock on Juno 20th, Regina,
N. W. T., passed from its status of a
town into the more exalted standing of
city. At that hour his honor tho lieutenant governor gave the royal assent
to the iiills passed at tho session of tho
legislative assembly, which has just
closed, and ono of theso hills incorporated Regina as a city.
With tho giving of tho royal assont
the wildest enthusiasm reigned. Flags
worn everywhere manifest, and many
buildings were decorated with bunting.
Locomotives and traction engine whistles, balls, horns and hundreds of
voices, greeted tho new oity,
A half holiday had boon proclaimed
by the mayor and was observed by
A rnilltultl,* lnvi-Htmont.
"Thore are few investments that pay
larger dividends than a newspaper subscription wisely placed. The local
newspaper is a factor of great moment
in the development of a locality and it
should he heartily supported by the
peoplo it serves." That is the sort of
newspaper lhe EAOLE is and it is being
supported, but it can always do with
more support. To tho Eaole add a
metropolitan weekly of general excellence, giving the wider news of the
world and you have a satisfying combination.
Tho Freo Press, Winnipeg, is a city
newspaper of general excellence and
is just thc kind of paper to be taken in
conjunction with the Eaqle.
We will send the EAOLE and tho
Weekly Free Press clubbed for ono
yoar to any address for $2.75.
Tho splendid pictures given as premiums with tho Freo Press aro alono
worth the price of the subscription.
We have samples of theso attractive
premiums at this oflice and invite your
inspection of tbem at any time.
Service will be hold ln Eagle hall
overy Sunday commencing at J p. m.,
and alternate Sundays at 8 p. m. All
are invitod to attend.
Next Sunday's service will be held
in the evening.
Sunday School  overy Sunday at
p. ra. Rev. Sharp, Pastor.
Divine service will bo hold ovory
alternate Sunday in Eaglo hall at .'I in
tho afternoon.
An invitation to attend is extended to
everybody.     H. A. Solly, Curate,
Locals With a Payatroak.
It pays to use tho telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the phono. Olfico in Cummins & Co.'s
Orders fot furniture will be filled as
quickly and with better results at the
wholesale and retail store of D. J.
Robinson & Co., Nelson, than anywhere elso in tho province.
* Smokers: If you want the genuine ' "Union" and "Our Special"
oiOAK see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
FOR SALE--A four roomed dwelling house and two lots on one of the
best corners in tbe residence part of
Ferguson for sale on easy terms.
Apply to Eaglo office.
Order a ping-pong set, framed or
unframed pictures, picture frames,
drawing requisites, books, magazines
or anything in this line of goods from
the Canada Drug & Book Co., Revol]
stoke, B, C. Mail orders attended to
A. M. Craig still conducts the food,
livery and freighting stables at Beaton, and has saddle horses and light
and heavy conveyances for hire at all
times. His daily stage for Goldlields
and Camborne meets the steamboat on
its arrival and departure.
| Tonsorial
i Parlors..
4 Shaving.      Shampooing,
���j.        Hairdressing,      Singeing.
Ji Dyeing,     Baths, hot and
j,       cold water.
I havo the best appointed shop in th
Lardeau.   Open frum 8 a. m. tn 8 p. m
4 Proprietor. -j-
_Js-ijs* t$n$s-i$r-iy; zjr z-^-2-*v_p-ijv*_}r-z*<!_
Wants Your Washing.
Mangling and
guaranteed to be
First Class.
Victoria   Avenue,
United Hatters of North America
V \*$S3'$'*!'*/��� J habel is snwod in It.
\o^.Stl-ii~2wy^/   "   ��   retailer   has
\?^^&'W$y    loose  labels In Ills
v^'^i-'iTVi./.. >s  %  possession and  ol-
:VSS~'f(ffi><��      �����"��� t0 Put ono ln a
':-i'STEft��v        llal 'or you, do not
--.'������* I tnw patronize liim.  He
has notany rignito na\e loose lnbels. Loose
labela in retail stores are counterfeits, Po not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on the four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits aro sometimes perforated on three of the edncs, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharplookout
lor thc eounterlelts. Unprincipled manufacturers arc using tbem in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The .lnhn II. Stetson
Co, of Philadelphia, I'a., is non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N. J.
7tt BttUna AT��..Br��Urn, N.Y
��� P. L. S.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Offloe:      -      -     Trout Lako.
Surveys of Mines, Mineral Claima and
Crown Lands. Crown Grants Obtained and Assessments Managed
for Absentees.
Oflices:  Camborne and Vancouver
Solicitor for
The Imperial Bank
Ferguson, 15. C.
OFFICE���In the Ophir Lade block.
barristers, Solicitors, etc,
Ofllces: Revelstoke, Golden, and Ferguson. Solicitors for Imperial Bank
of Canada
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. SI, Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc,
.4. .. ."-ft, ,
Having purchased the
Forffuson Meat Market we
are prepared to supply our
customers with all kinds of
Fresh and cured meats. A
good supply ot Beef, Pork,
Mutton, Sausages, Hams
and Bacon  always on hand.
Watches, Clocks and
Ihave high grade
Waltham, Vanguard
Crescent, Street,
C. P. R. Special,
Elgin, Father Time,
Vorltas and B. W.
I have Eight-Day, Gon
B   Strlko and Nickle Clocks.
Jeweler and Optician,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Sltnatcd;mldst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on the continent of North America.
Its baths cure all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
Kidney, Liver and Stomach ailments.
They are a never failing remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying thc system.
TERMS-115 to 118 per week, accord.
In. to reildeace ia BoMl or Vlltal,
Spring Clothing
Suits, Overcoats, Rain Coat?, Trousers.
Also complete stock of Men's Furnishings.
We have a good supply of Borden's
Eagle;   Brand    Condensed Milk.
McKinnon & Sutherland
The Post Office Store
TJ A rrC     :,"ew lot ol Ladles- and Cliidi-en's Hats and n variety of Hat
JlA 1 Q Trimmings.
-_JTTIT>'p_J__Good   assortment of ticntlemon'8 Starched and  Negligee
TJ>rB-rvr|-,rj     A new lino of serviceable Prospootors' Boots and r. lull assort-
JOUV/J.O ment of Youths'Shoes.
G.   B. Batho & Co.
1 Well "lighted and heated by hot
air furnace. Tables supplied
with the best the market affords.
Rates $1.50 Per Day
JAS.   CUMMINGS,   Prop., Ferguson, B.   C.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe.,
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and FergusoanndPackin&
-Freighting TKjnsferiOirtfit.
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc, to any point ln the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed.   Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Forguson
a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.    S. Daney, Prop.
Perguson Hotel
'���"!' __


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