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Lardeau Eagle 1902-03-27

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52.00 A YEAR.
An Effort WIU Be Mado to Unite
All B, O. Reform Foroes.
The Formation and  Permanency
of a Strowr Third Party is
Now Almost a Certainty.
The most Important epoch ever recorded In the history of the labor movement  in this  province follows  theee
lines.  Year after year such a line oi
aciitui has oeen individually mootet
and sought after; but not until now hu-
auy real tanglblo step in the great pro
gressive social reform movement beei
takon.   Truo, this province has evidenced Its readiness for the formation
of mii.li a party, and already enjoj'f
representation thru a couple of mem
bei'S in the local house, but the convention here called in tho rettl beginning of what Is to come.   We, repro*
ilm'" the cull in full:
���Ymir, B. C, March 17th. 1902.-
Greeling:   Tlie  question  of  political
action   being  taken  on  the part of
organized labor with a view to socio'*
in.' ii mine substantial and satisfactory
reiii'esentatldn  of labor interests, in
the legislature assembly of our province, awl in the parliament of Canada,
is a principle thut bas received careful
consideration and thorough discussion
at (lie list ids of local unions affiliated
with onr District Association.
The derision has been arrived at.
tbat beforo any such step so Important
in iii nituiro, and so fat* reaching in its
eflVjIt; can lie taken with any degree nf
cdiilKiencu and propriety, it is ahso-
lutnlyesMHtitial that the various Labor
Dm i���ns und Reform Organizations thru-
Oil', tlio province, should be by some
rotans brought together in the closest
pii.-si olo touch, both in sentiment and
act ion-
It, Is nelf evident that the only effective means ive can adopt, in order to
���SCO'mill the views of thoso interested,
and in reach sound conclusions upon
t! n subject, is thriugh the medium of
a general provincial convention, at
so in suitable and centrally located
The executive officers of tbis assoela*
ti n' have received Instructions from
tin* focal unions affiliated therewith, to
assume the Initiative in this matter,
and ive therefore do hereby Issue a ca
for a convention (for political purposes),
of Delegates from all Trades and Labor
Unions, Single Tax Associations, So-
ci.ill-t bodies and other reform organizations In the province whoso aim Is
to Improve the social condition of the
people of Canada by the ballot.
Said convention will bo held nt Kitm-
looprt, II. C.| and will be called to order
at Id a. tn. on Monday, April 1 Uh, 1002
Tne i.hhIo of representation will be
ae follows: C.ntral bodies such as
T, alius and Labor Councils, District or
Provincial Associations nf Single Tax.
Socialist, Labor, or other reform bodies, com posed of 100 delegates or less,
. sh ii! bo entitled to two delegates, and
oneai litional delegate for each additional majority fractional part thereof.
Subordinate or Locul Trados and
Labor Unions, Siugle Tax, Socialist
or other reform organizations with
membership of 100 members or less,
shall be entitled to one delegate, and
one additional delegate for each additional m tju.-lty fractional part thereof
Each dnlr-mte. shall bo entitled to
one vc.j to tbo convention, and in no
case sball any delegate have the right,
or he allowed to voto any proxy votes;
Two dr moro organizations entitled
to representation at tbis convention,
whose aggregate membership does not
exceed 1UJ members, may combine to-
fe��lier aud have tbe right to be repre*
'anted by one delegato wbo shall bave
but one vote.
Delegates must exercise care and see
that their credentials are properly
drawn up, and In such a manner as ti
show tbe membership of tbe organization or organizations tbey represent.
Objects uf the convention are as foi-
1. To unite and harmonize all organ-
zations and reform bodies In the proi ���
nee together for purposes of political
2. To adopt a provincial platforn
ind promulgate a policy for the gule-
nice of organized labor and other reform bodies in future political campaigns.
3. To do any or all other things
vhiuhln the judgment nf tbe eonven-
.ion will in any way protect or promoti
the interests of those represented.
Reduced railway rates���By Bpecia
ir'rangement with the C. P. R. Co , w>
.are been able to secure tbe following
educed rates forthe return trip., i
ifteen delegates attend tbe convention
me and one-third (It) fare will b,
>narged fpr tbe round trip. If lift;
delegates or more are in attendance h
i ngle fare will be allowed for tbe round
Delegates must not fall tn take a receipt from the locul ticket agent of the
C. P. R. Co, when leaving their homos
to attend the convention at Kamloops.
U. C. If delegates fail to present this
receipt to tje secretary of tbe convention, they are liable to lose the benefits
of the special rates.
We have selected Kamloops on ac
count of Its central location, in order
Unit, all organizations might have to,
**quul opportunity to be represented,
and we trust that this will be uppre-
"iated in a practical manner, I e; thai
ill organizations will send the full
quota uf delegates to wbieb tbey are
It is unnecessary too for us to dwell ai
any further length upoo thoimpor'anra*
of this convention to organized labor,
and othor reformers. We can only udu
In conclusion, we trust tbat every
organization will assist in every way
possible to make this convention a sue
cess in every particular, and that lis
deliberations may result in tho adoption of a policy, which, wben carried
into practical effect, will produce much
benefit, and bring prosperity and happiness to tho working people of our beloved province.
Fraternally yours.
James 'Wilks,
j Presidem, Nelson.
Vice-President, Knsslaud,
A'liFRED Pake;
Sco'y-Treasuier, Yuiir,
(All reform bodies who may not receive the foregoing circular-letter thru
the mull will kindly consider this ns uo
Invitation to. join in  the  movement,
The addresses of all organizations entitled to recognition   cannot be obtained.���Ed.)
This Camp in a Now Sphere as a
Result of Redistribution.
Hard to Say at Present What the
Effect Will be Locally, But It
Certainly  Looks Fair.
utation for the Lardeau, which also
possesses many others of prospective
richness. It Is a disagreeable illustration of tho clegs ou this province's progress us a minium Held that so rich a
district should havo been left, so long
without proper means of transportation. Its resources have for years been
known to be remarkable, yet nellhor
public nor private enterprise came to
its aid, tho the temptation would
seem to bave been si, great. It Is satis*
factory to see that its disadvantages In
this respect are now lo be largely removed and that it will have something
like a chance to develop us it should.
There is much room for speculation as
to why the former owners of the Silver
Cup were ready to sell at, a price up*
parently below its proved valui, as is
alleged, hut many circumstances might
arise, apart from the mine altogether,
to supply tbem with a motive. One
fact that may well be noted is the reversal of the usual process involved In
the transaction. In very few cases do
local men buy mines from outsiders,
and the circumstances of this purchase
will in tho light of that fact be likely
to furnish a good advertisement for tlie
country, '   ���
Colonization Scheme Inaugui-
ated at Beaton.
The Nucleus of What Promises tr
Beooine a Farm Product Supply Point for Our Mines.
Knllrou.il Men In Town.
A party of railway construction men
from the foot of Trout lake struck town
yesterday, and made for tbe bank post
baste to cash their cheques. They re
port that something over one hundred
men are still at work on the road, one
grading station being lnu,ited.righl. a
Gerrard. There is very little snow
and at the present rale of progress tin
road will lie ready lor Un' track layer
in a few weeks.
The long-deluyed redistribution bill
,ias at last been flashed upon the B. C.
���lectonite. Asa result there will be
12 members In the house instead of 38,
aid of course the mainland is now the
tiling power, in numerical strength at
any rate. This camp, according to tbe
,ew arrangement of seats, is now in
the Kaslo riding.
The Kevelstoke clectoriul district is
comprised of tbo following:
Tbat tract of land contained within
ihe following boundaries, viz:
Commencing at a point in the Canoe
river ten miles north of Bout Encampment; tbence southeasterly along the
iinundarv line between Kurd and West
Kootenay districts to its inlersietioo
villi the olst parallel; theneo .vest.and
-nuiherly following the .height of laud
��� ormiug the watershed between streams
[lowing into Arrow lako nnd streams
llowinif into Kootenay lake toll point
in the height of land two miles north
of Nukusp; thence due west to tlie
.iestei'11 boundary of Kootenay district;
ihenee north, 'following said western
liuundary of Kootenay district, to tlie
point of commencement, shall constitute one eleVloral district., to lie designated "Revelstoke Electoral District,"
aud shall return one member.
Uur new sphere, the Kaslo electoral
district, is made up as follows:
Thut tract ul land conUfned within
the following boundaries:
Commencing at at u point In tho
eastern boundary of West Kootenay
district' where it intersects the 51st
parallel: thence southerly following the
t'ttelern boundary of Revelstoke and
Slocan electoral districts i.m point one
mile west of Balfour; ihenee east crossing Kootenay lako to the mouth of
Louise creek; thence ctsLLuihe eastern
t^&Ssstst developmb.\ton tiie uou roy
Locals Willi n l-nyslreak.
* F.U-anytblug i.i iio* book or sta
tloriei-y line s.md to tlie Canada Drug ,V
Hook Co.. Kevelstoke. II. V. Mall
orders receive prompt attention.
To get acquainted witb this districi
you should have a copy o'f the new nun
only map. .Send a .one dollar bill ti
the Eagle and secure one at oucy.
* Do you want to avoid lhat business trip? Well, jusl drop into any til
tne offices of the Kevelstoke, Trnui
Lake & Dig Bend Telephone Co. ami
save time and money.
** The Ferguson quadrille club gives
a dance every Thursday evening in
Miners' Union hull. Secure a membership ticket f'-om the seereiary, B. U.
Smith     82 a month,
* Smoker?: If you want tbe GENU
INK "Union" ami "Our Special"
CIGAK See lhat ������Union Cigar Factory''
is stamped in gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Hiohii, Kevelstoke, B. C.
stitute one electoral district, to be designated "Kaslo Electoral District,"
aud shall return one member,
R. H. Battey of Minneapolis, Thinks
Tbere Will Be Lots of Minnesota and Iowa Money
Spent HeieThis
R. H. Battey of Minneapolis arrived
in the Lardeau capital oo Saturday last,
and loft again on Tuesday's stage. Mr.
Battey is Interested in the Metropolitan (Co., and also In the Vulcan furnace
project, hero. Be says tha't at the
former company's annual meeting of
directors, which was to be held on
Tuesday last, the Triune option will be
taken up, and from 810,000 to $15,000
will be arranged for to commence and
carry on development work on a large
scalo. Mr. Battey Is of the_ ijginlon
tbat a good deal of Minnesota aud Iowa
money will be attracted to this camp
during the coming season, as-the district's resources are just beginning to
be made known to them. Of the Vulcan furnace Mr. Ilattey had little to
say, and in answer to the Eagle's
query as to his mission here, bo replied:
"Ob, I'm just looking round a bit iu
my own Interests, as I am interested In
somo of the properties in these bills of
A Wormy Trlliule.
Speaking of the Silver Cup deal tho
Rossland Miner says editorially:   The
sulo of the Silver Cup mine, announced
yesterday In a special dispatch to tlio
Miner, is  u  transaction of somu importance in the mining world.   It may
be assumed that the new owners of this
well known Lardeau property will pro
need actively to its nun e extensive development and to tbe freo shipment of
its high-grade ore.   .Mr. l'oul has deservedly wou tlio reputation uf being a
shrewd and energetic mine operator.
With ample financial resources, With
tbe improved facilities for shipment
afforded by the new railway and with a
mine of  established  higb  value,  It
would be surprising if he did not make*
a success of his  new   venture.   The
proviueo in genoral will in all probability benefit by the name which the
Silver Cup will make for Itself under
its new ownership.   Lately it was announced that some S00 tons of ore from
lhe mine,  valued  at   *I 1(5,000, were
stored at Trout Lake for shipment ou
tho opening of  the railway.   In the
past with only ihu moat awkward anil
expensive means of forwarding its output, tbe mine  has  earned  liuudsomo
profits.   Therefore its prospects, in the
much improved circumstances, ought
to be exiremcly good.   Ihis pro|.ei'iy
and the two oilier great mines of thc
sumo district, the Nettio L. and the
New  Company Has Taken It
Over and Will Extensively
Develup  tho   Proporty This Season.
The Rob Hoy Minus, Limited, is the
uame of a new company which lia.-
heeo organized by A. 10. Welch of London, Canada, for the purpose of taking
over and further developing tho Hob
Hoy gt'oOp of claims up thu north
fork, recently operated by tbe Scottish
Canadian Mining Co. Tho new company bus the moderate capitalization
ol only $120,000 in ten-cent share*)*, the
whole being treasury slock, with no
promoters shares
la oilering the shares on tlio market
tbe comoany says: "Taese shares uro
offered as a conservative investment to
conservative investors, and not us a
-get-rlch-quick' scheme. Tbo investment may prove a bad one���It is always
impossible to tell wbat may happon in
milling���but with a good property in a
good district, good management aud a
general desire on the pal t of tlie cotii-
pany to handle tbe matter in a businesslike manner, we feel sure thai investors
will seo that risk is tboreby minimized."
Tbo formation of this new company
will moan new aud increased activity
up tbe north foi'K this season, and will
assistmaterially In swelling Ferguson's
grow ing pay roll and tbe sale of sup-
Ileutou Is tho new name of Thomson's Landing, tbe gateway to the Lui-
deau and Fish Creek camps. The
owners of tho townsite, Messrs. Beaton
and Thomson, are nothing if not progressive. Tbeir latest move is a splendid colonization scheme wbicb bas
overy prospect of becoming a happy
success. They have plaited out tu
lots which u. o to bu given away to
homeseekers wbo must only agree to
build a house within a limited period.
And to enable the acceptors to have i.
good-sized garden they cau secure an
option of purchase on tbeir adjoining
lot ut the low prhe of $25.
This offer wus luatle by B> ato.n's
merchant prince, Mr. A. G. Fruser,
���vbo is tho energetic atrent, las:
Sat utday. and 8 lots have hern selected
already, wilh three dwellings now in
course of erection. The others will
follow suit within a month. Tln-anow
is already, off tho ground at Btuton.
nun gardening will he in ordor at. leas;.
ii month uliettd of iho higher planes.
There will he 4,> acres of grouud
under cultivation this sea-.nu, and if
indications pan out there will b�� over
1011 acres cleared and in use next sea-
-on. At present there are MtfO acres
Malcom Beaton bus order-d a Sn itli
-tumping machine from, Vancouver,
and will tako contracts, at moderate
prices, of clearing the lots,
The location of Beutim is such thai,
this colonization scheme can souloely
lie a failure. And wben it is considered
that there has already been some. 19 0
acres of land bothesteaded right around
Beaton the chances ure tho surrounding mining camps will hereafter be
largely supplied with, farm produce
from tllitt quarter, au item of expense
which hitherto went out of tho iMuuiry .
and became u constant drain upon tl is
district. Not only will the freight bi'
saved, bift it is claimed by those who
should know that a suporior vegetable
uan be raised in the northeast Arm
The liberal offer made by tho Beaton
owners holds good until the lift, 1 la
are disposed of. And tho iOAGLB has
no doubt but a thriving and i r. s .erous
community of homes will accrue as ��
lesullof Ihis novel colonization scheme.
Tho project is certainly a Htriking relief Irom tbe average "luwnsita" which
has sprung up here and thuie tliruoui.
the Kootenays, and the result will bo
watched will) interest hy more thai
those who avail themselves of such an
opportunity to acquire a home iu a
good fertile location, in close proximity to boat and rail transportation
aud at the very door of tbo Fish creek
and La. deau mining camps.
piles, items which are now assuming
Triuno, should build up u splendid rep-1 considerable magnitude iu tbis camp.
Why the Difference, If Any*
Mr. Taylor has asked thn Hon. the
chief commissioner of lands aud works
the following questions:
1. What was the rate of wages paid
to foremen, laborers and rockmen, respectively, on government roads and
trails iu the Kevelstoke riding during
last season?
2.' What was the rate of wages paid
to foreman, laborers and rockmen, respectively on government roads and
trails In the Slocan riding during last
3. If any difference in rate*, of
wages in Slocan and Revelstoko ridings,
why? I'uMished ewy Thorn-Jay at Ferguson, B.C.,
iiwhom nil correipondtnceshoullbc milled.
AdTertfiiDK Rates: Dliplay ada.,il.00 pv\
--ingle eolumn inch ucr month. 1-crhI nd*., 12
'���tinu per (nonpuritl) lino for flnt Insertion; 8
'''-ntii per line (or each addition*! In-nrtitm.
I'.i'ftdinjr notices 10 rents per linuc*rh i��nno.
Ninety day li-gal notices. $1<M "Ixty days, I7.fi0i
thirty dayi, |f>. Nn (ids. accepted at loss than
ItiOSO ratec.   No room for quack nds.
BuMorlntloq Rntos: I2.M por annum, tn
any fuldrci in America; (l.oo for ftlx months;
UJjOa'yoar to foreign atldtcssL'S, No pay. no
Job IWutinjr: The fCngta inb department
h the bent equipped afflco, and the only nftice
which can fnrmih the typnKraphieal union
-abel In North Kootenay; a guarantee In Itself
i��I good work and promptness.
With this issue my connection
with the Lardeau Eagle ceases.
I have leased, with an option of
purchase, the entire business to
Mr. Alfred Pelkey of Montana, who
will take possession on April ist,
for a period of one year. Mr. Pel-
key is an experienced printer and
publisher and should receive every
���ticouraj;ement in this promising
und growing- camp. I intend to
lake up my residence in Vancouver,
l>, C, where all personal correspondence should he addressed hereafter.
All accounts up to April ist are
payable to the undersigned; after
that date to Mr. Pelkey. As I may
he writing a salutatory in a newspaper sphere which appeals more to
my personal convictions at no distant date the retiring bow feature
can be dispensed with. Thanking
Kagle patrons tor their liberal
patronage in the past, and hoping
that a hearty support will be tendered my successor in the future,
I remain,
Yours sincerely,
R. P. Pettipiece.
citizens of this province are placed
in grave |eopardy, If lhe government operated its own industries
there would be no "Mongolian
Question." How many Chinamen
or Japs are in the employ of ou>
government to-day?
It is reported that "Editor Jewell
of the Danville (III.) News, had his
safe robbed of $60 recently."   This
sounds incred'He.
While the two columns ol the
Eagle now devoted to the Socialist
movement in B. C. may be discontinued with this issue, the retiring
eddor hopes to soon provide a medium for the army of workers fullt
devoted to the only solution of our
present unjust economic system-
Socialism. We can then deal with
the "cause" ol the many evils we
see on every hand to-day without
being subjected to local boycotts,
etc., by those interested in a rake-
off on the "effects" of a flagrant
swindle. For after all, it is our
competitive system that is at the
root of it all. Abolish a society
which creates all this vice and makes
men fall down and worship the almighty dollar, and there will be no
need of exposing the methods of
individuals who are after profit.
Profit, profit, anything for profit.
The collective ownership and operation ol the means of production and
distribution will do the trick. And
we certainly intend to do our little
part in the bringing about of the
n*xt inevitable stage of our natural
ivjlution���Socialism.     ,
Says the Creenwood Times: The
Lardeau Eagle is a likely bird. It
knows how to put both beak and
talons into th'ngs that need tearing
to pieces.
It has been said that one man
could see no further into the ground
than another. But that was before
McCrossan's time. That "divine
haunch" he,Is her to befits the Slocan electrical ore finder all hollow
The day when this province will
enter into industrial pursuits, and
thus provide work for its citizens,
���nay not be so far distant after all.
Watch for the platform which will
be adopted at Kamloops two weeks
from now.
The third issue ot Mr. McCrossan's B. C. Mining Bulletin is to
hand. The space usually given to
propagating the gospel and sale of
mining stock is this time devoted
to an unmanly and vicious personal
attack upon the editor of the Eagle.
It is such a tissue of falsehoods and
bar-room hearsay that we refuse to
stoop to the level of the dregs of
the sewer to notice it. Not one
word of what the Eagle has said is
denied. The "poor" editor of the
Eagle is merely plastered with foul
personal abuse and baseless assertions. The Eagle editor has livct
in the west for twelve years, and i-
quite content to let His record hr
compared with Rev. McCrossan's
And what is more the Eagle editor
will be earning an honest living lo
his family in this province whei
such brazen slock swindlers as the
promoter in question will only he
remembered by the bitter regrets ol
his innocent dupes. But we have
already said more than we intended
to. Mr. McCrossan is an extensive
stock promoter, and hence hat-
money and influence. We have
neither, but we have honor, truth
and right on our side, and with this,
our closing issue, we only ask our
readers to remember what we have
said, and if Father Time doe�� nol
bear our every assertion out, we
hereby agree to shuffle off this mortal coil, at our own hand.
possesses, ^hru 'tlie riches of her Internal resources alone. But British
Columbia chooses to do none ol
these things. She prefers to nursi
the vast estate which is the heritage
of the people of the province, tr
borrow freely and to expend freely,
limiting the pressure ol taxation
and the unproduclive alienation ol
her resources as much as possible,
lest her inhabitants ol to-day should
pay too much towards securing the
boundless wealth nnd prosperity ol
to-morrow. British Columbia naturally objects to being n milch cow
for the whole of the Dominion ol
Canada, and to pour into these
coffers such a huge percentage of
the productive power of 177,000
people as she does at present. She
does not plead for pity; it is justice
which she demands. But if justice
is relused and continued injustice
must be borne, why then she can
still take pride, that, under burdens
she could not be made to carry, she
can still hold up her head, pay one
hundred cents upon the dollar, and
show to all the world how rich, how
honest, and how sell-respecting a
province she is, and of how determined and aggressive a population
her citizens are composed."
The coming labor convention in
Kamloops will be attended by delegates from every union a/id labor
organization in British Columbia
Extensive preparations are in pro
gress, so that the true wishes of
labor will be represented. As the
convention will have behind it tbe
vast majority of votes in the province its decisions will be awaited
with some anxiety. ��� Rossland
"The Mongolian Question," written especially forCitizen and Country
hy a British Columbian, formed a
leading feature of that live and progressive paper last week. The article was ably handled, and conclusively demonstrated to any fair-
ihinded reader that as a result of
the admission of Mongolians, the
If ever there was a Socialistic
argument produced by a capitalist
newspaper, shewing how easy it
would be for this province ta go into business, the following editorial
from the Victoria Colonist fills the
bill. Premier Dunsmuir's organ says
"We absolutely refuse to be reck*
oned amongst those malignants who
are criticising the financial standing
of. British Columbia. If British
Columbia choose she could sell
about one-fifth of her estate in unappropriated land at the low valuation of $1 an acre, pay off every
dollar of her indebtedness at par,
and have a comfortable balance ol
from $10,000,000 to $15,000,000 to
go on with. If she choose she
could, without ruining anybody, al-
tho many would be ' embarassed,
raise by taxation enuf money to re.
deem, not merely her present indebtedness, but all her present capiat expenditure, within a fairly short
number of years purchase. 'j*lf Brit-
lib Columbia choose, she c6uld isolate herself from the money markets,
face the World upon a cash basis,
and  develop all  the  wealth  she
To look out upon the world in its
hideous strife would make many a
heart of us sick unto death, were
not the ideal of a better way, a
revolutionized social order, flung
high in the clear ether of the soul'-,
purview, says the Socialist Spirit.
Contemplating human society as it
now exists, squalid, suffering, starv-
'������&. (forging, bribing, lying; every
man seeking his good at the price
of his brother's misery, one wonders
how man ever conceived a hell more
hatelul than we ourselves maintain.
It would be easy to forsake the
world as the old hermits did, leading one's own life in solitude. But
the other way is the Socialist's way.
It was the way of lhe Nazarene
carpenter. Not to forsake men, but
to rouse them from their sleep of
d ?alh; to show them tbe vision of a
social order from which foul things
would flee, in which fierce things
would grow tame, in which discord
would be turned to harmony.
Once let the soul of man catch
the vision of the Socialist ideal, and
there springs up in his heart the inspiration of a cause great enough
to live for���and to die for. It is the
light of this inspiration which burns
in the face of him of the ragged
coat and grimy hand as he stands
on the city curb, jeered by the vulgar crowd, crying unto men to see
the truth he sees. This is the pure
Rime which quickens the heart of
him who after days of toil bends
thru half the night at the printer's
ctse that his truth may shine in the
cold letters of the printed page.
This flame���the flame of flamfs���
has warmed the heart of every man
or woman imprisoned for the cause
of human liberty; it warmed the
heart of Luther as he flung defiance
at a churchly crew; it warmed the
heart of John Ball as he defied the
cohorts of the king; it quickened
the steady pulse of Socrates the
Olympian as he drank the cup of
hemlock; it shone in the face of that
matchless elder brother of the race
as thc night fell on Calvary. It is
the torch of the soul bidding us
hope. It is the promise of a strile-
less progress. It is the beacon of a
better order shooting its brightening
ray into the darkness of man's social morasses.
Send for a copy of
Mail $. to the Eagle.
C. B. Hume & Co.
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General Merchants
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NEATLY FURNISHED,      **>��"��*��	
/���hUrt-M    IENTL1
���^m fO*��-"H
he Socialist Movement
in British Columbia
Contributed by Member* Af the Socialist Party 0/ B. C.
Officii*! Lint of B. C. l.ocaU.
Executive Sec:
KrnQit Burns, 130 Powell St., Vancouver, B. C,
Vancouver John tDodd, *>eo.
Victoria O.Lee Charlton, 61 John St., Sec.
Sanaimo    Geo. Kirby.. Set-.
PortMondy       John Walton,Bee.
KoTOlxtoke C. W, \Tiiehcll, Bee.
IVrffiiRon       It. P. Pettiplece, Sun
Sloran  J. V. I'urvfanre, Rec,
.silverton Walter Smith, Nee.
New Denver  Duncan Wnir.Heo.
Sandon  ...JaintM JH-Dnnald,-Hcf.
Kavlo tion. T. Kaw>, Sec.
N'cNoii John Roberts, box-'Jiff, Sue.
Holland    w, fl, Flaker, Koe.
Trail          Alfred  Henkett.sep.
Urand Torks J. A. Mel-end, Him-.,
ilreen-vood       J. c. Helm, Sec
Phoeulx             Ot W. Roger*, Sen.
Yinir         Andy Hurues joc.
Oalgary, Alberta J. HoRurkejr, Mc.
Maple Creek, Am        M. Klllott, Hec.
Verily is Mammon tbo God of this
j    The love of nature leads to wisdom
! and goodness.
on and bave these privileges. There
would be no profits and no need for
tbem."���Thomas McOrady.
The plug hat on a man slgnlflei that
the owner bat some way to plug labor
and draw out part of tbe contents free
of charge,
Tbe Ferguson Socialist' League bad
a warm sitting nt an adjourned meeting
on Tuesday evening last. The Kam
loot" convention was tbe subject under
A Revelstoke Socialist writes: We
nre pleased to see the lecture fund
started. Tho movement in B. C. is
sadly in need of a lining up. Spargo
could stay six weeks and cover the
province. Local Revelstoke will raise
$15 for the lecture fund.
In spite of a tyranny of those wbo
control the world's wealth and thus the
means of gaining a livelihood the numbor of thise who are brave enough to
speak tbeir honest thought Is on the
increase. The age of political liberty
and'.ecunomle justice Is coming, and all
the forces of selfishness cannot prevent it.
J, V. Purviance, secretary of Slocan Local No. 28, writes that their
orpanlz.iiion is flourishing. Rev.
Mr. Pye of Sandon, was a recent
speaki'T there, mid tho nrit an
avowed Socialist is surely in a fstir
way to become one. The Slocan
camp is quiet nt present. The coining municipal election promises to
be a lively one.
Tbe Idett of tlnlng the bost one can
for nnu'a s/jlf. hi* (loins: the other fellow.
Is the ,1'iillng Idea nf the competitive
system, So we Invve one filass of me*n
dolus- the best tlmy can for tliemnelves
hy ci'ih king su'e^; knottier hy cracking
hotidH. ������'���other br wrerkintr trains; another by wrecking railroads; another
by ivreeking banks; another hy wrecking religion; another by skinning Industry, und another by running the
the government In the Interest of tbe
beastly system thut breeds them all,
You are a merchant; find yourself being "crowded nut!" tlie Joneses and
Smiths can't pny iheir bllli us they
used to; can't sleep as well us you used
to; have a good dual mure worry than
you used tn; find yourself oftener oo
the feather edge at the hank than you
used to. Well, there's a cause for It
all, Why don't you think and find out
what the cause Is? Then you will
probably have mure sense than you
uied to.
Tbe refereaCum and Initiative are
the principles of direct legislation.
Greenwood furnishes an example of
tbe referendum us all money by-laws
have to be voted on by the rate payers.
Direct legislation in British Columbia
would mean that all laws passed by the
legislature could be voted on by the
people lf tbey (the people) wished It.
South Dakota has direct legislation,
and a law there does not go Into etfai't
until sixty days after it Has been passed
by tbe legislature. If to the meantime five per cent, of thti voter's sign a
petition to have the bill voted on by
tbe people, it is then put to referendum.
This explains the,meaning of Initls,
live���a certain porcentago of the voters
petitioning tbat u bill be put to referendum, or vote of tbo people.���Mr. Kerr
at Greenwood.
The Shakespearean philosophy of the
way to meet trouble Is exactly tbe reverse of the stole philosophy, and there
is milch testimony that lt la a good
deal better.
Instead of pretending tbat you don't
care, look around and see how sorrow
is just as certain to all mon as life itself. Tbe man that gets really Interested In other people's sorrows Is pretty
certain to forget his own.
Shakespeare understood thoroughly
that men aro buttered about by hopes
and fears, sorrow and jay. He was able
to look on tbe somber side of life and
fate Without losing hiicheerfulnessor
composure. He wrote things that fit
into most of the troubles that men have,
for he understood them all. That Is
why bis works are so great.
The average man takes more interest
In what be suspects than In what be
Next, to a good woman, a good man
Is tbe greaiest blessing that enriches
human life.
Whitakei* Wright must now go 'way
up and como down. He bas boen out-
clumed ln the Lardeau.
bate's bis brother-man because be bap*
pens to differ with him in opinion.
Whenever a vital question is to be
dodged the artful politician invariably
suggests a commission to investigate it.
The young man who takes no interest
in politics has no moral right to vote..
He is a source of danger, a power of
With the ac, vent of Socialism the day
of the snide graft will cease, for will
not the profit���the almighty dollar, as
an "Incentive," be removed?
nual meeting. Therefore tbe only
chance you will bave to secure the
stock of the Metropolitan company, at
less than the par value, will be if you
tske the offer 1 shall now make to you.
Until March 31st, 1902, I will fill
oi dors for tho metropolitan slock at
50c a share. This is POSITIVELY the
uast the last time it will ever be sold
by me for less than par value, namely
���1.00 a share.
If you wish to secure any of this
stock at 00c u share (romumlier this
company now owns the Triune) let tno
hear from you nt onco, ^^^^^^^^
One thousand shares will now cost
you $500.00.
We shall surely ship ut least 20 tons
of ore a day.
*_   , .   Twenty tons at .255.00 a ton���15,100(0
no true, consistent scientific thinker j daily barmncis.
A dozen preachers of the gospel selling mining stock will send more souls
to hell in two months, than fifty of
them can save in a life-time.
The Grand Forks. Miner-Gazette
summarizes thu sly: "The truth is a
great thing, but In this, country It Is a
poor business policy to tell it���at least
in tbe newspap-er business,"
For the size, of Nelson no city in the
world has as many politicians. In the
majority of 'cases their influence is nil,
but their cvn opinion of themselves is
simply "prodigious."���Economist.
A Chinaman recently stole three
chickens froto Hon. James, Dunsmuir;
He got two months bard. Mr. Dunsmuir has legally stolen millions of
dollars from the people of E. C.i He
wus made premier of tne province.
Private monopoly of natural resources, of social functions, or of the
indispensable utilities of production, is
tbe enemy of freedom, and tlough inevitably the result nf competition, must
not bo permitted to remain as a permanent form of society. Neither will
It remain; It is as certain to go and bo
succeeded hy the next great economic
stage In human history���Socialism���as'
individual production has -been destroyed by the capitalistic mastery over
machln.s. ,.'
' Fifty years ago Switzerland was more
under the heel nf class rule than any
other country. Now they have the
finest system of government In tho
world. Direct legislation enables the
voters to vote on evory question Intelligently. At elections at present, so
many different questions are embodied
ln one platform tbat they cannot be
voted on intelligently. In the last
election In this province a voter bad
either to vote for Joo Martin and all
his principles or against Joe Martin
and all hii principles, and as a great
many voters were In favor of a Coast-
Kootenay railway but opposed to Martin, they could not vote as they wished.
Direct legislation would effectually
solve this difficulty.���Mr. Kerr in a recent Socialist address at Greenwood.
"We do not want to do away vrtth
machinery; tbat Is impossible and undesirable. Say, for instance, 1,000 men
are employed in a factory. A machino
is Introduced that permits 500 men to
do the same work; competition compels
the owner to discharge 500 men, and
they aro turned upon the labor market
to starve What Socialism wants to do
is to employ that 1,000 man and shorten
the hours ot labor. Tben all may bave
time for study; they may improve their
minds and have the enjoyment that
makes life worth  living.    With  no
wa.te this wouldIbe ojslly done andthe gtll ,D.t., to organize a O^adiaT, j��
amount of wealth eaoh man would pro- ciallst League In Winnipeg. It takes
dues would bring him enough lo live more than a sorehead to stop Car Heron-
SM.lights From the Capital.
Victoria, B. C, March 22.���
The redistribution bill has come
d nvn. It Is faulty In one respect���In
ureases expense. Why not cut it two?
Twenty-one members instead of 42 and
throw two constituencies into one. and
save about $20,000 per year. Of course
that would lessen the chances of some
of our valuable countrymen in getting
elected, l'rono'-ttonal representation
with grouped constituencies would prevent tbe gerrymander element in the
new act from having any effect.
Messrs. Smith Curtis and Capt. Tatlow raised a commotion In the legislature this week over their charges of
governmental corruption In Canada
Northern and E. & N'matters, and It
is a pity the house did not see fit to vote
with Curtis and Hawthornthwaite for a
committee of tho house instead of a
royal commission which probably
means a less searching enquiry and a
bucket of whitewash,
E. T. Klngsloy of Oakland, Cal., delivered two lectures In Labor Hall,
bore, while on his way to Nanaimo to
pour hot shot Into the enemy's ranks.
He spoke forcibly and with good logic
on Wednesday evening, but seemed to
havo been holding his energy tn reserve, for on Thursday evening be gave
the cleanest, clearest and fullest exposition of the relations of the capitalist and tbe laborer that Victorians bave
ever heard. Tbe members of the legislature, tbe oity council and somo of the
clergy were especially Invited. The
aldermen had a speoial meeting the
same evening and the mayor sunt regrets, but several of the legislators
were present. Mr. Hawthornthwaite
acted as chairman, introducing the
speaker in a short speech full of friendly
feeling. The lecturer is better posted
on United States politics, but nevertheless be struck at existing conditions
in British Columbia In a way that kep*.
the audience attentive and Interested
until a late hour. An effort will be
made to secure bim for several leot ures
on his return.
There Is lots of labor legislation pr a-
posed, but will the house evor g��*t to i ty
Among the number is one for % "ml at-
mum wage." It should have a cr m-
panton limiting "the maximum ra fco-
Tbe Voice states that J. {fl. Cam' iron
would hold a meeting on Saturday  the
Canada with her spoils system, her
machino politics, her huge monopolies,
her sweat shops, and other kindred
evils Is about, 50 years behind the other
colonies nf tho Empire and tbere Is
splendid scope for strong men und a
strong party to demolish them.���Cal
gury Herald.
This will give the company a yearly
NET income of fully $1,500,000,00.
One thousand shares would yield thus
$750 00 a year.
Therefore any man wbo owns 2,000
shares Will have income enuf to make
him independent. Thlscertainly sounds
like a fairy tale, but the ore in there,
tho VALUE is there, and the space v,e
have dono all our figuring upon is hut
a very small part of the Triune miie
for it embraces six claims. The vein
h as walls as smooth as a pane of glass,
at.'d lies in the contact. I curtail, y
consider that the amount of (-reclaimed
us 1,0 sight at the present time Is a very
cons, *>rvative estimate.
Yours sincerely,
Charles W. McCrossan,
Restn ratlves would be more in oi'd r
than co.-nment upon the above pipe*
A Ureatcr Clroular Thaji Has Been.
Minntapolis, Minn. , March 15,
1902.���My dear friends: When I gave
the combination offer a few weeks ngo,
there were some who �� .��re unkind enuf
to sav that it was sin ,t,ly a dodge tn
"sluff" shares and r aissedthe opportunity. At the time I made the offer I
had a deal in conto mplatlon wblch il
carried thru would make the stock or
Immense value   vm -y  quickly.   That
The Triune MIN -j, tho like of which
would be bard to f ,nd any where In the
world, Is NOW i .he property of the
Metropolitan coi npany. The Tridnf,
Bbip|.cd32o tons , of ore to the smelter
at Trail, B. C, and the NET returns
amounted to 82 25.00 a ton. This mine
15,000 tons of ore, of tho hioiifst
grade. This amount of ore at $255.00
ton would amount to $3,825,000.00.
Tbis Is tbe *��� /et value of tho ore, arter
figuring out . tbe cost of tbe mining and
Arrange ments have been made by
which all this body of ore wilt be
treatod b y our smeltor now at Ferguson. Th is gives to the smelter company a c ertainty ol clearing $150,000.00
during' (ho coming year on tho treatment o' * tho Triune oro alone, for tho
contra ct has been signed setting tbe
price of treatment at $15 00 a ton. The
Metr' jpolitan company will clear $40.00
�� wr , more than tf they ahipped the
ore' jo ono of tho largo smoltors and the
ami titer company will not at least $11.00
at on on the treatment of the ore. Thin*
yo ,u soe it makes the future of both of
t.l je companies sure.
At the first annual meeting of the
smeltor company and at tho second annual meeting of the Metropolitan company, which are to be held at the same
time and place, namely at tho Richmond Halls, "27, NIc. Avenue, Minneapolis, on March 25th at 2 p. m. sharp
(a full account of wblch will be given
In thc bulletin which will be published
in a day or two) the stock of the Metropolitan company will be advanced to
$1.00 a share. The' smelter stock is
NOW at par.
No Metropolitan stock will be offered
gt less than 11,00 a share after tbo an-
Socialist Party ot B. C.
1. The pu bile ownership of nil Industrie-*
controlled by monopolies, trusts, and combines, end ul tlniately ol til the means ot production, distribution, end exchange. No pan
of the revenue** ol such Industries to be applied
to the reductl- on of taxes on property, but to
be applied wbo 'lly to the increase ol waves am*
shortening- of the hours ol labor ol the employes, to the It sprovementof the service, anil
to diminishing rates to the consumers.
2. The p rogre islve reduction of tho hours of
labor and the in, urease of waves in order to d<*
crease the share. af the capitalist and increase
the share of tht- worker in the product of
a.  The establish imant of a national currency
���lid government b; inking system; all fire anil
Insurance to b ealso operated bv the go*
eminent in the Intt 'rests of the whole people,
4. The inauguration of a system of public
Industries; public r reilit to be used fur thai
iiurlKise in order tha t tbe wo, kers be secure,.
the full product of th-elr labor.
Abolition of the seuate. establishment o
the initiative and n derendum, proportion,!
representation, and r Iglit of recall of repre
seutatlvea by their con stltuents.
1, Abolition ot flnanc tal and property qualifications for candidates' and electors at provincial and municipal el ectlous.
_. Tho education ol all children up to tin
a*te of sixteen years io be fret', secular anil
compulsory. Text books, meals, and i:loihln_
to be supplied out ol lire public mods wben
2. Municipalization an, l ^public control oi
the liquor traffic,
4. A uinc.hour work laiv fixing wages at not
less than 12 perday, thereby counteracting evil
effects uf Oriental cmlgrrui, in Into thi.-, province.
.1.   Reduction of hours of* labor to 14 per
fl. Scientific and practical management of
fisheries, forests, and watcrwa ya lu best interest of the producers.
7. Government operation of real mines anil
immodlato construction and on .ration of amel-
ters. refineries, and saw mills fo r benctlt of the
8. Abolition of poll and pers onal property-
tax, the deficit to ee meet by an Increased tax
on laud values.
9. No more bonuses of either la '-nd or money
lo Individuals or private corporall ons.
li). Uraduated land tax slniilti. r to law ln
operation iu New Zealand.
11. Government hospitals lliroi ighout the
province, and free medical altendt ince to all
needing such
New York
:. WKHT,
Ban Francisco
St. PhuI, Chicago aud all tl, 9.
East-Leave Lcavo Duusmora
Junction Daily.
Leave Kootenay Landing Thur.
idrrl.,Bt.P --'       -*
treal, lloston.
y Lai
and Frl., Bt. Paul, Toronto, Mon-
V-eet-Leavo Revelstoke Dully,
Vancouver. Seattle. Coast sun,in-
shin service. From Vancouver
i,i Alaska, Hawaii, China, Japan
and Australia.
Wotbound-l March to 30 April
Through llniklngs toEuropn
via. all Atlantic Lines.
Prepaid Tickets from nil Points at
J. S. CARTER,      K. J. COYIsE,
D. P. A., Nelson.   A.U.P.A.. Vanoraru.
J. DONOVAN, Agent, Arrowhead.
united Hatters of North America
THIS is THi��
tho United Hatteri
of .North America.
""-��� you are bar
���oft or stiff.
i me to it that the
Whon you are bung a FUR BAT,
iiber toft or stiff.
me to it *       *k
j genuine
1 Lai
Label in ir*wed in lt.
If a retailer haa
loose labels ln hie
po.ssos-tion aoii of-
fern to put one in a
hat for you, do not
-patronize hlzc.   He
han not any riant io oa-te Joom labels.  Loose
L'-' Tsf       - 	
. ex pis.  .      _,  	
ak no label. Tbe tiemiine Union Label li
itbels iu re'talf stores nre counterfeits-  Do 001
.sten to any explanation as to why the bat
���erforated on tbe four c-Jk-**-" e*Hetly tbe same
���a a postage stamp. Counterfeit-*! ara aome-
tmes perforated on thret* of tbe cdees, and .
omWimpfl only on two. Keep a wharp lookout
'or the counterfeits. Unprincipled mauufac-
lurersarc using them in order to get rid of
���ieir ecab-inade hits. Thc John B. Stetson'
.0, ind Henry H. Roelofs A Co., both of Phila-
'.iolpbis,!'��., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOKKITT. President!
Orange, N. J.
JOHN PHILLIl'B.fletimirv.
14 797 Bedford Aft).. Brooklyn. h.V.
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Anyone sending a sketch and Iceoriiitinn mnj
qnloklT uc-srtfitn onr opinion ficc tvuctlier tut
tnrenilnn [l probably patentabli Comttiunirs.
UontstrfettroonQdetitlal. nnndtkmkon i'.itonu
tent ftce&OMest Money torjMWItiffpatents.
Patent*-taken throaib Munn A Co. rccetrs
 ,._.��� __*_....-gfBiffii
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I-nnrest circulation of any ���f.ienttflo Journal. Turiiia, |;t a
year .four months, |t Sold by all niivkdHilen.
Branch Office, m F Bt, WsiblB|ton, D. C.
There Is only oue beat mining Journal.
Tbat is
Mines and Minerals.
It has a larger circulation thim any two other
Amoiioin mining Journal* b< iau.se it is tbt
best, It is the largest, bent illustrated aud
haudt-.omt.--u mining Journal in ihe wo Id. It
Irs milling paper for mining men. Pubr-crlp-
tion price fz.ou per year. Send for free tmciple
copy. Adilruss MINES IND Ml*tKAlJ-.Scrau
ton, Pa., U. 8. A. Denver offices, fianb Bldg.,
Denver, Col.
W E want and we must have a Socialist! Lecturer to make a toyr thruout B. C. The best one available1 is
none too good for us. But we must
have more funds to pay his traveling
expenses. If the masses want Socialism they must expect to pay for it.
The Socialist Party of B.~c\
Is Growing; bit tardier educat In and organization Is ntceesaiy.
U/K need Mads atcincoto
,* send a SMiallst lc, iturer,
now being arranged! for,
thruout Iho .rovlneo l,> placo
our alms lnteltlgldy before
-the people.
t ET us tako advi iltago of
'-the present poll ileal tur-
moli, ln 11. <:., and ahow tlio
people thc l*nc Ata they
would receive am ter an Industrial govcnime nt.
T  T
I. I.
THE amount will be ao-
1 knowledge,! in these cnl
umns. Send your contributions to U10 undcrsigucil
without delay.
Ernest Burns,
Executi ve Secretary.
ISO Pi ttYClI St., ,
VAm-oi'vun. C I-
L -to.............. .'..�����.��.�����
On the Wing
Capi. [Thos. R. Davey and Nat.
Lay were in town yesterday.
Mrs. R. V. Pettipiece and family
left for Revelstoke on Tuesday's
��� Bert Eckert has returned to the
camp, after spending the winter in
the cast.':
School Inspector O. Wilson paid
the Ferguson school an official visit
last week.
Ivan A. Edson, one of the proprietors of the Hotel Perpuson, arrived in town on Monday's stage
from Nelsoa.
Wm. Johnson and Mrs. John-w
at Beaton,, intend to take up their
residence in Ferguson next month,
for the summer.
A spelling match, with S. Shannon and A. J. Gordon as captains,
is th* program for to-mOrrow (Frl-
day) evening's Literary Society
, Rev. F. W. Fraser of Jackson,
Mich,, writes the Eagle : "Mi-
Crossan is not a 'U. S. parson', hui
a Canadian. His home is in Chatham, Ont."
The Vancouver Trades and Labor
Council have decided to send two
delegates to the'Labor convention
to be held at Kamloops on April 14
Other like organizations thruout the
province are already getting into
line.', ��. "������!���
Thw. Taylor M. P. P., is asking
the chief Commis-jioner of lands and
works some questions relating to
the difference in wages paid to foremen, laborers arid workmen in the
Revelstoke and Slocan ridings and
the reason for a,���Herald.
Anent the coming convention al
Kamloops, for the purpose ol uniting all reform loices for political action in this province, James Wilks
of Nelson, writes: "We are tnkinir
every step tr> make the convention
a success and, feel confident that we
will .succeed, f , ,
It is reported ' here that Thos.
Crnhame, proprietor of the Prospectors' Exchange at the Landing,
has leased his Hotel to a Vancouver
party ��*ho will take possession on
May ist. Mr. (jrahame will devole
the summer to his mineral properties up the nort h fork.
F. T. Ahey of Trout Lake, has
received a rare curiosity in the form
of a letter Iron 1 KarrtloOps, making
enquiries with regard to the truth
of lhe allege d success ol McCrov
san's sm.-liers. said to be now operating in this district. Bunuses are
being sought  at Kamloops.   Next!
"The veil 1 of ore on the Triune
has been !��� jsted to a depth ol 850
feet at leas t and the vein iv lound
to he vx.11: tly the same all the way,
in fm'.t ev, tn across lhe entire mountain,, Ti ie Triune property consists
of B,vi in ineral claims and a traction,
atvJihere is also a timber limit of
-yooo ac ,res that goes with ihe prop-
ft-ty."���.MiCrossun's Bulletin.
The proposed labor convention at
Kamloops on Monday, April j-fth,
is timely. Tho a considerable nuni-
her of unions are barred by their
rules and regulations from endorsing flic movement officially, all are
in favor of the gathering. The
meeting will be one of the most important in the history of labor in
this province, being called for political purposes. All labor and other
reform* bodies are entitled to repre-
sental ion. ���Vancouver Independent.
Ite for our interesting books"Invent
'���Help" an! " Itow yuu are cwln-tftrd."
nd u-i a rough sktrtch rr mr del of yenr In-,
ntlcm ortmpro-rement find we will tell von
��� our opinion nt to whether it 1-t p obably
cntablt. Retocte<mpp1Icctloratiavcoften
m  nacceaifuiiy prosecuted by u��.   We
 dnct fully equipped offices In Montreal
and Washington; tnlsquatifiei its lo proratf-
_ly dispatch work and quickly n-cure Pntcntn
!as broad as the Invention. Highest reference!
Patent* procured through Marion & Ma-
rfion receive special notice without charge, in
over 190 n<-wBpapers distributed throughout
ApKleKy:���Patent business of Manufac-,
turers and Bngiueera.
Patent Experts and Solicitor*.
/*���___,  I Ntw York IJJo B'lrl'*-, r.oiifml
****** 1   MtjNe BW_,W_.lifnf too D.C.
Tu Make Men Froe.
T.i make men free lias been the dream
Of every noble snill on earth-
To brina a belter time tobiith;
Tosco 1 lie future's hills agleatu
With the rim hoi** light
01 11 newerabrlRht,
From which thfe human might
Of ages s|,eeils away.
Its sublotnlds withdrawn
Bi-foic thc j-'iildcli dawn,
Where earlh goes rolling
Into the grander day.
To make men free from eourt and throne,
Kioe from thc money changer's greed,
Tree from hypocrisy and creed,
Free '.ou thu dreaded lash of nood,   .
And freo to reap whore the havo sown;
Free from earth's scourge, the conqueror;
Free from the murderous lust of war,
Free from the rubber's cry of more,
Audfroetohavclliclrown; -
Free voluntarily to share
Their blessings for the common good;
Free lo each other's bilrden's,
In helpfulness and brotherhood;
Free In security to live
And seek tho blosstng of contc.nl;
Freo ln the freedom lure can give,
Tlie freedom of enlightenment!
T.i make men freel tt Is with me
Tbo dearest purpose of my heart
That I may know and do my part
T < holp tho cause of liberty;
My energy and llfo to bo
"ade oonseerate to the one theme,
The single purpose and tho dream,
In every land, to mako men free -
To mske men froe,
���Denver News.
Can We Believe Our Own Jtyoa ?
Foi- a man, who we sweat* oa out* life
netei* saw Ihe Triune mine, the follnw-
ITiJjfj report from the pen of Mr. McCrossan Is enuf to cause palpataMon of
the heart except to innocent unknowing ones:
"Metropolitan share holders
attention: The Triune mine, the
richest. by all odds jn . the lardeau. is now the property op the
Metropolitan Company and we shall
imminence taltinir out ore as soon as the
snow in off tbe ground. Tbe slock will
he held at fifty cents 11 share just until
tbe 25th nf March, and tl.en it Will go
to pin* value ��1.0(i a share. This mine
is ono which has a tremendously filtering history. The Lade Brothers bnnd-
.ii it foi* a time and in seven weeks
molt out ore euuf to net tliem 345,000 00.
Tutm tbo Ferguson boys who owned lt
worked lt at various times and have
shipped in all 325 tons of ore to the
-im-lter nt Trail. B. C, and' the ore
netted them $255.00 a ton. Thero is
nu silver mine like it lo B. C. to-day,
and I very much doubt if there is nn-
nthei- Buch a .. ine in tbe world. The
ore is not as i-lrh as many of the assays
of the Metropolitan shows its oro to be,
but the Metropolitan Itself Is but a
prospect, tho a most promising one.
I'he Triune on the other hand Is a
proved mine. It has already shipped
;i.r. tons and the smel ter returns showed
ibis ���iiniiuni.of ore to be worth $83,-
000.00. Mr. A nd v Ferguson says he Is
willing tosweai* to it that at a conserva-
live estimate 'there are nt the present
least 15,000 TONS of ore iii sight practically, BLOCKED OUT. One tunnel has
been drlveu iu on tbe ore 150 fee'and
a second tunnel 150 foot lower, on tho
samo vein of ore, has been run in 300
feet all the WAY ON ORE. The sides
of tbis vein, which lies in tbo contact,
aro us smooth as glass and at tho narrowest point tbe ore is two feet wide.
Now you need not wonder that we put
tho shines to par ut once for we have
already INSIGHT enuf ore to pay full
par value to every shareholder and then
after that bus been dono bave enuf loft
over to divide nmlllion dollarsiimon.st
the shareholders as a dividend. As
soon as the snow is gone.we intend tn
place mil' second smeltor, which has
been finished and ready for delivery
for about three weeks, within fifteen
hundred feet of tho Triune mino uiid
ir.euat onco erect un aerial tram to
carry the ore to thn smelttu'. There is
a great abundance of Iron and lime for
lluxing on the Triune properly so that
we shall be able to run tbo smeltor to
its fullest 1'iipucliy and db so economically as well. Tho price paid for tho
rYiuno, which has never been offered
f.ir less than $500,000.00, was of course,
a vet-y large one. Suffice It to say that
tbe former ownors, tbe Ferguson Brothers, besides receiving a large cash consideration running into eight figures
are also the owners of one-half million
shares of stock. I am euro that every
member of tho Metropolitan Company
will be delighted to lieu- those facts,
especially since tbis wonderful property
has been purchased entirely on my own
responsibility, and not one member of
the Metropolitan Company bus been
obligated to raise ono cent of tlie:
amount. Wo shall all reap the benefits
und that very soon.!'      ��� !
The following is a list of Lardeau ore pro-
durors, amount shipped and the gross returns,
reports of which have to bo furnished monthly
by mine owners to tho provincial government:
Name. Pounds.       Gross Val.
Silver Ouii    2.4IHI.0U0 *J180.000.00
Nottie Ui.  1.700,1100 SS'ISU'JO
Triune.. ....    049.77S 8..870..7
Pestriee     itiM ttMM
Great Northern  WM0 l.sm.no
Broadview  ��!.���� 1,064.00
Kthel... .... 84.000 ���' l,59��lfl
Cromwell.. '.  'Aaid l.��>S.7fl
��o,ihiM.adc...    WW ���      l.iao.w
Metro-iMltan  1'iffl ������������        'M
St. Ijliui.  W.000....        610.00
Hulled Grouse  11,170 ....        S07,10
llnson View  M8 ....         (Ul
�� Old Cold	
( Ilmsoshoe.  ���
t Blaek Warrior	
. Returns end rorrectlons isaod lor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Established 1896
General Merchants
Transfer Outfit.
! (Form T.) .
"Mrj-   Tiee" mineral   clr-im. Bituate In the
Trout Lake Minim: Divi-ion nf Went  Kootc-
nn/ dUtrict.   Where'located:  On Nettle I..
Mountain, betweun the north and ��outu fcrki
of Lnrdf.au neck.
TAKE NOT!' E-Thflt I, A. P. Cummin* ai
agent for the Double Eagle Mining and Development Company, Limited of Ferguson, H, Od
Free Miners' reft (Urate No 3l8.-il respectively
Intend, Hlxty (lays fnim thc hereof, to applj* to
the Mining Hirt-onlor for ti c.ertitiimte uf im-
nrovemeuta, fur the iiiriionc of obtaining a
Crown Grant of thu above clalin.
Aud further tulte notice Mutt action, undei
.section 87, miift be commenced before the
ifHuance of such Certificate of Improvement*.
Dated this :17th day of November A. D., 1901.
Maya* A. P. CUMMINS, P. L. 8.
Including tbe Fish Creek camp
and Upper Dnmrmi itiver section, compiled by A. P.Cuuiniinn, I'. L.a.,iind 8
wlmunon. U. A., in uow on sale at this
office. * The ready Hale of the map li
���proving ilL wo have uatd for it. The
Tcout Lalcu division in lithographed In
black, the Lardeau lu red, and the Atnn-
. worth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
taku a copv of this map nnd And any
claim recorded In the three divisions.
Tlie mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, (mils, surveyed railway rout en,
ini'i tlio locution and name (by a unique
index) of every miueral claim In the
district Ie shown.
Next   to   Visiting, the   Country   In
Person This nap Takes First Place.
>' In   faot   every  geographical
��� feature Ik tm well define that one can
nee nt a glnnce the nature of our country
and the trend rf the cluiin lm-ations
gives aninteilisihle idea of the mineral
bolu rtmuiiiB tluuugh thocaipp. It id
The   Best   Worth   For   One  Dollar
ever offered in the map line of a mining
carni). lt in the first complete map of
the district nnd is Helling well. It is just
what you are looking tor. \VK Also
L/^8T FOR YEARS. ' '
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a one dollar bill, I no
cheques, ordors, etc.) to
��� Ferguson, B.C.
Packing and   Sson Pwkinff aml
Contraota entered Into (or packing ot Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point In the district.
Good,  prompt service, and any  work undertaken guaranteed,
Freighting  from   Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a i-peciakvy.
Headquarters at Fer-^iison, B.C. '^f( S. Daney, Proprietor.
Drugs and Stationery
Prescriptions Carefully and Accurately Compounded.
p. o. block:
=FER()USO;*. B. C.
Ferguson Meat Market
Fine slock of the
 best Albert.i
..tn ,..i,.......
PKR8H BieeP, fOKK,
TON,   TOILTKY,   Etc,
*>V Tice.,.   Bhmf!KSyfeiL.���.     Prompt Delivery
All branch, s of the Tonsbrial Art
executed i vltli r.mlililoxirou.s dc-xerlty.
 "^"���''Wm. Schnell, Prop.
Fred C. Elliott.
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter q.Pinkham
Offices.    RevclMolB, (lolcleli, and Ferguson.
Solicitors for Imperial Haul, of Canada.
Oeo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A.M. Pinkham.
uarribter, solicitor, etc.
offices' Mckenzie avenue,
Revelstoke, 3. C.
B. C-. Assay & Chemical Supply Co.
.   . Lfci.
Head quarlpra Ior i��fl��y��r��. Mining Si Mill
Rtippli eg. i-olu tiKcnia in H. C. I<>r Morgni)
Crucfb ie Co., IJattttrstfn, Engliml; K. W. L'niun
& Co.'i . I'rttt-Jnt Caiv Kurnncflg, Hurnurs, etc.;
Wm. A Insworth ACo.'.-'Fniu Hnlnnees.i'tc.at!.
Hal cyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .
Tlie most eri'iiij-leU' roport op thnuontinunt
of N( Tih AicurlCH. Si mat""4) midst wenery -
unri*. ailed Mr grandeur, w-oatlng, flfnlni
and i 3xcun.itr.-iH. H��iilder.t physician aud
nu-88 . Iu tel'cgmiihlc communicHtion with
all pH rts of thi'i world. T-*i mails arrive nnd
depar t everv il ly. Its bat li-* cine -ill tiervouti
and n uiucumr AflueitMS ..;�� WRtem heal alt
kidufl y, liver aud hinmiich ailmuuts. ltx
builis und wain rsnrc a iuro remedy turn inst
alt ui geiililuioiut pofiunF, TERMH : %YX tu
llfipe r week, an mrding to rcsidanro In hotel
or vil la*
AJacdonaLD C'AMMRON���At Edmonton,
Alta., on TuoscUy, March 18th, W.
Mitcdoiiiil'i, manuyor of the Imperial,
bank, Ferguson, - to Mabel, oldest
daughter of Mr. John Cameron of
Edmonton, i
The Man who will risk the Purchase of a Lot c��r two in the
11     ���
Now has many good chances of making
Circle City is the future tormlnu, of the proposed railway, alroodiy tror-veyed
via the I_ti.i-duD.il creek north fork to tout point.    '
Circle City is bountifully located at tho baso of tbo-Lardeau Pa����, Galona and
Surpi'lso t-i-oeke.
Circle City in absolutely surrounded by mining properties no w under development.
Circlo city affords splendid* water power which wlllbo utilisedW-xtaealwn for
conccntt'iitlnif |)U**|*i>i��*b.
Circle City will present, business opeuinsrs this eprlnr.. Send for tho new map
just out (fnw), and full purtietilar-j, to 0.13. Bt|.th9,(fenor��l �� stt��� Porgusoi.
Two humlrrtd lots on sale now���Present prices:. Cnrnor lots, tl) .5. Inside lotn
���WOO. .Terms:   i cash, balanoo three and six mouths.
G. R- BATHO, General Agent, Ferguw an. p. C.
 i -


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