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 P 9
f    |
1      -       - :
VOL. III. NO. 6.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Messrs. Jno. J. Young and W. B.
Pool Are tbe ^urohaaers.
PRICE SI M 1500,000
The properly Now W^rWng, Full
Blast Under New Ownership
.    .  and Better'Conditions.
���'Weill What do you think of it?'
Tblnk of what, asked tbe Eagle scribe
sort of nervously. "Why Billy Pool
and John J. Young have bought the
Silver Cup for half a million!"
Such was the almost incredulous roport which reached town on Saturday.
But investigation and event* slnte then
have borne out the facto of the report,
Negotiation have been >*oing on, on
the quiet, for some weeks, but not until
last Friday was a single person in the
camp aware of the cause of the anxious
and nighty movements on the part of
the purchasers.
Tic details leading up to the sale,
whicb was completed on March 13tb,
were all carried out by cablegram.
Of the Silver Cup and Sunshine
group the Eagle can say very little
whichjvIU be new to Its readers. The
property was owned and operated'
hitherto by the Sunshine limited, a
subsidiary company to the Lillooet,
Fraser river & Cariboo Goldflelds,
Limited, locally known as the Horn*
Rayae. It's carver hat been somewhat
checkered, owing to verlnuS changes
lathe management and the faot that
thc English and French shareholders
could never seem to agree. The property was capable of making a bettor
showing and doing much more than It
has, hut its progress was somewhat retarded on account of this squabbling.
The group consist* of eight claims,
crown granted, and one not, situated on
Silver Cup mountain, about seven miles
up the south .torti. In the center of
what is locally considered the best
mineral twit running thru the district.
1 The Silver Cup was one of the earliest strikes In the eamp.' It was the
lirst mine worked and the first to ship
ore. Since tbe Horn-Payoe people
took hold of It In 1897, an extensive
amount of development work has been
4pne, a full description of which ba*
appeared from time to time ln tbe
EAPLE. ���
, Up to date the Cup people have
shipped 1180,000 worth of Ore, not In-
(���Ind jpg tbis winter's output-over 800
tpns of which It now at the Lake
awaiting shipment via the new A. &
K. branch. But of the mine Itself the
Eaole will have more to say at a
. later date, as tho property in the hands
of lis present ownen can be visited by
anyone at anytime, a privilege sot
hitherto accorded.
The price paid Is said to have been
1600,000 cash, but lacks confirmation.
The purchasers haven't very much
to sny. but one of them at least gave
tbe Eaole to understrnd that they
bad secured the much-prized property
it a figure considerably helow Its
Actual value; owing no doubt to the
wrangle between tbe old shareholders,
The sale Is the biggest, at any rate,
ever put thru In this camp, and its
importance from so many, points of
view, tp Lardeaultes, can scarcely bo
ettlmated, lot alone conveyed to our
readers iu cold type.
Machinery it to be installed, tbe
working force will be Increased at soon
as possible, and tbe property will be
worked for all tbere is lu lt.
The significance oi thia- big deal is
more than one would think at first
thought, It speaks louder (ban'words
of the confidence which the purchasers
have in the Lardoau, and thc future of
, B. C. us a mining field, nnd tho effect
cannot fail to be far reach itu-v. ."
3; Those are tbeUst. .o [.ms oan be
ascertained by the EAGLE from various
sources:   "We cannot say much  regarding future operations until we bave
had time to turn round," was tbe reply
of one of the new owners to our query.
"While we have beta after the Silver
Gup for a long time and have been preparing ourselves for this deal, it uan be
readily understood, tbat tn a deal of
tuoh  magnitude, the purchasers,  no
matter who they might he, would have
their hands full not only In financing
ibe deal, but in taking over tbe mines
and other assets, assuming the payroll, transferring various contracts, etc,
and familiarizing themselves with the
hundred and one details of a large going concern.   So tljot ,,we havo not yet
fully decided all the items of our future
policy.   We can say two. things, how*
ever,', with certainty.   First���We are
more satisfied witb the Silver Cup than
ever since' returning from a second ex*
aminatlon to-day, as the size and richness of tbe ore bodies are such that
thero Is at least a year's mining abead
of us in the upper workings alone, and
you can figure what this means, with
an output of from, five to ten tone of
1140 ore per day.   Second���The Sliver
C'Up, being nnw owned by practically
tbe same syndicate which controls the
Nettle L��� Double Eagle and Ophir-
Lade, will be operated on the same
principles which have brought us a
moderate measure of success in the
So the Silver Cup Is to-day being
operated by Messrs. Pool and Young.
Success to you gentlemen I
Make a Plain Clear-Cut Statement
of Their Position.
Have $30,000 on Hand, and More
on. Tap, to Expend in Develop-
Their Lardeau Properties.
Now Don't All Speak at Onee.
The following olrcular may be of
Interest to McCrossan'sbnycotters, who
have such unerring faith (V) in the
methods and future of the companies
mentioned herein. It's true they haven't
a dollar invested in any of them, but
this bargain to "special friends" may
bring th��m��|-jund... JVjuJ,and get In
early to avoid the rush:
Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 1,1902.���
My dear friend: As you know, tbe
smelter plaijt is sow at the town of
Ferguion and a large sang of men it at
work*gettlng It ready to "blow in" by
the 10th of 15th of February. The expenses are of course very heavy and it
requires a very Special effort to raise
all the needed money to buy soke, coal,
wood, ORE, etc., to get nicely started.
As toon as the smelter gets to eoing, it
will speedily pay. for Itself and pay the
shareholders handsomely as well. But
there are many expenses to meet in the
next three weeks and I am personally
THAT HUST.QE RAISED, I  find  that
must make a special effort at once to
raise at least |f,000.00 more than is
now on hand. Therefore I am about to
make you and several other friends
such an offer as you will not be very
likely to get again. All tbe stocks
mentioned in the combination offer below are fine stocks and very valuable
I most firmly believe, and I bave very
carefully gone over these various properties, and certainly I tell you that the
prospects 111*8 most encouraging.   The
The first smelter will bo it work now
full blast in a Very few weeks, and tbe
second smelter plant owned by the
tame company (and already paid for)
will ba delivered le four weeks,
As soon aathe smelters get to running regnlariyfand We have tbe promite
of farnore than, enough ore to keep
them running to their fullest capacity)
tbey ought, to be able to pay the shareholders from one to' two cents a month
th dividends on each share of stock.
My special offer to you is as follows:
1. 100 Metropolitan shares..,.t 40 00
2. 50Golden Link shares......    1 60
3. 60 Golden Circlo shares  | 6 00
4. 50 Sieamou* shares...'     '7 50
6.   100 Sable Creek shares    10 00
6.   1O0 SMELTER SHARES..   50 00
Minneapolis, Minn,, March 15,
1902.���To the ^Editor of tha Eagle:
Wo bave read with regret articles tn
the Eagle, reflecting upon our company. We are certain. tbat if you
knew all the facts you would not write
as you have. Permit us to give you a
few facts.
We have a capitalization of 1,500,000
shares. When our North property was
purchased, shares were sold at 10c or
less. When the Old Gold and Blaek
Warrior development work made such
good showings our sales advanced to
15c. When we purchased our South
property an advance was made to 25,
and when our foreman bad uncovered
a very large body of ore,' our stock
went to 40o, where it remained uutil we
had sold enough stock to pay in full for
our eight claims and also have our
treasury contain about 830.000 in cash.
deau it late in the development when
Investors aro treated as you bave treated
us and are treating others.
Very truly yours.
The Mountain Lion Mining Co.
Per N. N. G.
[The above Is a plain statement of the
company's affairs, and the Eaglk gives
it publicity with pleasure. Tho Eagle
has at no time found fault with the
company Itself. But tbe sudden rise
In the price of their stock seemed
rather hasty toa conservative observer,
unacquainted with tbe operations of
tho company. We hnpo that the company will realize its fullest expectations,
and the Eagle will at all times be
found advancing its interests when
thoy are in accordance with the best
interests of the camp].���Ed.
iii mra
The Season of 1002 Seems to Have
Opened Already.
Ferguson's Pay Roll Will Be Much
Increased as a Result of tbe
Big  Deals   and Influx.
$120 00
I will give you ALL OF THE ABOVE
This would give you a holding tn six
different companies all with excellent
prospects, una you would bfc SURE to
strike it RICH in some of them.
It, la a wise thing not to carry all
((.uiitl��u��<l oa fourth p��.o.)
We tben. on Feb. 1st, advanced our
price to 81,00 or par, not to sell stock,
but to withdraw it froo the market.
We bave never told a single share for
11.00 nor do we Intend to. It is not al
this time worth it. Our shares will
not be worth 81,00 until we make it a
dividend payer of 4 or 6 per cent.
When we do that It will bring par. in
any stock market. We think that with
$.10,000 In cash and all debts paid the
property in a reasonable time can be
made a dividend payer.
We now have a thousand tons ready
to get out, We can get it out next
winter and each following winter we
oan do the same thing. There has
never been an assay for less than a
hundred dollars per ton of our ore
Now do a little figuring for yourself on
the basis of from 8100 to 8125 per ton.
We propose to pay a dividend on 1,300,-
000 shares nf stock. We have reserved
tn our treasury from 100,000 tn 200,000
shares for future purchase or contingencies. If there ever was a fair and
just proposition inclining, we are certain that this Is one of them. Every
mining expert who has inspected our
property has reported that we oan
eaBily do what we propose to do. We
are therefore, neither a speculating
nor a gambling company. We are in
the'Lardeau for an honest and a legitimate business. We propose to make
the Mountain Lion as a producer, to
rank even with tbe best company you
bave got. If our cash balance In the
treasury cannot do it, we know where
aa muoh more can bo had. We are
sorry tbat your laws do not require
tbat in expert examiner.investigate
and publicly report upon where every
company operating in your district. If
there was such and officer we would be
only too glad to have him como to our
office and rigidly examine our books
and acoounts and publicly report upon'
where every cent of out- money is or
has gone to. Our company is backed
by business, and professional men whose
purpose lt is to make our property pay
dividends and our promoters are purchasing rather than selling stock.
Now, Mr..JKditor, in ull fairness to
yourself and to your community, treat
ua with a little courtesy. Give us a
year or two to demonstrate what we
can do. Wo propose to put Into you:
district from 820,000 to $,'.0,000 per yoar
and we expect to reoeivc at least a little
oourteey from both thc press and the
public. We ask no favors boyond that
which we deserve. Wo expect to pay
our owu way aud dividends as wo earn
them.  It ii no wonder tbat tht Lur*
What B. C. Wants as a Starter.
Here are tome of the definite measures which have been publicly favored
by leaders now active In New Zealand
State fire Insurance. Further democratization of transportation by the
zone system of rates. Nationalization
nf the steamship lines. Complete nationalization of the land. Assumption
by the government of tbe mining and
selling coal. Removal nf tariff taxation nn the necessaries of life. Regulation of rents for the protection of ten.
ants from political pressure by land
lords. Extension of the purchase and
sub-division nf the large estates so that
all the people may bave land. State
hanking to give the people the owner-
shipand administration of the machinery of commercial and financial oredit.
The nationalization of tbe news service.
That Northern  Railway.
The Canadian Northern railway,
which now runs from Port Arthur, on
Lake Superior, to Winnipeg, will be
extended at once tn Edmonton, Alberta,
and thru tbe Yellow Head pass of the
Rooky mountains Into British Columbia. The Pacific terminus will be at
Bute Inlet, a fine harbor. Ferry communication with Nanaimo and Victoria will also be arranged for, provld
Ing, tbe Eagle supposes, tbe present
big railway steal Is passed by the B. C,
legislators* But it will not pass, if the
electors have any sanity left.
If Not Elsewhere It's Bere.
Easter a week from next Sunday.
J. V. Armstrong returned to
Revelstoke on Tuesday.
Three men are still pounding
away on the Tonawanda, up the
north fork.
The 17th ol Ireland concert at
Ihe Lake was a most enjoyable
J. Pinkham of Nelson, is relieving Bank Manager Macdonald during his absence on matrimoniol affairs.
There are two outside parties endeavoring to secure a working bond
on the Horseshoe mine, either of
which will place a larger force of
men at work as soon as the deal is
Tho season just opening in one of
much promise for Ferguson 'and thi
Lardeau. ���"
Tho Silver Cup changing hands will
mean a bigger pay roll than ever lie-
Other properties will be worked
much more extensively than heretofore,
and thero are at least haif a dozen sales
of new mining properties on thu tapir-.
Tbe installation of an electric lighting plant and a waterworks system, the
construction of a hospital, a church, t
school house, another general store
and two or three private residences will
make thlncrs lively in town, while the
increased pay roll round about us wi!
more than sustain and warraut thi
towns advance.
The new A. & K, railway will b*
open for traffic after May 1st, and th<-
introduction of mining machinery-
compressor plants, etc���will make th"
freighter's trade very brisk, aside from
the hauling of enormous shipments ��'
merchandise coming in and heavy ore
shipments going out.
Tho local Vulcan furnace, too, should
change things generally, making it
possible to treat our low grade ores at
a profit, something quite new io these
regions. And the local pay roll connected therewith should amount tu
Taking transpiring and coming
events all Into consideration the industrial situation in the Lardeau is all anil
more than tbe most optimistic expected, when we recollect outside cot -
Indications go to prove that then-
will be more new investors in the cam"
tbis season than ever before.
We have tho ore, and will soon havr
freight and treatment reduced to 1
normal figure. Under euch condition!
the Lardeau will not be long 1-t springing into the first rank as a B. C. on
Loeals With a l-aystronk.
* For anything in the boolf or stationery lino send to the Canada Drug &
Book Co., Rovelstoke, B. C. Mall
orders receive prompt attention.
* To get acquainted witb tliis district
you should bave a copy of tho now and
only map, Send a one doliar bill to
the Eagle and secure one at once.
* Do you want to avoid that business trip? Well, just drop into any of
the offices of tbo Revelstoko, Trout
Luke & Big Bend Telephone Co. and
save time and money.
* The Ferguson quadrille club gives
a dance every Thursday evening in
Miners'Union hall. Secure a membership ticket from the secretary, B. U,
Smith.    $2 a month.
' * Smokers: If you want tho genuine "Union" aud "Our Special"
cigar soe that "Union Cigar Factory"
Is stamped in gilt letters on every box,
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B, 0.
A Creditable Mining ���foarnat.
The Western Mining World it tu
hand this week from Its new publication quarters in Chicago, III. Ofthe
change the editor says;
"Our readers will note that with this
issue tbe main business and publication
office of the Western Mining Wqrltl
has been changed from tbo greatest
copper mining camp on earth���Butte-
tethe most thriving, prosperous am
enterprising oity on the face of tbt
There are many reasons why thii*
change has been made. The principal
one being to place this journal on ��
national footing, broaden itt field bt
operations and represent the great
mineral Industry before the world in
its proper light.
We solicit tbe support of everyone
Interested in honest, legitimate mining.
Those who are not had better cover
their tracks���or Better still���let thr
mining business alone."
Pedro Group Sold.
The Podro group, on Canyon crock,
owned by Messrs. J. W. Wostfall ami
F.C, Elliott of Trout Lake, bas been
sold to a Minneapolis company. Th'
purchasers will Commence development work just Us woo at tbe snow is
off tlio ground. ���"uWlshed every Thei-ilsy st rerf uson, B.C.,
-'whfttji ell correspondence shoull be mailed.
Advertising Rates:
_��le column Inch pe: ���_ ..	
rati per (nonparfol) line for rtr*t Insertion; s
.  Display idi��� tl.eo per
,er month.    Lea-al add., 19
�����nts per llab for tech additional insertion.
v*adit*r notices 10 rents per line each Issue.
'���'Inety day loral notices, |10.: slity days, r*.50*
-airly days, f.->. Ne ads. accepted at less than
- *u*o rates.  No room tor quack ads.
Subscription Rates: S--.00 per llnurs,
ior address In America; |f.so for six months;
-let) a year to foreign addresses. ��� No par, no
Job Printing: Tbe Eagle job department
is tbe best equipped office, and tbe only efflcn
vhich can furnish the typesraphical union
Abel in North Kootenay; a KMrantee In ilwlf
���4 _v��d work end promptness    '
It is just possible that some ol
ihe local boycotters think more ol
ibs promoter's money than they do
if his stock. There is one thing
certain anyway; they have mors ot
the former than the latter.
The Eaglb positively refutes tn
believe that the legislators of B. C.
are so gullible as to endorse the
Canadian Northern railway and
Premier Dunsmuir'* monstrous,
steal. They may have many imperfections, but at this we hoist thr
As a dead easy graft the Revil-
���toke city council take* the bakery,
oven and all. They pay the expenses of delegates, including theii
good grit partizan postmaster, tn
Ottawa, to pile up what Mr. Galliher hain't done. But those
"sunny ways" don't serm to tnski*
navigation on the upper Columbia
river any eaiier.
Says the Grand Forks Gazette:
' "The Lardeau Eagle, published ai
i-'orguson, had the temerity to show
up some fake dealings of an alleged
mining company doing business in
that section of the country���and
.tuckers in the United States���and
now it is threatened with all kinds
of libel suits, boycotts and other
���ice pleasant things. Stand pat
and keep going after, 'em, Br'er
Pettipiece. We have been in thr
seme boat ourselves, several times
and it always wins outin the end.
mount question with W. A. Galliher. You see, there may be another big strike on Ibe C. P. R.
ibis spring, and what would that
poor corporation do without scab
herders. II Mr. Galliher would
spend a little time advocating thr
collective ownership ot the C. P. R.
by the people of Canada, he would
be doing his electorate a far greater
service. Remove the cause of men
hay-fat,,t" strike for a living wage
anej there'will bo iio nted of erecting and maintainipg. scab herders'
dens in tbis loyal and patriotic province of British Columbia, or any-
where', else iii Canada for tbat
matt*-/*    '
There, are two classes of persons
thru whose influence money is being
constantly lost. in mining invest*
ments. First,.the uniformed, well
meaning, honest man, who induces
his friends to invest money in properties solely upon his judgment upon a subject of which he is perfectly
ignorant; second, the informed dishonest man who is a shark or
sharper. Altho. it seems unfair to
place these two classes of men in
uch close connection their influence
upon the goq.d name of mining is
the same, apd if anything, the in*
Auence of the former is much worse
than that of the latter. Investigation has disclosed many misguided
investmentsin so-called mines. Such
investments are the result of over-
enthusiasm on the part of the promoter and the weakness or cupidity
of capital in its almost ungovernable desire to obtain something, for
and wiser to start right or not start
at all. However' practical mining
men, who are out to do legitimate
business, need no advice from a
source ol this kind; and tht humbug
element are not seeking advice. So
let 'er slide. "There's a sucker
born, etc."
Writes H. Mortimer Lamb, man
' "-ging editor of the B. C. Mining
Record, published- monthly at Victoria, B. C.; "If we had more men
in British Columbia whp_-wert cour*
ngeous enough to face local opprob
ium in order to benefit the mining
industry by exposing promotion
methods, etc., not conducive to the
tltimate welfare oi that industry,
.rapital would have hid already better reason to be satisfied with British Columbia as a field left- invest-
*.ient, and In consequence he now
,iore ready to invest in. legitimate
It may be quire true that' the
Eagle has announced its entire
business for sale, simply because
he proprietor decided last January
io go into business at the Coast;
hut the blatant cock-crowing ot
would-be dictators, boycotters, ind
stock-peddling parsons that we have
been "forced" to sell is absolutely
false. The Eagls has not changed
hands, nor if it does was it because
of being boycotted by a small combination ol McCrossan's pets who
imagine they are the whole works.
The Eaglb has opinions of its own.
It is now costing it $(5 a month to
retain them. And inside af sixty
days there will be $100 worth of
patronage a month to take its place.
We are not Idokingfor sympathy or
ill-gotten gains. And we don't need
it to remain in this camp and do
business at the old stand. So
gentlemen, keep your change and
your sympathy until we ask you
tor it.
A rrayer.
Protect  me, Lord, from  these, Thy
aaintt, the sanctimonious few;
Oh! save me from their clutches when
my mort|ft_*et come due.
Oh! put me not into tbe baadt of these,
the men of woe,
Who eal! thtt earth a "vale of tears,"
and strive to make it to.
Oh I guard me from thk blue-aoted good
who lead at cent per cent,,
And take a thousand dollar Hen for
niaety dollars lent.
Make me, Instead, the debtor of wm*
naa with human taints;
At'any rate protect me, Lord, from
these, Thy modern taints.
Tlieir {KougSts are far from modern
life; tbey never, never sin;
Tbey ttrive to bring to rlghteoutnett
the very mas they skin;
They never eo.a ttepastray;they never
deign to smile;
They tin not; and they only aim to
castigate the vile.
Bat, oh! why should they count It belt
with cold and holy artt
To rivet sheet-iron shields around tbeir
hard and stony hearts?
Tbeir eart art deaf enuf, God wot, to
pleadings and complaints,
And io I prey protect me, Lord, from
these Thy modern saints!
Oh! save me from theiacrifled, tbe too
uncommon good,
Who tell ut whit we shouldn't do and
preach ut what we should;
Those saints who squeeze a dollar twice
and wear cheap .aureoles
Will take our children's bread and then
attempt to save our souls!
Hire me, instead, a worU'ly man, witb
���ome few healthy ataina
That show be has the common blood of
i mankind In his veins,
And heart that iw/sllt Enough iome<
times to overthrow constraints.
But in my need protect me, Lord, from
���elf-appotnted taintsl
���Ellis Parker Butlir.
Answers to ���nqlrers
This department Is established loi	
olSUBSCRIBMSwh* desire pttrtlcularlntor-
raatlon about mines and mining affairs. While
we will endeavor to secure and five reliable
information we cannot guarantee accuracy la
���very ease.   V- '
Readers who .an not upon our subscription
list must enclose |1. witb their questions. This
fee will Include six months' subscription to
" Tbe Lardeau Ksile "
Experience is  proving that the
iroperty owners who get in and
.rill, even tinder the disadvantage
.f having no funds, are the first to
-take a sale when there's any going,
abor is all that is required; the
���cal merchants will always  take
.tances with a man  who shows
���at he means business; there are
���lenty of men willing to put up
rioney or labor for interests in the
property; there are a hundred ways
of  getting 'the development work
*)one.   Tltisls -a subject worthy of
overy Lardeau prospector and property  owner's " attention.    Such   a
olicy would help themselves and
I,ring this camp to the front in no
.Ime. .,
Our worthy representative in tbe
dominion house has mide' a'speech.
-fe wants to see the militia corps
*.B."C. strengthened and main-
'lined,   This seems to be the pan-
In the present day there is no excuse for investors entering the
mining field blindly. The same
careful business consideration should
be given an enterprise in mining
that is extended to enterprises of
manufacturing or mercantile pursuits. All men cannot be all things.
In manufacturing the advice ol experience in the line under consideration is sought. In real estate transactions the advice of a lawyer is
���ought, and in mining tbe advice Of
a mining man should b* sought,
The mining man may not be able to
see further into the ground-than the
miner or promoter, but he will see
all there, is to see, know what he has
seen, state what he has seen and no
more, determine the value .of ore
exposed, detain the surrounding
economic conditions and demon-.
strate what a ton of ore so located
will yield in profit to the operator.
If the examination of the property
includes consideration and advice'
relative to the purchase price and
proposition made by owner to prospective purchaser, the experiencid
mining man will pass upon same*
and advise according to his convic-1
tions, having no interest in the_[]
transaction beyond his professional
standing and the fee agrtedupon for
his services. Good advice may,
Mem expensive, but it ii far bitter
John G��� Auburn," Ind.���1. Have
sent bap as requested and placed your
name on sub. Hat. 2. Lardeaultes are
looking forward to the liveliest season
tblt year e��'er known In bur history.
3. Yes. The railway will be ready
for traffic by May 1st. i. Glad you
are becoming Interested in our camp.
Gee. Et., Alamo, B. C���1. That 12
looks good to ut. 2. Lots *of time to
do your assessment work,b-sre. 3. We
have more mow than we had a month
ago. 4. Tf your clalnu are above
timber line, about June 1st.   >���)������
A. E. W., London, Ont,���11 Recefv-
prospectut; you are certainly on the
right track, and with tuch methods
adopted no one will be to blame If you
do not tucceed. 2. Glad to know your
compaolet are going in for tuch extensive development work thiS season. 3.
That's tbe view all loglt.Wc mining
men take; thake old man. 4. No.
But at toon as tbe mow', goes they intend to.
Canadian ���*-.
' ^Pacific Ky.
"t-1   ' .- .V-. '
New York
Vf MT,
' ��� ..Victoria
. rortland
San Francisco
' VIA'.-MO'tlkfe
St. Paul, Chicago and all t'. 8.
solMs, .    ���
Kasl-Leayi Leers Duasmore
Junction Dally. .
Leave Kootenay Landlni Tkur.
and Frl., St. 1'aul, Toronto, Mon.
trail; Boston, .
West-Leave Revelstoko Dally,
Vancou ver, Seattle, Coast steamship service. From Vancouver
lo Alaska, Hawaii, China, Japan
���nd Australia.
,f ostliound-1 Marck to SO April
I      Through Booklnis to Europe
via, ail Atlantic i-tnet.
I'rcpald Tickets from all Points at
Lowest Rates.
j. S. CARTER,     R. J. COYLR,
D. P, A., Nelson. A.9.P.A.. Vancouver,
J. DONOVAN, Af eat, Arrowhead.
HMMMMMMMM����M<-.MmMt��IMM��>��M��i-*��*  J
C. B. Hume & Co.
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The largett Importers ln North Kootenay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake City, B, C. i
If, you  are  building  or contemplate building we will be
pleased to quote you estimates on anything made in'our
Sask and Door Factorf
and we-feel confident that we can give you satisfaction ia
every particular.    Write: Sawyer Bros., ReVelstoke, B. C
BSHBB���o**-*s�����������     -	
 * - ' ft t I f I I I S I S t I I 11 I I I I I I I I I S I > I
There an Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, tut ihe
Enterprise and Selkirk
Stands, umnuf.elared by the Enterprise       ^^H
Ifir o.��� Revelstoke.araunrnualloJIi*-*feeios ismnl
��� Clgir '60���. ..
<{ the province
For -sale by Fercasonl Leadlnf Hotels.
Ask far them.
SMOftfc   UNION-
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall J&V
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
Sewing Machines,
Etc.. J4kJ4J4J4*
Our Special
 -AND '	
TlMjp art all ( Inlo . made and ol tke
net Havana TolMoeo moat-* can
Mr. Trr on ��� and aatisl** yeursell
aeti their .tf till*/.
Union Cigar
Factory, NM.
Drown, Prop.
You Can Aiwa] rs Depend
Upon (fitting the Best Vi 'nrltmanship and the Best Materials for your money, wh en yo'U buy your clothes fiom
<     /?. & Vi'ilson, i*^SS&;
* $ A. Q. FRASER ��
For the Fish Cn tok Camp,
Local Trade Est jccial fy Catered f6.
bfwf>rnrw >r irwoe}
reach Trout Lake City put
.Good accommodation
... _.     servici .. Choicest wines,
liquors ani  1 cigars. .Fire proof lift*..
e n.M a
l-'i      B8P1
5>��au Dim
Wl    Hi LAR5SAD DI9TI    UCT.
Hotel I ZJarc 1ea u
J. La ughUini Propria tfor.
i FKRGU80W, B. C.
DIadquarwrs roa HI   nu
...    NIATLY rORHlMJtl),       ���-*1��0 XININO M1N  WHngUMVt
The Socialist Movement
in British tiolumbia
contributed by Members el ths Socialist Party ol B. c:
A little poker now and thu Is apt to
! break tbe belt ol man.
OHolal List of B. O. Locals.
Executive Seo.:
Ifnett Burns, 130 Powell St., Vaaeouver, I. C
 Joha iDodd, Hoc.
O, Lee Charlton, SI John St., Sec.
 Geo. Klrby, Sec.
 .*   John Walton, Seo.
 C. W. Mitchell, See.
    R. P. Pettiplece,Seo.
 J. V. Pnrvfance, See.
 Walter Smith, Doc,
 Duncan Weir, Bee.
 Janes McDonald, Sec,
 Geo. T.Kane, fee.
 John Roberts, boa 237, Sec,
   W. It. Baker, Hoc,
    Alfred llenkett, Hec.
 J. A. Net-sod, See.
       J.C. Helm, See.
    O. W, Rogers, See.
Andy Burns, _��e.
). McCorkey, Hec.
..      M. Elliott, r-
e-llgery, Aiberta
��� Creek, Asia.
.It would be bard to dlitUgulib tbe
dlffereice oetween a Socialist League
���id a tradsr-uoioa which goes into
Praise the monopolist) frfkoa whom
afl blmlngi flow; praise tbem all wage
slaves here below. Praia* wealth and
greed and manhood lost; praise tbem
wbo (kin your flub the most���Appeal.
B. C, and If pdlllble arrange lor Mm
to speak under auspices of executive.
Sseretary also instructed to take
steps to organize a Local In N��w
Wistmlniter, and attempt to re-organ-
Izi at Ladyimitb and South Welling*
Account (or ���tamps allowed.
E, BURNS, 8eorstary.
WLocal seci-etariii will kindly read
the above at their next meeting.���E.B.
A word to the wise la often sufficient
to get a fool into trouble.
Unprofessional  peoplo give advice,
but professional people sell it.
It is futile to attempt to stay tbe
progress of the age and to return to the
former crude methods of primitive
times. Sooialism la in order. Put your
���boulder to the wheel and help the
advance movitnint of the timet.
A maa haa no more right to feel blue
than he baa to paint things r��d.
Some people think they are entitled
to a lot of praise for, tbe things thiy
don't do.
Saniallsm���the foremast question of
tbe day as it affects all elaasel, will be
discussed by Kev. E 8. Rowe, of Victoria, iu Mount Pleasant Methodist
church, on Thursday evening. Mr. J.
���. Watson will preside.���Vancouver
Man mult be freed from tbe atrugglc
to exist, before he can really live. His
band now Is raised against every other
man in the struggle for existence. The
law of love and tha law of service cannot be embodied in tbe pretent system.
You caTt't eradloate selfishness under a
���ystdtuof selfishness, "Oo or be done"
Is the law of the present switem of In-
4 *���������*������'���������
By a vote of 33s to _,1�� the chamber
of doputies at Paris, France, adopted a
bill regulating the period of daily
work In mines. Nine hours ���hall be a
day's work at the end of six months
and at the end of two yeara reduced tn
eight and a half hours and two years,
later eight hours. This was brought
about through the activity of the Socialists of Franca.
When some years hence there shall
be only one steel company, one ayatem
of railways, one packing company, one
florpiiratlon for the making of bread,
one combination of coal mine operators,
one organization for tbe manufacture
of sugar, together with similar organizations monopolizing the other important industries, band upon the Imparl-
Ive needs of civilization, will tbe peo-
ile be benefitted or injured by tbe
���tremendous fact that all competition Is
- at an end?
The..thing must end somewhere.
Laws human and divine will work lt
out lu such shape as will be ultimately
of benefit to tbe people. . Either the
great combines will be beneficent ln
'their, operations when owned and con-
1 trolled by Individuals for their personal
profit or the vision of the Socialist will
'oome true and the national government
will be the great monopolist in tbe
Interest of the people who compose
that government.���Chicago Dally New��
Kseenllva Meetlac
Vancouver, March 10,���Present i
T. Mathews. J. Dodd, and E. Burna.
Minutes of tut meeting read aud
Correspondence receded from Comrades J. M. McGregor,. Slocan; M.
lilliott, Maple Creek; J. Roberts, Nelson; R. P. Pettiplece, Ferguson; 0.
Ln Charlton, Victoria; T. Robinson,
New Westminster; and 0. Weiton
Wrlgley, Toronto.
Ths resignation of Mr. Robinson as
provincial treasurer was received, and
C* W. McKinnon nominated to fill tbe
vacancy and complete Ideal quorum,
An appeal fop a propaganda fund
was ordered, to b*opened In pur offlolal
organ, the Eaole, to provide fundi for
the purpose of securing Socialist lecturer! for an educational tour throughout B. C.   See notice iliewhere.
At preient there are two vaeaneiei
.in  tha provincial executive, and tbe
.''..secretary was instructed to ask Locale
7 ia Interior and eastern portion of ths
-province to make nominations far ths
Secretary waa Instiucted to obtain
ditalli concerning the proposed tour
-.-*! Mr. Spargo, editor ojf Comrade, ia
lldoll-cfcto From iho Capital.
Victoria, Bi. C, March 16.���Tha
Socialist League has lint a challenge
to the Metropolitan Epworth League
to debate sm-8lolallim. O. '<__, Charlton, of th* C. S. I.. No. 15, took part In
a recent debate on the Chinese quel
tion, under tbe auiplcesof the Epworth
League,'and it wai thought possible to
arrangti for other debates. Hence the
The Nanaimo -Comrade) have engaged Comrade Kingsley-of Oakland,
Cal., to tpend a month ty Nanaimo and
vicinity in propaganda-work. They
have kindly offered hia services to
Victoria for one or core meetings,
wblch we hope will do muoh good.
The bye-election is over, but the
question now is: Wbo dug up the dead
men? Prior aelli spades, and Bodwell
left no stone untsrned, not even a
grave stone, lt seems, The blank ballot la aaid to have been worked to its
fullest extent and the non-resident
voter was in town In full strength from
hundreds of miles away.
To an onlooker it seemed as if the.
people supported Prior to keep grafters out of the house; and others rap-
ported Bodwell to PUT grafter) out.
The draft or forecast of tbe redlstrl
button bill, aa published thia evening.
increases ths number of representatives. This would save Victoria a
member, and poor selfish Victoria must
not lose a member, even if it costs the
province thousands of dollars extra.
Joseph Martin and *H. B. Gilmour of
Vancouver, bave been Instructed by
the Liberal Association, of tbat oity, to
vote against the Canada Northern deal.
Watch them.
The E'ectriral Workers' Union has
'tompleted organization and affiliated
with tbe Trades and Labor Council.
The latter body bas been waking the
school board up to tbe necessity of putting Oriental pupils in a room or school
of their own and have good hope) ol
Eltwood Pomsroy will shortly make
.1 business trip to British Columbia.
He combines business witb pleasure,
and takes the latter In giving addresses
on Direct Legislation. He ia a muter
of the subject, clear, logical, and force*
ful. He is a Socialist, who believes
that Direct Legislation la the line of
least resistence, and works bard on
that line.
Ia this country th* people whe claim
to be tbe public benefactors seem to regard themselves u tha entire public-
Grand r'orkt Gazette.
A man must putfoHh hls.bfst, ind
greateit effort* to- win a reputation.
After that th�� public scolds him for
falling to keep up the gait.   .
Men st|ll keep getting rtcb by fraud,
And wealth oft eomas thru crime),
But atlll tbe noblest work of God
Cornea out on top apmilin.es.
Tbe aeceuprfes to a snide skin gam'
are just as much a detriment to a
camp's future aa the grafters them
������elves. Verily is their principle a*.d
loyalty on the aide of the almighty
dollar.- -1
All life should be sacred to the Christian. > Tbere Is a tendency In this arr
to divorce business from religion ant)
separate moiety and its standard fron'
religion, and many people���and churrl
people top���divide their lives into tw
sections. They lead on* life in churcl
and another in society.���Rev. W. Partridge, Baptist, Cincinnati, O.
Secretaries of all local! are requested
to send short accounts of their meet-
Inns and doings, for publication In ibid
J. Pierpont Morgan is the most prsi-
'.leal .Socialistic .demonstrator of tie
tlmea. In the formation of the Steel
'.rust and now of the Northern Securities company he has demonstrated how
euaily the consolidation of the branches
if an.induitry which were supposed to
tie founded on the competitive idea maj
he effected in defiance Of the plain latent of the federal law.���Philadelphia
North American (Ind. Republican).
Oh God I Think of an Industrial system wbioh creates and perpetuates thr
exploitation, criminal hypocrisy, and
leceltful transactions whioh we see nn
-tverv band. And all for .profit* Tht*
mammon worshipper seems to thr->��'
all sense of righteousness and truth ti-
the four winds. All hail the day when
the private trust will inolude within itr
sphere all tbe means of production and
distribution and all the poople will I,.-
shareholders. Than the cause of all
these present-day evils will ceue to
Socialist Party of II. O.
1. The public ownership of all industries
controlled by monopolies, trusts, and com*
bines, and ultimately of all the means of pro*
duction, distribution, and exchange. No pari
of the revenue of such Industries to be applied
to tbe reduction ot taxes on properly, nut to
bo applied wholly to tbe increase of waxes and
shortening of the hours ot labor of the em*
plores, to thc improvement ot the service, and
to diminishing rates to thc consumers.
2. The progressive reduction of the hours of
lsborand the Increase ot wages In order to decrease the share of tho capitalist and Increase
the share of tho worker la tho product ol
3. The establishment of a national currency
ai.dgovernment banking system-alt fire and
lite Insurance to be also operated by tbe gov.
ernment In the tnterosts of the wholo people.
4. Ths inauguration ol a system ol public
industries; public credit to be used for that
purpose In order tbat tho worker! bo secured
ibe lull product of their labor.
6. Abolition ol ths senate, establishment el
the Initiative and referendum, proportional
representation, and right of recall of representatives by theii constituents.
I. Abolition of financial aad property qualifications for candidates and electors at provincial and municipal elections.
3, Ths education ol all childrea up lo the
age of sixteen years to be free, secular and
comrulsory. Test books, meals, and clothing
lo be supplied out ol the publio fundi when
3. Huniclpalliatioa and'public control of
the liquor IrafBo.
A nine-hour work law fixing wages at not
Ihe United Hatter,
���jj. North" America
'hen you arebu-
nt a FUR HAT
ither soft or stiff
set to lt tbat the
genuine V N I 0 ..
Label Is sewed in It.
II a retailer lis*
loose labels In hi.
ftosscssion and offers to put otie in s
hat for yon, do nol
patronize blot, lie
has not any right to nave loose lnbels. Loosi
labels In retslistores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why tho hai
haa no label, The Genuine Union label I-
perforated on tbe four edges exactly tbe same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits are sometimes perforated on three of the ed.es, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookum
for tbe counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using tbem ln order to get rid nf
tlieir scab-mada hats. Tho John B Steisor.
Co. and Henry H. Koolofs A Co., both ol Philadelphia, Pa��� are non-union coacerns,
JOHN A. HOPriTT, President.
Orange, N, I
Nl Bedford A re.. Brat-Hi.o. NY.
losi l
 tb|b |_ per day, thereby counteracting evil
effects of Oriental emigration Into this province,
8. Redaction of hours of labor to H par
t. SclentlDc and practical management ol
fisheries, forests, aid waterways in rust Interest of the producers.
1, Government operation ot coal Bines and
immediate construction and ���Deration of ���'
ten, refl-teilis, a,n<Waw Mills for bsns|t
I. Abolition ol poll and personal property
tax. the dwelt to w meet by an increased tax
oa (and values.
t. Hi mon bonuses el either land or matter
to Individuals or private corporation!
10, Graduated laid tax similar to law In
operation lo Nsw Zealand.
II. Ooveraaent hospitals throughout the
province, and in* IMS. alundance le til
medial such
' WE want and we must have a So-
cialistt Lecturer to make a tour thruout B. C. The best one available is
none too good for us. But we must
have more funds to pay his traveling
expenses. If the masses want Socialism they must expect to .pay for it.
The Socialist Party of B.C.
Is Gnwttgi M ttrtttr tduculon an. ���rg-uiiisr'aa it necessary.
���and a Socialist lecturer,
now being arranged for,
thrnoiu ike province to place
our aims Intellighly before
the people.
I ET ns take advantage of
���*- the present political lur-
rooin in II. C, and show tbe
people the benefits tbey
would receive nnder an Industrial government.
I. L
XH* unit will be eo-
1 kitowledged In these columns.  Send yoar eaatr-ba-
iloui to' the'
without delay.
Ernest Burn-;.
Executive Secretary-
UO Powell St.,
If ever there was a time in
the history of the town of
to buy lots that time Is now
The railway is being pushed to completion and
soon the C. P. R. will accept through freight
for Trout Lake. Trains are now being operated on the new road as far as the steel is laid.
Many mining properties surrounding Ferguson
are rapidly reaching the shipping stage, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only is
Ferguson the commercial, banking, smelting
and pay roll center, but here is where the most
prominent Lardeau mining men have thdir
interests and headquarters. The best lot locations are being picked up by shrewd investors.
|   There Is Big Money in
If Seeured at Present Prices
"PitsnS taken tl!rou(h0M"M'*W*s
���petal iMMee, without ehatie. In til
Scientific JImtrican.
A hBMSomelrlllaetraMd weekly.  UmsteW-
culsUoa ol any MVu*|>aujaA   ***������ ���** ���
Tttyr-* ii only on* bent minim tou-ntl.
Thi-J 1��
Mines and Minerals.
It has a larger circulation thu my two ether
ABUtleaa mining Journ.k-b-reuse It li tht
beet..  II Is the largest, best Illustrated and
     the largest,  .���
handsomest mining journal in the wo Id.   Il
le a raining paper lor mining an,   Subeerlp*
lion price 1..M per year.  Send fo '
copy. Address HINki ""
,lon.Pn���U.S.A,  -
.     . ��� ��� Send for free sample
fclNlta AND MINIRAU, Scran*
Denver ofSiei, Bank md,.,
Business Lots are Still on the Market at
$150 Upwards $1UO
Residential Lots at
$75    Upwards    $.75
Write or call on the General Ag'pnt,
Henry Floyd*        i
- ii -if
;\   RevetsttrkiTf k% V*-*** i I m <
On the "Wing
Items        j
ftow's your printing?
Patronize our advertisers.
A new Empire typewriter (or sale.
Apply at Eagle office.
Asa Hillman was in town yesterday, trom the Horseshoe. He says
the property is looking better every
shot. '
Alex. Brown has returned to the
camp Irom the Coast, where he has
been sojourning; for th* past three
Mrs. Thompson of Nelson, arrived in town on Saturday evening, to
take charge of the Hotel Ferguson
The Mountain Lion Mining Co.
intend to change their registered
office in B. C. from Rossland to
Trout Lake City.   ''������
The B|ack Warrior men are down,
having run out of supplies. The
6rst payment on the bond has been
met by the Winona syndicate.
According to the Dominion census returns the population of Ferguson at the time taken was 130,
< while Trout Lake City had 160.
Jno. J. Young, W. B. Pool and
Louis Didisheim came in from
Revelstoke on Sunday evening.
They laft for the. Cup on Monday,
"I thank you much for the useful
help your (taper affords as an advertising medium.- It's all right,"���
H. W. Ewards, taxidermist, Revelstoke.
"I agree with you in believing
that you have done the stockholders
a great service, for your paper has
certainly caused a great many of
them to look into the matter more
carefully * -,* *."���H. Renken-
berger, Chicago.
The Cranbrook Herald has passed
the four-year mile post, and editor
Simpson enters the fifth with more
energy and enthusiasm than ever,
which is saying a good deal, If lhe
Herald is a reflector of Cranbrook
that town is strictly all right.
"I like the tone of your paper and
think you are right in doing the
most for your community by telling
.the exact facts as to resources, conditions, mining promotions, etc.
Enclose cheque for sub. and map."
r-John Zimmerman, Auburn, Ind.
The electric light plant lor the
Lardeau Power & Light Co. has arrived in Ferguson, and is now stored
in the old brewery building. It wilt
be installed just as soon as the snow
is off the ground. A waterworks
system will also be put in by the
same company.
Herbert Walton, a well-known
Revel��*toker, was killed instantly
last Friday afternoon, near Field,
while in the employ of a C. P. R.
rock gang as time-keeper, by a flying rock hurled from a blast taoo
ft. distant hitting him over the
heart. He was buried in Revelstoke
on Sunday.
"The interest created in your
paper has been far-reaching and I
leel certain your stand lor right will
bring you new business to offset the
local boycott influence. Here's my
sub. towards it. I suppose Ihose
who boycotted you in your little
tpwn had their hands in McCrossan'-.
pocket."���Signsture on file in the
Eaole office.
The thrice-a-week mail service between Ferguson and Arrowhead,
and intermediate points, is nnw in
force again, the first mail under the
summer schedule arriving on Monday. Mails will arrive on the evenings ol Monday, Wednesday and
Friday,   and   leave  the  following
- morning, making close connections
with the Revelstoke train, which
leaves Arrowhead at 3 p. m. daily.
- C. A. Gregg, formerly of Victoria, as - editor of the Rossland
Miner fotight bitterly against the
Miners' Union lor seven months.
He gained for himself the unenviable
distaste of union men and their
iriends, and finally the displeasure
of those whose interests he was the
alleged champion of. He lost his
job and is suing the Miner for $1,coo
salary on an uncompleted engagement.���T.  H. Twigg  in Victoria
- Colonist.
The Mountain Lion people have
made a fair and square statemeot,
and placed themselves clearly he-
fore the public, in this issue. Now
let Mr. McCrossan do likewise, if
he can, and the big 'spiel is off.
For Sale���A small frame shack
and several pieces of household
lurniture, including chairs,iron bedsteads, dresser, fine steel range, air-
ti*jhtiheater, cooking utensils, etc.
For particulars apply at the Eagle
W. Macdonald, manager of the
Ferguson branch of the Imperial
Bank of Canada, left lor Enmonton,
Albertn, on Friday last. While
there Mr. Macdonald will take unto
himsell a wife, in the person ol Miss
Mabel Cameron. The Eagle feels
certain that Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald will be accorded a hearty Lardeau reception apon their arrival in
the pay roll centre.
The lollowlnit l�� �� 'l"< ��' Lardeau the producers, amount shipped and the gross returns,
reports of Whlih have to be furnished monthly
by mine owners to the provincial government:
Name. Poundi,
Silver Cup -.����|W>
Nettle L 1*�����,����
.Triune.    ��<M���
BMtrlro....     ��*��
Great Northern      _"_"���
'Broadview      "*���
Kthel           I*1-000
cromweii......      2-Wg
I�� Ophir-Lade      J**,���.
'Metropolitan      JWM ���������*
! 81. Elmo.      "-"SS ""
- RuffledGronse      HiJW ....
Llnson View         sw ....
I Old Oold	
I Horseshoe ������������ ���
I Black Warrior	
( Returns and corrections ailed tor.
(Continued from first page.)
your eggs In one bluket.
I withhold the right to notify you by
wire and stop any further sale on these
stocks at this price.   I mean that I
ia until February 20th, hut if you have
any friends who would like to take this
offer tbey must take it at once or run
the risk of being cut out of the chance
by ray telegraphing you to not let any
one else In nn this basis.
any special friends whom you think
would like to take such an offer as thia
you may show them this letter and they
can have the stock at the same rate so
lung as the offer ia open. All orders
actually taken by you will be filled,
providing that tbe cash bas been paid
before tbe telegram to atop any further
sale has been received.
Let me hear from you soon.
Sincerely your friend,
f'HAULEs W. McCrossan.
2532 Aldrlch Ave., Minm-nuolls, Minn.
The Eagle Is in receipt of a lengthy
letter from George Broadley of Nelson,
setting forth his position in connection
with the Socialist League "split" at
Nelson, Wo accept Mr. Broadley'a
statement, and If possible will find
room fur his letter next issue.
Including the Pish Creek camp
nnd Upper Duncan River section, compiled by A. V. CumminB, I\ L,8..i_nrt 8
Shannon. B. A., is now on sale at this
office. The ready Hale of the map la
(���roving all we have said for it. The
Trout take division is lithographed ln
black, the Lardeau In red. and the Alns*
worth in blue, liven a tenderfoot could
take a copy of ihis map nnd find any
claim recorded in tbe three divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails; surveyed railway routes,
and the location aud name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim ln the
district is shown.
Next   to   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person This If up Takes First Place*
In fact every geographical
feature Is so well define that one can
see at a glance the nature of our country
and the trend cf tbe claim locations
gives an Intelligible Idea of the mineral
belts running through the camp. It is
The   Best   Worth   -For   One  Dollar
ever offered In the map line of a mining
cmiip. It is the first complete map of
the district Nnd is selling Well. It is fust
what you t-re'looklng for. WE ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure m �� one do.ler bill, Ino
cheques, orders, etc.j to
Ferguson, B.C.
Write for our interesting books '��� Invent*
or'aHelp" and ���' How yon are awindkd."
Send us a rough sketch or model of your In*
tention or 1 m prove ment and we will tell yon
free our opinion as to whether It 1*. p obably
Kteatable.  Rejected appUcntlMiahiiveoften
en  successfully prosecuted by aa.    We
conduct fully equipped offices In Montreal
and Washington; this qualifies us to promptly dispatch work and quickly a* cure Patents
asbrotdas the Invention. Highest references
Patent* procured through Marlon ft Marlon receive special notice without charge in
over ioo lit-wspapera distributed throughout,
the 0 minion.
1 Specialty i���Patent business of Manufacturers and Ungineera.
.   Patent Expert*] and Solicitors.
Otnm.  1 New York Lite B'ld'r,r!ontr��l
Gross Val.
1 .ftH.H0
1,500 M
7-8 00.
Fred 0. Elliott,
Ferguson, 3. C.
Harvey. McCarter $ Pinkham
Office,:    Revelitokc, Golden, and K**r_i*ion.
sSleltori for Imperial' Bank ot Canada.
Oeo.B.MoCWUr.   ���'__,""""      *��� *��� Htuvc****.
A. M. Pinkham.
barrister, solicitor. etc.
offices: Mckenzie avenue,
Revelstoke, B. C.
S, Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
B. C. Assay & ChemicaltSupply Co.
Headquarters for Assayer*, Mining -ft Mill
Supplies. Sole sgents In B. C. for Morgan
Crucible Co., Bauersea, England; P. W. Braun
& Co.'s Patent Cary Furnaces, Burners, etc.;
Wm. Ainsworth it Co.'s Pine Balances, etc., etc.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Hltuate-1 midst scenery
unrivalled for Krandeur. D*mting, fishing
and excursions. Resident physiqlan and
nu--se. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. T-o mails arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cme all nervous
and muscular diseases .::s waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sure remedy aralnst
all argentiferous poisons. TERtyS: $12 to
|15 per week, according to residenqe in hotel
or villas.
is the result of a newspaper
Established 1896
General Merchants
Transfer Outfit.
Packing and   ^pMkiwud
Contraots entered Into (or packing of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point tn the district.
Good,  prompt service, and any  work undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ****j!f S. Daney, Proprietor.
Drugs and Stationery
Prescriptions Carelully and Accurately Compounded.
���Ferguson Realty
-IS A-
Qood Investment
Write at once to
General Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B. C.
see advt. os paob three.
Ferguson Meat Market
������<���������� Illlll H   .
: Fine stdck of the     PKRSH BBBP,  PQKK, MUT-   I
 best Alberta;; TON,   I'OILTKl,   Btc, Etc.   ;
������*���">*, } (-������������*�����.���*����������������-���� ���*
Mine orders a specials
���*��"��� Fr"��   ShoponTdTrTa���oYCeT2'ardeau.     PromptDellvcry
��0. K,9>
All branches of the Tonsorial Art
executed with ambidextrous dezerlty,
rWM. Schnell, Prop.
The Man who will risk the Purchase of a Lot or two in the
Now has manv good chances of making
ii '	
Clrole City Is the future terminus of the proposed railway, already surveyed
via the Larde-iu creek north fork to that point.
Circle City Is beautifully located at the baso of tbe Lardeau Pass, Galona and
Surprise creeks. ��� ���
Circlo City is absolutely surrounded by mining properties now undor development.
Circle oity affords splondld water power which will be utilized next season for
concentrating purposes.
Circle City will present business openings this spring. Send for tbe new map
just out (free), and full particulars, to O. B. Batho, general agt., Ferguson.
Two hundred lots on sale now���Presont prtcos: Corner lots, SI25. Inside lots
$100.   Terms:  J cash, balanuo three and six months.
G. B. BATHO, General Agent, Ferguson, B. C.


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