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 " ' "    '    '        *fi     \
VOL. II. NO. 18.
��2.00 A YEAR.
The Martin Candidate Nearly Lost
His Deposit.
A Death Blow to Kellie and His
Favored Few.���Taylor Polled A
Majority in Every Point Except
Revelstoke.���Likely Course of Our
New Member.
Polling day pasaod off very quietly
In Ferguson. Most of the voters came
down from the hills, but there were a
few exceptions. At the Cup the boys
paired off. Up the north fork the
same. Of course many of the miners
in this, as other B. C. mining camps,
are American citizens, and this with
what voters exercised their franchise
at Trout Lako City brought Taylor's
majority down here much lower than it
otherwise would have been. There
were a few bets made in town at three
to one, but a man had to bet wild to
get a call from the McRae men at all.
The townsmen raised $10 in the evening to got the returns, but they were
very unsatisfactory indeed. Not until
Sunday was there any outside word,
therefore It was left largely to the
dally newspapers to convey the news.
And even now tbe situation is too
vague to size up with any degree of
certainty. A telegram received by
the Eaole from Revelstoke on Sunday
���ays tbat Taylor's total majority is 147.
As predicted by the Eaole McRae
nearly lost his deposit. This, too. iB a
greater majority than ever J. M. Kellie
was honored with. And had Kellie
been tn McRae's shoes be would have
fell with tbe same dull sickening thud.
Tom Taylor, M. P. P., tbe Eaole
believes, will prove himself to be a
van many times worthy of the confidence which has been placei in him.
In .ftk-f vent of the Conservatives being unable to form a government, the
'Eagle has 'no hesitation In saying
that Mr. Taylor will  take his stand
wU-h tbfc T ��|h:���<   m>. T> ?3poudout   nen,
ben, as against Martin and anti-Labor
representatives,. Complimenting Thos.
Taylor upon the success he so cleanly
and manly won, and once more inviting our poor old forlorn friend, the
Topic, into the fold (tf it can find its
way out of tbe avalanche), the Eagle
will resume operations at the old stand.
Trot along your mining news and do
the annual assessment of 82; we'll do
the rest.
will force the old parties.
. New Plan of Forwarding the
Progressive Movement.
George's Weekly, of Denver, Colo.,
has come out with an elaborate plan
to do away with parties and politicians.
The editor of the paper, Herbert
George, proposes to start the scheme
in Colorado by getting 1,000 staunch
supporters of the undertaking to sign
a pledge with him not to bo candidates
for office, eleotlVe or appointive, but
work unceasingly for the restoration
of the old-time rights of the Amorlcan
people. A single paragraph In the
published plan shows how he expects
to effect the desired reform. Ho says:
"Wo are earnestly inclined to the
opinion that an Intelligent and well
directed effort, having for its object
the forcing of one or the other of the
two great parties to adopt the idea of
direct legislation will soonest bring
radical ohanges for the bettor and
soonest do away with parties and politicians." This'is'a view not shared'by
Mr. George alone. Many persons
bave given up the hope >of any party,
as such, carrying out to its legitimate
end the reformation needed; HENCE
DIRECT legislation that we may take
economic questions away from party
winter.   The Triune litis proved
o :t grass-root proposition;
The  Silver Oup ia Forcing to the The Town   is  Deserted,  Hut The
Front Rank.
Hills Are Being Probed.
Chinese  and  Japanese   Breeding
and Fostering Bubonio Plague.
The provincial hoard of health have
sent out a pamphlet .setting forth precautions which should be taken against
the dread disease���bubonic plague.
Secretary C. J. Fagan makes some
very strong and radical recommendations to the attorney-general which
should undoubtedly be enforced at
once. Communities where Chinamen
and Japanese thrive are the most
likely to be affected. Mr. Fagan contends that leprosy already exists
concealed among those vermin at the
ooast. He nays among other things:
"I do not wish to cause any scare, but
1 think r would be remiss in my duty,
did I not call your attention to the fact
that we are in danger, and therefore
should prepare:"
The  Development Now  Going Ia
Disclosing Greater Gold and Copper   ValueB.���More   Miners   Are
Wanted.���Busy Creating Tonnage
For the Lardeau's Railway.
According to tho Minister of  Mines'
report tho total oro obtained from  tho
Silver Cup to December :Ust, 18(10, was
about  820  tons,   tho  groBs  value  of
which, according to smelter returns,
has been $121,000, say $148 to the ton.
Since that dato  275  tons  more  havo
been taken out, thus making the  total
output    1095    tons.     Approximately
figured, on the present high-grade production, the total gross output to date
reaches the enormous figure of $165,000,
thus having paid for itself, its development, etc., and it is  still only beyond
the "doubt" stage as  a  wealth  producer.
Kiel, Values Found III tile Olt|l.
Supt. D. G, McNeill came down from
the  Silver  Cup,    Lardeau's   banner
Never Before Was There So Much
Actual Development Being Prosecuted In This District.-There Will
Soon Be Railway Tonnage.���New
Strikes Reported Daily.
Wh I!e tlie   EaqXM  hftB   been   busy
helping to elect Thos. Taylor,   for tho
past  two   weeks,   raining   operations
throughout the camp havo been going
on with vim and vigor.   And of course
the EAOLE has not   boon  keeping tab
ns closoly as  usual.    However a good
deal of tho progress is reported in this
���.'mil New-H From tit** Koli Buy,
Coo. Hayes and Alec. Bigger wore
down on Saturday from the Rob Hoy,
the location of whieh has already been
made familiar to our readers. They
havo now entered tho hanging wall of
the No. 2 lead, but when they had to
leave they were not in quite far enough
to know exactly what there is at this
point of the lead. They expect, however, to crosscut it thia week and if
instructions to the contrary are not
mine, on Monday. He had somo I received they will drive the tunnel
wonderful samples with him whieh ho right on to No. II. Jn all probability
is sending out to headquarters. They though tho company will start them
were discovered  Monday  morning  in {drifting   and   takeout enough ore to
Tim tilfi-fast Strike Yi-t In the Net-tin   I..
II. ('rilly. foreman at the Nettie L,,
made a hurried trip down the hill on
Monday evening to announce to the
directors of the Great Western Mines
Limited, i-hat a very rich and important strike had just been made in the
Nettle L-. From the south drift, running into tho Ajax, their adjoining
property, a crosscut was made with
marvelous results. Prom Ii to 4 ft. of
almost solid galena ore, carrying even
more copper than usual, was exposed
on Monday. Tho six men are just
pegging right along. Thoy oxpect to
see some of tlio directors or Manager
Tool in ut once.
Looks  As  Though Both Will Be
come A Reality.
Operations on tin, Kniplro Group,
II. Leokle-Ewlng, local innnngor, .1.
M. McGregor, surveyor ot Slocan City,
11. Koberts, mining engineer of 1 loss-
land and five miners left for the
Umpire croup yesterday. Tho group
will be surveyed and work for the
summer laid out. Provisions were
taken in last fall, so that everything is
in readiness to push development, the
particulars of which will appear in'tlie
[3AGLE from time to time.
The Blow Tbat Killed KelUoism and
Martinism in This Riding.
Taylor Mcltiie maj. [maj.
Ferguson 45... 29 ...16
Trout Lake City.. 64... 21 43
Thomson's Lndg. 20... 10 10
Comaplix  25... 11 14
Arrowhead 49...   5 44
Revelstoke 182.. .201... .19....
Albert Canyon...   5...   4 1
Illeoillewaet  29... 26 II
Glacier  14... 11 3
Halcyon....     4...   3 1
Nakusp  46... 23. 23
Burton City	
Fire Valley	
Big Bend	
Total 483    344      19    158
Ralph Smith May Possibly Come
Out on Top.
The population of British Columbia
in the future must in the very nature
of things be largely made up of miners
and laboring men, and that elass of
people will undoubtedly have a large
influence Id shaping the legislation of
the province. In this province there
are a number of Labor representatives
and while the contingent which will
take its seat in the House is not likely
to be very strong, It will grow and In
time may become a body of considerable importance. Those who have
followed the career of the leader
(Ralph Smith), of the Labor element
in British Colombia know that be is
not a blatant demagogue of the red,
roaring anarchist type, but a reasonable, safe, Intelligent, broad-minded
man, and withal one of the best and
most convincing debaters that has
ever sat in tbo Assembly.
Some newspaper subscribers often
wonder why a publisher will keep on
sending the paper wben the subscription has expired. The reason is this:
When the subscription is paid to a certain time, the time expires and the
paper is stopped, it looks as if the
publisher doubted the integrity of the
subscriber; and nine times out of ten
tbe subscriber will give tbe publisher
a "calling down" for insinuating that'
his credit is not good Rather than
cast any reflection against a neighbor's
honesty to pay a small debt, it has
become customary for country newspapers to continue sending the paper
after the subscription lias expired.
The city weeklies and dailies do not
generally follow this rule as their subscribers live at a distance, and besides
they are not acquainted with them and
donot'know tbeir tinancial standing.
One should deem it an honor to know
tbat his credit is not doubted when the
publisher continues to send the paper
Should the subscriber desire to have
his paper discontinued he should inform the publisher and remit to date,
if any amount is o^ing,
drifting from the crosscut recently
made from the No. (I or lower tunnel.
Mr. McNeill calculates that these
specimens will carry at least 3000 ozs.
in silver, and one would judge from
the samples that they contained as
muoh more value In gold and grey
copper. They were certainly the
finest and richest looking specimens
that the Eaole ever set its optics
More Miners Wanted.
Fourteen men are now working at
the Cup, but Supt. McNeill says he
wants more miners, but cannot procure
tnem. 1'tte lollje suouid bo at least 20
Beware of the mining expert who is
not in the country for his health. He
goeth about seeking to get shekels
from both parties to a transaction. To
he who hath a mine to sell the expert
says Btand and deliver a portion of the
price you will receive or my report
will be adverse. He Is not abovo making a favorable report for a consideration. Beware of him for he would
fain serve two masters.���Prospector.
The new time table on the C. P. It.
will bring this camp in closer commu n i-
cation with the outside world. Revel-
stoke and coast mail will reach here
the following day at about noon. The
return mail will go out the same day.
reaching Revelstoke the next day.
The service is improved all round,
though earlier rising in tho morn Ing
will be in order.
Ferguson Is thu centre of a groat
mineral country. Draw a circle
around Ferguson with a radius of 10
miles and you take in some of tho
richest mineral belts in the province.
Stump blasting and road building
still continues on the wagon road between here and Thomson's Landing.
The portion between here and' Trout
Lake should receive special attention,
as there is likely to be a great deal of
traffic, particularly' If tho rullwuj
builds to the foot of Trout lake this
sumsier as promised by President
Shadgtinessy. The Martin government Is to be thanked for this much
pap at any rate.
Trout Lake City is spreadinir itself
for the 1st of July sports. It promises
to be a big success. The Revelstoke
city band is being arranged (or. Boating, horse racing and athletic sports
will constitute tho program. Ferguson
is joining heartily in furnishing both
prize money and contestants. A
ball match will likely take place.
E. L. Klnman expects to launch the
Trout Lake City local syndicate's new
naptha launch on Saturday. This
handsome little pleasure boat will seat
sixteen people comfortably. It is
fitted with an 8-horse power engine of
the latest design, will be speedy and
can be manned by one person wfth
oase.   All that  is  lacking now  is a
If T -ore asked who is running this
Dominion, I should say Mr. Shaughnessy, McKenzie and Mann, Senator
Cox, and the banks, with Lord Minto
and Sir Wilfrid Laurier as the assenting and recording clerks, and Sir
Chas. Tupper and Sir Mackenzie
Bowell as the agreeing witnesses.
Citizen and Country.
,1. N. Black, "Dad,"
Nettio L. yesterday.
was up at
He   visited
keep tho cent bolt shareholders in
good humor. Another shift may be
put on to drive a tunnel further up the
hill from the present workings, to tap
the surface showing at a 25 or 30 ft.
depth, just to find out exactly the trend
of the lead, and which one will pay to
drift upon the best, in the absence of j
better transportation facilities. A. E,
Welch of London, Ont., one of the
managing directors will be here in a
couple ef weeks to go over the properly with local superintendent West-
fall and ascertain the best course of
future development. Mr. Welch will
also buy a fow other properties, if
feasible, for a new company which he
has successfully floated to operate
Lardeau's famous properties.
The Npokiine Group,
Ernest C. Wood, engineer and local
manager W. H. Jackson of Rossland,
will be in camp again next 'week. Six
inon, Messrs. Sharp, (push) Athol,
Douglas, Atkinson, McTuggart and
"Doc," are now on shift. Trail and
cabin building, tunnel driving, otc, is
their program. This group is owned
by tho Ciinadian-Lardeau Mining Co.,
Ltd., who will shortly make their headquarters in Ferguson.
IliK Dlneovery In tile Oil! Gold,
Local superintendent Westfall's last
visit to tills property, owned by the
Old Gold Quartz and Placer Mining
Co., Rossland, was an eventful one in
the history of Duncan slopo properties.
Before Mr. Westfall commenced the
work already done he had found largo
chunks of float containing good
mineral values, but never could find
where it came irom, until last week.
The new lead, strange to say, is only
80 ft. north, running parallel to the
first lead discovered. Work was
immediately stopped on the discovery
lead and the four men put to work on
the new find, which promises excellent
results. They commenced work on tho
lead about 75 ft. below the point where
apparently the float had previously
broken from and aro already taking
out ore. There is at least from 0 to 8'
inches of clean galona ore on -the footwall and from 2 to 3 ft. of high grade
concentrating ore on the hanging wall.
Kvery blast is exposing better ore.
The samples exhibited by Mr. West-
fall were beauties, containing as it
must, considerable grey copper.
On the I'rhm-oHt' Group.
J. W. Westfall, local superintendent
for the Primrose Gold Mining Co.,
Ltd., with headquarters at present in
Kossland and of which Messrs. Miller
and Chestnut are managing directors
there, left yesterday morning to again
visit his many properties up the north
fork. In conversation witli tlie EAGLE
Mr. Westfall stated that thero was
now nearly 500 ft. of work done on the
Grace C, in tho Primrose group. A-
force of men arc still driving on the
tunnel, lacking only 30 or 41) ft. now of
being under the big surface shewing.
The wall being followed is a good one,
and Mr. Westfall expects to bring
down encouraging news of this work
noxt week.
A Trull to the Triune.
Messrs.   D.  and  P,  Forguson,   L.
Wlsener, A. Evans, V. and  Jas. Lade
never saw the mine looking better.   A
first class ore sorter is now in charsre.
name, which will be  provided  before j so that higher grado shipments will be
tho christening on- Saturday. | made in future.
new strike and confirms even more and Robt. and Arthur Gunn are busy
than the foreman gove the Eaole ;on | cutting a trail from 10-milo to the Tri-
Monday  evening.     "Dad"   says    he
une. They expect to finish it this
week. The Lado and Gunn brothers
will then continue work all summer on
the Triune. They intend to take out
enough oro to make several shipments
Work on the Silver   Lear
In addition to tbe 40 ft. crosscut
tunnel already driven, Supt. Westfall
has just let a contract for 50 ft. more
work. He expects to tap the lead at
30 ft., after which drifting and stoping
will bo commenced. This property is
owned by the Guinea Gold Mines of B.
C. with headquarters at present in
Toronto. It is located about H miles,
air line, east of the Rob Hoy, just over
or. the Duncan slope.
Will Invest in l.urdenu I'l-opei-tle*.
10. F. Boyles, of the Inland tynpire
Co-operative .Mining Co., Spokane, was
in the camp last week to look over
some Lardeau properties, but as the
ones lie wanted to see were located in
the snow belt Mr, Boyles decided Ui return to Spokane and again visit the
camp in July, wben in all likelihood,
he will purchase two or three properties for his company.
A shall on tin, Alpine.
E. M. Morgan was. of course, in town
on Saturday. He says he chits sunk a
111 ft. shaft on the lead on the Alpine,
owned by himself and Andy Ward, and
located over near the Mubel group
southwest of Ferguson. There is 18
Inches of about 30 to 1 ore the full
depth of the shaft. Tlie load is well
defined and promises better results
with depth.
The L'nu-kHhiit.
Thos. li. Johnston recently of Ivaslo.
but now of Moyio City, was in tho
camp last week sizing up the Crack-
shot, a property in which he and a
brother, and .1. B. Johnson of Kossland.
arc ii.terosted. A de.il is now pending
on this property whioh if consummated
will mean a lot of development work.
The   Kitmlnlpli.
Randolph Higginson and G, Forddred
went up to the Randolph, located up
Gainer creek, on Monday last, as a
preliminary to commencing assessment work in a week or two. Tlio
boys are rustlers from the snap of the
The Golden time.
Andy Ward and E. M. Morgan have
now driven a 19 ft. tunnel on tho Golden Gato. They aro now hard at work
and will add another 15 ft. to this before many weeks. Thoy will then
croosscnt and prospect.
Whistler, Copper Mask and Index.
A. J. nordon left with two pack
horses for Gainer creek, up the south
fork, on Monday morning to do assess-
���uent work for Vancouver parties on
the Whistler, Copper Mask nnd Index.
To Report on the Monitor.
A. B. Cox will be in the camp in a
few days to look over tlie  Monitor,   in
the interests of London  shareholders.
The Smelter Syndicate May Tako
the Initiative.- Thoir Plans If
Carried Out, Will Moan Increased
Prosperity For This District.���
Prospects For the Railroad.
M. L, .Moyer, the Philadelphia
smelter mail, hits returned!to the camp
accompanied by Geo. Stead, a representative for tlie capitalists whom Mr.
Moyer has succeeded in inueresting-
hore. On Monday they visited tbe
American, owned by Andrew Abra-
hainson and Thos. Taylor,- M1.. P.
Though no work to sneak of has been
done on this property, n st/rong lead
carrying concentrating matter and a
12 inch vein of clean solid galena oro
has been ex-posed. On- Tuesday
Messrs. Mbyet* and Stead went up to
look ovor nurtli fork properties. Not
only do these men intend to build a
smelter in this locality, if satisfactory,
but they will also buy claims and if
necessary produce their own ore. If
this method were pursued their project could scarcely bo other than a
While a [smelter could be operated
without a railway it would certainly be
more advantageous and economical to
have one. if only to the foot of the lake.
Frnm letters now passing between
interested parties tit Trout Lake und
C. P. K. officials it is obvious that construction will be commenced not later
than the end of July, as soon as the
Balfour branch is taken over by the
company. It is only a matter of two
months work when once begun. Fred.
Robinson, of the Fred. Robinson Lumber Co., Comaplix, has received
assurances that the road will be built
right through to that point this fall,
from which point the -company will
transfer to Arrowhead! Tl'.o eoowi,
slip, and tugs arc already provided- for
the Kootenay lakes, so that a- slip, at
Comaplix or nearer Arrowhead is all
that is necessary.
With these prospects of a railway
and a smelter tiie Lardeau should foi-go
to the front from this date. Even now
there is a scarcity of miners. The
camp's pay roll is increasing daily.
There is' more actual t development
going on this season than evor before.
Moro money being put into tho ground
can only have ono effect, that of forcing these modern necessities this way.
Properties are changing hands on a
business basis. Prospector's prices
have been lowered. Mining promoters,
in most cases, are looking for proved
properties rather than wildcats.
Claim owners here now realize that in
order to sell n property they must have
something in sight. 1900 is the beginning of the Lardeau's long-looked for
attention from the mining and railway
Will Excel  That of '07 and  Forco
the Railway Our Way.
Strangers keep dropping in and
disappearing in the hills everyday now
and the camp's pay roll is Increasing
steadily. There will be a good summer in here at tiny rate, hut unless
railway transportation is provided
another dull winter will be experienced! though there will lie much
more shipping (lone than last winter.
If the glad news that the C. P. II. will
commence construction of the Lardeau
branch in July is really true everything is lovely ami the goose is
suspended at a high altitude. Hut. if
not, we will simply have to keep a
hammering. Everything conies to
those who wait.
The final results of the provincial
elections are still unknown in this land
of wireless telegraphy and snowcapped kopjes, but sufficient to say Joe
Mai-tin's government has been turned
down. The chances for a combination
between the 'Cotton-Labor-Indepen-
dent-Conservutive faction seems likely,
in order to keep tlie Titrnerites where-
they belong. John Houston at Nelson,
Smith Curtis at Rossland, and Thos.
Taylor at Revelstoko are elected, thus
demonstrating that trades-unions are
heavyweights in West Kootenay. THE LARDEAU EAGLE, FERGUSON, B. C, JUNE 13, 1900.
I'liiilMi.'il  every   Weriiiustky inonmiK   '
office of nubllcntion, tfcr/iuon. B. C . I
Advertising Kntctt:, Display ails, ��i.sn pe
column inch. Loftal ads, ISu |��r iiioniiarU'l lin
fur first Inaertlou; 80 for each additional Insertion
Reading notices Ifiuperllue each Issue
Subscription Rates: Hy mail or earrlor,*n.o
pt-r annum; *l.w for six months. Stopped 11
Job Department: Thk Eaolk Job DepHrlmeu
Is well equipped, and Is prepared to execute nt
kinds of printing at liouesl prices,
Ferguson, It. I;
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE 13. 1900.   j
'Die very foundation principle of
tlie trust combinations is reatric-
tion. Probably on tlio theory that
tire must always bo fought with j
lire, every effort thus far mado by
legislatures, to destroy tlio power
of flic so-called trusts, has boon in
tlio form of still further restrictions. Ono restriction is piled up-
on another, and still a third upon
liiith : and in this way it- is somehow hoped that liberty will be established by multiplying restraints
upon liberty. The commerce and
and trade nf the country are tied
up with chains by the trust- monopolies : ami then congress and the
legislatures seek to nullify the effect
ol' these chains by chaining the
chains, Il is seriously proposed to
restore free competition by prohibiting trust combinations from entering into competition.    Laws have:
1 11 passed for the avowed purpose
of preventing combinations, which
control two-thirds of the production of any article, from soiling
their goods in competition witli the
producers of the remaining third.
It is no cause for wonder thai all
the so-called anti-trust laws have
resulted in ignominious failure and
that the number of trust combinations never increased so rapidly as
since those laws were enacted.
There is but one remedy for slav-
ery, and that is liberty.    There is
but one remedy for monopoly, and
that  is to sot free those currents'
whioh   have   been   restrained   by j
monopoly.      No combination can
ever be permanently successful un-;
less it is founded upon some  111011-1
opoly of   natural  resources.      In
very rare cases such a monopoly is
founded   upon  the   extraordinary!
genius of one or two men.    For
this there is,   and ought to be, no j
remedy.    Nature makes it iinpus-
sable that such a monopoly of gen-1
ills  should   last  more  than a  few-
years ;  and during that period its
benefits will  far outweigh all its,
disadvantages.    Genius may have
an occasional monopoly ; but no one)
can long have a monopoly in gen-1
ins.    Nature  is sure to produce a
rival genius,  who does in another
way that which the first genius did
in his own peculiar way.   This was
strikingly illustrated in the history
of the steel manufacture,    Besse-
mer having invented one immensely valuable and cheap process  fur
making steel.     Siemens followed
witli another method, ami Gilchrist
and Thomas with still another,
The great monopolies uf this
country owe their existence tn special unjust privileges, conferred upon them by a course of legislation,
whieh the people ot tlie United
States adopted of their own free
will, and whieh are still maintained
by the votes of the very people who
most loudly declaim against monopolies. Foremost among thoso are
the tariff laws, the internal revenue
laws  and   the patent  laws,      We
shall briefly consider those in the.
order of the least important.
Taking first the patent laws,
which avowedly concede a monopoly for the term of 17 years, for
good and solid reasons in each
case, we have only to say that they
afford a striking Illustration of the
���dangers attendant upon any legalized monopoly, howsver meritorious. This is shown by a comparatively recent scandal with regard
to a pretended conflict ef claims in
the patent office. Two opposing
claims were secretely purchased by
one corporation, which afterwards
employed attorneys ou both sides
to keep up the sham contest for
many years, resulting in a practical
monopoly of a single invention for
30 years, instead of 17.    By similar
manipulations, other valuable inventions are monopolized I'm- a
much lunger time than tin- law in-
tontls. while many others are simply locked up anil kept out of pup-
lie us itirely.    The patent laws
need a thorough revision : Jill in the
direction of greater liberty. Asj
we do not propose to discuss the
details on this occasion we confine
ourselves tn saying that these laws
shuold lie so amended as to make
it impossible for any monopoly to
last under it for more than 17 years
from the date of the application for
a patent, and so as to permit the
use by everybody of all patented
inventions upon resonablo terms ;
or, in some other way. patents
should be prevented from supporting any monopoly for a longer period than the precise term prescribed
upon the face of the statute.
The internal revenue laws. by
the restrictions with which they
surround the manufacture of li-
quors and tobacco, afford some
great advantages to monopolies.
As it is our object in this article
not to specify any particular monopoly now existing, we prefer to
illustrate the point by reference to
match manufacture, in the days
when there was an internal revenue
tax of one cent a box. It is well
known that the result of that tax
was to destroy immediately all independent manufacturers, and to
concentrate the business in the
hands of two or three great corporations. When that tax was repealed in Ink..'!, these monopolies
fell of thoir own weight, and it was
many years before they could be
reconstructed. The present great
combinations in the match manufacture are to be found in other
laws encouraging monopoly, which
are still maintained.
Tho tariff is the most fertile
source of American monopolies,
During the last oil or 411 years
hardly an instance has been known
in whicli an American monopoly
has been denied any part of the
benefits which it has demanded in
the enactment of tariff laws. In
1890 and 1897, this rule was without any known exception. In 1894
there were but few exceptions.
Tariffs are always made up by the
very parties who are interested in
preventing foreign competition and
securing for themselves a monopoly
nf the domestic trade.
It is simply absurd to make any
effort tn prohibit or to regulate
trusts and combinations while their
causes are left untouched. If the
American people shrink from competition with other nations of the
earth, and deem themselves justified in preventing such competition
by force, they have no moral right
tn com plain if American capitalists
take advantage nf the laws which
prevent foreign competition, tn
make nf them instruments to prevent domestic competition also.
Neither have Americans, who believe iu preventing foreign competition by force, any moral right to
complain of capitalists who prevent
domestic competition by fraud.
The 11110 is just as moral, or immoral, as the other.
And thus we come, at last, to the
fundamental remedy which is
needed. The fundamental cause
nf American monopolies is to be
found ill the lack nf honesty, justice, business courage and love nf
fair dealing, which is unfortunately
characteristic uf a vast majority of
the human race, not excepting the
people of the United States of
America. Whenever a majority of
the Araortcan people demand simple
justice, neither more nor less, for
themselves, all these questions will
be speedily settled, and trusts will
dissolve like snow in summer.  For
any man who demands and n ives
exact justice for himself, and no
more, necessarily concedes precisely
as much to every one else ; and if
no man received any more than
justice, every man would receive
justice. Nn right can be taken
away from any one man, without
conferring more than his right up
on another. Tt is as impossible to
give less than justice to all men at
once as it is to cut off a section of
the air and destroy it, leaving a
The inconslttonoy of any man who
demands that competition shall be
free, when it works in liifcsjjayoi-.
lull shall Im- prohibited when 'it
works against him is obvious. But
it is not- so uliyious to the ordinary
mind that it is equally absurd to
insist upon freedom uf competition
within the borders of the United
States, while excluding competition
from without. Nevertheless, the
exclusion nf competition is quite as
unjust and injurious in the one
ease as in the other; and the demand for freedom of competition at
homo, while denying freedom of
competition from abroad, is absurd
and suicidal. The laws of nature
cannot be persuaded to work only
half way. No man can can take
poison and yet enjoy good health.
No man can enslave another, yet
remain entirely free himself.
Neither can any man or nation
draw an artificial line and say :
'Within these boundaries, competition shall be perfectly free; but
outside of these boundaries there
shall be no competition at all."
The remedy, and the only remedy, for the evils of domestic monopolies is the repeal of all laws
which pretend to give to any man,
rich nr poor. American or European, any protection against natural competition, any artificial
monopoly of natural resources or
any advantage whioh is not thrown
open, on equal terms, to all human
Who would be freemen, must set
all men free.
���Thomas (1. Sheakman,
New York
Best Wines. Liquors ami Cigars
Finely Equipped Bar
Refitted and Refurnished
Best Cuisine Service
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
Imperial Bank
���       of Canada
Capital authorise  l2,son,i��.
���ttlVltal iMidiin    ��,m,888
Rest  l,5M,71ll
General banking business transacted
[uteres! allowed on deposits In Savings Depart-
insut at current rates.
A. It. II   IIKAKN. Manager Revelstoke Branch
See Unit this lalwl Ison all Clothing you purchase
Reyal Seal,
KooteRay Belle,
Little Gem Cigars
-^^By the-ii4
Nelson, B. G.
J. LAUGHTON, proprietor.
Headquarters for Miners and Mining Men.      Neatly furnished, well-lighted mil
Heated Rooms.    Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
KK2K2 K2 K3 K3 5SK2K1
Mi     When you are in Trout Lake Oity put up at    PwH
1(3 THEnnrrn.n .iftT-n     fl
JTk Abrahamson Hros., Proprietors TJ[
Wj Everythingnew��nd up-to-date. Fire proof safe. Finest jM<
y~�� wines, liquors and cigars. Mining men's headquarters. ��=5
AA Cheerful dining room     Al service. A^
trji is under the same management. JT1
QK3K3 Cg K3 K3 gggilS
All Eyes are
��� Fixed 00   ���
See that the Blue Label is en eaeh box.
��%%%%%��%%%%%%v%%v%* %%%%%%%%%%%%%��
The DoMlble Eagle
Mining & Development Co.
Capital, $1,000,000, in $1 shares.
4oo,ooo in the Treasury.
First Block of Treasury Shares now
on the market for a limited time
at 10 CENTS.
Is the Natural and Commercial Centre���
Over one hundred and fifty men now working in the
mew mtaes
Now being developed by strong, practical companies.
Mining Companies9
wm. r. coriin \nk,
Manager tlio Cochrane Ranolr, Limit
-,l. Maraud.
John .1. VOVMO,
no Dlrootar of The Herald
'resident 0
eat Western Mini
>, Mi
,i. Porguson n
ill Hovi'lst'ik
.1. I>. UBAHAH,
Gold Commissioner, Atlit
. lie     Ra
p. W. OOU8A1
ichor, PliiclierOt
3, llil'AS'l
Kor, Revolsti
W. M.
Proiirlot.il-at I.,-,
n ll���
Hints, Rovcjsl
The Double Eagle Company h, s been formed lor the purpose, not only
ol mining its present properties, but of acquiring promising claims and developing them to an extent that will justify their sale to English and other
companies at a profit. The company 'ilready owns and has paid for in full,
tho Trilbv and Old Saul properties in the famous Fish River district, and a
three-quarti rs interest in the May Bee mine, in the Lardeau district one and
a hnlf miles from Ferguson. Sufficient promoter's shares have been set aside
for the purchase of the remaining quarter.
Tlie May Bee is the sister claim to the now famous Nettie L, which has
broken all records in British Columbia for large bodieB of phenomenally
rich ore. The May Bee and Nettie L were located together in 1892 by
Mr. W. B. Pool (who has been appointed manager of the Double Eagle Co.)
Both claims carry identically the same rich ore on the surface and the same
remarkable ledge runs through both, carrying high values in gold, copper,
silver and lead. The promoters have already spent $4,000 in developing
the May Bee, withexcellent results, and in order to place the mine quickly
on a shipping basis the company now offers the publio the opportunity of investing to a limited extent in fully paid and non assessable treasury shares
(par value ?1) at 10 cents each.
Shares will be sold in blocks of 100
and upwards.
Tin, company reserves the right to withdraw the sale of shares from tho market iituny time
Without notion.      Applications may lie Bent to the Secretary,
A. H. HOLDICH, Revelstoke.
llrto.lXO. .). TOUNfl, Herald lllook, Calgary.
Are being located in Ferguson.     Stores and Stocks are
being enlarged.   Properties are changing hands.
Capitalists are appearing on the scene.
Smelter men are on the Ground.
Railway Construction has practically
begun, and the entire district is
coming rapidly to the front.
Come straight to
The Rossland-Nelson of the Lardeau
For further information, write or see���
General Agent.
LocrI   Afjcnt,        - * THE LARDEAU EAGLE, FERGUSON, B. C, JUNE IS, 1900.
Peroxide of hydrogen in prescribed a.s
an antiilote for cyanide poisoning.
It costs from 126,000 t" Sluii.Oisi to
turn a prospect into a large producing
Spunking incidentally of silver, you
will always lind more silver in galena
M silk-ions deposits than in the galena
of alkaline deposits.
All native sulphurous, particularly all
the sulphurets of iron, contain gold.
And as sulplmreta cannot penetrate
any rock bnt from btlow, the heaviest
body of such kind of ore must lie doep
in the earth. In proof nf this conclusion, all pyriteous veins are found to
improve in quality and quantity with
the depth.
From the present known existence of
electro currents in many veins, and the
analogy between voltaic combinations
and the arrangement of matter in
mineral veins, it is reasoned with a fair
degree nf probability that the formation
of many metallic lodes are due tn electro-chemical agencies.
Gold cannot be detected hy tlie eye
or hy a magnifying lens when associated
with galena, sulphide ol nine or arsenical pyrites.   It is found in this connec
tin11. and also in combination with
cobalt, manganese, lead, tellurium,
tnalnchitti and tlie sulphides of silvor
ami antimony. Its presonceor absence
un,lei- many conditions can only In1
determined by suitable tests, of which
we will speak further hereafter. Indeed, it is for the prospector to be prepared tn test all ores when ho linds
them, either on the spot or in camp.
And at the same time it is worth remembering that no test, however rlut-
terinw; individually, can determine the
true value of a lode. Specimen assays
only show the character of the ores
assayed. The true general value of a
mine depends upon conditions which
are liable to vary.
Uioh ore at tlie bottom of a shaft does
not constitute a large producing mine.
Only three or four men can work iu the
bottom of a shaft. A mine must have
drifts aud stopes, crosscuts and levels,
furnishing openings to permit the employment of a large body of men. These
excavations cost money. It costs money
to erect a plant of machinery to operate
a mine.   Mines are made, not found.
Sulphate of iron has no effect upon
gold amalgam. In forming amalgam
iu the mortar of a battery, il is best tn
,ave it neither very hard nor very soft;
W The Calgary fifl
H Brewing & Malting Go., Ltd. \x
M Calgary, Alberta fi
ffl     Calgary Lager     j?
il Monitor Mines
Co. ot B.C., Ltimited.   Non-assessable
BOARD  Or   DIRECTORS, (for Canada. H
President. -1st Vice-President.
His Honor Judge Edward Elllol. Et.-UOl, B\ II. Leys, 11. P. 1'
Slid Vice-President, J, li Mliihlnnlrk, Esq.;
Treasurer, Rolit. Pox, Esq.
T. H. Luscombe. Esq. S. Monro, Esq. Cant. Thos. Robson, M. P. P.
A. B, Cos, Esq. F. F.Drake,Esq., M.D, A. E. Welch. Esq.
H.C. Bccher, Esq.
(For England.)
Warwick Webb, Esq.. London, Eng, Hy. Hleksiiii, Esq., London, Kng.
T. H. Lnscomlie, Esq.,Canada.
Warwick Webb. Esq, (England.)
The Canadian Bank of Commerce. (Correspondents In (3rent Britain, the
Bank of Scotland.)
PROPERTIES-Over 100 acres of mineral lands In the LAIIDEAU (Kootenay.
B. C ) which are IibIiib developed bv two tunnels, ltoth of which show uji
ore, the larger, or No. 1, having especially good showing*.
ASSAYS have gone "lss.on and M88.00 to the foil.      These wore made here by
Prof. Harrison, Govt. Analyst.
RAILWAYS are being built   The Ferguson, B. 0., Eagle of April 4,sneaks
of "a railway for Lardeau business''   Ferguson, Just belowour property)
is slated for the Divisional offices of ihe K. k L. D.     TheC. V. R. Is
SMELTERS���A rhilndehihlu eaiiitallst is today in the Lardeau choosing a
cite for a smelter, which will go In either nt Ferguson or Trout Lake
City.   We are in touch with four others.
WATER POWER- We havo a power ut foot uf |iroperty ns powerful as the
Thames In Spring* and can run our mill hy this means.    We  bave a
splendid mill site on bank of river, close to railway when completed.
An Issue of FREE STOCK has been made at TEN CENTS |��r share,   This
is not subject to any future assessments or calls, aud is offered as a safe, proper
and thoroughly good Investment.
Maps, subscription blanks and fuller Information can be had at Company's
office. A. E. WELCH. Secretary, 307 Dnndns St., London, Out.
if too hard, the ����I<1 cannot catch
hence, will not save closo, ami when
von- soft it is liable to slide off tl
plates, and much ol the amalgam passing; out of the mortar to the plates outside, makes liability to loss groat.
A Ml! has boon Introduced in the
house of representatives by a Utah
congressman providing that work on an
unpatented mining claim in excess
annually of $100 iu amount shall he considered as applying; to adjoining claims
held hy the same owners. There is a
good deal of well meant but ineffectual
effort to secure favorable mining legislation iti congress, some of which, if
directed to forwarding the bill creating
a cabinet position nf mines and milling
would be nf practical value and definite
Itis the general impression, and a
very natural om, when gold is found in |
the bed of a stream, or in its alluvial
washings, that a parent vein must exist
somewhere above the locality where the
gold is found. We find gold in grains
disseminated through granite, and in
the alluvial mix of granitic mountains,
but there may be no gold-bearing veins
iu this rock. Transition rotks contain
spangles and grains of gold; also veins,
iu which the metal is associated with
quartz or calcspar, and frequently with
The demand for the various minerals
applied to electrical uses makes it advisable if uot necessary for the miners
to read upon metallurgy and mineralogy. Miners are now advised to be on
the lookout for all crystals of hardness
aud weight, and for species of sand or
crystal difficult to wash away, while
panning for prospects.   Just  uow the
electricians are seeking n mineral called
gadoliuite which is said to bo of great
use in the electrical world.
Sir K Phillips contends that metals
an* generated by long continued galvanic action between mixed rocks, and
are the aura of rocks, combined with
oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, whose
actions and reactions are electricity.
The results are a matrix, a compound
of soma of the peculiar aura with oxygen and dydrogen; exhalations from
the lower part of the vein are also to be.
considered. (Ires and crystalizatinus
are, therefore, direct products of the
oxygen and hydrogen rendered active
in electricity, aud of the exudations and
aura of the rocks aud strata. Proximity
is not essential to electrical influences;
the walls of fissures may lie affected by
excitements from a distance.
it seldom happens that a vein shows
in its outcrop the same appearance of
metallic ores which are found a little
way below the surface of the ground.
(ialeuaand the various ores of silver
especially have been leached away by
the action of water aud the outcrop
seems to be only a ridge of half decomposed quartz iron stained. The test of
such probable mines are metallic sand,
decomposed ores or fluccan at the outcrop. Mineral waters, trees or grass
discolored, and the products of the drill
are tests recognized and utilized by the
intelligent prospector. Copper generally shows its presence by green aud
blue stains over the surface.
"Ah,' said the teacher, with a smil
'*and wasn't your father very pleased
with the new baby?" "No, sir: my
faither is awa' in Edinburgh the noo,
an'disua ken about it vet; but it was a
guid thing ma m it her was at name, for
gin she had been awa, I wadna hae
kent what taodae wi't."���St. Andrews
"Well, Maggie," asked a teacher of a
little girl, "how is it you are so late in
coming to school to-day?" "Please,
sir," was the reply, "there was a wee
haim cam'to our boose this inornm'."
In prompt aud safe delivery of
WATCHES entrusted to me is
my claim for the Lardeau trade,
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Silverware; Gold an iSilverElectto
Plating and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of K.N.
Doyle, an expert in English,
Swiss and American watch repairing. All work guaranteed.
C.F.K. Watch Inspector,
Kevelstoke, B. C.
The Union Label
On everything you buy is��
guarantee that the producers
I hereof receive a fair rate of
wages for its production.
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the blue label
It helps manufacturers to see the
force or paying fair and honest wages
Nelson Cigar Makers' Union,
A Rich, Safe,
The  Bar is supplied with the best brands of Wines,   Liquors  ami  Cigars
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FERGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
Don't Delay!
Hugh McPherson
Before you locate in this promising district.     Watch for his big announcement
Next month.
Rossland, Nelson, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks
and Vancouver.
Values   Exposed   Prove It
This property, already developed to the extent of 270
feet, and now fully recognized in this wonderfully rich
district, as one of the best, having large outcropping of
high grade concentrating ore and ample water power to
mill it cheaply, and solid galena assaying $100 to $532
per ton, is about to be incorporated for $250,000, in 25c
shares. Some promoters' shares are now offered for Syndicate's purposes at 10c, which will be taken up by Treasury shares after incorporation, that are expected to sell at
par at least, as the capitalization is small. Investigation
requested, and can be quickly made, as the property is
loeally so well known; or further information will be
furnished on request.
GEO.  H.  ilORTON,
One of the three Trustees holding title. Treasurer of
Syndicate, Private Banker, etc.
to all joints in the
District. Light
rigs for cjuick trips
provided. Saddle
horses at all stables.
The traveling public accommodated at
anytime of the day
or night. For any
further particulars,
freighting rates, etc.
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Mile.
Craig & Hillman,
and Huns ��� Furnishings from
our large and well-assorted
Itock is already very evident
in the Lardeau and Trout
Lake District, which means
that we are successful competitors with all coiners in
price and quality. Before
you invest in our line drop us
��� a card for quotations. We
can save you money.
R. Howson & Co.,
All work guaranteed.
ana TRANSFER OUTFIT; headquarters at
Ferguson, B. C. Contracts entered   into lor
Etc., to any point in the
Histrict. Good, prompt
service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Enterprise Beer
Made by tlie Kuterprite
Hrev.inKCo..at Kevelstoke
is keeping tliecampcheer-
I'nl. When you want tbe
beat insist on ENTERPRISE. All the leading
Botels handle it.
THE  "ROB  BOY"  MINES  i.I.ARDEAl'   IHSTKK'Y  11F   B. C.)
Board of Directors
Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Ymir,  Kaslo, Sandon,  New Denver,  Silverton
Cascade City, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway,
Camp McKlnnev, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Vancouver
, ,    8
Enterprise Brewing Co.,
W. J, TBASDAU, Esq.,
. Lows
Dr. G
H.H.. i M. Mii.i.Kii, Esq.,
Roulandi H.t'.
Rev, a h. B��8r,       u. M. B. QllAIIAM, I
Sprliisford London.
s licitor:
II. Luscomiik, Esq., London.
Oohhbiiob (Correspondents In Groat Bv
Tin: Canadian Bank
.i., Ex-\l.l\ Quo. II Wmtlakb. Ks4.
Falls, London
T. bCcKroug-k, Thos. p. MoOormtck, Es��/.
Ohatharo. London,
,A. E. Wki.ch. Esq., London.
all)   Tin; Hank DP SCOTLAND.]
Revelatoke, B. 0.
For Wedding
or Fancy Cakes
Prop ii line to me, or if you
want Bread in anv quantity
lei me know, and I'll quota
prices low enough tointereat
you. Our Wedding Cake
artist iB the boat in o, C.
Address: A. N. SMITH, Revelatoke.
is iiKvi'iNinuoil under tin1 inont string*
nut laws i Specially Limltod Liability i
of B. 0.. and its Charter was grn ntail
July, 18))!).
owns somQ 180 aorea of valuable miu-
crnl liimls on the "Homo Ledge" at
tho hoftd of the Lardeau River,
has three (.hi distinct ami well-doliiiud
Lodes, with nearly n mile in h'tiirth
of on body.
has built It* own roads to Circle City,
mine bUtidtDgfli quarters for ;*��> to s.*>
men, blacKSmltn'sshop, forgo, powder
houses, oto,
bus surveyed its "Rob Roy" nnd
"Highland Chief," whlrh are now
ready for Crown granting .22
tins a mniiiiitii-i'iii Wato:
Galena Creak crossing ib
Power on
own pro|i-
has some 98u fact of tunnel work done
with ore showings in three different
places through the workings, and
have lately run Into the Gray Copper.
which lathe mineral that carries such
Immense values iu silver.
ha.* every nrospool of being aide t*>
pay big DIVIDENDS within n reasonable timo, and hope lo i'ii able Ul
ipiii selling stock soon. ���=a
The natural question arises: 'Why, if there Is all this, do you have to oiTor stock for sale ?" We answer tbat if you know thero
was a not of Hold In your garden which you could (jet hy digging and yon hadn't a shovel and no money to buy one with, you'd have
lo rniso money ! That's where we are!- We have to get at the pot of Hold, and then���those who havo Btook will lw fortunate, and those
who haven't will wish they had !  Como, or send In and Investigate.
The Scottish-Canadian Mining & Dev. Go. of B.C. Jj
(Non-assessable.) LIMITED ri
Address communications to A. E. Wki.dii, Managing Director, -207 Dundas Street, London, Canada.
Daily connections nl Arrowhead
Pnss Rovelstokc Dally r.>r ST. PAUL
���Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
For foldsrs, Pamphlets ami full lalormatton
apply to
.1. MoOREERY, Agent Arrowlwad
T. W. ItUAllSMAW, Agt RoTelstoke
Or to���
F. J. COVLK, Aset. PasS.A|tt., Vanoouver.B.C. THK LARDEAU EAGLE, FERGUSON, B.C., JUNE 1:1, 1900.
Stationery 4
Por sale nt
The Eagle [Office
Canada' should own the ('. 1*. H.
A man never knows what a disreputable eliaraeter lie is until he onters
Railway wanted !
Shake! boys, shake!
Fred. Mummery returned to tbe Cup
on Monday.
There is at least half a dozen mos-
quitos in these regions.
The lagrlppe epidemic in tho Lardeau is loosing its hold.
Mrs. .T. McKinnon is away on atiireC
month's visit with nor sister in Vancouver.
Supt. D. G. McNeill was In town on
Monday and returned to tho Cup
yesterday afternoon.
The provincial legislature meets in
mortal combat on July 5tb, for tho
despatch of business.
The cold nights of the past week
went hard on'tho garden stuffs, but no
damage from frost is reported.
The Martin government's funeral
took placo on an ideal day, from a
weather point of view, at any rate.
.T. Booth is doing a nourishing painting and sign-writing business In
Ferguson and Trout Lake City these
There are situations in Ferguson for
at least four or live girls, willing to
work and marry. Don't all write at
* The Eagle job office is second to
none in tho provinco. We can print
anything from a visiting card to a
circus poster.
Some of Taylor's supporters came as
far as 20 miles, and over a mountain
summit into the bargain, to cast their
votes for him on Saturday.
S. Daney's pack horses are all on the
jump these days, taking 'supplies from
the local merchants to the -men working throughout the entire district.
Defore hitting the hike for the hills
drop Into the Eaqle'office and secure
some reading matter to take with you.
Costs you nothing.   Read and think,
Snow on the summits has been going
Off much slower than expected this laBt
two weeks, but the last few days of
summer weather is having a better
The McRae enthusiasts at Trout
Lake had everything arranged for a
grand dance in the evening, but for
some unaccountable reason it never
No further word of the progress ot
Ferguson's public school can be known
until Henry Floyd, the local townsite
agent, returns from  Spokane.   He
due here now.
Messrs. Batho & Co. and Cummins &
Co. have painted' their stores, addini
much to the appearance of the burg in
general. Othe-s could follow suit with
a beneficial effect.
The merry vhir-r-r-r and shrieking |
whistle of Ferguson's saw mill is now
a happy reality. R. Davis, one of the
owners, is in charge, a sufficient guarantee of good lumber.
All the mineis who came down on
Saturday to do their bounden duty as
citizens returned on Sunday or Monday, feeling, for the most part, that
their efforts were rightfully awarded.
ThoT Taylor, M. P. P., is at Victoria
this week attending the Oddfellows'
grand lodge meeting. He will be in
here next week, preparatory to leaving
again for Victoria to attend the next
session of the provincial legislature.
Trout Lako City, as the home of the
new M.I'. P., is to be congratulated
upon tho handsome majority given
Thos. Taylor on Saturday. It speaks
well of the estimation In whieh he is
held by those who are in a position to
know him best.
An old maid stood on a steamboat,
whence all but she had fled, and calmly
faced a kissing bug that circled overhead. The maidens shrieked and
natrons 3wooned, and the men all
prayed for rain, but'the game old
maid like a hero stayed and whispered
"Come again."
Tbe Lardeau branch of the ('anadiau
Socialist League (No. 8) will be
organized in Ferguscm next Wedncs-.
day evening, June 20th. Every socialist, or believer in trusts and menopo.
lies being owned by the whole people
is invited to attend tho organization
meeting in the Eaole office next
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Nineteen new outside subscribers
have joined the Eagle ranks in the
last ton days, including residents of
London, Eng., Brooklyn, N. Y-, Pittsburg, l*a., I'uebla, Col, Philadelphia,
Chicago, III. Moral: If you have any
mining uows send it to tho Eagle.,
Its circulation is greater than any
other newspaper published In North
Russia and Japan are now thinking
of having a scrap, to which the other
nations will likelv be invited.
A thin-skinned man should uevor
enter polities. If he is afraid of criticism the best plan is not to invito It.
"Socialists arc on the run.''���Nelson
Miner. And they don't make a bad
run oitlier, as John Houston's eiootlon
very clearly shows,
The application of tho system of
'promotion by seniority" in the civil
sorvico ranks in this riding is another
of the lirst duties of our new M. P.
There lire 11,420 post cilices in tho
Dominion. 138 of theso wore opened
In tho last fiscal year. 400,000 miles
additional milcago bus been made for
the parriage of mails. Tho postal
department would be more than paying
its way, if tho government were not
skinned by the C. P. R. for carriage
charges. The whole people Bhould
own both systems, instead of tlie
The annual reportof tho Minister of
Mines for the year ending Docember
���list, 1800, Is to hand. Looking
hurriedly over it. it seems to be comprehensive, reliable and instructive.
The Minister of Mines' worthy assistants, however, seem, to have,
overlooked a place known as "Ferguson" altogether. The portion
apertatning to this camp will be
reproduced in part in the Eagle from
time to time.
As a Tailor
of the First Class
Who owns mining interests in your eamp,
mill guarantees tlie best workmanshli and
qualitv of pounds, with all the latest fashion
plates lo choose from, i solicit your trade.
R. S, Wilson, Revelstoke.
Ferguson Shaving
Km. Sncll,
All branches of the tonsorlal art executed with
ambidcxlorious dexterity.
Chemists      ��
If you lined Anything in
Bond lo Ihe
California Wine Co.
Wholesale Dealers In
H    Liquors'
Cigars, Etc.
Nelson, B. C.
T. A. Wilson, M. D.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
(leo. S. McCiirter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. l'inkham.
White, Gwillim tf Scott,
offices: mokenzieavenue,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A. II. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Fayette Buker,
Mining and Real Estate
Mining Properties Listed.
REVELSTOKK. B.C.     ���
One of the very first duties of tlie
new government, if we have any, will
be to raise the rate of wages paid on
government work in this district. The
cost of living and other necessaries in
this country demands the raise. It
is ridiculous to expect a man to work
for the same wages in hero as at the
Coast or even Kevelstoke. $3.50 is
little enough for tiny good man in tlie
Lardeau. And then ho will mnko no
fortune, if be has to keep and educate
a family. The EAGLE believes that
our new member will do his share towards affecting the much needed
What ever the results may be,
politicians of every stripe are beginning to find out that the electors of
to-day are doing more thinking for
themselves than in years .gone- by.
The only candidates that will stand
any show of being honored with election in future in the mainland are
those who sincerely propound the
most socialism in their platform. It Is
useless trying to scare men to vote
this way or that. 13e the consequences
what they will leaders who are the
most in favor of the whole people owi-
monopolies will receive tho
suffrages ot the masses in this province.
This mixed state of affairs has thrown
the mining industry into an unsettled
condition. The next best thing to do
is to either let us have the rest of the
socialistic program and be done with
it, or go back to the old way. This
half-and-half business is disastrous to
all alike. The arena needs cleaning.
Let it be done at once so that all the
people can again get down to business.
Imperial Bank
^fc��.^of Canada.
CAPITAL PAID UP . . 12,891,808.00,
REST      ��1,641,710.00.
General Uankinu, Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department til current rates.
For People Who	
The " Eagle" has the following list of hooks
for sale:
Caesar's Column, (Donnely) 25e.
The American Peasant, (Tibbies) 25c.
���Ten Men ol Money Island, I Norton 1 26c.
A Tramp in Society, rOowarey] 25c.
Bettei Imys, itffteht 25��*.
The Golden Bottle, IPnnnelv] 50e.
An Ideal Republic, [Phelpsi fiOo.
Christ the Socialist 7flc.
AmeilcaniPoople's Money, [Donnelly] 85c.
The kittle Statesman, [Armstrong]  25c.
Government Ownership of Railroads	
by F.G. R.Gordon  l">e.
Poems for the People, W.F.Phelps 10c.
In Hell and the Way Out, by U.K. Allen...We.
one ffav lo Co-operative Commonwealth. .10c
Law, tabor and Liberty, by E.V. nobs I0c,
The Concentration of wealth.E. Irving... ,10c,
A Pure Democracy, by tt. B. Thompson 2'ie.
Direct Leufsltitioii, bv .1. W. Sullivan H'e.
Municipal racialism, byF. G. R. Gordon...ltli.
A Few Things About Trusts 10,.
Hard Times, cause and cure, by Gordon lOi*.
The Sew ana His Money Laws ifip.
Merrio England, by Robert lilatcliford 25c.
Tlie Story of My Dictatorship 25c.
Looking Back ward, by Edward Bellamy 25e,
Shyloek's Daughter, by Margaret n. Batos.WJe.
A Daughter of Humanity, by K. M. Smith.,25c,
An Appeal for Ihe Blind, by W. A.Rateliffo.lOe.
Proportional Representation 10c.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Stationery is in our line
And we nave just reeel ved a line Btoek
ot  Letter  1'mln.   Patronize
"The Eagle."
YJ-OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sixty (00}
il days afterdate, I, the undersigned, intent!
to make application to the Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and Works to purchase the following
described preemption, situate-' in the Trout
Lake mining division: Commencing at No. l
initial post, at a given point on tlie east side of
the north fork of Lardeau creek, about seven
miles from Ferguson, marked " L. Thompson's
preemption post" ; thence M) chains south;
thence 40 chains east; thence 80 chains north;
thence 40 chains west to point of commence-
ment, containing 820 acres more or less.
Dated at Ferguson, B, C, April 24, MOO,
McKinnon tf Sutherland
FergUSOn, The Mining Centre..
Wo have a large stock on
hand, nt lowest prices	
Rough and Dressed
Lumber; Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Mouldings,
AH Building Requisites.
Call on us, or write for our
quotations. Special orders
promptly lillod	
Co., IM
Everything is now in
shape for us to supply
Don't delay but get
your order in at once.
It's a Pleasure
to have
Your Printing;
.lust as you like it.
If you are discriminating in your tastes
' you will appreciate tbe neat, artistic
, and appropriate styles adopted in
The Eagle's
Sou our advt. p'ext ibsue.
.Davis tf Foote.
Job Office.
We have aniplo Improved facilities and 5
know bow to use them,     We can do nil <
the printing In this entire district, if \
' strict alien ton to orders will secure it.
| Prices Consistent
with the
i Quality of Work
Try us with your next order.
Mail orders promptly filled.
4T 5{sT{i-3$i is 2jf 'iV. '���& ''if- *'-Ti?
SMOKE        |
Post Office Store
Ferguson, B. C.
t[    Miners9 Supplies
We have just placed in our ware room a largo stock df choice
fresh Groceries. Also a big addition to our well assorted stock
of Boots and Shoes, 'Clothing, Crockery, Miners' Supplies, Etc.
Special quotations to cash purchasers. Goods carefully paoked
for pack horse outfits.    Close cash prices.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau.
More Than Freight Saved By Buying Miners' Supplies From 11
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
��,@    General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
TrouiaLakeaCity. ROVelStOIfQ.
Imperial Brewing Co., Limited.
KAMLOerS, B. c.
Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Porter and all kinds of aerated waters*,   j
E. T. W. Pearse,
Satisfaction guaranteed.
All orders by mail or
otherwise promptly attended to. manager.
Editor:   X. O. FANNING,
Associate!  John Emory McLean.
This famous magaxtno is now published in
Now York.
it Ik tin absolutely froo and independent
journal ��f the first ideas, prosimting both ulaoB
of tlie leading questions uf tho day from tho
puns (tf tlie best writers.
Progressive and vigorous, yet scholarly and
high toned, it should bo read by every ono
ilfsirnus of olituinlng up-lndatu infoiiniition.
It Is indispensable) to ovary advnneed mind.
WI. C��iit* ii Copy. ��� i��!i.no a Year.
At all newHtunds.'or post-paid by the publishers
"Life" lllilll., NBW YORK, N. V.
The Lardeau Eagle, 1
Ferguson, B.C.t
I |
tlonsstrlotlyconUdenttBl. Handbook on Patents
lent free. Oldest iiiieiicy for securinajjatenta.
Patenta taken through Munn & Co. recelre
rprclal notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American.
A Handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.sr��ost circulation of any sclentlBo Journal, Terms, 13 a
year: four months, II. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36,B'��"d"*�� New York
Branch OHIm, IBS F Bt., Wnshlumoii, D. C.
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Farm Produce
Hay and Feed, Cured Meats, Fish, etc.
Write for quotations In any quantity.     Prompt shipment*.
Revelstoke, B.C.
Vancouver Bottling forte f
Vancouver, B. C.
PAB8T Milwakee
Brandies, Champagne, Domestiaand ;
., ;j        Foreign Wines, Kummel, Cordials.
Is tOie.;.,..,
f Subscribe for the "Eagle"'
I        It Will Tell You the Rest, f


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