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"' *       '      ���'       " spfzm.
VOL. III. NO. 49.
S2.00 A YEAR.
Being Erected at Ferguson, Will
Revolutionize Smelting Industry.
Turning Point Rsaohed in History
of Our Progress and Ore
Written expressly for tho EAOLE bjr Thos,
Wo think the Ferguson mining district, with its hopes and splendid prospects is standing at tbe parting of the
ways. The old sad condition of in-
notlvity is passing if not. past, ln evory
eye wc can note the light of earnest
hope, and keen resolution to bo up and
doing in forwarding tlio interests of
the most richly endowed land in Can-
���ada, or perhaps the entire world. It
would be telling a tale, state to weariness, to refer to what our mines can
produce, or tho values thoy cau show.
Only tho other day a virtual mountain
*of (fold in this district, might go shagging��� many of them did, and found no
purchasers. Capital is a shy maiden-
coy and hard tn please. She no'ed we
had no touch on tho great world outside, and in addition we had no means
of converting our ores into sbipable
matte or bullion; Therefore our gold
was drops, for lack of that which
moneyed interests ulono can supply
Our ilnfcrrod hopes made many a stout
nine's heart sick. But somo of us kept
htimrm*-t'ing away at tho problem with
��� In* .i.iiul result The Lardeau Smelting and Refining Co, saw its way to Investing its money in tho locality, and
it is only the merest statement of the
fact, to say that the starting of the
works ut the smelter marks the time
when Ferguson and the Lardeau may
be said to have got round the corner.
We can all see the progress whieh is
being made on the building. We know
tbat tho entire plant to operate a furnace of HO tona a day treatment capacity is at the. Landing, if not being
freighted in. It. will also be of interest for the public to know that another furnace is under order by the
company to ';reat 100 tons a day, Tho
"contract for tho latter calls for delivery
hero early in April Already some of
the principal members of the smeltor
stall' are hero���Mr. Wood, agent for
tho company* Mr. Vernon, superintendent; Mr. Dahlgron, who has charge of
'the erection of the plant, and Mr. Geo-
dar an ej.porinced mining and smelting
Iftheudvotitof the smelter will mark
a new era in our history, it will we
anticipate mark equally a new era in
tlie smelting and mining industry of
British Columbia. The furnaces about
to he installed are of the Vulcan type,
an Ai'iericttn invention and only recently patented in the States. Whon the
applications for patent were filed, we
believe wo are right in saying the
smeller trust, or those at any rate in-
teri'sied in tlio smelting plants in tho
United States and possibly Canada,
.rniscil every possible difficulty to tbo
Issuance of, tho grant. They fought
the validity of tho patent foot by foot,
ami Inch by inch, with all the power
thai unlimitedcapital'eancontrol, from
office to oflice, and court to court, rilrht
into the Supreme Court of the United
States where the pa, cut was hold good,
an:l the rights of the Inventors fully established. Defeated tn law, the smelter people, knowing how seriously thelt;
Interests were threatened by the invention, and fullvalive to its real value,
sought to purchase the rights of the
inventors. The Inventors desnrvo the
heartiest appreciation and thanks of
tbe public, in that thoy too knew the
value of the invention and wisoly resolved to refuse to sell. The result is
t.luit Ferguson will rean tho first bonc-
its of nheir spirited policy
It may be well at this point to call
attention to the goneral mode of oro
treatment at present practised in the
various smelters in the States and
Canada, so thut a comparison may be
mndo between existing methods and
thoso rendered practicable by tho the
"Vulcan" process.
Coppor ores���speaking generally that
is���must be first roasted beforo being
run into the blast furnace. This roasting process involves several handling's,
much expense, and what, is of greater
moment, tho lyilig unproductive of tho
capital invested in the mineral during
Ihe period of treatment on the roast,
' lieups, which may be put down at from
six weeks to two months���or more in
sonic cases. Thoso roast heaps fre-
quenlly contain from fifteen to twenty
lliotisaud tons of ore, so thut, the interest on the motley stink in its purchase
represents in the aggregate a very considerable sum.   Another matter must
also bo referred to. In the roasting
process���tho object of which is primarily to burn off, or get rid of the sulphur
in tbo ore���tt most suffocating and indeed poisonous smoke Is evolved which
ruins all vegetation around, and renders
life in the vicinity almost unindurable.
In Northport when the wind blows
from the works to the town the place
reeds like tho pit of Tophot. Injunctions for maintaining a public nuisance
have been sought by tbe people, but
apparentty the courts favor the capital.
istlo Interests rather than the health
or convenience of the public. Nothing
was ever dono to remedy tlie very distressing and unhealthy condition of
Silver-lead ores have to be treated hy
a much more expensive process, or processes, whilo the plant neeossary for
this treatment is expensive in the extreme; requiring large, thoroughly
drilled and expensively paid crews to
operate them. First comes assaying,
then crushing, transport from crusher-
mill to bins, thence to ths Bruckner,
O'Hura. or band-roasters���again as in
the ease of copper ore to get rid of the
sulphur, tho in tbo case of lead ores,
zinc has also to be considered carefully,
ond eliminated as far as possible
That mineral, by the way. goes wholly
to waste. The ore in the Bruckner
and O'Hara processes is kept agitrted
and exposed to the. furnace heat by
heavy and costly machinery driven by
very considerable steam, water or electric power. In the hand rousting furnaces, which wo believe prove tlie most
satisfactory for ores carrying a large
pereentagcof sulphur, tho oro is stirred
by operatives with huge spades weighing about 100 or 120 lbs each. Tlie
work of those "spiders" as they nro
called is tlio hardest work a man
can put his hand to, 'xcept stoking on
board an ocean steamer.
Now in tlio case of the "Vulcan" fu
naee suppose a copper ore is being
treated, after being crushed it is run
"green" as it is called, or unionsted
direct into the blast with the proper
fiuxes and comes outwlth oneoporatlon
us a copper matte from n5 pet* cent, to
97 per cent, pure coppei. Theoidinnrv
furnace would net produce such a high
grade matte aftor less than three distinct operations. The presence of sulphur in the ore makes very little difference to the "Vulcan" patent. If we
understand tbo matter proporly tho
sulphur is caused to aid combustion.
Again with silver-lead ores no roasting whatever is necessary; thus saving
an otiormnns item of expense in plant
and treatment, and here again the sill
phut* is used practically as fuel, so that
the mnre sulphur the ore contains tbe
better the results.
This will be of Interest to men having a knowledge of smelting, and will
doubtless set them to thinking of what
a revolution will he affected in the industry, nnd of what vast possibilities
of development such a simple and Inexpensive process presents. It will
also be of interest for them to learn
furthnr, that with the now furnaco no
blast or tuyeres are necessary. The
furnace makes its owo blast. That mav
seem next door to a paradox, but it
forms a substantial and Important part
nf the patent. The furnaces now u-cd.
say at Trail and other places, require
huge blowers, worked by en-
t*ipos, stenni or electric, representing
hundreds of horsepower. The installation of tbo necessary blowing plant for
tho usual kind of blast furnace would
represent more capital than will be invested in a vory considerable part of
the entire outfit here, and entails tho
employment til a stuff of skilled mechanics to maintain its efficacy.
Assuming that tho furnace being
erected here, and the larger one ttndei
order order give tho same results they
havo produced, and are producing in
Los Angeles and other places, then il
may lie said that evory mine owner can
practically do his own smelting. At
presont, ti) sell his values, he must ship
and pay heavy freightage on what oar
rles iho value, no matter how worthless
lhat stuff may ho. In future, if ho puts
In a "Vulcan" furnuee. be can ship his
values alone, or if his property bo near
hero, bring in his ore, have it assayed
and tako his check from the Lardeau
Smelting and Refining Co.
Tho few mines iu thn locality sufficiently developed to ship ore, are all
high-grade producing properties. Taking tho Nettie L., TritiDO, Silver Cup,
Cromwell, Metropolitan and the famous gold property tho Ophir-Lade
group, their oros. average hundreds of
dollars to the ton, and show magnificent profits tinder every disadvantage
of defective transportion facilities,
heavy freight���think of $2 a ten. for a
ton nillo run from the Land! glo Arrowhead, yo poor paltry monopolists we
hear so much ofl���and equally heavy
smelter rates for treatment. They certainly will not show smaller profits
when transportation charges are cut
out in tbe future, Then there are tin*
large numbers of properties round
about with ore running $40 to $60, and
so on to the ten which cannot now be
touched- All theso will now be brought
into tlie market and their resources can
be developed fully. Only the other day
the Tribune came out with a scare
bend line about tho Silver King down
io ths' distriot actually shipping $20
ore Our difficulty would bo rather, lo
Hud such a poor low grade ore; ut any
to    Copper
Oil Floats all Minerals, but Ordinary
Rook Will Sink-Plan Said to
be Very Successful.
James Rutherford, engineer in chaise
of tlio Lardeau Valley Mines- -Ltd., is
taking 250 pounus of ore to England to
test 'by thu oil process of reduction.
Experiments aro being made on Snow-
shoe oro by tho oil process of, which
seem likely to prove successful. Hero
U Mr* Rutherford's explanation of tlie
The Elmore process of concentration
of ores by oil has already been investigated anil favorably reported upon by
several eminent metallurgists in Europe and America. The process as
worked at tho Gladsir copper mines in
Wales is as follows:
The rock from the mine, after passing through tho usual stone breakers,
is crushed in a pair of Cornish rolls,
and run thence in two Huntington
mills, wherein it is reduced to pass
through a ��������.) mesh screen, and issues
therefrom with just sufficient watei to
mako'it into a freely flowing pulp.
t*Yorn'_iJie Hunting-tun mills the pulp
pii5.nu; directly into thoopaa end of
directly int<
horizontal rotating drum, inside
which Is fixed u helix -villi cross blades
or buckets, which UK up tho pulp to a
certain height and drop it again, at the
samo time propelling It forward to the
opposite ond of the drum* thus keeping
the pulp in constant agitation forthe
few seconds which are occupied iu its
progress through the drum,
With the pulp is also admitted a
small quantity of a thick, sticky oil
(the residue left in the stills of the refining of parafflne oil). This oil is, of
course, subjected to the same agitation
as the pulp, and Is consequently tumbled about with it, and exercises the
remarkable properly of sticking toand
houying up the particles of minoral
that aro flouting about or suspended in
thc pulp; but it does not stieK to or
have any effect whatever upon the particles of rock which are present in
much greater number. The oil and
pulp automatically discharge from thn
opposite end of the drum int > a pointed
box or spltzkastenj in which tlie tailings of rock at once settle down and
flow off with tiie water at the bottom.
whilst the oil by reason of its buoyany,
floats to the Lop and carries tip with It,
practically, all tlie values whieh thu
ore contained.
From tho top of the pointed box the
ail with its load of mineral flows off
continually lo a specially constructed
centrifugal machine, whore the oil is
extracted from tiie mineral which is
loft in the machine, the oil being once
again ready for use. For close extrao-
ti'-i: three mixing cylinders aresomo-
tlmes used) tho pulp passing from ono
co another after floating oil' the oii and
collected mineral, and receiving a fresh
stream of oil in tim next mixer.
A second centrifugal innohin**) is also
found desirable below tho first to separate tlio last uf tho oil and water from
tho concentrates. Tlio concent rales
are left in the machine, practically dry
und froo from oil.
Various practical working tests have
boen inude on ores from d liferent parts! mi
of the world, and the results chow that  noil
remarkable idea of his functions.
The miners union here asked Mt*.
King to come and investigate the
trouble between thc miners and mine
managers under tho terms of the Dominion conciliation act.
The act. in question provides for investigation only when all parties concerned consent to thu proceedings,
When the deputy minister arrived
here he quickly found that tho union���
as thpy havo always been���wore quite
ready to submit the wholo difficulty to
the department, but that the mine managers, fearing an expose of the real facts
of the case, declined to he a party to
any enquiry whatever.
Presumably Mr.King's duties were
ended, bnt he seems to have thought
The deputy has token the full benefit of every statemenr, made to him by
the union except on two important
points. First.���The opon violation of
tho alien labor aet whereby several
hundred men fraudulently imported into
Hosslaiid and, (second), tho fact that
evey other mining company in the province except the fou" or five in Kossland
directly interested in the fight against
organized lahor were paying the scale
of wages asked for by tlie local union.
Mr. King is silent on both these subjects and also en the contention of the
managers though he had long and frequent interviews with them and thoir
representatives during his stay here.
On tho other hand lie goes minutely
into the domestic affairs of tho union
and into many other matters including
the situation���as ho understood it���at
Whatever lhe deputy minister might
have reported to his superior in oflice
his report as it appears in the Labor
Gazette is looked upon by tho local union men as an exceedingly unfair document.
Tim executive committee of the miners union are preparing a strong protest tn the department at. Ottawa on
Mr. Kine'** action in the matter and in
due course tho statement will appear
in tho press.
Repetition of the Activity Enjoyea
by Ferguson a Year Ago.
It Possesses the Only Solution for
Canadian Silver-Lead Mine
Owners, But .
Just  Legalized   StCHlilijr.
the process Is capable of treating cer-j
tain 01rtsues of ore, especially copper
ores, more economically than any pro-;
cess of water concentration yet known.
The oeonomieal features of the process are that the slimes of ores which
are lost in the water concentration are
saved by this process. The percentage
of recovery Is equally good when treating slimes and finely divided minerals,
such as would largely pass away as
float, in any ordinary fii'-oCess of con-
cent ration by water over mechanical
jigs and vnnners. Low grade copper
ores, such as would carry about li per
cent, copper in the crude ore. can !>o
mado to pay through tho application of
this process.
Tho ores of tho Lardeau Valley
Mines. Ltd., aro especially amenable
to this process- ami from experiments
alroady mado, I have ,no doubt that
thoy can be treated stlbeessfully on a
huge scale, as they are really concentrating ores, and lor'tl.is reason J am
sending 260 pounds to Loudon to bo
treated at the company's works.��� Phoenix Pioneer.
McKenzie    Rtiiu'a   Ito port.
.  Judging from his report, W. L. McKenzie Kiug, deputy minister of labor
Some of the Condon papers In commenting upon the affairs of the London
and OMhfl corporation us disclosed by
the official receivers at the first meeting of the creditors last month endeavor, very lamely, to apologize for Whit-
akerWright'ssharc in the transactions,
hut the evident leaning of such journals
points vevy clearly to there heincr
"good cause1' for their expressed opinions. The Financial Times on tho oLher
hand speaks very plainly and uses
most, nnmifltakeable langutige in describing tho matters brought out by
the receiver.   The Times says in part:
"The statement whieh Mr. Barnes,
official receiver, yeatorday made to the
shareholders of tho London and Globe
corporation was an appalling record of
crooked management and joggling of
accounts, Mr. Wbitaker Wright is
shown to have him-elf made large profits bv his participations in some of
these deals, in the Le Hoi No. '2 huil-
ne��s, for example, he made $2o0,000
through  tho medium of fi.OOOshares."
The paper adds that there is no
proof that anv of thn other directors
"unduly availed themselves of their
position to enrich themselves. They
seem, in fnet, to have been little better
than lav figures, worked by Whitakor
Wright. 'No director, except Mi'.
Wright.,'remarked Mr. Barnes, 'knew
what wits going o>.' and he evoked tho
cheers of the meeting by adding 'they
ought to have known.' it is simply incredible thut such accountant jugglery
occurred without exciting iho protest
both of the directors and of the auditors."
"lt, was related how a sum of $1,250.
(Hill had done service like a stage army,
first appearing in Accounts of the London and Globe then being transferred
to those of thc II, A C. and then when
needful being re-transferred, all wit!)
the object of making the published bal-
sheets represent a position of fill  prosperity  when the real con
Tho past week has been full of interest in tho Lardeau. Tho extra employment furnished by the smelter people right in towu has considerably cr.-
liver.cd things locally. The working
forces at tho mines remain about tlu-
same, and taking the general depression thruout the mining camps of the
provinco, because of tho silver-lead
slump, into consideration, Lardeaultes
havo perhaps the least to complain of.
Tlie situation is such, tho, that everyone is keenly interested in a solution
of the difficulties confronting us. The
EAGLE has yet to meet the lirst man
who is not of the opinion that tho provincial government aro the only ones
to tako hold of the refinery business i!'
we can hope at all to get out of th*.:
clutches of the American lead trust.
Let the government assure us on this
point and confidence will be restored.
silver Ipad mining will thrive and
Canadians will he certain of the rofloeii
products of lead at about one-half the
present prices.
For this reason, and io view of the
convening ol' tho provincial house, and
the certainty of its downfall, Lardoau
electors aro discussing politics, redistribution, and tho advisability of selecting a new mem her. That a new representative must be secured for this riding is certain-. We must have an active
progressive man who will do something
more than secure appropriations for the
camp- Of this question the EAOLK
will have jOTOCthing to say later on.
Continued on page four.
tl it inn was a state of insolvency."
"It, was stated that in October, last
year, the then accountant to the company lnid a draft balance sheet before
Whitakor Wright which showed the
company to he. 'absolutely and hopelessly Insolvent') yet the printed statement of accounts was sent* out to the
shareholders in December representing
the company���by means of such tricks,
as have been described���to havo a profit of $2,315,000, whon there was really
a loss of $180,000. The result, was
achieved hy what Mr. narnesdesoHbo.l
as the Inflation���he might, almost have
said tho   manufacture���of assets."
"Mr. Barnes stated that Whitakor
Wright���-whoIs announced to bo seriously unwell���will bo examined at the
bankruptcy court on the loth and 10th
of January, by order of the court. Mr.
Sinclair Macleay will also ho examined,
but Mr. T3rvrnes stales that hois en-
ahlcd to report that no director other
than Whitakor Wright ha? been guilty
of fraud."���Kossland World.
Martin Un8 Ihnn-unuir Over a Barrel-,
Joseph Martin 1ms issued an ultimatum to Premier Dunsmuir that If he
does not promise to accent his (Martin's) railway policy, he will withdraw
under tho Luurler goverwont,  bas a | his support at tbo coming session
Progressive Lawn Attract   Immigration.
Thos. Tubman and ex-Alderman McMillan of the city of Victoria sailed
for New Zealand last Friday night. If
they are satisfied with the condition*
over there they will cable for their
families Lo join them, and several other
Victorians will also join them in thot
land of progressive legislation. Nov.
Zealand has no immigration agents h
its employ, nor does it spend any money
inducing peoplo to como to then
country; yet last year its population increased 10 percent. How different it
is in Canada, where the natural resources are two to one compared witli
Now Zealand. There is a reason for
this, und a careful analysis of tho two
countries' laws will explain it all. And
yet some people have the temerity to
say that Now Zealand's laws are dispeople out of the country. The
59 of people they do drive out would
he well rid of in any country.
A Valuable Government Report*
Tho sixth reportof tho departmenl
of agriculture of the province of Brush Columbia, for |<li)l), i.- to hand, witli
the compliments oi .1. R. Anderson,
deputy minister of agriculture. Glancing hurriedly thru It one is impressed
with the typographical neatness an<t
the perfection of tho outs showing many
local scenes in the province. It is certainly foil from cover to cover with
liselul information concerning tho agricultural resources of this province.
Tho agent-general, .1. II. Turner, in
London, should he liberally supplied
witli them for distribution in the old
AVluit Arc Our Local Needs'?
Thos. Taylor. M. l\ P., is desirous of
having the local needs of this portion
of his rid in" made known to him ns
soon as possible. For this reason a
public meeting will bo hold in the
Miners' Union hall nest- Monday evening, to receive suggestions from those
interested and draff, a list of requisitions for appropriations. Now is tlie
timo to kick for what you want: not
next summer after thc appropriations
are made. Don't fail to be present ou
Monday evening next.
Total Losses.
Tho total reduction of Croat Britain's
military forco in South Africa from the
beginning of the war to the end of December. Including deaths from disease
and reported missing, etc.. amounts to
24,209 men. Of this number l!U*m
were actually killed or died. A total
of fi4,:t;-S0 men were invalided home, the
majority of whom recovered and rejoined their commands. values   would
ores look Ik. I
the  Boundary
country rock,
Advertising Ratoa
column Inch per m.i
i��or (nonimrlcll Im,-1
For each additional li
Display   ads.. JI.C.l po
ill,      Legal  lids. 12 real
ii Hrit insortlon : Seoul
sortlon,   11 iliimiii'lv
i Is-ne.   Ninety day lew
iv> S7.M;   llilrty ilityM
Efforts are being made to cull a
provincial convention for the purpose ol forming a permanent
organization  to
Tin. Bagle Job dopartmcnl Is
I olllco In North Kootonay,
oxociiionll kinds oi printing ,
.lid, I'rimil
Iho lii'-l oqn
and is propai
a' lionosl prices.
Addre.-s all communications to
political action in this province.
The object Ol the meeting will be to
loriruilate a party in which the
Socialists, trade-unionists, and old
independent labor party members
can unci on common ground to
devise ways and means of securing
wilh the ballot some of the things
which will remove the cause of ihe
present agitation, stagnation and
inactivity on the pari ol the people's
representatives. With the next
election run on party lines the new
consolidation will have no difficulty
in securing control of the country's
affairs. The platform drafted or
adopted at this convention should
he represented by men who are
known lo have the cause ot progression at heart. A man who has
to be pledged to anything is nol the
man the electors can trust. For
this reason many new men are
likely to be presented for election.
And a little new blood will certain!)
dred-ton smelter, which is under haw a more vigorous effect than
course of construction in Ferguson, heretofore: With a fair redistribution measure passed  giving jusi
in the Lardeau and Slocan, need
look fur no substantial market until
one of the two governments undertake to build and operate a refinery,
preferably Ihe provincial government. 11 the shareholders���the
whole people���Ihen decided that
take   independent  they   needed   protection,  which   is
THURSDAY,   JANUARY   HI.   100!!.  .
Written by A. .1. cordon.
On  the  first page  of this  issue
will be found  nn account of a  hun-
We  regard  this  as  the  most im
porlant item of news regarding this
section   which   we  have   had   the
pleasure   ol    recording   since   this
paper was started in camp.    It will
mean direct employment for a goodly
number  of men,   and  indirectly  it
will cause  greater  activity  in  the
surrounding hills than  most of the
old timers ever dreamed of seeing*,
it may seem to the casual observer
that this section of the country will
aot   be   able to supply a  loo-ton
smelter.    This is quite true if  it
were necessary to supply ore of the
value of that which is being shipped
at present, but such is not the case.
The fact of the smelter being located right at the mines will enable
us to handle much lower grade ore
than we are handling at present.
This camp will always be a high
grade camp, but the high grade ores
are not the ores which are going to
be the mainstay of this section of
the country.    We have  wonderful
showings of high grade ore, but we
have much  more wonderful  showings of   medium grade ore.    The
Great  Northern hill alone, with a
little more development work, could
easily keep a  ioo-ton  smelter  running to ils fullest  capacity.    There
is the Broadview will)   large bodies
of ore running as  high as  $6o lo
lhe  lon and wilh  a  percentage of
copper which is of sufficient value in
itself lo p-ake this a  valuable ore.
Other claims on  this hill with large
showings   of   ore   are   the   Great
Northern. True  Fissure,  St.  Elmo
mil Silver Queen.    Going across to
'.he Nellie L. hill, we have the Net-
tie L. which is capable of producing
a large amount of high  grade  ore,
and which, in fact, had a  standing
offer to supply one half of the hundred  tons per  day asked  hy the C.
;'. R., to justify  them  in   building
their   road   into   Ferguson.    Since
they made that offer  they have discovered a new ore body on the Ajax
which is equal to, il not better, than
lhat found on  the Nettie I..    Then
we travel across  to the   Silver Cup
hill and find  there  the  Silver Cup.
���iunshinc, Triune and Cromwell, all
of which properties   have  already
shipped a fair quantity of ore and
tone ol which are developed to any
e*reat extent; in fact they are merely  scratched  up a little on the surface.    Then we go up Gainer creek
and find Ihe Badshot and Ihe Ophir-
Lade   groups, the  Badshot   being
in   high-grade   silver-lead    proportion and the Ophir-Lade carrying-
bodies of  high-grade gold   bearing
rock, which  are sufficient in them-
selves   to   make   this   camp famous
.opposing  there   was not  another
pick of ore  in  it.     Then   up  Ihe
���lorth fork we have the Black Warrior  which   is  now   being  worked
under   bond, the   Surprise  with  a
large body of good   grade   ore, the
Old   Gold   and  lhe I'rimrose which
have  both   showed  up  well  under
development, and the   Metropolitan
which has some of the highest grade
ore to be found in the  camp.    The
above arc only a part of  the claims
which arc capable of  producing ore
to send  lo   the  smeller.     All  lhe
claims   mentioned  have ore on lhe
clump and in the stope.     Moreover
all   the*'properties   mentioned  are
capable ol producing a large quantity   of   high-grade   ore, but   they
could   also   produce   much   larger
quantities   of   medium-grade   ore.
We have not at present a single
conceflttutot" in the  whole district
unci yet' we have bodies of -orb here
which can be concentrated, and the
representation to the mainland,
enuf live and progressive men will
be sent to Victoria to awaken the
old foggies over there to a sense of
their duty. The trades-unions of
British Columbia have decided to
go into politics, and it need scarcely
be said that the Socialists will dominate their ranks in most cases.
For this reason we have a good
right to hope for radical changes
from the legislation meted out at
present by a few incapables who
seem to be on top just now. By
all means let the disconnected
factions get together, settle their
petty grievances and differences
among themselves, and then join
their forces for the purpose or really
accomplishing something tangible.
It can be done, and it should be
done. Let us begin now. When
and where shall the convention be
held? What's the matter with the
district executive of the miners
unions taking the initiative? The
Victoria and Vancouver Trades and
Labor Councils will fall in line, and
the Socialists will do their duty.
There's no time to waste. The people are ready and waiting for the
call.    Who will say the word?
doubtful, a protective tariff would
mean protection to all the people,
litis thing ol extending protection
to a few private individuals for (he
sake nf building up a few artificial
industries and permanent millionaires in this country is getting
rather coarse I ir ibis century,
Premier Dunsmuir lias nothing
whatever lo say in his recently concocted and signed "policy" on this
one vital question to mining men,
tho he has the facts before him ere
this, and we need look for nothing
at his hands. The time has arrived
for independent political action.
Then, and not till then, can we ever
hope to secure representatives who
are capable and willing to take hold
of such questions as the establishment of a government refinery.
There is no time to lose. A provincial convention should be held
at once.
If you   are   building   or contemplate building we will he
pleased to quote you estimates  on anything made  In our
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.    Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
As Marconi's wireless telegraphy
becomes more ol an assured success
government ownership of the existing telegraph lines is suddenly becoming very popular���among the
gralter element of politicians and
those interested in shifting off a lew
thousand tons ol wire at ten times
its worth, II the government is
wise it will arrange with Signor
Marconi lor his improved system.
If the trusts get hold of it they will
make the people pay dear (or their
loss, and amass more millions in
years to come. The nation has it
all to pay anyway, so why not dispense wilh millionaire creative features and have the nation own and
operate this and every other pri-
vately.owned concern.    Begin now.
No more fragrant violation of a
law ever took place in Canada than
the recent violation ol the Alien
Labor Act at Rossland by the management of the Le Roi mine. Yet
none of the men brought into the
country contrary to the provisions
of the act nor any of the men who
induced them to violate the provisions of the act have been punished.
This would indicate that the Laurier
government is afraid to enforce the
provisions of a law placed in the
statutes by themselves. The Tribune is ot opinion lhat the law is a
"sop" thrown lo the labor men who
"boost" for the Liberal party. Il
has not been enforced and never
will be enforced, except, possibly on
occasion, when some poor individual is made an example of merely
as a blind. What is true of Ihe en-
forcement of the act in Canada is
also true of the enforcement of a
similiar law in the United Slates.
Deportation Agent Bubarry at Buffalo and points near that place for
violating the Alien Labor law of the
United States. Vet Dubarry has
not deported a dozen men and women during all the time he has been
in office. In order to hold his job,
he makes a showing by trumping
up cases against individuals who
never existed except in his reports.
So with the law in Canada. Few
actual deportations have ever taken
place, and few ever will take place,
and none know this better than the
men who are drawing salaries as
officials of the Labor Bureau at Ottawa. The law should be repealed.
Labor can get along without legislation that is farcial, and without
the assistance ol men like William
Lyon McKenzie King, the head of
the Labor Bureau at Ottawa.
There never was a family nor organization in the world but what
had some troubles relatively their
own. This is not surprising, tor
where there is a segregation of differing minds there are bound to be
various ideas not altogether harmonious. And when differences do
occur it is unwise to call in a neighbor to settle them. The place to do
it is at home. The only place where
a third party is needed is where the
interests of a' community are liable
to be injured hy contending factions.
Then an arhiier should be called.
There is no provision made in the
local Socialist program for Chinese
or Jap labor. Since the people
will oan and operate their own industries they need not employ anyone but themselves to do the work.
How many Orients are there employed in what government-owned
institutions we already operate���
the postoffice, schools,public works,
police system, etc.?
The "Liberal-Labor" fake days
are over at lhe Coast. Maxwell
will have to declare himself at the
next election, and Ralph Smith is
already discredited and a gonner,
while the jig is up wilh McKechnie.
Let them go where they belong���
to lhe Liberal ranks. The Labor
and Socialist element are growing
wise, Iho it took a long time.
Tho Eaolk has arranged fin* a
'Ovular correspondent at Nelson, Van-
���unvei" and Vlotorta,
Olson���At. Trout Lake, B. 0., on Monday, January 18th, 1002, to Mr, and
Mi*.-. Chas. Olson, a daughter,
The "experimental" refinery to be
built at Trail by the C. P. R. is a
huge decoy, and will not relieve
Kootenay silver-lead producers one
iota from the grasp of the American
Lead Trust. The C. P. R. (or Northern Securities Co.) will secure the
lead bonus from the Dominion
government, no doubt, but who will
pay it in the long run ? The producers of course. Mine owners ii
British Columbia, and particularly
Imperial Bank
"ssjsar-^of Canada.
CAI'ITAl 12,500,000.00,
REST ?l,850,00O.00.
General lliinliini) Business Transacted
Intorest allowad on deposits In Savings
Department ut current rutos.
Try the
(j. K.
For Baths or Tonsorial Work.
*^-rr_I*W thu next month I Intend to muku*^--^^^=
Mail Order Watch Repairing
A Special Feature.
Having a first class mechanic at the head of this department, Mi*.
It. N. Doylo, Lardeaultes need not hesitate in sending their watches
to me for repair. All work guaranteed at prices consistent with
��� the lead market. I have tho finest stock of Jewelry, Watches,
Clocks, etc., In North Kootenay. Call or write at onee. Will
mall you a box to sotitl watches to mo lor repair upon application.
JCillv   Ftarhfl* The Revelstoke Jeweler,
���    *-�� "���-���V      *-��*��' A/H Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Everybody   Our Special
smokes     AND	
-  The Union
They tire nil t'nln , made and ot the
best Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one aud satisfy yourself
ua to their quality.
Union Cigar
Factory, H. A.
Brown, Prop.
���*����������� mt ���
smoke  union- t   There are Cheap and Good
iARS- J    Union-Made Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkirk
Brawls, manufactured by tho Enterprise
Cigar Co., HevelstoJte, are unequalled in
the province
For sale by Ferguson's Leading Hotels.
ask for them,
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall j^
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
ttXXXX   Sewing   Machines,
Etc. j��J*,^>r^
Wholesale Liquor Dealersj^Maoofacta of Aerated Water
Address:   Revelstoke, British Cohu-iuia.
Packing and   !ergufnnPa;ckings
& reign ting
Contracts entered Into for -jacking of Mining" Supplies, ate., to tiny
point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, a-nd  any  work undertaken  gaaranteed.
Freighting  from  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson ti -specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson* B.C. "**5*-*f S. Daney, Proprietor.
I Hotel F'erguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands oj
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial f
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
ltlltea ��2.00 �� ,l��y  H���d upm���U.
Ferguson Bros,, Proprietors.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens. .Good accommodation
..Best of service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
'"' BEST 12.00 A DAY HOUSE *f*
Hotel Lardeau    I
J. laughton,  Proprietor. *$
1   Cftnuda should bttv tlie C. P. R, or
sell out to it.���Bowery's Claim.
Somo of the old houses at tbe Coast
are not unlike somo ofthe old-time
politicians���thoy aro covered with
Long hours, lot*.* wages and poor pay
are responsible for moro vice than all
nthor causes put together���Portland
I .abor Press.
Vot'.v often tht: man who makes a
tearful appeal for truthful journalism
would bo horrified if tho whole truth
wero published.
Thlrty-livo hundred years ago
Aaron, made a golden calf at Mt. Sinai
and till thn world has been trying to
get n tailholdof thatcritterevor since.
No wonder Victoria is a hack number ns a commerolal center. The constant drain by the employment of so
many Chinamen is enough to bankrupt
any city In time,
Fred Ci Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors tor Itnporiul Bank ol Canada.
Geo. s. ItoCartcr,
A. M. Pinkham,
J. A. Harvey.
Mayor Low of New York is now in
harness, and will have a chanco to de-
velope his reform programme. About
tho first thing wo may expect will be a
lopping oil' of tlio heads of Tammany
Manltohans will not attempt to enforce prohibition. This is wise. Remove the profit, on spilinsr bonze and the
rest is easy. This iN the socialists way
and thn only way to knock out the
liquor truffle.
C.'hannci'y M. riepew, an old sinner
and mllllonare, was married recently.
If Cliiiuncev wore capable of lovlntr
his wife, half as much as he loves himself tlio new Mrs. Depew would bo a
happy woman.
i Thoro certainly should bo no tariff
to nay on machinery shipped from the
United States for any industry which
is golriff to help develop tho natural
resources of this country. But such is
not tho case however.
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .
Tlie most eomplete resort on tlie continent
ot North Amarloa, Bituatel midst scenery
unrivalled for itrandenr. '{nating, lisljlnit
and excursions. Rosidor.t physician and
nu-se. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. T"'i�� mails arrive and
departovery day. Its baths cure all nervon-
and muscular discuses :s waters heal all
kidney, liver aud gtomaoh ailments. Its
liaths and waters are s. jure remedy acainst
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS: K' to
916 per week, according lo residence In hotel
or villas
A wild-eyed unreasonable socialist or
twti have done more to provent tho
preparation for socialism at the Coast
than thoso who are opposed to socialism. It seems much easier to discuss
socialism than socialists. However
tho fire-brand element, havo in most
cases returned from whence thoy came
���across the line.
A gentleman has tried tho following
peculiar way of probing the ties of
friendship. Ho sent letters to ,10 intimate freintls, asking for a loan of ��1.
Thirteen, of the two dozen frelods
did not reply at all; five declined tn lend
the money; two promined to send it on
tho ur*xt, day, and did not do It; one
sent, "his last 10 shilling." and
only three sent the full sum asked for.
Tlio supplicant, and all the "friends"
lie had written to aro woll off.���St.
Petersburg Novoe Vremya,
That much-heralded philanthropist.
Andrew Carnegie, is said to be sorely
perplexed regarding the disposal of his
money. During tho cold weather whicli
swept over tho conntry recently, the
daily papers were filled with stories of
hunger and cold amoni? the poor of tho
great cities. Wo believe that many of
those suffering ones would bo glad to
relievo Mr. Carnegie of a portion of
the wealth which seems, if we are to
belelve the pross. to be so much of a
burden to him.���Typographical Journal.
Tho weak sisters who object to socialist papers printing anything that,
may make tho eauitalistciass mad ought
to recognize the fact, thai, wo can only
ph use tho capitalist enemy by dolngor
Baying things that will strengthen thc
eapltiiltsl position. tThc moro the capitalist proas howls at or jumps on a socialist, jinper the moro certain it is that
that Socialist paper is doing its duty by
the working class. To Book the plaudits rather than the hisses of the capitalist els ;s is both cowardly and criminal.
���Thc Socialist.
Tit-lilts tell tho following story:
An Irish farmer wont into an Iron
monger's shop to buy a scythe. After
serving him tho shopman asked him
if he would buy a bleyclo.
"What is It?" queried the Irishman.
"It's a machine to ride about the
town on."
"And shure, what might the price of
it be?."
"Fifteen pounds."
"I'd rather see fifteen pounds in a
"But what u fool you would look riding around the town on a cow,"
"Shure, now," replied the Irishman,
"uot half such a fool as I'd look trying
to milk a bicycle "
There are a dozen or more pretentious women's organizations in Canada whose aim is to specially care for
the affairs of women.
It has remained, nevertheless, forthe
Dominion Trades Congress, tho representative labor body In Canada, to take
the lirst step to secure tho passing of
an act, to prevent the employment of
women in the bars of saloons, hotels,
etc., where liquor Is sold.
Honor the men who are thus thoughtful of women's welfare; for all the Con-
gross delegates were mon.
And what about tho women's societies? Well, the kindest thing to say Is
that they ure more thoughtful of men
thau of women in many cases.���Citizen
jtnd Country.
There is only one best mining journal.
That is
Mines and Minerals.
It hns it larger circulation than any two other
American mining journals because it is the
best. It is the largest, best illustrated and
handsomest mining journal in the wo id. I
is a mining piiper fur mining men. Subseri).
lion price 52.uu per year. Send for free sample
copy. Address JUNES AND MINERALS, Scran-
ton, I'a., U. S. A. Denver offices, Barth Bldg.
Denver, Col.
United Halters of North America
tin; United UttXtstB
of North America.
Whan you are buy-
ng a FUR HAT,
ither soft or stiff,
eee to it that the
genuine UNION
Label iBSfwcd in it
If a rctniler hns
loo.su labels in his
possession and offers to put one in a
hat for you, do not
patronize him. He
has not any rienun na\e loose labels. I-oose
labels in retail stores are counterfeits. Uo not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The (.ieuuine Union Label Is
perforated on the four edges exactly thc same
as a postage stamp, counterfeits ar�� sometimes perforated on threo of the ednea, and
sometimes onlv on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tlie counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their smb-mado hats. The John B Stetson
Co. and Henry II. Koelofs A Co., both of Philadelphia, Pa., arc non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N, J.
14 W Bedford Arc, Brooklyn, N.Y
New York
San Fmiii-isct
St, Paul, Chicago and all U. 8.
East���Loavo Ituvelstoke Wed.,
Frl, and Sim. Leave Dunsmora
Junction .Mon.. Thur. and Sat,
Leave Kootenay Landing Friday,
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal, Dos*
West-Leave Revelstoke Mon..
Wed. aud Frl. Vancouver, Seattle- Coast Steamship service.
From Vancouver to Alaska. Hawaii, China, Japan, Australia.
Through Hooking* to Eltrop
via. all Atlantic Linos,
Prepaid Tickets from nil Points at
Lowest   Hales.
J. S. CARTER,      K. J. COYLR,
I). P. A., Nelson.   A.U.P.A.. Vaneonyct
J. DONOVAN, Agent* Arrowhead.
Write for our interesting hooks "Inventor's Help" and "How you are swindled."
Send us a rough sketch or model of your in-,
veiltion orluiprovement and wewilltellyouj
free our opinion ns to whether it Is p'oba'hlyl
uatcntable. Rejected applications haveoftenj
been successfully prosecuted hy us. We]
conduct fully equipped offices In Montreal)
and Washington; thiscpmllfies us to prompt-)
ly dispatch work and quickly secure Patent*
as broad as the invention, Highest reference-)
Patents procured through Marlon & Ma-.
Hon receive special notice without charge in.
over ioo newspapers distributed throughout
the Dr-minion. *
Specialty:���Patent business of Manufacturers and Engineers,
Patent Exptrtt and Solloltors.  ,
Of-lcaa*  / N��w York Life B'li'u, rtontrnl?
JtHjotlcBldl.WMlirniton DJcJ
==^--=:or makes Investments is the Man who gets thc Money":..:..2ii
^=The Man who will risk the Purchase of a Lot or two in the..__
TOWNSITE now has many good chancas of making EASY MONEY
Corner Lots,  $125.00.
Inside   Lots,  $100.00.
TERMS :    j/} CASH ;
Bal., 3 and 6 months.
Circle City is the future terminus of the
proposed railway, already surveyed via the
Lardeau creek north fork to that point.
Circle City is beautifull located at the
base of the Lardeau Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks.
Circle City is absolutely  surrounded by |
mining properties now under development. *
Circle City affords splendid water power
whieh will be utilized next season for concentrating purposes.
i��] e
Send for the new
Map just out
(free), and full
particulars, to
the General Agt.,
mt^m^m^mtM^m^Mi&^^M^ *^^
If ever there was a time in
the history of the town of
to buy lots that time is now
_L i I
The railway is being pushed to completion and
soon the C. P. R. will accept through freight
for Trout Lake. Trains are now being operated on the new road as far as lhe steel is laid.
Thc McCrossan smelter is now under construction
right on the townsite of Ferguson.
Many mining properties surrounding Ferguson
are rapidly reaching the shipping stage, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only is
Ferguson the commercial, banking, smelting
and pay roll center, but \kk is where the most
prominent Lardeau mining men have their
interests and headquarters. The best lot locations arc being picked up by shrewd investors.
There is  Biff Money in
If Secured at Present Prices
 ,  j*
Business Lots are
still on the market
at $150 upwards.
Residential Lots
at ��75   upwards.
't^^j^j^jt^&j^^jSSfi 1&Bg&&
Write or call on the General Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstolie, B. C.
si^yi^g^-iM* 1
-t <r ....... * .....**...*.*.* .
Fine New S'ock of
j On the Wing
The pOBtoffloe store is uuderffoing interior decoration*,.
l'ho provincial house moats on the
20th of February.
Thos. Taylor, M, L. A., left for New
Westminister on Monday.
R. 1'. Pettipieco returned on Monday
from u two weeks trip to Coast cities.
Miss Elma Thomas ol Trout Lake,
is the jruest of Mrs. A. C. Cummins
this week.
Somo of the men are down from tho
Nettie L., waiting for tho raise to be
Eggs aro just as stale and qnito as
expensive at the Coast as thoy are in
Thoro is comparatively littlo snow
at Beaton, and none at Slcamous, west
of Rovelstoke.
Vincent Lade has returned from his
home in Nova Scotia, after a pleasant
few months visit.
The Ferguson branch of tho Imperial
Hank of Canada is now doing a regular
hanking business.
Thoro is nn indication at present of
the arm freezing over, tho already later
than last year in doing so.
William Edwin Newcombe, Rl. D.,
r.'. M., lias been gazetted resident
piiysician for this district.
8. A. Sutherland will rotum from the
Coast this week, after a. pleasant sojourn in that salubrious clime.
The machinery for the smeltershould
bo lauded here tbis week. It was still
in Uevolstoko last Monday morning.
Louis Didisheim, manager of the
Silver Cup mint, and Mrs. Didisheim,
are guests at the Windsor this week.
Remember tbe public meeting next
Monday evening tn draft and submit
our requisitions for local appropriations
for this year.
Tho Dominion house lias been summoned to meet on February 14th. No
doubt there wilt bo Valontines for somo
of the assembly.
* For anytbing in the book or stationer: line send tn tlieCanada Drug &
tlnnk Co., Kevelstoke, P.. C. Mall
orders receive prompt attention.
Bert, Innis hasleft thosnmv elad lulls
of the Lardeau forthe winter, and will
dwell in the annex to Chinatown,
known as Victoria, for a few months.
Steve Woods of Trout Lake, is work-
ingon tliosmelter building. Mr. Wood
is an old-time smelter man, having hud
considerable experience across tho line.
Maps nf tho Circle City townsite, in-
eluding a key showing its position, can
now he obtained from the general
agent, G. 13. Batho. upon application.
Tho EAGLE notes with pleasure the
appointment nl Frederick Fraser. late
mining recorder, as goverment agent,
gold commissioner, etc., at Revelstoke.
The roads in this district are In excellent shape just no'v. The summer
mail service Is still in vogue, and ar
riveaeven earlier than during the sum
mer months.
It is quite noticeable that Mr. Kerr
kite of Rossland, is employed in the
literary department of the Vancouver
Province. Tlie improvement is a
marked one.
The Hotol Ferguson has the honor of
installing the lirst, pool table in this
district. And the boys are certainly
enjoying the novelty from early morning till early morning.
George Riley has been nominated by
the Liberals of Victoria to run far the
seat made vacant, by Col. E. G. Prior's
agents corruptive tactics. The election
takes place on the 28th hist.
It would appear that our Informant,
I. 0. Kirkpatrick, was in error when
he stnted to the EAGLE that the smelter people woro contracting for TOO
cords of wood. Say nothing but saw
Thn Ferguson quadrillo club had a
vory pleasant, evening last. Thursday
���I.  Smith   was elected president, arid
II. U. Smith secretary, for the ensuing
term. Quito a number of Trout Lake
people were present.
"I nm very glnd to seo that the Lardeau district has been able to hold its
own in mining In spite of tho depression. Had it. not boen for the fall in
thc price of lead your district would
havo been tho only one that could be
said to be booming."���Smith Cubtis,
M. P. P.
The Ferguson literary society had a
vory successful meeting last Friday
evening. The subject "Resolved that
the Sword is Mightier than the Pen,"
was debated. F. C. Elliott, who acted
as judge, gave his decision in favor of
the Affirmative. There were quite a
numbor present from Trout Lako.
Joe. Brady, the famous Rocky Mountain sporting man, arrived in town from
Gerrard. Mr. Brady has just completed a contraotof seventy thousand ties
for the A. & K. Ry. Mi". Brady was up
to his claims on the Silver Cup hill
where two mon bave been working for
somo timo past. They havo mot with
such encouragement in their work
that it is -Mr. Brady's intention to increase the force to eight mon at the
lirst of tho month, by which timo he
thinks he can have his business at Gerrard in such shapo that be will he able
to give his undivided attention to his
���jiining interests.
The follinvini* is a list of Lardeau
duoers, amount shtppod nnd the
reports of whirl, havo to he fnrnii
by mine owners to tho provincial government:
Name. Pounds.       Gross Vi,l.
Silver Cur,  ".VUHl.Ooo .... JI80.000.00
Noltie L  1,7i��,imi ....    i;:i,:;��ii��j
Triinie      00.1,770 ....     S-J.S71I.27
llentriee     ���H2.000 ....    :t2;f.'��
Ureal Northern.         66,000 ....      1,844.00
Broadview      fa-MO ....      1,004.00
Ethel      a',000....      1,600.00
Cromwell      28,880 ....      1,296.70
�� Ophir-Udo       12,000....      1,820,00
Metropolitan       U,074 ....        ��,.00
si. Elmo     12.000 ...      .Mono
���turnedarouse       11,770 ....       007,10
l.iuson View    BOB .... isi.17
j Old Hold	
$ llorseshoo    ���
( Black Warrior	
$  ltcturns and corrections nsacd for.
As soon as the Eagle receives further information ibis list will be made complete and
corrected weekly.
"dean ore pro-  lr\ i>,     . ��� 1
gross returns, I Druefs ���vu stationery I
shed monthly  | 2 -      I
just to hand
Continued from page one.
PJSltatlBOM, B.C.
rate it is but sobor fact to say thore are
hundreds of claims staked round the
hills hero with far and away better
showings, merely waiting for the conditions now at our doors to become
sources of wealth to their owners und
to tho general public.
We recently mot a dynamic young
man who has some claims near Dawson
in the Yukon country. He tnld us of
placer claims up there out of which the
owners panned gold according to their
requirements for provisions, clothing,
extravagancies, or whatnot. We pondered on such an ideal state of prosper
ity, but never thought at the time that
such a condition would ever ho realized
in the Lardeau. Yet a momantB consideration will show that such is far
from impossible in tho near future.
Many a prospector amongst us has a
claim out of which he can take with
his own hands high grado oro in quantities nf a ton or so. He, and everyone
in like circumstances, will sonn have a
cash market at. hand, so that he can
afford to take out enough to pay for his
development work at. any rate, and
await the day when his proporty will
command its fair and reasonable price.
Sursum Cot'dal Let us lift up our
hearts! Wo who thro good and evil
repute havo stayed with the Lardeau,
know best the aching doubts, and bitter
struggles ofthe past. We begin to see,
as thro a glass, darkly, our reward. The
night is past and jocund day stands tiptoe on the mountain tops.
B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co.
Ilcudquurtcrs for Anuiiy-nrM, Mining & Mill
Nuppiti-H. -Hnlu iigmitK in II. (.'. for Morgan
Crucible Co., UftitcrHt-a, England! ������'��� W, Uritun
A Co.'s Patent Cttty Fumiices, Burners, otc.j
Wm. Ainsworth & Co.'s Fino Ualiiuucs, etc., cte.
* Tho Kevelstoke, Trout Lako &
Big Bend Telephone Co., limited, bus
ollice-y at Arrowhead, Comtiplix-- Thomson, Camborne, Trout Lake nnd Ferguson.   Reliable service.
* Smoker-: If you want the cicnu
ink "Union" and ''Our Special"
CIGAR sue that "'Llqion Cljrar Factory"
is stamped in i-rilt tetters nn every box.
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke, B. C.
* Until March 1st tbo Eagt.K will be
mailed to clubs of twenty subscribers
at 50c a year. Tbis should double the
present circulation in < ne month. Help
tbe EAQLB to holp yourself by rustling
a club of twenty.
Try our mulligan.���O. K. Barber
Steady all I Know you pood people
tbat the Fei'ffiuon dramatic club will
irivo their first minstrel show on the
14th of February, St. Valentine's Day.
The election of Mr. Neeland-j at Vancouver over Mayor Town ley by such a
large majority came as somewhat of a
surprise, even to tbe goody-goody peoplo who backed him.
Nelson local 40 of tho Socialist Party
of B. C. (until recently Nelson Socialist
Educational Club) held Its first annual
dinner in Fraternity ballon New Years
night. Comrades and friends tu the
number of about sixty aut down to the
bountiful repast that had been prepared on tho co-operative plan by thc
"mothers, sisters, wives and sweet-
hearts" of the members.
H. Edwards^
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^.Revelstoke
Thirty (lavs from date I, Charles \V. Mc-
Cimsnii, free Miner's CorttflC'ite Nn. Ii. 3183*2.
au owner of land, intend to upply lo thc <iold
Commissioner for the* right to divert by dam,
flume, flitch, pipe or otherwise fifty miner's
inches of water from w Hiker creek, lying to
the west of the North Fork of the Lardeau
river, in tho Trout Luke Mining Division of
British Columbia.
Tho point of diversion of said water will bo
about 1,600 feet from where Hnid creek fulls into
tlie North Furl; of ilm Lardeau river, and said
water will t)0 returned into the Lardeau river
about 1,001) feet from tlie mouth of said Walker
Tho difference in altitude between the point
of diversion and exit will lu* .125 feotor there-
ti bouts.
The purposes for whieh said water Is required
are general, meilniuieal anil industrial purposes, such ns smeltiiiK, (nnd nil purposeK incidental thereto),refining! orushing and treatlm:
ores of gold, Bllvor, lead, copper and othor
minerals at the spiolter premises now being
ereeted at or iu the town or townsite of Ferguson, It. C, and on the site and lands therewith
connected, ami for (ha operation of a sufllclont
fire protection equipment for said plant, premises and works, ami for domestic and sanitary
Dated at Ferguson, I). C, HtU dav of January,
To Z. Gordon Goldberg or L, Goldherg.or to
any porson or pernniiH to whom they may
have transferred Iheir   interests in the
Little Itoborl and Little Robert No. '2 mineral claims pltuato ut the head of tho North
fork of Lardeuit eroek, und adjoining the
Black Warrior group on tho northwest. In
tho Troul Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay DKtreet.
You'are hereby notified thai I have expended two lutndrdd nnd five dollars and twentv-
the cents (f-208.25) in labor and improvements
on the above mentioned mineral clattnsin
order to hold sxli mineral ulainft under the
provisions of ttie Mineral Aet.and if within
ninety days from the date of tlii** notice you
full or refuse to contribute your proportion of
h expenditures togotlior witli ail cost of
nrlYcrtisliig, your inteiest In said claims will
nine the property of the subscriber, uu.ler
section 4 of an Act entitled An Ael to Amend
the "literal Act, 1900.
Dated at Ferguson this -lili day of December,
dpo5-3m        JOSEPH C. KIRKPATRICK.
To .Mike Dwyer and Patrick NMiolson, or tn
any person or persons to whom they may
Intra transferred thei] interests.
TAKK NOTICB that I, the undersigned,co-
owner with you in the J. (J. mineral group,
consisting of the Smuggler, Lono star, .i.e. and
Bushwhacker claims, situated on the head of
Luke ereek. in the Trout Lake mining division
of West Kooietii.y, in tho province of ItrttUh
Columbia, linvo expended four hundred [|lui)l
dollars in labor and Improvement upon the
love mentioned mineral group in order lo
hold said croup under Section 24 of the Mineral
Aet.and if wllnln ninety days from the lirst
publication hereof, you fall or reiuso to contribute your portion of sue!) expenditure, to-
getuer with tlio cost of ndvertislng, for Mil,
your interests in thosaldgroup will become
the (iropenvof the subscribers, under .**eetion l
of tho Mineral Act 1000.
Dated at Ferguson, Ji, C, this 2fah day ol
���tuber, I9U1,
nam) J, W. CHISM,
Including the Fish Crook camp
and L'ppor Dunoon Rivor section, compiled by A, P. Cummins, P.L S.,and S
Shannon. B. A., Is now ou sale at this
olllt'i.. The ready sale of the mup is
proving at' we have said for it. The
Trout Lako division Is lithographed In
black, the Lardeau lu red.and the Atnh-
worth in blue. Bvon a tenderfoot could
take a copy Ot 'his map nnd lind any
claim recorded in the throe divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creel:.1!, wagon
ronds trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name (by a unique
Index) of every mineral claim in the
district is shown.
Next   to   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person This Map  TuHes First Place.
In fact every geographical
feature is so well define that ono can
scost a glaUCO the nature of our country
and the trend cf the elaim loeaifons
gives an Intelligible Idea of lhe mineral
balls running through the camp, it is
The   Best   Worth   For   One   Dollar
ever offered in the map line of n mining
eamn. 11 Is the first complete map of
the distriot and Is selling well. It Is fust
what vou are looking for. WK ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a ono dollar bill, Ind
cheques, order.-, et-j.j to
Ferguson, B.C.
OTIOE IS FTKR1SIJY GIVEN that sixty days
after date 1 intend to apply la" Iho Hon. the
Jhjcf Cotninishloner of Lands and Works lor
permission lu purchase the following tract of
land, consisting ol 120 acres more orless.ln
[Ito Trout Lime mining division of West
Konicuav district, and described as follows!
CommoueltiM at a post planted about 400 fool
nonli from lhe wagon nutd along the south
fork ot Lardoau oreolt, approxlnmiely half way
between lilght-mllo ere ut and Ten-iullo ereok ;
thenco GO chains east; ihenee 'Oclmlns south ;
thenco 00 chains west; jJioucoiW chains tiorth
to point of eoiiimeiueiiu'til.
Doled   nt   ForgUSOU, li. ('., this 27111   day  of
November, 1901.
nov8'-2m ' JOSKPII MURRAY,
(Eorm K.)
NETTIK L. and AJAX mint-nil claims, situate
In the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.     Whore located!   on
Nettle L. Mountain, between the North aud
Souil forks of Lartfcau crook,
TAKE KOTIUE   that I, A. P. Cummins, as
agent for Tlie Croat Western Mines, l.l.aired,
of Ferguson. U. C, Free Miner's Certificate No.
:u85u, intend, sixty days from Hie date hereof,
to apply to tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements,  for   the   purpose of
obtaining a Crown Qrtiutol the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
scctlou ;i7. must ho commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this twentv sevontll duy of Nov��mber,
A. D, 1901.
dooO-2m A. P. CUMJttNS, V. L.9.
lEorm F.j
SILVJSR CROWN mineral claim, situate In thc
Lardeau Mining Division of west Kootonay
District     Where located :   On Kidd creek,
a tributary of Hoyd ereek.
TAKE N'OTH'E lhat 1, Itei lor Polrcr, F.M.C.
1160278, acting ns agent for myself and Ooorge
Johnson, V.n.Q.WulW,intend, clxty days from
the dale hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining n Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice lhat action, under
section B7( must be commenced before the
issuance of suoh certificate oi Improvements,
Dated this Tt ti day of November, 100).
Nov 7 ���iui,
��� SL*   f++++ ��������������������������������������������� ������#-���-������������������>-�������*���-��>f
McKinnon *
Sutherland | * t
McKinnon *
���    ��� ��� >
We have now in stpek a good line of
Mackinaws,  Rnbbers,   German Sox,
....Overalls, Clothing,  Hand Wear....
Also Canned Goods of all kinds, Fresh Apples, Choice Fancy and
Siaple Groceries, Confectionery. Try our Union* Made U. & I.
Chewing Tobacco.    The best on the mitrket.
i   i
Established 1896^
1      1
General Merchants
Ferguson M eat Market
�������������������>��-�������.�� . ��f**-*H*-����-*     .... ......I. ���� . I �� if
| Fine slock of Hie I  PHI'.SH     BEEP,   I'Oiiii. MUT- t
f  best Alberta | TON,      fOlLTKY,   !;.ti*���   lit.*. J
��� �������������������������, t.t.f ......   -^>-**-*>--*-o*^<*-*--, .,-��<-��� ���*--��-*-''i-
' ii i r r r i c e s
Mine orders a    specialty.
Prompt Delivery
Shop one door east o f Hotel Lardenu. . ' """'"' *"-"*'
Id. B. Hunie & Co.
|  Wholesale ai id 1 letall ��� Z
I General M ere jliants
f ��� Tho largoHt importers  in Nor th Kootuuay. f,
��* . ��� <('
I Stores ai Revelstoke and Trout    Lake City,  13. C. |
and cents' l-UttNlslIElt.
-HliVJil.HlOKH, II. O.
I* Citizens of the Li urdeau District
When you come to Ucvelstoko to do    your si'joppinjj, rorneinbor that
Bourne   Bros.
lia*.    the  largast  and  best, assort,   itl  stock  in  North  Kootenay.
Comptlt'o onr prices and seo out* fjoodi   i beforo purchasing elsewhere.
j Mail Orders Pre ��mptly Filled
h-'*^*'*p^m^**"*^ ^y*^ ��� -


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